From the outset of my writings I’ve never made any attempt to take financial gain from it, nor do I have plans to do so in the future. I don’t do seminars, I don’t do DVDs nor do I have a book deal pending anytime soon. What I offer at The Rational Male is for the benefit of anyone, and to encourage public discourse about the (often controversial) topics characteristic of this blog.

That said, if what I’ve written here has benefitted you in a significant way and you’d like to show some appreciation for it, I would request that you make an anonymous donation to Gold Coast Greyhound Adoptions. I would respectfully request you not reference The Rational Male in this donation. The amount isn’t important and you can donate via the Paypal link on their site.

One of my passions is Greyhound racing, and reconditioning retired track dogs to be adopted and placed with good families. Personally I own three and I take between 2-3 dogs per year for retraining. I’m one of many hosts in a network that helps make the transition of these thoroughbred animals from the track to the home easier. Most dogs are retired due to injuries (commonly broken legs) requiring expensive veterinary surgeries and 3-6 months of recuperation time.

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  • tyciol

    That looks wonderful bro. I think if I ever own a dog of my own in the future I’ll consider this. Sounds like a rough life for them. Better than paying some breeder to create more life when lives already exist in need… plus I’m sure racers are of good utilitarian breeding anyway.

  • Mr. Dade

    Great website. Great cause.

  • KeTurah Bathsheba

    I own 2 terrific dogs and it makes me proud to see a website and cause that has such deep compassion for these beautiful creatures. Keep it up!

  • Rollo Tomassi

    I sometimes get questions about my racers (both adopted and my trainers) This video is of one of my girls, Boc’s Salem #3, racing about 3 years ago.

  • anon

    [Posting this here because you have no contact address, that I could locate. I didn’t want to post it on one of your highly trafficked pages.]

    Enjoyed your comment describing your moderation policy. You might consider adding a proviso to that policy to the effect that you are magnanimous toward comments, so long as they fall within your comfort zone (within your chosen dialectic). My recent comment was assuredly NOT trolling or spamming, but a legitimate concern for which I believe it high time that the manospshere FINALLY address—ESPECIALLY the flagship site for deconstructing feminism. It seems a little odd that the most intelligent and cogent voice on the internet today when it comes to addressing the scourge of feminism doesn’t even address its source. That seems negligent to me.

    As I mentioned in those comments, I disagree not with your core position. However, your very existence is the reaction to forces far larger than you that were set into motion before you were even born. I do believe that you owe it to yourself and to your readership, to research the origins of the forces you fight against. Know thy enemy, friend.

    It’s your site, and you can do as you deem fit. I get that. For the record, friend, my recent comments were straight up legitimately intentioned. You may not have liked them, for whatever reason, but that doesn’t alter my genuine intention. Best wishes for your upcoming book.

  • G.

    Hey Rollo…

    First off… Amazing blog. been reading you for what seems like years now…

    I tried to find an email address for you on this site but doesn’t seem like you have one.

    I’m kinda a big name in the PUA community and have been coaching for almost 7 years now. I’ve been interviewed by Neil Strauss, Mystery, Brad P and many more… I was also voted one of the top 10 PUA’s in the world and dating coach of the year…. I felt like I needed to give a brief bio in the hopes that you would take me seriously…

    I’m coming out with some amazing new dating related products in about a month or so and launching my own company. It’s gonna be huge. I have just about everyone in the industry ready to promote the hell out of me and my new products.

    I would LOVE to have the chance to interview you for one of my products and upcoming releases. It would be amazingly beneficial for the both of us especially so I can help promote your new book (Congrats!!!!)

    If there’s a chance to tell you more about what’s going on and to see if you’re interested please reach out…

    My email is in the form I filled out to contact you! I wanted to keep my name private as to not ruin the surprise if we work together!

  • Kevin

    Love the site. Just bought the book off Amazon, can’t wait for it to arrive!

  • rugby11ljh

    Hey Rollo Will donate here when i get more funds. Thanks for all the help on the things i can learn about myself here.

  • Jeffery Johnson

    I’m working through the book now (you ruined the Oscars for me tonight!) :-):-)….Once you begin to unplug you see a lot of beta…I will donate later this week. I d love to give you my story to caution other guys (51 y.o. divorced after being (beta/voluntary raped in the process)… I will give all the details) and seeing girls while married through pay for date sites and being a beta there as well…

  • ElDirt


    I’ve lurked for a long…freakin….time….. On this and multiple other forums, it has been an island in the sea of turmoil I was raised upon. Now it’s Mai-Tai’s and sunsets after choosing the way. In an effort to give back, I’ve purchsed your books (need to update the donate section commentary!) and given to the ‘dags. I feel it’s the least I can do for a pillar of the community that has provided a path for the systematic breakdwon of our cultural inculcation. Having said that, I am getting the spidey sense that there will be an eventual revolt of the elite. The ones who have worked through the FR’s in the trenches of the bar/school/cafe, before texting became a part of the closing equation and long before The Matrix provided something so analogous to the situation…they are your core. The thirsty, hungry and starved are showing up in droves at your doorstep. Look at the comment count from 2012 to now. Is the message being diluted or any less impactful? I think the answer is an emphatic no, but your catch-22 is going to be a mob mentality of the newly ‘unplugged in a week, full RP now’ when they aren’t feed the answers on their couch during a Saturday night instead of participating theory and DOING it. I don’t know what your end game is, but I see a subtle yet very real dilemma occuring through your writing about ‘where to go next’. The truth is, they aren’t ready for it. They need the 2-3 years systematically dismantling their old ego and replacing it with a dichotmy of substance The Buddah would be proud of, and then another 2 years living that life. Your breather is long overdue, and I sense circle back reminding posts more incorporated these days to capture this fresh audience. Promoting awareness is one thing, but forging new territory is tiring, especially when you are on point and selflessly taking the role of the scapegoat if wrong. The void the pioneers will have left when this goes full Meta will have an epic backlash and yearning for new ‘what’s next in this rabbit-hole’ absorption. But there’s comfort in knowing it took three generations to fuck it up, and it won’t be calibrated over-night. Either way, stay true, get your recharges in and thanks for the quality through the years… I’ll zip the lurk bag back up. Punk’s not dead right?

  • MWMM

    Is there a way to contact you directly?

  • James

    Hi Rollo
    Love your work and have a copy of TRM which I encourage others to read, but most men are so feminized and afraid of these concepts, that as you say, it’s not easy unplugging others from the matrix, and in fact, will find hostility amongst the blind. But your work has great clarity for me and makes perfect sense. I would like to donate to the ‘manosphere’ by assisting you with your editing, in particular, typo & grammatical errors that I have picked up in the printed book and online content. Your work is of such high quality that it should also be perfect regarding its written presentation.
    Best regards

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