Gender War

Well, once again my thought process for the next post is interrupted by another real-world example of what I’ve been discussing on this blog for some time now. My State of the Manosphere address I delivered at the 21 Convention last October is set to drop next week. I’m not going to tell which day exactly, but I feel it’s necessary to break a little protocol to make a larger point in this essay.

As most readers know, in my speech I addressed some of the social shifts in narrative that I believe we can expect in 2019-2020. Much of this foreshadowing was about how it will be necessary for a feminine-primary social order to ’till the fields’ socially in order to lay the ground work for the 2020 election cycle. On December 29th, on the Year in Review episode of The Red Man Group, I also made a few more predictions for 2019, in which I said the next Democratic presidential candidate to run against Donald trump will be a woman. Maybe that’s not too much of a stretch to believe, but I also predicted that in order to have any realistic chance of success the entirety of western American culture will need to be primed to accept a female candidate that will likely not be Hillary this time.

In my speech, and if you’ve been following my Twitter feed, I make mention of a coming #genderwar. A lot of this prediction came from the cultural suspicions that in present day America we are now in the midst of an ideological ‘cold war’. A large part of that cold war centers on issues of gender . If the U.S. populace is to accept new female candidate they will need to be ‘softened up’ with a cultural shift that empowers women to degrees never seen before. Furthermore, there will need to be a reverse effort in disempowering men. This is disempowerment has taken many forms over the past 3-4 years with social pushes for #MeToo and it’s later weaponization revealed its latent purpose – it was never about equality or raising awareness of sexual misconduct; it has only been an effort in silencing men and instilling fear. The MeToo weaponization effort came into full view during the Kavanaugh hearing in 2018. No longer was it a grass-roots hashtag ostensibly about raising awareness of sexual misconduct, now it became the weapon of socio-economic threat that the Village has always intended it to be.

However, for all the threat MeToo represents as a social weapon against men, it will only be one such weapon the Village uses in the coming Gender War. Last week I wrote about the new official guidelines issuance from the American Psychological Association (APA) deeming that “traditional” masculinity was harmful to men and boys. The decree was based on the flimsy and biased determinations of an association that sets the standards for licensed psychologists in this country. To act in defiance of this militantly feminist guideline risks the livelihoods of any psychologist who disagrees with it. And this issuance was only the latest, most visible, move against masculinity in a string of public and state university classes and organization attempting to categorize masculinity as a “disorder”. The push is literally an effort to classify “traditional masculinity” as a psychological disorder in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) used by all psychologists.

I could bog myself down in how the APA have become the lords of the new church in carrying feminist ideological water, but this would miss the forest for the trees. The larger narrative here is what’s in play. And that narrative is one of getting a larger society to accept, by default, that the inherent nature of masculinity is evil. It’s now less about ridiculing men (though that’s definitely still a tactic), and more about establishing a qualitative state of masculinity being a personal and social evil.

In the manosphere we’ve always sussed out how western society has been Fempowered while men have become more and more feminized. Today this is not enough. Today we are being programmed to believe that any masculinity, in all its aspects, is not only anti-social, but an abnormality – a certifiable disease. And anyone who would dare to disagree with this will, as Roosh once wrote, ‘have their bread taken from them‘.

In Male Control I explored what I saw as a narrative shift coming from the Village with respect to masculinity. This post was written after the Las Vegas mass shooting in October of 2017 (for which we have no definitive answers, and even less people asking questions) and in its wake came the predictable series of articles from the Fem-Stream media. Usually this narrative starts with appeals for gun control, then it shifts off to how it’s always men or boys and ‘toxic’ masculinity, and OMG we need to teach our boys to be better girls. This time though it was different. The narrative shifted to “masculinity itself is toxic”. In that 2017 article I predicted that this would be the new message coming from the Village for the foreseeable future. And right cue the concurrent mass shooting events and any incident of “men behaving badly” in the MeToo era was (still is) written from the ‘masculinity IS toxic’ perspective.

Well, the future is now. We are in a post-‘toxic’ masculinity era. That narrative has been replace by a ‘Masculinity is toxic’ message. No longer is it about certain, perceived negative aspects of masculinity being toxic – if you are male, you need to learn to repress your maleness altogether. We are no longer just teaching our boys like defective girls, the Village is teaching men they need to become woman-like in order to be an acceptable member of western society.

Less than a week after the APA’s holy decree that ‘traditional’ masculinity is a psychological disorder we see the now infamous Gillette “commercial”. In this video men are ubiquitously portrayed as ridiculous buffoons, but also as borderline perverts, potential rapists, oblivious fathers and uncontrollable hard-ons. The message is overwhelmingly “masculinity is this, you males should do the opposite”. And this is the message most plugged in men got when they watched the show. What they fail to realize, due to a continuous feed of the narrative, is the overwhelmingly misandrous subtext to the video.

This narrative is the same one I wrote about in Good Humans. There was a message that accompanied feminist mothers’ boys when they marched in the Women’s Marches of 2017-2018; it was no longer ‘Boys Will Be Boys’ but ‘Boys Will Be Good Humans’. This then begs the premise, if you are a boy, if you are male, then you are not a Good Human. This is a fundamental redefining of what it means to be a man, according to the Village. In the Red Pill we understand the importance placed on living out the conventional definition of masculinity – manhood is not something to be given or taken away by the ambiguities of gynocentric society. But this is what the Village is fostering as it’s direction for men. It’s not enough for them to withhold your ‘manhood’, now if you resist their correction, if you embrace your innate male self, you are a “no good human.”

I’m hesitant to call this Gillette video a “commercial”. In actuality it is a feminist agitprop piece directed by a well-known radical feminist, Kim Gerhig. Kim and her producer, Sally Campbell, are notorious for producing exactly this deliberate misandry when they’re not creating videos of singing vaginas. This, of course, is the ugly detail the Fem-Stream media would rather the mainstream pay no mind to. Our attention is supposed to be either on the message of “Men need to do better, what’s so wrong with that?” or “Only man-babies are crying about this ad.”

If this sounds like the Male Catch 22, you’re correct:

For the past 60 years feminization has built in the perfect Catch 22 social convention for anything masculine; The expectation to assume the responsibilities of being a man (Man Up) while at the same time denigrating asserting masculinity as a positive (Shut Up). What ever aspect of maleness that serves the feminine purpose is a man’s masculine responsibility, yet any aspect that disagrees with feminine primacy is labeled Patriarchy and Misogyny.

Essentially, this convention keeps beta males in a perpetual state of chasing their own tails. Over the course of a lifetime they’re conditioned to believe that they’re cursed with masculinity (Patriarchy) yet are still responsible to ‘Man Up’ when it suits a feminine imperative. So it’s therefore unsurprising to see that half the men in western society believe women dominate the world (male powerlessness) while at the same time women complain of a lingering Patriarchy (female powerlessness) or at least sentiments of it. This is the Catch 22 writ large. The guy who does in fact Man Up is a chauvinist, misogynist, patriarch, but he still needs to man up when it’s convenient to meet the needs of a female imperative.

I wrote this back in 2011, but these truths are timeless. The Feminine Imperative will always fall back on the duplicity of expecting Old Books responsibility from men in tolerating New Books expectations from women.

The latent message in the Gillette video is ‘men are bad humans’. Men are no longer even referred to as “men”; they are now “Allies”. The compliant ones are Allies to be used in policing the bad humans who fail to acknowledge and promote the interests of the Feminine Imperative. Just as #MeToo is a weapon to be used against ‘bad humans’, so too are Allies to be used in opposition control. And likewise, Allies use the same social shaming tactics that the Village has taught them to use.

But wait, there’s more. Not to be outdone by Gillette, now we get a video from PETA portraying men as,…guess what? Yes, ridiculous buffoons obsessed with their genitals. This is interesting considering that Kim Gehrigs agency, Somesuch, seems to be fixated on vaginas – but vagina wallpapers are okay in this world.

You’ll once again notice that the APA guidelines are being quoted here as gospel less than a week after they were made public. “Traditional” masculinity is the bugbear again, but it’s almost like this was part of a planned narrative. You can ‘cure’ toxic masculinity by going vegan.

Next we have confirmation of this connection just a day after the Gillette “commercial” went public. “Scientists” agree,…”

Again, it’s almost as if these articles were written in advance of the APA ruling as well as the timing of these videos. Now, I know, that all sounds conspiratorial. It may be some coincidence, or perhaps this is a topic that inspires a lot of writers to write about it immediately. The truth of it will come out in the coming months.

However, my predictions about all this have been remarkably accurate thus far. In fact, if I was wrong about anything it was in my thinking this social narrative campaign would be more gradual. I shouldn’t have underestimated the readiness that the Village had in wanting to spit this misandrous venom. They are going to go hard from the outset and I believe the next 2 years will be a defining moment for conventional masculinity versus its distortion and perversion at the hands of women and their allies. The line will be drawn between men who embrace their dominant, beneficent, conventional masculinity and males who toe the feminist line, gender-loathing and hoping for affirmation from their female ‘betters’ by ridiculing men who embrace it.

Understand, all of this is part of the groundwork necessary to create a social condition of distrust between the sexes. This is a Genderwar of the Village’s creation. The pretense of equality between the sexes is officially gone. Women are encouraged to embrace female supremacism now:

I would expect the next big dust up in this cold war will be on Super Bowl Sunday. The millions of ad dollars spent on these commercials will be a testament to the message of the companies’ position in this Genderwar. Remember, prior to the 2016 elections, many companies poured millions into ad buys and re-scripted their movies and TV shows based on their belief that by then we’d have the First Female President. That was a bad bet for them, but it shows how they operate. It proves how ad agencies and Villagecreatives make cultural assumptions and then sell companies on them. That’s exactly what Gillette has done here, but they weren’t the first old school company to buy into the feminist hate of masculinity; Campbell’s soup was the first to fall.

Bear in mind, these videos, these ads, these movies (Ms. Marvel will be another hit against masculinity) are only the opening salvoes in this offensive. I fully expect that by the time we get into the last 6-8 months of the next election cycle this Genderwar will have the sexes more polarized than at any time in human history. Men must be seen as a vile enemy if the Village is to ever get its First Female President. If this backfires on them it will be because they pressed too far in their zeal to debase men. They want to kick men in the nuts so bad that they might engender more sympathy or female backlash than the manufactured rage to prompt women and allies to vote for their female candidate.

Going forward, all politics will be gender politics. The litmus test for all leadership will be about vaginas and penises. We’re already seeing this Genderwar rhetoric come to the surface in the incoming fresh-women class of this year’s congress. The only imperative they have is destroying masculinity and raising up female supremacism, and this imperative will be borne out by every word they speak and every policy they concern themselves with.

Published by Rollo Tomassi

Author of The Rational Male and The Rational Male, Preventive Medicine

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  1. “all politics will be gender politics”

    This has always been the case, since the beginning of mankind, it’s always been a zero sum game between man and women. I thank you for truly opening my eyes to the reality I always knew existed but refused to accept because of the bitterness that can come along with it, past it now but it’s a bitch.

    Man looks into the abyss but he can’t look too long.

    The bread part is 100% accurate, I have made my peace that I will be exiting the corporate world in the near future most likely due to me not following politically correct rules. I don’t see how it will be possible to remain part of corporate America and be red pill, yes you can be stealth red pill but you get seepage from it day in and day out, not my cup of coffee.

  2. ” . . . it’s almost as if these articles were written in advance of the APA ruling as well as the timing of these videos.”

    The APA guidelines were years in the making. Everyone in the loop knew they were coming.

  3. @foxguy

    “I don’t see how it will be possible to remain part of corporate America and be red pill”

    Be a 🐺 in 🐑’s 👔👖

  4. The trick to being rp in ” corporate America ” is recognizing that your name isn’t on the building.

    There’s my personal life and beliefs,

    Then there’s my job.

    My job plays it’s games, I play mine. When the job’s games become a bit too much, I will go away – back to my life. My life is always there. Corporate America is not.

  5. It will be crystallizing.

    The men that can actually hold a masculine frame during all this will get outlaw bonus points, further enhancing their appeal to the female subconscious.

    The men that fold will fall further than ever into women’s contempt zone, even as women publicly praise them.

    The withholding of bread could be a real danger for many men that haven’t arrived at a self-sustaining point in life. This will be a problem for some with red pill knowledge, depending on place and nature of employment. Good game, of the sort not exclusively concerned with pick up artistry, will be a requirement.

  6. It’s hard to argue with your points here Rollo. Open misandry everywhere you look and this week has been a doozy. First the APA, then Gillette, then Peta all had their guidelines, articles, and videos queued up to drop all at once. Suspiciously coincidental. I may be being pessimistic here but I think their messages are working as intended. It’s not about the money they’ll lose from men in the short term with these “ads”, as men are primarily earners not spenders, their long-term goals are to be perceived as allies to women who do 83% of consumer spending and also to align themselves with the feminine imperative when they lobby for policy with the first female president.

    I’d like to add that we are already starting to see the fist female candidates in the democratic party announcing their runs for president in 2020. Policy doesn’t matter anymore it’s mainly genitals that matter most.

  7. The trick to being rp in ” corporate America ” is recognizing that your name isn’t on the building.

    There’s my personal life and beliefs,

    Then there’s my job.

    My job plays it’s games, I play mine.”

    “Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s”

    It’s getting harder and harder to render up.

    But I do love the smell of Red Pill Bottoms Up approach in the morning, afternoon and evening. Smells like nothing else. Feels like personal victory. The best adjective I can feel/say/do is “Unflinching”.

    “It’s a win for RP guys. Straight up.”–EhIntellect

    Rallying point for Top Down Red pill.

    Willard: Are you crazy, Goddammit? Don’t you think its a little risky for some R&R?

    Kilgore: If I say its safe to surf this beach, Captain, then its safe to surf this beach! I mean, I’m not afraid to surf this place, I’ll surf this whole fucking place!

  8. Gotta agree with foxguy148 here, I’m just out of university (luckily without the scar of too much debt) and have already jettisoned a relatively cushy corporate career path I was on, in favour of my own internet business ventures, that’ll eventually let me live outside the gynarcho-state if need be.

    Working corporate in the West, for most red pill men (some exceptions if you’re at working at smaller firms that give less of a damn about promoting the agenda) is a dying proposition.

  9. The question is, “What are men doing to create and take their power?” Alpha men of game isn’t enough to become alpha men who built empires.

  10. Yes, but look at all the massively negative comments to this propaganda piece in the media and Youtube. There is a real backlash by men and even some women to the blatant and preachy male shaming. Maybe this is the beginning of the tide turning ..

  11. @Rollo: this escalated quickly…

    In the previous comments thread there were more or less two positions about APA / Gillette advert – that this is more or less no problem for RP guys (only for BP guys), and others which think it is indeed something to be wary about for all men.

    Personally I’m wary, but one does what one can and try not to worry about what one can’t change (like the “toxic” stoicism the APA included as a male trait, but ridiculously that they tagged it as “harmful”).

    Given that you are writing another post on this, I’d say you are also very wary about this upcoming “gender war”.

  12. From that ArsTechnica article

    As proof of these harmful norms in action, the APA noted that compared with women, men are more likely to commit and be the victim of violent crimes, are more likely to die by homicide and suicide, and are more likely to have substance abuse issues and conduct disorders.

    As if the female side of the equation has been turned into the standard view of what a human should be.
    50,000 years ago these violent traits probably allowed Homo sapiens to avoid extinction. We should be celebrating these traits.

  13. I am also surprised by the speed and seeming coordination of the propaganda.

    This morning, at the gym, I added some mobility drills.

  14. On the topic of the Gilette Ad. Same director, different video:

    The contrast is obvious. Average girl = awesome, powerful, is lovely even though she jiggles (is imperfect).

    Average guy in Gilette ad = piece of toxic masculine crud. Know your role and police all the other guys.

    This will be the core message pushed to each respective gender for the next election cycle.

  15. One solution is to regain the consumer spending. Buy your own damn stuff or give your designated shopper a list of friendly products. This is not an open war.. it’s a guerilla war like how high school girls character assassinate each other. It’s a feminized game… learn the rules for it. He who controls the group-think of the herd is the leader if not only temporarily. Men simply have not maneuvered in these circles as a group to retake leadership of the herd. As more BP’s see the red-light, then the momentum will change.

  16. “Men must be seen as a vile enemy if the Village is to ever get its First Female President.”

    i like it because the hottest women like to get fucked by the vilest enemy. when this thing really heats up the mere sight of a high t man will soak panties

    advantage men.

    “First the APA, then Gillette, then Peta”

    lol who cares

    apa: get to know a few phds. lol. i’m sure the apa indirectly and probably even directly fucks with me, but i don’t care because headshrinkers are clowns and if the war popped off tonight i would cheer at the fact most were on the other side

    gilette: safety razor + german blade. why the fuck was anyone doing business with gilette in the first place they suck

    peta: lol. i saw the inside of that woman’s barren apartment. the way she microwaved her box vegan dinner alone with her cat filled me with joy. no one cares what peta say. get to know a few vegans lol.

  17. A+ Pinelero
    “One solution is to regain the consumer spending”

    Only a guy who is in complete control of his own mental state vs. the outside world (his ‘frame’, as Rollo coins it) can withstand this fem-society claptrap.
    That means COOK FOR YOURSELF. SHOP FOR YOURSELF (whilst refusing to buy anything that panders to the femcentric product-trends).
    Know what it takes to clean clothes, understand that 98% of ALL cosmetics are utterly unnecessary (shampoo, most toothpaste, shower gel, exfoliant etc…. all not needed. Do some research)

    Shop mostly in the fresh-produce aisles.
    Dress in simple, timeless clothes. Only buy quality fabrics, disregard trends and branding.

    OWN your spending. OWN your mind.

    I could go on and on, but these are the foundations of being an un-plugged man. And women will love you for it. Not that you need care though, right….

  18. I have this personal theory, there is room-full of Men someplace in the world that are smiling and clapping themselves on the back for helping make this shift possible. They realize Men are not the real consumers and spenders (realized post WWII and through the 50’s). Once realize, they also understand the driving force of any country is their ability to “consume”. What was required was a shifting of economic power, from the control of Men to women. It really is a simple equation of understanding who is “spending the money”.

    These Men knew exactly what they were doing. They know how to incite the masses, how to manipulate companies, governmental policies, etc., how to assist in “changing the narrative”. I truly believe this – mostly because if there weren’t Men involved, with a hidden agenda, the shift would have been much slower.

  19. The Gillette ad, the APA statement on masculinity and this 10-year-old tranny “Desmond” all serve the same purpose. The establishment wants to whip men who might otherwise be sympathetic to MGTOW into a false hysteria over masculinity. The same fathers who instinctively reject this stuff have been taking their daughters to soccer practice, martial arts lessons, sending them to university and the military, letting them wear pants and other androgynous clothes and boasting about how “strong” and “independent” they are. But now that the full destructive effects of feminism can be seen by everyone and fathers might have some doubts about how they’ve raised their daughters, the establishment cooks up a red herring to throw men off their scent.

    When the establishment is pushing a new idea, they demonize and deplatform anyone who opposes it. Brendan Eich, John Derbyshire and James Watson were all dismissed from polite society for opposing one or more of the left’s sacred cows.

    If the establishment was really against masculinity, David French would have lost his job at National Review for writing articles in defense of it. Joe Rogan and Adam Carolla would have been pressured to make forced apologies for saying that today’s men are weak and need to “man up” etc.

    Men are not going to observe this ad and question their manhood. That is not its purpose. The establishment is doing now what it did in 2016 when the alt-right was grabbing headlines. In 2016, Jordan Peterson appeared out of nowhere to combat “identity politics” i.e. to prevent a right-wing backlash against the SJWs. The Gillette ad, the APA statement and Desmond all show up after there have been a spate of mass shootings carried out by incels and MGTOW is growing in popularity. The establishment is trying to contain a backlash against feminism by getting men to invest more time in their sons rather than raise their daughters differently.

  20. @blax
    Man I loved your transcript of that radio-show call from Mike to the woke chicks. Good for him — but at the same time it showed the futility of wasting your breath talking sense to most women. The backlash is encouraging to see, but men cannot simply debate their way out of this Catch-22.

    And BTW I agree — “unpack” needs to go away

  21. The men that fold will fall further than ever into women’s contempt zone, even as women publicly praise them.

    “The men that fold will fall further than ever into women’s contempt zone, even as male white knights publicly praise them.”


  22. I tend to avoid taking part in these meaningless discussions about masculinity with women because I see them as one big shit-test. In the workplace I just ignore it all together.

    But in the few instances where the discussion comes up with a girl I’m gaming I reframe the whole discussion about “feminism” around the 3 criteria for female to male attraction:
    1. Leader of men
    2. Protector of women and children
    3. Pre-selected by other women

    Regardless of the insistence of the girl and her ridiculous feminist notions this question and answer around the true biological nature of women produces an “aha” moment for them.

    You can’t argue with biology.

  23. This is all to the benefit of red pill aware men. The harder the screws are turned on the AFC blue pill guys, the easier it gets for the rest of us. Sure, we will need to continue to adapt to the changing circumstances around us, but that’s what we do — adapt and prosper. This really shouldn’t be anything a RP man should be concerned about. Something to be aware of and to observe developing, for certain, so that we can adapt accordingly, but really not a source of worry — rather it will be a source for strength. Women will always crave masculine men, and if this movement is successful in making fewer and fewer men masculine, then that inures to the benefit of those of us who are above that and are masculine anyway. Good for us, in other words.

  24. Reading the post and watching the Gillette ad, the thought that comes up is how much more dangerous half-truths are than outright lies. That men can and do behave in obnoxious, anti-social ways is sometimes true. And that there are instances when a man’s stoicism can work against rather than for him is also true.

    But to take behavioral information which is occasionally true and then expand it to the status of universal truth, that’s just… I’m not even sure what to call it. ‘Wrong!’ is a word which comes up. But it’s more than simply wrong. And you can’t even call it ‘stupid’ because it requires intelligence to come up with this stuff. As much as I despise the virtue signalling of the Gillette commercial, I do think it’s well-made; way more sophisticated than some Feminist making an angry tweet.

    Do these people really believe, in their heart of hearts, that masculinity is toxic?

  25. @nova – not good for dad’s of daughters. I expect my grandchildren to have a masculine father figure in their life.

  26. “Do these people really believe, in their heart of hearts, that masculinity is toxic?”

    Yes. In their heart of hearts they loath and despise it. There are a few of them who understand that they can’t survive without it, but that just makes them loath and despise it even more.

  27. I’m going to miss being around masculine men if it keeps getting worse… Besides dancing and traveling a lot their are still many aspects of this that i struggle with bringing up at all. Just speaking about this stuff puts you an a blacklist of sorts in social circles who disagree with you so you never get a fruitful discussion from the observation you notice an both culture and community. Novaseeker you got some great points on the benefits of this,

  28. Palma

    A lot of women including lesbians I used to work with will readily admit they want masculine men.

    Yup. At a recent gathering, mixed company, the question was raised – who would you throw over your spouse for?

    ALL of the women picked a traditional “bodice ripper” type – Aquaman dude, Helmsworths, etc. With a few also throwing in a Robert Downy JR snarky asshole…

    My answer – pointing to the hot waitress [haaaawt!!!!] did not go over well…. lol

  29. @Palma Sailor:

    If they had spread it out over three to five more generations they would have achieved total victory without breaking a sweat.


    Consider it a filter for the people who should be on your blacklist. When they ostracize you, thank them.

  30. a lot of this is because girls like to write. they can’t work real jobs so they go into news/media where they can write: confessionals, opinions, think pieces (sometimes news), basically, the same crap they blather on about when you are driving them somewhere or trying to watch tv. now they post it to mainstream media websites & influence society. we used to hire pretty girls to read the news & deliver the weather, but now they think we should actually listen to their opinions on things.

  31. I actually think most of it comes down to men who had devoted their lives to “the cause,” knew how close they were, but knew they didn’t have 5-7 years more, so they amped things up in an attempt to actually see their life’s work finished.

    David and Henry. And they had already lost Nelson, who was the one who both understood and legitimately liked people.

  32. @Rollo

    If this is all just to “prime the pump” for the first woman US President, why are they wasting so much time, effort and money? I’m afraid that unless a whole bunch of 18-35 men and woman wake up and realize they are being used, demographics are on their side and eventually if will happen. There simple are not enough red pill men and woman to keep the balance for much longer.

  33. The summit of this tendency in electoral politics is the presidential candidacy of Senator Kristin Gillibrand. She tweeted this little more than a month ago:

    The future is female! She’s also the one who took Mattress Girl of Columbia U to the State of the Union address and was the first to stab Al Franken in the Senate.

    It will be interesting to see how she does, and how the media and her opponents will treat the obvious issue of her exclusion of men from the future.

  34. In the last thread I think I was clearly in the “This is a real problem” camp. That doesn’t mean I’m not in the “Fuck ’em” camp as well.

    Next stop the 10,000’s “The poor bastards have us surrounded” camp.

  35. “If this backfires on them it will be because they pressed too far in their zeal to debase men.”

    Already done. Now they are so stupid and intoxicated with their own zeal and delusions that they do not realize (and cannot accept the horror anyway) that they are a failure. They have no cards left to play, so they keep playing the same one over and over hoping it will win a hand. But it will not. It is being recognized by ever increasing numbers to be a fake card, one that was not in the deck to begin with, one that was fabricated to look like a viable card and fooled and bluffed some but is now exposed to be a silly counterfeit. Everybody new about fake news long before Trump used the term. The term stuck simply because everyone knew the phenomena was true long before he said it. All Trump did was say what everyone already damn well knew. “Fake news” is only one example of many. We all know (and always damn well knew) that a woman cannot do anything a man can do. Everyone knows damn well that no person is “born with the “”wrong”” gender”. There are many examples of the bullshit “gone too far”, gone so far in fact that any reasonable person (and most are) will admit it is undeniable that it is bullshit. The ass is so far out over its own skies now, it has no choice (because of its own momentum) to shit in advance down its own path. Look at what is going on around the world, the riots in France, Brexit, May’s self demise, the resurgence of nationalism in Europe, etc.

    Your fears may be well founded and your predictions may come true. But we could also just as likely experience a backlash against this – globohomo feminist social engineering imperative to “purify” the human species bullshit – like nothing ever seen before. Sooner or later it is inevitable because it is founded on lies and the worst form of tyranny and oppression ever envisioned. People know this on a gut level. Just like it was not fashionable to vote for Trump, it is not fashionable to speak or write these truths. But who won the election in spite of the “fake news” and their incessant lying about who was winning right up until the votes were all in including the fraudulent votes? Where is proof of collusion, where was the proof of Kavanaugh sexually harassing Ford? All everyone sees being played by that participant in the game is the lie card over and over. It is the ONLY card they have to play (always has been) and they play it every hand.

  36. The millions of ad dollars spent on these commercials will be a testament to the message of the companies’ position in this Genderwar. Remember, prior to the 2016 elections, many companies poured millions into ad buys and re-scripted their movies and TV shows based on their belief that by then we’d have the First Female President.

    That’s Fortune 500 companies, not small business.

  37. Dear Rollo,

    I suspect the forthcoming Gender War will not be between men and women.

    It will be a “lets you and him fight” scenario.

    Masses of Blue Pill men enforcing Red Pill men to do the bidding of women.

    If you listen closely to the metoo, the gillette ads, etc… you always notice the urging of Blue Pill men to stop other men doing whatever they do.

    That is what the Female Imperative wants us to do: policing each other in the name of FI.

  38. I’d be really happy when motherfuckers stop hijacking and redirecting the meaning of things.

    ” Woke ” will never have anything at all to do with feminism or any part of their agenda.

    … they piss me off with that shit.


  39. Blaximus
    I’d be really happy when motherfuckers stop hijacking and redirecting the meaning of things.

    Lol! Good luck with that.

  40. “Who is enabling them?”

    Did I mention David and Nelson? They’re gone now, but the system they built is still up and running. Henry is one of their bulldogs. Plus there are a number of Fellow Travelers.

  41. Blaximus
    Who’s enabling them?

    Well, back in the 1960’s the CIA funded some of the early feminists. Then the Ford Foundation stepped up in the 70’s, along with other foundations. More recently there’s been money from Soro’s Open Society organization (which also bankrolls pot legalization efforts, gun control efforts, electing Secretaries of State and some District Attornys in selected locations and of course Black Lives Matter).

    So I guess that we just need to Man Up and co-opt a foundation or two, get a billionaire to break ranks with the rest of the globalists. Shouldn’t be too hard, right?

  42. “Shouldn’t be too hard, right?”

    lol. Much easier (and far less effort) to just take a pic of you throwing out your Gillette Fusion Pro Glide out the trash and upload it on social media with a trendy hashtag to “raise awareness”, thinking your making a difference.

    I wonder who’s the gender that typically does that sort of thing?

  43. … CIA did a lot of nasty shit.

    And it’s good that most black people don’t follow BLM. Lol.

    Also, I support Pot legalization. When it’s legal in Jersey, I’m gonna toke up.

    Co-opting billionaires and shit isn’t necessary. The fact that bhillionaires are being co-opted in the first place is what needs to be exposed, because only the craziest illuminati styled theories are widely spread, but truth and facts are what’s needed.

    Soros is not alone. He’s not Baba Yaga, lol.

  44. The latent message in the Gillette video is ‘men are bad humans’. Men are no longer even referred to as “men”; they are now “Allies”. The compliant ones are Allies to be used in policing the bad humans
    Excellent writing RT, I will laugh out of the blue for days.
    Where’s the SWAG ? t-shirts or bumper stickers so we can recognize our brothers.

  45. ” . . . only the craziest illuminati styled theories are widely spread . . . ”

    If you tell people the Illuminati run the world they say you’re a nutter.

    If you tell people that rich and powerful people run the world they say “Well DUH!”

    “Illuminati” is just a label given to a particular group of the rich and powerful who have considerable influence and even control over the world because they have a lot of money, but mostly because they own (or control the companies that own) much of the world’s real resources.

  46. kfg

    But mostly what I’ve heard over the past decades are announcements that the illuminati are a bunch of mystical, devilish gathering of powerful weirdos with almost magical powers who diligently work night and day on an agenda that’s very hard to recognize…. okay, sound like wealthy folks, but there’s a different way people talk about them, as if they are more than just people.

    You can’t understand something if you assign measures of invincible supoernatural-ness to it.

    The public face of the ” Illuminati ”

    This? Not so much.

  47. There are a lot of weirdos in the world. Some of them live in rented basements. Some of them live in the Penthouse of the skyscraper they own.

  48. Blax

    who diligently work night and day on an agenda that’s very hard to recognize….

    Hard to recognize?


  49. “The line will be drawn between men who embrace their dominant, beneficent, conventional masculinity and males who toe the feminist line, gender-loathing and hoping for affirmation from their female ‘betters’ by ridiculing men who embrace it.”

    This line is becoming clearer by the day. Some of my older brothers that survived the Vietnam WAR have pointed out the division in males on the street and fully expect a civil war because of this.

    Lines are being drawn between long time associates over petty differences in the treatment of wives and random’s. Lines are being drawn between brothers over these normalized corrections of “masculinity”.

  50. Meanwhile, men will keep being better skilled at roughly everything, and the jealousy and bile stemming from it won’t make Oprah or any of the sisters more amenable or relaxed.

    Difference in skills – > jealousy & venon – > misandry.
    How do you break the cycle? You can’t.

  51. Blaximus

    Russians under the bed! Oh, noes! We must protect our vital fluids!


    Just off the top of my head, I can think of two other countries with a lot more pull in US elections than Mah Russhuh!

    CNN says it, you believe it, that settles it? C’mon…

  52. @Tin Man

    Nature’s been assisted by a huge deal of nurture coming from high on indeed.
    This is how élite succed — by allying to the lower side of human nature. The safest strategy is to ally with jealousy/envy.

  53. Clarification: I don’t watch CNN ( although some think it’s all the rage…).

    Back when I had more free time, I read a few books on russia/kgb ( old school ) and specifically Putin and oligarchs. Heavy stuff. And this was before Trump/CNN nonsense.

    That’s why the evident hypocrisy in sectors of the sphere over socialist/Marxist/communist hatred seems to have vanished. I just find it fascinating. Russia is all good now😂😂 but it’s ” those other ” socialist/commies that are bad.

    It’s great that the net is forever.

  54. I strongly Agree with on this its completely war on gender, for disrupting families, healthy relationships. APA is the most untrusted organisation its been completely exposed with research by citizen commision on Human Rights [ must wastch.

  55. 30 years of inertia, buying Gillette by habit. Today I bought a Schick razor and blades…
    We men need to vote with our DOLLARS against the feminizers (and we also need to talk to boys and young men and mock feminist messages in ads or on TV.)

  56. The Pink Tax:
    (Gillette obviously does this, as noted above)

    Also, while I don’t know how accurate this is:
    my personal anecdotal observations support that females drive spending (married couples including of course).

    Put these things together and I’m not sure this P&G move is going to be that bad for the bottom line. Nevertheless, as the company is public, I think in a few months time when they have their earnings report, we can check if the revenue on the Gillette sector, and in male products did take a hit (and how much at that).

    I reiterate that regardless of this ad, Gillette was already making overpriced products before, and that by itself should be a good enough reason for a “rational male” to switch. I recommend getting a nice safety razor and buying the very cheap blades.
    Also better for the environment I’m sure 😛

  57. @ Palmasailor

    Your reference to ‘one woman band’ made me laugh. It’s so true!

    I work freelance and recently had a coffee with a woman who also works freelance. She’s smart, professional and very good at what she does; I enjoyed working with her and wanted to keep in touch. Anyway, she tells me a story about a nightmare client which concluded with a sigh.
    ‘Still, that’s why we get paid, I suppose,’ she said. ‘But dealing with difficult clients is the hardest part of being freelance, don’t you think?’
    ‘No,’ I said. ‘For me, the hardest part of freelancing are those times when the work isn’t coming in and you’re wondering how the hell you’ll be able to pay next month’s rent.’
    At this, the woman looked down at her hands.
    ‘Well, my husband is an executive for a building company,’ she said. ‘So I don’t really have to worry about that.’
    I looked at her and thought, ‘Et tu Brute?’ I had tremendous respect for her as a fellow professional, but now she went down on my Respect-o-meter. She was the equivalent of a trapeze artist who uses a safety net whereas I didn’t. And that difference matters.

    Actually, when I think about it, every single female freelancer I know is married or partnered up with a man who has a stable job. And of the male freelancers I know, more than half are divorced or single.

  58. Palma

    Almost no women do anything comparable.

    Real One Woman Band work? They do cleaning, childcare, dog walking and massage… and stripping.

    At this, the woman looked down at her hands.
    ‘Well, my husband is an executive for a building company,’ she said. ‘So I don’t really have to worry about that.’

    Yup, these are the designers and boutique owners and writers… some real estate sales.
    I know a lot of guys who fund their wive’s stores – “retail therapy” – and just hope to break even on buying wholesale.

  59. Sometimes I think that this is not a right vs left thing, that we are watching only the surface, but it’s a new, more empowered, silent and infinitely more effective version of that war that has never, ever stopped: The religious war. West vs East. Judeo-Christian vs Islam. Why that? because as we can see in Europe, the left has pushed for the acceptance of millions of immigrants. The population of Europe is aged and their capacity to breed children is low compared to the Islamic immigrants ( which curiously are mostly men in their prime ) who are known to breed much more children, children that will be Islamic, plus they support rape ( of western girls who will breed islamic children ) and they are getting all their needs supplied by the taxpayers. Brilliant strategic move in my opinion.

    What else does this feminization do? it leaves the host countries with no capacity to stand against a much stronger, powerful and MASCULINE invader. After all, the fighting has always been done by REAL MEN.

    Some say we are in the biggest genocide in history. Not of men, but of western society and its values.

  60. Also, I support Pot legalization. When it’s legal in Jersey, I’m gonna toke up.

    It’s legal here but it gives me a limp dick, so nevermind

  61. Asd


    That’s the thing. I’m not confused at all. I know the stuff that I see and read in the sphere. The consistency of the railing against Marxists.

    Marx wasn’t from Kansas.

    ” Russian ” ideology is adversarial to ” democracy “. I was raised in America just like you were, and I was taught all my life that democracy was the greatest thing since sliced bread. Yet I managed to keep my objectivity ( not a blind follower of anything ) so I can better understand the truth of a thing historically without bias.

    The bias may or may not come later, but it will be informed.

    With the exception of financial information, Putin is a pretty open book. He has very had intentions for the west. This is not new. What is new is the way that the guys decrying the ” end of western civilization ” curiously mention socialist/Marxist dogma from a century ago while ignoring the newer guy in the block. What I don’t know is why.

    But realistically, the sphere is just a corner of the world. I just find it interesting for what it is. Lol, I’m not 20, nor am I easily swayed to just accepting things because a handful of guys say so. I see the collapse of the West as an internal problem that’s only exasperated by outside forces. The biggest internal threats to the west aren’t communist or socialist or Marxist or Islamist or Jews or immigrants or minorities or any of that. The men that will do the destroying are home grown. Anger, frustration, hatred and confusion are their very effective weapons. It’s self perpetuating.

    Guys that are highly anti-commie/socialist etc, are mostly armchair ranters. Lol. They aren’t going to do shit besides recite stuff from a hundred years ago. Across Europe, younger non brainwashed men are in the streets protesting the real cause of their misery. More than in America,because Americans haven’t figured it out yet.

    The lagard video I posted earlier is telling. She’s from the IMF, and she’s here to ‘ help ‘. She has the answers combined with a subtle warning, if you’ll listen.

    But okay. You think ‘ Russia ‘ is now ideologically ‘ Russia lite ‘.

    When you see a forest fire, do you think that trees must be prone to spontaneous combustion too?

  62. @Palma

    Not so much a war as a freeforall is my estimation. The older vets were from a time of mutual respect that is no longer there and they have been conditioned not to kill in polite society. The urge is there.
    Size doesn’t meen much since the invention of the handgun,but a look in the eye will tell me if I am looking at a shooter and if they can hit anything. Most young guys that qualify are vets, you can spot them so easy they stick out.

    The residential construction industry around here is the same as you say all old men and scratch backs or wet backs reffering to weather they crawled under the fence or swam the river.

    The young americans do more commercial construction where they can blend in and loaf. Still a top job in commercial work the youngest man there every day was 57 and they had a 75yo welder these men were drinking a sixer of red bull every day and workin 18hr days 6 days a week. The money was good my friend put away 80k in one year +new boat and new trucks for his kids.
    He told me the young men would show for one pay period of two weeks and quit showing up after that, just goes to show that if you wont work for minimum wage you wont work for 4 times as much either ,it’s about a work ethic. The wrst part of hiring young men has been the disrespect they have for me,they are unteachable after schooling.

  63. Blax

    Inequality isn’t something you can fix from the outside in,rather it can only be remedied from the inside out. That IMF nutter hasn’t fixed anything for long term and has no idea how. She is part of the problem.

  64. Boulder

    Yep, that’s my point. It’s instructive to see how institutions speak to keep the illusion going.

  65. More to come over the weekend but I find it fucking amazing that Rollo calls it a war – finally – but offers zero input on how to fight back. It’s like he’s telling us the color of the water we’re being drowned in. Enough fucking pearl clutching.

    Same question as last post: Do any of you swinging dicks have a single, actionable solution as to how to push these maniacs back? Caviling over the wounds and their advance is for pussies. Men fight back. When and how will we fight them? What can we do do to push them back?

    The plain truth is that Rollo and most of you are scared of the correct answers to those questions. You’d have to admit that you’re holding onto a fantasy about your society that has already been washed away.

    Pro Tip: None of this happens with out Neo-Marxist and Postmodern ideas overtaking the academy. The reason this is so insane isn’t due to women, it’s due to the politics behind it. But Rollo “doesn’t do politics’. Hence his inability to articulate a solution.

    I’ll skip to the punchline. The Left will only be removed from power via force. It will require force. But most of you pussies are too scared to admit it, even to yourselves. Which is why so many of you are content with pearl clutching. After 30 years of pearl clutching, one would think it wouldn’t satisfy you guys anymore. But then again, the inability of so many Western men to gin up the gumption to respect just themselves is a big part of what enables these maniacal cunts in the first place.

    Ya wanna know why we are being pushed around like this? Look in the fucking mirror.

  66. No time to dive deep, but I managed to see Blax waxing on about geopolitics. It’s like listening to a retard try talk about particle physics…Pay attention to his ignorant drivel at your own peril. @Blax – Stay in your lane, bunky, you simply aren’t equipped for the discussion. Why? You haven’t done the basic reading and studying required. I know you are black and not a loser, so our society tells you that you are amazing – but you should stop internalizing that nonsense. You are a moron politically. Truly.

  67. Sometimes I think that this is not a right vs left thing

    because as we can see in Europe, the left has pushed for the acceptance of millions of immigrants.

    …and muslims don’t generally assimilate into where they migrate. Finishing your thought.

    if the left is at war against the native people of Europe and the U.S., their tactics make perfect sense. Of course, this is your point and your first postulate was a deliberate mistake.

  68. P&G holding conference calll Jan 23 to discuss 2nd-quarter earnings. Will analysts or investors ask about this ad campaign? Will P&G double down and buy time for this ad on Super Sunday?

    FYI, P&G total sales generally hit $65B per year, with the entire grooming division supplying one-tenth of that, and the shaving line has been flat or even down in recent quarters. P&G stock is basically unchanged this week and month, but up 12 percent from October.

    Now back to you, Maria…

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