Chick Crack

Of all the strippers I’d ‘dated’ in the past every one subscribed to some form of non-mainstream spiritualism. This girl Angie I used to bang kept Tarot cards in her pink lady’s devotional Bible, another professed to be a psychic; in fact the only people I’ve ever known who self-seriously wanted me to believe they were in fact psychic were all women.

These types look for that connection in a guy. For instance I bought a little silver yin-yang ring that I’ve worn for almost 18 years now when I was in college. I don’t really have any eastern mystic beliefs, I just bought it from a street vendor when I felt I needed a reminder to keep balance in my life. But damned if I didn’t have (and still do) more women point it out and ask me about it, and have it be some karmic conversation starter since I got it. The thing is tiny, but that’s what they gravitate to.

For the stripper set this seems to be par for the course, but I wish I could say this chick-crack phenomenon was limited to just women who had some vacuous spiritual/emotional hole in their lives to fill. No, all women (yes I said all) are predisposed to the intrigue that metaphysical imaginings sparks in them. If it smacks of secret, covert knowledge, privy only to a chosen few, then you’ve got an attentive listener in a woman. UFOs, palm reading (always a classic), psychic premonition, ‘gifts of prophecy’, really anything that hints at knowledge beyond the ordinary is fair game. Chick Crack is not just limited to off-brand spiritualisms either, you’ll find that far more women than men will develop (conveniently) an affinity for, and are more invested in, religion than men.

Feminine Mythology

Women’s natural pull towards the mysterious and metaphysical has its roots in the sex’s historical characterizations. In keeping with the very useful associations of women’s unknowability and feminine mystique, it’s perhaps unsurprising that we find most mythologized representations of women and femininity cast as brooding, fickle, rapacious and often as a temptress, possessing secret knowledge that foolish men (the mere mortals) are neither capable of, nor encouraged to understand. Sometimes childlike, often conveniently eroticized, women are literally cast as forces of nature – whether sexualized nymphs or tempestuous witches, each characterization relies on women possessing some form of secret or forbidden connection to the metaphysical. Even the commanding presence of Joan of Arc, while leading the armies of France, had a connection to something otherworldly. By their very nature, feminine mythology, by default, presumes women are more in tune with the nature of reality, while surpassing the ignorance of brutish men.

Women revel in their mythology. Since covert forms of communication are the preferred language of women, their affinity for secret information is a natural fit. Ever wonder why gossip seems to be uniquely endemic to women? Look no further than women’s innate impulse to acquire secret knowledge. Take away the Vampires and Werewolves – the metaphysical component – from the Twilight series and what you’re left with is a relatively bland romance novel. Add the otherworldly and you have a runaway hit popular with every female age demographic, from tweens to octogenarians.

In women’s evolutionary past, concealment meant everything. Confusing a man as to the true genetic heritage of his children was often a matter of life or death. Pursuing pluralistic sexual strategies depends upon creating a characterization of women as legitimately unknowable, thus the feminine mystique is instituted. Ergo, the sociological PR campaign over the course of millennia has been to perpetuate the mystery of woman.

Doing Crack

If it weren’t so predictable, it would almost be ironic that one of the first useful Game observations PUAs made about feminine nature was their tendency to entertain magical thinking to varying degrees. It wasn’t too hard to figure out that women could be engaged more easily if you started an approach topic, at least playfully, regarding some metaphysical belief. The association is one where (albeit disingenuously) a Man would seem ‘in the know’ about something a woman has a private belief about, thus establishing a point of identification that both would otherwise want to keep secret. Currently the most popular (at least in the circle of women I know) metaphysical concept is actually called The Secret. On the surface of it it’s sheer idiocy, but you’d be surprised how thoroughly the feminine has embraced this new age Jabez Prayer.

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  1. Im an atheist and unapologetic about it. Its always interesting to see how during many of the atheist meetups men vastly outnumber women. Of course there are women within the movement who are just as “militant” as any man, if not more so, but I still havent heard a satisfactory answer as to why men abandon religion more readily than women.

    1. Explains everything. You’ve adopted the feminist understanding of religion, which is why you think it is somehow manly to reject an inquiry into the limits of philosophy. Religion is not tarot cards or palm reading. It is a program for living in a world that has insuperable limits to our understanding. You don’t break those limits by simply saying you defy them. Rather, your defiance putrefies into ignorance of what your limits truly are — while the rest of us laugh at the impotence you think is a strength.

      All atheism really means is you’re easily swayed, semi-educated, and the adherent of a “spirituality” you have no ability to recognize as such. One element of this fake independence is loudly evangelizing for atheism. Ever think that, rather than transcending your former self, you just replaced a false creed with another one? A creed that makes the ridiculous claim that all you need to be “free” of an influence (like gravity) is to shout that it doesn’t exist? Hmmm.

      KarlVonMox is the product par excellence of feminism: convincing him that one of his female weaknesses is an expression of manhood.

      Of course superficial fairy-tale lies are attractive to women — they distract a girl from the harshness and pain of life, a true “opiate” to salve a reality the weaker sex is not equipped to contemplate. And of course it’s easy to confuse that Spinozan understanding of religion with the traditional one. A key component of the feminist-Jacobin program is to destroy venerable institutions to make way for their own.

      Only problem is: for those of us who have not come to our understanding of religion by way of feminism, theology is as close to the opposite of an opiate as there is. It is an unblinking gaze into the abyss. The Pope of All Atheists Friedrich Nietzsche was the only one who had the courage to contemplate those unfathomable depths. The rest of you poseur-atheists are simply reiterating his dogma without ever truly grappling with “the horror, the horror” of oblivion. Call it what you will, but intellectual cowardice is the furthest thing from manly.

      Why do “men abandon religion more readily than women”? Because most men, like you, have unconsciously absorbed feminism as much as women have, but men think this reinforcement of feminist dogma is an act of rebellion simply because they have no understanding of the roots of that dogma. Religion, like everything else in modern life, has been feminized. True religion, like everything else in modern life, has nothing to do with the propaganda the atheist accidentally transmits.

      Save the shuck-and-jive for the wide-eyed coeds, Übermensch.


      1. Why don’t you call up God and have Him start the Rapture. Then we can live without your shuck and jive.

      2. “Religion is not tarot cards or palm reading. It is a program for living in a world that has insuperable limits to our understanding.”

        Please. And you wish to address those limits by making shit up about a celestial totalitarian that cares about what you eat, who you sleep with and in what position, what you do on Sundays, and what you do with your foreskin. All the rhetoric in your post doesn’t make a coherent point about what distinguishes the claims made by tarot cards and palm readings against those of traditional mysticism (i.e., Christianity) – both make claims based on absolutely no evidence. Your claim that atheism is just another “creed” is a common one that fails to understand what distinguishes it from theism – an atheist is not accepting bogus claims based on no evidence. And the claim that atheism somehow represents a foray into feminist thought is one of the most incoherent things I’ve ever seen written on this blog.

        1. And you wish to address those limits by making shit up about a celestial totalitarian…

          Fill in the blanks about what I “wish” with whatever borrowed, contrived horseshit your little mind can handle, bro. There are plenty of blanks, and plenty of horseshit.

          Theology is the discipline that comes at the end of philosophical inquiry. Mysticism is what comes at the beginning, prior and hostile to rational inquiry (the “logy” in theology). There are elements of mysticism that encroach on theology, but only a completely untutored individual possessing a limited familiarity with the discipline would mistake a vanishingly small part for the whole. You are one such person, and therefore our discussion is limited before it begins.

          Any other retarded questions I can answer to help get you up to speed, dropout? Homework for tomorrow: Crack open the Summa Theologica. I’ll help you with the big words.


          1. “retarded questions?”

            Whenever someone refers to a question as “retarded”…..

            … know you’re dealing with someone with the intellect of a junior high school student.

            But then we all already knew that right ?

          2. I in fact did not know that. Hm. Learn something every day.

            And what does it mean when someone refers to an interlocutor as having “the intellect of a junior high school student”? Can we conclude the referrer is retarded? Do give us the master decoder key.

            This is like the liberal who insists anyone who condemns faggotry is latently queer. Okey doke. Whatever helps you make sense of this big ol’ confusin’ n’ contradictory world.

          3. “Theology is the discipline that comes at the end of philosophical inquiry. Mysticism is what comes at the beginning, prior and hostile to rational inquiry (the “logy” in theology). There are elements of mysticism that encroach on theology, but only a completely untutored individual possessing a limited familiarity with the discipline would mistake a vanishingly small part for the whole.”

            Empty rhetoric to cloak and defend empty beliefs. Theology is entirely mysticism. Faith-based claims, wether they come from astrology or monotheism, are asserted without evidence and therefore can be dismissed without evidence. You are the one that needs to be schooled on what it means to have a reality-based worldview.

          4. Theology is entirely mysticism.

            How can I not mock you for positing unexamined, regurgitated nuggets like these? They don’t impress me. It’s harrowing to think they impressed you enough to not just repeat them, but to accept an entire modus vivendi based upon their flimsiness just because somebody told you it’s courageous.

            … asserted without evidence and therefore can be dismissed without evidence….

            That’s catchy. Did you make that up?

            I am not arguing with you. It is impossible to argue with dullards “who believe themselves to be quite exempt from any intellectual influence, [and who] are usually the slaves of some defunct [thinker]. Madmen … who hear voices in the air, are distilling their frenzy from some academic scribbler of a few years back.” I am neutralizing your rote repetition. I am engaging the intellectually influential, the original “scribblers” who wrote the script you are now dutifully reciting. The entire purpose of even noticing your inanities is to prevent them from infecting the credulous as you have been infected.

            Here is some more brain cud for you to masticate in the hopes of inspiring a dogma-transcending epiphany somewhere up your brainhole: What is the point of “asserting” anything “with … [or] without evidence” in an inquiry into the nature of assertion and evidence themselves? We are speaking of the furthest reaches of inquiry itself. Dogmatic assertions about what I am allowed to assert or not assert may satisfy your little unambitious intellect, but the rest of the class has grasped the lesson and is onto the next problem. “Da capo!” cool guy.


      3. God is a superstition, and King A is a false prophet.

        You simply have to laugh at a man who believes that an omniscient deity created the world and oversees (and, on occasion, interferes) with everything we do — and then has the smug arrogance to condemn others for being “easily swayed” for rejecting that belief.

        At heart, King A is no different than an ignorant, superstitious jungle savage bowing down before clay idols. Evaluate his comments accordingly.

        1. “God is a superstition” = received dogma.

          Whoa. Like think about that.

          Two-thousand years of the kind of cogitation, rhetoric, and debate that created the university, the scientific method, 90% of the world’s great art, and modern civilization itself; and Harold Tertullian of 521 Apple Lane, Schenectady, NY in 2012 is the first to wonder if maybe this whole thing mighta been made up.

          No worries, brethren. I’ve already alerted the Vatican to this astonishing development in the history of thought. I gotta admit, they may have to close up shop.

          Heyyyy. Hang on a second! Are you punking me, Dr. T? Good one!


          1. Christianity is responsible for the university and the scientific method? What a joke.

            Galileo was right. Evolution is true, and always was true even before the vatican was forced to admit it. Get these basic facts straight and then maybe we can have an informed conversation. Until then, Tertullian is right – you are just another ignoramus that hallucinates about seeing Jesus on the wallpaper.

            Also, I think the Vatican will be forced to close up shop soon – its only a matter of time before enough people realize that on a daily basis homo pedophile priests have spent decades betraying their anti-gay crusade on the children of their own church. Shameful.

    2. Men abandon religion more readily than women because women are natural followers.

      What all the game/PUA techniques really come down to is that if you show a woman that you are one of the “cool kids” she’s more likely to fuck you.

      Women don’t “go their own way” like men do, they just change allegiances.

      Men follow philosophies, women follow Alphas.

  2. Strippers are annoying to be around, for any guy with an IQ above 95.
    Like brothel girls you’re forced to listen to, before sliding it in.

    I always needed a Mental Bath afterwords.

  3. Its a byproduct of hypergamy for sure. I can only imagine that a girl’s id peeks out from her depths with a periscope, scanning the horizon for the next mystical alpha.

    You bring up a good question- now that we have the science to do paternity tests, havent we denied women their most critical power? The ability to regenerate their mystique by hiding their true actions?

  4. So true. Since the social/sexual revolutions of the 1960’s we’ve seen a explosion of Chick-Crack. Everything from Shirley McClaine’s New Age stuff, Celestine Prophecy, Deepak Chopra w/#1 fanlady Naomi Judd, Ya Ya Sisterhood/EPL, and all the rest that the Oprah demographic buys into. Interestingly enough, while trying to remember the author of ‘The Celestine Prophecy’ I found this book review of ‘The Celestine Prophecy’ which could have been written by Rollo by all rights;

    “…When I finally got around to reading it on the New York City set of The Money Train (I did a lot of extra work in the 1990s), six different women approached me to admire my taste.

    Curiously, I’ve only heard this book praised by women. Men could only comment that they heard good things about it — from wives and girlfriends. Whatever its faults, the book is a chick magnet…

    …The Celestine Prophecy’s plot is paint-by-number utopian potboiler. An Outsider enters a Utopian Society in which he learns New Things about human interrelations. (Sharing, caring, and a clean environment are healthful for children and other living things. Greed, competition, and Western patriarchy are sickening the planet.)…

    …The Insights’ implied politics explain the book’s appeal. Deep in the pristine Peruvian rain forests, the yuppie discovers that these “ancient” manuscripts, which were recorded by indigenous Third World peoples, confirm every prejudice of aging liberal Boomers — and offer comfort for their waning youth!

    Characters range in age from 30s-50s. (Boomer demographics, when the book was first released). Couples usually comprise older women, younger men. Nothing wrong with that, except that its consistency appears calculated. Everything about The Celestine Prophecy appears calculated to please Boomers — especially Boomer women.

    Our yuppie meets no conventional Cosmo beauties, yet every woman in the book is unfailingly attractive. These older women remain beautiful because of their spiritual glow. Literally. According to Redfield’s story, everything emits an aura, which can be seen by staring hard enough. But only progressive, creative, personally fulfilled people glow nicely, not the repressed or mean-spirited. Luckily for these ladies, they are all smart, self-actualized, career gals. You just know that none ever did anything so self-effacing as bake cookies or vote Republican.”

    It’s a damn shame that there aren’t any more Lilith Fair’s with what I know now.

  5. This article is so timely in the sense that I was just blogging about spiritualism in pick up.

    Dudes need to realize that anything of spiritualism,tarots and astrology is chick crack.Women go crazy over the supernatural or spiritual.

  6. Czech girl and her (ex) best friend were into the secret. They used to ramble on and on about how “the universe will provide that which you will into existence”. I couldn’t handle listening to the bullshit anymore- I had to see where they were getting this from so I agreed to watch part of it it with her one day. Needless to say it was one of the biggest steaming piles of bullshit I have ever laid eyes on. But they totally believed it and never hesitated to advise me that if I wanted something all I had to do was believe.

  7. I’ve used “The Cube” on chicks. If you build comfort and then run it…girls are eating out of your hand…and bring it up repeatedly if you get the responses right.

    If you run it too early, they’re not paying attention.

    The Cube: run it after comfort or after she’s indicated she’s into this new age, astrology, tarot, fortune telling etc.

  8. I’m not sure that women are naturally more predisposed to this stuff. I think it’s just that boys get called out as dumbasses if they like astrology or whatever. Girls get indulged. And so as adults, a significant percentage of women still enjoy these fantasies, while the equivalent male is pretty rare.

    1. When an uninteresting chick asks me what my sign is, I usually like to say “STOP”

  9. I have a problem with my sacral joint that requires strengthening different muscles around my pelvic girdle, a chick friend recommended that I go to a mystical ‘healer’ (apparently to remove an alien implant in my spine) so yeh chicks dig mysticism, beats logic anytime.

  10. You can learn palm reading in less than 5 min on youtube.Goes far with college girls and bored trophy wives from my experience. With practice you may be able to keep a straight face while acting like you believe in it.

  11. “really anything that hints at knowledge beyond the ordinary is fair game”

    The real attraction is “something for nothing”. The secret behind “The Secret” is its promise that you don’t have to work to get stuff, all you have to do is wish hard enough. Pagan or christian, wishing or kissing God’s ass, it’s all the same.

  12. I was into new agey stuff in my early and mid teens, but arrived to atheism. It’s appealing for several reasons. The star sign stuff is flattering, tells you about yourself and might make you feel special. And the appeal of the Secret is obvious – it makes people believe they can get anything they want by wanting it hard enough (Sure, the book will tell you you have to work too, but on another page it says wishing/believing ITSELF will make things happen.). It gives you an easy solution. And if it didn’t work, you probably attracted the negative outcome with some hidden negative thoughts, so you can’t say it didn’t work for you.
    In the 90s, we had an equivalent of the Secret in Russia. The idea is that if you are ever unhappy with anything, you’re idealizing the world and the higher powers will rob you of what you miss even more. Those beliefs are bad for your health. Leads to all sorts of repression and sometimes death:

  13. “But they totally believed it and never hesitated to advise me that if I wanted something all I had to do was believe.”

    Mental asylums are filled wih thousands of people who believe with 100% conviction the most unlikely things. Despite their belief none of it materialises.

  14. +1

    When you lack logical rigurosity and the willingness to change your ideas to fit uncomfortable data and facts, magical thinking helps you wrap the unknown into beautiful lies that make you feel good.

  15. In the post after this one, you talk about AFC’s and how they take the path of least risk.

    This is the same mentality a friend’s wife has in regard to religion. She’s a Christian, I’m an atheist/agnostic, and her husband’s a deist. We debate for hours, and her go to response is that she’s a Christian because she’d rather be safe than sorry. She’s one of those faith without works people who thinks all she needs to do is to believe in Jesus to go to heaven.

    I can’t tell you how many girls I’ve met that say stupid shit like, “My intentions create reality” “Law of attraction” “Power of positive thinking”, “Everything happens for a reason”.

    As for astrology, I’m pretty sure that’s just narcissism and the need to feel special.

    I’ve also met plenty of girls who brag that they are good at reading people, even one who thought she could guess someone’s name just by looking at them (got me wrong of course, but since she did she loved me and found me mysterious.)

    God, I’ve even banged a girl who had every L Ron Hubbard/Scientology book ever printed on display in her living room.

    1. Imagine if people in 1700 believed that electricity was ‘stupid shit’.

      People are always inclined to think that new forces are impossible, just because they haven’t seen them yet. It is very ignorant to call the Law Of Attraction ‘stupid shit’.
      What makes you think that your eyes know everything?

      Quantum physics show us that everything can be in a superposition. When a conscious mind notices it, it becomes reality(/a real object).

      I am agnostic. I am aware of the fact that people think they know if there is a god or not. I am also aware of the fact that I am adressing 90% of the world. I can not understand these people.

      Nobody knows if there is a god or not.

      How can you believe something, if you do not know it?

      1. Not really, people in 1700 believed in falsehoods as well – like bleeding with leaches. Stupid shit.

        How can you believe something, if you do not know it?

        You answered your OWN question:
        by believing in the same way
        as you believe
        in agnosticism

  16. Women like religion (their version of it) because it gives them power. It promotes the ‘spiritual’ and degrades the physical, so they see it as something which caters to them and should be used to control men.

    And men leave religion because women and white knights turned it into a tool to have power over them.

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  18. “Of all the strippers I’d ‘dated’ in the past every one subscribed to some form of non-mainstream spiritualism. ”

    You mean not affiliated with an organized religion like Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, Islam, Judaism, Christianity, etc?

    I’m under the impression that the majority of people in the developed western world are not official members of organized sects. Am I wrong?

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  20. Rollo,

    It’s probably got a lot to do with the renewal of pagan/wiccan ideas in the last I-dunno-how-many decades.

    These ideas are absent of the ‘patriarchy’ that they fear so much. Therefore it is appealing to them.

    Also, women rely on a very practiced intuitive sense in their day to day interactions. I think this leads them to give more credence to mystical occurrences than men.

    You’re absolutely spot on though. They all like to think of themselves as spiritual Goddesses or some shit.

  21. Being an atheist doesn’t mean you can’t be ‘spiritual’ or connected to ‘what is’, as a woman pointed out to me 😉 She has a point though; metaphysics doesn’t innately require a belief in a ‘god’ force, but that does not mean it doesn’t have rules and laws to it, after all, maths does. So something like the concept of ‘the secret’ (obviously a huge simplification of the paradigm, but touching at truth) can be a natural part of the Universe and thus ‘spiritual/energetic’ regardless of religious dogma. Is gravity ‘spiritual’? Philosophical question… but you best live by its apparent truth.

  22. Got a friend who lost his dog, his ex rang him up explaining that she knows someone who might be able to help. Excitedly he said “who”? She said “ I have a friend who is a pet phycic.” It’s still a laughing matter to this day!

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