The Goddess Movement

Six years ago I wrote a post outlining what the PUA community referred to then as “Chick Crack“. It was a pretty straight forward post that I delved into just to explain why playing to women’s propensity to believe in the spiritual – or what women would consider spiritual – is an effective technique in Game. I always thought it was funny how accurate this presumption about women was when I came across it.

Of all the strippers I’d ‘dated’ in the past every one subscribed to some form of non-mainstream spiritualism. This girl Angie I used to bang kept Tarot cards in her pink lady’s devotional Bible, another professed to be a psychic; in fact the only people I’ve ever known who self-seriously wanted me to believe they were in fact psychic were all women.

[…] For the stripper set this seems to be par for the course, but I wish I could say this chick-crack phenomenon was limited to just women who had some vacuous spiritual/emotional hole in their lives to fill. No, all women (yes I said all) are predisposed to the intrigue that metaphysical imaginings sparks in them. If it smacks of secret, covert knowledge, privy only to a chosen few, then you’ve got an attentive listener in a woman. UFOs, palm reading (always a classic), psychic premonition, ‘gifts of prophecy’, really anything that hints at knowledge beyond the ordinary is fair game. Chick Crack is not just limited to off-brand spiritualisms either, you’ll find that far more women than men will develop (conveniently) an affinity for, and are more invested in, religion than men.

In the wake of the Anthony Bourdain “suicide“, and the scramble to absolve Asia Argento of any complicity in his decision to hang himself, I came across this post about Asia’s penchant for Witchcraft. Apparently Wicca is somewhat more than a hobby for her. As you look at these pictures it’s important to remember that this is a 42 year old woman (and her friends) who sincerely believes in this stuff.

In Chick Crack I also made reference as to why I believe women’s being predisposed to beliefs in the supernatural is a desire for secret power from an innate position of female powerlessness.

Feminine Mythology

Women’s natural pull towards the mysterious and metaphysical has its roots in the sex’s historical characterizations. In keeping with the very useful associations of women’s unknowability and feminine mystique, it’s perhaps unsurprising that we find most mythologized representations of women and femininity cast as brooding, fickle, rapacious and often as a temptress, possessing secret knowledge that foolish men (the mere mortals) are neither capable of, nor encouraged to understand. Sometimes childlike, often conveniently eroticized, women are literally cast as forces of nature – whether sexualized nymphs or tempestuous witches, each characterization relies on women possessing some form of secret or forbidden connection to the metaphysical. Even the commanding presence of Joan of Arc, while leading the armies of France, had a connection to something otherworldly. By their very nature, feminine mythology, by default, presumes women are more in tune with the nature of reality, while surpassing the ignorance of brutish men.

Women revel in their mythology. Since covert forms of communication are the preferred language of women, their affinity for secret information is a natural fit. Ever wonder why gossip seems to be uniquely endemic to women? Look no further than women’s innate impulse to acquire secret knowledge. Take away the Vampires and Werewolves – the metaphysical component – from the Twilight series and what you’re left with is a relatively bland romance novel. Add the otherworldly and you have a runaway hit popular with every female age demographic, from tweens to octogenarians.

In women’s evolutionary past, concealment meant everything. Confusing a man as to the true genetic heritage of his children was often a matter of life or death. Pursuing pluralistic sexual strategies depends upon creating a characterization of women as legitimately unknowable, thus the feminine mystique is instituted. Ergo, the sociological PR campaign over the course of millennia has been to perpetuate the mystery of woman.

From an evolutionary perspective it makes sense that physically weaker tribal women would seek some sort of mastery over the men in their lives who could punish or kill them and their offspring at will. As I’ve covered in many essays, women are biologically and psychologically more attuned to deeper communication and the emotive states of other people. Women have a far greater capacity to understand subcommunications and subcommunicate themselves among their own sex. This is borne out by multiple brain scan studies and research on the architecture of men and women’s brains.

To the blunt, overt, relatively nuance-less interpretive processes of men this subcommunication can be both frustrating and mysterious. It’s the mysterious part that women learned to reinforce and exploit in their dealings with men long ago. This is where we get the idea of the seductress or the ‘keeper of mysterious secrets’ archetype (witch, midwife, nature goddess) for women. It’s less important that women would actually be more in tune with the supernatural, but rather it’s more important that they believe it’s a general truth about all women. Men might be skeptical, or they may buy into that mystique, revere it and encourage other men to believe something similar. Usually how a man adopts or rejects that archetype is determined by his own self-understanding and his Game according to it and his sexual market value.

There are a lot of derivative character archetypes that stem from the basic ‘mysterious woman’ root. That might be anything from a healer, nurturer, mother type rooted in what used to be the mystery of women’s life-giving capacity, to the force of nature sorceress, to the eroticized sexual seductress (nymph, siren) or even the high-priestess of the holy temple of prostitution (an ancient brothel madame). Over the course of history, since our hunter-gatherer beginnings, this means to influence and power for women has coalesced into what we popularly imagine about women’s mysterious nature. Only today we call it a ‘woman’s intuition’ and we make appeals to fortune and fate when a guy get’s “lucky” and a woman favors him with her sexuality. It’s all socialized solutions to evolutionary problems, but if we add an element of ‘magic’ to the equation it makes explaining failures and appreciating successes that much easier.

Today, the belief in this nature is still very much reinforced in society. Thus, we get women subscribing to what amounts to a collective pathology – they are encouraged to believe in their ‘magical’ sensitivities to spirits and forces beyond the sensitivities of (ostensibly) “powerful” men. To fight the mythological Patriarchy women rely on a mythological tool. In Chick Crack I made mention of a stripper I used to have as a friend-with-benefits who was very attuned to the “spirit world”. As such the whole gamut of the supernatural was free game for her to use. She’d read my Tarot cards, my palm, throw in some eastern mysticism and wash it all down with a read through her pink ladies’ devotional Bible. Granted, ‘Angie‘ was an extreme case, but all women are in someway, or say they are in someway, privy to metaphysical understandings which men are not. And today we read and listen to male leaders in mainstream religions adopt and parrot back this “women are closer to God than men” mantra which is directly linked to the ‘spiritual women’ mystique.

The old trope of a Woman’s Intuition is an example of this belief in something beyond the ken of men. And this is also an important aspect of boys’ Blue Pill conditioning – girls/women possess some unearthly connection to God or something supernatural which further cements the idea that they should to defer authority to girls and women if they want to “please God the Goddess”. You might think this hard to believe in our age of technology, but only the context of the supernatural has shifted. Even the most objectively rational boys and men strongly believe in the ‘soul mate myth despite atheism or agnosticism. This belief of the faithless is directly related to the unknowability of the female. Even modern atheists have a tendency to fall prey to the “someone for everyone” religion when it comes to connecting with the opposite sex.

It’s my belief that this presumption of a greater sensitivity to the supernatural is an aspect of women’s evolved mental firmware. Regardless of how false it may be, a woman with the disposition to encourage men to believe that she has some otherworldly connection despite the world or circumstances around them, one that would lead men to venerate her in the long term, would’ve been a powerful social adaptation in ensuring her and her children’s security. No doubt women readers will trot out the reflexive “Well men have been shamans and soothsayers and the patriarchal leaders of churches too”, and this is true, but those men lacked the female elemental advantage in their believability. Even their own belief sets encompassed the ‘spiritual woman’ tropes for better or worse. The wise old wizard is definitely an archetype, but that wizard lacks the feminine mystique and the sexual components only women possess in exercising that power.

Modern Witchcraft

Today we see a distinct falling away from the old order of acknowledging the supernatural. Less and less people subscribe to religion in its conventional sense. The Millennial generation wants nothing to do with “organized religion”, yet they still seek the structure to life it used to provide. So instead we hear the compromise about being “spiritual, but not religious” as if accepting the possibility of the metaphysical is something expected, but the taint of the “religious” is left for older generations. Even in what passes for contemporary religion the influence of the Feminine Imperative is ever-present. The spiritual, the metaphysical, the religious, all are still useful tools for women to consolidate power with. As men abdicate more authority to the feminine, as they themselves are the products of a continuous social feminization, we see a wholesale handover of the spiritual to the direction of women. The male leadership of mainstream religions is itself compromised with the imperatives and priorities of women who are already presumed to be “more in tune with God or the supernatural”. As such they exercise the Feminine Imperative and assimilate women’s stake on the spiritual by being proxy agents for women’s authority.

Today I was linked a story about how Episcopalians have begun to Remove the Man from their religion. Apparently this marks the beginning of rewriting the doctrine of this religion by erasing all masculine pronouns for God. Of course I expect the predictable retorts that Episcopalians aren’t real Christians, but theirs is just one of the more glaring examples of how the feminization of religion progresses. The latent purpose is a wholesale removal of anything conventionally masculine from religion, and/or placing the feminine as the primary connection with the supernatural. Whether it’s mainstream religion or psychic reading, a woman is at the center of that mysticism. If you want a perspective into the things to come for a female-led mega-religion look no further than the teaching of Rev. Shannon Johnson Kershner (dual surname noted). God is not male is the clarion call of the priestesses (and their male ‘ally’ priests) of this new religion.

Why should we view God as female? Well, it’s so that little girls can become pastors, with Kershner saying, ““I wanted to make sure that little girls knew that God could call them to be pastors, too.”

For the MeToo / Time’s Up generation God is female, the supernatural is more aligned with the feminine. I’ve made this observation before (before the #MeToo moral panic arrived) but there’s been a growing push on the part of men to relinquish any spiritual authority from a masculine perspective for decades now. The largely secular impetus of the MeToo movement is now finding its way into a religious environment that has been primed and ready for it (largely due to its acquiescing, complicit, and thoroughly Blue Pill male leadership) for a long time. MeToo was a natural fit for a feminine-primary church that needed its push to consolidate power even in the most patriarchal of religions. MeToo has given women license to finally be overt in their design on religion and spirituality – not unlike Open Hypergamy has been embraced in the mainstream.

In celebration of this conversion of religion to feminine-primacy we get the feminist Beyoncé “worship” services in formerly traditional cathedrals. Millennials may be falling away from the old church, but they fill the new church to overflow-capacity when ‘god’ is female.

The take home message for this essay is this; womankind has been intimately aware of the complicity of men in granting them a default connection to the supernatural. While we may not profess a formal belief in such, men are eager to accommodate female power in this arena – especially if in doing so it endears women to the men who play along with it. Professing a belief in the supernatural is simply good Game. The early PUAs picked up on this and used it to their advantage. However, this abdication of moral authority – an authority founded in masculine pretenses – goes far beyond getting your palm read by an earthy stripper you want to bang. This compromising of moral authority to the feminine by men is just the next phase in conceding all social and political authority to the Feminine Imperative. If God or a ‘higher power’ is the foundation of moral authority, and women are universally presumed to be more in touch with that higher power, the next step is to cede that authority to the sex that has a more direct line to that power.

What prompted me to consider writing this essay was a link I was sent in response to the story about Asia Argento’s involvement in modern day Wicca. I listened to a bit of a podcast by Vox Day recently in which he was asked his thoughts about modern paganism. He said, and I paraphrase, “Paganism today is just kids LARPing to the idea of old world religions. They’re role playing something akin to Dungeons and Dragons with no real belief.” I thought this was interesting in light of the article I was sent on Neo-Paganism and the Feminist Spirituality Movement:

However, some women were not willing to identify themselves as “witches”, and there arose a form of Goddess worship without any of the trappings of witchcraft. As Nevill Drury explains, “Although some Goddess-worshippers continued to refer to themselves as witches, others abandoned the term altogether, preferring to regard their neopagan practice as a universal feminist religion, drawing on mythologies from many different ancient cultures.” This has been called “Goddess worship” and the “Goddess movement”. These terms are frequently used interchangeably with, but should be distinguished from, “feminist spirituality”, which includes the Goddess movement, but also feminist Christianity, feminist Judaism, etc.


The principal beliefs of the Goddess movement are that the Goddess is a radically immanent deity and she can be experienced directly. The Earth is seen as the body of the Goddess and women are understood to connect to the Goddess through their experience of their own bodies, as well as the “body” of the earth. Goddess feminists also believe that the Goddess is constantly changing, manifest in the changing of the seasons and the human life-cycle, and perpetually self-renewed.

The Goddess movement offers women a new self-image and facilitates women finding their own innate goodness and natural divinity. It enables women to redeem and revalue the “feminine principle” and offers them positive images and symbols of female empowerment.

It may seem easy to dismiss the influence of the feminine on what is re-evolving into a new feminine-world order of spirituality, but I think it would be foolish dismiss the influences of the Feminine Imperative – the Goddess Movement – that is manifesting itself incrementally in the power vacuum left by the abdication of masculine moral authority to the feminine. We read that Millennials may not be “as religious” as previous generations, but that doesn’t mean they don’t seek out ‘spiritual, but not religious’ metaphysical connections. They seek direction, and connection in religion, but they seek it in the secular, gynocentric terms they’ve been conditioned to believe they should define themselves by. A similar parallel exists on the masculine side too. One of the reasons for Jordan Peterson’s popularity is his ‘ministering’ to a generation of “lost boys” seeking direction in life. He is every bit one of the Lords of the New Church in the same way that the Goddess Movement speaks to another demographic of lost souls who seek absolution in the “divine feminine” – also a term Peterson is fond of.

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  1. Do about it?

    All I can do is recognize what’s going on and where it’s gonna lead. People, in general, only actually react when they are in actual pain and suffering but by then it’s pretty much too late.

    Most Americans aren’t aware of the history of the Roman empire, so they chant ‘merica is #1 no matter how far south things are going. We’re losing the ability to course correct.

    Leadership acts more like Isis than a republic. We’re at 17 trillion in debt ( a bulk held by China btw ) and were projected to reach a new high, 21 trillion very soon. Let that sink in. We cut taxes while prosecuting 2 wars, then we recently cut taxes yet again.

    We might just become the shortest lived ” empire ” on record.

    But man, do we have stuff. Particularly entertainment. Even poor folks have PlayStation.

    What can I do about it? There’s nothing I can do to prevent a pending collapse. Only the people can do that in great numbers and the understanding and will aren’t there. Yet. It’s been a long and slow downward slog and there Will be no way to snap a finger and turn things around.

    This state of being makes us vulnerable. We’re vulnerable from the interior and the exteriorexterior, and we’re to selfishly divided to do anything about it.

    These things have consequences.

    The rest of the world is already starting to look at us sideways.

    All I can do is to not get caught off guard. That might give me and my family a very slight advantage. Might. But it’s like being on the titanic after it struck the iceberg, and someone asking you ” what are you going t to do about this? “.

    Drown last.

  2. …. Or go to Mexico.😁 I speak enough Spanish and have no ” ethnic hatred “, so that’s an option.

  3. Do you know enough spanish to start over in the american construction industry?

    If you had no money, would it be easier to advance in mexico or the US?

  4. If you become a canadian citizen,then come work illegally in the us you can pay no taxes and go home for the free (paid for by 50% income tax) medical.

  5. The mexican vowels; E I O U A.

    The Migra shows up on a jobsite and everyone runs away,still they manage to catch three men.

    The officer says if you can make a sentence using the words green,pink,or yellow I will let you be.

    The first man says, “Hello Pinche Gringo!” to the bus.

    The second says,”Pinche Gringo’s es yellow” to the bus.

    The third one says, “The telephone goes green green green,I pink it up and say yellow.”

  6. Blax, the biggest risk to the U.S. is what happened to the Byzantines. Internal fractures and hatred and oppression of domestic groups led to treason and the oppressed groups inviting foreign powers to attack Byzantium.

  7. Until we get another game post, fellas go to uTube and search for

    “Q The Plan to Save the World” and watch the video. Rollo’s site won’t let me link to it.
    Let the sparks fly. lol!

  8. Total global debt is unpayable, ergo it will not be paid, ergo there will be a “writeoff” on a scale never before seen. Absolutely nothing can prevent this. The line of inevitability has been crossed. Buckle your seatbelt.

    It’s going to be a shit show for everyone, but there is one winning (if you call that sort of thing “winning”) strategy:

    Drown last. Your economy will still be a shit show, but you’ll at least control most of what’s left of real assets.

    “If you had no money, would it be easier to advance in mexico or the US?”

    I have lived in Mexico. If you are an American, you cannot advance in Mexico. Their anti-nationalist rhetoric is simply a weapon against the US. Internally they are deeply protectionist. You will not find work, you will not be allowed to acquire real property and you will not be allowed to remain.

    You are welcome to bring American dollars, leave them all, and depart within six months.

  9. Facts. Stubborn things.

    It’s why when I’m told ” blax, you’re ignorant about finance/politics/economics.. “, I just refer back to the undeniable and forgo the hopeful and wishful thinking.

    All of the technical machinations, the political machinations, Will not matter at all when the 2nd show drops. This is what will cause a lot of men to eat lead.

    And all of the 80 year old knowledge will be rendered mute.

    We’re in uncharted ( for America) and deadly territory.

    But the worst thing is, there wi l be zero social media.😂😂

  10. I have friends whose lifelong goal was to acquire a few million dollars worth of assets. They laugh at me if I say ” in a collapse, you assets won’t have worth. You millions will evaporate overnight “.

    Better to hone your skills outside of the fiat currency amusement park just in case.

  11. Interesting take on this from an entirely different focus.

    “In Chinese philosophy, yin and yang (/jɪn/ and /jɑːŋ, jæŋ/; Chinese: 陰陽 yīnyáng, lit. “dark-bright”, “negative-positive”) describes how seemingly opposite or contrary forces may actually be complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the natural world, and how they may give rise to each other as they interrelate to one another. Many tangible dualities (such as light and dark, fire and water, expanding and contracting) are thought of as physical manifestations of the duality symbolized by yin and yang. This duality lies at the origins of many branches of classical Chinese science and philosophy, as well as being a primary guideline of traditional Chinese medicine,[1] and a central principle of different forms of Chinese martial arts and exercise, such as baguazhang, taijiquan (t’ai chi), and qigong (Chi Kung), as well as appearing in the pages of the I Ching.” – Wikipedia

    The anger had to recede for me to see men and women entangled in a complementary web of dependencies and needs from each other. I’ve come to greatly appreciate the feminine, even as I giggle at the hagiography of it.

    The thing that throws me off from the modern media/entertainment depictions of “powerful women” is that it flies right into the face of reality. I mean, how many times do the women have to fail pathetically on Survivor Island before they get exactly what they are made of vs. the boys, when it comes to some harsh realities?

    Men and women are complementary but men have also dominated, and that male dominated society drove us to the modern world. But i also think the western/christian family structure so rewarded men who played the game compared to previous social orders that it was like epinephrine to the adaptation and selection that occurs wrt sociological factors. Mating is the prime directive. But of course, this social/behavioral aspect can’t be seen as the same as biological evolution. The random number generator and drift aren’t there. But still…and since social adaptation/selection is is in some real ways deterministic, adaptation can happen quite rapidly.

    The further I get away from hating women, the more I see them struggling with and for power, it’s pretty simple to see if they are not on pedestals. But i also see how it weighs on them, and how they suck at it in direct ways. The whole power conversation in feminism occurs at the meta, abstract, collective level. But can you imagine what it’s like to work in these Women’s Studies depts? You have all the features of the crab basket, plus the added incentive of careerism and then once they get tenure they are unfireable. Cap that off with an environment sealed off from conflicting knowledge. It’s self-referential and self-reinforcing, with lots of institutional, sociological advantages.

    This is how we get the likes of Professor Rand Jarrar.


    Women are like children. Randa is acting out because she wasn’t sent to her room when she threw that really bad tantrum for no reason when she was 7yo. Instead, her parents reasoned with her, or more likely just let her have her way. But who would want to bother to discipline her now. And listen to her own contradictions – all that, and she still ends up sucking white dick, lmfao.

  12. Nature abhors a vacuum.
    This is basically a meta expression of the gynocentric push globally of “feminine mystique” which is basically chaos taking over. The hive mind is now realising a a forward momentum that it has never had before because men & the societies they managed, patriarchs, had things in check.

    The last 50 yrs has seen increased abdication in most spheres – scouts, private clubs, male only professions…

    It is what it is….and as much as JBP is needed, I see what you’re saying with regards to him being one of the famed pastors for the new “sacred feminine”.

    Luckily the internet of things has allowed men access to the rational male and manipulate alike.

    Like you well pointed out in Red Man Group #20, in your time this information didn’t exist.

    It will be interesting to see where this goes, especially in small social settings where rational males and RP men alike refuse to capitulate to this zeitgeist.

  13. Why, Blax, you almost sound like someone who has invested in Bitcoin! 😉

    Seriously though, I read some great advice once about how if/when civilization collapses (it doesn’t even have to be full Mad Max territory), having assets and tangible possessions won’t help you. Fiat currency may well become worthless, but even if you have gold or other hard assets like the prepper types (fuel, ammo, canned food, whatever), that just makes you a *target* for theft.

    But what *will* help you is if you have a *skill* that other people value even in hard times – that can’t be taken away from you. And unlike having fuel or ammo, it doesn’t make you a target – it gives everyone around you a reason to keep you safe. Like if you’re the only doctor left alive in town, everyone else has a huge incentive to keep you safe – not make you a target.

    Doesn’t have to be as extreme as being a doctor – the author I read was talking about how even being able to brew good beer was a useful skill in that sort of environment…

  14. The Gnoll Credo:

    4. If you can’t eat it, wear it, wield it, or carry it, leave it behind.
    7. Expect trust outside the pack to be betrayed.
    10. Stay alive. Hopeless battles are hopeless. Dead is dead.

  15. Just a Rational Male blog PSA: I’ve “upgraded” to the business plan on WordPress recently and as you’ve probably notice shit kinda went sideways in the comments, linking pics, video and the spam filter went fucking nuts.

    I did this because I wanted to get some better features going here as I have plans to once again freshen up the look and layout. I’ve always been about the content here so I like to have a look that facilitates that without the garbage of email list pop ups and adsense ads fucking up my writing. I’m still working on adding a forum to this blog, but this has also turned into a clusterfuck nightmare. My solution may now be to host something off site which of course defeats the purpose of paying about $100 extra per year.

    No big deal, I’ll sort it out soon, but in the meantime I apologize for any posts that get held up in moderation, go to spam, or if you can’t post at all. Also, when I relaunch in August I’m also going to clear the banned list again for sake of clearing out the old shit. This means we may get some old (and new) trolls/spammers in the comments again. Rest assured I’ll reban the worst offenders if they decide to get their attention fix again.

    Lastly, I’ve been pretty hands-off with the comments here for a while now. It’s true I’m working on a lot of concurrent projects (both in and away from the manosphere) at the moment, but about 2.5 years ago I decided to deliberately limit my involvement in the comment threads and rather make my essays my response to critics and hacks. That’s gonna change now. TRM is my blog and the comments will still be unmoderated as always, but between the trolls, the spam, the bots (which I’m now getting regularly here and on twitter) and the neurotic commenters I’m no longer going to tolerate this bullshit. I have enemies now whose only form of self-entertainment is bashing me and my work by creating spam/egg/sockpuppet accounts to attack me personally – never my ideas. I have to be more regimented and involved in banning this element particularly for the sake of new readers and guys looking for new answers.

  16. Tragic whats happening inside established mainline protesant churches, its not just the episcopal church. They’ve all taken left turn since 1960s. Female priests led to queer priests, which led to same sex marriage, which opened the door to gay parents adopting kids, which led to raising kids to be queer. Sad.

  17. Protestant, Episcopalian, Catholic, Baptist, Methodist, Lutheran….


    All consist of what?


    ” People “. All consist of people.

    people do some great things. People do some really shitty things.

    Fuck labels. Fuck what someone labels themselves as. Don’t be a sucker forever.

    Judge people by what they do, not what they say. Don’t elevate anyone because of a label or title.

    That’s all.

  18. “However, this abdication of moral authority – an authority founded in masculine pretenses – goes far beyond getting your palm read by an earthy stripper you want to bang. This compromising of moral authority to the feminine by men is just the next phase in conceding all social and political authority to the Feminine Imperative.”

    Masculine moral authority was rejected in the wake of the Catholic church scandals.
    I would argue the basis of men’s self loathing is derived from these and other instances of this type of behaviour. To many the feminine imperative is seen as the lesser evil when dealing with religious moral authority.

    True political authority will never, be put in the domain of the Feminine Imperative. The powers that be, can’t and won’t allow it.

    In our social class we must come face to face with the machinations of the imperative. In the top tier of society, the Feminine Imperative doesn’t even exist.

  19. Rollo, Peterson is full of shit. The dragon of chaos sometimes has a vagina. Thanks for the Halberd lessons. You’re a very nice man.

  20. “It’s really so rich that Trump supposedly is in with the Russians to interfere in elections….the Russians have been doing that thru US media for decades”

    Anybody can read Carl Bernstein’s (and others) work that exposed Operation Mockingbird. It’s not just the CIA that is continuously manipulating the media. It’s a massive effort by many, and they mostly go unseen. If you’ve worked in the biz long enough and aren’t wearing blinders you will know. I would expect OBIT to know a bit about this.

    Don’t expect the large majority of “journalists” to acknowledge this, they will scoff or make excuses.

  21. The indictment wasn’t about media. It was about evidence.

    Let’s not play ” whatabout??”.

    Red Pill, remember?

    You can have discord in your house, but you wouldn’t accept a neighbor inserting himself into it.

  22. You can have discord in your house, but you wouldn’t accept a neighbor inserting himself into it.

    Alien and Sedition Acts…the problem has been going on since before 1798

    The indictment wasn’t about media. It was about evidence.

    This is laughable. Indictments are not evidence. Mueller has been using indictments for PR which he never expected to have to take to trial because he never expected the Russian defendants to appear in court. They appeared and Mueller looked like a boob. Get your head out of your ass. Seriously.

    So far the “Russian investigation” has been about baseless accusations against Trump. RP says that if there’s no evidence, it’s a con. Ask yourself, “Is it in Russia’s interests to have a strong or weak American president?” Has the media been supporting Trump or undermining and attacking him?

    Figure out the con. Put in the work.

    As I said before, Trump is running Mueller. Mueller is supposed to make Trump look good by attacking Trump without evidence. It keeps Trump’s name in the news and gins up support of Trump’s base. The Russians are running the media. Trump is conning the media and the Russians.

    Mueller’s lead investigator was picked for his aggressive recklessness. He is supposed to screw up.

  23. ” This is laughable. Indictments are not evidence. Mueller has been using indictments for PR which he never expected to have to take to trial because he never expected the Russian defendants to appear in court. They appeared and Mueller looked like a boob. Get your head out of your ass. Seriously.

    So far the “Russian investigation” has been about baseless accusations against Trump. RP says that if there’s no evidence, it’s a con. Ask yourself, “Is it in Russia’s interests to have a strong or weak American president?” Has the media been supporting Trump or undermining and attacking him?”


    Although it’s interesting watching just how far you’re willing to bend and gyrate and make weak attempts at obfuscation ( ah-hem, you’re not talking to another supporter ).

    How many guilty pleas so far?

    What’s next on the agenda?

    Who’s head is where?

    asd, I don’t want to play anymore. This is not even challenging or a debate of any kind. When Trump said ” I can shoot somebody in the middle of 5th ave and not lose any support..” He was talking about guys that think like you.

    So let’s just wait and see how things shake out. Lmfao. Let’s not talk anymore about it, just watch.


  24. ” “When we confront foreign interference in American elections, it’s important for us to avoid thinking politically, as Republicans or Democrats, and instead to think patriotically as Americans,” Deputy Atty. Gen. Rod Rosenstein said when revealing the new charges. “Our response must not depend on which side is victimized.”

    Is this guy a Obama appointee or something??

    He he heee….

    Gee. He sounds crazy as fuck, right?

  25. So, Blax, it’s Ok for Russians to run the U.S. media, using them to propagandize us, but it’s not Ok for Russians to interfere in elections by putting propaganda on Facebook?

    You call accusations “evidence”. Lots of details in the accusations, but it’s not evidence without witnesses testifying in court.

    And for the last time, READ the indictment.

    And, for a second time, I DID read the indictment. Putting it as nicely as possible, go fuck yourself. lol

    But I have a question…doesn’t it bother you just a little bit that Obama created a voter database using Facebook data on users? That’s part of what the Russians supposedly hacked–not just the emails.

    And the alleged hacking supposedly occurred between March 2016 and Nov. 2016 and for the purpose of watching Bernie v. HRC. Trump was considered a long shot.

    None of this remotely ties to the Trump campaign.

    You know, it looks hypocritical when you ignore a loooooooong history of Russians using the media to propagandize Americans over many decades, but focus intensely on some relatively minor shit in the last election.


  26. “@Foxguy (and @Blaximus who +1 it): financial and security collapse… What do you plan to actually do about it?”

    Watch for a worsening of the financial collapse first, this has already started, eventually this will lead to essentials shortages this itself may take decades(it will not be one single event), then the real fun will start with the security collapse, most likely a swing towards a police state/dictatorship which will also in end be unsuccessful.

    As for what you can do that is completely in your hands, it begins with realizing that you are responsible for your own safety and well being. Financially , realize that all “paper/digital” wealth is just that, it can be taken away from you at any time via direct confiscation/zeroed out or via devaluation extreme or slow , the inflation house always wins. Your best bet on this is as others have pointed out is to be able to provide a service which others need so you can barter your skills in a collapse environment. I’m not big on heavy prepping past a few weeks, unless you live in a rural area , holding ground in an urban/semi-urban environment will be next to impossible, any food/gas shortage in the cities past a few weeks will cause significant issues, order will be restored in the beginning stages, but the situation will continue to deteriorate.

    As for the security situation the basics should be enough, firearms, self defense, situational awareness, etc. The odds for survival in a total collapse environment are very low even if you have prepared, proper preparedness may gain you a 5-10% edge if you are lucky. Your best bet is to catch the signs before a security event happens and take appropriate action and get away from urban areas if you are in one.

    I can expand more on this if desired, just let me know.

  27. Well in my unplugging days in my twenties, im facing problems, my parents dont like my new self, like an afc being pulled down from the barrel, im being psycho, in a very bad situation, any help

  28. “Well in my unplugging days in my twenties,”

    A little vague,any time is a good time to wake up and smell the coffee. Twelve or thirteen is even better.

    ” im facing problems,”

    Problems are opportunities in disguise,good on you for facing them head on.

    ” my parents dont like my new self,”

    Twenties is a little late to be dependent on parents enough to worry about their views of your belief sysstem or values,at some point in our maturation we need to adapt to the changing times and exercise our own strengths.

    ” like an afc being pulled down from the barrel,”

    If you aren’t supporting your parents while doing without yourself,the situation is nothing like AFC.

    ” im being psycho, in a very bad situation, any help”

    At some point in maturity we need to learn to get along with others at the social level this is called social maturity,no man is an island,especially not a dependent.

    Is there any way you can get councelling,besides 911,if not call it.

  29. “I have enemies now”

    Congratulations on your social promotion.

    They’re a blessing, in a way, as they are vested in buffered thinking and make your arguments for you by shoddy sophistry.

  30. @roused
    I’m sure the major powers all have large staffs busily monitoring the online media and injecting their own spin, or outright misinformation. If you have a large bureaucracy, it has to stay busy.

    But the sad thing is that the traditional media needs no CIA or any other secret force to manipulate it. Our current high schools and colleges do the job ably. And nearly the entire media ;profession suffers from a mass social and political groupthink.

    Newsrooms are a bubble; the reader, the customer, is an abstraction or even a downright nuisance. Most of what journalists do is aimed at their peers — to look thoughtful, reasonable, compassionate and with it. The goal is to be popular, win awards, get promotions and get laid. It’s an incestuous group that does not play well with normal people. Everyone is trying to fuck each other or if blatantly hypergamous trying to fuck the successful people they cover.

    Which brings me again to the TRM context: Most journalists are beta and blue pill. Orbiters. White-knighters. As the profession becomes more feminine this is only getting worse. (Yes I was a part of all this — and I admit male journalists are not an impressive group. But I was fortunate to be a little more situationally alpha in comparison with all the suits, leading to various opportunities).

  31. How are you defining, “election interference”? Stopping someone from voting via poll tax or intimidation is election interference. Stuffing a ballot box, deliberately miscounting votes, or destroying votes is election interference. Paying for advertisement is political propaganda and suspicious from foreign powers. Did Russian ads have that much of an influence on USA elections?

  32. “Russian ads” seems like just the tiniest drop in a huge bucket of crap that is the internet. To really manipulate an election via the media you still need to find the candidate in bed with a dead girl or a live boy. “Finding” or “losing” huge stacks of ballots is the more common modus operandi, and we don’t need the Russians to do that for us.

  33. Hacking.

    Stealing and physically manipulating information, including social security/identity theft.

    A very large part of my daily job is to thwart/stop stealing and hacking via the internet. Maybe that’s why I see the extreme danger of not taking action when the red lights are flashing and the alarms are ringing ( see : 9/11 ).

    I’ve seen my company’s entire telecoms hijacked and mirrored in a matter of hours ( from somewhere in the Ukraine ) and it was a Herculean effort to regain control of our system. It’s a never ending battle. We’re spoofed, phished and probed constantly daily.

    So if the intelligence community is saying that the fuckery hasn’t stopped and we are still in great danger, it’s not a matter of who is in the Whitehouse. That’s obscuring what’s going on currently.

    But denial is inviting disaster.

    As far As social media shit, well…. I guess this is one of the many downsides of people trying to live life online. Take extreme positions should always raise suspicion, but that’s not the case. People say it up. Twitter recently dumped a shitload of accounts as has facefuck, but I think the platforms are already too compromised.

  34. OBIT,

    The left gained control of the teachers’ colleges long ago, which means that they have been indoctrinating teachers for decades with leftist groupthink.

  35. “Did Russian ads have that much of an influence on USA elections?”

    Very little. The amount spent was a drop in the bucket. I’ve sat in on conferences with Facebook and Google and it’s almost a joke the amount of hype given to this when you analyze the ad spend compared to the gross spend for all media on the entire election.

    You’re spot on. I didn’t have time earlier to elaborate like you did so I’ll just give you a +1.

  36. The internet, as Blax says, is highly vulnerable and people are asking for trouble in many aspects of life.

    But one thing that has saved our elections is that the election system — the actual voting and the voter rolls — is very decentralized and not really internet based. I work for my county’s board of elections both at the polling place and at headquarters so I see how fragmented and low-tech things are. There are databases but they’re not tied into anything. Fraud is low-tech and would have to be mostly at the local level or county at the highest.

  37. Curiosity question:

    Can any commenter here besides asd define what ” leftist groupthink ” is irl?

    Sorry, I know this stuff turns people off, but I’m commuted to calling it out as I’ve challenged large numbers of people to do so as well.

    So what is leftist groupthink and where is it concentrated? Who, specifically, are these ” leftist “?

    Just a question. This type of thing is floated randomly and it just stands always unquestioned. Is that because it’s not worth challenging, or is it better ignored?

    For the record, I see a lot of ” wrongness ” out in the ether, but I don’t see just one ” source ” of problems and never have.I’m amazed mostly at the idea that ” one side ” is culpable fully for the state of people today. That takes willful ignorance or something more sinister.

  38. Quiet. I’m not asking you anything. Your response is predictable. Always.😂

    I’m asking to hear from more rational and reasonably realistic readers for their opinions.

    I can’t learn shit from you, but maybe someone else can help me see what I’m missing ( or not missing ).

  39. Also, good thing I don’t live life by reading shit.

    Maybe that’s why the belief of the all powerful leftists is so strong. Too much reading of propaganda and less life experiences.


  40. @foxguy – I’d be interested in hearing more.

    It’s a minor side interest of mine but I do some reading in the area and have begun building some skills that will be useful in the long term…I think complete collapse is pretty unlikely in our lifetimes, but always good to have something to teach future kids..

    Have you read some of the decline writings by a guy called John Michael Greer?

    Some general thoughts which are in line with what you said:

    Obviously we can’t know the future for certain since history never repeats exactly but it is a useful guide to the general contours of what’s likely to happen:

    Specifically (assuming collapse does happen – again, we never know for sure)

    1. The choice isn’t between Star Trek utopia and Mad Max collapse. In reality collapse is likely to be in stages like going down a staircase (and there are likely to be recoveries and moves up too, but never back up to the peak – the trend will be down). Whole process likely to take 1-2 centuries before bottoming out and probably a “dark age” of a few centuries before civilization is rebuilt. Asimov was not that far off track in his Foundation books – probably because he based them on Gibbons’ Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.

    2. Speaking of which, the Roman Empire is a pretty good model for what we can expect here in the USA. Basically as there’s less wealth and resources to spread around, things will start to get cut, and you can expect more and more infighting as each faction tries to get the cut its accustomed to, even though the pie isn’t big enough anymore causing political gridlock and extreme factionalism (sound familiar?). Over time, more and more resources will be withdrawn from the fringes to sustain the center and the fringes will be left to sustain themselves (what do you think Trump telling Europe they can no longer rely on the American security umbrella and have to pay for their own defense is? SIDENOTE: That goes for Israel too – they are going to get a very rude shock in a few decades when they realize they are surrounded by massive states that hate them and outnumber them by orders of magnitude and they have to defend themselves without the superior technology and billions of USD yearly that they have become accustomed to – that is pretty much what happened to the Crusader Kingdoms of Outremer a thousand years ago – they were able to hold off the Arabs for decades as long as the support from the European superpowers of the day continued – when it ended, the Arabs rolled right over them and Saladin conquered Jerusalem).

    Eventually you can expect political fragmentation into regions and states and smaller and less centralization, and quite possibly raids and marauders from warbands that have been held off at the frontier when wealth and resources existed, just like the Goths and other barbarian tribes eventually sacked Rome (hello Mexican drug gangs and cartels..).

  41. Blax, there’s nothing magical about “leftist groupthink”.

    “Groupthink” is a well-understood and common phenomenon (the classic example is McNamara/Defense and the mess they made of the Vietnam war but there are many more). It’s important – but takes a lot of effort and few people try – to try and combat the tendency to groupthink (we all have it) by seeking out opinions and perspectives different from your own and trying to apply their ideas and trying to falsify your own ideas and convictions by testing them against reality and other ideas (like you went out and talked to girls about social media when YaReally challenged you to actually go do it and you accepted that he had a point about social media even if you didn’t agree with him about every aspect).

    “Leftist” groupthink is just groupthink by people on the left of the political spectrum. The right, the centre, TRM readers, Cubs fans, Star Trek v Star Wars factions – whatever – they ALL have groupthink. “Leftist groupthink” isn’t some magical special kind of groupthink that no one else is subject to. The subject matter may be different but groupthink is universal..

  42. Culum

    Yup. History, real history, is a wonderful thing full of essential lessons. America is following the Roman path, so it’s hard to imagine a different outcome eventually.

  43. There was a time back in the ’20s when communism was cool. Then the Cold War and Korean War happened and news came out about Stalin’s murder of millions of Russians, so communism was no longer cool. So the roaches scurried out from the communist rock and under the liberal rock. Then Reagan came along and pilloried liberals with humor and it was no longer cool to be a liberal. So the roaches scurried from under the liberal rock to the progressive rock. But it’s kind of funny. All these rocks look pretty much the same.

    Leftists are a conglomeration/coalition of interest groups: abortion providers like Planned Parenthood, environmental groups, homosexual rights groups, Antifa, marijuana legalization groups, feminists, Big Labor, “animal lovers” like PETA, diversity groups, racist groups like La Raza (somehow they don’t get the bad press that the KKK gets), open borders groups, globalist groups. affirmative action groups, the Southern Poverty Leadership Conference, The Nation, etc.

    When one of the left wants to create an event, and they need bodies, they send out notifications to other leftist groups, which notify their membership. If Big Labor workers are on strike, they might show up to support a Women’s Rights march or an Antifa demonstration. A lot of times a leftist group will pay professional demonstrators to show up to an event. I’ve seen gay rights protestors at an anti-abortion event (I suppose all those gay mean need to make sure they don’t have to pay child support, lol).

  44. Culum

    That’s a major portion of my point.

    If groupthink hampers development and understanding, the a man needs to step outside the ” group “.

    You might be proven wrong, or you might be proven right, but he r you just blindly accept what ” my group ” espouses, you’ll miss the big picture and the opportunity to learn.

    And that removes all *magic*. Propaganda becomes solely a collection of words with little proven meaning.

  45. “Can any commenter here besides asd define what ” leftist groupthink ” is irl?”

    Defining “leftist” starts becoming a problem by the mid 1800s. In the 1920s, the Golden Age of Socialism, it became entirely divorced from its original meaning and it’s only gotten worse since then.

    And, as I have noted before, in the context of American politics it never had any meaning, as the US was innately leftist from its founding principles. “Left” means pro-secular republicanism.

    I do, however, know totalitarianism when I see it, and I see both the “right” (which means pro Church and King) and the “left” trying to convince me that their particular flavor of totalitarianism is best.

    Which rather misses the point if my political position is anti-totalitarianism.

  46. Blax, if you ask me where the sun rises, I’ll predictably tell you “East”. But I’m sure that more rational readers will come up better answers.

    GFY, lol

    “Leftist groupthink” isn’t some magical special kind of groupthink that no one else is subject to.

    Go read “1984.” Blax is denying that there’s anything Orwellian going on at the same time that he says that the elites run everything. He has the incredible ability to believe 16 opposite things before breakfast!

    Basically as there’s less wealth and resources to spread around, things will start to get cut

    Fuck, there are more billionaires today than ever and everybody on the planet has a cell phone and food. Barring some local shitty lord screwing with some hostile tribe in Africa. Musk is talking about giving everyone a guaranteed stipend. And there’s no lack of resources. Oil is still cheap and if it gets expensive, it’s because of politics. Iran, Obummer, whatever…

    Financial difficulties will come because of brittle things, like CDOs.

    Jobs are plentiful and wages are rising. Don’t you read the news? Confirmation of the news. I see help wanted signs everywhere. Oh, wait, but I had to read those signs. Don’t believe what you read!!!!!

    Lol…don’t be a lolcow and don’t treat leftists seriously.

  47. Financial difficulties will come from fiat currency and the attendant debt thereof…

    Jesus Christ😁

    What color is the sky in your world?

  48. “Financial difficulties will come because of brittle things, like CDOs.”

    Exactly. And all the world’s currencies have been converted into CDOs. Only without anywhere near sufficient C to cover the DO.

  49. And, as I have noted before, in the context of American politics it never had any meaning, as the US was innately leftist from its founding principles. “Left” means pro-secular republicanism.

    Only if you’ve eaten shrooms. The left has consistently pushed issues that are anti-family, anti-church, and anti-capitalism, like they continually wrote about for centuries. (But keep eating those shrooms.)

    If you think that you can “step outside” of some group, and somehow ignore them and this will make them go away, then they’ll pass laws like VAWA and fuck you over. They’ll run #metoo campaigns and try to take down Confederate monuments and rewrite history and brainwash your kids. But Blax says that you can ignore them and everything will be fine, so just follow Blax’s dictates and I’m sure you’ll be all right.


    I’m a member of the NRA but not of the KKK. I don’t believe in races, so I don’t see how I can be a racist.

    I don’t watch Fox News and rarely watch NewsMax (usually when Mrs. Gamer is watching Joe Pags, who’s entertaining). I usually don’t listen to talk radio either. But somehow I’m a member of a group because Blax says so.

    He’s laughably predictable.

  50. …. Actually, the sun doesn’t ” rise “.

    That’s so 1600’s.

    Maybe you should read Einstein. But you’re right, my own eyes tell me that the sun rises and I shouldn’t believe my eyes.

  51. Groupthink happens when any workplace or profession reaches some tipping point where people who don’t follow the default position either feel it’s wise to keep their mouths shut or just go somewhere else.

    Even the liberal Politico website admits The Media Bubble is Worse Than You Think. Only 7 percent of journalists identify as Republican, and our sources of news and comment are becoming increasingly concentrated on the East and West Coasts.

    But it’s not just political, it’s people being people. As I mentioned, journalists are focused on being popular and respected among their peers, not voicing any view that might be seen as “mean” or “old-fashioned.” And no one wants to buck the FI’s growing influence in news.

    So this is why independent voices such as Rollo are so badly needed; he’s on a mission and is not running it by people at some 5 PM daily meeting

  52. “The left has consistently pushed issues that are anti-family, anti-church, and anti-capitalism, like they continually wrote about for centuries.”

    I have read the discourse going back to Hammurabi’s Code. I habitually walk around with much of it, in readable form, contained in my shirt pocket (I have mentioned before that I have shirts with a “Kindle” pocket hidden behind the patch pocket).

    There was nothing called the political “Left” or “Right” before the late 1700s. The human behaviours that are the foundation for them predate humans and are observable in other animals.

    The fundamental division is between the collective and the individual. What particular terms the collective imposes is completely irrelevant to its status as a collective.

    A Church (note the capitalization) is Collectivism. Capitalism is individualism.

    As for the rest, if it was also directed at me, I have no idea what the hell you’re talking about.

  53. That’s right, Blax, believe what you are taught, not what you see.

    The earth is flat then, right?

  54. “Groupthink occurs whenever some narrative is pushed loudly and critical voices are suppressed thru mockery and other forms of coercion.”

    Thank you for stipulating that point. Now read up on the Thirty Years War.

  55. “Which part of the Goddess movement are y’all discussing, again?”

    Collectivism vs. Individualism. The Goddess movement sees itself as “Holistic,” and sees The Patriarchy as “Reductionist.”

  56. There was nothing called the political “Left” or “Right” before the late 1700s.

    Those terms came into being at the time of the French Revolution, but the ideas were active long before the late 1700s. Robert Owen was among the first British socialists, I believe. The other British (and American, later) socialists built on Owen’s work. I had a real Western Civ course that covered Owen and the revolutions of 1848.

    A company is a collective, generally; since capitalism requires companies, capitalism is collectivism.


    Over 50 countries were affected, but with no coordination or cooperation among their respective revolutionaries.

    And I also believe in the Tooth Fairy.

    Owen and other early European socialists are collected at

  57. @kfg
    Would that be collectivist individualism or individualist individualism, and how do these Goddess girls define “holistic”?

  58. And the Goddess Movement aka the FI is strengthening its hold on the media. A lot of reporting reflects this orientation and is aimed at getting more females on board.

  59. That’s right, Blax, believe what you are taught, not what you see.

    The earth is flat then, right?

    Using a spyglass, I can see ships disappearing on the horizon. Presumably, they fall off the edge of the world. How they get back up, I have no idea. hehe

    (My perspective is definitely limited as much as anybody’s.)

    I’m only defending my claim that I see the sun rise in the east. I’m making no claim about the earth being flat.

    There are pics, taken from space, supported by eyewitness testimony, which show the earth to be ellipsoidal.

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