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The Rational Male is a rational and pragmatic approach to intergender dynamics and the social and psychological underpinnings of intergender relations. The book is the compiled, ten-year core writing of author/blogger Rollo Tomassi from Rollo Tomassi is one of the leading voices in the globally growing, male-focused online consortium known as the “Manosphere”. Outlined are the concepts of positive masculinity, the feminine imperative, plate theory, operative social conventions and the core psychological theory behind Game awareness and “red pill” ideology. Tomassi explains and outlines the principles of intergender social dynamics and foundational reasoning behind them.



Building on the core works of The Rational Male – Preventive Medicine presents a poignant outline of the phases of maturity and the most commonly predictable experiences men can expect from women as they progress through various stages of life. Rational and pragmatic, the book explores the intergender and social dynamics of each stage of women’s maturity and provides a practical understanding for men in dealing with women in those phases. Preventive Medicine also provides revealing outlines of feminine social primacy, Hypergamy, the ‘Hierarchies of Love’ and the importance of understanding the conventional nature of complementary masculinity in a world designed to keep men ignorant of it. The Rational Male – Preventive Medicine seeks to help men who “wish they knew then what they know now.” The book is the first in of series complements to The Rational Male, the twelve-year core writing of author/blogger Rollo Tomassi from Rollo Tomassi is one of the leading voices in the globally growing, male-focused online consortium known as the “Manosphere”.



Perhaps the single greatest counter-culture romance and dating guide of the decade.

Having read a number of books on the subject, I have never before found myself compelled to re-read a dating book time and time again. Tomassi manages to separate his work from the countless dating guides promoting courtship as some elaborate display of affection, and instead embracing the reality of modern dating where apps like Tinder have afforded people a variety of dating options. Tomassi outdoes himself by challenging outdated societal norms and presenting an alternative perspective on modern day dating. Tomassi’s work is a must read for anyone seeking to understand the current landscape of gender and social dynamics in today’s dating world.

– Alan LaForce


Perhaps the definitive work of gender dynamics for this generation – Clayton Long

About 4 years ago I watched a TV ad. Ad was about a fat boy (male in his 30) crying in his bed calling for his mother, because he was sick. At the same time his wife was standing beside, looking pity and giving him an advertised pill. I sat there with only one thought: ” what the hell.” That night I watched only ads. I was shocked with what I found. Almost every ad had the same concept of crying, weak or somehow passive man and woman in dominant role. I couldn’t fully comprehend the stuff I was seeing at that time. And so it began.
I wanted to understand. I wanted to know why. I wanted to know if I’m the only one or am I just going crazy. I’ve been in serious relationships, in playful, I had ONS, but when I tried to understand and rationalize my behavior and behavior of other people around me, I failed to make the correct order out of it.

This book in particular, was one of the first semi-serious evaluations I read about this topic. It helped me to structure my thoughts and understand my own actions, as well as people around me. For me it was like reading in the native language I knew when I was a kid, but then lost overtime, and when I started reading again, the language came back to me, and I could fully understand and enjoy the full power and passion of it, even more comparing to when I was a kid.

However, there is a downside. The downside comes not from the book itself, but rather from us and our own ego. Unintentionally we were set up that way that when you read the book, and you have your own “aha” moment, people tend to go from one extreme to another. They feel burned, they feel like they were lied to their whole life, and so their first reaction is anger, its irritation, its generalization of facts and actions of other people. Yes, it is necessary period of any workout, including mental, and its called pain period. At that point your best bet would be to lean back, observe, learn, and look around, and then, when you are calm, your anger is gone, and you are ready to act, do it as an adult. Do it as someone who has learned a new knowledge, someone who is in position of power, and got an absolutely unique ability to look from other perspective of view. Because now you do.

This is not a good or a bad book. This book is rationalization of male thoughts. You will understand what was happening in your high school, you will see now how come your wife left you after so many years of amazing marriage, you will see how your girlfriend could cheat with that tattoed punk, you will understand why your mother was sometimes acting not like your mother, you will see why your co-workers/classmates/ friends and family behave that way with the opposite sex, and you will laugh, cry, giggle, and will have this small smirk on your face., as you know this whole joke and you are the only one who can understand it. Embrace, prepare, and be ready to act.

– Constantine

All men have to navigate the sexual marketplace and relationships with women throughout their lives, and most men instinctively want a more sophisticated understanding of how that market really works. At least I always have. Unfortunately the modern media is so terrified of offending women and losing the marketing cashflow associated with them, it’s become aggressively anti-male to the detriment of the average guy. Most men spend their entire lives perceiving the gender power dynamics around them almost as white noise, with no real ability to tune into what’s actually happening in their interactions. Many men perceive their own gender and even themselves to be unworthy of the respect, dignity and options our society is so desperate to guarantee for the average woman, without really understanding why they feel this way.

The Rational Male is an easy to digest set of essays that essentially tune men into the real dynamics of the sexual marketplace, and the cultural/political forces surrounding it. It’s easy to see when reading it that the author’s primary intent is to educate the average guy about his potential, options, leverage and best strategies when interacting with women. It’s particularly valuable because it does an excellent job of explaining women’s sexual and relationship strategies, and some of the most common social conventions used to leverage guys into acting against their own best interest in their relationships without them even realizing it.

If you read and appreciated books like Men on Strike by Dr Helen Smith or The Myth of Male Power by Warren Farrell, you will probably enjoy this book as well, because although they cover different subjects they frequently touch on similar themes.

Some of the most interesting writing for me was on the topics of female hypergamy, the nature of Alpha and Beta men, the typical guys belief in relational equity, women hitting the wall, and the changing power dynamics between men and women as they age. It’s all easy to understand and digest, whilst still prompting the reader to think in a variety of directions about the connections and consequences of the ideas put forth. In short, it’s stimulating and energetic writing and I’ve never come across anything quite like it before.

It takes great courage to write a book like this in today’s PC culture, but it felt to me as though the author really had the best interests of the average guy in mind when he wrote it. I also felt he was very honest in his communication. I really appreciated that, and I’m recommending this book to all my guy friends. Keep up the great work Rollo, looking forward to the next one.

– Maya

I’m going to cut right to the chase here. This is THE book for the man who wants step out of ignorance and embrace the truth about women and relationships in the world we currently live in. Most dating, sex, and marriage advice books are pretty old hat and seem to ignore the biological and behavioral processes that are rooted within women and turbocharged for better or worse (usually worse) due to the nature of modern societies. This aspect of relationships is highly relevant to the male, but is usually ignored to their own detriment.

Rollo presents the current landscape of relationships between men and women based on how they function in reality, not the common fantasies fed to you by mothers, family, churches, and the media. Some people will not be ready for these ideas and will prefer to live in a state of ignorance.

Whether you are married, dating, or simply hooking up, this book will splash you with a cold dose of reality that every man who prefers not to go through their life on one leg will desperately need to hear.

If you are at all interacting and dealing with females, then there is a HIGH likelihood that you are currently majorly screwing something up. Your happiness, your life, your net worth, your sex life, and especially your children are or will be at stake in this massively one sided world between men and women.

As a side note, it is a deceivingly long book based on the page numbers – the type is fairly small compared to most books I’ve gotten through amazon.

– Nuje Shanoya

This book has by far encapsulated more honest truth about the dating scene than any advice or self help book I’ve read thus far. I’d argue that, in a culture that seems to prevail the “Women are mysterious/you can’t figure us out” myth, that this should be prerequisite reading for men, because it’s common sense and logical approach to these subjects is a remarkably fresh breath of air.

– The Silver Serpent

This book has been more enlightening to me as a young adult more than any life experiences I’ve ever had in the years since I’ve become a young adult.

Tomassi doesn’t sugar coat anything and gives the hard reality that underlies the problems, expectations, difficulties, trials and everything in-between men and women and how they relate to each other. It would be difficult to imagine that there is anything that he says in this book that is actually controversial, rather reactions against it are more due to the fact that almost everything he has to say isn’t politically correct. Reading this might make you somewhat disillusioned about women if you’re a guy like me who previously used to believe that men and women were equal with each other or that they should always be treated nicely in any and all situations.

This entire book is nothing but an exposition about how female behavior manifests itself, and what this means if you happen to be a male. Some might view this more along the lines of a PUA book, and certainly almost everything he’s written can be applied to that end in mind, but all of our behavior is oriented towards us getting what we want out of a certain set of circumstances. He expounds on notions of female hypergamy, and female solipsism, women’s sexual market value, and useful guidelines for men to follow to avoid future mishaps and disasters that may arise in the course of a relationship.

– TretiaK

My whole life I somehow felt that something was wrong with me feeling inadequate as a man. I now have the knowledge of what led to this feeling. For that I am deeply grateful. It is our duty to spread the truth and practice in order to become better persons and men. Thank you Rollo Tomassi.

– Roman

Rarely is the topic of relationships and the male/female gender dynamic discussed in a way that’s brutally honest, but that’s exactly what separates Tomassi’s book for all the rest. More often than not when it comes to books that deal with improving your chances of succeeding with women (both sexually and in relationships) what you’re left with are pick up artist gimmicks that don’t actually improve your understanding of the gender dynamic or your forced to read through dry scientific information. What Tomassi does is approach the topic from a rational standpoint based on evolutionary biology/psychology. This book is without a doubt one of the most influential books I’ve ever read and will lead to an improved sex life as well as improved relationships with women if you embrace its information. The information in this book allows you to succeed not by teaching you pick up techniques and saying the right thing, but by teaching you how the evolutionary needs of men and women translate into modern day relationship dynamics.

– Anonymous

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  1. The Rationale Male is THE book for those men, young or old alike,who presumably want to improve their lives, relationships, etc. Several years ago I stumbled upon Rollo’s writings, as well as others, and his articles seemed more well written, profound and eye opening on a level I have yet to see on the “Manosphere”. It is a true Red Pill reading that will hit you like a cold splash of water, create the much needed “ah ha” moments and finally “connect the dots” on many of journey to become masculine, or what you perceived as masculine. Men finally have a book that contains the knowledge to the importance of positive masculinity and the essence of Game. Thank you Rollo!

  2. I agree Oneitis makes you try and get your hands on a mirage. But as we all know mirages are illusions that always seem to be just a mile away but you never get there.

    But this Alpha stuff is like that too……

    —- Become “Alpha” and your salvation is at hand.
    – What’s Alpha?
    —- I can’t define it. But you are not it. Change yourself.
    – To what?
    —- You have to discover it.
    – Okay I changed. Am I Alpha now?
    —- Have you reached salvation?
    – No.
    — Well you did it wrong then. Try again.

    And so on without end.

    I’m new to this so maybe I’m wrong. I don’t see a clear definition of what Alpha is.

    1. The seemingly illusive definition of the Alpha male may be by design as to not put a period at the end of the Alpha mindset journey. Those who choose to learn about red pill awareness regarding nature, sex, evolutionary programming, social valuation, and the toxic beta programming that contemporary men endure, seek answers to the why and how of their situation. I believe that more often in the pursuit they will just get guidance not cheat code answers. The point of the journey is to find ways to become the best version of themselves. No Alpha male should be idolized as the example that others should aspire to. That’s not fair or valuable to most men. The most valuable thing I have learned during my journey is if someone male or female doesn’t add value to your life, discard them and keep it moving. The journey is personal. You are the focus, main character, what matters in this story. Learn to recognize successful traits and behaviors that are valued and valuable to both men and women i.e. wealth, self-care, social influence. Have a clear understanding of where you stack up and strive to be better for you in your life, not for her. The second the Alpha mindset and associated behaviors are defined and categorized with a period at the end, is the instant the red pill awareness and self-improvement journey ends. The journey towards enlightenment or as you say salvation will never end for those who strive to be the best version (most Alpha) of themselves.

  3. Is this book available on the Apple iBook Store? I prefer purchasing it there if possible.

    or is it possible to import the Amazon version into the iBooks app on an iOS device?

  4. recently: there’s a Kindle app for iOS devices (I am currently reading “The Book”, on my iPad mini, which I purchased from Amazon).

  5. i left my review on goodreads(recently on june 8 2014) . Now, I did not fully understand the book – it s too deep to digest quickly for me.

    But… some ideas are just revolutional! EVEN mom can’t give unconditional love men imagine, in my case – this was super big thought, i may suspect this was true for my mom.

    the book is a monumental for the manosphere, but practically, you can do 2 things: workout, eat good food, self development

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  7. First, I want to say thanks Rollo for writing this book, and so far I’ve gotten four copies for friends – two of which live in the UK and India. Since you’re going to release a new version of it, I’m hoping that you can include an extensive glossary of terms used in the book, as there are several abbreviations and scientific expressions that I and my friends didn’t get. I’m certain a brief explanation of each of them would definitely make the book far more accessible to people who are new to the topics you cover.

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  9. The book is excellent. But the copy-editing is terrible. “Loose” for lose, a shit-ton of typos. If you reprint it, you’ll have to have it seriously copy-edited.

  10. I purchased and read your book, I believe it is the greatest thing I have ever read. I am 39, married for 16 years, two boys 15 and 5. I swallowed the red pill about a year ago, and the its been an incredible awakening. Your interpretations (for lack of a better word) of a positive masculine life have inspired me more than anything I’ve read on the manosphere. I have gone through many of the ‘personality’ changes, fluctuating and switching from alpha to beta mindsets and actilons. I’ve always felt like an outsider and somewhat guilty for my masculine frame of mind, and there was no direction or familiarity with anyone, including my “friends”. They were always in the feminine frame of their relationships, and my wife can tell you (read bitch about) I have never been that way. Again as you stated about power/control, there have been shifts of frame which has helped our marriage thrive for so long. I am over coming some personal issues and dependencies (alcoholism) that have plagued my life, and I wanted to thank you for aiding in establishing a solid ‘enlightened’ positive masculine frame of mind, that doesn’t feel guilty or frightened of ridicule from betas, white knights or females. I still struggle everyday but it has gotten easier and easier. I wish I could receive your counciling but just glad you post in such an intellectual and objective manner. I do subscribe to your blog posts at I eagerly anticipate your next book, thanks again.

  11. An eye openinh book which brings me to a higher level of undrstanding importamce of positive masculinity, when men in either young or elder age are all trying to improve and excel in life .

  12. Just finished reading the rational male. I’ve honestly come to see reality for what it really is. I could identify with a lot of things written in this book, as I was once a big beta (AFC) until I found Roosh and other guys looking motivate positive masculinity. I feel that in my unplugging, the sky is the limit for what I can accomplish in my life.

    I was sure to recommend this book to a few friends and one that’s in a Long Distance Relationship. It definitely motivates me to want to help others improve and see things for what they are. I could write a better review, but the point I want to make is that, The Rational male reaches
    to pull you out of a false sense of reality. I’m thankful for having read it and will continue to educate myself.

  13. Rollo I really enjoy your website material and I would love to buy your book but there is no hardcover version. Usually paperbacks break apart over time and get damaged easily, do you think you will ever make a hardcover version of your books? Customers like me wouldn’t mind paying extra for the hardcover version

  14. I’m not 100% sure, but I think I read somewhere on here that you’re working on a sort of revised/updated edition of your first book Rollo, is that the case or have I imagined that? And if you are is there any estimate on when it will be released? I have a copy of Preventive Medicine but I haven’t read it yet because I haven’t read the first book, I know all the content is on here I’d just rather have it in my hands and read them in order. Many thanks

  15. Just received and finished your first book today and the second one’s in the mail. Spent the last week or two going through your blog and heartiste’s, knew I needed what you knew and were willing to tell. A couple of coworkers were trying to introduce me to “The Game” years ago, and now I bitterly regret the lost time. Right now, I’m in stage 4 of unplugging, and figure the faster I can work the process the faster I can unfuck my life.

    Thank you.

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  18. great book. I’m on my second read. Really helped me to understand the dynamics of attraction and not just how to get the hot girl but to keep the hot girl. Most importantly, opened my eyes to the fact that the key to everything I want lies within myself and making myself the best man I can be.

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  21. Rollo, just wanted to point out a grammatical error in Rational Male, Kindle version, chapter “Alpha”, on pg 26. “Guy’s like Cory infuriate…”

    I wouldn’t mention it, except you seem like an exacting sort of guy and thought you would want to fix it and it’s easy to do on Kindle.

    And I must be a strange guy: I absolutely love Cory (LOL just thinking about him) but my wife can’t see it and thinks he is a skinny wimp loser…

  22. Hello

    I would just like to let you know your book has been a great help.
    And has along with other parts the manosphere given me more then a few handles to change, improve and better accept myself as well as past happenings.

    The journey is only getting into gear for me right now.
    But knowledge is power and understanding however hard it may be will save you even from yourself.

    So again most sincerely and from the bottom of my heart.
    Thank you for giving me a part of what I need to save not only myself but those around who had been adrift for such a long time.


  23. Both books just purchased. The only way I can really think to say “thank you” for all you have done, please keep up the good fight.

  24. Hey Rollo, I have some experience translating English-Spanish and it would be a honor to translate the first book as a side project. Send me a mail if you´re interested.

      1. Thanks, I already bought. I wanted to know if the 2nd book, Preventive medicine is on Audible? Or if you are going to release it on Audible at some point soon?

        Thanks for the reply, your first book is life changing.

  25. Thank you Rollo, I can’t emphasize this with words brother you’ve helped me become the man that my Father’s (2) never told me about and expose the lies that my mom told me. You are a mentor from afar and I send all my blessings. I am the center of my life and abundance and women come to me without effort. Thank you my friend.

  26. Rollo this book was recommended to me from a friend and also Entrepreneurs In Cars. Just gotta say this book made me wake up and realized how much of my life was a lie and how many things I was doing wrong with women that I was told to believe were right and were the reason i’ve been failing with women for a while now. I was a huge player in high school and had women shame me into a beta who wanted to “Wait” for sex and get to know a girl better and date long term but after trying that and realizing they just wanted to fuck and I messed everything up by doing that. After reading this book it was definetly a red pill unplugging moment as you say it for me and I appreciate you writing this and as we speak i’m gonna read Preventitive Medicine. Looking forward to Book 3 and seeing what other amazing shit you can put into a book because i’m gonna recommend Rational Male to every guy I know. Thanks Rollo (My brother from another mother) – Cody
    Also, the only other thing I was confused on is how do you know by other means besides intuition if a girl is worth settling down for and to stop spinning plates? await your response man thanks alot

  27. Roll if you’re available help! So I’m having a dilemma… I’m brand new to this concept, however; I’ve used some of the principles you speak of. I’m not the best at executing though. Here is my situation, a girl I’ve known for 6 months has shown some interest in me recently. Specifically she accepted me request on Facebook after I added her a few months ago. I messaged her and within a few messages I asked her to go out for coffeee. She replied “yeeeeesss!!wheeeeennnn???” I said a day and asked when she’s available. No reply…for a week! I see her at the gym and when I’m done working out I say hi and casually joke that she must not know how to use Facebook because she never replied. She said sorry and she doesn’t use Facebook, and gave me her number, I texted her my name and said hey, and guess what? No reply for 24 hrs, she replied “hey” I asked how her Saturday was going … and again no reply. That was last week. The plot thickens! I find out through a friend that she has a bf, of 4 years! Now why would she say yes to coffee and give me her number? I like her and I really could care less about thebboyfriend, some will think that’s wrong but honestly if she’s giving out her number when she’s with someone, the relationship was doomed anyways . So what do I do ? I ignore her and wait for her to come to me ? How can I get her interested like she was a few weeks ago? Or am I Fucked and should I bail out?

  28. Huge fan of your work. Painful but eye-opening. Thank you for all your efforts. Any chance your third book will be available on Audible in the near future?

  29. Hi! First off, just finished reading the first book, and it was an eye-opener. Thank you for writing it!
    For some reason I cannot buy the second book on Kindle (Have the SJW’s managed to censor Amazon?).
    I’ll need to order it paperback. …looking forward to continue reading. All the best to you!

  30. Hey Rollo Tomassi.
    I have plans to start a Rational Male Book Study for men in my area. I’m trying to figure out how I might get the word out. I’ve already made some fairly covert flyers with yer name on them figuring they would get the right attention. The flyers have an anonymous email address for contact and I’m going to develop a vetting process for guys that want to join the group. I even have a place at the shop where I work to hold the book study. I wanted to contact you to let you know about it and also to ask if you have any suggestions on how I might go about this? I’ve been on this Red Pill journey fer a couple years now and I need to get connected with flesh and blood Red Pill men. I’m the only Red Pill guy I know. I see you guys in the Red Man Group talking about how we can get men together to talk about this stuff and and to do other man stuff like fishing shooting beating our chest by a campfire under the full moon, you know, man stuff. I want to be a part of it. So I figured a Rational Male book study would be a good start. Especially for new guys.
    Thank you for all of your important work. I am a better man because of it and I’m looking forward to the fourth book.

    Mojave Dessert

  31. Quite sad, though very common for most self-published books…

    The books have little to no proper editing… the writing is at times quite incoherent, muddled, and inconsistent/awkward in its language. The books could be edited down to less than half of their current lengths and become much clearer and approachable as a result.

    A nonfiction book without an index is like a town without addresses. Imagine trying to find folks in a town without addresses.

    Please delay selling updated editions until you’ve hired a professional editor and indexer. The lack of good, competent editing has no doubt hampered the books’ reach.

    Sorry, but “no sale” and no recommendation.

    1. Not to mention that the “formula for success” is not what it’s cracked up to be. It either
      (a) works – attraction and intimacy grow stronger and stronger
      (b) doesn’t work – nothing happens
      (c) fails badly – the women detests what you are trying and of course in this MeToo age you can get destroyed.
      These are the three very real possibilities. And of course if it is (c) or (b) then the magic answer is “well you didn’t do it right” .

  32. Funny how boys never seem to get it right. They don’t put in the work to improve themselves, for whatever reason.

    My marriage turned around because I put in the work. Many other married readers have the same experience.

    I choose option:

    (d) the marriage turns around because you put in the work

    Yeah, Rollo’s books are best-sellers, whatever their minor deficiencies.

  33. I have read the first book, it was eye opening, brought me to a level of awareness i did not know i was missing. Currently reading the second book and the only way i can describe it is “liberating”. It shows the social constructs i have been instructed in for what they are and renders them “optional.”
    I have always put a lot of value in the freedom of being able to choose, and your books have granted me the power to do so in that particular aspect of my life. The power to make and educated choice.

    From the bottom of my heart. Thank you Rollo Tomassi.

  34. Here I thought I understand and could understand women, without any outer input as an average chump. I’m glad I stumbled upon this. My fundamental understanding of women was completely wrong and I’m glad people are willing to share their hard earned knowledge in books like these. Thanks.

  35. Hello Rollo and everybody

    This is Stephan, from Italy

    I have read all your books but I am new to your site.

    Thank you for your work, it is helping me immensely

    I am leaving this message to send you a link to a youtube video of Jordan Peterson being interviewed by a lady… the content is very interesting and Mr Person is great but what really matters is how the lady “behaves” …

    By the way, the topic is the gender pay gap that, according to Mr Peterson, actually does not exist… other variables need taking into account…. etc

    So just in case you haven´t checked this video out already

    Kind regards


  36. Prominent literary Alpha men evocations in past and present have been eg iin a pure literary mannerby Gabriele D’Annunzio, Pablo Neruda, Thomas Mann, more theoretically by Julius Evola and Elmer Pendell. Especially in the radical left(Neruda) as well as archConservative evangelical churches the socalled Organizational Ruling Class(Mosca, Pareto) has always used the Red Pil lbehaviour mechanism as a means of social control over the socalled rank and file of Beta-Men followers. Semantically I find much better the German juxtaposition of “Rittmeister”
    (Alpha f….) versus “”Zahlmeister”(Beta b…..)

  37. For so long I had so many questions I would not even dare risk to ask. I was so afraid of what the people around me would think of me. Then one day, a friend of mine introduced me to this book with a strange title and an author whose name I’d never heard of. “This book will make you question everything you know.” That was his sales speech. I told him if I wasn’t hooked by the first twenty pages, I was discarding the material. Suffice to say I was hooked in 5. And that author whose name I didn’t know then, he changed my life so much that I have made a slight personal alteration to his name by adding a prefix; Dr. Rollo Tomassi! The only regret I have is that I didn’t know about his existence sooner in life. I’ve mastered all the ‘Iron rules of Tomassi’ at heart you could wake me up from my sleep and I’ll tell them to you in their order. Specifically Iron rule III destroyed me, then recreated me. So rich is the wisdom and insight of The Rational Male that I recommend it becomes the first line of education for all males as soon as they’re born. Being a beta male subscribing to the feminine imperative is a punishment I don’t wish upon any living male!

  38. Mr. Tomassi – Your book has been instrumental in shaping who I am. As a gesture of giving back – we can do a Facebook Live together and talk about your book and at the end present it to our audience. I have done similar interviews with some of the most influential men in the world including Paul Janka (featured on Dr. Phil Show), Steve Sims (known around the world for making impossible happen and author of The Bluefishing) and Marc Von Musser (Tony Robbins’ right hand coach). Please let me know your thoughts about doing a Facebook Live together..

    Suleman Haris

  39. I look forward to some Brazilian publisher translating your book so I can read! You have a big audience in Brazil, but we don’t have any books translated! Only a few youtubers talking about!

  40. Tony to be alpha isn’t a difficult and obscure construct. Amongst other things Its calmly but firmly setting those boundaries with EVERYONE in your life your wife, at work, with buddies and if you arent married dating etc! For example, is your wife or a date on her phone constantly when out on a date? Well bro…shut that down by telling her politely but firmly to get off her phone. If she protests then your date is over. You slap a c note on the table and leave your date or wife there. There are such things as uber. Guess what? . If she is quality she will shape up and will show genuine sexual interest by u aren’t a typical white knighter
    But dude… his books 2x over. It could save your life like it did mine….

  41. It would be amazing if someone could translate these books professionally, there is definitely a need and a market for the Red Pill outside of the Anglo world. I personally know relatives in Latin America who would benefit from these books in Spanish

  42. “If you are already involved with a woman, she may develop a socially mandated sense of appreciation, but again this is only up to the threshold of you trading her estimation of your confidence for your ability to address fault on your part. When a woman delivers a shit test based on this, and a guy submits through self-depreciation it’s damage done that’s not easily undone. Admitting fault is not a strength that inspires women – it’s still about the fault.”

    Rollo Tomassi, Sir, despite reading and re-reading this passage many times over, I am unable to fully understand it, can you please explain it simply?

  43. Hi Rollo
    I am reading The Rational Male version 1 and I Can not agree more with the most of it, However I would like to argue the part the you mentioned about JBY.
    An example presented by you in the book was not described very well. If someone is a couch potato he cant desire a fit hot chick simply because he has different values in life than her. if he wants a hot chick he needs to change his values not necessarily for the girl but for his own well being primarily. then having a hot chick will be the side effect, in other words if a guy is fit and looks healthy, good appearance aside, on deeper level he sub communicates that he respects himself and his body and he is determined and disciplined. women can feel this on subconscious level.
    therefor its a bit deeper than how you explain in in the book about just be yourself does not work.
    I agree that it does not work but why it does not work was not elaborated properly in the book
    I hope I could convey my message
    Thanks again for the book
    I recommended to one of my friends and he is super happy

  44. Rollo….please consider offering these books in hardcopy form in a place other than Amazon. The day is coming where Amazon will ban it. Maybe sooner than you realize. Also many people are cutting this awful company out of their lives (including myself). It would be nice to have options (hee….hee).

  45. Hi Rollo, I’m Reading Rational Male- Religion. I love the section on The Romantic Ideal vs. Christian Kosher. BTW, an excellent (and very well-written) divorce memoir from a young, Christian perspective is called A Celibate Marriage: A Memoir. Great content there to analyze.

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