Back in the summer of 2014 I wrote two essays outlining the minds of Incels. The first was The Severing and the second was Owed Sex. I wrote these essays in the wake of the Eliot Rodger shooting and the sudden emergence of the term ‘red pill’ into the popular lexicon. Eliot had a lot of manifesto style youtube videos as well as a fairly detailed written manifesto he published online just prior to his shooting. His frustration was palpable in these videos. Here was a kid who fit the profile of an AFC, an average frustrated chump. AFC is an old school PUA term used to describe average guys who were confused by intersexual dynamics, usually as a result of their life long Blue Pill conditioning. I used to unironically use AFC to describe a guy who I’d probably refer to as a Blue Pill Beta in my work today, but in light of the most recent “Incel attack” in Toronto last month I’m wondering if AFC isn’t a better descriptor for these guys.

I’m doing a bit of review here because I want to put the perspective on time in these incidents. Alek Minnasian, the Toronto truck driving killer, another AFC, reportedly idolized Eliot Rodger. In and of itself this is probably to be expected from a self-avowed Incel, but what motivates these guys. That’s what the mainstream media wants to know, right? And literally hundreds of bloggers and social pundits seem to all have an expert knowledge about the motives of Incels. Weeks after the Toronto killings there are people I’ve never read before who are convinced that they know all about these “losers”. For the most part, the mainstream media (and I include online pundits in this category now) want ‘crazy’. Even the guys who are ostensibly part of the manosphere know that crazy gets eyeballs on the screen, and nothing is crazier than a ‘killer Incell’.

Incels are the low hanging fruit for pretty much anyone on either side of the ideological spectrum. I can read any number of feminists wanting to link Incels to ‘red pill radicalization’ and how they are ‘gender terrorists’ (this is genuinely laughable considering the natures of most of these kids), to the Red Pill guys who want to carve out their own trad-con niche in the ‘sphere using Incles as a negative example to prove their version of whatever qualifies as masculinity. Lets face it, Incels are easy targets. They’re universally described as “the losers you used to know in high school who couldn’t get laid”. This makes them easy to dismiss most of the time, until one of them shoots up a university or mows down random women with a panel truck.

Incel is short for involuntary celibate, but there’s a lot more contributing to these guy’s condition than just an inability to get laid. Back in 2014 the term Incel wasn’t used to define Eliot Rodger. He was an Incel for sure, but very few people trying to analyze him made this connection. Again, they wanted crazy, and what’s better than crazy? More crazy. So all the efforts used to pick Eliot apart back then were really pointing to bigger motives, nefarious groups of ‘misogynists’ and more craziness.

Back then, Eliot belonged to an online forum called PUA Hate; literally a group formed by these guys’ collective dislike of the Pick Up Artist set that virtually all of them had once been hopeful would end their involuntary celibacy. For whatever reason the promised magic formula that would end their loneliness and sexlessness didn’t work for them. They were all understandably mad. Ironically, Rational Male articles I had written got link-backs to various posts on the forum and most of them were appreciative of them, however, that may’ve also been part of the problem. Fast forward four years and today the deleted PUA Hate forum is replaced by, another forum with a similar charter (and also one I get good link-backs to).

I think one of the most pressing problems in Red Pill awareness today is that awareness itself. Not every guy is ready to be unplugged. One of the inherent risks I take in writing what I do is presuming every man I make aware has the presence of mind to accept it and work it out for himself. If you look at the profiles of the past 6 school shooters, include Eliot Rodger and Alek Minassian, you find a lot of similarities. Most were the products of a fatherless home, most were diagnosed with autism or Asperger’s syndrome, and all of them were the ‘Forever Alone’ types triggered by the rejection of a girl. These young men are the product of a generation that has removed the man from their upbringing and taught them to emote before they think.

Today we’re just starting to acknowledge this generation of ‘lost boys‘; the young men who drift rudderless in life, are socially retarded to varying degrees and a demographic that is looking outside themselves for solutions to problems that are the result of the social order that created them. Is it any surprise we have such a rise in popularity of any speaker or organization that might be able provide them some direction?

Many of these guys are simply not ready to be made Red Pill aware. It is a risk to their egos, but also, it’s often a crushing disillusionment of the Blue Pill ideals they’d hoped would be a reality for them if they could just play the Blue Pill’s game correctly. For a lot of them it was their Blue Pill hopes that formed the basis of their existence. Now add the harsh truths of the Red Pill to a lost boy, one who is socially maladapted or has a genuine psychological disorder, and take that (misguided) ‘hope’ away from him. What does that kid do when the Red Pill shows him the reality of the game he’s involved in?

There is no ‘Black Pill’

I’ve heard Roosh and a few other commenters in the ‘sphere describe the “Black Pill” – the idea that the social order of the Blue Pill, the Feminine Imperative, or the ‘gynocracy’ if you like, is so rigged against men that they accept their role in it and give up on trying to make themselves or their circumstance better. What these guys are describing is what I’ve referred to in the past as the Abyss. This Abyss is the psychological / existential gulf a man needs to cross when he becomes Red Pill aware. He realizes that the person he carved himself out to be in a Blue Pill conditioned ideal was based on a the same falsehoods. This stage of unplugging has difficulties unique to men at various stages of their lives and according to the decisions they made for themselves throughout their lives in accordance with those Blue Pill ideals. It’s one thing for a young man of 25 to unplug and turn his life around in a Red Pill aware paradigm, but it’s quite another for a man of 70 to become aware and look back on his life, marriage(s), family dysfunction and the long term impact his blindness to the Blue Pill game he was a part of for so long.

There is a necessary state of nihilism, or at the very least a prolonged doubt, that occurs when men realize that they’re cut away from that Blue Pill conditioned life. This is why I compare it to mourning in The Five Stages of Unplugging, men are literally mourning the loss of their investments in that paradigm; they’re morning the loss of Killing the Beta they used to be.

Understand this, there is no Black Pill – there is only the Abyss of accepting the truth that comes with Red Pill awareness and a man’s capacity to make this awareness work in his best interests.

Incels, if nothing else, want to find ways to make this awareness work for them, but most are too damaged to deal with the realities that Red Pill awareness reveals to them. They’re not ready for the truth, but it’s unavoidable today.

A lot of femosphere critics want to lay the blame for Incels at the feet of the Red Pill. They think there’s some nefarious plot to radicalize young men to be killers in some misogyny fueled gender-jihad against women. This presumption also comes on the heels of the #MeToo / Future is Female movement so it fits in perfectly with the ‘resistance’ narrative. As I said, it’s easy to hate on Incels. They fit another profile too; that of the basement dwelling 30 year old who refuses to leave his parents house. For the Man Up crowd Incels are easy to AMOG, for the lathered up militant feminist they’re the perfect foil needed to legitimize their own ego investments in gender dystopia.

The truth of the matter is Incels have always been with us. They were the losers, the nerds (before they were told they were cool) and the guys who were Darwin’s dead ends. I knew dozens of them when I was growing up. I know many now, all of them building a life-theme around their life long confusion and misery of not figuring out women. I know a lot of married men today who are technically Incels in their marriages. We like to say they’re ‘unlucky’ in love or we’ll say “Don’t worry, you’re a great guy. Any girl would be lucky to have you. You’re just meeting the wrong kind of girls, just be yourself and it’ll happen for you.” Then we hope they don’t fixate on one of our girlfriend’s girlfriends and they go off to figure out how the real world works.

AFCs in 2018

So what’s different now? Well, to start, we have a generation of lost boys who’ve been acculturated to think that even asking a girl out is a form of sexual misconduct. The Village has raised boys as if they’re defective girls, devoid of any of the masculine discipline necessary to teach these young men how to cope with real rejection from a girl, how to deal with defeat or how to come back stronger as a result. As we’ve feminized these boys so to have we embedded the same feminine victimhood narrative that women rely on into their collective psyche. Except these boys are still beholden to the old social contract that women believe incumbent upon men. This puts these boy-men into a very precarious position: they are educated like defective girls and as such adopt the same frail sensibilities and are subject to the same entitlement narrative as most women are, but they are also male and therefore are expected to suck it up, take it on the chin and carry on. They are told to express their feelings and in the next moment are told to check their male privilege.

Most of the lost boys generation are not ready for the disillusionment that the Red Pill brings to them, but it’s not the manosphere that’s opening their eyes so much as they are having it thrust in front of them by a communication age steeped in the Feminine Imperative. Today, Red Pill truths are harder and harder to get away from as Open Hypergamy and all of the unflattering truths about the female nature are triumphantly lauded by women themselves. Every swipe left on Tinder is one more confirmation of exactly the harsh truths that push Incels to their limit.

Of every article I’ve read on Incels since the Toronto killings not one author has analyzed the problem correctly, but also none have any actionable idea about how to solve the problem of Incels snapping. There are no longer the same outlets that ‘losers’ had back in my day to channel that sexual frustration to more productive ends. Many a frustrated high school boy became his generation’s iconic artist or musician. I think it’s the height of irony that Mark Zuckerberg essentially created Facebook to stalk his ex girlfriend. There are no longer the creative ways to deal with the discontent that comes from sexual rejection. Some will say to me there are, it’s just these guys are too unmotivated to apply themselves. And while that may be true, there are much easier outlets that further stunt that boys development. Rather than redirecting that sexual angst to something creative, it’s much easier to lose themselves in online porn or immersive escapisms facilitated by this age’s technology.

Or they can seek out a forum of similarly disaffected young men and commiserate about the truth of a world that has no place for them. I read that Dr. Jordan Peterson suggested that a social order based on ‘enforced monogamy’ might be a cure for Incels. I get what he was trying to say, but it’s just one more flippant redirection away from the real causes of this rise in Incels. I can remember reading a post that Roissy had made about a knife wielding man in China who had gone to a day care center to specifically kill women and children. As horrifying as that is what had prompted the guy was the understanding that he’d essentially been selected out of the reproductive game because there was a huge imbalance in the ratio of men to women in China as a result of their one-child policy for so long. Roissy went on to suggest that as more and more men are disaffected by a feminine-primary social order, one that bases all its legislation and social doctrine on optimizing Hypergamy, the men disenfranchised by it will become either more violent (in their effort or angst to reproduce) or more suicidal – which we also see in men killing themselves at 5 times the rate of women.

Incels are the canary in the coal mine that is a gynocentric social order. They are what results when a society prioritizes and incentivizes Alpha Fucks (enthusiastic consent) while Beta Bucks is more or less assured by direct and indirect resource transfer to women. When 80%+ of men are evaluated as ‘unattractive’ to women fed on a steady diet of ego inflating social media, you get Incels. I made a case for this in Dangerous Times, but Incels are a byproduct of a feminine-primary form of polyandry. Incels are a result of shifting from a social contract based on marriage to one based on a sustained child support. The old social order was founded on giving a guy a decent shot at marriage and reproduction by way of being a good provider, this contract is gone today. When a woman’s primary incentive is no longer provisioning all that’s left is a socio-sexual contract based on the most available Alpha seed to meet a need that a woman cannot provide for herself.

As we move into the next decade I believe we will see even more narrowing of this socio-sexual contract. This is why some countries are legislating that anything less than an enduring enthusiastic consent for a woman is rape. This is an effort in insuring a woman is never again inconvenienced by having transactional sex for resources, nor should she be bothered by men who will know not to approach her. Incels are the natural expression of the frustration that comes from this truth becoming more and more blatant and accepted in society. Incels have it right; they more than any guy understand the brutal truths of a social order founded on mandating Alpha Fucks and Beta Bucks. Where they go wrong is in their way (or non way) of coping with that truth. They accept their Black Pill and never cross the Abyss to a better life because they don’t know how to evolve with it.

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Author of The Rational Male and The Rational Male, Preventive Medicine

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  2. Leave it to Rollos to never mention the one key thing that explains it all – genetics.

    Your DNA determines your genetic worth – your looks, your intelligence, your charisma. Yes, these can be improved slighty with a lot of work, but a 2/10 doesn’t turn into a slayer from reading blog posts by Tomassi.

    Why do you never discuss this?

    1. Your genetics usually contribute 50% to your intelligence and personality traits. Ask Duckduckgo. Your assumption of overwhelming genetic influence is not factual.

  3. I’ve seen the word “incel” used as a perjorative in print lately and it bothers me. I have actually caught myself limiting my normal way of interacting with women for fear of an allegation if I happen to catch one who has been activated by the media. I recently hard-next two women who ramped up the shit tests to an extreme level who were, I felt, caught up in the dysphoria of #metoo and 2nd. wave feminism. Both of these women were triggered by me asking, “Where were these boy’s fathers?”, in response to news coverage of recent school shootings. They both kind’ve turned on me and both had the same look in their eyes. I normally don’t break frame but in this case, having had an ex-wife accuse me of “scaring” her in a custody battle, I simply walked both times and ghosted them both completely. All it takes is one allegation to ruin a business or a reputation. I do think your right about Redpill truths being too much for a lot of these guys. They, like I did at one time, have a lot of investment in maintaining the Bluepill status quo. I am concerned about very real ramifications for men who push back. Doxxing is real. Human Resources is real. Being arrested is real.

  4. So my buddy was out at a party. He meets a girl, who came with her bf. Gives her a lift-hug, like a figure skater kinda move. Bf is scrawny, doesn’t lift weights, can’t pick up his thicc girl.
    Later that night, buddy fucks the girl. Why? She told my buddy he made her “feel something” she hadn’t felt in a long time.

    Incel life is really hard coz shit like the above happens out in the field. A guy who believes that romance and egalitarianism are the road to a happy life (with a girl who lurvs him) could not possibly understand why any woman would do something like that. Frustration to infinity.

    There is no black pill, the purple pill will not cure you either. The Red Pill is the only way out.

  5. Excellent post, and one that has not been explored in depth. How to make a successful transition into a Red Pill aware lifestyle. Most guys will move into a purple pill mindset, some will look inthe the Abyss and go all way in, some will just not be able to cope with it all, such as Incels.

  6. Gives her a lift-hug, like a figure skater kinda move. Bf is scrawny, doesn’t lift weights, can’t pick up his thicc girl.
    Later that night, buddy fucks the girl. Why? She told my buddy he made her “feel something” she hadn’t felt in a long time.

    I’m divorced about 6 months now, and I’m finally back in the game, and hooking up with a girl I went to high school with (we are both 44). Anyhow, women just respond viscerally to displays of male physical strength. This woman has told me I am the most built guy she has ever fucked, and the other day in bed I was tossing her around and she just absolutely loved it. I jokingly pinned her arms down and she just went wild. None of this is new, years back there was a guy selling “Caveman Game” although IMO you need to get to know the girl a bit before you amp up the physical intensity.

  7. Especially that part about channeling sexual frustration into creativity hit home. It’s the only thing that kept me from going into permanent incel rage mode in my dark abyss days.

  8. As a red pilled guy struggling to close at the moment i really do feel for the Incel guys who can’t even get to flirt with any desirable women. Whilst i’m currently in a bit of a slump and need to work on my closing game (Sentient is giving me a deserved arse kicking for my whinging in FR’s), i’ve at least got lots of scores on the board over the years, and know that women are into me. Something just isn’t quite gelling at the moment, but that will be rectified. So yeah, the Incels are everywhere.I just returned from a few days in the city and the feminized males abound in every nook and cranny. Asian/South Asian males in particular, almost all lack masculinity totally, but the western soy boys are also in high numbers…

  9. @Big faggot: a man can build himself out of really bad genetics situations.
    Someone sure have bad genes,but don’t use this like an excuse to not better yourself

  10. @ Morpheus
    Yeah, muscles get tingles? And buddy isn’t even buff/chiselled. Him being able to pick her up and twirl her in the air = “You get to fuck me tonight, even though I have a boyfriend, who is here at this party”
    Us men can’t stay angry at women. Learn the rules, swallow the Red Pill, and punch through your opponent. No panel van required.

  11. @big faggot (lol)

    Genetics did not make you choose this sad-sack screen name. That’s all your choosing.

    Your journey to a better life starts with choosing a more positive screen name.

  12. Even though I don’t like the guy very much, “Bill Maher” was actually one of the first mainstream media personalities who put the finger in the right spot after the mass shooting incidents:

    And Rollo, I have to tell you that every time you refer to “Roosh” for whatever reason, I just can’t help but cringe man. The guy is a phony and we all know it. I mean he actually used photos of models he found online and put them in his book to lie about his “colorful” sex life. Is this really what we are gonna relate ourselves with as red pill aware men? Just watch this (with subtitles) and see how he is squealing as Ukranian tv personalities rip his fake image to pieces.

    [I agree, but you’ll notice I only use Roosh as an illustrative example of what to watch out for these days.]

  13. These young men lack the foundation of values that is a minimum requirement of weatering the storm or abyss.

    The sad part is they have been taught to disrespect the men that have this foundation,further insuring their inability to recover.

  14. 1) “When 80%+ of men are evaluated as ‘unattractive’ to women fed on a steady diet of ego inflating social media”. I know those numbers are real but still cannot believe that those numbers exist. Wow. Talk about an overly inflated sense of self. Social media is poison.

    2) Game or applied charisma or whatever you want to call it is the same thing as going to the gym. If you are weak and frail and want to change it you come up with a diet and exercise plan and go to the gym. If you stick with it long enough it is actually impossible to not see results. At the gym, no matter how fit you are, you will still fail at lifts, the weight will be too much at times. On certain days you will be tired and just not be in the zone. Game is the same way. Even red pilled lawyers and celebrities get blown out from time to time. It happens, you can’t win them all. I feel like the incel group feels like game is a 100% guarantee of success, it is not. Some are unwinnable. Brush it off and move on to the next set.

  15. EXCELLENT post! Thank you very much!

    I was an Incel myself until I was 32.

    When I was approaching 30, I went insane, tried to kill myself and afterwards spent many months in mental hospital.

    In fact, I was one of these guys you speak of, except that I didn’t try to kill others, but myself.

    And the reason was exactly that: Raised by a single mother who condemned my father, having totally irrational Blue Pill beliefs of how to get a girlfriend. When “just be yourself, every pot gets a fitting lid” totally didn’t work and I approached 30, I didn’t know what to do anymore.

    Blue Pill and romanticism don’t just make unhappy, they’re DEADLY.

  16. You can recognize that some men simply don’t have the genetic material needed to enter the game without identifying as one of those men. MGTOW is the only sane solution for such men. As was made clear above, 80% of men are now judged as unattractive to women. The guys at the bottom of that pile have no realistic chance at lifting their way out of that, especially if they have obvious cognitive deficits. The best they can do is maintain their self respect, take the pussy of the pedestal, and retain control of their own resources. Above all else, the gynocentric society teaches blue pill men to keep the pussy on the pedestal. This is probably the most destructive part of the whole thing. The red pill can teach men to correctly value the opposite sex. They can learn to put themselves first and focus on self improvement for it’s own sake. If they reach the level where they start attracting female attention, then they can worry about the game. There isn’t a single one of these incel shooters that didn’t have pussy placed incredibly high up on the pedestal.

  17. “Not every guy is ready to be unplugged. One of the inherent risks I take in writing what I do is presuming every man I make aware has the presence of mind to accept it and work it out for himself.”

    Because it’s easier to blame your environment, the world, the media, soy products instead of accepting that you’re not making a move…

  18. @Rollo: nice post.

    I want to point out one noteworthy thing about The Rational Male…

    I don’t remember a single time where you were disrespectful of the Blue Pilled men, the AFCs, or the Incels. As you write here, it would be easy to do so, and many do it.

    I remember when I arrived here many months ago that was part of what made me stay.

    Possibly it is because of one of you motivations (I’m referring here specifically to your brother-in-law suicide which you mentioned several times across the years in your posts).

  19. Brilliant header art Rollo. The poor guy is even fig-leafing.

    On one hand, the abyss is wide and deep. Men attempt to throw themselves across, climb down to clamber up the other side, or just despair at the thing. On the other hand, the abyss is just an illusion, a Zen koan to be worked.

    To those men who did not make the crossing: rest in peace.

  20. Its common for not only unattractive males, but even average males to be incels. Average women only like top tier males on dating apps, being content to wait in line for their chance to get used for pump and dump, rather than relationship with average beta male. While single moms who don’t workout feel entitled to date men without kids who stay in shape. So average males have to date down or become volcels. Just read that angry hillary voters have taken over the miss america pageant and are eliminating the swimsuit competition. American culture is approaching peak beta.

  21. Interesting and timely post. I was just looking at “incel” stuff yesterday. I think the media is deliberately misreporting what it is and trying to conflate it with the red pill and the manosphere. Sites like this one, however, are the cure for incels. The mainstream media is reporting that incels hate women because they believe they are owed sex and are too unattractive to get it. This site and other red pill sites do not claim men are “owed” sex. Indeed, the premise of this site and other manosphere sites is essentially: “If you’re not getting sex, you’re not a person a woman wants to fuck, so become one. Here’s how.” That premise is the exact opposite of a concept that “you are owed sex.”

    I agree that some people are a genetic dead end. If you’ve got a genetic deformity that no woman is going to want to pass on to her offspring, sorry, you’re out of luck. Nature is a bitch. But the guy who went nuts in Canada and drove a truck into people didn’t appear to be in that category. He looked like a guy who, if he worked on his social skills (difficult if he was on the autism spectrum but not impossible), worked out and made something of himself would not have trouble getting a woman. So why was he angry? Anger arises when your expectations are frustrated. If you do x, expecting y to occur and z occurs instead, you get frustrated and angry. This guy’s expectations were clearly frustrated because they were unrealistic. Again, red pill sites are the cure, not the cause, because they change your expectations to realistic ones (i.e., “if you do x, you will get z, so don’t expect y”). He was angry because actual real women were not the same as the fantasy women he had in his mind. The world is not going to change because you have unrealistic ideas in your head and the cure is killing the unrealistic ideas, not killing the world.

  22. Reporters painting incels as a cultish group confirmed the nature of journalism nowadays.
    As if being excluded of the party of life was a badge of honour to be bandied about. The relentless idiocy of almost all mainstream voices is staggering.

    This type of news reporting used to be called “yellow press”. Now, it’s fully mainstream and adopted by “supposedly” serious newspapers and TV news divisions.

    “When someone points at the moon, the idiots look at the finger”

  23. It will only get worse, and then, demographics will shift, and the west will be Islamic.

  24. Used to be the ‘mean girls club” was at its most effective in high school. A nerdy loser guy could leave that stuff behind when he went to work / college / the military.

    Now it is society wide, online, embedded into social media, staffs the HR department at work, is in charge of student services in college, controls the military.

    The feminization of society from kindergarten on up guarantees the creation of InCel men. Because the judging of men by women is society wide from top to bottom and there’s precious few places to escape from it.

    Some years back I worked with a pudgy nerd who lived with his widowed mother. He was painfully shy around women, but at least he could talk with the office girls / interns in beta orbiter mode. Now he’d have to be more careful, lest he give offense and be deemed a harasser.

    Oh, and is anyone surprised the press can’t get the InCel story even a tiny bit correctly reported? Asking girls fresh out of college and their blue pill beta orbiter co-worker / bosses to explain anything is absurd. It’s all in their blind spot. They literally cannot see what is right in front of them, because their paycheck depends on not seeing such things.

  25. Lol. I’m 55, 5’7″ 3/4’s of an inch, have spent a good chunk of my life 20 lbs overweight. And yet, I have fucked many women for my entire life. Update on my former HB9 – her best girlfriend who I haven’t met told her she wants to come up with her to my place by the lake and fuck me next time. By her pics, she’s a hard body HB8, and a cock carousel rider, nice!! The 31yo HB9 is building the harem for me – I’m 55. And I’m just now not broke anymore. I don’t spend money on her. But hey – all you 29yo guys who are fit and young and strong and tall, I’ve got it all over you, right? Nope – you are just fucking pussies. I am thinner now. and I use my appearance much more strategically. And I do have a good looking face – but the point is that I use what I have. And I don’t feel less than any tall or buff or jock or high status guy – ever. And there is no way many so called betas or incels have much more than I was given, sorry. I have no sympathy whatsoever for you Beta pussy fuckups.

    But since we live in pussy society now, we have to cater to you hopeless fucks. And yeah, I got it, our social order doesn’t force women to marry you anymore (and hate it), so you are alone and can’t get laid. Boo hoo – perhaps you should try and be someone worth fucking? Just a thought.

    However there is a solution. Legalize prostitution. We should make it clear that is a valid route for the losers in today’s mating games in the Western world. Me? I don’t need it. But I do have pity on you sad sacks of shit. So let’s support legalizing prostitution for the Incels and Betas.

    But here’s the thing. The Incel/Beta will still be angry. cuz he’ll know it’s not desire sex. He’ll know she’s not into him. You see, the Beta wants to get the prizes associated with winning a woman’s sexual selection voluntarily without doing the work…I’ve been shitting down the throats of such losers for my entire life, and enjoying the cash and prizes and pussy that goes along with it. And have zero intention of changing any of that around. The truth is that even with the best whore, you won’t feel the surrender and desire an alpha feels from a woman. Hint – I’ve had this happen with a prostitute…She had over 20 orgasms and became my bareback, cum glutton bitch. Another woman dying to have me come inside of her, lol. You fucking losers will be the clients she complained to me about, the clingy, needy guys who she fakes Os with. You see guys, the problem is you. But because you are a beta pussy, you don’t want to see it that way.

    You don’t like the current social order? Toughen up, buttercups, you have it better in most ways than any men to walk the earth but instead you whine and complain and self-obsess. I would punch anyone of you in the face given half a chance, you lameass fucks. And now I’m supposed to feel pity for some spergy bitch who got so angry about it he kills innocent people? Nope – my reaction is to make sure my Glock is loaded and ready to go so I can exterminate such vermin. As any actual man would.

    As for Rollo’s take on it, he’s right as far as it goes. But to see this as some victimization of men is to miss what happened to women. If you really want to be honest and be all Red Pill, then you deal with reality. And in the past, women were stuck having to marry and fuck and reproduce with men they didn’t really want to do so with. Have any of you quivering, whining, shithead pussies ever contemplated what that felt like for women?

    Sure, enforced monogamy and social shaming worked for beta pussies and would-be incels. but what about the women who had to marry you sad sacks of shit? What about the fact that you’ll never get them wet? That they will always be ashamed of you? I know, all we talk about here is the male POV, but if you want to actually be effective in the world, ya better get acquainted with other people’s reality too.

    Female sexual agency has been unleashed. It may collapse our current social order, oh well, I’m not in the business of fixing societies – I’m in the business of getting Scribbler what he wants out of life, and having a blast and making life better for those who share the journey with me. You beta/incels can sit here and lament in your echo chamber of pity, but just know that is a big part of what makes you a fucking loser in the first place.

  26. I’m not the first to note the irony that the “incel” terms was coined by a feminist for a different purpose, an L or B or T who’d hit a dry spell but was learning to live with it for consciousness-raising purposes.

    Veteran visitors will also remember the somewhat infamous essay by Mike of M3 from Toronto called “12 Years An Incel.” Besides the soul crushing history he went through before he broke out of it, he encapsulates perfectly that rage when you learn the blue pill social contract you fulfilled was a covert contract, and you were the flunkie. Women want sensitive new age guys, show your emotions, validate women’s feelings and achievements, to win over women be more like them! All the more insidious because this was force fed on a whole generation of men by both second-wave “nicer” feminists and their white knights, who were “only” trying to help. But it was a social experiment that was implemented, untested, and continued to be preached even when the results were not happening for anybody.

    Some lucky ones matured just enough, and their SMP value rose just enough, a few years later, to become “snaggable” by Epiphany Girls looking for their meal ticket/baby daddy. (As postulated in the famous SMP chart). Not that they figured out how that happened.

    The unlucky ones got stuck in the “covert contract” mode which underpins the “SNAG” mindset and of course the horrors in NMMNG by Dr. Glover: I’m doing everything I was told! I’m being chivalrous! And sensitive! Not trying to close right away or even kiss-close, but show I’m not like other guys! I’ll help them move, I’ll do their homework, or fix their cars! Why won’t they call me back? Who’s that guy Chad?

    And today of course it’s even worse. In high schools and colleges, thanks to “Stamp Out Cis-Het” personal conduct manuals, “unwanted communications” are expellable offenses. “Unwanted” as defined by the offended recipient. So our beta boy, having gotten up just enough nerve to clumsily approach a gal for a coffee date, or to chat after class, risks getting pilloried and hate-tweeted to death instead of just politely blown off.

    It’s no better when he gets a job: thanks to the Mike Pence Rule, strictly enforced by the company’s EPL insurance carriers, worker fraternization is discouraged on site, and prohibited on company travel: no sharing meals, rooms, or even adjacent plane seats. No private conferences without a third person present or an open door. No place to do personal small talk.

    Those few who still go to church run into the buzzsaw of Churchianity social cliques better described by the commenters at Dalrock’s: date and fuck the badboy pastor’s son, deride and shun the goodhearted beta boy daring to approach the princess for a nod and a wink.

    So it’s going to get worse, not better, for the forseeable future. As bad as I had it in my early college days, I’m not sure I could comprehend and conquer the bleak landscape that is the collegiate SMP today, and remain sane and happy about it.

    Like many here I too got to cross that abyss, and I felt that rage, like M3, though it was never directed outward at anyone. It was back to me: what don’t I get? What am I doing wrong? It’s not making sense! To which I got lots and lots of the same “Just be yourself” pabulum as the only answer. But when the lie was revealed, and “the light” came on, the rage vanished. Yeah I was annoyed at being lied to by everyone for so long. I’m still annoyed at some of those people, who professed to have the answers. But being free of it was such a relief I couldn’t stay mad. And knowing no one else had good advice for me, I resolved to find out the truth myself, as no one else could be expected to do it for me.

  27. “The Red Pill is the only way out.”


    the red pill is the only way in

    “man is a superman stretched across the abyss” = old thinking

    “man is the abyss”

    swim around in it. cross back and forth from one shore to the other often. set up camp on both sides and get comfortable playing in the middle of the rushing stream

    resistance is suffering. do not resist. adapt

    remember: great camps aren’t made, they’re found and exploited

  28. @Fred Flange – You are white knighting for men who need a serious ass-kicking, not more sympathy. I get it, once you get the Red Pill, it’s hard. The Blue Pill social conditioning and arising femcentric social order (not completely femcentric if you actually pay attention) deal men mistruths, but it’s also true the conservative, traditional order did the same thing to them. Yet you ignore all the BS that comes from traditionalism cuz why? Cuz you are so empathetic?

    It’s really simple for betas/incels. You don’t like being on the losing end of society’s competitions and games? Be a better player. Okay, at first when digesting the Red PIll you will of course be angry, and perhaps sad too. Got it, ya got 90 days to be there and then you’d better get up off your ass and do something about it.

    Hint: This is what women find most alpha of all in men – the ability to “do something” about their lives. It’s your helplessness and pathetic neediness that is screwing you up to begin with.

    Or you could:

    Study game – Mystery Method is available via torrent for free
    Work on your appearance – Many ways to do this. You don’t have to be buff or stylish or any one thing, but you’d better realize your appearance matters. And like me, you may be short or whatever, but you can do other things.
    Build a life worth living – career, home, relatoinships
    Figure out money and work, for fuck’s sake…it’s not brain surgery

    I’ll offer one tidbit to the beta pussies here. You have women on a pedestal, that’s why you are beta most of all. Until you see yourself as more valuable than some gash, you will never make any progress. It’s how you see yourself in comparison to others that is your core problem to begin with. It’s not the world. It’s not women. It’s you. Women don’t want to fuck guys who think they are unworthy, shocker…

  29. “I’m not sure I could comprehend and conquer the bleak landscape that is the collegiate SMP today, and remain sane and happy about it.”

    this is literally the opposite of my mindset

    all these girls want to do is make hot memories

    it’s the sanest thing i’ve ever heard from girls

    how can you not be happy about that?

  30. Scribblerg
    However there is a solution. Legalize prostitution. We should make it clear that is a valid route for the losers in today’s mating games in the Western world

    The 20th century called, they want your ideas back.

    In the 21st century, the Female Imperative doesn’t want losers to have any outlet at all except for fapping to porn. That is why in Sweden and possibly Canada it is now a crime for a man to solicit sex-for-money from a woman, but not really a crime for a woman to stand on the street corner offering sex-for-money. “John” gets busted and his car is seized, “Jane” gets a traffic ticket and has to find a different corner to stand on. Another version of the usual no-win, “two sticks” solution that feminized society is using so much. The Germanic countries (Germany, Austria, northern Switzerland) have so far not followed this course, because legal & regulated prostitution dates back centuries. Given how feminist Germany is I’m wondering if that will continue or not.

    it’s going to be real interesting to see how the FI reacts to sexbots, camgirls / teledildonics. Probably get the Department of Homeland Security involved in some way.

  31. @Fleeze – You see guys, he gets it. Are you really going to lament that super hot sub-25yos like fucking many guys and hooking up like crazy? And it’s a perfectly sane position for women to take. What’s insane is for men to keep showing up and playing gentlemen etc. Trying to win with Blue Pill rules.

    Adapt. Thrive. And stop fucking whining, for fuck’s sake.

  32. Leave it to Rollos to never mention the one key thing that explains it all – genetics.
    Your DNA determines your genetic worth – your looks, your intelligence, your charisma. Yes, these can be improved slighty with a lot of work, but a 2/10 doesn’t turn into a slayer from reading blog posts by Tomassi.
    Why do you never discuss this?

    Because it’s a lie, you Big Fat Faggot, lol.

    You obviously haven’t kept up to date with modern genetics research–specifically, about how your environment can literally modify your genetics.

    You’re obviously a misandrist since you oppose men practicing self-improvement.

    (I put up a pretty little rhyme on the previous post and Rollo goes and puts out this killer post. Doh!)

  33. @ scribblerg

    “I’ve been shitting down the throats of such losers for my entire life”

    Rational Male isn’t about beta male shaming. Maybe take the PUA trolling to the Cracked Magazine version of the manosphere at Return of Kings.

  34. Scribs:

    No, no read what I wrote again. I white knight for no one. Thanks for shaming. I got across the chasm, everything works, brain doesn’t hurt. But like our sensei, I am just putting in two cents, explicating the mindset and the horrors of what that “just be yourself” mating paradigm felt like way back then (e.g,, 1980s and then another 20 odd years or so).

    I acknowledge their pain. I spare a thought. But like you, I then bark: Get up! Get on your feet! If they don’t, that’s on them.

    As a scholar of Marxist horsehit, do you not see the parallels in method between the untested 20-year social experiment of Phil Donahue-type “just be yourself” girly-men with the blinkered anti-genetic blatherings of the Soviet pseudo-agriculturalist Comrade Trofim Lysenko? Who dares defame Comrsde Lysenko?

  35. I’ll comment on autists. Lots of them are incel. Otoh, if they are clued in, which some are, they can become massive slayers of poon. Autism seems to push men to extremes.

    Autism gives men the ability to focus exceptionally well and this can seem like a super power which compensates for other defects.

    1. @theasdgamer Most of them aren’t as highly functioning as you are, and even a simple conversation is near impossible for them because their brain lacks the wiring necessary to automatically detect nonverbal cues. For an analogy, think of color blindness: most people have proper vision, some have different kinds of dichromacy and there’s the rare guy who’s monochromatic, so it’s also like a spectrum. Another I can think of is running a video game on GPU vs CPU, rendering speed and correctness of image (think of different effects). Sure, some of you can learn some parts of body language and how voice works, but that’ll be slow, full of errors and the more people there are in a group, the worse it gets. Finally, most autists have far bigger problems than getting laid, and hyperfocusing on women just makes everything worse. Just think of Elliot Rodger and his manifesto (read it if you haven’t yet), and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about.

  36. scribblerg
    I’m 55, 5’7″ 3/4’s of an inch, have spent a good chunk of my life 20 lbs overweight. And yet, I have fucked many women for my entire life.

    You grew up in a different country and have zero idea what the average high school / college man has to deal with. Your aggressive cluelessness is funny to look at, like some old drunk talking about how great the draft was in “his day”.

    all these girls want to do is make hot memories

    The hunger from 20-something women is almost tangible. No question, they want a man who Just Gets It. Men who do Get It are always scarce and even more so now.

    Most 20-something men have been brainwashed for 18 years to doubt and even hate anything vaguely masculine. They can’t Just Get It, any more than a man who has had his feet cast into cement-filled overshoes for the last 15 years can suddenly run a marathon or even a 100 meter dash.

    So…a man’s attitude can be “Sucks to be you! LOL!” or he can offer help to other men.
    Fortunately for many, Rollo has chosen the second path.

  37. @Fact – Stay in your lane, son. You are just a commenter here and don’t set the rules. You don’t like what I have to say, try to prove I’m wrong…But you can’t, cuz I’m dishing truth.

    You don’t like the truth? I can’t imagine caring less about what you like and don’t like.

  38. If they reach the level where they start attracting female attention, then they can worry about the game.

    Doh! Trump needs to stop being charming and politically clever and hit the gym ASAP.

    Blue Pill guys think that women care much about a man’s looks. The Blue Pill is deadly and lots of incel MGTOWs are still very Blue Pill.

  39. @Fact
    scribblerg likes to posture as the Only Real Man In The Room since he’s gotten his life a bit more together. But not that many years ago he was borderline suicidal and his “game” consisted of paying Sugar Babies for attention. So his tough guy pose is pretty funny if you know the back story. I’m still indebted to him for his mention of the book Biology of Desire which is about more than just addiction (pills, heroin, booze, meth) it’s about how the neuroplasticity of the brain really works. It’s a great book that I need to re-read. Too bad his attitude has gotten to be so crappy.

    Now scribs likes to drive by once in a while and namecall. It obviously makes him feel better about himself to attempt to AMOG other men. Just laugh and scroll past his rants unless you like that sort of thing.

  40. Fred Flange to scribblerg
    No, no read what I wrote again.

    He can’t. There’s no point in asking.

  41. Oh yeah explaining jokes to idiots part 10:

    If I was 19 again today, knowing what I know now or what fleez knows, yeah it would be bang city there on campus, good times.

    But if I was the ignint blinkered nimrod I was at that age, and tried to navigate through that, I would be slit up a treat.

  42. Its common for not only unattractive males, but even average males to be incels.

    Average is unattractive because most men are now girly. They’d rather be typing on keyboards (heh) than lifting weights/hunting/riding motorcycles/archery/target shooting/working outside/manual labor of any kind/doing masculine shit.

    (I injured my shoulder because I tried to twirl Mrs. Gamer early a.m. when I wasn’t warmed up so now I’m reduced to being a kj.)

    Women care about charm much more than looks.

  43. @AR

    You’re young. Scribs has come a long way and should be applauded for putting in the work to fix his shit. Yeah, he tries to AMOG, and I find it amusing. NBD

    Scribs is worth 100 MGTOW incels who won’t put in the work.

  44. I remember from a few years ago that I was the only man here who had the balls to call out scribs on his shit and tell him to fix it. Now he has fixed a lot of it and I applaud his work. He’s not done yet, of course.

    (Boy, did he ever throw shit at me in the past, lol.)

  45. Asd

    … I learned to tie my left shoe after 50 years of not knowing how to do so, and you know what? It’s funny to me now, and I throat shit all the loafers wearing assholes. I have a glock and I’ll shoot em because that’s what a whorefucking dominant alpha male does. It’s funny to me.

  46. Scribs cannot’s obvious…his daughter now loves him because he has never changed when before she couldn’t stand to be around him.

  47. Blax, there’s a time to kick a man in the ass and tell him to fix his shit and there’s a time to compliment him for a job well done or even when there’s good progress.

  48. WHO: scribblerg

    WHAT: “King of the Hill” is a PUA (pick up artist) drill that can be played safely at home with your wingmen and female friends. Test both your AMOG Defense and AMOG Offense in the face of increasingly more difficult cockblocks, douchebags, and AMOGs.

  49. Zero-tolerance plays a role in this. “One strike and you’re out” can make a lot of things that men used to do routinely 30 years ago just a bit more challenging now. Given the level of misandry that K – 12 dumps onto boys and young men, it should not be a surprise that 20-something men often are tentative around women.

    Again, the choice is pretty simple for older men: be the “Hah! Sucks to be you! LOL!” type, or actually try to help other men. Good thing Rollo has chosen the second path.

  50. The old books rules that’s gone that provided the beta at least a shot, has also taken away the low smv women’s chances at a shot. Although she doesn’t see it because the new books are telling her, her smv is a lot higher than it is.
    Polyandry has a limit.The incels that women want shut out to the point of no longer having to be bothered with them trying, will find themselves attention bankrupt because the removed their only feasible candidates.

  51. @ Fred Flange

    Great comment and synopsis. “Ignorance is Bliss”. I don’t know where that originated but it might have been coined specifically in reference to keeping men in a deep blue pill state.

    But when the lie was revealed, and “the light” came on, the rage vanished.

    Same here. I was actually surprised how fast I got through the anger phase, considering how much of my life had already been used up serving the FI to little profit. It was just a relief to finally know what had been, and was still, going on.

  52. @fleezer: remember: great camps aren’t made, they’re found and exploited

    Great summation in a succinct comment.

  53. Water Cannon Boy

    Good to see you.

    The old books rules that’s gone that provided the beta at least a shot, has also taken away the low smv women’s chances at a shot.

    It takes away their chances later on, after the years of carousel riding / watching. Most women don’t understand cause & effect.

  54. In every group of 7s there’s always one that thinks he’s a 10 and one that thinks he’s a 3. Cuz they’re all fucking average and both shit themselves laughing or crying whenever a real 10 or 3 comes into their periphery.

  55. How should a man go about trying to help one of the deep-blue InCels? At a pure guess, the first step might be to get them away from other InCels – get them off of the doomer-spiral “We Hate Chad & Stacy” sites, because rolling in that stuff just strengthens the neural pathways they already have. I don’t know where to go after that, though. I’d send churchgoing incels to Dalrock’s, but try to keep them out of the comments.

    Too much truth too fast, dumped into the head of a young man who has been brainwashed by the matriarchy his whole life, is likely to make him puke it all up. Smaller doses might be the better path.

    Blax, you’re dealing with some of this. How are you approaching it?

  56. @Rollo:

    Beautiful pic for the post. I have read the post three times now and I keep going back to the pic. Fits in very well with the topic. I get everything in the pic, the shy guy with the cross in his pocket, the Succubus representing the modern women. But I don’t get the guy down the hallway…. what does he represent? Maybe I am reading too much into it.

    Before Red Pill I was like this guy in the pic. Taking the Red Pill made me realise that all women are like this … like a Succubus, hence I created my alter ego …. the Incubus, and the alter ego is taking over.

  57. @Incubus

    The guy down the hallway represents the human male mind becoming aware of his sexual lot in life. He’s looking deep within and becoming aware of the mutually predatory nature of sex between men and women. Specifically his relationship to women.

    He’s also becoming aware that he’s been losing on every trade he’s ever made. Having been vulnerable where he believed he was strong.

  58. @Anonymous Reader

    “It takes away their chances later on, after the years of carousel riding / watching. Most women don’t understand cause & effect.”

    The upside to this is that whenever one of us fucks an “ACTUAL HB(6)10” we feel like Gods around our grenade-fucking compatriots.

  59. @Yollo:

    Thanks for the reply. That was deep …. completes the picture.

    I hope guys who identify as Incels read this post and save themselves.

    Time for gym.

    Good day Gentlemen !!

  60. Rollo
    A lot of femosphere critics want to lay the blame for Incels at the feet of the Red Pill.

    Well, sure.
    #1 Nothing is ever the fault of women.
    #2 Everything is the fault of men.
    #3 If there is any doubt see #1.

    The femosphere is just one facet of the Female Imperative, they must suppress red pill reality whenever and wherever possible. The femosphere is like the mass media in Venezuela…there is a party line, and they will stick to it no matter what.

  61. @ AR

    ” Blax, you’re dealing with some of this. How are you approaching it?”

    Hooo boy, I’m a novice and I’m learning on the job.

    What seems to be working for me ( until it doesn’t ) is 1) Saying the exact same thing 3 different ways, so that it seems like I’m not repeating myself, and 2) Humor.Light Heartedness interspersed with terseness.

    What scares me is that many of the young men seem so thirsty for some direction and knowledge, that I eventually won’t be up to the task. My well will runeth dry.

    I did not fully understand what I was getting into, but I won’t turn back. When the booing starts, I’ll know I’ve gone as far as my ability can take me.

  62. Especially that part about channeling sexual frustration into creativity hit home. It’s the only thing that kept me from going into permanent incel rage mode in my dark abyss days.

    I probably should’ve added a bit more about this dynamic. Some of the greatest musicians, artists and ‘creators’ are the direct result of Sublimation – channeling that sexual angst to creative pursuits. In this era, a lot of that being creative is handled for us (via video games, etc.), sexual release is one click away and young men are distracted by escapisms. Chris Cornell once said “The reason there’s no modern-day Shakespeare is because he didn’t have anything to do except sit in a room with a candle and think.”

    When I was a teenager I used to channel my sexual frustration into drawing and playing guitar. I had a natural talent for art, but the reason I got good at it was because it was a channel. Same with music. I knew it could get me laid eventually and as a result I got good at it too. I don’t think kids have the same channels today. They have releases for sure, but they’re not constructive. And when those releases no longer contain that angst then you get self-destructive Incels.

  63. When the booing starts, I’ll know I’ve gone as far as my ability can take me.

    You forget. I was booed loudly by a large number of commenters here when I kicked scribs in the pants to get him to fix his shit. I took a break for a few weeks to wash off the vitriol and let emotions here simmer down.

    The naysayers/enablers were wrong and I was right. It’s not easy to go against the crowd. Are you up to the task?

  64. I understand that there are a lot of guys in the sphere who use Beta and Blue Pill as a pejorative for guys. They use it interactively with ‘cuck’ and other insults, so when a Beta reads TRP and see his state is an insult he thinks it’s all about tearing him down to make others feel good. That doesn’t help him or anyone else understand the nuts & bolts of being a Blue Pill conditioned Beta. They turn of TRM because it’s too much like the assholes they knew in high school.

    That’s never going to be the case for me or in my writing. It’s not that I’m sympathetic for Beta men so much as it is a necessity to look at things objectively. Most Blue Pill guys are smart and interesting dudes, they just haven’t been unplugged to realize the game they’re involved in. Most Incels are highly intelligent, but that intelligence is what limits them; then combine that intellect with Blue Pill conditioning and a guy who’s a Beta and you get a recipe for a self destructive Incel.

    Betas can shift into a better life for themselves, guys can get unplugged, men of all ages can build better lives for themselves in a Red Pill paradigm, and yes, guys can and do overcome their deficits, genetic, social or otherwise. Do they all get with supermodels because of a magical pill that makes them irresistible? No, but they do live better lives and often do get with women they couldn’t dream of while they were hopeless Betas.

    I think it’s incredibly hypocritical for femosphere writers to wax horrific about Incels and make them into sleeper-cell monsters in their articles and then use ‘Incel’ as their own personal insult for men.

    RE: Genuine desire. I think it’s true that on some level of consciousness Incels understand that going to a prostitute is transactional sex. Being the smart guys they tend to be it’s not pragmatic to pay a woman to be his wet hole to get off in when porn is much easier to achieve the same end.

  65. Scribblerg is auditioning to get the role of the asshole drill instructor if they ever do a remake of Full Metal Jacket.

  66. Rollo
    combine that intellect with Blue Pill conditioning and a guy who’s a Beta and you get a recipe for a self destructive Incel.

    Many intelligent men overthink things. They construct elaborate rationalization mazes in their head because as painful as that is, it’s less painful than seeing clearly for the first time.

  67. What is that Private Scribblerg? Is that a jelly donut you worthless piece of shit? If I EVER find a jelly donut in your turbo charged audi again, I’ll rip your head off and shit down your throat before breakfast!

  68. The drill sergeant in Full Metal Jacket was the real deal.

    R. Lee Ermey wasn’t faking it in that role. Unless and actor was some kind of theatrical genius, that role would not have been what it wound up being had some dude with no real experience taken it.

    It takes much, much more to be a ” tough guy ” than insulting and name calling. Especially if one ” calls names ” like a woman or 16 year old girl would.

    L. O. L.

  69. Rollo: “Most Blue Pill guys are smart and interesting dudes, they just haven’t been unplugged to realize the game they’re involved in. Most Incels are highly intelligent, but that intelligence is what limits them; then combine that intellect with Blue Pill conditioning and a guy who’s a Beta and you get a recipe for a self destructive Incel.”

    Rian Stone (Stone Pt on the sidebar) had a excellent essay on Turn Off Your Brain in his blog:

    Turn Off your Brain


    Man, there’s some asinine questions in AskMRP lately, reminds me of the old adage I was told early on. It was mostly geared towards working out, but I’ll bet it would help in most areas.
    That image of Chad you have in my head? Muscle-head who gets girls, etc. In traditional Nietzsche fashion, that envy of a cock sure man who gets girls taught me a few things. (envy is inspirational/aspirational IMO)

    You know what Chad does? Wakes up, he eats, goes to the gym, comes home, talks to his phone harem about his needs, gets them, or moves on and eats lunch. What an idiot. If only he was more self aware. It’s just too bad that he’s focused on his singular vision. Happiness.

    Thinking isn’t helpful in singular focus

    Know what? You know what thinking does? Thinking helps think up excuses asshole. Thinking points out all the reasons something won’t work. The “smarter” I am, the more I think, the more these excuses make sense. I had an early OwnYourShit that I admitted I was a very smart guy, and it wasn’t meant as a compliment. I truly believe that.

    The greatest curse of the intelligent person is that he can rationalize anything

    Here’s where I ramble:

    You know what smart guys do? Have most things come easily and naturally. Know what to do when something isn’t immediately clicking? Give up, because I am ‘a smart man’ and if something doesn’t come naturally, just quit:

    I’m smart, so I’ll build up a narrative that placates my ego, and I don’t have to test my identity further.

    I could have done better if I applied myself, so it’s clearly that I didn’t, and not that I’m not gifted in everything.

    So I used to ignore things that you don’t immediately master, because the alternative is to admit that this ID I have of being the ‘intelligent man’ is more important than truth, growth, or success. Tell me that’s not the epitome of BP bullshit. I don’t miss that shit at all, kind of freeing really. I no longer have anxiety for being less than perfect in things, and no one cared anyways.

    He had a link in there to an Eric Ford blog and an essay on Smart Man’s Burden, but that blog was taken down. But it is still on the Internet Archive:

    I think the chief mark of Rationalist people is discontent. They are never happy with the world as it is — the world as it was handed to them. It’s not the world they would create, and they’re stuck with it. So they insist on change, progress for its own sake. A decade without change is a “lost decade,” time without progress is wasted. As long as some bright minds are constantly tinkering with our society, things will get better. Many believe a revolution is the fastest way to leap closer to perfection. But because there is a limit to human potential, and only so much change can happen so fast, the new model is barely better than the old one — if not worse — and brings compromises of its own, which is maddening to Rationalists. And even if they created the new system, they can’t face the crushing possibility that its flaws are a reflection of their own human flaws. So they blame someone else: “This wasn’t what I wanted; other people interfered.” It’s back to the drawing board. There is no omelette.

    The curse of being smart is that you can rationalize anything. It’s hard to see your own flaws and shortcomings when you can explain them away with ease. I know this all too well, myself. Everything is due to “circumstances” if not directly someone else’s fault; people and things you admire are also without fault. So, when something goes wrong out in the world — say, your candidate loses an election, a book you submitted for publication is rejected, a girl you like spurns you — it’s easy to blame it on stupidity. “Don’t the people know what’s good for them?” “Doesn’t she realize I’m the right man for her?”

    That’s why irony was invented.

    So it behooves some of the incels, blue pill betas and AFC’s to give up on their personality function of introverted intuition and thinking and switch into extraverted sensing and thinking. See and observe (what works). Don’t overthink.

  70. @ Blaximus

    I did not fully understand what I was getting into, but I won’t turn back.

    The thoughts of every true leader of men, ever. Nothing but admiration for what you are doing, it is no small thing.

  71. @asd

    “his daughter now loves him because he has never changed when before she couldn’t stand to be around him.”

    this is strange as 3 years ago he told me:

    “My daughter could see pictures of me buff, hanging with hot blondes, climbing Mt. Everest and it will have absolutely no effect. … Dominance and value don’t matter …”

    This was in reply to me saying:

    “You want to be the alpha, that people naturally want to be with. Then in some years, something may happen, and I rate those chances higher than being eaten by a polar bear.”

    Now it seems he is saying the incels should be alpha or at least less beta.

  72. Whores. The solution to having these men snap and go postal is safe, legal prostitution. Oh sure, it doesn’t solve the real problem, whatever that may be. But it’s a final safety barrier. Cheap government cheese may have a lot of downsides, but it will halt the food riots.

  73. Paul Murray
    Whores. The solution to having these men snap and go postal is safe, legal prostitution.

    Check your calendar. What century is it?

  74. Flange – I live a life you only dream of, buddy. I’m not living in yesteryear, I’m firmly planted in today. I lead a team of millennials and I’m turning them into men by kicking their asses, but they take it because I’m also turning them into winners. To assert my advice is “clueless” is based on what exactly? The young college hotties I make cum? The young guys I play music with? They young team I lead? The youth obsessed industry I lead in and have a huge brand in?

    Listen, I get it. You sympathize. Me – I don’t. I believe that sympathy is like pity – an insult to the person it’s showered upon. I expect more of them than you. Men can improve themselves, men can win – it just takes grit and will.

    I made a series of decisions in my life. When I’d had it with being beaten up by bigger, older guys, I decided to fight until I couldn’t stand anymore, and to embrace my righteous anger instead of my fear in a fight. I began winning them…I decided to stop using violence when I was 17 and had the opportunity – hell the biblical fucking right – to kick my dad’s ass. Much stronger, and still, I chose to not use violence. Since then, I’ve never instigated violence, have often walked away from it and have also at times faced down assholes who needed it, and thrown down a few times. But I have no arrest record, no orders of protection, zero problems with violence in my life. That said, I’m continuously aware of the potential for violence around me. Women tell me they sense this from me, and that this turns them on.

    I made a decision at 20 years old that i wasn’t going to be poor – when i was a college dropout warehouseman and was making 6 figures in a pro sales job at the top of my industry 10 years later. I married the prom queen/homecoming queen – but couldn’t keep her due to my bluepilled idiocy. But even then, it came apart because I got to a point where I refused to let her get away with treating me like shit. I stood up – and it cost me.

    It cost me every time I stood up in my life. I had to pick myself up off the floor after my divorce. Then after the ptsd stuff laid me low, along with the 2008 downturn, i’ve had to reboot myself again.

    And guess what? I only did it by being merciless with myself. My biggest growth came when I pulled away from the online manosphere and even this site – the only Red Pill site I even visit.
    I noticed that my online Red Pill world was a fantasy world that took a lot of my time and energy. Even worse? I counted my rhetorical exercises as growth. And then a guy came along here, a real top level, PUA type – YaReally. he got in huge fights with guys here, telling us we were keyboard warriors and LARPERS. And you know what? He was right. He challenged us to see through the passivity and put it in the form of gaming.

    And you know what? I took the challenge. I decided to take on PUA seriously. You see, I had got myself back to survival mode from all my setbacks (physical, psychological, financial, career, etc.) but was not thriving. And gaming women made me confront who I was being. You see, “game” at it’s essence is applied social and psychological intelligence. And what you quickly realize is that indeed, social hierarchies are everywhere. Fyi, you notice when they are lacking and how chaos reigns.

    But you also have to confront how you present yourself and how the world sees you – not how you’d like them to see you. And finally – most of all – you face who you believe yourself to be. As that is all you are. Power, will, effort, influence, energy, motion, progress, all emanate from a future vision of yourself. A powerful man becomes good at developing himself and growing – even after setbacks. In fact, especially so after setbacks. He learns to laugh at himself and to have some grace about it all.

    You will learn none of this reading blogs. It’s experiential. It’s ontological. It’s about who you are being and what I saw was this. I was trying to kid the world, but probably had only ended up kidding myself. This place was a “buffer” for me. Typing away, going back and forth with the guys here, being clever, blah blah blah blah. Don’t get me wrong – all well intentioned. But mostly the interesting commentary was coming from YaReally. And then this guy @Sentient came along, a man more my age who hadn’t crashed his life. He spoke of the “Platinum Rule” and being passionate, dynamic and authentic.

    So, I went the fuck to work. I confronted all the limiting beliefs that had crept in, and were choking me to death. And I gamed my ass off. And you know what? If you do Mystery Method, you’ll find you can chat up girls again. No matter what. Fucking them is something else but chatting is a start. And then I saw how I self-ejected from most situations. How I disqualified myself. How little I was actually paying attention to actually what was working with women and what was not. And then I began winning. And going deep with women, and fucking them insanely, dominantly and having wild sex with a bunch of hot young women over the past few years. It’s really astonishing. I’ve also lost 25lbs and look 15 years younger than I am. But the sex alone, that changed me in a visceral way I can’t explain. To make a comeback at my age – it’s like hitting fucking lotto. But it became a metaphor for my life. I was half-assing it everywhere and was just getting by. I put it all in high gear by saying far worse things to myself than I’ve said to you guys here.

    As a result? I am demolishing my career. I rebuilt myself from the ashes by DOING THE GODDAMNED WORK. Up at dawn. Slowing down at times too, thinking more, playing more calmly – playing for realz, but also putting in the effort. Playing for me, to build my career and finances back to where I want them to be for my gameplan. Music – ditto. I’ve been putting in the hours, hell my neck is fucked from playing so much. It’s astonishing to me how good it is. And my relationships with everyone in my real life? Beyond anything I’ve ever hoped for. You see, social intelligence comes from engaging reality thoughtfully, not blog sites. Gaming has made me much more socially intelligent everywhere in my life. I get along with my sisters like butter and love them like crazy.

    YaReally was chased out of here for calling bullshit. Hey, maybe he was off base in some ways. But that motherfucker changed my life because he didn’t see me as limited. He didn’t buy my “old man game” bullshit and excuses and anger and self-pity, and over-psychologizing and taking my symbolic victories. And getting that input while gaming women came together for me in a big “pop”. Real life. Real women. Real gaming. Real social settings. And seriously improving myself by taking myself seriously. Example: I don’t eat anything GMO, hell, i wont’ eat pork that isn’t pasture raised….I eat according to Bob Gundry’s Plant Paradox plan and am literally reversing my biological age, lol. My point? I decided I didn’t want to look old or feel old and guess what? There is a lot of shit I can do. I’ve also redone my wardrobe…I use everything I’ve got and I love every bit of the game. Every bit of every day. I am going to go out of this world on my feet, not on my knees, I’m gonna leave claw marks on everything on the way out, I will not go easily, I will not submit. Never. I tasted a bit of defeat for a while and it tastes like shit, I will not again. I’m also completely intolerant of nonsense. So, go forth and do likewise if you’ve come here because you want something different in your life. Don’t get hung up on larping and living in a digital fantasyworld. Make the changes real in your life.

    I met a brilliant woman once who said this many times to me. “Learning implies a permanent change in behavior.” Internalizing what one learns here is what matters. And for every man here, there is one simple Red Pill truth. We as men all carry the “burden of performance”. We live in a hierarchal social order, and we compete with each other for everything.

    We can compete civilly with each other to some degree, of course. But at a basic level, the Red Pill truth of male competition for mates is brutal. It’s a zero sum game – she’s either fucking me or you. And yeah, it’s true, all women want to fuck the top 20% of men. What do you want me to do? When I’ve climbed and scraped and fought and sacrificed and worked to win the games we’ve all had a chance to play, and won? I’m going to feel guilty about it? Or pretend to feel sorry for you?

    This is like the food chain, man. The lion doesn’t feel guilty about eating the wildebeast, he just sinks his teeth into its neck. He doesn’t deal with it’s whining, he shuts it down. And any actual high value man here would admit the same if he’s honest. How many times have I seen how a girl treats other guys? How many times have they laughed about their beta orbiters with me, shown me their pathetic texts? While they send me filthy pics without me asking. How many times have I enjoyed the thrill of a new conquest, a new woman, a new lover, a new sexual experience. And relished the privilege, knowing most men will never know it. And even how angry it makes them, yes, I relish all of it.

    So I won’t patronize you. But I will tell you this. It’s an open field out there in the economy, in the civic space, with women. Nobody is keeping you on the couch or commenting here and watching videos and reading other sites and spending dozens of hours a week. After my experience, I can tell you that after learning what you can from say The Red Queen, Sex at Dawn, The Game and then everything Rollo has ever written, and then practicing game – you are done. Get your ass out there. The project is simple. Change everything you think and everything you do, that’s all. “If nothing changes, nothing changes.”

    Or instead you can whine about my style. But don’t miss this – I don’t think any of you guys can’t get out there and compete and figure out how to win in the games of your life. I’ve done so over and over in my life, and I know it was about making a decision and then taking massive action. Over and over. Stepping up, stopping stopping myself. Doing lots of uncomfortable shit. Embarrassing myself with young women – I remember one 19yo who literally ran off. Fucking up shit in my business because I was pressing. But making progress anyway. Not taking no for an answer anywhere in my life. Being unreasonable. And then letting go and dealing with what is again. Flowing in that game, in the gap that opens up between your vision of yourself and your life and closing it continuously. Only to stretch in yet another direction.

    Men should become good at exercising their power and graceful about it. Not whine. Not sit around in digital coffee klatches, examining how many angels can dance on the head of some intersexual pin. And be clear – I don’t see that as Rollo’s game. He’s a self-actualized, fully realized man for whom this work is a legitimate artistic expression of his own leadership and masculinity. I’m in awe of his work. I’m referring to what you do with it.

    Choose. I’m out for a while, happy trails. Go make your life-story a fucking legend, something worth telling people when you are 90 sitting ’round the campfire with some old buddies. Be a fucking shooting star. I dare you…

  75. Just an accusation from some groupie chick of a possible “sexual assault” years ago and an artists tour is instantly cancelled, no questions asked. Now this RiffRaff looks like a real tool, but that’s beside the point. As a male these days, you are 100% guilty when accused by a woman of anything she doesn’t like, and still remain guilty if proven innocent. Time to really start pushing back against this bullshit, gentlemen…

  76. Scribbs

    Your magnum opus… Tremendous.

    Now use your state to guide the misguided. You don’t need to beat them to death.

    Or not, as guided by the Platinum Rule.

    Some payback is gratifying though.

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