The First Female President®

As a matter of policy I’ve always kept this blog’s topics about intersexual dynamics and left direct issues of politics, religion, economics, race, etc. to other blogs. The only time I cross into these issues is when they relate to inter (or intra) sexual dynamics, and usually when I do it makes for some heated discussions about whatever ideology seems to be the most “Red Pill”. In these circumstances I’ve learned (the hard way) that it’s wise to wait and reserve my opinions until all the cards have hit table. With respect to the gender-social landscape of a Trump presidency I think that time might be now.

If you’ve listened to any of my recent interviews over the last year (and American campaign cycle) you’ll understand my take on how I believe Red Pill issues have colored the last campaign. With the first real shot of a female president on the table I could hardly not be asked about what I expected. If you follow me on Twitter you’ll also know I made a prediction that it would be Red Pill issues, from the intersexual perspective, that would be a defining catalyst of the campaign. I was not disappointed.

While I’ve never been an ardent Trump supporter, my political decisions were made for me with the campaign of Hillary Clinton being his opposition. I didn’t vote for Trump, I voted against Hillary, and I don’t think I was alone in that assessment. As far as I’m concerned the jury’s still out on a Trump presidency, so I’ll reserve my skepticism, but one thing I am eminently thankful for is that Hillary was denied the presidency. From a socio-sexual standpoint, and being a Red Pill writer for some time, my analysis of this being a campaign rooted in Red Pill dynamics, those the manosphere has been sussing out for going on 15 years, centered on the fact that Hillary was the Feminine Imperative’s best hope for the First Female President®. I think it’s important not to lose sight of the fact that it wasn’t Hillary herself who was running, but the ideal of the first real hope for a woman in the White House.

As a long-time Red Pill author, the feminine-primacy narrative in her campaign was blatantly obvious to me. Even ‘Obama-the-feminist’ carried the Fempowerment water for her. That was to be expected, but what I found equally predictable was the pro-woman narrative using many of the Social Conventions I’ve detailed for a decade now. Naturally, there were the feminist tropes, but the feminine-primary ‘Village’ couldn’t just pander to women, it needed some outreach to men. So, the predictable appeals to “real manhood”, the Male Catch 22 and the ever-present shaming of conventional masculinity had to follow. Men needed to declare, “I’m with Her”. It was a ham-fisted hope that male Hillary supporters would ostracize other men into supporting her – or at least they might self-police men’s vocal opposition to her.

Again, as expected from the Feminine Imperative, any dissent, any criticism, any doubt or about Hillary (no matter the issue debated) was tantamount to misogyny. This has been the spoken and unspoken presumption of any man who might be critical of anything pro-female for sometime now, but the Bitter Misogynist narrative needed some freshening up to remind women and men about their duty as responsible members of a feminine-primary social order to elect the First Female President®. This played out on a larger scale in the Clinton campaign’s late-game efforts to dig up the endless words Trump might’ve said that proved his misogyny. However, it didn’t matter what Trump did or didn’t say; the fact that any man would oppose the First Female President® made him a misogynist by default.

He versus Her

From my Red Pill perspective, the campaign wasn’t about Hillary and Trump, it was about the Feminine Imperative vs. conventional masculinity. I believe the feminine-primary hope was to definitively defeat all vestiges, all semblances, of conventional masculinity. I’ve written on numerous occasions about feminine-primacy’s efforts to remove men from all aspects of our collective thought, but a Hillary presidency was to be a decisive victory over the mythical Patriarchy and the symbolic defeat of all that is men. Hillary and Trump were mere caricatures, effigies, placeholding representative of the ridiculous extremes we’re meant to presume of women vs. men – Trump, the living image of Patriarchy and Misogyny, Hillary, the pinnacle of exaggerated female empowerment that’s been culminating since the time of the suffragettes.

It was the school yard, boys-against-girls, battle of the sexes writ large on a geopolitical scale, and the end-game victory of the First Female President® was all but a given certainty. I will admit myself, I thought Hillary had it in the bag. That’s what anyone plugged into the narrative was certain above all doubt would happen. She was supposed to win. On countless female-supremacist blogs the mantra was “Its Her turn” – it wasn’t specifically Hillary’s turn, it was Her turn, it was women’s turn. That was the foregone conclusion and anyone could see it. Even the polls who we’d later wonder “how could they have gotten it so wrong?”, even they just knew it was “her turn”. If you believed TrumpHis‘ would win it was just a sign of your stupidity in the face of such overwhelming surety.

In fact, such was the surety of the First Female President® that companies, social organizations, advertising agencies, publications of every ideological stripe, all banked on Her winning the White House – and all prepared to be ready to welcome the First Female President®. With the surety of a woman president came the surety of an ushering in of a new Era of the Woman. It was simple pragmatism to prepare well in advance for what everyone was convinced would be the zeitgeist of the next 4 (and likely 8) years of the First Female President®. Him winning was inconceivable, so it made sense to get advertising, commercials, corporate policies, special events, preliminary legislation, etc. all in readiness and in line with the coming Era of the Woman. The smart money was ‘being on the right side of history’, especially given the certainty of it and the idiocy you’d be accused of for betting against it.

But then Election Day came, and with it came the inconceivable, the unbelievable. ‘He‘ won, not ‘Her‘.

We were then treated to the tearful videos of young women in disbelief, sure that their efforts to elect Her were wasted and the certainty of their empowerment left in doubt. Their part in ‘history in the making’ was to be denied.

We had the hurriedly written concession speech only after a day or so, such was the hubris there was no need to write a ‘concession’ speech prior. Then came the existential cries of soul-destroying anguish when He was sworn in. And we were introduced to protests of a hostility never before exhibited by the followers of Her. His character was no longer about misogyny so much as it was converted to fascism. A vote for Him was considered a hate-crime, mirroring much of the same fluidity and ambiguity applied to the definitions of ‘rape’ and ‘consent’, before He came along.

With the inconceivable Trump presidency those pre-bought ad campaigns, those forward-thinking companies had to switch the narrative from a feminine-supremacism victory lap to one of ‘we shall overcome’ in spite of the same old sexism we’re supposed to presume is lurking under every male CEO’s desk. You can see this in stark contrast when you look at any of the multi-million dollar Super Bowl commercial spots that are shot a year well in advance of their air-time date. Audi’s commercial being the most glaringly evident of the presupposition of a woman president.

Turning Over Stones

What His victory has really exposed for us as a society is a condition of feminine-primacy I have been writing about for well on 14 years now. When I wrote Fem-Centrism and The Feminine Reality I was attempting to bring to light the ways in which we exist in a feminine-primary social order. I caught a lot of flack for those posts back in the day, but they’ve served as a keystone understanding for many of the social paradigms and the intents of feminization efforts I’ve written about over the years. For several generation we’ve been conditioned to believe “it’s a man’s world” and we accept notions of the evil Patriarchy to be a settled truth. Along comes Rollo Tomassi and he turns over the stones to reveal that it is in fact a feminine-primary social order men serve in – gynocentrism, gynocracy, misandry – and all pretense of ‘Patriarchy’ is really part of one more operative social convention to sell men and women on the idea of female victimhood.

All of that changed on Election Day, 2016. All of the preplanned victory lap celebrations, all the feminist triumphal marches scheduled to follow in the wake of the First Female President®, were converted to protests marches, riots, violence and demonstrations against the prospect that He might potentially remove Her rights. All of the pretense of our feminine-centric, feminine-primary social order being a social undercurrent has been, and will be tossed to the wind now. The Empress has no clothes (often literally), and all she wears is a knitted pink-pussy hat; the new uniform of female supremacism. In the span of one election cycle virtually every premise I asserted about the validity of the Feminine Imperative has been confirmed. But moreover, that imperative, so angered by the denial of the First Female President®, is comfortable in its existence being laid bare.

For years I’ve addressed the comfort women now have in openly acknowledging their Hypergamy. Open Hypergamy and Open Cuckoldry are not just embraced, they’re celebrated among women and among the feminine-primary social order to the point that we make commercials and sitcoms based on women’s sexual strategy. Now that we’ve achieved Peak Hypergamy the final step is casting off all pretense about the designs on Female Supremacism. His victory appears to be the catalyst for this.

The jig is up and the Sisterhood Über Alles has revealed the true nature of the Feminine Imperative. Even the pretense of a desire for ‘equality’ among the sexes is now replaced with a visceral contempt for all things male. More attempts to remove the man from all language is the first initiative in both the military and on campus. No longer does the femosphere feel a need to hide or sweet talk its agenda; the intent isn’t lofty dreams of gender-equality, it is, and always has been Female Supremacism and the complete erasure of anything conventionally male or masculine. If it is male and can be replaced with a female proxy, so be it. If it cannot, its complete destruction is preferred.

The Women’s March on Washington last January was the most glaring confirmation of everything I’ve ever written about the Feminine Imperative. My timing of publishing this post with tomorrow’s Day Without Women international protest is no coincidence and I have no doubt that the embrace of feminine supremacism will offer increasingly more evidence of what I’ve asserted about the Feminine Imperative. Men, Red Pill or otherwise, need to be aware of this embrace of Open Female Supremacism and their complicity in it. The Era of the Woman has now shifted to one of a blatant, naked, power grab that likely would’ve been made all the easier had the First Female President® not been denied “her turn”.

Had Hillary won the presidency I have no doubt we’d still hear platitudes of how feminism is really about ‘equality’, and how it really benefits men too. Instead we have open contempt for all that appears masculine. Even the protests themselves are converted into programs meant to emasculate men. Instead of notions of ‘equality’ we get further atomization between the sexes in the name of Fempowerment. And instead they will openly make masculinity a disease to cure.

In the coming year(s) I predict we’re going to see more of the “women-as-oppressed” in advertising, in our cultural narrative, in or social dialog, because this is what a feminine-primary social order believes will resonate with damn near every demographic. And for those whom it doesn’t, then those who disagree will have to deal with those it does. It would be easy to dismiss all of this as over exaggeration; after all this isn’t really anything new to Red Pill aware men. I’ve been writing about for almost 14 years. What is new is an increased social urgency combined with the denial of the feminine entitlement the Red Pill community has been talking about among individual women for a decade.

It’s as if women everywhere were promised the First Female President® and then had her snatched away by the living embodiment of misogyny they’ve been taught to exaggerate for generations. They were ‘entitled’ to her winning – so much so that they would change the rules of the game in order for that certainty – but He took it away. He stole it, he cheated, he,…did anything but legitimately win it. That is a very BIG hit to the collective ego-investments of a feminine-primary social order. Thus, we will see in the years to come even grander displays of this entitlement, yes, but also the stripping away of all pretense women ever had of coexisting with anything looking like masculinity.

Masculinity is misogyny now. If you thought intersexual Red Pill awareness was derided before, it will be reviled as a hate-crime in the coming era. I once joked that if things kept going the way they were socially, The Rational Male would need to be secretly smuggled to groups of men to read by firelight like Bibles in Mao’s China. I’m not laughing about that these days.

Published by Rollo Tomassi

Author of The Rational Male and The Rational Male, Preventive Medicine

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  1. The woman uber alles attitude that we saw displayed during the campaign was the most blatant and in our faces it has ever been. I found the “I’m With Her” shirts to be viscerally disgusting. Numerous stories percolated out of that environment, but I think the most apocryphal was the alleged fight Mrs Clinton had with Mr Clinton shortly before the election when it was beginning to dawn on some of the more realistic players that the election might actually be close. What the fight amounted to was that because Mr Clinton was male, his advice regarding Her appeal to the working class was not wanted nor needed. It is instructive that Her entire inner circle of her most highly trusted friends were all women who had been with Her for a long time. And that carried with it all of the classic flaws we have seen in FI-dominated women before including that near complete unwillingness to even consider that there were men who might be right where she was wrong.

    Further, She was famous for Her temper. As opposed to most who only hear about this thru the press, I actually have some secondhand stories thru a few people I know well. Based on what I heard, I was very freaked out by the thought that someone with Her temper and Her pathological need to show She could beat any man could be that close to the red button. Like Rollo, I too voted against Her much more than I voted for Trump. I never trusted Trump and I still don’t. Yet better him than Her, I am at least very clear on that.

    She lost because she lost too many men too long ago and never changed Her stripes.

  2. Men needed to declare, “I’m with Her”.

    So to help with getting more men on board she trotted out Tim Kaine, who promised to be her “right hand person”. Young women gushed over his self-debasement.

    Most men had a very different reaction.

  3. What I have put together since the election, I have suspected for a very long time. The left is a bunch of emotional children. This fits well with my perspective that all/most women have the emotional stability of children. It all correlates.

    The good and bad thing about the red pill is that once you take it you can’t go back. I’m convinced we are immune to their bullshit because of this. Good thing we tend to be the stronger, clear minded, and more heavily armed faction. Just smaller. I am also convinced this feminist bullshit will only go on as long as men allow it and then it will go no further.

    Trump stabbed it in the chest with a wooden stake. I hope we can now take off the head.

  4. You are right. It is going to get worse, much worse. MGTOW is the only rational survival strategy. Prepare thyself, the true storm is coming. Trump is merely a speed bump. When the wounded beast once again gains power, as it will, it will have learned to tolerate no heresy.

    Jesuits burned people. Nazis burned books and then people. Islamist burn books and people and cut off heads. The Democratic party is married to the police state. The NWO and SJW cabal will repeat history. The West is doomed. Go MGTOW and prepare.

    There is long history of the persecuted leaving the sinking ship for their own survival. The Essenes did it. So did the Copts. And many others. A man owes the Western cultural cesspool nothing. Don’t sacrifice yourself for some misguided propaganda you were taught to believe. Recognize truth, go MGTOW, and save yourself. End of story.

  5. I find it ironic also in the women’s day march that these women supported Hillary but Hillary was being funded by Qatar and Saudi Arabia places where they have stoned to death women and she’s supported wars that murdered multiple women and children. But feels trumps facts and logic smh

  6. I’m imagining a real workday without women. Just for a start a whole lot of drama is gone…

  7. PUA’s, how will you use the “Day without a woman” as an opener?
    Stroll into the coffee shop and pick a barista, say “Are you supposed to be here?”, or something else?

  8. The price for retaining liberty is blood. We haven’t had a good blood-letting in over 100 years, so it really should be no surprise that we are going to lose our country. At least during the Civil War we had equal man and firepower. The hope now is that this New America will fall into the same trap as those who fell before it – by degenerating / regressing themselves, empowering women, depopulating, and eventually being outnumbered, outmanned and overran by neighboring countries. I am only surprised that this regression is happening so fast.

    Two options exist:
    1) Some of us are well aware that in Civil War 2, we are the losing side and we WILL die. We are going to fight anyway – not because we think we will win against FA-22 Raptors, M1A1 Abrams or Apache helos, but because our Father’s before us died for this land. It would be too great a shame and dishonor to simply hand over our already family-blood sullied land. If those faggots want our land, we are at least going to take out as many of those fake-Americans (H1B’s and Anchor-babies) as possible.

    Option 2) Preserve your blood – live to fight another day. Expat to a country you think will be safe from faggotry for at least 4 generations. Sit back and watch America destroy itself inside-out — and morph into a truly vile New America. For those true Americans that never fought for America, nor their Fathers before them, this is not a shameful option. You don’t have to fight with us old-timers. We respect you for enjoying the fruits of our former victories – we certainly do not wish war upon anyone. Go and preserve our American spirit.

    Well…I guess there is an option 3 for the truly hardcore…

    3) A combination of the above. Go and empregnate every hottie in every country you can. Make a minimum of 400 babies (can be done in less than a year, technically). Once your seed is planted on the Earth, and Civil War 2 has started, come back and help us destroy as many faggots as possible. The more faggots we take out, the better chance your seed can survive in the era to come.

  9. Would like to know if in other past societies if there was a shift in instituting female supremacy after a long period of prosperity.
    You see it play out in smaller settings. After businesses get built up, women start to claim things would be better if women ran things. In any dangerous endeavor, once things become much safer, women start to pursue it and want to known as being able to stand toe to toe and better than any man.
    In marriages, there’s the slow creep to “the man in the garage”. When things a dangerous or risky, need building up, or you mind get your hands dirty, you’ll find women not first in line. Until things get built up or made safer. Then they’ll be there claiming they should’ve been in charge all along.
    But Hillary really missed the boat on how much people didn’t want a politician. Her and her supporters being completely mystified how other women could vote for Trump stems from not seeing how much her stance as the default choice turned people off. Plenty of women wanted to say not so fast.

  10. Hey Everyone,

    First thing is first, I’ve never commented before so I want to personally thank Rollo and all the commenters here for all the great information that is shared on this blog/comments. The information provided on this site has helped tremendously the last few years, it has helped me transition from certain very blue pill elements to a more realistic red pill understanding of life.

    I’m in the need of some guidance as of late with a workplace situation that has been caused by my red pill application at work, this is the first time I have faced this type of situation and none of the information available seems to fit it. I’ve always been a high performer/innovative/creative at all my jobs, it has always translated to respect/admiration from the other men, but had never before resulted in promotions, etc. Due to the red pill I am now extremely aware to take credit for my own work and build my own brand, this has led to promotions/more money, more recognition post red pill especially from upper management. However, this has led to the women on my team to attempt to shit test me way more often, I’ve passed some, have failed others. I find post red pill I’m unwilling to just give away technical knowledge/share with others as I had previously, as I’ve observed it’s used against me at times, etc. This has kicked the women into overdrive my overt non sharing.

    Three women control the social situation on our team, the team is made up of 11 other guys, but 10 of them just go with the women want and are unwilling to challenge in anyway. Currently they have gotten a majority of the guys to just ignore me, so I guess this is some type of social isolation game, I’ve remained non reactive and just letting the thing blow over, as said women are extremely drama prone and figured they would self sabotage. Two of the women respond pretty well on one on one basis to me, the third who does not is straight up Machivellian and is running 48 laws of power game.

    Do you all have any advice may be out there for this type of situation, can always switch jobs but suspect this will come up again, am I in the right or wrong here? For some reason this has me doubting myself, as the social isolation at work is something I’ve not seen before I can break it but find myself not wanting to spend the energy on it. I am using it to power myself on other fronts such as weight lifting/self development. etc but need advice on this.

  11. Water Cannon Boy (long time no see)
    Would like to know if in other past societies if there was a shift in instituting female supremacy after a long period of prosperity

    Pasha Glubb claims to have found a cycle of empire. Excessive resources in combination with the Female Imperative would seem to be the cause. This essay is not long but worth reading.

    Relevant excerpt:
    In the tenth century, a similar tendency was observable in the Arab Empire, the women demanding admission to the professions hitherto monopolised by men. ‘What,’ wrote the contemporary historian, Ibn Bessam, ‘have the professions of clerk, tax-collector or preacher to do with women? These occupations have always been limited to men alone.’ Many women practised law, while others obtained posts as university professors. There was an agitation for the appointment of female judges, which, however, does not appear to have succeeded. Soon after this period, government and public order collapsed, and foreign invaders overran the country.

    So the problem is not new, it’s just that we have more resources than any other civilization in history, so our femism is worse than ever before.

    But Hillary really missed the boat on how much people didn’t want a politician. Her and her supporters being completely mystified how other women could vote for Trump stems from not seeing how much her stance as the default choice turned people off.

    A majority of single women voted for Hillary!, while a majority of married women voted for Trump. This should be no surprise. It also should give one pause regarding the state of marriage. Demographics matter.

  12. Masculinity is to be replaced by the fearless/defiant girl.
    I believe there is a statue of such a girl currently standing in front of the Wall Street bull statue!

    Imagine how that scenario would play out in real life!
    Women can’t even stand up to their Muslim husbands in real life.

    What are they going to do when the barbarians sack the city? Oh yea that’s right Sleep with the victors! What was I thinking?

  13. (Mostly white, western) Women should be very careful about a “Day Without (Mostly White, Western) Women.” Men are liable to look back and say, “You know, that was nice. We should do that more often.”

  14. @ Foxguy

    I hope you are single?

    MARRIAGE because you’re shitty day doesn’t have to end after work!


    Can anyone weigh in with calling bullshit on this supposed debunking article about the pay gap, written by an author that would have us all build monuments to the female work ethic while dishing out special treatment left, right, centre. This was all over my social media feed on account of wimmins day…white knights, feminist ranters, the generally un-self aware all cheering along with the choir.

  16. Implicit in this piece is the assumption that the president’s character/disposition matters more to the regime than his (or her!) ideology. Thus a red-piller in favor of bank regulation and single-payer, for instance, would nonetheless vote Trump on the grounds that he will keep alive the hope of reestablishing traditional masculinity, a more worthy goal than bank regulation, etc. Harkens back to the classical view that culture is downstream from the character-example of those who rule; ever more the case in contemporary times, with access to political news/commentary increased by technology and bleeding into arenas it wouldn’t otherwise bleed into. I personally think red-pillers should have been voting Republican since the 60’s, certainly since 1976. Probably could have voted for fdr and in good conscience called yourself a red-piller. Nevermore though.

  17. Hello everybody. I’m reading “The Rational Male” now for two years, really opened my eyes in many ways but never commented so far. Good post about the Feminine Imperative and to bring in my perspective from Germany, I can only confirm what has been written with regard to Hillary.

    German “news” – especially on TV – are really “infested” with a bias towards women and during the election campaign towards Clinton. The tactics used here was almost NO news coverage of Clinton (and if so only positively), because most Germans see the US in a black/white view with the “Democrats” >always< as the good guys and the Republicans as the evil war mongers…..

    Thus our "news" almost only reported about Trump and the guy could do anything, whether postive or not (although the onesided presentation depictured him as Hitler 2.0 for 99% of the time), but still would be considered "evil re-incarnate". This went so far, that in our state-sponsored evening news the moderator (female) opened up with disgust: "We start, as everyday, with our five-minutes of Trump" and I just finished 1984, so the similarity of the "Two Minutes of Hate" jumped right in my face, because this is exactly what was going on and is still prolonged to the present… (as though the world only exists of Trump and Erdogan… nothing more to report on the news…)

    When talking to women (and feminized "men") during election campaign here in Germany, saying anything against Hillary (or for Trump) cast you into hell right away, which is no problem for me though 😉

    It might not be as "hardcore" with some aspects of the Feminization of society here in Germany compared to some stuff I see in the US, like all the gender nonsense (we Germans really laugh about such nonsense like there being more than 2 different genders…), but the "argument" that a woman would ALWAYS do a better job or is generally "better" than a men, only because she is a female, is clearly on the rise.

    But there are still a lot of guys like me calling a spade a spade when such childish bullshit is openly mentioned in a discussion and many women also still have a clear enough head to talk against this "Feminist" bullshit, because more often than not these ladies got openly attacked for "behaving too feminine" instead of "showing men who is the real man". The roaring laughter after such absurd comments though, shows these "Feminists" what many here in Germany think about that.

    Cheers and keep on the good work!

  18. This post has me feeling more down than I’ve felt about Western culture in years. A Hillary win would’ve been bad for men but a Trump win has now provoked an all out war on masculinity. I can’t see anything that will pop the misandry bubble.

    Rollo, I wish you had a son so that I could see what you would suggest for him. I do, and I just don’t know what to tell him anymore. A young man can start his own business, and create a life on his terms but increasingly, men are having to signal as feminists and make a show of being male as ‘original sin’ to get along in society. The men who refuse to will be at a disadvantage.

  19. @Dan
    No they are not! (Young men do not have to signal as feminist)
    My boy is 12 and he signals masculine pretty much all day long, unapologetically, and girls and women love it.

    Now maybe as he gets older the tide will turn against him and he’ll have to play his cards with some care but make no mistake, any man, sufficiently trained in the crimson arts can hack her hind brain jiffy pronto and have her smiling at and going along with his masculine ways. Truth is, the more wall flower male feminists there are, the more a real traditional man stands out anyhow, thus the rich get richer.

    Run your own business, then you won’t be at a disadvantage, in fact, take the initiative in almost any situation and its yours to lose. Fempowerment relies on a lot of men actually being pussies who never lift a finger, who never embody agency, who never take the initiative. Like sunshine washing away many infections, good classic male behavior salted with some level of game will undo most fem-bullshit mighty quickly.

    Teach your son, rules are for Beta’s when it comes to women, Women break the rules for their Alpha’s, so be the Alpha.

  20. @Foxguy – Re: The Machiavellian broad. Ya, women like her can be dangerous in corporate settings. I’ve mostly navigated very well around them, a few thoughts for you.

    1. Don’t let her get you emotional. Angry, insecure – whatever. If you are getting emotional about her, you are in her frame. When upset with her, recuse yourself from meeting with her, even if you have to just cancel or reschedule. You cannot let her get you angry and then have you say something or do something she can use against you. I also think that she’s gotten to you somehow, and that there is work for you to do in restoring your own “Mental Point of Origin” with respect to her.

    2. Remember, she’s not just this way to you. She pisses lots of people off. You can use this insight in a number of ways. Passively, one can often just keep a safe distance from such people and watch them implode. But not always. Actively, one can elicit hatred and resentment against her behind her back. Sow discord and discontent – and then let someone else blow up on her. This is the better tactic as strategic passivity will signal weakness to the group in the meantime.

    3. You’ve read the 48 Laws of Power – she hasn’t. Focus on you, not her. Seems you are doing a great job of it so far, maybe there is more ground to take? Alpha Bitches will give strong alphas deference and admiration. Frame has to be rock solid.

    4. Remember this. She’s faking it. She’s a woman, the acquisition of power is a mere proxy for other priorities she has. She doesn’t really seek power to use it wisely, rather she seeks it out of a pathological need to reaffirm her ego and control others, of whom she is terrified. You, OTOH, are calculating, dispassionate, a true “Gamer” of life and social situations. You evaluate and seek information before acting. You calculate the possible outcomes. You act intentionally. You are CERTAIN of who you are and your ability to advance to your ultimate goal(s). This job, another, her, some other mouthy bitch – it doesn’t matter. You will deal with them and show them up for the cheap shits they are.

    Such women are ultimately amusing as they are not using their feminine power wisely. By aping masculinity, the best they can do is a cheap, laughable imitation of toughness and power. Interestingly, the most powerful women I’ve ever known in corporate settings or elsewhere were those who were quieter, nice and more demure. They used feminine sweetness and social intelligence to manage social situations. They used maternal vibes, positive and negative. A sideways look from this one woman I’m thinking of could ruin your whole day. People – men and women – are drawn to such maternal leaders. It’s really a shame women aren’t formally taught how to lead using their femininity.

  21. @Rollo – Great piece. I so enjoyed how you tied together the visuals and the campaign and the characters into a broader, Red Pill, FI vs. Masculinity showdown. I have a few thoughts.

    Statistics – Like you, I thought Hillary had it in the bag. In part, this is due to a stint I did in the survey research world and understanding survey research well. I had too much faith in the polling, but 2012 and 2016 have convinced me that almost all political polling is intentionally skewed to serve ideological means. It wasn’t always so. And survey research works very well when done properly. People who say “Surveys are bullshit” simply don’t understand how well they work all the time. We call them “valid and reliable” when done properly, I’m sure more than a few men here understand all that. The pollsters really play with the samples far too much, it’s pretty sick. So, I was wrong.

    “I’m with her” – This reduces it to the essentials quite nicely, yes? You’d goddamned well better be with her…Or else. One need only imagine a campaign in the reverse for men, “I’m with him”, to realize the absurd skew of our public discourse.

    The Terrain in Which We Find Ourselves – While @Ben Sake perhaps puts too fine a point on it, he’s not wrong. Consider that one can only have a “I’m with her” campaign in a society utterly soaked in the FI.

    The New Left’s “Long March” through the institutions of American society began in earnest 80 years ago, and they merely renewed it in the ’60s in the wake of yet another failed revolution. The Marxists/Progressives, and yes, they are one in the same in their basic materialistic worldview and seeing social systems as power dyads of victims and oppressors, intentionally sent people forward into society with the mission of overtaking our social and cultural institutions with the aim of destroying Western and American culture. Completely. On every level.

    If you don’t know this, you are ignorant. If you are aware of Gramsci and Marcuse and many others in the pantheon of leftist 20th century thought, but don’t see this as clearly as I’m saying it, you are in denial.

    They’ve won the institutional battle. Those institutions allow them to have large amounts of control over government and our politics. The administration of govt itself is dominated by leftists, 90% of govt workers being Dems or other leftists. Newsmedia, the academy, the arts – do you folks really think classical culture and philosophy fell by the wayside accidentally? No, of course you don’t, so then where does that leave us?


    One quibble I have with Rollo’s portrayal of the POTUS contest is seeing Trump and Clinton as worn out caricatures, the only hacks our culture can spew up to act as our proxies. Seeing them as emblematic of our cultural decline. I think that’s an aesthetically appealing POV, but not one that reveals much truth.

    The fact that Hillary could ever win the nomination should stun us. She is easily the most hated person on the Dem side they could put up. The left doesn’t just want to win – they want to grind their jackboots in the faces of the right and Hillary was the perfect monster to do that. They failed mostly because she’s incompetent and a hack. A more capable female candidate? One that wasn’t so universally hated? We’re saying “Madame President”, easily.

    Trump? He has a rare set of characteristics that put him over the top. He was not someone the Left ever saw coming, number one. He was the “Black Swan”, the tail event that smacks you in the head for them. He was also not of the “elite” in the sense that he doesn’t go to the parties Graydon Carter (editor of Vanity Fair), instead he’s always been on the outside of the elite culture but yet also was in and among it every day. He has a very unique POV that others simply cannot have. He knows how fucked in the head these people are. He’s not scared of them, in fact, I think he feels like he’s seen through them and doesn’t take them that seriously anymore.

    He also didn’t need much help from the Republican establishment. He truly had a popular movement behind him – and this was calculated. He was telling political consultants 2 years ago he could drive “earned media” via his public brand in a way no other candidate had. He understands celebrity and the popular culture. He also is very media savvy, in ways politicians never are. And he didn’t need GOP establishment political money.

    It’s easy to reduce Trump to a dummy if you listen to him talk for short periods of time. He speaks like a lot of business people I know do – with an intention towards an actual real world outcome. Not to sound good, or make people feel good. Rather, to get to action or to resolve things or just to communicate the sense of things. Notice he’s almost always what I call “directionally correct”, while being torn apart for semantics. But he’s a genius. His GRE scores impute an IQ of 154. He didn’t study a light field – he studied Economics at UPenn. He’s much, much smarter than people think he is. I think he likes being underestimated so this is habit for him now.

    But he also hasn’t bothered to really study history or political philosophy or the larger world carefully. You can tell by how he speaks that he hasn’t read many books as an adult. He’s savvy but his mind is poorly trained. And if you are going to stand up as the critic and destroyer of the Prog-Marxist edifice, you’d better understand it. He does not.

    But in the end, this is a “Black Swan”. The non-Natives are having more babies. The left is churning out more SJWs, white older people are dying. The institutions seem to have no threat posed to them, and the left’s total control of them seems like it will continue. Trump may not make it through his first term, given the political sentiments against him.

    I remember Reagan’s election. That’s when my eyes were opened politically. David Stockman was OMB director and had a hatchet out to cut, cut, cut. He was stopped at every turn by our own people. This wasn’t some exception – it’s the rule. This is what happens when the leftist consensus is embedded in culture. The FI is merely a part of that leftist consensus.

    Consider the current political “debate”, lol. Just look at healthcare. We are talking about reform – but not privatizing govt payers who dominate the space. Not eliminating state by state regulation of insurance and health care providerss. Fyi, state by state regulation of banks is a large reason our banking system is so brittle, but I digress. In fact, one of the few legit roles of the Fed govt is to facilitate interstate commerce by making sure states don’t regulate things in ways that slow commerce. And the state by state regulation of insurance is surely a huge impediment to free markets for health care.

    But we aren’t even discussing the fundamentals. On the right as well. I mean, as a right winger, I must acknowledge that if we are to have a welfare system, than we must have mandates for coverage of health care. Otherwise everyone will free-ride – basic market economics tells me this. Yet rightwingers seem to be okay going along with the welfare system, but can’t support the mandate. It’s retardedly stupid to be in govt making policy and not get this. Or just look at our debt and the promises Trump is making, lol. Anyone bother to total up the cost of the promises he made in his address? Trillions…

    My point? The debate is so far away from reality, and this is due to the leftist dominance of our culture and society. Elections and who is up or down at any given moment is interesting, but the long term trend is already clear. They won. Classical liberal values are dead. WASP values are being exterminated from the culture. They will die with us.

    This is why I didn’t vote, there is no point. I can’t take it seriously when I know the inevitable endgame has to come no later than 2030 no matter who is elected. I also could never pull the lever for someone as brutally ignorant of the larger world as Trump is, or as crass. I won’t be made to because I adhere to values he can barely articulate. I’m not fooled by a temporary victory, rather I see the institutional assault on him as evidence for my worldview. His election is the exception, merely variance as we spiral downward.

    Evolution doesn’t have a reverse gear. A pickle will never become a cucumber again. The West is over. Unless we want to get very bloody, very soon…

  22. @Water Cannon Boy

    Would like to know if in other past societies if there was a shift in instituting female supremacy after a long period of prosperity.

    It’s ancient. There is a biblical curse levied against Jerusalem and Judah wherein children oppress them, and women rule over them. Easy living, they got complacent and lost focus. Wisdom of the ages. Women ruling over you = cursed.

    @Dan Coates

    A Hillary win would’ve been bad for men but a Trump win has now provoked an all out war on masculinity.

    It was coming either way Dan. The campaign process and Trump’s win caused many more players to reveal their true colors, which is helpful.

  23. @Dan Coates

    “This post has me feeling more down than I’ve felt about Western culture in years…..I can’t see anything that will pop the misandry bubble.”

    Otherwise know as choking as the red pill tries to go down.

    Morpheus: This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill – the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill – you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.

    Morpheus: What is real? How do you define ‘real’? If you’re talking about what you can feel, what you can smell, what you can taste and see, then ‘real’ is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain.

    Neo: What are you trying to tell me? That I can dodge bullets?
    Morpheus: No, Neo. I’m trying to tell you that when you’re ready, you won’t have to.

    Neo: I know you’re out there. I can feel you now. I know that you’re afraid… you’re afraid of us. You’re afraid of change. I don’t know the future. I didn’t come here to tell you how this is going to end. I came here to tell you how it’s going to begin. I’m going to hang up this phone, and then I’m going to show these people what you don’t want them to see. I’m going to show them a world without you. A world without rules and controls, without borders or boundaries. A world where anything is possible. Where we go from there is a choice I leave to you.

    “…..but a Trump win has now provoked an all out war on masculinity.”

    What does a red pill masculine male do when faced with a shit test? He uses it to his advantage.

    Game on.

    Morpheus: Neo, sooner or later you’re going to realize just as I did that there’s a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.

    “A young man can start his own business, and create a life on his terms but increasingly, men are having to signal as feminists and make a show of being male as ‘original sin’ to get along in society. The men who refuse to will be at a disadvantage.”

    Otherwise know as losing a Frame battle and being in the frame of the Feminine Imperative behaving like Cypher.

    Cypher: You know, I know this steak doesn’t exist. I know that when I put it in my mouth, the Matrix is telling my brain that it is juicy and delicious. After nine years, you know what I realize?
    [Takes a bite of steak]
    Cypher: Ignorance is bliss.

    Going back to the blue pill ideals after having taken the red pill. And not being in control of your sovereignty.

    Morpheus: I imagine that right now, you’re feeling a bit like Alice. Hmm? Tumbling down the rabbit hole?

    Neo: You could say that.

    Morpheus: I see it in your eyes. You have the look of a man who accepts what he sees because he is expecting to wake up. Ironically, that’s not far from the truth. Do you believe in fate, Neo?

    Neo: No.

    Morpheus: Why not?

    Neo: Because I don’t like the idea that I’m not in control of my life.

    Morpheus: I know *exactly* what you mean. Let me tell you why you’re here. You’re here because you know something. What you know you can’t explain, but you feel it. You’ve felt it your entire life, that there’s something wrong with the world. You don’t know what it is, but it’s there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad. It is this feeling that has brought you to me. Do you know what I’m talking about?

    Neo: The Matrix.

    Morpheus: Do you want to know what it is?

    Neo: Yes.

    Morpheus: The Matrix is everywhere. It is all around us. Even now, in this very room. You can see it when you look out your window or when you turn on your television. You can feel it when you go to work… when you go to church… when you pay your taxes. It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.

    Neo: What truth?

    Morpheus: That you are a slave, Neo. Like everyone else you were born into bondage. Into a prison that you cannot taste or see or touch. A prison for your mind.

    Morpheus: Welcome to the desert of the real.

    Morpheus: We’ve survived by hiding from them, by running from them. But they are the gatekeepers. They are guarding all the doors, they are holding all the keys. Which means that sooner or later, someone is going to have to fight them.

    Neo: Someone?

    Morpheus: I’ve seen an agent punch through a concrete wall; men have emptied entire clips at them and hit nothing but air; yet, their strength, and their speed, are still based in a world that is built on rules. Because of that, they will never be as strong, or as fast, as *you* can be.

  24. @SJF – That was a movie, bunky. Careful about the LARPing…Here, in the real world, the left won. They are merely consolidating their gains now and figuring out how to exterminate the insurgents. Real strategy includes the real world.

    Hope is not a strategy.

  25. @Palmasailor

    Almost everyone is in mid to late 30s. They are pretty much all IT indian including the women. I am not.

    The 3rd is the most incompent of the 3. They do not need my input as I work on different more high profile projects seperate from the rest of the team. It’s not necessary for me to interact with them, I smile and say hello if necessary in passing but wont engage in talk.

    The 11th is a friend who is highly social but am beginning to see he may be running his own social game.

  26. Most here have no idea – literally no idea – of how leftist elite intellectuals see the world. Here’s a guest post from Mark Tushnet, top legal professor at Harvard. Tell me, how many of you here think you have more power socially than him?
    They’ve already won and most of you don’t know it. Pay specific attention to point 2.

    “2 The culture wars are over; they lost, we won. Remember, they were the ones who characterized constitutional disputes as culture wars (see Justice Scalia in Romer v. Evans, and the Wikipedia entry for culture wars, which describes conservative activists, not liberals, using the term.) And they had opportunities to reach a cease fire, but rejected them in favor of a scorched earth policy. The earth that was scorched, though, was their own. (No conservatives demonstrated any interest in trading off recognition of LGBT rights for “religious liberty” protections. Only now that they’ve lost the battle over LGBT rights, have they made those protections central – seeing them, I suppose, as a new front in the culture wars. But, again, they’ve already lost the war.). For liberals, the question now is how to deal with the losers in the culture wars. That’s mostly a question of tactics. My own judgment is that taking a hard line (“You lost, live with it”) is better than trying to accommodate the losers, who – remember – defended, and are defending, positions that liberals regard as having no normative pull at all. Trying to be nice to the losers didn’t work well after the Civil War, nor after Brown. (And taking a hard line seemed to work reasonably well in Germany and Japan after 1945.) I should note that LGBT activists in particular seem to have settled on the hard-line approach, while some liberal academics defend more accommodating approaches. When specific battles in the culture wars were being fought, it might have made sense to try to be accommodating after a local victory, because other related fights were going on, and a hard line might have stiffened the opposition in those fights. But the war’s over, and we won.”

    He and thousands like him dominate the political and governing and cultural and social institutions of our society. He’s a law professor – not a gender studies freak. This is how the left sees legal issues. And they see their goal in site and are going to keep pressing. What, Rollo’s blog and a few others are going to stop them? By voting in Trump? Lol. He’s a bump in the road towards their inevitable victory.

    Unless of course you want to take up arms and remove the Left by force. That is all that is left to us. The law, politics, moral outcry, argument – useless and laughable. And I’m not sure I’m up for killing millions of my fellow Americans. Just sayin’…

  27. Like Rollo, I have mixed feelings about Trump the President. With that said, no one other than Trump could have beaten Hillary. All the “nice” Republican candidates (which was everybody but Trump) would have totally operated in the frame of Hillary and the MSM. Not Trump. He said screw the frame, screw the usual way of doing politics on the national level, and he operated in his own frame, flawed as it may have been at times. Was his way crude and crass? Yes. But Trump operates in a world where results matter.

    No poll will ever show this, but I’m convinced Tim Kaine hurt the cause on a subconscious level more than most realize. Any masculine man with a measure of self-awareness was disgusted by Kaine on a visceral level. 100% insincere, effeminate and, worst of all, totally willing to subordinate himself to a bitch like Hillary. Deep down, most men knew that no self-respecting man worth associating with would be Hillary’s running mate.

  28. @foxguy

    I’ve had a similar thing happen…just laugh at the girls when you see them…you can bust their cabal by taking the weakest one or two aside and telling her in cat language that you’ll share your tech savvy with her as long as she doesn’t share it with anyone else.

    In the meantime, flirt lightly with all of them.

  29. @ScribblerG

    Points well taken. Hence I’m still in favor of enjoying the decline with a bottoms up approach employing red pill awareness and game. The way things are, one is forced to employ enlightened self interest.

    My point is that Dan Coates can feel grief emotions cause they are very real for him and the red pill is bitter. He still has to do something about it for him and his son without submitting to the FI.

    I’m not short of accepting the Left has won the cultural battle and the want for feminine supremacism is in play. But I’m optimistic about my own and other individual men’s personal agency. It’s still a grand game and I’d just as soon play it well.

  30. From my point of view the red pill gives men an extreme tactical advantage. Any red pill aware man can learn game and bed as many women as he likes. We may even be able to charm every woman we work with and make our individual lives just wonderful. Strategically however, it seems to fall dreadfully short.

    I have no doubt that many of the women complaining about Trumps “Grab em by the pussy” comment would personally gush gallons if it was her pussy he was grabbing. Tactical win for Trump. Strategically, not so much. The comment is used as a beating stick.

    Red pillers take too much pride in their tactical wins. Up until this point, there seems to have been little acknowledgement that the war is all but lost. MGTOW are really the only ones addressing it, and that isn’t even a winning strategy. It’s simply hunker down and wait for the fire storm to pass over. Maybe that is really the best we can do at this point.

  31. Also, take a look at Trump’s recent tweets about women’s day. Even “our alpha” is saturated in the FI.

  32. @scrib

    By voting in Trump? Lol. He’s a bump in the road towards their inevitable victory.

    No, they will attempt to use him to further their ends, following a Hegelian dialectic:

    Action (left) + Reaction (Trump) => New Left Synthesis

    The way to deal with the left is to refuse to engage them and pursue your own mission.

  33. It always was and always will be entirely about money and power. Being correct on effective public policy or being moral in philosophy is dead. Americans are so polarized by right vs. left, and either “with me or against me” in identity politics, there is no compromise anymore. We lose sight of what policy enhances well-being for all.
    Compromise now means defeat.
    All that’s left is lies, hypocrisy, corruption and wholesale incompetence at $250K+ per head. Eventually the snakes don’t attack each other anymore. They just start to eat themselves.

    Trump vs. Clinton election brought out a lot of ugliness on both sides.
    I can’t speak for others, but the online video footage of election night mental meltdowns – from Javits Center to Young Turks live broadcast to CNN live broadcast to university campuses to the living rooms of the average American wife and husband – it was truly fascinating to behold.

    Except maybe in major sport competitions – like college football, where a proverbial David with no stones somehow defeats a Goliath – we are all unlikely to witness so many live reactions to such decisive destruction of all-in personal ego investment in a given outcome.

    Hillary Clinton was not only supposed to win. She was supposed to annihilate Trump in the field. To embarrass his candidacy in every state in decisive fashion, including southern and rust belt states. At one point I remember CNN analysts suggestions Hillary Clinton would win the state of Texas.

    Aside from the detonation of personal ego investments, and the ongoing trail of post-traumatic stress that continues even today (March 2017, 5 months later), perhaps the most interesting observation both leading up to, and after the election, were the incessant threats exchanged by ordinary men and women within long-term sexual relationships (LTRS, marriages) who would state publicly to the media (for attention) that if their partner did not comply and vote for the “correct candidate” that they would break up or divorce with that partner!

    I’m sure such threats take place during prior American elections, but certainly not to the extent of Trump vs. Clinton, with women initiating that harsh ultimatum to their boyfriends and husbands.

    Not that it takes a woman incredible balls to make such a threat, because let’s face it, men receive these threats all the time, overtly or covertly, or *must* operate and organize their lives around them.

    “Vote for Hillary or I will divorce you.”


  34. @TheLastCoyote

    “All the “nice” Republican candidates (which was everybody but Trump) would have totally operated in the frame of Hillary and the MSM. Not Trump. He said screw the frame, screw the usual way of doing politics on the national level, and he operated in his own frame, flawed as it may have been at times. Was his way crude and crass? Yes. But Trump operates in a world where results matter.”

    There are a lot of parallels to PUA Game and Game in general that fell into place for a skilled gamer (Trump). Understanding how he got where he did is a good lesson in Game. There are a lot of parallels for men’s sexual strategy including keeping frame and Re-framing. This also applies to bottoms up approach (keeping Frame, not trying to steal frame from the FI) in LTR red pill game. LTR game needs more of red pill than needs to be in PUA Game (as was evindenced by the criticism of RSD for not entirely aligning with red pill, or in other words, PUA’s seeking blue pill ideals in a red pill context. ) (said better by Rollo: “you will never achieve contentment or emotional fulfillment in a blue pill context with red pill awareness.”)

    In order for one’s strategy to succeed the other’s must be compromised. There is more compromising the other’s strategy in PUA Game and a push toward complementarity in LTR Game.

    “Metagaming is any strategy, action or method used in a game which transcends a prescribed ruleset, uses external factors to affect the game, or goes beyond the supposed limits or environment set by the game. Another definition refers to the game universe outside of the game itself.” –Wikipedia

    In using Meta Game, Trump also pushed the hell out of the Overton Window.

  35. @Palmasailor,

    That’s exactly why this situation has me perplexed because of the fact it is bothering me, it shouldn’t matter but it is for some reason. As Scribblerg mentioned this may be a mental point of origin issue for myself? Triggering some wound or something?

    I’m thinking there may be some opportunity for growth here for me from this experience, because objectively if I’m in my own frame it shouldn’t matter.It’s one of the reasons I haven’t broken it via social game which I probably could do , but find myself to be unwilling to even invest time/energy in that as I would be going into their frame. This is an IT office by the way.

    In previous blue pill land this wouldn’t have happened as I may have just caved in to the social pressure or avoided the situation all together, so this is a new frontier for me. Have made numerous changes in my life the last few years, I feel work/office is one of the areas I have to work on but have very little red pill reference/points or experience on the work front as I come from a working class background.

  36. @scrib

    And I’m not sure I’m up for killing millions of my fellow Americans.

    The South took that moderate and gentlemanly approach during the Civil War and lost. The North was ruthless and victorious.

    Ruthless wins every time. Greene’s Law of Power #15: Crush your enemy totally.

    In actuality, the leftist leaders don’t number in the millions.

  37. You hit the head on the nail here Rollo. I had the exact same presumption right after the election and the womens marches. They claim it’s all about stupid comments in the past and a hitler like individual in the white house, but it can be boiled down to “not winning” and fear of men rising.

    The funny – if you can say that – thing is that we now see the same campaigns here in Denmark as I have been hearing about in the US. Actually I was a little unsure whether our culture was different in that regard, but now we see memes about inequality and wage gap all over facebook and even some of our established parties in the parliament claims to be feminist parties. It’s both funny and scary at the same time.

    Keep it up my man. I have been thinking a lot about the Rational Male both during the american election, but also in my daily life. So many things begins to make sense.

  38. “Aside from the detonation of personal ego investments, and the ongoing trail of post-traumatic stress that continues even today (March 2017, 5 months later), perhaps the most interesting observation both leading up to, and after the election, were the incessant threats exchanged by ordinary men and women within long-term sexual relationships (LTRS, marriages)….”

    Interesting. I had the obverse experience. My wife totally of her own volition took to Trump and his ways. She saw the Alpha cues and covertly saw the red pill dynamic. “She just got” the whole dynamic that was going on. It was interesting to see her not have any comments during the “grab the pussy” fracas and enthusiatically cheer the Trump victory. Soon after with all the wailing, she started to be disgusted by the usual FI mainstream media fare on talk shows and other television dramas and comedies. It was a great thing for my LTR.

    The great thing was she just got it without me saying a thing. Same as years ago, she took up golf and came to really enjoy it without my prompting (me having loved the game since the ’70’s). If it is their idea it is more firmly subscribed to in the feminine psyche.

  39. @scribs
    Hate to say it but I broadly agree with your assessment of the situation.
    Had I come to RP before having kids, I am pretty sure I would not have had kids. But I found the pill much later so I have to deal with the future and what it holds for them. I have to be forcefully optimistic about it. Doesn’t change the truth of it however.

    I suspect the full meltdown of Western society is already playing out with Europe. Climate change is going to drive billions North in search of safety and it’s going to turn everything up to the boiling point socially. It already feels like Men vs Women geopolitically when you look at say Merkel vs Trump or Orban. Totally different approaches to their issues.

    If the FI is going to break anywhere first, I imagine it’ll be Germany or Sweden.

    Regardless of what happens, my mission is to teach my children broad strokes situational awareness, so they are at least able to anticipate what is coming before most people have a clue.

  40. @SJF – Indeed, the game always remains the same – a red pill man must always adapt to circumstances. But as with all strategy, a SitRep is always the starting point.

  41. @Rollo: Masculinity is misogyny now.

    What a superbly laconic summation. The thrust of 1973 to 2016 in four words.

  42. There will be war.

    Gentlemen may cry Peace, Peace but there is no peace. The war is already begun. Our brethren are already in the field. The fact that you are not interested in war does not mean that war is not interested in you.

    They want you dead. Just ask them. They’ll tell you. They’ll make you believe it, because they really, really, really want you dead.

    The winning strategy for the right is country vs. city. This is problematic for high civilization, but that’s all that’s left.

  43. Trump is an idiot, but he’s trying to figure iit out.

    If he has an IQ of 150, I’ll cut my dick off and throw it in the Atlantic. Money acquisition does not equal intelligence. That line of reasoning iis also part and parcel of the fall of the west. There are many more facets to RP thought and knowledge outside of strictly gender dynamics. The brainwashing of millions and millions of men to be subservient to ” power ” structures and individuals iis one example.

    I pretty much felt the same about the election as Rollo. I refuse to cheerlead for Donald because he hasn’t given me cause. It’s a 50/50 proposition at this point. Wait and see.

    But, lmao, fuck that Hillary bullshit.

    Stay out of the ” leftist- prog- Marxist ” bullshit echo chamber, and you can think, discern and see more clearly and rationally without the ” we have to kill… ” dramatics. This too is a huge part of the problem.

    I’m overjoyed that Hillary’s coronation got squashed. Best thing that could’ve happened for the nation. And I give no fucks about the pussy hat protests and all of that feminist blather. It’s all par for the course.

    Regardless of the media driven hype, most folks are still somewhere iin the middle politically. Stay out of the extremes in either direction.

    Fuck Hillary.

  44. @Foxguy

    I know this won’t exactly help your situation but it’s the very reason I left my finance position. I got sick of of leaving my future earning potential in someone else hands which could easily result in being on the wrong side of an office political divide/ Unemployment /usual politics, enter appropriate euphemism.

    Strike out on your own, your lead, you strategize, you analyse, you build the team, people you actually want to work with.

  45. “But as with all strategy, a SitRep is always the starting point.”

    Heheh, what better place to get a SitRep on inter-sexual dynamics than The Rational Male?

  46. SITREP: Sighted many females out and about this morning despite the “A day without women” propaganda. Prepared to vigorously defend male-only space by employing cat-talk as needed with string dangling support.

  47. SJB

    Of course there are broads going about their business as usual. Most women don’t know anything at all about the day without women shit.

  48. @Dan,

    Rollo, I wish you had a son so that I could see what you would suggest for him. I do, and I just don’t know what to tell him anymore. A young man can start his own business, and create a life on his terms but increasingly, men are having to signal as feminists and make a show of being male as ‘original sin’ to get along in society. The men who refuse to will be at a disadvantage.

    I address exactly this in the upcoming book, stay tuned.

  49. @Blaximus: My attempt at drollery aside: 3 of 5 I asked about their support for the day ranged from eyerolls to “WTF is that?” The other two: an icy glare and a shy smile. Around here the message seems to be ignored.

  50. Blax – I guarantee Trump is smarter than you – his GRE scores are public and just like SAT, can be used to impute IQ. it’s 154, not debatable. Aw, sorry that makes feelz bad. Your biases are not truth. And the rest of your commentary is mere hyperbole. Thanks for playing.

  51. This was only superficially about man vs women. Women are the pawns used by the deep state. Gloria steinam was CIA(check out her youtube video where she admits it). This election was about the rejection of Davos and globalism. The tide is turning.

  52. When Ronald Reagan first took office in January 1981 the US national debt was $934 billion.

    It’s now US$20 trillion and climbing:

    Soon there will be no more greater fools to borrow from (steal from), let alone be willing to finance even more American debt in the form of militarization, renovations and construction of airports, highways, dams, bridges, etc., or to subsidize the conveniences and set asides of feminism.

    The game is over.
    I do believe that Trump’s affinity for the working man is genuine. But under the circumstances of modern reality, it’s irrelevant.
    He cannot put out a fire with more gasoline. He cannot help the addict with more cocaine.

    What America needs is austerity, de-regulation, isolationism (to get our shit together) and a heavy dose of law & order.

    But Americans will never take that medicine. They have no intention of paying off their debts.
    They will never lose the weight of entitlements.

    As refreshing as the Donald Trump victory was in terms of populism and staving off what was almost certain to be a feminist and social justice theocracy, the irrational exuberance will be short lived.

    In my opinion, there’s no way this whole thing doesn’t come crashing down and end in war followed by a much lower standard of living for the majority of young Americans.
    It will not be Trump’s fault. But he will damn sure be blamed for it.

  53. Doesn’t make me feel anything at all. It is bullshit. Lol. I’m not looking to exalt motherfuckers.

    30 + years of Trump tells me all I need to know.

    Maybe he’s smarter than you, and you love that shit because iit gives you some sense of where you fit in a pecking order or something, but I’m smart enough to know better.

  54. “What America needs is austerity . . .”

    There is no amount of austerity that will work.

  55. Another great post….but why do men insist on providing the disclaimer that “I didn’t vote for Trump, i voted against Hillary”?

    I share in the unabashed Trump love like over at CH. No he’s not perfect, prone to the occassional over-statement and fuck-up. So what. He’s a MAN, and we men at times FUCK UP. But as MEN we then take responsibility and do our best to rectify things and move on. Forget about Mexico paying for the wall and other blatant exaggerations. At the convention when Trump said “no more PC talk”, and “law and order” return 1-20-17 I was sold. I consider declaring for Trump a shit test. I work in medical and am a grossly outnumbered conservative, and I’m proudly known as the “Trump Brother”. Most like and enjoy me in spite of my Trump love. The rest can go get fucked

  56. it is ALL just theater until the eccles building burns.

    the only issue that matters is ending the fucking fed.

    the only man I will ever vote for is the man who puts his hand on his balls, swears to follow the people’s Constitution and vows to make ending the fed not his top mission, but his ONLY mission.

    this country died in 1913. the man who will resurrect it is probably ten years old and today hearing the bullshit about “a day without women”. he will rise from the feminist ghetto, discover the truth about his one and only enemy and end the banksters forever.

  57. @scribblerg

    Thanks for the advice/observations, I’ve read your comments for years and respect them, I’ve seen growth in them from when you were very angry, so I respect that.

    Regarding the Machavelian broad, I know I am also triggering some buttons for her, whenever she sees me approaching she will fix her hair/blouse at times and is very aware/present when she is around me, listens to every word I say. She has turned the other two broads against me, but I can tell this one is the one that actually wants to attach herself to me the most and my work success as she knows I am extremely well liked by upper management/vp level, she knows I have the right contacts/relationships to get ahead in the structure and am doing so. Late last year I actually let her work with me on something just to sound her out, and actually got her to attack one of the other broads by me saying she was losing queen bee status to the other,they are ruthless against each other if you pay close attention, you can’t tell on the surface but if you are aware you can see it, she didn’t do it herself but used the guys she controls on the team, She was very eager to work with me, but I cast her out to bin after a few weeks as I didn’t enjoy working with her that much, she is not feminine which is what I enjoy so didn’t see any use for her. I’m unwilling to compromise on anything regarding women lately , it’s either my way or the highway which is not balanced and causes trouble, but it’s slippery slope.

    Believe it or not she is actually in control of the team as our boss is just using her to indirectly manage the team as he doesn’t want to get his hands dirty, I am pretty much the only one not under her control, which forces my boss to deal directly with me, which has yielded dividends and respect, however, the price for that is the social isolation game which has ramped up in the last month or so, it’s effective because almost all of them are the same ethnicity/culture(indian). However, it’s strange as previously I would have moved some type of social game or caved while blue pill, but now find myself saying why spend any energy on it, just ignore focus on myself, but strangely feel conflicted abut the social piece , it’s not totally congruent somehow. Not sure if I put myself in a children with dynamite scenario by employing red pill, for the most part even while blue pill I put out a dominant personality, I’m tall and aloof and decent looking and dominant when I want to be, but that’s the key only dominant when I want to be, not all the time.

  58. @BK

    Maybe not. She’s hit the wall and it’s knocked her off the carousel. Now as a pastor, she can get all sorts of “isn’t she brave” from her congregation. She’s all set up to coast into old age as a hero.

  59. “A young man can start his own business, and create a life on his terms but increasingly, men are having to signal as feminists and make a show of being male as ‘original sin’ to get along in society. The men who refuse to will be at a disadvantage.”

  60. “We reached the point of no return years ago.”

    On paper the last time we stood a chance was ’64. In practice a bit before that.

    Although austerity programs won’t work, we do need to restructure our wealth. Not currency, wealth. In order to do that, we don’t need isolationism, we need to restructure our trade. We will need allies in wealth building.

    Beginning with a Brexited UK as our for reals most favored trading partner. A real promise of the same to France, the Netherlands and Italy if they leave the EU and set about rebuilding their nations.

    In the east Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Taiwan.

  61. @Mazrim – you asked why men insist on saying they weren’t voting for Trump so much as they were voting against Hillary.

    I voted for Trump with reservations. Like I said in my earlier post, he’s great at establishing frame. He was the only Republican candidate who figured out that beating Hillary meant turning the campaign into a brass knuckle street fight. The Dems threw everything but the kitchen sink at him, he hit back twice as hard. About damn time someone gave the libs a taste of their own medicine.

    Problem is, Trump doesn’t know when to shut up. There’s a time to fight, and there’s a time to STFU. He has a temper that clearly gets the best of him. He’s good at establishing frame, but he also loses frame a lot.

    I mentioned Tim Kaine in my prior post. Check this out:

    Would you want to hang out with this little hipster? Me neither. And the libs are still clueless why Trump cleaned their clock on November 8th.

  62. @SJF

    My wife totally of her own volition took to Trump and his ways. She saw the Alpha cues and covertly saw the red pill dynamic. “She just got” the whole dynamic that was going on. It was interesting to see her not have any comments during the “grab the pussy” fracas and enthusiatically cheer the Trump victory. Soon after with all the wailing, she started to be disgusted by the usual FI mainstream media fare on talk shows and other television dramas and comedies. It was a great thing for my LTR.

    The great thing was she just got it without me saying a thing.

    That is exactly what happened at my house too. Kind of surprised me.


    “Lucuis Quinctius Cincinnatus ( 519 B.C.E. – 430 B.C.E. ) Category ( Political_Leaders ) [suggest a correction]

    CincinnatusCincinnatus was born Lucius Quinctius and had the nickname, “Cincinnatus,” was bestowed upon him due to his curly hair. He was considered an early hero of the Roman Republic and highly regarded for his willingness to give up power and live in virtuous simplicity. Though he opposed the plebeians, his approach to personal power can only be described as democratic. Cincinnatus was happy living and working on his farm with his family. However, when he served as consul in 460 B.C.E. he made such an impression on other political and military leaders that he became well regarded for his skill and virtue. When his term ended he happily returned to his farm home.

    A few years later he was called upon again to take leadership against a tribe known as the Aequians. The situation was dire and the senate begged him to return and help achieve a victory. According to legend, Cincinnatus was plowing a field when senate representatives arrived to beg his assistance and announce that the current counsul, Horatius Pulvillus, had nominated Cincinnatus to serve as dictator for six months. Cincinnatus donned his toga once more and returned to Rome, despite leaving his family and his crops at peril. Upon arrival at the popular assembly, Cincinnatus ordered all men of military age to join him at the Field of Mars (Campus Martius) before the close of day. His army gathered and the following day Cincinnatus led the foot soldiers himself and surprised the enemy. The leader of the Aequians begged mercy, and Cincinnatus replied that he wanted no unnecessary bloodshed. He vowed a cease of hostilities if the Aequians confessed that they had been conquered by Rome. After a ceremony took place that established the victory of Rome and submission of the enemy, Cincinnatus disbanded the army, resigned, and returned to his farm. He had served as dictator for a total of sixteen days. Cincinnatus is remembered for his exemplary leadership and interest in serving the public rather than himself. He was called to action once more, in 439 B.C.E. and upon that victory he once again returned to his farm.

    Many centuries later, the fledgling United States were reminded of the integrity of Cincinnatus when they witnessed General George Washington retire to his farm after the American Revolution. Like Cincinnatus, he was called upon once again to serve his country, which he did. At that time Washington could have demanded a kingship or to serve as president for life, both of which he refused, citing his interest in the public good when he retired from the presidency after just two terms. In recognition of the Roman and American “Cincinnatus,” the Society of the Cincinnati was formed. The town of Cincinnatus, New York and the city of Cincinnati, Ohio were also named in honor of Cincinnatus and Washington.

    Image: A statue of Cincinnatus in Cincinnati, Ohio.”

  64. @Rollo: Masculinity is misogyny now.

    What a superbly laconic summation. The thrust of 1973 to 2016 in four words.

    I concur. This really should become a saying, a motto, and a meme. Bumper stickers and so on.

    Men can have a lot of fun with this.

  65. So how has the “day without a woman ” been for everyone? So far I’m not seeing any difference. Receptionists are still at front desks, baristas are still slinging coffee, accountants are counting, teachers are teaching. Maybe it’s just because I’m out in far flyover country.

  66. @AR: “So how has the “day without a woman ” been for everyone?”

    Very peaceful and drama free so far. I haven’t seen a single woman yet.

  67. One of the most effective ways to get a woman to reveal her true colors is to tell her ‘No’. We are seeing this happen on the macro scale.

  68. @kfg March 8, 2017 at 11:24 am

    Good illustration. The short video accompanying that article is a good Tell on social conventions at work during that debate.

  69. It was Election Day 2016, not 2017. Goods points all around, made elsewhere but not as applied to Red Pill as opposed to conservative or alt-right ideas. Interestingly, the term Red Pill has been lifted from the Manosphere and is now use by based centipedes, or at least those that don’t consider themselves normies.

  70. @Lost Patrol

    “That is exactly what happened at my house too. Kind of surprised me.”

    A hat tip to you for her responding to the Trumpening that way. Game recognizes game and red pill recognizes red pill. I say it’s Tell on our status that they are mirroring. At least I’d like to think so.

    Women will break social conventions for Alpha men and create more social conventions for Beta men.

  71. BK:

    I saw that link of the pornstar turned pastor.

    Her husband is a dead man walking. When she files the papers, he won’t know what hit him.

  72. NYC checking in, and everyone, women included, are all working per usual. Although, my FB and instagram feeds are blowing up with status signaling.

    It must be because all my friends and acquaintances range from early 20s to mid 30s and are “ladder climbing” and thus don’t want to, or can’t afford to take a random day off. Money talks.

  73. thedeti did you stick on the site long enough to see him? She was a babymomma while modeling / (probably escorting) / doing porn, and now she has a child with him. He’s not quite as doughy as I expected, but he’s got Beta Bux written all over him. Soooooo….I bet when their child is 4 or 5 years old all of a sudden she’ll reveal her horrid life of being abused by Pastor Beta. She can then parlay that into a book, a tour and for sure yet another “ministry for women”. No doubt Bites will enthuse about all of it.

    @Hopeful Nihilist
    Money talks, and really in the modern world every day is “Women’s Day”, every single one.

  74. Anon Reader:

    Yeah I saw the photos of her pastor “husband”. I see a little bit of gayface in there. What will be his downfall are two things. First, the usual attitudes pastors have towards women. She’s “reformed”. She’s different now. She loves me. And it will be OK. In the second pic of PastorBeta and Pornstar near the bottom of the piece, note his leaning in to her.

    Second, look at the photos of her. NOtice the contrast between photos of her in her party/pornstar life vs. photos of her with PastorBeta. She looks in charge and content, almost “happy” in her pornstar pics.

    The pics of her with her husband and her new baby? She looks vacant. Dissolute. The half-smile of her with her kid and beaming husband screams “get me out of here”. In the second pic where he’s leaning in, her facial expression is one of barely contained revulsion. She is trying to eke out a smile, but you can see it in her face – she doesn’t want to be there; and she definitely does NOT want him touching her.

    I give it five years.

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