The Myth of the Alpha Female

On last Saturday’s Red Man Group we took a call from a woman who has apparently just discovered the “red pill school of thought” and looked up what ever convoluted definitions she could find from the ‘normie web’ to better understand it. For context, the whole exchange began around the 2:04:00 mark here, but the bit I want to dissect I’ve cued up to 2:09 in the above video. The Red Pill as a praxeology is often something most uninitiated people don’t have the patience to really want to understand. So when they’re confronted with a Red Pill truth that conflicts with some ego-invested belief they often just resort to what I call “point and sputter” – they spit out some school yard taunt, tell you how unbelievable it is anyone could ever believe such a thing in this day and then move along to whatever ideological site they’re comforted by.

Credit where it’s due, this woman (and I apologize for not getting her name) at the very least was prompted to ask some questions about how we come to whatever misattributed ideas she read were what it is we think. Listen to the whole exchange for context. In the beginning I was asked the standard “what do you tel your daughter about all of this?” as if this is going to somehow shame me back down to earth, but the part she was most distraught over was the idea that “women are only valuable for what they look like”.

My response to her was based on an essay I wrote 4 years ago titled Separating Values. In that piece I tried to outline how women today have trouble separating their sexual market value from their self-perceived personal worth:

Conflating Values

One of the major problems women have, and more than even some red pill men have, is the conflation of sexual market value with their intrinsic personal value as a human being.

It needs to be emphasized that while personal value is influential in sexual market value, SMV is distinct from your value as a human being. I’m stressing this because, in the age Disney Princess empowerment, this conflation of the two has become a go-to social convention; and not just for women.

What [Robin] Korth suffers from is presuming her personal value is her sexual market value.

It’s disruptive to her self-perceptions and ego-investments when that presumption is challenged by a man who doesn’t want to fuck her for reasons based on the intrinsic value she believes she’s entitled to by virtue of maturity and imaginings of self-sufficiency. Just as women aren’t aroused by men’s own self-concepts of virtuousness and aspirations of higher purpose, men aren’t aroused by whatever ephemeral self-perceptions a woman may have.

Listening to this woman’s concerns, it’s a fairly common refutation and one we come to expect from a mindset that presumes men callously objectify women out of hand, or due to their being taught to be so by a chauvinistic toxic masculinity. Women cling to this because it sounds right and reinforces the victimhood narrative that defines the collective identity of the Sisterhood. So when they read it or see it openly embraced, or spoken about men in a positive context it’s confirmation of an offense they want to believe is endemic in men. Thus, we get the “literally shaking”, sound of a quavering voice.

However, all of this gets in the way of women really understanding that they’ve been conditioned to conflate their personal worth with their sexual market value. As I mentioned in my response, a woman can be a wonderful humanitarian, a great mother, the CEO of a Fortune 500 company or someone who adds value to the depth and breadth of humankind, but it won’t make her look any better in a bikini. And that is where sexual market value starts for women when it comes to men’s arousal and attraction. For as long as I’ve been writing this blog I’ve tried to explain this in as simple a way as possible; men and women are different. Part of our differences is that what constitutes sexual market value for one sex is not an equal evaluation for the other. For as much as the equalist mindset pervades our social consciousness, the reality is men and women are different in many fundamental ways.

One reason Red Pill awareness in men gets vilified by women is because it nakedly exposes, discusses and develops sexual and life strategies around some very Darwinistic and unflattering realities of intersexual dynamics based on those differences. But exposing these differences is only offensive to this social order because there is a presumption of a blank-slate equalism that’s been embedded into every aspect of our gender understanding for almost 70 years now. This offensiveness is less about the actual nuts and bolts of evolution, biology and psychological differences between men and women, but more so it’s about the ego-invested idea that men and women should be blank-slate, functional equals in all respects. Even this presumption is a horse-shit cover story for the latent purpose of feminism floating the lie of “equality” – fundamentally disempowering men so women can aspire to be their masters in various ways.

The woman from our discussion expressed this barely containable angst that men only value her as a sexual object, and it’s important to suss out the reasoning for this confusion and rage. As I mentioned, the problem women have is an inability to separate their sexual market value from their personal value a ‘basic human being‘. A quote I’m known for is “virtue is anti-seductive.” No guy ‘virtues’ a woman into bed, and while I get push back for devaluing the importance of virtue occasionally, what I don’t get is any disagreement from men or women on that point. Virtue, intelligence, honor, duty, wisdom and any number of other esoteric features that would make a man a terrific human being do nothing (or sometimes work against him) for his raw visceral sexuality that women are aroused by. For men, however, these traits and many more will definitely add to his attractiveness as a long term prospect for women.

In men, affluence, status, intelligence, improvisation, creativity, ambition, drive, perseverance, humor, positive-conventional masculinity, and many more aspects make this man an attractive choice for a long term relationship with women. These are attributes that contribute to a man’s sexual market value, but they are incomplete without a raw, visceral physical component. Hypergamy serves two masters, Alpha seed and Beta need – and as such it hates the one and loves the other depending on what a woman’s most pressing necessity happens to be at that point in her life. Women have an innate, limbic understanding of what makes a man a complete package – a great catch.

Where this and most other women fail is that their own Fempowerment conditioning teaches them that what makes a man attractive, what makes his SMV appealing to women must necessarily be what makes for her own personal value and sexual market value. The reason this woman is shaking here is because this conditioning has convinced her and generations of women to build a life predicated on a fallacy: What makes her a “good person” should necessarily make her attractive and arousing to men. This is a great falsehood that is the root of many of the gender conflicts and misunderstandings we see around us today.

Gendered Differences in Attraction

The things that make a woman’s sexual market value high are not the same things make her sense of personal worth high. Yet, this is exactly what the Feminine Imperative conditions women to believe and seeks to shame men for not complying with this fallacy. When men opt for younger, hotter, tighter at all ages of their own maturity, the visceral message is clear – it makes no difference what a woman’s personal value is when it comes to sexual valuation. Where women fall short is they presume that men cannot appreciate women for anything but their sexual value.

This is an interesting dynamic since the Imperative teaches women never to implicitly do anything for a man.

The prime directive of feminism for the past 50 years has been founded on women striving to achieve the ideal of the Strong Independent Woman® (SIW). This SIW ideal is the carrot that gets the mules to pull the cart. That ideal is never fully attainable because if it were it would make an end state for feminism a realizable goal rather than the self-perpetuating social mechanism it is. The SIW ideal is intentionally ambiguous, but the concept is based on selling women the idea that they can not only “have it all” but they can be it all too. The ‘independence’ feminism sells predicated on being a self-sustaining, self-satisfying, autonomous ‘thing’ that doesn’t need for anything. A woman is every bit as good a feminine role model as she is a masculine one, ergo, she has no need for men beyond the physical aspect. In fact, an independence from men, from any form of dependency on men, has been part of the feminist charter since Seneca Falls in 1848.

From a Red Pill perspective, and in my opinion, this independence from men has been the single most damaging aspect of feminism in its history. Men and women evolved to be complements to the other and in evolutionary terms are far stronger together than apart. Each compensates for the one’s innate weaknesses with the other’s innate strengths. Feminism preaches two lies in this respect – the first being that a woman can “have it all”, but also she can be an autonomous being with no intrinsic needs beyond what she can provide for or address herself. The lie is that she “don’t need no man” when a hundred thousand years of evolution says different. Men and women need each other, but it’s feminism that’s selling the lie that they don’t.

The ironic part about this socialized lie is that in emancipating women from the ‘dependency’ of men feminism has founded the basis of ‘having it all’ on how closely a woman can emulate a man. The definition of a successful Strong Independent Woman is how closely she can replicate the success of men. This ideal for SIW success is based on a masculine ideal. As feminism has refocused women’s goals on these masculine ideals it has systematically altered the definition of femininity to align with its ideal of ‘success’.

The Myth of the Alpha Female

As part of that new masculine ideal of female success, along came the concept of the Alpha Female. I’ve read dozens of articles about this fantasy creature; how she’s a boss who takes no shit and turns companies around from the brink of bankruptcy by virtue of being female. A woman of the future who emulates and exceeds the successes of any apex-male CEO of those sexist Fortune 500 companies. Even if she’s not a high powered exec, the match (literally) of any man, women still love to imagine themselves in this “alpha” role in their own little worlds.

“I’m an Alpha Female, and maybe I’m not a jet setter, but I’m a Type A personality and as such I’m headstrong, a go-getter woman who knows what she wants.”

This sloganized mental model is part of the new Strong Independent Woman® costume that feminism is selling to women today.

If you’re a woman who’s bought into the Confidence Porn narrative that’s so popular today, allow me to ruin that image for you. There is no such thing as an “alpha” female – at least not in the respect of the idealistic Fempowered fantasy you think applies to you. The Feminine Imperative likes to convince women that they are ‘Alpha’ using that same masculine model definitions I detailed above here. The Strong Independent Woman meme only holds up insofar as it emulates masculine success and a masculine defined concept of ‘Alpha’. By this definition every woman has a potential to be an ‘alpha’ female in her own little way. Like I said, the Confidence Porn women gobble up is so tasty because it’s so achievable – all you have to do is cop the “I’m the boss, I’m a Type A person” attitude, put some foam inserts in the shoulders of your ‘power suit’ and you too can be Alpha because you say so and you walk the same walk as an Alpha Male.

The push for female-primacy has conditioned generations of women to expect an entitled, default respect, and a deference to their authority from men. They’re told at every opportunity from the time they’re 5 years old that they can do anything, have it all, be it all, and they’re the “natural leaders of the future”. By extension this leads women to the Alpha Female trope.

Ironically, the same people who love to ridicule the idea of ‘Alpha Males’ completely accept the concept of an Alpha Female. They’ll make funny videos ridiculing the Red Pill for using ‘alpha’ as a referential term – “These jokers think they’re wolves or Silver Back Gorillas, hur hur!” – but they’ll eagerly embrace the idea of an ‘alpha’ female. That conditioned deference of the feminine makes it believable; and they like the idea that identifying with women’s delusions of empowerment might get them laid.

Attribution Bias Error

The error that women and feminism make in the ‘Alpha Female’ respect is an attribution bias error. Women are conditioned to believe that if they value the aspects of what makes men attractive, what makes them a good pairing, that men must also value those traits in women. If status, power, social proof, affluence, careerism, drive, etc. is what gets them hot for men (in the long term) then possessing those traits themselves must also be attractive in the reverse. Unfortunately for women, they’re painfully (but slowly) learning that men and women are in fact different and the lie of egalitarian equalism has essentially cost them a future with a husband, children and family living.

In order to counter this harsh reality an industry in biotech egg-freezing has sprung up around the very real female insecurity that these confident Alpha Women wont find a suitable man to start a family with now that they are well past the Wall. Feminine-primary society is capitalizing on this fear.

But the reverse is true; men’s sexual selection criteria is far more simplistic than women’s. From an evolved, naturalist perspective men select women based on looks and sexual availability – and on a subconscious level women know this, yet they rationalize that men should be interested in their coequal professionalism, status and any number of intrinsic qualities they believe they possess. The root of this misunderstanding is once again the socialized lie of egalitarian, blank-slate equalism. Only now women expect that if they invest themselves in the same pursuits as Alpha men that this should compensate for their lack of physical appeal. If men and women are functional equals what defines male dominance should also define female dominance. Evolution says differently.

The woman on the left (Reneé Sommerfield) is the true Alpha female by the standards of evolutionary realities. The woman on the right (Sheryl Sandberg) is what our gynocentric social order would have men believe should be considered an ‘alpha’ female. This is the conflict that’s at the heart of so many manufactured crises of attraction for women and the failure of their long-term plans to have a family.

The Alpha Female is really the woman who best embodies what men’s evolved, biological imperatives determine what makes her an attractive breeding and long-term mate choice. Men’s criteria is very simple; fitness, youth, assertive sexuality, playfulness, conventional femininity and genuine desire to please him. Beyond this, submission, respect, nurturing (potential mothering qualities), a natural deference to male authority, humility, admiration and an unobligated desire to recognize that man as her complementary partner are just some of the long-term attributes that make a woman someone a man might want to invest himself in a family with.

Unfortunately all of this criteria is counter to the message ‘alpha‘ Females are taught are valuable today. They are taught that anything a woman might do for the expressed pleasure of a man is anathema to the Strong Independent Woman® meme. The presumption is that a desire to meet any of this criteria is a failure on the part of a woman who demands to be the ‘equal’ of a man. Even acknowledging the innate, complementary natures of men and women is an affront to the equalist narrative. Furthermore, any man who would base (much less express) his own decision making criteria as such is shamed via social conventions. The narrative is that he must be needy, or threatened by a “strong woman” or he must want this woman to be his Mommy substitute. All of this is a social mechanic meant to force fit that natural complementary criteria into the box of egalitarian equalism.

Value Added

I don’t write for a female readership per se. In fact, I don’t really direct my writing towards any audience, but in this instance I want to end here with a message for my female readers. Take this message to the bank: the sexes evolved to be complementary to each other, not adversarial. But that adversarial feeling you get when you read me describing some unflattering aspect of female nature is the product of your own Blue Pill conditioning that’s taught you the lie of egalitarianism-as-female-empowerment. If you truly want to ‘empower‘ yourselves set aside your self-importance, look inside yourselves and ask this question –

What is it about me that a man would find attractive from a naturalistic perspective?

What do I possess that a man would truly believe is Value Added?

That may feel a bit counterintuitive to you, but understand that the reason this introspection is alien or offensive to you is because you’ve been conditioned to believe that your masculine qualities are what men should find attractive about you. You turn this offense back on men and make it their fault for not finding your ‘alpha femaleness’ the root of their attraction to you. Is the idea of changing yourself, to add value to your package, for the pleasure of a man a source of anger for you? Why is that?

I see far too many otherwise beautiful women who destroy themselves on the lie of the ‘alpha’ female and a never ending struggle to perfect an equalist archetype in themselves. They rail on about infantile men, or bemoan that men are afraid to ask them out, or ask “Where are all the good guys nowadays?” Understand that these efforts to shame men into finding something attractive about you based on your masculine criteria for attraction will always fail; leaving you a lonely childless middle aged wreck all because you refused to accept that you need to be someone worth marrying.

Men and women are better together than they are apart. We evolved to be complements to the other. But, feminism, the Feminine Imperative and an endemic Fempowerment culture have taught you to believe “you are enough”, you are complete, you don’t need a man because you can satisfy all of your own needs. This is the most damning lie ever perpetrated on womankind – that you can be it all – and only when it’s too late do women realize that they’ve been had.

Published by Rollo Tomassi

Author of The Rational Male and The Rational Male, Preventive Medicine

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  1. “…[The alpha female is a] sloganized mental model that is part of the new Strong Independent Woman® costume that feminism is selling to women today.”


    It’s just women taking male peacock feathers and jamming them up their own butt and thinking that it will signal something positive. It might get them socially accepted with their peers, but it will do little but turn off males.

    Although the women that do this tend to be part of two groups; the clueless that are mostly doing so to fit in and the actually quite attractive women who do so as an advanced shit test. The latter are attractive enough to get away with it most of the time and are unconsciously looking for the men strong enough to not give a fuck.

  2. There are faint glimmerings of this evolutionary truth being discussed in the mainstream amongst some women but the very idea that being a SIW being off-putting to men still activates….to the point of screaming and ad hominem attacks.

    Personally, I have walked away from women who were strong, independent, and had no need for a man, simply because this wasn’t of value to me. Had a couple do that to me too because I just couldn’t seem to fall into their frame. Interestingly, I have met a couple of SIW women (a doctor and a programmer) who despite their professional trappings, are making a real effort to operate within my frame since I won’t budge. My primary screen now is: What value-added do you bring to my life and my mission besides your pussy? They seem feminine. They seem gracious. They seem supportive. They seem like they’ve been doing their homework. I’m not seeing any slippage either. They’re either really good at not backsliding or they were never comfortable with that FI imposed role in the first place.

    I don’t expect a deep conversion but I do expect a more traditional relationship. I will never fall back into that blue pill state-of-mind again. It’s just to painful and embarrassing to even contemplate.

    I’m not sure if I would have had the patience as a younger man due to the testosterone coursing through my veins nor was I RP aware (that required two failed marriages).

    The secondary screen that I utilize is their ability to disengage from the collective hive mind of their children and grandchildren. This is a big deal in my age group and I ask myself constantly, if I’m an accessory or a primary. If I’m not primary, I hold them at arm’s length and invest very few resources.

    Some women, I think, are making noises like they are “getting it.” It’s kind’ve wait and see.

  3. The problem with “alpha female” BS is that their conception of the term can best be summarized as: men with tits and no dick. As almost anyone can guess, it does not quote work that way in real life.

    Anyway, here is one of my most recent post in which I defend Alex Jones right of free speech. yes, I know that sounds strange, but we do live in a weird world.

  4. Don’t get me wrong, it’s all true of course, and as well explained as ever. But women will never be able to understand this on an intellectual and philosophical level. On the limbic level they understand very well, hence they become crazy cat ladies in irder to square the circle so to speak. But explaining all this to a woman is a waste of time and energy, that will only bore or offend her.

  5. Of all the things TRP has opened my eyes to and/or affirmed is what this essay discusses. It saddens me that hot girls throw that which is most valuable away and when you as a man look past them on your way to your own PEAK SMV. They reply with hatred and snarling at men because it’s our fault.

    In my country it’s women’s month now so basically all I see is stop raping, stop abusing, and we don’t need you we are complete messages all day. The message is I a man who is at home, has no knowledge of the mistreatment of women is to blame for the mistreatment of all women All the time.

  6. “Virtue, intelligence, honor, duty, wisdom and any number of other esoteric features that would make a man a terrific human being do nothing (or sometimes work against him) for his raw visceral sexuality that women are aroused by.”

    I’ve always had a difficult time with being open and yet rejected for missing the arousal factor in dealing with the opposite sex. My arrogance and altruism don’t add much without internal interfration. But when you see this play out in the world it’s one of the most red pill truths in trauma you could ever experience. Not to escape it but to see it for what it is and how it works in being a sapien.

  7. I think my disagreement with this essay is in the portrayal of the average female as a victim of the lies of their feminist sisters. That I find hard to swallow. It implies they have no agency, except for the few witches that set the feminist narrative. I don’t buy that. If that’s true, then why are they allowed to vote? Or drive cars for that matter?

    No, they know the bullshit they’re swallowing, and they know the bullshit they’re spreading. Every single one of them. Well, maybe not the youngest ones, that are at peak smv. These are drunk with sexual power. But by the time they hit the wall, they know. Deep down they know.

  8. Asking the solipsistic sex to have introspection and honestly address your two simple questions? At least you tried, so props to you for that Rollo.

    The responses would be a real hamstering, insightful, and funny- at least those that would not be the typical SJW default blame projection and misandry.

    “Men’s criteria is very simple; fitness, youth, assertive sexuality, playfulness, conventional femininity and genuine desire to please him. Beyond this, submission, respect, nurturing (potential mothering qualities), a natural deference to male authority, humility, admiration and an unobligated desire to recognize that man as her complementary partner are just some of the long-term attributes that make a woman someone a man might want to invest himself in a family with.”

    Reading your list of physical attributes and personal values, I see that my wife has many of these values and that my getting out of my own BP conditioning has actually accentuated some of these values that she feels comfortable enough with me to be more feminine.

  9. Bravo Rollo

    “a woman can be a wonderful humanitarian, a great mother, the CEO of a Fortune 500 company or someone who adds value to the depth and breadth of humankind, but it won’t make her look any better in a bikini. ”

    The darkest, coldest shiv of truth to ever be shove…


  10. Very good analysis.

    I’d add women know the truth intimately. Since their peak SMV is so short, they wann extend that with add-on masculine qualities, the Strong Indep. Woman. When that doesn’t work out they get bitter and resentful.

    As far as Sandberg and others, wealth (in this case obscene wealth from the wealth factory of FB) converts into power. Power –> Influence.

  11. Alpha Male Penis Envy. It’s all it is. As Gloria Steinem so eloquently put it, “We’ve turned into the men we wanted to marry.”

    These women have painted themselves into a reproductive corner and have no basis of understanding that any man who would accept them and attempt to procreate with them at their age is doing them a FAVOUR.

    Mother Nature doesn’t give a rat’s ass about their politics, career goals or ‘schedule’. They get 400 eggs and they start dropping at 12-13; Mother Nature didn’t even get the memo we don’t live in caves anymore. The misinformation they’ve been fed is appalling and tragic.

  12. Excellent post explaining the reality of what an alpha female really is vs the garbage our bullshit culture pretends it is. You’re post really clarified it for me. Thanks.

    Here’s somthing

    Also. I’m “struggling” with the idea that women are even capable of love on as deep a level as a man. I get it that they love differently and for different reasons. But I cannot get away from the thought that they are incapable of love on as deep a level regardless of differing perspectives and motivations.

    All the women I’ve been around and been intimate with frankly seem much more cavalier about intimate relationships than men in general. The ones who’s hearts I’ve broken included. I’ve always sensed that girls and women care less. They seem to care less about caring itself. From my perspective, childhood onward, our bullshit culture has consistently presented women as being the more “nurturing”, more caring, more moral of the genders. From a very early age, long before adolescence, I recognized this as a scam employed to hide the exact opposite. Maybe my recognition of this is personal misgiving, maybe it is an inaccurate perception. But, every one of them that I’ve had sex with or been involved with without sex seemed to want me for sex, or money, or to make someone else jealous, or to act out some fantasy that they expected me to manifest. I just never really sensed that any of them give a damn about really caring itself. Furthermore, their expressions of empathy consistently seem insincere, contrived and fake. Why fake it unless they are incapable of being genuine? One example, perhaps a bit extreme, but I think everyone can relate, a woman I was recently intimately involved with made a disgustingly gauche theatrical display about a tiny insect crawling up the brick wall beside her townhome front door. Holding my waste and arm, she gushed and sweetly cooed about it like she wanted me to think she is soooo caring and considerate of the insect. She is never married. But she did get pregnant once (not mine), and had an abortion. I was very disgusted with what seemed to me to be such a faked theatrical display of sympathy for the bug, used to scam me. So, I asked her, “Is that how you felt about the human fetus that once grew inside you?” “Which person ARE you?” When I spoke the second sentence I was really getting pissed and it was very obvious. I dumped the bitch on the spot. Honestly, a lot of the women I’ve dumped, were dumped because I didn’t want to put up with the crap I saw coming Arendt the next bend. Just stick your dick in enough times to have some fun and enjoyment before the shrew chews it up. Then get the fuck out, gracefully. That’s the way it works for me. Or, make sure the wife is kept in dread check and busy. Keep her busy, a job, whatever. Because an idle mind is the devils workshop. An idle woman is a feral demon.

    Rollo, you have indicated that women are capable of loving as deeply as men (but in a different way). I get the difference, but not the equality of depth. I just don’t see or feel any evidence of it in all my years. Am I missing something? Honestly, this is not an argument. I’ve been enlightened here and seek more. Would you expand on this or direct me to some previous post (if there is one) that does?

  13. It was all good until you decided to be a bastard and show a picture of Sheryl Sandberg. At that moment my penis completely inverted and then rocketed out of my anus. You owe me a new dick, dick.


    Quote from a recent study on online dating referred to in the above link:

    “I mean, everybody knows—and as a sociologist, it’s been shown—that older women have a harder time in the dating market. But I hadn’t expected to see their desirability drop off from the time they’re 18 to the time they’re 65,” Bruch told me.

    “But I was also surprised to see how flat men’s desirability was over the age distribution,” she said. “For men, it peaks around age 40 or 50. Especially in New York.”

    This is what alpha female fails to understand or accept.

  15. “It implies they have no agency, except for the few witches that set the feminist narrative.”

    Beyond fucking and suckling, women have no natural tendency toward “agency”.

  16. The hypocrisy that results when love and lust get mixed up with highbrow ideals is opportunity for the clever.

  17. @Not Born This Morning.

    Women are not men. Go read the part two: Dealing With Women in Deida’s The Way of the Superior Man (A Man’s guide to Mastering the Challenges of Women, Work and Sexual Desire) Then read part three Working With Polarity and Energy. Then read Part Four: What Women Really Want. Then employ Part Five: Your Dark Side. Then feel good about women in Part Six: Feminine Attractiveness.

    Good luck with that.

  18. “This is the most damning lie ever perpetrated on womankind – that you can be it all – and only when it’s too late do women realize that they’ve been had.”

    B..b..bu..but Rollo! All that’s not true because now we know the universe many times makes people the wrong sex. The problem is that too many people are born the wrong sex, not the sex they really are. Sex is just a superficial secondary characteristic of the “real” person and deep inside we are all the same. But when someone is born the wrong sex, it messes them up, it confuses them and other people because they are also brainwashed into believing evil traditional roles. But now we have gender reassignment surgery that will fix all the problems that being born with the wrong sex causes. And, men need to stop hating so it will work.


  19. I’m still,laughing my ass off!!! NATE, that was good.

    Here’s one. This past Saturday a skinny black dude was streaking near our neighborhood, literally running totally naked down the street. One of my wife’s Facebook friends took a pic and posted it. It stayed up and all her “friends” started commenting, “disgusting” “poor guy he must be schizophrenic” “how could he?” Were are the police? yadda, yadda yadda. My wife told me about it and handed me her phone with her face book page open to it and the comment string.

    Big mistake.

    We were with her family and she was distracted. So, I took the liberty to post a comment for her….”OMG!!! I should have let him put his clothes back on before I kicked him out!” Then smugly handed her phone back and simply said “Hmmm…how strange”

    “What the hell!!!!? What the hell!!!!? OMG! OMG! you didn’t!!”

  20. SJF,

    I Just downloaded The Way of The “Superior Man” and read the disclaimer, praise and preface. I sincerely hope this does not turn out to be quixotic sexual religion bullshit. We’ll see. I’ll comment after reading it.

  21. “Alpha females”

    Bullshit in the male sense of Alpha, women are beholden to the social group always, hence it’s impossible to be Alpha in the male sense, the are wired to seek approval. In corporate settings, some of these women are incredibly insecure once you push the right buttons. I have fun at the office with some of these types at the office, in a good natured manner. If they are attracted to you and you start teasing them about it and they start to see you mean it and don’t give a fuck they start open up, the more aware ones know it’s bullshit.

    There is one woman I enjoy talking to, middle thirties , smart/educated/immigrated to the USA in her teens from Africa, very perceptive and introverted. She gives off the strong independent woman vive, it’s bullshit is in the woman’s league at work blah blah. Stuff like “You are the second most beautiful woman at the office today” will get her hamster rolling and back to high school. To the untrained blue pill eye….

  22. All of which reminds us of Steve Sailer’s First Law of Female Journalism:

    “The most heartfelt articles by female journalists tend to be demands that social values be overturned in order that, Come the Revolution, the journalist herself will be considered hotter-looking.”

  23. @ NBTM

    “I sincerely hope this does not turn out to be quixotic sexual religion bullshit.”

    It can be quixotic sexual religion bullshit (ideology), or in the hands of a deft man with Mastery be praxeology…..

    Be careful to have an open mind. The problem with it is that it is new age-y. What that means? I don’t know nothing about feel goody, smoke pot and stuff. I don’t do that. I’m a realist.

    So what I am saying, though: If you are a perfect practitioner, Deida runs true. If you are with a perfect woman, Deida runs true. It is a target to go for.

    Along the way, it deals with how you should have purpose and mission, and lean out to your edge. It deals with how women are. Not how they should be.

    You have to read it without New-Agey, Disneyland mindset. He doesn’t present it that way. It is a total different read if you read it in Blue Pill Fashion, vs. Red Pill fashion.

    I was never Blue Pill. I read it as a Betatized male, and when I was a drunk captain of my relationships and family. More betatized than drunk though. I fucking hated the implications of The Way of the Superior Man. It rests on the burden of performance, and there is no way to make a woman happy unless she desires you. Be attractive and desirable, not unattractive and undesirable.

    12 to 15 years later, its a bedrock, proto-red pill foundation of No Big Deal on how women operate. Masculine/Feminine polarity. If your woman is not feminine teach her by operant conditioning she’s worth the squeeze or ditch her. If you are not up to your own personal standards of being attractive. Be more attractive. There’s not a lot to argue with Deida’s understanding of the Masculine/ Feminine polarity dynamic.

    The Feminine is Chaotic. She’s a bitch. But you can be you and derive Energy from Her. She is energy giving. You can have free excess energy. And she will come to you. Try that.

    She is a complement to you, not the focus of you. She can be energy giving if you hold that standard.

    Along the same lines, I came across an interview with woman who was a co-teacher with David Deida at seminars with him for over a decade.

    She’s in the same business, new-agey, tantric sex like stuff. But she’s an acolyte of Deida and falls along the same lines as him.

    Michaela Boehm.

    I was listening to an interview of her and I transcribed some of it at or near the 56:00 mark:

    Very interesting in this same vein. A man must take charge if he is masculine. This woman flat out says you can’t please a woman (in context) it’s just not a viable proposition, so don’t try. That doesn’t mean she can’t be pleased at times. It is just that spiritually, that prospect will always be out of reach. Because of firmware.

    Here was the transcript I typed out listening to it:

    The moderator/interviewer brought up: “The over-arching themes in terms of the masculine and the feminine of freedom and love. Talk about it for men on the side of freedom, how that ties into the bigger discussion on purpose.

    Michaela Boehm: “Yeah well, to me I think it is one in the same and ties into not being “mommy’s boy”. When you know who you are and when you know what you are oriented towards, you become somewhat uncompromising, or in Chögyam Trungpa literature often it’s called a ruthlessness, it’s not a negative, it’s just you’re “not taking shit”, because you know where you’re going and you know what you are about and so: That’s freedom.

    Freedom is to not need it to be a certain way in order to feel OK. So freedom in a certain way is (I mean there’s many other definitions of freedom), but to me how it feels like in a man when I look at the few men I know that are truly free, they care a great deal, but they are not dependent on anybody’s approval. Not their mother, not their girlfriend, not their wife, not society as a whole. And people are free from that to varying degrees. It’s the ability to pursue what you are about without having to compromise yourself, sell out, do things that you don’t actually believe in just so you have peace and quiet. Or your being loved, or you get paid.

    Now there is a certain amount of compromise that one has to have in life. But at least you want to have freedom around that compromise. When it comes to men and women in relationships, the one that is the most masculine in the relationship has to be oriented towards the most true expression of what it’s all about. Whatever that is….the relationship, their life, his life.

    Somebody has to make sure that there is no selling out. And somebody has to make sure there is love. That there is love being freed in each moment. So that love and freedom do go together very nicely, but it doesn’t feel like that, because a lot of guys don’t want to commit to a woman. Because they feel that they lose their freedom.

    Because that is true if they are setting out to try to please a woman. Because you can’t please a woman, it’s just: It’s Impossible. For so many reasons we can go into, but don’t have to. It’s, you take my word for it as a woman, you cannot please a woman and if you give in one place, she’ll “go somewhere else” because that’s what we’re (women) are built for. And when I say a woman, I mean the feminine and a woman. The masculine in a woman can be pleased like the masculine in a man. But the parts of us that are deeply and innately feminine are always going to want more, which is a kind of psycho-emotional impact, of you know, childbirth and procreation, and things of that nature. The inherent need for fullness. So if you are doing things so that your woman is pleased, you will have lost your freedom, your freedom as a man, your freedom as a human being, your freedom as a purpose. And with that, of course, comes resentment, and acting out. And then all kinds of things that, of course, one things lead to another. And of course, when a woman gets a man to sell out for her, so to speak, she no longer respects him, either. If he sells out for her, who else is he selling out for… And then he can’t be trusted anymore….., and blah, blah, blah….it’s endless. So purpose and freedom go hand in hand.

    Its nice to know where you are going and what your life is about. And it’s good when you have both the psychological wherewithal and the actual skills to assert your direction, and not compromise or sell out. And that includes the relationship. If someone decides the relationship is not in the best interest of either party, they should end it, not do something like having kids to patch up the relationship…”

  24. God grant me the powers, on Rollo’s WordPress to have YouTube videos and .JPGs come up de novo.

    What’s the secret to you secret powers, KFG?

  25. I just ordered a sexbot. I custom ordered it to look like Sheryl Sandberg and come home later than me; and complain about how tired she is; talk shop; and tell me she has to go on another exec business trip with the bosses; and ask me if i want a tv dinner heated up; and then drink a bottle of wine and stare at a screen for the last part of the evening.
    Oh yeaaaaaah

  26. @Rollo: great post. Really resonated with me, reminds me that many years ago I thought it was internal beauty that counted.

    @Nate and NBTM: only slightly funny. Despite her feminism, Sheryl Sandberg isn’t ugly, isn’t fat… Not that she has a high SMV – she doesn’t and she is almost 50. She looks average. Certainly not “repulsive”.

    There are plenty of feminists that are well below average.

    @Library mighty mouse: now that was funnier.

  27. “No, they know the bullshit they’re swallowing, and they know the bullshit they’re spreading. Every single one of them. Well, maybe not the youngest ones, that are at peak smv. These are drunk with sexual power. But by the time they hit the wall, they know. Deep down they know.”

    That is true, but don’t overperceive female agency. They’re opting for the short-term play over the long-term, instant over deferred gratification, the thrill of browbeating over the satisfaction of having built something beyond themselves. Given that “high-time preference types” face a very grim future as far as living space and resources, they’re not even wrong for opting out: female organisms are known to be more sensitive to disturbances in their habitat.

  28. “Also. I’m “struggling” with the idea that women are even capable of love on as deep a level as a man. I get it that they love differently and for different reasons. But I cannot get away from the thought that they are incapable of love on as deep a level regardless of differing perspectives and motivations.”

    They aren’t — until they give birth. You’re never going to be the object of their “unconditional” love.

  29. I enjoy dating strong women with a sense of independence, the go getter types. But ill tell you one thing, when they meet a dominant male that they can respect, they will happily submit. However they will eat blue bill betas for breakfast, as they should.

  30. @palmasailor

    “So you could have a field day with that thought process – they have unconditional love for something attached to themselves / or actually themselves?”

    Pretty much. I wouldn’t call anything truly selfless, of course, as self is the primary motive for all action, but the only time you’ll see women exhibit what we would call true love is for their offspring, as is only natural. Why would they allocate energy to men (“love”) when the whole point is to get men to allocate energy to them and their offspring? OP needs to ditch the notion of love altogether. I know it feels weird, because how do you love something that isn’t capable of loving you in the same way, but it just doesn’t help you as a man in 2018. Modern women are more or less sociopaths; loving them too much is setting oneself up for grief.

  31. Great article Rollo, one all women should read, especially feminists. If i’m having to suck it up being a desirable single man mainly due to feminism (and living very remotely hasn’t helped), then i just love this fact you presented:

    “Understand that these efforts to shame men into finding something attractive about you based on your masculine criteria for attraction will always fail; leaving you a lonely childless middle aged wreck all because you refused to accept that you need to be someone worth marrying…”

    Sucked in, single “alpha” girls! May the schadenfreuden of all good, single men, rain down upon your barren wombs and skanky fur babies…

  32. Alpha women could be a myth, but today’s situation in the society makes it seem real . Sorry Mr. Tomassi , Gender Role has been replaced with Equal-ism. And why not? Women can now out-earn Men. One part of Feminist Utopia is materialised already. Women can be competitive with men in 70% of modern jobs. So why Mr. Tomassi ? 1. Women don’t need men to protect them anymore
    2. Women don’t need men to bring them food from Harsh Survival Reality
    3. Women don’t need to give a FUCK on men’s Paternity issue
    4. Women don’t need to marry earlier to secure a potential mate, they marry when their beauty dies and Men marry them,
    5. Women have Sperm Banks with First Quality Genes.
    6. Women have laws to get bucks from your so-called Beta Males.

    The Context needed to make Alpha Men doesn’t exist. You only can get away with misogyny if you’re Hot af and at least 7-8/10.
    Along with most of men, I see The Future is Women. Come back to the reality.

  33. One thing I’m curious about is a question asked early in the post that I’m not sure was directly answered: “What do you tell your daughter about this?” I’ve read through a pretty big chunk of RP material, and the answer to this question may be implicit, but hasn’t been directly addressed that I’ve seen so far (maybe I missed it).

    I have a teenage daughter old who is objectively attractive, athletic, and intelligent. I have no doubt that if she focused on her physical characteristics to up her SMV, she could get lots of dates, but I’m interested in helping her find good men (and she is too, because so many teenage boys these days are frustratingly spineless pushovers). I’ll be honest: she’s pretty strong-willed and I think will be HM, so she’s going to need a self-assured alpha to hold things together.

    I think my wife and I have done a fairly decent job modeling a good relationship for her (we’re fairly traditional–“complementary” in the kind of way Rollo discusses above), but I’m not sure that’s enough given the cultural pressure kids are faced with. I’ve considered just sitting down with her and talking through some RP concepts, and maybe I will, but I’m not sure how far into things I should go, or which things I should focus on the most. I’d appreciate any comments.

  34. @kc0btp

    Rollo’s Third book: The Rational Male; Positive Masculinity

    Page 107:

    Raising Daughters

    When my daughter was about fifteen years old I got into a debate with an allegedly Red Pill wife/mother who was determined not just to home school her own daughters, but to only fund their college aspiration if they chose the local state university and lived at home while attending it. The “dorm life” experiences and online stories of alcohol-fueled orgies on campus played prominently in her fears, but more so, her hesitancy to cut the apron strings were about worries that her little darlings would have socialist/feminists/cultural Marxist ideologies implanted in their impressionable brains.

    I found this interesting because her fears were founded on the presumption that her daughters would still default to being indoctrinated in all of the Village’s teachings despite all her carefully planned homeschooling intended to make them resistant to such influences. This is the same woman who meticulously screened and censored her girls’ exposure to the ‘corrupting’ influence of the cultural narrative in various forms of media – TV, online, music, movies, etc. Yet, despite all of this concern, she still felt an almost obsessive need for control even when her daughters were well past the age of young adulthood. The fear was so great that she insisted she would not pay for, nor help pay for, any university tuition that was outside of the two or three in-state colleges she felt she could monitor her girls at.

    Part of this was, ostensibly, motivated by the overly publicized ‘rape culture’ (and the entirely debunked 1 in 4 women are raped on campus myth) she believed was so prevalent it required her parental supervision well into her girls’ adult years. The other part was a tacit acknowledgment of the behavior she’d engaged in herself while in college and her acknowledgment of the nature and predispositions of young women when allowed unfettered freedom to pursue them. There was an unspoken understanding that she knew what she herself had the capacity for, but in the post-millennial era she contrasted this with the lack of direction and lack of accountability for women.

    Back when he had a terrestrial radio show, I remember talk-show personality Tom Leykis did a topic about this: He had everyday women call in and tell their stories of how they used to be sexually (i.e. slutty) and how they are now. He came up with this after driving past a grade school on his way to the studio and seeing all of the women there waiting for their kids to come out and wondered about what their lives used to be like in their childless 20s. This was a wildly popular topic and the confessions just poured in like all of these women had been waiting for years to come clean anonymously about the sexual past that their husbands would never dream they were capable of. Each of these women sounded proud of themselves, almost nostalgic, as if they were some kind of past accomplishments.

    Mothers today know what their daughters are positioning themselves for in their young adult years because, often enough, they too want to relive their Party Years vicariously through them. Even if it’s not to ‘relive’ them, it’s to experiences, in part, some of what their romantic notions have convinced them might be possible in this era. That’s not to say mothers want their little girls to be slutty hedonists – far from it in the case of the woman I described – but it is to say that in their daughters women recognize an opportunity to direct the lives they wished they’d had the foresight to guide for themselves.

    According to the Census Bureau, U.S. women now lead men in educational attainment for the first time since the Census began tracking the measure in 1940. A lot gets made about this ‘gender gap’ in college enrollment, but what usually gets lost is the social dispensations made available to women and the increasingly steep prerequisites for men to attend college. In 2017 where more than 40% of children are raised by single mothers it’s interesting to note how the rise in female higher education contrasts with falling birth rates and the longer and longer delay of marriage to older ages for women.

    As a Red Pill father of girls it’s vitally important to get your head around two very important elements; the evolved gender-specific biological imperatives your daughters will be subject to and how a feminine-primary social order, the Village, will seek to accommodate them at every strata, every opportunity in society. While similar in intent to how the Village seeks to condition your sons, so too will it raise your daughters into its own image. That image is usually one founded on convincing them of their limitless potential, ignoring any evolved reality particular to their sex and masking it all in ideological premises of egalitarian equalism.

    Equalism is the call sign of the Fempowerment narrative of today. You’ll read about this more later in this book, but as a contrast to how your boys will be taught in a feminine-correct context about their inherent male flaws, girls are conditioned to embrace their roles as strong, independent and ultimately blameless of any consequence for the decisions based on these impressions of themselves. Girls are taught that they are ‘correct’ as a default.

    First and foremost this is a social dynamic fathers must bear in mind at every stage of their daughter’s development. Asking a Red Pill father to be a child psychologist is a tall order, I know, but most men are often taken unawares as to how early their girl’s Fempowerment indoctrination begins. Whether that’s how Disney Princesses openly carry the water of the Feminine Imperative, or how the Girl Scouts mold impressionable minds to prepared them for a feminine-primary social order, the purpose is the same; immerse young girls in a sense of their default social, personal and moral superiority above boys (and later men), irrespective of realistic limitations and devoid of any consequence of their actions or decisions.

    It’s vitally important for a Red Pill father to keep in mind that the Village will at every opportunity seek to convince you and her of its ideology. This is where many a Blue Pill father loses his Frame with both his daughter and her mother. Any man, particularly a girl’s father, is ruthlessly shamed for not being supportive of his daughter’s independence and “strength” should he even marginally disagree with what schools, media, care-providers and an ‘empowered’ mother would inculcate in his daughter. One of the vicious cycles Blue Pill men become trapped in is transferring their sense of self-sacrificing “supportiveness” duty from their wife/mother seamlessly to their daughter. It’s an easy shift for a Frameless Beta provider to convince himself that he’s also duty-bound to make sure his girl becomes the focus of his support. In doing so he becomes an active participant in his own daughter’s conditioning by the Feminine Imperative.

    This is likely to stir something up in most fathers, Red Pill or otherwise. What am I getting at here? Should fathers not be a positive, supportive encouraging element of his girl’s life? Of course, but this sentiment is exactly how the Village convinces fathers (often unwittingly) to foster its ideology in their girl’s lives. Who wouldn’t want the best for their daughter? I certainly do and I’ve made the mistake of sparing no expense for it many times. Yet, this is exactly the natural loving attitude that the imperative uses to promote feminine supremacism in girls as well as a supplicating father. There is so much guilt invested in fathers in general today that avoiding it, avoiding the epitaph of being an uninvolved, unsupportive father is so imperative, that (largely Blue Pill) fathers will make efforts to give their girls “the world”.

    Earlier in this chapter you read Promise Keepers, and the same dynamic of wanting to avoid the legacy of a ‘bad dad’ applies to raising daughters. Blue Pill fathers worry that if they don’t foment the ideals of feminine social primacy they too will be just like ‘bad dad’ and their girl will suffer for it as he and (he believes) his own mother suffered.

    Raise a Daughter, not a Son

    For all of the effort the Village goes to in order to convince us of some infinite number of non-binary genders, it is often very specific in its identifying girls and women in as binary-masculine a way as would remove men from embodying it. Part of this ceaseless drumming of girl’s superior potential to boys is an endless encouraging of putting girls into conventionally masculine positions. Thus, we see father’s enthusiastically encouraging their girls to involve themselves in what we might think of as boys sports, hobbies and interests. If you want to have your girl become a boyscout today there is an active engagement to in the organization to get girls in. Needless to say there is absolutely no similar effort in the girlscouts to recruit boys, rather boys are forbidden from joining (probably for the best). As part of the imperative to get girls into male-space you’ll have no trouble finding special programs that’ll allow your girl to join everything from a football to a wrestling team where she can show the boys how “girls can do anything boys can.”

    Even for a Red Pill father there’s an element of wanting to encourage a girl to participate in traditionally boy’s endeavors. In and of itself this isn’t necessarily a bad thing until that desire interferes with your daughter’s natural development as a girl. Being Red Pill aware means you also must be vigilant in determining how the Village will attempt to shame both you and her for encouraging her to traditionally female, conventionally feminine interests. And even within what you believe are conventionally feminine organizations or interests the influence of the Fempowerment narrative will be there. Look at any pageant (no longer “beauty pageant”) organization, any girls-club, especially the girlscouts, and you will hear this feminine-primacy message loud and clear.

    When you read the section Male Space you’ll get a better understanding of why this push is so strong today. For now, it’s important that you be aware that not only is this push directed at foisting masculine adequacies on your daughter, but it’s also intended to make a father feel ashamed for not joining in that effort.

    For the Blue Pill Dad it becomes a point of pride to get his feminist merit badge by proving how ‘with it’ he is in redirecting his daughters natural feminine interests to what’s generally male spaces. There may be nothing wrong with that if a girl has a genuine desire to participate in something she feels passionate about, but from the Blue Pill perspective it becomes less about the endeavor and more about the desire to one-up anything and everything male-associated. This becomes a real concern when that endeavor involves pitting girls against boys on a physical level. While I’m all for women learning martial arts or contact sports there is a reason the sexes are segregated in competition – there is a real danger in the difference of boy’s physical nature and aggressiveness compared to that of girls. The Village, being founded on the misguided ideals of egalitarian equalism, would have fathers believe that fundamental biological differences between boys and girls is insignificant. They want gender parity and this means ignoring the nature of the male and female biology.

    For Red Pill fathers the temptation is one of wanting to relate to your girl as if she were a son. This is an interesting predicament for fathers who may have all sons and a single girl, or only girls and no sons. It’s easy to fall into the trap of investing your positively masculine self into a daughter. This may be particular challenge if your wife happens to lean towards the Fempowerment narrative herself.

    Even a well-meaning “red pill” woman will still be given to the Strong Independent Woman® narrative that’s become part of her ego investment, and usually, this is just something she takes for granted. She may want a strong Red Pill son to handle his own business, but she also wants a daughter that a feminine-primary social order has convinced her needs to be “just as tough as a boy.” Again, this is the result of the equalist narrative that believes gender is a social construct and that any biological influences of gender are simply obstacles to be overcome. I should also point out here that if the mother of your children likes to think of herself as “Red Pill” she will still expect your sons to have a default, unearned, respect for women and this will extend to your daughters, their mother or women in general. There is a growing trend to conflate Red Pill with traditional conservative (trad-con) values, and as such the idea of Red Pill (however it’s defined by trad-cons) becomes more appealing to women who believe men should be conventionally masculine, but also to defer Frame to women as is convenient.

    She’s a Girl who will become a Woman

    We live in an age where the most common complaint amongst women is the lack of any marriageable men. We’ve come to a point where women feel the need to freeze their eggs due to their lack of long term prospects with regards to men with whom they believe will be their ‘relationship equal’. We know this status really refers to women’s doubt of optimizing Hypergamy in a single man, but what we’re seeing now is a generation of adult women, women well past their sexually competitive years, who were raised by the Village and fed a steady diet of the Empowerment message. These are women who were raised to believe that it was men’s duty to be ready and available for them once they’d pushed the boundaries of their “limitless potential”. In fact that used to be the old answer

    as to why women might want to freeze their eggs or look for a sperm bank to have children without a real father – they were “so career focused they never had time to think about motherhood until now.” The real truth is now in fashion though; it’s really due to their inability to attract and settle into a secure long term relationship with a man who could meet her impossibly high Hypergamous optimization prerequisites.

    So the Feminine Imperative arranges convenient social conventions to help them salve the pain brought on by the prospect of never becoming wives or mothers with an equitable man. The Village taught them never to settle from the time they were little girls. Boys were ridiculous, men even more so, and all of them needed the correcting influence of the feminine. Now, in their post-Wall years, it’s men’s fault once again for not having properly prepared themselves to accommodate their long term sexual strategy. Disney taught them they were Princesses, yet they were raised to also believe that they would be self-sufficient, autonomous, self-fulfilling individuals – who would grow into Strong Independent Women®, never to be in need of a man for anything. Yet, here they are freezing their eggs because of exactly this “independence”.

    This is what the Village will teach your girl and this is what you must prepare her to expect. She must learn that eventually there will be a price to be paid for her decisions. This is what the Village never wants her to believe; that with decision comes consequence. The Village will tell her to reject the idea of likabilty and embrace her innate solipsism. Never do anything for a man, never prepared yourself for his pleasure or his acceptance; it’s his privilege to even be taken into your consideration. What the Village will not teach her is that there are long term consequences for this enduring mindset, one devoid of real appreciation, one devoid of even the idea that men are to be respected for their experiences.

    As I mention early, the best education you can give your girl is to give her an example to mold her ideal of a positive masculine man upon. It’s so easy to say, lead by example, but the same fundamental core dynamics of Red Pill awareness and Game in practice can (must) be used to teach your daughter that a man is deserving of respect and deserving of her desire to be a better daughter, wife and mother for him. Exactly the same Red Pill-aware psychological core, exactly the same understanding of Hypergamy that will help you be the dominant masculine figure with your girlfriend and wife will help you model the type of man you’ll hope your eventual son in law will be. Demonstrate positive masculine dominance, never explicate it to your daughter. She will be taught that “girls rule” and boys are sad saps. She’ll be taught that men are ridiculous, but not Daddy, never Daddy.

    There are a hundred different studies that indicate women without a father or with a weak (Beta) father becomes adults with “daddy issues”. They often become ‘broken women’, rudderless and prone to all the stereotypical tendencies you’ve probably come to expect – early promiscuity, depression, life-long insecurities, etc. And of course the Village is already prepared to vilify fathers (or insist on his superfluousness) and play to women’s default victimhood. The truth of this father-daughter dynamic is that girls and women are fed a self-perpetuating, self-defeating cycle of empowerment and victimhood with the weakman father mixed somewhere into the blame cycle. This, first and foremost, is what you will have to be prepared to fight while being the living example of the positive masculinity she’ll never know unless you live it for her. You are vitally important in her development as a woman. You are an example of masculinity that no single-mother will ever be able to emulate. And you must be so fearlessly in the face of a world that’ll accuse you of being abusive, typically male, chauvinistic and misogynistic for your conventional masculinity.

    Be the Example in your own Marriage

    Finally, you need to be the example of positive masculinity in your own marriages. Assuming you’re married to the mother of your children and you’ve initiated a relationship model based on your own Red Pill informed Frame, you also have to know how important it is that your wife reflexively responds to you as the masculine example. It’s important that both your sons and daughters recognize your authority as such, but doubly so in the case of daughters. How your wife interacts with you, how she gender-communicates with you, defers to your decisions, how she responds to your Amused Mastery is vital to your daughters perception of a masculine role model.

    I would argue that having a weak Frame with your wife or living in a power dynamic such that it’s her to whom all defer to for decisions and authority is almost more damaging to children’s gender perceptions than if a father were absent from the home. A weak, Beta, Blue Pill masculine role sets a weak perception of masculinity for girls who will as adult women be seeking out men who either embody a man who will dominate them or one whom they can dominate themselves as their mother did. Considering the direction that Open Hypergamy has set us on, I’d say both.

  35. @kc0btp

    See my comment to Cole. This is what you tell your daughter. As a girl, your daughter should play the bullshit game overtly, but stay aware of biological reality. Alphas like pretty, feminine girls. She should find an alpha and game him to get him to commit. Charm works on men just fine.

    If a girl needs to pull a plow, she needs strength. Not otherwise, lol.

  36. “Along with most of men, I see The Future is Women. Come back to the reality.”

    Cole – I think you mean the Future is Female. I recently had occasion to be on the other side of the old iron curtain and these T shirts are making a big comeback there:

    It must be true. Of course it also means that in the future there will be no electricity, functional automobiles, or indoor plumbing; to name but a few…

  37. @all
    I don’t have a big fry career to boast of, but it’s not a burger either. I’m 29, I have husband, one year marriage , we both respect each other and have a normal life and we both keep ourselves physically fit. When it comes to bills, he steps up for 70% of everything and I contribute the rest. We complement each other, I cook 6 days/week, he does 1/week, we hit restaurants almost every weekend. What you guys tell me? Worship my husband?

  38. @Library mighty mouse

    Bruh…. the Sheryl Sandberg sex doll comes with a dick.

    You might wanna hit that cancellation button with a quickness.

  39. 😂 @ the Manosphere sandberg hate.

    Inconsequential to 90% of men/make life depending on what frame one operates in.

    Broad looks like millions and millions of women her age.

    Doesn’t matter.

  40. The inability of most women to be objective is part of why there is never going to be any kind of redpill discourse across the sex line.

    Men broke it, men will have to fix it.

    Even when they admit that there is some minor truth within red pill ideas, their need to grind that truth into subjective sausage favoring their personal station in life renders the kernel of curiosity useless.

    Women, like the caller, poke their heads in the tent under the guise of understanding. But it its always about them. Soon enough, they reveal that their supposed understanding of the RP is really just a demand that they are the exception to the laws of gravity.

    Worse, they use their own exceptionalism to extrapolate that gravity doesn’t really exist anyhow, thereby preemptively disarming the next generation of women of the precursors of objective thinking. Much dissonance ensues.

    There is no female alpha just as there is no female objectivism. Women exist downstream of the physical realities established and maintained by men. If they can’t know or accept truth, they can’t know or accept their place in a hierarchy.

    Maybe back in the caves things were different. But we have constructed a society with such abundance, safety, and protection from poor choice outcomes that whatever used to anchor women to reality has long since ceased to exist.

    A female “alpha”, or SIW is just larping within the safe confines of the male protectorate.

    Its bowling with 8 pound balls and bumpers in the gutters while a crowd constantly celebrates as thier scores eclipse those of their would-be equals.

    Mind you, they are still entitled to a man who is at least an “equal” bowler while simultaneously demanding that something must be done about all the men who are much better bowlers.

    Handicapping their would-be equals. This is also why the SIW tend to be unbridled leftists.

    Dating in the 25 year range of 25-50 is a trip. A time-traveling adventure that allows me to see the full life cycle. The amazing ability of the female mind to ignore the signals of reality for literally decades.

    I had an early 50’s woman telling me the other day about the sexual peak myth and that older women can be more attractive because of experience etc.

    Its more than just solipsism or projection. The more I experience this first hand, the more I agree with the notion of single women being anti-civilizational.

    And for lol. I took this old bird for her word and then she thought we should “get to know each other better” before the bang. I obviously need to sharpen my game. But the apathy (juice/squeeze) is an issue. But she’s a SIW whos hot (for her age). Qualifiers lost on her entirely.

  41. Some of these comments are really off the wall and a bit scary. I think that’s the real divide between men and women. Women fear men. Because in the past, when women would blindly trust men because they were “superior” it allowed for women to be abused, raped, neglected, and just outright mistreated. But you are right to an extent. Women were not able to separate smv from their value as a person, so it continued in silence. But I think it’s wrong to attribute this fallacy to women only because men played a VERY active role in perpetuating these ideals that women have about themselves. Men bought their wives with cattle and land. This was an exchange exclusively between a father and a potential husband(buyer). You are only being as historically accurate as you want to be, manipulating information for people too ignorant to actually do research. Men set the precedent. That’s why the patriarchal system was so widespread. However, I do appreciate the read; it was very interesting and eye opening to say the least. 👍🏾

  42. @Cole – Women don’t need men to protect them? To bring in the spoils? Can live SIW lives?

    That’s only because you switch on the light and it’s there. You open the tap and the water flows. You lift the pump nozzle and the fuel comes out.

    Get back to me when we have 50% parity of female employees in oil/gas, construction, road maintenance, farming, fishing. Females today live in a comfort bubble of a tamed world, hence the fallacy that they don’t need men. They very much do, it’s just that those men are hidden behind your plastic debit card.

    Should electricity stop tomorrow, in 72 hrs #MeToo would be replaced with #FeedMeToo, #ClotheMeToo and #ProtectMeToo. Never forget.

  43. “Because in the past, when women would blindly trust men because they were “superior” . . .”


  44. Come on kfg. You know, “the past”, when things were totally different.

    The historian Tacitus, speaking of the Roman army in Britannia sometime before year 100 AD.

    “An entourage of women involves delays through luxury in peacetime and through panic in war. It turns the Roman army into the likeness of a procession of barbarians. Not only is the female sex weak and unable to bear hardship but, when it has the freedom, it is spiteful, ambitious and greedy for power. They disport themselves amongst the soldiers and have the centurions eating our of their hands.”

  45. I don’t know any man who is back in the market even past 70 that goes anywhere near anything over 50 and there’s a good reason for that.

    I’ve banged a few 42-47yos. It’s amazing the degree of entitlement these women had.

  46. What you guys tell me? Worship my husband?

    Palmasailor August 13, 2018 at 8:18 am

    We’re not telling you to do anything.

    Cosign. We here are indifferent to what you do Cole. We’re not vested in you. (Good luck with your husband.)

    But Dr. Laura Schlessinger would advise Cole in The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands:

    1. Men Need Women, and This Need Gives Women Huge Influence. Dr. Laura states the point as follows: “[M]en are simple creatures who come from a woman, are nurtured and brought up by a woman, and yearn for the continued love, admiration, and approval from a woman.” Women have great power and influence over men, and wives in particular have tremendous power over their husbands. How they use this power essentially controls the relationship, because women are the masters of most relationships and marriages. That’s why Dr. Laura says that she probably won’t write The Proper Care and Feeding of Wives: wives already have most of the power and their marriages depend, for the most part, on them.

    2. Women Err in Favoring Children Over Husband. A friend once told this writer that once a woman has children, her husband is relegated to the moral equivalence of a piece of furniture. How sad if this is true in many marriages. Here’s how Dr. Laura puts it: “Once wives became mothers, they had no time to be wives. The men would even compliment their wives on being great mothers, but expressed considerable pain over not being shown love, affection, or sexual interest. The typical reply from a wife challenged with this was ‘I only have time to take care of one person, and our child is that person. I’m just too tired for you.’ This puts fathers in the ugly and uncomfortable position of feeling competitive with and resentful of their children, whom they love so much.”

    3. Men and Women Are Different. That men and women are deeply different ought not to be notable, but for the fact that it is so often challenged today. Dr. Laura says that society tries to make both men and women “unisex.” But men are happiest being men, and women are happiest being women, with few exceptions. The differences start to manifest themselves very early. In one study Dr. Laura mentions, a barrier was placed between 1 year-old babies and their mothers. What did the little boys do? They attempted to get around the barrier or knock it down. The little girls? They cried until their mothers’ picked them up. Men tend to respond to things physically, women verbally. In fact, the two sexes are just right for each other.

    4. Not Every Thought and Feeling Needs to be Said. Women tend to be so verbal, so expressive, that they can tire out men easily unless they exercise some restraint. Dr. Laura reports that wives generally overwhelm their husbands with communication. “Husbands imagine (so foolishly) that their wives are telling them something they actually need to know because they’re supposed to do something about it. Otherwise, men can’t imagine why the ‘communication’ is happening at all. It confuses them, frustrates them, and their response is to turn off. That’s when they unfairly become labeled insensitive.” Husbands and fiances are not girlfriends or psychologists, and women who want attention should adjust their communication style accordingly when speaking with them.

    5. Men Are Not Mind-Readers. Most men are not very intuitive compared to most women. Many women “get caught up in the absurdly romanticized notion that ‘if he loved me, he’d just know what I’m thinking, what I’d like, what he should say.’” If a woman wants her man to do something, she should just ask him plainly, without nagging, and show appreciation when he does it. To act otherwise, as many women do, shows arrogance and lack of respect for the husband’s difference, and it leads to unhappiness in the marriage and in the family.

    6. Man Is an Embodied Soul. No, Dr. Laura didn’t put it that way; “embodied soul” is a Catholic concept. But that concept is what underlies her discussion of how important it is to a man that his wife try to keep up her appearance. What does it mean that we are embodied souls? It means that our bodies are integral parts of who we are. We are not just souls. Our bodies are not like clothing that we can take on or off. There was no time during which we had only souls and not bodies, and in eternity as well we will have bodies. It is through our bodies, in fact, that we communicate to our loved ones and to the rest of the world. One thinks of the beautiful line from the old Anglican marriage rite: bride and groom pledge to each other “with my body I thee worship.” It is ironic, but in many cases men–sex-crazed pigs in the minds of many women–actually have a truer understanding of the beauty of the body and the meaning of the marital embrace than their wives do. “Objectification” may come as much or more from the woman’s side as from the husband’s if the woman sees her own body as being separate from rather than an integral part of herself. Dr. Laura writes: “In reading all the letters from men, I was struck by their depth of senstivity about the issue of women’s appearance. It wasn’t an impersonal, animal reaction (as it is with women the men don’t personally know), it was a deeply personal one. The wife’s comfort with and appreciation of her own body and femininity, and her willingness to share that with her husband, actually fed his sense of well-being, his feeling of being loved as a husband and valued as a ‘man.’”

    7. Infidelity by Omission. Brides and grooms make a number of vows, not only of sexual fidelity. Marital vows include and imply words like love, honor, protect, and care for. “[W]hen one breaches those vows by neglect, is that also not a form of infidelity? Perhaps we should start looking at the act of intentionally depriving a spouse of legitimate needs as infidelity, too, because it stems from being unfaithful to the intent of the vows.”

    8. In the Bedroom. To her credit, Dr. Laura gives due place to the importance for marriage of the marital act: “The bedroom is the foundation of marriage and family.” St. Josemaria Escriva, founder of Opus Dei, that supposedly conservative institution within the Church, put it this way: “The marriage bed is an altar.” Enough said?

    9. Women Should Appreciate Men’s Masculinity. Dr. Laura relates a trip she made recently to a swimming pool. A mom and a dad were wading with their infant child. Mom held the child against her chest, cooed to him, and swooped him up and down. She passed the baby to dad. He turned the baby’s face outward and swooshed him forward and up into the air. “Mom equals protection and nurturance. Dad equals autonomy and adventure. It is the perfect balance that helps produce a functional, secure human being.” Too many women, though, act like Alice Kramdens, constantly belitting their husbands, shooting down their aspirations, treating them like children. Dr. Laura writes: “When a wife treats her man like he’s one of her children, when she puts him down or thwarts his need for autonomy, adventure, risk, competition, challenge, and conquest, she ends up with a sullen, unooperative, unloving, hostile lump.”

    10. Thou Shalt Not Covet. Dr. Laura contributes a novel (to this writer) and insightful contemporary application of the commandment, “thou shal not covet.” Specifically, she understands it as a rebuke to people who want it all, especially feminists. “Perhaps the feminist notions about women having power if they do it all has obstructed too many women’s ability to realize that in real life we all make choices, and that the true joy and meaning of life is not in how many things we have or do, but in the sacrifice and commitment we make to others within the context of the choices we’ve made. The Tenth Commandment, about coveting, reminds us that none of us can have everything there is nor everything we want. Without enjoying and appreciating our gifts and blessings, we create a hell on earth for ourselves and for those who love us.”

  47. @Rugby

    AGE 12 TO MARRIED – I Took A Photo Every Day

    Ouch. That turned out ugly at the end. Fat wife.

    You shouldn’t post stuff like that.

  48. Cole- just because the second string is being allowed to play that doesn’t mean the game belongs to them. It means the game is already won, but it’s the second strings to lose.

  49. I don’t want to get into pissing matche with rollo. But I’d say that alpha females rarely exist in nature. No female is really dominant, even in lesbo relationship the dominant female would still become beta next to an alpha male. Alpha females do exist in nature but that’s for insects likes bees and ants where there is one queen.

  50. @marquisdestade



    Projection fits far better than “Attribution bias”, and ties in far more neatly with solipsism. You were struggling a bit to craft the argument that women think men value the same things in women that women do in men.

  51. Ok so this is the challenge.. see if you can actually make it through a date with one that’s over 50.

    That would be my ex… no thanks buddy

    I actually went on a date with a slim 60yo. Grey hair and specs. Her photo was ok. On closer examination I couldn’t/wouldn’t escalate – it would have been like banging my granny.

    She did have considerable granny-like mannerisms…

  52. That’s it, only Incels come here to express their anger from lifelong failure .
    I will kill you Cole

    Wtf was that? Is he even human? I just expressed my opinion.
    It’s not about some term “Alpha” or “Beta”. It’s about Power. In any relationship, if someone is weak,the other one will become dominant. If the weak one even don’t even try to resist the growing dominance of other person, such relationship won’t take place ever. Intersexual dynamics isn’t a one power motion, rather it’s a summation of two motion, one is from men, one is from women ,as a whole. Men were superior to women in our past, even Feminists won’t disagree. But things have changed. The moment you were typing about #No_electricity , that moment some women were studying electricity. As women always kept themselves busy in household chores ever, only men could do such things. You are good at Mathematics, Physics? Okay, we’ll study more hours than you.If you look at the world, the current world takes less Physical labor than ever. Robots taking men’s place in that sector. In the Future, men won’t be able to do construction jobs either for Robots, only mental labor will exist, and that’s where women will compete men,now you see? The world is getting suitable for women every day even while the Incel was typing me some rubbish. If you pictured today’s society a hundred years back, people would revolt. But that couldn’t help turning the world into this. If it’s not a fast-paced process, it’ll be a slow-paced process, things will get normalised one day. Manhood is dying, Female Independence is shining, I don’t get you people, all my colleagues, friends got married around 30, they are having a complementary life, but you want one party complete dominance and other party complete submission? Saying about bullshit biology, I’m not supporting Egg-Freezing Technology, but if you get a society of open marriage? Women will get pregnant bottom to top, but only top quality men will be able to breed, this is biology. So stay tight, refrain from harassments and wait for Darwinian Dead End those ugly low quality Incels . Women don’t need men to protect them anymore.

  53. @PalmaS
    women will get into those sectors just like they’ve started doing in the military, don’t think of a static picture, think of an animated world. Women are doing good every way, if they are weak, they will try harder to get the dominance from men, even without specific skills. Can you imagine a 38 y.o. unmarried career women from 1900’s perspective? Visit the femosphere sometimes, that will worth every minute.

  54. Ever heard of Drone Bees? If skills always brought you power, why men work for Egg-Freezing Technology?

  55. To know about you, as the number of Incels are getting bigger and bigger every day , it’s important to know what you’re doing and what you’re thinking

  56. @palmasailor
    True. Low hanging fruit is often full of worms.

    But i’m in a trough. Tough to keep the bar high. Reckon I must be applying the old FTOW a bit haphazardly.

    I also know a lot of my apathy is due to more than just the low quality of fruit.

    When the internals fail, the game actually becomes work as opposed to just my nature.

    It’s a reminder as to how important it is to have my value, frame, and mission internalized: when that slips, everything else is apt to follow.

    I guess the fact that I’m more keen in building a new deck this week than I am about converting this overpriced old bird into a bang – easy as it may be, should tell me something about where my head is at. But thats why I come here.

  57. It’s evolving. You conservative people can’t think of a growing world. Trying to repeat the past?

  58. “Wtf was that? Is he even human?”

    Nah. He’s “special.”

    “Women don’t need men to protect them anymore.”

    Even if you show them the evidence most women are so wrapped up in their little urban, office worker fantasy bubbles that they still have no idea what it is that men even do.

    If you get mauled by a cougar or your baby gets carried off by a coyote (we’re a bit short of dingoes ’round these parts), don’t come crying to me. I was there to prevent it in the first place, at 20 below and 3 in the morning while you slept safe and warm in your bed, but you told me to fuck off.

  59. Notice that Cole won’t answer my question about how her husband makes her feel. Mr. Soyboy. lol

    Wish all these girls would create so much more patentable tech so that the robots could do all the work. lol

  60. @Cole

    Women live completely in a civilization created by male muscles and figured out for you by male intellect. Women just provided babies and were utilised as sex toys. I don’t see that changing anytime soon and whatever bullshit feminism tries to sell you ..women won’t outperform men for the simple fact that they lack the incentive to do so either because of the biological predisposition to parasitise on the male provider or because this world is already the legacy of men.

    Also what’s up with the word Incel? Your vagina is no longer our mental point of origin. It’s boring and overrated and men aspire to greater achievements in life than that. It’s nice sometimes when is tight but not that much as you want us to believe. Now go give some free sex to the incels because it’s your hypergamy running wild that created the problem in the first place.

  61. The woman on the left (Reneé Sommerfield) is the true Alpha female by the standards of evolutionary realities. The woman on the right (Sheryl Sandberg) is what our gynocentric social order would have men believe should be considered an ‘alpha’ female.

    Well, since, on thge level of mainstream, mass culture, it’s the women on the right who shape it while the woman type on the left has no hand in it, what would you expect?
    The culture shaped by them is shaped by their primary — and as such, mostly unconscious — drives. Penis envy chief among them. (Followed by women-on-the-left-envy, and rancour toward men for men lean towards woman-on-the-left.)

    Make-believe: tireless make-believe (since reality doesn’t vary, it ought to be tireless).
    Very primal drives take on the appearances of culture.

  62. Blaximus
    😂 @ the Manosphere sandberg hate.

    Rollo’s not hating, he’s showing an example. That whooshing sound you just heard? His whole point going by over your head.

  63. NBTM
    I Just downloaded The Way of The “Superior Man” and read the disclaimer, praise and preface. I sincerely hope this does not turn out to be quixotic sexual religion bullshit. We’ll see. I’ll comment after reading it.

    Please do comment after reading it. Your review would be interesting to other men, I am sure.

  64. Yeah, I don’t hate Sandberg. I hate Fiorina. And that’s only because I used to really like the shit Bill and Dave made.

  65. A R,

    I wasn’t referring to Rollo re: sandberg specifically, but commentors reaction and the general reaction of the Manosphere towards this woman.

    I’ve met a few insufferable bitches over my lifetime, but ” normal ” chicks outnumber them 50:1, so I’m always fascinated when guys have visceral reaction to only a handful of women/people because they don’t really matter.

    It’s like how I can see or hear David duke and have absolutely zero reaction. Lol.

    There’s a couple of dozen sandberg -types at my place of employment, and as far as I’m concerned,they may as well be water coolers or coffee machines.

    Lots of offensive, dumb, self serving shit is spewed by people with some kind of platform every day, and it’s usually ugly motherfuckers talking ugly shit ( fox news being the exception as they put pretty women in camera to be nasty and offensive…).

    If sandberg ” lost ” her position/platform, what she is, says and does will cease to matter, so I’m ahead of the game by paying her no mind presently.

  66. Figures you’d say something like that.

    CNN is something I don’t pay attention to outside of some kind of disaster or school shooting.

    Fox however, is ingenious because the audience is majority older males, and they fill the screen with women wearing above the knee skirts and when they are seated it’s a thigh-fest.

    It’s by design. Roger ailes even admitted as much.

    Personally, I’ve never liked it when any female tries to manipulate me using the visuals of her body/hair/makeup, so the mechanism fox uses is offensive to me as a masculine man. I can find my own thigh-fests.

    So all that’s left are the words and agenda. Opinion=asshole. I have enough real world stuff to do and deal with, so I’m careful about the time I use giving thought to others opinions and spins.

    And cleavage displays won’t change that for me.

  67. Nice try at diversion, but it doesn’t change your obvious hatred. Blax, Jim Crow is so 20th century, surely you can find something new to hate on…I never hear you express hatred for any liberal name. Funny that.

  68. Blaximus
    I wasn’t referring to Rollo re: sandberg specifically, but commentors reaction and the general reaction of the Manosphere towards this woman.

    Might want to write more clearly.

    I’ve met a few insufferable bitches over my lifetime, but ” normal ” chicks outnumber them 50:1, so I’m always fascinated when guys have visceral reaction to only a handful of women/people because they don’t really matter.

    Blax: IDGAF how many insufferable career women you have met, really I do not care.

    What matters more to me is how Sandberg is held up as an example to teens and especially college girls.

    Here is the standard track pushed on high school and college girls, I have heard this plenty of times from families in my social circle.

    School THEN more school THEN establish career THEN marriage.

    In other words, girls are routinely taught to act like men used to. Except they are not men. They do a lousy job of imitating men.

    The standard path guarantees 20-something girls riding the cock carousel right up to the age of 29.999, then wondering where all the good men are. The standard path guarantees a lot of bad things, including making divorce more likely down the road, or cats, or whatever.

    Sandberg is a crystal-clear example of the standard path sorta kinda “working”, she even laid out AF-BB in her book, and that quote circulates through all sorts of hen-houses. Sandberg is just like someone who bought a winning lottery ticket telling everyone else “Why work? Just by a lotto ticket like me!”

    The standard path for girls is like telling young men to smoke weed all day and if they ever get a job then buy lottery tickets with every dime, because something-something-something-profit!

    This is one of Rollo’s most important articles ever. Few women will read it, fewer still will understand even a bit of it, but men with daughters / nieces / neighbors etc. need to be able to show the truth of it to girls, especially those under 25. Most girls cannot possibly pull off the Sandberg track but they can seriously screw up their life by trying.

  69. LOL @ anyone who watches TV “news” in the 21st century. There’s a reason the cable companies keep jacking up their bundle rates: the viewership is literally tying of old age.

  70. Asd

    It’s 2018 and I’m still telling you that labels ( and fear or undue respect thereof) isn’t my thing.😂

    Unlike in John Wick, the world is full of boogeyman, and they all say they aren’t such.

    Actions. Individuals. Fuck the labels.

    Why do you think the phrase ” cuckservative ” came to be?

    I’ll say it again ( but you’ll ignore it again…), Men are better served by staying out of the extremes of society because society is mostly fucked.

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