The Existential Fear – Men

You need to understand WOMEN HATE BETAS in fact they hate them so much that they would prefer to work soul destroying jobs to support themselves than attach themselves to a Beta provider that wants to fuck them and impregnate them with his shitty beta genetics.

Incubus Rising

This was a comment that I meant to include in last week’s essay, but I’m glad I saved it for today’s article. It serves as a good starting point for men’s Existential Fear. If there’s one buzz-term that’s been bandied around by women since the rise of feminism it is “fear“. Men fear this. Men fear that. Men feel “threatened” by a strong woman. More recently it’s, “Men fear working with women today over concerns of workplace sexual misconduct.” So, I want to state here from the outset that I’m using the term fear in both these essays for lack of a better one. But what really gets the point across?

“Rollo, why does it destroy my soul to imagine my ex-wife / ex-girlfriend banging another man? I can’t sleep because I’m imagining her giving up herself sexually to a new guy.”

Some variation of this question is something I get a lot from guys I counsel who are going through a breakup or divorce. Sometimes it’s from men who’ve been separated from the woman for a long time. This is to be expected from Blue Pill conditioned men, but even guys who are Red Pill Aware will still feel the rage of infidelity even after the breakup has been official for years. Guys will tell me they wont even go out socially or associate with friends so as not to be in the same space as their ex for fear that they would do something rash if they saw her with another guy. There’s just something in their DNA that’s unsettling about imagining their ex giving herself willingly to another man – and they’re conflicted because the fem-centric world tells him he’s “insecure in his masculinity” for his possessiveness.

I can remember the same anxiety after I’d mercifully split from my BPD girlfriend. Even years after it was all over I’d still have nightmarish dreams about her. What the hell was that all about? What is our subconscious trying to get across to us with this?…

“Why am I so jealous and suspicious of my wife / girlfriend cheating on me? Should I feel bad that I root through her texts and IMs? Am I just ‘insecure in my masculinity’ if I feel like that? Why am I so possessive?”

This is another common one I get from men I counsel. I detailed a bit of this in Gut Check. Our subconscious mind has a way of warning us when our ‘aware’ mind is unaware of, or ignoring, the inconsistencies in our peripheral awareness. We’re actually much more aware of our environment than we appreciate, we simply refuse to acknowledge these inconsistencies. More often than not that denial is conditioned into us for purposes that aren’t always in our best interests. And sometimes it’s outright manipulative of male nature.

In Gut Check I related a time in my life where I had instinctively been suspicious of my wife because my instinctual awareness turned on the warning lights in my head. I had no rational reason to believe my wife was cheating on me, but I had a very real, evolutionary, reason that my instinctive mind would be suspicious of infidelity. Millennia of evolution has written anti-cheating failsafes into our mental firmware.

“Why are DNA tests illegal in some countries? Why is it illegal for a doctor or their staff to tell a “father” that the child he thinks is his own really isn’t biologically his? Why do we legally protect women’s cuckoldry?”

More and more we are seeing feminine-primary social conventions and legislation crop up that can only have one purpose – the systemic disempowerment and disenfranchisement of men’s interests in the reproductive process. The cover story for this Removing of the Man from any semblance of reproductive authority is what I call the Cult of the Child. I’ll be publishing a full essay on this soon, but the short version is that anything that serves women’s sexual strategy is always deemed to be “in the best interests of the child.” The interests of children has become the shield of what is really the interests of women’s sexual strategy.

For decades now, feminist ideology has successfully convinced most western societies that what serves the female reproductive interests is always what serves the a child’s interests. Men are superfluous at best, and pose a danger to the child at worst. This presumption is rooted in the Duluth Model of feminism, but women’s sexual strategy always comes at the cost of the reproductive interests of the man/father. I wrote about this in Children of Men. There is an open war on paternity today, but as with all intersexual conflict we need to look deeper to determine what the latent purpose of that conflict is all about. What interests are served in unilaterally disenfranchising men from the reproductive process?

Existential Fear

The answer to all of these questions finds their root in men’s Existential Fear – All men have an evolved need to determine and ensure his paternity.

Ascertaining paternity, and ensuring his parental investment is vested in perpetuating his genetic legacy, is the prime directive of men’s existence. This is a male imperative that virtually all higher order animals share.

Despite what many blank-slate academics still promote, men and women are different. Contemporary thinkers would have us believe the sexes are more alike than not, but the truth of it is we are different in fundamental ways that most equalists are uncomfortable admitting. Yes, we are the same species, but the fact remains that our differences, and in particular our sexual strategies, conflict in profound ways.

The Cardinal Rule of Sexual Strategies:
For one gender’s sexual strategy to succeed the other
gender must compromise or abandon its own.

In last week’s essay I outlined the the Existential Fear women hold in their evolved unconscious – that of the Hypergamous doubt. “Is this guy the best I can do?” is the question that their hindbrains ask. Since the time of the Sexual Revolution, and the systemic Fempowerment that followed, women have collectively used this authority to ensure the preeminence of their sexual strategy (Hypergamy) in our social order. I outlined many of the resulting social changes we see were the result of this in last week’s post, but this preeminence came at the cost of men’s interests and influence in the larger, meta-conflict of the Cardinal Rule of Sexual Strategies.

Men’s evolved reproductive interest is very simple; ensure that the child a woman bears to him is his actually his own. Up until the last 60 or so years patriarchy, true, legitimate patriarchy has always been the order of society. Despite the ignorance of feminists protesting it, patriarchy has been a beneficial aspect of our advancement as a species since we formed tribal hunter-gatherer bands millennia ago. But that patriarchy depended on a simple doubt that formed men’s base sexual strategy – ensure his genes were passed into the next generation.

There are two ways a man can achieve this outcome. In The New Polyandry I explained men’s Strategic Pluralism Theory:

According to strategic pluralism theory (Gangestad & Simpson, 2000), men have evolved to pursue reproductive strategies that are contingent on their value on the mating market. More attractive men accrue reproductive benefits from spending more time seeking multiple mating partners and relatively less time investing in offspring. In contrast, the reproductive effort of less attractive men, who do not have the same mating opportunities, is better allocated to investing heavily in their mates and offspring and spending relatively less time seeking additional mates.

Essentially, men follow an ‘r’ or ‘K’ reproductive strategy according to their (perceived) sexual market value (SMV). Since a majority of men fall on the low SMV side of the reproductive equation social conventions that served those men’s reproductive interests had to be developed and standardized. The resolution of men’s Existential Fear needed to be instituted and standardized to ensure the largest number of men could be relatively certain that the children they sired were indeed their own.

A lot is made of women’s reproductive costs in academia. In a fem-centric social order it pays to focus on women’s suffrage/victimhood narrative. But, men bear reproductive costs in this equation as well. Men’s biological imperative is unlimited access to unlimited sexuality. Our best shot at sending our genes into the next generation is ‘spreading the seed’. Our biological hardware is made to do just this, but there are costs and obstacles to solving the reproductive problem. And the easiest solution for men has always been exercise their direct control over women’s sexual strategy. Imposing our natural strength (in many forms) on women has historically ensured that it’s women who were the ones to compromise their sexual strategy in favor of men.

Patriarchy & Monogamy

Socially enforced monogamy was the least barbaric of those compromises, but in this century destroying that monogamy has been a priority for the Feminine Imperative. In theory, socially enforced monogamy was the most beneficial mating strategy for largest number of (low SMV) men to solve their reproductive problem. But the fact remained that it was still an exercise of control over women’s Hypergamous natures. In essence, monogamy worked for men, and it was beneficial as a compromise in parental investment for women, but it also assumed direct a control over women’s sexual selection process.

Patriarchy and monogamy answered a woman’s Hypergamous doubt for her, and that is the crux of women’s Existential Fear – to have the control of her Hypergamy, her selection process, and ultimately the cost associated with that choice determined for her. This fear is exactly why the primary goal of feminism has always been the maximal unlimiting of women’s sexuality and the maximal restricting of men’s sexuality. It seeks to replace the social-scale compromise of the Cardinal Rule of Sexual Strategies with the total capitulation of the male strategy. Today, the Gynocracy has achieved this almost entirely.

But for one sex’s strategy to succeed, the other’s must be compromised or abandoned. For a gynocentric social order, only men’s abandonment of their own strategy is acceptable – and this abandonment insists men deny the evolved imperative of their own Existential Fear – insisting on paternity.

In the evolved scheme of things men’s reproductive best interest involves sacrifices. When a man commits to parental investment with a woman he takes on sunk cost risks. The time he spends investing himself committed to one woman and the children they produce comes at the cost of reproductive opportunities with other women. Women’s sexual strategy necessitates he compromise or abandon his biological imperative. Naturally, both men and women have adapted ways to circumvent monogamy to optimize their sexual strategies (infidelity, short-term breeding schema), but the basic equation is the same; if a man is invested in one woman it limits him from seeking other (potentially better) reproductive opportunities. If you want to know why Plate Theory irks women so much look no further.

The only way this compromise of sexual strategy can be advantageous to men is if he can be relatively assured that the child he’s raising is his own. This is where men’s Existential Fear of paternity fraud begins. He cedes his own strategy and the sunk opportunity cost for reproduction in exchange for the certainty that he’s invested in a child that bears his name and his blood.

I call this men’s Existential Fear because denying men the certainty of paternity presents the same existential anxieties as a woman’s control of Hypergamous doubt taken from her. Women fear the idea of being forced to birth and raise the child of a suboptimal man not of her choosing, while men fear the idea of being deceived into raising a child not of their own genetic lineage. And until the advent of DNA testing only a woman could be certain that the child was her own.

This is root level stuff here. So important was the determination of paternity for men that an obsessive concern for it was written into our mental firmware. The risks of falling for paternity deception was that important, and the men who evolved this compulsion were selected-for. The reason we Mate Guard, the reason our hindbrains default to jealous suspicions, the reason we cannot bear the thought of another man mating with our woman is rooted in the fear of investing ourselves in a child not our own.

In the previous essay I mentioned the natural revulsion response humans have towards things that are inherently harmful to us. A reservation or revulsion of snakes, spiders, feces, rot and necrosis are part of the evolved firmware we’re born with. I would also argue that the revulsion women feel towards “creepy” (low SMV, Beta) men and the revulsion men feel towards “slutty” women is part of this. Both these revulsions are adaptational protections against our respective Existential Fears. Each represents our Instinctual Interpretive Process letting us know what our ancestors had to avoid.

The Mentor

“But Rollo, isn’t it a noble thing to adopt or mentor a child that is not your own?”

I get this response a lot when I discuss this, and yes, it absolutely can be when the choice to do so is of your own making. In fact, the reason adoption/mentoring seems such a noble undertaking is exactly because it requires a man to repress his natural concern for his ow paternity. Kinship affinity will always play a role in men and women’s relationships with the next generation. Human beings are innately tribal and familial because tribalism promotes the advancement of selected genes. So repressing this innate predisposition is exceptional, maybe even noble depending on the social context, but it is so because it requires a man to ignore his natural wiring. For what it’s worth, I think multi-generational mentorship in Red Pill awareness is going to be a new imperative in the coming decades.

It’s just this pushing past our natural, evolved, concerns about paternity that’s been the operative dynamic of the Feminine Imperative in consolidating power. The human revulsion response can be molded. Usually this is through some form of operant conditioning. Revulsion can even be conditioned to be associated with pleasure. The Feminine Imperative has been remolding men’s evolved need for paternity to its own ends for some time now.

The popularization of ‘Poly Relationships is one of the more recent redirects of men’s paternity need. As I mentioned above, the goal state of the Feminine Imperative is ensuring that women’s sexual strategy – and anything that foments it – is the socially ‘correct‘ imperative. Men must become more like women if they want to be accepted by a social order defined by women’s experiences. Men’s sexual strategy is only acceptable when it serves a woman’s purpose, so men’s existential imperative of ensuring paternity is always going to be in conflict with women’s strategy. A man insisting on his own paternity and the perpetuation of his name is in direct conflict with women ensuring she chooses to breed with the best specimen and be provided for by the best male she can lock down.

This being the mechanics of it, it comes as no surprise that the social conventions of this era encourage men to abandon that evolved need. We make “heroes” of men who marry the single mother and assume the parental investment costs of the man she chose to breed with. A fem-centric society makes this a noble responsibility – “He Manned Up for the loser who wouldn’t take that responsibility” – all while ignoring the simple fact that this ‘hero’ is only completing women’s Hypergamous imperative. And it’s come to the point that a man abandoning his sexual strategy is part of women’s expectations and entitlements of Beta men.

For the men who insist on their own strategy, the message is one of shame. Only a man who’s “insecure in his masculinity” would think that a child would need to be his own. In fact, the very title of “father” is offensive to a social order based fulfilling women’s imperatives. Father’s Day must become, ‘special persons’ day‘. Men should never insist that a wife assume his last name. And of course, DNA testing to determine paternity (even in light of life threatening illness) is to be discouraged if not outlawed.

Now You Know

In The War on Paternity I explored a lot of the ways our feminine-primary social order ensures women’s sexual strategy stays the operative one. Our divorce laws, our child support and custody laws all center on one thing – making sure women’s imperatives supersede men’s need for paternity certainty. Even when a child is not biologically a man’s, he has no right to know the truth, but he has every expectation to be financially and emotionally responsible for the “best interests of the child.”

Going forward I think the Red Pill aware man must embrace his existential need for paternity – and do so fearlessly. If a new beneficent patriarchy is to take root then men will need to reject the social conventions that insist a woman’s sexual strategy be the preeminent one. I think mentorship of the next generations of young men should also be emphasized, but I think this needs to be a conscious decision of the men doing so. Today we have the decision to be a ‘cuckold’ made for us proactively and retroactively by women and a feminine-primary social narrative. If you’re an adoptive father then I salute you, but understand, at least you had the decision to make yourself. Most men’s decisions to be the step-dad only amounts to him acquiescing to supporting the decisions of women. 43% of births today are out of wedlock, either electively or based on a bad decision by that mother. We also call single mothers ‘heroes’.

My advice to men today is to be aware of the game you’re involved in with respect to how your need to know paternity is being used against you. That need is well known to the Feminine Imperative and has always been a threat to its interests. Make your own decisions to mentor based on that knowledge and never marry a single mother. If you do so understand that your sacrifices of this paternity need will never be appreciated by women. You may believe it’s the “right thing to do”, the moral choice, but in doing so you absolve both the woman who made her decision for you and the biological father of their total responsibility (and the underlying evolutionary reasons) to consequences of that decision.


WOMEN HATE BETAS in fact they hate them so much that they would prefer to work soul destroying jobs to support themselves than attach themselves to a Beta provider that wants to fuck them and impregnate them with his shitty beta genetics.

Are you really willing to accept that your paternity need counts for so little? Are you willing to accept this truth and fulfill a woman’s life strategy in spite of it because you believe it’s your moral imperative to do so?

Published by Rollo Tomassi

Author of The Rational Male and The Rational Male, Preventive Medicine

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  1. ex-cartoonist that’s an interesting analysis of Die Hard. However I’m not sure if you’re accurate in your assessment of who is Alpha or Beta. Alpha vs Beta is subjective and subject to much individual interpretation. Still, why do you think Hans Gruber is Beta? Because he’s somewhat slightly built, with a cultured accent and given to snarkiness? And why are his men (other than computer geek) Alphas? Purely because they are muscular ex-soldiers? And McClane Beta? Its been a while since I’ve seen the movie, but I remember him being pretty Alpha (other than maybe that letter to his wife).

  2. “Star Wars – the Force Awakens and how the film rewrote the whole mythos to promote the Female Imperative.”
    ” I’m wondering whether it acts as a necessary first step . . .”

    See The Last Jedi for the answer.

  3. @ CSI

    I accept your point that my definitions of Alpha and Beta are entirely subjective. In terms of movie archetypes, I grew up with John Wayne, Gary Cooper and James Bond on TV as the Alpha Male ideal—the one who always fought the bad guys and ended up with the beautiful girl(s). When I was old enough to see grown-up films, Sylvester Stallone and Arnie were the alpha standard, at least in movie terms. I can still remember the discussion in 1989 around Bruce Willis being an ‘action hero’ when Die Hard was first released; everyone was surprised how good he was. Although I agree with you that now he looks and acts pretty alpha in the movie.

    As for Hans Gruber being beta because of his slight build and intellect, well yes, I suppose that is my thinking. Physically, he could be punched out by any one of his men. I see that this idea of ‘Beta equals brainy; Alpha equals brawn’ is quite a strong one. To my thinking, if two men have a fight, the winner is alpha, the loser beta—and the more men a man can beat, the more alpha that man. Very unsophisticated definition, I know. Perhaps claiming that intelligence is a beta trait is the male equivalent of slut-shaming; a way for a Beta to DHV against a physically stronger man. In mythology, the clever one (e.g. Loki) is usually a beta who resents being lower in the hierarchy than less intelligent, but stronger gods or heroes.

    It’s a good point.

  4. they hate them so much that they would prefer to work soul destroying jobs to support themselves than attach themselves to a Beta provider that wants to fuck them

    it’s not hate, but disgust…it takes a while for the disgust to be generated…when men pedestalize women, women eventually find pedestalization disgusting…women want men who are the prize–women don’t want to be the prize…so hypergamy is activated by the disgust and women seek better options…

  5. I grew up with John Wayne, Gary Cooper and James Bond on TV as the Alpha Male ideal.

    Don’t forget Roger Moore–Simon Templar was socially polished, yet dangerous.

    Yul Brynner was the pinnacle of alpha in my book, though Sean Connery ran a close second. Presence.

    Mrs. Gamer drooled over James Claviezel in “The Count of Monte Cristo”…a psychopathic killer, although charming and socially dominant.

  6. @Blax: I don’t think I was your “target audience” for the questions but here it goes.

    Question for younger dudes ( Younger=less than 40 years old ), do you have a sense of existential fear about family/children, or is it something that’s just never on your radar at all?

    No “fear”, but I am aware that I am atypical.
    I don’t want kids and I probably should divorce at some stage.
    I don’t fear being alone or dying alone, at least not at the moment.

    Currently, I do “fear” (or worry about) my wife getting pregnant (by me).

    Do you think it’s something worth considering ( the fear part ) to attempt to figure out ways to eliminate it?

    Sure, I don’t ejaculate insider women without a condom except when they just had the period (although it isn’t 100% safe).

    Do you think these fears can be ever be mastered?


    Do you think beyond today and plan for what you’d like in the future? Do you know how to get it?

    Of course!

    … will you listen to men that have gotten it already?

    I seek advice and I listen to it.

    Lmao, okay scratch that last one.

    I don’t think many young guys even think about these things very much, and this will only speed the destruction of masculinity and bolster the feminine state. Am I far off?

    A question for you: why do you care?

    One of the things I knew already but consolidated since the RP is that you only control yourself. Worrying too much about others is a problem. This goes for a relationship a former BP dude should stop worrying too much about the wife (you improve yourself but you can’t make her improve herself). Also goes for worrying about what the other guys in the club or elsewhere are doing and whether they are more alpha than you or whatever… But it surely also goes for worrying about what the (other) young guys are doing that will “speed the destruction of masculinity and bolster the feminine state”.

  7. @Blax in regard to his questions…

    1) Question for younger dudes ( Younger=less than 40 years old ), do you have a sense of existential fear about family/children, or is it something that’s just never on your radar at all?

    I am 34 and want a family and children, on radar.

    2) Do you think beyond today and plan for what you’d like in the future? Do you know how to get it?

    I think ahead a lot. I have no idea how to go about obtaining this beyond seeing/dating as many women as possible. For example, seeing a 22 year old and 23 year old who are all well and dandy, but my interest is really aimed at this 28 year old I have been out with a few times, who I COULD see a future with. She is a tough one though, one of the rare ones that did not give it up on the first date. Very cat and mouse with her.

  8. “Alpha” means whatever inspires genuine, visceral desire in a woman. In Die Hard, Gruber’s soldiers are all big, muscular killers. We can assume they qualify as Alpha. But Hans himself is a classic Dark Triad sociopath. A good looking guy too. Plenty of women would find that very attractive, even if he wasn’t built like a pro wrestler. He qualifies as Alpha. As for McClane, I’m not sure.

    I think when men naturally decide amongst themselves who will be leader, its not necessarily the strongest. It’ll often be the guy who can outwit and outbluff the others, someone like Hans Gruber. I think you see this in hunter gatherer tribes (that’s my impression from casually reading some anthropology books anyhow).

  9. “Simon Templar was socially polished . . .”

    In the books he grew into the polish. In his early years (1930s) Templar was very much a diamond in the rough, with an uncertain provenance that was most likely not of the gentry and not at all beyond being more than a bit thuggish. Robin Hood meets Punisher, robbing from the criminal rich, employing less than legal means so considered a criminal himself by the cops (hence the secret identity as the Saint), giving it to the poor – less a 10% “finder’s fee.”

    After his finder’s fees added up to a secure pile he became more gentlemanly. Then the war gave him the opportunity to work for the establishment and justice at the same time. The TV Saint was after war. Older, smoother and better blended in with “society.”

    “Yul Brynner was the pinnacle of alpha in my book, though Sean Connery ran a close second.”

    Robert Mitchum:

    Cavett: What is the secret of the thirty year marriage?
    Mitchum: Deviousness I should think.

  10. “This fear is exactly why the primary goal of feminism has always been the maximal unlimiting of women’s sexuality and the maximal restricting of men’s sexuality. It seeks to replace the social-scale compromise of the Cardinal Rule of Sexual Strategies with the total capitulation of the male strategy. Today, the Gynocracy has achieved this almost entirely.”
    The more i learn the more i love myself and my need to copy myself and align my though’s and actions.

  11. @ CSI

    I see what you’re saying about Hans Gruber. When he was alive, actor Alan Rickman was often featured on these ‘Britain’s sexiest actors’ lists, so yes.

    So, if I understand right, at least according to the manosphere:
    Alpha is a man who inspires genuine sexual desire in women (and the more women, the more alpha);
    Beta is a man who women might consider for transactional sex in exchange for provisioning;
    Omega is a man who women don’t want to have sex with under any circumstances.

  12. Incubus_Rising
    Not sure i meant it to turn into Jordan peterson I take full responsibility for sharing what i have but not for causing change that had the potential to change someone’s life for the better. I had a nightmare last evening about Blake and Patrick back in 2016 they died 2 mouths apart and how much ive grown and changed and how much i have a new lust for life. I have no intention of bothering anyone or changing anyone. Just myself the best i can and erasing the parts of the story that don’t add to me as a masterpiece.

  13. Cartoonist —

    An Alpha is a man a woman needs to fuck, no matter what. Circumstances, marriage, kids, no matter what — she needs to fuck him, she desires him, and will bend the earth to fuck him.

    A beta is a man a woman will fuck as a part of a package deal — she may not see it as “transactional” in her head, she just sees him as “attractive enough to fuck” due to non-urgent factors. It isn’t pure desire, but it’s multi-faceted attraction, and sex is a part of the deal. The difference between a beta and an Alpha is that the Alpha generates desire-qua-desire — whereas the beta doesn’t generate that, and gets sex as a part of an “attractive package deal”/context. The desire for the Alpha is not contextual, it is personal and visceral and urgent. The attraction to the beta is considered, measured and balanced.

    An omega is a male that doesn’t count as a male sexually for women — he’s basically a eunuch on her sexual radar. He doesn’t even come into the beta consideration, never mind Alpha.

  14. Great article. In this post shouldn’t it say “assumed a direct control” instead of “assumed direct a control over women’s sexual selection process”

  15. In the most low-income and dire of neighborhoods, I would say the quote below from this post is not even true for women to know who the actual father is. See Maury Povich show with it’s daily DNA testing results. Some single moms need several DNA tests to finally figure out who the actual father is, lol. These of course are the most daddy issue of daddy issue damaged females. It’s quite sad actually and everyone loses in the end with higher taxes and crime.

    “And until the advent of DNA testing only a woman could be certain that the child was her own.”

  16. With 43% (and rising) of children born to mothers outside of wedlock, there will only be more generations of broken families spawned. This ensures more people are dependent on big daddy government for handouts. This results in more low-income families needing their government to survive and ensures a lifetime of loyal and subservient democratic votes in the USA.

    There isn’t going to be any chance of an uprising or protest against big daddy govt when you need it to feed your kids. That’s exactly what they want. Loyal slaves. Not even wage slaves, a next level down is what they end up being. This is why Western citizens say enjoy the decline.

  17. ….22 trillion in debt.

    Poor you say?😁

    Turn off big daddy credit if you really want to see a decline. 30 year mortgages. 7 year car loans. Working to pay debt.

    Always look at the landscape from 30 thousand feet.

  18. “if a man is invested in one woman it limits him from seeking other (potentially better) reproductive opportunities.”
    Of course being able to seek and get other potentially better women serves our sexual strategy and acts as a check on hypergamy.

  19. Despite the overarching gynocentric paradigm, and over whelming capitulation by men. At least the overriding truth is that biology, that is nature, can’t be defeated.

    Men must must stop lying to themselves and stop giving women soft landing especially if they are on the path to mastery.

    Never apologize for being a man and getting your needs met.

    The while world can never become fully redpill – nature & anthropology has evolved betas for a reason.

    But if more men can be red pill aware, with a demonstrate don’t explicate mindset, this I think is the best outcome.

    For me this means prioritizing your MPO, Frame, Your needs as a man, and practicing enlightened self interest.

    If you chose a single mother be aware of all the red pill signals.

    Don’t let that choice be made for you, by women, but especially, by other weak men.

  20. @Incubus Rising – “And you now want to play YODA in your spare time.” Yup. But at this point, @Blax is so invested in his own “story” that he’ll never change. And as far as it goes, sure, some of his stories are fun to read. And he’s definitely a “natural alpha” so men here should learn from him. But not based on what he says, rather on what he does here. He never surrenders frame. He never doubts himself. And he seems to be his own MPOO. But the analyses he offers? Pseudo-intellectual nonsense for the most part.

    If I were to try so psycho-analyze Blax from a distance, I’d have to say the over-participation here must be some kind of compensation mechanism? Or perhaps it’s just as simple as he gets a huge ego payoff from “helping” younger men? I know that as a 56yo man, I get great satisfaction from teaching young men how to be effective as my entire team is under 30. Perhaps it’s a simple as that. Maybe there aren’t many other fora in which he can express this?

  21. Re: Fear – Note that Rollo mentions early in the essay that “fear” isn’t quite the descriptor he’s looking for but then reverts to calling it fear for the rest of the essay. I’ve been contemplating this question since the first post and I believe I’ve figured out what’s missing from that construction.

    Game theory explains a lot of behavior when properly applied. I think it’s better to say that one of man’s primary objectives at a visceral, instinctive level is paternal certainty. That desire doesn’t arise from a fear but can easily generate fear due to not being able to achieve it. Make sense? A subtle distinction but an important one so we can analyze this and discuss it in tractable ways. Fyi, I have no such fears – not bragging, just true. In fact the fear that arose in me was always about the consequences of wanting to sow my seed far and wide due to the many women I’ve cum inside of. At this point it has to be over 100? Sometimes I wonder if some of those women who have disappeared or I ghosted have children of mine??? And when I think this, I feel no fear, just the opposite, it makes me feel great. It’s the raising of them and paying for them that causes fear.

    @Rollo – Congratulations on this essay. It’s a brilliant exegesis on how fundamental mating strategies are to our existence and social order.

    My analysis. One of the simple axioms Rollo has posited from the jump is how male and female sexual strategies are in conflict with each other and that for one sexual strategy to succeed, the other must fail.

    R selection isn’t just about genetic fitness, it’s about having as many children as possible without considering their individual survival chances, while knowing that some of them will do very well. K selection is about investing in a smaller number of offspring and investing heavily in their survival and thriving.

    Women control this choice and men choose the strategy they believe will work best for them. Higher “value”/more “attractive” men are more often R selected as they make the volume strategy pay off. Think of the average genetic quality of the offspring in R selection as being higher, with lower individual survivability.

    But that same man can pursue K selection. In my life, I’ve played both roles but always chafed at K selection. My ex-wife K selected me due to my blue pilledness I was presenting myself as a “nice guy” and provider type – which was actually dishonest of me. Her previous BF was an alpha dog who “abused her” but the sex was off the hook, lol. In fact, I’m only now realizing that when I got sick of the sexual access games my wife was playing me that what I was actually doing was was rejecting her K selection. It’s also not a coincidence that I got really sick of her shit after 2, possibly 3, miscarriages (when they are very early, it’s hard to distinguish a miscarriage from a late, heavy menstruation). I met her when I was 21 and had women so pedestalized. She was very hot and the validation I got from this blinded me to how fucked up our relationship was.

    The tipping point was actually due to psychotherapy and maturation. As I moved into my late 20s, the self-awareness of my own psychology was much clearer to me. The death of my mother at age 11 had a fundamental effect on how I related to women. It’s not a shocker that female validation was overwhelming to me at first. But after a while, this had less grip on me. The other factor was that at this time my SMV was spiking. My natural alphaness was presenting itself more and more as I began to “succeed” as a father and a worker in my career. Coupled with my physical attractiveness and intelligence this resulted in a cornucopia of pussy becoming available to me in ways it hadn’t when I was younger and this made my tolerance for my ex-wife’s bullshit drop to Zero. And this is what lead to our divorce (thank Christ I exited that cunt’s fucked up little world).

    Re: Alpha vs Beta. Again, I see confusion and conflation and mythology on this subject littered throughout this thread. Alpha merely means social dominance while Beta means social submission. THAT’S IT. Women do value dominance highly but it’s only one of many factors they use in determining your SMV. And even then, your SMV is not perfectly correlated with women’s selection as the overall strategy matters a lot.

    Take my ex’s case. She K selected the wrong guy. I wanted many children and frequent, hot sex. Sure, I presented as a nice guy of sorts and was a real climber and earner, but all her games cost her my provision because I was always out to reproduce a lot. And had opportunities to do so.

    My point? High value men approach mating very differently than low value men. Perhaps it’s as simple as low value men pursuing K selection due to their ability to develop the ability to be a good provider? While high value men simply don’t have to do that shit?

  22. @Incubus Rising – I’ll let you take on the OMG coffee klatch going on here for a while, you are doing a great job at it. My two cents? You are talking about ultimate causes, not proximate causes. I will tell you also that part of why I became more of a pussyhound after taking the Red PIll was due to me becoming very honest with myself about what I actually wanted sexually. Being single (unlike the OMGs here), I had no need to restrain my libido and discovered that of course, I wanted to fuck young hotties. I just thought it wasn’t possible and had given up on myself.

    Game/PUA is actually about exercising social intelligence wrt attaining one’s goals in life, and acquiring high quality pussy is a goal all man share to some degree. After some agonizing developmental experiences, I discovered I could still have hot sex with young women and then developed my own way of going about it. This fundamental aspect of who I am changed everything about me. I was no longer “thirsty”, I no longer shamed my desires and instead fully embraced them. In some basic way it seemed to re-integrate me, as I no longer felt so conflicted about myself and the world. Women also stopped being a mystery and source of confusion for me. Sure, I get frustrated with them sometimes, but now I know what’s up.

    I see you as trying to pointing out how fundamental our sexual desires are to being a man, which should be seen as a received truth here. Bravo – keep at it. Many men here need to hear this message. I’ve been shamed by the “Ms. Manners” gang here too often to be effective at it, and also only jump in every week or two. I have no interest in winning this battle either – cuz if I did, I’d hate myself, lol. Rather, I just hope some men who lurk and seek clarity here “get it”. Cuz once you “get it”, you are changed forever. And I think the OMGs somehow miss the “order of operations” in male actualization. First, you must embrace your sexual nature, and then you can build up from that foundation. But if you don’t get that right, whatever else you build can easily be wrecked.

    My foundation? Built of titanium now. Unshakeable. Even when I’m wrong or out of line, lol. Knowing myself on this basic level makes it so. How any man builds a life from there, whether being a single cockswain or marrying up, that’s his choice. But with the right foundation of this integrated identity that has no innate psychological conflict, a man can move through all this with much more power and success, and more joy. And I think in a roundabout way that @Blax wouldn’t disagree and actually lives his life in this way. He just doesn’t understand what it’s like not to be this way, hence the conflict.

    Carry on, all you sons of bitches. Anyone struggling with this, i advise you to read Mystery Method and try “gaming” women based on what’s revealed there. The experience will change you as a man, and not just wrt to pussy and women. In fact, gaining power with women is what’s allowed me to make pussy and women less important, not more so. Cuz now I know what I like and can go get it.

    Last. The level of development I’m at now is actually slowing the pussy chasing down a bit. I’m sure my T is down and I am about being comfy in my own skin these days. I also am focusing on several important projects. But if I didn’t have pussy handled, I couldn’t step back in this way either. It’s a very Zen thing actually, and I kinda love where I’m at with all of it.

  23. Why should a man learn of his partner’s penchant for infidelity after a year together, when he could as easily know about it on the day they first met. Whether he chooses to ignore that information on account she’s sure thing is another matter entirely.

    I personally wouldn’t want men to control a woman’s sexual strategy as it’s better for men to see women for what they are (or at least could be).

  24. @Scibb: The one thing I like about Rollo’s work is that he believes in “no prescriptions”. And I stick to that principle myself. I do not believe in having long drawn out debates and splitting hairs on matters of low importance – “Is John Mclain an Alpha or a Beta?” I DON’T GIVE A FUCK. I do not have the time or patience to dabble in this sort of nonsense, because John Mclain is a fictional character and none of the readers here will ever find themselves hanging outside the window on 57th floor of a burning skyscraper.

    Young men face some very hard challanges in the SMP which the OMGs did not have to face. These young men are not married and have not had children, and want to bang hot girls (because sub consciously they want to make healthy babies). Hence, they talk in PUA terms like HB rating, looks maxing, etc.

    OMGs have succeeded in passing on their genetics and find all this HB talk unnecessary. They have been there an done that, that is why they talk “higher purpose”, long term vision …blah blah.

    It would be better if OMGs share their experience with younger men and can agree to disagree. But what I see here is that younger men are shamed for pursuing their sexual strategy. OMGs don’t get it that if a man is failing in pursuing his sexual strategy, he does not give a damn about a “higher purpose”. It is not either / or. A man should have a plan for his future and also pursue the sexual strategy he finds best suited for his circumstances. And OMGs brand every young man daring to share an opinion as Beta, ——> Incels here, ——–> MGTOWS there, ——–> PUAs here.

    Rollo’s work is useful for every one, an Incel, a MGTOW, a PUA, a single man, a married man, a divorced man, an Alpha, Beta or Omega.

    But OMGs want only men of “higher purpose” to participate in the comments section. They squat here day after day splitting hair, dabbling in semantics and pseudo intellectual bullshit. I guess this is why YaReally left.

    And I stopped commenting here long time ago, hoping that things will change. But no, it is always “different day, same shit” anytime I look into the comments section.

  25. Have you read this?

    Great article partly about what can be accurately described as Post Modern Puritanism.

    Read the article, Think. Think. Think. We, are really discussing a neurosis. Group neurosis. Mass neurosis. The “Red Pill” is an antidote for one neurosis, but, exclusive consideration of it and, God forbid, addiction to it only swaps one neurosis for another, one addiction for another. The Red Pill has a dangerous side effect because it does cure one ailment but also delivers its own “mind virus”.

  26. @Scribb: There is nothing wrong in being a “pussy hound” or chasing HB 8, 9 or whatever. It is your sexual strategy and you have every right to pursue it. More power to you. And you do not need to justify it by having a “higher purpose”.

  27. Dr. Veissière expresses some valid points. But…. he also goes off the deep end into bullshit by (among other things) more than suggesting that gender fluid persons may be great leaders due to their gender fluidity. Pretty extreme and one cannot help but realize Veissière is too much a weakling to rebuke his colleagues and the superstitious mind viruses of his own ilk.

  28. Okay.

    I wasn’t ever going to comment on this particular subject path again, but what the fuck – one last thing ( because I can’t stand the misunderstanding/crying shit )

    I have never seen anyone ‘ SHAMED ” here. That stance is telling as fuck.

    Why do you feel ” shamed ” if a grown ass man suggests that you not get too hung up in a singular pursuit and endlessly go on and on and on about how any bitch happens to look?


    All of the ” hawt chick. hawt chick waaahhhhhh…hawt chick…I only want a hawt chick ” shit is weak and beta as all get out. And that’s not shaming. Men don’t shame. Correction is taken under advisement and either accepted or rejected – simple – bitches complain that they are being ” shamed “.

    I have to read ( by choice ) guys that have never been married talk so much shit about something they have no experience in as though they are experts. Lol, man get the fuck outta here.

    If you LEFT because you couldn’t take criticism or didn’t like what some men said, then you are always welcome to go kick rocks and vanish again.

    Young men face some very hard challanges in the SMP which the OMGs did not have to face. These young men are not married and have not had children, and want to bang hot girls (because sub consciously they want to make healthy babies). Hence, they talk in PUA terms like HB rating, looks maxing, etc.

    Stop already with the ” muh life’s so hard ” stuff. You do not know what anyone individually has had to ” face “. STOP PLAYING THE VICTIM. That’s a popular manosphere thing, right? Victimhood is inside your skull. Stop fucking crying already.

    OMGs have succeeded in passing on their genetics and find all this HB talk unnecessary. They have been there an done that, that is why they talk “higher purpose”, long term vision …blah blah.

    Again, you don’t speak from knowledge. Personally, ((( I ))) don’t find all that HB talk interesting, and it’s boring and tiresome after a while. It has nothing at all to do with my marital status, nor does it have to do with my genetics being passed on.

    If you chose to live life at some kind of restricted level, that is you right and I support it. I talk about long term vision because I understand that it’s important. More important to a man than some broads HB rating. Motherfucking priorities. Lol. I talk about higher purpose ( your term tattooed on what I say ) because some men reading along might need/want to hear that, and I believe in striving.

    It would be better if OMGs share their experience with younger men and can agree to disagree. But what I see here is that younger men are shamed for pursuing their sexual strategy. OMGs don’t get it that if a man is failing in pursuing his sexual strategy, he does not give a damn about a “higher purpose”. It is not either / or. A man should have a plan for his future and also pursue the sexual strategy he finds best suited for his circumstances. And OMGs brand every young man daring to share an opinion as Beta, ——> Incels here, ——–> MGTOWS there, ——–> PUAs here.

    Nah, you want everyone to be the same. You want full agreement else it’s ” shaming “. That colors what you think you see.

    YaReally and I had a similar discussion right here years ago, where he said something about ” A starving man doesn’t want to hear about how good an expensive steak tastes, he just want to eat ” ( paraphrasing ), and I agree. But if you’re not starving and haven’t been starving for a while, stop talking and acting like a starving man with a full belly while complaining that nobody understand you as a starving man. Time to move away from the ” But I’M starving ” mindset. Eat and stfu about it already.

    ” A man should have a plan for his future and also pursue the sexual strategy he finds best suited for his circumstances. “

    I’ve never disagreed with this. If you keep saying that I don’t get this because of my age, or my marital status, or because I happen to be a father, you’re not paying attention purposely. All that ” YODA ” shit you talk is missing the content. You wanna stay where you are. Understand: I have zero control over what you do in your life, nor do I lose sleep over such. Platinum Rule for thee. But everybody doesn’t feel or see thing exactly the same. I am fully against the homogenization of men.

    Lay off that ” old man , low T ” shit. It’s unbecoming of a man complaining about being ” shamed “.

    Finally, as far as I can see, we do tend to agree to disagree.There’s nothing that you can say that will make me see things exactly the way you do because we come from 2 totally different galaxies evidently. That’s not good enough for you?

    For the record: I like J and have said as much. He’s not my girlfriend. I don’t agree with 100% of what he says ( lookism is retarded ), but I don’t ever ” shame ” him. I type things out to him the same way I speak to men in my circles. If I didn’t like him I wouldn’t ” shame or attack ” him, i’d ignore him.

    But when you come waltzing in here talking about men needed to succeed and earn in order to get hoes, on a Red Pill site no less, I’m surprised you didn’t get more pushback than just from me. When you say men don’t need Frame and blah, blah – Here, on TRM of all places, you should’ve gotten burned ( not shamed , there’s a difference ). If you’re still trying to figure shit out, you’ve got a very long road ahead. If you’re happy with where you are, then enjoy it. Relax. It’s not important who understands you or disagrees with you.

    Scrib earlier was trying to analyze why I comment here ( and he was very civil ). It does nothing at all for my Ego. Part of it is trying to help young men by putting forth an alternative to ” life is about pussy and HB’s “. 100% I spend time here because I’m trying to understand men that are different from me, think different from me, have different experiences than me. I engage to learn ( not because I’m old…or married ). I do this because I accept that everyone isn’t the same and that’s fine. A criticism is not shaming. If you said ” I’m going to wash my car with honey and rose petals “, I’m gonna say that’s some stupid shit. But I might want to know how and why you came to the conclusion that this was a good thing to do.

    Regardless, it remains stupid shit though.

    And this, is my final words on this shit.

  29. All of the ” hawt chick. hawt chick waaahhhhhh…hawt chick…I only want a hawt chick ” shit is weak and beta as all get out. And that’s not shaming. Men don’t shame. Correction is taken under advisement and either accepted or rejected – simple – bitches complain that they are being ” shamed “.

    Blax, you’re such a bully! Rollo needs to create a safe space for young PUAs. lol

  30. Incubus

    “Young men face some very hard challanges in the SMP which the OMGs did not have to face. ”

    Such as what? You know guys who were married at birth?

    Yareally left when he got called out on things he had no experience in.

    It’s always amusing when guys short out because the comments aren’t exactly what they want… Boo fucking hoo…

  31. asd

    I’m NOT anti-pua at all.

    What I am is tired of the constant insinuations that ” OMG’s ” shame younger/pua types solely because one questions them. I’ve never studied pua ( other than what Ya and Sentient pointed me to ), but there’s a theme driven by the internets of the downtrodden and shamed pua for wanting high HB women and it’s seen as an attack of sorts. Question=attack/shaming.

    Look, I don’t care what another man does with his penis, right? Lol. I care more when same guy keeps going on forever about what he does with his penis, then wants to use that to ” tell ” me about myself, my life and my choices.

    Barking up the wrong fucking tree with that buillshit.

    ( Lol?)

  32. “They are too easily led towards wasting time in trivial pursuits”.

    “All of the ” hawt chick. hawt chick waaahhhhhh…hawt chick…I only want a hawt chick ” shit is weak and beta as all get out”.

    The pursuit of attractive women is trivial = do something else with your life. Cause wanting to fuck girls most guys can’t SNL is beta as fuck.

    That’s basically what your saying.

    I will. If this shit gets boring then I’ll stop. (I just so happen to like this hobby and discussing it with other guys who are passionate about it (on other forums)) Not because someone tells me to. so shut up, b <3

    Other guys have other trivial pursuits they’re interested in: video games, watching TV (I’m about to head out. I could have stayed in, and watched NCAA March Madness games like most guys my age are doing right now, but I want to stick my dick in a new hoe) and whatever else guys my age do on a Saturday night.

    Shaming also comes from the religious guys on this forum:

    that’s what @Theasdgamer with his lifetime 2 N count, keeps on about his ‘darwin winner’ shaming and his ‘sexually transmitted disease’ shaming. For the record I’ve fucked over 60+ women without a condom and I’m still HIV negative according to my latest test.

    and @eh with his lifetime 1 N count, about his when ya gonna pop out a kid yo! and I’m like, whenever I want lol. I’ve got 30+ years to still get the job done. Luxury of being young. that none of ya’ll have (oops there I go age shaming 😉 )

    ““Young men face some very hard challanges in the SMP which the OMGs did not have to face. ”

    Such as what? You know guys who were married at birth?”

    OMG in this context refers to any man born before 1970.

    Back in your prime (20-35 years old) you did not have to compete with Instagram, Snapchat, Tinder/Bumble, open hypergamy, feminine imperative, and all that other shit Rollo talks about. Just harder than before.

    Old guys on other forums talk about how easy it was to slay back in the day (because nobody on this forum will admit it on here (cause that’s beta yo!).

    The most successful old slayer on this forum is @scribbs and @palma.

    And @scribb’s total N count for last year was 5 lol.

    @palma can talk about how much easier it was for him back in his day compared to today or he can choose to remain silent.

  33. ” That’s basically what your saying.”

    There you go. I said what I meant to say. Don’t read into it.

  34. J

    “Just harder than before.”

    You might be surprised… Feminism been going strong since the 60s.

    And today sex outside a commited relationship is a given.

    Women are still women. That blade has two edges.

    You are veering into Yareally territory. We know how that ends.

  35. Bullshit in the discussion. Old guys not having had or currently having significant barriers to getting to where they want to be is the biggest crock.

    The only reason someone like me would have an issue with guys like J. is everything else besides getting laid. He’s the first to worry about when he is 50 yrs. old. And he should be. It’s as if he has no uncles as mentors, knowing his current station in life. (And neither do we know his current situ. That’s important.)

    We all know what is going on here. I’m incapable of explaining it. It’s about going after your purpose and mission, which often doesn’t center around pussy. “It’s not about sex” is a difficult concept and a difficult sales pitch for a man not getting laid regularly with someone or multiple one’s he wants to be with. The sex comes to you when you are very attractive (with multiple factors for mature men). Sure, everyone I know that is not happy, has trouble finding a girl that is up to standards that they want to be with. It’s hard. That’s always been a fucking problem.

    But I did like this explanation on a narrow topic of Game and Life at the 47:00 mark to the 52:00 minute mark (yes five minutes) in the discussion on Red Man Group today. (Keep in mind Rian Stone is MRP.)

    Most successful old slayer? YGBFSM. Your life purpose and mission is lady slayer? That’s a narrow mission. And don’t tell OMG’s off like that.

  36. Damn Sentient.

    I was reading the wiki page and I got to the Music part and saw Helen Reddy ” I am Woman ” shit that I spent good time erasing from my memory banks, even though I was 11 at the time.

    Old guys might remember ” bra burnings ” in real time, or the constant commercials about women smoking and drinking and bringing home the bacon…..

    … lol, I still remember the awful thing that happened to my mom when she donned a pair of ” hot pants “. My dad turned them into breakaway shorts.

  37. “Feminism been going strong since the 60s”.

    Feminism isn’t the name of the founder that created Bumble,Tinder, Instagram, and Snapchat.

    On the previous OP, Morpheus said this (which YaReally observed 3 years ago):

    “That said, one new phenonemon I think I am seeing in 2019 vs say 2005 is the presence of online dating apps gives many women a strong sense of FOMO and that a “better” guy is always out there. I think before online apps fostered a delusion and illusion of “unlimited choice” many women had a better grip on reality that “no, I really can’t do better than this guy”.

    Disclaimer: I’m not talking about myself (since I’m gonna get that: “what are you gonna do about it?”). Talking about what IS.

  38. Feminism been going strong since the 60s.

    Third Wave Feminism been going strong since the 60s, before I reached puberty.

    Young men face some very hard challanges in the SMP which the OMGs did not have to face.

    I’m autistic. Do you realize how stupid your statement seems to me? I still have to work to look people in the eye, and I was trained to do that. I’m pretty good at hiding my autism, but it takes work and doesn’t ever really get easy. I have to work to not talk about my obsessions when I’m out.

    What young men have the most trouble with is the hidden programs running in their minds, which I also was subjected to. I threw out the Blue Pill programming. That was the easy part for me. Probably what’s hardest for young guys to accept is the constant gaslighting from media about “toxic masculinity” and female pedestalization.

    Not going out tonight because I neglected to get cash for tonight. I went to a workout meetup this a.m. and my ass was feeling weak (as was the rest of me, nyuk, nyuk).

  39. Bumble,Tinder, Instagram, and Snapchat.

    Zero impact on cold approach. Cold approach has always been hard.

    Maybe young men have been protected too much from bullying and they’ve been coddled, so they aren’t tough.

  40. Calling out these OMGs for their bullshit and incessent shaming (yes, shaming) of younger men is not playing a victim.

    I dont need no muh life! or muh slavery! Victim card. I do not need anybody’s agreement on this topic.i speak for myself and any young lurker who may shy away from asking any pertinent questions from the fear of these OMGs shaming him for not having a “higher purpose”.

    Any guy talking about a challange he is facing is branded with the term beta.

    Who the hell are these beta males who have married single mothers to call others beta males?

    For these old farts it is their way or the highway. Who the hell are these fuckers who have not pulled in decades to have authority over other men who go out and make it work for themselves in the real fucking world? Who the hell are these nagging bitches who squat here for years telling others to “get the hell outta here”? You don’t own this space. And all your advise to date has been absolute garbage.

    If what others say is tiresome for you. You can state your disagreement and move the fuck on. It is these OMGs who want all men to be cut from the same cloth, act the same way, talk the same way.

    I dont give a fuck what you have done or not done. Not all men are going through the same challanges in life. What a 20 year desires and the challanges he is facing to achieve them is different from what a 30 year old or 40 year old is experiencing. But you OMGs want him to think like a 60 year old and make him jaded like yourselves.

    I do not need a safe space or any protection, nor am I going to “run away”, I will continue to speak and call out your bullshit.

    So bring it the fuck on !!

  41. that’s what @Theasdgamer with his lifetime 2 N count, keeps on about his ‘darwin winner’ shaming and his ‘sexually transmitted disease’ shaming.

    It’s not shaming on my end. The fact is, if you don’t have offspring, you are a darwin award candidate.

    And if you consider prudent policies to be shaming, I don’t know what to say.

  42. Off-topic website suggestion. Don’t know if it’s been suggested already but the new comments font is tiny compared to the font size of the main article and very hard to read personally. I know i could zoom in but then I’d have to zoom out each time on all my other pages. Maybe making the fonts the same size for legibility and ease-of-use might be a good idea.

  43. Hmmm. Never heard the ” calling out omg’s on their bullshit ” line before. How original.

    Life. Live it or die son.

    Bottom line? This isn’t lookisms or asf( whatever ) or a Reddit pua site. Go there with your twisted panties if you’re trying to get traction with your ” muh desires ” stuff. Your desires are yours.

    The proprietor here is an ” omg “. Has he ever cosigned the constant semi worship of pussy?

    I get it. Something was amiss in your life, and pussy set everything right. It’s the answer to eternal questions.

    Nah, it borders on pedestalizing the way you chose to frame it. I’m sorry you feel shamed.😂😂 you’re a bit soft, huh? All of this furious keyboarding because a grown man disagrees with your fucked up, pussy is everything philosophy.

    I’ll graciously ignore your juvenile ” muh slavery ” quip. I can tell a lot about a man by how he tries to argue his point.

    So. You’ve wet your panties and not a goddamned thing changed. Your argument is old and well understood. You don’t speak for a.majority of 20,30 year olds. Not everyone has traveled the exact same path in life. You make assumptions at the drop of a hat. So me a solid and brush up on you argumentative skillset. I say do whatever you like, you say ” omg’s want everyone to be the same “.

    Feelz,.desires,ice cream and rainbows. Everywhere has to turn into a pua site, even if there’s a field reports section put in place specifically at the ( constant) request of Yareally. And even then he still threw a omg fit and left because everyone would lock step with everything he felt.


    Nah. I’m not going to “bring it on”. Don’t have to. It’s pointless. This shit is boring and you’re not up to task. Go to lookism and get a bunch of validation or whatever it is you want, but it’s not looking good here in a Red Pill site. If the shit you talk about becomes prevalent, then your wish would be granted and I’d stop commenting.

    ….but that’s never going to happen as long as Rollo posts up relevant op’s like he does. When he denounces frame and MpoO for ” the only reason you should try to succeed is to fauck hb9’ss “, then I’m gone.

    Until then, fuck you and goodnight.
    ( Kidding. I just want to see you storm back in with some more omg hatred )

  44. J

    You don’t have to compete with tinder and all that stuff. It’s a choice one makes to put themselves in a woman’s frame by doing so. If you choose to do that, don’t complain that it’s ” harder “.

    Earlier I was watching Rollo interview that Tate fellow, and one of the last things Rollo said was along the lines of ” …Go meet women face to face, he original and they’ll love it ” ( paraphrasing). The same thing I’ve been saying here for years.

    Choice. If everything was so different, if everything had actually changes biologically, you would never get laid and you may as well watch th a ACC game. I think guys getting laid would blunt much of the ” it’s harder ” thing. But it doesn’t and I can’t understand why that is, unless it’s wanting sympathy constantly and endless cosigning, like telling a kid whatever he wants to hear so he’ll stop whining.

    Guys can’t fuck. Guys start fucking. Guys still complain that it’s hard and everything has changed.

    Shit’s baffling.

  45. @Incubus_Rising

    Use the jab to set up the right hook. Attack the body. The straight right down the pipe is paying off. Keep tagging the body and the head will soon follow.

    “Who the hell are these fuckers who have not pulled in decades to have authority over other men who go out and make it work for themselves in the real fucking world? Who the hell are these nagging bitches who squat here for years telling others to “get the hell outta here”?

    Looks as though you found the sweet spot.

    As you were Champ.

  46. Being over 50, I suppose that makes me an OMG (whatever that means). But reading the ‘debate’, it strikes me that there is a difference in values at the root of it.

    Reading PUA material makes me think of my old attitude to poker. In that, I used to believe poker was a game of luck, but when I actually learned about it (mostly via my son) I realised it was absolutely a game of skill. And that being a good poker player was possible for anyone prepared to spend the time and energy learning those skills.

    But not every man wants to do that. I prefer chess. I’ve been a serial monogamist all my life, not for moral reasons, but because once I have access to regular sex, I’m satisfied. The ‘sex box’ is ticked and I can focus my attention on other stuff—my writing, my career, hobbies, etc. I also enjoy the challenges that come with dealing with one specific woman whom I like. But I am not for one second suggesting that what satisfies me would satisfy all men. Each to their own.

    But there seems to be a subset of guys who insist that poker is the only game worth playing and that guys who prefer chess—or who simply disagree—are lame or ‘shaming’ OMGs. I had a 22-year ‘chess game’ with the mother of my son which involved intense love, sex, divorce and all-out war, and I believe that the more I understand what happened, the better man I will be and the more effective father I will be. But when Incubus states that my entire history can be summed up with “you fucked the wrong girl”, I mean … seriously? That’s your penetrating analysis of my situation?

    If you want to focus on banging multiple hot girls, go ahead and good luck to you. I’m not here to tell other men how to live their lives or ‘correct’ them on what’s important. But acting as though you have a monopoly on the truth and that guys who push back are ‘shaming’ you—that’s the kind of shit women pull.

  47. @ex-cartoonist

    I never read all the post on here and hadn’t paid much mind to everything Incubus Rising has written. I do like the fact he’s willing to challenge the perceived wisdom of some of the main stays, but the response to yourself was trite and uncalled for.

    I like your chess analogy in reference to your family life. Very apt.

  48. J

    “gives many women a strong sense of FOMO and that a “better” guy is always out there.”

    Please. The problem with Yareally was at the core he wasn’t very educated and had a very narrow perspective of the past based largely on his imagination.

    Why does Rollo refer to “open” Hypergamy?

    Hint – because Hypergamy has always existed…

    Do you recall the fable of Cinderella? All women believe a better guy may be out there. Did you read Existential Fear ffs?

    Dust bowl girls in the 30s… Small town girls in the 50s… Careerist shrikes today. Rachel Maddows girlfriend… Etc.

    Tell me, what’s the most followers on insta your bang’s had?

  49. Blax

    “Guys can’t fuck. Guys start fucking. Guys still complain that it’s hard and everything has changed.”

    Been over this before. It’s ego investment. It has to be hard to reinforce how much better they are…

    Endemic to PUA mindset. I.e. “playa/slaya” self identity. It’s juvenile obviously. You really only see it from former incels and ironically divorced guys getting back in…

    Real world guys who are good with women and enjoy women [who arent selling systems etc.] don’t think of themselves this way.

    [Autist Disclaimer – note tgis comment passes no judgment on an individuals choice to bang one, two, ten or twenty plus girls concurrently. Go forth “shame free”.]

  50. Palma

    And THAT is how you do it…!

    Fun social guys, good with women, doing what they want to do, free of self applied Playa/Slaya labels…

  51. ” . . . shaming him for not having a “higher purpose”.”

    It isn’t a question of having a higher purpose. It’s a question of having other things to think about and do. Because it is babies all the way down those things all have their ultimate root in getting laid, but can be so many times removed from the root that it occasionally needs pointing out.

    The Victorian neo-Queen Anne mansion is the human peacock’s tail. No man would ever even dream of building such a ridiculous thing without being under the influence of women. So, he does it “to get laid.” But he doesn’t necessarily think “I’m doing this to get laid.” He’s just following a drive.

    Note that the peacock does not display his tail and say to the peahen, “Hey, look at this. Fuck me.” He has a drive to spread to his tail when he sees a peahen and peahens have a drive to say, “Oh my God. Look at that. For God’s sake FUCK ME!” The peacock’s tail gets him laid, so his mission isn’t to get laid, it’s to build his tail. Once removed from the root drive, but more effective than trying to go straight to the root drive, because peafowl aren’t built that way.

    Daniel Boone, ultimately crossed the Cumberland Gap to get laid, but if he had thought “How is this going to get me laid,” he would have concluded that it wouldn’t and stayed home. He ended up zeroed out (fucking lawyers) except for – a son who respected him enough to take care of him in his old age and grandchildren who went around saying, “Do you know who MY grandfather is?” with pride.

    Getting laid is a drive, but the drive is about babies. All the way down.

    But the drive of women is such that they do not respond to a man wanting to get laid. That would be too easy and we’d all just spend our time fucking in the streets that aren’t there because we were too busy fucking to build streets, which would result in all of us dying before the babies happened and matured. Women respond to a man’s mission and how he handles it. A man on a mission causes women to think about him.

    Note again that I am Old, and a Guy, but not Married. I’m an ODG, but Ded so long ago that I live as an OSG with the experience of having been Med and Ded.

  52. “The old friend I was with is 39 and recited a tale of a few years back where he and another guy drove across Europe for 14 days in a 911 with nothing but a toothbrush each and a Sybian in the front boot as a conversation piece and toy. They bought clothes as they went. Between them they banged 30 women in 14 days after betting the women in bars how long they could go without orgasming on the sybian. They took the women back to the hotel to put them through it”.

    haha cool as fuck.

  53. ” . . . 14 days in a 911 with nothing but a toothbrush each . . .”

    I like to start out with a penknife, a box of small wooden matches, several yards of dental floss (mostly for use as string) and 3/4″ duct tape wrapped around a card, and a plastic grocery bag neatly folded and compressed.

    And I prefer a 356 to a 911. Around the Med make it a ragtop.

  54. Ex Cartoonist

    I like the poker analysis a lot.

    The great commenter Novaseeker has oft reminded me that ” young ” guys revolt and it’s to be expected. This is true, but it doesn’t mean they are right in their thinking. I’ve always advocated that men need to do whatever they see fit in their individual lives.

    Wash your car with honey and rose petals. Nobody’s stopping you. But he reasonable and don’t insist that every swinging dick just do the same or he is somehow lying to himself about the nature of automobile upkeep.

    It’s that ” lying to yourself ” thing. It’s intended to blunt discussion. It’s a tactic. ” all men want to only bang hb9 hotties, and if you say otherwise you’re lying to yourself “. That’s not a) true of all men for a variety of reasons b) an awful brainwashing message to give to men trying to sort themselves out.

    The idea that ” omg’s ” are monolithic is wrong and insulting, and indicative of intellectual laziness.

    Imo, the push for instant gratification with minimal effort and even less understanding is becoming prevalent and has harmed society as a whole. To put it in intersexual terms, there was no ” pua ” when I was in my formative years, yet I have had sex on demand. I didn’t talk about it endlessly, I didn’t judge men that chose not to do as I did, I didn’t see sex as elevating me in any way.

    Men want hot women. ” hot ” is subjective. Some think a 89 pound woman is ideal, some think a light heavyweight is best. The idea that some kind of consensus that a woman must be ” X ” age or younger, and all men 50+ absolutely need to be trolling the high school is patently absurd. Hotter. Younger. Tighter. How vague.

    If you question any of this, you’re shaming. It’s not ever to be questioned, and ” biology ” is used as justification. You won’t embrace your biology and you deny your primal desires. Charles Manson had ” primal ” desires too. Lots of guys can’t effectively do “primal” , so care should be taken when prescriptions are blythly being handed out.


    Yareally is a God round these parts. Why has thou forsaken???😂

    He advocated for some things I wasn’t onboard with ( living in shitty areas, not advancing financially, only seeing ” the future ” in terms of sex ), but it was very clear why some admired him immensely, and he did actually he’ll many men.

    But once he stepped outside the pua realm his powers diminished greatly, resulting in a meltdown and self imposed exile.

    So.was it wrong to tell him to grow up a bit and be somewhat more well rounded?

    Incubator stated that old guys aren’t ‘ pulling ‘. He seems very certain of that. What I know is that one never really knows what another man is doing sexually, nor is it anyone’s business basically. For all I know SJF could be banging college girls 2 at a time and chooses to keep it to himself.

    The most confusing aspect of these kinds of ‘ debates ‘ is the certainty on the part of guys less experienced overall, combined with cries for compliance. If one is certain that his path is correct, he should get on with it post haste.

    Last, I know 3-4 guys that are certified multi millionaires. Only one of them is so into money that it’s all he knows and all he understands and all he talks about. Endless money talk. The other guys kill it financially and never speak much about it unless asked. Same results,.different mindsets.

    I’d be wary of goofballs denigrating the ” higher purpose ” in a man’s life. Shades of Yareally. That’s easy enough for a caveman to understand.😁

  55. @J – I’m not sure if I misstated it on here but my N count for the past year I think is 9, I don’t really keep count, i just thought back. Some slip my mind, truly. All super hot. That’s probably like 20% of those who got to the point of sending my naked pix, most of whom I passed on. Being that I’ve mostly fucked HB7 and up my entire life, for me, it’s got to be hot for me to get after it. Anything less doesn’t motivate me. But I also have a high “failure” rate – but that’s built into my system. Which is why I leverage online/text/snap/insta etc game. It keeps my pipeline full and girls who are down signal it. I think one of the things some OMGs (not all) can’t picture is just how much of game can be run online, along with in person. Fyi, I don’t like or follow or engage on Insta, I use it mainly for intelligence. I don’t want to be seen that way. I do engage one on one, very sexually, on Snap for example. Shocker to me – young girls really like dick pix. It’s not unusual to have video exchanges and to “sext” before fucking. Digital game works for me, but then again, I’m in the digital/social media marketing biz.

    Keep in mind, I’m not just qualifying for hot. I’m qualifying for down to fuck for sport, and seeing me as a short term lover kind of mate, not a provider. As an older guy I of course will sometimes get my hooks in a girl who sees me as a provider. That’s why I sexualize early and often, over text or snap. It’s “pre-qualification”. I also have excellent “craydar”, meaning I screen for the cray-cray too. I also screen for submission, so by the time we meet up, it’s usually about ripping each others clothes off and getting my dick in her mouth – by both parties. I know they are DTF if they agree to come to my place alone. I also have to like them. I ditch cunty girls, tell them off and it’s kinda funny. I can tell they aren’t used to being spoken to by an actual self-respecting man. You young guys – not us OMGs – are teaching these young girls that they can get away with murder and most of you will put up with that.

    Re: Getting laid was easier back in the day – Doesn’t strike me that way. N counts were lower. Girls were much more prudish. There was a ton more sexual shame back then, on both sides. “Making you wait” was common. Now, on the plus side, pre-AIDS hysteria, that helped. But from my observation, sluts have were in lower quantity and as I like to say, “Sluts make the world go ’round”. I don’t think that’s much different from today, in that there was always a small pct of hot women who were dtf. But I actually think there are more of them today, and in some ways it seems easier to me. But that may just be due to having conscious game now, I’m not often confused or “chasing”. Ya, let me correct that – it’s in no way easy for me. It’s just drama free and clear.

    What I think is also different today is that women aren’t looking for marriage material young, so betas have less access to young hotties. But calling it easier? I lived in both worlds, and that’s not the way I see it. But that’s just my view, I’m not here to argue with you on that point. The larger point you are making is spot on as I think it’s harder for lower value guys and betas due to young women being freed to have “their wild years” when young. I do think this means they aren’t locking down a beta for marriage and that this makes it harder for lower value guys to get laid. But for a player? I think it has to be much better today. The young guys I know who are serious players can get laid readily these days, and hell, this is a generation of girls raised on porn and highly sexualized. And the online/text stuff gives the guy leverage too. But then again, I never focus on what’s not working these days, I focus on what’s working. I literally delude myself into success and happiness on some level, lol, and am happy to live that way. So I probably don’t have a truly objective read on this. I also have had a non-average sequence of life events and maturity as an alpha dog, being natural but unconscious of it, married and a dad and divorced by age 30 etc. So perhaps my view is skewed. I do know this. When I stopped making excuses for not getting laid due to being older, I began to make real progress with game and internalizing Red Pill truths, and the impact was far beyond just getting laid. And I think this is where you and i have violent agreement. Successfully pursuing one’s sexual strategy is crucial to a man.

    Re: Palmasailor – He’s a stone cold killer. Mad respect. Note how he comments vs old OMGs.

    @OMGs – Notice how none of us are telling you how to fuck those old saggy smelly wrinkled broads of your’s. I don’t know how to maintain a marriage – I wouldn’t dream of it. But why do you guys opine so much on the reverse situation? And why don’t any of you notice this? And oh yeah, YAREALLY WAS RIGHT IN EVERYTHING HE SAID TO YOU GUYS, YOU JUST WOULD NEVER, EVER, FUCKING LISTEN AND TAKE IT IN. @Sentient is the exception as his game is so tight and he was trying to make some finer points that Ya just couldn’t internalize – nobody is perfect. @Sentient is one righteous fucking pussy-slayer of a man. But the rest of you? Mehh…

    Sex is like eating for me, I have an appetite. It doesn’t need to be “earned”, I don’t have to accomplish anything in the real world or other areas of my life to fully own my sexual appetites and seek to fulfill them. This uncoupling was/is crucial. I’m not being my own MPOO to get laid, I’m my own MPOO cuz I’ve rid myself of the gynocentric, chivalric, romantic, Christian view of my sexuality. Those ideas caused my bifurcated identity, and ridding myself of those beliefs allowed me to accept it and make it fucking righteous. Yes, I feel entitled to pussy, don’t you? This was only truly possible for me to internalize when I saw how women actually do act according to Red Pill principles and was only truly understood once I sunk my cock into them. The Red Pill is Praxeological (praxeology is the study of human action), it’s experiential, not intellectual. You will be changed if you actualize these truths. Sitting around and yakking about them on a blog is a start, not an end.

    @Incubus – Cosign your comments utterly. A couple of thoughts on genetic success and my sex drive. Short story? They are orthogonal. Having a child had zero impact on my desire to bang hotties. And this makes sense, as it’s firmware, not a rational decision. I think from an evo psych POV there must be a basis for this, given the survival rate of children to reproductive age and the variability of genetic success for adults. So I’d not agree that the fundamentals of sex drive are about being married or not.

    I’m pretty clear I’ll never be faithful to a woman again, given how I’ve accepted the fundamental “dog” in my nature. In fact, attaining a new women makes me want others. But the deal clincher for it is how I feel. No one woman can dominate me when I’m working multiple projects (what I call them instead of plates). I treat women differently when I’m in this state and THEY ENJOY IT MORE TOO. I’m not needy or controlling, I don’t get butt hurt. Example. An HB flakes on me now over text? That’s like the sun coming up in the morning, how can I get upset. But cuz I don’t go all douchey, nope, I just focus on the next one. I often hear back from them at another time and get to fuck them instead of creating drama. Women sense all this and find having a hook-up only relationship with me while I possess this mindset quite doable. I finally realized that this in large part due to them recognizing my approach is similar to their sexual strategy. It’s a form of “game respects game”. I get away with murder in this regard sometimes. I share pics of me having sex with other women, and most women don’t care. Some do though, or they like it at first but they do get jealous. It will make them want you more. Why? Social proof…Heheh. Fuck me, this Red Pill shit is incredible.

    I cannot imagine going back to giving one woman control over my access to sex or female intimacy and affection. Ever…More? I believe monogamy itself to be an artifact of medieval codes of romantic love and chivalry. My reading of history finds broad permissiveness towards powerful men having multiple sexual partners, and my experience is that women kind of respect it. It’s a signal of my high value to them. I remember telling my HB9 about how I came inside another girl and she later told me this made her jump in her car and drive 260 miles to be with me, lol.

    Re: Beta – One thing that we have to be clear about is that Red Pill truths are quite brutal. Let me put it this way. The species and other groups we belong to don’t give a fuck about how many men fail to reproduce or are destined to obligation sex and providing for other men’s children. It doesn’t care that females focus on top 20% value men and that this makes it much harder for all other men to mate, and that the rules are different for top 20% value men. I get it all. My observations here on Betadom are simple and I believe true. One cannot simply “alpha up” and we don’t do beta men any favors by selling them the lie that they can. I will once again, for like the 50th time review why. This fundamental misunderstanding of alpha/beta is probably one of the largest cognitive errors many in the manosphere make.

    Alpha = Social dominance. It’s observed by others noting how people submit to your leadership in a social situation. Period. If people defer to you in a conversation, you are the alpha in that conversation (simplistic example). Comes from pack animal behavior, which humans have some residue of in our social order. But it’s crucial to understand that human social order is also more complex and necessarily fluid. I cite the example of how I’m down the social pecking order in the gun community – which is fun for me. It’s also true of the band I’m playing in, I’m the new guy, the other’s are all quite talented and have been quite successful musicians for a long time. Interestingly, male social hierarchies are often deeply affected by talent, knowledge and competence being displayed. I often find betas want to reduce male dominance to being a jerk or an asshole, when in fact the opposite is often true. Not always, of course. But even the most nerdy, introverted, anxiety ridden beta who codes or games has social dominance when hanging out with lesser gamers or coders. My point? This is complex in humans. Wolf social order is not as complex. It’s also true that men who follow well are respected in male hierarchies, so the idea that alpha men have “winner takes all” social benefits while betas get nothing isn’t true.

    And oh yeah, wolves can be lead by an alpha female pack leader. So, be fucking careful how far one takes the analogy. And also note that an HB9 will not usually find being the best coding geek much of a turn-on, but it’s also true that some of them might in a certain social situation. There is a class of woman out there referred to as “sapiophiles” (lovers of highly intelligent men). Fyi, they self-identify, lmfao. I was taught this by the HB9 who refers to herself as such, when explaining her attraction to me. Not the whole package, and again, I’m just trying to explain the complexity of the game. She also finds me attractive, like I think if I was a slob she’d never be in to me. Add it to my social dominance and voila. Super hottie fucktoy. I think there are many variations possible and that’s why many different sorts of men get to bang hotties. It’s not all “Chads” getting the hot nyphomaniacal hookup sex. It’s also old dogs like me. Without provisioning. The HB9 would come to visit and we’d take turns paying for groceries and shit while she was here, she kind of insisted on it. No girls who see me this way give a fuck if i provide for them. They literally have other guys for that shit.

    Women are all aiming for top 20% and that 20% will always be relative. In other words, it’s impossible for the majority of men to be socially dominant – alpha. Social order works with fewer leaders than followers. The idea that all men can “alpha up” must be confronted with this reality. What you are really saying is that you can socially dominate men that you’ve failed to socially dominate for your entire life so far. This implies that they will suddenly begin submitting to you. Remember, alpha is observed by women via the behavior of others as much as your own behavior.
    Alpha is only one factor in sexual selection. Simplest example. A woman may select a hot but fairly passive man to have casual sex with, even as she may dominate him socially. I see this in women today. It makes me gag, but I see many submissive men in the world. I also think women value social intelligence along with dominance. Mastery is like catnip. Lack of thirst is a signal of high value. Looks matter. This is why very powerful older men who are hideous will get access to young woman. Angry betas often want to reduce this to money but that’s not the case. There is an evo psych reason for female interest in HIGH VALUE older men. Such men have proved their survivability. And if they already have children who have grown into adults? More proof that they are fit and that their offspring will survive. Reducing all this to “alpha” or “beta” is to miss much of what’s actually happening.

    One develops the ability to be socially dominant at a young age. It’s part of one’s identity and the social strategies one adopts to maneuver through the world. It’s not easy, and failure has a high social cost. Hell, being successful at it has a social cost as socially dominant men are badmouthed by those who submit to them when they are not around. I don’t think it’s doable for most men to just change all that. In my case, I’ve always been alpha to a degree, but I was incompetent with it. I was a “natural” but had low social intelligence in this way. I didn’t develop alphaness, I noticed i had it and began to use it much more intelligently.

    Most important point? Betas get laid. Seems to me we’d be much better off advising betas on stripper/sex worker/massage girl game. Single mommy game. Submissive game – there are domme women out there who want submissive men. Sneaky beta game (the guy who fucks my girls when they are mad at me or i’m not around, he’s in orbit waiting to for the slightest opening to be her “friend”). Learn what I call “situational dominance”, I think we all have chances to climb up the competency pecking order, and this can provide some opportunities for “local social dominance”. Fyi, I tried to be a sexual sub once, for like 5 mins and i couldn’t take it seriously, we both kept laughing. Girl concluded it by sayin, “Yeah, it’s impossible for you to submit”. Ya, that about gets it. Is it impossible for you to submit, folks? Or did you find that submitting was lower risk and lower friction? Did you find that submitting to an alpha male made you relax, and that you were happy to let someone else lead? And do you think cuz you show up with some new tricks you learned on a blog that I’m just going to start submitting to you? Ask Blax – not me – it’s constitutionally impossible fore Blax to submit. And I respect that, and can relate.

    I keep thinking I’ll never have to explain this again but it seems to be needed in every comment thread. The lesson? Play the ball where it lies. You are who you are, social intelligence will help you wherever you are in a social hierarchy. Telling men this truth is not about shaming betas, even as it may sting. I think that’s preferable to the man who keeps trying to “alpha up” but cannot and drives himself nuts by doing so. Be a happy beta. I’m just sayin’.

  56. @Palma Sailor:

    That’s why I specified around the Med. I left around the North Sea as implied. My first car that I bought in running condition was a Triumph GT6. Powered by the Prince of Darkness, so the headlights only worked in daylight and the windshield wipers only when it was dry. The horn worked when it felt like it, which sometimes was when it was just sitting there parked, turned off and nobody around to be pressing the button. When it was raining, despite being a tin top, it leaked like a sieve. You could sort of tell the heat was on full if it was above freezing out.

    I replace it with a FIAT 124 Spider. The top never leaked a drop even in the hardest rain and the heater on full would burn my feet even down to 0F.

    This puzzled me for a while before I figured it out.

    The Brits don’t build cars that are tight and well heated because it never occurs to them that there’s such a thing as dry and warm.

  57. @ Blaximus

    I share your irritation with the “lying to yourself” thing. When somebody on this forum says I’m lying to myself, I think, ‘Oh, so based on a 200-word comment I made, you now know me better than I know myself?’ And it pisses me off.

    That being said, I have been guilty of lying to myself. Indeed, my whole Blue Pill conditioning was based on the fact that I not only lied to myself, but believed the lies so strongly I was willing to defend them. In my previous comment, I said I preferred chess to poker—that I preferred serial monogamy to spinning plates. However, if someone were to ask, “How do you know that’s a genuine preference and not Blue Pill conditioning?”, that’s a good question. And I appreciate questions like that.

    But there are arguments which enter the region of Dirty Tricks, and “you’re lying to yourself/you’re in denial” is one of them. If you claim someone is lying to themself then anything they say in their own defence is, by definition, a lie and therefore invalid. So, I agree with you that it’s a tactic and a sneaky one at that.

  58. ” . . . the TR6 had a pair of SU’s . . .”

    The GT6 had a half litre smaller version of the same engine, hence the same SU’s. What is the difference between a checking account and a pair of SU carbs? You can balance the checking account.

    ” . . . there may have been an injection version which had a reputation for being even more flaky than all the rest..”

    Flaky fuel injection, thy name is SPICA. When I felt the need to have a slightly larger tin top I supplemented the Spider with an Alpha Romeo GTV. Most people end up ripping out the fuel injection and replacing it with a couple of dual Webers. I just found a guy who had been born poor in Italy, who had dreamed of owning an Alpha GTV someday, came to America, worked his way up to owning an Italian car shop, who bought it off me for a bit more than I had paid. Did a 100% strip down and restoration on it. It was Beeeautiful.

    I replaced it with a Maserati Biturbo which I think is the perfect car – if you live on the Med. If the temperature dropped below 40F it needed a shot of ether to start. I live where the snow banks can can get taller than the snow plows.

    I’m a Yank, but I grew up reading Autosport instead of Car & Driver.

  59. @Palma Sailor:

    It is entirely possible that I got that one improbable car that came together from all the bits out on the tail of the manufacturing tolerances curve, but I adored mine. The start procedure 5 months out of the year made it a no go though.

    Could have been worse. The start procedure for a real Bugatti begins with:

    Drain the sump.
    Heat the oil on a stove.

    Now I have a neo-Edwardian fixed wheel push bike, although sometimes I have to wait around to “start” it because it’s taking a particularly long time to link with the satellite. Oh, the irony.

  60. “The Enigma and Bombe Machines laid the foundations for Machine Learning. According to Turing, a machine that could converse with humans without the humans knowing that it is a machine would win the “imitation game” and could be said to be “intelligent”.

    However a chatbot that must constantly change it’s gravatar to pass screening is an obvious imitation of human intelligence,just another stupid useless invention that relies on a male built grid and network.
    A daughter of tech.

  61. DoS …and the men with the white coats cometh quickly.

    No doubt.
    Better skadoo before they get you with that haldol shot.

  62. The OMG’s vs. YSG’s debate explained by the Rick and Morty Show.

    Rick and Morty: Why Morty Matters

    Rick is the brains of the show. He often plays God. Morty is the heart of the show. A mere mortal. Morty has an intuitive understanding of Ethics and Decency (Otherwise known as Blue Pill decency). He knows how to give bar sluts their due, as well as young PUA’s a helping hand, he pushes Rick to treat other’s with more concern. And fairness:

    P.S. Rick doesn’t give a shit. Morty is overly-concerned.

    Morty is still figuring himself out and what his life is going to be like.

    Fade to commercials.

    P.S.S nihilistic comedy. Goes one step beyond Red Pill.

  63. Rollo

    Just starting Mastery – R Greene

    It sounds amazing and can’t wait to get further in. A good complimentary book on this might be The Rise of Superman – S Cotler

    In Kotler’s he talks about the different brainwaves and parts of the brain accessed. You might get a kick out of your snowmobile and entering the flow state and thus being able to produce it better in where you want mastery (your work?)…….who knows maybe snowmobiling will have to be an essential task in order for you to work and perform better, maybe base jumping with me one day too 🙂

  64. “The Yugo . . .”

    An obsolete FIAT (Fix It Again Tony, or Feeble Italian Attempt at Transportation, take your pick) with a fresh coat of lipstick, built with worn machinery, by communist serfs; what could possibly go wrong?

    I actually test drove one because I actually wanted to like it, but couldn’t quite bring myself to it.

  65. This one has been repeatedly and will be again when Rollo gets to it. It’s a running war and Rollo has to sleep and take care of business, the bot doesn’t, so sometimes it gets a bit ahead of him.

  66. Okay. I just flushed the ‘Satans Daughter’ bot. If it’s an actual troll, their ISP has been notified as well.

  67. “The conclusion he came to was that “gut feeling” was your subconscious brain recognising minute patterns of behaviour or indicators that it had seen before.”

    You’ll often see commentators talk about the “lightning fast reflexes” that a race driver used to save himself from a spin, yet when actually tested it was found that even drivers of the highest rank don’t have reflexes any faster than the general public.

    So how do they save themselves with maneuvers that visually happen faster than normal reaction times? Easy, they begin to make their correction for the skid before the skid actually begins. Skids don’t happen for no reason. They are the effect of causes. The driver, based on long experience that has given him knowledge and neuro-muscular patterning, senses the cause “by the seat of his pants” of reacts to the cause, not the effect.

  68. The apps have changed things, yes, but I am not sure that they have made things unequivocally harder.

    In the pre-internet era, you basically had to either cold approach people you come across IRL, or meet people in some context (friend groups, friends-of-friends-of friends, parties thrown by friends, etc.). There were also “personals” ads in hard copy newspapers, and some people used those but most didn’t. More people then than now met at work, because, again, the number of ways to meet someone wasn’t very high, especially for people who are not that competitive in a competitive environment like a bar or a club.

    So the name of the game in the pre-internet context was (1) getting into spaces where the desirable women were (and these were often gated, as we still see today with some clubs) and having excellent cold approach game (these environments were very competitive) or (2) developing a very good social network that had lots of pretty girls in it and running game on them in a pre-set context (the party thrown by a friend, the outing arranged by a friend etc.) — not ice cold approaching, but approaching someone in a pre-vetted context.

    Did this mean that girls had fewer options? Yes. But so did almost all men as well. And while sex was certainly taking place, the prevalence of ONS was much lower then than it is today. Apps have definitely fueled hypergamy, there is no question about that, but they’ve also made it easier for attractive men to access a larger group of girls, and have made ONS/hookups much more common and easier to access for men. Unattractive men have lost out, of course, but they didn’t do very well under the old system, either — mostly they were excluded from spaces where the pretty girls were (frat parties, best clubs and bars, etc.) and/or had friend groups that didn’t have girls in them or, if they did, didn’t have attractive girls in them. These guys did get married younger than they do now, to fairly unattractive or very average looking girls — most of them went through their lives never having even kissed a really pretty girl, then as now. That’s how life works for less attractive men, under any system.

    The biggest difference between then and now is that women are not marrying until much later, so the cock carousel now runs from 15-35 rather than from 15-26. That benefits the attractive men that the women are riding, and hurts the less attractive men who are marriage targets. Apps probably have had some influence on the increase in marriage age (more hypergamy means more delay, I think, overall), so in that sense it has made it a bit harder on less attractive men. But less attractive men didn’t have it easy under the old regime.

  69. Alpha fucks beta bucks, as abhorrent a strategy as it is, is not a sustainable evolutionary strategy as an all-out female imperative. It is stable at 5% to 20% or maybe 30%, the average non paternity rate as per current research. If it gets any bigger it will wipe itself out.

    This is not a peacock tail, there is no fisherian runaway, it can’t get bigger and bigger as there is no positive feedback loop, quite the opposite: The imperative is in conflict with its own agenda. What’s going to happen is, the cuckolded dads willing (knowingly or unknowingly) to provide for bastard spawn, in one or maybe two generations under the feminine imperative, will have their genes dwindled to the point of near extinction. Most new men will be born of the alpha seed – the same alpha seed of the dads that impregnated then bailed and left to beta to raise the little bastards.

    What you get then is a generation of alpha males with a VERY high chance of bailing out on the mother, on to the next younger tighter hotter woman, with very little men willing to raise the young. Women will be scrambling on top of each other to snag the precious few men that are both alpha and are willing to provide.

    Bottom line: If the feminine imperative gets any bigger, nature will balance it out with a vengeance in one or two generations, back in the direction of the male imperative. When that happens, make some popcorn and bring da movies, ’cause it’s gonna be one hell of a $hitshow.

  70. … And there weren’t forums where ” no sex ” dudes could be concentrated and wail and gnash teeth and form their own ” society “.

    And still struggle with sex, or manage to become sexually active and a) still complain and b) act as if they’ve scaled Everest and everyone else are now simple dullards.

    The thing about ” the old days ” is that if you weren’t around, you’re either guessing about how sexual access worked, or you were around but didn’t/couldn’t fuck for whatever reason. I agree that if a man wanted sex back in the dark ages, he had to get up off of his was and go meet and talk to people face to face, or suffer Sahara dick. It wasn’t easier or harder, depending on perspective or success.

    Apps and the like are in the feminine frame completely. That’s why 300 pound beasts can now get sex easier than ever before. I knew a guy that would routinely drive 500 miles to bang jabba the hut for a couple of nights.

    Understand, he drove away from an area with a combined population of roughly 17-18 million people to have sex with an undesirable woman.

    I happen to strongly believe that the internet and apps and social media are stoking male thirst to unprecedented heights. In a lot of ways, what we are witnessing more broadly isn’t just men’s biological drive, but a biology on crack version. Earlier I’d mentioned the mass shootings thing. We didn’t have this as a feature in American culture until fairly recently. People seen much more angry and stressed than I can remember them being. A lot of that is economic probably, but are in super thirst, internet porn of every stripe available on every smart phone 24/7, and the ” promise ” of dating apps turning out to be a bust for undesirable males, the perceived pressures are greater, but the nuts and bolts haven’t truly changed significantly.

    Pua is.seen as black magic because it instructs men to do what men have always done – get up and get out and interact.

    Learning to enjoy interactions with a large number of people will yield women that want sex with you. Swiping on a phone, not as much and the frame puts you at a disadvantage.

    Lol, Nova when growing up we’d throw massive ” house parties ” a couple of times a month, and eventually word spread widely enough that we were attracting women from every surrounding city. It got to the point where we had to move the party from the house to outside.

    It almost seems to me that people need a ” formal ” gathering ( club/bar, concert) in order to interact with strangers…or even friends. Too much physical isolation.

    Emphasis on ” physical “.

  71. well said Nova…

    HTPUG was published in 1970…

    Cold Approach was “hard” then… Most guys met girls via social circles. Girls were out though, and sexually available – for the right guy…

    Looking for Mr. Goodbar was published in 1975… The movie came out in 1977…

    Most guys who went out in search of Theresa for a ONS (i.e. SNL) went home empty handed… Despite looksmaxing…

    and dropping dope game… 1965…

    Nothing is new…

  72. Blax

    I knew a guy that would routinely drive 500 miles to bang

    we had a term for this… “Magellan” …

    “Yeah man, had to pull a Magellan Saturday night…”


  73. Blax

    It almost seems to me that people need a ” formal ” gathering ( club/bar, concert) in order to interact with strangers…or even friends.

    It’s not “formal” it’s “plausible”… Because men are men and women are women and when they get proximate… some mating is going to eventually take place…

    Go down the shore… meet some girls… invite out later (house party!)… rinse and repeat…


    Straight up, honey, really I’m askin’
    Most of these niggas think they be mackin’, but they be actin’
    Who they attractin’ with that line
    “What’s your name? What’s your sign?”
    Soon as he buy that wine, I just creep up from behind
    And ask you what your interests are, who you be with
    Things that make you smile, what numbers to dial
    You gon’ be here for a while?
    I’m gon’ go call my crew, you go call your crew
    We can rendezvous at the bar around 2
    Plans to leave, throw the keys to Lil Cease
    Pull the truck up front, and roll up the next blunt
    So we can steam on the way to the telly, go fill my belly
    A T-bone steak, cheese eggs and Welch’s grape
    Conversate for a few, ‘cause in a few we gon’ do
    What we came to do, ain’t that right, boo? (true)
    Forget the telly, we just go to the crib
    And watch a movie in the jacuzzi, smoke L’s while you do me

    Yeah, honey, check it—
    Tell your friends to get with my friends
    And we can be friends
    Shit, we can do this every weekend, aight?
    Is that aight with you?
    Yeah… keep bangin’

  74. Apps have definitely fueled hypergamy, there is no question about that, but they’ve also made it easier for attractive men

    photogenic men, not necessarily attractive men…but even in an app context, a man with game can generate interest, I would imagine…just need a strong opening hook

  75. It almost seems to me that people need a ” formal ” gathering ( club/bar, concert) in order to interact with strangers…or even friends.

    Well, that’s kinda normal, no? I’m in an LTR so picking up new girls is not a need now, but I should definitely interact more with women for dread and for practice anyway. But chatting up complete strangers is still a mystery to me. I’m normally very introverted and could go on days without talking to anyone and be happy. I wouldn’t like to be chatted up when I’m in my thoughts on the bus.

    I know, cats are not dogs etc. But still this let’s just talk to strangers everywhere thing is something I still could not process and definitely couldn’t internalize.

  76. But chatting up complete strangers is still a mystery to me.

    “hey… how’s it going…” is a sufficient intro…

  77. “Alpha fucks beta bucks, as abhorrent a strategy as it is, is not a sustainable evolutionary strategy . . .”

    Where the hell do you think it came from? It is the naturally evolved, sustained for millions of years, sexual strategy. It is, along with the control of fire and crafting of stone tools, what made homo sapiens from homo erectus.

    “This is not a peacock tail, there is no fisherian runaway, it can’t get bigger and bigger as there is no positive feedback loop, quite the opposite . . .”

    You are mistaking a failure of the MI for a failure of the FI. When the complimentary, but countervailing, MI WAD (Works As Designed), so does the FI.

    You may also be mistaking civilization for the goal.

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