Selective Breeding

Why is it okay to kick a Beta male in the balls on TV or in the movies?

The cocky Beta who gets his comeuppance with a swift kick to the nuts from a Strong Independent Woman® archetype has been standard fare for comic relief in action-adventure movies for some time now. Why is this socially acceptable? In the most recent Avengers movie Starlord (Chriss Pratt) gets kneed in the groin when he – the lovable, humorous Beta male archetype – tries to reconnect with his ‘true love’ interest Gamora after she’d been killed in the prior movie. This is just one example, but so long as the character is definably a Beta (in comparison to definably Alpha male archetypes in the story) permission is granted to ridicule him by exploiting his greatest weakness; a kick in the nuts.

We see the attacking of men’s genitals as humorous because it conveys and confirms sexual selection cues. Only Beta men deserve to have their balls kicked as a confirmation of their sexual selection status. Attacking a woman sexually is tantamount to rape, so flipping the gender script in this instance is a non-starter with comparisons in the movies. In fact, men even speaking critically of women’s bodies is regularly used as an illustration of misogyny or presented as the typical abuse women must endure from body-shaming chauvinist men.

 If we look at the popular fiction of this era – the Avengers or Star Wars franchises for example – we can see the death of conventional masculinity played out in the erasure of Alpha male characters. Tony Stark (Iron Man), Steve Rodgers (Captain America), Han Solo, etc. are systematically removed from popular consciousness. Even Thor is a has-been alcoholic who’ll now be replaced by his female incarnation in the next “Thor” movie. And this is the model of masculinity that’s left for us. Laughable Beta males and Strong Independent Woman® who step up to fill the vacuum of powerful male characters that’s been written for them to fill.


Earlier this year I read a story about a staged protest by a Russian feminist girl who poured what we were told was a mixture of bleach and water onto the crotches of men who were manspreading on a subway train. With a critical eye you can sort of tell this was staged. Guys were sitting by themselves with no one else in an adjoining seat and she’d go up to them and pour a water bottle on their crotches. I’ve see similar protests before, and if you look at the linked video here today you can see how this ‘man spreading revenge’ fantasy plays out, even in commercials. 

Recently there was another woman who’s won some sort of design award for a chair she designed to discourage men from naturally spreading their legs when they sit. And, of course, she designed a companion chair that encourages women to spread their own legs. The male chair forces men to sit like a “proper lady” should. While some men try to defend this posture as the natural way guys just sit, I read a lot of commentary about how men’s sitting posture is an arrogant display of toxic masculinity because men were somehow taught to, or feel they must, take up more space when seated. Women’s frustration is ostensibly about the space men take up with their posture, and the more militant women presume it’s a behavior grounded in some unconscious sexism. “I’m more important as a man so I need to take up space.”

But manspreading isn’t about space. It’s about a display of genitals. Men with legs spread is a natural, often subconscious, Alpha posture. It’s a hindbrain signaling of confidence in men. Now, before you write me off here, think about this; if women’s primary concern was about men taking up space, then why attack a man’s genitals to force him to close it up? Why not simply ask him to close up a bit? Why is pouring water (bleach) on his crotch an acceptable punishment? Why is a hit to the balls a reflexive retaliation?

Women’s existential fear is having their Hypergamous filters bypassed by a clever Beta male impersonating an Alpha, breeding with him, and thereby saddled for a lifetime of support with the child of his inferior seed. Women’s evolved sensitivity to this filter extends to subconscious cues men display in their posture. Ergo, a man ‘spreading’ is perceived by a woman’s hindbrain as a false signal of Alpha by a Beta male. This triggers the existential fear response, thus attacking his manhood is doing all of womankind a favor by humiliating him for his attempt to deceive women’s filters.

I’m sure there’ll be some women (and their ‘allies’) who’ll think this is a stretch, but then, why is it acceptable to kick a man in the nuts when he’s spreading? Why is it that Starlord gets kicked in the balls and we laugh? Because a Beta male tried to pass himself off as an Alpha and retaliation was due. If a guy like Jason Mamoa was sitting spread-legged on a bus it would serve as an arousal cue for most women. Alpha status recognition is an automatic subconscious subroutine, fine tuned over millennia of evolution, in women. Women’s subconscious awareness instinctively reads SMV status and prompts behavior accordingly.

She Doesn’t Want Your Shitty Last Name

Or your shitty genetics for that matter. Patrilinear surnames are a symbolic stamp of ownership for men. They give a name to his genetics – a surname is associated with a specific genetic line. A man’s legacy is his genes and those genes need an identifier. One of the more controversial topics I debate online is the refusal of men’s surname by their wives. Women keeping their last names or hyphenating them in marriage is now a common sign of their independent spirit. Marriage is only acceptable to the Strong Independent Woman® when it looks more like an egalitarian business arrangement rather than a complementary pairing of a man and a woman who understand (and accept) the nature of their own gender. Traditional marriage looks too much like “ownership” for feminist wives and nümale husbands.

Blue Pill conditioned men are far more likely to be okay with their wives’ decision to keep her name, hyphenate it, or even take her name. After all, it’s the progressive thing to do and most believe on some level of consciousness that his accepting her independence in this way will make him more appreciated by her. The truth is this: his acquiescing to her in this way only reinforces what her hindbrain has already confirmed – she’s paired with a Beta male who wouldn’t give an afterthought to insisting his genetics bear his name. He confirms the low quality of his genetics to her hindbrain.

There are a lot of convenient social conventions that come along with a woman’s insistence on keeping her surname. Just like the excuse of men “taking up space” warrants terms like “manspreading”, women and nümales will appeal to pragmatism:

“She’s a doctor, lawyer, soon-to-be-famous-person and she need to maintain her identity for public relations reasons. Otherwise she’d totally take my last name dude.”

“I don’t want her to have a crummy last name like ‘Butts’ or something.”

“Taking a man’s last name is an antiquated symbol of patriarchal ownership of women. Haven’t we evolved past this yet? Are you so insecure in your masculinity that you’ll insist on her taking your name?”

These are a few of the cover stories, but the latent purpose is the same; women’s hindbrains must hedge their Hypergamous bets with men they know are Beta before pretending to commit to a lifetime of breeding and parental investment with them. For a woman marrying a man whom her subconscious acknowledges as Alpha, not assuming his name isn’t an afterthought to her. Women paired with a man who is a confirmed Alpha will often say “I didn’t want children, but I wanted to have his babies.”

The Alpha man inspires her to breed for his benefit.

We’re getting into sexy sons theory here, but the idea is that a significantly high SMV male can inspire women to become submissive/supportive wives and mothers. See my essay on Alpha Widows for more about this.

A woman in a good Hypergamous pairing accepts – desires – his authority, but also his genes. She doesn’t just want children, she wants his children. This then is signified (codified?) in his name passing on to her and their children. Even in ostensibly egalitarian marriages the kids generally retain the name of the male who fathered them (unless single-mom throws useful step-dad a bone and the kids change their name to his). Human beings are innately tribalistic (sorry Jordan). This tribalism is expressed in Selective Breeding practices extending from the personal to the social.

In 2019, and in the reproductive aftermath of the Sexual Revolution, these tribal distinctions are now left to women to determine in a confusing global sexual marketplace. Men’s innate drive for paternal certainty falls away in this environment. The existential fear and frustration that manifests from that drive still persists in men, but the practice of it gives way to women being the primary influencers in selective breeding – and how it will or won’t be expressed. It’s now a common practice for a woman to change the surname of children of a genetic ‘asshole’ father to that of the adoptive step-dad-who-stepped-up. Or the noble Promise Keeper son and holy protector of his single mom (and by extension all of womankind) who changes his last name to something else. 

But why? Why bother to go to that trouble if names are unimportant? If paternity doesn’t matter anyway, why go to the trouble of changing a name?

What Happens When She’s the One Who’s Out of Options?

As I mentioned, women’s existential fear is pairing herself with a Beta male who, through guile and deceptions, convinced her he’s an Alpha. But what happens when that woman runs out of options in her  Epiphany Phase? What happens when she’s forced to settle on the good-enough Beta (the guy Sheryl Sandberg assured women “nothing’s sexier”) because she can’t lock down the Alpha whose babies she wants to have?

She can continue searching indefinitely. The social conventions established by the Feminine Imperative convinces women that their sexual market value (SMV) is unending and imperishable. Those conventions also combine with others that shame men for being so infantile in preferring women who are ‘younger, hotter, tighter’. This shaming gets extended to convincing Beta men they should “align their dating strategies” to prefer mature women who “now have their heads on straight”. The idea that an older woman is more mature and therefore ought to be considered more desirable by men is conveniently positioned in women’s Epiphany Phase – so is the Myth of the Biological Clock.

Or she can settle for the less-than-ideal Beta male she’d never have opted for in her Party Years. Women have various psychological and sociological mechanisms in place to help them rationalize this settling on a Beta in Waiting.

  • Plan B: There’s always a fallback guy. Generally this is one Beta for another, better positioned Beta though. If one were “alpha” he’d already be the Plan A. (Be the A Guy). It’s important to note that if the Plan B Beta eventually ‘alphas up’ in some perceivable way, this generally throws a woman into a psychological conflict.
  • She convinces herself that ‘settling’ is really who she is in that moment. Most women genuinely believe in their Epiphany Phase rationales. Most would probably pass a polygraph test if you asked them if they genuinely felt the way they do about their decisions during this time of their lives. However, Hypergamy and its fundamental rules don’t change for women even when they believe something new about themselves. And often enough that ‘genuine’ belief is motivated by their subconscious understanding about their state n life as a result of their mating strategy.

Make Rules for Betas – Break Rules for Alphas

This is a fundamental understanding for Red Pill awareness. It’s one of the easiest indicators men can use to determine a woman’s interest in them, or her subconscious understanding of your status as a man. Is she making more rules for you to obey, more hoops for you to jump through in order to qualify for her ‘love’ (i.e. sexual access)?  She probably sees you as a Beta. Is she breaking her rules, the rules she believes she needs to follow in her new (Epiphany) phase of life, in order to get into situations where she can facilitate sex with you? Is she putting off responsibilities in order to enjoy herself with you? She probably sees you as Alpha.

This rule-setting or breaking is a basic litmus test for genuine desire. Women’s hindbrains grasp this  too. If a woman is setting rules for a man, her subconscious understands that he’s predominantly Beta. Because she needs to set rules, because it seems like logic to refuse his surname (another rule) and because he accepts these rules – even encourages them in himself and other men – his status is confirmed as a Beta. Only a Beta would need rules. Only a Beta would comply with those rules.

I should add that this is the basis of all transactional relationships. Jump through hoop (obey rule), get sex. An Alpha, by nature, would have options to replace a woman who made rules for him. Furthermore, it wouldn’t occur to a woman to issue rules with an Alpha man whose babies she wants to have. Hypergamy can’t afford to issue rules to Alpha men.

The Inner War

If women’s existential fear is being tricked into reproducing with a Beta male, then forcing herself to settle on a suboptimal man must inspire an inner conflict in her. There are lots of controversial self-help books published by women on both sides of this conflict. Some argue for women to accept a Beta guy and just make the best of it, others (especially religious books) argue that a woman should never compromise herself and wait for the best man (the ‘soulmate’ husband God has preordained for her) to present himself to her. There are more than a few Purple Pill “relationship experts” who cater to this demographic of women, and they do very well marketing new age magic and cutesy aphorisms to resolve this inner war.

I characterize this war as a conversation between a woman’s Id and her Ego. 

The Epiphany Phase forces her sensualism-seeking, ‘hawt’, short-term sexual (breeding) opportunism to come to terms with the necessity of her long-term security needs. Alpha Fucks (her Id) wars with Beta Bucks (her Ego) in her head – and all with the urgency of knowing that her SMV is decaying to the point where she must either take action or convincingly rationalize why she doesn’t need to take action. Her Ego knows her SMV is in decline and long-term security / parenting / family is becoming less and less available to her. But her Id still wants what it wants; ‘hawt’ sex with ‘hawt’ guys. And she’s still ‘hawt’ too – the feminine-primary world says it all the time “Never Settle Gurl!” – she ‘deserves’ only the best.

Thus, the conversation leads to varying degrees of compromise to outright self-delusions prompted by outside influences (i.e. social media). Plan B is a compromise. Refusing his last name is a compromise (or hedging of her Hypergamous bets). Making rules for, and endlessly testing, a Beta to assuage the Hypergamous doubt (“is he the best I can do?”) is a compromise.

And Choreplay, that’s just sexual filibustering.

Today, the new fascination with ‘Poly’ or ‘open relationships’ is also one more methodology women are using to make a compromise between the Alpha Fucks her Id needs and the Beta Bucks her Ego knows is necessary for her future security and happiness. “Alternative relationship strategy” is the latest euphemism for Poly, but it really distills down to a means for women to find a way to balance the Hypergamous equation. She’ll marry the Beta, but it should necessarily mean she has to have sex with him. Poly relationships are a compromise.

Ideally women would love to give themselves to a worthy man. To follow his plan for their lives,…and she’d like to feel the kind of attraction to him that would inspire the trust that he would do so for her and her children’s benefit. 

“I wanted to have his babies.” — this is Hypergamy balancing Alpha Seed with Beta Need perfectly.

Today though, women wait too long. They believe the lies of their own Blue Pill, that their SMV is never depleted. They don’t look for this balance anymore. They don’t even expect to find it; one man is for a same night lay, the other is boyfriend material

Published by Rollo Tomassi

Author of The Rational Male and The Rational Male, Preventive Medicine

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  1. kfg
    Pant suit wearing masculinized modern woman complains that gender neutral school uniforms are an attack on women:

    “Simplify, always simplify” — Some Dead White Male Or Other

  2. “Aside from the rambling, non-sensical assassination on my character…”

    Why’s she so defensive?

    NB, guys. Never explain or defend your freewill intention choices. The moment you do it’s a sentiment of toxic doubt.

    One’s intent decides the outcome.

    Do you authentically. Fuck the peanut gallery.

  3. “I’ve decided after much soul-searching to change my pronouns to “LORD / MY LORD”” — Rollo

    Amateur. Mine is “My Lord and Master (with a curtsy).”

    And Holy crap, I think ADJ just came close to setting a world record for memetastic public meltdown.

  4. I’m considering identifying as an AC-130J — Pronouns “Aiee!” and “Your Obliterativeness”.
    Certainly a work in progress.

  5. @kfg

    All the better reason to protect what we inherited from our ancestors instead. But that would require “racism”.

  6. “All the better reason to protect what we inherited from our ancestors instead.”

    That’s what Hawaiians have told me.

  7. kfg
    That’s what Hawaiians have told me.

    The Hawaiians failed to create a force of extraordinary magnitude.

  8. I got free time to ride my bike, sit around, go farming, go hunting next weekend.

    And listen to all the bullshit going on in the manosphere.

    This weekend was just a shit show. In the manosphere.

    Last year the manosphere was coordinated. This year? Balkanized.

    It is not a surprise based on my experience with red pill tribal behavior. Things will come and go with red pill tribal behavior and must be cultivated.

    So my latest take on things:

    Content providers will carry on. Rollo, Rich Cooper, Rian Stone, Jon form Modern Life Dating, Shawn T. Smith good stuff.

    I like Donovan Sharpe a lot. But he was caught in a cross current firestorm.

    Fat belly Steve the Dean Williams just rants against men not being men. On his YouTube Red Man Channel. You guys can’t handle being men. Thanks Steve. For the message.

    I’m partial to MRP content providers.

    I listened to a bunch of stuff, hanging out this weekend.

    It was interesting, with/witch The Red Man Group youtube Video went total purple pill, which I don’t mind that much when good content, you know me. That is tricky business, and needs to be tread with a fine line.

    Some of us OMG’s tread that fine line.

    With a look toward MRP red pill, those guys had a guy on that was pretty good: Ken Curry.

    His message, which was:

    1) External Validation v. Internal Validation
    2) Reflected Sense of Self v. Solid Sense of Self
    3) External Locus of Control v. Self-Control
    4) External v. Internal Solutions
    5) External v. Internal Soothers
    6) External v. True Source of Life

    Commonly called attachments, affections or counterfeits, external sources where we think life comes from always end up life-less or empty. We think sex, substances, things, accomplishments, validation or whatever will give us a sense that life is good. “If I only had , then life would be good”, is the equation. But when you get “blank”, it feels good for a moment, but always ends up empty, sometimes with despair. Often it takes too long to identify these external counterfeits, sometimes with dire consequences. As it works out we will use just about anything outside of us to make us feel whole and complete.

    To break the use of attachments and counterfeits, you must first find your true source. The journey toward discovering your true Source of life is an internal spiritual journey and requires a daily practice. This requires an understanding that life is so much bigger than you, but you are part of that which is so much bigger. There is a source of abundance and freedom.

    7) External v. Internal Compass
    8) External v. Internal Drivers
    9) External Point of Reference v. Internal Point of Reference
    10) Comparison, Competitiveness, Conformity v. Freedom from Proving Yourself

    This Ken Curry stuff is straight up David Schnarch counseling for males stuff. And it is good for MRP stuff. Well explained by BluePillProfessor and endorsed by Rian Stone. And interestingly has the same message as Steve Williams, who goes on rants against Rollo, Rich and Rian. Bullshit.

    How the fuck did that happen, among the shit talking?

    The whole debate is a shit show. The two groups are talking past themselves. Anthony Johnson is jaded. He now wants a wife and child and that is an ongoing motivation. Not that there is anything wrong wrong with that.

    ADJ is going into a find the larger audience thing. As a selling thing.There is no fucking reason for the fight with the Rollo Tomassi anti-hate narcissist thing. He’s just not very good at it.

    It’s bullshit. On the anti-Rollo stuff. It won’t even work or go far.

    All this labeling of blue pill vs red pill concepts is guys talking past each other lately to soothe their egos or their banking accounts.

    Is what I’ve noticed. I’ll still like the good content providers. Not those that talk shit against against others without content.

    Truth be told, a guy with agency can recognize good content. And recognize self delusion.

    It’s simple. But not easy.

    Good Night, Harvest Moon.

  9. And none of the fight and balkanization of the manosphere should be construed as everyman not having plenty-of-sex with wives, girlfriends or one night stands or fuck buddies.

    It is not about that only. But it is about that. It’s not an ideology. It is a praxeology on how to get that done. In the most efficient way possible. But also in a healthy way for all.

    The thing is, this MRP thing is actually a thing to benefit all: Yourself, the wife and the kids. It’s what works.

    Do what works best for all. It’s possible and workable.

    If you don’t want kids, there are a myriad of workable ways.

    Without the five stages of grief.

    Good luck/skill/mastery out there…

    Partner up with guys. Without paying a fortune for your lack of ability there….

    And reap benefits.

    And then I’m done with lecturing.

    Except: And choose the environment for you and your girl, and potential children, if so desired, wisely. It makes all the difference…

  10. “ADJ pondering suing Rollo for not liking him…”

    Does he understand that that would be a public affair, that all court documents are public, that his whole little operation would be laid bare?

    He might want to go on YouTube and watch the videos following the Vic Migongna defamation/tortious interference lawsuit. He might particularly note that the tortious interference claim was dismissed.

  11. “I firmly believe Ms. Richardson, in fact, I know in my heart that if you would have made different decisions in this case, Annabelle would be here today,” he said before sentencing . . .”choices before birth, during birth and after show a grotesque disregard for life.””

    The judge isn’t so sure that the jury got this one right.

  12. I think it was Lenin who said, “You can’t have an omelette without freezing a few eggs”.

    Until men organize in a way that is effective and carries out our interests, be prepared to put up with these petty insults and humiliations. And it will probably get worse. The best thing that could happen would be to put together a war chest and fund counter images using a sustained mass media campaign and return it with the spirit whence it came from. It would be very easy to do. Even advertisements run at 3 am on channel z would be quickly sniffed out by the thought police and brought to everybody’s attention. Women are far more sensitive to unflattering images,. Just let them have it and wait to see how long it would be until they sued for peace.

  13. Great video for grandfathers:


    GrandBaby Gamer prefers snuggling with GrandDad more than with GrandMother. Probably has more to do with security than with comfort.

    “It’s about babies all the way down.”

    Once you’re a grandfather, the point drives home even more than when you become a father.

  14. Men are having the new socially acceptable “Super Ego” foisted on them from every angle. When this new status quo finally hits home like a kick in the nuts,if his ego was underdeveloped from the start he is now “zeroed out” and stands at great risk to his “Super Ego” killing what is left of him. This is the jumping off point.

  15. @Wahoo

    The pussies who play politics do so by reassuring the pussies of every culture that the future will be a multicultural one.

    It’s what looks best because nobody wants to nuke anyone. Therefore they go, alright bitches make you’re enclaves, but don’t start evading taxes!! Pink-dicks!!!!

  16. Prof. Worland
    I think it was Lenin who said, “You can’t have an omelette without freezing a few eggs”.

    Was it Nadezhda Lenin who said that?

  17. @AR,Sigmund Freud’s labels for the parts of the psych live on and Rollo Tomassi isn’t dead yet.

    If you haven’t yet read the OP this is an excerpt.

    “I characterize this war as a conversation between a woman’s Id and her Ego.

    The Epiphany Phase forces her sensualism-seeking, ‘hawt’, short-term sexual (breeding) opportunism to come to terms with the necessity of her long-term security needs. Alpha Fucks (her Id) wars with Beta Bucks (her Ego) in her head – and all with the urgency of knowing that her SMV is decaying to the point where she must either take action or convincingly rationalize why she doesn’t need to take action. Her Ego knows her SMV is in decline and long-term security / parenting / family is becoming less and less available to her. But her Id still wants what it wants; ‘hawt’ sex with ‘hawt’ guys. And she’s still ‘hawt’ too – the feminine-primary world says it all the time “Never Settle Gurl!” – she ‘deserves’ only the best.”

    Once again.

    Is it that the woman’s Id wins out over her Ego because her Super Ego was never developed (as in the princess syndrome) or possibly removed by feminine primary social order?

  18. Prof. Woland is a little off,the quote is “you have to break a few eggs to make an omelet.” And the best approach is from the ground up,”don’t wish it was easier,make yourself stronger”.

    When you freeze eggs the shell breaks and they make better over easy than omelet’s as the yolk thaws last.

  19. Freud and Jung were the First Leisure Suit Larry’s.

    All the shit about setting the strong man and the thinking man against one another came from them.

  20. All the “Revenge of the Nerds” transvaluation, Robert Bly, let’s be Indians type hippy bullshit came from them.

  21. “All the shit about setting the strong man and the thinking man against one another came from them.”

    Odysseus was almost excluded from the Trojan expedition because he was a smart man, not a strong man. The strong men didn’t trust him. He beat them out of things by “clever tricks,” rather than by manly combat.

    Usually left out of the telling of the tale these days it’s an important part of the framing of the story as it was Odysseus the trickster who won the war after the strong men had failed for 10 years.

    “All the “Revenge of the Nerds” transvaluation, Robert Bly, let’s be Indians type hippy bullshit came from them.”

    The English were into that before Freud set up his “nervous disorders” practice.

  22. @kfg

    “The English were into that before Freud set up his “nervous disorders” practice.”

    Oh I know! And the faggoty Catholics before him. But Jung was the guy to run into the woods.

  23. Rousseau didn’t read Jung. Jung read Rousseau.

    People started running off into the woods, setting up experimental voluntary labor/free love communes and taking up Transcendentalism before Freud was even born.

    Jung was influenced by it and acted as a force multiplier on it.

  24. @Rugby

    “Thought this was a good read on the 30 and under”

    Thanks man. That was an excellent review of Bronze Age Pervert’s Bronze Age Mindset book by an excellent reviewer/writer from a trad con college who gave it balanced, fair treatment. (Michael Anton from Hillsdale College).

    It was so good it saves me from the time reading another book. Nice.

    It wasn’t so much regarding the 30 and under, who he alleges is glomming onto it because of need. I think the concepts are pretty age independent.

    And it is all about denouncing “equalism”. Which is allegedly not a real word, Hah.

    Good stuff. Great exhortations without philosophy. Action oriented/take back your environment from stasis.

  25. Oh, and I did watch the movie Closer the other day that Rollo and Pat Campbell talked about.

    Great acting, no actually great writing and production. Awful, wicked behavior by the characters. Cute watching with red pill lenses.

    Enough to inspire a million little comments about intersexual behavior. Counterpoise to Blue Valentine.

  26. “Men want a girl who looks like a boy. They want to protect her but she must be a survivor. And she must come…like a train…but with…elegance.”
    ― Patrick Marber, Closer

    “Pleasure and self destruction…The perfect poison.”

    “What’s so great about the truth? Try lying for a change, it’s the currency of the world.”

    “I know who you are. I love you. I love everything about you that hurts.”

  27. Rugby

    The Closer movie is not instructional. It is not aspirational. It is merely Thomas Hardy-like melodrama to watch.

    It’s Machiavellian pathology porn. Fun to watch. Don’t emulate. The principles/characters are all losers. They are derisive to others in their lives. That is no way to live.

    I can understand where you can see what is going on there, because that is how you grew up.

    Move on.

  28. “Too much Stalin, and you have to freeze the eggs.”
    You’re off sammich duty and you’re now chief comedy bish
    No pressure ..

    Under pressure, I always crack but I’ll see what I can hatch up.
    Talk is cheep, as they say….

  29. Why did KJU execute his uncle using an anti-aircraft gun?
    He thought he was a flight risk.

    Why did the redhead cross the road?
    She was soul searching

    ba dum bum
    Thankyou, please remember to tip the wait staff. I’m here every wednesday. You have been warned.

  30. wahoo McDaniels
    @AR,Sigmund Freud’s labels for the parts of the psych live on and Rollo Tomassi isn’t dead yet.

    Eh. Trofim Lysenko’s ideas lived on for too long in the USSR, resulting in agricultural failures into the 1960’s. Longevity of an idea is not proof of validity.

    I don’t agree with Rollo regarding the validity of Freud, but it’s his site and I’m not going to argue with him about it. But I do disagree for two reasons.

    First: It’s lousy at predictions. This should be no surprise given the microscopic patient base Sigmund used to create his delusions fantasies theories. The biggest action item to come out of Freud? Psychoanalysis. A permanent jobs program for certain PhD’s with a really lousy track record of success. The ancient Greco-Roman Stoics had a better success rate.

    Second: There are still a lot of Freud fanbois / cultists around, especially in the Boomer cohort, so using Freudian terminology is fraught with the peril of some “AKshully…” autist showing up and totally derailing any discussion. It’s a real good thing that none of that has happened here too much, although we did have a Carl Jung fanboy a while back…

    If you haven’t yet read the OP this is an excerpt.

    “I characterize this war as a conversation between a woman’s Id and her Ego.

    But we can restate that in Game terms with no loss of information.

    Once again.

    Is it that the woman’s Id wins out over her Ego because her Super Ego was never developed (as in the princess syndrome) or possibly removed by feminine primary social order?

    First, let’s rewrite the problem statement:

    “Is it that a woman’s hindbrain desire for AF wins out over her post-Epiphany hindbrain desire for BB because her limited rational thinking / longer time horizon was never really developed, or even suppressed by the FI?”

    Answer: Yeah, pretty much.

  31. ““ADJ pondering suing Rollo for not liking him…”

    pondering?? lol

    it takes ten minutes to type a complaint…

    he might not have the filing fee though

    if you’re gonna invoke the power of the court, don’t fucking tell the defendants

    just have them served

  32. Anonymous Writer, the main reason to use Freud’s terminology is that those actually concerned are speaking the same language.

    Maybe you can get everybody on board with your new terminology,I highly doubt it. The plus side is you win the pedantic bitch award.

  33. Plus it is completely reusable.
    “ADJ posturing [something something]” can be recycled apparently for years to come.

  34. “Over here you’ve got “pre action protocol”

    Over here we have the same,basically it is a civil case not criminal so the plaintiff files his claim with the court the court gets his money and sets a date for mediation( the two parties meet in the mediation room with a mediator to hash it out pretrial),the defendant is notified-served of the date to appear. If the defendant fails to appear the judgment goes in favor of the plaintiff. If on the other hand after mediation there is no agreement the defendant can file a counterclaim against the plaintiff for a fraction of the original cost and set the court date to take place with an actual Judge.

  35. Two important things here,the counterclaim is filed for a fraction of the original claim,less than 10% because the case is already open on the books.Second the counterclaimant gets to choose the actual date,however inconvenient this may be for the opposition, tough titties bitch.

  36. Was watching the American Greed episode on the College Admissions scandal, was struck with how corrupt UMC/Upper Class is, as well as the whole Ivy League college process also is. Multiple levels of straight up corruption.

    I’m not one to push morality but without any moral fiber as a whole this society/culture is cooked.

  37. @Culum

    had a big long comment all typed up, but didn’t send it bc it didn’t quite address the issue that was pinging me with your overall attitude/comments… it was an elusive little f*ker to recognize…lol… but the penny dropped yesterday, and now i can address it properly…

    basically, (like kfg points out) any collapse is most likely going to be localized… and, hopefully, not drawn out…

    sooo, your basic need for situational awareness (which is always handy…lol) and snap shooting/reaction drills (mostly from concealed carry) as the most important skillzz to have is NOT going to be at the END of the collapse (like you say ‘mad max’…) OR as an alternative to a small collapse… it’s going to be front loaded into the general decline/economic malaise that happens FIRST…

    whatever localized event happens, whether big or smallish, will see an increase in crime first… just like every other collapse in the history of the world…lol… long before you even start to have to think about that long pig recipe…lol… and if it’s like most of history, if you have situ awareness, you probably won’t have to draw a weapon anyway… buut, it’s better to have it and not need it…


    Interesting point though. Hadn’t thought of that.

    there’s a LOT of sht that people don’t think of… most of which will get you kilt…lol… (as kfg points out…)… if sht REALLY breaks down things COULD get to looking like ‘the road’… and not so much mayberry…lol…

    buuut… mostly the expected decline is a ramping down… with many years/decades at each plateau down… which is happening right now in CA with all the homeless/etc… AND portland/seattle/etc… (democrats really know how to generate decline, that’s for sure…lol) and not a complete collapse all at once… bc that’s how it’s happened all those other times… except for when the barbarian hordes were let into the country beforehand… oh wait!!!…lol

    and since the fed seems to be starting to lose whatever control everybody thought it had on the economy, i thought i’d better point out some things for you… (to address that nagging feeling i was having)… bc based on general timelines of things i’ve noticed, my best guess (and that’s all it really is) is some econ ‘event’ inside 3-5 years… with the corresponding global cascade… and that doesn’t count any election sh*t that happens first…

    sooo, now’s the time to get your ducks in a row with whatever portable personal equipment you might want to try to survive with (it definitely does not have to be the latest/greatest)… and practice up…lol… so you don’t ‘not make it through the night’ like that dude with the ‘perfect’ BOB…lol… and when picking your stuff, assume that clean credit cards/SD cards aren’t working or applicable… but you should have that too/first…

    and also, it would be a great idea to get a conceal carry weapon/system and practice up… bc you are more likely to need THAT than a good outdoor sleeping system…lol… which you should ALSO have btw… even if it’s just a poly tarp and a wool blanket…

    pro tip – ‘fire’ is a good first step… learn the fire chain concept (if you don’t already know it) and PRACTICE that sh*t… spark/coal (however you make it… and have a couple different ways too…) to flame… maybe brew up some tea on those day hikes you do for practice too… it might be easy to forget/ignore this, but ‘fire’ really is a survival game changer…

    pro tip – my ‘Three Rock’ ™ wood stove is the lightest one i’ve found yet (don’t use river rocks)…lol… but a good twig stove is fun too… and should be free if you make it from ‘waste stream’ materials…which you SHOULD do anyway just for the practice… and you should also be able to replenish your ‘fire kit’ from free natural materials… (don’t use char cloth… or at least move beyond it if you start there… that didn’t get used in ‘the before times’… it wasn’t available/too expensive…)

    if you don’t know, now’s the time to learn… and practice that sh*t… = skillzzz…lol

    pro tip – you COULD invite that nature-loving hb7 hottie along for some pressure/incentive…lol… ‘pretending’ it’s the Apocalypse(tm) is a fun adventure…lol

    cook up that ‘squirrel’ you bagged with your slingshot… and if she’s a vegan, you can keep her around for ‘later’…lol

    You DO need skills, but also (if there’s a full on Mad Max collapse as opposed to a slower decline) you need to get through the initial chaos, and that’s where going “Full Prepper Mode” and stocking up on canned goods, fuel, and a place out of town protecting by 100K rounds of ammo (or if you have serious cash, going Full Peter Thiel) can help.

    that ‘initial chaos’ might last months or years/decades… and be ‘cycling through’ in the various parts of the country/world… with all that implies for ‘global economy’…

    just like anywhere/everywhere it’s happened before (or is still happening now)… crime goes up first… so, situational awareness and concealed carry and a fast presentation/accurate shooting are an important skillzzz set to have… probably the most important one… IF you are not going to DEPEND on the PO-lice to protect you… and you probably shouldn’t… for various reasons, which are too numerous to mention…lol

    i actually had to look up good ole’ petey boy…lol… he has the same billionaire bias that all those dudes have… that they can control that initial (and follow-on) chaos…lol… or even control/get away from it and the secondary/tertiary effects…

    i was wondering why that new zealand ‘shooting’ op at christchurch happened there instead of somewhere like iowa… and it seems new zealand is a big billionaire prepper destination… for all the globalist elites…lol… so, i have my answer… they thought they could control the ‘deplorables’ in nz and get them to dis-arm…lol… so the elites could be ‘safer’… and with nobody there turning in their guns, the elites just failed at controlling the ‘potential chaos’…lol…

    it was that precursor video to the gun control effort down there that got my attention… yea, i watched it…lol… even though the nz .gov made it against the law…lol… which i wasn’t surprised about either… after i saw the video anyway…lol

    any gun control based on THAT video as the ‘reason’ was only believable by retards… or liberals… but i repeat myself…lol

    that video was worse than a LOT of ‘student videos’ i’ve seen… which were more ‘professional’/higher quality production value than that one was…lol … it was REALLY bad… as in laughable, not ‘horrific’… they even got the color of the pooled blood under the two dudes laying by the front door wrong…lol… i can imagine the set dressers from the ‘sandy hook op’ were tapped for that video…lol… had about the same level of ‘detail misunderstanding’…

    and one of the dudes supposedly ‘shot in the head’ had his hat fly off by the puff of air from the super deadly ‘ar15’…lol… his head didn’t explode though like it would have with a real gun…lol… it actually looked like the ‘bad guy’ was shooting some kind of nerf gun…lol

    that push for gun control down there is a cue that the ‘elite’ are getting nervous about being able to hold the global economy together… AND beto’s premature ejaculation didn’t do anything to make me revise my opinion…lol

    but like all ‘elites’ they don’t really understand reality… most of those ‘bunkers’ that i’ve seen have one big blast door ‘in’… which opens ‘out’… this just indicates the elites’ bias/cluelessness… that in a collapse, everyone is going to be envious and try to get in and take their stuff…lol

    buut, all the local boys are really going to do is take one of the spare .gov road construction bulldozers, that they no longer can run for projects bc of ‘no fuel’, roll it up against the door, park it there and then drain the rest of the fuel for cooking… DONE!…lol… no more elites… let them live out their lives underground… it’s not worth the hassle of trying to dig them out… but locking them in so they can’t try to mess things up later is very valuable…lol… and certainly worth the couple gallons of diesel to do it….

    But the smart move after that (a few weeks to a few months I imagine – max 1 year) would be to switch into “skills mode” and build goodwill by donating what’s left of your stuff to the local community and reap the goodwill before the raiding party from the local community comes to get it anyway..

    besides the most likely scenario of an event resulting in a multi-year long time frame of general decline (like the local plant closing down with no jobs replacing it)… your next problem is…

    which group?… ‘local community’ isn’t just one group…lol…

    AND what is the ‘collapse scenario’?… is it a local direct hit on the global supply chain?… like the local grocery store can’t get food in bc it’s not available… for whatever reason… or is there just some secondary or tertiary effects that make life not so fun anymore?… like food is available in store to buy, but the prices have tripled in the last week bc of hyperinflation kicking off… like you point out with the politicians skill set, different situs require different approaches/skills… and a LOT of the various skills to cope are gone from ‘the west’… and not just for politicians …lol

    gonna have to stay flexible… and have some ‘skillzzz’ to get along… maybe study something like RP/social dynamics/’applied charisma’ or something…lol…

    and your ‘small town’ is probably a good place to be if something happens… bc you are already known/have family there… anybody coming in from ‘outside’ is going to be suspect anyway… no matter how much stuff you donate (and who would you give it to anyway?…lol)… or what your skillzz set is… so, i wouldn’t really count on ‘goodwill’ as a given…

    re somebody taking your stuff but leaving you with your skillzzz… mostly if the situ is bad enough that roving gangs are taking all your stuff and the ‘community’ has to protect you (instead of you protecting yourself), the most likely outcome is that they just kill you anyway… so you can’t come back later to try to get revenge/take your stuff back… and cutting your throat with a knife doesn’t really use any valuable resource either… like a bullet…

    AND, if it’s that bad, they might have a really good recipe for ‘long pig’!…lol

    good luck!

  38. Interesting how you seem to assume that if a woman refuses to take a man´s name, the children will carry hers and not his. This seems so counterintuitive to me. If she wants to keep her name, no harm done (The Spanish do that, for exapmple as a cultural norm), but the kids will have the father´s name.

  39. wahoo McDaniel
    Anonymous Writer, the main reason to use Freud’s terminology is that those actually concerned are speaking the same language.

    Comrade the main reason to use Lysenko’s terminology is so that actual agronomists are speaking the same language…

    Maybe you can get everybody on board with your new terminology,I highly doubt it.

    I see your point. How dare anyone use a term like “Epiphany phase” or “alpha-fucks, beta bucks” or “hindbrain’ here at The Rational Male, where no one’s ever encountered such talk before. Never!

    The plus side is you win the pedantic bitch award.

    Your butthurt is strong. Perhaps AARP offers treatment for it?

    PS: Was the answer to your question satisfactory? On a scale of 1 to 10 how would you rate the service?

  40. Nitpic
    Interesting how you seem to assume that if a woman refuses to take a man´s name, the children will carry hers and not his. This seems so counterintuitive to me.

    Lots of things are counter intuitive. Yet they are still real.

    If she wants to keep her name, no harm done (The Spanish do that, for exapmple as a cultural norm), but the kids will have the father´s name.

    If she wants to retain her father’s name there’s a lot of mental baggage behind that decision; Rollo already spelled that out.

    This site is generally US-centric with a lot of Anglosphere thrown in; it’s not Spain, therefore Spanish cultural norms are not relevant. You also botched the Spanish cultural norm regarding maternal and paternal names.

  41. “Starting a fire in the middle of the woods ( or downtown ) when it’s 15 degrees is a DHV for reelz.”

    …and you get fifteen extra points and a chance at the boner round if you use two boy scouts to do it.

  42. Women from hispanic (Spain and South America) countries take their husband’s last name as a second last name, but instead of simply hyphenating the thing, they use the genitive particle “de”, which, being genitive, indicate posession; sons, on the other hand, use their father last name as their first last name, and their mother last name as a second last name. Everything ends up looking like this.

    Father: Juan Antonio Rodríguez Márquez.
    Mother: María José Pérez de Rodríguez.
    Son: Antonio José Rodríguez Pérez.

    This has been pretty much a standard practice for hundreds of years.

  43. “Today though, women wait too long. They believe the lies of their own Blue Pill, that their SMV is never depleted.”

    Only in western women. Orientals remain all too aware of declining value. In their 20’s they do spend time fooling around, more likely with businesses than with Alpha boyfriends, but when they hit their 30’s they know the game is up – reinforced by constant nagging from parents.

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