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Six years ago I wrote a post outlining what the PUA community referred to then as “Chick Crack“. It was a pretty straight forward post that I delved into just to explain why playing to women’s propensity to believe in the spiritual – or what women would consider spiritual – is an effective technique in Game. I always thought it was funny how accurate this presumption about women was when I came across it.

Of all the strippers I’d ‘dated’ in the past every one subscribed to some form of non-mainstream spiritualism. This girl Angie I used to bang kept Tarot cards in her pink lady’s devotional Bible, another professed to be a psychic; in fact the only people I’ve ever known who self-seriously wanted me to believe they were in fact psychic were all women.

[…] For the stripper set this seems to be par for the course, but I wish I could say this chick-crack phenomenon was limited to just women who had some vacuous spiritual/emotional hole in their lives to fill. No, all women (yes I said all) are predisposed to the intrigue that metaphysical imaginings sparks in them. If it smacks of secret, covert knowledge, privy only to a chosen few, then you’ve got an attentive listener in a woman. UFOs, palm reading (always a classic), psychic premonition, ‘gifts of prophecy’, really anything that hints at knowledge beyond the ordinary is fair game. Chick Crack is not just limited to off-brand spiritualisms either, you’ll find that far more women than men will develop (conveniently) an affinity for, and are more invested in, religion than men.

In the wake of the Anthony Bourdain “suicide“, and the scramble to absolve Asia Argento of any complicity in his decision to hang himself, I came across this post about Asia’s penchant for Witchcraft. Apparently Wicca is somewhat more than a hobby for her. As you look at these pictures it’s important to remember that this is a 42 year old woman (and her friends) who sincerely believes in this stuff.

In Chick Crack I also made reference as to why I believe women’s being predisposed to beliefs in the supernatural is a desire for secret power from an innate position of female powerlessness.

Feminine Mythology

Women’s natural pull towards the mysterious and metaphysical has its roots in the sex’s historical characterizations. In keeping with the very useful associations of women’s unknowability and feminine mystique, it’s perhaps unsurprising that we find most mythologized representations of women and femininity cast as brooding, fickle, rapacious and often as a temptress, possessing secret knowledge that foolish men (the mere mortals) are neither capable of, nor encouraged to understand. Sometimes childlike, often conveniently eroticized, women are literally cast as forces of nature – whether sexualized nymphs or tempestuous witches, each characterization relies on women possessing some form of secret or forbidden connection to the metaphysical. Even the commanding presence of Joan of Arc, while leading the armies of France, had a connection to something otherworldly. By their very nature, feminine mythology, by default, presumes women are more in tune with the nature of reality, while surpassing the ignorance of brutish men.

Women revel in their mythology. Since covert forms of communication are the preferred language of women, their affinity for secret information is a natural fit. Ever wonder why gossip seems to be uniquely endemic to women? Look no further than women’s innate impulse to acquire secret knowledge. Take away the Vampires and Werewolves – the metaphysical component – from the Twilight series and what you’re left with is a relatively bland romance novel. Add the otherworldly and you have a runaway hit popular with every female age demographic, from tweens to octogenarians.

In women’s evolutionary past, concealment meant everything. Confusing a man as to the true genetic heritage of his children was often a matter of life or death. Pursuing pluralistic sexual strategies depends upon creating a characterization of women as legitimately unknowable, thus the feminine mystique is instituted. Ergo, the sociological PR campaign over the course of millennia has been to perpetuate the mystery of woman.

From an evolutionary perspective it makes sense that physically weaker tribal women would seek some sort of mastery over the men in their lives who could punish or kill them and their offspring at will. As I’ve covered in many essays, women are biologically and psychologically more attuned to deeper communication and the emotive states of other people. Women have a far greater capacity to understand subcommunications and subcommunicate themselves among their own sex. This is borne out by multiple brain scan studies and research on the architecture of men and women’s brains.

To the blunt, overt, relatively nuance-less interpretive processes of men this subcommunication can be both frustrating and mysterious. It’s the mysterious part that women learned to reinforce and exploit in their dealings with men long ago. This is where we get the idea of the seductress or the ‘keeper of mysterious secrets’ archetype (witch, midwife, nature goddess) for women. It’s less important that women would actually be more in tune with the supernatural, but rather it’s more important that they believe it’s a general truth about all women. Men might be skeptical, or they may buy into that mystique, revere it and encourage other men to believe something similar. Usually how a man adopts or rejects that archetype is determined by his own self-understanding and his Game according to it and his sexual market value.

There are a lot of derivative character archetypes that stem from the basic ‘mysterious woman’ root. That might be anything from a healer, nurturer, mother type rooted in what used to be the mystery of women’s life-giving capacity, to the force of nature sorceress, to the eroticized sexual seductress (nymph, siren) or even the high-priestess of the holy temple of prostitution (an ancient brothel madame). Over the course of history, since our hunter-gatherer beginnings, this means to influence and power for women has coalesced into what we popularly imagine about women’s mysterious nature. Only today we call it a ‘woman’s intuition’ and we make appeals to fortune and fate when a guy get’s “lucky” and a woman favors him with her sexuality. It’s all socialized solutions to evolutionary problems, but if we add an element of ‘magic’ to the equation it makes explaining failures and appreciating successes that much easier.

Today, the belief in this nature is still very much reinforced in society. Thus, we get women subscribing to what amounts to a collective pathology – they are encouraged to believe in their ‘magical’ sensitivities to spirits and forces beyond the sensitivities of (ostensibly) “powerful” men. To fight the mythological Patriarchy women rely on a mythological tool. In Chick Crack I made mention of a stripper I used to have as a friend-with-benefits who was very attuned to the “spirit world”. As such the whole gamut of the supernatural was free game for her to use. She’d read my Tarot cards, my palm, throw in some eastern mysticism and wash it all down with a read through her pink ladies’ devotional Bible. Granted, ‘Angie‘ was an extreme case, but all women are in someway, or say they are in someway, privy to metaphysical understandings which men are not. And today we read and listen to male leaders in mainstream religions adopt and parrot back this “women are closer to God than men” mantra which is directly linked to the ‘spiritual women’ mystique.

The old trope of a Woman’s Intuition is an example of this belief in something beyond the ken of men. And this is also an important aspect of boys’ Blue Pill conditioning – girls/women possess some unearthly connection to God or something supernatural which further cements the idea that they should to defer authority to girls and women if they want to “please God the Goddess”. You might think this hard to believe in our age of technology, but only the context of the supernatural has shifted. Even the most objectively rational boys and men strongly believe in the ‘soul mate myth despite atheism or agnosticism. This belief of the faithless is directly related to the unknowability of the female. Even modern atheists have a tendency to fall prey to the “someone for everyone” religion when it comes to connecting with the opposite sex.

It’s my belief that this presumption of a greater sensitivity to the supernatural is an aspect of women’s evolved mental firmware. Regardless of how false it may be, a woman with the disposition to encourage men to believe that she has some otherworldly connection despite the world or circumstances around them, one that would lead men to venerate her in the long term, would’ve been a powerful social adaptation in ensuring her and her children’s security. No doubt women readers will trot out the reflexive “Well men have been shamans and soothsayers and the patriarchal leaders of churches too”, and this is true, but those men lacked the female elemental advantage in their believability. Even their own belief sets encompassed the ‘spiritual woman’ tropes for better or worse. The wise old wizard is definitely an archetype, but that wizard lacks the feminine mystique and the sexual components only women possess in exercising that power.

Modern Witchcraft

Today we see a distinct falling away from the old order of acknowledging the supernatural. Less and less people subscribe to religion in its conventional sense. The Millennial generation wants nothing to do with “organized religion”, yet they still seek the structure to life it used to provide. So instead we hear the compromise about being “spiritual, but not religious” as if accepting the possibility of the metaphysical is something expected, but the taint of the “religious” is left for older generations. Even in what passes for contemporary religion the influence of the Feminine Imperative is ever-present. The spiritual, the metaphysical, the religious, all are still useful tools for women to consolidate power with. As men abdicate more authority to the feminine, as they themselves are the products of a continuous social feminization, we see a wholesale handover of the spiritual to the direction of women. The male leadership of mainstream religions is itself compromised with the imperatives and priorities of women who are already presumed to be “more in tune with God or the supernatural”. As such they exercise the Feminine Imperative and assimilate women’s stake on the spiritual by being proxy agents for women’s authority.

Today I was linked a story about how Episcopalians have begun to Remove the Man from their religion. Apparently this marks the beginning of rewriting the doctrine of this religion by erasing all masculine pronouns for God. Of course I expect the predictable retorts that Episcopalians aren’t real Christians, but theirs is just one of the more glaring examples of how the feminization of religion progresses. The latent purpose is a wholesale removal of anything conventionally masculine from religion, and/or placing the feminine as the primary connection with the supernatural. Whether it’s mainstream religion or psychic reading, a woman is at the center of that mysticism. If you want a perspective into the things to come for a female-led mega-religion look no further than the teaching of Rev. Shannon Johnson Kershner (dual surname noted). God is not male is the clarion call of the priestesses (and their male ‘ally’ priests) of this new religion.

Why should we view God as female? Well, it’s so that little girls can become pastors, with Kershner saying, ““I wanted to make sure that little girls knew that God could call them to be pastors, too.”

For the MeToo / Time’s Up generation God is female, the supernatural is more aligned with the feminine. I’ve made this observation before (before the #MeToo moral panic arrived) but there’s been a growing push on the part of men to relinquish any spiritual authority from a masculine perspective for decades now. The largely secular impetus of the MeToo movement is now finding its way into a religious environment that has been primed and ready for it (largely due to its acquiescing, complicit, and thoroughly Blue Pill male leadership) for a long time. MeToo was a natural fit for a feminine-primary church that needed its push to consolidate power even in the most patriarchal of religions. MeToo has given women license to finally be overt in their design on religion and spirituality – not unlike Open Hypergamy has been embraced in the mainstream.

In celebration of this conversion of religion to feminine-primacy we get the feminist Beyoncé “worship” services in formerly traditional cathedrals. Millennials may be falling away from the old church, but they fill the new church to overflow-capacity when ‘god’ is female.

The take home message for this essay is this; womankind has been intimately aware of the complicity of men in granting them a default connection to the supernatural. While we may not profess a formal belief in such, men are eager to accommodate female power in this arena – especially if in doing so it endears women to the men who play along with it. Professing a belief in the supernatural is simply good Game. The early PUAs picked up on this and used it to their advantage. However, this abdication of moral authority – an authority founded in masculine pretenses – goes far beyond getting your palm read by an earthy stripper you want to bang. This compromising of moral authority to the feminine by men is just the next phase in conceding all social and political authority to the Feminine Imperative. If God or a ‘higher power’ is the foundation of moral authority, and women are universally presumed to be more in touch with that higher power, the next step is to cede that authority to the sex that has a more direct line to that power.

What prompted me to consider writing this essay was a link I was sent in response to the story about Asia Argento’s involvement in modern day Wicca. I listened to a bit of a podcast by Vox Day recently in which he was asked his thoughts about modern paganism. He said, and I paraphrase, “Paganism today is just kids LARPing to the idea of old world religions. They’re role playing something akin to Dungeons and Dragons with no real belief.” I thought this was interesting in light of the article I was sent on Neo-Paganism and the Feminist Spirituality Movement:

However, some women were not willing to identify themselves as “witches”, and there arose a form of Goddess worship without any of the trappings of witchcraft. As Nevill Drury explains, “Although some Goddess-worshippers continued to refer to themselves as witches, others abandoned the term altogether, preferring to regard their neopagan practice as a universal feminist religion, drawing on mythologies from many different ancient cultures.” This has been called “Goddess worship” and the “Goddess movement”. These terms are frequently used interchangeably with, but should be distinguished from, “feminist spirituality”, which includes the Goddess movement, but also feminist Christianity, feminist Judaism, etc.


The principal beliefs of the Goddess movement are that the Goddess is a radically immanent deity and she can be experienced directly. The Earth is seen as the body of the Goddess and women are understood to connect to the Goddess through their experience of their own bodies, as well as the “body” of the earth. Goddess feminists also believe that the Goddess is constantly changing, manifest in the changing of the seasons and the human life-cycle, and perpetually self-renewed.

The Goddess movement offers women a new self-image and facilitates women finding their own innate goodness and natural divinity. It enables women to redeem and revalue the “feminine principle” and offers them positive images and symbols of female empowerment.

It may seem easy to dismiss the influence of the feminine on what is re-evolving into a new feminine-world order of spirituality, but I think it would be foolish dismiss the influences of the Feminine Imperative – the Goddess Movement – that is manifesting itself incrementally in the power vacuum left by the abdication of masculine moral authority to the feminine. We read that Millennials may not be “as religious” as previous generations, but that doesn’t mean they don’t seek out ‘spiritual, but not religious’ metaphysical connections. They seek direction, and connection in religion, but they seek it in the secular, gynocentric terms they’ve been conditioned to believe they should define themselves by. A similar parallel exists on the masculine side too. One of the reasons for Jordan Peterson’s popularity is his ‘ministering’ to a generation of “lost boys” seeking direction in life. He is every bit one of the Lords of the New Church in the same way that the Goddess Movement speaks to another demographic of lost souls who seek absolution in the “divine feminine” – also a term Peterson is fond of.

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  1. Honor is mostly a dead concept. Hook or crook is more admirable.


    The thing is, money obtained by conning never seems to last for long. It’s almost like it’s cursed. otoh, money obtained by providing value seems to last longer.

    “A good reputation is better than silver and gold.”

    In business, having a good rep often leads to obtaining silver and gold. Con men have to keep moving to get away from a bad rep.

  2. @Rollo –

    First off, let me say that without a doubt you are one of the most important people I have ever had the pleasure of interacting with, if not the most. I have truly benefited from your work, and feel passionate about getting your message out to my son and his generation. I have a direct, genetically vested interest in the growth of your efforts to reach an ever-widening circle of men in our world. It is precisely because I want your reach to grow that I felt compelled to post this.

    Funny how everyone is cool with cashing in on the lives of their fellow men. Interesting.

    That is really a value judgement on your part for the product being packaged and sold. In reality, isn’t that also what you do with the liquor brands that you have equity stakes in? Isn’t that what all entrepreneurs do in a capitalist society? Isn’t that the cornerstone of the American DreamTM? When you make a statement like that, one might also interpret it as casting aspersions on the American DreamTM. I’m sure that will resonate with those on the left who advocate for the forced redistribution of wealth from those who have worked hard to earn it (cash in on it) to those who cannot or will not work hard to meet their own needs. I would suggest that those people ARE the FI, and therefore those people are your (and your readership’s) sworn enemies. For better or worse (I would say clearly for the better), our economy is based on more right-leaning principles such as the right to own personal property and accumulate wealth.

    I’m not accusing you of saying these things, or even implying them intentionally. But that won’t stop people from seeing what they choose to see in your written words.

    “Cashing in on” does not equate to reduce or minimize or destroy. Nor does it necessarily equate to improvement or benefit. It is simply the concept that someone identified a demand and met that demand with a product or service that costs less to provide than someone is willing to pay. The difference between the two = “cashing in on”. Even if the process of identifying the demand was random or took a long time.

    One can also provide a service without “cashing in on” that service. Blogs are a great example of this. Presumably bloggers post because they care about sharing their ideas with a broader audience. Readers are attracted tot he blogs because they address some concern or issue that matters to the reader, even if the issue is to be entertained. Once a critical mass of readership is established, that blogger may or may not choose to monetize his blog in one of several ways. For many years you maintained this blog on an economic loss basis. No financial compensation for your time, nor for your outlay of money to maintain the website. Only recently have you added Patreon as an option, which I see as a good thing for all, because it means this site is more likely to be here into the future so that others can continue to benefit from your advice and counsel.

  3. Most don’t care about reputation when it comes to money.

    Money seems to make the biggest dolt appear as a genius, ” because he did what you did not “.

    Reputations are built over time and aren’t ” profitable ” in themselves, but once upon a time they were something a man made strides towards building.

    Today it’s not all that important to the masses. That attitude leaves people rule for fleecing.

  4. Most people wouldn’t praise a successful drug dealer

    Who would praise him? Fellow criminals/gang members? Young admirers looking for the easy way?

  5. Blax, if you need to hire someone to fix something, or you want to buy online, doesn’t rep matter? And what about when you go out to eat? Doesn’t a restaurant with a rep for good food, good service, atmosphere, and cleanliness matter?

  6. funny how everyone is cool with cashing in on the lives of their fellow men. Interesting.

    The way I see it he’s risked everything by standing up against that silly pronoun bill/law. His job, his pension, who knows what else. So if he can make a few bucks and survive then good for him.

    In contrast to Rollo though, yeah, his profiting is a bit unsettling. We’ll see who stands the test of time, in 10, 15, 20 years. JBP will be a forgotten blip on the timeline of history. Rollo/TRM/RP though, will shine bright.

    JBP is BP, no doubt about that. He may also be causing some damage. My hope is his BP followers will keep searching the interwebz for answers (because he is clearly not providing them all) and they will somehow stumble on TRM

  7. If you want to analyze JBP ‘s pros and cons in-depth to make a key point of your own, that’s fine; it’s worth the resulting pages and pages of JBP discussion . But the gratuitous little drive-by hits are counterproductive — everyone still goes off on a Jordanpalooza and you Rollo have nothing to show for it.

    It’s annoying to be reading something completely non-political and have the author feel they have to throw in a virtue-signalling snark about how everything sucks in “The Age of Trump.” I just crumple up the article at that point and throw it away (and that’ can be very hard on your laptop). You’re becoming distracted by The Age of Jordan.

    Just stay on YOUR point. This is why they put blinkers on horses, to keep their attention focused forward.

    1. @OBIT, as I said, I’m not allowed a critical passing mention of JBP on my own blog without even long-time commenters presuming ‘professional jealousy’ – that the degree of this shit.

      People gave me shit about calling out RSD 3 years ago. Result: everything critical I mentioned was confirmed (and still is being confirmed).

      People gave me shit for calling out Roosh 4 years ago. They screeched “professional jealousy!” Result: everything I called out was confirmed.

      Guess we’ll just have to wait and see,…

  8. Asd

    Who would praise pension fund raiders? Debt repackaging and false rating?

    The only difference is that one thing is deemed ” illegal ” and the other is not regulated enough to prevent illegal activity, or nobody goes to jail for transgressions.

    Criminal is criminal…or it is supposed to be. Lots of people admire criminal activities, and I’m not talking about drug dealing either.

  9. Btw, there’s a marked difference between opinion and ” virtue signalling “.

    If an opinion happens to have virtuous merit, it doesn’t cast shadowy motives on the opinion giver.

    This too is becoming part of a larger problem as men use pre-packaged terminology to blot out and minimize opinion.

  10. But there are times when some facts or insight is what the reader is looking for, not jut another opinion irrelevant to the subject at hand.

    Let me try again: If you are trying to write a blog about The Outer Limits, you don’t want every discussion to end up being about The Twilight Zone. So don’t keep bringing up Rod Serling.

  11. Lots of people admire criminal activities, and I’m not talking about drug dealing either.

    That “everyone is running a con” mindset seems to be peculiar to the NYC/Jersey/DC megalopolis and big cities like Chicago and Philly. Not so much in the Midwest, in the South, in the North Central, Southwest, or Northwest. You’ll find more of this sort of thinking in the urban areas among the very poor (who want to believe in a free lunch and are thus easily conned) and the very rich (who live in a bubble and think they’re smarter than everyone else). The kind of people who vote for people promising free lunches and who do a lot of virtue signalling.

    Trump has surprised me by keeping his campaign promises and because he actually seems to care about blue collar workers. He’s obviously conning the media with Mueller (I think that Mueller is doing exactly what Trump wants and the fix is totally in). Trump’s con is to keep his name in the headlines and to keep his base energized. Enough of Trump, I hear about him all day.

  12. That’s the point — the writer must stay focused to keep the reader’s attention focused. To put it in a TRM context, you want her focused on you, not on her phone

  13. Lol, the con when actualized, doesn’t respect regions of state lines.

    Thinking that there’s only violent criminals isn’t a smart thing to do. More assets are taken with pens and briefcases than with guns and violence.

    Be at on poor folks all you’d like, but of trillions lost in the last financial fuckery, poor folks didn’t have all that much skin in that game. Facts matter, not personal biases.

    Poor folks didn’t invent or manipulate the system. While everyone was paranoid about teh poor/urban folk, the non-profit non-urban dwellers literally dinner the bank.

    And 90% of the population is none the wiser, or are hoping that they too can join the ranks of ” legal thievery “.I

    And as I tell people all the time, you will always be a convenient scapegoat if you don’t recognize the game and fight back hard.

  14. And not to go way off topic, if anyone believed trump ” cares ” about anyone, they are naive and are clueless about his 40+ year track record.

    He’s still the same dude he always was.

    Read up.

  15. Also, asd’s comment illustrates my earlier point about men admiring a particular mindset regardless of numerous facts that point to nefarious intentions.

    He got money, he’s alright.

    …..ignore historical evidence😁

    People like that benefit from others volunteering to project positives on them.


  16. O/t

    Have a gander at the post on heartiste about Scott Adams and his ” hb8″ ( really though???) Gf.

  17. Rollo,

    Your statements on JBP are not what I would consider professional jealousy or any of that stuff, I get where coming from on the comment on JBP at the end. The guy engages in this mystical/hero archetype stuff heavily at times.

    I think the mistake we fall into with JBP is thinking the guy is red pill or should represent the red pill, he simply is not nor does he claim to be. He’s getting close with the paternity stuff in that Rogan interview for sure, made Rogan feel uncomfortable even discussing as it points to the true nature of women.

    JBPs popularity is extremely high and he enjoys a massive reach amount young males, his message is very palatable to said young males, it centers around actions they can take(clean your room) and has very little determinism in place, anyone can become great. The red pill, especially the Rollo brand is not palatable in the least, especially when accepting the implications around genetic determinism, might is right ideology, etc. These are not things that are easily changeable if at all, hence the bitter taste of the red pill.

  18. “And not to go way off topic, if anyone believed trump ” cares ” about anyone, they are naive and are clueless about his 40+ year track record.

    He’s still the same dude he always was.

    Read up.”

    Well, I just got done reading Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House by Michael Wolfe.

    You are entirely correct in that he is the same dude he always was. That is why he is the current President of the United States and all the other also-rans are not.

    Michael Wolfe packed a lot of stuff in that book and it was interesting, but as always people are biased as to what is really going on here. (Reading the authors explanation for things the way Trump operated in the White House was humorous, to say the least.) How Trump ran through all the Republican candidates to win the primary and then beat Hillary. And it was Scott Adams who gets and explains the Deal. Why Trump is an effective operator. (even if he doesn’t care about anyone. In the history of leaders, there have been a lot that would rather kill the patient with kindness. On old reference of mine that I observed in doctors taking care of patients. Analogous to a car mechanic–does a car mechanic use kindness in fixing an automobile? why not? Are Surgeons high in psychopathic traits? why is that?)

    And it still begs the question: Would you personally prefer that Hillary be President? As opposed to would you prefer Trump not be president.

    Side note from Fire and Fury: The portrait of Steve Bannon in that book was totally incongruent with the YouTube interview of Bannon by Charlie Rose for Sixty Minutes. Not even close to being believable, extraordinary in how it explains the author Michael Wolfe’ ideology of how things should be rather than how they are. And as such it is a good Red Pill example. How having a Red Pill lens changes things from a bottoms up perspective, rather than a top down The Matrix perspective.

    Technical side note: I change my browser to accept third party cookies (from WordPress) and I no longer have to type my avatar name and email address in a comment each time.

  19. Go back further.

    Trump has a decades long, documented history that’s pretty clear.

    Unfortunately I’ve been subjected to hearing and seeing his fuckery over a 40 year span, as he’s just across the river from me. I hear folks that only know him from The Apprentice and his debated fortunes praise him based on that. Lol, he’s actually only built 5 ny properties and has his name on about 17 buildings. There are 2 dozen wealthier and more prolific real estate guys right there in Manhattan that could buy and sell him a hundred times over – but no one in business takes him seriously because he doesn’t pay his debt and lies consistently.

    But….he was in television 📺. Silverstien wasn’t ever in television.

    So watching the rest of the country but into his carnival barker shit has been interesting and amazing. This is what he does. Cons people looking to be conned.

  20. The problem with the term “Paganism” is how broad it is. There is a world between an universalist pro-feminist/LGBT wiccan and a folkish traditionalist Asatruar (like the AFA members for example).

  21. Blax

    You forgot to mention “Russian collusion”… You have to hit that talking point every time. It’s right there in the handbook.


    Trouble is all these other really smart and honest billionaires haven’t run and won. OK Mike B was… Mayor…. Who could forget his brave stance on soda size. A true warrior for the ages. Can’t wait to see his platform.

  22. Poor folks didn’t invent or manipulate the system.

    Some of them sure as hell manipulated the system…at the ballot box. Here’s a clue…the one’s who mainly didn’t vote for free lunch promisers were part of the group that is routinely demeaned and disrespected by the “progressive” cultural elites in media and academia…white males.

    Trump promised jobs, not free lunches, unlike Hillary and other “progressive” free lunch promisers. And Trump has delivered. Even wage boosts, which will spark inflation, which will hit retired folks the hardest.

    How has Trump benefited? From the income tax cut? I thought you said that the elites don’t pay income tax.

  23. My stance is 4 decades old. I’d have said the same things in 1990.

    I’m not all in a tizzy over collusion or anything ekse, because I know trump is capable of anything at all. He’s proven as much. Consistently.

    Asd, not going to debate that tired stuff with you. I know your stance is always poor= root of all evil. Trillions of dollars man.😂 trillions. You think honestly that it all flowed into da hood?😂😂


  24. “This is what he does.”

    If you leave your judgement at the door and investigate the Trump as Scott Adams has, with a red pill lens, what you see is an example Unity of Heart and Mind. Even if it is a Super-Sane Wisdom of Psychopaths type of operation. Even if it is the heart of The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.

    No, there is not an oxymoron there….

    That’s the thing, the Red Pill is amoral, means you can and should choose your own morals. Sure you are talking politics, but there is applications to Game and Sentient has been talking about it for years. Sentient’s message is a message of unity of heart and mind via The Platinum Rule.

    And that is part of the problem with you know who (Rollo is done with) because of the insidious and dangerous part of listening to self help gurus is the devil trick of telling a young man they have to change to conform.

    Here is an explanation:

    “Do not believe anyone who tells you that you have to change yourself in order to be successful. No doubt you have heard such things said. This is the pendulums’ favourite recipe. Apparently if something is not working you have to work on yourself. What do the pendulums mean when they say that you should change? They mean, turn away from yourself, face the pendulums and follow the rule “do as I do” in order to fulfil their demands and act in their interests. In order to change yourself you have to struggle to overcome yourself. What question can there be of unity of heart and mind if you cannot accept or love yourself and are in conflict with your inner self? The soul will not accept false aims; it has its own inclinations and needs. When you work towards false goals you either end up achieving nothing or, when you arrive at your destination, you finally understand that it what not where you wanted to be after all.

    Transurfing has no relationship to pendulums and so recommends a completely different path; do not change yourself – accept yourself. Turn away from the husks the pendulums impose and lure the mind’s attention towards your heart. Listen to the dictates of the heart consciously reducing importance as you go; allow yourself to have, and you will receive anything your heart desires.” –From Reality Transurfing, Unity of Heart and Mind.

    Glossary terms:


    The energy of importance becomes present when disproportionate meaning is ascribed to something. Importance is pure excess potential and is eliminated by balanced forces creating problems for the person generating the potential. There are two kinds of importance: inner and outer.

    Inner or personal importance manifests when a person over-estimates their own virtues or shortcomings. The form of expression for inner importance sounds: “I am an important person”, or “I do important work”. When the arrow on the importance measure goes off the scales balanced forces come in and take things into their own hands. The “hot shot” then receives a good slap. Once balanced forces come into play disappointment also awaits the person whose work is so phenomenally important. Either there will turn out to be no demand for their work or the quality of the work will be shoddy. The other side of the coin is when a person self-deprecatingly downplays their own virtues playing smaller than they really are. In both cases the magnitude of excess potential produced is the same. The difference is only in the polarity expressed.

    Outer importance is also artificially created when a person attributes excessive meaning to an object or event in the outside world. The form of expression for outer importance might sound: “Such and such is extremely important to me” or “it is extremely important to me to do such and such…” This generates excess potential which ruins everything. Imagine having to walk along a log lying on the ground. Nothing could be simpler. But what if you had to walk along the same log placed across the roofs of two high-rise buildings? The short stroll would become extremely important to you and there would be nothing you could do to convince yourself otherwise.


    Thought energy is material and does not totally disappear without trace. When a group of people begin to think in a similar way their “thought waves” accumulate in layers and invisible but real energy-information structures – pendulums are created in the greater ocean of energy. The structures begin to evolve independently until they reach a stage at which they are able to subject people to their own laws. When a person comes under the influence of a destructive pendulum they lose their freedom and are forced to become a small cog in a large machine.
    The more people – adherents – feed the pendulum with their energy, the more forceful its “sway”. Every pendulum has its characteristic oscillation frequency. For example, a swing will gain height only if you apply effort to pushing it with a certain frequency. This is what is meant by the resonant frequency. If the number of a pendulum’s adherents decreases its sway becomes weaker. If the number of adherents declines to zero the pendulum dies and ceases to exist as a separate entity.

    In order to pump energy from people a pendulum hooks into their emotions and reactions: indignation, dissatisfaction, hate, irritation, anxiety, worry, depression, confusion, despair, fear, pity, attachment, admiration, tenderness, idealisation, adulation, delight, disappointment, pride, arrogance, contempt, aversion, insult, duty, guilt etc.

    The greatest threat of the pendulum’s suppressive influence is that it leads its victim away from life lines in which that person would have been truly happy. It is essential to free oneself from imposed goals after which one battles straying ever further from one’s own true path in life.
    In essence the pendulum is an “egregore” and yet it is much more than this. The notion of the “egregore” does not reflect the entire range of subtle interaction between the individual and the energy-information structures referred to here as pendulums.

    Rollo’s essay: THE FIRST FEMALE PRESIDENT® was about “pendulums”. The Sisterhood Über Alles pendulum….


    “Consciousness is a product of human society and emerges from the concepts and definitions that surround us. Whereas the soul (subconscious) is part of man from birth, consciousness is acquired as the surrounding world becomes defined by ideas and definitions in terms of human language. The world does not only exist because people have described it using their own concepts. In this sense the human soul will always be illiterate for it does not understand the human language of words. The heart is only capable of understanding the things we call feelings. First a thought emerges and only afterwards is it formulated in words. You do not have to have words to think. Thoughts are primary, not words, and thoughts are the language the subconscious can understand. There is no point in trying to communicate with the subconscious in the language of the intellect.

    The existing set of concepts society uses is far from sufficient to express the entirety of human experience. As you can see, I was not able to fully describe the nature of outer intention. Fortunately, humanity has preserved one means of universal expression through art. We do not need words in order to understand works of art. Everyone can understand the language of the heart. This is the language of things created with love and passion. When a person walks towards their innermost dream through the right door, i.e. does the thing that suits their soul best, they become capable of creating a masterpiece. This is how art is born.” –from Reality Transurfing, Vadim Zeland.

  25. Blaximus

    Have a gander at the post on heartiste about Scott Adams and his ” hb8″

    Eh, boring. The article about the Ukranian serial killer in prison who has a wife that he gets to spend the weekend with once a month is more interesting. Multiple red pill / Glasses truths confirmed yet again just for a start.

    The FI luv him long time.

  26. Blax, the very rich and the very poor manipulate the system the most for their own benefit. Even middle class voted for people who gave them IRAs. Almost everyone tries to benefit from the system.

    “Progressives” have been selling us out for years to Europe and Asia and Mexico and Canada and Latin America. Obama, the Bushes, Clinton. Reagan gets a pass because of the Cold War and having to work with a dem congress.

    There was a time, back when Europe was devastated post WW2 that giving them benevolent trade deals made sense, but not since the ’80s. Definitely not post Cold War. NAFTA was a sellout of blue collar workers. “Open borders” a similar sellout.

    Giving women the vote made raiding our national treasury a political sport because that’s how women vote.

    I was all for executives from GS, the ratings agencies, etc. being sent to prison because they defrauded all of us. I want to see Facebook and Google and Amazon broken up via anti-trust actions.

    I don’t trust Big Govt. OR Big Business. I’m a republican. (not in name only)

    I benefit a lot from trickle down. I’ve never bought a new car or built my own house. I buy used clothes often. New clothes on sale. (the undies and sox I buy new)

  27. Sjf

    I’m not subject to cons. It’s important to me.

    The Manosphere has a popular version of trump as a red pill alpha.

    Some need to see an optometrist for red pill lense adjustment.

    Bullshitting and bluster.

  28. The same phenomenon that propelled Trump to the presidency has very similar parallels to that which has propelled JBP to stardom, they are both selling palatable answers. They are both “anti-system”, being “anti-system” is all the rage these days as people have a gut visceral feeling the “system” isn’t working so if you can tap into that you are well on your way to stardom to the presidency. Trump himself is not red pill , of all the world leaders Putin and Netenyahu are the most red pilled, amoral leaders, who strictly subscribe to the might is right philosophy.

    The collapse of Western Civilization is well on it’s way, the moral collapse happened decades ago(60s/70s), we are now in the latter stages of the family unit collapse and have experienced the beginnings of the financial collapse last will be the security collapse.It would do everyone good to take off their ideological hats and actual observe what is going on around them and acknowledge the decay and accept it and then form a path forward for yourself and loved ones.

  29. Hi, theasdgamer, I did read your comment on the phrase ‘Divine Feminine’. In the 50 hours or so of JBP’s lectures I’ve consumed, I’ve heard that phrase maybe once or twice. Your excerpt sounds like the exact way he would use the term. Mentioning something twice in 50 hours doesn’t make someone fond of a phrase. He’s way more fond of the words ‘instantiate’ and ‘metaphysical’ – does that prove some kind of point?

    I have a tremendous amount of respect for Rollo’s efforts, and also get a lot of value out of discourse in the comments section. But I gotta say, this notion that JBP is some kind of phony that sells snake oil is annoying.

    So, everyone here that thinks he’s a scam artist – what is your exact argument? Which product is it that he sells that you think provides no value? Here they are:

    1) Personality assessment – ten bucks
    2) Past Authoring – fifteen bucks
    3) Future Authoring – fifteen bucks

    I took JBP’s personality assessment – it cost TEN BUCKS. He doesn’t ‘do a reading’, it’s an algorithm that grades questions along the big five psychometric model and spits out an analysis right away.

    Tickets to the 21 Convention cost a lot more than ten bucks. Would it be fair to call the organizers of the 21 Convention ‘scam artists’? I own both ‘The Rational Male’ and ‘Preventive Medicine’, I paid about ten bucks for each of them. Was that ok, or did something nefarious happen there?

  30. “It would do everyone good to take off their ideological hats and actual observe what is going on around them and acknowledge the decay and accept it and then form a path forward for yourself and loved ones.”


    Red Pill 101

  31. Have a gander at the post on heartiste about Scott Adams and his ” hb8″ ( really though???) Gf.

    Definitely hot…hard to tell how hot because of the way that the light hits her face.

  32. But I gotta say, this notion that JBP is some kind of phony that sells snake oil is annoying.

    Because it’s true…the Red Pill is like that.

    In the 50 hours or so of JBP’s lectures I’ve consumed

    I don’t see how you do it…

    I’ve heard that phrase maybe once or twice. Your excerpt sounds like the exact way he would use the term.

    of course, because I copied from his work

    Mentioning something twice in 50 hours doesn’t make someone fond of a phrase.

    Fondness? Relevance?

    So, everyone here that thinks he’s a scam artist – what is your exact argument?

    JBP is selling feel good. Religion without substance to people who are clueless about religion but who feel a spiritual hunger. JBP took religion and morphed it into a product he hawks.

    Somehow you think that we are all saying that all of what JBP is selling is a scam, but we aren’t saying that. Mostly just the religion part and the part about where he leaves out TRP and pushes trad-con shit.

    Jordan Peterson obviously doesn’t sell books or sell tickets to his seminars. Only the psych instruments?

    Are you getting money from JBP directly or indirectly? Do you work for a PR firm JBP has hired?

  33. I noticed that Justin Bieber spelled complement wrong:

    JustinBieber: “Was gonna wait a while to say anything but word travels fast, listen plain and simple Hailey I am soooo in love with everything about you! So committed to spending my life getting to know every single part of you loving you patiently and kindLY. I promise to lead our family with honor and integrity letting Jesus through his Holy Spirit guide us in everything we do and every decision we make. My heart is COMPLETELY and FULLY YOURS and I will ALWAYS put you first! You are the love of my life Hailey Baldwin and I wouldn’t want to spend it with anybody else. You make me so much better and we compliment eachother so well!! Can’t wait for the best season of life yet!. It’s funny because now with you everything seems to make sense! The thing I am most excited for is that my little brother and sister get to see another healthy stable marriage and look for the same!!! Gods timing really is literally perfect, we got engaged on the seventh day of the seventh month, the number seven is the number of spiritual perfection, it’s true GOOGLE IT! Isn’t that nuts? By the way I didn’t plan that, anyways My goodness does feel good to have our future secured! WERE GONNA BE BETTER AT 70 BABY HERE WE GO! “He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains FAVOR from the Lord!” This is the year of favor!!!!”

  34. Blax, don’t you care about your rep here? (People are starting to treat you as a lolcow whenever you make a political comment.) Serious question. Couldn’t you even give some semblance of showing holes in the progressives’ narrative?

    Sure, a few guys back you, but they are all ysfoms.

    Note to foxguy–I am NOT an ideologue. I follow no ideology. I am NOT an idealist of any sort.

  35. JBP is of course selling some sort synthesized version of spirituality/religion/social economic/morality prescriptive product all in one easy to digest understandable platform/message. That’s the product and it sells extremely well due to it’s packaged simplicity, Trump does the same and it sells extremely well(MAGA). It only becomes a problem when you view these products from a moral filter, but in fact these products should be viewed amorally, just as you view the Red Pill from an amoral filter.

    Unfortunately, as Rollo has attempted to point out unsuccessfully with regards to JBP these issues are much more complex than what JBP(or Trump) make them out to be , without fully understanding the problem it’s hard to find a proper solution. Also, said solution will differ from individual to individual so top/down solutions stand little chance of working, the solutions start with yourself, not externally and that is not an easy to digest/implement solution. Why? Because it requires you to look at yourself and acknowledge your shortcomings and mental crutches, it’s the hardest task you could undertake mentally, to self actualize, but if you manage you will be free(mentally anyway).

    The overall message is don’t look for outside solutions, look within yourself first and start from there, you should be your own hero and not looking for others to provide solutions for you, because in all reality any solution from the outside, is not a solution for you, but rather it’s a solution for the person selling it you to their unique problem/circumstances not yours.

  36. That’s the product and it sells extremely well due to it’s packaged simplicity, Trump does the same and it sells extremely well(MAGA).

    Simplicity isn’t why MAGA sells. After four years of attempts by neo-anticolonialist Obama to weaken American and reduce American’s influence, Americans wised up.

    Otoh, JBP is selling seawater to thirsty men.

    Are you under 30 or just stupid?

  37. “Simplicity” is code for “people who voted for Trump are stupid.”

    Yet another Alinkskyite commie con job attempt…best response to commies is to ridicule them.

  38. JBP is selling the usual “women are choosier” shit (which I’ve long ago debunked) based on women’s genes being diverse than men’s.

    Slavery was extremely common in antiquity. Ag slaves were needed to support cities and were much more numerous than free men. Male slaves were mostly agricultural and mining and didn’t reproduce. Women weren’t around farms much. Female slaves were used for bordellos and around the house of the wealthy as house slaves. Being slaves, female slaves didn’t get to choose to say ‘no’ to the master or whoever the master told them to sleep with. Slaves didn’t get to marry. Also, married women didn’t get to say ‘no’ if the husband pushed hard for sex. Maybe he didn’t get desire sex.

  39. In an earlier comment, I made reference to the complete collapse of morality in western civilization, what we are experiencing now are the aftershocks of said collapse. The reason why morality is so important to a civilization and especially western civilization is because morality allows the majority of individuals to self police their own physical actions as well as their mental actions/thoughts to a certain extent. This is incredibly effective because it gives the members of a society a set of rules which most individuals are following via choice(mostly men) or via conformity(mostly women)it reduces the need for the number of laws/big government/violence to enforce, etc. This limits the number of parasites in the system at the governmental/society/religious level, it is also a heavy counterbalance to our biological imperatives. Ironically morality gives you freedom by restricting the number of worst case scenarios that are in play for a majority of men(alpha harems/no access to women), it also restricts the best case scenario for men(polygamy for men) and leaves the human race at balance point in terms of biology.

    Without morality the majority of us who can do so become prisoners to the unfettered pursuit of our own biological imperatives as we see in today’s western world. In essence we begin to de-evolve back to a more natural state of being, which benefits those at the top of the pyramid for a short time, but ultimately makes the system unstable and promotes collapse( unit,,

    As humans deep down we aspire to something greater, bus as we know aspiring is not enough, actions must be taken. That action begins with looking at yourself and deciding on a proper path for yourself and your family/loved ones.

  40. Blax, don’t you care about your rep here? (People are starting to treat you as a lolcow whenever you make a political comment.) Serious question. Couldn’t you even give some semblance of showing holes in the progressives’ narrative?

    Nah, I don’t care about any of that shit at the end of the day. You’ve been calling me ” progressive ” and ” leftist/liberal ” of whatever for years, no matter how much I explain that I’m not ideologically driven, nor am I any kind of follower .

    Sure, a couple of guys here are so blinded by their ideology and beliefs that they try to call me out – because trolls gonna troll, but I’m confident that most guys reading along here can parse out what’s really going on. I always let my words stand on their own.

    I’m not political, but you keep trying to force my words into political contexts. You see the world through an ideological/political lense. I see the world as it really is sans any of that shit.

    Right, wrong, nonsense…. it matters to have an ability to see what’s real.

    But…. whatevs man.

  41. fox

    trivia: Bill Clinton first used ” Make America Great Again ” during his campaign. At the time Trump and Bill and Hillary were bosom buddies, lol.

  42. Disclaimer: The above statement is true. It does not infer support for Clintons in any manner.

    Inb4 ” leftist ” accusation.

  43. Blax,

    10-4 on the Clinton reference, I see very little value in discussing politics/politicians, follow the money in politics is all I can say, until I see a politician take actions to change the Federal Reserve in a substancial way, it’s just entertainment.

    I’m interested in discussing freedom and specifically freedom from faulty mental schemas and models.

  44. @Blax

    With zero interest in wading too deeply into a political argument with you, I just want to make something clear about how a highly educated, independently and critically thinking, conscientious lover of all of God’s creatures and children, objectively discerning keen observer of history and human behavior, and sincerely compassionate listener, such as myself, can wholeheartedly support, and even like Donald Trump without having “bought” a single thing he has done or said..

    “So watching the rest of the country but into his carnival barker shit has been interesting and amazing. This is what he does. Cons people looking to be conned.”

    Your statement here is as glib and disingenuous as it is insulting.

    See the vast majority of people like me who do not live their lives by strict conservative morality (because how boring), yet are staunchly politically conservative (because, fuckin A people, quit bitching and just go work)…. Have felt abandoned by our own representatives for a very long time. We’ve all been SMH and surrendered for a while now.. even our disdain for Obama and his hatred of traditional American values barely stirred us and most of us have just been doing our best to be poolside without coming unglued.. even before Obummer.

    Trump didn’t con anyone. Trump managed to very skillfully get his hands on the Mic, and persist in saying what he had to say despite the desperate attempts by the MSM to silence him, give him no airtime (as they would any 3p candidate). This is the first time since the Media gained so much power over the narrative (~1990ish), that someone has been able to deny them their ability to boot someone they don’t support into obscurity. Think about the way he accomplished that, and you should at least respect his intelligence.

    But my point is.. I don’t have to agree with all his (very basic) stances, and I have yet to learn anything new from the man. He has simply ferociously attacked the establishment, the media, and little blue people all over the country, whom I despise, despite forgiving and loving them. Eventually, their commie-laden rhetoric will bring bloodshed to this country. We talk about respecting differences, but frankly, if one is a commie, that one is my enemy and when war is sanctioned, I’ll have no problem ending them.

    Trump is all about tough love. He speaks my language. That doesn’t mean I put him on a pedestal. It just means I support him. EVERY SINGLE thing he has been criticized so heavily for, I see as pathetic and insincere overreaction. We want a tough guy to push back against all we hate, against our DOMESTIC enemies, in particular. And he’s doing a great fucking job.

    In order to be conned by him, he would have had to convince me of something. Well, he hasn’t convinced me of anything I didn’t already know.. and his fearless MO in the face of the feelz patrols delights me to no end. Maybe I could have delivered this better.. but thats’ enough for today..

    Have a great weekend bro.

  45. “I noticed that Justin Bieber spelled complement wrong”
    Probably meant it as a compliment.

    kfg: “Also, you have to be wary of ending up skinnier, but proportionately fatter. You lose weight, but you lose proportionately more muscle than fat, so your body fat percentage actually goes up as you lose (plus there’s a bit of bone mass loss as well). When you gain weight again, you gain proportionately more fat than muscle. A few cycles of that and you end up a skinny blob of fat. If you then say “this sucks,” and just start eating, you end up a fat blob of fat (with osteoporosis).
    Gee, I wonder if there’s a way to stimulate retention of muscle and bone while running a caloric deficit so you lose mostly fat.”

    First, I learned some things from your two responses, so thanks (I do value your opinion on health related matters in particular…just not in 100 percent agreement with 100 percent of it when it comes to women’s bodies).

    The above I agree with 100 percent (of, er…100 percent). This is why I value yoga. As I mentioned, I do “what works”. It’s a good muscle strengthener for me (and I think, most women). When I was in my 20s, I could do at least ten full pull-ups, a few one-arm ones, too. Being a invalid for two years in a wheelchair and/or on crutches did wonders for my upper body strength.

    Per body dysmorphaphobia (sp?)….well, I can’t argue with that. I did win my man with my size 2 ass, and I kind of like to keep it in the condition it was when I did that (seems fair).

    Anyone want to place a wager that this woman will NOT be a complete fatass within five years?

    I think she will be, so I’ll meet that bet.

  46. Blax

    I’m not political, but you keep trying to force my words into political contexts.

    When it walks, talks and quacks…

    What you identify yourself as isn’t really relevant… and it’s been covered here too many times – the words used to describe political ideologies continue to transmogrify as to be less useful each day.

    Nevertheless, one knows what one sees. Or reads at least.

  47. that’s how people stay inside little boxes of misunderstanding.

    They can only ” read ” things through a very small lense, and if they have absolutely no real world actual experience in a thing, then they can paint it in their minds, however they like ( or however their ideology demands ).

    Doesn’t make it true or correct.

    But, that doesn’t even matter.

    The only thing that matters is Time.

  48. “Nah, I don’t care about any of that shit at the end of the day. ”

    I’m with Blax. I wholly welcome the impending cultural septicemia. Those unallied will feast on the bloated, languishing western world.

    Someone get me a napkin. Guten Appetit und bis bald.

  49. I did win my man with my size 2 ass,

    I don’t believe it. POSU


    Political comment of the month. I think that I agreed/empathize with everything you wrote. The only thing I’d add is that Trump is beating the commies at their own game. That is very heartening to witness. And Trump may just have pushed back the zombie apocalypse for a generation–good for my kids, if not grandkids.

  50. @Miles

    And some of you have been conned by the media elite (cough-Russian run commies-cough), XD

    It’s really so rich that Trump supposedly is in with the Russians to interfere in elections….the Russians have been doing that thru US media for decades

  51. @asd

    You too been conned!

    What media persuaded you the middle class influenced politicians to pass IRA’s…don’t bogart!

  52. asd

    the indictment is available online.

    You should read it sometime.

    You don’t have to read the one coming after this one.

  53. @asd

    IRA’s went into effect in 1984..Reagan years…my view( and all the corporatists)…good policy.

    Why would you invoke Hillary/Obama on a weak fact set?…stick to dancing…freestyle!

  54. Years ago I knew of an old guy who had in his youth been on a ship that sank in the Pacific, east of the Philippines. He got off and there were rafts. Something he said comes to mind now, “You don’t really swim in the ocean. You can splash around, but the current is a lot bigger than you are.” Anyone whose gotten into a rip current at the beach knows the little version, but often you can swim crossways out of a rip. Currents in mid ocean, on the other hand.

    There are some big currents flowing in civilization. There are things that a man can do, and things that are way too big to influence. I can hand out Glasses to a few men. I can’t shut down the K – 12 feminization machine or the divorce grinder. Ride the wave, don’t fight the current…

    I can’t decide which is more boring, the “mah theology!” threads at Dalrock’s or “mah politics!” here. Kind of a tossup.

    How ’bout that Brit yesterday who won the Breton hill stage in Le Tour? He pushed up that hill with all the energy he had left and won by a handful of seconds after riding for hours.

  55. You should read it sometime.

    I did. Is this a conviction or just a scare tactic for the media? Remember the last indictment against Russians? Mueller had to scramble because he didn’t have a case and was just playing the media.

    Don’t be conned.

    IRA’s went into effect in 1984..Reagan years…my view( and all the corporatists)…good policy.

    The first ERISA laws were passed back in the Ford administration. I was there. Were you?

    I don’t dance much freestyle. Not all that manly.

  56. I’m still curious whether Jeff Sessions will be able to break the Creep State conspiracy. Creep State is protecting Strzok, Clinton, Rice, et. al.

  57. Getting back to the brilliant OP — women and new age woo-woo … This nifty little flick nailed it way back in 1946.

    Geraldine Fitzgerald is a beautiful nutjob who has driven her husband away with her obsessive worship of the mystical goddess Kwan-Yin. Legend has it that fate will smile upon three strangers who meet on the Chinese New Year, so she goes out and comes up with … Peter Lorre and Sydney Greenstreet!

    Needless to say, Geraldine is Trouble with a capital T, fate smiles on no one, and you know someone is going to get brained with that statue of the goddess before it’s all over.

  58. There you go projecting.

    No pee nor joy.

    Something happened. Some people know what happened. None of it is good ( and embarrassing for non sycophants ).

    For all of the bullshit bluster over commies and shit, you’d think that the ” never red ” crowd would absolutely be up in fucking arms.

    But they aren’t.

    Why is that?

    Courage of convictions? Did they actually ever have any convictions, or just talked a lot of dumb shit?

    Okay. I’m taking a cue from AR. Dropping this senseless discussion that ignores facts for ideological 1950’s shit.

  59. Add

    No urine stream!

    The President is now fully informed.

    The Senate Intelligence Committee spoke before he left for Mueller gave him an (indictment) basis to raise the issue with the Russian leader…he has so much. to work with….MAGA! (Make us proud)

  60. There’s this thing called Google…

    A traditional IRA is an individual retirement arrangement (IRA), established in the United States by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974

    I think Escher is back…

    Something happened.

    Pelosi et. al. decided to run a con and accused Trump of colluding with the Russians. It’s from the Alinsky playbook, “Accuse opponents of whatever dirty tricks you’ve been doing.”

    Distract, distract, distract.

    For all of the bullshit bluster over commies and shit, you’d think that the ” never red ” crowd would absolutely be up in fucking arms.

    Over a pathetic Alinskyite commie con? lol

    Okay. I’m taking a cue from AR. Dropping this senseless discussion that ignores facts for ideological 1950’s shit.

    Yeah, it’s so much better to use ’60s commie ideological shit. I have to hand it to you…when it comes to virtue signaling, no one is smoother than you are.

  61. It’s important to realize that people from the megalopolis (NYC, Jersey, DC, and little NE states like Rhode Island) have a seething contempt for those of us who aren’t part of that megalopolis. I went to school in Jersey for a couple of years and I’ve seen it. Those geniuses thought that cows ran in the streets in my town, lol.

    It’s funny that, on a per capita basis, my town makes as much as NYC. But those NYC and Jersey folks think they’re so damn smart!

  62. I’ve seen Time. Over and over. The left demonized Reagan and now they give him a little respect. Time. I’ve seen the left claim that extramarital sex acceptance wouldn’t lead to requiring homosexual sex acceptance and homosexual marriage acceptance. Time. The left claimed that giving single mothers welfare wouldn’t undermine families. Time.

    It’s funny, after seeing shit, you get a sense of what is gonna happen next. Experience.

  63. ” Donald John Trump was born on June 14, 1946, at the Jamaica Hospital Medical Center, Queens, New York City, the fourth of five children.[16] Trump grew up in Jamaica, Queens, and attended the Kew-Forest School from kindergarten through seventh grade. At age 13, he was enrolled in the New York Military Academy, a private boarding school, after his parents discovered that he had made frequent trips into Manhattan without their permission”

    That seething contempt?

    ( lol, too easy )


  64. Eenie meany, chili beany, the spirits are about to speak!

    “If you want to make money, easy, do something that caters to women.” Divine Feminine shit. Jewelry. Breast cancer. Maternity apparel. Slut rags. Accessories. Tattoos. Booze.

  65. Taki writes about Harvey Weinstein in Spectator.

    Weinstein has had a lot of time to get his story together and polish it up, so of course there’s various blobs of self pity. Taki’s got a comment early on that is illuminating:

    I’ve seen Harvey in action during my annual Christmas party, the one I throw every year in New York with Michael Mailer. He hits on every young woman but in a naïve way. “Will you give me your address and I’ll make you a star,” is the theme of the pickup. Some say yes, some say no. His reaction was always the same. Smile and laugh and hit on the next one.

    IOW Beta Orbiter / Provider game, aka “no game”, as more than one man here analyzed last year. Worked well in the 80’s and 90’s, not necesaarily enough in the era of “yes means yes (until it doesn’t)” and “enthusiastic consent”.

  66. @Foxguy (and @Blaximus who +1 it): financial and security collapse… What do you plan to actually do about it?

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