State of the Manosphere 2018

On October 12th, 2018 I delivered what a lot of men told me was the best speech I’ve ever given. I worked really hard on collecting my thoughts and observations of the manosphere, but I’m afraid I’m really not much of a speechwriter. My initial intent was to write a full analysis of the state of the manosphere – as requested by Anthony Johnson and a few others – and then give an impassioned reading of it.

I couldn’t do it. It seemed kind of stale to me to just read what was really a much better essay than a speech. The night before my time to speak I decided to distill the ‘essay’ down to my key points and use them as a roadmap for what I wanted to convey. I’m actually very good at digital media. I’ve been a designer and art director for most of my professional life. I could very easily have whipped up a presentation in PowerPoint or Keynote, but for this I want to connect with the audience face to face and distraction free. So I went old school and fell back on my trusty flash cards and notebooks, and then went up to speak from the heart rather than read from my head.

But damn it, I worked hard on my speech/essay. Anyone at the 21 Convention who saw me in the mornings prior to my speech probably saw me, nose in laptop, at the breakfast buffet working on the guts of it. Since it never made it to the podium in whole I thought I would polish it up a little bit for you here and let you in on what my thinking behind the speech was like. This is not the speech I gave at the convention, but it is the thought process behind it.

One key element of my talk was the SWOT analysis I did of the future of the manosphere going forward. This is the only part I’m omitting from this essay because I’d rather it not get confused with the actual talk. And that talk, by the way, will be forthcoming either this month or January of 2019 courtesy of the 21 Convention. I will make a blog announcement when the video becomes available. For now, this is the work behind that talk.

Good morning gentlemen.

There’s a lot I want to cover today, but before I do I wanted to let a few people know how honored I am to once again be here to relate with you all.

First and foremost, I want to thank my friend and co-host of the Red Man Group, Anthony Johnson. With out Anthony there is no 21 Convention, but most importantly I want to thank him for believing in what I alway hoped this convention could be. The 21 Convention has become what I believed would be necessary a while ago. There was a point right after I began to see how my first book, The Rational Male, was being received that I knew how needed an event like this would be.

If you read me on Twitter or you’re a fan of my blog you’ll know I’ve developed a reputation for predicting the future. I joke around about it, but one of my quotes is “I hate being right all the time”. I’ll tell you now, I don’t actually have super powers to predict the future. However, I like to think I’m fairly adept at seeing trends and recognizing patterns. I knew there would need to be some sort of Red Pill Summit. The manosphere was expanding then, as it continues to today and something would need to develop if the message was to expand with it.

As most of you know, I’m not a fan of seminars; particularly now. The motivational speaking and the self-help industry has exploded with the rise of the internet – and with that the number of gurus intent on cashing in on the insecurities of others (mostly young men, the ‘Lost Boys’ generation) has exploded too. I knew then that I didn’t want to have anything to do with 21st century snake oil reheated to be relevant in today’s age. So whatever this Red Pill Summit would be, I knew I wanted to avoid the selling of good-vibes. It needed to be real, and that meant taking chances.

When I met Anthony I was skeptical. 

That’s a nice way of saying I thought his old format was essentially nine years of Purple Pill seminars which were exactly the kind of thing I wanted to avoid in a Red Pill summit. So I turned him down that first time. To his credit, Anthony wasn’t put off by that. He had every reason to be, but he’d had his life changed by my own work, was becoming Red Pill Aware and he was determined to take the chance on radically shifting the direction of the ‘old’ 21 Convention toward something that had more substance than just being an advertisement for some over-priced non-credentialed ‘coaching. So we looked to find the right men to create this summit.

This year, and with this roster of men, that idea for a Red Pill summit is finally coming to fruition. So, I want to also thank all of you, the people who believe in this venture, the people who work hard to make it possible and the men who make this convention a priority to attend. 

All of this might seem like a long winded way of telling the story of this new convention, but I snuck in a lot of the key points I’ll be addressing today. It’s an important story to tell because not enough men really understand what it is they’re a part of today. I’ve been part of what we call the manosphere since its inception. Now that’s not me trying to establish red pill street credit; it’s to say that I was a part of what’s now known as the manosphere from the beginning. But it’s important to look back on where we came from to understand where we’re going.

I’ve been called The Godfather of the Red Pill. I’ve been called one of the three ‘R’s of the manosphere – Roosh, Roissy and Rollo – and while this is still an honor for me, it’s also a reminder of who I am, what I’ve become and how this community has shaped me and the millions of men who’ve “unplugged” from the Matrix of a feminine-primary social order. 

I don’t relish the role of being the manopshere’s chronicler, but I understand why it’s necessary, so I accept it. I would much rather be connecting dots and developing ideas to consider about what we call intersexual dynamics and the true Red Pill. But that term, “The Red Pill”, has become bastardized to serve as an ad-hoc brand for many pet ideologies and personal beliefs recently. I don’t care to talk about the manosphere – I would rather be doing the real work – but I’m one of the few men who have the history to do so accurately.

As the manosphere expands and more men are drawn to this tribe the need to accurately know where we’ve come from is more important. Even I fall into the trap of assuming that men just come equipped with a foreknowledge of Red Pill history and a grasp of the fundamentals of Red Pill awareness. When Anthony and I, and later Rich Cooper, started the Red Man Group podcast I quickly became aware of the need to go back over the basic Red Pill 101 for men who have become a part of the tribe. 

I also became aware that if I didn’t step up to tell the real story of the Red Pill that it would be told for us by others who see this community as a convenient niche to exploit and to twist to their messages.

So, here I am. 

What is the Manosphere?

For as much as the mainstream would like to demonize it, the manosphere is really a collection of the minds of men. The manosphere is a Gestalt. That’s going to be an important word going forward here. A Gestalt is an organized whole that is perceived as more than the sum of its parts. And there are many parts of the manosphere.

For some, the manosphere is a convenient collection of like-minded men who share a common ideology. This is where the mainstream gets the idea that the manosphere is a gathering of misogynists. To our ideological opponents any collection of men, no matter the intent, is always suspect of misogyny. We’ll get back to misogyny later, but even a gathering of 200 of us here, no matter our purpose, is enough to make a feminine-primary social order very nervous. 

To them, men gathered together has dangerous implications. 

Keep this point in mind; it is a means of control over the Gestalt Masculine.

The primary strength of the ‘sphere is that we are a consortium of men’s experiences. We are gestalt; an aggregate of men who’ve come together to share, debate, to improve, to fight and to agree or disagree on the realistic state of men everywhere –  all based on observations, empirical evidence and commonality among all men’s collected experiences.

Usually a man’s first experience with the manosphere is through his becoming Red Pill aware. I mean this in the sense of intersexual dynamics. I know the “Red Pill” has been bastardized to mean whatever ideological or political bent a person may have, but this isn’t where the term originated. Men generally find the ‘sphere because they want to improve their understanding of women. 

Some become so distraught that they’re on the brink of suicide.

It may be from a life long confusion about the decisions they’ve made with women; a girlfriend, a wife, an Ex. What they find in the manosphere is answers. Maybe they find the works of any number of the men speaking here today. Maybe they find MGTOW, or the Men’s Rights Movement. 

Maybe they find the Red Pill forum on Reddit (or maybe not today since the forum is still quarantined). 

Maybe they discover more of the same in Purple Pill hacks – life coaches – who are feeding them just enough Red Pill awareness to them so that it seems novel. 

Or maybe they find my blog and books.

Regardless, each of them is looking for a means to improve their lives. We don’t advertise in the manosphere. Not much anyway. The Red Pill, by its nature, is something that a man has to be looking for. Anyone who’s ever tried to “red pill” his friend or brother to help them avoid a life-ruining decision knows what I mean. It’s an unfortunate truth that men are often Zeroed Out and at their lowest when they become most open to introspection.

Men are often looking to understand women, but this eventually becomes an education in understanding themselves. It’s never enough to simply learn some PUA techniques. Game is integral to a Red Pill awakening in a man, but it is an incomplete act without internalizing the truths that the practice of Game reveals to men. As men learn about the nature of women they also come to realize why they did what they did, and why men do what they do. I often have men tell me how they wished they had the knowledge of the Red Pill before they made some debilitating decisions in their lives. 

And this is what I’m talking about.

Eventually the man who just wanted to learn enough Game to get his ‘dream girl’ interested in him, that guy comes to see that solving the problem of himself is the key to that challenge and so many more. 

It leads to him seeking mastery of himself.

Men unplug from their life-long Blue Pill conditioning, but in doing so they come to question more than just their conditioning. They question what they’ve been taught to think of themselves. That self-revelation is often a very rough experience for men who’ve invested so much of themselves in a paradigm set against them.

The Red Pill, the manosphere, saves lives in a literal sense. As my friend Pat Campbell has related, men are living today as a result of their having read my work and the works of others. The manosphere is a vital community that not only saves men’s lives, but it points them to a better one. The Red Pill is a set of tools for men to use to improve their lives. It is not a set of rules or a formula for guaranteed success. It is a map to follow while you make your own path as a man. It is concrete, evidence based, and always open for debate among the tribe that is the manosphere.

As the manosphere has evolved there have been various subsets of the community that have hived-off to form their own sub-tribes. I could probably devote entire talks to just these sub-groups. But the nature of men is tribal. Not to steal any thunder from Jack Donovan, but it is in men’s nature to form tribes and coalitions of like men. No matter what a certain misguided pop-psychologist would tell us about individualism, men evolved to be stronger within tribes. The manosphere itself is a tribe and within that tribe sub-tribes will establish themselves.

As I mentioned earlier, restricting men from gathering as a tribe, cutting those tribes off from communicating, is one way a gynocentric social order exercises control over the Gestalt Masculine. If you’ve ever wondered why it is that women feel an obsessive need to either join and assimilate, or outright destroy male-exclusive (Male Space) organizations while insisting on the gender-exclusivity of their own, look no further than their instinctive, base understanding of male tribalism. Together we grow stronger, we test each other, we form pacts and coalitions, we collaborate in ways that challenge what I call the Feminine Imperative. And the largest gestalt of that Feminine Imperative is now what we refer to as the Gynocracy.

In the beginning of the Red Pill, in the beginning of what’s now the manosphere, the Gestalt of masculinity, was beneath the notice of our feminine-primary social order. 

We were – and sometimes still are – “those small-dick losers who don’t know how women work”. We were dismissed as Incels (now re-popularized), misogynists, neck-beards, or “dude-bros”. It was the convenient ridicule stage. And that was made all the easier by the decades of masculine ridicule in sit-com deliberate misunderstandings about masculinity that began in the early 70s.

Now things have changed. 

The manosphere has evolved into something that’s much more of a threat to the Gynocracy. Once Trump defeated Hillary, the stakes were raised. I’m not here to debate politics, but the gender landscape has undeniably, unignorably, altered in the two years since a hyper-masculinized man put down the bid of a hyper-gynocentrist female-supremacist woman for the presidency she believed she was entitled to. We didn’t witness Trump defeat Hillary, we witnessed HIM defeat HER. The Gestalt Masculine prevailed over the sure-thing, “her turn” presumed victory of the Gestalt Feminine.

Gender Warfare

Do you understand what I’m saying? 

This was the first test in a larger gender war that was to come. And make no mistake, we are in a gender war today. 

Granted, it is a cold-war at this stage, but the Gestalt Masculine is at war with the gestalt feminine today. Both those gestalts found their perfect embodiment respectively in Trump and Hillary. This defeat gave rise to what is called the #resistance. The ‘resistance’ is another name for the Gestalt Feminine; replete with “allies” (Vichy Male collaborators), sloganeering (The Future is Female) and uniforms (Pink Pussy Hats).

You can witness this resistance, the Gestalt Feminine, in every Women’s March, in every face wearing a pink pussy hat, in every ludicrous new, weaponized, MeToo allegation that strips men of their basic civil rights not in a court of law, but in the court of social media. 

There are more manifestations of this Gestalt Feminine than I have time to list in this talk, but each has the express purpose of destroying conventional masculinity. It is no longer enough to inconvenience men or to spray paint “smash the patriarchy” on a stall in the women’s bathroom. The true intent is now unmasked, and that is the systematic removal of ALL masculinity.

“Men need to be actively disadvantaged for equality to be achieved” 

These were the words I read on a college chalkboard not too long ago. This is the sentiment that’s become normalized. This generation sees the advantage of a cover story like “equality” as if it were a nuisance today. They almost begrudgingly speak about equalism as if it’s the necessary wink and a nod before they move on to how justified the Gestalt Feminine is in disadvantaging men in the name of equality. But we’re expected to know that ‘achieving equality’ is the backstory to systematically removing men from all narratives. In a feminine-correct social order men should already know this is a facade, but go along with it anyway.

Today, we’re moving past the questions of whether or not the Gestalt Feminine should care about issues of equality of opportunity versus equality of outcome. That was a nice distraction, but making a distinction between the two is important, if only insofar as who you’re debating it with actually has the capacity to change their minds about anything. The Gestalt Feminine wants what it wants, like the sum total of all the Ids of women who believe in anything they’ve ever seen, heard or read about their own oppression.

Never in human history has there been such polarization between the sexes. In our contemporary gender landscape the Gestalt Male is the openly declared enemy of the Gestalt Female. And no one raises an eyebrow about it.

This isn’t how we would have it, because it’s my belief that the sexes are far better off as complements to the other. We can be, we have been, better together than adversarial of each other.

But any issue of gender conflict, any slight, any instance when a woman’s power may be challenged, any time a man might dare to raise a questioning awareness of an issue that is uniquely concerned with men is when the collective awareness of the Gestalt Feminine is roused into action.

I’ve called this phenomenon The Sisterhood Über Allesthe sisterhood above all other considerations. Before religion, before race, before political stripe, what benefits the Feminine Imperative is the prime directive of womankind.

As a result of continually feeding this beast we find ourselves in a state of sexual polarization that has gotten so bad that even “woke” male-feminists are now viewed as “stealth misogynists”. The stereotypical Nice Guy isn’t ‘nice’ anymore, he’s an operative that’s trying to fool women’s Hypergamous filters. The old trope of men getting in touch with one’s feminine side is now viewed with suspicion. Why would a man be motivated to identify with the feminine if not to use it to his manipulative advantage? Identifying with the female is almost more distrusted than openly Gaming women today.

You are never a ‘man’ to the resistance. To call you a man would be too old school patriarchal and aggrandizing. “Man” is reserved for the Alpha men women want to fuck. No, you are just an ‘ally’ and even then you’re only an ally so long as you remain useful. When that usefulness ceases, when you serve your purpose and look for approval from your mistress, when you hope to enjoy some reciprocal intimacy in return fo desired behavior, there’s now a new and much improved social convention ready made to remove you from the resistance.

My Twitter feed is littered with stories sent to me about infamous celebrity male-feminists who are now facing MeToo allegations. We don’t even call them misconduct allegation now – MeToo is synonymous with rape, harassment, even social missteps. 

To get “me too’d” is now a verb.


The mistrust this war is engendering, is leading to a new form of gender segregation. In some orthodox churches it’s customary for the sexes to be separated in worship. Being the intelligent, evolved progressives we are, we call this segregation barbaric or demeaning of women. Yet MeToo is leading to a similar, more stringent form of segregation in our workplaces, in our social engagements and now even coming full circle back to the church. But this segregation isn’t about honoring old ways of religion, it’s based on distrust of women who now possess an immediate means to the personal destruction of men. 

So we cordon ourselves off from women for fear that we might say something that could be interpreted in an unintended way – not by a court of law, but the court of social media. We don’t fear the expense of an actual court case, we fear the far more expensive costs of having our bread, our reputations and our capacity to make a future living taken from us by the court of social media and the politics of wanton personal destruction.

These are some things I feel we need to wrap our heads around before I consider where the manosphere is going next. Because, in essence, this state, these conditions will guide this tribe into the future.

The mainstream is controlled by the Gestalt Feminine today. In our present gender Cold War that Gestalt is looking for a concrete enemy to fight. The Sisterhood Über Alles united behind blocking the nomination of Bret Kavanaugh recently and with that straw man enemy behind them they are now looking for a concrete enemy to unite against today. My fear, gentlemen, is that the manosphere will become the face of the enemy the resistance so desperately needs as a focus for its anger.

Lets face it, we’re the antithesis of what the Gestalt feminine would teach men they should be. We resist their unending efforts to contain conventional masculinity. We are the last line in keeping that male-defined masculinity viable. We’re an easy enemy to vent on, and the more we continue to grow, the more we will be that focus. The mainstream wants crazy and the manosphere is a made-for-TV villain that looks a lot like the people Women’s Studies professors tell their students it’s OK to hate.

How do we, the men of this tribe, define what we call the manosphere?

I’ve always made it a point to never directly involve myself in issues of politics, religion or race on The Rational Male. The only time I address such topics is when they cross over into issues of intersexual dynamics. Now I see just how much cross over there really is.

They say everything is about sex except sex; sex is about power. Think about that in the context of today’s gender Cold War.

If we do not define the manosphere it will certainly be defined for us by others who only see it as a niche market to exploit. The manosphere will fall prey to the Brand of Me. The Success Porn gurus, the Cassie Jayes, the Purple Pill Life Coaches, the Men’s Rights Movement – even Vichy male organizations like The Good Man Project or We Are Man Enough will claim an authority over the manosphere that they’ve never merited all in order to build their own brands.

And I’ll leave you with this as a primer for the rest of my State of the Manosphere talk I delivered at the 21 Convention, October 12th, 2018.

Published by Rollo Tomassi

Author of The Rational Male and The Rational Male, Preventive Medicine

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  1. Rollo, be the leader and the godfather you are.

    You see Anthony as a “son” and can’t see that IM has a point. Maybe not to the full extent you believe, but have a reasonable discussion. Rich & Anthony, they look up to you. When you encourage them because you see the summit as something you helped a son-like figure build, I understand your reaction. But take a step back. Like you said, you may not have asked for it, but your role is to lead. Stop the petty insults (before you deny, you retweeted “tell you son about this soap” video). Should a leader confront an argument that had thought put into it with vitriol? If he does protest instead of look inward and formulate a response, how should that be interpreted?

    I used to think it would be a good thing if there was a summit. Now I’m realizing the wisdom of never meeting your idols.

    [Tell you what, I wont deny retweeting Anthony’s joke commercial if you wont deny IM’s continual drunken Friday night shitposting about 21 Convention speakers, then claiming it was all in jest and then deleting all his posts the morning after. Deal?]

  2. Great installment RT.

    We were – and sometimes still are – “those small-dick losers who don’t know how women work”. We were dismissed as Incels (now re-popularized), misogynists, neck-beards, or “dude-bros”

    Odd timing. Just this week, I was on a racer forum trying to help a man who had recently been dumped by his wife. He had been married to her for years, and had two children together. Had been in love since 8 years old, etc. He was devastated by this typical chain of events, blah, blah, blah. He was totally clueless. I recognized it as a clear case of alpha re-interest on her part.

    The funny thing to me, was that the response to what I had posted caused a few viewers to explode. I was called just about all of those things listed above. One even said that he was waiting for the news reports about me (the incel) killing people. The sisterhood, particularly the males, are so predictable. Good times.

  3. I have been “Red Pilled” since November of 2014, after being falsely DV’ed and divorce raped and bankrupted in 2011/2012, when I stumbled across Sandman and Life After Women. The MGTOW philosophy I discovered, studied, and extrapolated literally saved my life.

    That being said, I have come to the conclusion that any form of organized resistance by men in the gender war we did not start is doomed to failure. Such resistance would be squashed by the current gynocracy with the same ruthlessness as the SS and Gestapo squashed the Warsaw Ghetto uprising.

    I have further concluded that the only possible winning strategy is the one that has worked throughout history – denial of resources to the enemy in a war of attrition. A scorched earth strategy where the invader makes deep thrusts into your territory only to discover the resources (s)he expected to find there have been burnt.

    Scorched earth worked for the Russians against Napoleon and the Nazis. A modified version of it was successful for Gandhi in convincing the Indian populace to peacefully not toil (denial of labor resources) for the British. Attrition worked for Ho Chi Minh against the Americans as it worked in Afghanistan against the Russians and will soon prevail against the Americans.

    The point being is that going toe-to-toe with a superior foe is suicidal. As the Art of War teaches, the best way to win a battle (or war) is not to fight it. What else does this masterpiece teach us?

    Number one is to first identify the weak point of your enemy. In the gender wars the weak point of our enemy is their unquenchable thirst for our sperm and our resources. We can deprive them of our sperm. We can deprive them of our direct resources (child support and alimony) but not our indirect resources (government taxes redistributed to them). As generous as government resource redistribution may be to our enemy, it is miniscule in proportion to our direct resources.

    In short, no sperm, no babies, no direct resources (money) to our enemy. In theory, our enemy would eventually capitulate. At which point we would offer them, as the Art of War teaches, a golden bridge of retreat. That bridge being a reinstitution of the natural order into law.

    In short, in theory, if we stop impregnating and supporting our enemy we can win the war without a fight. But, history and innate female nature prove otherwise. History has shown time and again that the women of a conquered tribe (nation, culture, civilization) will willingly spread their legs for the sperm and resources of the new conquerors. Thus, rendering a scorched earth or attrition strategy against our female enemy doomed to failure in the same way going toe-to-toe with them is doomed to failure.

    So, is there a winning strategy? Yes, there is. It is the same strategy that has been used by attackers and defenders throughout history. Rivers of blood and unimaginable destruction.

    But even that time honored strategy of men is doomed to failure in the 21st century. We now live in a world where a police state even Orwell or the Gestapo or the Stassi or the Red Guards could not have imagined in a wet dream. Conformance with the goals of our enemy (feminists are merely the useful idiot spear point) is now socially demanded for survival. It will soon be law for survival. Heresy against the goals expressed as criminal “hate speech” will soon be codified into law – as the EU is on the verge of doing and Canada has already done.

    The future, as O’Brien told Winston Smith in 1984, is almost upon us – a jack boot crushing a human face forever. I, personally, fear my local police and government exponentially more than I fear criminals or foreign invaders. The exact opposite of Jeffersonian democracy.

    So, just what is my point? My point, as predicted by Spengler a century ago, is that Western civilization is in the winter of its 1,000 year life cycle. All civilizations (Babylon, Egypt, Greece, Rome, the Byzantines, the British, and now the Americans) rise, grow, mature, and die for the same set of reasons. Spengler, and many others (i.e. Unwin) were right.

    Can this gender war subset of the global conflagration war be won? Not a snowball’s chance in Hell. A new Dark Age is about to descend upon us. The modern library of Alexandria, the Enlightenment, is about to go up in flames just as its ancient contemporary did.

    So, what is the individual man to do? If I see pitched battles in the streets, I will gladly help man the barricades and die happily in the fight. But that won’t happen. The current Gestapo will crush such resistance in the womb with the same disregard Western women have crushed their progeny in the womb for their feelings and “careers”.

    Until then, you will find me poolside kicked back with drink in hand enjoying the show with my wallet in my pocket, my dick in my pants, and my mouth shut. Prepare thyself and prepare well for the storm is not on the horizon, it has crossed it and is headed straight for you. Ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee.

  4. @ Morgan
    “I used to think it would be a good thing if there was a summit. Now I’m realizing the wisdom of never meeting your idols.”

    Or maybe you should realize that even your idols are people who are not perfect and that your focus should be on the greater good.

    @ RotePilleBlog

    “Rollo is quite a negative person it seems…but obv negativity sells a lot of books.”

    Seems to me you’re on of those people that if someone hypothetically told you, ” Hey, that road is gonna be flooded. Prepare for an alternate route for your own safety”. You turn around and accuse them of being negative. Which is pretty much denial. Not everything is supposed to make you feel all warm and fuzzy.

    If you even cared to pay any attention you’d know Rollo is successfully established in his business and doesn’t need to sell books. That having been said, if he does choose to sell books (due to demand) from his years of tears and blood so fucking what? He’s earned it.
    Moreover, the proceeds of his books go towards supporting a member of the Manosphere Sam Botta for his medical expenses from a hit and run driver. Sam himself is giving back by narrating the audio book.

    If you want all positivity and denial message there are lots of people out there who are selling it. You’re not obligated to read what Rollo has to say. Smh.

  5. Rollo can you publish the SWOT in another post.

    I’ll be publishing the entire talk here when it’s released, so yes.

  6. Sobering observations, Rollo. Keep it coming. As long as you can, keep it coming.

    Once the image at the top of the article is perfect. Especially in this year, 2018, one century later.

    Le Poilu were men. We honor them by remembering.

  7. @Rollo: this seems like a good place to ask. Any news of 21 Convention: Europe edition?

    [The 21 Convention Europe will be held in Poland in July of 2019. I don’t have dates or location yet but by February I’m sure I will.]

  8. @ John Smith

    While I see where you are coming from. I highly doubt your idea is feasable. Even Alpha males (or pretend Alpha males wise to the game) will screw other men over to get to that pussy. Factor in the blue pilled and the White Knights.

    The current gender war is in part being fought via IT and more specifically via social media.

    What gender mostly creates and is knowledgeable about IT? The masculine. Granted the thought control and censorship of this IT (social media) is being controlled by feminists CEOs and their proxies.

    Here are a couple propositions.

    1a.) Offensive Approach:

    Now, imagine a portal controlled by Red pilled IT hackers. Where divorced raped men, falsely accused men can submit info on their those victimizing them with proof. The hackers in turn do things to expose these people and also make their lives miserable. For example Sending their sex pics or nudes to their employers, parents, husbands. You get the idea.

    1b.) Cut off the heads of the feminist Snake leaders (figuratively). So, sites like Jezebel, Huffington post or other prominent feminist leaders get hacked and crucial things needed for their organizations to function are destroyed or sent to their competitors. Whatever, will distabilize those individuals and organizations.

    2a.) The Passive Approach

    Once again IT is key. We create a manosphere substitute for all the social media or Tech we’ve come to depend on. Except we are in control of it. It is not a platform to debate the enemy.
    In order words any account that is feminist imperative sympathetic is permanently banned.
    Men can freely share their thoughts via video etc without the censorship we have on media like Youtube.

    2b.) Create a feminist platform solely for the purpose of getting them all in one place and ecposing them. So, that red pill men know to avoid them.

    I would like to think there are other ideas but these are the ones I can think of.

    1. I’m not the sharpest knife in the box, but I have noticed that Google censors the MANOSPHERE nearly out of existence by redirecting searches, basically preventing men from communicating. And also, every single search result seems to be from the same group of information sources, and they all have the same perspective, same narrative. I’m afraid that men are just going to keep losing until AI and technology explode the roof off the world and make all of this ancient history and irrelevant, since we will never have to be controlled by feminists every again in a world where there are no jobs, no sex, no income to fret over, sexbots and what ever else. Feminism has won, but it will be short lived and nothing but a footnote of history. Do any of you gentlemen share this view?

  9. By ‘misguided pop-psychologist’, do you mean Jordan Peterson?

    I’d hate to think so. You’ve said in past videos that you have enormous respect for him even though you disagree on some areas and consider him blue pill. But he does seem to act as a face the Feminine Gestalt can focus their anger on in the way that you describe. Isn’t he on the front line of this Gender War as much as any man?

    Bottom line: I admire both your work and that of Professor Peterson and it feels bad when people I admire snipe at each other. I didn’t much like it when Jordan Peterson referred to MGTOW men as ‘weasels’ and I was happy when he later modified his statement. That said, if you’ve changed your mind about Peterson and consider he can be dismissed as a ‘misguided pop-psychologist’, fair enough. If that’s your opinion, I can respect that even though I disagree with it.

    [I was critical of JBP before it was cool. ]

  10. Jafyk

    More and more people will get banned from various social media sites (Facebook, YouTube, etc). Eventually this will create a critical mass of people interested in using an alternative site(s). Good idea.

  11. Yes, yes and yes …. but they still need to be fucked, hard.

    I reckon this is more of a USA kinda thing. I live in Central Europe, where the women have long legs, big eyes and natural tits …and guess what, they want to be fucked, they want to be seduced, and they definitely know their feminity.

    Im a huge believer of RP and Rollos work, its gotten me back on track, but I do also believe there is also a degree of paranoia involved. In many parts of the globe the world that Rollo describes is simply NOT the case.

    And even when Ive spent 2 weeks in the US last year, in NYC and Orlando, went on a number of dates and consistently was hearing from the women, where have the real men gone, the men with balls ?

    So I reckon this is mainly a firstly USA / Nth America thing, and secondly a media led paranoia. Most women I found still want a man that can lead, dominate and offer positive masculine influence over them., both in Europe and US.

  12. I hope Rollo will address the long term objectives of the coming 22 Convention for women. This convention could be the impetus for a war against the manosphere. What is the plan to deal with that?

    [ At present the 22 Convention is meant to be a conference by men for women. If one woman is ever included in the speaking roster I would withdraw from the con. I accepted the invitation to speak at it on the terms that it was to exclusively be about men delivering Red Pill truths to a female audience. At this stage it’s just planning. We’ll see how the cards shake out]

  13. That being said, I have come to the conclusion that any form of organized resistance by men in the gender war we did not start is doomed to failure

    Men let their balls atrophy.

    Currently there can’t be much organized resistance because men are discouraged from forming a tribe, which is necessary before men can resist and roll back FI laws. The solution is for men to form tribes. Then, resistance is possible. This is how the American War of Independence happened. Patriotic men formed tribes in masonic lodges and conspired there.

  14. @ Rudd

    What Rollo speaks of isn’t necessarily a u.s. Thing. It’s more nuanced, regional and even varies greatly by city and economic status.

    Where I live, you’ll never see of hear much gender warring or feminist dogma/FI. Contrast against where I work, in another county/town in a much higher economic bracket, and things are very, very different. Lot’s of angst and anger and distrust, but it’s subtle and mostly quiet. Women there seem to be allied in the destruction of men. Everyone’s in on it too, from the working gal to the stay at home mom’s.

    But statewide these things are very sporadic. I’m curious to see if another huge economic crash will stiffle a lot of this stuff. In America as well, we have tons of women that want to fuck, as you say. The problem is that they don’t have not really need a platform, whereas angry asshole women have the largest bullhorns, and garner 90% of all media attention. That perception of ” power ” makes men/people abdicate authority to them routinely.

    I’ve never figured out why this game runs so long.

  15. The Manosphere is a niche utilized by a small percentage of men,it is under scrutiny as you say.

    “How do we, the men of this tribe, define what we call the manosphere?”

    Freedom of speech rules and will be the demise of virtual male space,take it away by defining the sphere and destroy it from within.

    As the first set of books and masculinity is systematically destroyed, it is every man for himself in the literal sense. Don’t quit your day job and learn to do all the necessities.

    Time to tool up.

  16. Maybe the manosphere’s time has come to an end?

    I mean, at this stage everything has been hashed and rehashed so many times, the core information is available abundantly in many places (here, your books, the Red Pill site, etc), and so for the younger guys the information is generally in circulation and available. The manosphere created that, and that is much to its credit, but perhaps it’s time for the “core” of the manosphere to move into maintenance mode, where the information is still there for people to find and use, while the activity shifts offline to everyone’s personal lives and situations.

    The advantage of this is that it gives the coming onslaught less to shoot at, in terms of actual men, while at the same time leaving the information available to be read and used by any who wish to do so. It also would propel men who lurk in the manosphere toward the rest of their lives, apart from the internet, and actualize some of the ideas more fully in their own lives — which will only be for the better for them.

    I do not think you can fight Leviathan here — Leviathan will win, easily. What we can do, however, is duck Leviathan, while leaving resources available for men to find if they need it — I suspect this will be mostly older men, because the message has well and truly filtered down to most of the younger set at this point and is taken as a given, more or less, by most of them other than the most ardent BP/SJW types whom we would never reach anyway. Over time, the more younger generations of men take the red pill and follow whatever path makes sense for them (PUA, MGTOW, somewhere in between), the better off they will be and the more the system will suffer, both of which are good things.

  17. Hi everyone this is John.
    This is an idea for a red pill community from my experience as a gamer. There is a program called Discord (also a mobile app) that gamers use to communicate and it’s like whatsup/twitter put togheter but much better for actually meeting people imho. And unlike twitter you can set up chat room and talk, no video-calls only voice-calls. For joining a discord server you need first to register and then a link that someone gave it to you. No server search is possible, everything in the server is visible only to members. Here are the links to two gamers channels if you want to have a look at how it works:
    Atm I don’t know of any Red Pill channel on Discord, it would be great to have a Rational Male one.
    Stay strong

  18. Why are cave paintings in caves?

    Because they were made by men. Men form secret societies by function (trade guilds). The outward form ( the trade) may be quite public, but the inner workings are only for the initiates.

  19. Yes rollo be the godfather, u give value to us all the manosphere, be the godfather, we scattered around the world but have the same philoshophy of “redpill”

  20. @Rollo,

    I see you blocked me on Twitter. I understand it’s your prerogative to do so. However, I’d like to know why. Where can I email you to address this?

    [Did I? I block a lot of people on Twitter. Unfortunately I tend to err on the side of blocking rather than deal with people who simply aren’t ready to listen or just create egg accounts to get past my blocks to fling shit and run. I also deal with a ton of Replika bots too now that I opened my DMs. What is your Twitter handle?]

  21. In short, no sperm, no babies, no direct resources (money) to our enemy.

    Since our primary enemies are male feminists who are white-knighting for women, sperm and babies are probably irrelevant.

  22. @John

    Good job and thanks for sharing. Seems like a great tool.

    @ Rollo
    If you feel so strongly about an attack on the manosphere perhaps it’s time you seriously thought of migrating this site.

  23. Rollo, nice speech and thank you for posting it.

    There’s a temptation impugn the greater culture for our lot. It seems to be too big to change on a personal level so guys comment “form a tribe” or “Let’s burn the motherfucker down”.

    I get it and do that too occasionally. That method fails as if guys really wanted to change the state of affairs it must happen in each of our lives first, on our own. Of we really wanted change we’d order our lives as best we can according to those ideals. The tribe forms naturally. Grassroots.

    Guys, including me, don’t do this though. Why? IMO, we’d rather hold the responsibility for it all at an arm’s length, have an out at all times.

    The Golden Rule isn’t “Love the brotherhood of man” as personal responsibility is then too diffused as opposed to love thy neighbor. You know, that guy standing RIGHT THERE. Demanding, suggesting a RP posse formation suggests the individual is powerless. That’s not RP. Forcing men to share an apple doesn’t make them brothers. Make them brothers and they’ll share the apple.


    The Platinum Rule is do as you please. What Sentient leaves out: …and accept the responsibility for that outcome.

    Up thread dork demands Rollo do something, like lead or whatever. That guy revels in his own middling as he’s ALWAYS has the at-hand self exoneration that someone else should be leading, the culture is too powerful, and thinks people respond well to hate. They do respond, but not how he thinks.

    RP isn’t a workaround to some fictional Matrix. It’s a partial observation of nature and some more. Work with it and it’ll work with you too.

  24. The problem is that men create institutions but then nobly or weakly give away the keys and let women set the rules. Women and their many male enablers, I should add.

    Look at government, the courts, sports, even the military. The traditional media is Exhibit A and I’ve beaten that theme to death already. It’s lost and gone, people need to tune out. But cyberspace cannot be allowed to fall the same way. As jafyk discusses above, men can stay way ahead of women in this field and must leverage this innate ability, to create and maintain male spaces (virtual and actual).

    Some guys suggest we “withhold sperm.” But it might be more fun to somehow withhold tech, if only that idea weren’t mere science fiction. My main concern — the T in SWOT — is those “Vichy” male enablers. They’ll gladly work to help women rule the net.

  25. That balloon’s been floating for a while now. It’s also not the last step. After it becomes normalized there will be another:

    Tossing the men out.

  26. @AR

    “‘They’ decided…”…lol

    wow… that whole article was chock full of RP…lol… it’s like a writer picked @Rollo’s brain… and then specifically set out to put in as many examples as possible of the ideas contained in all those links up top on the masthead …lol

    just a quick one jumped out at me (out of the many…many…lol) that can tell you everything you need to know about this whole situ…

    “We sat in a little triangle, my husband sitting stiffly and my boyfriend leaning back as if to give us more room. I perched on a rickety stool.”

    feeeel all those subcomms in play…lol…

    good luck!


    That balloon’s been floating for a while now. It’s also not the last step. After it becomes normalized there will be another:

    Tossing the men out.

    gotta finish that renovation first…lol

    good luck!

  27. O.B.I.T.
    Heeeeere’s Sherry — both those guys must be nuts

    Beta Thirst. It’s a real thing. Really.

    Paper umbrellas…Pink Ukelele…that’s a major disqualification right there for any sane man.

    wow… that whole article was chock full of RP…lol… it’s like a writer picked @Rollo’s brain… and then specifically set out to put in as many examples as possible of the ideas contained in all those links up top on the masthead …lol

    Yeah, I wanted to share but didn’t feel like unpacking all the RedPill goodness. You know, if someone posted that article as a comment on some androsphere blog we’d all figure it was some kind of trolling. Because, c’mon, how many cliches ?

    Nope. It’s real. Just as real as that tranny competing in Miss Universe…

  28. Because the rabble cannot be sufficiently organized I agree with Rollo that this can only ever be bottoms up.

    To that end I have always believed that the only way we turn the tide back is by living life well and setting an example as individual men first. Execute on positive masculinity, mentor young men, sons, daughters. Make changes and hold firm in ways that positively effect you as men, that then ripple out in waves of subtle influence to those around you.

    Other men DO notice, they do pay attention. They may keep quiet but sooner or later they come round to ask “how you did that?”. Then you have the next recruit to the tribe.

    It has to be fight club viral method with unconnected autonomous cells. It’ll take a long time but it’ll work. It must be that one on one because that’s what defeats social media control etc.

    Why? mostly because red pilled chicks are the happiest and sooner or later the other girls notice that through the miracle of pre-selection etc. and will naturally respond to game.

    it must be that one on one because that’s what defeats social media control etc.

  29. Agent P
    Because the rabble cannot be sufficiently organized I agree with Rollo that this can only ever be bottoms up.

    I’ll drink to that!

    The best organization for now is no organization. Watch what’s happening in France. Macron wanted to meet the leaders of the Yellow Jackets, but can’t find them. There aren’t any, so far.

  30. When we speak of religion and politics now influencing intersexual relations, we should not focus on partisan politics. That’s a recipe for failure. Doing so ties you to candidates or parties or avatars (Prof. Jordan SomeGuyYouKnow?) and positions which can be dismissed or attacked collaterally, thus serving as a reason to dismiss evo psych and other attendant RP concepts altogether.

    Better just to note the power grab, and the new cultural hegemony being promoted. You can pivot that way into more universal concepts of freedom and personhood not so easily shoehorned into a party platform, such as:
    free speech and expression,

    the right to privacy (on your own or with someone) free of surveillance cameras (either at Bob Jones University or the super-woke Google),

    unshakeable codes of conduct broad and vague enough to be enforced totally arbitrarily (ditto, along with any college really),

    the right to pursue happiness/conduct business/handle affairs without being no-platformed, banned or unpersoned (equally true of the unyielding SJWs and fundamentalists), for which “sins” there is no atonement or forgiveness.

    Andrew Sullivan in New York Magazine makes an interesting case how both Social Justice cultural crusaders and rabid MAGA Trumpists are both new American religions, complete with canons, gospels and prophets:

  31. Remember that thread about ‘beta tells’. Check this guy out, if you can bear it. He should be on that list of ultimate betas. He’s so screwed. So cringeworthy. Note when he goes to kiss her and she just looks at the camera as if to say “what a loser”. And this is her husband, who is bringing home Big Time Bacon…
    Fellas, stop paying their bills!!!! They want equality, so let them have it. Keep YOUR money in YOUR pocket, control your fertility and don’t sign any contracts. (That means marriage, yes a legally binding contract).

  32. @kfg – Why are cave paintings in caves?

    Well if I live long enough to when we are living in caves again, I for one plan on carving out pictures and stuff to mess with the civilization that replaces us. Drawing of spaceships, space stations, star clusters, green’s theorem and other advanced calculus, freaky weird alien beings, you name it.

    Although if I were to go altruistic, I suppose I should carve out the red pill truths for the next civilization to learn from so they have a chance of survival with a guide on how to build a bottoms up approach with men’s only societies passing the sacred knowledge from generation to generation.

  33. Maybe it is time to study the work of John Boyd. He is the pre-eminent strategist of the latter 20th Century. If you have heard of the OODA loop, then you may have heard of him. He had an acronym for waging guerrilla warfare (applied to organizations like the Pentagon, but could work elsewhere). It is called PISSR. It stands for Penetrate, Isolate, Subdue/Subvert, Reharmonize.
    There is a lot to Boyd’s thinking, but here is a good place to start:

  34. @Rollo More and more ‘social’ media sites are being subverted in this way. But I am hopeful, confident even that this will lead to mass exodus. If they make themselves into shit then it only follows that sooner or later, someone will come along with a better service. Fuck reddit. Fuck Facebook. Fuck Google. It just needs a new platform where the owner will stick to principles and not just pander to the lowest common denominator of fear of SJW outrage. What does it take? If you own your own domain name, rather than being the bitch of one of the big players (hey if you play in someone else’s ball court then what do you expect?) then the only person who can take you out is your hosting provider. And there are plenty of hosting providers; you can always switch hosting…… thoughts….?

  35. The red pill should dump reddit altogether at this point if you ask me. It’s a huge opportunity for someone IMO…

  36. Tis the season for Baby It’s Cold Outside to get its annual 2 minute hate for being “rapey,” but this year they’re tossing in Kiss the Girl from The Little Mermaid.

  37. I notice a pervasive yearning going on here and in real life.

    It’s always hard swimming against the tide/current.

    And whenever it is too hard, there is this tendency to rant into a top down approach to training all womanhood out there to realign what is in the best interest of manhood.

    So I can judge my old buddies and potential new buddies on how they do this motif.

    Are they whining about how we need to change society/the paradigm/woman’s nature, etc. for their own benefit?

    Or are they designing new ways to re-invent themselves to be more attractive/not unattractive?

    Guess what the difference is in the two camps of mindset?

  38. @morgan

    “One day, all men will learn their right place, which is under the feet of a dominant female. Thats where yall belong. But dont worry little boys. you will eventually get used to obey us you might even enjoy and decide to show your devotion by kissing and licking our feet every day!!!

    I’m a strong independent woman!!!”

  39. kfg
    Tis the season for Baby It’s Cold Outside to get its annual 2 minute hate for being “rapey,” but this year they’re tossing in Kiss the Girl from The Little Mermaid.

    It’s both. The men’s singers just got more attention for their rapey-rapey song from …. The Little Mermaid…but there’s still killjoy snoflakes hammering radio stations over “Baby”.

    Radio stations…that’s like Pandora only without a WiFi connection. Or so I’ve been told.

  40. palmasailor
    A couple tried to arrange to meet him but they were threatened with death by the others.

    Nods solemnly.

  41. @Palmsailor

    Looks like there’s a strong denial here in the manosphere, lol. So, you thought with everything going on you would actually identify your group as red pill and not have it banned?
    Why not name it something unrelated and send your members a private invitation to join the group?

  42. I’ve addressed this before, but I’m not sure whether it was here or not.

    When you form a men’s group you don’t make it a Red Pill group. You make it a traditional men’s group, formed around a “trade.” Deer habitat, trout fishing, cycling, sailing, football, et al. Because that’s what works to make a group of men, a guild.

    Of course inside the tin it’s Red Pill as fuck, but the public is only presented with what’s written on the tin, “Here there be blue water sailing racers” and it doesn’t get auto-banned.

    Be cave painters, performing your trade in public, but conducting its sacred rituals privately.

  43. The state of the Manosphere in 2018. I think a lot of good material has been compiled in the last decade, in print, blog, and video. That’s the good news. What’s important now is to not only spread the availability of the message, but to also ensure it’s integrity. I expect to see an increase in infiltrators, concern trolls, and scammers in the coming years.

    I think the message to not get married is well established. Probably the single most effective message to continue pushing is: do not date single mothers. Anything that helps thwart women’s AF/BB strategy is a good thing.

    I also expect more mainstream efforts to demonize the Manosphere. Probably from a ‘incel’ equals ‘domestic terrorist’ angle, then infer that incels are part of the Manosphere….therefore the entire Manosphere are terrorists…so don’t listen to anything they have to say and don’t call yourself one of them.

    Going forward, it’s clear the censorship, de-platforming, and demonetization is going to increase. I expect more companies to join this effort. Eventually, Youtube as well. I don’t see Trump doing anything more than maybe slow this process down.

    If I could envision an end-game goal for the ‘Gestalt Female’, Feminine Imperative, etc., it would look something like China’s social credit system but decentralized…based within colluding corporations vs. implementation at the national level. Most importantly, It would only be applicable to their ideological enemies, they themselves would be exempt from criticism or sanction. A system where women can hurt and silence men by voicing their disapproval with likes/dislikes.

  44. It is called PISSR. It stands for Penetrate, Isolate, Subdue/Subvert, Reharmonize.

    Hey! that sounds just like Mystery Method!…lol

    good luck!

  45. “I expect to see an increase in infiltrators, concern trolls, and scammers in the coming years.”

    This has already happened. Like the MRA appropriating the red pill in the “The Red Pill” documentary or for example this guy with the “Red Pill Interviews” sensing there were $$ to make in the manosphere and once Youtube demonetized his content he made this video:

  46. I think the message to not get married is well established.

    Don’t get married.
    Don’t spawn.
    Win Darwin Award.

    — or —

    Don’t get married
    Mother kicks you out and you don’t get to rear your kids
    Kids have a fucked up life and die without spawning.
    Win Darwin Award.

  47. Never live with the mother.
    Get on your bike and go hunting and fishing.
    Sons do the same.

    The Plan will work because men will like it.

  48. hmmm

    or –

    Don’t get married.
    Spawn a kid with a chick already in a relationship with an infertile cuck:

    “Terry, 39, had met the couple when they responded to his Craigslist ad entitled: ‘Looking to impregnate a MILF.’ Expanding on this, Terry wrote: ‘Man wanting to find a hot married MILF to let me cream-pie and impregnate her. Love the idea of f***ing a married wife with the goal of getting her pregnant. I can travel to you & just want to dump all my cum in your pussy and leave, no strings attached. I’m ddf [drugs and disease free] and you should be too.’
    ‘No ongoing involvement thereafter,’echoing his ad which states, ‘prepared to help you achieve your goal without any ties for the future.’

    “Terry and his reproductive-partner-to-be spoke on the phone two or three times, discussing moral values, education and family background. They agreed Terry would not be named on the birth certificate and nor would he be involved in the child’s life, or contribute financially”

    Kids have a [?] life.
    Keep on keepin’ on.

  49. Vote
    Always Vote
    Always vote for the male regardless of party
    Always vote for the male regardless of ideology
    If it is a choice between males vote for the one that is not feminist
    If it is a choice between females vote for the non-feminist or write in a vote for a man.
    In every group , vote, encourage them to vote, vote for the man , then vote for the non-feminist
    So simple
    So effective over the long run
    Put men back positions of power.

  50. Never live with the mother.
    Get on your bike and go hunting and fishing.
    Sons do the same.

    The Plan will work because men will like it.

    Darwin Award

  51. I know of at least one whose father didn’t marry his mother.

    He’s a Darwin Award candidate. Hasn’t reproduced. Thinks his genes are shit. He’d come home from school and his mother would be passed out lying in her own piss.

    I have at least one grandchild kfg. Do you have any?

  52. “I know of at least one whose father didn’t marry his mother.”

    I know of at least one father who didn’t marry the mothers of 35 of his known children. He has grandchildren by the score.

    I have met millions of animals who did not even know who their mothers were, having never seen them and been on their own from birth.

    The collapse (or total absence) of civilization is not the same thing as the collapse of breeding.

    You are wearing your “ought” glasses.

  53. kfg
    You are wearing your “ought” glasses.

    Fish gotta swim. Birds gotta fly.

    Spergs gotta sperg.

  54. I have met millions of animals who did not even know who their mothers were, having never seen them and been on their own from birth.

    And, of course, lots of them were humans who raised themselves.

  55. @Orson,

    The guy in the vid you referenced is a fool who doesn’t get it.
    He thinks the feminist will sit down and have a rational conversation with him or that most normal women don’t base their interaction with you based on how you can meet their wants and needs. No matter how small.

  56. Anyone else old enough to remember how the French riot police used to wade in with their batons, in the old days? They were notorious.

  57. Asd

    Believe me, it’s better is a lot of men never, ever reproduce. Their genes need to die and be buried with them. Some men that have a bunch of kids, should have used a condom or pulled out.

    Things change and young men aren’t mentally equipped to raise kids. It’s been like that for quite a while, and it has grave consequences because weak, dumb , confused men contribute mightily to alllllllll of these many ” problems “” so many men are dying to lay blame at the feet of women.

    So,.Men put women in control by abdication of their manhood and all that entails, so that they can act more like women than men. And some of these asswipes still fuck around and knock chicks up, and the cycle of weakness ruled by stupidity keeps rolling along.

    The discussions regarding the direction of the Manosphere are well intentioned, and I fully support the principle, but until men stop bitching and complaining and looking for every obscure reason to not be men, then nothing will ever really work wrt setting things right long tern.
    So your gonna withhold your sperm!? I think that a smashing idea that I can cosign. No man that doesn’t want to raise his kids should ever have any. No problem to solve.

    It’s 2018, and no man ever has to do anything. That’s the direction. Do nothing, complain and be angry and point to every fucking thing outside of yourself. Then get up the next day and do it all again. Spend hours and hours thinking about how hopelessly fucked up everything is.

    Yeah, that’s productive and healthy.

    If the Manosphere is truly going to help men, especially lost, confused, feminine men – that haven’t realized how chick like they are – then men are going to have to call bullshit on the negative, lazy behavior and relentlessly demand that guys quit with the bellyaching and blaming and getting trapped in their heads.

    But some days collectively, the sphere is like a clown car. At any given moment it might explode in childish reactive fuckery, and Mary a correction will be muttered, because the feminine way is that everyone is special and deserves to vent and throw tantrums.

    That’s what men have traditionally done, right?

  58. So much to think about here, so much great stuff. I just want to say one thing though; we don’t need no leaders. The first comment on this article is someone begging Rollo to be our leader. Leaders are what the enemy wants because leaders can be either discredited and destroyed or converged and subverted. Like the marvelous yellow vest protests in France who have no discernible leaders, we stay that way and we have a great chance of winning.

    Note that our enemies have no leaders. Name me one leader of the Gestalt Feminine, a leader who directs their attacks. The closest that they had was Hillary and looked at how that worked out for them. Their movement is organic and nebulous and ever-changing. It has worked very well indeed for them.

  59. Pickles cannot become cucumbers again…Repeat until you fucking get it, folks. I’ve used this phrase often to paint a vivid a picture of how society evolves forward. Even if it devolves, it doesn’t regress, it degrades along with the previous scars and barnacles it’s accumulated along the way, but it can never “go back”. Read history, you’ll see I’m correct. In fact, this longing for “the good old days” is a big part of how the Right has been pacified. It’s our own Utopia, that keeps us in “hope” instead of being hardheaded.

    The time has come for a new level of seriousness in the manosphere. As an aside, I know my role in it. I’m a sigma wolf, so will always be on the outside of this little coffee klatch you girls have going on here. It’s okay, I’m fine with my place in the social order. It suits me actually. However, only from the outside looking in can one actually develop a solid critique of the Red Pill due to its self-referential feedbacks that dilute and divert it from seeing the strategic picture clearly. I’m perfectly situated to ‘critique the critique’ on offer here. Rollo’s assessment above, while interesting for what it is, is incomplete, insufficient and superficial strategically.

    One could best see the above as a tactical summary of some of what’s going on. And as such, it’s not nearly good enough for us to work from.

    So, I’m gonna summarize where the manosphere finds ourselves for you. Let’s start with a military style ‘sitrep’ (situation report). What exactly is “the terrain in which we find ourselves”?

    SitRep: We’ve lost the war – not the battle. The Left’s battle against the family and Christianity and traditional social order and classical liberal/Enlightenment values has been solidly under way since the mid 19th century. Radical feminism and destroying masculinity and all vestiges of patriarchy inherit from this phenomena.

    A lil quiz for the many here who pose as politically sentient: In what year was the term “Socialism” coined? Hint, it pre-dates Marxism and his “Scientific Socialism”. My point? Most of you here have no idea that the left’s revolution has been under way for a very long time. U.S. POTUS McKinley was assassinated in 1901 by a revolutionary anarcho-communist (for whom the socialists were too tame) and JFK was killed by a Soviet agent – what, you didn’t realize Oswald was a Soviet agent? Consider he lived for three years in the USSR and visited the Soviet embassy several times in his runup to the assassination. Consider just how deep the propaganda war goes in our society that we don’t blame “Socialism” for the assassination of two U.S. presidents in the 20th century? That’s how badly we’ve lost, folks. And most of you are still in denial about it, and some will be triggered by my attribution of our losses to the Left. Consider that this is merely a signal of your ignorance, not your wisdom, of how complete the dominance of the left is in our media and academy in 2018. The termites have long been at their work of deluding you and keeping you ignorant, there have been multiple generations of leftists working at it already. While the Right was mostly sleeping…

    If you doubt me at all, go read Engels’ And shut the fuck up already. You’ll see the entire anti-family, radical feminist experiment laid out for all to see in 1884.

    If you do not understand that we’ve already lost, consider this. “The Right” – whatever the fuck that even is – controlled both legislatures, POTUS and 30 state govts in the U.S. for two years and we were unable to get a basic law and order, control our borders administration in place, forget passing new and tougher immigration laws. Or look in the UK with Brexit being swept away by the political establishment, by our supposed “allies”, after a referendum demanded Brexit as a matter of law, lol. Teresa May – Paul Ryan, show me a difference, except that Ryan is prettier…May really got smashed in the face with a shovel, didn’t she? But my point is, even when we win politically, we still lose. This is what defeat feels like, fellas. This isn’t what victory feels like.

    Strategy: Be an insurgency and be invisible. Don’t make a target of yourself. There is nothing heroic about getting doxxed or fired or losing your ability to make a living. Consider what happened to Proud Boys? Overtly non-racist, and the Antifa attacked them on film, and left public warnings that they would (pre-meditation) and still, Proud Boys are going to be convicted and likely jailed. Notice the fiercest warriors in the world know the advantage of surprise, of not being seen, of being difficult to find. Do you see specforces guys running into a hail of bullets? Nah, they use strategic retreat, concealment, surprise, diversion, covert action etc. The focus force at strategic weak spots. They harass and diminish and exhaust the enemy. Example: Why weren’t canisters of buteric acid lobbed into the Woman’s March? No damage/harm, just a stench beyond tolerance. Or many, many other disruptive, provocative actions we could take. But we don’t. We get super angry at our keyboards though…

    We must be an insurgency now. The Left has overtaken every major institution of society with its values, politics and people. While many even in LE and the military or IC may be Red Pilled individually, their institutions have been formally turned into social justice driven organizations in many real ways. Get that.

    We’ve been overrun.

    Zips are in the wire.

    Hide. Become a sniper. Become a saboteur. (I mean all this metaphorically, in the sense of how you participate in our socio-political order I don’t mean to literally shoot at people or blow things up). Don’t sabotage yourself economically. Patton was correct, you “win” by ‘making the other poor bastard die for his’ side.

    What to do now? Organize. Build networks, unseen by the enemy. Take actions where you can remain covert. Whoever upthread had the idea of the Discord server is exactly correct in direction. KFG’s comments about using banal sounding communities focused on topics of mostly male interest – guns, hunting, deer, motorcycles, racing sailboats – are also perfect. Although be careful as there are many, many white knights in all those domains who will use a Red Pill man as a ‘wedge’ to improve his social standing in a gynocracy at the drop of a hat.

    Go beyond the “manosphere”. Find like minded patriots and prepare for the coming revolution/civil war/breakup.

    What is the signal we want to see for when we can come out of hiding? The Left eating itself. You can already see it starting, their own Utopianism turning on itself over and over and over again. It only survives by providing an entitled, gibbering self-serving elite with continuous privileges and poor, dumb masses of desperate people some form of hope and anger at “the system”. Such a “system” will never find an equilibrium. Notice that leftist govts always have to be on a revolutionary campaign of some sorts. Whether it’s the “China Dream” of Xi, restoring China to it’s previous status of 5,000 years of global dominance (in their feral minds), or EU bureucrats using the force of the state to chase “justice” in absurd ways that can only be seen as anti-citizen, they are always in a revolution of some sort of they fall apart.

    But we aren’t anywhere near a ripe time to show up for realz yet. The Left needs to fail utterly, meaning our govts will need to collapse. It will take a financial and political crisis for the left to really show its fangs as authoritarians and tyrants, and then there will be a moment to rise up. But only then, and only if we are prepared. The left needs to play its hold on power out a bit further for it’s failure to become truly obvious. Say as it has become in Venezuela.

    What, you thought clacking on your keyboard and lifting weights was all that would be required to restore the greatness of classical liberal order to our society and politics? Nope, it’s gonna take force. And blood. I know, most of you don’t get that or won’t get it, or are scared by it. I get it, I keep in mind that only 3% of colonists in North America fought against the Brits. Many men living here were loyalists to the King or stayed on the sidelines like weathervanes during the U.S. Revolutionary War.

    In a way, the best thing that could happen is for the left to get their full agenda in place as fast as possible so the collapse comes fastest. Think I’m crazy? Consider how fast the U.S. would crash and burn with say a Beto O’Rourke & Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as POTUS/VEEP in 2020? We’d be at civil war certainly within their first term. And we might be in a global war as well as their weakness encourages our enemies to act.

    How else will we get the 50% of Americans who are socialists of some sort to stop believing? How can we effect the millennials and GenZers who are majority socialists? I’m not up for killing all leftists, instead, they need to have an experience that changes them and our clear failure may be what’s needed. We need to change, not just have a revolution and have the right imposing it’s will via state control. rather, we need the restoration of our vast civic, public space via a huge rollback of government.

    The real problem, if you want to go deeper, is that what comes next will not be classical liberalism…Westerner’s love affair with “modernism” has detached us from our blood and our identities and nations. Beyond the left’s destruction, there are our own contradictions to confront. And no, white nationalism isn’t the answer either, but I won’t get into all of that here. Suffice it to say that two bits of data confound those who think the ‘civic nationalism’ of the U.S. insufficient for organizing our society. The first is the performance of black families wrt social outcome data for the 20th century up until the ’60s. Basically, blacks were grabbing onto the “American Dream” just like other groups trying to climb the ladder of American society. We’d frozen immigration basically, and did things like ran 1.5 million illegal Mexicans out of the country. The second phenomenon were the Italian, Irish, Eastern Euros and even Jews discovering that if they adopted WASPy ways, our society was open to them. Ralph Loren was a Jew, ya know…And as the middle class literally exploded, many “new” Americans found a place for themselves in our society. Consider that one didn’t have to be an “elite” to be valued in the U.S. for a while in the 20th century. Our heroes in the movies were Audie Murphy or The Honeymooners or Andy Griffith of Maybury. We had a monoculture and our “heroes” weren’t the Kardashians, rather they were middle class people living out a “heroes journey” in their day to day lives.

    All of this was only possible when we were a massive industrial leader and breadbasket, of course. But I digress. In the end, we’ll need to rebuild a more coherent social order, one that doesn’t allow for wooly ideas about equality and ‘justice’ run amok so readily. One that reintroduces many conservative ideas about the value and nature of tradition, one that remembers we are far more than our dollars and cents, and that also sees the unique value of every human in the sense of granting him his own agency, a gift that many humans will never receive. We will need to come up with something better, not restore something that has already proved it cannot endure.

    Because we’ve already lost. Wake up. There is nothing brave about pretending we haven’t.

  60. Re: @Adam’s comment “the Left has no leaders” LMFAO. This is how stupid the right is. This is how idiotic we are, that someone actually thinks the left isn’t incredibly well organized and lead. Here’s a little primer on how the Left is organized, Fyi, they have inculcated our institutions with their values, so not only do the individuals self-organized in these many orgs the left controls but the institutions themselves propagate leftist causes nonstop. Consider how many govt agencies now have an “Office of Women’ for example…

    Hint: Hillary isn’t a leader of the Left. She’s a powerful Dem with a political machine in place. Obama has his own machine. The rest of the Dem party is in shambles. Obama is best seen as the leader of the Left.

    That Adam misses all of this is a testament to how fucked the Right is cuz of how stupid so many of my fellow rigthwingers are.

    @Adam – Bigger Hint: Nothing gets done without leadership. Show me a leaderless revolution at any point in history. I’ll save you the time, you can’t. Think more, talk less…

  61. Blax, I agree that most young men aren’t mentally equipped for LTRs or rearing kids. However, I advocate men improving themselves and their minds and equipping themselves for the tasks of mature men.

    Marriage isn’t for immature men. Marriage requires skills that most young men lack and young men should be prepared for marriage by their parents; quite likely, most young men will have to prepare themselves.

    I learned about LTRs from my first gf and had no kids with her. I learned about kids from watching my wife and imitating her when it came to changing diapers, distracting babies to calm them, comforting babies, etc. My relationship skills were very rudimentary for most of my marriage. Rollo and TRP helped me a lot.

  62. Rollo,

    In one of your books, you say that men should use game appropriate for them. Due to my older age, is there a good model of a man who’s older and good with women? I struggle with coming up with what that looks like.

  63. Rollo: Yourself and most men associated with the 21 Convention have been pretty adamant that women can’t be red pilled. That being the case, it would seem to me that the objective of 22 Con is not to red pill women. My question is: what is the real objective of 22 Con? Whether or not it is the objective, I can see 22 Con bringing a large media spotlight on to RP. I fully support the advancement of RP, I just wonder what the strategy and objective is.

  64. “I just wonder what the strategy and objective is.”

    Subverting men’s groups for female power, the sisterhood über alles. Same as it ever was.

    Anthony, of course, doesn’t see it that way, but the women do.

  65. @ scribblerg and the state of the manosphere

    The “Red Pill” manosphere is but a mere inoculation seed planted in a vast field of weeds. It must be allowed to grow mature roots and thus be nurtured and protected by the masters until the roots have grown strong enough that the weeds do not suffocate the burgeoning red forest. When the hailstorm comes and wipes out the weeds the young oak will stand alone as a beacon to a new dawn.

  66. “Subverting men’s groups for female power, the sisterhood über alles. Same as it ever was.
    Anthony, of course, doesn’t see it that way, but the women do.”

    At this moment in time every sjw and feminist are rolling on the ground laughing at men yet again building their demise.

    Look, look, look they built their own Trojan horse for us to ride into their fort and infiltrate.

    Again, each man must own their own burden of performance and lead their path as a man, women must aspire to follow their lead and complement their man.

  67. @scribbs

    Russia is still in the business of running its media agents. The Kremlin sees its agents as useful in undermining the U.S., which it still considers a threat, even though it no longer is communist itself.

    Second wave feminism drew its leaders from socialism. “…many women during the second wave were initially part of the Black Civil Rights Movement, Anti Vietnam Movement, Chicano Rights Movement, Asian-American Civil Rights Movement, Gay and Lesbian Movement and many other groups fighting for equality.”

    The leaders of second wave feminism were socialists, based on the above quote. Socialism drove feminism and socialism allied with feminism.

    Third wave feminism came from academia, which is a bastion of socialism. Feminism became a formal academic discipline and branched into many sub-disciplines.

    “VAWA was drafted by the office of Senator Joe Biden (D-DE) and co-written by Democrat Louise Slaughter, the Representative from New York, with support from a broad coalition of advocacy groups”

    Biden and Slaughter are both socialists. Womens’ advocacy groups are basically socialist.

  68. “Look, look, look they built their own Trojan horse for us to ride into their fort and infiltrate.”

    To be fair I can see a tactical purpose to that, but I am not convinced that it is strategically wise.

    Time will tell.

  69. Too much top-down stuff, agendas and so on.

    Focus on yourself, which is what you can control. Control your environment to the extent you can (choose friends wisely, prune people who are messed up, damaged, unlucky, and so on, surround yourself with strong, successful people like you). Control your life and actions, frame and so on, and live your life.

    Top-down stuff will always be … you can’t control it. You can control a lot of things about you, however, so that’s what you need to do. Don’t get caught up in massive theories about top-down stuff.

  70. Novaseeker
    Too much top-down stuff, agendas and so on.
    Focus on yourself, which is what you can control.


    Serious men have known this for a long time, the current tide of change ought to just ice the cake and it’s done.

    “Get this”, I can’t control the weather but I can make sure my vehicle and my mindset is ready for snow / ice / etc.

    If the airliner loses cabin pressure I can’t save anyone until I get my own mask in place.

    I can’t solve crime in [city name] but when I go there i can for sure stack odds in my favor.


    At this point, rants about what kind of top-down agenda some “Mens Rights Movement” should have is just a form of mental masturbation. Nothing more.

    But..birds gotta fly, fish gotta swime, some guys just gots to fap…

  71. Palmasailor
    The wheels are spinning in the sand here and it needs a different / bottom up approach.

    Grassroots man-to-man teaching/learning has been the only option for years, it’s just that a lot of us couldn’t see it. Because of the success of mass movements in the past, it seemed reasonable for a “men’s movement” to work. There is much sham under feminism; the Ford foundation and other organizations quietly bankrolling it, key 1960’s feminists on the CIA payroll, etc. should clue an observant man into realizing that game was fixed 50 years ago.

    Man to man is what we have to work with. Any “leader” of a “men’s movement” will be co-opted or erased, IMO.

    The problem is that the bulk of Male society isn’t ready for / can’t handle the truth.

    Yeah, a lot of men can’t deal with reality until they hit some nasty rock. Doesn’t matter, the truth has to be available when a man needs it.

    How many copies of Rollo’s books will be given as gifts this month, next month, next year? It’s really not that expensive to pass them out, leave them in used bookstores, etc. Might be entertaining to try to get them into Uni libraries, too.

    If redpilling was easy, every man would be doing it.

  72. “It’s really not that expensive to pass them out, leave them in used bookstores, etc. Might be entertaining to try to get them into Uni libraries, too.

    Anonymous Reader and others have you left them at any of these places, I was thinking of some mens barbershops, the used book store is an interesting idea? Not sure about being able to get them in a library.

  73. @palma

    “if I was alone with his oneitis for 3-4 hours she’d fuck me. I know it and she knows it.

    I won’t do it.”

    hmmm….but committing such a cruel deed may just put him in “a state to introspect and open up enough to absorb the red pill”

    Exitus Acta Probat.

    ….or perhaps you may not be as big an ‘asshole’ as you think you are 😉

  74. J.


    You must be joking.

    What’s the end game? Short term goals? Just eke out another La Petit Mort?


    The problem with you young guys is that you are twisting in the breeze and don’t have anchors to past, present and future direction.

    Where are you directed going forward? What’s your plan? Where do you want to end up, but still have agency in the present? Who do you want to be like? For how long? Then what?

    What do your uncles think of you and your plans?

    Old school, 1993 Bat Out of Hell II: Back into Hell

    Thanks for posturing yourself as a player J.

    Anything else for love?

  75. @rollo

    Red pill teaches us working for the attention of women is counterproductive to getting the sex we want. The fast car, the big house, the job promotion, are all status symbols for a chance to get laid, and corporation abuse the heck out of men for labor and profit in the process.

    But life doesn’t happen in a vacuum.

    If I am not working to get the attention/validation from women, then I must be working to get the attention/validation from men. Your phrase “Women want men who other men want to be and other women want to fuck” suddenly rings true.

    Can you elaborate on the personalities/qualities that “other men want to be”? I think this is very important. This is the next level understanding of our biomechanics after the veil of egalitarian male and female falsehood is pierced.

    If the consensus of men of an ideal man is compatible with being a productive member of society, then young men would stop asking “what for?” when they wake up in the morning. You could even champion a new breed of men that not only innately and actively want to strive for the ideal, but truly are men whom, “…other women want to fuck.”

    With your guidance and direction, the Manosphere could well be steered towards a “productive” force of society. I need to stress that I admire and agree with your stance that the inter-sexual dynamics truth should not be compromised for the sake political correctness.

  76. palmasailor

    The problem is that the bulk of Male society isn’t ready for / can’t handle the truth.

    Nature has a way of rubbing the truth in people’s faces. It will get ugly.

    “The speed of light. Because it is the law.”

  77. @ scribblerg

    That big ass post you dropped upthread resonated with me a lot, I agree with so much of it and also identify as sigma in personality type.
    I’ve no interest in being socially dominant in an Alpha way and no interest in leading others although I could do both with ease but it just doesn’t interest me.
    Drop in and out of “society “ and take what I need without anyone being the wiser that’s my game.

  78. @theasdgamer

    “NBTM, figuring out the feminine sexual dynamic in order to manage women doesn’t make you weak. You can impose your own frame regardless, if you are strong enough. Strength is masculine.
    Of course, if you are trying to fake it and fit in the feminine frame because your own frame is too weak, you will have trouble.
    A man has to figure out strength, courage, and what it is for him to be a man in order to have a true inner frame that has some chance of passing women’s tests.
    Gamer Maxim: Pussy is just pussy”

    Why worry about knowing the details about the FI, hypergamy, alpha fucks – beta bucks, etc.?


    The only reason can be to understand it all? right? All of this is mans examination and compilation of the feminine experience. It is an exercise man is performing to understand the female experience from mans experience. Is the juice worth the squeeze? Do YOU experience the duplicitous alpha fucks – beta bucks desire? If so, then you experience the female experience. Or do you think to yourself (consciously or subconsciously) thoughts like, “Well Beth is really hot with a great ass, but she is “unstable”. Maybe I can bang as many Beths as possible until I’m ready to settle down or find myself, then I’ll marry someone like Sally who is a good mother, loyal, a good provider, etc?”

    My point is that all this is in fact mans exercise in trying to rationally examine, organize observe, and discuss the female experience. So why?

    First ask yourself this, “Does a mature “alpha” male buck deer need to “understand” what all the does are thinking and experiencing in order to become successful with them or successful at fending off and scaring off his competition?

    Second ask yourself, “If the mature “alpha” buck is spending his energy and time “understanding” what all the does and lesser bucks are thinking and experiencing, then what does that tell everyone in the herd about him? Does he have to “figure out” the “doe dynamic” in order to “manage does”? Does all this bullshit make him successful? Or is the mature buck successful because he is simply following his own imperatives? And would “figuring it all out” really be a waste of his time and project fear and trepidation on his part (and other undesirable characters) that would cause the does to reject him in favor of another mature buck who isn’t so inclined (handicapped)?

    There is a big difference between fucking what you want to fuck and trying to “understand” what it is like to be fucked by or someone you would rather be than yourself. Who really cares about what it is like to be fucked by themselves or anyone else and why? Because “understanding” what it is like to be fucked by yourself (or someone you would rather be) will make you more fuckable?

    It doesn’t work that way. In fact that path is one way of avoiding the path to successful fucking.

    So, fuck it.

  79. Drop in and out of “society “ and take what I need without anyone being the wiser that’s my game.

    Or you could do a quid pro quo as an alpha when you discover that your social circle is composed of sigmas. Once you get the hang of social dominance and management, it’s easy.

  80. All of this (the entire manosphere in fact) evolved out of the PUA community which equals sexual failure, sexual neediness and a general feeling of oppression by a significantly large enough number of men to facilitate its development.

    What does the “manosphere” really support?

    Where is it really leading primarily Anglo Saxon American males and a subculture of the “western world”?

    Each person is formed separate. Each is formed as his or her own “master” with whatever traits and initial conditions “luck” may define. No one else thinks your thoughts or controls your body more than you. We are each formed separate, physically and intellectually independent. No one else is controlling your arms and legs more than you and certainly no one else is thinking any of your thoughts. Yes, we can and do influence each other, but ultimately we each choose what we do and think. It is impossible to serve 2 masters. All masters compete. If you do not agree with these facts, then don’t bother reading any further!

    All of this is and should be very alarming to anyone concerning the stability of the culture as well as their individual future conditions. The culture absolutely was not built upon such a significant presence of this “manosphere” type phenomena. Furthermore, that which was built, cannot be reestablished or sustained by it. “The Manosphere” is a symptom of a dying culture, a dying civilization. Civilizations have always been mans projects, man has been woman’s. This civilization was built upon the same primal agreed upon honor and codes concerning behavior between men every other human civilization was built upon beginning with the most primitive tribal family groups. The “primal honor and codes” are found in all of nature. Humans would not have survived or competed to cull out the weak and thrive without it. We are witnessing perhaps the most severe breakdown in tribal honor and integrity history has ever documented. What else can we expect of a culture that has been rapidly evolving into one populated by too many males who are for more worried about what it is like to be female by examining the feminine imperative, hypergamy, alpha fucks – beta bucks than they are about simply living and following their own imperatives? Or, God forbid, what can we expect of a culture that defends the act of futilely trying to biologically and physiologically transform from male into female (and vise versa) and impose social pressure and laws to force the populace to pay for and accept it?

    The manosphere stuff; WE ALREADY KNEW ALL THIS! This is not rocket science. It is self evident, elementary and blatant. The knowledge is NOT new. We are born knowing, it is in us. It is part of our DNA. So why present it all as “enlightenment”? Unless…. you want to change reality or pretend it is something different than what it is?

    “Understanding the dynamic changes the dynamic”.

    But nature has NOT changed. And it will not! The real consequences will not change. Isn’t a man formed a man with the instincts, the knowledge HE must know to function as a man? Why does he REALLY need to know how a woman thinks? If thinking like a man makes a man successful with women (and it does) then why would he care to know how to think like a woman? So he can function like a woman? How is learning to think like a woman superior to thinking like a man ESPECIALLY in terms of a man interacting successfully with women? Why would it even be necessary to a man when women prefer men who aren’t concerned with how women think? Since we are already male and imbued with masculine traits, then why not experience and apply those traits? Why preoccupy ourselves with feminine traits? Ultimately, what purpose does mans knowledge of the female experience serve? They do not serve man. They serve woman. They are not mans concern and shouldn’t be if he is concerned with his own. They are woman’s concern as they should be and server her. and she prefers a man who isn’t concerned with her perspective over his. “Understanding” the opposite gender and “understanding” “gender dynamics” is absolutely the first step necessary onto the path toward “transgenderism” and imposing an androgynous imperative. What other purpose does this knowledge ultimately serve? What else CAN it serve? Is the universe “supposed to be” moving toward ubiquitous empathy, all knowing all, all “respecting” all….”equally”? Is the goal of this understanding ultimately egalitarian equality? What other purpose can this knowledge possibly ultimately lead to?

    Eve fed Adam the “apple”
    But no, wait, it was not an apple you dolt. They ate from the tree of knowledge!
    From the tree of knowledge you say, but no, it was a specific knowledge, a very specific knowledge.

    They ate from the tree of KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL.

    I am not a religious person, but this is a great metaphor based on a fundamental truth that philosophically correlates. Before the “original sin” Adam and Eve did not experience evil. “Knowledge is power”, “power corrupts” and “absolute power corrupts absolutely”. And now power is being used to impose social tyranny and make laws against speaking out against the absurdity of its own corruption. History has documented this before, always prior to nasty events. The “original sin” was their acquisition of the knowledge of good and evil. According to the story, before the acquisition they did not experience good and evil. What is this acquisition of “knowledge” about the genders different experiences leading to? Look around. What is actually happening? What is the real result? Is it causing the human race to “progress” towards a “better” state of existence? Is it forming “better understandings”? Is it helping people to form longer lasting more productive healthier relationships? Is it producing healthier children? Is it sustaining or growing…..or decimating the population of the race and ethnic group who are most involved with it?

    Born out of PUA and MRA, the manosphere phenomena is irrefutably based in sexual failure, neediness, general feelings of hopelessness, frustration and oppression. The entire “manospheres” attempt to rescue “masculinity” is pathetic. It is defined by and projects admission of or a declaration of failure and weakness. It is doomed at its origin as it originates from a condition of failure and emanates from a victim mentality. It is cultural (and ethnic) suicide and actual suicide itself is on the increase. Suicide is perhaps (arguably delusional but nevertheless effectively) the individuals last attempt to exercise power and control over ones destiny. So, why choose a path, a series of decisions and habits, that leads oneself to such a desperate last chance attempt to gain control? All this comes from a position of powerlessness as it attempts to regain control using the victimhood strategy. Playing the “victim” ultimately never works to achieve real power as it projects to the world, by those who personify it, inferiority or laziness by letting themselves become entrapped in disadvantageous conditions.

    Like it or not, each is in the game. Each was born into the game and the game is not going to change. Rather than playing victim = prey (ultimately proven to be a loosing tactic over and over), why not assume control of oneself, especially control of oneself in the game?

    This is not a “man up” lecture (I will leave that con-artistry to the likes of Jordan Peterson). It is not “purple pill”. It is not “MGTOW”. All of those are symptoms of the same impotence. They are all cop outs, just different flavors with similar followers. What brand of looser do you want to be?

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