Beta Game

Before I launch into this proper, let me define a few terms in the fashion that I interpret them. With the popularity of Roissy’s blog and a few notable others, there’s been a new push with regards to using the terms Alpha and Beta (and sometimes Omega) when describing certain classifications of males in modern culture. Allow me to go on record as viewing these ideas as mindsets whereas terms such as AFC or DJ are really states of being. For instance, an Alpha can still be an AFC (called a ‘paper alpha’) with regards to women. A Beta male can still be as wealthy and astute in status as his conditions and fortune have placed him in (often by circumstance). Some states necessitate certain mindsets – a positive masculine state requires an Alpha mindset as a requirement – others do not. Also, don’t make the mistake of associating success (personal and career) with an Alpha mindset. There are plenty of Alphas on, however that doesn’t necessarily make them well rounded individuals. I tend to think of the ideas Alpha and Beta as subconscious energies or attitudes that manifest themselves in our thoughts, beliefs and actions.

Beta Game

Alright now, with this in mind I’d like to propose the idea of Beta Game. Since we’re using the Alpha and Beta terminology here, it’s important to grasp where it comes from. Anyone with even a cursory understanding about animal social hierarchies knows the principal of Alpha and Beta individuals within a social collective. Alphas tend to be the males who exhibit the best genetic characteristics and behavioral skills that put them at the top of the potential breeding pool. In fact Betas are rarely mentioned as such in scientific studies; the Beta term, in PUA lingo is really something of a novelty. Relating these terms to human social interactions, while at times a subjective stretch, isn’t to hard to find parallels in. We can see the similarity, and the applications in long term and short term breeding methodologies that mirror our own.

Like any other Beta animal, alternate methodologies had to be developed in order to facilitate human breeding under the harsh conditions of Alpha competition. In essence, and as found in the wild, Beta males have developed (evolved?) methods which attempt to ‘poach’ potential females from an Alpha’s harem, or at least in this case his perceived, potential harem.


Beta male game focuses primarily on identifying and assimilating themselves to be more like the women they hope to connect with, but it goes further than this. The methodology dictates that the Beta be perceived as being unique (or at least set apart) from the more “common” Alpha males whom his desired women naturally prefer. This is the beginning of the “not-like-other-guys” mental schema he hopes to evoke in his idealized woman.

Due to his inability to compete with an Alpha competitor in the physical, he must fight a psychological battle on his own terms. This involves convincing his target that her best parental investment should be with him (as per her stated requirements) as he more closely embodies her long term prerequisites. The Beta likens himself to her (and women in general) in an effort to maximize his compatibility and familiarity with her and the feminine.

This identification process is then further reinforced through the feminine social conventions he subscribes to. Feminine society (both beta men and women) rewards him for more closely assimilating its ideal – be more like an archetypal woman; sensitive, empathic, emotional, security-seeking, etc.. And not only this, but take de facto feminine offense when presented with anything to the contrary of a female-positive perspective. Lift women up, become less so they become more, and in reciprocation she’s more apt to breed with the Beta.

That’s the principle, not necessarily the reality. In some ways it’s a Cap’n Save a Ho mentality written on a grand scale. The fallacy in this of course is that like should attract like. They fail to understand that opposites attract, and most women don’t want to marry other women, least of all a carbon copy of herself.


When presented with a competitor of superior status, both sex’s innate, subconscious reaction is to disqualify that competitor from breeding in as expedient a method as possible. For animals this usually involves some kind of courtship performance or outright competitive hostility. And while the same could be said for human beings, our natural social impulse requires we take a bit more tact. “Look at that girl, she must be a slut to wear / act like that”, or “Yeah, he’s pretty good looking, but guys like that are usually fags” are an example of the standard social weapons people use to disqualify their respective sex. Disqualify the competitor on the most base level – question their sexuality. Literally cast doubt on competitor’s sexual fitness to breed with potential mates.

While most men (Alpha or Beta) will make similar attempts to disqualify, the Beta’s methodology ties back into his need for feminine identification in his disqualifying a competitor. Essentially he relies on feminine ways of disqualification by drawing upon his likeness to the women he hopes to emulate (thus furthering potential attraction as he thinks). The competitor may not be gay, but he must be cast as inferior to himself due to his competitor’s inability (or lessened ability) to identify and empathize with his desired female.

With Alpha competitors, the field has already been plowed for him by feminine social conventions, all he need do is plant the seeds. The fact that the Alpha tends to embody the masculine opposite of what he’s embraced also feeds this drive. Women aren’t attracted to the macho tough guy, they want a man who’s kind and thoughtful; a good listener. So the natural recourse is to amplify this disparity – he’s a 1950’s neanderthal throwback, he’s “bitter”, he’s a misogynist, he’s a child in a man’s body with a fragile ego only interested in fucking women and moving on. He’s unlike anything on women’s collective stated list of prerequisites for an acceptable male. He must be ridiculed – as all women ridicule – for his selfish hyper-masculinity.

Furthermore, the Beta needs to make the Alpha seem common, while making himself seem unique. In order to effectively AMOG an Alpha, the Beta has to show his empathy for the feminine, and she must appreciate it or it’s been all for nothing (which it usually is). Not only is this an ego preservation mechanism, but it’s also perceived as a tool for achieving the desired sexual reciprocation / appreciation he desires.


All of this really just scratches the surface of how Beta game has evolved. I’m sure there’ll be more input as to different methods that Betas use to facilitate breeding – sexual fetishes / preferences come to mind. I will add though that all of these methods come back to a common root; the need to breed under the duress of competition. Most of what I’ve gone into here, and primarily the feminine identity association, become ego-invested and internalized over the course of a lifetime. It gets to the point that under the auspices of relative anonymity (like the internet) that the Beta will still cling to his mental model, even in the face of very rational, empirical evidence to the contrary, for no other reason than that a woman, a potential mate with whom he could identify, might read his post and may become attracted to him. The Game is never dropped for him, even in light of proving his errors. Beta game is like the boy who decides to play on the girls team when a boys vs. girls kick ball game is started. He thinks it will endear himself to them, when all it really does is make him another girlfriend to giggle with.

Everyone has a Game in some respect. We don’t live in a vacuum, our ideas about seduction (in whatever form) is influenced and / or learned externally. The validity of that Game may be more or less effective, but at some point a man is going to adapt to a methodology of seduction as per his conditions and environment warrant. Even mPUAs still need to adapt their Game for differing environments – different clubs, types of women, socio-economic levels, countries, etc. – there needs to be adaptation and improvisation. The same applies for Betas, but the disparity is that the Beta tends to think of a one size fits all approach. For all the complaints of worry about the Game community turning into scripted ‘social robots’, it’s actually the Beta who adopts a far more embedded script and is less likely to variate from it. Betas tend to stick with what worked for them, what was reinforced for them, in the past.

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    “This involves convincing his target that her best parental investment should be with him”

    Man. I read that and my body hurts. So many years spent “convincing” women they should be with me, and trying to prove “Im not like these guys” just to lose the girl to one of these guys.

    Beta Game, if it even worked… I dont think Betadom is kept because it ever worked. Its more like a treasure, a lottery ticket, a salvation thing.

    Its the promise that it will work, one day, that you´ll get lucky, that you will find the soulmate and will make everything make sense, one day. That´s what gets the flame going.

    Abdicating from it is like renouncing to God and the Afterlife altogether. Its a huge breaking up.

  • Neecy


    Let me ask you, do you think there is possibly a “middle ground” guy who can exhibity both Alpha/Beta traits and still be successful with women? Or is it simply one or the other.

    Also, do you think what happens with the negative look on Betas is a lot of guys adopt beta traits to manipulate women by acting like the nice guy and so some women become distrusting? I think possibly the guy who tries too hard does come off as manipulative or passive/aggressive even if his intentions are good.

    I think all women have been around a guy who caters to them, does and says all the right things only to realize later he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing – who will turn evil the minute he doesn’t get what he wants in exchange for being “nice”. Those guys are the worse and I think this is what gives Betaism a bad name. This is not to say there are not some genuinely good men out there who have the best intentions. But often times others are pretending to be nice to get what they want – which is manipulative to women who deep down prefer a man who is more upfront about what he wants from you.

    Its crazy b/c women say we want these guys, but then we become suspicious of their intentions b/c they are “too nice” (not me just speaking generally).

    Whereas the Alpha is pretty straightforward or at least is acknowledged as being real. You always know what he wants and he is not going to manipulate you into thinking he is one way to get what he wants. He is able to use his charm and whatever other ideals he has going for him to get what he wants. IOW’s women have the OPTION to make a conscious choice whether to give into his desires – unlike a BETA who you have a kind of see/saw emotional ride b/c he is so nice that you don’t want to hurt him.

    Am I making sense? Its Friday and I feel I am just babbling today. LOL

  • Marellus

    Beta Game went hand in hand with mass feminization. As you yourself wrote this has been going on for about half a century. But what was the trigger ? What caused the transition ?

    Was it :

    1) Universal Suffrage ?
    2) Women entering the work force during WW II ?
    3) Television ?
    4) First Generation Feminists like Betty Friedan etc ?
    5) Legislation ?
    6) Cheap firearms ? (The first US states to allow women to vote were “frontier” states where the women had to learn how to use a gun)

    And how will it be undone ?

    1) Marriage Strike ?
    2) Unbalanced birthrates for the genders ?
    3) War ?
    4) Legislation ?
    5) Economic stagnation.

    I wish I knew.


    Betas are not the wolves in sheep clothing. The betas are the guys that circle around you friendly, taking your side, acting like a peniless girlfriend, and some day you realize they have a crush on you. Theres no “wolving” here, more like a very, very timid effort to please you so you get to know the real him, while at the same time compensating you (with attention, money, favors, whatever) for not being up to your standards.

    At least by the definition of Beta in this sphere. With this definition, theres no middle ground, because Beta represents only the negative stuff.

    Caring, loving, being trustful, able to bond, etc, are not “Beta” traits. These are only portrayed as Beta traits when someone is shaming the Alpha archetype.

    So if what you mean is, “is it possible for a guy to be strong, dominant, assertive, be in control of his life, fun to be around, sexually active, and also be caring, generous, loving, and committed?”

    Of course. Thats called a healthy man.

  • Deep Dish

    I have a question:

    Guys who learn alpha game go through a predictable pattern. When they are finally rewarded with the prospects of a relationship, they let their guard down, crumble, chump out, and get unceremoniously dumped. In my own recent experience, the alphaness of my game softened up as the psychological pressures lead me down that predictable path. I know the answer is the game never stops, but how can game become so internalized that it withstands the pressures of reward?

  • Neecy

    @ YOHAMI,

    Awesome reply! thank you for the clarification. I never use terms like Alpha and beta to describe males but I can see in GAME how its effective in distinguishing certain characteristics. And ITA with your last paragraph. A healthy man is one as you described and one in which I believe most women respect and want.

    But I do wonder if the Beta guy you described does somehow (although unintentionally) make it difficult for HIMSELF and the woman he may have a crush on by not simply being forward about his affections. B/C what it does is kind of puts her in a weird position if she doesn’t like him that way – if he is doing all these nice things and going out of his way to please her. And then when he finally makes the move, there is guilt on the woman’s part b/c he was sooo nice and doing things above and beyond what he should for any girl he is not in a relationship with, she feels kind of manipulated b/c now she has to drop the hammer that she doesn’t see him that way OR she will pretend to like him only to later hurt him b/c she didn’t know how to let him down out of guilt. If he is doing all those things to win her affections and yet she is not attracted to him or responding, then it *CAN* come off as manipulative even though this is certainly not his intentions.

    I think men do fare best when they don’t waste time and simply let it be known (in whichever best way he can) that he wants something more than a friendship. I think dropping the trying too hard and the going above and beyond for women they are not even sure like them is also best. Its best to know upfront as to not waste your time, energy and resources, and then putting the said girl in an awkward situation later.

    Now I see why Beta behavior is frowned upon. Women should stop telling men this is what we want. Its just wrong and setting men up for failure. In some ways I am glad men are finally coming to terms with this and taking their masculinity back. Trust me women will love you for it!

  • Rollo Tomassi

    Try not to think of it in terms of “Game”, but rather as a breeding strategy or methodology. A lot of contemporary Game advocates get upset because they think that by Beta Game I’m inferring that being Beta is as legitimate a way to getting laid or beginning an LTR as any other variety of Game. I’m not, but Beta AFCs fervently believe they have an effective form of Game. They have Game, an ineffective and potentially life damaging Game, but a Game nonetheless.


    Yes it can and does come off as manipulative. But for the guy´s frame, he´s not being manipulative. He´s just doing courtship, the only way he knows how.

    Girls feel manipulated because they bite the cookie of “this is a really nice harmless male friend” only to discover there was a penis under the table the whole time. Oh surprise. That evil penis. Penis only wants one thing!

    But really, chances are the guy is putting a lot of heart into it. Disguising as a beta is not what players do – because it doesnt work.

    Girls can and do play the nice girl Im just your friend and then jump in your bones, though, and that strategy works for women, because the dynamics are completely different. Women act nice to get stuff, even if they dont feel like being nice. When men act nice, they are actually trying to BE nice. So the accusation on their evil penis and dark intentions hurt even more. The guys response? try to be even more harmless, more penniless, and talk about how much they really care.

    So its more like a wolf trained to act like a sheep and the ridiculousness of the situation. The more the wolf says he is a sheep the more he digs his own grave. Because all he needed was to be a wolf, a nice wolf if he wanted, and to ravage you.

  • Rollo Tomassi

    I think all women have been around a guy who caters to them, does and says all the right things only to realize later he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing – who will turn evil the minute he doesn’t get what he wants in exchange for being “nice”.

    You’re not the first woman I’ve read to use this canard. I’ll tell you why this is a useful trope though; it absolves women of the responsibility of rejecting Beta men. It’s much easier on a woman’s ego to presume Beta men really harbor ulterior motives. “He’s just playing the nice guy so he can fuck me” is not only convenient, it’s conceited.

    It’s bad enough that the teeming masses of beta men actually spend lifetimes investing themselves into notions of chivalry, sensitivity, emotional availability, dependability, etc. all in a genuine effort to identify better with the feminine, but to have their ego-investments held suspect of being less than genuine by the women they hope to woo by doing so, that’s cruelty on another level.

  • Rollo Tomassi

    Sometimes freedom means having nothing to lose. I don’t mean to go all fortune cookie on you, but I think the first step is letting go of caring about losing a particular individual. That’s particularly hard for most guys. As I stated in another post, it’s men who are the true romantics, and abandoning that romanticism is actually the best way to foster it. This is going to sound really Zen, but we have to allow that romance to happen, not force it. We relax into beta supplication in an LTR because we think that’s the way of ensuring a lasting happiness. That happiness, that imagined idyllic state, is a preconception that we think necessitates our ‘going beta’ to keep it sustained. The first step is to abandon that preconception.

    The path to genuine, interconnected, mutual caring has to start from a state of indifference.

  • Neecy

    @ Rollo

    “it absolves women of the responsibility of rejecting Beta men. It’s much easier on a woman’s ego to presume Beta men really harbor ulterior motives. “He’s just playing the nice guy so he can fuck me” is not only convenient, it’s conceited.”

    Actually, there are men (they may not actually be Betas) but they falsely ADOPT those Beta traits as a way to manipulate women and then turn evil when women see through him. These guys may really be OMEGAS in BETA clothing, but the reality is there are men who do use those traits to get close to women in an effort to manipulate her – IOW’S they are not being sincere.

    Every woman at one point has come across a man like this and thus becomes distrusting of men who are being “too nice”. A true Beta is sincere and simply doesn’t know any other way to approach a woman he likes b/c he was raised and taught (BY WOMEN) to treat women a certain way. So he is simply doing what he was taught to do.

    Unfortunately, there are some losers out there who don’t fit this profile, but they copy cat Beta traits to get what they want and then turn evil when it doesn’t work b/c the woman sees him for what he is – a manipulative snake.

    I feel its in a man’s best interest to protect himself and his assets – just like women. You have even said yourself that women hate direct forms of communication. So women may be sending signals to the “nice guy” that she doesn’t see him that way, but he still keeps trying despite the obvious. Is that her fault? Are you saying women should just come out and say “stop being nice and wasting your time with me b/c I don’t like you that way”? And women do often end up rejecting these guys. They (the guys) don’t usually stop on their own account until after they have done everything for her, then make the move and then she later rejects him, and then he feels used.

    I blame women for telling men this is what we want and then turning around and rejecting these men. And men should stop providing resources and time to women who have not directly in some ways shown the same interest back.

  • Neecy


    I am not opposed to men no longer going above and beyond for women who have not shown any kind of intimate interest back. Now if he really just wants to be her friends and do things for her and has no desire for anything more, then I guess that’s fine

    But my philosophy is all relationships (friendly, sexual etc) need to be reciprocating. Anything less is not a friendship or relationship but someone getting used. Anyone who is doing more than their fare share and not getting anything in return is doing too much and is asking for hurt or trouble. NEVER give what someone is not willing to return to you. This is a lesson that should be taught to both men and women.

  • detinennui32


    I suspect most men in happy, well-adjusted marriage show some alpha and some beta. No happily married man I know with knowledge of Game runs constant hardcore asshole Game on his wife. There’s a time for it, but you can’t do it all the time.

    And the nice guy/evil guy Jekyll and Hyde thing is a canard, as Rollo said. Most of the “nice guys” I know act this way because of frustration.

  • detinennui32

    Marellus: Fascinating question. I vote for the impetus being universal suffrage and the resulting female political power. That gave rise to all the rest of the social phenomena you listed except perhaps TV.

    What will end it? I don’t see evidence of a marriage strike. There is evidence that some men who divorce never remarry. I suspect nothing short of economic collapse (and resulting civil unrest and military conflict) will change it. In hard economic times, women have greater incentive to remain with their men.

  • Hero

    I don’t think this is necessarily a canard. “Nice guys” are often not being truthful about what they want. They are playing the “nice guy” card in hope that they will get somewhere but girls can see through it and it comes off as deceitful.

    The “nice guy” often then does appear as a wolf in sheep’s clothing because he becomes angry when he doesn’t get what he wants. He feels like “I’ve been so nice, how come she doesn’t like me?” He resents the girls for not responding to him being the “nice guy”.

    This is one of the reasons that alpha behavior works. Alphas are honest about the fact that they are sexual beings and are seeking a sexual connection with a girl. They do not hide that fact and girls respect them for being straightforward. As a result they feel they can trust alphas more easily. And we all know that girls actively seek to establish whether they trust a man or not. It is very important to them.

    Dr. Robert Glover discusses this dynamic in his book No More Mister Nice Guy. He stresses that men need to directly express their needs and interests in a relationship.

  • Mike C

    My thought is this meme that “nice guys are nice to manipulate women into bed” is a crystal clear example of projection. I think many women have a strong tendency to acti “nice” in order to try and manipulate some intended outcome. I SEE IT IN THE WORKPLACE ALL THE TIME.

    It truly is amazing to watch when one woman is “nice” to another one that you know she thinks is a complete bitch and then 30 minutes later she is telling you about that bitch that said so and so.

    I actually think it is much more difficult for a guy to maintain this sort of artifice. If I think you are a dick/asshole/dipshit it is going to be darn near impossible for me to constantly be “nice” to your face, yet I see women regularly pull this off with ease. Probably getting way off the point here, but I think women probably evolved to be more manipulative, cunning, deceitful to make up for the lack of physical strength.

    This topic could go in a bunch of different directions. I think Yohami nails it 110% with this:

    ” Theres no “wolving” here, more like a very, very timid effort to please you so you get to know the real him, while at the same time compensating you (with attention, money, favors, whatever) for not being up to your standards.”

    And I think you nail it Rollo by saying the female reaction as articulated by Neecy just adds insult to injury for the beta nice guy simply doing what he was socialized to do.

    To finish my thought, I think a big part of the blame are the Moms. I know in my case, I really didn’t have a strong father (he is a beta provider) and my Mom was the main influence on my socialization. I was the beta nice guy because that is what my Mom taught/raised me to become.

    An interesting question is are women so utterly disconnected from what their psyches really want to sabotage their sons in this way and teach them to run Beta Game?

  • Mike C

    “Nice guys” are often not being truthful about what they want. They are playing the “nice guy” card in hope that they will get somewhere but girls can see through it and it comes off as deceitful.

    But it isn’t about intentional deception. “Nice” guys were taught that straightforward, assertive, aggressive displays of male sexuality are a bad thing. That to either directly communicate or subcommunicate that “yes I want to fuck you” early in the interaction is the “wrong” thing to do. That you have to get to know here as “a person” first and be “friends first”. That is the bullshit that was taught to an entire generation of men. The natural alpha either didn’t hear or totally disregarded that message so he is upfront about his sexual desire right away.

  • Neecy

    Mike you are right women are very manipulative passive/aggressive creatures and we believe men are practical and usually straightforward. So the nice guy reminds so many women of themselves (b/c) he is being nice to gain something) and so we see that a negative. The reason why the alpha guy who is straightforward gets positive reactions from women is b/c men by nature don’t usually play nice to get what they want.

    Ultimately you are correct in that moms and women who raise their sons this way r doing them a disservice. I had this discussion on my blog under Masculinty topic and a few guys broke it down as to why men today have taken ofeminine traits and it’s b/c most boys have heavy female influence. There was even a book they mentioned that covers this – I’ll post it later.

  • Marellus

    The change might come from outside the USA. China is a male dominated society, and as Hillary Clinton said courtesy of wikileaks : “How do you dictate to your banker ?”

    Have you noticed that some of the best masculine characters to be seen in popular entertainment is in Japanese anime ? I can think of L in Death Note, Lelouche in Code Geas etc ?

    You have to admire them for it.

    So Asia might have an effect, unless they’re also infected with a virulent strain of feminism.

  • Retrenched

    The flip side of that is that if a guy is alpha enough, he can get away with pretty much anything, including actual manipulation and (sadly) even abuse, and the girl will excuse it, overlook it, or forgive him and come back for more. While if a guy can’t make a girl tingle, even his sweetest and most sincere gestures will be written off as evil manipulation.

    For women, the tingle trumps all. If it’s there, the guy’s wonderful, and if it’s not, he’s scum. End of story.

    But it’s fun sometimes to watch their little hamsters try to come up with alternate explanations for this.

  • Neecy

    @ Detine
    I suspect most men in happy, well-adjusted marriage show some alpha and some beta. No happily married man I know with knowledge of Game runs constant hardcore asshole Game on his wife. There’s a time for it, but you can’t do it all the time.

    Ok this would seem normal. In fact I think it would be fun and keep the marraige interesting if the hubby every now and then used a little game and switched it up back and forth between nice guy and bad boy. As long as it is in good fun and keeps both parties happy🙂

  • johnnymilfquest

    Well said.

  • Neecy

    I just want to make one last comment on this particular topic b/c i think I may be sending the wrong message – that nice guys are bad or evil or manipulative, which is certainly not what I am intending to say. I think nice guys are well intentioned but mis-informed by society and women and unfortunatley it works against them. if it were up to me all and I had the magic wand all nice guys would be the ones getting rewarded, not the jerks. BUt…..

    All i am saying that women would prefer a little more straigh forwardnes to protect the feelings of the guy and herself being put in an akward position later down the line. If a woman is attracted to a man and vice versa its INSTANT. There should be no need for a man to have to go through hoops and barrells to gain a womans affections.

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    […] think there’s a derivative of Beta Game that men fulfilling a matronly role for their kids like to convince themselves of. They fashion for […]

  • Think Like a Woman «

    […] mental schemas about how best to solve the problem of getting their sexual imperatives met (usually Beta Game). The disconnect comes when they presume that women are their gender equals and as such will react […]

  • The Origin of Alpha «

    […] through a process of deductive trial and error management. Whether you’re aware of it or not, everyone has Game to varying degrees. Every man you know has some concept of behaviors and mental attitudes he […]

  • Is Seduction Real? «

    […] in mind, everyone has Game. Even the worst beta AFC in the world believes his supplication, pedestalization and outright […]

  • Dry Spell «

    […] the first mistake the dry spell man makes – he attempts to leverage his dry spell into a form of Beta Game, thinking that a pity-fuck will lead to something more […]

  • Play Nice «

    […] white, up is down and Nice Guys are Jerks. Most Nice Guys have been playing the self-internalized Beta Game, identification scenario out for so long that to read something like this is akin to blaspheme. […]

  • A. Context « the professor

    […] Beta game – […]

  • The Perfect Man «

    […] of masculinized women (by choice or by perception) to provide them with a direction in their life. Beta Game is a dead end (sometimes literally), so unsurprisingly it’s a painful realization for the […]

  • Mate Guarding «

    […] apparent dissatisfaction with him. You see, the man with a Beta mindset earnestly believes that Beta Game is his best strength in attraction with women. So when something is wrong with his precious little […]

  • Promise Keepers «

    […] is in fact a very solid extension of Beta Game‘s presumption that women will view him as unique amongst other men for being so well adapted […]

  • Boys will be Boys «

    […] indifferent ignorance is debatable, but in either case these men take the identification schema of Beta Game to the logical extreme. In some instances I’m certain the most successful amongst them make a […]

  • Shouting in the Wilderness «

    […] domestic violence and impending divorce is exactly what I’ve come to expect from white knight Beta Game. Skip’s provocation of Chad isn’t about his desire to ‘get to the bottom of […]

  • Nice Like Me «

    […] to ever escalating feats of greater beta qualification amongst each other. When all you know is Beta Game, only more intense applications of that game is the natural response to competition within Beta […]

  • The Evolution of Game |

    […] have varieties of Game, we have internalized Game, we have ‘natural’ Game, direct Game, Beta Game etc., but defining the term ‘Game’ for someone unfamiliar with the very involved […]

  • Can’t Buy Me Alpha |

    […] on being able to at least provide an equal contribution to a woman’s wellbeing as part of his Beta-Game sexual strategy gets flushed down the toilet when she out earns him. For Beta men, men’s […]

  • Sunslayer

    I used to “poach” girls from alphas when I was a teenager. I would wait until a girl was upset with her boyfriend for being an asshole or whatever. I would just hang around and be the opposite – kind and caring or something. It worked pretty well, I was the rebound guy for a lot of girls. Never lasted that long, though.

  • You Need Sex |

    […] the most part this pseudo-indifference is really a feminized, conditioned, response couched in Beta Game. The idea, of course, is for the blue pill guy to promote the public perception that […]

  • Malcolm’s Lament | Alpha Is Assumed

    […] However, there is another aspect of this fallacy to which some of us still adhere, most notably the Hedonist faction of the Manosphere.  We assume that betas are merely weaker than Alphas, that their rejection of the typical social dominance aspects of the mating dance is an attempt to change to rules of the game in such a way as to benefit their intrinsic weakness.  The beta’s ostensible morality isn’t based in any fundamental disagreement with the Alphas who always get the babes, he’s just got a counter-strategy. […]

  • jose

    I’m slightly confused.

    Does alpha game and beta game not merge at some point once you try to build some comfort with the woman? As in you start looking for commonalities and how you and her are at least somewhat ‘alike’?

    Also what do you mean by ‘not like other guy’s’? Someone who speaks his mind,is confident etc etc is also ‘not like other guy’s’.

    I’m sorry it’s a little late but i just stumbled past your blog and the stuff you’ve written is absolutely great but i was just wondering about this bit

  • Tony

    I’m so sick and tired of hearing that a person who is nice is automatically assumed to be xxx, yyy, zzz where xxx, yyy, zzz are not nice things. This does a huge disservice to people who are nice. not to mention the English language which only works if an adjective means what it means not the opposite of what it means. Anyway there are genuinely nice people out there.

    I also am sick and tired of hearing that women only are attracted to the un-nice. I see many couples that prove otherwise. Right? I mean it’s all very clever to constantly say the same thing in an internet forum. But there’s um.. this little thing out there……. called the real world out there with empirical evidence of true state of affairs.

  • Tony

    Thanks…those links are helpful…I’m seeing better now the context in which to frame these words……… will keep reading…..

  • The Severing |

    […] really nothing more than to be a loyal boyfriend to. They resort back to the only thing they knew, Beta Game – identify and qualify with women – only now they not only reinvest themselves in it they want […]

  • Bill Wilstein

    This stuff might work at party state colleges, but with really intelligent women who are over 25, the psychology of dating and mating is far more complex. And the process is far more complex. And relationships change over time. I view your concepts as being quite silly and adolescent.

  • Bill Wilstein

    Neecy wrote:

    “Mike you are right women are very manipulative passive/aggressive creatures and we believe men are practical and usually straightforward. So the nice guy reminds so many women of themselves (b/c) he is being nice to gain something) and so we see that a negative. The reason why the alpha guy who is straightforward gets positive reactions from women is b/c men by nature don’t usually play nice to get what they want.

    Ultimately you are correct in that moms and women who raise their sons this way r doing them a disservice. I had this discussion on my blog under Masculinty topic and a few guys broke it down as to why men today have taken ofeminine traits and it’s b/c most boys have heavy female influence. There was even a book they mentioned that covers this – I’ll post it later.”

    Neecy, not all women are very manipulative, passive-aggressive creatures. In fact, a large percentage of women are straight-forward. I know this because I learned very early in life that I couldn’t stand being around manipulative, passive-aggressive women. I had a friend whose Mother was like my second Mother, and she was this way. It drove me crazy. I later learned that she had Borderline Personality Disorder.

    The women that I have tended to be most attracted to in my own life possess a balance of female and male characteristics. They are feminine and beautiful, but they don’t use their beauty to manipulate — they aren’t narcissistic (sp?) about it. They also have a practical man’s quality to their attitude. They aren’t girly. And girly women often drive them crazy.

    For these women, the same is true — they tend to like men who have traditional male qualities of leadership, self-confidence, courage, etc. But who are not one-dimensional — they can also express their feelings without gushing like a girl — just in a straight-forward way. They are considerate. Etc.

    You people are all looking at things in simplistic, black-and-white ways. Your message doesn’t resonate with intelligent minds that see nuance and complexity.

  • Game and Circumstance |

    […] to their detriment, the vast majority of men follow a deductive,but anti-seductive, Beta Game plan of comfort, identification, familiarity and patience with women in the hopes that what they […]

  • Game Changers |

    […] by extension all men, should do in order to become intimate with a girl. I described this a bit in Beta Game where I outlined the Beta plan of identifying with women’s “needs” and adopting a […]

  • Game Works |

    […] your predispositions towards a Savior Schema, feminine identifying, why a LJBF is a rejection, why Beta Game comes naturally to men but is self defeating, or why SMV accrues and decays over the course of a […]

  • Vulnerability |

    […] being himself‘ would be swimming in top shelf pussy. This is a central element to Beta Game – the hope that a man’s openness will set him apart from ‘other guys’ – it […]

  • The Isolationists |

    […] guy ‘just being himself‘ would be swimming in top shelf pussy. This is a central element to Beta Game – the hope that a man’s openness will set him apart from ‘other guys’ – it is common […]

  • daysofgamecom

    I’d add a related concept: Hug Farming.

    Hug Farming is a behavior of the beta male, where he attempts to court girls via his pro-woman/anti-alpha behavior, and get’s “ahhhhh hugs for you, Beta Boy!!!” in return, which validates him, and keeps that behavior in the environment. Classic “white knight” stuff.

    Hug farming is an epidemic on the internet.

  • daysofgamecom

    Also… in the comments there are references to “wolves in sheep’s clothing.”

    There are most definitely beta-like wolves running this kind of game. Maybe they are “beta-mimics?” You define the difference in the ability to close. Wolves, close… even if they start out w/ beta-game. That’s the only difference, close rate.

    Many wolves also have this “I’m not like the other guy” attitude, and will throw legitimate men under the bus in their efforts to beta-play girls. And I have seen some of the wolves with tremendous success (lays in the 100s… hippie layhounds, that type), as they are actually very alpha (again, defined by their willingness and ability to close) and use beta game to attract those women that are friendliest to that style of game, but then they escalate quickly (and with a lot of skill…).

    In some ways I think these wolves are only real hybrid out there — they actually are “sensitive” and “emotional,” and they use that to magnify their alpha potential (not to “nice” themselves into a corner).

  • Admiration & Respect |

    […] insaturated in a default “respect” for women that it’s become an article of Beta Game among them. Properly trained White Knights make a competition of “out-respecting” one […]

  • Our Sisters’ Keeper |

    […] or so, popular culture strongly pointed men towards a sexual strategy that could be defined as Beta Game. Play nice, respect a woman by default, be supportive of her self-image and ambitions to the […]

  • Fine gentleman

    This is a great article and very thought provoking. I have one question however, how do human alphas compete with other alphas? Say you are at a party and all the girls are on some, and by that I mean an otherwise repulsive person who you wouldn’t want to be your bro, douchebag- how do you compete ?

  • 27 Shades of The Modern Man |

    […] on eggshells around women is the hallmark of a Modern Man. Rest assured girls, he knows the personal repercussions women will mete out should he commit a […]

  • Don’t Hate the Beta |

    […] was recently asked if I thought Beta men employing Beta Game was a successful strategy in the larger scheme of things. If success means that Beta Game will get […]

  • Shane

    It’s fake as hell to pretend to be nice and then get shitty the women doesn’t want fuck you! Beta game works if your patient.

  • Barak Obama’s Beta Game | The Autistic Gamer

    […] to third world nations and pandering to Islam and Islamic terrorists.  This is masterful Beta Game–making oneself appear less dominant than one really […]

  • Gamer Girls |

    […] and pedestalizing Warrior Princesses is a critical component to a geek guy’s form of Beta Game. It’s ALL about identifying with the feminine and celebrating the fantasy that men and women […]

  • thomasso75

    “he’s a child in a man’s body with a fragile ego only interested in fucking women and moving on. He’s unlike anything on women’s collective stated list of prerequisites for an acceptable male.”

    Boy, thaths exactly the story I have been told about how not to be throughout my childhood /teenage years.
    This article sure resonates with me. Thanks!

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