The Nature of the Game

I had a reader ask me some questions recently and in answering it gave me some food for thought.

Are we stuck in our Alpha fucks/Beta cucks categories? Should we attempt to blend the two categories into the ultimate hybrid?

Or is there nothing we can do, but attempt to use the information that you have (brilliantly) given us as a navigational tool to find our way through this world and godspeed to every fellow?

Before this I came across these Tweets from Rian Stone:

I think a lot of guys new to Red Pill awareness tend to apply qualifiers to the ideas of what is Alpha and what is Beta. In a similar respect a lot of plugged-in Blue Pill conditioned ‘Beta’ men like to make similar qualifications, but their understanding is rooted in what their conditioning has convinced them of. For the newly unplugged guy, Alpha is whatever he hadn’t been doing before with women that is now working for him once he flipped his own script. For the plugged in guy, whatever he’s been convinced of that women say they want is ‘Alpha’ to him – and usually that means whatever benefits a woman’s sexual strategy in terms of long term provisioning, parental investment and security. They just don’t realize their own utility to women in that game.

That said, I don’t disagree with Rian here. Over the course of fifteen years and three books I have made every effort to correct critics who insist that “all those Red Pill guys think Alpha men are Silverback Gorillas or Wolves.” Roissy once called this Etymology Hate:

5. Etymology Hate

Hater: Your definition of an alpha male is false. In the animal kingdom, the alpha male is leader of the pack, not a cad/badboy/jerk who pumps and dumps women.

Isn’t it just like a nerd to get hysterical over the appropriation of a narrow-sense scientific term to conveniently illustrate broader truths about men and women.

These “broader truths” are why I still use Alpha and Beta as descriptions for men and their mindsets. Critics and disingenuous haters like to think that even considering men or behavior sets as being Alpha or Beta is cause for dismissing whatever is being said. There’s a reason for this blanket disqualification which I’ll cover in a moment, but what they (willfully) misunderstand is that these classification are abstractions for bigger ideas. Alpha and Beta are placeholder terms necessary to consider more complex ideas in intersexual dynamics. For the most part, when I hear or read Blue Pill conditioned men mock the idea of Alpha men and insist that it’s a direct derivative of believing those ‘idiot Red Pill guys thinking they’re Alpha wolves or Silverback gorillas’ I know that I’m not dealing with a serious debate. More on this later.

Rian is also correct in his observation that both Red Pill aware men and critics alike tend to think of Alpha and Beta as specific archetypes of men. I’ve written almost a dozen essays about the nature of Alpha, but in each one I make an attempt to dispel the archetype of what an Alpha or a Beta man is. The Beta archetype is easy to agree on because almost no guy wants to be a “beta male”. As would be expected we tend to think of betas as the stereotypical ‘cuck’ or ‘soy boy’, or the Nümale with his fear grimace agape.

I should point out that even the guys who we would categorize as Betas don’t think they are. Very few Beta men look in the mirror and go “damn, I gotta Alpha up”. They believe that they are the vanguard of the new definition of Alpha; that they and women have evolved beyond the visceral realities of Hypergamy and Beta is the new Alpha. Recently there’s been a concerted social effort to redefine what is acceptable masculinity in the wake of the narrative shift that would have us accept that all masculinity is toxic.

For men there will always be a want to believe that whatever qualities make up their own personality and their own lifestyle is what should define what is “alpha”. From Alpha:

Guy’s like Corey [Worthington] infuriate men who have invested their self-worth in the accomplishments of what they think ought to be universally appreciated and rewarded. So when they’re confronted with a natural Alpha being undeservedly rewarded for brazenly acting out of accord with what they think the rules ought to be, they seethe with resentment. The natural response in the face of such an inconsistency is to redefine the term ‘Alpha’ to cater to themselves and their accomplishments as “real men” and exclude the perpetrator. The conflict then comes from seeing his new definition of Alpha not being rewarded or even appreciated as well as a natural Alpha attitude and the cycle continues. Your respect (or anyone else’s) for an Alpha has nothing to do with whether or not he possess an Alpha mindset. 3 failed marriages and 100+ lays has nothing to do with his having or not having an Alpha mindset.

In the same way that a Blue Pill conditioned “beta male” believes he best represents the new “alpha” definition, so to do a lot of Red Pill aware men who play the same game of applying their own traits to what should be considered or appreciated as “alpha”. Nowhere is this more apparent than in Trad-Con circles – an Alpha is a guy who takes care of his family and is respected as the head of the home. He takes care of his duties to family, God and country, etc., etc. Really all this is is another grab at affirmation of personal worth. Blue Pill “betas” believe exactly the same self-fulfilling thing from a different set of ideological beliefs.

In the process both the plugged-in and the unplugged create convenient archetypes for the opposite of the apex they want to believe they are and what they hope will be confirmed and rewarded. Usually these are binary caricatures: the Alpha ‘Chad’ is usually whatever image of the popular high school jock that used to be their nemesis fits, while the Beta ‘doormat’ is the George McFly character whose introversion and lack of social intelligence places him at the bottom of the dominance hierarchy. Either one of these guys can be seen in a positive or negative light depending on the perspective of who’s doing the viewing. To the Nümale, whatever that classic Beta does should be what’s appreciated as ‘alpha’ and to the Trad-Con an Alpha is the guy who dominates, but only insofar as he sticks to what they think is his ‘duty’.

Funny how both tend think the Alpha Playah, the self-important ‘Cad’ who women tingle for, who follows his own sexual strategy shouldn’t be considered ‘Alpha’ in spite of women consistently, predictably rewarding him with sex and genuine desire.  Rian nailed this part; Alpha makes her wet, Beta makes her secure. Our Instinctual interpretive process understands the visceral reasons why women get worked up for that physically ideal guy who also completes the fantasy of the Alpha Fucks side of Hypergamy. But our Emotional and Rational processes want to recreate a reality in which what we have is what women really want. So we try to persuade and convince women to act against their own Instinctual interpretive process with respect to what they should find sexy and genuinely desirable – us, just as we are. We want to change the Game to fit our capacity, our skill, our genetics, to excel in it.

Beta men don’t just hope that women will perceive their own redefinitions of ‘alpha’ as the accepted ideal, they build lives and systems of belief around convincing others and themselves that we’ve evolved past the visceral realities of what arouses women. Trad-Con men, even Red Pill aware men, do something similar – they hope that their own definition of what should constitute Alpha, and best describes themselves, will likewise supersede the natural evolved impulse of what a woman’s hindbrain perceives as an ideal Hypergamous opportunity.

Alpha Seed, Beta Need

T-rex doesn’t want to be fed; he wants to hunt. You can’t just suppress sixty-five million years of gut instinct. – Dr. Grant, Jurassic Park

Hypergamy wants what Hypergamy wants, but it’s also important to remember that Hypergamy has two sides; Alpha Seed and Beta Need. When we look at the dynamic of Ovulatory Shift we see this play out. In a woman’s proliferative phase of her menstrual cycle she is predisposed to seek out sexual opportunities with high SMV, masculinized, dominant (to the point of arrogance) men. In her luteal phase she seeks comfort, rapport, security and protection qualities in men. Alpha Seed, Beta Need. As Rian pointed out, we’ve made archetypes (and caricatures) of the type of guy who embodies these needs, but we do so to persuade a woman’s evolved Instinctive understanding of what they are. Women’s hindbrains want to hunt for Hypergamous opportunity, men’s rational (and emotional) process wants to ‘feed’ Hypergamy by redefining what that Instinct should want.

Where both Nümales, Trad-Cons and more than a few Red Pill aware men get it wrong is believing that the security Beta represents should also be what gets her wet. We live in a day and age where men are so feminized that 80%+ default to ‘beta’ behaviors and mindsets because they believe it’s what arouses women. I’ve also written many essays about how anxiety, urgency and (sexual) tension are necessary factors in the ‘enthusiastic’ sex women have with men they genuinely desire. When it comes to comforting a woman, rapport, honesty, emotional investment and security the Beta men of today have been acculturated to have it all in spades. Where they fall short is the Alpha capacity to generate tingles based on making women uncomfortable. One reason men have a tough time with Red Pill awareness is because it all seems so counterintuitive to everything they’ve ever been conditioned to believe about women and sex and how to initiate it.

If you read Roissy’s old categories of Beta to Alpha it follows a predictable pattern. The same applies to Vox Day’s socio-sexual hierarchies (Omega, Gamma, Sigma, Delta, Beta, Alpha, etc), but what we’re really defining in these ranking is a male dominance hierarchy as it applies to women’s sexual selection process – Alpha seed, Beta need – and according to any individual woman’s capacity to demand any particular rank of man.

To answer the first question I began with here, I don’t think the “categories” ever really end because dominance hierarchies are something innate to our world. So, rather than think we can change this, change the nature of reality as equalism attempts to, I think men ought to learn to play it better. The nature of the game doesn’t change. In fact, the equalist mindset that wants to change it ends up making those who accept it and play it well appear that much more exceptional. 

Why? Because the game doesn’t change and our hindbrains know this. So when we see a man who is a “good player” of the game we evolved to play, who became so in spite of all the foolish efforts to change the game to better fit those who don’t play it well, our instincts are attracted to that person that much more. In other words the guy who Just Gets It is even more attractive in a world that women’s hindbrains know is trying to convince her that he shouldn’t just get it. This is why even the most staunch, egalitarian equalist feminist of women still adore a conventionally masculine man who looks and plays the natural role of Alpha man well. They still want to bang him, they still want to submit to him in spite of their ego investments. And they’ll coyly, shamefully, but without any self-consciousness admit they love being loved, fucked, protected, secured, etc. by that guy.

As an adaptation to increase the likelihood of reproduction men and women seek to change the Game that we’ve been playing for 100,000 years now. Only in our age of “gender enlightenment” are we so deluded as to think that prioritizing our emotion or reason above the realities our evolved instinct is spelling out for us might be a way to get intimate and reproduce. Women want to change men’s evolved sexual natures – via social constructionism, feminism, feminine-primacy – in order to reproduce with men they would naturally never have a chance breeding or pairing with, and without any burden of their own performance or merit. They want to change the Game to suit their deficits in playing it the way it is.

Similarly, men seek to improve their own reproductive success by also redefining the terms of the Game to also breed and pair (mostly breed) with women that their own Burden of Performance would merit them. This is why transvaluation (vulnerability is strength, etc.) features so prominently in this mindset. It is an effort in achieving reproductive success and intimacy without excelling in a man’s performance burden. This is precisely why Blue Pill men insist on defining Alpha and Beta in as literal a sense as possible. By rejecting and mocking these terms it self-reinforces the misbelief that they, and ‘quality’ women, have evolved beyond the visceral aspects of Hypergamy. By denying the realities of Alpha and Beta aspects in men the belief is it sets them apart from any natural dominance hierarchy. They’re “above all that”, “women (at least the ‘quality’ ones) are rational agents too and above their own Hypergamous impulses” and “people are all unique individuals set apart from all that human nature stuff.” Each of these rationales is linked to a core misbelief in blank-slate equalism (I’ll address in another essay), but they are also representative of an effort to remove these men from a natural dominance hierarchy and place them into a new Game they believe women are also playing and in which they, by default, are at the highest degree by virtue of having progressed beyond the old Game.


Published by Rollo Tomassi

Author of The Rational Male and The Rational Male, Preventive Medicine

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  1. The flip side of poseur plugged in faux strength that Nu-males and Blue Pill Males espouse (including in their #MeToo Blue Pill exhortations) is the whining of Why does it have to be so Hard for males?

    And also in the last thread: “Who decided that Males are so disposable?”

    I just got done viewing an old Roissy post and it complements this The Nature of the Game:

    The Fundamental Premise
    March 21, 2013 by CH

    Eggs are expensive, sperm is cheap. Every psychological dynamic you see playing out in mass societies liberated from artificial constraints on the sexual market flows from this premise. This means, as a systemic matter, women are coddled, men are upbraided. Women are victims, men are victimizers. Women need a leg up, men need to man up. Women have advocacy groups, men have equal opportunity violations. A woman subjected to the indignity of eavesdropping on a tame joke about dongles makes national news, while the chilling fact that 95% of all workplace deaths are suffered by men barely pings the media consciousness.

    It is what it is, and it will never change so long as humans are a sexually reproducing species. All the laws in the world can at best only paper over the very primal compulsion of people to value the life of the average woman more than the life of the average man, and sympathize accordingly. Railing against it is akin to shaking a fist at sunspots and gamma rays. It’s therefore folly or self-serving disingenuousness to act like there’s some moral high ground to stake out by imparting culpable agency to an indifferent, organically emergent biomechanical phenomenon. Rationalizing favoritism toward women as some sort of payback for male privilege, or refusing to acknowledge this favoritism altogether, is an example of the cognitive calisthenics and evasive sophistry most people will indulge to avoid grappling with the cold, black void of an uncaring evolutionary replication machine.

    If you are a man, know that the moment you were born the universe had it in for you. The deck was stacked. The deal was raw. Your expendability was programmed into your wet code before you gained self-awareness. The worldscape of genes can rebuild with the seed of one man should catastrophe strike, but each woman lost is a lethal blow to the repopulation project.

    In sober moments free of maudlin introspection, you will understand there is no other game to play save this one. This is why to live as a man is to TAKE what you want. Not to wait for it to be given to you. Because it will never be given. Not to anticipate the empathy of the overseers. Because they will never empathize. Not to expect the coddling of the crowd. Because they will never coddle. Not to assume the wagon circling of kindreds. Because they will never circle for you. You got the short stick, now what? Do you contemplate it and hope for a longer one? No.

    You sharpen it and jab it into the heart of every obstacle that sets itself in your way.

  2. Eggs are expensive, sperm is cheap.

    Using this logic, Roosh’s writing is as valuable as Rollo’s, because Red Pill writing is valuable. When distribution is extremely varied, logic which ignores distribution becomes a fallacy.

    Is alpha sperm cheap? No, eggs are cheaper than alpha sperm.

  3. Betas are disposable, per history

    …agricultural slaves had a short life

    …mining slaves had a short life

    …galley slaves had a short life

    Urban slaves had an average life. They were much less numerous than the others.

    So, we might average slave life expectancy and say, “Slaves had a shorter life than free men.” That is an example of Fallacy of Division, just like

    “Eggs are expensive, sperm is cheap.”

  4. Search “Red Pill Quality Writing” and “Trying to Make a Buck Online” and “NeoMasculinity”. And discriminate.

  5. “Sperm are cheap” relies on “semen is the same and it is cheap”…implies that alpha semen is not significantly more valuable than beta semen. But we know that women want alpha semen much more than they want beta semen. CH ignores the demand side of the equation and only looks at supply.

    “Sperm are numerous” doesn’t imply that semen is cheap. Semen may be in demand way lower than supply. There’s a market for high quality bull semen and none for cow eggs, even though bull sperm are numerous and cow eggs are not, relatively speaking.

    CH’s aphorism is based on faulty economics. I’m surprised that Rollo keeps letting that slide.

  6. “Sperm are cheap” relies on “semen is the same and it is cheap”…implies that alpha semen is not significantly more valuable than beta semen.

    Patent False Premise.

    “These “broader truths” are why I still use Alpha and Beta as descriptions for men and their mindsets.”

    Broader Truths–otherwise known as abstractions. Not Concrete steps.

  7. Mind blown… men try to change the mating scene to our benefit, especially if they are not in the 20% elite. Redefining what they want women to expect to find attractive in men despite their natural instinct. Men may be reluctant to give up on the false FI claims of blank slate equalism, since now they have to face that fact that they are really in the 80%

    Feminzis, likewise, also want to change what men naturally find attractive, by having fat acceptance, slut walks (sluts that are not yours), strong independent (masculine women) be defined by them as being attractive to males despite the fact that it’s repulsive to us.

  8. Simon, if you are going to compare female and male reproductive “stuff” you need to look at what each contributes…males contribute semen, not merely sperm…females are looking for semen, not sperm. Females contribute eggs, of course. Comparing eggs with sperm is a mistake.

  9. Blax, I can’t parcel out sperms one at a time and I doubt that anyone else can either. Men can output a reproductive-quality load about once every 36 hours. That’s what needs to be looked at instead of counting sperm.

    Women are available for reproduction 25% of the time when they aren’t preggy…when they are pregnant, they are totally unavailable for reproduction. We should look at the impact of those facts.

  10. There are 3 people on an island.

    An alpha male, a beta male and a young woman.

    A group of alpha savages make their way to the island.

    They say, while holding weapons, “Hello. We are trying to make our way back to our island. but we are lost. and as you can see, we are all starving very much. Give us a sacrifice and we will leave your island or else we will kill all of you.”

    The group thinks to themselves. “ok which one of us is the least valuable resource we can afford to give them? Which is the most valuable resource that we can not afford to give up?

    [beta] sperm is cheap. Alpha sperm may not be as cheap as beta sperm, but is still not worth more than fertile eggs.

  11. Once again this a good example of men’s logical natures used against them. Too often the terms are applied in the most basic black and white terms, rather than being expressed in the varying grays that they really are. That’s the dis advantage for Blue Pill men utilizing emotion reasoning paired with logic: They in a sense are playing directly into women’s strategies and in turn rationalizing as a way to discredit the Alpha competitors they hate so much while being able to themselves claim a higher moral and “enlightened” understanding. Slaves making themselves more efficient servants. What a time to be alive. Cheers.

  12. “anxiety, urgency and (sexual) tension are necessary factors in the ‘enthusiastic’ sex women have with men they genuinely desire ”

    We should never forget that and it many ways I find this to be the core of Red Pill behaviour. Women NEED emotional tension, both positive and negative, but it must be there. If you can create it or a regular basis you will be an alpha in her eyes and reap the rewards.

    Easy to do in a casual dating situation scenario, more challengin in an LTR. Would like to see an essay on this topic from Rollo, I dont think this context has been really covered deeply.

  13. “Nowhere is this more apparent than in Trad-Con circles – an Alpha is a guy who takes care of his family and is respected as the head of the home. He takes care of his duties to family, God and country, etc., etc. Really all this is another grab at affirmation of personal worth. Blue Pill “betas” believe exactly the same self-fulfilling thing from a different set of ideological beliefs.” – This is JBP in a nutshell.

    “So we try to persuade and convince women to act against their own Instinctual interpretive process with respect to what they should find sexy and genuinely desirable – us, just as we are. We want to change the Game to fit our capacity, our skill, our genetics, to excel in it.”

    In the last Red Man Group Episode, Pat Campbell brought up an interesting point – “If you were given a magic potion which will overnight make you desirable to women, without putting in any actual effort, will that make you happy?”

  14. J

    Without sperm, eggs are 100% useless. They do not matter absent males.

    Same goes for vaginas. Without males, they are just useless, higher maintenance holes.

    Women nor eggs are scarce, and more are made every minute of every day.

    … Unless you are marooned on an island.

    That’s not Manhattan.

  15. @Rollo: Alpha Arousal, Beta Comfort (AA/BC, LOL).

    In the MRP Reddit (I haven’t checked it in a while) there used to be some suggestion of providing some Comfort or the LTR would blow up.

    Conversely, YaReally and others in the PUA side relate that for FWBs / FBs, providing some Comfort or Provision (Alpha with a side of Beta?) would typically precipitate the FB faster towards wanting more, which would presumably then lead to at least a Soft next – while the girl gets a (temporary) Beta bf and after a few months returns for another shot of Alpha (seed).

    How do you see this interplay of Alpha Arousal and Beta Comfort, Rollo? In LTRs and in FBs, the dynamics are slightly different but the underlying firmware should be the same.

    You sometimes refer to yourself as Lesser Alpha / Greater Beta…
    Also saw several times (don’t recall who) using terminology like “Alpha with a side of Beta” or “Beta with a side of Alpha”, “When in doubt, up the Alpha”, all of which seems to go beyond the simple binary Alpha or Beta and to some interplay and calibration.

  16. Search “market for bull semen” and “market for cattle eggs”

    This is because in farming or any breeding program, the male is “half the herd”, assuming one male will be mated with all available females. I’m not sure the ‘alpha seed’ proposition fits this model.

  17. Without sperm, eggs are 100% useless.
    Actually no – cloning works quite well without sperm.
    There are species of animals (rotifers for one) that will replicate thru cloning when conditions are prime.

  18. Women’s hindbrains want to hunt for Hypergamous opportunity, men’s rational (and emotional) process wants to ‘feed’ Hypergamy by redefining what that Instinct should want.

    So poetic

  19. Good op.


    I think the waters get awfully muddy. Ime, ” alphas ” can be family men or men involved in ltr’s. The sphere insists on categorizing all ” alphas ” as ” cads ” and players/playboys. It’s become a standard characterization that only serves to confound.

    Upping the alpha doesn’t mean acting like some kind of asshole, unless that’s one’s nature.

    There seems to be an assumption that masculinity is some kind of negative, so naturally if you up the masculinity/alpha, it has to be in a negative and noncomforting manner.

    I don’t speak to the pua notions of playing roles that aren’t real, as there are metric time of beta puas that get paid like tile evidently. Pussy does not denote alpha. Pussy can be had with absolutely zero Game skills. Guys stumble into ass every single day because chicks have sex drives and fuck. Most times all a man has to do is open his mouth without inserting his foot.

    Think of that for a second. All a man has to do is open his mouth – and have something worthwhile to say, and he’ll get laid if getting laid is his objective. Guys pay money to be told this.

    More women than not find comfort in alpha/masculinity. Yin and Yang. The slide out of balance towards all comfort all the time is the issue.

  20. “Can you fellow cunts imagine how much better life would be if we could reproduce without having to—-”

    “Like, shut up bitch! I’m putting on eye-liner!”

  21. Alpha Jedi
    June 11, 2018 at 11:11 pm

    George Bernard Shaw once said. “A woman would rather have one tenth of a first rate man than all of a second rate one.” (Approximately)

  22. One of my favorite movie moments is when Errol Flynn proclaims, “There’s a little bit of Don Juan in every man!” That may be debatable but it’s understood here that most of us are some mix of alpha and beta — and however you define these the key is the right timing, the right proportions, the right recipe to whip up the best you and whet her taste for it.

    Roll your eyes and go, “Oh God not another Star Trek reference,” but the series actually did a fascinating take on alpha/beta very early on, when the characters were still being fleshed out…

    A transformer glitch splits Kirk into two people — you might call them good and evil but readers here will see something more relevant:

    — The bad-alpha Kirk goes marauding around the ship, slugging back Saurian brandy and forcing himself upon comely crewwomen. It’s ridiculously toxic and heavy-handed.

    — The good-beta Kirk is what’s insightful here. He’s thoughtful, civilized, empathetic — but now pitifully weak and indecisive. Most important, he realizes the bad Kirk cannot simply be killed. He NEEDS his toxic masculine side to function as a captain and as a man.

    This was back in 1966, of course.

  23. IAS
    June 12, 2018 at 4:40 am

    Me (to her): “To get comfort I require total surrender. If you are fine with temporary comfort, temporary surrender will work. If you want continuous comfort I require continuous surrender.”

    In other words if she wants to be happy it is her job. Funny enough the surrender itself gives comfort.

  24. @IAS:

    “Me (to her): “To get comfort I require total surrender. If you are fine with temporary comfort, temporary surrender will work. If you want continuous comfort I require continuous surrender.”

    Sounds like negotiating desire. If you have to explain this “overtly” then you will receive obligatory compliance.

  25. Here’s the trailer:

    “Her ex-friend shared with me a sex tape that shows my wife engaging in intimacy with at least 10 men during one of her paid encounters.

    I’m very angry and troubled by these upsetting revelations.”

  26. @Agent P

    It’s especially pathetic when the guy takes pains to insist that “Please note that this letter is NOT a critical chastisement of sex trade workers. I sympathize with the plight of women who opt for work in occupations that come with inherent risks.”

  27. @ASD – “Men can output a reproductive-quality load about once every 36 hours. That’s what needs to be looked at instead of counting sperm.”

    Citation needed. I suspect none can be found, because thats BS

  28. @blax

    “Without sperm, eggs are 100% useless. They do not matter absent males”

    lol. In my silly hypothetical scenario, if you’d sacrifice the beta male, the alpha male and woman would have alpha children.

    If you’d sacrifice the alpha, the beta male and woman would still have children. She’d much prefer to breed with the alpha but he’s the only option now and girls wanna fuck yo!

    If you sacrifice the woman…well now you are left with the alpha male and beta male. Aka No offspring.

    Sperm is cheap. Eggs are expensive.

  29. @J

    So you’re saying that if society couldn’t fuck over beta’s it would fuck over alphas? If so, isn’t that what’s happening?

  30. What’s often forgotten or misconstrued is that much of Red Pill theory and TRP jargon is intended as heuristics, not hard and fast rules ( People often confuse the two.

    Heuristics are useful in everyday life, they allow us to make good choices based on what happens “most” of the time, and deal with the exceptions as they arise. The problems arise when people begin to take them as an unbreakable rule that is always true, black-and-white thinking.

    Alpha and Beta are not “rules”, nor AWALT or any other RP principle. They are heuristics. Most of what we teach at the TRP subreddit is heuristics.

  31. I thought Alpha was contextual in many cases. And also comes with the rider than one shall know an alpha by how women act towards the subject. do they suspend the normal rules for the subject? He may be alpha.

    social dominance can be a bit fluid when it comes to context.

  32. Do you need to be irrationally confident and not give a fuck about what anyone thinks or does?

    I would seriously doubt any man would ever reach this state. At some point every guy worries, every guy becomes insecure, every guy second-guesses himself.

    So does that mean there is not constant state of alpha and beta is the default position?

    I’ve struggled with this question. There are times when I’m irrationally self-confident. Then i’ll suffer a setback—could be anything—and the find myself lapsing into that beta self-pitying state.

    I now do it less and less for a variety of reasons. One main reason is self-awareness. Why should I care what people think? Why should I worry about rejection?

    The search for “Alpha” leads guys to frustration because while these traits are clear, the way in which they’re adopted and internalized is the measure of the alpha vs beta.

  33. It is interesting how many Blue Pill / Red Pill issues can be boiled down to a few words:

    “Ought” and “Is”.

    This is a really fine-grained essay by Rollo exploring the topic. Over and over “Ought” and “Is” are in tension, including what Red Pill / The Glasses men default down to things like:

    Women’s hindbrains want to hunt for Hypergamous opportunity, men’s rational (and emotional) process wants to ‘feed’ Hypergamy by redefining what that Instinct should want.

    It’s like the old joke about the perfect dog food that wasn’t selling. The company has a mass meeting to figure out the problem. Nutritional experts, vet-professors, chemists, etc. all tell the company president how great the product is. Eventually some tired salesman in the back stands up and says “Maybe all that’s true, but the dogs won’t eat this stuff!“.

    We can “ought” all we want, but that won’t change the “is” in women’s hindbrains.

    Thanks, Rollo. Great article.

  34. When it comes to attraction and genuine desire women are as base in their instincts as men.

    They just hide it better to protect their value as a “quality woman” but it’s all bullshit, they want to get fucked by Alphas and will only begrudgingly settle for less when forced to by the reality of her options.

    There is nobody more shallow than a young woman in her prime, never forget this when a women who was previously uninterested in you offers you her older self as a consolation prize after being sport fucked by Alphas till they didn’t want her anymore.

    If the kitten didn’t want me then I don’t want the cat.

  35. Agent P
    Train Wreck of the day:

    Seems like one of these shows up just about every year. Makes me wonder how many other such wrecks don’t make the news because the Master Beta is not about to let anyone else know. Not to mention the girls that are better than average at lying to their converted orbiter…

    But hey, tradcons, ManUP, right?

  36. Wala

    “The search for “Alpha” leads guys to frustration because while these traits are clear, the way in which they’re adopted and internalized is the measure of the alpha vs beta.”

    This is why I’ve developed the Alpha Triad… to understand what are the fewest but essential elements of Alpha… the Dynamic, Passionate and Authentic traits and displays…


    “Heuristics are useful in everyday life, they allow us to make good choices based on what happens “most” of the time, and deal with the exceptions as they arise. ”

    Spergs gonna sperg though…

  37. Well we know the poor man is suffering cognitive dissonance. I mean, how “intimate” can you be with ten “partners” in one sitting?

    That guy must be seeing his entire earth rupture and rip in half right now before his very eyes. FFS he already knows what’s going on and no amount of hamstering can change the fact that he bought a used up whore dressed up as a spring lamb.

    If he succeeds in not killing her, or himself, or destroying every last ounce of self respect he has, he’d be a prime candidate for a red pill. Something tells me however he’s going to order a king size bottle of blue pills and swallow hard for “progressive marriage” values and suck it up. He will lose every last ounce of self respect he has, so to will she lose every last element of respect for him if he stands for it.

    Save who you can, say a prayer for the dying and move on quickly.


    The image of the world around us, which we carry in our head, is just a model. Nobody in his head imagines all the world, government or country. He has only selected concepts, and relationships between them, and uses those to represent the real system (Forrester, 1971).

    The five disciplines of what the book refers to as a “learning organization” discussed in the book are:

    “Personal mastery is a discipline of continually clarifying and deepening our personal vision, of focusing our energies, of developing patience, and of seeing reality objectively.”[2]
    “Mental models are deeply ingrained assumptions, generalizations, or even pictures of images that influence how we understand the world and how we take action.”[2]
    “Building shared vision – a practice of unearthing shared pictures of the future that foster genuine commitment and enrollment rather than compliance.”[2]
    “Team learning starts with dialogue, the capacity of members of a team to suspend assumptions and enter into genuine thinking together.”[2]
    “Systems thinking – The Fifth Discipline that integrates the other four.”[2]

    Understanding Mental Models is crucial to development.

  39. Wala-wala,

    “Do you need to be irrationally confident and not give a fuck about what anyone thinks or does?”

    It sure as shit helps.

    Irrational confidence = outcome independence

    Not give a fuck = unimportance

    “Then i’ll suffer a setback—could be anything—and the find myself lapsing into that beta self-pitying state.”

    It’s that superego fucking with you again. Grind it to paste. All in on you all the time.

  40. The alpha/beta archetype issue as it plays out thru the tradcon, blue pill, i.e. “…own definition of what should constitute Alpha…and best describes themselves…”

    Reminds me of Sailers first Law of Female Journalism (which also flags just how feminine this tendency really is), which states:

    “the most heartfelt articles by female journalists tend to be demands that, come the Revolution, the journalist herself will be considered to be hot.”

    In any case, i see the common thread in its solipsism, and relentless ego-preservation that demands the Game, nature, and truth itself to be spun into some multiverse of twisted strings that must be plucked just right or else the first law (self appointed hiercharchy) is violated.

    I think that this is also the source of a lot of the entitlement issues we see playing out from both men (idealistic, blue pill resentment) and women (delusional smv and the fried ice of AF/BB).

    “The virtue of progressing beyond visceral…” is gold.

    Its the lie that the FI propagates and men erroneously internalize and thus seek to redefine “natural hierarchy” and “redefining the terms of the game” according to the ego-preserving feelz as opppsed to the discomforts of truth. Virtue tied to progress also tends to invite holiness spirals, aka the race to the most cucked.

    Redefining the terms and the hierarchy means: lies. To yourself and to others. No man can grow if he is feeding lies.

    Killing masculinity meant removing the various organic conflicts which is the superstructure of natural hierarchy. Without this, boys become men without the awareness of their own wiring or the necessity of conflict, friction for growth, or how little breaks make for stronger muscles.

    Men taught to avoid conflict – especially that of the physical domain, are untethered, and thus succeptible to the prog religion (the god of self + feelz + relativism in pursuit of infinite orders of hierarchy). They are stuck perpetually weaving the web of lies.

    So instead of direct, visceral, dynamic, and physical order sorting out a clear hierarchy, we get this mess of chaotic, fractured, and dehumanizing facades of hierarchies painted over the truth.

    Of course the truth is still the superstructure, aka the “wet” and “comfort” dichotomy still reigns.

    The truth wants out, so maintaining the facades can quickly supplant a man’s mission.

    My own work in progress to tame my idealistic wont to redefine terms of the game (and ego preservation) involves largely ignoring the male/female dynamic in favor of refocusing attention and effort to the heirarchy of masculinity.

    IOW, focusing more on the things that matter among men and embracing discomfort and conflict/competition.

    Becoming a kid on the playground or baseball diamond again. (Which never really went away.)

    Owning my place but being unrelenting in my drive to improve it and, in the process – taking action, taking responsibility, taking conflict head-on, and being honest (boundaries are essential) in my interactions with others, I rise in the hierarchy that actually matters.

    The girls are watching. They don’t care about how long i spent in the batting cages this week, they just notice if i get a hit.

    They dont care of the pitch was a curveball or a meatball. Thats stuff that men notice. They notice the other men responding to how i just hit that wicked curve. Thats also part of how they know i “just get it”.

    The path of anti-conflict toward a tidy resolution and ultimately comfort for all is pretty much the opposite of anything natural or true. Its also how they herd cattle to the slaugher.

    Its straight retarded to pretend the pitcher is there to accommodate my at bat or to demand that curveballs are immoral or to expect that women will get wet over a game rigged to make me look good. But it was surprising to me just how deeply that kind if thinking was implanted in me.

    In the field, its been interesting to focus more on how other men respond to my presence, instead of the women.

    It has reduced a lot of my anxiety around the game. Tapping into the old athlete in me has helped me to stay grounded in the visceral and to cultivate more outcome indepemdence and calibrated indifference. (I go out alone 90% of the time)

    I treat other men like teammates, but also know that they want my starting spot.

    Its not so mich about liking one another but rather more about respect for skill and competency and for the game (truth).

    I have found that this energy has invited really positive interactions with other men that have, in turn, led to much more traction with women.

    I think a lot of the beta discomfort comes from the dissonance of knowing the male hierarchy is there but having to pretend it isnt in order to preserve his self-appointed place at the top of his invented hierarchy that, come the revolution, makes him hot.

  41. “I treat other men like teammates, but also know that they want my starting spot.

    Its not so mich about liking one another but rather more about respect for skill and competency and for the game (truth).”

    Razorwire gets it…

  42. “This is precisely why Blue Pill men insist on defining Alpha and Beta in as literal a sense as possible. By rejecting and mocking these terms it self-reinforces the misbelief that they, and ‘quality’ women, have evolved beyond the visceral aspects of Hypergamy.”

    i believe in the idea of “quality” women

    because i know what “quality” means to me

    i can filter for signs of “quality”/”potential” in every new hb faster than I ever thought possible (thanks Rollo)

    it’s like when you’re trying to find a tiny screw you dropped on the carpet

    best thing to do is drop another one intentionally, watch it land and then scan for the missing one

    “calibration is key” – some OMG

    i’m constantly scanning for that one tiny screw lost in the vast shaggy carpet that is the smp

    but because of the mano this does not cost me much energy at all as it happens constantly during my daily life

    “always be gaming” – some OMG

  43. Mmmm – so women are sexually selecting for something. What is it? Psychopathy? Or is women’s so-called sexual selection of psychopathy-like traits just a weak fake superficial facsimile description of something actually a whole lot more profound that women are actually, more-so, normatively, selecting for?

    There is talk, talk, talk and endlessly more talk here, about what the magic alpha dust actually is – but it always remains just out of reach as to actually identifying in more focused terms, what it actually is. What is endlessly paraded here and in the rest of the sphere, as an answer to that question – is ……. ‘well, It is sorta like this, and it is sorta like that. On the other hand it is definitely not this other thing, until it is, in some respects and some circumstances’. Not really the hallmarks of a successful theory – that. More like the hallmarks of closing in on the mark, theory-wise, but still not with enough focus to actually hit the mark yet.

    Fuck – cut to the chase already – too much endless churning of the drama surrounding the uncertainty and mystery. Too many plot twists already. Time to resolve the question already for fuck sake.

    Concisely – what are women sexually selecting for? You know – the part of the female sexual selection process that makes her wet and more likely to actually get fucked – not the part about the dual strategy more attuned to the female need to manage downstream consequences – everybody here already has agreed that that quality of female nature …. the hypergamous quality … is indeed real ….. just as real as night following day …… no quibbles there (among the commenters here for the most part) …… but for fuck-sake – let’s get to the point about the real question on every redpill guy’s mind – what truly makes women wet, beyond just pointing to the superficial stand-in for that elusive male quality ….. the superficial stand-in concepts like weak-game, fake-game, trying-to-be-something-you-are-not-game etc. etc.

    It is an honest question, and after all this time deserves an honest answer. What are women sexually selecting for by way of the ‘alpha’ pole of their dual hypergamous strategy, the pole of that dual stagey that actually subliminally lubes up her vaj and makes here swoon and go gaga and want to open her legs nice and wide?

    Of course the answer is obvious – eh? The female built-in desire for the ‘alpha’ pole of women’s dual-strategy hypergamous nature is about the female desire to be sold on the best narrative. May the best description of the world win. May the best story win. May the best fairy tale win. May the best guru guy win. May the best realization of the human male’s reality-sorting operation win.

    That much is obvious, even though most commenters here don’t like that way of stating the obvious – which makes me go – ‘wtf is with you guys?’ – probably still so in love with your own bias as to how the story should go, that aligns with your own proclivities, that aligns with your own narration-production bias, that you absolutely therefore must stand steadfast in the rightness of your own story-production efforts. Completely understandable. More or less like one of the major points Rollo is pointing out in this piece. MeToo (hahaha!). I too like my own way of telling the story. But … come-on guys …… it is a competition … a competition about which masculine reality-sorting operation is better ….. so who wins? And how to judge who wins (i.e. – which reality-sorting operation is better?).

    Well …… how did we get from there (40,000 years ago ….. the faint imprint of modern humanity’s first stirrings) to here (the here and now – 7 billion+, complete with a stupendous system of organization)? Ask yourself that question. Did the female sexual selection strategy have anything to do with that? I think so. If so ….. my description of these realities IS more focused, more concise, more powerful. Alpha, at the more profound level, beyond just superficial considerations IS about successful resolutions around the masculine competition that is about the masculine reality-sorting operation. Everywhere you look , with respect to masculine nature, you see this You clearly see the stamp of that reality as per the discussion at this blogspot for instance. Competition/cooperation around masculine reality-sorting operation is precisely what is occurring at this blogspot. And describing the human sexual selection dynamic in these terms has a HUGE explanative power. It is a theory for which the empirical evidence in all kinds of search domains supports very well indeed.

    It’s about time more focus is brought to bear with respect to these redpill discussions.

  44. Oh, come on Wild Man.

    Fuck you. Don’t be so clinically retarded when discussing what makes men attractive whether Alpha or not:

    Chapter 19 Male Qualities Attractive to Women

    (from Practical Female Psychology by Franco, South and some other guy. Franco also has his book Manual of Seduction that precisely lays out principles of attraction and how to be attractive and generate desire for PUA or LTR’s):

    A pretty man came to me
    Never seen eyes so blue
    I could not run away
    It seemed we’d seen each other in a dream
    It seemed like he knew me
    — Magic Man, by Heart

    NOW you know all about how the female mind works! In fact, you know things about feminine psychology that very, very few men will ever know. Experienced ladies men may know a lot of these things subconsciously , but never before has the true nuts and bolts of the female brain been laid out for you in such a way as we have done in this book.

    Now, it’s time to take a look at ourselves as men. It’s one thing to understand what motivates women and what gets them sexually aroused. It’s quite another matter to actually be a man who is sexually appealing to women. So let’s take a good, long look in the mirror and find where we can improve ourselves as men who love women deeply.

    Do you think that women care a lot about a man’s looks? Before we answer that question, here’s another: have you ever seen a woman being drawn to a particular man and found yourself scratching your head in amazement? You look at the guy, and you think to yourself, “That guy is as ugly as home-made sin, what in the world does she see in him?.”1 While many good looking men have beautiful women in their lives, many do not.

    Good looks can, in fact, hinder your success with women. A very good looking, handsome, or dapper man is expected to be an expert with women. Such a man lacking expert qualities suffers under the label of “creepy.” This is due to a phenomenon called congruence. A man who looks like he is good with women should be good with women. This is a situation that worsens with age. Really good-looking, younger guys can get away with quite a bit, especially with older women who find such naive incongruence to be cute or charming. Furthermore, without very careful calibration, women who cannot match you in looks may well refuse your advances, feeling that all a goodlooking guy would want with her is easy sex. Thus, whether you look like a male model or not, you need game to consistently get what you want!

    What one woman finds attractive is often another woman’s definition of dog food. It’s that subjecive. We have also discovered that when it comes to looks, men put priority on different facets than women do. Of course, women prefer tall men with muscular bodies, right? However, if a man possesses certain other attributes besides just good looks, what we will call Alpha Attributes, he will actually be rated as better looking by the women in the study. Conversely men who appear 2 good looking in photographs, will later be ranked several points lower on the looks scale if they are deficient in the Alpha Attributes.

    Alpha Atributes
    Before we discuss some of the Alpha Attributes that you will want to cultivate in yourself, let’s posit for now that good looks are a somewhat of a help in your success with women. If you are naturally good looking, you might have a certain advantage at the outset, and we won’t deny that. However, as you will soon discover, there are other qualities that you must have which are far more important.

    In Chapter 4 (Female Basic Conflict), we examined in detail how, instinctually, women have two primary needs when it comes to selecting a mate. First, they need a man with fierce, strong genes to mate with. This is where sexual attraction comes into play. Women also need emotional and financial support during times of pregnancy and childbirth and through the infancy of the child. True, modern society has conferred many benefits onto women such that they usually no longer need a specific man to fulfill the role of “provider.” Whether consciously or unconsciously, however, women will typically view a man as either a potential Lover, or a potential Provider, or some combination of these two types. It is crucial to understand this distinction, which all women make with the men in their lives.

    What then, about material wealth? Well, whether you are a Lover or a Provider, having wealth will certainly help you with your goals in life. But again, like good looks, it is not even a primary criteria for attracting a woman sexually. (Recall from Chapter 7 — Female Archetypes — that a Materialista is a woman who is not motivated by sexual attraction but by money or material possessions).

    It is true that we are constantly bombarded with media images telling us that a man on one knee who has just spent three month’s worth of his salary to buy a stone for a woman is what makes him sexually attractive. And we know that both men and women love to receive gifts. But demonstrating that you put your woman on a pedestal, or displaying your capability as a potential Provider, is not at all the same thing as cooking up sexual attraction within a woman. As you will soon discover, sexual attraction does not get sparked within a woman based on the size of your bank account or even by your genuine displays of love towards her.

    A man’s ability to generate and grow wealth does in fact signal the presence of other, more important qualities within the man, such as leadership, intelligence, survivability and so forth.

    What is an “Alpha” male? According to, Alpha Male simply refers to a man who is the dominant member within a group of males. Women are irresistibly drawn to the Alpha Male. It’s instinctual: a woman cannot help but feel deep sexual attraction when she is in the presence of an Alpha Male. Her instincts signal to her that he is a leader of men, he is a survivor. He is so strong that competition from other males — which is a reality in life — does not phase him at all, in fact, he thrives on it. Her evolutionary instincts signal unmistakably that this is a man she would like to mate with. In plain English, we say “he makes her horny.”

    Naturally, then, we will want to cultivate the traits of an Alpha Male. More than just putting on an act, we must become the Alpha Male. We’ve already explained in great detail how a woman will test you to see whether you are putting on an act or if you are the real deal. To become an Alpha Male can sometimes take years of practice and study, but great improvements can be made starting today, as soon as you set this book down on your coffee table. What, then, are some of the key characteristics of the Alpha Male?

    Impudence is the most tell-tale trait of the Alpha Male: that ability to raise a finger, saluting the absurdity of life, and face the consequences with a smile or smirk. Another way in which we demonstrate impudence is by displaying our ability to take a woman sexually. Everyone knows that heterosexual men like to have sex with beautiful women, but due to society’s constraints and that mental illness that we’ve referred to earlier as the Madonna/whore Complex, men hold back.3 Such men act overly polite and gentlemanly, so as not to offend the woman’s supposed delicate sensibilities. The impudent man, on the other hand, takes what he wants. An impudent man is not intimidated by beauty and is not afraid to create the circumstances to entice a beautiful woman into willing submission.

    Sexual Confidence
    Another reason why being a sexually confident male is attractive to women is because it demonstrates that you have sexual competence. Women don’t want to just have sex; they can get plain old sex anywhere and any time. What women do want, what women intensely crave, is great sex. We are confident about the things we know we are good at. Therefore, when we display sexual confidence, we are sending a powerful message to the woman: we know what we are doing and we know how to blow her mind! That’s instantly attractive to a woman. (footnote 3 “Taking” a beautiful woman is not an endorsement for forced sex any more than capitalism is an endorsement for bank robbery.)

    Voice Quality .
    We defer to popular authority on this one: “US researchers got 149 men and women to rate the attractiveness of a series of recorded voices. They found the most appealing voices belonged to people who had sex at an earlier age, had more sexual partners and were more prone to infidelity.” 4 We refuse to speculate whether voice quality is cause or effect!

    Leader of Men, Protector of Women .
    When you demonstrate that you understand the potential danger a woman faces if she acts out sexually, and that you are a man that can shield her from those consequences, then you are naturally going to be attractive to her. Most women are not impressed by a man who finds himself in bar fights or other unnecessary physical altercations. But she will want to know she is safe with you and that you’re not afraid to act in cases where it’s absolutely necessary. It’s really important to recognize that rushing to a woman’s defense is rarely necessary. A man who doesn’t understand this subtle point is going to create the opposite effect in women to what he intends.

    Mission and Honor .
    Take away from a man his mission and his honor, take away from him the feeling that he is useful to his women and his children, and you kill him emotionally. Men understand instinctively that without respect, there is no chance for love. As a man, you’ll want to be steadfast in your mission in life, whatever you might choose for that to be. And you’ll want to be sure that your principles and your mission in life is without compromise, especially in cases where a woman might try to divert you from them. A woman really doesn’t want a man to give up his mission or compromise his honor for her, but she is interested to know if a man will easily be led to do so.

    Decisiveness has many aspects, the most notable of which is the ability to make an appropriate decision when under mental, emotional or physical stress. This could be called “Decisive Leadership” and has a very important place in relationships.

    Dominance and Social Status
    Male Sexual Dominance is a complex of behavioral responses from a man meant to lead the woman and her emotions into sex. Male Sexual Dominance is actually an important precondition for a woman to become sexually aroused. The “Cocky and Funny” attitude, popularized by David DeAngelo, is a pattern of behavior that constitutes sexual dominance over the female, without the need for physical dominance. This style of behavior does indeed elicit sexual arousal in females. By withdrawing rapport from the female, and by displaying a cocky but funny or playful attitude, the male is behaving in a sexually dominant way and is thereby able to arouse the female sexually.

    Just as visual stimulus is a great factor in increasing a man’s sexual desire, a man’s social status has a tremendous impact on female sexual desire. This means that a certain characteristic in the male elicits a certain neurobiological response in the recipient.

    Of course, the fact that women will respond preferentially to men displaying the traits indicative of high mate value does not imply that women consciously appraise men through the sharp eye of material pragmatism in every case.

    When a woman experiences feelings of sexual attraction, she is not, at a conscious level, plotting a reproductive strategy designed to maximize the representation of her genes in future generations. Rather, she is probably simply experiencing sexual desire for the man in question. This desire may or may not enhance her reproductive success in the milieu where it is experienced.

    Practical Advice

    Practical Advice
    When you start to apply the counsel in this book and adopt the traits of the alpha male, you will find that competition among women for your time and company can in fact become quite fierce. As men who have made such a transformation, we can tell you first hand that you will experience astonishment at the reactions you begin to receive from women, along with a deep sense of satisfaction.

    Warning! women will test you, and test you hard. As we have discussed, females have a biological imperative to select only the best males to have sexual relationships with. Therefore, quite simply, women will test you in order to determine whether you truly possess those Alpha traits or are just a fake, only pretending to be an Alpha Male. A woman becomes consciously aware that she is in the presence of an attractive male, but at the same time her instincts drive her to make certain choices. Therefore, these tests will be both conscious and subconscious from the woman’s perspective.

    The important thing is to recognize these tests when they come, and to not take them personally in a negative way. The testing is “personal,” in the sense that they are directed at you, but the good news is that it generally means that the woman likes you and has at least some attraction for you. Why? Because if she were not attracted to you, she wouldn’t bother spending any time with you at all!

    Men that are orbiters will generally say that their relationships with these women are generally good and that they cannot understand why she is not attracted sexually when they “do everything for her.” What such a man has missed is that the woman has already tested him and found him lacking as a sexual being. He is now in the role of male girlfriend, or benefactor, and as long as he maintains that role, she has no reason to argue with him or test him as a sexual male. She will, of course, still test him from time to time to ensure that the dinners, drinks and emotional comfort are always available to her.

    Since testing is so closely related to the mechanisms controlling sexual attraction, it is important to remember that testing never ends. Maintaining an appropriate level of attraction within the relationship is important. Some of the ways in which the authors of this book maintain attraction with our mates are:

    • Regular, social interaction with men who are attractive to women. Uncalibrated and unattractive men induce the risk of socially awkward situations and won’t help you to mature into a more attractive man.

    • Clear demonstration of physical leadership in our daily lives. We are each living our lives in a manner congruent with our beliefs, with gusto and without apology.

    • Regular, social interaction with other attractive females. Women are social creatures, and will derive emotional satisfaction from being with a man capable of being with a variety of women.

    Normal, social interactions with attractive women are critical for several reasons. Within the hothouse of a relationship, interactions between men and women can assume bizarre and ultimately unhealthy forms without socially calibrating experiences with normal, healthy women outside the relationship. Direct, personal feedback from women allows us to calibrate our behaviorwithinthe relationship. When we are passing tests thrown by women outside the relationship, we have a baseline for our own behavior inside the relationship. For those of you who enjoy jealous women (we do not), this could inspire a certain amount of jealously, which also increases attraction, so calibrate accordingly.

    Men, note well: encourage your woman to maintain normal, regular social interaction with males of her acquaintance. If you are the man of her dreams, her Prince, you have nothing to fear.

  45. Laurene Powell Jobs in the news lately… big push going on.

    20th richest woman…

    How did a 7 [charitably] gain so much power?

    She earned it the old fashioned way… Pregnancy.

    In October 1989, Steve Jobs gave a “View from the Top” lecture at Stanford Business School. Laurene Powell was a new MBA student and snuck to the front of the lecture and started up a conversation with Steve who was seated next to her. They ended up having dinner together that night.[12] A year and a half later on March 18, 1991, they married in a ceremony at the Ahwahnee Hotel in Yosemite National Park.[13] Presiding over the wedding was Kobun Chino Otogawa, a Zen Buddhist monk.[13][14] Their son, Reed, was born September 1991, followed by daughters Erin in 1995 and Eve in 1998.

  46. Caught a portion of bachorlette that diplayed alpha/beta aspects.
    Male model Jordan(alpha looks) talks about having 4000 tinder matches and 100% swipe success rate.
    David goes to bachlorette to try and use that info to disqualify Jordan as not being good for her
    (super beta behavior), thereby endearing himself to her.
    bachorette makes joke to Jordan about tinder and Jordan tries beta qualifying because he’s worried about how his tinder matches make him look (alpha looks but super beta behavior)
    Jordan has argument with David about his cockblock tactics and lets David get under his skin so much that when Jordan feels the need to warn David about ruining his image for his modeling career, he appears so emotional to be close to crying. (beta behavior for both)
    Clips may not show whole exchange

  47. Body language not good with the new guy…

    He looks like part of the security detail the way she ignores him.

  48. SJF – I see you as one of the main guys here that obfuscate by way of avoiding more laser focus as to clearly getting at the heart of straightforward questions , like – ‘what is alpha?’. So on the whole you are a minus with regards to moving the discussion along here. You very often stall the discussion, by way of getting lost in the more peripheral issues without (seemingly) understanding core premises. For instance you are making it out like your quotes from “Practical Female Psychology by Franco, South and some other guy”, in some way refutes my much more concise premise. But there is nothing in that quote that refutes my more precise premise. Franco and the other authors may well agree with me actually. What I see in your quote is a filling in of some of the details about application, that do well align with my more precise premise.

    Look at what newlyaloof linked with respect to fleezer quotes (especially quote #1, 2, 5 and 6 in the link). Fleezer’s quoted comments marry-up with my more concise premise, …. are downstream predictions of application of said premise.

    Sentient’s point about the Anthony Bourdain tragedy. Same deal. Sentient’s conception of what happened with regards to that tragedy completely fits within my premise.

    Sentient’s commentary with regards to RazorWire’s comment – same deal.

    Eh’s commentary of walawala’s comment – way off the mark. No value there in Eh’s commentary. Misses the mark. Probably same deal as you. Misses the forest for the trees. Too self-indulgent (like you), most probably. Resulting in poor pattern recognition abilities, probably. As such too easily gets lost in the weeds, …. in the details (like you).

  49. My respect, it is one of the best articles of yours I’ve read and I’ve read and archived almost all of them.
    Myself I was/am thinking I am Alfa, too, after converting to RP.
    Good lesson of getting cold shower, thank you.

  50. Lost Patrol

    You know he is the former Mayor of Washington DC?

    Alpha dog? Nah… He carries her bags…

    Seriously she is dangerous, she’s just getting started with her $20B…

    I put her in the top 10, maybe top 5 with Zuckerberg…×0/×799.jpg

  51. Water Cannon Boy
    Caught a portion of bachorlette that diplayed alpha/beta aspects.

    Kinda like fishing in an aquarium, isn’t it?

  52. EhIntellect to walawala
    All in on you all the time.

    For sure nobody else is…burden of performance.

  53. Sentient

    Did not know that. Had to look him up. She’s older than him, leading him in those photos like a dog on a leash – but no leash visible. There’s one there though, he can obviously feel it.

    A menopausal man-eater with $20B to blow on pet projects. Dangerous is the right word.

  54. Another question to the group: Can people consider you “Alpha” while you consider yourself “Beta”?

    Which is more relevant how you’re perceived or how you perceive yourself?

    Fake it till you make it is a critical part of alpha achievement but what if you still have trouble believing it?

    There are many examples in history of the tough, strong leader who privately suffers self-doubt.

    I watched Hearts of Darkness the other day. The documentary about Francis Ford Coppola and the making of Apocalypse Now reveals a man who outwardly is unshakable in his confidence and passion for a film. But the process reveals an individual racked with self-doubt and worry.

  55. @newlyaloof

    For your Fleezer retrospective please make sure to include my favorite, “This dick isn’t going to suck itself.”

  56. @Walawala

    Curious questions, no doubt.

    In a lot of men’s competitive sports, the goal is to move toward the goal and score. Whether you are going to score or not is, depending on your skill (your Mastery, so to speak) is probabilistic, not deterministic. You don’t score doubt, you score goals.

    In my profession, I treat patients. Take acne as an example. The goal is to move towards perfection. The patient wants perfection. And I aim to deliver that. Does that ever actually happen? Depends. When all else fails, if a patient is motivated enough, they go to the Nth degree. After a sojourn, when all is not good enough, there is an option. And it’s analogous to going All In. And it works Great. Cue Sentient’s The Gambler. Which is a paradox. It’s not really a Gamble. It works every time. It’s just that it takes a lot of Investment. And it’s not frivolous and it’s not reckless in my hands. (BTW, it is called isotretinoin therapy). The end result for the 97% of patients that complete the therapy is perfection. 100% of patients that complete the course have 100% great skin. Can everyone do it? Of course not. But those that do end up with perfect results.

    Coppola was all in, and so was the cast (including Father Sheen) in Apocalypse Now. But that was actually reckless. And it turned out a Masterpiece. That was an Alpha attempt. No matter self doubts it was balls to the walls movie making. Sure it was reckless and there were casualties had.

    Another question to the group: Can people consider you “Alpha” while you consider yourself “Beta”?

    People can perceive anything they want. You, in Red Pill Awareness and Game dedication, if you are committed, don’t really want to ask that question. Your job is to move towards Alpha, by any means necessary. If you don’t, are you a failure? Of course not. But your directive is to move towards Genuine Alpha as much as possible. Is this possible? Who cares. Just move towards Alpha. What is Alpha. You are welcome to make up your own mind in Red Pill fashion and with a Red Pill Game script. Just make sure you are not fooling yourself. Make your soul and heart align with your mind and don’t waver.

    Which is more relevant how you’re perceived or how you perceive yourself?

    What others perceive of you is not important. Importance is to be neutralized always. How you perceive yourself is important and you must not lie to yourself.

    Fake it till you make it is a critical part of alpha achievement but what if you still have trouble believing it?

    Fake it till you make it is a temporizing measure in Game. What the goal is to work on is Mastery. You know it when you embody Mastery. And you are in the zone. The Preface to Robert Greene’s book Mastery is a thing to get your bearings with, let alone his whole book on the subject. It’s pick a goal and move toward that.

    There are many examples in history of the tough, strong leader who privately suffers self-doubt.

    There is a point in achieving things. Doing actionable things. Where sometimes you will fail. It goes with the territory of leaning out to your edge. There is nothing wrong with self doubt. It’s fuel. Often times accompanied by anger. Anger is fuel. (other stages of grief are not fuel.) When failure comes along, because you Attempted Something there is always the option to say: ” I’ll never let that Failure I just had recur.” And then you are on to the next best thing/achievement/goal/accomplishment.

    I watched Hearts of Darkness the other day. The documentary about Francis Ford Coppola and the making of Apocalypse Now reveals a man who outwardly is unshakable in his confidence and passion for a film. But the process reveals an individual racked with self-doubt and worry.

    That movie-making adventure was reckless in pursuit of excellence. And we all know how it turned out. He leaned out to his edge. A few of the cast fell off the edge at times. Failing is better than regret for not trying.

    Self doubt is not noble. It doesn’t have any relevance how people perceive you. That doesn’t mean that your reputation doesn’t matter. (See Law # 5) Do your best and pursue confidence and competence (Mastery) in yourself. Failures happen. You dust yourself off and move on toward your goal.

  57. “Once again: who decided all those boys and young men are expendable?”

    What Red Pill Man Cares? (rhetorical question)

    And What are You Going to do About That? Come up with a Top Down solution?

    Avoid the Unhappy and the Unlucky.

    You can die from someone else’s misery – emotional states are as infectious as disease. You may feel you are helping the drowning man but you are only precipitating your own disaster.The unfortunate sometimes draw misfortune on themselves; they will also draw it on you.Associate with the happy and fortunate instead.

  58. @ walawala Just my opinion but no you can’t fake it til you make it. That’s the version of game sold by PUAs looking to make a fast buck. However fake it til you make it gets you in social circulation and that has value. Most men who have convinced themselves they are “alpha” are really more like red pill aware, high value betas.

  59. @sjf. The Laws of Power are a must-read for any aspiring alpha.

    But it created an existential dilemma for me: do I need to be so cunning and calculating to be successsful or should it come “naturally”.

    It’s the nature/nurture theory of alpha. In the Wizard of Oz the scarecrow, the lion and the tin man are all archetypes of aspiring alphas: strength, courage and empathy are contained in each of them but they never quite find them until they seek the Wizard who is a phony but it doesn’t matter. They all discover what was always in them.

  60. “fake it till you make it” explained:

    “Don’t “be yourself.” Terrible mantra. Either “fake it till you make it,” or “be your best self.” Both of which means DON’T be who you are now, take the action necessary to learn to be better than that.

    “Be congruent in all aspects” DOES NOT mean “be yourself.” People sniff out INCONGRUENCE, which is only sort of semi-related to being onesself.

    Actors, for example, can be fully congruent in any number of roles that have nothing to do with them being themselves. Daniel Day Lewis needs to be a congruent Abraham Lincoln in order to reach his goal of playing him successfully in a movie. . . so he learns to be congruent to Abraham Lincoln, putting himself aside. If he’s not congruent to Abraham, he gets called out and adjusts his behavior to be more like Abraham, until the role is pulled off successfully. This takes him months of preparation. This has NOTHING to do with being himself, congruence is an entirely separate concept.

    You need to learn a role that gets you laid, and learn to pull it off congruently. These things that under field-test turn people off, CUT THEM OUT. Don’t hang onto them because you want to “be yourself.”

    You need to put a start-to-finish congruent set of behaviors together that attract women and get them wet. How? Process of elimination. Field test behaviors. If they attract most people, keep them. If they turn off most people, eliminate them. That’s what writing and discussing field reports can help you deduce.

    Eventually, this new set of sexy behaviors BECOMES who you are. But this is the final stage of the self-development process”

  61. Many good insights here.
    I think there is a kind of group delusion that many of the bottom 20% share. Its rooted in the (false) hope that all alfa males really are jerks, woman haters, cads, etc… It’s a belief in a caricature and not a person.

    Sometimes you see this get taken to the extreme with the right combination of numbers and environment. It can become a feeding frenzy of piling on.

    You see, the stereotype (archetype?) is the alfa male that every man wants to be around. But that isn’t always true. Maybe without competition, bruised egos, and plenty to go around. But that doesn’t describe every situation.

  62. @Walawala

    I’ve gone through many permutations in Red Pill. At the end of the day, I’m not like you because I’m MRP, but I see many parallels in the Journey. The art of the deal.

    You are going through a Faux Existential Dillema. It’s not for Realz, it’s your Feelz. In Red Pill there is no such thing as an Existential Dillemma (otherwise known as where am I and where do I want to go) because the goal of Red Pill is intersexual strategy in a way that works (praxeology). Not an ideology.

    Repeat: You are not having an existential crisis. You are having a crisis of confidence and a crisis of accomplishment. To move past that you simply take stock of where you are and where you want to go. And move toward where you want to go. In doing so competence and confidence are best to go with. And they only come from reference experiences in success. Doing Action. Doing well and repeating. Value comes from having tried and doing the job.

    It’s not strength courage and empathy. It’s strength courage and mastery. Alpha is not a theory it’s a praxeology. It’s what works. It’s written all over the manosphere. We all know what’s going on here. The trick is to make it be No Big Deal and carry on with your mission. Without doubt.

    Fuck: “it should come naturally.” I came to Red Pill as a retard that didn’t have any Natural at all. (But I didn’t have significant failures, except for MRP desire sex. And I worked on it to achieve that)

    All of my Red Pill Awareness, Game and moving toward Alpha was Learned. It was a derivative. Every comment I’ve ever made her is derivative for other Red Pill knowledge that someone else gave me. And that doesn’t bother me one bit. The stuff works. I’m not too proud to think it wasn’t Natural. It’s organic and real now. I put in hard work and got to where I want to be. No harm done in it being learned. I continue to learn. All Masters started with desire. They learned by nature or by desire. And then got to be Masterful. Rinse and repeat. It works.

    Just lean out there and do stuff. No one is stupid enough to not have that be good. Don’t sweat the Natural. Move toward being Alpha/Natural/Mastery/Skill. What else are you’re options? To Plateau? To Relax? To Doubt? I doubt that is a good course. Pursue excellence and the art.

    You got this. Don’t doubt. If things aren’t aligning with what your heart tells you (if you have doubt) then change course to align your aspirations with your hearts desire. That’s when congruence happens. (Shit, if there is doubt, there is no doubt at what you need to do.)

  63. @walawala

    Those with cunning parents have cunning children. Those without must learn. And then there’s schadenfreude and it’s many forms.

  64. @SJF. Existential crisis vs crisis of confidence: Heart attack vs indigestion.

    I’ve encountered a few negative individuals who’ve dented my self confidence leading me to question is it terminal or just a bruise?

    It’s a bruise.

    Red Pill thinking allows me to cut through the weeds.

    A lot of this is coming more naturally than it did a year or more ago.

    This internalisation is leading me to wonder do you need to be on edge all the time to be at the top of your game?

    Things that were once hard are easier. Things that were once confusing are cleaner. That lack of fear is leading me to lapse into thinking is enjoying this letting my guard down. Then I get hit with a minor setback and think “how could I have overlooked this?”

    In reality I didn’t overlook anything I ignored a toxic individual who has tried to undermine and got put in her place by someone who also recognised her actions as petty.

    Reality is I recently stopped caring what other people think and I guess that set some of those around me off.

    But it’s lead me to re examine all my progress and assess whether it’s been a real transition to alpha. Outwardly yes. Inwardly I’m struggling with killing this occasional self doubt.

  65. I was the only guy at a table full of guys who, when the local player talked about what he said to a girl responding to his peacocking didn’t say “Dude that shouldn’t work”. It was crass. It was rude. It was “unacceptable”. It was also an undeniably funny alpha devil-may-care attitude. My reaction was to look at the other guys and go “Uh… no. That’s exactly how it should work.”

    Needless to say my new wing man is a blast to hang out with.

  66. @aloof

    Well …… how did we get from there (40,000 years ago ….. the faint imprint of modern humanity’s first stirrings) to here (the here and now – 7 billion+, complete with a stupendous system of organization)?

    Look at this book:

    I remember in it the author looked at several of the leaders of the various small proto-tribal groups of Yanamamo Indians. They weren’t appointed by inheritance or by formal vote, they were appointed by consensus. Generally the were the most charismatic, confident men with a touch of crazy badassery. The classic Alpha male. The leader had the most wives and the most children. You can see how this pattern could have lead to the innate female preference for Alpha males.

  67. The paradox of the learned Alpha, or learning RP: If you have unconscious competence in some Alpha traits then consciously consider what you’ve been naturally doing…it’s handicapping.

    Faking it, or thinking about how to perform masterfully is virtually impossible.

    Men have Alpha traits, went Beta, now relearned, manipulate their Alpha traits again. It’s not as smooth as an unbroken life of Alpha confidence but is healthier.

    I look around and don’t consider myself top tier Alpha outside my little sphere of 1. There are guys much physically better, calmer and publicly successful, though BP to some degree in their relationships. They are considered top tier Alpha too, at least in the BP world.

    RP is as much a superpower as one can make it without blowing himself up.

    Men are more thoughful and nuanced, (atypical Alpha qualities) than we debate. Charlrs Bukowski was an thoughtful Alpha, though guys in my little social group said no, he was an addict, a product of the booze. I STFU and let that ride. I wasn’t interested in changing minds.

    In a way, I agree with wala-wala, men navel gaze. It can help. Though too much is an indicator of masochistic conscious incompetence.

  68. Incubus_Rising
    June 12, 2018 at 7:11 am

    Negotiating desire? Sure.

    If you want me act like it. I will act accordingly. Otherwise I will be treating you with the contempt you deserve.

    You might want to factor in that it is a LTR with (grown) children.


    Me? I’m attracted to women who want me intensely. Any less and I’m not interested.

    The attraction has to be such that nothing else matters. I made that decision around age 24 (1968) when it occurred to me that it was easy to get women and I could even get ones who were only half interested. Half interested women are not very interesting.

  69. CSI – you said:

    “I remember in it the author looked at several of the leaders of the various small proto-tribal groups of Yanamamo Indians. They weren’t appointed by inheritance or by formal vote, they were appointed by consensus. Generally the were the most charismatic, confident men with a touch of crazy badassery. The classic Alpha male. The leader had the most wives and the most children. You can see how this pattern could have lead to the innate female preference for Alpha males.”

    Nice summation of Chagnon’s thesis. With regards to your last sentence, perhaps it is also operating like this:

    ‘You can see how this pattern could have lead to the shaping of these Alpha male traits, by way of sexual selection, as attuned by way of inter-male competition/cooperation around production of those traits normatively preferred by the women’.

    That is my premise. Or at least one aspect of my overall premise (my overall premise, in this respect, is that this dynamic of inter-male competition/cooperation around production of those traits normatively preferred by the women, ….. such dynamic acting as an attunement to those female preferences, also, in turn, is a dynamic that has shaped the female preferences, and attuned this sexual selection operation, by way of NATURAL SELECTION).

    In other words, ….. the human species has seen such outsized success, as a species, precisely because the sexual selection process, dominated as it is by female preferences (for the obvious biological reasons well discussed here already), is in itself fluid enough to allow for many more permutations of potential NATURAL selection pathways to be undertaken. This be one of the profound hallmarks of humanity, something that explains how, though part of nature, we are different in this most sublime way.

    Now, when describing this premise of mine, from the perspective of the concerns of the people that visit this blogspot (people who want to know more about the deeper and more profound nature of female sexual desire), in a nutshell, my premise becomes:

    ‘The female built-in desire for the ‘alpha’ pole of women’s dual-strategy hypergamous nature is about the female desire to be sold on the best narrative. May the best description of the world win. May the best story win. May the best fairy tale win. May the best guru guy win. May the best realization of the human male’s reality-sorting operation win.’

    That is what the Yanamamo do, and that is what western culture continues to do, and that is what ALL human cultures do. Since this masculine operation is narrative based, (and understanding the world by way of ‘story’ is also another profound hallmark that sets humanity apart) the search space for ‘Alpha’ is huge. In a way, Alpha is like magic dust. That’s why it is so hard to nail it down, and why the sphere runs circles around defining it, without actually zeroing in. But to move forward in our discussion here, I think we need to recognize more precision around defining precisely what ‘Alpha’ is, so that all the empirical evidence that circles the target, will make a whole lot more sense, so that all this can therefore better serve the pragmatism that we are all after here, with respect to our masculine endeavors with women.

  70. As I’ve started reading Pook one thing that stands out is how my embrace of my testosterone has been deemed toxic. I had a harsh puperty in the beginning of my 14th year I was short and chubby and by the end of that year I was tall and wide. My swallowing of the red pill has taught me one thing it’s not alpha or beta it’s that a part of me was stolen and hidden away from me with the intent never to reveal. One thing the RGM has benefited me is the push to action to put myself first instead of my christian beta brothers or people at work. I now accept what I am.

  71. Yeah Blax – nice title (provocative). But that’s the point. The book is provocative with respect to upsetting predominant notions within the filed of anthropology that was occurring in the 1960’s, at the time Chagnon was doing his fieldwork in Venezuela, (and such false notions are still apparent in our culture by way of postmodernist uptake of these ‘pretty but false’ conceptions of human nature, that continue to wield some toxic control in our culture, to this day).

    But nevertheless Chagnon is a controversial figure.


  72. @wildman

    Here is a narrative that is practical based on Desire. Consider it a super short field report from this past weekend:

    “Honey I’m so wet, I need your dick in me now!”
    “Oh my God don’t stop!
    Harder! Oh my God harder!
    Mmmmppph uuuuggggg ooohhhh!
    Harder! Mmmmmuufgghh
    Oooooooohhhhhh myyy Gaaaaawwwd!

    A few minutes later:

    “Holy cow honey, I came 3 times. I’m so hot and sweating, please crack open the car windows.”
    Heeeee heeee…..where are my panties?”

    One can talk all day about what is Alpha. Or, just do some stuff that works and enjoy the results.

  73. Roused – ya – I see your point. People want to fuck. Fucking is fun and feels real good. People like to feel real good. This pleasure thing, especially the almost overwhelming pleasure associated with sex, is ….. well it is amoral sort of. Like if morality is about valuation at root, (discerning what is good from what is not, value-judgement-like), well sex, though it can be deemed good or not, is different than regular value judgements that tend to lead to a moral perspective, because the valuing is around pleasure for pleasure-sake. A very deep, probably reptilian script. Really hard for our higher powers of cognition to get a handle on that.

    Anyway, the main topic of this blogspot, isn’t so much about how good fucking feels (but maybe there should be some more room for considerations around that here), …. the main topic of this blogspot is what leads to the scenario you painted above. Read my comments in that context (which is the context promoted at this blogspot, so I’m not out of line discussing in those terms, I’m pretty sure).

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