In my time spent in the manosphere I’ve been asked on more than one occasion what I thought about the concept of the Alpha Female. For a time I was resistant to the idea, not because I didn’t allow for the possibility that certain women were predisposed to being Type A personalities and given to the same desire for power and control that men predominantly have, but rather due to the way that Alpha Female came to develop that personality.

As the social impulse to feminize men took root, so too was the counterbalance of masculinizing women instituted. As I’ve stated in earlier post, the concept of power, real power, isn’t invested in controlling the action of others, but in how much control we can exercise in the course of, and over our own, live’s. Freud’s concept of penis envy not withstanding, up until the time of the sexual revolution it’s been men who’ve seemingly had the most control over the courses their lives will take. This of course is a classic fiction for the majority of men, but this is the perception even the most unassuming women have had with men – even the poorest of men have more power to decide what direction their lives will take than women.

In a natural state, women’s biological, emotional, provisioning and protection needs have always been sustained by men. Women evolved to be the more necessitous sex. This isn’t to say women were patently helpless, didn’t provide nurturing or couldn’t adapt to new environmental challenges, but it is to say their individual survivability, if not entirely dependent upon men, was greatly enhanced by cooperating sexually and socially with men. Due to this male-centric necessity women’s predisposition for a want of a survival-level security evolved – and so too did the subliminal anxiety to ensure themselves against survival insecurity.

As social progress advanced (and occasionally retreated) so too did the influence of the Feminine Imperative over men. I would argue that the Feminine Imperative, as a socio-sexual construct, was evolved from a desire not so much to control men, but as a means to relieve the anxiety of women’s earliest insecurities. This struggle for power necessitated the development of the Feminine Imperative, but only in the respect that it afforded women real power – a greater control over the course that their own lives would take.

Ensuring an enduring dominance of genetic material being passed on with the best male stock (i.e. Hypergamy) was of equal importance to ensuring the survivability of her offspring. This is nothing new to the manosphere, it’s simply the Alpha Fucks / Beta Bucks dynamic, but reduced to its evolutionary beginnings. As women were (and still are) afforded greater control over their own lives (true power) the application of this power is spent in easing women’s dependency upon men. A woman’s desire for power is rooted in easing the anxieties and insecurities her feral and tribal ancestors hard-coded into her contemporary psyche.

For every female CEO exercising her influence over today’s (male created) corporations, for every book about the End of Men, for every speech about Feminist Triumphalism, it’s important for men to understand that all of these overt declarations of power stem from women’s primal insecurity about their own survivability without the aid of attracting and sustaining an enduring relationship with a man.

Alpha Females

I drew this up to put into context the misnomer that is the Alpha Female. I find it ironic, but not unexpected, that a fem-centric society will adamantly resist the idea of Men being Alpha, yet enthusiastically embrace labeling strong independent women® as Alpha Females. Feminists and Mangina intellectuals alike will spend endless hours elaborating over how human males can’t possibly be compared with Alpha lions or wolves in the wilderness, and that it’s basement dwelling keyboard theorists who promote the idea; yet will giddily endorse women like Sheryl Sandberg as being Alpha Females.

At the risk of reopening the “what is Alpha?” can of worms, women cannot be Alpha in the same sense that Men are considered Alpha. The operative point being that Alpha in the male sense is a derivative of the male biology. By virtue of testosterone, male animals have (by order of degree) an inborn disposition towards an Alpha behavior set. On the most rudimentary scale, Alpha behaviors and physical traits are defined by their utility to that male and the breeding motivations they inspire in females.

Before I get run up the flagpole for asserting that testosterone is a key element for determining an Alpha status, allow me to direct your attention to today’s linked video. There is a species of mammal wherein the female of the species possesses more testosterone than the male, and consequently the role of sexual agressor and pack leading Alpha status is conferred to her.

They’re called Hyenas.

Watch the video (it’s short) and contrast the female hyena’s behaviors and,..physical characteristics with the fem-centric popularized notion of an Alpha Female.

To be sure, there are Alpha traits and behavioral learnings most Beta men can develop and internalize. I’m still a firm believer that to a greater degree, Alpha status for men can become who a Man is. In fact behavioral Alpha dominance is (was) passed on from one dominant male to his offspring, or close relation. So it does stand to reason that women too can learn these dominant behavior sets. The rapid masculinization of contemporary women is proof of this, and women may also internalize this dominance schema to become who they are; but does this make them Alpha?

Obviously women are not hyenas, but the physical dimorphism of hyena sexuality is an interesting illustration for the masculinization of females in humans. Primarily it changes the social dynamic of the group. Women can do what our female hyena does in this video through anabolic steroid use and a lot of heavy lifting, and with similar physical results, but does this alter a female security desire evolved for thousands of years? That answer might be yes, but for a woman to be Alpha she must physically and mentally transform into as close an approximation of a man as societal conditioning and physical mutation will allow.

This being the case, is she really female anymore?

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  1. I also thought of the alpha female as she who is most able to attract the most attractive men. Basically, the most beautiful and feminine. Is there a separate term for this or is it basically HB10?

  2. The Manosphere typically associates Alpha, Beta, Omega and such vernacular with descriptions of males.

    Avoiding the Alpha definition debate, I would put it simply, if it walks Alpha, and talks Alpha, its ALPHA……… Alpha is also contextual.

    Given that and the video its clear, Alpha is not gender specific.

    Alpha need not have the physical attributes of a man. The Alpha attitude is a usefully innate tool for a male to attract and reproduce with a high percentage of females. Though I know many couples here in SiliconValley in which the female is the Captain, and the males are second mates. To the point that its the male that says it time we settle down and buy a home and have children. This is not uncommon in my experience.

    So the question would be does the Captain female seek out the Alpha traits in a male given her Beta husband? Rollo’s excellent piece on Vestiges, makes it pretty clear she thinks about it, but I haven’t seen it in those couples, but I have seen divorce. I have seen AlphaMale go outside their marriage.

    An implication of vestiges is how women “fight”. Rollo didn’t point out in Vestiges, but in a previous post. I still see women that hold onto altercations/power struggles, longer than men, which leads to fragmentation within organizations and disharmony.

    Once had two female managers go TeteATete, holy cow it became dysfunctional…..

    OFF TOPIC: Rollos previous post on SitC and Girls was interesting, but have you watched HBO’s Realm of Thrones? Beginning to be unplugged has helped me the feminism dominance in that show. My friends are so into the Matrix, that none of them could see it until I pointed it out.

    Also, I am plate spinning and I can say NOW I understand…..

    Thanks guys and Kate!

  3. I’ve wrestled with this idea before, and a couple of questions must be answered before reaching a solution. Biomechanically, is it even possible for women to have an Alpha/Beta system like men do? And if so, would the most dominant woman be the alpha, or would the most attractive woman be the alpha? For men, the most dominant and most attractive go together, but for women they are far apart.

  4. @ Stingray

    “I also thought of the alpha female as she who is most able to attract the most attractive men. Basically, the most beautiful and feminine. Is there a separate term for this or is it basically HB10?”

    Once again, the plethora of terms floating around confuses the issue. I think this is part of what Rollo is driving at.

    As for myself, I always associated the Alpha female as the dominant female within the group… of other women. Women form hierarchies just as men do (the pecking order), and the Alpha female is the erstwhile leader. Sometimes it is as you suggest, the best looking woman. But in my opinion it is a mix of attractiveness coupled with a strong, aggressive personality. So we are talking about an attractive but unfeminine woman. Just my opinion of course.

  5. Hyenas don’t matter. Lions don’t matter. All the matters is that if human males get their act together, feminism can be stopped in 5 minutes.

    Men will gladly organize to form a corporation, sports team, or military unit to fight other men. Men must learn that the true enemy has always been, and will always be, women.

  6. @J: This “enemy” has a vagina so I don’t think that would work. Most men live and die by the side of women.

    For example, at my college women’s bathrooms have locks on them to keep a “potential rapist” like me or any other guy from going in and taking advantage. Men’s bathrooms just happen to not have any locks. When I told a group of guys this stuff, they looked at me like I had 5 heads. One of them even said that’s the way things were supposed to be.

    Either both have it or none have it. Otherwise, there’s some bull stirring in that pot.

  7. “Men will gladly organize to form a corporation, sports team, or military unit to fight other men.”

    And all this in some way or another is done to fulfill the imperatives of women.

  8. Great post—but you don’t finish strong…

    From what I gather you are saying that men can be alpha in the truest sense because a man’s lust for dominance is prompted by an inborn disposition for it and by his biology, but a woman can never be alpha in the truest sense because her drive for dominance is based her need to eliminate the anxieties associated with the reliance on male provisioning. For women, the core motivation—the root—of alpha is fear and she can only change this motivation by altering her body/mind and sacrificing what makes her a woman to begin with.

    Is this right?

  9. Rather than women becoming more Alpha, what I am seeing is that women are weeding out less dominant men. As they become more dominant themselves they are requiring men to concurrently match them (red queen analogy).

    Their power resides in the power of the men they control (hence the Indonesian mother killing her child because of his small penis) and not their own power.

    In the tribe structure social ostracism or banishment meant certain death, so what is happening now is that betas are being banished and sexually ostracized while they mate with the fewer dominant men (parento effect).

  10. “For every female CEO exercising her influence over today’s (male created) corporations, for every book about the End of Men, for every speech about Feminist Triumphalism, it’s important for men to understand that all of these overt declarations of power stem from women’s primal insecurity about their own survivability without the aid of attracting and sustaining an enduring relationship with a man.”

    so this is why feminist’s hate MGTOW and prostitution…

  11. the video was interesting, i would like to see how that society survives and changes over time as it does not seem optimal, it is a very good analogy and view into some things that a human matriarchy may look like.

    in the disney film the lion king, there were three hyenas, one retarded male and one beta, led by the alpha female. they did their research.

    “a swift bite to the neck and the new matriarch is dead”

  12. So if dinner is just laying about on the deck dead already, killed by the superior forces of nature or apex predators, and you don’t mind the smell, then matriarchy is a viable strategy? A bit like welfare or affirmative action then.

  13. I’m with Stingray on this one .
    Alpha female is the most feminine ,i.e. most successful in reproduction.

    For men, dominance and successful reproduction go hand in hand , hence alpha is associated with dominance…

    …but women are different , thus calling a woman who is most dominant ‘alpha female ‘ means measuring women by MALE STANDARDS.

    haha , suck that , feminists

  14. “it’s important for men to understand that all of these overt declarations of power stem from women’s primal insecurity about their own survivability without the aid of attracting and sustaining an enduring relationship with a man.”

    Right. Women without men are out of the loop socially and economically. At a certain point, work is no longer a choice but a necessity. With the right direction, women would never choose this in the first place.

  15. Most of the women CEOs, lawyers and politicians I’ve known lose a lot of their femininity to get where they are; they put on male alphaness as a professional cloak and their womanhood disappears. I knew one woman who didn’t, an absolutely stunning heiress from one of the dethroned European royal families who ran a humanitarian NGO. She was a formidable CEO, yet extremely feminine. I learned what “swooned” meant the first time she shook my hand and leaned in a little to speak to me. It was like a 6 tequila shot buzz. Remarkable woman.

    Of course she was the product of generations of selective breeding, with canny, badass Euro tribal chieftains marrying the hottest women they can steal. Carly Fiorina, not so much.

  16. Roosh asked me if I wished to write a guest post for Return of Kings. The post I submitted exactly details that testosterone is the “thing” that women seek. I make no bones about it. It is a long post.

    And I say that when you consider that study of women’s preferences while ovulating in both long and short term mates: the characteristic of muscles, arrogance, confrontational behavior, and unfaithfulness are signals of the presence of high testosterone in the male.

    They may fuck status or money, choose it as a mate, but make no mistake, they are attracted to testosterone. And when they are ovulating they crave it like the Fat Girl Wants Cake.

    The basis I used came from Signalling Theory from Evo Biology. Most of the work has been done in BIrds and very little in humans. But the idea is that high testosterone is immunosuppressant.

    Testosterone is necessary to provide the sexual signals like bright colors, or exotic tails, or in the case of men, muscles and an advanced immune system is necessary to counter the high parasite load or a superior constitution to develop those sexual signals in spite of a high parasite load.

    For the signals to considered “honest” to choosey human females, more than one cue is evaluated, and multiple cues coalesce into a signal judgement to determine presence of testosterone, hence a highly functioning immune system.

    A woman is attracted to muscles, masculine faces, arrogant aloof men, she shit tests and shit tests and shit tests to check for confrontational tendencies. And if you fail any one of these, your shit is history.

    So here is the key point for this comment. This is why it is so important to her.

    Testosterone is considered to be immunosuppresant because males have twice the parasite load as females. Since females do not have testosterone and testosterone is required to produce the sexual signals then testosterone is considered the “culprit” for the difference in parasite load between women and men.

    So particularly male (masculine) features in face, in body, in behavior, and mannerisms are sought by her exactly because it indicates the presence of testosterone and hence a highly functioning immune system.

    Consider that only in the past 50 years, maybe 100, the microbial threat the world posed to humans had been brought into check. Even 50 years ago, if you traveled to various parts of the world, you could fucking die from shit you caught there. In 1920 more people died from influenza then all of the deaths in the bloodiest war to date that had just completed. The list of things brought under control by immunization is so long and many are forgotten, killed huge numbers of people 100 years ago. A highly functioning immune system was vital, and certainly vital for a child to live through infancy. It was the most necessary trait to pass on to children. And the genetic variability required to have that flexible immune system, the one that could handle the threats apparent at a given time in history belonged to men.

    Soooooooooo on the flip side.

    The highly desirable female mate is chosen solely on the basis of fecundity and an absence of testosterone. Note the key word here, ABSENCE.

    Because testosterone in a female reflects a less functioning immune system due to the effect of testosterone on the system, then the woman that exhibits masculine traits in her face, (meaning ugly), body (not having breasts, not having a waist to thigh ration less than .67), in her behavior is then perceived by both men and women as a less desirable mate. I mean like “perceived” in highly profound and deeply fundamental way, like deep deep deep in the hind brain and in the genes, baby. No matter what those Jezzies harp and scream about, this programming ain’t changing.

    Men with lower levels of testosterone and women with higher levels are experienced and rejected as mates in a visceral way, especially women when they rejected men. But men also feel a fundamental revulsion exactly because their “First rules” of mate selection are telling them “NO FUCKING WAY”.

    Testosterone is developed in men as a function of physical work involving the muscles and by competition. The males testosterone level is raised by competition and if successful it remains at higher level than before the competition. And he is provided the best heroin in the world, dopamine.

    Men are compelled to compete and it is in their nature. And the reward for competition is testosterone and sexual success.

    Women do not compete by their nature. When they do compete testosterone level rises in them also, although after the competition, it falls back to a lower level than it does in men.

    Women actually by their nature shun competition. And the message of this Sheryl Sandberg book is to exhort women to compete. She says the man at work comes in and says “I want more responsibility. I want the bigger office. Let me at it.”. She said as Facebook Exec, she would have to push women to literally go to them and say “Listen, I think you should do this” and they would say “I don’t know. I don’t think I am ready yet. I need to learn more”. And she would have to say “Yes, you are. Do it”.

    I think women know subliminally that competition reduces mate value and produces testosterone that will test an immune system that is ill prepared to handle the hormonal effects that taking on the role of men. And that why that have to be conditioned from little girls on with these “you go girl”, “up with girls”, “want to buy a girl scout cookie, mister” programs that exhort them to push and compete with those boys. When boys compete in front of girls, they up their performance. When boys are present, girls drop their performance because they are subliminally that their mate value will drop, exactly due to the above given reasons.

    You look at the face of any exec level career woman and she got a manjaw. They are intensely masculine in appearance from years of being exposed to testosterone and cortisol. I wouldn’t even be surprised if a future link is found to higher rates of breast and ovarian cancer. Certainly women are beginning to show signs of cortisol related issues like diabetes, vascular issues, depression, and even infertility.

    So no, it is not in the nature of women to be “Alpha” females. Actually, even them using the term “alpha” shows how little they understand about “alpha”.

    We know that alpha is not that beta in the corner office. Alpha is man the women want to fuck, the man they are attracted to, the man that gives them gina tingles.

    And nobody wants to fuck that bitch in the corner office. She’s just another ugly fucking beta.

    My ass is getting very technical about this Red Pill shit, let me tell you. I am dead fucking serious.

  17. Thanks for your very informative posts, Mark. Learning is fun.

    I’d read about Hyenas some years ago, but not seen (nor sought out) corroboration like this excellent video. Many thanks, Rollo!

    So, what do you do when you want to demonstrate Grrrl Power, and the shoulder pads keep slipping off? A lot of work, seemingly—and not a little distress and pain, including a maternal death rate not dissimilar to that of human females before the advent of Caesarian Section (the sudden, tremendous growth of the infant human brain some 50-100,000 years ago caused a lot of trouble, and cascading evolutionary changes, including pair-bonding, last I heard).

    From what I’d read, I thought only the Alpha female “grew a pair”, but apparently all female hyenas do. Fights for the top position must be savage, since every one of them is ready at a moment’s notice.

    I’ve also noted that the Ruling Elite behave very like Hyenas: cooperate to bring down the prey, then compete without quarter for the best parts.

    Hillary for president? I hear she’s gearing up to run. I don’t suppose there’d be any way to confirm the shape of her privates (not that I’d want the job, mind you).

  18. Ace,
    The totality of the interaction with Roosh was a mail on RooshV forum asking if I would like to write one. I replied it would be an honor and sent him the piece. I have heard nothing back yet. He’s a busy guy. He might think “This post is a piece of crap”. So I haven’t been “published” yet.

  19. Men cannot be compared to lions and wolves in the wilderness. Men hunted both to near extinction. We are far superior and much more dangerous

  20. The basis I used came from Signalling Theory from Evo Biology. Most of the work has been done in BIrds and very little in humans.

    @Mark, I’m about to make you dangerous. On my side bar I have linked the research or Dr. Martie Hasselton, dig in:


    Though she’s unaware of it, she and her colleagues are perhaps the greatest evo psych contributors and allies the manosphere has ever had.

    More to the point though, read this particular study:


    Maybe you’re familiar with this already, but she details why muscularity is sexy for women from an evo-bio psych perspective. And it’s not about birds.

    There are also dozens of related studies she’s done about behavioral cues and ovulatory signaling you’ll find interesting if not post inspiring.

  21. Ton,

    I agree and I disagree that men cannot be compared to those two animals.

    The commonality of those two animals is the female doesn’t really get to select mates. The dominance hierarchy established through competition among the males makes that selection for her.

    Q: Who does the alpha lion fuck?
    A: Anyone he wants.

    He kicks all the other lions asses and then he’s alpha.

    Somewhat the same can be said of wolves.

    But I also watched a youtube video where 4 other male lions ganged up on the alpha and killed his ass. Apparently within the last few days, this alpha had killed two other male lions and perhaps this collaborative attack was what you might call a coup. They were deposing what they considered a tyrant.

    A wolf alpha is the very example of the prime sexual alpha being leader and caretaker of the pack. And I am sure he maintains his position not only from brute control through aggression and dominance but also as function of the social benefit of the pack.

    Human society had that same sort of organization that the prime alpha dominated all subordinate men and had sexual right of selection. Rulers would have 1000s of women in some society. Even today, I still think the King of England has some right to fuck any woman he wants as the Prime Alpha, a prerogative that hasn’t been exercised in some time.

    But over time, more restraint was placed on the alpha prerogative and a more evolved society used more subtle methods of dominance and status. And human society moved from extremely polygamous to monogamous with women choosing mates of the basis of the perceived male status hierarchy. And as this post states the feminine imperative imposed direction that constrains the behavior of men in the favor of women.

    Now today, I would say that the Male Dominance Hierarchy as a mate selection strategy that constrains women’s choices is ebbing, quite a lot. As this Rollo post states, women are able to resolve that base insecurity towards provisioning in a manner independent of men.

    And woman are able to make sexual partner selections entirely on attraction without a necessity to consider the status hierarchy with provisioning in mind.

    And I think the fact that women were forced to make mate selection on the basis of the male status hierarchy as opposed to their physical attraction is what put the burr under their saddle. They were forced to fuck betas for a living, and that’s where you get this “rape society” idea. They are physically repelled by when they are not attracted yet they were forced by circumstances to marry the ugly fuckers.

    And so now we have Girls Gone Wild.

    And what we have been seeing for the past, say, 15 years, particularly the last 5-7 years is women making selections based entirely on attraction and what men are seeing is baffling them, pissing them off.

    Especially, given the selections that woman are making are both non-intuitive, given what you would think they should be choosing, and also, because the majority of men are being excluded and forcing many into celibacy at a rate that hasn’t been experienced in, like, forever.

    Now, this Hyena post is more prescient than you think. Steve Mockey wrote that various species have social organization that influences sex roles, such that in some, only the the alpha pairs mates, in others, on the higher value females and high status males mate, and all others take a subordinate support role. You have the endocrine makeup for this to happen to you already, all that is necessary is the right social conditions. Increases in cortisol from “stress status” from being held down in lower status jobs, coupled with enforced celibacy, can lead to an increase in estrogen in your body and potential impotence.

    So it’s not so much she might grow balls, but the more near term risk is that you are losing yours. And I would say we are well under way towards that end today.

  22. Mark, what I meant by that statement is men are much more dangerous then the king of beasts, those who are not should butch the fuck up, be proud, be purposeful, and powerful.

    Those who dismiss men should pay heed. If it’s wise to be cautious around lions etc, it would be wise to be cautious around men.

    I’ve come to believe women shit on men, and White men are dumped on by all, because far to few of us are dangerous and violent.

  23. Rollo thanks. I think I might have had this link once before. I got it off an MGTOW site. Then they revamped at took this link away.

    I like this one.

    “Sex differences in detecting sexual infidelity: Results of a maximum likelihood method for analyzing the sensitivity of sex differences to underreporting”.

    Looks like fun. But can you imagine that women would ever “underreport” in some sort of sex study? Especially something to do with infidelity? Gosh. Women never lie and they never cheat.

  24. “those who are not should butch the fuck up, be proud, be purposeful, and powerful. ”

    Best advice for men ever. You said in that one sentence, the point I am trying to get across with all those words up above.

  25. My first comment to one of the premier manosphere sites:

    I am surprised that no one made this observation very clearly, although it is implied by some others:

    For men, alpha traits result in reproduction and sexual access. In the animal world, alpha concerns the ability to reproduce…even for the female hyenas. (Although, I would be curious as to what traits the female hyenas prefer when choosing mates…)

    For women, alpha traits result in the availability of economic resources without a male, and … then what? If anything, it would reduce sexual access to suitable males in relative terms, as such a woman would still be hypergamous, seeking higher status males. If it doesn’t reduce sexual access–especially if she is not physically attractive–then she is persuing men who are under the direct influence of her power and fear saying no to her. These men comply out of fear, not out of desire. This is not true of women to alpha males.

    Therefore, a woman cannot be “alpha” in manosphere terms by demonstrating male alpha characteristics. The manosphere speaks of alpha as it relates to a man’s SMV. Male “alphaness” doesn’t affect a woman’s SMV positively at all, and perhaps negatively.

    Therefore, the woman’s equivalent “alpha” would be a very physically attractive, feminine woman when in her youth who has her pick of a man (because men desire her) and can exercise a high degree of sexual selectivity.

  26. It is wrong from the start for the feminists to model the “alpha female” on the “alpha male”, abandoning what they are (or at least should be) good at and trying to do what they are bad at. The definition of “alpha female” should be derived from what women are naturally inclined to be and to do.

    If we must SERIOUSLY nominate one woman to be a genuine example of an “alpha female”, I would nominate Aung San Suu Kyi. Others, particularly those in the post-modern world, don’t even come close.

  27. Sheryl Sandberg is completely off-base in trying to explain what an alpha female is.

    The alpha female, even if she can be called that, is the “biological celebrity:” the one that walks into the room and has the guys drooling. Usually, such a woman doesn’t want a “corner office,” and if she does it’s a temporary thing until she gets swept off her feet by the inevitable Alpha male.

    What Sandberg is trying to do (unwittingly) is redefine the slut and the spinster and attempt to say it’s these women who should be celebrated, not the ones with the perfect curves and faces that men instinctively go after.

    While there are attractive and even sexy career women, these women will NEVER be on posters that a 13-year-old boy puts up on his wall. That’s what it really comes down to for women: whether a man is instinctively attracted to them — whether his inner adolescent says “WOW!” No “corner office” will change that; sadly it will probably have the opposite effect since it provides a way for women to lose all the feminine qualities men like about them to begin with.

    This woman is the newest incarnation of Linda Hirshman, another feminist so “educated” she has absolutely no understanding of what the average woman wants out of life and what qualities will enable her to get it.

  28. Additionally, someone needs to study the effect playing sports has on women. People talking about how competition causes testosterone increases in women should take this into account. If this is the case, Title IX is the ultimate libido killer for men. There are few things less attractive that women clomping around after a few hours on the lacrosse field. Anyone who went to a sports-oriented college knows this. There may have been female athletes who were hotter and in better shape that other girls, but they were so damn butch it was impossible to feel any guttural attraction to them.

  29. The whole concept of Alpha among human is so fraught with ambiguity it’s almost worthless, because no one knows what it means.

    The concept was originally applied to canines, and it always meant Alpha couple, meaning the couple that bred (so it means “parent canines”) so there would not be be an oversupply of puppies that died.

    The closest to Alpha among humans is a man who is a patriarch of his family, not some shame-based narcissist who tries to cover up his insecurity with grandiose fantasies about all the chicks he screwed with “Game.”

  30. I hate the way the females of our society turns more and more masculine. Masculine girls are fucked up. They try to be dominant and take charge, when all they really should is be feminine, let the man lead and do what they’re told (to a certain point).
    This reminds me of girls that take steroids.. Disgusting 😀

  31. In Russia, such a woman is called “blatnaya”, similarly, as a leading man in the prison system is called “blatniy”. It is a person to whom everyone defers and who favors are sought from. Type A personality who is able to exert social dominance over others. Women can be that way, sure. But the main alpha quality of a female is of course visual / biological. when mainstream media talk about alpha females, they mean these type A personalities, not models or hot stars.

  32. One of the most attractive girls in college is what I’d consider an alpha female. An easy 9/10. During college she started to decrease in look a little bit from her partying ways.

    Her friends essentially do whatever she wants to do. She rules many men, given her throng of admirers, and she sees men as disposably as men see women – they are just notches on the belt for her.

    Not only that she’s rich and will be very successful in whatever business career she chooses given her strong type A personality and high intelligence.

    When I finally caught her at an odd moment when she didn’t have a throng of male followers, within 5 minutes of conversation I almost saw her as one of the boys, she had disclosed so many raunchy filthy sex stories.

  33. The video was captivatingly terrifying. What we are asking is: If and how fast can human women evolve into a testosterone laden matriarchy of broad-wielded violence.

    I don’t understand why a key element of the alpha male vs. alpha female archetypes as culture and dogma has not been mentioned.


    The behavior of Western women to be ‘afraid’ of needing male partnership I think is misinterpreted unless evolution has gotten incredibly far along. Women are simply buying into the frame of their the One, the alpha, BIg Gov. With the parasitic ‘civil rights’ they can sexually tease providers they don’t want to fuck all the more and cry rape all the more for hindsight evaluations of unworthy beta.

    I had a woman I just met in a bar respect me and introduce me to her girlfriend (as available, I said I was out looking for fun, prospect just broke up with bf day earlier and was her birthday, could not close, retroactive good girl of maybe 21-23 years old, nice mind). Anyhow, to first girl I said I was too late when a beta came and dropped off a round of drinks just after I started talking. Chick #1 told me I could buy the next round. (I saw the veiled contempt on the women’s faces as they took their free drinks. I was disguisted. What a species we are.) I told her people buy ME free drinks. She was momentarily surprised and then I was in with her socially as a cool guy, like I has just initiated into The Club. Soooo fucked up. Attraction to parasitic entitlement and distain for generousity.

    I know it is a ‘BRIBE’ today. BS. Women have no civil justification to feel that way, but do they really? The hamster knows nill on function or purpose. These Western women have no respect, no real poise, not with any conguency or honor. Why? She honors Da Man, Big Daddy G, and he says men generally are the enemy. This is a war. She has bought into NWO MISSION. I believe it would be hard to overestimate the importance of women following the abstract 900 lb gorilla projected into the room. An alpha female is a proxy for Da Gov with fractional reserve protection, Praetorian guard.

  34. I just read this from the Haselton paperon muscularity, thanks Rollo:

    “Women also reported they dated their short-term partners for less time than their other recent sex partners before having sex (1 week vs. 12 weeks), thus validating the temporal distinction between short-term
    partners and “other” partners. Relative to reports for other partners, women also trusted their short-term partners less, felt less emotionally close to them, and reported they were less romantic.”

    1 week to put out vs.12 weeks depending on your build! The Heartiste clause on self-reporting is in effect, but it is worth consideration. My guess is the 12-week guys perceived as beta bucks get more rape charges than the 1-week guys perceived as alpha fucks. Nice guys so finish last, if they finish at all.

  35. From page 1177: “One limitation of these studies was that all of the participants were young college students who may have preferences and mating patterns that differ from those of other populations. Nonetheless, in examining mate preferences, a college-aged population is an appropriate place to begin because members of this population are actively seeking and evaluating mates.”

    Translation: College, with Affirmative whore Action, is a fuckfest.* Thanks for tuition Mom and Dad. I love UCLA (or wherever).

    * – Dr. Baumeister, etc. as in:


    Yah, I’m pissed I was a chivalrous sucker throughout my youth.

  36. What is alpha is debatable. I think alpha is a man with power and the willingness to use it to achieve his goals. That power could be physical, fiscal, the ability to use words etc but with out the will to use his power, the man cannot be an alpha

    However, in this part of the interwebs alpha has to do with men who are good with women. Not much point bitching about the way words are used

  37. So what is Alpha? It is contextual, as truth must be. We humans (and mammals) have a biological-evolutionary-genetic context that defines our function and purpose, so I think we have a reasonably universal and profound context if we are to look at a man’s life generally speaking and not narrowed into professional or other aspects which arguably can NOT be separated as orthogonal social qualities. Sociality has a tangled interplay with culture, politics, economics, etc. Along those lines of what is fixed axiomatically and what is derived and dynamic with the race condition of life, I had a thought.

    Hillel said, “That which is HATEFUL to you do NOT unto others. Upon this hangs all of the law and the rest is commentary.”

    Source: http://williambuell.wordpress.com/2010/08/01/the-golden-rule-and-the-silver-rule/

    Aside: Silver Rule is comparative misnomer to Golden Rule. Silver should be Platinum Rule, or else the Golden Rule and Silver Rule should switch designations.

    CH said, “Ultimately, the essence of alpha maledom all comes down to inspiring beautiful women to, first and foremost, desire your poundage, and then to desire your continual poundage, and finally to desire your love. If you can seduce a hot babe into bed multiple times, then seduce her into love, and then do this same thing with many hot babes over the course of your life, you are an alpha male, no matter what else you have or have not accomplished in your life. Many will balk at this, but that doesn’t change its truth.”

    Source: http://heartiste.wordpress.com/2012/05/22/quality-vs-quantity-formula-version/

    I read that from CH today and I buy it. Thus, I submit the quintessential definition of alpha:

    “He who is reliably able to acquire superlative pussy (HB10s) on superlative terms of quantity and of duration is ALPHA. This is the whole law and the rest is commentary.”

    As CH says: “Biomechanics is God.” I expect many will reject the idea we are organic automatons on an emotional level by rejecting the profound consequences and implications, but have we not diagnosed the automaton called woman? We would not diagnose men? Are we not merely the blink of an eye without reproductive perpetuation (I admit now includes memes)? If the neurotic mind can overrule the hormonal body, is that not a glorious statue with feet of clay, and no future? Memes, a Jedi you are not yet.

  38. Rollo,
    I would really appreciate your thoughts on “the quality woman”.You have touched on the phenomena in many of your previous posts but i really feel my self subconsciously slipping into that binary circle jerk of madonna/whore .A dedicated post would be nice.

  39. I gotta agree with boxterpaul on this. I’ve worked with several different alpha females and Alpha is Alpha. I woman who is CEO of a company is going to wield the same alpha jedi mind tricks as her male counterpart. Its confidence in what you are doing and staying on top of the situation. Caesar Millan could easily write a dog whisperer book that would 100% apply to executive management. I’ve also seen my share of week executives ( both male and female) and you can see their beta traits shining through. Too willing to concede, too easy to manipulate ect. The good alpha knows the game and is reading your hand.

  40. To my mind, being ‘alpha’ means having the power to access all resources at will, not just mates, but also food, shelter, etc. Guys here seem to still be far too hung up on the sexual aspect of power and control. I would agree that the initiating force behind much of male behavior is to win females, including art, science, money, games of physical prowess, what have you.

    A few of the primary examples bandied about in these comments have been hyenas, lions, wolves, etc. I read a lot of misinformation about these species and their social habits. One blatant item is that females do not have testosterone – they absolutely do, just as males produce estrogens and other female hormones – merely the balance between them is different. Also, that only males have a dominance structure – social animals have a structure among the females as well, with a dominant, or ‘alpha’, female leading the group.

    The wolf example: In most wolf packs (not all of course, because social structure adapts to the local conditions of space, food supply, climate, etc), the alpha male is bonded to one alpha female mate, and they form a monogamous pair. Through social intimidation and other familial factors, none of the other wolves of the pack will mate with either of them out of insecurities – they sit on their tails if sexual advances might be made.

    In lions, an individual male is largely superfluous and may only be part of the pride for three or four years. The matriarchy survives, especially since habitation is matrilocal and the males move into the female’s territory. The females need a mate to reproduce, but the pride continues due to the lineage of the female. Thus, the females exist without a male for the most part (except as hyena protection because of their size and the mane protects them from most neck and throat attacks).

    Horse herds have a dominant female who leads the herd on the migration route and keeps the other mares and foals under control such that if she moves into an area and wants to drink or eat or socialize, the others know to move out of her way. Also, studies demonstrate that the placement of offspring in the social order once they grow is determined by the status of their dam, not their sire, and this has been shown in primates as well. The offspring of low ranking females stay low ranking the majority of the time, even once the young stallions leave the family group for a bachelor band. The psychology of whether they become aggressive and stand their ground, or submit, has been set by their youthful experiences.

    Here I will argue that humans are indoctrinating the ideal of monogamous mating because it benefits the male, not the female.

    A cohort of females, such as with lions or horses, can take care of offspring and feed the group very effectively and efficiently, without male cooperative effort. However, separate the female collective from each other, and male participation becomes mandatory for offspring survival. In a social structure such as lions, only one or two males have full access (yes, full, lioness, deer, and other ‘male dominated’ species are well known to sneak off and mate with a lone or non dominant member) to a group of related females. With the advent of a monogamous structure, a group of five females is now paired with five males, even if the males are not as genetically honed for the local climatic and social conditions. Some of the social stress on men could be attributed to the fact that males who wish to be alpha among other males recognize that they are not alpha at all, so they compare their maleness to femaleness in order to judge themselves not lacking. In this way, males are condemning themselves to becoming more female as they continue to rely on females as the definition of maleness. And added insecurities, since the strong female tendency is to desire the genetic potential of the well adjusted, virile, healthy male. And females are equally insecure because the social structure which most benefits females, a close knit circle of related females cooperating for mutual benefit, has been disrupted and they are left defining their femaleness against an insecure male.

    Psychologically pitting women against each other based on beauty, youth, sex appeal, keeps them from bonding and forming mutually supportive groups. As women move into an era of more sexual choice, men are increasingly feeling the pressure to maintain their external worth once women are no longer financially and socially dependent. The concept that women deeply desire monogamous relationships is not genetic, but socially driven. Historically, a woman knows that when the only man she is allowed to bond to decides to look for greener pastures, she is now completely socially expendable, with no income, no home, and will likely die of disease and neglect. Men, on the other hand, if they do not appear to be providing for the common good (and even if they do provide) are the first sent off to die in conflicts for more resources, and genetically it benefits them to have at least one female who believes she will be taken care of by him so she will raise his children to reproduce. When she has no other options, a beta male is better than no male at all.

    And wars drastically skew the gender ratios as well as disrupting family structures and creating massive psychological and emotional traumas which are passed down generation to generation, but that is a side related issue.

  41. Lets say women are attracted by testosterone. Then why do the majority find bodybuillders repulsive, whereas they are attracted to skinny/short guys like the ones in one direction, johnny depp, etc?

    I’m 100% certain a woman would choose a guy like Johnny depp/Beckham in their primes over Arnold.

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  44. there are two alpha females: one has high social status (popularity) based on her looks etc. the other is very feminine… attracting men with ease.

    both of these women are not “try hards.” it all just happens for them without much work.

    when it’s the same woman, she is a true 10.

  45. Great post. Moving over the psychical aspects, a Sandberg-like certainly retains female physique. Furthermore, I would venture to say her testosterone will be within range for her age.

    But she/others are worth over $1Bn.

    Where are we with the hyena narrative, then ?

    Since power is derived from money and influence, such females will exert undue influence and power moves in the boardrooms and beyond. You’ll get scheming 10X over what a man would do, shenanigans and backstabbing galore, machinations and backstabbery at an exponential rate. Hate fueled by wealth, only multiplied many times over. To be clear, we’re not talking about Ms. Sandberg here.

    Killing the lions like it’s a national sport holiday, every day. At least in the wild they kill the hurt and sick lions.

    That’s your hyena.

    It’s a jungle out there.

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