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Once again, I’ll be adding this post to the top page in a week or so for future reference.

As most of my regular readers are aware, I have a habit of crafting my essays over the course of a week or so, but about 8 months ago I got into the practice of keeping a small ‘scratch’ notebook with me wherever I go now. As an artist I’ve always kept a sketchbook with me to scribble out ideas when the moment strikes, and I find that this is even more necessary to my writing now as ideas or fragments of interesting ‘germs’ of posts often hit me when I’m not at my computer to flesh them out.

This practice has resulted in most of these ‘best of’ essays for 2013-2014. I get asked about my writing process fairly often and the best I can describe it is ‘crafting’ a post. I jot the elements of a topic in this notebook and some just sit there while others kind of snowball and take on a life of their own. I got to a point where I found myself waking up around 2am after a good sleep and having an internal conversation that was really my hashing out concepts and predictable counterarguments for what would be a good topic to address, only to fall back asleep 45 minutes later and wake up at 5 forgetting what it was I was considering.

So I decided to embrace the madness so to speak and simply started getting out of bed writing the basic elements out in my notebook and getting back to them later the next day. I also found I sleep better once I do.

So these are what I thought were my most important concepts in year 3. As far as general topics go I think Open Hypergamy will be something deserving of more attention in the coming year, however, Male Space is my personal favorite for year 3. I’ve chosen this post because I think it most succinctly and accurately describes this social dynamic.

And again, these are all among the best rated posts of The Rational Male for this year, plus a few I thought were important. I’ve deliberately left out the Preventative Medicine series from this lineup because I thought it important enough to dedicate to being the basis of the next installment of the Rational Male book, and I’d rather they be brought to life in that publication than distract from the rest of these posts.

It’s always difficult to consider which of these to include, because I (naturally) think all of my posts have the potential to benefit an individual reader. I always run the risk of having new readers just wind their way through my ‘best of’ without considering the others, but my hope it that these posts will encourage you to read all of my essasy.

Thanks again for another great year, and I’ll continue to write for as long as there are issues to address.


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12 comments on “Year Three

  1. This website is a MUST for boys/men, the real world example, insight, and content has no equal. I’ve passed this along to family members, friends and casual acquaintances who I thought it could “help” By far.” Rational Male” is masculine gold, and the first edition book is the proverbial “Blue Print” for red pill thinking. learning and mindset. Men in general almost need to experience something traumatic, before they take this step, but I still pass this website and the book along every chance I get. As I’ve said, It truly is life changing, you will never view things the same.

    Unlike the recent Kotex commercial for women shown Superbowl Sunday, boys have no place to gain their self confidence (sarcasam intended, that commercial wreaks of “FI” agenda), unless its websites like the one Rollo writes so brilliantly for to gain further “insight”.

    Warning: Once you swallow the red pill, there is no going back

    Thank you Rollo, I don’t think you can fully understand how much you help people, like myself, and I look forward to every post.

  2. I have been reading most of your articles. It is confronting for me and very thought provocative. I would consider myself 400% beta male. The thing is, is that I am 29 years old. I look like a 23 year old though. So I have a choice here. Take the red pill, try to become this alpha guy and play (also very young) woman…or stay the way I am now. Naturally I am not alpha at all. I really don’t like to be dominant to anyone (don’t like to be submissive either) I have quite a baby face, I don’t look very male. I don’t speak loud. I’m quite the introvert…all my characteristics, which seem to come naturally to me, say BETA. What I want in a relationship is to just ‘be’ with a woman, experience life together (not much interested in settling down, would like to travel together and just have a really fucking good time like i had with previous relationships), love and be loved, have good conversations, go in depth, enjoy intimacy, and support each other. All this information leaves me kind of puzzled on wether or not I should try to become this alpha type. Or become the best beta I can be. But then lots of woman looking for the beta guy, are looking to settle down. Young woman seem to want to have fun with the alpha dudes. So that leaves me exactly where I am now, alone :d So what would the advise be for a natural beta guy who is not so much intrested in fucking around, but also not in raising kids? 🙂

  3. Just a useless comment to say thank you. You must be used to people saying that but your books changed my life (saved really). After a traumatic failed relationship, I HAD to understand. You brought understanding. For that I am grateful to you. I hope you don’t die soon, I want to read more from you.

  4. Rollo,

    Very grateful for your clear connecting of dots.

    Some thoughts happened to me today as follows:

    If we are aware of where the ‘Red Pill’ theory comes from ie the movie, The Matrix, then we must also be aware of the original notions that the movie attempts to convey via the Red Pill.

    The Red Pill, based on the movie The Matrix, is a pointer, reminding us that we are always living a life that is deluded, unfree, and essentially, false, due to our mistaken beliefs and assumptions regarding freewill and the self.

    But once one sees for certain the truth of existence ie no-self/no-freewill, one cannot unsee it. The illusion is exposed and it’s a one-way trip. You took the Red Pill and chose the painful truth, come what may. Blue Pill be damned.

    If this is so, as the movie suggests (and is verifiable), do you have any thoughts on the notion of ‘freewill/self’ and how one’s beliefs regarding ‘freewill/self’ would affect ones beliefs regarding authorship of actions, or accountability, and how that might also affect how we perceive women as ‘whores’ and ‘sluts’, and other energized terms?

    Why not just, programming or conditioning or karma or functioning, or other non-personalized term?

    Is that not ‘shaming’, all based on the notion of  ‘freewill/self’ and thereby personalizing what is really impersonal activity, leading to impersonal conditioning, leading to an impersonal history?

    Is that not a more accurate use of the Red Pill?

    Or is it the Real Red Pill, of which the red pill theory is but an amusing appearance to those who have already swallowed it.

    Interestingly, from a purely functional point of view,  I can now relate better to woman, having viewed them through a shaming lens of spite. A helpful bit of counter-programming, like a virus that ate some shitty old files, leaving nothing where there was something.

    I wonder if you look in this direction, or is personalized gender dynamics as far as you take the Red Pill theory?


  5. Rollo,

    A little off topic, but could you do a piece on Sheryl Sandberg? With the World Economic Forum currently taking place, she’s gotten a lot of airtime. I know your articles collectively expose “Lean In” and other such initiatives for what they are, but a dedicated analysis would be useful to read. I sense that she has caught up in using this as a vehicle for own PR. Just watching the body language of those around her when she speaks (even women) reveals a lot

    She has grown quite influential and I feel she promotes her book more than she does her Facebook work? The “We Should All Be Feminists” drivel is even being uttered by the new Canadian Prime Minister.


  6. Thanks for all the great stuff,

    Something interesting, Its a 70 foot high sign next to the freeway, Its been there for a few years now, targeting women, “LET MAKEUP BE YOUR NEW CAREER” exact quote 🙂
    Google maps of this sign,

    They have four locations

    My opinion is for the most part this is not going to result in a 9 to 5 job, it has another purpose, hooking men.

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