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New commenter batfish55 had a stroke of genius in this weeks post.

 I do blow hours on my XBox, but even if modern graphics weren’t amazing and there was no XBox, I’d find something else.

This is exactly what male-feminist concern troll bloggers and ‘Man Up and Marry those Sluts’ Pastors refuse to understand because it completely fucks up their feminine-centric rationales and ham-fisted Beta AMOGing attempts to shame men for the disincentives that their ‘perfect women’ represent to men. The constant drone is how video games are to blame for paralyzing men’s maturation – a maturation that is always merited by how well he serves the Feminine Imperative.

What they refuse to acknowledge is: If it wasn’t X-Box it would be something else.

Countless guys do this already, because on some level of consciousness they get that the cost-to-benefit equation isn’t rewarding with women. As I wind my way through the third book, I’ve read through countless articles written by thoroughly feminized men, all shaking their heads over the reasons for the generation of “Lost Boys” who are so inured by the instant gratification of hi-res graphic video games and free online porn they have no incentive to ‘grow up’ and fulfill some nebulous form of manhood idealized by whatever shifting definition of masculinity their feminized minds think is relevant in that moment.

These hacks are so fundamentally locked into their ego-investment in blank-slate, gender-neutral equalism that it never registers for them that if it weren’t X-Box or widely available online porn it would be something else.

Thus, we have generations of Men in the Garage who feel some desperate need to claw out a tiny space where they’re free to be men in a home they own. These men need something else that’s just marginally rewarding set apart from their unrewarding spouse. And even in this attempt at Male Space, women feel entitled to insert themselves into it or do something compensatory.

Thus, we have married men who’d rather become “workaholics” and pour themselves into their careers rather than rush home to the minimal reward that his wife represents, the negligible appreciation for him as a man or, at best, his answering to the male indenturement that he was taught he should find intrinsically rewarding. Instead, work becomes his something else that he occupies himself with.

And thus, we have men who’ve bought into the feminine-primary conditioning that their highest sense of reward ought to be found in fulfilling the ideals of Fempowerment who instead find that women’s solipsism and their own, life-long approach to appeasing it has instead driven them to find that something else more intrinsically and/or extrinsically rewarding.

It’s not just “lost boys” staring at X-Box, smoking weed and snapping their radish to free porn, those are just young guys being pragmatic in solving the cost-to-reward equation women give them. But married men, men of all walks of life, are solving that equation for themselves now. They’re forced to solve an equation presented to them by women who feel entitled to having their Hypergamous natures optimized and appeased, with no insight as to how disposable men might adapt to their conditions.

These aren’t lost ‘boys’, they are mature, relatively accomplished men responding to their condition.

Men are deductive problem solvers. Our mental firmware will consciously or unconsciously make attempts to solve problems within the context of what we consciously or unconsciously have presented for us. Blue Pill conditioned bloggers, distraught over the ‘lost boys’, aren’t concerned with these guys’ making something of themselves. What they White Knight over is the lack of suitable husbands to join them in their own indenturement. That, or they fret over the possibility that their empowered daughters might not have a suitable Beta ready to marry her once she’s “found herself” at the end of the Epiphany Phase. They argue from the feminine-correct perspective they’ve only ever known. Complacency, like misery, loves company, especially when it confirms the rationales men use in their own denial.

These pearl-clutching Vichy men can’t see the disincentives of forming long-term monogamous bonds with women that their ‘drop out’ generation boys are just pragmatically avoiding. It is indeed a form of Soft MGTOW, but what’s harder for these manginas to acknowledge is the Soft MGTOW that’s been a part of modern marriage for four decades now.

As an aside here I should mention that a foundational tenet of the Red Pill is that a man must always put himself and his passions at the forefront of his life, or as Roissy put it, you shall make your mission, not your woman, your priority. The something else I’m detailing here may in fact be a man’s genuine passion, but his impetus to engage (or over-engage) in it comes as a result of a need for escapism rather than genuine fervor for it. This is an important distinction because what formerly was a dynamic passion for a man can turn into an unrewarding refuge if his perception of it becomes one of escaping his reality.

Market Reset?

Reader Kaminsky had a question in that same comment thread:

How do we incentivize them? (honest question, not loaded snark)

—Do we incentivize by withdrawing?

—Or by becoming yet better men?

I sought to answer this question in Spare the Rod, but I neglected to use the examples from my post Bachelor Nation in that one. This was the video I based the Bachelor Nation essay on.

I’d like to think of this as an example of the sexual market correcting itself, but when you listen to the self-important, solipsistic reasonings as to why these women believe the most desirable men ought to alter their own sexual strategies, change their minds, and rewire their arousal cues to accommodate sub-optimal women such as themselves, you begin to see why MGTOW, even soft MGTOW is a pragmatic response.

The logic of today goes something like this: Alphas change behavior, women respond and Betas follow along to women’s response.

I would argue that Alphas change behavior, women do or do not adapt, and then Betas follow the dictates of the sexual market. Whether you consider them Alpha or in some way marginally desirable by the women in this video these men have taken it upon themselves to find their something else.

In this video you have an example of men who both withdraw and make themselves better men (even if just by assuming some degree of control over their place in the SMP), but the attitude on the part of women isn’t, “Oh shit, we’d better make ourselves more acceptable mates for these desirable men or they’ll outsource us to Brazil.” Instead it’s the same entitled response we expect from women raised in a feminine-primary social order, “These men betterchange to accommodate us! It’s our game they need to play or they’ll be ass-out when they get older and lonely.” It’s this or else it’s some variation of “I make my own damn money” and they end up with the hapless Beta who would accommodate her because he too was raised to fall in line with feminine-primacy.

In all honesty I think correcting women has to begin at home. It needs to come from Red Pill fathers raising daughters from a Red Pill aware perspective. It’s got to come from a bottom up methodology, and quite honestly I don’t think that can happen until more men become Red Pill aware and accept their new role of mentoring the next generations as well as unplugging Blue Pill men today.

We have a generation of women today who are the products of fempowerment and ‘participation trophy’ equalism. That they’d EVER need to self-correct in order to have a better man in their lives is never an afterthought. Look at the women in this video, they are genuinely shocked that guys would be independent enough to save their money and take it upon themselves to look for romantic options outside of their ‘approved’ roles that ought to be in their lives. They literally don’t get it, so they fall back on male shaming and call them ‘sex tourists’ which is one degree away from ‘human trafficking’.

These women are the products of the oblivious entitlement that’s come from a feminine-primary social upbringing that’s taught them women can do anything and be anything. They’re taught to expect men to be compliant with their sexual strategies, but yet be their SMV equal-or-better without any qualifications on their part other than to have a vagina.

I believe the market can correct itself, but it must come from the bottom up and that starts by raising daughters and mentoring young women into more realistic self-understanding and more realistic expectations from themselves and others. I can hear the cries of “well good fuckin’ luck with that”, but at some stage Red Pill aware men will need to have the courage to go against the fempowerement zeitgeist. While encouraging boys to become girls is lauded in today’s world I also understand that encouraging girls to be even marginally realistic or to recognize the realities that their gender necessitates they be concerned with is this side of child abuse.

If women are to be corrected it’s going to need to begin with Red Pill fathers educating their daughters from an early age. If not, their daughters will find a generation of young men who are already looking for something else before she meets them.

Published by Rollo Tomassi

Author of The Rational Male and The Rational Male, Preventive Medicine

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  1. @scray @all

    feminist lesbian tries going undercover as a man for a year and a half…
    ….ends up checking into hospital with severe depression because of how harsh it is

    nono. it was over a period of a year and a half, but she only actually went out as a man about 150 times — her man disguise was complicated and time consuming.

    So she didn’t ever really live as a man…she just spent a few hours as one here and there…and still had a mental breakdown.

    Another good vid to watch in that same vein is this:

    lol at them crying. and they weren’t even men, they were still CHICKS, just without makeup. Not even the same thing as being a man. And then there’s the one chick trying to say that putting on makeup is hard, lol.

    girls go to bars to be worshiped. being treated as just a regular person is just too traumatic lol.

  2. okay, got back into running 2 miles again and doing calisthenics. drinking just water now and avoiding sweets. working on the cheaper/better food of mostly just meat. getting mostly chicken, and will try to eat liver once a week — supposedly soaking the liver in milk for a few hours makes it less gross.

  3. @hank

    driving for 15 years? I thought you were in the 20ties. Or did you mean as a passenger?

    Also chicken hearts are cheap and overlooked. Not nearly as disgusting as people might think.

  4. @Hank:

    Q: How does a man know if he’s been treating a woman as his equal peer?
    A: She throws a hissy fit.

    “— supposedly soaking the liver in milk for a few hours makes it less gross.”

    The same reason is why it is typically sauteed with onions. You might be surprised that you actually come to like if for itself though.

    Although I note that even so, it will stink up the joint pretty good when you cook it.

    And I had appended the “(wurst)” because there are people who can’t stand fresh liver, but really like liverwurst. And it doesn’t stink up the joint.The wurst isn’t as nutrient dense, but nutrition you don’t eat isn’t nutrition at all.

    Oh, yeah, calves liver is far less “dense” in taste than beef liver, but denser in price. Ya pays yer money and ya takes yer choice.

  5. Nova seeker says I’m a troll all I can say is you don’t know what is like to be a dad in a divorce situation. Where your totally responsible and have zero parental authority you get the bills and no credit. The deck is stacked against you. All you got is a simi friendship with your daughter. If you say harsh things to your little snowflake she will go six months or a year without talking to you. No I’m not a troll. I’m just a guy trying to keep a relationship with his daughter. Whatever it takes. I don’t care how many bata men or cuckhold she goes thru.the deck is stacked against me but it’s stack for her she got the law and culture on her side. Why would I not incourage her too maximize it. The thread gamer say he hope I don’t want grandchildren hell I don’t want the kid I got. But it is what it is. I much rather be smoking bowl on the beach somewhere . Call me troll for talking the truth fuck y’all can get on deez nutts

  6. Hey, Keith,

    Get thee to a lawyer.

    Why is it that you have zero parental authority? How’d that happen?

    Who in hell raised a ” snowflake “?? Biiigggg mistake pal.

    So, do you want to smoke bowls on the beach somewhere, or do you want a relationship with your daughter?

    I can’t quite wrap my head around what it is that you’re trying to say. You sound confused.

    Either that or Monday Night Football has too much of my attention right now.

    You don’t want ” the kid I got “, but you want a relationship with her, but…

    Nah. Let’s see what happens 3rd and long.

  7. @Uninvited Guest

    “Thank you for your service.”

    —-Feminine Imperative

    What a set of cryptic zingers there.

    So in response, did I;

    —Smash my cheetos bag all over my keyboard in a jealous rage because some guy somewhere has a fat little kid. Then throw a tantrum because my keyboard is locked up with dust and I can’t log on to porn?


    —Laugh about a guy who thinks having a tired out, fat wife is cool. Set up a final date with my 22 year old Asian college student, casual gf, decide which day I want to visit a 20 year old independent Asian escort with a Kathy-Ireland-in-her-prime body, contact a best friend in Europe to arrange the details of my upcoming trip where I will find my lifelong fantasy of a 6′ blond, busty Polish girl (I’ll pay if I have to), head home to have some fun with a Mexican single mom who I share a completely open and fun relationship with, plus a childless, busty 45 year old Sherilynn Fenn type who reminds me of a vintage 40’s era pinup (ha ha ‘vintage’ but it’s cool), take some fliers at whatever other girl I cross paths with. I’ve recently started to realize that 20 something Western girls are quite socially receptive to middle-aged lifters. I haven’t dated one though but it’s worth trying. It might just be friendliness because it’s so out of the question but I’m going to put it to the test, a lot. Then golf, lift, and play cards for a few months then back to Asia; my choice of countries. An Indonesian who could be an ass-model is waiting for me in one of the countries where I lived previously

    Oh yeah, I’m forty something and MGTOW.

    To the others, I’m sorry about the glossing (if it is that) but I just to had to make a point. The male imperative is FUN. Old age might be lonely for me but I will just smoke weed if it gets too bad, sitting there in a three-piece suit wearing a Rolex and watching sports. Like that could ever not work.

    Okay I dick-waved there. Won’t do it again. I’m so sick of the victory stance of MGTOW-bashers. What victory? Like, “Ha, ha. You’re not a mule! Ha ha! You have freedom and mobility. Ha ha. You don’t even have plummeting T-levels, ha ha. Loser!”

  8. About sugar and HFCS

    It might sound trivial but my (normal) sugar intake level for the first 25 years of adult life is probably my most clear regret. DROP SUGAR outright. I cut down to healthy levels years ago, but it’s not until it’s all the way gone that things really get right.

    If you’re 18 and you cut out sugar, you will probably save 40k by the time you’re 50 years old. That’s on a normal intake of sugar. It might be closer to 100k because once you cut out sugar your insulin levels are natural so your hunger is mellowed. That leads to less eating overall, saving even more money. It is the most extraordinary waste of money. Paying for something that is intentionally addictive and bad for you. A sweet tooth; Haagens Dazs, cola during meals etc type of eater can probably cook through 150k by the time they’re 50.

    I’ve seen articles that show a shocking direct link between HFCS and the onset of the obesity epidemic. Americans in the 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s were not health conscious at all. Sugar in their cokes, cookies, etc. But obesity started with HFCS in the 70’s. It’s so clear

    To the guy who adds a tablespoon of sugar to diet soda;


  9. “Old age might be lonely for me . . .”

    I’ll add my own, standard MGTOW observation – being without a woman being equated with being alone is pure, unadulterated FI pushing at you.

    An Aussie’s observation that rather took my fancy is:

    Accusing a man of not being able to attract a woman is like accusing a surfer of not being able to attract a shark.

  10. @kfg

    True. I would have put ‘lonely’ in quotes if I’d thought to.

    Even thinking of it within the FI framework, who dies together? When a couple actually dies on the same day, it makes international news. So if your wife kicks it ten years before you….

    No one ever mentions that aspect.

  11. Well my post wasn’t even addressed to you anyway.

    But let’s take a look at one of your latest posts for kicks (irt your lack of insults lately);

    “It’s only a loser movement.”

    “but I don’t have to cosign that fuckery because the whine and complain about not being able to cope”.

    “There is nothing of worth for a man in infantilism.”

    “Other men shouldn’t cosign this shit”

    “Ohhhhhh, it’s all just too haaarrrrdddd.”

    “Evidently we have raised a bunch of pampered, spoiled, baby minded males.”

    LMAO. All that shit talk in response to men who’ve simply chosen a different life path than you, who you know nothing about.

  12. I stand behind every word.

    That’s how I see it.

    If you aren’t a spoiled man-baby that finds life too hard, I wasn’t referring to you.

    I don’t happen to agree that guys should run away from life. That’s my opinion. Sitting on one’s ass playing games is not a life, no matter how many dudes scream across the internet that it is.

    4 billion men, give or take, on the planet. Take yourself out of the game???? Well, OK then.

    Guys should do actual stuff.

    But, I’ll be dead soon enough, soooooo… what evs.

  13. You ‘stand behind every word’ so you were LYING when you said you hadn’t ‘insulted anyone lately.’

    How is a John Wayne paragon of masculinity like you also a liar?

    Who’s “running away from life?” Why would you be the one to decide what ‘life’ is?

    Could it be that you’ve conflated ‘your life’ with the ‘only life’? If you want to take self-congratulation and self-absorption that far, then go ahead. But you make a selfie-obsessed 15 year old girl seem like a stoic philosopher in comparison.

    A guy could make a very convincing argument that blindly following the trad-con route is ‘running away from life.’

    Another thing you said;

    “Guys should do actual stuff”

    ‘Doing stuff’ happens to be the very most common, oft-mentioned principle across the breadth of the MGTOW movement. It’s a wide assortment of guys. So much so that I hardly see the point in discussing it to this depth. But freeing up their life to ‘do stuff’ would be the one most easily agreed upon objective. You couldn’t have said something dumber if you were paid a million to do so. That is the dumbest possible comment.

  14. “You ‘stand behind every word’ so you were LYING when you said you hadn’t ‘insulted anyone lately.’

    How is a John Wayne paragon of masculinity like you also a liar?”

    Why are you so sore?
    Thought this stuff made you laugh as you banged the brains out of all that sweet, sweet pussy?
    Are the Asian college student, Polish playmate, and 20 year old with the Kathy Ireland in her prime body all taking a potty break?

  15. This sugar thing – When younger my family went through 24 large bottles of pop per week. Not to mention the cookies and candy. Signs of poor people working their way out of the ghetto and into money; splurge on the stuff your don’t need cause it feels good after years of going without.

    Now – the no sugar thing is a no-brainer. I don’t drink pop except when I splurge on a hamburger or poutine once every couple of weeks. I mostly drink water and a bit of fruit juice at home and coffee (no sugar) at work. Paleo diet as much as possible.

    Was getting overweight 10 years ago. Cut the beer and bread, reduced portions, and lost 20lbs. I’m 5’5″ 150lbs before lifting now at 160. My food costs are down but most importantly my outlook on the next 20 years is positive. I’m 57 now and hope to live it fully to 75. If I can keep having sex to that age I’d consider that an achievement unlocked. Diet, weight, and some excitement in life are key. By excitement I mean some physical activity that gets your adrenaline and heart pumping. Some people snowmobile, I mountain bike. Like Rollo said, use those muscles for something other than lifting heavy weights.

  16. Kaminsky,

    Like I said, I stand by my words.

    You feel differently.

    We happen to disagree.

    I’m not in the habit of lying because it’s not necessary. I do not cosign men withdrawing actively from living via games and/or drugs because it’s frustrating or hard. I have experience with frustrating and hard. A lifetime worth. Hence my lack of automatic sympathy.

    Slings and arrows bro.

  17. Back to the OP if we may. B, you’ve got too much class and depth to continue this shit-sling…

    “Thus, we have married men who’d rather become “workaholics” and pour themselves into their careers rather than rush home to the minimal reward that his wife represents, the negligible appreciation for him as a man or, at best, his answering to the male indenturement that he was taught he should find intrinsically rewarding. Instead, work becomes his something else that he occupies himself with.”

    Did this for years but my avoidance was more towards ‘hobbies’ – overlapping 10-year spurts of deep research and activity that made me the person I am today. The ex did absolutely nothing in this regard in the 28 years we were together. This must be a common female thing of not finding any need to make yourself a better person. I wonder what type of person I would have become if I wasted all that time just banging her and not escaping to my buffers…

    I don’t mind my avoidance of my problems during those beta years – the women I meet today are fascinated by my ‘most interesting man in the world’ shtick. It works well towards getting them to bed.

  18. Dionysus

    You want to spend 6 months by yourself writing a book in a forest? Great. You want to spend 6 months gaming blue haired feministas in your favourite defcock-0 location? Also great. To each his own.

    Or get married… or …

    The key though is what is your motivation for doing anything? If it is fear… if it is defeat you are couching as victory… well that is the problem.

    If it is genuine Platinum Rule? well OK then… enjoy

    1. Kfg
      “Accusing a man of not being able to attract a woman is like accusing a surfer of not being able to attract a shark.”

      Beautiful and well stated.

  19. Was born in the mid-sixties. Caught the very tail end of women’s pre-feminist behavior while a young boy. It was a very, very different world – dare I say a wonderful place – and is not coming back. Kiss it goodbye. The sad thing is that most blue pill men can’t wake up until it’s nearly too late – or already too late. Why? Because men are socially conditioned from birth that their purpose here is to serve women. Men are trained to become obsequious manginas from a young age. It’s on the TV, in the movies, in books, in the mainstream news and now very much in the classroom. The indoctrination is now all-encompassing. Expect to see a lot more financially and legally decimated men in the future.

    Learning the MGTOW mindset is like having a wise father teach you all of the male-centric, important lessons in life. I feel deeply fortunate to have had the opportunity to study it. All of life’s most important lessons for men I learned late and through MGTOW. If there are going to be any positive changes – they’ll come through the MGTOW mindset. There are of course ways to defeat men claiming their sovereignty en masse, but those methods involve dictatorship, gulags and the end to the US as we now know it. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s how the US ends up – a dictatorship. Tis the cycle of nations.

  20. MGTOW is fine as long as it isn’t a cover for being a loser, which it all too often is. If you are “the most interesting man in the world”, turn every girl’s head when you walk into a room, and basically have sex on demand, then choose to be a MGTOW, all good. If you don’t, you aren’t choosing anything other than to put a fancy label on your lack of success.

  21. “If you are “the most interesting man in the world”, turn every girl’s head when you walk into a room, and basically have sex on demand, then choose to be a MGTOW, all good.”

    This is how it started. Even MGTOW 2.0 started that way. Barbarossa is reported to be a babe magnet and was, at the time, a player.

    “If you don’t, you aren’t choosing anything other than to put a fancy label on your lack of success.”

    But this is how MGTOW 2.0 has ended. Not entirely, but about 90% of it.

    Sooner or later I guess the tagalong fan boys ruin everything.

  22. DisgruntledEarthling
    This must be a common female thing of not finding any need to make yourself a better person.

    In them there years, when you were buffering yourself with hobbies / research /etc. perhaps she didn’t see any need to better herself, because you weren’t gonna leave no matter what she did.

    Or you have a different definition of “better person” than they do…

  23. Blaximus I got to detox I got too much shit in my system. There is some conundrums that ruminate in my head man that got no answers. Like the same FI that fucking me over is a benefit to my daughters. Or if I play with widow that got kid is it the same as a cuckhold that it is a branch swinger divorced women. I don’t w ant too sound lik a Vichy male. But there is quandary in my my mind about some shit that got no way to articulate cause I’m fucked up all the time. But I got questions. I’m sober up and stop smoking for bit see where it goes.

  24. MGTOW is fine as long as it isn’t a cover for being a loser, which it all too often is. If you are “the most interesting man in the world”, turn every girl’s head when you walk into a room, and basically have sex on demand, then choose to be a MGTOW, all good. If you don’t, you aren’t choosing anything other than to put a fancy label on your lack of success.

    What should those men choose instead?

  25. @Sentient

    The motivation factor is a good question. I’m not sure if the following answers your question fully but it’s an extra bit I felt I left out of my previous comment and will leave here for posterity.

    The difference (I would personally posit) between an RP man and Non-RP is one of understanding vs acceptance. Looking back on my own personal journey I’d say there’s very little I didn’t already understand or know about the RP is some form, it was the coming together of these various ideas and finally making that “internal mental acceptance leap” to view the world in a different framework that made me something other than what I was before.

    How one comes to make this mental leap and how one can evaluate whether another man has truly made this leap is not something I can answer. What I do know is there are PP’s on both ends of the spectrum. On the mgtow end are those who just can’t accept that “women are like that” and on the pua end are those trying to accomplish BP goals with RP understanding. What they both have in common is that they haven’t made that one-way leap of acceptance (“RP internalisation”?) to see the world/smp as it really is every day they wake up and leave their house.

    As for how a man finds motivation after making that leap I think is best left for each man to answer themselves. One thing I do know is that the fear flows both ways – towards both engagement AND disengagement. If you truly are grabbing life by the balls (and not lying to yourself) then what path along the spectrum you choose is a very personal one. I will myself admit though that I do also believe that to lead some kind of wholesome existence one would be wise to explore both ends of the spectrum.

    P.S. In short, whether learning game or discovering the benefits of doing your own thing -before- internalising an RP Mental Framework only leads to purple pill land in both cases.

  26. @ Rollo

    First thing, I’ll cast aspersions upon whomever the *fuck* I want (see how that works?). For the record I regard the MRM as even more odious than the MGTOW. No one respects men who have to plead for what they want, especially women, which is why they are absolutely doomed to fail.

    My arguments — not may be true, are true, which doesn’t quite make them aspersions so much as observations, regardless of how much it hurts, and curiously there seem to be a lot of hurt feelings around here on this topic. What good is swallowing the Red Pill if you’re just going to shit it right back out?

    Secondly, it’s interesting that you mention Niko because I was thinking about him specifically (and others like him) vis-a-vis MGTOW. From what little I know about him, I believe he’s still chasing tail, which, in my estimation disqualifies him from being MGTOW. That’s what we used to call being a bachelor, and if bachelorhood was synonymous with MGTOW we wouldn’t need another term to describe it, now would we?

    I find it very telling that not a single MGTOW has ever been true to their namesake; i.e. they haven’t gone anywhere. They’re clearly still here, visiting game/evo-psych/relationship blogs which means they still have an ego-investment in women. And the men who have truly ‘gone their own way’ have already left the building and nor would it probably ever occur to them to identify them as such, and that’s more reasons why I think the whole MGTOW stinks.

    You want to help men — that’s great. I’ve certainly enjoyed your analysis up to this point. But it seems that many more men are seeking solace in MGTOW and I think we should be honest at the outset just as to why so many men are being consigned to the rubbish pile, and in very few cases it’s because they’re in their attics building Tesla coils. Men need to get angry, not complacent by feeding themselves self-serving lies, because that’s not going to help anyone, man or woman. And we sure as hell don’t need more division, carving men up and putting them into this category or that, because you know what rides alongside divide …

    1. How do you know what every MGTOW does? It’s hard to take your arguments seriously when you make such obviously asinine statements. You could have easily gotten away with saying almost all MGTOW’s you’ve ever ran in to never went anywhere, but you had to go full hyperbolic. Never go full hyperbolic, it’s like going Full McIntosh.

  27. Great Post Rollo!
    I stumbled into the whole manosphere, from an article along the trope of where have all the good men gone. My motivation as a dad with girls is not to change the SMP or any allegiance to other men or patriarchy, but rather to make my girls more competitive within the SMP to find good husbands and give me grandchildren. I would agree that most of the “where have all the good men gone” articles just lament the fact men are not there for them or go onto shaming men for not wanting them. If women don’t change, they take themselves out of any meaningful competition in the SMP, which means women who are aware will have it easier. The importance of the n-count and feminine demeanor is something in a blue-pill fog I was really confused about. My girls were to young to hear the self-destructive equalist conceived blue pill advice I thought was acceptable, at the time before RP awareness, for this feminine primary society, which saved me from failing as a father.

  28. The_Uninvited_Guest @ October 27, 2016 at 11:06 am:
    “I find it very telling that not a single MGTOW has ever been true to their namesake; i.e. they haven’t gone anywhere. They’re clearly still here, visiting game/evo-psych/relationship blogs which means they still have an ego-investment in women.”

    It actually means we can’t escape the Matrix even when we try. So much of human behavior is sexually motivated that ignorance is simply not an option, and if we’re personally distancing ourselves from women then we need alternative methods of monitoring trends. Sites like TRM are like Red Pill newspapers.

    I’ll stop following the Manosphere when Congressmen stop acting like hormonal teenagers.

  29. Essentially men have three options: Player, Monk or Slave. Guys may or may not enjoy living in these roles. But I think every guy naturally fits one of these roles and a lot of his frustrations come when he tries to adopt a second role. Red pill is encouraging you to be a player, MGTOW is encouraging you to be a monk and women are encouraging you to be a slave. These roles exist because men want sex, accomplishment And love. Yet it is unlikely that any man in history has ever been able to properly balance these three things for an extended length of time. Essentially you’re always giving something up to make headway in a different area. What do think of my 3 roles theory Rollo?
    I’m a guy who’s pretty much read your whole blog but I rarely comment. I’m a huge fan of your writing and blog structure.

  30. Nice job on the idea of ‘if not this, then something else’.

    Right now the general complaints that I see about it are really about small potatoes like video games. The real complaints are going to come if the number of men who put themselves first grows and they begin combining it with a serious plan for their life. Women may pine for the days of complaining about men watching pornography, living in basements and playing video games if some men switch to living in their own houses, working hard and saving their money for whatever goals or dreams they may have.

    It’s one thing to complain about a ‘shortage’ of good men when the targets of the ire can’t meet the requirements of the Feminine Imperative. The caterwauling will really take off as women start to figure out that there are men who have the capacity to fulfill the Feminine Imperative – but refuse to do so.

  31. “Wake me when you need me.” John-117
    “You did that on purpose, didn’t you?”
    “So you did miss me.”
    “Sure you wouldn’t rather take a seat?”
    “Wake up, Chief… I need you…”
    “Left out that little detail, did he?”
    “We were supposed to take care of each other..and we did!”
    “If this thing blows up, I’m never talking to you again!”
    “You always bring me to such nice places.”
    “I’m curious more than anything. It’s behavior is… odd.”
    “AIs deteriorate after seven, Chief.”

  32. This flood of pretentious “open letters” is enough to drive one off the internet.

    “Speak to HR about helping you find one; this is their job, after all.”

    Hoo boy is that ever stupid advice. Any young woman who sees HR as her friend is going to get bruised.

    I reviewed Jeb Kinnison’s “Death by HR” here :

  33. Idk, maybe get a woman who’s living in a mud hut in Africa, Latin America, or Asia.
    Just be careful if y’all plan to move to the more developed nations. Not always but a lot of times they’ll get corrupted by the new society.
    Singleness has many benefits even though something feels missing.

  34. America is a funny place, we (property owners)have made the decision to educate the entire population of youth free of charge through a small percentage of property tax. Then the education system needs more money so we legalize whacky tobacky and tax it to raise more money for the system and legalize gambling for the same reasons.

    Now if your over 21 in some states you can get stoned and gamble away your hard earned money while drinking free alcohol and blaming your children for being too expensive. All the while blaming the school cuz your kids are dumb and irresponsible when all they need to do is learn to read.

    George Carlin

    “Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.”

  35. I am really surprised to see all of the people saying that they disagree with this.In a traditional family the man is the leader, so if we are assuming that a man has a proper traditional marriage, it is not only the wives responsibility to bring up the daughter and teach her to be wise. Women who have family structure look up to their fathers, usually more than their mothers because they know that even if the mom is submissive- the strength and structure in the family comes from the father. So as a unit the mother needs to submit and back her husband in his choices, which will properly translate to the children showing respect and how the genders work together-but a father should be involved in these small aspects of raising children as far as showing and speaking to them about the changing landscape of the world and male/female interactions.

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