Bargain Abasement

“Men conquer worlds, women conquer men.” – Pook

From the time boys are about five years old, we’re taught self-control. Anyone with a young son  understands the challenge in this, but for the most part the control we teach our boys differs from what we teach (or don’t teach) our girls. For the most part, this control is necessary to curb boys’ natural proclivities to take risks, but in a feminine-primary social order this inhibiting risk comes from a need for female security . Our young minds, boys and girls, lack the capacity for abstract thought. In fact, our brains continue to develop to their fullest potential right up to 20-21 years of age. 

For millennia, adult men, fathers, mothers, the Village that is our larger social order, understood the need to place limitations on boys innate impulsiveness – usually for their own good. While these restrictions and discipline have always been a needed part of boys’ upbringing, today that self-control is taught in the context of how a young man can be more ‘correct’ by his female teachers. In the time of our old social contract teaching young men self-control and self-discipline was a means to self-mastery as an adult man. In the new social contract our gynocentric education system (and socialization) teaches boys discipline in the hopes that they will provide the security that women need.

And the way this is taught is by embedding a deep sense of shame and self-loathing of the male gender into ever-younger generations of future men. Mental Point of Origin is a constant theme in all of my literary work. I want to stress here that crushing any sense of self-priority or self-importance from boys and young men is the prime directive of a gynocentric education system. Last Saturday we discussed the “worshiping of women” on our new show Rule Zero. In this episode I pointed out that men are taught to place womankind on a pedestal from an early age. This meta-pedestalization of the feminine begins when boys are taught self-abasement as part of self-control. Essentially, all control becomes for boys is reducing themselves while aggrandizing (supporting) girls and later women. This is the main reason why wrapping your head around Mental Point of Origin is so difficult for men later in life. Their Blue Pill conditioning taught them to be servants as a means of proving their self-control.

Most women, certainly all feminists, will do their best to convince us that it’s still little girls who are taught to repress their naturally boyish natures. But it’s a cliché now to believe that little girls would be every bit as ‘curious about how the world works’ if not for a nebulous society that represses their passion for discovery. Since the Sexual Revolution our social order has done its damnedest to reverse gender roles – boys are taught to emulate the feminine, girls emulate the masculine. The Disney corporation has been the most active social agent in western culture in fomenting this reversal. Every story across all genres follows the same plot; a repressed little girl would make an even better boy if not for these Patriarchal rules she must break from. The story of Mulan is a good example. The girl Mulan must impersonate a boy in order to prove herself as a masculine equal – and to get closer to the Alpha male she naturally wants to pair with. Our popular fiction today all follows a similar teaching; girls need to break away from self-control to be more empowered.

The notion that little girls are ever taught to repress their natures is laughable in real life. If little boys are taught like they’re defective girls, then girls today are taught that they can literally do anything – and be free of any lasting consequences. In fact any restrictions, any pretense of a girl/woman requiring a degree of self-control is immediately associated with repression. This old order idea of female repression is a favorite trope for the Fempowerment narrative. The most marginal, well-meaning, criticism of women or the feminine is always steeped in ‘judgmentalism’. Being ‘judged’ is always a concern for women. For the past 3-4 generations of women, being freed from ‘repression’ is also to be free from judgement. They have an entitlement to avoid consequence.


On last week’s Rule Zero episode we asked a question: why is it so many men will abase themselves with women? If you’ve been Red Pill aware for a while it’s easy to just dismiss these guys and think they’re all just low self-esteem losers, but the belief is endemic to the 80% of Beta men. The combination of having been raised to prioritize the concerns of women above his own interest, and the notion that doing so will make him a better romantic catch in the eyes of women (who already feel entitled to him being a useful servant) turns self-abasement into a form of Beta Game.

Why does a man get down on one knee to propose marriage to a woman? Surely this old social contract form of abasement was an expectation of men. It’s in practically every romantic story ever told.

Under the old social contract a man was presumed to be above a woman in status. The old intersexual hierarchy of love followed from the man to the woman and then later to the child(ren). It was a natural, understood, dominance hierarchy prior to the Sexual Revolution. In all the old stories Disney has ever retold the presumption of this hierarchy defines the plot of the story. Of course now we’ve grown accustomed to gender swaps and expectation swaps in these retellings, but when a woman gets down on bended-knee to propose to a man – as her empowering teachers have taught her is acceptable – there’s something awkward when a woman abases herself to a man. 

One of the prime directives of feminism is this:

Never do anything for the express pleasure of a man.

Anything a woman might do just to please a man is abasement. It smacks of the repressiveness little girls are told still holds them back in spite all the world’s attempts to advantage them. Doing something, wearing something, being something or behaving in a way that might intentionally please a man is the antithesis of the Strong Independent Woman® ideal. But yet, women are taught that they should expect to live in Sadie Hawkins’ World where they should feel empowered to ask the man on a date and ask him to marry her if he merits it. Again, it’s all part of the gender reversal we’re expected to embrace.

But when you see it, when a woman is doing the proposing, it doesn’t feel empowering. It feels awkward, backwards. Social constructionism says that awkwardness is the result of society teaching you stereotypical gender norms; but those norms haven’t been the standard for at least 4 generations. Disney’s taught us different for some time now. But it still looks weird. The man is supposed to initiate. The man is supposed display and she is supposed to choose. The man is supposed to abase himself, right?

Male abasement is a sign of submission in an age that expected him to be an Alpha already. There used to be a time when men were expected to be the masters of their lives. Men understood their  Burden of Performance and built a life around creating (conquering) their own worlds. Certainly this achievement was motivated by finding a wife, but more so because of his innate sense of idealism.

The Ideal Man

The old social order expectations of men are still what women feel entitled to in the new order:

  • Superior Physicality: He must be more than her equal in height and strength. Muscularity is an ideal in men. Women hold far more strict and static ideals of male beauty than men have ever held for women.
  • Superior Dominance: He is respected, deferred to and sometimes feared by his peers. He holds status, power (in the traditional sense) and honor that is confirmed and reinforced by others – but only insofar as it can be useful to a woman. Women tend to have an immature understanding of the nature of power.
  • Superior Confidence/Competence: He must be more innovative and competent than herself. Competence is directly tied to the Hypergamous doubt – “Is he the best I can do?” If she is more competent (or she believes she is) than he is it upsets the natural intersexual dominance hierarchy and ultimately his Frame control. Confident competence is the foundation of a woman’s need for long term security.
  • Superior Mastery: He must be a master of himself and the world he directs. Again, this is tied to a woman’s need for security which he must ensure in the long term; even into his old age. He must “Just Get It” with her and understand women in general – this is derived from experience and being supremely desired by other women.

For all of this mastery the ideal man is expected to possess, the fantasy is that he must abase himself to her due to her uniqueness. The power of love is what he must defer to. Even today, in a post Sexual Revolution era, this chivalric ideal is still an unspoken expectation. That ideal is a superior man who abases himself to her, and only to her. This is the Beauty and the Beast archetypal story. The fantasy ideal man is only beholden to her particular charms. Men conquer worlds, women conquer men.

A few years ago (2012-13) I did a series of posts about the chivalric ideal. In those essays I proposed that the western concepts of chivalry, bastardized by the influence of ‘courtly love’, were an extension of power by the feminine. Essentially chivalry was feminism 1.0 in that it leveraged men’s obligations of honor to benefit the Feminine Imperative. Chivalry was a Male Space into which women inserted themselves (via courtly love), assimilated the principles and rewrote the rules to better fit themselves. We still see vestiges of this today when women post something on Facebook or Twitter stating that “only a ‘real’ man does the things that benefit me, my sexual strategy and my ensured survival and happiness.” 

Male sacrifice now extends to a man abasing himself for an entitled benefit of womankind. It’s no longer just an expectation of undying love and commitment, it’s a surrendering of his evolved imperatives.

Published by Rollo Tomassi

Author of The Rational Male and The Rational Male, Preventive Medicine

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  1. I wonder how the mother and son relationship plays here. We understand in the rp that moms tend to make their sons the man they wanted but even then the argument is , does a woman know what she wants? I remember being raised by my mom and she would feed me alot of blue pill narratives and I struggled for a long time because of that. When I question her now she had no idea of what she was doing. She didnt maliciously do it but because that’s what she thought a ideal boy/man would need to find a woman. Obviously generations change so even if she raised me to supplicate to a woman like she deemed right it was for the type of woman I wouldn’t date because of ages, generational differences, and cultures….sadly we can all agree society in general is on the decline so the mental point of origin belief is a rule we can hold on to for generations. That’s what I will feed my 3 year old son because only God knows how bad girls/ society will be when he is of age.

  2. I’ve only ever personally known one woman who ever asked a man to marry her.

    It was a woman I knew who had spent a few months off and on talking to me about her desires for a husband and a family. She also said she was going to move to Southern California to be a cop. I told her that being a cop would make her unfeminine and suck up her life, preventing her from having a family.

    She asked what she should do since her boyfriend of a few years wasn’t proposing. She was in her upper 20’s. I told her that she didn’t have a ton of time to waste, the clock was ticking, and if she wanted a family with her current boyfriend, she should just ask him to marry her. If he said no, she should dump him and find marriage material somewhere else.

    Today they’re married and have a six month old baby, and she has no desire to go be a cop. Lucky guy, she looks like Rita Hayworth and brings no drama to the table. If I was 20 years younger and single, I’d have dated her myself.

  3. why is this so HARD?

    Sure… give the little women their abasement in “words”. That’s all and it is really ALL they want.

    And do what you will.

    I’m surprised that this kind of idea of saying one thing and doing another has not caught on in the man-o-sphere. Women do this all the time. So why can’t a man in relating to a woman give her the lip service she seems to require?

    Men go around and mentally “get” that women are irrational. AND THEN turn around and demand rationality in how we deal with women.


    Why hold our male behavior to any higher standard than women do? A woman wants the “yes dear” verbal massage, ok give it to her! Why fight this?

    Women want the verbal illusion of having a man behave how they wish. Why interfere with this?

    Mark my words, with women, it’s not about winning. It’s more about not losing.

  4. The best way to play this out is to interact with women. I ask myself now with my latest plate, if I’m doing too much? In who’s frame am I? and if I’m not breaking my own slightly modified version of Iron Rule 3. She has one date left anyways.

    Another thing is gentlemen take two pictures with a women, one where you sit upright and stare into the camera and another leaning into her. See which one looks better…

  5. @Angry game: giving in, even if only “verbally” (if not in actions), to appease a woman… Is still a loss of Frame (and not being on our own MPoO).

  6. @Angry Gamer
    I’m surprised that this kind of idea of saying one thing and doing another has not caught on in the man-o-sphere. Women do this all the time. So why can’t a man in relating to a woman give her the lip service she seems to require?

    Angry phase huh?

    Women appearing to be saying one thing and doing another is just a dog goggles (male forebrain) fallacy.

    If humans had evolved without verbals, even forebrains, they’d still be able to function and communicate. Like many other species. Forebrain is just another layer, a buffer to process what’s happening at lower levels and around, to increase adaptability and not run purely on hardwired algorithms. Underneath there’s a soup of emotions, executing without thinking. Your inner landscape that verbals can only vaguely point at. But if you don’t see this changing underworld in another person, then you’re practically blind. Do animals just stupidly walk around bouncing off of each other because they haven’t developed speech?

    Women in general as a sex aren’t lying creatures plotting against men (exceptions aside, need to learn to spot them too). They do tell the truth, you just need to accept it’s not your masculine truth. They live in the moment guided by their emotional states and what they say reflects how they feel (very solipsistic for a good reason). Changes of this emotional landscape are inevitable and so the meaning of their words morphs too.

    Cats are not dogs. Don’t follow their words, listen to how they feel and why. Women do follow their inner truth. They do what/how they feel, consistently. This makes them more congruent than you are now.

    It’s up to you to learn how to read/predict female behaviors over a longer period.

    Men go around and mentally “get” that women are irrational. AND THEN turn around and demand rationality in how we deal with women.

    Which frame is that in? Rebelling against someone “demanding” (wut?) something from you is not being your own mental point of origin yet.

    You still have that Pill to swallow. Let it slide in.

    Field Reports are waiting. Break down the practicalities of your struggles, not some theoretical buffers.

  7. There’s a chapter in The Long Road to the Industrial Revolution that explores the evolution of marriage in northwestern Europe (North Sea countries). The European Marriage Pattern (EMP) that emerged during the late medieval is distinct from other technological advanced and urbanizing societies like those in China or Persia.

    The EMP introduced a social expectation that a woman’s consent was essential to sex and marriage.

    What’s really interesting is the role of the Catholic Church in establishing EMP as doctrine throughout the many emerging political jurisdictions and city states. The Church noticed that women were more likely to name the Church as a beneficiary in their will, compared with men. I don’t know exactly why, but Scandinavian traditions that permitted noble women to own property, to rule, and to govern had diffused throughout the North Sea via the non-Christian Vikings, and these North Sea women were enamored of Church doctrines that placed constraints on male violence. Maybe that’s why wealthy women gave to the Church.

    In return, male Catholic Church leaders (sworn to celibacy) encouraged the further social empowerment of women, preached to constraint male behavior, and invented moral and religious obligations intended to bind powerful men to a social agenda.

    I’m not saying that’s wrong. Civilization depends upon mechanisms that constrain male impulses before they manifest in destructive behaviors.

    Also, civilization demands analogous constraints on female hypergamy, and that’s where Rollo is pointing out that feminism is out of whack. The technology of birth control, and the female social convention of fempowerment have unleashed hypergamy, and men can no longer rely on outdated traditions to protect them from hypergamic destruction.

  8. The Plague giving more political and economic power to the working classes acted as a considerable accelerant.

  9. The expected abasement is a test, I can’t think of much instances I’ve done it. If you don’t abase yourself their respect increases for you, double points if you call them on their bullshit in a friendly joking manner, see the interest rise in their eyes. The reason most guys don’t do it is because of the way they have been programmed.

    The root of the problem is the educational system both public and private at this point. I’ve recently gotten involved in my kids school system and started to play real close attention to what is going on. It’s mostly all women at this point even in the administrative areas, 80% easy. It’s actually not some evil/conspiracy as far as I can tell but rather short term(how I feel now) type thinking that is driving the decisions made. I do believe they mean good individually but collectively it leads to chaos, the road to hell is paved with good intentions as they say.

    We are entering a new dark ages in the west at this point in different areas, I would argue we’ve been it for at least 1 decade at this point with regards to education. Education/School is the new church/religion that must not be questioned, we’ve put all our eggs in a basked controlled exclusively by women, any true questioning of it is viewed as blasphemy, the harshest punishment right now is the loss of livelihood but eventually that won’t be enough and it will transition to the physical.

    The loss of reason can be seen everywhere, this however presents an excellent opportunity for the the renaissance type man to provide leadership to small units/communities going forward, the west as a whole is throughly cooked at this point.

  10. “. . . It’s actually not some evil/conspiracy as far as I can tell but rather short term(how I feel now) type thinking that is driving the decisions made.”

    The long term conspiracy is centered in the teacher’s colleges which shape the perspective given to the short term thinking.

  11. I agree foxguy! Before I even knew about RP I intuitively got this. I didn’t even ask my wife to marry me. It didn’t feel right to (seemed like) “beg” for her permission. I knew she wanted me, so I simply asked her dad for his blessing without her in the room and then announced we’d be getting married. She has half-heartedly complained about that ever since when in a social setting. It almost feels like she is bragging about it oddly. Either way, I have always been happy with my decision and smile when she tells the story. The idea of her being chattel that her dad gave me the OK to take over the maintenance of has always sat well with me…and apparently her.

    Our relationship was always ripe for RP and when I got basic training, it blossomed. Stuff is very, very real!!

  12. “It almost feels like she is bragging about it oddly.”

    It’s called “humble bragging.” It’s a standard arrow in the covert Women’s Circle status quiver.

  13. foxguy
    It’s mostly all women at this point even in the administrative areas, 80% easy. It’s actually not some evil/conspiracy as far as I can tell but rather short term(how I feel now) type thinking that is driving the decisions made

    The k – 12 system is a huge beta factory. That’s not an accident, it’s a result of feminization.

    Remember, women are tribal. They have a known ingroup preference of 4:1 by one study, so women teachers tend to prefer women over men. This is how HR turns into a femme-only world, and they is how education has become feminized at the primary level and increasingly in mid high. A man who teaches at the mid high or high school level has to have a strong frame in order to keep the femocrats from running over him. I know a few, and respect them, especially the old school types. A few returning vets from the sandboxes are turning out to be pretty good high school teachers, helping to counter act the feminization.

    Sometimes you’ll have to choose the least bad option. You can see what’s going on on the public schools. Private schools in most places are stuffed full of snotty rich brats, including the church-based ones. Home schooling is possible for a minority of people, and very hard for most; some of the most clueless and lost college aged men I’ve worked with came from a home school world where Mommy was their main or only teacher for years.

    You can’t hand an 8 year old boy a copy of Rational Male but you can distill a few things down for him. Not necessarily like that Cox Cable commercial, either.

  14. @Thomas P

    Thanks for the observation and the linkage. There are other differences within the Hajnal line. The Catholic Church sought to control nobles in part by banning cousin marriages; 1st cousins, then 2nd cousins, then ultimately all the way out to 5th or even 7th cousins. This had the effect of making it very difficult for any nobleman to find a wife that could produce a noble heir, but of course leaving his wealth to the church was always an option…that was no accident.

    Another rabbit trail: the Cult of Courtly Love that dates back at least to Eleanor of Aquitane. Dalrock has written a series of essays on that. Abasement of the man to his lady faire is a key part of that Cult.

    Within northern Europe, banning cousin marriage improved intelligence within the larger population just for a start. I have read papers claiming that even in the 15th century it was common for women within the deep Hajnal areas such as the Low Countries to first marry at the age of 22 to 24, while women in other areas were hitched in their late teens. There are a number of effects that flow from later marriages.

    As kfg pointed out, the Black Death had profound cultural and genetic effects on humans in Europe.

  15. Palma

    Yeah we have that term. And “gay husband” the other way.

    Yes AJA looks less than comfortable…

  16. Palma

    Who the fuck do these clowns think they are?

    Here are some lessons on marraige from The Family Alpha, ya know the guy who’s wife cheated on him and he didnt find out for nine years. And he kept her.

    That lesson is missing…

    “One trick I use to ensure I don’t become routine or less attractive is I ask myself, “if I were on a second date with this girl, would this action get me a third date?“

    This little thought experiment keeps me from too many fart jokes, Peter Griffin moments, or any other unattractive behaviors. My wife isn’t just “wife” she’s a woman and as such, I need to treat her like I would any new woman I was looking to court.

    I want my third date, so I’m going to be a high value man who has appropriate fun and not always crude childish humor.”

  17. Sentient
    The Family Alpha, ya know the guy who’s wife cheated on him and he didnt find out for nine years. And he kept her.

    Obviously I missed a memo. Got link / details?

  18. @Sentient
    Here are some lessons on marraige from The Family Alpha, ya know the guy who’s wife cheated on him and he didnt find out for nine years. And he kept her.

    “2) Don’t make your marriage a business.”

    Stated while ramping up a lifestyle coaching business around marriage and family.

    “I was originally going to say, “Divorce is always an option.” but that has such a negative energy to it”

    Especially if it could kill the brand. No pressure.

    Don’t quit your 9 to 5 Hunter.

  19. I’ve disliked Hunter ever since I heard him blame single mother’s for fucked up kids while pretending that asshole fathers don’t exist. It was on one of the last Red Man groups.

    You can’t bitch about women being cunts but let baby-trapped fathers and jealous faux-alphas slide for their horseshit attitudes towards their sons.

  20. No serious guy who has been through struggle would look up to that AJC guy, it’s so easy to recognize the non mental strength in the guy for all his physical strength you can just see the weakness because he has been pampered all his life, you can see in someones face when they have been through struggle, he most likely is secretly gay. The black guy has been through some struggle but make no mistake about it he is hustling hard also.

    Who is the broad?

    People become a a damm parody and they don’t even realize it.

  21. “The long term conspiracy is centered in the teacher’s colleges which shape the perspective given to the short term thinking.”

    @KFG, agreed it may be there that there is something organized. These teaching broads are pretty short sighted, even the smarter ones are hustling hard at the pecking order within the administrative ranks. It’s Animal Farm but the female version, they can’t project a couple of years into the future.

    I have to agree with some of the reading material I’ve been reading that the seeds of the downfall of the west were sown hundreds of years ago, perhaps in the enlightenment itself.

  22. I don’t know about greyhounds, but the Red Pill works on my dog. “You cannot negotiate the desire to poop.”

  23. KL
    I don’t know about greyhounds, but the Red Pill works on my dog. “You cannot negotiate the desire to poop.”

    You can teach a dog to do that in the yard rather than in the house, if the dog is smart enough. Some dogs are dumb as a box of rocks, though.

    The dog can learn maybe 100 words, but it will never actually learn to speak “human”. Therefore anyone who owns a dog must learn how to speak “dog”.

    The dog is wired to be part of a pack, it craves hierarchy and wants to know who is the head of the pack. A foolish man who treats a dog like an equal puts that dog into an anxious state, because there’s no pack leader…then that dog must try to become the pack leader, and starts attempting to boss the man around. The cure for that is obvious: the man must become the pack leader in no uncertain terms; define unacceptable behavior and punish it, sometimes reward good behavior, lead the dog in “doggish” terms.

    Training a dog is a good learning experience for any man.

  24. For fucks sake. Is it Texas, or just southern culture in general, that leads the way in trad con white knight culture?

    Working hand-in-glove with feminist dating app founder, Texas enacts new law. Dont believe for a second that this law will be applied “equally” between the sexes. Men will be 90% of those convicted, and for the 10% women they will receive lighter punishments. Because feminism is all about restricting male sexual behavior, while maximizing it for women.

    Further proof that trad con white knights are just the usefull idiots of feminists.

  25. @j

    Thanks for the link on Family Alpha. I’m going to assume it’s true rather than a troll or something.

    Well, things happen, and girls getting back onto a carousel pony while a man is in basic or deployed is unfortunately not at all uncommon. Yeah, he shoulda known what was up back then, but he didn’t. Plenty of men have had their own “d’OH” moments learning the truth about women.

    He chose to keep her? Likely the children are a factor. It’s a cliche to see men staying with a contentious woman “for the sake of the children” but in the aggregate a parental divorce messes kids up. Some take it really hard, some not so much.

    I don’t read his site. If he’s really brought her to submission, then he’s played the game of “marriage” on the “difficult” setting, and therefore he might just have some useful things other men can learn from.

  26. @ Sentient

    At first I thought you were joking with spoof photo about “patriarch” convention. Then I checked out Bitch Muscles twitter feed. Purple pill convention.

  27. Fact

    At first I thought you were joking with spoof photo about “patriarch” convention. Then I checked out Bitch Muscles twitter feed. Purple pill convention.

    Yeah you can’t make this stuff up… lolz

  28. Fact
    Purple pill convention.

    Not a very dark shade of purple. You may be too generous there.

  29. @AD

    Since women-pedestaling and the climate emergency hoax are both objects of the intense propaganda run in the West, they both are found in the “opinions” of the propaganda-susceptible.

  30. @Jorge Torres

    Of course the mother is in good faith. She just doesn’t know herself (let alone other women), she doesn’t even remember her standards for liking and not liking when she was a youth (and didn’t do calculations on prospective mates).

    She doesn’t know that she rebuffed the advances of Boy A because he was too candid, while she daydreamed about Boy B because Boy B gamed her.

    Most of what is charged to deception is actually done by self-deception.
    Only self-deception makes for great deception. You would expect the physically weaker sex having to rely much more on pretense and deception, and being more self-deceptive (less self-conscious) due to just that.

  31. On the blog post’s subject… hypergamy mixes with pride (or sense of power, it’s just a choice of words) to gender a schizophrenic state of mind.

    He must be superior to her, or he won’t be useful (she won’t love him lol).

    But if he is superior, then is he thinking he is… superior to her, and seeing her as his inferior? Aaaaargh, she is so upset now. Time to demand a bit of genuflection from him.
    If he denies it, her anger goes up: he’s so arrogant!
    If he obliges, then… what the hell? Is he no longer superior as she had thought when falling in — lol — love for him? Now she is in a crisis, she starts not to be sure whether she… lol… loves him any more.

    And it never ends. The frank, the sensitive, the truly in love, will be treaded on, get backs turned on them, and run the real risk of falling insane. Unless they are resilient enough to go through this enough times to start waking to the real rules of the game. (Surely some websites can help a lot.)

  32. (Listening to a song with the phrase “People give good advice when they can no longer set a bad example”.)

    Women want the good men, when they no longer hold hopes for the non-good ones.

  33. I look at the latest 21Con and “Red Man Group” content. And what I see is: “I’m a shiny object. Look at Me!”

    Without much substance there.


    Mrs. Fox (female nature): I’m going to lose my temper now.

    Mr. Fox: When?

    Mrs. Fox: Right now.

    Mr. Fox: Well, when…

    [Mrs Fox slashes his face]

    Mr. Fox: OW!

    Mrs. Fox: Twelve fox years ago, you made a promise to me, while we were caged inside that fox trap, that if we survived, you would never steal another chicken, turkey, goose, duck, or a squab – whatever they are, and I believed you. Why? Why did you lie to me?

    Mr. Fox (male nature): Because I’m a wild animal.

    Mrs. Fox: You are also a husband and a father.

    Mr. Fox: I’m trying to tell you the truth about myself.

    Mrs. Fox: I don’t care about the truth about yourself. This story is too predictable.

    Mr. Fox: Predictable? Really? What happens in the end?

    Mrs. Fox: In the end, we all die. Unless you change.

    “It’s not about foxes and bad guys. It’s about understanding our dualistic nature and serving both correctly. ”

    “I think I have this thing where everybody has to think I’m the greatest, the quote unquote ‘Fantastic Mr. Fox’, and if they aren’t completely knocked out and dazzled and slightly intimidated by me, I don’t feel good about myself.”

    The idea is he is trying to shoehorn his prideful nature against requisite order needed for longevity.

    Pickle Rick deals with the same issues. (Rick and Morty)

    Pride driven anarchic lust for life vs. banal order.

    Dr. Wong (voiced by Susan Saranden): Rick, the only connection between your unquestionable intelligence and the sickness destroying your family is that everyone in your family, you included, use intelligence to justify sickness.
    You seem to alternate between viewing your own mind as an unstoppable force and as an inescapable curse. And I think it’s because the only truly unapproachable concept for you is that it’s your mind within your control. You chose to come here, you chose to talk -to belittle my vocation- just as you chose to become a pickle.
    You are the master of your universe, and yet you are dripping with rat blood and feces. Your enormous mind literally vegetating by your own hand.
    I have no doubt that you would be bored senseless by therapy, the same way I’m bored when I brush my teeth and wipe my ass. Because the thing about repairing, maintaining, and cleaning is it’s not an adventure. There’s no way to do it so wrong you might die. It’s just work. And the bottom line is, some people are okay going to work, and some people well, some people would rather die.
    Each of us gets to choose.

    –Words spoken to my privately by EhIntellect.

    The words printed here are concepts. You must go through the experiences. –Saint Augustine

  35. @SJF interesting fox story, It seems to be an immature male energy from Mr. Fox and a very mature feminine energy from Mrs. Fox

    In any case, as a young man I used to tell litterers to pick up their trash. Of course this led to a few confrontations. Being young and angry and up for it and righteous and reckless, I was fine with this. Then I had a long-term girlfriend who said straight out “if we have a family, you have to stop this.”

    Fast forward two decades later, now a father with a young boy (different woman) and I get into a similar situation, and things almost went sideways very quickly. Afterwards, (no harm no foul) the truth of picking worthy battles finally hit home.

    Meanwhile, here’s a thought: it’s true that the healthy feminine/mother energy is there to protect the children from the rest of the world, and the healthy father energy is to lead his family and also protect the integrity of it. But there is another aspect. Father’s are there to protect the larger community from the potential excesses and dysfunction of his family, and to protect his own family from the unhealthy feminine energy from a mother who is not preparing her children to enter the world.

    All that being said, the nuclear family seems overburdened by all of this without many likeminded families nearby; ie. a community that reflects the wisdom of the Dunbar number.

    Thanks Rollo, for your work, and everyone for your insight.

  36. @Just Beers

    An underlying theme in The Fantastic Mr. Fox is that the protagonist Mr. Fox sneakily embraces his base instincts and his natural fox self (that wants to steal chickens). And in his battle vs. the farmers he has irrational self confidence. He uses that self confidence prudently and with good measure and balance. But it is just a story.

    This fits in to Rollo’s original post in that boys are taught at a young age to suppress their true nature. And not always to serve the FI, but also to have an ordered society.

    As far as the Dunbar Number, I’ve always had a good society to live in with high functioning nuclear families. But it never ceases to amaze me that frustrated men that come to and participate in the red pill manosphere always jump to top down societal approaches, rather than a bottoms up approach to their own circumstances. I find it much more effective to use a bottoms up approach and approach things craftily. And with a balance of order and mystery(artfulness and chaos at times). EhIntellect was mentioning this because at times their can be an imbalance via pridefulness and ego defenses clouding rational action.

  37. But Rollo, doesn’t your whole philosophy predict this man should be divorced? How is he still married? A lot of incels would find daily abasement a small price to pay for a marriage.

  38. For those of us who don’t know the backstory on the 21 Convention, can you fill us in? I saw the blog posts about Rollo no longer attending and there being a legal dispute….but I don’t know those other people. Who are they and why is that photo funny? Thanks!

  39. @Rollo,

    An interesting tidbit in a story that seems relevant to this post of yours.

    When I grew up in the cult my whole family was in (If you’re new to my story, hold your surprise for another time), one of the common themes of angst among the ministry that recurred was trying to get young adults of parents in the church to inter-marry within the church. It was a huge problem. This was in the 80s and 90s, so take that as background/setting. Basically the ministry was so concerned about the lack of inter-marrying between their young adults that they held special talks from the ministers to the older youth members to try to convince the boys and the girls to “make do” with what was available.

    As a younger boy in the church at the time, this always struck me as strange. I saw this problem through a very blue-pill perspective back then, and I recall there was emphasis in the talks (at least by what I remember of their titles and expressed subject matter) on men to not judge the girls by their beauty so harshly. The presumption was that the reason girls and boys in the church were not marrying was because the boys were simply too judgemental of female beauty. As a young teenager at the time, this made perfect sense to me, and I remember personally altering my own thinking as best I could to accommodate this “directive”.

    Looking back on it now, it’s plainly obvious that this was little more than a female-mandated directive to the ministers to convince the boys to man-up and marry the sluts. That is not an overstatement, church girls in today’s age are more often sluts using the bible as a disguise than anything else. These church girls had put up with all the rules on make-up and appropriate dress and behavior around boys their whole teenage years and despite losing their virginity to some non-cult member in high-school, they had to have a husband in the church, otherwise their time would have been wasted.

    I do not recall much direction given to women other than something that amounted to, “lower your expectations,” which of course women reserve the right to never do. Their expectations are their own, as their choice is their own, and no minister who is near retirement is going to convince an 18-22 year old woman who has tasted alpha to lower her expectations. So the end result was young men, whose minds are not yet fully developed, attempting to alter their thinking; all while the same batch of women who they were dealing with had already matured minds, already tasted their female sexual power, and thus had absolutely no inclination to altering their thinking.

    I would submit that much of the reason that feminism has been so successful in changing culture is the fact that male minds mature later, and thus are more malleable long before they have a taste of their own sexual power. This greater malleability should be protected from female influence, not deliberately subjected to it through near state-level intervention as we have today.

  40. ” It seems to be an immature male energy from Mr. Fox and a very mature feminine energy from Mrs. Fox”

    @ Just Beers

    Could be seen that way. That’s more aligned with a midlife crisis, flailing for meaning and she’s finger wagging him back into mediocrity.

    More likely….the dyadic nature of man is at issue. As in any good film, there’s an internal-external struggle and both must be intentionally recognized and purposefully executed for resolution.

    He is a fox. He must behave in that physical manner or he will perish or at least languish doing something he’s not made to do…i.e. being not his best self.

    The wife is content, tending to the home and raising the child as she is commanded to do. He’s disturbed in his oath-quagmire, unable to effect his external world as he is commanded to do.

    We choose. We accept our world as WYSIWYG and then develop a evo-bio-psychological RP process and wonder why it’s hard work, force fitting people into intersexual straight-jackets. Result: PUA. PUA is an obervation-to-action algorithm of human sexuality. Hence the heavy-flash clumsiness lubricated thickly with bizarre Looksmaxxing. No man who respects himself give that snake-oil a second glance.

    The litterbug anecdote was good. Your intent was correct and your execution less so, hence the fighting. OOH, we agree living in trash is bad. OTOH, we debate how to attain a trash-free life. You can’t control others, yet feel compelled to live trash-free.

    Again, we choose how to squeeze our juice. Some make it look easy. Self-help writers craft books laying out juice-squeezing cheat codes, effectively amputating how to squeeze juice well. Chad doesn’t think about being, well, Chad.

    Chad doesn’t behave that way. He has a congruent nature…accepting his mental, physical and emotional states as useful and applying them within that context. He recognized himself yet beyond the mental, physical and emotional.

    He unthinkingly, naturally, almost-genius-like separates his motivators into: 1) “I can manipulate the world and will do so as I and the world are designed…maximizing the juice for my squeeze.” and 2) “I understand and accept that which I can not control and I follow that command as designed…giving only what I must.”

  41. “It doesn’t need explaining to those who understand it and can’t be explained to those who don’t.”

    i.e., For posting his side of the story on, Rollo is being sued for slander by wimps who won’t simply admit their error publicly and bury the conflict.

  42. “Again, we choose how to squeeze our juice. Some make it look easy. Self-help writers craft books laying out juice-squeezing cheat codes, effectively amputating how to squeeze juice well. Chad doesn’t think about being, well, Chad.

    Chad doesn’t behave that way. He has a congruent nature…accepting his mental, physical and emotional states as useful and applying them within that context. He recognized himself yet beyond the mental, physical and emotional.

    He unthinkingly, naturally, almost-genius-like separates his motivators into: 1) “I can manipulate the world and will do so as I and the world are designed…maximizing the juice for my squeeze.” and 2) “I understand and accept that which I can not control and I follow that command as designed…giving only what I must.””

    Rollo had an alleged Dune quote in his Twitter stream ~ 1:00 today:

    The mind commands the body and it obeys. The mind orders itself and meets resistance.

    It was a Dune/Frank Herbert quote….

    But it actually came from from St. Augustine in Confessions (Book 8).

    Augustine was wondering where the bizarre phenomenon comes from where the mind commands the body and it complies with the order. But when the mind commands the mind it doesn’t become willing. The mind gives itself an order to want something–which is not an order it could give unless it wanted to–and yet it doesn’t do what it orders. The answer is that it doesn’t wholly will the act, and so doesn’t wholly order it. It gives and order only to the same extent that it wills what it’s ordering, and what it’s ordering fails to come about to the same extent that it doesn’t will it, since the will orders that there be a will–not different from itself, but exactly the same.

    This means that it’s not the full will doing the ordering, and so the will isn’t the same as what it commands. It it were the full will, it wouldn’t be ordering itself into existence, because it would already exist. It follows that to be willing in part and in part unwilling isn’t a bizarre phenomenon but a sickness of the mind, because the mind, being top-heavy with habit, doesn’t stand up wholly straight in the truth. For this reason, there are two wills, because neither of them is complete and what present in the one is missing from the other.

    The thing to do is be reductive and weed out the insolence that is shooting yourself in the foot. By sitting on the fence. By not fully wanting something or fully not wanting it. Inwardly being at war, laying waste to yourself with devastation happening against your will. The punishment of one’s own mind. Looking for a freer choice.

    Chad doesn’t do that:

  43. @anonymous reader – I truly meant you cannot negotiate the desire to poop. If my dog doesn’t need to poop, then I can’t force him. To the contrary, he will waste my time sniffing and peeing on every plant in the neighborhood. The most efficient tactic is to return home. Then he knows the tour is over, and poops … or not. You might call this a literal shit-test.

    This is a metaphor for dating. If you duplicitously try to entertain a girl, then she will waste your time. You need to head home.

  44. Whoever David Feldman is, he is a first class idiot and a major tool. Same advice my Dad tried to give me on marriage – the old “yes, dear’ crap. Hated my Dad anyway, so did not listen to him…

    Don’t ever argue with a woman; not because you know could never win, but because there is no point.

  45. @ Jeremy

    “Rollo is being sued for slander by wimps who won’t simply admit their error publicly and bury the conflict.”

    Bitch Muscles isn’t actually taking legal action against anybody, is he? Its all empty threat. Even if he had free legal representation, the judge would rule the complaint frivolous and force ADJ to pay Rollo’s legal defense expenses. ADJ is just doing the gamma male personality melt-down thing because that’s what gamma males do when they have no other cards left to play.

  46. I said to my new squeeze (17.5 years my junior and a fire-cracker in the sack) last night, before our second night & morning of very enthusiastic sex, “If you’re a good girl, i’ll fuck you over and over and over, but i won’t fuck you over…”, to which she just cooed, then got down, once again, to enthusiastic blow job business, all the while looking me in the eye. It was just an off the cuff remark, a bit of banter really, but she loved it. She later remarked, “getting you off makes me happy, Daddy”. Never abase yourself, gentlemen. Laugh at yourself and tease your girl mercilessly, but never seriously abase yourself. And this is a good Christian girl (i’m more into Buddhism) who considers herself (and she is to a great extent), a very independent, rather modern woman. But she just melts into feminine submission with me as i’m holding solid frame, and don’t appear to take myself too seriously in her eyes, and i certainly don’t take her too seriously either. She just loves it…

  47. The Silver Fox’s comment got me thinking: Can eating pussy be alpha? Or does it always count as abasement?

    Not trolling. Would love to hear different perspectives on this, especially from the veterans (Blax, Sentient, kfg, etc).


  48. Garnet

    “Can eating pussy be alpha? Or does it always count as abasement?”

    Like most things, it’s about the frame. If it’s something you are doing because you can’t help it, i.e. you are overcome, you want to like a lustful kiss and you are in control, that’s one thing. If it is a command performance or a game of PussyHero 2.0 so she “gets hers”, that’s another. And if you don’t want to at all and you still do – well that is abasement.

  49. Garnet,

    Intent is everything. Some guys refuse on principle. I respect that. I like the funk and bedroom acrobatics. Wet pussy smell gets me hard. Operant conditioning, I suppose.

  50. Cosign Sentient👍

    True story ( sorry Scrib, wherever you are )

    When I was. At the tender age of 13, I had a gf and logistics that made daily sex possible. The older guys in my neighborhood would attempt to give me tips and clues and what not, and one tip that caused great debate was ” eat pussy “. Some guys said going down between a girls legs was a degrading act, others said it wasn’t degrading and it was something that just happens in the inferno that is great sex.

    So I decided to try it on my super hot 14 year old gf. I mean, my aunt turned me on to oysters and I thought they were disgusting, but I found that I liked them a lot. Maybe ” pussy ” would be similar.

    So while banging away with gf, I left the bed momentarily and returned with a Styrofoam cup, lol. I pulled her legs wide apart and headed down south. She tried to slam her legs shut, ” what are you doing!!??!!! “. I didn’t say a word and forced her legs open and stated in bewilderment at the fuzzy slit before me. How do you ” eat ” that? So I shrugged and gave it a full tongue lick. Nothing. How she’s covering her face from embarrassment. So I hit it again more forcefully, and my tongue slipped deeper inside, where it was scalding hot and soaking wet.

    So I licked and licked, stopping occasionally to , no lie, spit into the cup. I wasn’t going to swallow that stuff because it might have pee in it.😂 she squirmed and protested and pushed my head away and slammed her thighs against my head. I’m thinking, wtf? How is this sexy or fun?

    So I.went on a strict ” no pussy eating ” diet. Fuck what anybody said, I saw no point to licking vagina.

    Fast forward about 6 months or so. I’d been banging away and I was learning geometrically about what I liked. I was starting to get my sex legs under me, lol. Gf was multi orgasmic and now sex was different. Now during sex, I felt like I was literally going to eat her alive from head to toe. Anne without any thoughts about it, I was devouring pussy.

    Never saw it, once I ” got it ” as demeaning or abasing.

    But it’s not a part of a repertoire. If I ain’t feeling it, I ain’t faking it.

    Flashback: had sexy, but Asian gf in ldr/ltr. Beautiful nerdy tech girl. Highly analytical about everything. We went to a hotel and locked ourselves inside having sex for 3 days straight,.All day and all night.

    After sex, she’d like to talk about what had just transpired, lol ( told ya, and was super analytical). Her conclusion: 1) I really liked her because I enjoyed going down on her and it wasn’t an obligation. 2) I was really into her because no man has ever touched/kissed/licked her entire body. 3) it was the first time she’d ever had multiple orgasms without oral or penetration.

    So she’d stare at me like she was studying me, which made me horny af, and we’d go at it again. I didn’t tell her what I felt or what I thought, I let her mind run wild. Once I told her that her skin was smoother and softer than the silk nightie she was wearing, then I ripped it off her and tore it to shreds, lol.

    Imo.Nothing 2 consenting adults do is abasing, depending on what the mindset is.

  51. @Garnet

    “Can eating pussy be alpha? Or does it always count as abasement?”

    It all gets down (no pun intended) on what YOU get out of it.

    From the perspective of an older guy who only bangs girls under 30, firstly no guys in their 20’s it seems are either doing it or are good at it.

    Secondly, it’s the quickest and best way to get a girl to orgasm just before you bang her. If she cums while you’re banging her she immediately bonds with you. That’s alpha. Do that a few times and girls will be craving it. Then you’re in control. If you’re trying to “please” her because you want her to like you… you’re supplicating in the worst way.

    So look at outcome not output.

    Blaximus…I generally skip past your posts and I should have with this last one…. wayyyy too much detail. Triggered. Penthouse Forum Letter detail… enough. Say something meaningful dude or just read.

  52. Wala

    You should have skipped my post and just stfu then.

    I wasn’t going to comment on your weak ass ” get them to cum ” shit, so skip my penthouse forum thing and concentrate on your ” I only bang girls below 30 …makes me alpha “.

    So if girls stop fucking you, you’ll crawl in a hole and die.😂😂😂😂


    You’re probably a nice guy, but you’re a clown. Both can be true.

  53. @ Sentient, kfg, EhIntellect, Blaximus, Wildside, and Walawala,

    Thanks. There’s a lot to unpack here. It’s great to get different perspectives with the weight of experience behind them.

    I personally get a kick out of it (TMI lol), but I find some girls’ enthusiasm drops over time (takes them longer to cum, if at all). I must be giving off some wrong subcomms. I’ll move over to the Field Reports thread.

  54. “60% american women are now dress size 12 or above.”

    Thanks for that.

    It’s a symptom not a diagnosis, guys. It’s not a display of power, it’s a national-scale suicide pact one bite at a time.

    Meaninglessness in life renders meaninglessness in deatth…incel suicide, incel homicide, depression, cutting, tattoos, resting bitch faces, cynacism..all symptoms of frivolous momentary substitutes for self-esteem.

  55. “So if girls stop fucking you, you’ll crawl in a hole and die.”

    Hallelujah. Testify, brother Blax.

  56. I’ve had to watch that chart unfold in real time. Bear in mind that in 1958 8 was average. The 1958 8. And bear in mind that average was average, not slim.

  57. So in other words 60% of american males are going to have to grovel, or abase themselves, to get with a size 16 woman…? wtf

  58. From the first time I saw ADJ on video, I knew something was off about the guy, many noticed this. Many questioned Rollo on his involvement with him prior to the split, Rollo compromised in order to try to go mainstream with the red pill which if you have really studied human beings without any blinders you know that will never work, because at heart human beings are wired for the social not the truth, Plato’s cave it’s what holds society together.

    We all make mistakes, hence I don’t hold it against Rollo but he is still associating with personalities who really have no true or a very limited insight into human nature because gaining said insight would be a big blow to their current mental/religious frameworks. Yes they offer Rollo a platform as ADJ did but at the same time they water down the truth for their own gain as they need the audience/money.

    ADJ is at this point comedic value and a warning not to get involved with these types, as you gain nothing from getting in the mud even if you “win”.

  59. Ladies clothing size inflation is such an obvious consumer marketing ploy, it is a testament to the tendency for value-ignorance and perception-obsession women generally have that the ladies sizing standards ever inflated. Men go into stores or buy online just to make sure they’re not walking around naked. Look only matters in that it fits properly, there’s no size obsession. If a guy has a 40-inch waist, so be it as long as what he’s wearing fits properly.

    But for ladies… if one brand of clothing fits them and lets them say they’re a size zero…. they’ll buy it purely to be able to tell themselves they’re a size zero. It doesn’t matter if their BMI is 40, that brand will get their dollars.

  60. “So in other words 60% of american males are going to have to grovel, or abase themselves, to get with a size 16 woman…? wtf”

    Untrue. It’s the other way around. The fatter the woman, the less incentive for a man to chase. Women will begrudgingly substitute absence of routine sex with trips, toys, education, more food. Fat women are some of the most depressing, insecure people to hang out with.

    Guys aren’t chasing. You might see Jack Sprat relationships and such but it’s not a preferred situation. The guy knows it. She knows it.

    Rollo posted a personal anecdote years back about a buddy of his who had a fat battle-axe wife. She seemed in charge though was panicked if the hubby showed some independence.

    Society may change it’s norms but that won’t change man’s basic understanding of the world.

  61. I’m no leftie, but the consumption lifestyle is a direct response to less intersexual comity.

    Lawyers note that increased gas price directly affects business. When gas is cheap people drive more and create more personal injury settlements.

    If men and women routinely found non-negotiated satisfaction from intersexual understanding and behaved such, who’d lose out most, if anyone?

    Men wouldn’t care to be such go-getters and tool collectors. Women wouldn’t feel such a need to fight social injustice baloney causes and get fat while doing it.

    Blax wrote yesterday about advertising and its effects on the psyche. If business can move personal expectations away from the free and satisfying activities in life, they can move men’s minds and wallets and allegiance anywhere.

  62. “…but the consumption lifestyle is a direct response to less intersexual comity.”

    Or is it that when you get a society/culture with no true survival worries, intersexual comity is far less important?

    Remember, the biggest pregnancy event in modern history was a power outage in New York.

  63. I’ve never seen so many people in one place that over-think something to death, to the point of being obsessed with it. Stop giving a shit about what other people think, and go do something. Here’s some advice for ya. Build it and they will come. The “it” is you. You’ve got to make yourself into the total package. Get off the internet and your other electronic devices that you have plugged into your ass and spend every free moment you have in the gym getting ripped and out making shitloads of money. You won’t have to do anything after that. Women will throw themselves at you. Then pretend to be a dumbass that wants to get married, and all the 9’s and 10’s will become porn stars for you. 8’s and below will do whatever you say. Then tell them it doesn’t look like you were made for each other and move on to the next one. Then, continue to “build it” and operate as required. It’s not that tough. You’ve just got to put down your electronic shit and get moving. If you end up getting married, you’re fucked.

  64. @Coolio

    Why make the assumption that some of us are “thinking it to death” ?
    It is not only possible, it’s probable the people posting here are using spare brain cycles to contribute to the train of thought and they’re still doing everything you suggested.

  65. J. No, it’s not possible – and it’s highly improbable. Most of the people writing shit down on here sound like a bunch of seventh graders.

  66. “no true survival worries”

    Correct irt the animalistic nature of man.

    Sloth sets in when man or beast has sated his appetites. But that’s never enough as women and men both understand the finality of death and fear it. They realize the inexorable options. Hypergamy don’t care if your fridge isn’t working and people get busy making something of themselves beyond themselves.

    Example being a 28-35 year old woman.

    Some bury their heads to meaningless death, temporarily and successively satisfying the eat, drink, screw desires over and over. Not a bad deal if there’s nothing to live for beyond food and sex as ends in themselves.

    Notice though how the NYC blackout changed attitudes toward generation? It wasn’t the confined quarters. People consequentially fucked for childbirth. The future unknown risk-benefit outweighed the immediate known personal comfort-security.

    Lose the security, lose the buffer, gain some clarity of value. That fancy uptown media internship don’t rate much with a power outage.

    It’s not about the sex per se, it’s about knowing one’s life mattered a whit while here. Sitting in the dark, confronting one’s failing ego, and choosing to move on to something more sustainable.

    Im not saying people actually are thinking this through. People do intuit life is better than death and will act accordingly when given the opportunity.

  67. J. Less than 1% of the people on the planet (much less) do what I suggested. All you gotta do is look around and observe the results.

  68. Thanks Coolio.

    That’s gotta be the absolute bestest advice anyone’s ever given here.

    Recap: Get ripped. Get money ( mo’ money ). Women will throw themselves at you, and you won’t have to do anything.

    Remember, rich ripped guys never ever have women issues at all. Don’t overthink ” it “.

    So Let’s Go!!!! Last one to the Leg Machine buys Kale smoothies for everybody!!!! After the gym, we’re all going shopping for one of those money counting machines, because we’re gonna need it with all of the cash we will ( magically ) be making!!!


    …. don’t overthink it bruh.

  69. Coolio,

    You write forcefully and that’s, well, cool.

    Since you’re on the ZFG and self improvement subject, tell us about yourself. You know, nothing too specific, age, body mass index, size of town you live in, notch count, are your parents alive or deceased, ever married, divorced, present relationship status…that should do.

    You don’t have any fear of telling us all that, do you? You sound like you got your shit together the way you speak truth to power. No fear, I like that.

    I look forward to your reply and thank you for the scolding. We could learn a lot from you and there’s nothing like a good conscience examination!

    High five!

  70. Coolio

    Before we listen to your hectoring lecturing, tell us your bona fides. Both your evidence of your good faith and genuiness and your evidence of your qualifications and achivements.


    Just as you have no idea what some of us are up to in real life, we have no idea of what you are. And why you think your thoughts are universal praxeology. If you haven’t noticed, each and every one comes here from a different set of circumstances and a different reality.

    “Less than 1% of the people on the planet (much less) do what I suggested.”

    And why is that, Coolio? Because everything is different these days right? And no one faces resistance… And everybody thinks to much and spends too much time on the internet, right?
    You are partially right, Coolio Tony Robbins. But why doesn’t everyone just follow your advice.

    And you think everyone commenting here is a loser, right?

  71. what kind of retard is this “Coolio”?

    Let’s examine some of its claims…

    “Stop giving a shit about what other people think, “

    Followed by giving you something an other person thinks… “and go do something.”

    “You’ve got to make yourself into the total package.”

    Oh is that all? How can I do this? I want it!

    “spend every free moment you have in the gym getting ripped and out making shitloads of money. “

    Oh… I see… GENIUS! Nobel Prize and MacArthur Genius Award in one guy…

    But I have to ask, I’m curious, just how many people can do that?

    Oh wait, he answers it… Yay!

    “Less than 1% of the people on the planet (much less) do what I suggested. “

    Shit man… Must be because all those people in the 99% don’t really want to be having no effort porn star sex with a harem of 9’s & 10’s (TENS!!!) AND be ripped and making shitloads of money. That has to account for only 1% doing it…

    And my favorite…

    “Get off the internet and your other electronic devices that you have plugged into your ass “

    Said while presumably plugging some kind of eeelektronic device into his ass…


  72. ” . . .go do something. Here’s some advice for ya. Build it and they will come. The “it” is you. ”

    You couldn’t be more right, and I’m going to be right on it, as soon as Doc Ido finishes building “it,” my new body, “me,” so he can take my brain out of the jar connected to the Internet.

    At the moment, however, I can only dream of having an ass to jack into.

  73. Blaximus. How you are going to make money is your problem. What you decide to do with your life comes from within. Not from somebody else. You’re gonna have to bust your ass. Same goes for getting ripped. Instead of the pansy smoothies, I recommend a shooter of your choice with a beer chaser. No umbrella’s.

    EI. Talking about yourself on the internet is for people who make shit up and lie through their teeth. Most of the time they’re talkin’ smack and full of shit. Putting up personal information is for pin heads.

    SJF. My advice will work for everyone. Go get you some, and watch the results.

    WildSide. My kinda guy. You’ve got potential.

    Sentient. I’m on the internet when I’m taking a break eating or drinking something in between getting ripped and counting my cash, because TV sucks – and I’m providing a public service to the men of the world by trying to convince people like you to get off the fucking internet and go get yourself ripped with money so you can start fucking some 9’s and 10’s. If you were my son, you’d get a boot in the ass.

  74. kfg. You sound like somebody who wants the rest of the world to hand you everything. The harder you work, the luckier you’re gonna get. Go get busy.

  75. “You sound like somebody who wants the rest of the world to hand you everything.”

    Certainly. You try it and see what it’s like having everything tubed to you, you insensitive, ableist clod.

  76. “they’re talkin’ smack and full of shit. Putting up personal information is for pin heads.”

    You seems pleasant enough. I don’t want prejudgements about your intentions.

    Are you that type of smack talking guy too? Bummer, if so. I was looking for some courage.

    Let us try this again, Coolio. I could carnival-barker guess most of my questions within a standard error or two.

    You seemed insecure initially. It’s ok, my man. You’re new so hang with me here.

    Let’s start you off easy. Age, notch count and level of schooling completed. Make it up if you want. Ha-ha.

    No answer is a dodge by definition and kinda invalidates everything you write henceforth. Kinda makes you the wuss. I don’t want you to be a wuss, but that’s up to you now. You know? You do have a choice to be honest.

    BTW, You do write the word “shit” a lot. Why?

    Just asking.

  77. EI.

    Age. Who cares. It’s irrelevant. You wouldn’t believe me anyhow. And age has nothing to do with it. Experience is the greatest teacher.

    Notch count. Just the fact that you’re asking anybody in the world about their notch count tells me where your head is at. You’ve got a lot of work to do. When the day comes that you stop talking about notch count with people, including your best friends, you’ve mentally arrived in a place where you will understand what somebody like myself is trying to tell you. Answer. You wouldn’t believe me anyhow.

    Schooling completed. If I told you mt schooling and experiences, you wouldn’t believe me. But I can tell you this. Go do what I suggest, and see for yourself. Life’s gonna flash by you faster than you think. You’d better get moving.

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