Back in the summer of 2014 I wrote two essays outlining the minds of Incels. The first was The Severing and the second was Owed Sex. I wrote these essays in the wake of the Eliot Rodger shooting and the sudden emergence of the term ‘red pill’ into the popular lexicon. Eliot had a lot of manifesto style youtube videos as well as a fairly detailed written manifesto he published online just prior to his shooting. His frustration was palpable in these videos. Here was a kid who fit the profile of an AFC, an average frustrated chump. AFC is an old school PUA term used to describe average guys who were confused by intersexual dynamics, usually as a result of their life long Blue Pill conditioning. I used to unironically use AFC to describe a guy who I’d probably refer to as a Blue Pill Beta in my work today, but in light of the most recent “Incel attack” in Toronto last month I’m wondering if AFC isn’t a better descriptor for these guys.

I’m doing a bit of review here because I want to put the perspective on time in these incidents. Alek Minnasian, the Toronto truck driving killer, another AFC, reportedly idolized Eliot Rodger. In and of itself this is probably to be expected from a self-avowed Incel, but what motivates these guys. That’s what the mainstream media wants to know, right? And literally hundreds of bloggers and social pundits seem to all have an expert knowledge about the motives of Incels. Weeks after the Toronto killings there are people I’ve never read before who are convinced that they know all about these “losers”. For the most part, the mainstream media (and I include online pundits in this category now) want ‘crazy’. Even the guys who are ostensibly part of the manosphere know that crazy gets eyeballs on the screen, and nothing is crazier than a ‘killer Incell’.

Incels are the low hanging fruit for pretty much anyone on either side of the ideological spectrum. I can read any number of feminists wanting to link Incels to ‘red pill radicalization’ and how they are ‘gender terrorists’ (this is genuinely laughable considering the natures of most of these kids), to the Red Pill guys who want to carve out their own trad-con niche in the ‘sphere using Incles as a negative example to prove their version of whatever qualifies as masculinity. Lets face it, Incels are easy targets. They’re universally described as “the losers you used to know in high school who couldn’t get laid”. This makes them easy to dismiss most of the time, until one of them shoots up a university or mows down random women with a panel truck.

Incel is short for involuntary celibate, but there’s a lot more contributing to these guy’s condition than just an inability to get laid. Back in 2014 the term Incel wasn’t used to define Eliot Rodger. He was an Incel for sure, but very few people trying to analyze him made this connection. Again, they wanted crazy, and what’s better than crazy? More crazy. So all the efforts used to pick Eliot apart back then were really pointing to bigger motives, nefarious groups of ‘misogynists’ and more craziness.

Back then, Eliot belonged to an online forum called PUA Hate; literally a group formed by these guys’ collective dislike of the Pick Up Artist set that virtually all of them had once been hopeful would end their involuntary celibacy. For whatever reason the promised magic formula that would end their loneliness and sexlessness didn’t work for them. They were all understandably mad. Ironically, Rational Male articles I had written got link-backs to various posts on the forum and most of them were appreciative of them, however, that may’ve also been part of the problem. Fast forward four years and today the deleted PUA Hate forum is replaced by, another forum with a similar charter (and also one I get good link-backs to).

I think one of the most pressing problems in Red Pill awareness today is that awareness itself. Not every guy is ready to be unplugged. One of the inherent risks I take in writing what I do is presuming every man I make aware has the presence of mind to accept it and work it out for himself. If you look at the profiles of the past 6 school shooters, include Eliot Rodger and Alek Minassian, you find a lot of similarities. Most were the products of a fatherless home, most were diagnosed with autism or Asperger’s syndrome, and all of them were the ‘Forever Alone’ types triggered by the rejection of a girl. These young men are the product of a generation that has removed the man from their upbringing and taught them to emote before they think.

Today we’re just starting to acknowledge this generation of ‘lost boys‘; the young men who drift rudderless in life, are socially retarded to varying degrees and a demographic that is looking outside themselves for solutions to problems that are the result of the social order that created them. Is it any surprise we have such a rise in popularity of any speaker or organization that might be able provide them some direction?

Many of these guys are simply not ready to be made Red Pill aware. It is a risk to their egos, but also, it’s often a crushing disillusionment of the Blue Pill ideals they’d hoped would be a reality for them if they could just play the Blue Pill’s game correctly. For a lot of them it was their Blue Pill hopes that formed the basis of their existence. Now add the harsh truths of the Red Pill to a lost boy, one who is socially maladapted or has a genuine psychological disorder, and take that (misguided) ‘hope’ away from him. What does that kid do when the Red Pill shows him the reality of the game he’s involved in?

There is no ‘Black Pill’

I’ve heard Roosh and a few other commenters in the ‘sphere describe the “Black Pill” – the idea that the social order of the Blue Pill, the Feminine Imperative, or the ‘gynocracy’ if you like, is so rigged against men that they accept their role in it and give up on trying to make themselves or their circumstance better. What these guys are describing is what I’ve referred to in the past as the Abyss. This Abyss is the psychological / existential gulf a man needs to cross when he becomes Red Pill aware. He realizes that the person he carved himself out to be in a Blue Pill conditioned ideal was based on a the same falsehoods. This stage of unplugging has difficulties unique to men at various stages of their lives and according to the decisions they made for themselves throughout their lives in accordance with those Blue Pill ideals. It’s one thing for a young man of 25 to unplug and turn his life around in a Red Pill aware paradigm, but it’s quite another for a man of 70 to become aware and look back on his life, marriage(s), family dysfunction and the long term impact his blindness to the Blue Pill game he was a part of for so long.

There is a necessary state of nihilism, or at the very least a prolonged doubt, that occurs when men realize that they’re cut away from that Blue Pill conditioned life. This is why I compare it to mourning in The Five Stages of Unplugging, men are literally mourning the loss of their investments in that paradigm; they’re morning the loss of Killing the Beta they used to be.

Understand this, there is no Black Pill – there is only the Abyss of accepting the truth that comes with Red Pill awareness and a man’s capacity to make this awareness work in his best interests.

Incels, if nothing else, want to find ways to make this awareness work for them, but most are too damaged to deal with the realities that Red Pill awareness reveals to them. They’re not ready for the truth, but it’s unavoidable today.

A lot of femosphere critics want to lay the blame for Incels at the feet of the Red Pill. They think there’s some nefarious plot to radicalize young men to be killers in some misogyny fueled gender-jihad against women. This presumption also comes on the heels of the #MeToo / Future is Female movement so it fits in perfectly with the ‘resistance’ narrative. As I said, it’s easy to hate on Incels. They fit another profile too; that of the basement dwelling 30 year old who refuses to leave his parents house. For the Man Up crowd Incels are easy to AMOG, for the lathered up militant feminist they’re the perfect foil needed to legitimize their own ego investments in gender dystopia.

The truth of the matter is Incels have always been with us. They were the losers, the nerds (before they were told they were cool) and the guys who were Darwin’s dead ends. I knew dozens of them when I was growing up. I know many now, all of them building a life-theme around their life long confusion and misery of not figuring out women. I know a lot of married men today who are technically Incels in their marriages. We like to say they’re ‘unlucky’ in love or we’ll say “Don’t worry, you’re a great guy. Any girl would be lucky to have you. You’re just meeting the wrong kind of girls, just be yourself and it’ll happen for you.” Then we hope they don’t fixate on one of our girlfriend’s girlfriends and they go off to figure out how the real world works.

AFCs in 2018

So what’s different now? Well, to start, we have a generation of lost boys who’ve been acculturated to think that even asking a girl out is a form of sexual misconduct. The Village has raised boys as if they’re defective girls, devoid of any of the masculine discipline necessary to teach these young men how to cope with real rejection from a girl, how to deal with defeat or how to come back stronger as a result. As we’ve feminized these boys so to have we embedded the same feminine victimhood narrative that women rely on into their collective psyche. Except these boys are still beholden to the old social contract that women believe incumbent upon men. This puts these boy-men into a very precarious position: they are educated like defective girls and as such adopt the same frail sensibilities and are subject to the same entitlement narrative as most women are, but they are also male and therefore are expected to suck it up, take it on the chin and carry on. They are told to express their feelings and in the next moment are told to check their male privilege.

Most of the lost boys generation are not ready for the disillusionment that the Red Pill brings to them, but it’s not the manosphere that’s opening their eyes so much as they are having it thrust in front of them by a communication age steeped in the Feminine Imperative. Today, Red Pill truths are harder and harder to get away from as Open Hypergamy and all of the unflattering truths about the female nature are triumphantly lauded by women themselves. Every swipe left on Tinder is one more confirmation of exactly the harsh truths that push Incels to their limit.

Of every article I’ve read on Incels since the Toronto killings not one author has analyzed the problem correctly, but also none have any actionable idea about how to solve the problem of Incels snapping. There are no longer the same outlets that ‘losers’ had back in my day to channel that sexual frustration to more productive ends. Many a frustrated high school boy became his generation’s iconic artist or musician. I think it’s the height of irony that Mark Zuckerberg essentially created Facebook to stalk his ex girlfriend. There are no longer the creative ways to deal with the discontent that comes from sexual rejection. Some will say to me there are, it’s just these guys are too unmotivated to apply themselves. And while that may be true, there are much easier outlets that further stunt that boys development. Rather than redirecting that sexual angst to something creative, it’s much easier to lose themselves in online porn or immersive escapisms facilitated by this age’s technology.

Or they can seek out a forum of similarly disaffected young men and commiserate about the truth of a world that has no place for them. I read that Dr. Jordan Peterson suggested that a social order based on ‘enforced monogamy’ might be a cure for Incels. I get what he was trying to say, but it’s just one more flippant redirection away from the real causes of this rise in Incels. I can remember reading a post that Roissy had made about a knife wielding man in China who had gone to a day care center to specifically kill women and children. As horrifying as that is what had prompted the guy was the understanding that he’d essentially been selected out of the reproductive game because there was a huge imbalance in the ratio of men to women in China as a result of their one-child policy for so long. Roissy went on to suggest that as more and more men are disaffected by a feminine-primary social order, one that bases all its legislation and social doctrine on optimizing Hypergamy, the men disenfranchised by it will become either more violent (in their effort or angst to reproduce) or more suicidal – which we also see in men killing themselves at 5 times the rate of women.

Incels are the canary in the coal mine that is a gynocentric social order. They are what results when a society prioritizes and incentivizes Alpha Fucks (enthusiastic consent) while Beta Bucks is more or less assured by direct and indirect resource transfer to women. When 80%+ of men are evaluated as ‘unattractive’ to women fed on a steady diet of ego inflating social media, you get Incels. I made a case for this in Dangerous Times, but Incels are a byproduct of a feminine-primary form of polyandry. Incels are a result of shifting from a social contract based on marriage to one based on a sustained child support. The old social order was founded on giving a guy a decent shot at marriage and reproduction by way of being a good provider, this contract is gone today. When a woman’s primary incentive is no longer provisioning all that’s left is a socio-sexual contract based on the most available Alpha seed to meet a need that a woman cannot provide for herself.

As we move into the next decade I believe we will see even more narrowing of this socio-sexual contract. This is why some countries are legislating that anything less than an enduring enthusiastic consent for a woman is rape. This is an effort in insuring a woman is never again inconvenienced by having transactional sex for resources, nor should she be bothered by men who will know not to approach her. Incels are the natural expression of the frustration that comes from this truth becoming more and more blatant and accepted in society. Incels have it right; they more than any guy understand the brutal truths of a social order founded on mandating Alpha Fucks and Beta Bucks. Where they go wrong is in their way (or non way) of coping with that truth. They accept their Black Pill and never cross the Abyss to a better life because they don’t know how to evolve with it.

Published by Rollo Tomassi

Author of The Rational Male and The Rational Male, Preventive Medicine

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  1. OBIT, sure I could use a Google search, but I respect j more than google and want his take.
    I remember a time when all we had were actual books (and asking other dudes) to research this stuff. Today’s dudes have it easier

  2. Can we get back to the Classics Illustrated OP on incels and lost boys again?

    I do enjoy a good cheese with my fine whine (Sonoma County Cabernet Banshee 2015). I’d say more but my dick just fell off again and it’s rattling around in the floorboards. I hate when that happens.

    Why we are all such good feminists here we think the incels should go die in a fire because they cramp our action? Am I reading TRM or Feministing? I must be clueless or something. Hey that sounds like a womanist movie title. Probably passes the Bechdel test too.

    I am pleased there have been several times in the past few years I carefully planted Red Pill seeds in dickswingers’ heads, and the seeds found purchase. At a Cubs game, I met two drunk guys in the lounge, both affianced. Whilst they were happily swaggering about their epiphany gurlz, I gently suggested some Game tips to keep their brides off balance, apply amused mastery, and to stay in their own frame when they got shit tested.

    Another occasion, dealing with more of a sad sack sort, I was able to turn him onto Robert Glover and this place, playing up how evo psych showed why his HB3 ex-girlfriend for whom he was pining acted as she did. He was a quick study and Just Got It. Doing much better now.

    (Funny part: the HB3? And I’m being generous there. She had 3 guys fighting over her. Put that in your Juul and smoke it minty fresh.)

    Here’s a song about lost boys, good video for it too:

  3. @newlyaloof
    No no, I was laughing at how I had to look it up! And how much how-to info was so quickly at hand in our modern world

  4. Sentient – wtf re Hank and the puppy. Really?

    I didn’t think he was like that. Sure he clearly needed to work on some stuff and was buffering like mad about the need to close instead of just opening. But this is extreme.

    I know what you’re getting at though. There are a few guys I know – starting in high school – who kind of gave off this creep vibe that weirded out almost 100% of the women they met even like in high school.

    Some of them were nice enough beta guys but the creepy vibe was one step above and beyond. One of them followed a girl around a school event with a camcorder (this was the 90s) for example till the teachers stopped it.

    I’ve met a few more guys like that in the pickup scene. They can fix themselves but it’s a much bigger job than your average beta.

  5. Culum

    Yes really… it’s all here in the comments. He said something to the effect of he wanted to hurt it because it was so helpless, if I recall.

  6. Re the Stanford rape case. I don’t remember the details now but from what I recall the kid involved did some super sketchy stuff. He may have deserved the lenient sentence he got and he may not have deserved to have the full force of MeToo descend on him (the judge certainly didn’t deserve the mob) but he’s really not a good test case for RP stuff. There are far more sympathetic protagonists to illustrate overreaction. Like Aziz Ansari

  7. @Rugby: Thanks for the video link “Understanding Incel: The dark subculture explained”

    Alright Incels, if your sexual needs are not met, go sing songs on Broadway or volunteer at a food bank. – This is what you get when women are asked to analyse men’s issues.

    Jesus, they don’t know what Hypergamy is and yet have PhD in social science and are analysing such serious issues on a mainstream media platform.

  8. To everyone here – read Rollo’s last comment (as of 3:00 pm EST today, June 6th). Bottom line is does no good to tear down any guy, Beta, Incel, or other. Yes, all of us have (or still need) a kick in the pants from time to time. However, to many guys whom come across sites like this and see the direct (i.e. Incel, Beta) or implied insults (get out and just lift, bro) it is easy for some than others, and we have to acknowledge that as the collective known as Men and need to help these other men lift themselves up.

    As I write this, I have just visited my oldest brother in a cardiac intensive care unit hooked up to a ventilator clinging to life…doctors don’t know what happen, only that he was found outside an urgent care clinic slumped over in a wheelchair unresponsive.

    I know what is killing him – he has been beaten down every way and then some by the globalist elitist and FI. Kept getting crappier and crappier jobs because he did not go and get a college degree and either got laid off or passed over for opportunities, and married the incredibly wrong woman and continues to get divorced raped to this day (just a couple months ago spent time in jail for failure to pay child support even thought was working part time at Walmart stocking shelves….with congestive heart failure. I’m sure jail time did wonders for that…) His own eldest daughter has even begged her Mom to drop going after her father for child support due to his condition and lot in life.

    I used to despise him, for the fact I thought he was an idiot (poor choices most of his adult life) and weak (keeping making poor choices and not defending himself )and continuing to believe the Blue Pill and Big Daddy Government (last real conversation we had was at a family gathering, and he was going on about how women were paid only 80% of what men were paid and I shut him down pretty quickly).

    He is my big brother – he was supposed to be bigger and better than me…that was the reason why I despised him. Yet seeing him in that condition, and knowing what has assisted him to his present state, I lost all my prior feelings…..they have been replaced not by pity, but by promise (to help him get better and then guide him back to getting some joy and satisfaction out of life) and hope (he is seemingly getting better and is showing signs for the will to live). I have dropped most things in my life that last two weeks to be there as much as I can, talking to him in his sedated state letting him know I was there for him and he can pull himself out of this. My middle brother has done the same, as well as my oldest sister – and I firmly believe one of the reasons he is coming around is thew support of his brothers and sisters.

    Too often, hindsight and perspective are both 20/20…we can only see them in the clear light of the past. Let’s take Rollo’s example and seek to be the light that shines the truth, in the most constructive way possible for each individual guy…some need ass kicking and some need other ways to convince them to make changes. I’m sure most of everyone whom posts on this site know someone like my brother. let’s try to lift them up. In doing this, we’ll get them on our side and beat the globalist/socialists and FI and restore some sense of order in this world!

    May the peace and love of the Lord be with all of you….

  9. I’ve voluntarily been, on the odd free evening, hanging out with men’s club’s and support groups. One particular is populated with guys, unhappy and unlucky, incels. Essentially, I’m a figurative Ed Norton sitting among testicular cancer guys. I don’t fake my good nature, humbly (laugh all you want) state I’ve something to offer, but there’s clearly a misery-loves-company celebration going on. Not sure how long I’ll last.

    One group has brotherhood-style gestures and words. Essentially a secret code. It helps everyone quietly sympathize about feelings. Generally this group focuses on group process and feelings, listening and zero guidance and the reflection of good feelings. There’s a social output aspect to it too. It perpetuates itself.

    Anyhow, it’s clear these guys are in the same boat as most in that they live on the margin of the same dynamic we all live. They’re living their lives as defined by what they see, what they’re told it is to mean to them, and why it’s important to maintain that. They’ve been coldly isolated and isolated themselves in an attempt at control of what they do understand…until that doesn’t help no more and psychoses, paranoia, depression, suicidal ideation sets in. These guys literally state they have no idea why they are living. It’s more a frustration than a hate, but sure as hell they want to strike out in a ScribblerG style rant. They all seem initially weepy sad, but beneath that is pure hate-fury. The social group dynamics suppresses that.

    Full stop.

    I’ve not written about the following so if it gets garbled in translation, I apologize.

    A lot of our frustrations occur as we aren’t living with our “oxygen masks” on, truly living a “me first” life. We all have heard that. Ho-hum. Though, it’s not about selfishness. It’s literally about a congruent, fearless, authentic existence. You are lying to yourself when you believe in yourself qua yourself, living AS YOUR MIND conceives yourself.

    Don’t flip out yet but here’s some relevant scripture: “If anyone comes to me and does not hate father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters–yes, even their own life–such a person cannot be my disciple.”

    The above is not about becoming a churchy follower, going ascetic and woo-woo. Really, it isn’t. It’s about becoming your own follower. It’s about discarding all AND I MEAN ALL that you, society, believe is a path to happiness, control. and significance. However you might define a fulfilled life will be there, you don’t have to ask yourself (or God forbid anyone else) where you’re going, why you’re here. Only then will you have untrammeled sight of who you are, where you should be, what marketing image is natural for you and no questions asked of any man. You are unbeholden.

    It can be done and done easier than you think.

    Examples: Sentient’s posted commercial about “I’m not going to be the person I’m expected to be anymore.” Awesome segue. Now take Sentient himself. Not him now per se but the 19 y.o. naturally living out his Id, poor as hell, driving in his chug-chug car. He was smashing life, earning next to nothing, and as happy, I’d bet, as he ever was in life. He starts layering his life with rules, accepting other’s opinion of what life should be until he’s had enough and wrests his natural self, unadorned by risk management bullshit, back, for his benefit. And guess what? He didn’t need to learn PUA or neurolinguistics or TRM to do it. He just stopped being the guy others expected him to be. Everything else is secondary. No joke, y’all. Everything else comes easy after that.

    Example two: Rollo has a youthful BPD nightmare situation, escapes and then starts smashing life too, similar to Sentient. Wasn’t wealthy, wasn’t super-insightful, didn’t need to be (that came later) but he was authentic to who he was at the time and women and life chased him happily. Rollo is more as an apostle curbside preaching masculinity scripture to whoever will listen and asks NOTHING in return. Really nothing. He’s not asking you to be a better person. That’s up to you. He’s just telling you truth as he can as long as this fucked up world will let him. TRM is NOT about control or others, but controlling themselves.

    Example Three: These LAX, hockey guys who seem to have it figured out. But are LAX guys DPA cocky and confident or DPA cocky and confident guys naturally gifted at LAX success and masculinity?

    None of the above needed wealth, intelligence or connections. All they needed was to disregard what others and themselves thought of themselves, accepting themselves as their heart desired and let it rip. All else comes easily after.

    The danger of TRM and scientific postdiction analysis is that it incompletely describes the above pathways to how Sentient, Rollo and LAX guys did it (and I’ll throw in Solitary Silver Fox…at one’re getting it back, yo) . It’s much of the story, true and mimicking that can get one far. Though if it was the whole story we’d not need TRM or PUA or the complete sum of the manosphere. There’s a numenism flavor to it all.

    If there wasn’t we all could cut and paste and study the huge algorithm. Game over.

  10. @ blaximus

    You are obviously more intelligent than me so I’m not even going to go there but….

    What’s your N count?
    How many plates do you have?
    What’s the youngest girl in comparison to you that you have fucked/dated?
    Do you have FUN in the dating game or not?

    Because I’m fucking tired of your Alpha keyboard intellectualism and you spend far too much time on here to be actually living an authentic alpha lifestyle.

    I find it funny and can imagine what the reality of your life outside of TRM actually is!

    I don’t need a super high IQ to compete with you here or in real life, but recently I just find you boring as fuck and I’m sure women do too!

    Are you an Incel in real life?
    Serious question.

    Big hugs .

  11. “Anyhow, it’s clear these guys are in the same boat as most in that they live on the margin of the same dynamic we all live. They’re living their lives as defined by what they see, what they’re told it is to mean to them, and why it’s important to maintain that. They’ve been coldly isolated and isolated themselves in an attempt at control of what they do understand…until that doesn’t help no more and psychoses, paranoia, depression, suicidal ideation sets in. These guys literally state they have no idea why they are living. It’s more a frustration than a hate, but sure as hell they want to strike out in a ScribblerG style rant. They all seem initially weepy sad, but beneath that is pure hate-fury. The social group dynamics suppresses that.”

    That’s a dangerous observation. All that comes back in a fury in a blue pill version of myself. Man i holding books that would whisper truths and pain away in an attempt to unplug myself from the system that was feeding me poison.

  12. He impresses you. I’ve dealt with real tough guys before, and I’ve read his descriptions over the years.

    Not worried about that at all.

  13. Nah, he’s not trying to have any kind of discussions because he’s ” fucking tired of your Alpha keyboard intellectualism and you spend far too much time on here to be actually living an authentic alpha lifestyle.”

    For the record though, not once in 5 years have I ever claimed to be ” Alpha ” or an ” intellectual ” of any type. So his quip is telling.

  14. @ blaximus

    Unfortunately I can’t as I’m from the Uk and back in the late 90’s I overstayed my US tourist visa by 3 years and I’m subsequently considered to be a risk by US immigration 😬

    Fortunately as I’ve matured I’ve discovered that Europe is a lot more culturally and emotionally satisfying than the US ever was.

    But I have to admit that I do miss the disparity in price of ecstasy tablets between the UK and US that existed at the time as it allowed me to enjoy a very profitable and hedonistic lifestyle during my US “holiday “.

    Otherwise I’d have loved to have come and seen how awesome you are in your natural habitat.

  15. A nd not that I owe you any manner of explaination, but I’m at work right now, in my office, with trm up on a screen, the same as I do every day that I am here.

    Modify some software, update security, read comments, rinse and repeat.

  16. My “equipment” is awesome too, so the girls tell me and I’m talking hardware here.

    Why don’t you answer my original questions?

    The hate as you put it is because I’ve been on here about 4 years now and I don’t see you offering much in the way of positive input.

    It mainly seems to be just critique of other posters and intellectual posturing recently and it’s getting boring!

    The only other posters here I’ve ever slated have been mr holiday ( boring Incel field reports) and the dancer guy ( more boring field reports) .
    So you can consider yourself to be part of an exclusive club.

  17. Well, good thing your opinion doesn’t really count then.

    I’ll leave it up to other commenters to decide if I have had any positive input, or if I only critique others. I happen to think you’re off base, but maybe I could be wrong.

    But if you’re look for ” Fuck bitches!!! Get Pussy!!!! Young Girls!!!! ” from me, then no, I don’t add to that discussion because this is a red pill site that I like. I have a different perspective.

  18. OK, I was wrong:

    And today’s guest computer is an Odroid XU4, Samsung octacore running Ubuntu Mate with a bit of Kodi* on the side. Not a bad little Deck of Cards rig. I could actually live with this, but I might wish that VLC wasn’t broken.

    *I guess VLC is broken because all the kewl kids are coding Kodi, leaving the basic desktop media player to sit unloved in the corner. Well, I’ve got it now, so I checked it out. Pretty much what I expected: How to give a perfectly good general purpose computer a faux lobotomy, but yeah, I guess you can work the gui from across the room.

  19. My opinion Does count as I’m an authentic red pilled man and I’m actually living that life.

    Why don’t you try to mentor and advise other posters on here more often instead of coming across as the intellectually superior guy who finds it all beneath him?

    Are you really so jaded that this is all you have to offer?

    You are obviously a bright guy so maybe try to channel that more positively her or Get the fuck out!

    Just sayin. Big hugs

  20. Interacting with females based on the truth of our biological impulses and not subjecting myself or her to the “pretty lies” or expectations of societal conditioning.

    And focusing on myself and my mission as a priority with any female in my life being a compliment to my life and not the focus of it. I apply a cost/benefit analysis to all areas of my relationships and act accordingly.

    What about you?

  21. I never had the ” pretty lies ” issue. Nor was I subject to societal conditioning. Still not.

    I was mostly always kind of red pill, before it had a name. That’s what drew me to this site in the first place because I never dreamed that red pill thinking was ” a thing ” that anyone ever thought about.

    ” And focusing on myself and my mission as a priority with any female in my life being a compliment to my life and not the focus of it. ”

    Same here, but I was hyper-focused on ” missions “. Getting what I wanted/needed out of life always surpassed involvement with women, as women were everywhere – like lawns, but skills had to be worked on and earned.

    Only I don’t apply cost/benefit to any areas of my life actually. Haven’t really had to, but it’s not a bad idea at all.

    Thing is, I have a lot in common with most guys reading here at trm, but I also have a much different life experience too. Most guys I deal with irl have experiences similar to mine – 2 worlds, gotta excel in both as best as you are capable of. So yeah, maybe sometimes I might sound crazy or irrational ( lol, irrational male..), but it’s because of different life lived under different circumstances. I grew up in a space where you were judged immediately by your abilities, period. And everybody and their mother tested you constantly.

    So shit test from some broad? never an issue.

    Doesn’t mean I don’t understand and empathize.

    There are a couple of dozen guys here that are way smarter and more talented than I am, and that’s why I stick around. I enjoy it.

    and part of my version of Red Pill Life means that I do what I enjoy as much as I want to.

  22. @rugby
    Thanks for the Incels in Literature link — it was awful.
    Sexual longing or frustration re some idealized woman may be beta pedestalizing — Hamlet, Gatsby, hell half the books ever written — but that has nothing to do with incels. But since “incels” is a hot topic now, the writer gets out a crowbar to twist some well-known characters into the mold. Oddly I don’t think Confederacy of Dunces is mentioned — did Ignatius Reilly ever get any?

  23. Also you know you’re reading crap when a writer name-drops Jordan Peterson and Donald Trump for no good reason.

  24. “A common manosphere belief is that women want strong, dominant men. This is not the full truth. A woman wants to fuck strong, dominant men, preferably when she already have a stable provider, and maybe even cuck her husband with superior alpha seed, but she doesn’t necessarily want to marry the alpha. There are two reasons why: (1) a true alpha offers little long-term stability since he has so much choice in women, and (2) he can’t be controlled.”


    “I ended things with one girl because I wouldn’t tolerate behavior that other men she had known would. It’s no surprise that her next boyfriend was not only more beta than me, but more beta than her. When it comes to getting laid, being alpha is key, because it’s raw attraction that you transmutate into fast sex, but it’s not the key for relationships. This is why men who are good at casual sex often don’t get into relationships and men who are good at relationships don’t get much casual sex.”

    savage old school Roosh is back

  25. @Playdontpay
    No point falling into trolls frame, just ignore the faggots and retards.

    That’s what Ya should have done. Ignore the fuckers and help the lurkers help themselves. Rest is intellectual masturbation.

  26. ” The fabled Alpha Provider is the captain of his ship and has the genuine respect and adoration of both his woman and his children. He does not tolerate foolishness in his household and is quick to punish such shenanigans. But he is equally bountiful whereas he rewards his woman for the nurturing of his brood, her sexual loyalty, and the upkeep of his domicile and property. Though it took him quite a while, his patience and red pill wisdom allowed him to successfully find a woman worthy to be his first mate.”


    ” The verdict is still out on if this can work in the real world,( never experienced it ) but it is the one that I am open to attempting. I’ll tread the middle between being an attractive, dominant man while also showing that I’m ready to provide for my family. The problem with this approach is that a woman doesn’t expect to have both the alpha and beta in one man, and they much rather compartmentalize them like Polish women do.( this isn’t Poland. Is he still on that whole ” Poland ” thing? )

    In the end, I rather be seen as a side dick to a girl than a stable provider because then I will experience no hidden deceit in believing she loves me while fooling around behind my back. In other words, I choose truth over love, because I know that if a woman has targeted me for marriage, it won’t necessarily be my idea of what a marriage should be.”×450-noPad.jpg

    Dominant Alpha Provider?

  27. Cheers scribb. Not that you give a fuck, but i like your style. You’re helping me to drag myself out of this miserable fucking slump i’ve fallen into since breaking up with the Serpent. I, for one, do have a tendency to wallow in my own self pitying bullshit, and it’s just so toxic for my life. I know that only i can drag myself out of this as you have, and i’m determined not to go under. Fortunately i have had a good past track record with pulling attractive women to fall back on. It must be so much harder for guys who have never had hot desire no holds barred sex with hotties. I just haven’t been able to keep the ones i wanted, that’s all. At the moment, i can’t even close, but that too shall pass. I must smash this fucking glitch in the matrix! With persistence, my mojo shall return…

    Sentient, Eh, palma and a few others have also been supportive in an honest, constructive, masculine way, which can never be underestimated. The way of the gang. Brutal honesty, but not throwing people under the bus. Having their back if they’re prepared to listen, look at themselves honestly and put in the work. Like you, i have music production to transport me to a much higher realm than living in one’s head. It’s about the only thing keeping me sane at the moment. And as you say, the transition certainly ain’t easy. But nothing worthwhile ever is…

    Thanks man. More power to you…

  28. My opinion Does count as I’m an authentic red pilled man and I’m actually living that life.

    …says a charter member of the Douchebag Club…color me…skeptical…about your “life”…you sound very insecure and are trying to pander to PUA wannabes just like YaReallyImaFaggot used to do…YaReally was sound on infield analysis and PUA tactics and not much else

    …YaReally couldn’t help men keep a marriage together or help a guy going through a divorce or help men who were denied visitation rights or help men who were getting raped via child support payments or help PUAs who could get a lay, but then kept getting dumped (which I see happening all the time at my fav bar)…PUAs will hamster that they “next”-ed a broad who actually dumped them because of their insecurities…

    …of course, none of that shit matters to the YaReally Cocksucking Squad because they are only about “I GOT LAID, BRO!!!!!!!” …because they were incel for so long…(I would never say “I got laid” because that’s so pedestalizing and passive voice…I’d say, “I banged a beautiful woman” if I even said anything

  29. I was just out today with an old friend who has been in a dead marriage for five years. He’s not able to accept the truth, but I tell him about my life and some of my field reports. And he has a son who makes 1200 a month and has to pay 1000 in child support. He’s a fucking pauper, but I’m sure YaReally could help him with his infields.


  30. “a man can build himself out of really bad genetics situations”
    Stop fucking deluding yourselves. This is putting fender flares, rims, spoilers and chrome tailpipes on a Honda Fit, and then pretending it can compete with Mustangs. Some guys are fucked. Its just the way things are. The only way to solve the problem is to end female sexual liberation. Right now guys that are 4’s and 5’s are pump and dumping the 3’s and 2’s that are supposed to be pairing with the guys who are now incels. Feminism is taking the west back to a state of nature.

  31. So I’m messaging this deaf chick on dating app right now. If we meet up what am I supposed to talk about? Can deaf people read minds? Do I grab her hand and put it on my crotch?

  32. EhIntellect
    One group has brotherhood-style gestures and words. Essentially a secret code. It helps everyone quietly sympathize about feelings. Generally this group focuses on group process and feelings, listening and zero guidance and the reflection of good feelings. There’s a social output aspect to it too. It perpetuates itself.

    “Support group” for what, if it isn’t too detailed? If it’s something you haz to go to, don’t give details. But It looks like this is all about “mah feelz”, yes?

    I’m missing the old Anonymous Age 60-something from Spearhead / Dalrock and a few times here, because he ran a support group for divorced men back in the 80’s and had clear ideas about what those things should look like (all male for a start: he once observed that there were men suiciding in the mixed groups, but removing the women ended that).

    I do not doubt what you are seeing at all, just am not sure just how to go about pushing some red pill into the mix.

  33. Face
    So I’m messaging this deaf chick on dating app right now. If we meet up what am I supposed to talk about?

    Stuff involving the other senses; visual, tactile, tasty. Art? Movies? Birdwatching? Restaurant hopping? Massages?

    Can deaf people read minds?

    A lot of them can read lips, if you don’t mumble or put your hand in front of your mouth.

    Do I grab her hand and put it on my crotch?

    Probably not a real good idea right at first.

  34. EhIntellect
    “One group has brotherhood-style gestures and words. Essentially a secret code. It helps everyone quietly sympathize about feelings. Generally this group focuses on group process and feelings, listening and zero guidance and the reflection of good feelings. There’s a social output aspect to it too. It perpetuates itself.”

    Same shit here,this group has a “man prayer” it goes like this” We are men ,but we can change,if we have to I guess.” They chant this after every meeting,as if there is something wrong with being a man. As it goes I refuse to chant and as such am not an accepted member. Oh well.

  35. Oh, I forgot to mention that the young guy who is a pauper because of child-support payments wasn’t in a LTR–just got a co-worker pregnant…”I got laid, Bro!”

  36. @Blax

    Man that judge recall looks like a bad deal to me IDGAF what you or Rose Mcgowan thinks.Then to top it all they replace the guy with his total opposite where is the balance. In all respects the judge knows more about the case than either me or Rose,can’t speak for you of course rose is biased and my daughters are trained to avoid rapey situations can’t speak for yours.

    It isn’t as if rape is an accepted practice man.


  37. j
    savage old school Roosh is back

    Looks like he’s trying to edge into BlackDragon territory. It will be interesting to see how that plays out. Because this latest essay is contradicting his own “neo-masculinity” riff. That lasted, what, 2 years? Year and a half? Is he still making videos with children’s voices in the background, or has that ended as well?

    What will those blue pill / tradcon / manup and marry the slut / etc. types do now? Because “RooshV the reformed PUA who is now all traditional” is suddenly just another player again.

  38. Boulderhead
    Same shit here,this group has a “man prayer” it goes like this” We are men ,but we can change,if we have to I guess.”

    Makes your face red? Or green?

  39. @theasdgamer
    Don’t give your bro advice lol, you’ll make him a bitter bitch like you.

    “child-support payments wasn’t in a LTR–just got a co-worker pregnant”
    Lol and Ya didn’t write dont shit where you eat? Yr bros problems are Ya to sort out lol

    Best you point him to Ya archive and let him read it, cause you havent or it just sent straight over yr head.

  40. “Rose Mcgowan thinks”

    “Military Intelligence” had a good run as King of the oxymoron hill, but every King falls in time.

  41. “Don’t shit where you eat” has nothing to do with getting a woman preggy so that you have to make child support payments. It also has zip to do with low level positions.

    I’m sure you have a good future in AMOGing, lol.

  42. “Rose mcGowan thinks?”

    “Days after the sentencing, Michele Landis Dauber, a Stanford law professor and family friend of the victim, announced the launch of a recall campaign, eventually collecting enough signatures to qualify for the 2018 ballot. The initiative received the backing of celebrity activists, including Rose McGowan and Amber Tamblyn, with supporters casting the recall effort as a movement to fight for survivors of sexual assault and take on a criminal justice system that has long failed victims.”

  43. @asd
    It was almost a paranormal experience when I saw you damn the phrase “got laid” as weak and passive. Because just minutes ago I was questioning that phrase for the first time ever — after mindlessly using it all my life. So I guess TRM is sinking in on certain levels. Anyway, you laid it out very well.

    BTW I always thought “get laid” was ’70s lingo but it may date back to circa 1900 when the Everleigh sisters (pronounced Everlay) ran a notorious Chicago brothel. The phrase “Get Everleighed” became popular and eventually got shortened.

    Here’s something else I found along the way for you linguists out there: Among its many uses the f-word often appears as one of the rarest of language forms, the infix. Unlike a prefix or a suffix, an infix appears in the middle of a word or phrase, as in “You are so fucking crazy.” Or my personal favorite, “un-fucking-believable.”

  44. Boulder

    Way before rose or #metoo or protests , I had a huge problem with the judge and the sentencing.

    Courts and judges have to be stopped from being biased towards people with money that do awful shit and get lighter sentences.I

    That’s how we get fuckery like ” affluenza “.

    I’d never face a judge like that. So recourse is recall when available.

    Or everyone could just shrug shoulders and look the other way until they or someone they care about gets 20 years for a crime the wealthy day before you got 6 months for.

    Is this really that hard to see?

  45. “Courts and judges have to be stopped from being biased towards people with money that do awful shit and get lighter sentences.”

    Hey we could make all attorneys work pro bono in every case and get Bernie to pay for the education with your tax dollars.

    Same article

    “The campaign, however, quickly divided the traditionally liberal Palo Alto and faced intense opposition from a coalition of legal experts, judges, public defenders, criminal justice reformers and some feminists and sexual assault survivors. Critics have argued that, even if they disagreed with Persky’s individual sentencing for Turner, it would set a dangerous precedent to recall a judge based on outrage over a light sentence.

    Recall opponents have said that judicial discretion helps defendants receive fair treatment, and that if judges are pressured to issue harsher sentences, it would harm low-income people and people of color disproportionately charged and convicted in US courts.”

    “Persky, who recently said he had no regrets about the case, is the first judge to be recalled by US voters since 1977, and the first in California since 1932. Two women ran to replace Persky, and Cindy Hendrickson, a Stanford graduate herself as well as a local prosecutor with a strong record of prosecuting sex crimes, was declared the winner. She was a vocal supporter of the campaign to recall Persky.”

  46. Also, YoReallyNeedToWorkOnYoNonVerbalCalibration, because I was annoyed, not bitter.

    Bitter people typically don’t have a good sense of humor…my sense of humor is seasoned and I’m commonly sanguine and jocular. My annoyance and anger are generally ephemeral.

  47. Blax, don’t try to push the American system to conform to your idealistic expectations. Money will always give you an edge, ceteris paribus. Game will give you a greater edge, even in court, so the little guy can do quite well if he’s clever.

  48. Blax
    Now let’s ass-u-me for a moment that I have never had sex with a drunk or stoned woman(eh hem) cuz I don’t like sloppy women.

    This kid, is he on a sexual predator list that will follow him into judgment day turning up on every background check and neighborhood watch list? Can he change his name? Two years doesn’t seem like much with a life sentence like that.

  49. @theasdgamer

    Would have responded sooner, but “I got laid, bro!!!” with a married chick last night

    “YaReally couldn’t help men keep a marriage together”

    lol. cause he advised against it. because…

    “divorce or help men who were denied visitation rights or help men who were getting raped via child support payments”

    @Sentient @Blax and @SJF are here to help married guys going through prison married life problems

    “PUAs who could get a lay, but then kept getting dumped (which I see happening all the time at my fav bar)”

    Those aren’t puas at your bar. those are “naturals” who notoriously get needy after banging a chick. Then they repeat the process. I’m friends with a couple naturals to know this. I try to give them Red Pill advice but it goes right through one ear, and out the other. Oh well lol. Now, if a PUA gets dumped, then unlike naturals, he’d post about it on a PUA forum and ask for feedback. why he always gets dumped. then he’d know what to do/what not to do next time he fucks a girl to keep her around for a couple months/years depending on what kind of relationship he’s after.

    “they are only about “I GOT LAID, BRO!!!!!!!” …because they were incel for so long…”

    yes former incels say this because it’s unbelievable. A lot of us actually thought we’d be virgins forever. then we’d “get laid, bro!!!” after reading PUA tactics and we’d jump for joy! Then we’d bang 10 girls which is more girls than the average guy bangs in his lifetime, and we’d jump for joy again!. Then we’d bang 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 etc., and then “got laid, bro!!!” changes to “banged this 8 last night” cause sex isn’t the most important thing for us anymore. It’s about enjoying the process of going after the “hard to get girls”, gaming them into a SNL and keeping them (at least that’s what I enjoy about going out now).

  50. Boulder

    I’m not trying to be a dickhead. Lol.

    There’s a reason judges and prosecutors and lawyers are invited to the meetings I referenced. It’s not about people working for free or tax dollars or any of that.

    Example: prosecutors/district attorneys were queried on how they apply felony charges for the exact same offences. , according to available data. We have in the U.S., The highest prison population on the planet and mounting a defense is financially crushing for men of lesser means. That’s not acceptable not is it justice.

    If we understand ” divorce rape “, than understanding this scenario I speak of should be a no brainer because a template is evident. The reason divorce rape is even possible is because most men ignore what’s going on until their wives drag them into a court.

    An d that’s the thing. Nobody cares until they are standing in front of the bench expecting fair treatment.d

    Years ago I had a cousin that was locked up by a judge for non payment of child support, even though he’d lost his job and was waiting for unemployment to kick in.

    I don’t plan on or intend to commit any kind of crime, especially not a felony, but the saying ” you can indict a ham sandwich ” is there for a reason.

    Money allowing the guilty to skate by isn’t acceptable.

  51. @j

    About that girlschase site again. They use a clever plugin that tracks your viewing and gives readers a certain amount of free article views each month before cutting them off and enticing them to join up. That’s a smart funnel they have there. First time I’ve seen it used anywhere.

  52. Asd

    Then we need to stop yapping about freedom, liberty and justice and replace these things with ” cash “.

    More honest.

  53. Boulder

    If the whole ” sexual predator ” thing isn’t acceptable, then men/people should get together and have the law modified/changed. Protest swings both ways.I

    I’ve been lectured repeatedly that ignorance of the law is not an excuse.


  54. Blax

    Bias? really…

    An independent state agency, the commission also said that it had closed investigation into claims of Persky’s misconduct. According to the report, no evidence of bias or abuse of authority was found to suggest that Perky is guilty of judicial wrongdoing and requires discipline.

    The investigation began after the commission received thousands of complaints that Persky’s sentencing for Turner reflected bias based on gender, race and socioeconomic status. Many complained that a nonwhite, less privileged defendant would have received a stronger penalty. Others linked Persky’s sentence to his own status as a Stanford alum or cited the fact that Turner faced a 14 year maximum prison sentence.

    The commission examined various aspects of Persky’s record to reach its conclusion.

    After reviewing Persky’s decision-making process in the Turner case, it determined that Persky took both Turner and the victim’s positions into account as he reached his ruling. It also found that his sentence aligned with the probation officer’s recommended sentence of time in county jail coupled with three years’ probation and sex offender treatment.

    Upon looking into four other cases judged by Persky, the commission found no sign of bias. Its report stated that Persky’s continued ties to Stanford and any potential connection to his sentencing were “insufficient to require disclosure or disqualification.”

    How do we protect ourselves from the bias of the mob Blax?

    Bur rioters are gonna riot…

  55. @newly

    What I do is, I double click the end of the URL address and hit the spacebar, which opens the ‘google search’ option underneath the URL. Click that, then the article you wanted to read will be the first link in google. click it and then you can read all the articles you want without worrying about the plug-in cutoff shit.

  56. In many cases the ” justice system ” operates like a mob. Vigilance is required. Action is necessary. Everyone can benefit instead of hanging themselves in jail because their blue pilled ideals about how things work gets shattered as the steel door slams behind them.

  57. I read this sometime ago here at TRM: “The purpose of the justice system is not to deliver justice, but to implement THE LAW”.

  58. Then we need to stop yapping about freedom, liberty and justice and replace these things with ” cash “.

    “Then we need to stop yapping about freedom, liberty and justice and replace these things with ”game“.


  59. Hallelujah!! Praise the Lord!!

    It is worth repeating here:

    “Today, Red Pill truths are harder and harder to get away from as Open Hypergamy and all of the unflattering truths about the female nature are triumphantly lauded by women themselves.”

    Now that she got the “Sexy Son” from the “Hot Felon”, I bet very soon she will dump him for Jared Kushner type rich beta.

  60. “They use a clever plugin that tracks your viewing and gives readers a certain amount of free article views each month before cutting them off and enticing them to join up.”

    “What I do is, I double click the end of the URL address and hit the spacebar, which opens the ‘google search’ option underneath the URL. Click that, then the article you wanted to read will be the first link in google. click it and then you can read all the articles you want without worrying about the plug-in cutoff shit.”

    Far be it from me to defeat that. But ever since Napster at the turn of the century and Tommy and Pamela’s video, I feel entitled to free shit. Some things I wouldn’t pay no matter what, others I would.

    I just erase all cookies (of which there are a boatload on that site). I right click on the security info to the left of the url in the diagram. (That’s not a secure site) Then select cookies, erase them and start again. (Umm, Sorry? Chase…)

  61. Blax

    The judicial system evolved into what it is today by setting precedence on prior cases.?

    I have swayed a case with a phone call to a prosecutor who the left a note on the public defenders desk causing a different tact,case dismissed.

    Now you are correct in that to much sway is given to financials and freinds,however the system is setup to make people pay for their crimes rather than die for them. And you can either pay the guy that went to school with the judge or the guy that went to school with the guards.

    Either way if and when the system is overthrown no sentence will matter as survival of the fittest will be the new law or old law revived.

  62. @Blaximus,

    Regarding the justice system:

    I’d hope you also teach all those dudes that when dealing with cops (the origin of the journey down the system) to use game principles to avoid playing the game.

    AMOG cop trying to start shit for no good reason?
    Drop ego, feelings of being wronged, defuse situation, empathize with them, “yes sir, no sir” stuff, not “Why you pulling me over?”
    System most likely avoided.

    My Pops always told me, “Newly, don’t matter if you didn’t do a damn thing wrong. If cops pull your ass over, you better Yes sir, no sir them. You’re in their world. You can’t win there.”

  63. “What if a ” commission ” said they found no evidence of divorce rape?”

    There would be a mob riot, just like now.

    Feelz over realz is becoming codified in post republic Amerika. Look at the attempts for 18 months now in jiggering up a presidential recall.

    You putting your logs on that fire ain’t gonna help things.

  64. “You’re in their world. You can’t win there.”

    Few years ago I binged watched these “Sovereign Citizen” videos on Youtube. And I leant that in such situations “The only winning move is not to play the game”.

  65. In many cases the ” justice system ” operates like a mob.

    In most cases the courts operate by delay. This is what gives cash the biggest advantage.

    Prosecutors operate by pressure and intimidation. They have much more cash than private individuals, typically, so they pressure innocent individuals to plead guilty to a lesser charge in order to “win.” Always avoid talking to prosecutors if at all possible and always avoid going to court if you can. You can game prosecutors and judges if you’re on the stand. (e.g., when you’re answering a prosecutor’s question, act like you’re intimidated and lower your voice so that he/she comes close to you, then answer a question with a wet expostulation in the prosecutor’s face. Breaks his/her concentration and makes the judge laugh.)

  66. Lol.

    Asd, you know you’re my guy, right?

    But in what you wrote, you know what I heard?

    Do chores at home to have a better relationship.

    Ask your wife how things should be done.

    Don’t try to rule over your wife, but engage in an equal partnership.

    It sounds like you haven’t had much real life experience with the system, or that you don’t know anyone that has wound up on the ( real ) wrong side of it.

    If that happens, you will unplug real quick.

  67. Newly

    Good morning.

    The whole ” how to interact with cops ” thing is known in my community as ” the talk “, and it’s been around for generations. It’s helpful sometimes, and everyone has heard it already. Somebody should have a ” talk ” and discourage cops from yelling ” I’ll blow your fucking hear off ” during a simple traffic stop ( I’m witness # 1 to this shit ).

    What I’m advising young men to do now, is to understand the system for what it is ( red pill ), and learn the proper way to coerce it into fairness.

    I instruct men ( or women ) not to engage in any kind of back and forth with street cops. Don’t get baited and recognize when a cop is trying to bait you. You’ll never win that contest, no matter how polite and soft spoken you are.

    Note dates, times, location and badge #’s. The officer will drive the interaction. That’s the training. They are taught to gain control and get compliance.they suck at D e-mail escalation. It’s all about compliance. So, comply.

    Once the interaction is over, whether or not it involves an arrest ( because cops have that power. I was told a few times ” you know, I can hold you up to 72 hours without charging you “), as soon as you are able, start escalation beyond street cop level.

    Numbers matter. In a city of 300,000 people, if one can’t muster 10,000 to help push the brass into addressing a problem… Well then…you will all deserve your fate due to inaction and acceptance. Street cops have bosses. Approach the servants and captains and if needed, go to the chief of police – with numbers and a salient argument. Then go to the city council and the mayor. Then the governor and the state senator for your district, then your state rep in Congress.

    If you aren’t willing to do these things, then stfu and suffer.

    And hardly anyone has much else to say other than ” are you willing to help us and show us how “.

    Funny, that was the job of the education system ( the second fucked up institution ).

    Numbers work. Politicians and police brass respect numbers, or use those numbers to replace them.

    That’s my message, lol, before it goes all dark triad.

  68. my wife ain’t a cop

    don’t have much real experience with the system…I was a major parking criminal…won 3 cases, including a felony rap…been arrested and booked once…been pulled over a few times…cops have called me, lol, and I avoided them like the plague…have talked to cops on my front porch…cops were using a nearby house for training

    the deal with cops is that you don’t want to sound like a criminal…you want to sound like you don’t have much experience with the system…you want to sound UMC

    Get it?

  69. @Blaximus, sounds like solid advice to me.

    Just this morning, I passed a traffic camera I’ve passed damn-near 10 years running. I always slow down to 35mph since it’s 30mph speed limit. For whatever reason, this f#cking camera flashes my car. I’ve decided that even though paying the ticket will be cheaper for me than wasting hours of my day fighting this in court, I’m gonna fight this dumb shit just for the principle of it.

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