State of the Manosphere 2018

Tonight at 10pm eastern my State of the Manosphere address goes live. I’ll be answering question in real time in the chat, but once this is up and on the 21 Convention You Tube channel I’ll be answering Q&A primarily on the comment thread of this post.

As I’ve mentioned in my last few posts, much of what I predicted to come for the next two years, with respect to our gender politics landscape, has come to pass far sooner than I expected. I fully expect the 2019 Super Bowl advertising to be a parade of misandrous hate directed at what the Feminine Imperative perceives as their ideological and political enemies – conventionally masculine men.

Furthermore, the scope of the APA’s guidelines about masculinity is revealing itself to be much more extensive with respect to ideological purity than any real science.

The APA ruling ‘traditional’ masculinity as a psychological disorder is also proving itself to be a part of a much larger coordinated attack on who the #resistance and #MeToo believe will be their primary opposition in the coming election cycle. The Gillette agitprop video and the PETA video were only the opening salvos to build the groundwork against conventional masculinity. I’ve seen damn near every article decrying ‘toxic’ masculinity since the beginning of the new year refer to the APA guidelines as a kind of Papal bull for their believers. Expect to see more media use this as a basis for their further demonizing men as we move into the election cycle.

Speaking of which, in the first 3 weeks of 2019 we’ve also seen an almost entirely female set of candidates declare themselves as running for their party’s nomination. Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Karen Gillibrand, and a few others couldn’t wait for the clock to strike midnight on December 31st, 2018. This was also something I alluded to in our December 29th episode of The Red Man Group; a vagina will be a prerequisite for consideration for the Democratic nomination in 2020.

Anyway, those were just a few things I saw coming last Fall. Let me know what you think about this talk. A lot of convention attendees told me it was one of my best. I hope you think so too.

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  1. Dear Rollo,

    First of all, I cannot thank you enough for your outstanding work. To begin with, I owe to your first book almost three dozens of the women that are under my belt. But most importantly, a change in mentality that has directed me towards masculinity and ownership, and which is strongly and very positively influencing my life.

    Anyway, the main reason why I follow you is mere curiosity about human behavior. Your analysis obviously goes well beyond mere PUA techniques. It is all about the deep underlying psychology and, what is even more fascinating to me, how it influences the social order at every scale, from interpersonal relationships to culture and politics.

    And here is where one of my big questions stems from. I get the point that rational communication is not the way to go with women. Examples of this are that “you can never negotiate desire”, and most importantly ‘hamstering’, namely a way of embracing contradiction, which is the most blatant way I can imagine of destroying rational arguing.

    Okay, so reasoning does not work with women. Other resources have to be used to attract women, that is clear. But what happens when issues related to a bigger scale and of rational nature have to be discussed or dealt with women? For example, how should a politician address his female audience when discussing topics like economy or science, if pure reasoning is not going to be effective? Or in more general terms, how can we go in the right direction or take decisions as a society or collective if half of us does not pay attention to rational thinking at all?

    If you got to this point, thank you for your time. It would be a pleasure to hear your comment on this particular issue.


    A. G.

  2. here. Excellent video and one that should be seen by all men. This video will be shared on our platform. During a time of darkness, a group of men got together and decided that we needed a site for us to communicate and share our knowledge with each other and others, meet more men and learn from them as well. We created in hopes to be a place where men can be men without apologizing for it. In a time where men are labelled as the bad guys by society and women the perfect angels who can do no wrong, we need that place to be allowed logic and honesty, and I am grateful to be part of that group who made that a focus of the site that we have now. ~Uly the Cunning

  3. The state of our sphere:
    1) Rationality and manners have left the field because the battle lines have been drawn.
    2) Even though our community have provided answers and direction few men have answered the call. It takes hard work and discipline to turn iron into steel. Faggotery still reigns supreme in 2019.

  4. The BIG danger is over focusing on the Metoo movement / implemetation.
    While it has a big mouth and needs to be monitored the reality is that a tiny portion of the population takes it seriously or had direct inolvement with the topic. In many countries outside the US it has no relevance at all.

    Meanwhile understanding inter sexual dynamics are relevant to EVERY man and woman on the planet, on a daily level. Lets make sure we priorotise the development of men on the topics that matter the most, and give due resource and energy to the minor challenges (like Metoo)

  5. Your comment that Marvel as a company and franchise is loosing readers and money because no one can write masculine super hero characters is a solid insight.

    There is a fear of speaking out marked by what happened to Roosh but also how Julien of RSD was once treated after the Leftist, Marxist mafia went after him because of a video he put out.

    The lack of masculine archetypes is a problem.

  6. Sorry for off-topic:

    is there a female author who writes for women about men? Something like a female version of The Rationale Male? I’d like to read it just out of interested to get better idea of what are women being told about men.

  7. Dear Rollo,

    Many thanks again for your work. My twenty-year-old son has now read ‘The Rational Male’ from cover to cover. Fantastic! He came on a visit a couple of weekends back and told me, ‘What I like is that it’s not about hating women—it’s just about understanding how they operate.’ (He’s studying mechanical engineering, so he often expresses himself in technical terms.)

    I have a couple of question to join the list.

    In Chapter 1 of your book under ‘The Cardinal Rule of Relationships’, you state: “In any relationship, the person with the most power is the one who needs the other the least.” You use this in the context of individual relationships, but couldn’t this also be applied to relationships between groups of people or even nations? (I’m English, so this currently seems very relevant to the whole ‘Britain vs. the EU’ issue of Brexit.)

    It’s my observation that, taken in general, men need women less than women need men. I see this both individually and collectively. If this is the case, haven’t men (for the most part) ALREADY got the upper hand, no matter how bad things seem?

    (The same thinking applies to the concept of ‘Female Empowerment’, which by definition rests on the presumption that females are not powerful. A powerful person does not need ’empowerment’. And aren’t attacks on traditional masculinity evidence of how powerful it actually is?)

  8. Thanks, Rollo. The bad news is that things are hopeless. The good news is that the situation isn’t serious, kind of like an illusion. If you simply see the situation as a bad joke, you can gently mock the jokers and it will not hurt you.

    I have an example of this from last night. A man was at the bar with his wife and we were chatting with the woman bartender. The woman ordered a shot at room temp. The man ordered a shot of a different liqueur chilled. The bartender teased the man about being a pussy because he needed to have his shot chilled. He responded by drinking his shot with his pinky raised. Classic Agree and Amplify. Funny and he won the match with the bartender. He was in a hopeless situation, but it wasn’t serious and he won by showing that he didn’t care about the situation. (The man showed excellent taste when he ordered that shot chilled with American Honey. It was the thing to do.)

    But this example is about women testing men and actually preferring traditional “toxic” masculinity, no matter what the feminists put out as propaganda. In fact, that propaganda may actually lead to more feminine testing of men and men toughening up as a result, so the propaganda might be counter-productive to its intended purpose. “Toughening up” = “getting more Frame and Game.” We men win. Women win. Feminists lose.

    It’s only those men who swallow the propaganda who really end up losing, and there will be some of those.

  9. D from here,

    The war is on fellas. I don’t know about y’all but I’m excited. It’s time for the real mfers to step in and interject. Be the light and lead the way. Especially for the younger guys.

  10. Feminist Imperative, not feminine imperative. Semantics, I know but still.

    Don’t confuse the symptom with the feature; feminism is merely the current instantiation of the FI. In European history the cult of Courtly Love predates feminism by centuries, yet it clearly and obviously is another form of the FI.

    If “feminine” bothers you, use “Female Imperative” instead.

  11. “EPISODE 14 – Chemistry

    Iron Rule of Tomassi #3

    Any woman who makes you wait for sex, or by her actions implies she is making you wait for sex; the sex is NEVER worth the wait.

    When a woman makes you wait for sex you are not her highest priority. Sexuality is spontaneous chemical reaction between two parties, not a process of negotiation. It’s sex first, then relationship, not the other way around. A woman who wants to bang you will find a way to bang you.

    This Iron Rule is based on a fundamental Red Pill tenet – attraction (arousal) is not a choice. Contrary to the insistence that sex is a product of comfort the truth is this; sexuality is a ‘spontaneous’ chemical reaction based on urgency, anxiety and what’s largely called sexual tension.

    We know it when we feel it. We know it when we see it. Our innate mental firmware instinctually recognizes the behavioral cues when a woman is aroused (attracted) by us. The PUA set called these cues IOIs or Indicators of Interest. One of the basic fundamentals was learning how to go with those instincts instead of “stepping on our own dicks” as Rian Stone would say.

    In this episode Pat and Rollo explore the reasons why men often self-defeat in situations where the ‘vibe was on’, but their understanding of what to do about it was off. Why do men, often subconsciously, miss these cues or fail to capitalize on them? Negotiating genuine desire is impossible, but what can a man do to inspire it?

    Bonus: Why do men tend to over-emphasize or over-interpret women’s true interest level in them?”

  12. Rollo, we’ve been watching the Female Imperative move more aggressively than ever to extort control over the workplace, culture, politics, education and so on. It’s all happening so fast now — e.g. the APA — that even metoo seems like yesterday’s story.

    But how do you see this latest wave trickling or bubbling down to the grassroots — the individual male-female relations you’ve addressed so well in your core writings? This is the angle to keep your eye on.

    Is it all mostly just background noise or do you see the game changing in new ways at ground level, the practical one-on-one, boy-meets-girl level?

  13. Here’s a question from a different angle (excuse me if this has been answered prior);

    If the concept of the “red pill” were a product – how would it be marketed to males in HS (say 15-18) prior to entering college where’d there would be immense pressure to genuflect at the pillar of feminism, socialism, and other ideologies that grow on campus?

    Recent convert and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t wish I knew some of the dynamics of male-female relationships when I was younger…a lot younger.

    TRP on Reddit is quarantined…can that be a blessing in disguise? Ban something and it immediately becomes cool/desirable. No idea on the metrics of your site or TRP on reddit. I guess that’s question #2.


  14. VA Gov supports “post birth” abortion…

    Inch by inch. Let’s see – “post birth” – hey, that’s my age. I’ve been expecting this…

  15. “Marvel as a company and franchise is loosing readers and money because no one can write masculine super hero characters . . .”

    It’s worse than that — they are hiring writers who actively despise them.

  16. What is the diff between abortion and murder? If abortion can be justified because of the mother’s mental health, why wouldn’t it be justified for a mother to kill anyone for her mental health?

  17. My choice is to rid my country’s body politic of all people who have knowingly participated in murder by abortion. If necessary, I will put them in artificial wombs and dismember them inside without the benefit of anesthetic.

  18. Code names
    Osiris – Thadeus; Logos – Niobe; Nebuchadnezzar (Neb) – Morpheus; Mjolnir (Hammer) – Roland; Caduceus – Ballard; Gnosis – Ice; Vigilant – Soren; Icarus – Ajax; Brahma – Kali; Novalis – Tirant. Concept artwork reveals the names of the remaining two ships: the Ganesha and the Vishnu.

    2019 con Poland

  19. @raadim
    Hooking Up Smart is one blog you could check out, if your gagging reflex isn’t too strong. It’s mostly dating advice for gals, pretty mainstream, doesn’t try to be particularly hip or snarky.

    Susan Walsh ran it for years, but now some younger woman has taken over. I think it was Walsh who controversially wrote a Wall Street Journal piece advising chicks to nail down a guy during college rather than riding the carousel through their 20s — the idea being they’d never have a better selection of up-and-coming men to choose from.

  20. @Maud’Dib
    Another men-are-morons ad I saw tonight:
    Cute girl is moving out of the apartment while her idiot now ex-boyfriend is sitting there oblivious, wearing VR goggles and jerking spastically. And this is an SUV ad, not some femalecentric product.

  21. a vagina will be a prerequisite for consideration for the Democratic nomination in 2020.

    Good. The electorate has already demonstrated that it has no interest in putting a wrinkly old white bitch in charge. 53% of white women, when given a choice between one of their own and the Pussy grabber, voted for Daddy. So scratch out Gillibrand and Fauxcohontas. Harris is going to turn out to be a shit how as well. Bring on more wimminz.

  22. No wrinkly old white women… is just an outgrowth of the prejudice against old white men that is common. Their anti-Semitism is now becoming more open and known as well. This is revealing that 3-4th wave feminism has been usurped by WOC, as they must be the most oppressed. Oppression is not grounds for leadership and venting peoples prejudices does garner some support but not the noble kind.

  23. The point of the talk where you describe what it was like watching sitcoms in the 90s:

    “My old man isn’t like this guy”

    Really hit me for some reason. I was 25 years old in 1996 (the year-point of reference you gave). I was 4 yeas shy of an impending frivorce I had no idea was coming. At that point in my life, I thought I was a standard American husband doing everything right. The idea that the entire system had gone into full misandry mode was nagging me, but only in a very vague sense. And you are right, there was no one to bounce those ideas off of. Even the most “conservative” pastor would have made fun of you for asking.

  24. @palma
    You’re so right, men buy the SUV but women drive the buying decision. Ford F-150s are about all we have left, so run for the hills if those ads go soft this Sunday.

    The theme of the SUV ad I saw seemed to be that it’s easier to find yourself if you have a roomy hatchback for the journey. Eat Pray Drive

  25. The man in the VW ad is now single and will be making 100% of the household buying decisions.

    The premise of the ad defeats itself.

  26. @Rollo

    Watching this video shortly after watching the latest Florida RMG video,one question is foremost. You and Elliot were in agreement on a probable next step for TRP men being a return to religion. I see Feminism as a new religion coupled with consumerism,the “modern female” is off the chain as a result of these belief systems. Men have been corrupted by the feminine religion and TRP is the main cure for this corruption. Everything in nature stems from the union of male and female. Do you believe this new religion will have to be exclusively male for a time before the female can be integrated?

  27. Re Bezos:

    A rather butthurt feminine “It’s not my fault I cheated, its the fault of the person who caught me at it” approach.

  28. If men can keep their balls in check enough to stop themselves from cheaply committing and put the right price (for which they need a high value life in the first place), we’ll see the feminine imperative unravel.

  29. I had thoughts about the ad coming from you, but didn’t want to entertain them for too long. I think it was about 2 min of thinking in the aggressive Donovan voice and thinking guilty thoughts about how the email looked. Then I thought if it was you how funny it would be and turned the voice into TFM and the girl. The audio show felt even better. You are fun to play with. Thank you very much for your time it means a lot to me

  30. Western man litigated and legislated himself out of his only defense against the demise he now faces. No amount of philosophizing and intellectualizing will change the inevitable. Womankind will increasingly dominate society until it completely collapses. She will increase the imposition of her imperative with her snarky tongue (there is no plant named “father in laws tongue”), her innate propensity towards ill will & negativity (she hates the male who supports and defends her with his life. She willfully murders her own fetus simply because she thinks it may inconvenience her) and her feigned respect for honor (hypergamy doesn’t give a shit about honor, she actually thinks it is silly). No matter what, her dominance will increase until society collapses as it surely will under her reign of irrationality.

    You post modern social prophets and sages of the “manosphere” are far too much like the proselytizing hippies who gained following in the early years of this pathetic era we now suffer to live in. You are actually partly a product of them and their bullshit. You pontificate and rationalize verbal strategies and mental paradigms. But, you are not warriors in the least. What you have come to realize and are continuing to analyze, evaluate and discuss IS true. But what you fail to see or admit is your own true nature and what it lacks. The predicament you so badly want to escape or change is beyond your control without bloody revolution. Your control was removed by your nature and its removal enforced by law long before most of you were born and the realization of this truth will not occur to, or be admitted by, the largest majority to you your entire lives.

  31. Excellent content in speech, though presentation could use some work (a bit rambling at times).

    Question: Given the recent APA propaganda (masculinity is toxic), how can the red pill community react to the Feminine Imperative’s (FI) inroads into the professions (psychology, law, medicine, etc..)? Seems like the FI will move the “Overton Window” such that rational questioning will become a thought-crime/real crime.

    Do we need a Redpill ACLU? Thoughts?

  32. Red Pill ACLU…the homeschoolers have a legal organization that they can join which will defend them against truancy charges…the fee is modest and the organization does a good job…a Red Pill legal defense organization might be something that people would join if they saw a need.

  33. Other girls ofFENded.

    Female reporter opines:

    “Women reporters have enough to deal with covering a testosterone-fueled culture as it is.”

    “It’s demeaning and is yet another example of how the NFL is a boy’s club that has little regard for women.”

    Is journalism dead, or just on life support?

  34. @ Rollo

    Part of the message I get from your post is that you are against gynocracy—the political supremacy of women. However, I don’t want to take for granted that this means you advocate for androcracy (or phallocracy)—the political supremacy of men. I used those two terms to search your archives and found no mention of them.

    Question: What is your position on androcracy?

  35. Response to ex-cartoonist’s question RE “position on androcracy?”

    I think this is a false equivalency. The sexes are not equal and never will be (doesn’t mean we can’t respect each other though). Rollo specifically mentioned in his speech that he comes from more of a scientific/empirical background. He is more concerned with “what is” rather than “which should be.” Feminism—like communism—is a utopian fantasy; both posit that if we socially engineered the population enough we will fix every issue.

    Dostoevsky was prescient when he wrote “The Possessed” (sometimes translated as “the devils”) back in 1871–which captured the spirit of what would later become the Bolshevik Revolution and the fascist revolutions.

    To quote Wikipedia: “Demons is an allegory of the potentially catastrophic consequences of the political and moral nihilism that were becoming prevalent in Russia in the 1860s. A fictional town descends into chaos as it becomes the focal point of an attempted revolution, orchestrated by master conspirator Pyotr Verkhovensky. The mysterious aristocratic figure of Nikolai Stavrogin—Verkhovensky’s counterpart in the moral sphere—dominates the book, exercising an extraordinary influence over the hearts and minds of almost all the other characters. The idealistic, western-influenced generation of the 1840s, epitomized in the character of Stepan Verkhovensky (who is both Pyotr Verkhovensky’s father and Nikolai Stavrogin’s childhood teacher), are presented as the unconscious progenitors and helpless accomplices of the ‘demonic’ forces that take possession of the town.”

    What a perfect allegory for modern feminism…

    Fundamentally, men are leaders, builders, and protectors of women and children. There is nothing wrong with this arrangement and it has worked for our ancestors (men and women) for thousands of years. Feminism is a slow-moving coup d’état. It will lead to the destruction of civilization as we know it: chaos—not utopia—awaits.

  36. Did a guy work out the math for her?

    What women and their male enablers did to journalism — and sports reporting is a shining example — is coming soon to a profession near you.

  37. O.B.I.T.

    Did a guy work out the math for her?

    That’s one theory, but IMO it’s out of date.
    Reporterette’s a modern girl, she’s always on her phone; the calculator app is right there, so…a slight delay followed by eye rolling and maybe a snort…

  38. @AR
    It’s non-inclusive of me to think so, but any sportswriter should be able to work a wide range of basic stats in his or her head — even The Gronkowski Coefficient.

    Speaking of numbers, today’s Marginal Revolution blog presents still more long-winded papers from gals complaining that economics is not gender-diverse enough. I won’t bother to link.

    BTW here’s an update on that male contraceptive gel we discussed once.

  39. O.B.I.T.
    It’s non-inclusive of me to think so, but any sportswriter should be able to work a wide range of basic stats in his or her head

    Lol. So?

  40. Roosh being banned, Goldman being fired. As Rollo stated….. who’s next?

    I’ve been reading Dostoevsky’s Demons again. Enforced equality demands the suppression of all individuality and independent thought (this is our current identity politics). In that novel, Pyotr Stepanovich predicts that, when the revolution comes, “Cicero will have his tongue cut out, Copernicus will have his eyes put out, Shakespeare will be stoned,” all in the name of “equality.”

    Look at our reality now–Cern suspends male scientist over remarks:

    “A senior Italian scientist has been suspended after he sparked fury during a presentation at Cern, the European nuclear research centre in Geneva, when he said physics was “invented and built by men, it’s not by invitation”.

    Prof Alessandro Strumia of Pisa University claimed during a seminar on gender issues in physics that male scientists were being discriminated against because of ideology.”

    See his presentation here:

    Welcome to our Brave New Feminist World.

  41. O.B.I.T.

    Speaking of numbers, today’s Marginal Revolution blog presents still more long-winded papers from gals complaining that economics is not gender-diverse enough.

    The solution is obvious.

    If girl econs have no bread, let them eat cheap chalupas…

  42. Magnus

    Hello sir. Re: Roosh being banned or whatever, I will be 1000% honest here with a different take than that of the usual ‘ mainstream ‘ Manosphere for just a second. Maybe what I say as a mature, older red pilled man for the majority of my life, and maybe what I say will make no difference at all. But since The Rational Male is mostly the only site I bother to read consistently, and I feel a higher degree of comfort here, I’ll opine.

    I personally found Roosh to be a sorry example of a ” man “. I don’t care at all that he’s suffered or finds himself banned or anything else that befalls him. I’m waiting for him to just hang it up and go away.

    For years I tried to read along at roosh’s site, but it was impossible to get past the racist nonsense he continuously spewed. I found it amazing that he always complained of being victimized somehow by something ( feminists, women in general) yet had no problem attacking others in the exact same manner that ‘ leftists ‘ and feminists chose to attack.

    I could never confront him about these things in his site because he BANNED me. He wouldn’t allow counter or disagreeable voices.

    So why is it ‘ bad ‘ when he gets a taste of his own modus operandi?

    Having said all that, I would have never banned him if I had the power to do so. Much like I thought, he’d eventually overstep. His odd and erratic behavior would catch up to him. His bag of bullshit would undo him.

    fuck that guy. Lmao.I

    One thing I notice about the Manosphere in a lot of sectors ( not at TRM ), is that there is a thing where the atmosphere becomes a lot like that which is complained about. The same way the men complain about the left/socialist/feminist juggernaut, a lot of men try to establish a mirror image in the sphere. It’s political and intolerant and subtly obsessed with What a minority of women happen to be doing or saying at any particular point.

    I’m not certain how successful the sphere can even be in a wider scale as long as it demands subjugation from men who ” join “. Just like feminist, you must support 100% of the platform,especially politically and ideologically. So what will wind up happening is that a small ( comparatively) number of men will gather, but the numbers will be too small to effect meaningful change, and the smaller numbers are easier to attack, discredit and redifine ( something I have experienced..).

    In my humble opinion as a reader and follower, a concentration on what ” teh wimminz ” are doing and saying is secondary to what men should be knowing/understanding and doing/taking action on. It’s like the saying about wrestling with pigs.

    Part of my old fashioned red pilled upbringing stated that men are not women…ever, and we do not act as women act…ever. I would never stand on the street arguing with a crazy person shouting at the sidewalk, and in my eyes getting upset at women feminist/feminism is pretty much the same thing. They will only be consequential if men give them meaning.

    Take the recent abortion brouhaha. In all instances, I only see a few women and their make accomplices. These small number of people are allowed to drive narratives and legislation. Why?.Why is this! Where are the men? In comment sections? Waiting to form political action committees? Waiting for that next election cycle?

    What about today? What about the individual?

    Ahhhhh. There it is. The answer is in a collective of individuals. There will be no monolithic male answer coming from the sphere. The sphere needs to inform the individual man without all of those pesky feminine trappings of a gossip group filled with mean girls.

    The individual possessing an xy chromosome.

    Separation and divisions and infighting works to the advantage of even the smallest number of foes. That is the spheres weak spot.

    That’s my take anyway.

    Oh Yeah, again, fuck Roosh.😁

  43. Since Amazon is heading for near monopoly status on retailing and now e-Pub publishing of books, we should care about any banning that low level SJW’s may pull off there. Roosh, Vox Day, whoever, because of the overt censorship aspects.

    In coal towns of the late 19th and early 20th centuries the company often owned everything. The land, the roads, the housing, even the local store. “Company store” is a term with some semantic freight to those men who understand the history. Just for a start, you could buy only what the Company decided to stock, and you could go waay into debt, too.

    WalMart and Amazon are in a sense vying for the status of ‘Company store” in the modern world. Yes, there are a lot of small publishers out there both in hardback and ePub, but Amazon has the one-click shopping model. They are steadily pushing Barnes & Noble towards a cliff, for example.

    When Amazon is pretty much the only publisher for 95% of the market, then that company will decide what will be read by 95% of the population. Sure, all the rugged individualists such as TRM men won’t care because ‘mah own liberry!” but what about the boys in K – 12, eh?

    As for Roosh, he’s not as smart as his groupies claim. The “world wide meetup” disaster followed by feminists dogging him on camera followed by his clown show “news conference” was a slow motion train wreck. It showed his Game to be very 1-dimensional; not a surprise, since the Bang Eastern Europe texts indicated his main riff was “dark, mysterious stranger” game. Not very sophisticated. His own record since them shows him to be confused about women, frankly. He’s kind of like a trader who bet hard on the housing bubble popping but then lost his winnings on the recovery – one hit wonder.

    RooshV made himself a kind of lighting rod, but didn’t diversify his income stream- in the current buzzword, he was fragile, very far from antifragile.

    Lately I’ve been going a bit out of my way to buy books via any channel other than Amazon, just for the mental exercise. There are software tools to handle conversion of the various ePub formats as well – not really a hard problem, so far as I can tell they are just parsers. Much simpler than even the most primitive of compilers, for example.

    Now I can offer advice to other men of the “Eh, you don’t have to get that from Amazon, it’s easy to do it another way and these other sources don’t keep track of what you have read.

    Now, all that said, the next copies of Rollo’s books I will purchase via Amazon just to contribute to his numbers on that platform. Even if I resell them into the used market or give them away it’s still good to keep his numbers up.

  44. ” . . . you could buy only what the Company decided to stock, and you could go waay into debt, too.”

    The trick was that whenever and wherever they could they paid in company scrip, redeemable at the company store. They didn’t pay enough to live, but offered easy credit. It didn’t take very long before you couldn’t get away from them. You were effectively indentured by the debt.

    Laws requiring payment in cash and the abolition of debtor’s prison were largely due to fight this.

    Amazon won’t be able to pull off anything like that until they are the only place to work. Doesn’t mean they aren’t an evil empire though. The problem is that they’re a very seductive one, as they’re actually pretty damned good at what they do.

    I’ve been been exchanging a bit of (more) information about myself for more information about what they’re up to with AI. At one level it’s impressive, at another not so much. The chat bots almost make me long for the return of Satan’s daughter.

    I am running in the top percent at Jeopardy though, but at integer level of precision I can’t tell if I suck or not.

  45. One of the tricks to leadership, true leadership as opposed to the capitalist model ( uh oh, shots fired..), Is being different enough from ” standard “, without being so different as to be unrelatable.

    Amazon and Wal-Mart fake this very well.

    Men need to be able to identify this and replicate it for the greater good. Preferably from a ‘ real ‘ place.

    K-12 kids have been trained and brainwashed by the universal babysitter of television and media to follow the program(ming). Voices outside of the state sponsored and approved messaging system sound foreign and strange to their ears.

    We cannot help them by forcing 1920 on them. Yet the message can be restated, repurposed and explained in ways that they will just get it. Eventually. So men that want to help need to learn the new language. There will be no fucks given about the Frankfurt school, but it can be condensed and explained without ever using the name – initially. Most young men only know a femcentric society because that’s all they’ve ever known.

    If and when men show up, reappear, they can transmit list masculinity the same ways that EA sports puts it ” in the game “. Different tactics for similar results. Way-back machine not required.

    But it will be messy. Messy for the teachers and the students because the system will have to be ” bucked ” for both, and that seems to be the monumental hurdle.

    There’s more than one red pill.

    Too many evidently pose a choking hazard.

  46. Blaximus
    K-12 kids have been trained and brainwashed by the universal babysitter of television and media to follow the program(ming).

    Dunno who under the age of 50 watches “television” anymore, but for sure there’s a lot of messaging out there on Netflix and other sources that are all over the phones and tablets of young men. That includes tunes.

    Just a couple of hours ago at a coffee shop the girls in charge of the place chose the audio stream. This tune was new to me. I’m sure I’ll be hearing it more. Came out September 2018.

    Multiple LOLZ to be had in the lyrics, but doesn’t matter. This is some of what young men are swimming in. Feel the entitlement…

    Here’s the chirp’s website:

    I like how the tab on my browser turned pink. So strong.

    Wiki bio

    This is the current year. Not 1980-whatever.

  47. Lol.

    Clarification: ” television ” ( hey, I’m older. Sue me ) includes all of the streaming shit services that have convinced people young and old that they can start at valid nonsense everywhere they go, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    And that goes back to my original ” babysitter ” point. Even 20-somethings are still being babysat by electronic devices and endless services.

    Pacification to a great extent, unless a ” cause ” becomes all the rage. Then phones and tablets are turned into signalling devices.

    Lol, the silliness factor cannot be overstated.

    Regarding ‘ music ‘, well…. I am exposed to it through the youngins. It helps me understand what is being broadcast into their heads – but they don’t listen to ‘ music ‘ as it was traditionally done. Mostly it’s just background noise while they feverishly do 5 other things at the same time, unless they are sad about something.

    I blame Disney for the ” pop ” shit. Kids dragged that canned sound into adulthood. Hip hop has been reduced to a steady stream of obscenities.

    Now, get off my lawn.

  48. Hi Blax,

    Good points with Roosh. I agree. I feel the same way about Alex Jones. Both can be ridiculous figures. But…. censorship is becoming vogue now due to the tech-monopoly and SJW. Add artificial intelligence (will supplant and be superior to human filtering soon) and a China-like “credit system” to rank citizens and I am reminded of Orwell’s 1984: “If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—for ever.”

    The Gynocracy cannot beat the Red Pill because it is based on objective reality. It must therefore be shamed and silenced. For that reason—just as in 1984–we (proudly redpill men) shall be marked for “reeducation”….

    “O’Brien held up his left hand, its back towards Winston, with the thumb hidden and the four fingers extended. ‘How many fingers am I holding up, Winston?’ ‘And if the party says that it is not four but five — then how many?’ The word ended in a gasp of pain.”

  49. We cannot help them by forcing 1920 on them.

    “I’ll give you to the count of three to get your sorry, no good, cheating ass out of here…one…two…[ratatat tommy gun fire]…three”

  50. One of the tricks to leadership, true leadership as opposed to the capitalist model ( uh oh, shots fired..), Is being different enough from ” standard “, without being so different as to be unrelatable.

    I see where you get your model of masculinity…Old Joe (cough-Stalin-cough)…thassa joke Son, I say, I say, thassa joke


    Seriously, I think that you mean “mass production”, not “capitalist”.

    Standard 48 Laws of Power stuff you are selling…

    Mr. Natural, you had me chuckling with your discussion about figuring out how to speak to young men in language that they understand. But since men bond through experience, maybe we need a different approach other than just flapping our gums. Once we have bonds, our words have more impact because we have established a basis for trust. And then men want to try to understand our jargon and point of view.

    Maybe something like working together to build a house for a newlywed couple.

  51. Rollo this was your best seminar as it seems you found your public speaking voice and the stream of consciousness necessary to use it. Your readers (both here and from your books) are a rapt audience, who are more than content to see to you. As long as your mouth is open and words are coming out, we’re satisfied. But for the men discovering your work today, this talk will pique their interest. The format, the interaction with the attendees and the delivery was faultless.

  52. Rollo I did disagree with some of the points you made. The topic of birthrates is a specious one since our planet has a population above it’s carrying capacity.

    Neither do women worry about the Manosphere when they have a power to break the bond any man has with another.

    The lost boys will be found. It’s just a matter of who finds them first.

  53. Birthrates are not above capacity. Lot of empty or nearly empty space all around.

    Cities in the other hand….

  54. @Ollie

    Absent immigration, almost all western nations (and China) would go to extinction in about 50 years. Some, like Japan and Italy, in about 30 years.

    Doesn’t this suggest to you that there’s a slight problem?

    Hint: The problem is due to your use of the word ‘planet’.


    statistical mechanics

  55. Blaximus
    Pacification to a great extent, unless a ” cause ” becomes all the rage. Then phones and tablets are turned into signalling devices.

    A lot of people in their 20’s live in an alternate reality inside their phone. Their parents live in an alternate reality inside of FaceBook and/or television.

    I know a man in the heavy equipment business. He’s regularly telling the 20-somethings on his crew “Get your face out of your phone! Now!” for reasons that should be obvious.

    Latest object lesson a couple of weeks back: excavation in the street a couple of towns over, so the city can lay new water / sewer / etc. Buried power lines were supposedly dead; the city said so, it must be true. The back hoe operator dug down near the dead power line and found it – at least 4,000 volts and probably more like 8,000 to 12,000 volts.

    Loud noise. Very loud noise. Fortunately nobody was hurt. The backhoe bucket was modified a bit. About half of the town lost all power.

    One benefit: every single man on crew had his attention intensely focused outside his phone. Some of them droptested their phones, too. He might have their attention on that whole “face out of the phone” concept, at least for a while.

    We should be assisting younger men in doing real things in reality with the phone stored away. Maybe not so dramatic, though.

  56. @Theasdgamer

    I don’t see how you arrived at that conclusion?
    A family of four requires 2 acres of land to feed them. This doesn’t take into account the hydrocarbons needed to produce the food and transport it. Which is a dwindling resource itself.

  57. ” . . . go to extinction in about 50 years. Some, like Japan and Italy, in about 30 years.”

    There are 10s of millions of Japanese and Italians alive right now with a life expectancy double that.

    I note that if current trends continue I will be dead within a week, fried to death.

    I also note that between 1946 and 1964 (American immigration act, 1965) there was a baby boom. Now as a natural consequence, there is an elderly boom. The population is not in thermal equilibrium.

  58. Debates about under / over population are not the most boring debates, but they are close.

    Hey, another topic:
    How about that Gulf Stream? Is it flowing OK? Should we be talking about how to make it flow more better?

    Lol @ dorm room level “debate”.

  59. ” . . . that Gulf Stream? Is it flowing OK? Should we be talking about how to make it flow more better?”

    That’s a profession.

  60. @ollie

    This doesn’t take into account the hydrocarbons…Which is a dwindling resource itself.

    This is speculative. Crude oil and natural gas may be generated by the magma. We don’t know that hydrocarbons aren’t being replenished.

    In the U.S., we export food to feed the world. Don’t believe the pointy head nonsense from scaremongers. I’ve seen lots of it over the years and it always turns out to be tripe.

    We were supposed to be out of oil by 2000. Out of food likewise. There was the nuclear winter scare. Etc. All tripe.


    you forget the feuds and organized crime killings in Italy and the suicides in Japan…Ok, I’m joking…without enough young workers, the social security system can’t be maintained and you’ll see greatly increased mortality. Immigration is keeping the whole mess from collapsing, but the native populations are dying out and being replaced by immigrants.

    In Japan you have Koreans and Chinese and other asians who are the immigrants. In Italy you have arabs from North Africa.

    The answer to both of you is ‘distribution’ and extinction of native populations. The problems of India and Africa aren’t the problems of the U.S.

  61. “…without enough young workers, the social security system can’t be maintained . . .”


    ” . . . you’ll see greatly increased mortality.”

    I already implied that. It naturally follows from having an anomalously high elderly rate, no matter how they are treated. I note that they’re not part of the breeding population. There does appear to be a damping oscillation though. Big Baby Boom>Baby Bust>Mini Baby Boom (Xers get fucked out of ever being the majority)>Current Baby Bust.

    Not that it matters. Shit’s gonna happen. AR is basically correct.

    “In Japan you have Koreans and Chinese and other asians who are the immigrants.”

    Can’t get properly polished bicycle parts anymore, because even the Filipinos won’t do that sort of dirty work in Japan these days.

  62. For.The sake of.accuracy,

    Humans ( or animals ) do not require ” oil ” in order to live and thrive.


  63. @Theasdgamer

    The abiotic petroleum theory has been discredited. But even if you wanted to believe it to be true you would have to accept the replenishment rates are far below the usage rate of petroleum.
    Overpopulation is a self evident truth. China’s forced sterilisation program has resulted in 336 million prevented births. In the west we prefer to achieve this goal through social engineering. Empowering women has led to lower birth rates, which is what was intended.
    But to us red pill aware men it’s an inconvenient truth. It implies we won’t be getting our jollies, so we must pretend we don’t know why the government is enacting all these statutes against us.

    Rollo decries RSD and Tony Robbins for selling the idea of success. But what if Tyler and Robbins realised their audience weren’t willing to push pass their own insecurity or put in the effort. Wouldn’t Robbins and Tyler accrue a level of contempt for their patrons? Enough to change the service they were offering, into something the audience wanted rather than needed? In order for a con to work, the sap has to believe it’s offering the advertised returns.

    In my own experience, I hid from it all. I’d go through life with my blacked out shades on. Happily distracting myself with half truths and lies. But life kept ripping those shades from my face until I ran out of glasses to wear. I had to see what I’d spent years avoiding.

    I’m a firm believer, life teaches us. We all get to learn. Whether we want to or not.

  64. The abiotic petroleum theory has been discredited.


    Overpopulation is a self evident truth

    “Overpopulation is propaganda pushed on people by the elites.”


  65. Proponents of the abiotic theory are not without their evidence, however. These scientists point to the fact that oil reservoirs have been shown to refill when left alone for periods of time, something that does not fit with the biotic theory. They also point to the presence of oil on meteors and other bodies that do not and never have supported life.

    NB: The above site favors the biotic theory of petrogenesis.

  66. he abiotic petroleum theory has been discredited.


    Overpopulation is a self evident truth

    “Overpopulation is propaganda pushed on people by the elites.”


    If you’re willing to use denial and scapegoating on this topic, where else would you be prepared to use it?
    The red pill has many unflattering truths and doesn’t point to a immediate rosy future.
    Perhaps you’re partial to a sprinkling of denial to help the medicine go down.

  67. @RPA

    She’s competing with herself and other women. Probably not in the hot zone, but definitely in the crazy zone on the hot/crazy matrix. Next.

    “I’m a 24-year-old woman still solidifying her identity….

    As a feminist, it pains me to admit that I got so much validation from male attention….

    Is this something all people in relationships contend with? Will I grow out of it? Is there something missing from my relationship? How do I block out societal expectations of women and continue to grow into a more genuine person who gains validation and happiness from within?”

    She won’t grow out of it. She’s defective, young and weak. She won’t get it forever. Can you spell Epiphany Phase. She’ll still be manipulative then.

    Attention whore. Attention whore. Attention whore. Her boyfriend needs to run far and away from her. Unless she is good in bed. Then he should wait till his ballsack runs dry. Usually 9 months. Then run away from this Narcissistic Personality disorder mess.

    No man or woman should seek validation from external sources if they are self-differentiated. I.e. emotionally mature,with ability to keep emotional balance while interacting in important relationships.

    The important thing for men is to see right through these females and avoid the unhappy and the unlucky.

    For more on this read Shaun T. Smith’s book The Tactical Guide to Women. It is a primer on how to vet young women in this age range.

    In the New York Times article, the advice is bullshit. She wasn’t taught this by the misogynistic Patriarchy (although she probably had a shitty father). She was taught by crab bucket of other women. She’s probably got self image issues and outside herself validation is what sustains her lack of beauty.

    And this from Rollo, AWALT, some just are more mature about it:

    In summary, it’s not an issue. She has a giant billboard advertising her Attention Whoring Immature Self. Avoid.

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