Unconscious Contempt

Today’s essay was inspired by the lead image you see here and the subsequent exchange I had on Twitter about it. What you see here is a rather nebbish looking husband, I presume post-surgery, recovering from his vasectomy in bed. He is surrounded by cutesy post-it note jokes his wife left him (kind of like the notes your mom might put in your school lunch when you were a child) on a plethora of sugary snacks from the pantry.

The number of kids we’ll be having in the future – Zero

Forgive me if I Snicker

Sorry your dong got dinged

Good-bye to your swimmers

Mini Nonuts

Your berries got crunched

These are just a few of the ‘jokes’ his wife spent an awful lot of time creating.

Beta men and their wives joking about their vasectomies has become the meme du jour on all the usual social media sites where women congregate to appease their egos, gloss their girlfriends’ and commiserate about their fates of being wives and mothers. Before I dig in here I think I need to point out the utility that social media has evolved to serve in most women’s lives now. There was a time when a woman’s indignation needs could be met by daytime television, talkshows and romance novels when living vicariously through their girlfriends’ lives wasn’t sufficient. Today, women’s innate need for indignation is provided on-tap courtesy of the internet, social media and cutesy-but-insulting images of a husband are almost passé. I know, I’ve discussed this topic on a few podcasts, but it’s becoming increasingly more important for a man to understand what social media is providing to women’s nature and how their relationships are indirectly influenced by the exchanges their wives and girlfriends are having online.

I’ve seen a few of these “I got a vasectomy and my wife thinks it’s funny” social media posts before this one. Creating little post-it note jokes to apply to the snacks in the pantry might seem cute, but why is this even a thing? Why is it women/wives think it’s cute to publicly ridicule their partner about the impotence he elected to have? Amongst the Facebook and Instagram shots of her life, amongst the motivational quote memes, and among the complaints about kids, marriage and domestic life a moment of ridiculing their husband seems par for the course. And it’s all acceptable so long as the context is one of being ‘all in fun’.

Marriage today is a dicey proposition for men. I talk and write a lot about the overwhelmingly high risks of life and livelihood men should consider when it comes to how we do legal marriage in this era. MGTOW or not most men understand that marriage is basically for women now – at least with respect to the legal protections and the win-win incentives that are advertised for women. If all a woman ever did was read about marriage from social media and popular culture one would have to wonder why she would ever want to sign up for a lifetime of dealing with a husband, or the caricatures of average men, at all. The contempt for men, even in the most good natured, humorous, ways is palpable on most social media. It’s entirely acceptable, even expected, to deprecate the foibles of men in marriage. We literally can’t do anything right in a ‘female correct’ online world.

And like the “child-in-a-man’s-body” that women complain about, most of these average husbands are okay with being the butt of the joke. In fact, most are enthusiastic about their self-deprecation because they’ve been conditioned to think that doing so endears them to the women who married them and proves they’re “secure in their masculinity”.

Can’t you take a joke?

The first thing any woman, and any Beta male, will say is, “C’mon Rollo, it’s all in fun. Imagine being so humorless as not to get this? Who hurt you?” I think there’s an underlying acknowledgement of the passive aggressiveness that inspires this ‘humor’. When a comedian like Dave Chappell throws caution to the wind and does a 90 minute comedy routine that is funny as hell, but attacks the unassailable ‘correctness’ of our present social narrative we laugh along knowing the latent message of the humor. So, what is the latent message of making a man’s (elective) impotency a joke?

Imagine what the outrage would be on social media were you to make ‘cute’ jokes in the same way about your wife’s uterine ablation or tubal ligation. At the very least women wouldn’t think it was funny. No one tells women, “Lighten up. What, are you so insecure in your femininity that you can’t take a joke?” When a woman is rendered infertile it doesn’t occur to anyone to make light of it, but for a man to be neutered – and at the mutual agreement with his wife – we find the hit to his masculinity hilarious. Why is this?

I realize I’m focusing on one incident here in this image posted on r/funny, but this is an example of a larger dynamic. It’s socially acceptable to ridicule the impotency of Beta men. As I detailed in Selective Breeding, women will openly attack men’s genitals as a reflexive response to the possibility that a lesser man might try to fool her Hypergamous filters. A guy getting kicked in the nuts by a woman is always funny.

If women’s existential fear is being tricked into reproducing with a Beta male, then forcing herself to settle on a suboptimal man must inspire an inner conflict in her. There are lots of controversial self-help books published by women on both sides of this conflict. Some argue for women to accept a Beta guy and just make the best of it, others (especially religious books) argue that a woman should never compromise herself and wait for the best man (the ‘soulmate’ husband God has preordained for her) to present himself to her.

In Selective Breeding I made the argument that women’s existential fear is the possibility of having her Hypergamous filter (feminine intuition) fooled by a Beta male and becoming saddled with his shitty genetics for the rest of her life. This is a primal, evolved, fear for women that manifest itself, often unconsciously, in many of women’s behaviors that we either take for granted or we have social conventions that accommodate them. Decidedly gynocentric societies will legally mandate against this existential fear.

But what about women who are already married or pair-bonded with men that their evolved subconscious knows is a suboptimal choice for her? What about women who are trapped in a marriage with a guy that her hindbrain confirms is not the ‘best she can do’? How does that primal fear of being saddled with a faithful Beta manifest itself? 

He that has eyes to see and ears to hear may convince himself that no mortal can keep a secret. If his lips are silent, he chatters with his fingertips; betrayal oozes out of him at every pore.

Sigmund Freud

Unconscious Contempt

I would argue that women today have never been more comfortable in expressing their contempt of the men they married. My recent essays on Polyamory and the deconstruction of men’s Paternity imperatives have been an exploration of how a feminine-primary social order is reimagining itself with respect to how men and women will come together and form families in the future. People will claim that women’s lack of respect for the masculine is the result of generations of men not living up to some old-school ideal. That might be so, but women have no respect for the masculine, the male experience, simply because they have no need to. 

Why do women feel comfortable – to the point of taking it for granted – in expressing contempt for their husbands? We can argue the basis of where this passive-aggressiveness comes from, but why is it okay to veil this contempt in humor?

Before I get run up the flagpole for being a humorless boor let me reiterate that I’m not saying men ought to read more into things like this. My point is the bigger picture here; why do we find this funny at all? I believe it’s a form of anxiety release for women who’ve committed to a lifetime of parental investment with a man that her hindbrain knows is less than what she believes is best for her.

These images were pulled from an Instagram account called Motherhood Through Letterboards. What’s interesting about this is the contempt for fathers and husbands that bleeds through what we should probably have a sense of humor about. You can have a look at some of these to get the context, but the latent purpose of this exercise is a release of the anxiety created by women’s pairing and reproducing with men that their hindbrains cannot accept as Alpha.

Again, we talk a lot in the Manosphere about how social media contributes to the gross overinflation of women’s sense of self. It’s easy to see how women overestimate their sexual market value, and then conflate it with their personal value, but there’s more to this than just the woman on OKCupid who thinks she’s a 9 when she’s really a 6. There comes a time when that woman with the overblown sense of self must “settle” on a man who her hindbrain believes isn’t the best she could do. The metric by which she judges what is the best she can do is also subject to this ego-overinflation.

The main reason most women agonize over the question of whether she should “settle” for Mr. Good Enough is rooted in this Hypergamous conflict that usually comes at a time in her life where her SMV and her options with men are decaying. Today, the reason we see the age of first marriage being pushed later and later in life for women is due to women prolonging this indecision. She knows she can do better than the less-exciting Beta who seems like her best option in her Epiphany Phase because she’s had better in her Party Years. She also knows she can do better because social media and a constant steeping in the new Global Sexual Marketplace has convinced her she’s actually a 9, not a 6, and anything less than perfect is a waste of her potential. All of this plays on women’s primal, Existential Fear of pairing with a suboptimal mate choice – for life.

But now she’s committed. She married the only guy who would date her in that phase of her life given her circumstances. She married the Beta in Waiting, who’s overjoyed that he’s finally found his Quality Woman who appreciates his type. He’s thanking God for bringing him a woman who tells him “I’m done with the Jerks” and wants to do the ‘right’ thing now – while her hindbrain is contending with her existential fear becoming reality due to her own necessity. Now add 1-2 children into this mix (his or not) and you get this passive-aggressive manifestation of her existential angst.

Fortunately for her there’s an unending number of women experiencing exactly the same unconscious contempt for the men they married online in dozens of popular social media groups. The desire to “punch him in the face” is always tempered with “love”, humor and platitudes about relationships always being “hard work”.

End Note: Vasectomies

I feel it’s incumbent upon me to address what will be the predictable binary responses of literalist critics here:

• No, I’m not saying don’t get a vasectomy.

• No, I’m also not saying that if you did get a vasectomy you’re a pathetic loser Beta.

I will however point out that when I see stories about how a Beta husband did come to the decision to get a vasectomy there are always a lot of subconscious reasonings that go along with it. For all the notions of egalitarian marriages and self-praise for being rationally evolved above the hindbrain interpretations, on some level of consciousness a man electing to sterilize himself is a confirmation of the value he puts in his masculinity. This is why women think it’s funny to ridicule your impotency. Her hindbrain has 100% confirmation that you know your reproductive viability has no value.

A man’s reasons for getting a vasectomy may be valid and in some ways empowering for him. I imagine there’s at least some confidence to be derived from knowing you wont be held responsible for any “accidental” pregnancies. I get why men would opt for it, but the way a woman’s feral brain interprets a man sterilizing himself is what I’m getting at here. You may think, “Well, I don’t give a damn what women think about it.” Fine. Totally valid, but I’m outlining a woman’s instinctual response to a man permanently preventing his own reproduction. There is a subcommunication underneath this decision that denotes emasculation, and this is what women resent.

In some ways I see wives celebrating their husband’s vasectomy for reasons that have nothing to do with improving their sex lives. In the original Twitter thread I had men tell me that they got a vasectomy at the suggestion of their wives, believing it would lead to greater sexual frequency (or any sex in a sexless marriage) only to admit that it never improved anything for them. So, why the goading to get a vasectomy? The dots I keep connecting are a subconscious desire on the part of women to geld a husband to ensure he never reproduces with other women. It’s almost like a service she’s doing for the Sisterhood. She’s making sure that her mistake never becomes any other woman’s mistake.

Published by Rollo Tomassi

Author of The Rational Male and The Rational Male, Preventive Medicine

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  1. Blax

    Redlight left out the more choice morsels from that 2017 article…


    Alex, 37, already has two kids with his wife, but the health care administrator got a vasectomy late last year specifically so he could fool around — no strings attached — in the Hamptons. The downtown Brooklyn man and his spouse of 10 years are in an open relationship, but he almost screwed things up last summer when he got stealthed by a comely Russian model he’d met at dinner in Southampton.

    During sex, the woman pulled off his condom.

    “I asked, ‘WTF?’ ” recalled Alex. But he didn’t stop the sex. Two weeks later, he got a call from the woman claiming she was pregnant.

    “Could her motive have been to shake me down for child support? I don’t know. But it didn’t work, thank God,” said Alex, who never heard from the model again. “It was a wake-up call. It’s not like an STD you can treat. It’s a kid.”

    He told his wife, who supported his decision to get the vasectomy shortly afterward.

    Scott admitted that his choice of partners might be to blame. “If it’s that easy a lay, there are [probably] strings attached.”

    But he’s not in a hurry to change things. In fact, he requested his last name be withheld so women wouldn’t know he’s “shooting blanks. They just might move on if they have the motive [to try to get pregnant].”


    I know these guys. They make mid six figures and do house shares, or buy the cheapest house on the fringiest fringe of what can be conceived of as “Hamptons”. These are the guys who ruined the Hamptons. The guys who brought bottle service out… 100% beta bux dudes, or BP situational alpha at best. Same mentality as Tommy Sausage down the shore.

    Actually wealthy guys don’t worry, payoffs going on since way back when…

    And have you seen the NBA and NFL these days?

  2. “If a court orders that your wages be garnished to satisfy any debt except child support or alimony, a maximum of roughly 25% of your net wages can be taken. For unpaid child support, however, up to 50% of your net wages can be garnished, and up to 60% if you are not currently supporting another dependent.”

    Pretending we don’t live in a FI society does men a disservice

  3. There are upshots to this social situation though. Living in Quebec, where feminism was really ardent in the 70s and 80s, the “pink” men (Vichy males for you) are solidly implemented here. Now, after 30 years of these pussy whipped men roaming around and thirsting for women, you totally see the effect of red pill attitudes on the same women. They are so tired of soft men.
    Case in point, I accidentally spilled a whole pint of beer on a girl I was speaking with. Instead of being angry at me, she vented her anger on her boyfriend in front of the whole bar for full 5 minutes, not even lashing out at me once, before leaving in a huffy. I can only imagine the ride home.

  4. marquisdestade
    I accidentally spilled a whole pint of beer on a girl I was speaking with. Instead of being angry at me, she vented her anger on her boyfriend in front of the whole bar for full 5 minutes,

    Habitual comtemptuous behavior on her part. I’m sure he’s used to it, too. Whether she blabbed about it later on social media is an open question.

    John Gottman’s research on relationships was solid in the 80’s and 90’s, that is when he wrote his “4 horsemen”. “Contempt by wife” is one of the four conditions that means a couple will either divorce or be miserable in the next 5 years or so.

    Don’t be any of these guys. Don’t accept contempt-by-wife, even as it becomes normative on the larger world of social media.

  5. Speaking of contempt, there’s been considerable research (and pseudo social-science) on eye-rolling — supposedly a grave warning signal in a relationship

  6. is vasectomy detectable by casual female “inspection”?

    if not then females have no way of knowing a man’s “status”

    somebody could invent an implant that would open/close vas by secret remote device and then start an outpatient business where red pill fathers get their sons inplanted at 13 and then the boy can take it out anytime he wants after age of majority. something tells me they’ll leave them in because they like controlling who get their genes and when

  7. Sorry, but it comes back around to vetting and mpoo.

    eye rolling? She’d better not let me see it. Berating? Ohhhhh hell naw. Even a ” fuckbuddy ” or casual occasional sex partner needs to get that the flippant disrespect is never going to be a part of the program. Ever. There are way too many women in earth to tolerate this behavior.

    Dismissal will be eminent.

    Re: child support. Lol, we’ve been here before. Take care of your kids and stop trying to weasel out of it because of your feelz. Avoid court rape by choosing better and demonstrations. If you do wind up standing tall before the man, take it and pay up. Court means that there were multiple failures proceeding. And yes, courts can be horribly ruthless places for practically any man. Wanna really do something about that? Push hard for reforms before you get hauled in. If that cannot be mustered, then jeopardy for all is the order.

    Or you can castrate yourself to asure the safety of your checkbook and assets.

  8. I’ll share the experience I am going through right now. I met my ex when we were both 23 years old (we are both 38 now). We had 2 daughters. After my youngest was old enough to go to school my wife went back to work and later found out she was having an affair with her boss. So I packed my shit and left. This was a little over 2 years ago. (I stayed with her for a few years to try and make it work). We have stayed friends and still see her and my daughters at the gym 2 days a week and at cheerleading competitions and games that I pay for (she agreed that if i still provide there would be no need to get the law involved with child support) Well just this week I told her that a girl I have been dating, 28 year old wanted to get serious. She flipped out and said that if I had any kids with her that she would file for child support and come after me in every way she could. So I don’t know if it is so much as to “not letting another woman make the same mistake” but to me I feel like she is mate guarding me. On a side note. Watching her date for the past two years has really changed her perspective on the sexual market place. I think when she first got out there her ego inflated SMV thought she was a 9 (maybe why she cheated) but I see reality setting in when I talk to her.

  9. “Don’t accept contempt-by-wife, even as it becomes normative on the larger world of social media.”

    “I believe Athol Kay said contempt was virtually unrecoverable from.”

    I actually found that in turning things around in LTR game, it was actually quite easy to remove contempt more-so than other behaviors. By doing just what AR states. By not accepting it.

    The trick is being conscious and aware that it is happening. Not unaware, non-self differentiated, and co-dependent.

    Shit testing and putting him to work are often coated with contempt.

    And it’s the doing it over and over and over that kills the LTR, not the mere existence of it. It’s the drip, drip, drip of allowed behavior.

    It is the not putting a stop to it that is the relationship killer.


    It is not conflict itself that indicates a spoiled relationship. Conflict is typically healthy within a relationship as it can be productive in getting your needs met by your partner. It’s how you deal with conflict that can potentially be problematic. The four horsemen are counterproductive behaviors that negatively affect a relationship, and although all relationships participate in these behaviors at times, it is the persistent engagement in these behaviors that mark a difficult relationship in need of some TLC…

    …The key thing to remember is that all couples engage in criticism, defensiveness, contempt, and stonewalling at times. When you or your partner cannot engage in conflict in a healthy manner and use the four horsemen consistently, it is time to seek help in establishing healthy communication tools. A good rule of thumb is to remember the 5:1 ratio — five positive interactions to every one negative interaction.

  10. If: “I stayed with her for a few years to try and make it work.”

    Then: “She flipped out and said that if I had any kids with her that she would file for child support and come after me in every way she could.”

    “So I don’t know if it is so much as to “not letting another woman make the same mistake” but to me I feel like she is mate guarding me.”

    lol mate guarding you like a plantation owner guard his human chattel. she care only for work capacity and consistent income potential as evidenced by her preemptive claim on your earnings with implied legal system threat. few rational people make actionable legal threats at those they fear/respect who also have potential counterclaims. smells like conscious contempt

    “On a side note. Watching her date for the past two years has really changed her perspective on the sexual market place.”

    she would never tell you anything close to the truth about her adventures in the sexual marketplace

    “I think when she first got out there her ego inflated SMV thought she was a 9 (maybe why she cheated) but I see reality setting in when I talk to her.”

    and then she drives away while tindering guys 15 years younger

    me: “i get the sense you’re totally uninhibited”

    married hb5: “oh yeah. just not with my husband”


    me: “seriously, you can tell me. i’m the fucking least judgmental person you’ll ever meet”

    active dater in the live music scene hb5: “the real number… lol… i have no idea…. well over a thousand”


    if you’re doing anything more than showing up to get sex, you’re doing it wrong

  11. fleezer
    somebody could invent an implant that would open/close

    lol. Especially the remote.

    Something like that really was tried last century, though, to make it easily reversed.. Human tissue tends to grow all over the valve. It gets stuck.

    But lolz. “what are looking for honey? The remote? Isn’t that it over there by the computer?”

  12. con·tempt
    the feeling that a person or a thing is beneath consideration, worthless, or deserving scorn.
    “he showed his contempt for his job by doing it very badly”
    synonyms: scorn, disdain, disrespect, deprecation, disparagement, denigration, opprobrium, odium, obloquy, scornfulness, derision, mockery, ridicule, disgust, loathing, detestation, abhorrence, hatred, contumely

  13. Get your sperm frozen before you get snipped. Not necessary to disclose to anybody. Then sit back and wait for hoe to claim you knocked her up.

    That look on her face when you tell her you’ve been snipped…. priceless…

  14. I had vasectomy a year ago and that has been the most amazing peace of mind I have given myself. I have a daughter and she is 11. Did it after swallowing the red pill when I became single after a 10 year relationship with a single mother (yeah my Beta’s days lol). Am free now and have kept it a secret from every woman I have dated.

  15. IAS

    ” @Blax: you recently wrote (in a different comment) a story about a girl holding onto you as you ejaculated inside her (without your consent). Do you mind rewriting?”

    Okay I got time, so I’ll give the long(er) version for context.

    Met this gorgeous chick that worked in the corporate office of a company I worked for. I had to go there weekly for meetings and such, and to grab the paychecks for my staff. I flirted with her relentlessly, as she was one of the most beautiful women I’d ever seen up close. Lol, it’s like she wasn’t real or something – a mirage. Green eyed, butter pecan skinned, long, long haired Latina, all of 20 years old and very professional ( for her age ). She wore glasses ( before it was all the rage )and dressed very well in skirted suit things, but That body could not be hidden no matter how she tried to camouflage it.

    I mean…. damn.

    Little by little I managed to isolate her so we could ” talk ” ( read: Run Game ). First it was the cafeteria downstairs for coffee, then it was the restaurant down the street. We started getting pretty friendly. After about 2 months of chatting and going out on insta/speedy date type things, I mentioned to her that I was taking my monthly pilgrimage to Atlantic City. She squealed that she would love to go along…as friends. I declined that dumb shit and left.

    The next day she called me at work, and asked if she could go with me to A.C., and I told her ” no “. Then she said ” pick me up from work and let’s discuss…”, and I replied ” Nope ” and told her I was busy and had to get off the phone. She paged me ( remember pagers? Lmao )and I didn’t respond. That ” friend ” shit was making me lose all interest.

    Friday rolled around, and I was going to A.C. right after work. I’d planned on calling a chick that I knew would be down to go along, but the green eyed lady showed up at my job at lunchtime. I was in the café and one of my coworkers told her where to find me.

    She came in and plopped down at the table where I was eating alone. Damn, even in a t-shirt and jeans….hawt as fuck…lol. She asked ” why don’t you want me to go with you? I think it would be nice and we’d have a lot of fun ” I told her ” I’m spending the weekend there. “. She paused and asked ” Well…can you get a double bed room?”, and I asked her if she thought I was some kind of idiot or something. Then I asked her ” can’t you get to A.C. yourself?”, and she said ” I’d really like to go with you, spend some time uninterrupted, and get to know you better “. I was done with the conversation. Too much ” explaining ” for my taste. So I sat there eating my sandwich.

    Then she leaned in and smiled, ” I bought my bag with me. Can I leave my car at your house ? “. Yeah boy. So after work I met her at my house and grabbed some clothes, put her car in the driveway and we left. She asked how long was the drive, and I asked her ” Officially? About 2 hours but we’ll be there in a little over an hour “. Lol, about 30 minutes into the drive she was screaming and holding onto the dashboard. I asked her if she wanted me to slow down ( I wasn’t going to ), and she was hyperventilating and laughing so hard she couldn’t answer, so I downshifted and went damn near redline.

    When we got there, she was a beautiful mess. I checked in and she wanted to go upstairs and shower and change. Once in the room she retreated to the bathroom and I lazed on the couch watching sportscenter. After a while she emerged in a towel, but I didn’t budge. She laid out her underwear on the bed, and dropped the towel to the floor. I didn’t look….okay, that’s bullshit, I did look, but not directly. She kinda waited to see what I was gonna do. I told her to step it up and get dressed because I wanted to hit the casino after I grab something to eat. Lace body suit-ish thing, miniskirt and pumps. Better than the business suit.

    We ate and chatted. She was nervous. After I finished my main dish, I ordered a half dozen oysters. This made her burst into laughter – ” you know what they say about oysters? “, and I answered ” yup. And that shit is true “. She wanted to play the slots, so I headed to the blackjack table. About 30 minutes or so, she showed up at the table. A guy sitting next to me started trying to hit on her hard, and she told him ” I’m spoken for “. Lol.

    Fast forward, we get back to the room and I order some wine and hor’derves , and we take a shower. After that, It. Was. On. IAS, she had an impossibly tight vagina and superb muscle control, lol. We went at it all night long, with condoms. It was spectacular.

    So over the next few months, we would have sex almost every day, saving the all nighters for the weekends. She was cooking and cleaning and doing my laundry, and blowing me constantly ( because she said she needed ” practice ” ). About 4 months in, she started saying ” I love you ” in my ear during sex. So we had ” a talk ” and I explained to her that I wasn’t looking for a ” girlfriend ” in that sense, and that I didn’t want a relationship that way. No promising. She said that was cool, and that she understood, but it wouldn’t change what she felt.

    Fast forward to the night in question:

    Saturday night. We’d spent the day together in NYC walking around and eating and before going home, went to a club. It started like every other night of sex. Lots of foreplay, condom on, lots of banging. At one point she was on top riding, and she stopped and removed the condom and went down on me. I assumed she was trying to get me to finish in her mouth, so I laid my head all the way back and closed my eyes. Then she stopped and re-mounted me, so now I’m trying to time things so that I could get her off of me before…that happened, but she was riding deep as fuck and rotating her hips hard and in that moment, I ” got ” what she was doing, but the ejaculation train had left the station. I tried to remove her, but she sat all the at down full bodyweight, and she got both barrels.

    I was disappointed and said something like ” awww fuck “. She said ” it’s okay… I wanted you to cum inside me forever “, and she just sat there, massaging her tits and tossing her hair around and moaning. After a couple of minutes, she leaned forward to kiss me and I mushed her in the face. I was thinking. When was her last period? Was it a week ago, or two? It started on a sunday morning….after the night….we went to the jazz concert….Fuck!!!! ” don’t be upset baby, it’s wonderful ” she says. I’m thinking in my head ” this is all my fault. Now I might’ve knockedup a 20 year old girl that I’m not all that interested in beyong hanging out and having sex..”. And more importantly, why didn’t I see this shit coming?

    IAS, my number one issue is that I didn’t vet her for anything outside of sex and hanging out. She ticked off a bunch of boxes, cooking, cleaning, buying me shit ( lol ), but I never got around to physcologically putting her through the paces. No stress tests. Outside of sex, she was pretty much an unknown quantity. That wasn’t smart on my part.

    I did not want a full on relationship, and I definitely didn’t want kids at that point. I wanted more kids, but in the future, whenever I decided that would be. So I held my breath for 3 weeks. She was beautiful and all that, but I didn’t want to marry a 20 year old, and though she was mature for her years, she was inexperienced and a little sheltered, and what I did know was that I was only going to get older and less interested in going to Disneyworld or some shitty concert. She thought she was in lurv, but I knew better.

    So I broke it off. I told her ” I cannot trust you to not make rash, sudden life changing decisions like an adult “. She tried telling me something like ” Relax, I’m not going to get pregnant right now..”, which was fucking crazy.

    She stalked me for about 2 weeks, and cried and cursed and yelled, standing in my driveway at midnight hollering at me to let her in ( see? Vet them ). I went back to plates, and she refused to be ” plated “. The corporate office became an awkward place for a while, but she simmered down.

    Lol, maybe I shoulda put this in field reports. Anyway, that’s the story.

  16. It’s all so tiresome, to be a man nowadays requires so much work and dedication for little reward, and at the end of the day it can all be taken away by small little mistakes. It’s not worth it it now to have a family, which is a shame to say, because the work it requires from a man in the know is just tiring. Women’s standards keep going up, and they don’t come down, men are getting pushed out of everything they enjoy, men are demonized simply for being men by all facets of life, and you can’t even relax when you get home because there’s always some new horror on the horizon.

    What do you even do in the face of the modern era?

  17. @Blax: thanks, I vaguely remember she had “stealthed” you (apparently that is the term for removing the condom without one of the partners noticing), but it wasn’t quite that.

    In any case, if I have fucked them a couple of times, then I start to go in raw, and either put a condom in before going in for the finale, or come somewhere on the body (away from the vulva and I then wipe them up and take them to a shower). There are some risks, STDs aside, focusing on the pregnancy risk – one of which is the “rodeo” move illustrated in your story, the other is the pre-ejaculate possibly containing sperm. My current “plates” aren’t as “peak fertility” as your examples, but still.

  18. Meanwhile ADJ is retweeting five month old tweets about Rollo and a reporter…


    What a fag…

  19. “I had vasectomy a year ago and that has been the most amazing peace of mind I have given myself”

    Have you analyzed why you didn’t have peace of mind before, perhaps that’s the real question you should be asking ?

  20. unconscious contempt:

    sondland: “i remember the first girl i kissed”

    also gordon sondland: “the gordon problem? that’s what my wife calls it.”

    congressional room full of pussies laugh heartily

    this motherfucker can’t buy his way out of female contempt for all the hotels in the world lol

    in terms of know your enemy…

    all these swampers are fucking pussies. move aggressively on them at every chance. they make big mistakes when challenged. they are empty suits. treat them as such and move past them with the contempt they yearn for

  21. To all those whining about hard hard it is to be a man today, and I got a vasectomy because “reasons” Yes, it is hard to be a man – always has been. Then guess what – life really gets tough…you die! Sucks to be you!!

    Seriously, there are plenty of options today if you don’t want to be man….see you local doctor, especially those in any liberal leftist controlled urban areas……they’ll be happy to make you not a man, and the government might even pay you to do it! But to voluntarily deselect, in essence, what makes you a man is just mind blowing to me. I cannot even comprehend that line of thinking. If you are so worried about having unwanted children, you have three basic options: keep it zipped in your pants or pay for the privilege to have sex with a woman whom will be guaranteed not to hit you up for any responsibilities if you get her pregnant (i. e prostitutes, escorts, travel to Philippines or such places like that), or learn & live game.

    On an even less positive note, I suspect most of the posters here whom find it so difficult to live today also categorically deny the existence of the Deep State..so below are links to a couple articles which should set you straight:

    https://web.archive.org/web/20150714235155/http:/spectator.org/articles/39326/americas-ruling-class-and-perils-revolution (article from 2010 which basically foreshadowed the 2016 election and future problems to come)

    https://www.tabletmag.com/jewish-arts-and-culture/culture-news/292763/angelo-codevilla (article which methodically describes the why and how the United States will crumble in the future….and how it maybe be uncomfortably close to the very near future).

    The guy in both articles calls in the ‘Ruling Class” – we call it the “Deep State”…different sides of the same coin.

    Make time to read both articles; it should be undeniably clear they DO NOT like us, they don’t care that we know they don’t like us, and they will do anything to get & keep in power. They are also the force behind all the bad “isms – feminism, socialism, Communism” why you find it so hard to live today, and the reason for the impebding downfall of the West.

    Yes, Blackimus, Santa Claus Deep State is real and is literally banking on the fact you don’t believe they exist…..

  22. What this article just screams is that men need a reliable fertility control ‘pill’. It is an absolute disgrace and scandal that we spend so much money on “women’s health care” and next to nothing for men’s. Right now, our only two options are either getting snipped or wearing a hat, both of which have their problems.

    While not having as great an impact as the pill did for women, a MBCP would be a game changer because it would work against women’s hypergamist instincts. The men who used it would be by definition the alphas who would have something to protect. The type of people advising men to use it would be investment advisers, estate planning attorneys, athletic coaches, not (wo)men’s health clinics. This would put pressure on women to now think they can play the field and then have an “oops” pregnancy to commit earlier when they still had something to offer.

    As far as equalizing spending on men and women’s health care, sooner or later this will hit the supreme court. All the gloating about how men and women should pay the same amount for our health insurance because of equality but women use 30-40% more than men needs to be reconciled.

  23. Vasectomy and Loss of Frame (or continued degradation of frame) or From Unconscious Contempt to Conscious Contempt

    I shared this story 2 years ago, but it’s a good one.

    So, this couple, Mr. & Mrs. S, was “caught” by pregnancy and got married. She supported him by working while he finished school. So, he owed her “forever”, because she kept his baby and she paid for his education.

    Fast-forward about 10 years – They have a boy and two girls. My son used to play with their son. We were superficially neighborly, and, from time-to-time, my wife would look after their children.

    They made the vasectomy decision, or should I say, Mrs. S made the decision for him. As fate would have it, the day after he had the surgery, there was a huge snowstorm that dropped about 2 feet of snow. In spite of doctor’s orders to relax and take it easy, he had to shovel his walk and driveway. I’m told that he and his son had a snowball fight. The son made a lucky groin shot that knocked him out cold.

    The next day, with everything in full shutdown mode, Mrs. S invited my wife to their house for tea. Something she had never done before or since. When she arrived, Mr. S was taken by surprise and embarrassed. He was sitting in an easy chair wearing a bathrobe, t-shirt and boxer shorts with an ice pack in his lap. When my wife suggested that maybe she should leave, Mrs. S said, no, that maybe he should get up and stop acting like a baby.

    I called this her Vasectomy Victory Party. So, Mrs. S wanted a “sister” to share her victory with and my wife just happened to be available. It must be a terrible thing for a man to have no frame and have a wife that glories over his submission and pain—showing her conscious contempt. However, since there are no outside forces to blame, he richly deserves what he gets.

    A year later, she moved her (their-haha) family to be closer to her parents which made him leave a promising job. She also remarked to my wife that she had changed her mind about not wanting additional children, but now Mr. S couldn’t (as he was no longer fertile/a man).

    I was glad to see them go. Their son would later become a drug addict, attempt suicide, not go to college, and have a baby with his baby mama. Do you think his parent’s role-modeling for him had any effect?

  24. Prof Woland
    While not having as great an impact as the pill did for women, a MBCP would be a game changer because it would work against women’s hypergamist instincts.


    Look, we’ve been over this before. Hormonal contraception in men screws with the endocrine system even more than in women, because men crank out sperm cells all the time, 24 / 7. Vasalgel may or may not be easily reversed.

    “Game changer”, nope. Put on your Glasses – women do something with rules for betas, and something else with rules for alphas – alpha is still situational even in Social Media world – so? What does that mean?

    Plus you are missing the entire point of Rollo’s article. The whole vasectomy drama is merely an illustration of the unconscious contempt far too many women have for men in general, and “their man” in particular.

    The unconscious contempt is a real thing, you can see it in just the pix illustrating the article. You can hear it in women’s voices when they discuss their “manbaby” in semi public, you can see it in the way women relate to their “boy man”. In the mall, look for the “mall sherpa” carrying a double handful of bags as he trails behind Mommy and the kids. In the grocery store watch who pushes the food cart and the demeanor.

    It’s all about frame. Boys are taught to be in their mother’s frame, and nobody teaches them to get out of that frame. So men of 25 still want to please Mommy.

    Contempt. It kills relationships, and therefore kills men. Therefor it matters.

    1. Female contempt for men is part of everyday life and most of it is thinly veiled as humour. The female office manager says to me ‘Typical man. Does not listen’. It’s laughed off by her peers. It does not bother me. I don’t acknowledge it but I know what it is. Switch the gender dynamic or reply with ‘Oh, I am actually listening it’s just that what comes out of a woman’s mouth is mostly white noise’ and I would be in front of HR so fast.

      Openly passive aggressive contempt (not shit tests), from women about men, is part of the fabric of society and it is just laughed off. Blue pill guys will just laugh, thinking they are in on the joke and say ‘Yeh we are stupid and we are rubbish at listening’, in the hope that women will find them ‘sweet’ and be attracted to them. ‘Aaaaaw how cute. He understands he is just a dumb man’. Insidious fuckers. Women know these men are insidious and their contempt for these kind of men just increases.

      These men who get snipped choose not to see the contempt. ‘It was not like that. We both chose (she chose) that we did not want anymore kids’. Or ‘I want to bang as many chicks as I want (yeh OK Hugh) without getting a woman pregnant and having to pay child support’. Life is too hard for a man. Women are entitled and want to trap us men into child support whine, whine, whine. However much a man says he is getting a vasectomy for himself the logic does not dictate that. A man is diminishing his birthright as a man because of women. But there is also irony to this in that he is also punishing women by getting snipped and it can be seen as a selfish act. What is definate is that it is not a reasoned choice that comes from his own mental point of origin and he is not benefitting himself.

  25. Broken Record Department:

    So, Hunter Biden busts nuts inside this Arkansas chick. She gets pregnant, and tells him he’s the father.

    He denies.

    Because he doesn’t feel like it…or something.

    DNA test bursts his bubble.

    I wonder is he flabbergasted and will make haste to get a vasectomy? Gee, how could any of this be avoided?

    So he gets married last month, after giving baby momma the stiff arm, and she heads off to the court system.

    Does this really, really seem all that odd or unwarranted? Is she a bitch for dragging him into ” The System “? Is it really All Her Fault?

    Arkansas woman, 28, sues Hunter Biden for child support claiming he is the father of her 10-month-old baby who he ‘fathered during his relationship with his late brother’s widow’

    …. dated/fucked deceased brother’s wife, huh?

    Seems to me old Hunter isn’t a Playa, he’s just a reckless motherfucker with his dick.

  26. Blaximus
    Arkansas woman, 28, sues Hunter Biden for child support claiming he is the father of her 10-month-old baby who he ‘fathered during his relationship with his late brother’s widow’

  27. Have you used the word Jews even once on this blog?

    How much do you want to be all of these are Jews joking about vasectomies, when in fact they don’t get them, and plan on having many more children?

    Remember the prime imperative of Jews: have large families, prevent large white families, promote race mixing.

  28. Off topic but related to an older discussion we had here:




    Riveting from the first moment I picked it up. Sarah, a friend and a person I respect very much actually indoctrinated me into the program in this book. I bowed out after a time. But can absolutely see how this could happen.


    What a joke this book is. Please save your money. Dont give this lady anymore money to live her lavish lifestyle. Don’t give her anymore attention for her story. So much self-flagellation and pretend remorse. You seem like you are trying to glamorize cults and that you are trying to make money from this. You may have been a victim at some point in time, but clearly you know use this to profit. I’m so disgusted at your publisher for publishing this trash. I guess they also just see the $$$$. Before this I had never even heard of you so I’m not sure what “acting opportunities” you get. I guess this is your only way to support your family since your husband doesn’t work. The only saving grace about this is that you are donating PARTIAL proceeds to the actual victims you got involved. I guess that’s better than nothing.

  29. Guys, get this. There is a certain class of woman these days who is overtly angry at the low quality men they are forced to choose from. Consider the aspect of hypergamy that has all women aiming for the top 20% of men – they will always be disappointed. Even after they get married and become mothers. The trapped feeling, the overwhelming sense they can do better plagues them.

    They are also proud of their libidos, a funny hypocrisy as if I was open in most settings about my sexual behavior I’d be shamed. Older white men are not allowed to be sexual at all, actually. Or maybe on command…Hehe, somehow I get away with it though. My sisters and even my daughter know I date younger women, but nobody dares say a thing about it.

    Why is that? Cuz they know I won’t bite, rather I’ll just laugh and change the subject. I truly get that women are trying to collectively control male sexuality and drive it to their ends. They can control and bully lower value men, and those who haven’t truly unplugged from the matrix much more effectively if they do so collectively. Such ritualistic shaming is now a meme and a self-reinforcing ego/power boost for women.

    I noticed when married how my wife hated me when I was sick or injured. She’d laugh when I got hurt. I also realized later that she actually has what my psychologist told me was “covert narcissistic personality disorder”, this is a phenomena in which the narcissist only shows her fangs in her private social setting. This includes family members and even close friends at times. So she was particularly vicious about it because it was less obvious. It’s funny, when a shrink told me such private abuse was a feature of NPD, it’s like a piece of the puzzle fell into place. It went all together with the parental alienation and how my daughter was affected by her Mom’s psychology, it’s one of those ideas that “explains everything” so I believe it. But the basic motivations are the same with all women. In a way, my ex was merely giving in to what normal people control.

    They hate us when we are weak. And in their minds, 80% of us are weak, substandard men. Women live in a crab-bucket, constantly competing for that male attention. Even if half of them don’t know what to do with it when they get it, they all crave it like crack. Can you imagine hot grating that is? Men have little idea of how central all this is to female behavior, it’s funny to watch how blind most men are. This is miserable for them guys, the game is so intense for them. That’s why they spend so much effort in appearance – it’s a much bigger part of their lives. This is also why feminism has released so much rage, as women deeply resent their dependency and craving for men – albeit only high value ones.

    Getting a vasectomy is the ultimate cuck move. You are telling your partner that you are giving up the delivery of what your basic sexual drive tells you to deliver as an objective of sex. I don’t know if you guys ever cum inside of woman, but without a doubt, that orgasm is different and better in quality in a notable way. Try cumming inside of a nubile 19yo hb9…The back of the brain screams like a Brazilian futbol fan after a goal, it’s utter ecstasy. There is simply nothing on earth that feels better sensually and I never cum so hard as I do when doing that.

    In the same back of the brain way, women have a strong reaction to a man who voluntarily gets physically maimed to check out of the sexual race. This lowers his value but is also self-imposed, so it’s much more pathetic. Ever see how women treat a crippled man? They are sympathetic, but at some level they are disgusted. but at least they didn’t do it to themselves. Take the message guys – they hate men who do this. Don’t get a vasectomy.

    This is just the mush in the back of their brains running like mad. Women also have been cheered on to project this animus to their heart’s content. To any high value male, it’s an obvious cry to be dominated and well-fucked. Such women can be reduced to giggling girls in 10 minutes via well calibrated game. Not with the point of fucking them, rather, with the point of getting them to submit subtly. Just to a point of allowing me to guide the conversation and interaction. You see, I know that women actually hate leading and driving most of the time. They all crave the relief they feel when they submit to a man, even if just for a short while. Their body language changes.

    I noted this in an unsuccessful meetup with a new sub prospect this week. Sweet 25yo girl, but with some definite “issues”. Got very turned on, and then it made her nervous, lol. No big deal, it was fun and no drama. I quite enjoyed the 90 mins or so of seduction. The levels of her falling into my web, and then slipping out. She reacted really well to physical escalations, but then her mind would kick in. I think actually she’s a legit ‘good girl’ and while tempted to join me in depravity, at the last minute, she ultimately thought better of it. But she was the first to tell me she loved the giggly moments. It’s funny, when a woman submits, she reverts to more “girlish” behavior and seems much happier. They smile much more, giggle a lot and are sweeter.

    The reason is that submission means a cessation of hypergamy and the nagging doubt that there is a better deal out there. Women love that release and in a way, this is the itch they are ultimately seeking to scratch. I’m watching the former HB9, now 32, with her bastard son simply melt down in terms of hypergamy. I’m having to detach as it’s pathological and since I have zero intent to provide for her or play daddy, there is no more affection. Her entire view of men is based on utility. And since she was so hot, she feels entitled to high value men – who now look past her…the only guys interested are players who want to hit it and run or complete misfits who make her skin crawl.

    I used to take great pleasure in this idea but watching someone you care about literally have her very identity shredded by her hypergamous nature and to fall from super high value to this is quite educational. It’s very hard on her and all women. Fyi, in a way, she has been a huge part of my red pill journey as she’s red pill as much as a girl can be and we talk openly about this stuff.

    She told me how good it felt to walk into a room and know that she could have any man in the room. This didn’t mean attention was welcome from most of the men, of course, but power of that kind is immense. She was used to being the winner of the hotness status game in almost all settings. Not anymore…I take no joy in it as it crushes her. And what’s available to her? She literally loathes the guys who reach out online. She’s so fucked up she literally can’t make it through the first couple of messages to meet, she just sees how it won’t work out with every guy.

    I think when a girl rides the cock carousel hard, this is the inevitable result. Hypergamous madness. I think the loathing expressed by these women at their man’s self-cucking is another symptom of such women. This is an acceptable way for them to express their anger at men with lower value…

    Fyi, a good fucking will really settle such a girl down for a moment but she will revert to form. It’s as though their neurology has become permanently over-hypergamous. There is no stopping it. They become very bitter. I see it in the former HB9, a cold, desperate meanness, and an almost panicked state. Even though she has 12k a month in child support from the rich guy who knocked her up, lol, she feels like she doesn’t have enough. it’s insane to watch. So I’ve bailed for the time being. The boy is cool but her? Almost like a blank to me now, there is really nothing between us since I’m not going to provide for her and she’s no longer into casual sex, lol. She’s actually done the born again virgin thing in her own way, lmfao. Funniest? I don’t care cuz she doesn’t arouse me much anymore, like I’m done too.

    Good thing I’m in nyc now. Holy shit there are so many young hotties down for sub/dom games here but it’s also highly competitive. I may fuck my first one tomorrow night. Hehe.

  30. @Blax is on fiyah! Hunter Biden a victim? Giggling. Also, a “playah” is a guy who IS reckless with his dick you idiots. But still, the only way a woman can get pregnant is if you cum in her during the small window every month in which she is fertile, if she’s not on birth control. I have barebacked most of my life, I’m quite capable of pulling out and sticking my dick in my partner’s mouth when I’m ready to finish.

    I like being reckless with my dick. You guys should try it, it’s called “being a man”.

  31. @ “reckless” scribs

    Frank Fartley, a psychologist at Temple University, says that many pregnancy risking men have what he calls Type-T (as in “thrill”) personalities: “Sex can be quite boring because it’s such a routine, and this is a way to make the routine more interesting. These can be risk-taking, stimulation-seeking people.” According to this theory, some Type Ts become Rock Stars or Mafia hit men, while others settle for banging Stacy from Safeway.

  32. @sp gp Sorry, no one can understand what you’re saying with that giant circumcised cock in your throat.

    But seriously… fuck off. “The Joooooooooos are behind it all” is about the dumbest thing a person can still believe. “Vasectomies are a Jewish conspiracy…” sure pal. Never mind that an ethnic group cannot be collectively responsible for anything, or that non-Orthodox Jewish birth rates are lower than the national average (about 1.86 vs 2.03 in the US – though you’ll probably disregard those as “tainted figures” because it doesn’t fit your retarded worldview – “the Joos” probably manipulated those numbers, right? How convenient that you can use your boogeyman as an excuse to shrug of any inconvenient data).

  33. Just throwing in another chunk of gynocracy……

    In the State of Washington, a married man needs permission from his wife to get a vasectomy. Of course, no such permission is required for an abortion…


  34. What about the first guy looks “nebbish”? Does Rollo look like Rambo or something in comparison? I think if you put them both in the ring, it would be pretty even, or slightly tipped in the snackman’s favor.

  35. The more I read, the more MGTOW is trying to sell me his goods. But, I love women. The way they move. The way they smell. Sex is amazing with a woman who you find extremely hot. Life is too good to ignore. We all only have one and it is short. MGTOW blame politics, women, religion, society, the system, kittens and everything in between for men getting a bad deal in life. Boo hoo. Suck it up.

    That is the beauty of the The Red Pill and TRM it helps you understand yourself as a man but also understand women. If a man can say to himself ‘Life is for the taking. I am a man who is doing the best I can. I will give back to the world the best I can’ life is good. It’s not hard. It’s a challenge, yes. But is that not the point of life?

  36. “The pitch: Doctor’s orders are a perfect excuse to watch the NCAA basketball tournament in its entirety.

    “Ready for some wife-approved couch time? Have your vasectomy on a Thursday or Friday. Then you can recover over the weekend while watching some great games!” said a Urology of Indiana advertisement ahead of this year’s March Madness.”

    Zeus… 🔥🌋🌊🌠⚡ NOW!!!

  37. ” Her entire view of men is based on utility.” – Scribs

    At the core this is all women, except maybe your mother. Some women just put more layers on top of it , make no mistake whether it’s genetics(Alpha) or Beta(Resources).

    Once you internalize this a man, it becomes much easier and you can actually begin to truly enjoy them and accept them for what they are.

  38. “ The dots I keep connecting are a subconscious desire on the part of women to geld a husband to ensure he never reproduces with other women. “

    Agreed, but why?

    “It’s almost like a service she’s doing for the Sisterhood.”

    I think there is a simpler explanation to part two, to lock him and his resources down. Him having a child with another woman is a threat on multiple levels. One, Ego. The thought of him knocking up a hot younger girl is almost unbearable to their ego.

    But also security, for herself and her children. She doesnt want to see his time and attention and especially his recourses going to another woman or to children that are not her own.

    If/when she decides to get rid of him, she will have decided she no longer needs his time and attention and the courts and the new man will take course of the resource/safety aspect.

    In a “nut”shell, it helps her harness him to her plow. Which is exactly what all women want. Even after beauty gets the beast, or the girl gets the alpha, job 1 becomes attempting to domesticate and harness him.

    The sad irony is that If she is successful in her efforts…they BOTH end up miserable.

  39. My sister was a domineering cunt.

    When I was weak, she tried to set herself up as an authority in my life.

    When I became strong, she calmed down and tried to play up to me, but I hated her stupid ass(How dare she put me to the test?) so I set her up to get rid of her dumb ass because she was a liability to my newly constructed identity. I grew pretty weary of her constant shit-testing and constant need to be included in my life.

    How’s this related to this gelding phenomena?

    Simple. Women are not only in Gender War with us. They have their own definition for important words. Like “Justice”.

    To them no man without enough value, to merit it, should have anything else but contempt in his life.

    Some men want to win the contest, but some men just want to look like winners.

    There’s more than one way to keep up the necessary appearances.

    Power hungry women exist who are bitter at how they never amount to more than being a pillow fluffer.

    They think that because men compete for them that they can say “Be a cuck or you’re not living up to your burden of performance”

    And there’s men that fall for that.

    Solution for those types of women is ostracism. Not co-enabling their rationale by jumping through every hoop. It’s not like I’m fucking my sister after all.

  40. Reposting after accidentally posting it to an old article; in response to a recent tweet from Rollo’s thread about the new book, Gender Moasic by Dr. Daphna Joel:

    “I came across research suggesting that tiny neuronal stuctures called spines in the hippocampus, a brain structure involved in memory, are denser in female rats than they are in male rats. But in rats that received electrical shocks, which cause them stress, the sex difference is reversed: The spines are dense in males and sparse in females.”

    –Dr. Daphna Joel

    In other words, even when male and female brains appear to be physically the same, they are different.

  41. 54 year old attorney friend of mine was dating a 27 year old he never wanted to get trapped so he had a vasectomy. She quickly dumped him. On another note vasectomies are not always free from complications despite what you hear. I think there was some nerve damage from mine

  42. @2444

    Do NOT tell her you had a vasectomy. A woman can have an abortion or stop/start taking birth control without telling you.

  43. Social media is propping up an already irrational system, to be sure.

    It’s already been stated in the thread a few times (49ers, etc) so no need to further explain that part,

    But its not just SMV. The shared FB page I have with my wife is just meme after meme of ridiculous lies and half truths aimed at propping up the self-esteem of women on every dimension out there.

    Here’s just one example. As a profession, nursing is absolutely dominated by women. Still something like a 1:10 ratio I believe. It is crazy how many social memes there singing the praises of nurses as if they are Gods gift to the working world.

    I have never seen a meme about how awesome plumbers are for making sure there is no human waste inside the house. Or roofers for keeping the weather off our heads. But my God, you cannot escape nurses telling the whole world how awesome they are, constantly.

    No memes about lineman bringing electricity across miles of untamed wilderness at great personal risk to themselves. No memes about crab fishermen, or any of that stuff.

    And if I were to go on there right now and glom on to a “how awesome nurses are” post and point this out, I would be shouted down for “hating” nurses or whatever. Nursing, in this context is a proxy for “women.”

  44. Scott
    The shared FB page I have with my wife is just meme after meme of ridiculous lies and half truths aimed at propping up the self-esteem of women on every dimension out there.

    The term “chick crack” is overused, but IMO it really does apply to FB.
    Because dopamine hits are dopamine hits are dopamine hits.

  45. got a vasectomy 15 yrs ago…. still think it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I don’t share this with women…

  46. Nice to Know Mikel jones.(Why the diminutive j.? Why not Michael? formally? Sounds like you are a rogue…)

    Either you are a good at Improv.

    Or you have upper scleral Sanpaku.

    You devil, you. Barring stress or fatigue…


    Otherwise, if you want external validation. (i.e. you brag. You go guy…and go for it…)

    Go shooting stuff.

    How you doing in general? For frame of reference?

    Thanks for commenting.

    Tell a story here. Don’t just jab at having a vasectomy and sward stabbing.

    Heh. How powerful are you?

  47. Scott

    Social media is feminine dominant. There is nothing true or logical to be found there in the whole. It’s the crack cocaine for females, and no attention should be paid to it’s addicts past the informative value.

    Technically it should be a ” no man’s ” land.

    I remember the 70’s and 80’s when music/radio was the medium used for women to push that super strong audio meme, and social media is just that on steroids. It’s mostly a losing proposition to look for appreciation from a larger group of unknown females. Men do what men do without concern or feelz, as that’s the realm of estrogen dominant folks.

    To a great extent this has always been the case, but men are only now starting to realize it because men are involved in social media more and more. The turbocharged female ego actually is inconsequential, and at the core, it’s the same as it ever was because the average man doesn’t have to deal with millions of women in his life.

    That kind of exposure is akin to radiation exposure.

  48. Here’s just one example. As a profession, nursing is absolutely dominated by women. Still something like a 1:10 ratio I believe. It is crazy how many social memes there singing the praises of nurses as if they are Gods gift to the working world.
    I have never seen a meme about how awesome plumbers are for making sure there is no human waste inside the house. Or roofers for keeping the weather off our heads. But my God, you cannot escape nurses telling the whole world how awesome they are, constantly.

    FB isn’t a window into the word, it’s a window into extended social circles. For example, your wife is a nurse…so it is likely she has nurses in her FB circle of friends (I’m guessing….but it would be kind of odd and random to get nursing memes from a circle of non-nursing affiliated people). I’m a nurse but never had FB until very recently (when it was forced on me). The vast majority of our FB friends are military so there are a lot of military related memes. And no nursing ones. “Why did I become a fighter pilot? Because football, baseball, and soccer only require one ball” and stuff like that.

  49. @Scott
    “It is crazy how many social memes there (are) singing the praises of nurses as if they are Gods gift to the working world.”

    And that’s long been true of teachers too, even as education increasingly careens off the rails — e.g. the literature curriculum dumbed down with mediocre feminized “voices.”

    I have highly dedicated female nurses and teachers in my family, but they and all the others operate in a framework (and a civilization) made possible by men.

  50. And speaking of social media, google Sam Dyson and read how Major League Baseball is investigating a player for domestic abuse — based not on some tangible evidence but on two bizarre Instagram rants from an ex-girlfriend. (The Yahoo story has 1000 comments and surprisingly most call BS on her)

  51. Scott

    “I have never seen a meme about how awesome …”

    Because no one cares Scott. These aren’t heroic acts. Well check that, beta care. But that’s it.

    Move along.

  52. Stumbled across a channel on tube called coach red pill. Anyone have any insight/opinion on the history of the dude on the channel

  53. “I like being reckless with my dick. You guys should try it, it’s called “being a man”.”

    “I like being reckless with my dick. You guys should try it, it’s called “producing cannon fodder for America’s wars”.

    or maybe

    “I like being reckless with my dick. You guys should try it, it’s called “producing workhorses to support retiring boomers”.


  54. @Johan Leibert

    You can help by helping the puppies of your choice, and shooting people who don’t help those puppies.

  55. Johann,

    It’s like this : you’re estrogen dominant because you see a dire situation and the first response you have is ” feeling sad ” , then feeling some kind of way because ” others ” aren’t doing anything.

    Men and women both have estrogen, but men and women do not react in the same emotional manners. If , for instance, you’d have said ” it made me angry and I sprung into action, fuck those other people ” then I would guess that you’re not estrogen dominant.. Degrees make the difference in thought and action.

    You might have said ” I give no fucks at all”.😁

    A man ” seeing ” something other than a loved one in distress ( or deceased) isn’t supposed to immediately have ” feelings of sadness “. Sadness can develop, but it’s not instant – not the initial reaction.

    It’s why women cry over songs and movies and Shit like that.

  56. Man of action: Sees something he doesn’t like (assuming it is fixable or worth fixing) and does something about it.
    Man of inaction: Sees something he doesn’t like and says, “Someone should do something about that”
    Ton is a dog lover and I guarantee-damn-tee he wouldn’t watch a puppy die in the street. It’s not an E thing, we have more hormones than just T and E.

  57. Interesting that the most thoughtful comment on the thread is from Liz. The imbecilic comments about social media being for women could not be more revealing of the commenters idiocy. First off, dipshits, what is ‘social media’? Youtube is social media, blogs are social media if they support commenting – mostly run by men, you fucking imbeciles.

    I’m so tired of the hackneyed posing of so many men in the “Red Pill” world. A few guys on the thread seem to get it, the point of RP is to arm yourself to work your way through this world more effectively and more in line with your goals and priorities, and to make yourself less confused and stressed about it.

    Want the real lesson from this post that any sentient RP man should take? It’s that most men are fucking idiots when it comes to women. Thank God! It allows me to go for an afternoon rendezvous with my HB9, 19yo submissive who loves when i use her for my pleasure.

    But hey, keep mentally masturbating and buffering here by all means, it’s a lot easier than dealing with stuff in the real world, right? Lol.

  58. Why would you get a vesectomy if you’re married? The only reason a man should get married is to have kids and a family. Why put you finances at risk for nothing? All these guys doing thos are complete betas, subconsciously there wives don’t want their genes.

  59. Rollo

    ““I think the Enneagram mirrors the best of the Christian spiritual tradition,” says Mobley, “In that it does identify some places where we’re broken or flawed or whatever language you want to use — ‘sinful.’ But it also identifies a pathway towards wholeness and a pathway toward healing and a pathway toward life. And that mirrors really what the whole Christian experiment is trying to teach people.””


  60. Watching how my mother treats my stepfather through a Red Pill lens has been enlightening. She openly calls him a Beta Male and he just dutifully nods with a dumbass goofy grin. Any wonder of how I wound up as such a Beta simp for so long after being raised alone by such an insulting nag is entirely answered at this point. The women in my mother’s side of the family have only ever shown open contempt for every male I ever saw them interact, myself very much included.

    The interaction became contentious enough during my last visit with her a couple years ago that I’ve just ignored her completely in the interim. I don’t know that I’ll associate with family again. There’s such a default position of condescension toward males and a difficult set of habits between both of us due to the long time abuse that I suffered as a result that I can’t see a path to healthy interaction. It leaves me with no reason to spend any further time with family.

    The end result is that male achievement that in the past would have earned respect no longer does in my experience. The bar has been raised in some environments to a level that I no longer wish to engage in them. An environment where a man sees no hope of ever being respected is one to be avoided. Is it any wonder men no longer wish to be married?

  61. I wonder if the desire for indignation relates to an alpha craving. An alpha won’t tolerate bad behavior. If a woman grouses against some alpha decision, her only recourse is indignation. If a beta were to apply the same decision the woman will not submit and therefore will not be indignant. Being indignant is a response to alpha domination, and is absent with beta’s. Just a thought.

  62. I don’t understand why a man would sterilize himself voluntarily.
    Why wouldn’t you want to spread your seed? It is definitely a white guy thing; anyway I haven’t seen a black guy doing this.

  63. I’ve known a few black and Latino men that have gotten vasectomies. The majority of them ( not every one) were ” highly educated, highly degreed ” individuals.

    There’s a mindset thing at play where they focus their lives outwards, reacting to the world and circumstances instead of exercising strength and self appreciation. Too much of ” the best education ” tends to do that.

    One guy I know had his vasectomy because he didn’t want more kids ( he had 3 ) and his wife ” tricked ” him into the third, saying she was in the pill when she wasn’t.

    Lol, who controls that relationship?

  64. the last few sentences is what i believe. she wants him sterile so that there is no competition from other kids for his $ (thru him cheating or after re-marriage).

    and of course, to her, it will take him off the market so that other females don’t pass along his beta genes.

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