Year Two


It’s interesting to see the trends in my writing as the year progressed. My focus on Positive Masculinity and personal development seemed to feature more prominently than year one. I’d attribute that to digesting the posts of year one and considering actionable ways men can learn not only to overcome the feminine-primary environment, but to be better men as a result of it.

Casualties (and the followup Soldiers) was my personal favorite this year. I never really appreciated the reach of Rational Male until I was inundated with very personal private correspondence from both active and retired military men relating their struggles with coming to terms with red pill awareness. I’m glad my words and ideas have been a benefit to these guys.

Bear in mind this is a collection of the best rated posts as well as a few I deemed to be the most important. I kind of hate distilling an entire year of posts down to just a summarized list – personally I think they all deserve consideration and there’s probably one from this past year, not on the list, that will personally speak to a reader the most.

The Best of Rational Male – Year Two




Social Conventions

The Feminine Imperative

Positive Masculinity


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  1. Passed my first shit test. It was bumpy, but Reading this helped immensely. To sum up the situation, I had a ONS with a co worker (Maybe not the smartest idea), and a few days later the girl was playing the I was tipsy, he was hot ect card, she said that I had taken advantage of a situation, and that I was an arrogent prick. So I let her spin, Didn’t communicate, Played it completely professionally, and tonight (A week and a half or so after the ONS) she approached me and apologized. Blamed it on her short fuse and asked if I would be willing to have sex while we were both sober. I played it cool, and it worked. I have a long way to go so that I can finish killing the Beta in me, but I think I’m finally on the right track. I just wanted to say thank you.

  2. Reading The Rational Male, the book, simultaniously with posts on this site. Almost through year two now. Some dublicity but hey, you gotta get this hammered into your head to bypass the social conditioning 🙂

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