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I realize I dropped this quote last week, but it provides us with a unique illustration of the prevailing feminine psychology that’s been evolving since the sexual revolution.

“When looking for a life partner, my advice to women is date all of them: the bad boys, the cool boys, the commitment-phobic boys, the crazy boys. But do not marry them. The things that make the bad boys sexy do not make them good husbands. When it comes time to settle down, find someone who wants an equal partner. Someone who thinks women should be smart, opinionated and ambitious. Someone who values fairness and expects or, even better, wants to do his share in the home. These men exist and, trust me, over time, nothing is sexier.”

― Sheryl Sandberg, Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead

In last week’s post I made note that Sheryl Sandberg was blissfully ignorant of her blatant admission of feminine hypergamy, but I felt her ‘advice’ to women here represented so much more than just a display of her solipsistic ignorance.

For as long as I’ve butted heads with many obstinate deniers of hypergamy’s influences, on women personally and society on whole, I’m not sure I’ve read a more damning indictment of hypergamy from a more influential woman. Sandberg’s advice to the next generation of women essentially puts the lie to, and exposes the uncomfortable truth about, women’s efforts deny the fundamental dynamic of female sexual strategy – Alpha Fucks / Beta Bucks.

Even if you want to argue the evolutionary (psychology) and biological origins of women’s pluralistic sexual strategy, the fact is now socially evident; women have come to a point where they’re comfortable in openly admitting the truth that Red Pill awareness has been drawing attention to for over a decade now.

Courtesy of Sheryl Sandberg, the Alpha Fucks / Beta Bucks basis of women’s sexual pluralism is now publicly recognized. It’s kind of ironic considering that what the manosphere has been trying to make men aware of for years is now being co-opted, embraced and owned as if women had always practiced an open sexual pluralism – incredulous to any man’s shock over it.

However, the truth is that a feminine-centric social order can no longer hide the increasingly obvious fallout and consequences of a society restructured to accommodate women as the predominant sexual interest.

Last week I speculated that Sandberg was ignorant of the feminine-primary implications that her statements draw attention to – and I’m still of the opinion that an innate feminine solipsism motivates more and more women to this admission – but it’s impossible to ignore the new degree of comfort in which women feel in laying bare their dualistic sexual strategy.

To some significant extent the Feminine Imperative no longer needs to keep the ‘Good Genes’ / ‘Good Dad’ dichotomy ugliness a secret from men.

In last week’s post I mentioned that a new ambient sense of an assured long-term security in the feminine mind was predisposing women to prioritize the ‘Best Genes’ (Alpha Fucks) side of feminine hypergamy. Sandberg’s ‘advice’ is a vital confirmation of this, however, she tacitly acknowledges a window of  opportunity during which women possess a better capacity to pursue this side of hypergamy:

The things that make the bad boys sexy do not make them good husbands. When it comes time to settle down, find someone who wants an equal partner.

In these two sentences Sheryl (and by extensions the Feminine Imperative) essentially confirms women’s pluralistic sexual strategy, my (now infamous) sexual market value graph depicting women’s peak SMV and decay, and the first half of the time line of women’s phases of maturity I laid forth in the first two installments of the Preventative Medicine series.

Selling the Beta

With regards to men, I believe the most salient part of Sandberg’s admission is found at the end:

These men exist and, trust me, over time, nothing is sexier.

For the better half of the time since the sexual revolution it was necessary for the Feminine Imperative to convince a majority of men that their eventual Beta providership for women was not only their duty, but also a prime aspect of feminine attraction. As I mentioned last week, under the (pre-sexual revolution) old-order attraction model this may have been the case to a large degree. However after the revolution, and as women’s hypergamy prioritized towards ‘Good Genes’ short-term sexual partners, the ‘Good Dad’ (Beta Bucks) men needed an ever increasing ‘sell’ of their own attractiveness by women.

This persistent sell was a necessary element of ensuring a future long-term security for women while pursuing increasingly more short-term breeding opportunities as feminine-primacy expanded into society. The future ‘Good Dads’ would need to be patiently waiting out women’s “indiscretion years” during their SMV peak, so the sell became an ever-evolving definition of what women found attractive in men based on that old-order model of dependability, patience, industriousness, and every other characteristic that defined a good provider.

Quoted from Why Muscularity is Sexy:

According to strategic pluralism theory (Gangestad & Simpson, 2000), men have evolved to pursue reproductive strategies that are contingent on their value on the mating market. More attractive men accrue reproductive benefits from spending more time seeking multiple mating partners and relatively less time investing in offspring. In contrast, the reproductive effort of less attractive men, who do not have the same mating opportunities, is better allocated to investing heavily in their mates and offspring and spending relatively less time seeking additional mates.

From a woman’s perspective, the ideal is to attract a partner who confers both long-term investment benefits and genetic benefits. Not all women, however, will be able to attract long-term investing mates who also display heritable fitness cues. Consequently, women face trade-offs in choosing mates because they may be forced to choose between males displaying fitness indicators or those who will assist in offspring care and be good long-term mates (Gangestad & Simpson, 2000). The most straightforward prediction that follows is that women seeking short-term mates, when the man’s only contribution to offspring is genetic, should prefer muscularity more than women seeking long-term mates.

Strategic pluralism theory is a pretty good definition of feminine hypergamy, but what this theory hadn’t yet accounted for (at the time it was published) was the necessitousness of women with regards to short-term mating strategies and long-term parental investment opportunities over the course of the various phases of maturity as they aged.

The Beta investment sell was necessary because it ensured male parental investment at a later (usually just-pre-Wall) time in a woman’s life. Thus, Sandberg’s praise of men “who think women should be smart, opinionated and ambitious. [Men] who value fairness and expect or, even better, want to do his share in the home” will eventually be sexier than the Alpha “bad boys, the cool boys, the commitment-phobic boys, the crazy boys” she encourages women to fuck earlier in life is an excellent example of this sell.

Ironically it’s exactly with this sell that women encourage the very transactional nature of sexual relations with men they’re screeching about recently. It’s the Choreplay fallacy on a meta scale – do more around the house, play into the equalitarian schema women think they need in a provider, support her ambitiousness and opinionatedness and you’ll be considered “sexier” and get her Best Sex she’s been saving just for a guy like this.

Building the Beta

The problem the Feminine Imperative runs into with selling the Beta is that as women’s “independence” expands this sell becomes less necessary and less effective. Less necessary because women’s personal, social and legal long-term security insurances have become almost entirely disconnected from men’s direct (not indirect) provisioning. Less effective because men have become increasingly aware of their disenfranchisement of the old-order provisioning model as being something they might equitably be rewarded for.

As the consequences and repercussions of women’s hypergamous priority shift to Alpha Fucks become more evident and real for men; and as their capacity and comfort with connecting and relating these experiences with other men becomes more widespread, the less effective the sell is for Beta men awaiting their turn to enter into a pre or post Wall monogamy with the women attempting the sell.

Throughout the 70’s, 80’s and most of the 90’s, the sell was effective because men were isolated socially and technologically from each other’s relative experiences. From the late 90’s onward that isolation has diminished while the societal results of feminine-primacy have become more glaringly, and painfully, evident to men.

In its ever-reinventive fluidity, the Feminine Imperative found it necessary to transition from selling men on being later and later life long-term providers for women into building a generation of men who would expect of themselves to fulfill that role when the time came. These men would be raised and conditioned to be the patient Beta providers women would need once they had followed the Sandberg model of hypergamy.

These would be the boys / men who would be taught to “naturally” defer to the authority of women under the auspices of a desire to be an equal partner.

These are the men raised privately and created socially to be ready for women, “when it comes time to settle down, and find someone who wants an equal partner.”

These would be the men ready to expect and accept a woman’s proactive cuckoldry of him in the name of being a pro-feminine equal.

These are the men raised to accept an open form of hypergamy in place of the selling to an old-order Beta provisioning model.

The Hypergamy Schism

The problem this creates for women becomes one of dealing with the men they need to sell a secretive hypergamy to and the men they build to accept an open form of hypergamy to. The increasing comfort with an open admission of hypergamy is relative to a woman’s capacity to get away with it.

A woman like Sheryl Sandberg has the means to decisively ensure her future independence and long-term security (at least in the financial sense) whether she’s married or not. She could very well return to the Bad Boys she found so arousing and advises women ‘date’ and never rely on a man’s direct provisioning. As such she’s very comfortable in publicly revealing the ins and outs of post-sexual revolution hypergamy without so much as an afterthought.

While she publicly affirms the build model of Beta provisioning (under the guise of equalism) and expects “those guys will be awaiting you” this doesn’t hold true for a majority of women. Women with affluence enough, or a physical attractiveness sufficient to virtually ensure their future provisioning are much more comfortable with the build a better Beta model than women who find themselves more lacking in this assurance.

The more necessitous a woman finds herself in the sexual marketplace, the more likely she is to deny the mechanics of her own hypergamy.

A woman less confident in consolidating on her future long-term security (and / or cooperative parental investment) has a much more personal investment in keeping the truths of hypergamy a secret from men. As such, these women will be more predisposed to misdirecting the men becoming more aware of this truth and relying more on the selling model of Beta provisioning.

Needless to say this split between women comfortable in open hypergamy and women reliant upon secretive hypergamy is a point of conflict between the have’s and have not women in the sexual marketplace. The more men become aware of women’s hypergamy and strategic sexual pluralism, through women’s open embrace of it or the manosphere, the more pressure the ‘have not’ women will feel to also embrace that openness.

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  • alcockell

    Looks like MGTOW is the only option.

  • Jeremy

    The problem this creates for women becomes one of dealing with the men they need to sell a secretive hypergamy to and the men they build to accept an open form of hypergamy to. The increasing comfort with an open admission of hypergamy is relative to a woman’s capacity to get away with it….

    …Needless to say this split between women comfortable in open hypergamy and women reliant upon secretive hypergamy is a point of conflict between the have’s and have not women in the sexual marketplace. The more men become aware of women’s hypergamy and strategic sexual pluralism, through women’s open embrace of it or the manosphere, the more pressure the ‘have not’ women will feel to also embrace that openness.

    That is an interesting line of thought. At what point does the herd break out into infighting, and what will that look like?

  • caprizchka

    Does Alpha Fucks/Beta Bucks have a masculine corollary? I believe so, it’s known as Madonna/Whore albeit, that’s not parallel construction. Parallel construction would be Whore/Madonna. For what it’s worth, not all women–or men–actually obey the prevailing *sequence* of archetypes and there are indeed individuals who successfully embody *both* strategies and even with the same person sometimes or in consensual poly-amory. Whereas having an unresolved Oedipus or Electra complex sort of dooms one to mismatched archetypes in my view. Meanwhile, clearly privilege changes everything. A female with less privilege than Sandberg would be ill-advised to follow her relationship advice which could well be deliberately smug as a way of alerting her competition that her mate is not actually worth “stealing”. He sounds boring no matter how hard Sandberg tries to pump him.

    “These men exist and, trust me, over time, nothing is sexier.”

    Whenever someone says, “trust me,” consider that she may be trying to convince herself or you of her trustworthiness, but I’m not buying it.

  • Emma the Emo

    “Courtesy of Sheryl Sandberg, the Alpha Fucks / Beta Bucks basis of women’s sexual pluralism is now publicly recognized. It’s kind of ironic considering that what the manosphere has been trying to make men aware of for years is now being co-opted, embraced and owned as if women had always practiced an open sexual pluralism – incredulous to any man’s shock over it.”

    That’s funny, I noticed it too. Once upon a time, I remember that they would argue against the idea that women might want to fuck alphas or badboys or whatever, but then, to my surprise, they started admitting it and reacting with anger if someone said something unfavorable about the practice. I remember a whole chapter of “Yes means yes” (book by Jessica Valenti & co) was dedicated to it, trying to explain why nice guys finish last, and what can be done to change it.

  • Flip

    I think in most cases, the woman ends up having children who are the beta husband’s rather than the alpha bad boys’ she dated, so it is not really a case of getting alpha genes and beta provisioning. Of course there are single mothers who had already had the bad boys’ children and get a hard up beta to be the step-father, but that’s not usually the case. I personally am quite grateful for reliable DNA testing so I can’t be fooled (and will check if I ever have children).

  • boxsterpaul

    “As the consequences and repercussions of women’s hypergamous priority shift to Alpha Fucks become more evident and real for men;.”

    As the RedPill takes its toll on my psyche, I have noticed more and more, how much masculinity in the physical is being on display, in the media, the social media. et al. Its not about having a job, but a bod. As it becomes more an AlphaFucks world, the male masculine physical displays will be more pronounced.

    For instance this new term “spornosexual” is rising, and it is masculinity in the visual sense, it is, I feel in direct relation to women being removed from the “provisioning” model as you point out. Appealing to the “new” female, that Sheryl is talking too.

  • Johnycomelately

    Intra sexual competition signalling, I fucked the bad boys and got the money so there! Her age is a factor here.

    I’ve wondered about the nature of inter generational intra sexual competition (everyone knows stories of mothers being jealous of daughters) and how it plays out.

  • jf12

    When does Sheryl predict that David’s *eventual* sexiness will be realized by her?

  • New Yorker

    If this book does not make her husband find his masculinity……then he deserves every emasculating death stare that he gets.

  • Zeroday

    Gold my man. I want to recommend your fine writing and books to all my friends. I’m just terrified that their brains will melt.

  • scratche2013

    Is it finally time to realize my potential to attract more/better women by waxing my body hair, getting a spray tan, and getting some ink? Damn… never thought I would actually be considering this but the results these kind of guys get speaks volumes.

  • shunt

    A beautifully written breakdown. Kudos.

  • thegreatshebang

    “When it comes time to settle down, find someone … ” – Sandberg

    Also assumes that there will BE someone, i.e. a Beta, to settle down with. The FI assumes the sale.

  • scratche2013


    There always is. There will always be guys out there that are just lonely and want to opt out of the game, just about every woman can find some guy(so long as they are not too picky).

  • TC

    Sheryl is worth a lot of money due to Facebook. If she ever gets divorced in California she might have to fork over half of her net worth to her beta hubby. And she, like other career women at the top, employ nannies to take care of the household.

  • melmoth

    Your understanding and ability to elucidate all of this is remarkable, as always. I can only add that there are other players in the schema;

    1. The legions of fat women about 120 million strong (never given their full credit for how much influence they have on this whole dynamic) They have allowed women who MERELY MAINTAIN THEIR PHYSICAL HEALTH the leverage to build their own fantasy mating playground equipped with tattoed fantasy figures with media contrived sex appeal then transitioning nicely to millionaires and huge castles in the suburbs—all while not even cracking the top 70% internationally for female attractiveness. I’ll take an 18 year old Indonesian girl who can wear a bikini over Sandberg ANY DAY.

    2. The wretched males who never second guessed this whole ripoff, finding themselves now in their second decade of a sexless marriage to a 180 pounder (if they’re lucky). They’re angry and unhappy of course. Both of those emotions are such a given and such an obligation for the American male that if you manage to avoid them you will be hated for it. “Man Up” is led as much by men as by women. “Be as miserable as me” should be their chant in reality. The autopilot accusations of homosexuality are another way that miserable, de-dicked married men try to relieve some of their angst against the single, overseas types who simply wanted to remain alive.

    Both those groups are very effective scaffolding for the F.I.

    My only qualm is the insinuation that the ‘bad boy’ is actually genetically superior. That’s a fraud in most cases. A skinny, tattoed idiot with a 95 IQ is seen by our culture as ‘genetically superior’ to a modest, quiet dentist who can deadlift 400 pounds and played college baseball but remains tat-free. So it’s not a genetic reality that American women are pursuing but a socially conditioned self-destruct mechanism as often as not. Women reward disappointing men so that men will seek to disappoint. Being men they will pull it off–then women will get to complain forever and ever, which is all feminism really is.

  • chris

    Why not just call ‘hypergamy’ what the evo-bio/psych guys call it; ‘dual-mating strategy’. Doing so would lend a lot more scientific credence to it and make it easier to propagate to the public.

  • scratche2013


    I do sometimes stop and think “damn this chick is 20lbs overweight but she is still an 8 in this environment”. To be honest I have gotten so used to it I am not very picky. It isn’t so much the slightly overweight chicks that screw things up, but the obese ones really mess everything up (same for the obese men). Most people aren’t going to look awesome and have abs but a decent level of fitness is possible (see: the rest of the world). How many times do you see a woman with a beautiful face but she is just too damn fat to consider having sex with? I see these women every day, all the time. If these women just got into decent shape the market would balance itself out instead of being heavily in favor of females.

    As for the quiet dentist example; women detest quiet men, I wish I knew why. They will always go for boisterous men, even if they are much less physically attractive. Maybe Rollo could explain the evolutionary reasoning for this.

  • chris

    I think in most cases, the woman ends up having children who are the beta husband’s rather than the alpha bad boys’ she dated, so it is not really a case of getting alpha genes and beta provisioning. Of course there are single mothers who had already had the bad boys’ children and get a hard up beta to be the step-father, but that’s not usually the case. I personally am quite grateful for reliable DNA testing so I can’t be fooled (and will check if I ever have children).

    True, but people’s emotional reactions are based on the satisfying of proximate drives, not ultimate ones.

    Just think, if this wasn’t the case then everyone would be swingers (due to contraception), women wouldn’t consider rape to be that bad (due to contraception), and men would be ok with being cuckolds (due to contraception).

  • Badpainter

    scratche2013 – “As for the quiet dentist example; women detest quiet men, I wish I knew why. They will always go for boisterous men, even if they are much less physically attractive.”

    I chalk that up to an S/MMP that allows women to be lazy. All people seek the easy solutions, the lazy solutions if they exist. In this case the market incentives make quiet men more work in relation to their value. A gregarious lower value man is less work and therefore a near perfect, good enough substitute for the higher value quiet man. It’s really a decision to choose quantity over quality.

  • water cannon boy

    I get the feeling that selling the beta will escalate. No matter how independent a woman is, she’ll always seek to use less of her resources, the “what’s mine is mine and what’s his is mine”. And anything other than financial, she’ll seek to get somebody that has more than her. Back to the kind of guy she “deserves”.
    And Jeremy raised the question that I was thinking about. The infighting. It will start when the have-nots start to feel like they have to escalate the selling of the beta, while listening to people like Sheryl Sandberg keep telling them that they’ll be there, just be patient.
    Everything you’ve written about is interconnected. But this is one of the reason why “The Man In The Garage” is one of my favorite posts. Both in literal and metaphorical contexts. When those men start being told that they’ve “become sexy” after all this time, be aware that that’s part of the plan. You’ll help each other(her) create the kind of life you two(her) want. And then you get that house that you felt you fulfilled your duties so well for, and you’ll wonder what happened when she absorbs it all but one room if you’re lucky.

  • Softek

    The pressure’s on. The more men are becoming aware of female hypergamy — and the pervasive feminized conditioning that caters to female hypergamy — the more power we have to start shifting the power balance by prioritizing our own sexual imperative to the same degree that women have been prioritizing their sexual imperative.

    *True* equality (in the modern fem-centric era) would mean men pursuing their sexual imperative as recklessly and selfishly as women pursuing theirs without any fear of condemnation or judgment.

    Really, it’s so simple. It’s just realizing that feminism is based on double standards, and those double standards have made their way into the “moral code” of intergender dynamics in the modern era.

    MGTOW is not the only answer. But it’s a tempting one. I can only speak for myself, but the MGTOW temptation for me is rooted in my inability to handle the pain of perceived abandonment, rejection, and loneliness — the inability to see female hypergamy for what it is while maintaining my peace of mind and emotional stability.

    It really fucking hurts to unplug, just as much as it hurts that first time you found out some girl you were heads over heels in love with was fucking and giving all her affection and attention to some guy that wasn’t you. And the whole time you’re tormenting yourself with the question, “What does she see in him? Why doesn’t she want to be with me?”

    Even after all the reading I’ve done here, I’ve been having a very hard time eating lately because my appetite is so poor. I can’t understand why this girl I’ve been friends with for so many years and always have had so much fun with, and who’s always flirted with me on and off, and who I have so much in common with, and can relate to so much…doesn’t seem to want to be with me, or is sexually attracted to me.

    The Red Pill isn’t hard to swallow. What’s hard to swallow is our individual pain that we haven’t dealt with that the Red Pill stirs up. I rationally know that if it isn’t her, it would be another girl — as it has been with so many girls before her. The pain just feels so real and it seems like it’s all about her. The Red Pill is really about understanding that the pain of our lack of success with women, whether it’s just with sex, or in our failure to obtain or maintain that relationship we idealize and crave so much…

    …is really our pain. And if we really want to be successful, we have to take ownership of it. “Manning up” is really about taking ownership of our feelings, and to do that for OURSELVES, not to cater to the feminine imperative. It isn’t about expressing our pain, or communicating it (especially not to women). It’s about seeing it for what it is and making peace with it so we can have better, happier futures for *ourselves*. Respect our desires more, learn how to be nice to ourselves, and learn how to prioritize what we want instead of living our whole lives in pointless self-sacrifice.

    Feminists always ignore the genuine suffering of “Nice Guys.” i.e. guys that have swallowed fem-centric thinking hook, line and sinker, and are guilty of nothing but believing in a delusion constructed by feminism that tells them “the best way to have success with women,” that only results in men’s loss of fulfilling even one iota of their sexual imperative while women are satiating theirs day in and day out until they’ve had their fill and are willing to throw the poor bastards some table scraps, and then tell them they should be grateful for them.

    Being nice to yourself and loving yourself is the most important thing you can do. Deep down, what has fem-centric conditioning done to me? It’s led me to believe that there’s something wrong with *ME.* That for some reason I’m not worthy of female attention, I’m not worthy of sex, I’m inferior, not good enough, not enough of a man —

    — because I’ve been playing by the Old Set of Books my whole life. And when you do everything you’re “supposed” to do, according to fem-centric conditioning, to get the sex and love and attention you want, and you end up NEVER getting it…what explanation is left?

    That YOU must be hideously repulsive, even if you have really good looks. There is something about you that’s just wrong, on a deep and personal level, because you’re doing everything you *should* be doing and it isn’t working.

    Reading about Game, even without applying it, is slowly breaking up these condemnations of myself. I shouldn’t take all those rejections personally. I didn’t have the skills, didn’t know what I was doing — and I still don’t. I’m better than I was, but I haven’t had the practice or the experience.

    It doesn’t mean that I’m flawed on a deep, personal level. It just means that I’ve been practicing the wrong skill set. Just like being depressed and anxious all the time is practicing the wrong skill set — I’m very good at feeling bad, at focusing on thoughts and feelings that make me miserable.

    I don’t want to go MGTOW because I believe that for me, going MGTOW would be becoming an “escape-o-holic.” I really want to have sex, I want to have good experiences with women…the only thing holding me back is my pain; my negative beliefs about myself that the Red Pill is stirring up. The Red Pill didn’t plant these feelings inside of me; it merely stirred up what I was already holding within myself.

    The hard truth is to face that *real* healing for me, as I see it, would be being able to have sex, being able to get into a relationship, or whatever, and not have my experiences with women be the center of my self-esteem or life in general.

    If I don’t admit that that’s a struggle for me, I fall into the “Sour Grapes” thinking pattern. Deep down I really do want to have sex and I want to have good experiences with women. Recognizing hypergamy for what it is is no excuse for rejecting those base urges. And for me, anyway, rejecting those urges is more a form of self-denial and self-destruction than anything else.

    It’s a very rude awakening, but it’s for the best. I remind myself every day that all the horrible pain I’m in as I face all of this crud inside of my mind is actually a blessing — it’s an opportunity to make peace with myself and to start having a better life.

    If I get myself together I might actually be able to start implementing some Game, and have good experiences with women on a regular basis. That’s what I would like to do.

    But first order of business is making peace with the hurt and pain. I wish the universe would just give me a good girl I’m attracted to and let me be in a relationship with her and then everything would be okay for the rest of my life. That’s what we all want.

    Don’t think it’s pathetic. Just face it for what it is and feel how it stings like a bitch, and then know that that sting is what you have to make peace with.

    For all the talk about ‘sensitivity’ and ’emotions’ feminism rants and raves about, there’s no recognition for the intense and personal emotional struggles that men in the manosphere go through. We’re written off as misogynists, but anyone would be bitter if they’ve suffered in silence their whole lives without having any way out, and without having any idea why they were in so much pain.

    I don’t make any appeals to feminists about that, though, because we all know how that goes. Just keep working on yourself and remember, it’s all about inner peace.

    Good post by the way, I was reading the Rational Male book this morning too while I was feeling like I was going to throw up because of the situation I’m in with this girl, and….as I kept reading, the nauseous feelings started going away.

  • thegreatshebang

    @ scratche2013
    @ badpainter

    It’s often simpler than that.

    Most people, men and women, are raised in homes with emotional problems. Spanking, yelling, irrational punishments, addictions. Almost all women I’ve met had these, even UMC.
    They are attracted to each other of low emotional skills.

    Plus, the “bad boy” is available to hang out by the pool at 3 pm mid-week.

  • Softek

    When you’re young and you say you believe it
    Then you’re never gonna change
    You can read about it all in imaginary stories
    But you’ll never get the glory, ’cause in life it ain’t the same
    You give a bit, and you give a bit
    And it’s all you’ll ever do
    But you still keep believing in your love shit
    ‘Cause you’re hoping one day it’ll happen to you

    ^^^ Ain’t that the truth. They don’t say “It stings like a bitch” for nothing!

  • Pellaeon

    Im mainly speculating, but I don’t think “boisterous” is synonymous with “alpha”. I can easily picture the dentist getting a girl wet with a smouldering stare, walking right into her personal space, whispering something cocky in her ear, and walking off with a sly wink and grin while the chick chases after him.

    I think the real dichotomy is between deference and self-prioritization – an alpha gets what he wants and doesn’t wait for others to give it to him.

    Its not the only option, but its certainly one of the most appealing.

    In any case, judging from your picture , you’d do well to focus on the losing weight and gaining muscle aspect. Regardless of whether you get women as a result (you WILL get more attention, even if only in the form of stolen glances on the street), you will feel more confident in yourself. I say this as someone who only just dropped from “obese” to “overweight” last summer. Im working on getting to healthy weight right now myself.

  • thegreatshebang

    @ softek re: your long post.

    You’re hurting. And I simpathize. I really do.

    But you don’t need game. Proper therapy and journaling. To stop the self-attacks.

    The self-attacks are likely a habit to stop you from being assertive because in the past, as a child, you were attacked for it.

    Whether you ever get laid again, stop the self attacks, replace them with virtue.

    Also, I don’t see that you’ve internalized anything. Once you internalize, you realize that women are boring and don’t care for you as a person. Dates with 9’s lately have been really mind-numbingly boring. The sex urge vanishes.

  • Different T

    A woman like Sheryl Sandberg has the means to decisively ensure her future independence and long-term security (at least in the financial sense) whether she’s married or not. She could very well return to the Bad Boys she found so arousing and advises women ‘date’ and never rely on a man’s direct provisioning. As such she’s very comfortable in publicly revealing the ins and outs of post-sexual revolution hypergamy without so much as an afterthought.

    O rly?!?

  • jf12

    @scratche2013 “They will always go for boisterous men”

    No, only a particular *kind* of boisterous. The Steve Urkel kind, for example, does not work.

  • Glenn

    Brilliant, simply brilliant – bravo, Rollo this is eaily one of your best pieces together in terms of how you tie so many of the ideas you present here to a real world example. The really interesting bit to me is the con job of it all that women are presenting. They want betas so they can dominate them – Sheryl is a prototypical alpha-bitch. She might get wet for a real man, but is constitutionally incapable of submitting to a man’s frame.

    The most galling part of all this femcentric view of the world is that men’s needs and desires and strategies are not even discussed or considered. I wonder, why doesn’t anyone ask Sandberg about all those “good guys” she’s telling to wait around for her after her SMV declines whether that’s what they want? Do they want to be rejected for 20 years and then begrudgingly be married by a bossy alpha bitch who “doesn’t NEED a man”? She also makes very cagey statements about the sex. It will be good as some distant point in the future, kind of like when the beta earns it, lol.

    Sangberg needs to hear from say the many male programmers in her organizations who are nerds, and socially awkward and introverted how that deal sounds to them? Be treated like you are invisible or worse from age 20 to 35 and then maybe get someone who is “settling” for you. Sigh. Again, fantastic work Rollo.

  • SGT Ted

    To women like Sandberg, men are just wallet-penises in waiting, who are to be perpetually on standby to serve women’s wants and needs and who own wants and needs aren’t to be considered at all outside of their utility to women.

  • Wilson

    Beta bucks is being collectivized, women are going to vote themselves cradle-to-grave provisioning. The major theme of national elections going forward will be “reducing inequality” and “improving children’s lives” by granting female voters and particularly single mothers additional entitlements.

  • HawkandRock

    “To women like Sandberg, men are just wallet-penises in waiting, who are to be perpetually on standby to serve women’s wants and needs and who own wants and needs aren’t to be considered at all outside of their utility to women.”

    It’s like that to women like Sandberg because that IS the reality. They re not deluded. They are merely conforming their behavior to reality.

    Pretty much ALL of these women will eventually be able to get married because no matter how much the betas complain about the manifest unfairness of it all, they will nevertheless line up to ‘put a ring on’ the post wall carousel riders. Yes, line up. Most men will swallow any amount of crap to secure some vagina. Yes, most.

    You can try to deny it but you will just end up looking silly. You can suggest that it is changing but it’s not.

    Play shitty games according to shitty rules and win shitty prizes. Yaaay!

    Make your own rules or don’t play. It’s the only way to win (and even that victory will be fleeting).

  • Tam the Bam

    Ha ha haaa. The men Sandbox thinks she “deserves” wouldn’t touch the old crone with a ten-foot silver-plated swizzle-stick.
    Besides, their families probably wouldn’t let them, cut them off without a penny. Sons and heirs, that’s what those outfits require. And “smart” in wives is bad, for that class. Means they can plot to disinherit, Roman empress style.

    Reminds me, must ditch this email. Gone to shit since Mayer was perched on top like the sugar-plum fairy, after many years of use and no issues. Increasingly unuseable, and now ineradicable Inbox-spam too.

    FaceBug went a couple months back due to similar crapness, painfully erased it in a seek&destroy way. Only used it to keep up with my kid bro, over your side, as he can’t get the hang of letters or phones. He’s gonna hafta.

  • Tam the Bam

    “expects or, even better, wants to do his share in the home.”
    Dafuq, Shezza? What didya think they were doing all this time you ladies were treatin’ ’em mean to keep ’em keen?
    Sitting in a piss-stained Burzum teeshirt on a Cheetos-encrusted Lay-Z-Boy, in the legendary basement? In jail?

    What, maybes they were in the military? Newsflash. Those guys do 2x the cleanup & “housework” that wives ever do. At the double, or else. Or they have servants. Like you.

    OK you meant the “right” sort of light-on-his-feet never-wed SWPL bachelor? Oooh no, I think his boyfriend might have something to say about that.

    Oh I see. You mean “Big” himself. But, but, Shez luv, he’s always had maids and drivers. Fat chance he’s going to haul on the Marigolds and start guddling around in the sink, hasn’t a clue and probably doesn’t realize the house has one.
    He’ll just go on having servants, FEMALE servants to do all that drudgery, including diapers, if Science can contrive to bless the aged peers you are appealing to with descendants.

    Ask Maria or The Governator how that one works out.

    What you really mean is “will do as much of my share as I can badger him into doing, as well as all the rest of it”.
    Now get out there and mow that grass, woman. And the rear shockers need looking at, while you’re out there in the garage. And where are my new bathroom cabinets?

  • zodak

    sometimes i am shocked when girls admit it. 1 girl was describing to me another who was going around kissing everyone at some party & then went home with some random alpha. the 1st girl told me “but that’s what your 20s are for right?” um not really but that’s what all these girls believe.

  • MikePhil

    Outstanding post here; if I could type this note while standing and applauding, I would….

    So, what man would hate themselves enough to settle for what Sherly Sandberg is proposing? At its core, it shows an appalling disrespect for men, their lives and goals. The fact that you are a free agent, with hopes, dreams and desires is never even taken in consideration. Pre-wall, you wouldn’t even be considered by a woman like that for a fraction of a second, but come the day that the first Botox appointment is scheduled, suddenly her 267th choice for a partner is moved up the line. You’ve just been reduced to a pack mule with a bank account, and not their first pick of a pack mule either.

    it also illustrates how successful this sort of conditioning really is, and how building a generation of Betas is ultimately a better winning strategy than trying to sell an generation of men on becoming late-life providers; men, I might add, who (thankfully) have the internet, can compare experiences, and have decided that their personal time, investments and growth are a much better reward than being yoked….

    I find Sheryl’s comment interesting, because she’d indirectly confirming what we all know; when the women she’s advising are ready to settle down, it won’t be with the bad boy, because he had the good sense to hit it, quit it and get the hell outta there. No provisioning duties for him. While we all joke about sloppy seconds and “sleeping in the wet spot”, this is EXACTLY what the dominant man avoids, and the submissive man accepts as his due, and considers himself lucky to get.

    Thanks to Rollo for this great piece and in dissecting Sandberg’s comment so we can see what really lays at the heart of it. Knowledge can be a dangerous thing, and the best part is that you can’t unlearn it; you can only go forward with the clarity that new information gives you. Hopefully, the more you walk your own path, the clearer it becomes.

  • John

    From an alpha’s point of view, why would you not like hypergamy, why would you not like feminism that allows them to act it out? This is the question that I have always asked. If you are part of the 20% receiving 80% of sexual attention (i don’t care about the exact numbers, just that the phenomenon exists) then wouldn’t you do all in your power to MAKE SURE that these systems that benefitted you NEVER went away?

  • titanic

    As the super alpha (I’m talking top 0.05%) sees his civilization deteriorating, he starts to have an incentive to reign in hypergamy. These are forces that take years and decades to play out however.

  • Rollo Tomassi

    @John, feminine hypergamy is never going away. It is literally written into women’s genetic ‘firmware’.

    My intent is never to make it go away, but rather caveat emptor – buyer beware.

  • jf12

    It’s interesting that Sandberg apparently believes she is selling the Beta to *women*. She thinks that she is advising them to do what they don’t want to do: settle for a nice guy good husband. But as Rollo noted, all she is really doing is perpetuating the myth to Betas that women will eventually want them.

  • LiveFearless

    Ahhh, but there is a whole new matchmaking industry flourishing out of those words. From a matchmaker:
    You’re settling if:
    “he could be geographically desirable or work in the same building or make the right amount of money, etc…
    Can you see yourself going out night after night and still find something to talk about? (If not you’re settling)

    If sex is something you do because it is expected instead of losing yourself in the other person, you are cheating yourself!”

  • Rollo Tomassi

    One thing I late-edited out of this post was the feminine selling of the idea of Cads vs. Dads that “seller” women like to promote. It’s really a variation of Dalrock’s “lets you and him fight” scenario, but ultimately it achieves the same goal Sandberg advises for women’s “at the right time” security needs.

    “Dad’s” are sold the idea that, once women are done banging “Cads” (whom they prefer to fuck but are ultimately unreliable), they will be the “true Alphas” for sticking with the Beta Provider program and get their Dream Girl for the happily ever after once she “comes around to appreciating” his patience and dedication to his conditioning.

    Naturally there is already a considerable amount of organic enmity between the Beta ‘waiters’ and the Alpha ‘doers’, but the Fuck the Cads / Marry the Dads (later) feminine salesmanship has the effect of stoking this conflict and making the Beta ‘waiters’ feel a reinforced self-righteousness for their dedication to duty. This may or may not be a good thing once they realize the wait was the game they were played in after they finally “get the girl” or get married.

  • Glenn

    @ Softek – Wow, what brutal honesty – would that any fucking woman on earth could ever be as open and vulnerable as you were in your comment. I’m in a very similar place to you with just about everything you said, including being tempted by MGTOW and rejecting it.

    It’s even harder to deal with when you’re older as I’m, 51. Some silly commenter above claimed you hadn’t internalized anything – uh, yes you have. And I did too. The entire gynocentric world we live in is designed to make men vassals to women and pussy beggars. And of course, the rejection and the attitude about you gets internalized.

    So here’s where I differ from you. First, I was a bit of a natural alpha at some points in my life, but really, it’s not as though it’s that different. Sure, more women were interested in me, but they still played the same idiotic games – shit tests, etc. Most men experience what you experience, it only varies by degree. Conversely, game will help any man, regardless of his SMV.

    I might suggest an exercise for you, if it’s not too painful for you. Look in the mirror and realistically evaluate your SMV. Can you do so? If you were this friend of your’s, would you want to fuck you? If not, that’s an easy fix, it just takes time. Exercise, some clothes, some grooming – any man can be a 6-7 with effort. You may not be tall or chiseled but you can compete.

    And then do what you say. Indulge your sexual appetites to your heart’s content. Start playing your game instead of theirs. Stop trying to qualify with your friend and begin using game to make her start qualifying with you. Limit your texts to at least 2 from her for every one from you. Be busy when she calls, have plans and when you do make plans with her get there late. Change the plans at the last minute. Make her feel your absence and that you aren’t just a doormat for her but someone with value. The only way to do the last one is to spin plates. Get online today and set up a date with someone, anyone, who doesn’t repulse you. Get some at bats, and some possibilities. I went out on a date the other night that was weird for different reasons, but even though she wasn’t that attractive, her interest in me made her more attractive. We aren’t like women – the more we are liked, the more we enjoy it. As Rollo says, the best gift a woman can give a man is her unbidden desire. So, start doing the things that create that desire.

    Depending on how deep you are with this woman you might even be able to introduce some dread by dating aggressively or just flirting with women while you are out, or even just ogling some. Whatever you do though, stop chasing this woman. Realize that there are plenty of other women out there who you will like. And hey, maybe you’ll find one who actually wants to fuck you?

  • jf12

    @Rollo, re: “organic enmity”. It’s seemed to me that since the sexual liberation of women, women have used their freedom primarily to protect their access to alphas by protecting alphas from betas.

  • melmoth


    Forget your horrible case of oneitis and leave the country pronto. Get out now.

  • New Yorker

    This whole discussion comes down to strength. If we were to look at the sexual hierarchy, we see Alpha Male>All Females>Beta Males. Betas are 80%+ of the male population. These numbers are what make the Sandberg method possible. Those numbers will never change because most guys, for one reason or another, dont take full charge of their lives. The great news is that any man who is focused and Game-aware can tilt the odds in his favor. It is just a question of effort. Women are so hungry for a dominant male that a man with just a semblance of control over his life can attract them by the bushel. WIth that said, most women are completely crazy, unreliable hags who are not worth the time of day. He has to fit into your life in unconditional terms….no exceptions…Caveat emptor indeed.

  • Rollo Tomassi

    New Yorker, I’d agree with that except that the 80% Betas ‘believe’ or are conditioned to believe that they are in fact in control of their lives by following a feminine-primary conditioning.

  • Ascension

    One thing to be glad about, IMHO, is that some women are finally admitting to their pluralistic sexual strategy. It slowly merges herd gender dynamic view with actual reality that men have been observing for decades. Perhaps in near future, a sensible man doesn’t have to feel like he just entered the twilight zone, when talking to women about these topics. Based on my personal experiences and observations, there are more than enough future beta husbands that will gladly accept a former cock carousel rider as his one and only, forever and ever. Or at least until she gets bored, or 10 years in some states, whichever comes sooner.

    Whether these men, consider themselves as acquiring alpha status due to new interest of post wall women, once they reach maturity or whether they see things for what they are, may not make a whole lot of difference. Of course in an ideal world, we would want these frustrated guys to reject any and all future advances, from women who ignored their very existence for 20 years, because it would possibly force at least some of the young and attractive females to get off the c*ck carousel for a minute, when their SMV is at the peak. However, that could be equated to telling a wild wolf that has been starved for years, that the slightly decomposing meet laying in the forest, was a whole lot better 2 months ago, so he shouldn’t have any.

    I feel it is my and your responsibility to pass this information to young men, who are still growing up with traditional dating advice, which is simply useless at this point and guarantees nothing but life of frustration with the opposite sex. I believe that more and more this information sees the mainstream, the more it will become a reality acknowledged by all, which would give every man a fighting chance.

    BTW, really enjoyed the article, have been reading for a bit, but haven’t posted till now. Thank You.

  • Steve H

    Thought-provoking Rollo but I’m going to be a cook here who claims certain ingredients have been incorrectly added or omitted from the recipe.

    -Building a better beta reduces transactionality. He ‘wouldn’t have it any other way’. As you say, the properly built beta openly accepts a woman’s proactive cuckoldry. The sell isn’t necessary.

    -The ‘building a better beta’ meme is a recent and historically unprecedented one. It’s brave new territory.

    -The sharpest feminist voices are not among the higher SMV females for whom simply building a better beta will suffice. In contrast, these feminists are middling women – 5s, 6s, 7s – who according to your piece, still rely on the hard sell. But their actions demonstrate that they are far less enthused about selling than they are about building – coerced building – not even giving the beta a choice in the matter.

    -The ‘built’ beta still does not wind up with higher SMV women. He is lucky to even get married to an ’empowered’, post-cock-carouselled 5 or 6 with a bachelor’s degree in anthropology (One of Sheryl’s girls).

    -Thus, in looking at Sheryl Sandberg’s nakedly advocating a hypergamic AFBB strategy, it must be noted that we are looking through a rare Alpha female’s lens. She may be selling on behalf of her ‘sisters’, but they will only suffer for it as betas of all stripes and compositions have black-and-white confirmation that this AFBB strategy openly exists, previously unbeknownst to their past, naive ‘chump’ mindsets.

  • Mark

    @Rollo, I felt the need to share this nugget I found today. It was tough to get through but some classic white knighting and shaming here. After reading your material, it’s so much more amusing/disturbing to read this and many of the comments. Imagine if we used “woman up” on the ladies demanding they give us sex whenever we choose. Oh but that’s misogyny.

  • Darwin

    I didn’t want to believe it at first but some men are bound be to beta for life, even with solid game. I’ll let you in on a little secret that any guy who’s been in this game and has read up on the red pill will tell you: Game can only do so much; It’s not nearly as important as looks in establishing real desire.

    The reason most PUAs won’t tell you this is because they’re either selling you something, or they themselves are blind to the truth.

    I didn’t acknowledge this when I was pulling women at first because I thought, “Well, she is spreading for me so I figure I’m alpha to her.” But the more I read about genuine desire and how strong of an impact a masculine look carries, I’m lead to believe game can’t push a man into true alpha. In other words, Game creates a false positive for guys who can’t incite real tingles inside her primal brain.

    Her primal brain is attracted to dominance but more so a man’s masculinity and looks. That’s because looks are an honest assessment of his genetic strength. Mental trickery can’t override this as hard as you might try.

    I remember bedding a 19 year girl with a great body and I recall her saying, “You act masculine, but it’s odd especially when your body isn’t. I guess it must be your height.”

    At first I thought, shit test. But now, I realized that was her id talking. Needless to say, I never did receive any genuine primal desire from her now that i look back.

    I’m a short guy, about 5’6 and at first it didn’t seem to matter to me but now, I can’t help and realize that it does.

    Currently, there’s a day gamer named, “Cupid Schumpid” who’s 5’0 tall and guys get the impression that he’s pulling all kinds of tail via day game. But any guy with experience can immediately tell those girls aren’t genuinely attracted to him. At least, primaly speaking. I’m pretty sure he bangs some but receiving that genuine desire is damn near zero, unless he purposely aims for girls at a lower SMV than him. He’s more of a transactional or opportunistic fuck for these girls.

    For further contrast look at the videos of his friend, “HonestSignalz”. They approach together in some segments and he’s the taller one. His videos do show that genuine desire from a girl. Namely, by how they reciprocate his touching. On Cupid’s approaches, most girls back away a little when he starts to touch them or laugh mockingly to alleviate the sense of awkwardness she feels.

    It pains me a bit to admit this, but the truth must be told. I can see now why most men shun these kinds of truths. If you think about it, men who rationalized these truths away or ignored them lived on to have kids, some who may have not been theirs. But how could they have known? As for those who didn’t suppress these truths, they probably just died off.

    I suppose what they say is true: “ignorance is bliss.”

  • Steve H

    *Broken record alert*

    To everyone reading this – if you will simply create abundance in all areas of your life – inner work, outer work (socializing), game, personal finance, looking your absolute best, exercising, travel, hobbies you enjoy – and you combine that with red pill wisdom + a) compiling a variety of women acquaintances and/or FWBs who you know would love to fuck you given good logistics, combined with b) a humble, ego-less willingness to contact escorts whenever you feel like it and don’t logistically have a chick at your beckon call that same night…or simply bypassing a) and b) in favor of c) a hot, young, highly sexual girlfriend who adores you…

    …you will never again need to put up with a ‘lesser-Sheryl Sandberg type’. At any point in your life going forward. Ever.

  • Will

    This post makes sense but a wanted to touch on a few things:

    A) if you fuck a girl and she ends up being with another guy and you show aloofness and indifference that IS defining you as an ‘alpha fuck’ b/c you fucked her and your not bending your frame like a beta.


    B) if the goal in life is to create offspring with a high smv hot girl….and being a beta provider is what gets you that…
    Then doesn’t that mean the beta providers are winning at life?
    (Assuming the girls aren’t just getting knocked up which they aren’t b/c of BC)

    Maybe you gotta get past the sexual urges and frustration and think about what’s going on. Beta providers with high paying jobs will win b/c they get the reward of offspring

  • Seething Lurker

    This is Sandberg, decoded:

    “When looking for a life partner, my advice to women is date [lean in and fuck and suck] all of them: the bad boys, the cool boys, the commitment-phobic boys, the crazy boys. But do not marry them. The things [Alpha allure] that make the bad boys sexy do not make them good husbands [duh, apparently, this needs saying]. When it comes time to settle down [after all that fucking and sucking of Alpha bad boy cocks], [shake off your used up carcass that’s been violated in every orifice and] find someone who wants [has been told he wants] an equal partner [a beta bitch]. Someone who thinks [has been programed by the Feminine Imperative to believe that] women should be smart, opinionated and ambitious [she forgot “sassy”]. Someone who [has been sold the idea that he must sublimate his silly male desires and] values fairness and expects or, even better, wants [has been completely brainwashed] to do his share [of what Sheryl decides] in the home. These men exist [the thirst is real] and, trust me, [I’ve got a bridge to sell you] over time [especially as your SMV declines, tick tock], nothing is sexier [that’s what I keep telling myself, er, except the things I noted above that make the bad boys sexy, wait, what, hamster on overdrive….].”

    By the way, has anyone googled her husband, David Goldberg? Bitch tits? Check. Chubby with a gut? Check. Appeasing beta smile? Check. Slumped posture? Check. CEO of Survey Monkey – yeah, leader of men, not impressed, still a beta bitch where it counts, in the sexual dynamic of his relationship with this ball busting wench.

  • Steve H

    “if the goal in life is to create offspring with a high smv hot girl”

    if that’s the goal in life, then life is not worth living.

    and the prospective girl you speak of is not even hot anymore by the time she bears your child in Sandberg’s advocated scenario.

    and because of all the cocks she’s had in her anus, mouth, and vagina by that point in time – the exponentially quantifiable likelihood that your marriage/LTR with this mother of your child will be disastrous in Sandberg’s advocated scenario[1].

    [1]see Heritage Foundation comprehensive report @ .

  • Nathan

    ” They’re angry and unhappy of course. Both of those emotions are such a given and such an obligation for the American male that if you manage to avoid them you will be hated for it.”
    Ihad not seen this, I’m still young and single, but now that you say it, it’s obvious truth.

  • Nathan

    ” It really fucking hurts to unplug, just as much as it hurts that first time you found out some girl you were heads over heels in love with was fucking and giving all her affection and attention to some guy that wasn’t you. ”
    I used to feel the same way. After she stops bring a deity to me I stopped romantic illusions. It becsme just a fuck.
    I guess it’s like eating a burger. The smerican indians would pray to tge soul of the animal before killing it thanking it fur it’s life but now we don’t think do deeply about it, we just eat.
    Its just a burger. She’s just a fuck.

  • Craig

    You might be thankful for reliable DNA testing but keep in mind, DNA/paternity testing is being made illegal in more developed feminist countries. It is now illegal for paternity testing to be done in much of Europe including France and Germany and a few other major countries in the EU. I am a geneticist and I can tell you with 100% certainty there is an all out war going on to try to ban genetic testing for all NON court ordered paternity tests using the best interest of the child as the reason for banning it as the laws explicitly state that it is better to keep the cuckolded father unaware of his cuckoldry as he might stop providing for the child. Basically what is happening rig now is a push for paternity testing to ONLY BE USED TO CONFIRM PATERNITY AND NOT BE USED TO SHOW A MAN IS NOT THE FATHER. Look it up if you don’t believe me, there are tons of lawsuits going on right now and over the past 5-10 years over this all over the EU and increasingly in the US. I can’t think of a more blatant form of female supremacy or confirmation of the alpha fucks beta bucks mating strategy. It’s the legalization of female choosing the man she wants to provide even if it is not his. I’m surprised more people in the manosphere have not covered what is going on with paternity testing.

  • kfg

    “Throughout the 70′s, 80′s and most of the 90′s, the sell was effective because men were isolated socially and technologically from each other’s relative experiences.”

    Never underestimate the bandwidth of a van full of men.

  • Cris

    Lol @ Sheryl giving this “valuable” advice. Bitch is ugly as fuck and I wonder if she dated more than 5 guys throughout her whole life. No doubt she is a great COO, but she’d better not dish out dating advice.

  • Seething Lurker

    @Craig: The FI limiting the use of paternity testing …. why am I not surprised? Its scary how predictable this all is.

  • Craig

    Seething Lurker,
    It is truly amazing that the law of the land is that if it benefits women it is good if it benefits men it is bad… How they could get the laws to change to only allow paternity tests to show paternity which benefits women but not allow them to show no paternity is insane. The hypocrisy of women and the FI knows no bounds.

  • Glenn

    @ New Yorker – I agree in the sense that there is really nothing to do but alpha up and play the game that’s been laid out for us more effectively. But I’ve always found this line of reasoning somehow unsatisfying, and after reading Rollo’s comment I realized why. It isn’t biologically determined that 80% of males are beta. Sure, some distribution exists wrt biology but many betas are INTENTIONALLY beta. They think that being a nice guy really is a superior way to be versus a brute like you. They embrace beta, you see them all around you every day. I have some of it in me that seems to be impenetrable at times, but at least when I do go all beta now I catch myself.

    Betas were trained to be so, brainwashed into it in a society that is soaked with female imperatives. Like North Korean citizens,they have been sold a bill of goods about their very identity and purpose in life. Can one really just say, hey, eff them, more for me? Sure you can, but do you want to? Isn’t it possible that we could reach more and more men with the Red Pill? It’s as easy as reading some blog sites and watching YouTube videos.

    I see the Red Pill movement as an insurgency. We need to network with our brothers. I’ve shared The Rational Male with a number of men I know and while they don’t necessarily change all at once, the conversations I have with them about women and intersexual relations are much deeper and consonant with Rollo’s work. Insurgencies shouldn’t build big headquarters and should stay anonymous and always have the ability to melt back into the rest of society and be undetectable. As an aside, this is a fundamental criticism I have with the AVFM crowd and the MRM in general. They make huge targets out of themselves, and I think that it hurts us. Think about it, if AVFM and the MRM weren’t so high profile, would they blame Eliot Rogers in the MRM?

    More importantly, I describe it as an insurgency because I think we are at war with women at this point. I can’t tell you how the quality of my interactions with women has deteriorated over the past 10 years of my life, in every area of my life, with women who are sisters, a daughter, friends lovers – something seems to be spinning out of control. The militancy of the feminists and social justice warriors, the ridiculousness of their complaints, the outrageous behavior of women in marriages (abandoning them in droves) and the constant hagiography of women in all media, it’s just bizarre and women are mostly going bonkers as a result.

    But forget the politics, for me it’s much more personal. I won’t be called and oppressor and be polite. I won’t be called innately rapey and violent. I won’t be treated as though I’m defective when in the next moment, when something hard needs to be done, I’m asked to step in. I will not be treated as disposable. I will not have my suffering ignored and I will not see my life treated as a punch line to a bad joke (the only thing more disposable than a man in this society is a man over 50, you become invisible to everyone).

    The only thing to do is fight back by educating other men and creating solidarity with other men. That’s why I don’t like the “goody, more for me” approach, it condemns many men who could change and would change if they were shown a better way. I also think that only once we unplug and do the inside work can we then begin to change society. But men can definitely tilt the scales back in terms of power in society. It may take something pretty dramatic, but I know something that the feminists don’t seem to be able to grasp. Men could pretty much run the modern world without women. There are no jobs a women does that a man can’t do well. Women won’t do much of the dangerous or highly technical work, or can’t and without men in short order they’d be living in the trees again. A moment will come when men can act, but it’s not now. For now, for me it’s waiting and learning and building my strength and reserves and doing the personal work. But this is all going to come down around our years economically within 20 years – literally could happen any day – and it will bring the male-female divide to a head. Women seem to not be able to keep in mind that in such conflicts, without the force of the state behind them, they don’t do very well. But they will snap out of it, as I’ve seen many a women do when properly dealt with. Call it existential “dread”…

  • Rollo Tomassi

    B) if the goal in life is to create offspring with a high smv hot girl….and being a beta provider is what gets you that…
    Then doesn’t that mean the beta providers are winning at life?

    1.) This presumes an imbalance in assortive mating. If a Beta could by some other variable (provisioning) ‘get with’ a woman of higher SMV than his own this would be a net benefit in his favor. However, female SMV decays far faster than men’s so it really comes down to with who and when he consolidates on this benefit.

    2.) This presumes a static state of balance in that pairing. While genetics are important, learned value, behaviors, ideology, character play important roles in offspring’s “success”. In other words, past performance (of the father) does not imply future success for the offspring. There are plenty of attractive Betas who are self-defeating because of their upbringing and conditioning from both parents.

    My only qualm is the insinuation that the ‘bad boy’ is actually genetically superior. That’s a fraud in most cases. A skinny, tattoed idiot with a 95 IQ is seen by our culture as ‘genetically superior’ to a modest, quiet dentist who can deadlift 400 pounds and played college baseball but remains tat-free.

    Genetic superiority is relative to an organism’s ability to adapt to its environment better than others.

    That said, there are physical and behavioral cues which imply “good genes” which have evolved to be ‘Alpha signaling’ arousal triggers for women.

    A particular man may suffer from latent genetic defects that make him and any offspring less able to adapt, but so long as he is extrinsically arousing for a woman he’ll breed more than men possessing less arousing Alpha cues.

  • olympiapress

    Umm, I tend to disagree with many commenters who think “Selling the Beta” is working. The wonderful posts on this site discussing the marriage strike, and especially the way a woman’s odds of getting married after 30, let alone 35, have declined so dramatically, indicate that a lot of gals that age are not going to secure permanent provisioning from the beta.

    When my ex and I separated, but before I learned anything of Red Pill truths, I found myself quite in demand from a certain class of gals. I now live in the Tampa Bay area, and around here, it’s something like, after 30, there are 2x single women with a BA for every single man of similar qualifications. At 40, it’s more like 3x degreed single women for every single man with same.

    If you want to count graduate qualifications, the number is around 9x single women for every man. This is the future of America, though, as it’s Florida, even the career gals don’t make dick.

    What I found was, if women decided you were a beta worthy of settling on, they would have sex with you on the first date. And then move in on the second. And they’d be freaky stalkerish if you weren’t going along with them. One held my sheets hostage, another sent some big guy friends of hers to get me to read her emails again (srsly), just on and on. Probably would have been an MGTOW by now, but I developed a 1 skill that lets me date decades younger, and I don’t even buy them drinks.

    Reminds me, gotta go practice a few songs before I hit the open mic tonight.

  • New Yorker

    @ Glenn

    I am not advocating a “more for me” approach. I sympathize with the 80% betas and have done my best to try to spread the truth. Many just refuse to listen. I understand that they have been programmed in a certain way (as was I actually…) but there needs to be some responsibility on the individual. Deep down, every beta knows that something is wrong in his life. Hence, there is no replacement for a man taking responsibility for that. That applies to a lot more than just women….it applies to career, fitness, personal relationships, etc. As much as men are routinely victimized by the FI, I cant help but think that a lot of the time, we have let it happen….by watching football when we should be working out, by going to bed when we should be working/reading, by not facing up to our issues head-on, by letting ourselves off the hook much too often when the right decision was to keep trying. That is what I am referring to. The FI is real and dangerous…..but we have no choice but to fight. Otherwise, we join the victims.

  • Steve H

    “Can one really just say, hey, eff them, more for me?”

    Yes. And that is a recipe for misery. And a guy with that mindset will always be at a competitive disadvantage IRL to the guy who has good intentions and is trying to set up his buddy or cousin or female friend with someone. When you are the ‘impromptu dating coach’ one of the problems that arises is that you inevitably come across as more attractive than your client, unintentionally sabotaging the client. IOW, genuinely seek to help *others* hook up and you’ll be given everything on a silver platter.

    Life is largely about giving/helping/inspiring others, at least to some extent. The whole ‘fuck you, I’ve got mine’ – is the clarion call of miserable losers whose lives ultimately suck.

  • jacklabear

    “Is it finally time to realize my potential to attract more/better women by waxing my body hair…”

    I’m a man. I have testosterone in my blood and receptors for it in my skin.
    I will never emasculate/feminize myself by removing my body hair.

    A woman who doesn’t like my masculine gender signals is not a better woman as far as I’m concerned.

  • Jeremy

    Guys, Rollo is essentially laying the groundwork for the prediction of another sexual revolution. Whether he actually makes that prediction or not (it is wise not to become a prognosticator), the case he is making here leads to a polarized female side of society. When societies polarize, they usually destabilize and some kind of cultural or even political revolution happens.

    In our time, we will have the female haves on one side, with the high-paying (not necessarily high-producing) careers, prestige, etc… living the life of “having it all” and being able to afford it… contrasted with the female have-nots who will not be able to exploit their position to satisfy their inner hypergamy covertly. The Have’s will begin readily admitting their own behavior and strategy (as illustrated above), because they can afford to do so. The Have-Nots will have to live in a world where the pluralistic female mating strategy is laid bare like pages of the newspaper.

    That means disaster for the have-nots. It is a disaster for them because the strategy of “having it all” only works effectively if kept covert. It is much like famous military feints, such as D-Day, where significant resources are expended to make the enemy believe that a large scale attack would happen in one place, only to make the real attack (which is much lower strength than advertised), happen successfully somewhere else. This example of mine may be distracting, but it’s close to the mark. Women are attracted to alphas, but must secure provisioning for their old age if nothing else. So how does a woman get both her shot at alphas and still be able to secure provisioning for later? Simple, she lies (battle feint) to most men that “alphas” are really “assholes”, and that “betas” are “the true sexy”… She makes it look for all the world that Betas are superior, even though the women are attacking the alpha beach like wanton sluts. In short, they lie in order to secure millions of betas for later provisioning.

    But it’s a lie. When exposed for the lie it is, it cannot work unless all men are kept in total darkness of reality as no man wants sloppy seconds of the pie. The FI requires that most men are not sending their tank divisions down from Pas de Calais, so they reinforce the nonsense of the nice-guy-is-superior whenever they can so those men do not dislodge themselves from marriage material before they get through with the alpha beach. In order for it to work, betas must remain beta and available when the alphas are done with them, but that can’t happen if the betas know what’s going on.

    When comments like Sandberg’s start getting repeated and start actually filtering into the minds of young men, you’ll see those men begin rejecting the current social order wholescale. When that happens, the have-not women will have literally spent their youth for nothing. Unless the hamsters of the Have-nots are capable of transwarp drive levels of self-justification, it will be the start of another sexual revolution.

  • Steve H

    @Jeremy –

    “Simple, she lies (battle feint) to most men that “alphas” are really “assholes”, and that “betas” are “the true sexy””

    Spinechilling pang of truth right there. Great overall comment as well. I do think that we’d be talking about a *very few* female ‘haves’ in that context (who we might also call ‘true Alpha females’). I don’t see men being sincerely attracted to the sugar mommy inversion en masse.

  • scratche2013


    “Is it finally time to realize my potential to attract more/better women by waxing my body hair…”
    I’m a man. I have testosterone in my blood and receptors for it in my skin.
    I will never emasculate/feminize myself by removing my body hair.
    A woman who doesn’t like my masculine gender signals is not a better woman as far as I’m concerned.

    I feel the same as you but I can’t deny the power the current culture has over the minds of females. A significant % of the most attractive females are extremely vain because that is the trend of popular culture. How many hairy hollywood hunks do you see nowadays? There used to be alot, chest hair was considered sexy, now it is something that is made fun of. This doesn’t apply as much to older women but the 18yr old hotties at the club love the Justin Bieber look (basically look like lean pretty female without tits). The problem for me is I would like to have more of these 18yr old hotties for one night stands and I know going “metro” or “sporno” or whatever would probably work, it just kind of sickens me and I can’t bring myself to do it.

  • Rust Newman

    Maybe an obviously, fundamental answer, by I would love some insight. Why are there so many women who hang onto major beta men for so many years, even when they are young and in their prime?
    I understand the pressure of approaching the wall and grabbing hold of a beta male. But I know so many women (or girls) who have clung onto the most beta guys since they were young (think high school sweethearts) until marriage. What is the appeal there? Are they simply comfortable or maybe they don’t know any better? Maybe they’re just brainwashed into thinking that thats what they need to keep?

  • Rollo Tomassi

    “alphas” are really “assholes”, and that “betas” are “the true sexy”…

    Hmm,, what blog have I read this on before,…?

  • New Yorker

    I think that very few women consciously understand their sexual strategy. They dont always know why they switch from bad boys to betas, they just know that they “like him”. Sandberg probably understands it more consciously, but I would say that she is in a small minority. Hence, the beta condititiong of “wait your turn” that betas receive is often subconscious in that many women are not aware of the reasons for their change in tastes. They often call it “maturity” withoiut acknowledging that the haunting reality of the Wall is what causes this “growth spurt”.

  • New Yorker

    @ Steve H

    Not sure if you meant your dating coach comment for me. I am not trying to serve as anyone’s coach. But the only way I see of helping someone is to show them the reality of what they are facing. The more energetic ones get it, the others just shrug in powerlessness. It makes me want to hurl but I also know that the only person who can change is one who truly wants to live. This is where each man has to decide the purpose of his life for himself. Too often, it takes a crisis (such as divorce) to prompt this reevaluation and this is what happened to me. Such is the nature of the Red Pill. Most dont want to leave the comfortable confines of the Blue Pill until their world has been flipped upside down.

  • water cannon boy

    Look for the moments when women start to tell people like Sandberg, “sure, easy for you to say”. That’s the sign of the beginning of the in-fighting.

  • jacklabear

    “The problem for me is I would like to have more of these 18yr old hotties for one night stands and I know going “metro” or “sporno” or whatever would probably work”

    I’m not in my twenties anymore and to me, if a woman isn’t worth more than a one night stand, she isn’t worth fucking in the first place. Sure, I like the way young hotties look, but if she insists that I de-masculize myself, it isn’t worth it. It reminds me of the Swedish feminists making men pee sitting down. I’m not going to go along with a program to beta-ize/feminize men not only behaviourally, but now also physically. The fact that testosterone was made a controlled substance is an ominous sign of what the culture is doing to destroy masculinity. It’s only going to get worse.

    “it just kind of sickens me and I can’t bring myself to do it.”

    I’m glad to hear it; keep up the good fight. Don’t shoot yoursef in the balls.

  • ray

    You’re one hunned percentile right that the modern western male, and esp american male, is a CONSTRUCTED being . . . not the natural and complete man he was created to be. Instead, he is in the vast majority of cases a man-u-fractured entity whose foundational psychology — and assumptions about right and wrong — are templated upon him incremetally as he “becomes a man” in the feminist nations of the past half-century.

    It’s funny that all the Science Fiction writing geniuses overlooked the point you found so patent and obvious — that modern maleness in an artifice imposed upon boys and men for the selfish purposes of females collectively, and for the selfish purposes of a subset of collaborative men. The construction of un-men is the greatest Horror of the past century, and yet it is completely ignored, or worse, by almost everyone.

    So, based on the evidence of our culture, it looks like the manufacturing process works, with the occasional Glitch. And the process is proven transferable to diverse other cultures, rather like an adapting virus.


  • Tam the Bam

    Ermagerd .. she’s one of Them
    Beenthere seenit dunnit (well, dun a runner, eventually. “Vivacious” somehow has a nasty half-life of about 18 months as it decays into “Intolerable”).

    ““From a young age, I liked to organize — the toys in my room, neighborhood play sessions, clubs at my school,’’ wrote Sheryl. When she ran for class vice president in junior high school, she added, a teacher warned Sheryl’s best friend to find a new pal because “no one likes a bossy girl.””

    I’d been looking for some kind of handle on her general level of cognition or awareness or whatever the trickcyclists call it. And the obligatory picture accompanying almost each and every piece made me gradually realize that (a) she’s minute, about three foot two, it seems, and (b) she has a simply ginormous mouth, which is handy, because in those pics she has chosen to positively radiate “Loud!”. As in, “all the way up to eleven” loud.

    Mr David does the laundry, allegedly. Can’t blame him, poor sod. If I were him I’d have every appliance in the house running fit to bust when I was around. Plus grindcore on the iPod.

  • Softek

    @ Glenn

    I want to tell her how I feel or ask her out or something, anything, to just get a response and put an end to the torment. I feel like I’m losing my mind.

    The conflict is I’m afraid that asking her out or revealing my intentions will be the very thing that destroys any chance I have of getting with her. Her boyfriend is an AFC and I keep thinking if I keep my mouth shut and play my cards right I could win her over. She’s flirted with me and shown interest and after everything I’ve read here it seems like “laying everything on the table” would be the absolute worst thing I could do. I’ve done that in the past and it always ended in rejection.

    When Rollo said “If you’re afraid to lose her, you’ve already lost her”…that stuck with me ever since. That is a very hard lesson for me. I’m still plugged in: I’m questioning if Game is going to really work, I’m also questioning my own ability to apply Game, and being more aloof, indifferent, available but not going out of my way to talk to her, and leaving initiation up to her…makes me feel like I’m losing her.

    Any advice? I’d appreciate it. I think I’m still far more plugged in than I realized and I’m still playing by the “old set of books.” I am seriously choking on the red pill right now and the sense of self-doubt and uncertainty about all of this is really horrible.

  • Tam the Bam

    @ WaterCannonBoy, re “easy for you to say”, here are some feminist intellectuals idle dimbulbs chewing the fat over Sister Sheryl’s weighty “advice”.
    And the hivemind converged on .. you called it right. Class “privilege” i.e. The Munnay!.
    Not having family arms, being more inbred than a guineapig, and having The Hon. tacked onto your name, I think.

    Latoya: could use a bit of education as to what “structural issues” are, since she appears to think that everyone has an even shot
    Kate: this kind of position is grounded in a level of privilege that most women (or even most people) do not enjoy.
    Veronica: just blind to the systemic and structural challenges that women face
    Courtney: doesn’t admit how different many American women’s realities are. The way she flattens out American women infuriates me

    Tina: Finding a mentor is a tough thing for a woman .. I worked hard to find a mentor and never was able to make that happen, women didn’t want to help me because I looked like a threat to them and men didn’t want to citing that they were too busy
    Tina again (she’s my fave, definitely the whiniest, although Veronica is impressively sour): Sandberg is fortunate to a nanny and people who work to help her at home. But I have to believe that she pays for that with trade-offs that are of her own choosing. I don’t believe she makes a decision without weighing all of the facts and honestly, raise your hands with me, haven’t we all paid someone to clean our houses and help with chores. [my emph.; Gentlemen of the jury, I rest my case]
    Claire; Sandberg’s failure to address the real systemic barriers women face in the workplace.

    Then they start sticking the boot in about “One of her mentors is Larry “Girls Can’t Do Math” Summers” and ” women are waiting with baited breath for Sandberg to lean forward to demand her place on the Facebook Board of Directors”.
    Yea, that’s it, demand. Because that’s how Encorpera works, right?

    ” she rarely addresses the system where women make their choices is just wrong.
    Put simply, for women, to choose to not do something is acceptable. It is a seductive choice to make.
    O rite. It’s
    The System. Those slacker SAHMs should not have the option, comrade! File under – Women Lack Agency.

    So tldr;
    The faultline in the Borg is as ever “waah bitch haz teh Privlij ‘snot fair” and ” the Munnay!“. Don’t see ’em similarly decrying Summers or Z’berg for being stinkin’ rich. How so? Apex much?

  • Class-Punk

    Just a pointless semantic argument: MGTOW doesn’t necessarily mean giving up on women. It really largely depends on who is defining the term. Within MGTOW, the term lesser-used term “ghost” can mean someone who has given up on sexual relationships women, with “ghosting” as a verb for that. Even if ghosts are “incels” or “involuntarily celibate”, incel is most often invalid, because most people do sexually reject someone, even if its much less so for men and usually for incels women with lower SMV. PUA’s seem to equate MGTOW with ghosting when they themselves could be considered MGTOW by virtue of not being a blue-pill incel or trad-con. Some MGTOW have attacked PUA’s which has probably contributed to the equation that MGTOW = Ghosting. Popular definition always wins out, and I may very well be thinking out of a confirmation bias, but out of my singular opinion I still consider PUA’s or men using game to also equate to MGTOW– and even did back when I was writing online posts attacking them.

  • Kate

    @caprizchka: A lot of beta men are trying to transition to alpha men through the use of game, etc. In your corollary, do you think its possible for women to make the same transition, or do they stay on one side or the other.

  • Glenn

    @ Softek – Sir, if I was in your presence and a friend I would slap across the face you to shock you out of your delusional state. Let’s keep this very simple.

    1. You are not a snowflake, you are not unique and you are not speshul. Neither is this “one”. What you are going through is what all men go through.

    2. You just have “oneitis”. I won’t pull the links and lay them out here, Rollo has written about this extensively. Just re-read what he has written.

    3. New Yorker may be right – I’ve seen you around here since I showed up and in the short period of time that I’ve been here I’ve already changed my behavior – why haven’t you? Why are you here if you aren’t actually learning a damn thing? The best comment on “learning” I ever heard is “Learning implies a permanent change in behavior”. In other words – you have to actually monitor your thoughts and actions and see where they are inconsistent with what you know and understand. Instead, you are just reveling in this misery and not even self diagnosing oneitis or actually trying anything you would have learned about how to behave differently here.
    Why are you doing this to yourself? Do you know better? Have you read about oneitis? How can you come here with this if you do?

    4. What to do?
    a. Internalize game – When you pine for one woman as you are doing, you will never have her. Your orientation towards this women gives her power over you, and it’s axiomatic that she will not respect you inside of that dynamic. I mean, do you really understand how she’s evaluating you? Hint: How much you want her is of almost no interest and in fact greatly reduces your value to her. Why does she mean so much to you? Maybe it’s this. One of the hardest aspect of the Red Pill for me to digest is that women are just not as great or nice or ‘speshul’ as I’d been brainwashed to think, or even that great to have around oftentimes once you’ve shot your load. Put another way, I had women on a pedestal, which was a consequence of gynocentric ideas like courtly love, which sets me up to “earn” a woman’s attention. Chivalry, in which I am axiomatically worth less than a woman may be the most pernicious. Ask yourself this, do you consider yourself to be a “gentleman”? If so, you are fucked. To be a gentlemen is to extend privileges to an entire class of human beings – women – and in return they use, mock and despise you for it, and today you are actually laughed at for being so. Romantic love is perhaps the biggest con games of all. As though there is just one special person for us, or that love is the apex of human emotions and that the meaning of life comes from. It’s the central focus on “love” and men “earning it” that has you be where you are at. Get it, just get it for fuck’s sake.

    b. Spin plates. Go date anyone else. Online, whatevs. Fat, ugly, stupid, drunk – it doesn’t matter. The more “prospects” in your lineup, the less important any one woman is. You will actually feel differently

    c. Most of all, make you and your life a project. Improve yourself in every way – physically, financially, skills etc. Note how OlympiaPress closes his comment above. He plays guitar and sings and does open mics. Me too and some gigging too. It’s an automatic pussy pass for some women, making a guy who is a 5 a 7, easily. What do you do that shows your skills? Where do you have social status? Do you leverage whatever status you have?

    d. Become more selfish. Really. Stop caring so much about other people. I know, you’ve been trained to believe that you will be rewarded for putting yourself last. You have it backwards, you get what you can take in this world and by putting yourself last, you guarantee you won’t get what you want because nodody and no institutions in society give a shit about men getting rewarded or recognized for being other-focused. And I mean everywhere and with everyone. Your kids, your family, your work, women – everything. You will never be rewarded for being a “nice guy” – do you not get that? The entire line is a con to get you to be a good provider for women so they can “have it all”. They get to bang guys who get them wet while you wait in the wings to be used and dominated and denigrated until she can’t stand you anymore. After all your self-sacrifice and a lifetime of delayed gratification guess what? She won’t even give you a fucking handjob without grimacing – and she’s your wife and the object of your worship. How can this be? At this point, you are doing it yourself.

    Sorry if I’m being hard on you here but really, dude, your head is a mile up your ass. Wake up, and yes, be a fucking man!

  • Jeremy

    @Rollo Tomassi

    Hmm,, what blog have I read this on before,…?

    What can I say, my brain is damaged. I can quote movies from my childhood verbatim but I can’t quote the manosphere. Sorry.

  • Just Saying

    “When it comes time to settle down,”

    Translation: “When none of the Alpha’s will give you the time of day.”

    From a male perspective this “advice” is great – we get to enjoy an unending supply of fresh, young, nubile women going through their “experimental” stage, and never have to really deal with the dregs. Pass them off to the retards in the back… That’s been working pretty well for me these last 50+ years, so I see no reason it won’t last me a while longer.

    Great advice for the ladies Ms Sandberg – I couldn’t have enjoyed anywhere near as many young women as I have without your “wonderful” advice. Keep up the great work. I’ll be cheering you one every time I’m enjoying another sweet-young-thing…

  • Jeremy

    @New Yorker

    I think that very few women consciously understand their sexual strategy.

    Very few members of the herd actually know where the herd is stampeding off to, they just follow the leader.

  • jf12

    @jacklabear, “The fact that testosterone was made a controlled substance is an ominous sign of what the culture is doing to destroy masculinity.”

    Awesome putting together the big picture. Female hormones, including but not limited to “natural hormone replacement” estrogenic compounds, can be obtained OTC all over. In addition, birth control pills are available OTC in most countries
    *except* for countries that emphasize female choice above all. In countries like the US, females are too afraid that males might slip them something.

  • jf12

    Glenn at 9:22 AM tries to get Softek out of his funk. His suggestions would definitely work, guaranteed, if Softek wanted to.

  • jf12

    @Kate, sorry no transition per se is possible for women. Men transition from being below women (beta) in the intersexual hierarchy to being above women (alpha). All that women can do is fight each other for relative order amongst themselves.

    On the other hand, you, meaning all y’all, could voluntarily choose to surrender and submit to a man whom you have previously been attempting to control, thereby sort of transitioning yourself by making him transition for you.

  • M3


    “Good men are an afterthought after we let the bad boys run through us. Give us children. Sit around our house while WE pay the bills. Get disrespected. Then after we have a high body mileage we want the good man. We want him to play Daddy to the children we had with the bad boy or bad boys. The same men we mocked we look for them to marry us.”

  • Jeremy

    The rest of it was just as good M3…

    So we look for the cream of the crop to wife up bottom feeders. And I say bottom feeders because we were fueled by our lower selves.

    “One user has set up a Facebook fan page for Meeks, who is being held in the San Joaquin County Jail on $900,000 bail.”

    This is what we’re willing to do for a CRIMINAL. ..but let our Baby Daddy be behind on his child support…we’d show him NO mercy.

  • Johnycomelately

    I’m finding my well heeled beta buddies ( the type that several years ago would have been fine with settling) are playing the field much longer and with younger women.

    I think this is what is causing all the consternation, it doesn’t take a whole sale revolution to upset the apple cart. All it takes is for betas to take the scenic route to marriage (say about a decade) for an entire cohort of women to be up shit creek without a paddle.

  • water cannon boy

    Was Jeremy Meeks raised by a single mother?
    And if so, irony or poetic?

  • Rollo Tomassi


    …and all the usual suspects, feminists and manginas alike, blamed the manosphere for creating Eliot Rodger…

  • Steve H

    @New Yorker – I fully agree with your comments. Your convo with Glenn just reminded me about how a frame of PUAs vs. AMOGs and all that in-real-time interpersonal competitive stuff is really disadvantageous (to both oneself, and others) compared to worldly-wise, often lower-key red pill men with good intentions.

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