Year One

Well, it’s been a year now.

I started Rational Male on August 19th, 2011at the suggestion of so many patrons of SoSuave wanting me to collect my writings there into one cohesive section. My intent a year ago was simply to compile all I’d written into a blog and refine those posts, case studies and Iron Rules into more concise essays and allow easier access.

That was the easy part. I had so much material built up at SoSuave over the previous 9 years it just became a matter of picking which topic to focus on and develop it beyond what I could expect the average forum reader to have the attention span for. I’ve never kept a journal or anything, but as I sifted back through my forum posts – some of which were almost a decade old – I began to see how my perspective on things had evolved over the years. In some respects I suppose it’s how people who keep a diary go back and read how they used to be and what they thought at the time, only I found my 2011 self using that groundwork I had laid in 2002, and into the decade, as the basis for broader ideas in the now. I had the benefit of 8+ years of evolving my perspectives as the manosphere itself evolved.

On August 19th, 2011, I had no idea who a good 80% of the bloggers you see in my blog roll were, and that’s not mentioning the ones I read, or locked horns with, regularly who aren’t in that last. I had no idea who Dalrock was, or Krauser who I’d unknowingly inspired to so much insight. I knew Roissy before he adopted Heartiste and of course I was familiar with Roosh before I began blogging. I was welcomed by them as well as Ferdinand from the gone but not forgotten In Mala Fide. Before October of last year, I had no idea who Aunt Giggles was until she fired a shot across the bow at me in Wait For It?

It’s been kind of strange to be accounted as one of the three ‘R’s of the manosphere in less than a year. I passed the 1 Million views mark on August 16th and my traffic, while not comparable to the likes of the other R’s (or even Dalrock for that matter), grows exponentially each month. It seems like the blog’s a meteoric rise to manospheric celebrity, until I consider I’ve been writing ‘red pill’ material for almost a decade now.

I’ve been approached on several occasions to monetize Rational Male, but I’ve held off from that. I’d still ask readers to anonymously donate to my charity fund, but I will never monetize RM. That said, I am in the process of compiling the material here into a book I hope to publish in 2013. I’m still figuring out best practices for this, and distilling down 228 blog posts into concise chapter topics is a challenge to say the least. I don’t even have a working title for it yet, but I’ve decided to put in the effort because the most common request I get is for a publication of my material that other Men can use to help their plugged-in friends unplug.

There’s just something about having a book in your hands, or perhaps on an e-reader, that represents legitimacy for people that reading the same material or ideas online doesn’t. When I get linked to from Reddit as a reference for some guy attempting to help his friend unplug it’s almost always followed by a stream of troll posts or blithering AFC crabs in the barrel pulling him back into their Matrix conditioned group-comfort. I’ve had a significant number readers ask if I had a book they could just hand to their friends (sometimes their sons) so they could digest what I’ve compiled for so long.

And that’s one obstacle I see in my blogging: I have a library of posts on so many topics that it’s difficult (even for me) to specifically reference what might address the troubles of someone seeking individualized help. Like any blogger, I try to make things easier; I have the categories on the side bar, the standard search query, and I always make a point of cross linking to past articles to aid in referencing what I think people might find most useful.

However, it’s really hard to be everything to everyone. Personally I think some of my most relevant posts were published in the first few months of this blog going live, but the million-plus readers who’ve more recently become regulars here may have no idea about them. So as I’ve been reviewing the past year’s material for book publication I thought I’d post a ‘best of’ list for today’s post to make newer readers aware of topics that might address a particular issue they have questions about.

So without further ado, I give you,..

The Best of Rational Male – Year One

The Basics

Plate Theory





Social Conventions


Iron Rules of Tomassi


The Feminine Imperative

If you have any other favorites that really spoke to you, but didn’t make my list, please link them and tell me how it helped.

Here’s to another great year of RM.

Published by Rollo Tomassi

Author of The Rational Male and The Rational Male, Preventive Medicine

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  1. Congrats on another milestone, Rollo. Thank you for all the time you put into organizing them. Just texted my son to let him know, it’s one that will need to be bookmarked for sure.(At least until the book comes out.)

  2. Thanks Rollo!! I cannot wait for the book! Your Blog has really made a difference in my life. I started reading you at your beginning and have read everyone of your post.

  3. Great stuff. Look forward to buying a few copies of your book. Hope you stick with photos for the beginning of each chapter as they work so well on the blog!

  4. Congratulations !!!
    I am sure the book will be a great success.Apart from all the game kowledge you roll out rollo(Heh !) I really love your writing style.I like the clarity with which you express.Feels like a science book with precise definitions and laid out guidelines.

  5. Would it be possible for you to collate all the posts in a PDF or just make the HTML / website downloadable?

  6. You had a great pic on one of your posts of a bunch of “bad-boy barbies” lines up to have their turn at a naked barbie who was bent over.

    Which of your essays is that? I loved that picture.

  7. “Someone’s gotta unplug chumps from the Matrix.

    Want to know what my problem is?

    My problem is living in a world teeming with grown boys who’ve become so conditioned to believing that anything remotely masculine is to be ridiculed, vilified and subdued until they have no concept of what it truly entails much less pass off even the possibility that it could be something positive and attractive.

    My problem is when a personal, AFC friend swallows a bullet because he literally “can’t live without” the girlfriend who left him.

    My problem is when a 65 y.o. AFC cries in my lap during a counseling session about how he’s been consistently blackmailed with his wife’s intimacy for the past 20 years of their marriage and wont man-up for fear of losing her.

    My problem is talking a close friend out of killing the wife he married at 19 and the man she’s cheatied on him with in the parking lot of the motel he’s spent all night tracking her down to find with their 3 children crying in the backseat of their minivan at 4am.

    My problem is civily sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner with a sister-in-law and the new millionaire husband she married just 8 months after her former AFC husband of 20 years hung himself from a tree when she decided “he wasn’t the ONE” for her. My problem is staring at the brand new t_its she bought herself with the money he busted his ass for just 3 months after he was in the ground. My problem is emphatically teaching my 22 y.o. nephew how not to be the AFC his father was, while pointing out the behaviors of his vulgarly opportunistic mother.

    My problem is watching my father, though decaying from alzheimers, still playing out the Savior Methodology in an effort to get laid that he’s thought should work for his entire life at 68 y.o. My problem is watching him feebley default to a behavior that obsessively motivated him to succeed until he was forced into early retirement at 53 and his 2nd wife left him promptly after that.

    My problem is consoling a good friend who’s fathered 3 daughters with 2 wives and is being emotionally manipulated by his 3rd (another single mommie BTW), who’s become so despondent that he dreads going home from work to deal with his personal situation and wait’s with anticipation for the weekend to be over.

    My problem is counseling a guy who thought the best way to separate himself from “other guys” was to be ‘chivalrous’ and date a single mommie with 3 children from 2 different fathers, only to knock her up for a fourth kid and marry her because “it was the right thing to do.”

    My problem is dealing with a 17 y.o. girl who’d just witnessed her new boyfriend being stabbed 30+ times by her old boyfriend because “she was his soulmate” and “would rather live in jail without her than see her with that guy.”

    My problem is trying to explain to ‘Modern Women’ that – after almost 10 years of marriage, my wife could still model swimwear and confidently respects my judgement and decisions as a Man – I didn’t achieve this by being a domineering, 1950′s caveman-chauvinist who’s crushed her spirit, but that it is a strict understanding and adhereance to living a positively masculine role.

    And my greatest fear is seeing 14 y.o. AFC Symps all ready to sacrifice themselves wholesale to this pitiful, mass-media fueled, pop-culture endorsed, idealized and feminized notion of romantic/soulmate mythology, all because some other AFCs trapped in the same quicksand they are, are affirming and co-enabling each other to further their own sinking and spred this disease to other AFCs. It’s infectuous, and complacency, like misery, loves company. My fear is that I’m only one Man, and I can’t possibly be enough to kick these guys in the ass like their AFC fathers were unable or unwilling to do.

    That’s why I post here.”


    Been reading your stuff regularly since I saw that.
    Keep it coming.


  8. Rollo .. Again thank you for invaluable service to the manosphere.Its immense endurance and dedication to sustain ,the vast body of research for these 10 years for us.Once the book gets published ,I hope you will be doing the tour ,so I will have an oppurntunity for a signing and picture!I can forsee sales surpassing “50 shades”.

  9. Congratulations Rollo! Great blog! You are on the top of my google reader. I think this post deserves a special place, so that it does not get lost with time.

  10. Great stuff Rollo, your blog has cemented itself among the ranks of roissy and roosh (multi-year veterans) in less than a year – looking forward to the book. it should be required reading for all guys. nothing like clear rational thinking to debunk the hamster, the AFC’s greatest stumbling block.

    in the meantime, i remember coming across one of your posts about framing.. can’t find the link, but it was up there in terms of re-reads. it’s a recurring theme in the manosphere and the ultimate elixir to any shit-test.

  11. good stuff, man. Since I used to be a major blogger, and had my book turned into a hard copy, I can help you.

    First, keep the complex verbiage to a minimum. That is not to say “dumb it down”, but you need to say things in a way that people of all academic levels can handle without glazing over and wandering off.

    Secondly, minimize redundant stuff. You’ll find that your topics overlap sometimes, and there may even be two or three pieces that would squish into one.

    Don’t be shy about the squish, just do it. It’s not a blog anyway, so staying true to some blog format is secondary to making sure its a good, readable book.

    Your instincts will be sufficient for the rest, when it comes to assembly. Also, watch for typos. You think the segments are clean, but typos still lurk.

    As for distribution, publishing, Amazon stuff, etc… I have studied my ass off regarding these markets and avenues. I will joyfully share all my knowledge on the subject, and help you have a good product, and good distribution channels.

    I am rolling out a new website next week with my 3 novels and the “best of” blog book. My website will have things like “click here to buy it on kindle”, and “click here to buy it for Nook” as well as Apple products/iTunes store, free kindle reader app, and a way to order print-on-demand for those who want a paper copy. (easy)

    I can even help you map out some strategy to boost good review counts on places like Amazon.

    You can be sure the manosphere will come give you a hand with that, starting with me.

    Anyway, let me know, and Congratulations. Being a blogger can be very draining, but it has its rewards too. Here’s to another great year ahead!

  12. Your blog has helped me out a lot. I’ve read every post, and I hope the book situation works out well. I know plenty of Plug-ins who could really use such a book.

  13. There is a lot I could say to you about the content you have given us. Much of it has helped me personally to gain a new sense of self esteem, a new awareness at how to filter the world, and a key way to avoid pain and to deal with what pain we receive in dealings with women.

    The past weeks in the 3 R blogs plus Dalrock, to me, have been momentous. Huge. The Republican convention is on right now and I could care less about it because I feel the war to define how we will live from here on out is being fought here in these blogs. So in this battle to define culture, you are my champion. You fight for me. You wear my colors and I have this single belief about what I would say to any other culture warrior and what I say is this:

    “My guy Rollo is gonna kick your fucking ass”.

  14. To your first of many more great years to come, Rollo. Your blog posts and insights are always strong from SoSuave to Rational Male. All the best on the upcoming book. Your approach in the manosphere and Game is the perspective of a wise and learned man. It’s a refreshing take that sets you apart. Keep up the great work.

  15. Good job Rollo. Also liked the Mr. Perfect post. Can’t wait for the book. Will be in my sons’ Christmas stockings. Gave them Bang and Frost’s book but the teaching never stops. One suggestion re: links to the book. Send one to Glenn Reynolds’ blog, Instapundit. It’s how I found Roissy and the rest of you guys. I think he is married to Dr. Helen, a red pill gal.

  16. A Rational Male book would be amazing. I mean a physical book, not an e-reader. Something I can hold in my hand and keep on a shelf next to my other game-related literature.

    I understand how accomplishing this feels like a difficult challenge for you.

    Choosing how to organize the thing will probably be the biggest brain-fryer. .Human sexuality is so overwhelmingly complex.

    Where would you begin?

    Do you start in Africa, circa 10 million B.C,. in order that the blue pill boys may learn that the female libido is a product of Darwinian evolution and not social conditioning?

    Or do you begin in the present and teach (hopefully temporary) AFC’s to better themselves by applying classic, field-proven game techniques – like The Spinning Plates Theory and The Golden Ratio Rule before traveling back in time to prehistoric tribes where alphas enjoyed harems and betas ducked behind bushes to whack away at their jilted loins?

    How will you balance the amount of attention given to theory and real-world application?

    If your goal is to make TRM book read like a tradition piece of nonfiction literature you have a daunting task ahead of you. Editing is a motherfucker.

    Tomassi, you probably won’t agree with this, but I think The Rational Male blog is so strong and beneficial, you could publish the book and simply leave your writing as is. Consolidate posts that have a hypergamic focus and that will be your hypergamy chapter. Your Iron Rules could comprise another chapter and so on.

    I understand this format sounds lazy, and simply copy and pasting your work will not make you grow as a writer or give you an iota of creative satiation, but, as a guy who discovered this blog mere months ago and has since read every post, I’m telling you I read your posts in chronological order, not by theme. I jumped from Sexual Market Value to Unplugging to Romance. I’ve comprehended every paragraph you’ve penned despite the disordered way I absorbed them.

    Although, I was game-aware before discover TRM.

    This post is ridiculously long so I’ll finish and say that I spent a substantial amount of time practicing game and studying seduction before I read The Rational Male, but NO MANOSPHERE WRITER OR “HOW TO GET LAID” BOOK HAS INSTILLED ME WITH MORE CONFIDENCE, CLEARER VISION, OR PIECE OF MIND LIKE THE RATIONAL MALE.


  17. Great stuff, Rollo. I’m glad I stumbled across this joint whenever it was that I stumbled across this joint. I’ve been a regular ever since, and will be going forward. Keep up all the great work.

  18. Thank you sir,

    I came across your blog back in February this year and you’ve been an inspiration ever since.

    You’ve open my eyes to many issues & problems, some I had already noticed myself, but didn’t know if anyone else had noticed and even had the knowledge and evidence to back it up.

    You’ve put me in the right mind-frame to deal with relationships in my life and I’ve started to noticed the benefits.

    Keep up the great work and I hope you reach many other men like me.

  19. Congratulations. And thanks. I don’t remember how, but by some quirk of fate I found your blog almost from the start, just a few months after taking the red pill. I read a lot of the manosphere blogs, but yours is by far the most consistently intellectually stimulating. And the only one I’ve recommended to unplugged guys, at least as a starting point.
    Great index, I’m sure I’ll go back and read some posts again (and for certain I’d buy your book.) Personally, I found “The Mature Man” very helpful, but maybe that’s just me — a 40-year old occasionally dating girls 15ish years my junior.

  20. One more note: I just realized that your post “Final Exam — navigating the SMP” isn’t on your best of list: serious omission. This is a quintessential post, one I consider must-read and wish I’d been able to read when I was twenty.

    [It’s linked in the last one on ‘Game’actually]

  21. Finest blog on the topic. You write with such authority that it’s surprising that it’s only been one year, and on second thought obvious that there must have been a rich history behind it.

  22. “or Krauser who I’d unknowingly inspired to so much insight”

    This is true. This is one of the few cutting-edge blogs out there, responsible for putting the manosphere ahead of commercial PUA material in moving Game forwards. So I’ll openly acknowledge my intellectual debt to you.

  23. “putting the manosphere ahead of commercial PUA material in moving Game forwards.”

    lol well I wouldn’t go that far. The Manosphere is still light-years behind PUA, but I would say that sites like Rollo’s are responsible for helping the Manosphere make massive leaps and strides toward catching up to PUA, which is an important thing. 🙂 it also presents PUA stuff in a more digestible format than PUA teaching, for guys who’ve just taken the red pill which is also important. It’s like the tutorial level in a videogame that makes a complicated game more accessible to the masses.

  24. @yareally

    Which PUA things do you think are ahead of the manosphere? I don’t mean all the newbie pickup journey blogs or MRA sites. I mean, comparing the top PUA stuff against the top manosphere. Who is nearer the cutting edge right now…. RSD / Love Systems / PUA Training etc vs Rollo, Roissy, Roosh etc.

    I think PUA has mostly run it’s course and The Blueprint Decoded was the last major leap. The manosphere has specialised in the next big pioneering step… bringing sociology and deep social mapping into Game, grounding the work you do in-set into a sophisticated and nuanced worldview… this is hugely important for frame and empathy.

    The best PUA material covers in-set / in-field tactics better than the manosphere (except perhaps Roosh, who is very practical) but I just don’t think there’s much left to advance there and I’m not expecting any paradigm shifts anytime soon.

    BTW, you’re comments are great. When are you “doing a Rollo” and putting together a blog?

  25. Rollo, I have 20 other blogs in my reader but seeing that you’ve put up a new post excites me the most! Your blog matches Roissy at his best.


    “The manosphere has specialised in the next big pioneering step… bringing sociology and deep social mapping into Game, grounding the work you do in-set into a sophisticated and nuanced worldview… this is hugely important for frame…”

    This is exactly it. I’ve been practicing game seriously for 8 mos (been reading random PUA shit for 3-4 years)—reading Rollo and a few other sites plus going out for the past 3 months has hardened my frame and game more than in the previous 4 years of work. The reason is because now I can see WHY pickup stuff works. Manosphere is physics, and pickup is engineering. Understanding physics makes engineering easier and more precise. Understanding the deep amorality of women and hypergamy plus the ways in which female perception of value differs from men’s—it’s easy to see why negs, preselection, and self-amusement work. Now I feel comfortable improvising my own displays of dominance too and connecting on an emotional level with women.

    Having the right frame of mind makes it super obvious how I should fuck a chick too, as well as maintain a longer relationship. There have been a few guys talking about it for a long time (David Shade, Daniel Rose) but most PUA material has only begun to cover this stuff in the past couple years.

    It’s shocking how accurately the manosphere explains women’s behavior. Hearing the folly of my friends and family with women reinforces this view. Every night I go out and see women blatantly hunting for alpha cock reinforces it too. It reminds me of stumbling upon paleo dietary principles. Understanding of previously disparate nutritional principles crystallized into one whole, where the hypotheses of the principles jive well with the observed evidence.

    “it also presents PUA stuff in a more digestible format than PUA teaching, for guys who’ve just taken the red pill which is also important.”

    It’s not just digestibility. The manosphere makes very explicit what is implicit in a lot of pickup stuff, something that beta guys WON’T understand or see coming from their mindset.

    I was at the “RSD world summit”. Funny seeing Tyler treat his long term girl and mother of a kids with the gruff discipline that’s talked about in the manosphere, in front of an entire goddamn conference room full of people. Some of the guys there were freaked out that he was “mean” and asked Tyler about it, so he went pretty into depth about how to manage women. All of the rest of the instructors had a very similar frame.

    The thing is, they got that attitude by going out hard for 2-5 years and getting burned when they fucked up. The VAST majority of RSD’s students still do not understand it even after a bootcamp, so they STILL get burned. The understanding of masculine frame that the manosphere has given me (plus going out, of course) has HUGELY accelerated the learning curve of my game.

  26. Ive been reading you for a few months, but never even commented on a post despite how valuable they have been to my unplugging since December.

    Congrats Rollo! Look forward to your book, we all owe you more than we could ever give.

  27. Thank you for all your work, Rollo. It is appreciated. I would say that you have opened my eyes, but saying that you have changed my “life gears” is closer to the truth.

    I knew something was wrong but could never identify it. Your writing is medicine. It is my antidote. I will buy your book.

    Greetings from Eastern Europe. Here is to another year.

  28. “Which PUA things do you think are ahead of the manosphere?”

    Well, let’s look at the last 5 posts of Rollo and the last 5 of Heartiste:


    Women Studies – (women oblivious/denying hypergamy, this is just PUA’s Anti-Slut Defense and Tyler’s Secret Society concepts reworded)

    Play Nice – (“nice guys” being fake, this is just Jeffy’s “Surprise, I have a penis” concept, but the notion of nice guys not being attractive because they’re hiding their true intentions goes back waaaaay into early PUA stuff, I’m too lazy to search it out and where articles about that are probably located is pretty broken these days)

    Girls on the Side – (game being an adaptation to a fucked up SMP that women created is just common knowledge in PUA circles, pretty much since Day 1 we’ve all known that PUA game has just been reverse-engineered and is a way of adapting and succeeding in what seemed like an unfair/impossible market)

    Girl’s Night Out – (jealousy stuff, this is just PUA’s Abundance Mindset (a recent re-labelling of a concept) but the teachings of how to handle a GNO go way back in PUA stuff…fastseduction and fasterseduction has pretty much solidified into a formula the concept of using Soft Next’s and Hard Next’s to punish bad behavior, manage jealousy, reward good behavior, handle other AMOGs, whether to ask a girl how her night was, etc., etc.)

    Just Get It – (this is just PUA’s “change her mood, not her mind”, and “lead the interaction” and “show, don’t tell” etc. concepts that any new AFC to the community learns about, how women won’t state or often don’t even know what they really want…it’s been long-term knowledge in the PUA community that we understand women’s desires better than they do)


    Asstenuating Circumstances – (a field report that basically just demonstrates frame control, a PUA concept from way back)

    Your GF is Flirting With Your Friend – (basic Mystery Method social circle/group management, DHVing, AMOGing, jealousy, etc.)

    (skipping the Virgin Mormon one cause it’s tl;dr to me lol)

    How To Do Anniversaries The Alpha Way – (basic PUA don’t supplicate stuff, don’t reward her for no reason or for shitty behavior or just because she wants it, etc. all stuff you learn pretty much on day 1 of studying PUA)

    (skipping some shitty posts)

    How To Respond To Girls Who Call Out Game – (PUAs have been discussing this and testing this since literally before The Game was published, because we go through that crisis every time some game stuff goes mainstream…we did it at The Game, we did it at the theoretical movie that was going to be made, we did it when Mystery’s VH1 show came out, etc. now the community has moved into more Natural game but my point is that this brand new post is basically a PUA discussion from 10 years ago)

    Women Gossip To Compete For Men – (basic Mystery Method working group dynamics juggling stuff, jealousy plotlines, playing girls off eachother, etc.)

    My point isn’t that PUAs are better or anything, it’s just that 90% of the stuff in the Manosphere is just stuff PUAs have already figured out years ago, but reworded and streamlined to make it more digestible to the general Manosphere readers who aren’t going to pick up and read Mystery Method or watch the 20 hour Blueprint, but who are going to skim their favorite blog during their work lunch hour and pick up some useful tips/concepts to think about or try out.

    And like I say, I think the Manosphere is needed for that. But the concepts it’s coming up with aren’t anything new if you’ve been in the PUA community for a while. Even the word “hypergamy”, which I admit isn’t a term I heard till I read the Manosphere, is basically the same concept as “women are attracted to higher value” which is a concept that goes back to the start of PUA.

    “Who is nearer the cutting edge right now…. RSD / Love Systems / PUA Training etc vs Rollo, Roissy, Roosh etc.”

    RSD is light-years ahead of everyone, they’re pushing the boundaries and breaking new ground. Their multiple video articles per week are all really solid (aside from their current focus on how important a wingman is, which is just marketing bullshit to sell the Inner circle club they’re starting…skip back a few pages in the Articles section to the good meaty videos).

    Love Systems in my opinion is the next best group, but I’d say LS focuses more on solidifying and teaching already established concepts. I’d actually recommend a newbie start with LoveSystems, and then when they’re feeling intermediate/advances in LS’ traditional style of game, move into RSD stuff where they’re doing retarded things. A newbie trying out RSD’s ideas is going to be getting kicked out of bars and beaten up and shit lol

    So basically RSD is paving new ground, LS is solidfying the old ground (not an insult, I think this is important, they’re like the guys who make the textbook for students to learn the ideas where RSD is the crazy scientist trying out ridiculous lab experiments and blowing themselves up a bunch while making occasional new discoveries). Most other companies are just taking RSD/LS stuff and rehashing it. Love the Simple Pickup guys but they’re just rewording game concepts (“being in state” = “god mode”, etc.). Other companies are focusing more on all-around “lifestyle building” instead of focusing entirely on chasing pussy, and that’s cool tool, that’s important and less “absorb your life” intense and some guys need to work on more than just their skills with women to get their shit together as men.

    “The manosphere has specialised in the next big pioneering step… bringing sociology and deep social mapping into Game, grounding the work you do in-set into a sophisticated and nuanced worldview…”

    I think that’s the important part of what the Manosphere does, and I think that’s part of the influence/crossover with the MRA/MGTOW crowd, which I say is a good thing. That’s how you make something more digestible to the casual crowd of men who don’t want to go out 4+ nights a week approaching girls and instead want to just improve their marriage or flirt around their office or they’re 30+ and don’t want to go to bars etc.

    And that’s cool, but the concepts they’re using come from the PUA community and they’re still using the “Lite”/digestible versions of those concepts. The Manosphere has made up this whole gay “Dark Triad” concept (I think it came from SoSuave? I don’t follow SoSuave as close because they’re just White Knights trying to apply the least offensive PUA concepts as possible lol) to separate itself from the “bad” PUA concepts. I haven’t seen much in the Manosphere that’s really controversial/offensive because everything is toned down. The PUA community has some stuff in it that’s legit sociopath type shit, but from that we learned a lot about human psychology and why certain things work.

    Like the post that made me start posting in the Manosphere was The Shocker post on Heartiste where BradP’s opener (from yeaaaaars ago) was brought up and analyzed and tossed aside as impossible and wouldn’t work and silly. I had to go in and explain why it works for him and even then no way anyone in that comment section was going out and trying it. To me, that’s the Manosphere still being way behind PUA tech that’s been tried and tested. So that’s why I say they’re still playing catch-up to us.

    The reason I can add pages-long in-depth explanations and clarifications to pretty much every Manosphere article posted is because I have years-worth of knowledge and experience with each of the subjects because they’ve been around the PUA community since pretty much the beginning. Concepts the guys here are discussing are concepts I was taught about by the PUA community and experiencing first-hand in my first year of going out sarging.

    I’d say PUAs are more like “Hey, women chase higher value, so to use that make sure you do such and such tactic”, whereas the Manosphere is like “Hey, women chase higher value, let’s explore why that is in-depth”. And that’s cool, but it’s all mental masturbation because if you were going out you’d start to understand the “why” of it yourself from experience, and the guys who are reading articles on why women chase higher value aren’t given any tools to go out and explore it with. The end result is a whole bunch of really smart guys who still aren’t getting laid. 🙂

    “I just don’t think there’s much left to advance there and I’m not expecting any paradigm shifts anytime soon.”

    I think the focus of the two is different (PUA is unashamedly about women/attraction, whereas the Manosphere is more about overall life stuff), but a lot of PUA companies (including RSD) are expanding into the “handle your life in general and be an overall cool guy” and internal game teaching too.

    This video by Tyler sums it up good (good part is around 8:05):

    He says the main reason the PUA community stresses going out is because we know that the field will shove all your weak points in your face and force you to change for the better. You’ll lose attraction because you have no interesting stories to tell, so you’ll go out and start getting stories and experiences. You’ll run out of breath fucking a girl because you’re a fatass so you’ll start hitting the gym. Bouncers won’t let you into a bar so you’ll start handling your style/fashion. You won’t be able to afford to go out or to keep up with high class social circles, so you’ll start to get a handle on your money.

    Like to us there’s no need to tell guys to focus on that stuff because if you listen to the fundamental basic rule of PUA (“field experience is king”, “go out”, etc.), you will handle all this other shit and you’ll build all these mindsets that the Manosphere is trying to teach. The Manosphere is essentially trying to teach guys the same thing they’d learn if they just got off their asses and went out…that’s part of why it’s digestible. “Oh, I don’t have to go out and get shot down by a bunch of hot girls and have my ego stomped on until I slowly fix myself over time? I can just read this article on Rollo’s blog?? AND offer my opinion in the Comments section and argue with a bunch of other people who never go out and feel like I’m part of a club?? AWESOME!! Sign me up!!”.

    I’m not playing sides or anything here, I like both “spheres”. I’m not an RSD employee or anything. All I am is a guy who’s read, studied, and practiced a ton of different styles of game and been following it for years. I can switch from Mystery’s indirect stuff to Juggler’s comfort stuff to Gunwitch’s direct stuff, and can pretty much explain everyone’s work from different periods of time. I’m like a Wikipedia of PUA shit lol I was interested in human psychology in general before I found pickup so pickup has just given me an avenue to focus that interest on. If I hadn’t found PUA stuff I’d be reading general psychology articles in my spare time for the fun of it.

    I’m 100% objective and think the internal commercial fighting and stuff is all silly nonsense, all I care about is what works and what doesn’t work? Like I say, the Manosphere has an audience and even if those guys aren’t going out and getting laid, the more men who make that mental shift to the same outlook PUAs have, the better for men in general, ultimately. Especially these days where we’re being shit on left and right with “Man Up!” and “Where have all the real men gone?” articles getting so much publicity.

    “BTW, you’re comments are great. When are you “doing a Rollo” and putting together a blog?”

    Thanks. Never. lol I have a normal life outside of this, commenting here and there is enough for me.

    “Funny seeing Tyler treat his long term girl and mother of a kids with the gruff discipline that’s talked about in the manosphere, in front of an entire goddamn conference room full of people. Some of the guys there were freaked out that he was “mean” and asked Tyler about it, so he went pretty into depth about how to manage women. All of the rest of the instructors had a very similar frame.

    The thing is, they got that attitude by going out hard for 2-5 years and getting burned when they fucked up.”

    Exactly this. Us PUAs know that going out will form all these mindsets the Manosphere is explaining, that’s why we don’t really bother dwelling on it. Because even if you read about the mindset, you still won’t HAVE it, as a part of who you are, it’s still in your intellectual side as a concept. By going out with tactics purposely, you forge those mindsets into yourself completely so that when you’re in the conference room with your baby-mama you’re treating her the way the manosphere explains you should treat her.

    “The VAST majority of RSD’s students still do not understand it even after a bootcamp, so they STILL get burned.”

    I’d say this is a problem of commercialization and general “quick fix pills” mindset newbies have now that PUA is mainstream. When PUA was still underground, only the really desperate guys found the community and they understood “this is going to take years of my life to get a handle on”. We didn’t go out for 2 months and whine “I didn’t get a BJ in the bathroom”, we were like “sweet, it only took me a year to get a makeout in the bar!!!” But now that PUA is so mainstream everyone is like “Where’s my MSN 10 Tips To Get Laid magic pill that’s going to fix me??” so they go into bootcamps thinking they can undo 20+ years of bad wiring in their brain and behaviors in 3 days. And commercial PUA companies sell it that way because, well, that’s how they make money lol But regardless of their marketing practices, the knowledge they’re dropping is legit if you go into it with the understanding that a weekend seminar isn’t going to fix you, ya know?

    Like Tyler says, no one is going to buy the book titled “Lose 1lb a week over a slow period of time by watching your diet and putting in lots of work exercising and achieve your goal in just one year!” They’re going to buy the book titled “Lose 10lbs in 4 days with no work at all, eat donuts every day!!”

    “(plus going out, of course) has HUGELY accelerated the learning curve of my game.”

    The going out is the important part. I find the Manosphere doesn’t tend to give a shit if guys go out lol I haven’t seen pretty much a single article in the Manosphere that encourages guys to go out multiple nights/days a week and approach X number of girls and try different tactics and report the results etc. Thus the massive community of guys who feel like they’re super psychological geniuses now that they have all this “understanding”, but they still haven’t cold approached a girl this month, let ALONE taken a girl home in under 7 hours etc.

    So if you take a guy who’s just broken up with his girl or whatever and is all disillusions and he finds the Manosphere but he’s never heard of PUA before, or he’s heard that PUA is too obsessive and all fuzzy hats and shit and he doesn’t want to get that in-depth into it, he sits and reads all these Manosphere articles because that’s “safer” and more digestible.

    But the Manosphere doesn’t encourage him to go out at all. So he becomes another one of the armchair theorists feeling like his understanding of psychology is expanding but he still doesn’t have a social circle inviting him out on Saturday nights, he still doesn’t have a harem of girls texting him wanting to fuck, he’s still living the same lifestyle he was before he found the Manosphere.

    That’s why I’m always harping on people and calling them KJs, because I can tell which guys are legit going out and which ones are just mentally masturbating. I can tell because I’ve gone out a fuck-ton and I’ve met and hang out with guys who go out a fuck-ton. 🙂

    Aaaaand now it’s almost Friday night, so I’m about to kill a few more hours of work and then shower up and head out with two different social circles and club-hop from a grand opening of a new nightclub (a buddy got us VIP tickets) to the hottest club in our city where we’ll be able to skip the line and walk in because my group has made friends with the staff. We’ll probably bring some girls from the first place to the next, but if we don’t it doesn’t matter because we’ll be approaching girls and shooting the shit with guys and be getting new girls and making new friends.

    To whoever read all this: What are YOU doing tonight? GO OUT. APPROACH. Field is king. 🙂

  29. With havin so much content and articles do you ever run into
    any issues of plagorism or copyright violation? My website has a lot of unique content I’ve either created myself or outsourced but it seems a lot of it is popping it up all over the internet without my permission. Do you know any ways to help protect against content from being stolen? I’d truly appreciate it.

  30. Pingback: Plate Theory
  31. While reading TheRedPill subreddit earlier this year, some one post a link to this particular page, after reading it (skipping the plate theory section) I went back and read your post from the one.

    Yesterday I finish Girl Night Out and upon clicking Next, here I am again on the same page I started on the last day of the year, what a coincidence 😀

    Reason I skipped the plate theory section is because Islam already handle that by allowing one to have 4 wives, even though I didn’t plan on having 4 wives I think I got the idea of all its about (or so I thought).

    But now that I’ve gone round your blog I think I’ll just read it to cement the idea of being an Alpha.
    So I just want to thank you for helping men in the western world.

    I’m from the 3rd world (Nigeria) so here poverty is enough to curve hypergamy and also Government are not involve in the marriage contract (only recent do Christians start taking court marriage seriously).

    I think is easier for me to take in the Pill because not only am I ugly, I’m also from a poor home. And to add on top of that I did poor in the university. I’m in my final year now, so some time I wished I came across your post earlier not cos it will help me with girls but because it could’ve helped me improve myself and take school serious

    No worries, I’ll turn 28 next year so if I couldn’t make the 2.2, I just hope I’ll find a low income job, save and enroll for a second degree.

    Even though the book is already published, Surrogate boyfriend speaks volume to me cos all these years I spent in Uni that all I am to these girls but I know better now.

    Thank You and continue the good work

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