Back in the summer of 2014 I wrote two essays outlining the minds of Incels. The first was The Severing and the second was Owed Sex. I wrote these essays in the wake of the Eliot Rodger shooting and the sudden emergence of the term ‘red pill’ into the popular lexicon. Eliot had a lot of manifesto style youtube videos as well as a fairly detailed written manifesto he published online just prior to his shooting. His frustration was palpable in these videos. Here was a kid who fit the profile of an AFC, an average frustrated chump. AFC is an old school PUA term used to describe average guys who were confused by intersexual dynamics, usually as a result of their life long Blue Pill conditioning. I used to unironically use AFC to describe a guy who I’d probably refer to as a Blue Pill Beta in my work today, but in light of the most recent “Incel attack” in Toronto last month I’m wondering if AFC isn’t a better descriptor for these guys.

I’m doing a bit of review here because I want to put the perspective on time in these incidents. Alek Minnasian, the Toronto truck driving killer, another AFC, reportedly idolized Eliot Rodger. In and of itself this is probably to be expected from a self-avowed Incel, but what motivates these guys. That’s what the mainstream media wants to know, right? And literally hundreds of bloggers and social pundits seem to all have an expert knowledge about the motives of Incels. Weeks after the Toronto killings there are people I’ve never read before who are convinced that they know all about these “losers”. For the most part, the mainstream media (and I include online pundits in this category now) want ‘crazy’. Even the guys who are ostensibly part of the manosphere know that crazy gets eyeballs on the screen, and nothing is crazier than a ‘killer Incell’.

Incels are the low hanging fruit for pretty much anyone on either side of the ideological spectrum. I can read any number of feminists wanting to link Incels to ‘red pill radicalization’ and how they are ‘gender terrorists’ (this is genuinely laughable considering the natures of most of these kids), to the Red Pill guys who want to carve out their own trad-con niche in the ‘sphere using Incles as a negative example to prove their version of whatever qualifies as masculinity. Lets face it, Incels are easy targets. They’re universally described as “the losers you used to know in high school who couldn’t get laid”. This makes them easy to dismiss most of the time, until one of them shoots up a university or mows down random women with a panel truck.

Incel is short for involuntary celibate, but there’s a lot more contributing to these guy’s condition than just an inability to get laid. Back in 2014 the term Incel wasn’t used to define Eliot Rodger. He was an Incel for sure, but very few people trying to analyze him made this connection. Again, they wanted crazy, and what’s better than crazy? More crazy. So all the efforts used to pick Eliot apart back then were really pointing to bigger motives, nefarious groups of ‘misogynists’ and more craziness.

Back then, Eliot belonged to an online forum called PUA Hate; literally a group formed by these guys’ collective dislike of the Pick Up Artist set that virtually all of them had once been hopeful would end their involuntary celibacy. For whatever reason the promised magic formula that would end their loneliness and sexlessness didn’t work for them. They were all understandably mad. Ironically, Rational Male articles I had written got link-backs to various posts on the forum and most of them were appreciative of them, however, that may’ve also been part of the problem. Fast forward four years and today the deleted PUA Hate forum is replaced by, another forum with a similar charter (and also one I get good link-backs to).

I think one of the most pressing problems in Red Pill awareness today is that awareness itself. Not every guy is ready to be unplugged. One of the inherent risks I take in writing what I do is presuming every man I make aware has the presence of mind to accept it and work it out for himself. If you look at the profiles of the past 6 school shooters, include Eliot Rodger and Alek Minassian, you find a lot of similarities. Most were the products of a fatherless home, most were diagnosed with autism or Asperger’s syndrome, and all of them were the ‘Forever Alone’ types triggered by the rejection of a girl. These young men are the product of a generation that has removed the man from their upbringing and taught them to emote before they think.

Today we’re just starting to acknowledge this generation of ‘lost boys‘; the young men who drift rudderless in life, are socially retarded to varying degrees and a demographic that is looking outside themselves for solutions to problems that are the result of the social order that created them. Is it any surprise we have such a rise in popularity of any speaker or organization that might be able provide them some direction?

Many of these guys are simply not ready to be made Red Pill aware. It is a risk to their egos, but also, it’s often a crushing disillusionment of the Blue Pill ideals they’d hoped would be a reality for them if they could just play the Blue Pill’s game correctly. For a lot of them it was their Blue Pill hopes that formed the basis of their existence. Now add the harsh truths of the Red Pill to a lost boy, one who is socially maladapted or has a genuine psychological disorder, and take that (misguided) ‘hope’ away from him. What does that kid do when the Red Pill shows him the reality of the game he’s involved in?

There is no ‘Black Pill’

I’ve heard Roosh and a few other commenters in the ‘sphere describe the “Black Pill” – the idea that the social order of the Blue Pill, the Feminine Imperative, or the ‘gynocracy’ if you like, is so rigged against men that they accept their role in it and give up on trying to make themselves or their circumstance better. What these guys are describing is what I’ve referred to in the past as the Abyss. This Abyss is the psychological / existential gulf a man needs to cross when he becomes Red Pill aware. He realizes that the person he carved himself out to be in a Blue Pill conditioned ideal was based on a the same falsehoods. This stage of unplugging has difficulties unique to men at various stages of their lives and according to the decisions they made for themselves throughout their lives in accordance with those Blue Pill ideals. It’s one thing for a young man of 25 to unplug and turn his life around in a Red Pill aware paradigm, but it’s quite another for a man of 70 to become aware and look back on his life, marriage(s), family dysfunction and the long term impact his blindness to the Blue Pill game he was a part of for so long.

There is a necessary state of nihilism, or at the very least a prolonged doubt, that occurs when men realize that they’re cut away from that Blue Pill conditioned life. This is why I compare it to mourning in The Five Stages of Unplugging, men are literally mourning the loss of their investments in that paradigm; they’re morning the loss of Killing the Beta they used to be.

Understand this, there is no Black Pill – there is only the Abyss of accepting the truth that comes with Red Pill awareness and a man’s capacity to make this awareness work in his best interests.

Incels, if nothing else, want to find ways to make this awareness work for them, but most are too damaged to deal with the realities that Red Pill awareness reveals to them. They’re not ready for the truth, but it’s unavoidable today.

A lot of femosphere critics want to lay the blame for Incels at the feet of the Red Pill. They think there’s some nefarious plot to radicalize young men to be killers in some misogyny fueled gender-jihad against women. This presumption also comes on the heels of the #MeToo / Future is Female movement so it fits in perfectly with the ‘resistance’ narrative. As I said, it’s easy to hate on Incels. They fit another profile too; that of the basement dwelling 30 year old who refuses to leave his parents house. For the Man Up crowd Incels are easy to AMOG, for the lathered up militant feminist they’re the perfect foil needed to legitimize their own ego investments in gender dystopia.

The truth of the matter is Incels have always been with us. They were the losers, the nerds (before they were told they were cool) and the guys who were Darwin’s dead ends. I knew dozens of them when I was growing up. I know many now, all of them building a life-theme around their life long confusion and misery of not figuring out women. I know a lot of married men today who are technically Incels in their marriages. We like to say they’re ‘unlucky’ in love or we’ll say “Don’t worry, you’re a great guy. Any girl would be lucky to have you. You’re just meeting the wrong kind of girls, just be yourself and it’ll happen for you.” Then we hope they don’t fixate on one of our girlfriend’s girlfriends and they go off to figure out how the real world works.

AFCs in 2018

So what’s different now? Well, to start, we have a generation of lost boys who’ve been acculturated to think that even asking a girl out is a form of sexual misconduct. The Village has raised boys as if they’re defective girls, devoid of any of the masculine discipline necessary to teach these young men how to cope with real rejection from a girl, how to deal with defeat or how to come back stronger as a result. As we’ve feminized these boys so to have we embedded the same feminine victimhood narrative that women rely on into their collective psyche. Except these boys are still beholden to the old social contract that women believe incumbent upon men. This puts these boy-men into a very precarious position: they are educated like defective girls and as such adopt the same frail sensibilities and are subject to the same entitlement narrative as most women are, but they are also male and therefore are expected to suck it up, take it on the chin and carry on. They are told to express their feelings and in the next moment are told to check their male privilege.

Most of the lost boys generation are not ready for the disillusionment that the Red Pill brings to them, but it’s not the manosphere that’s opening their eyes so much as they are having it thrust in front of them by a communication age steeped in the Feminine Imperative. Today, Red Pill truths are harder and harder to get away from as Open Hypergamy and all of the unflattering truths about the female nature are triumphantly lauded by women themselves. Every swipe left on Tinder is one more confirmation of exactly the harsh truths that push Incels to their limit.

Of every article I’ve read on Incels since the Toronto killings not one author has analyzed the problem correctly, but also none have any actionable idea about how to solve the problem of Incels snapping. There are no longer the same outlets that ‘losers’ had back in my day to channel that sexual frustration to more productive ends. Many a frustrated high school boy became his generation’s iconic artist or musician. I think it’s the height of irony that Mark Zuckerberg essentially created Facebook to stalk his ex girlfriend. There are no longer the creative ways to deal with the discontent that comes from sexual rejection. Some will say to me there are, it’s just these guys are too unmotivated to apply themselves. And while that may be true, there are much easier outlets that further stunt that boys development. Rather than redirecting that sexual angst to something creative, it’s much easier to lose themselves in online porn or immersive escapisms facilitated by this age’s technology.

Or they can seek out a forum of similarly disaffected young men and commiserate about the truth of a world that has no place for them. I read that Dr. Jordan Peterson suggested that a social order based on ‘enforced monogamy’ might be a cure for Incels. I get what he was trying to say, but it’s just one more flippant redirection away from the real causes of this rise in Incels. I can remember reading a post that Roissy had made about a knife wielding man in China who had gone to a day care center to specifically kill women and children. As horrifying as that is what had prompted the guy was the understanding that he’d essentially been selected out of the reproductive game because there was a huge imbalance in the ratio of men to women in China as a result of their one-child policy for so long. Roissy went on to suggest that as more and more men are disaffected by a feminine-primary social order, one that bases all its legislation and social doctrine on optimizing Hypergamy, the men disenfranchised by it will become either more violent (in their effort or angst to reproduce) or more suicidal – which we also see in men killing themselves at 5 times the rate of women.

Incels are the canary in the coal mine that is a gynocentric social order. They are what results when a society prioritizes and incentivizes Alpha Fucks (enthusiastic consent) while Beta Bucks is more or less assured by direct and indirect resource transfer to women. When 80%+ of men are evaluated as ‘unattractive’ to women fed on a steady diet of ego inflating social media, you get Incels. I made a case for this in Dangerous Times, but Incels are a byproduct of a feminine-primary form of polyandry. Incels are a result of shifting from a social contract based on marriage to one based on a sustained child support. The old social order was founded on giving a guy a decent shot at marriage and reproduction by way of being a good provider, this contract is gone today. When a woman’s primary incentive is no longer provisioning all that’s left is a socio-sexual contract based on the most available Alpha seed to meet a need that a woman cannot provide for herself.

As we move into the next decade I believe we will see even more narrowing of this socio-sexual contract. This is why some countries are legislating that anything less than an enduring enthusiastic consent for a woman is rape. This is an effort in insuring a woman is never again inconvenienced by having transactional sex for resources, nor should she be bothered by men who will know not to approach her. Incels are the natural expression of the frustration that comes from this truth becoming more and more blatant and accepted in society. Incels have it right; they more than any guy understand the brutal truths of a social order founded on mandating Alpha Fucks and Beta Bucks. Where they go wrong is in their way (or non way) of coping with that truth. They accept their Black Pill and never cross the Abyss to a better life because they don’t know how to evolve with it.

Published by Rollo Tomassi

Author of The Rational Male and The Rational Male, Preventive Medicine

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  1. J

    It’s clear none of any of the work Brady ever put in was in the weight room…

    Back to 2000… OK so you say he was a justifiably talentless bust at round 6 – because all those guys passed on him – and in the course of ONE season goes to the Superbowl in 2001 because of the hard work he did following the Patriot Way? The same Way that resulted in your dead QB list?

    How is that?

    Oh wait – here’s an idea – Talent.


    I was top in my physics sub-specialty as a grad student for a couple of years. My profs wanted to recommend me to the U. of Chicago, which was tops in physics.

    Got it – in the small bowl you were a big goldfish… saying more about the bowl than the goldfish though…

  2. @Sentient

    Here’s Belichick himself:

    “Belichick admitted that Brady wasn’t blessed with overwhelming athletic skill. Rather, it’s been learned. “He’s not a great natural athlete, but he’s a very smart, instinctive football player,” he told Welch.”

    “Belichick is quick to praise Brady, whom he’s coached since 2000, on his ability to put in the time to get better and win. “Tom works very hard,” he said. “He wasn’t all that good when we got him. He mechanically wasn’t anywhere near where it eventually has ended up.”

    Over the years, though, that’s changed. “Nobody’s worked harder than Tom. He’s trained hard. He’s worked hard on his throwing mechanics. He’s earned everything that he’s achieved,” Belichick said.

    “It wasn’t always there,” he added.”

    “and in the course of ONE season goes to the Superbowl in 2001”

    The Patriots won 11 games in Tom’s first year but it was against “one of the league’s easiest schedules in a year with big gaps between the best and worst teams.”

    Here’s his numbers in his first season as the Pats starting QB:

    2,843 yards 18 TDs 12 INTs

    very average numbers if you ask me. dude was clutch…but definitely not their best player.

    The following year they miss the playoffs

    Then, in 2003, they won the Super Bowl, behind the NFL’s second best defense behind the Baltimore Ravens (

  3. Got it – in the small bowl you were a big goldfish… saying more about the bowl than the goldfish though…

    Not really. The profs who wanted to recommend me didn’t do research in my sub-specialty (classical optics).

    I had figured out a Big Thing. Big enough that my profs not doing research in my sub-specialty wanted to fast track me to THE top grad school in physics for my Ph.D. One of my profs wanted me to submit a journal article on the topic to a physics journal (and someone else published an article on the topic a couple of years after I published my thesis). When the journal found out about my thesis, the journal asked me if I wanted the journal to retract the article that they had published previously. That was a Big Deal in a Small Pond. Physics is really just a collection of sub-specialties…if you make a splash in one small pond in physics, you get status in all the other ponds, too, because word gets around…there’s someone at every uni physics research facility reading the major journals and physicists try to keep up with what’s going on in the other ponds, er, specialties.

  4. That Asia chick is such a skanky ho. So entitled, so riddled with bad tatts. Such a strong womyn! Yuk! Heheh. Don’t like Weinstein, but i’d call her out as being as big a ho as he is a douchebag. And Bourdain, never knew much about him at all, but to kill yourself over such a skanky ho? Very sad indeed. But, he was a big #MeToo supporter, so ain’t karma a bitch. Maybe there should be a men’s #MeToo for all the guys fucked over by feminism. Who’s gonna call her out in the media for her sluttiness, i wonder…

  5. Who’s gonna call her out in the media for her sluttiness, i wonder…

    No one, obviously. it’s not the 20th century anymore…

  6. JT McMahon
    Spot on – yet wonder if many of the incels have The Right Stuff.

    I wonder how many of them have a clue what the right stuff even looks like?
    Plato’s famous analogy of “shadows on the cave wall” is very apt here. Boys and young men are lied to by their K – 12 teachers, lied to by their infotainments, lied to over and over again. Surrounded by lies, it is as if they are chained in a basement.

    The red pill is like opening a door and letting sunlight in – “why do my eyes hurt?”; as Rollo flat out stated, not every man is ready for any Red Pill today.

    I repeat myself, and j can back me up: the first step for an incel is to get away from other incels and stay away from them. Because groupthink is that powerful.

  7. Plus.. there isn’t a man on the planet no matter how blue pill who isn’t looking at that situation and waking up … even just a little bit..

    Which planet are you referring to? This one is covered with blue-pill sleepers.

  8. They’re not all asleep.

    Did not make that claim. You said what, again? Something about every man on the planet?


    That’s not the word you used. I don’t buy it anyway.

    Earlier today I overheard a beta orbiter sucking up to a girl, a routine thing anywhere near a college campus. Previous to that I was present for an older man doing the “yes-dear” for his wife. It’s all around.

    Congrats on your book, by the way. When I get the primary computer fixed up I’ll buy a copy.

  9. I’ve never worked less in my life.

    I’m making more, getting more from life than ever.

    Hard work is for chumps.

  10. J

    He’s not a great natural athlete, but he’s a very smart, instinctive football player

    Aaaaand there it is… the uncoachable element.

    [PS – Brady is still not a great athlete… Ever see him ‘scramble”?]

    You missed these quotes from Bill?

    “On the field he sees things,” Belichick said. “He’s got a great ability to take and [process] a large amount of information very quickly.”

    “He has great football vision, awareness, and understanding, again, of what we do and what our opponents do,”

    Genius…. also why so many “hard working” and athletically gifted QBs fail, they lack this.

    “He can focus on just this week, and then as soon as this week’s over, totally put it out [of mind] and go to next week when the challenges are completely different.”


    Two of the “Three things” are not physical… and have much greater limitations on development.

    I get it… the Airport Book Authors, Blog Culture and Youtoobers make big bank off of The PPT and You Can Do It!

    Always follow the business model…

    Further on Talent

    The silky smooth movement, ambidextrous creativity, and the scoring and passing touch. Simmons, himself a Hall of Famer, saw the same things a less-heralded coach, the late Mike Green, did when a 10-year-old Powell and his younger brother, Ryan, then 8, showed up for their first organized lacrosse league on the indoor cement at Duffy Fairgrounds in Watertown, N.Y.

    “They’re both going to be All-Americans,” Green told the boys’ parents, Larry and Sue. (He might have said the same about youngest brother, Mikey, had he been there too.)

  11. PalmaSailor
    You might not find my book up to your standards on literacy but the fundamental experiences and mistakes should come through loud and clear.

    There’s a couple of centuries worth of literary books, but only a handful of Red Pill works. I’m sure I will learn from your book.

  12. I get it… the Airport Book Authors, Blog Culture and Youtoobers make big bank off of The PPT and You Can Do It!

    But mah 10,000 hours! What about that, huh? Huh? Malcolm Gladwell said so! Gotta be true!

  13. @Sentient

    “Aaaaand there it is… the uncoachable element.”

    High IQ? If that were so important in sports, then former Harvard Quarterback, Ryan Fitzpatrick, would be be dominating the NFL against low IQ cornerbacks. And likewise, former Harvard point guard, Jeremy Lin’s “Linsanity” would still be going on

    “On the field he sees things,” Belichick said. “He’s got a great ability to take and [process] a large amount of information very quickly.”

    Every coach says shit like man about their quarterbacks. Here’s current head coach of the Los Angeles Chargers, Anthony Lynn, on Quarterback Cardale Jones (who was taken in the 4th round in the 2016 draft):

    “He can make every throw and he’s very articulate and he’s a quick learner. He’s picking up the playbook really well.

    “I think the sky’s the limit for this young man.”

    Cardale’s career stats so far:

    54.5 completion percentage 96 yards 0 TDs 1 Int 46.0 out of 100 QB rating


    “He has great football vision, awareness, and understanding, again, of what we do and what our opponents do”


    Are you telling me all these Quarterback camps around the states are completely useless for hard working athletes, if they aren’t blessed with a natural ability to read 3-4 defenses by age 5?

    “He can focus on just this week, and then as soon as this week’s over, totally put it out [of mind] and go to next week when the challenges are completely different.”

    You are not born with a particular mindset. It is developed:,204,203,200_.jpg

  14. More likely, Belichick already had the players he wanted in the 2000 draft. and as they approached the 6th round, they noticed Brady was still on the board….and they were like “ehh fuck it lets give this kid a shot. I like his attitude. But hey if he doesn’t pan out, its not like it’ll cost us much anyway. Bledsoe’s our guy” Vs your claim that super genius Belichick knew all along that Brady would be a Future Hall of Fame multiple MVP/Super Bowl winning Quarterback and all the other coaches (including those future hall of fame head coaches I listed) were morons for not seeing it.

  15. J

    Actually its more like this…

    I wrote:

    “ASD:“Hard work is the great equalizer.”

    Not really. It’s useful up to a point.”

    and you wrote…

    “Are you telling me all these Quarterback camps around the states are completely useless for hard working athletes, if they aren’t blessed with a natural ability to read 3-4 defenses by age 5?”

    So that’s how I come to my conclusion [putting aside the bs conclusions from the Mozart book and how this

    “He’s got a great ability to take and [process] a large amount of information very quickly.”

    turns into this

    “he’s very articulate and he’s a quick learner. He’s picking up the playbook really well.”]

    So maybe you have another explanation?

  16. But on the topic of QB camps… Yeah the smart money bet is it is a waste of money… Ballers gonna ball without that camp and get jobs ahead of those guys… Spend wisely.

  17. Gates wrote the quote on that Airport Book…

    IRL when he was on his way to becoming the richest man in the world he was followed by Forbes ASAP writer rich Karlgaard….

    On IQ… [which was not referenced in regard to Brady]

    I’ll never forget flying with him on the 11:30 p.m. shuttle from Logan to LaGuardia. Mr. Gates sat unrecognized, row 27, a lank-haired fellow in a rugby shirt and khakis. His eyes were glued to a book. His new friend Warren Buffett, you see, had lent him a copy of “The Intelligent Investor,” Benjamin Graham’s classic. Not only was pupil Gates reading it on a midnight flight, he was tapping notes into his laptop! F. Scott Fitzgerald was right. The rich are different.

    Halfway through the flight, Mr. Gates closed the book, shut his computer off and we talked. Out of nowhere, he told me that he had recently figured out who his competition was. It was not Apple, Lotus or IBM. He waited a couple of beats. “It’s Goldman Sachs.”

    “Is this a scoop? Is Microsoft getting into investment banking?”

    “No,” he said. “I mean the competition for talent. It’s all about IQ. You win with IQ. Our only competition for IQ is the top investment banks.” During that trip, I must have heard Mr. Gates mention “IQ” a hundred times.

    The obsession with smarts is embedded deep in Mr. Gates’s thinking and long ago was institutionalized at Microsoft. Apply for a job and you’ll face an oral grilling that probes for IQ. It is oral and informal because of Griggs v. Duke Power, the 1971 Supreme Court ruling that banished written IQ tests and “tests of an abstract nature” from job applications. But Microsoft knows what it wants. It wants IQ. And Microsoft always has been savvy at getting what it wants.

    On Mindset and Hard Work (same ASAP article but can’t get to…)

    [On being asked if he’d been lucky given his great success] No, my success just proves that life is chaotic… Some butterfly did the right thing for me.

  18. J

    To whom did he give that answer? Zuckerberg… in a public forum tied into his foundation work.

    You can – and probably will from the looks of things – belive his answer now or believe his answer long ago when he was with Rick for five days one on one, and flying coach.

    The rich can afford their fantasies.

  19. Last note on Brady.

    Scouting report summary coming out of college:

    “Is not what you’re looking for in terms of physical stature, strength, arm strength and mobility, but he has the intangibles and production and showed great Griese-like improvement as a senior. Could make it in the right system but will not be for everyone

    You have to wonder….what if the Patriots never drafted Brady. and he never developed under Belichick’s system (the only times Brady wasn’t the starter was in 2008 when Brady tore his ACL in the season opener. Backup QB Matt Cassel lead the Patriots to a 11-5 record. And the Kansas City Chiefs paid Cassel big money to become their franchise QB…never lived up to the hype. Then again in 2016 when Brady was suspended the first four games of the season for deflategate…Garrapolo and Brissett torched defenses and lead them to a 3-1 record in Brady’s absence. Brissett played last year as the primary starter for the Colts and lead them to a 4-11 record. And Garrapolo played well enough with the 49ers last year, to sign him to a long term $137.5 million contract to become their franchise QB like Cassel before) would the “naturally talented” Brady ever become ‘Brady’ in a different system?

  20. @j
    The point isn’t to wander off down a rabbit trail of fantasy football. That was just an analogy.

    The point is this: hard work properly applied plus talent is a winning combination. Hard work properly directed can make up for lack of talent only so far.

    Why aren’t there more Chinese and Korean players in the NBA?
    Those cultures prize hard work…

  21. @AR

    “Hard work properly directed can make up for lack of talent only so far.”

    yeah my point was: Brady was an average Quarterback at best coming out of college (hence picked behind 198 other athletes instead of going in the first round). Not a naturally gifted freak of nature. Here’s a list of freaks for reference:

    His first couple years with the Patriots prove how average he was (compare his first years with 2012 #1 overall pick Andrew Luck – QB who was (injuries) naturally talented). Under the leadership of this guy:

    …and through hard work (TB12 method, yo!) he developed himself into becoming one of the leagues best QB of all time.

  22. ” The point is this: hard work properly applied plus talent is a winning combination. Hard work properly directed can make up for lack of talent only so far. ”

    Gotta make time to get my ass back on the golf course.

    Cause I suck.

  23. Re: Brady –

    If Drew Bledsoe didn’t get hit so hard during a game that his heart was almost knocked out of his chest, Brady probably would’ve had a much different future.

    Opportunity, Coaching, and Preparedness. Right time and all that.

    I believe Tom was not one to ever take his chance for granted, and he maximized it as fully as possible… however, without Bill ” The Hoodie ” Belichick on the sidelines, it coulda been a much different outcome.

    Tom thinks he can play into his mid 40’s. If Belichick leaves ( because Bob Kraft pissed him off with the Garapolo trade ), we will see what Tom is really capable under another coach.

    On a scale of 1-10, Brady’s skills are a nice, solid 6.5-7. He’s cautious with the ball, and Bill makes sure he has the O-Line to protect Brady.

    Not a huige Brady fan, but one must respect the ringage. No other coach in the NFL does what Belichick does. Not one. So imo, we don’t know what Tom is really capable of without that master Belichick orchestrating from the sidelines.

    But he shoulda planned to step down and hand the reigns over to Garapolo. TB12 or not, he will be more prone to injury with every passing year.

  24. Brady’s not bad but it was Gronkowski who made the $80 exacta in the Belmont Saturday

  25. Game may work, but I think it assumes you are at least average looking and neurotypical. If you are a 50 year old, beer belly having, balding Indian, then you are fooling yourself if you think learning game will allow you to walk on to a college campus and slay the whole cheerleading squad. Plus the MILF cheerleading coach. It ain’t happening, cap’n.

    Some guys are held back by their lack of good looks, not being neurotypical or a combination thereof.

    1. The overwhelming majority of guys who hit the gym are not going to be competing in the World’s Strongest Man competition or Mr. Olympia, but that doesn’t mean a guy can’t improve his physique and functional strength, and that isn’t an excuse to avoid the gym altogether.

      Sure, a guy isn’t going to necessarily be banging the college cheerleaders with “Game” but that doesn’t mean he can’t increase his social ability with women more along his comparable physical level.

      It isn’t all or nothing

  26. Game may work, but I think it assumes you are at least average looking and neurotypical.

    You are wrong.

    you are fooling yourself if you think learning game will allow you to walk on to a college campus and slay the whole cheerleading squad. Plus the MILF cheerleading coach.


    There are a lot of articles here. You might try reading some.

  27. @Frank

    Incorrect sir….

    anyways I’m not going to break this down because I thought about it and was like damn I’d end up like yareally trying to type up paragraphs to disprove shit every time someone comes up with a comment like above………..not enough time. Makes sense that everyone who gives good advice for free disappears into thin air

    Plus the majority of people on this site that make post like above know they’re full of shit and just want a excuse not to work/change.

    I wonder if Hank ever made his breakthrough

    I wonder if I will ever finish the 6 write ups I was suppose to do

    Will wildman ever just go away?

    We’ll find out next time on THE RATIONAL MALE.

  28. @mersonia

    You’re up to 6 already? I was waiting for your take on the alpha discussion, personally.

  29. Oh fuck no, Frank.

    Check this out. Yesterday, farmer’s market, there’s a fat balding short guy chatting with a tall pretty 20’s Latina and friends. She’s dressed slutty, high boots and skin tight short shorts.

    He says bye to the few there, holds out his hand and the hottie grasps it and off they walked as if they’ve been a LTR awhile.

    Assume all you please about the nature of the relationship. It was legit.

    Last night was a stellar evening. Bands all around, young women everywhere.

    No need to invoke dread anymore. The world does it for me.

  30. AND….I saw a nice more than 5’0″ chubby Hobbit framed dude with…a 5’8′ 185# chubby with a kid.

    If she dropped the weight, she’d be tolerable.

  31. Its not easy being an incel (im 25 khv). Im one of those who’ll eventually implode on himself rather than explode and seek revenge on other humans. I think that most of us explode/implode once they realize the truth about being genetic trash and every little thing flashes before eyes. I’ve accepted the fact that theres no remedy no matter how much red pill ill apply because im rotten at the core. I cannot complete with males who’ve been gathering experience since middle school. We’re invisible to regular people and we only become noticed once we kill ourselves or others.

  32. @Palmasailor

    I honestly dont know if i want it because i find no interest (sometimes even feel disgust) in having relationships or sex. I cannot even imagine myself doing it. Im just a male spoilage.

  33. @PalmaSailor

    Sure i want help but i have this impression that im so deep in abyss that i’ve cut the sexuality out of myself just to avoid unbearable pain.

  34. @PalmaSailor

    Well, im 25 yo guy currently working as a low IT specialist for 430 euros (im from eastern europe). My love life is a bit strange because i can somewhat talk with girls on the internet but i absolutely suck irl. It doesnt help that im a stutter and put up an understanding friend facade. I never go on dates because i find them scripted (do this to do that and etc.) and i have to pretend to be someone else. I put up others at distance when it comes to intimacy so i’ve been sending a lot of mixed signals to other girls. A lot of hatred towards females too.

  35. Jonas

    There’s no such thing as genetic trash. The dna/genes that separate a wolf from a poodle are so miniscule that they’re almost insignificant.

    Talk it out here, just like you’re doing. It’s a good first step.

    Listen to what is being said to you by the guys here. There’s divergent experience all trying to attain similar goals in life.

    If I could say anything at all to you that I’d like for you to understand above all else right now, and I want you to GET THIS FULLY, is that at 25 years old, you have the bulk of your life ahead of you, with almost limitless opportunities to bend and shape your existence into whatever you’d like it to be. That right there is the God’s honest truth.

    You outlined a few things about yourself, and from what I can tell ( over the net…) Is that none of these have to be lifelong dealbreakers wrt happiness and fulfilment.

    But you will have to work. You have to muster some resolution. You must be willing to fall, ask for assistance, and rise back to your feet.

    Guys do that every single day, and because you aren’t genetic trash of any sort, it means that you can.always do likewise.

    Hang tough and keep talking.

  36. @PalmaSailor

    Not really, i’m just trying to figure it out. Sometimes i do lift dumbbells at home but nothing too serious and my diet is reasonably good except that i drink a lot of coke zero. Sadly, it’s 430 per month.


    Sometimes i think that i punish myself for not being like other men, for example in sexuality context other men like sex or find that it’s worth to jump couple of burning loops just to get it. However i dont feel the same about it and i get angry at myself for not having this “module” installed into me.

  37. @Palmasailor

    I dont know exactly. For now i’m trying to attend therapy and sort my life because i have a lot of issues. I’ve been blue pill through out school and uni but now i’m in abyss for about 3-4 years.

  38. Jonas,

    Take a step back, take a deep breath as life is good.

    Everything you want is waiting for you. Acting on your intentions is tough sometimes but I know you will do this.

    Here’s an analogy: when I introduced rifle deer hunting to my young boys I bait enough to ensure at least some does and let them shoot the biggest one possible. They all had success early on and as such they love the hunt and do well at it and without my propmting.

    Success begets success.

    Let’s get you some success and that starts in the field reports. Post some irl interaction with women or whatever you’d like to describe that’s stalling your progress.

    Btw, I personally know a stutterer who is a public speaker and community leader for a living, it’s his life. He stalls on his g’s and c’s but as he is happy and earnest and speaks of important issues people wait out his spells.

    Oddly enough, Jonas, his stuttering then pauses add a hightened sense of anticipation to his words. It’s a benefit then.

    And yes he struggled with feelings inferiority too.

    This can be done. Now go and post some FR’s young man. There’s much to do.

  39. @Jonas

    “I dont know exactly.”

    There is a metaphor: You can’t see the signal (your guiding signal in the noise/darkness/abyss) because there is too much noise blocking it out.

    The manosphere is an ‘ugly comet’ with a lot of noise.

    Despite all of the Red Pill negativeness about Jordan Peterson, the one thing about his talk is that it he is clear. He’s not always correct in his solutions for individuals, but he has some clear thinking that bores down to signals that aren’t obfuscated by noise. It’s not what he says to do, it’s how he goes about getting you to think. There is no more excessive noise than that thrown at young men these days. You have to cut through the crap.

    He gets you started on thinking. All men who are not at a place they want to be should get wisdom of men from someplace. From reading , other successful men, from ancient clearheaded maxims before all the noise. And then by getting off your ass and doing. Stop wasting your talents by wasting time spinning your wheels. Be clearheaded in what your first steps in developing Mastery are.

    (As an aside, I used to be friends with a commenter Forge the Sky. In April of 2017, I sat with him–for 90 minutes after a task oriented get together of six men– as night turned into darkness and discussed why he was enthused by Jordan Peterson at the time. “What do you get out of JBP?” And at the time he was a young man trying to find his Way. He answered: “He makes me think of a whole lot of new things in a different way”. The guy, Forge, was talented and well put together. He ghosted this site and I’m sure he is doing great these days because he formulated a vision for himself to get what his soul wanted. I could see it in his eyes, subcomms and behavior. He was driven with desire to get what his soul wanted. As a further aside, I could also tell it was to return to his roots of a well ordered family life in a new understanding based on a Red Pill paradigm. But I digress a lot there. Just saying JBP is not for nothing in young men starting a journey that they will script and engineer based on their best skills, mastery and desire….)

    The way to change is to rethink your old suppositions. Jonas, you know your old suppositions that are based on a shaky, rickety, non-working framework, your foundation that is certainly not working. You have to rework your thinking. So, Change! To do that you need a signal that can guide you. And destroy your old pre-suppositions and reference experiences, everything your former needs are based on, your assumptions, your previous conclusions and your Beliefs. Because, again, none of those are working and will not work until you take a look at them and open up to a new, positive, strong, masculine, agentic life ahead of you.

    As long as you are not a total clinical retard, go out and develop assertiveness, competitiveness, independence, courageousness, and mastery in achieving your tasks at hand.

    Stop listening to all that Noise that you can’t currently discriminate from.

    Here is some homework for you:

  40. @EhIntellect

    It’s a bit tricky when it comes to FR’s because i dont find sex as a thing which is worth getting my hands dirty. Therefore i dont really interact anymore (atleast for 2 – 3 years). However i can write about my last big interaction with one. She was cashier at local supermarket and one day i saw her and felt very strong attraction. I found her on facebook because of her id card (name and surname). Strangely my first message was some sort of semi-poetic vision about her being the only flower in the garden and i’m being a beast in the darkness and if i touch the flower, it will die. Basically i asked if she could reject me and i could move on with my life because i didnt know how to deal with all those explosive emotions. However she didnt reject me and we ended up writing to each other for about 3 months. Once conversations became stale, i cut all the contact (just to write her after whole year just to repeat the same but then she ghosted me). Strangely we never talked in real life nor we been on a date even if she dropped major signs that i should do it. I cant say that it was bad experience because it lead me to red pill and i realized that i needed a person to talk to rather than something intimate. Since that realization i just gave up and stopped trying to deceive myself.

  41. @Palmasailor

    Existential crisis and very repressed sexuality, to the point that i even see myself as an asexual (even if it’s not true)


    Thanks for all good word. I do really lack vision in my life.

  42. Jonas, it’s obvious from your writings that you have believed a lot of lies. You presented yourself to the cashier as a beast in order to shield yourself from the anticipated rejection. You thought that you surely would be instantaneously rejected as a beast, right? But you weren’t rejected. Didn’t you find that peculiar?

  43. There’s a lot to work with here, Jonas.

    Keep an open mind, drop any label you feel compelled to describe yourself.

    Superficially I could point out BP ideals, pedalstalized thoughts of women in your FR. But my guess is this isn’t about women or sex but being ok with you as you.

    As Blax mentioned you are just getting started in your life and FWIW a full ten years from your personal SMP peak. There’s only one way to go and that upwards, IMO.

    It very well might take that long to get there. Be ok. with that and it’ll go a lot faster than trying to forcefit an masculine archetype onto your unknown potential.

    In conclusion, no rush. Read, hang out, comment honestly and you’ll get honest advice and helpful too as long as you act on it.

    Welcome aboard. There are incels here already that’ve one good work and you can too.

  44. @SJF

    Matrix is probably my favorite movies, so spot on.


    Yes, i did find it peculiar because i wasnt rejected for being myself aka pouring what i thought about that situation. I used to take this good friend/advisor role with girls when i was in HS and uni.

  45. @EhIntellect

    Thank you for welcoming. What do you mean by “forcefit masculine archetype onto your unknown potential”? Are different types of masculine archetype?

  46. @Jonas

    Save every response you’ll get here. You won’t be able to absorb everything straight away. It’s not you, it’s the nature of things. Words will change their meaning in your head, you’ll see things differently over time, you’ll tune in and spot more nuances. That’s why you should be re-reading all of this every now and then to get more out of it.

    What undermines your progress and keeps you in a Groundhog Day are your daily habits. Change them ruthlessly. How you eat, how you sleep, how you go about your day. How you treat your body and mind. How you think about each thing and person, yourself included. All of it matters. Change little things and the big ones won’t seem impossible anymore.

    Need specific examples of how other men do certain things, just ask.

    How to improve your drive in general? So much room to take action. Eat well. Sleep well. Lift weights. Get enough sun. Take care of how you look and how you keep and move your body. Get your blood tested and find ways to improve deficiencies. Take care of your daily routines and stick to them. Do more stuff offline. Socialize, go out and interact with people. Spend time with friends and people who motivate you. Talk to strangers, compliment them and move on. Challenge yourself and feel the adrenaline rush, show yourself that you can handle it and you don’t die. Push your boundaries. If you want something, favor multiple options, don’t be a sniper. Don’t overanalyze, act to learn. Etc etc.

    Your mind and body are closely linked. Help one to help the other. Keep your juices flowing.

    There will be time for more PUA stuff… get to a decent existential level first.

    You’ll be fine.

  47. Play to your Strengths, minimize your weaknesses.

    But work on both.

    Confidence comes from action and performing well.

    Competence is a process.

    No value in a participation award. Value comes from having performed well.

    Sorry for the aphorisms I’m lifting hard at the gym right now. And normally don’t look at my phone while doing so.

  48. So, girls like beasts–at least, what they think of as beasts. However, what they think of as beasts isn’t what you think of as beasts.

    For girls, beasts are sexy guys who never return their phone calls, flake on girls, have so much pussy chasing them that they can treat girls with contempt. They don’t think of beasts as men who hate them.

    For incels, beasts are guys who kill girls and hate girls.

    So, when you told the cashier that you are a beast, she had a totally different idea of what you are than you meant to communicate.

    Maybe you have some work to do to understand how girls think and maybe you believe that girls are just men with tits. Words mean different things to girls and men because girls and men think radically differently. The Red Pill helps us to decipher girls and how they think.

  49. Jonas, I think that the girl’s initial acceptance occurred because she didn’t understand what you meant by “beast” and “destroy”. What do you think she thought they meant?

  50. @IRL

    All the things you’ve mentioned seems like a step 2 towards personal vision of what kind of person do you want to be and improving the current self. Sadly, i’m on step 1 which is to figuring out the personal vision.


    You could say that i’m the one without identity like an actor who gets into role so hard that he forgets what kind of person he actually is.


    Ofcourse i didnt meant beast as in Beauty and the Beast but more of a Quasimodo. I do realize that it’s stupid to expect girls to act like guys. I have to admit that i’m master of sending mixed signals – i speak one but my actions are completely different. Maybe she understood as some sort of exotic opener when i was completely honest.

  51. @Jonas
    All the things you’ve mentioned seems like a step 2 towards personal vision of what kind of person do you want to be and improving the current self. Sadly, i’m on step 1 which is to figuring out the personal vision.

    Not eating shit etc. is step 2? You lazy fuck. You’re too intelligent and analytical for your own good.

    Listen, this list is the baseline. Fixing your body and mind 101. Not doing it is staying in your head and handicapping yourself. Whatever your long term goals might be.

    Kick your own ass. Act. You’re dissipating energy by not doing.

    Improve your habits = baseline.

  52. Jonas

    “All the things you’ve mentioned seems like a step 2 towards personal vision of what kind of person do you want to be and improving the current self. Sadly, i’m on step 1 which is to figuring out the personal vision.”

    That’s when you ask for help. That’s what are doing here. You still have to do the work. Do it with assistance.

    Since you are currently rudderless, you might want to round up $29 USD (Or split it with a friend with a current 2 for 1 deal.) and get some help from Jordan Peterson’s Self Authoring Program.

    Do you really want to not be where you currently are right now?

    “The Past Authoring Program helps you remember, articulate and analyze key positive and negative life experiences.

    The Present Authoring Program has two modules. The first helps you understand and rectify your personality faults. The second helps you understand and develop your personality virtues.

    The Future Authoring Program helps you envision a meaningful, healthy and productive future, three to five years down the road, and to develop a detailed, implementable plan to make that future a reality.

    People who spend time writing carefully about themselves become happier, less anxious and depressed and physically healthier. They become more productive, persistent and engaged in life. This is because thinking about where you came from, who you are and where you are going helps you chart a simpler and more rewarding path through life.

    Put your past to rest! Understand and improve your present personality! Design the future you want to live! The Self Authoring Suite will improve your life.”

    Do you want to get better?

    What are you going to do about that?

    Look for easy tips and tricks? Continue to use Buffers at the expense of genuine, authentic self-improvement?

    And for the gods sake, get your blood Testosterone Level checked and increase it.

    (And sorry for the JBP shilling. Feel free to take his good stuff and discard his bad stuff. Here, his Blue Pill centered focus is not even in play for Jonas. Jonas needs to come the first step of baby steps. A tool in the tool box is just that. You don’t have to use it. I don’t get anything (like
    actionable advice) out of JBP but Ideas, some really good Ideas….. My son doesn’t need him, he’s doing just fine. I didn’t do the self authoring program, don’t need it either. One of my son’s very sharp, attractive and competent buddies got a lot of boost out his stuff, including his Self Authoring Program. Take things for what they are worth. But Do Something.)

  53. @IRL

    You’re right. I’m overanalyzing this whole situation because i’ve been in my head too long,


    I’ve done JBP test
    Agreeableness – 0
    Conscientiousness – 25
    Extraversion – 43
    Neuroticism – 80
    Openness – 27
    I have this conviction that without clear vision towards future all my efforts are doomed to fail.

  54. @Jonas

    If you want to learn about girls really quickly, try teasing girls, just to amuse yourself. Do this with all kinds of girls. Start with older women, unattractive girls, and other girls that don’t get a lot of attention. Watch their reactions.

    Do this with clerks of all kinds when you’re out shopping. Bartenders. Baristas. Medical staff. IT people. Do this for at least two weeks.

    Learn how far to push, how to calibrate girls, and how to do damage control. Watch your own reactions and see if you’re not having a good time.

  55. Jonas,

    On forcefitting.

    You want to be better. What does that mean to you? You don’t know. That’s o.k. for now.

    Committing to an idea of who you want to be, when you’ve no clue who you are. Saying “Be masculine!” IMO isnt helpful as you’ve no reference experiences.

    Let’s admit your incel state is rather pathetic. Full stop. That’s a benefit as you’re not claiming your failures as virtues of necessity. Guys like to themselves all the time like that or they think their life is much worse than it is.

    I don’t know much about you but if you’re here at TRM and don’t argue about other’s opinion of you, you’ll soon see some improvement.

    O.k. let’s get started then. Clear your mind, take a breath.

    Now think of yourself the complete opposite of your incel self. You, confident, sexy, competent…

    Who is that guy? In detail what does that guy look like? Who would you be as YOUR best self?

  56. @theasdgamer

    I pretty much tease mom all the time but like i’ve said i get into “advisor/calm friend” mode once i’m around other girls (if not avoiding them all together). I’m not gonna lie – i feel a lot of hatred towards women in general, maybe it’s because i’ve never had positive experience with them or maybe you fear what’s unknown to you and that fear ends up as disdain.


    Complete opposite of me? That would be optimist leader who’s good with words and oozes charisma.

  57. @palmasailor

    I guess it can be traced to my father (blue pill provider) and my grandpa (he grew up without biological father). I remember asking why we didnt have any serious talk about girls and life and he only said that i seemed smart enough to figure it out.

  58. @palmasailor

    Unironically, i’m trying to teach my pops some of a red pill stuff. When regarding me, i feel like i’m standing in the middle of meadow and there’s not path in horizon and i just end up staying in the same place and rotting like still water. Red pill illuminates demons but doesnt make fighting them any easier.

  59. If a path is not evident, that’s an opportunity to make your own. If you only move forward an inch at a time, it’s better than standing still.

    See: every glacier on the planet.

  60. Jonas,

    “Complete opposite of me? That would be optimist leader who’s good with words and oozes charisma.”

    Aeesome. Simply perfect…and doable.

    Take all the words, nouns, verbs and adjectives. Write them down apart from each other. Compartmentalize them.

    Then pick one. Just one. And start there. Come back and you’ll get lots of help with resources and experiemced advice.

    Q: How would you eat an elephant?

    A: One bite at a time.

    It’ll take time but it’s worth it.

  61. “How can one move if there’s nothing worth checking out in horizon?”

    By changing the way you think.

    What you are telling yourself in your cognitive brain is that there is nothing worth checking out or doing. Based on how every other human walking around on this earth finding meaningful things to do, that is obviously not true. Unless all those other people are idiots.

    Your cognitive thoughts are just a bunch of chemicals at synapses in your brain telling you stupid
    little things. You don’t have to go all fucking nihilistic. Doing that is a choice. You have other choices in the real of possibilities.

    Listen to your soul, your heart, your buried desires? What do you want in your heart? What do you want? And don’t say you don’t know.

    Once again, if you are so lethargic, unskilled or don’t have vision, get someone to help you in an exchange of something. Humans are social creatures that get together and exchange (an act of giving one thing and receiving another in return) things. Life is made up of exchanges, relationships are made of exchanges. If you don’t have a thought, beg, borrow or steal one. Or rely on a buddy, older successful mentor, or girlfriend to get one.

  62. @Jonas “How can one move if there’s nothing worth checking out in horizon?”

    Its helpful to keep in mind that its a big red flag when we narrow our choice to a binary condition. You have limited yourself to “get fixed or stay the same” as your only two choices, with no clear vision on how to get fixed. Since You have no idea how to fix yourself (all at once), you think you only real choice is to stay the same. The reality is that you can’t just fix yourself all at once, so of course you would be destined to fail (stay the same).

    Whenever I find myself thinking along these lines, I have to stop and rethink the situation. You need to unpack the concept of fixing. Its a process, rather than an end state. The first step in that process is to decide to change.

    The good news is that you have already made that decision, whether you are giving yourself credit for it or not. That is what is motivating your posts here. Congratulations!

    The next step in the process is to pick just one thing to improve and start to work on that. This is what everyone here is saying, each in their own words. It doesn’t matter what aspect you choose to improve upon, only that you pick one and get going. It will be hard to pick yourself up and get yourself started, but you CAN do it, and we will be here to give advice and cheer you on. You do NOT have to do it alone.

    Just stop fooling yourself into thinking that you must do everything all at once, or else fail and stay as you are. Take one step towards fixing yourself, and then keep taking steps thereafter. Once you start down this road, you will have begun shouldering your burden of performance, and will quickly accelerate towards your goals.

  63. Jonas

    Finding something worthwhile on the horizon is a matter of your perspective and perception.

    You’re going to hear that a lot re: perceptions.

    Marelius is.correct above.

    You have all the hardware you need, you just have to update your software while expecting the mandatory glitches that will appear.

    Nothingness on a horizon is a perceptive issue. You can remedy this first by not saying or thinking ” there’s nothing on the horizon “.

    Mind those inner thoughts. Control them. Eventually you’ll be able to chain negative and non productive thoughts and lock them in a closet.

  64. If you look at the profiles of the past 6 school shooters, include Eliot Rodger and Alek Minassian, you find a lot of similarities. Most were the products of a fatherless home, most were diagnosed with autism or Asperger’s syndrome, and all of them were the ‘Forever Alone’ types triggered by the rejection of a girl.

    I identify myself in this profile. And that’s right: I’m in practice still virgin at 28. I’m trying to fight to improve myself (lifting, goals, grooming) but in the end my social capabilities are limited. Every time I read something about incels I feel fear that one day I will lose every hope and react like those guys. I discovered the red pill after attempting suicide and that improved my view of the world and myself a lot. But still sometimes I feel like I would want feel the heat of a body in contact with my body and this makes me feel lonely. Specially after my first girlfriend left me for my brother a few months ago.

    I promise, I will not let myself going down and I will keep fighting. The red pill was sweet for me, accepting the truth of how this world was always easy for me as a scientist when all the evidence points towards that truth. Now I just need to figure how to use this knowledge.

    Thanks you mr. Rollo Tomassi.

  65. The wrathful dakini/negative anima projection of this incel is nothing more than his own cthonic feminine psychic energy likely displaced by growing up in an environment with reversed polarities. Red Pill mojo is needed to integrate this energy and reclaim his manhood. The manosphere is the rebirthing den.

  66. I grew 2 inches at age 26 and it literally changed everything for me. Went from incel to chad in the span of a year. Anyone looking for a life changing confidence boost definitely check out They sell subliminal tracks that increase height at any age, which I didnt even think was possible but it worked perfectly for me.

  67. You are the only writer I’ve read thus far who’s not only aware of the issue but also able to render it so articulately and precisely. I live in the Toronto suburbs. If Americans think Portland is liberal…well…Toronto would make the former look conservative. Not only is the population very liberal-minded traditionally, but also the constant rise in cost-of-living, tight laws/regulations, harsh weather, lack of culture, and car-dependent city planning ensures that the most accessible means of getting a date is online apps. Well I’m educated, I have a high paying job, I speak 3 languages (learning one more on duolingo), I’m often described as charismatic, etc etc…But according to all the women on these apps, I’m not good enough because I’m 5’9 and not “minimum 6 feet tall” … Go figure

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