The Red Pill Path

The Red Pill, with respect to intersexual dynamics, is, and will always be a praxeology. It is unconcerned with value judgements. Issues of how one interprets the data presented by Red Pill praxeology as right or wrong is an exercise in subjectivity and personal belief. In essence the Red Pill should always be about what is – not what should be, not what seems moral, immoral or amoral. 

I knocked on about this in The Believers vs. The Empiricists back in July of 2019. The problem with adding ideology to the Red Pill is that it distorts the intent of staying as objective as possible. A Praxeology is the study of those aspects of human action that can be grasped a priori; in other words, it is concerned with the conceptual analysis and logical implications of preference, choice, means-end schemes, and so forth. In a praxeological context, the Red Pill is a ‘loose science’ concerned with the understanding of the underlying motivators of why we do what we do as men and women. It doesn’t get everything right, but it does ask the right questions. It’s these questions that make believers uncomfortable. The beauty of The Red Pill as a praxeology is that we get to write those questions and conclusions down in pencil, not ink, to be erased and edited as new information changes them. The Red Pill is not an ideology itself. Despite what many moralist critics would like to redefine it as, a Red Pill awareness is about an obligation to understanding the truth about men and women’s natures.

Yes, I know, it is impossible to be entirely objective in anything. In fact, just the thought required in asking a particular question implies a particular subjective bias. You wouldn’t be asking those kinds of questions if you didn’t subscribe to some belief-set that caused you to think about them in the first place. Even a commitment to objective truth is itself perceived as a value judgement. What’s worth your consideration is at least as important as why you think it’s worth considering. I get it. It still doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to be as objective as humanly possible, in spite of the pre-knowledge that we have underlying reasons for being curious about something.

Objectivity vs. Ideology

There. Now that’s out of the way.

What one does with the data the Red Pill praxeology aggregates, and how one interprets that information, is up to the individual. The prescriptions we create for ourselves with this knowledge are almost always a value call. The real question for men, new to the Red Pill, is are they beginning from a position of value judgement first and then seeking to find the Red Pill data that best aligns with that preconception? Or are they beginning from a neutral, objective position of interpreting this information and then forming well-thought, rational prescriptions for themselves based on that objectivity?

How we make this information useful to us is just as important as how we came to the conclusion that it should be useful to us. After having written in this ‘sphere for almost 20 years now I’ve come to see how men will use Red Pill awareness to either better (save) serve their lives by changing their minds about themselves and implementing it, or else they use that awareness to validate their preconceived belief-sets. Usually they do this by cherrypicking the parts that align with those beliefs and discarding or disqualifying the data that conflicts with them. This is how you get the Purple Pill. Accept just enough empirical Red Pill data to validate a belief-set rooted in their Blue Pill conditioning. And it’s made all the better if you can profit from pandering to those Blue Pill beliefs in others by calling yourself a ‘coach’ of some kind.

PUAs, MGTOW, MRAs, Trad-Cons, Positivity and Success Porn advocates, Red Pill Ministry Pastors, Father-Figure Fitness Coaches, Masculinity Psychologists, Female “Relationship Experts”, and a plethora of other sub-factions that reside in the ‘sphere are all belief-set prescriptions. Their subjective prescriptions either follow in the wake of Red Pill praxeology, or they find their preconceptions validated – in some part – by the data and awareness that the Red Pill brings to them.

When the information that the Red Pill presents conflicts with these belief-prescriptions, that’s when we see believers attempt to redefine the Red Pill as an ideology. When a stark empirical truth challenges an ego-invested belief, most people feel attacked. That belief is often one that people have based their lives on, so challenging the belief is challenging the way that person has lived for a long time. In terms of the Red Pill, it’s much easier to redefine or reinterpret what that empirical data really should mean to a man. And whenever we see words like should or ought we know we’re dealing with a value judgement. 

The only way a believer can protect an ego-investment challenged by Red Pill awareness is to reduce the Red Pill to an ideology. Bring the enemy to battle on your own field and on your own terms. So long as the Red Pill is just about objective observations, connecting dots and collating data, the right or the wrong of it, the value judgement of what ought to be, is irrelevant to discerning the truth. But if you can convince yourself and others that the Red Pill is in fact an ideological pursuit – not an objective pursuit – then you choose the terms of terms of the battle. If the Red Pill can be redefined as a belief-set then you can lock horns with it with your own belief-set. Then the debate isn’t about what is, it becomes about what’s right or wrong, or what that data should mean, or how it should be put to proper use in a person’s life. Hypergamy becomes less about women’s nature, and more about how women are inherently predisposed to evil as a result of it. Alpha or Beta become defined by how well a man aligns with a preexisting belief-set – “You’re not a real man if you believe/don’t believe this!” – and the Soulmate Myth might become an article of faith that wins an ideological argument.

Redefine the premise of the Red Pill as an ideology and you can fight it as an ideology. But even if you could, the data the Red Pill presents still forces a lot of conflict in the believer. That leaves the believer to reconcile that data with the cognitive dissonance he/she feels about it. It is much more intrinsically satisfying to redefine, disqualify and then re-qualify information that confounds our beliefs than it is to go into outright denial of that conflicting data. Sometimes outright denial is all that’s left.

People resort to denial when recognizing that a truth would destroy something they hold dear; and there are few things we hold more dear than our investments in what we think are right and wrong with respect to how we solve our reproductive problem. In the case of a cheating partner, denial lets you avoid acknowledging evidence of your own humiliation. Short of catching a spouse in bed with your best friend, evidence of infidelity is usually ambiguous. It’s motivated skepticism. You’re more skeptical of things you don’t want to believe and demand a higher level of proof.

Denial is unconscious, or it wouldn’t work: if you know you’re closing your eyes to the truth, some part of you knows what the truth is and denial can’t perform its protective function. This is why we say, “Once you’ve seen the code in the Matrix, once you’ve taken the Red Pill, there’s no going back.”

One thing we all struggle to protect is a positive self-image. The more important the aspect of your self-image that’s challenged by the truth, the more likely you are to go into a state of denial. If you have a strong sense of self-worth and competence your self-image can take the hits but remain largely intact; if you’re beset by self-doubt (a hallmark of self-righteous Beta thinking), however, any acknowledgment of failure can be devastating and any admission of error painful to the point of being unthinkable. Self-justification and denial arise from the dissonance between believing you’re competent, and making a mistake, which clashes with that image.

Solution: Deny the mistake or redefine the terms of the debate.

By nature men are deductive problem solvers. This is manifest in many ways, but for a Beta male who still believes solving a woman’s problems will lead to him solving his reproductive problem, more often than not it leads him to a worse life. Once a man unplugs and begins to internalize what a deeper, more accurate understanding of intersexual dynamics means to his life he’s going to look for ways to apply it to his own circumstances. This is a natural, unavoidable progression. As I’ve stated in many an essay, I’m not in the business of making better men, I’m in the business of giving men the tools with which to build better lives for themselves. I expect men, at some stage, to use what they’ve learned from what I write to change their minds about themselves and become the better men they can be with a better awareness.

I do not offer prescriptions. I do not have a one-size-fits-all formula or 12 catch-all rules that will help you live a better life. Most men want that formula, and a lot of them will pay a small fortune to avoid the work necessary to effect a real change in their lives if some coach even hints that they have the cheat codes to do it. They are sheep in search of a shepherd. I have precious few expectations of my readers, but one is that I expect you take it upon yourselves to be the artists of your own lives. If it frustrates you that I won’t hold your hand and lead you to a better version of yourself just know that going through that frustration is necessary for you to be your own man. Not an adherent, not an acolyte, but the author of your own decisions. 

A lifetime of Blue Pill conditioning has already attempted to remove that control from you long enough.

Published by Rollo Tomassi

Author of The Rational Male and The Rational Male, Preventive Medicine

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  1. None of them can fund the seed and crop up front?

    Maybe not the smaller family-based ones. They’re already up to their eyeballs in debt paying off John Deere tractors they can’t repair themselves.

    The larger conglomerate-based farms have accountants to take care of the tax break and subsidies so a little more interest charge on debt is no biggie.

  2. @Palma:
    In the doc I linked above, there was another interesting point: from every dollar spent on food, 14 cent goes back to the farmer. In 1975 this number was 40 cent.

    This level of fragility is surprising. A friend told me – who used to run a family farm – that in one good year they make enough money to cover three bad years. Which is good, because they only have a good year every fourth time.

    What kfg describes sounds more like modern day slavery. An extremely vulnerable position to be.

    btw what does kfg stands for?

  3. “You shitting me?”

    I wish.

    “Over years and years and perhaps generations the farmers are all running a year in arrears?”

    For well over a century now. When the government was handing out 40 acres and a mule they weren’t handing out plows and seed. Anyone willing to go west without a dime in their pocket could acquire a substantial plot, but they had to borrow to make a going concern.

    It wasn’t just the dust bowl that caused the food shortages during the depression, it was this way of financing small farms and most of the farms at the time were small. That’s what all those old movies about the mustache twirling villain foreclosing on the mortgage are all about.

    The large conglomerates were built off of this, buying out the bankrupt plots for pennies. Then they turned it into an actual strategy, deliberately squeezing the independents and sucking up their plots as they went under. So even if you had started with capital to begin with you soon found yourself in the Year in Arrears system to keep going.

    A local farmer here once hit the lottery for $3 million. When asked the usual question of what he was going to do with it he replied, “I guess I’ll keep farming until it’s gone.”

    Now the large conglomerates can not only get tax breaks and subsidies the small farms can’t, but they can also go directly to J.P. Morgan and even the Federal Reserve for loans.

    But wait! Don’t order yet. There’s more!

    The conglomerates, being conglomerates run MBAs and accountants have gone “Just In Time.”

    Food stores are the real function of civilization. It’s the reason cities were originally built. The idea has been understood for so long that it’s a major “plot point” in Genesis. A civilization has the means and social structure to put away enough food to see the people through a seven year famine, without electricity.

    And we don’t have that anymore. We don’t have seven weeks. The megalopolises, NYC, Mexico City, Los Angeles, Tokyo don’t have seven days.

    “what does kfg stands for?”

    It’s my actual monogram. Back in the day nobody used “handles,” but you wanted to be able to log in with minimum fuss. Two conventions arose, either use your monogram, or the first letter of your first name followed by your last. All lower case, no punctuation or spaces, to make for fast typing.

  4. “Kool Fucking Guy”

    More than half a century of people cracking jokes (Kentucky Fried Gerbil) and you came up with something original.

  5. “farmers start going belly up immediately”

    Do you know any wheat farmers? They just sell a little land and use that to buy seed and fertilizer. In good years they buy back land. Up and down.

    Beef cattle are a whole ‘nuther proposition.

  6. It may be “Just in Time” the city, but not “Just in time” produced. Grain is harvested in September, even if it is baked into bread and transferred to the city one day before selling. It doesn’t matter much if it is stored in the city or 300 miles from it.

    I always wished to have two first names, makes a much kooler monogram.

  7. “Do you know any wheat farmers?”

    Corn here. Mostly for the Black & Whites.

    “It doesn’t matter much if it is stored in the city or 300 miles from it.”

    My house is situated next to what used to be the private railway spur to what used to be the Agway. Downtown some of the old railway grain facilities are still there. I’m familiar with the modern use of motor vehicles in food transport and included that in my estimation.

    And “it doesn’t matter much” only so long as that 300 mile transport chain remains unbroken for its entire length.

    7 days if that 300 mile transport system holds. 3 days from when it breaks.

  8. And bear in mind that produce actually grown within 300 miles of Los Angeles now comes from . . . China. The supply chain isn’t 300 miles, its round trip to the exotic orient.
    And the facilities that used to exist to move them fresh from the farm into the city are gone.

    Even if someone tried to reopen the Farm & Garden store a 30 second walk from my house, they couldn’t get it supplied. The rails were ripped up about 10 years ago.

  9. The large conglomerates were built off of this, buying out the bankrupt plots for pennies. Then they turned it into an actual strategy, deliberately squeezing the independents and sucking up their plots as they went under.

    ironic the next buyers will be Chinese. well war is war.

  10. “Obesity coming up as main factor in non elderly population.”


    “The National Health Service’s Intensive Care National Audit and Research Center released a study that found 127 of 196 cases in the ICU were overweight, according to the report.”

    In other news,70% of UK citizens had a BMI of 30 or more. (Ok, it’s only 29%–it’s just a joke)

    What is the correlation between obesity and comorbidities? Heart disease, hypertension, diabetes are more common in the obese than in the general population. So obesity is the underlying problem for some of the comorbidities.

    Focus on the comorbidities.

  11. Farming has been industrialized. Between having to buy sterile seeds, which do not flower or grow fruit after the initial planting, requiring customers to purchase new seeds from a certain industrial conglomerate to hiring young kids to sit in company owned tractors pre-programmed with GPS to follow particular field routes, the food supply is indeed teetering on the edge of sustainability, it may only take one black swan event to reset albeit with much turmoil

  12. Problem is most people simply will not accept that you simply have to stick less fucking calories in your mouth than you’re burning off.

    It’s amazing. People will spend two hours working out everyday instead of skipping a double cheeseburger.

  13. About 2400 calories here.

    There’s the basis of a meal in that pic. But the fried simple carbs and the big cup of sugar get in the way for a start.

    So far we have learned that co-morbiities matter with regard to COVID-19. Obesity and its friends Type II diabetes, high blood pressure, poor lung condition, etc. all will join hands and dance on a man’s head.

  14. Hi fellows,

    I have just seen that a lot of things discussed, comments made including me for the last three days. Actually, I was busy with some other stuff to do, so I was far from surfing on the internet and after a one and half year, today I decided to check roosh v’s website to see what is going on. I will deal with later later.

    Yesterday, something strange happened in my whatsapp group. Something made me to think about for minutes. Well, I hadn’t expected that even if I am always ready for such unpleasant surprises especially from females. I have a whatsapp group consisting of office mates and a few other friends. we all know each other. the group is for daily chat and fun. everybody shares anything he or she wants, news, funny stories, pictures gifs etc. Since I am a single man, for the first time in this group, I shared a picture of Emma Stone and said she is my wife candidate now. do you guys agree? Some of them sent smiley, some of them said very good choice pal etc. Then, I contiued to make jokes about this subject, choosing a girlfriend for me from celebrities. then, I shared a picture of a beautiful female footballer and typed she is so beautiful, I am in love with her now. And then what? one girl from my whatsapp group left the group immediately. Me and others reacted like what just happened? She was one of my favorites in the group. We work in the same office. Well, I don’t know. this is what I am talking about fellows, why that lady left my group with no explanation when I shared two pictures and said these girls are beautiful and I am in love? The photos didn’t contain nudity. I didn’t say something dirty like look at those boobs etc. These are the times I feel myself creepy but have no idea why does it happen without any obvious reason or clear explanation. She is not my oneitis or platonic love or something by the way, but she was a very helpful mate indeed.

    @anonymous reader: “Yet you show no evidence in your writing of having actually learned anything from Rollo or Dalrock or anyone else. You should be able to answer your own questions, yet cannot. It isn’t enough to read, one must learn.”

    Life is full of learning. I was unplugged in 2017. It is not a very long time, but appreciate it or not, I read hundreds of articles, read dozens of books, watched a lot of youtube videos and followed some other blogs including the essential posts of the red pill community on reddit. Anyway, I think I don’t need to convince you right? I can still ask questions, my mind still can get confused like the example I just shared above and I can still take some wrong steps during my interaction with women. That doesn’t mean that I know nothing. Even, I can fail at atomic shit tests. Man is not perfect. The thing I don’t like about people like you, you prefer to criticize people or be negative about them rather than appreciation. According to you, I have wasted my damn three years and know nothing!

    “Owning a guitar and a practice book that I never touch doesn’t make me a guitarist, for example.”

    You are talking about field work and that’s a totally different subject.

    @SJF: Before talking about the famous oneitis with a different interpretation, thanks a lot for your kind words, frankly motivated me.

    “You are showing signs of discontent with the contemporary world.” I told you I didn’t visit roosh’s blog for one and a half year until this morning, I felt just an urge to visit it with no reason. Honestly, I all skipped “bablyon road” series, because I have not even a bit of an interest in travel articles.

    And after reading one of his latest articles, I realized that I am not a red pill man, I am a black pill man, because yes I believe that the modern society is rotten, people are degenerated. social justice warriors are everywhere, neo feminists are every where, the emotions are fake, people are turned on virtually, it is an age of virtual hedonism, girls just wanna have some fun etc. I don’t know you guys have already realized or not, but in the past, girls were commenting on handsome boys. they were in love with Di Caprio, Brad Pitt, Justin Timberlake, Robbie Williams etc. Now, it is like girls are in love with girls, because in social media, they rather comment on other girls like how sexy or hot they or their bodies are. Anyway, I think I am not red, but black superman.

    “It’s frustrating to see a guy with alleged talent, but not getting loved and not getting more out of his life experiences. Because he is stuck in his thoughts.”

    Maybe you are right, but the question here is, if you mean, does casual sex with women provide the life I dream of for my happiness or does it bring me wrath, disaster and regret?

    “Your slip is showing”

    I checked this in the urban dictionary, but didn’t understand it fully actually. by the way can I ask a question out of the subject? when a writer, critic or a poster puts “a nutshell review” as the title, always, but always that article becomes too long, minimum 10 long paragraphs for instance. I think it is a kind of word pun or irony, right?

    “So what are you going to do about that? What are you going to do about how things are for you? What are you going to do to accomplish your goal of getting an LTR with a good faithful low n-count woman for marriage? Shut down every interaction with a girl, any girl, unless she’s The One? Go argue and point and sputter on the internet?”

    Oneitis, soul mate or your dream girl… if you are obsessed with a specific girl as you feel like you are in a ‘do or die’ situation, that’s oneitis. if you lock your eyes on somebody, idealise her and think you and her are going to be a great couple, even if she doesn’t even know about who you are, that’s oneitis. Platonic love is another kind of oneitis or expecting a girl to be just perfect with no deficit but, there is a but, to choose your spouse very carefully or to wait until you meet the right person, you believe she is instead of marrying a random pretty girl you just meet in the street is different.

    I will share an amusing quote that you will love or hate: The first wife is sent by God. If you divorce with her, your second wife is sent by your friends. If you divorce with her, your third wife is sent by satan. It means your first wife is your destiny, but your last may be your doom.

    I don’t shut down myself or something, I just use the trial and error dynamic with girls without ‘trying’ them in my bed. Of course, I would want a girl madly and deeply in love with me in a traditional way. I like old fashioned people, old school movies and classical stuff. I am a kind of retro man.

    I have a friend, he is a night shift security guard and he is an amazing collector, cds, dvds, blurays, laser discs, cassettes, damn, his archive has 12,000 items, do you know what I mean? but he has not any girlfriend since high school. he is older than me. he lives with his brother and mother. he is a gentleman, a polite man with a retro and aristocratic soul. but he is sort of happy in his world full of music, posters and movies. maybe he will find his girl one day.

    “He doesn’t have to change all of himself, his supposed wants, virtues and desires. And it is also self evident that he is not where he wants to go. He can still be monogamous, get married, have kids and eat his cake without having to fuck girls on a first date.”

    So true.

    “Because it seems to me, and a few of you, that his current beliefs are stopping him from achieving success with other people right now.”

    I am not very sure that the only reason keeping me away from success with women is my beliefs. There are girls who want to marry me, but they have very low SMV grades and also I don’t feel anything for them. The girls I desire have either boyfriends, husbands and the rest of them doesn’t show any kind of interest in me. Imagine a 9/10 woman as beautiful as Sophie Turner or Anne Hathaway with a successful career etc. Probably you will think ohh “she is out of my league” syndrome, but fact is a fact. Yes, they are out of my league in SMV. You cannot stay in a seven-stars luxury hotel with only ten dollars in your pocket.

    “And, you still have to go out and perform. In an Arena called life.”

    I considered your advices about life and game, but game, well, is a deep subject. Just to be yourself opens door to total failure while applying game to your life means masking yourself with a fake identity. Maybe, the solution is just to learn alpha traits until it becomes your character.

  15. “You are talking about field work and that’s a totally different subject.”

    You learn by doing field work. It doesn’t work any other way.

    “Maybe, the solution is just to learn alpha traits until it becomes your character.”

    Yeah, now you’re getting it. Be the fun leader that everyone wants to hang with.

  16. Rollo: “But even if you could, the data the Red Pill presents still forces a lot of conflict in the believer…”

    This is the fun part of being a believer in ‘Old Testament’ religion. The Bible is patriarchal and contains a whole lot of honest insight about male-female relationships. Our Rabbis commenting on the Bible for millennia understood it from a patriarchal perspective.

    Of course, modern “religions” have spun the Bible to be more feminist friendly, hiding all the juicy truth in there.
    When you strip off the layers of modern reinterpretation that contradict the original text, the Word is still there underneath.

  17. I have just read ”Kill The Beta” and all of my questions about game, internalization, field work and being catched by some beta traps after being unplugged and being turned to be an alpha have been answered like step by step by Rollo. This is amazing.

    “Black Pill is no way to go through life, son.” If it made you feel dark, then ok I will paint it brown : )

  18. @The Psychologist

    You will be amazed how deep this rabbit hole goes…
    take your time and let it sink in.

    Glad you found Rollo’s work, there are a lot of other people out there trying to sell a watered down, ineffective version of Rollo’s content

    We really need more Psychologists who can internalize these concepts and help men. Psychology is massively dominated by women and feminist men


    I watched the Burns Documentary on Country Music, and discovered another huge gap in my musical vocabulary—Willie Nelson’s Red Headed Stranger album.

    It’s essentially about a man’s red pill side and blue pill side fighting against each other.

    The songwriter clearly says in one of the songs that a woman tries to steal the red headed stranger’s bay pony and he shoots her dead.

    George Plant on states:

    The “Red Headed Stranger” completes of the story of the Stranger’s time in Montana. Nelson did not write the song, but it served as the basis for the rest of the album.

    A song originally recorded in 1954 by Arthur “Guitar Boogie” Smith, Nelson had performed it in the 1950s while hosting a radio program in Fort Worth. Decades later, his wife encouraged him to write and compile an album describing both the backstory and what happened after.

    The lyrics need no decoding, of course, but they do perfectly describe the idea of western justice in the 19th century. (You can’t blame a man for killing a horse thief.)

    However, the female reviewer, appropriately named Kelsey Butterworth, recasts the song making the woman a hapless, innocent drunk:

    It is precisely then that The Stranger becomes the Red Headed Stranger. He aimlessly wanders from town to town in a fog of self-loathing, riding a black stallion and toting behind him the pony formerly used by his wife. When a drunk woman pets the horse, he thinks she’s trying to steal it and shoots her straightaway. He once again escapes Johnny Law, the logic being:

    “You can’t hang a man for killing a woman / Who’s trying to steal your horse.”

    (Show of hands: who else is glad the Wild West is no longer a thing?)

    So, a woman encouraging you to write a masterpiece, to the extent that she actually did—GOOD! Woman stealing your horse—BAD!

    I was listing to Judah144. He delivered a great, albeit probably not original line. A woman should give a man 3 pieces: a piece (peace) of mind, a piece of steak and a piece of ass.

  20. A lot of country music was hip hop before hip hop began and morphed into death music.

    I remember being a kid and hearing Johnny Cash songs. My favorite was A Boy Named Sue.

    Much of country music is sad and depressed and murderous, but not all of it.

    Muh daddy left…

    Muh horse/dog….

    Muh wife left/cheated…

    Usually followed by some shooting and stabbing, or at least strong threats of violence followed by profession of patriotism.

    But hey, it’s all corporatized now. Johnny Cash couldn’t get a record deal today in this climate. Now, if only these hip hop ” shoot em ” Assholes couldn’t get record deals today, that’d be awesome.

    Now I’m going to listen to ” hurt “, the JC version.😁

  21. “After having written in this ‘sphere for almost 20 years now I’ve come to see how men will use Red Pill awareness to either better (save) serve their lives by changing their minds about themselves and implementing it, or else they use that awareness to validate their preconceived belief-sets. Usually they do this by cherrypicking the parts that align with those beliefs and discarding or disqualifying the data that conflicts with them. This is how you get the Purple Pill.”

    This is a recipe for groupthink. You have a perfect way to disqualify anyone who does not subscribe totally to the beliefs you want them to have. It’s cult mentality. You don’t foster individuality by merely creating a new in group and ascribing inferior status to anyone who doesn’t buy in.

  22. So Alex, do you advocate for men being in anguish and ignorance?

    I.say you need oxygen to survive. I’m not really promoting ” group think ” even though billions would agree with the statement. But for the sake of argument, let’s say that there’s such a thing as Negative Group Think and Positive Group Think.

    Men having an understanding of the people and the world around them is a positive. Alleviating suffering due to false beliefs is a positive.

    Freedom of choice is a positive that can have negative consequences. You can choose whatever path you’d like.

  23. Contrary to popular conception Einstein was first to the Theory of Special Relativity (there were others working their way toward it by slower and more difficult paths who would have got there eventually) by rigid adherence to conventional thinking and the theory is categorized as part of Classical Physics, not the New Physics.

    This is a recipe for groupthink.

    No, because the truths of the red pill can be tested, and are tested every hour of every day.

    The mindset and techniques work, unlike the blue pill brainwashing or the purple pill wish-harding.

    Do you have some alternative view that you wish to offer? If so, do it. If you don’t, then empty your cup and learn.

  25. Some chinaman ate rotten bat meat, and wiped his b-hole with hand. Now NYC brokers are selling the market, and retirees are banned from florida. Society is approaching peak beta.


  26. @FACT “Society is approaching peak beta.”

    It’s just a world sized shit test driven by a pervasive feminine imperative LOL 😀

    You could move to Belarus – note you can’t get a flight there at the moment

    “The Belarusian leader summed up his approach to the coronavirus crisis at a hockey match on Sunday, telling gathered reporters that it is “better to die standing, than to live on your knees.”

  27. “Come on you sons of bitches, do you want to live forever?”

    April 27, 1937

    Goodnight Dan, wherever you are.

  28. This morning the plumber knocked on the door and surprised me. I’d forgotten he was coming. So I took him to the basement where we had an exterior wall leak. He was getting ready to patch it but the patch wouldn’t hold. Water was coming in. Faster now, because he had chipped away some of the old patch. (We’ve had a lot of rain.) He said he couldn’t do anything until we had 5 days of no rain.

    So he left and I went to the orange place and got some Great Stuff ™. I tried that and it didn’t look like it would work, so I went to Lowes to get some quick dry cement (1-3 minutes). Got an old plastic drinking cup and the cement and a cement tool and a knife and spatula and went to the basement. The leak had slowed a to maybe a very slow trickle. The hole was almost totally sealed. Surprised the h311 out of me.

    I’ll probably eventually patch it with the quick dry cement. Kind of fun to play in mud.

  29. Fact
    Women are posting on instagram they will fuck for food.

    They were doing that 10,000 years ago, you know. Not the posting on I-gram part, the other part.

  30. She asks for money for uber ride back home the morning after, and she takes the bus and pockets the difference.

    PUA = Pandemic Unemployment Assistance

  31. Misery Man: No Regrets.

    Women do not feel accountable for their Hormonal Events (Mood Swings), which occur regularly and often unpredictably.
    They see their hormones as the same as the Weather, out of their control.
    Any consequences of their Mood Swings, such as a break-up, or a hook up, are also out of the Woman’s Control.

    From this perspective, it becomes obvious why Women do not Feel Regret for their Actions during Hormonal Swings. And this lack of Regret has real life behavioral consequences regarding Her Choices and her Concept of Free Will.

    A Large Welfare System/State (Financial Support from the Government to Pay for Living Expenses) would be ideal for a group of individuals that feel that their actions, are at least in part, out of their control.

    That is why Women Hate Accountability. In their mind, holding a Women responsible for her actions during a Hormonal Event is the Same as holding her Responsible for the Weather.

    Women eventually realize they should enter a Relationship with a Miserable Man.
    When The Woman invariably become Hormonaly Miserable, she is now at the Miserable Man’s level and he will relate to her.
    The Miserable Man will relate to her and More likely than not, he will stay with her.

    Another way to view the Miserable Man is to understand that he is a Man with a Critical Flaw or Flaws. Maybe the Critical Flaw is his Looks, Height, Penis Size, Poverty, Stupidity, or his Emotional Nature, etc.

    The Miserable Man has a Button or Buttons that can be pushed.
    And if there is a situation where he is Happy (Rare), and she is Pissed off, The Woman will push a Button and Make the Miserable Man, Miserable. Then the Man will be on the same level as she is, and she will feel that he understands her.


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