The Myth of the Alpha Female

On last Saturday’s Red Man Group we took a call from a woman who has apparently just discovered the “red pill school of thought” and looked up what ever convoluted definitions she could find from the ‘normie web’ to better understand it. For context, the whole exchange began around the 2:04:00 mark here, but the bit I want to dissect I’ve cued up to 2:09 in the above video. The Red Pill as a praxeology is often something most uninitiated people don’t have the patience to really want to understand. So when they’re confronted with a Red Pill truth that conflicts with some ego-invested belief they often just resort to what I call “point and sputter” – they spit out some school yard taunt, tell you how unbelievable it is anyone could ever believe such a thing in this day and then move along to whatever ideological site they’re comforted by.

Credit where it’s due, this woman (and I apologize for not getting her name) at the very least was prompted to ask some questions about how we come to whatever misattributed ideas she read were what it is we think. Listen to the whole exchange for context. In the beginning I was asked the standard “what do you tel your daughter about all of this?” as if this is going to somehow shame me back down to earth, but the part she was most distraught over was the idea that “women are only valuable for what they look like”.

My response to her was based on an essay I wrote 4 years ago titled Separating Values. In that piece I tried to outline how women today have trouble separating their sexual market value from their self-perceived personal worth:

Conflating Values

One of the major problems women have, and more than even some red pill men have, is the conflation of sexual market value with their intrinsic personal value as a human being.

It needs to be emphasized that while personal value is influential in sexual market value, SMV is distinct from your value as a human being. I’m stressing this because, in the age Disney Princess empowerment, this conflation of the two has become a go-to social convention; and not just for women.

What [Robin] Korth suffers from is presuming her personal value is her sexual market value.

It’s disruptive to her self-perceptions and ego-investments when that presumption is challenged by a man who doesn’t want to fuck her for reasons based on the intrinsic value she believes she’s entitled to by virtue of maturity and imaginings of self-sufficiency. Just as women aren’t aroused by men’s own self-concepts of virtuousness and aspirations of higher purpose, men aren’t aroused by whatever ephemeral self-perceptions a woman may have.

Listening to this woman’s concerns, it’s a fairly common refutation and one we come to expect from a mindset that presumes men callously objectify women out of hand, or due to their being taught to be so by a chauvinistic toxic masculinity. Women cling to this because it sounds right and reinforces the victimhood narrative that defines the collective identity of the Sisterhood. So when they read it or see it openly embraced, or spoken about men in a positive context it’s confirmation of an offense they want to believe is endemic in men. Thus, we get the “literally shaking”, sound of a quavering voice.

However, all of this gets in the way of women really understanding that they’ve been conditioned to conflate their personal worth with their sexual market value. As I mentioned in my response, a woman can be a wonderful humanitarian, a great mother, the CEO of a Fortune 500 company or someone who adds value to the depth and breadth of humankind, but it won’t make her look any better in a bikini. And that is where sexual market value starts for women when it comes to men’s arousal and attraction. For as long as I’ve been writing this blog I’ve tried to explain this in as simple a way as possible; men and women are different. Part of our differences is that what constitutes sexual market value for one sex is not an equal evaluation for the other. For as much as the equalist mindset pervades our social consciousness, the reality is men and women are different in many fundamental ways.

One reason Red Pill awareness in men gets vilified by women is because it nakedly exposes, discusses and develops sexual and life strategies around some very Darwinistic and unflattering realities of intersexual dynamics based on those differences. But exposing these differences is only offensive to this social order because there is a presumption of a blank-slate equalism that’s been embedded into every aspect of our gender understanding for almost 70 years now. This offensiveness is less about the actual nuts and bolts of evolution, biology and psychological differences between men and women, but more so it’s about the ego-invested idea that men and women should be blank-slate, functional equals in all respects. Even this presumption is a horse-shit cover story for the latent purpose of feminism floating the lie of “equality” – fundamentally disempowering men so women can aspire to be their masters in various ways.

The woman from our discussion expressed this barely containable angst that men only value her as a sexual object, and it’s important to suss out the reasoning for this confusion and rage. As I mentioned, the problem women have is an inability to separate their sexual market value from their personal value a ‘basic human being‘. A quote I’m known for is “virtue is anti-seductive.” No guy ‘virtues’ a woman into bed, and while I get push back for devaluing the importance of virtue occasionally, what I don’t get is any disagreement from men or women on that point. Virtue, intelligence, honor, duty, wisdom and any number of other esoteric features that would make a man a terrific human being do nothing (or sometimes work against him) for his raw visceral sexuality that women are aroused by. For men, however, these traits and many more will definitely add to his attractiveness as a long term prospect for women.

In men, affluence, status, intelligence, improvisation, creativity, ambition, drive, perseverance, humor, positive-conventional masculinity, and many more aspects make this man an attractive choice for a long term relationship with women. These are attributes that contribute to a man’s sexual market value, but they are incomplete without a raw, visceral physical component. Hypergamy serves two masters, Alpha seed and Beta need – and as such it hates the one and loves the other depending on what a woman’s most pressing necessity happens to be at that point in her life. Women have an innate, limbic understanding of what makes a man a complete package – a great catch.

Where this and most other women fail is that their own Fempowerment conditioning teaches them that what makes a man attractive, what makes his SMV appealing to women must necessarily be what makes for her own personal value and sexual market value. The reason this woman is shaking here is because this conditioning has convinced her and generations of women to build a life predicated on a fallacy: What makes her a “good person” should necessarily make her attractive and arousing to men. This is a great falsehood that is the root of many of the gender conflicts and misunderstandings we see around us today.

Gendered Differences in Attraction

The things that make a woman’s sexual market value high are not the same things make her sense of personal worth high. Yet, this is exactly what the Feminine Imperative conditions women to believe and seeks to shame men for not complying with this fallacy. When men opt for younger, hotter, tighter at all ages of their own maturity, the visceral message is clear – it makes no difference what a woman’s personal value is when it comes to sexual valuation. Where women fall short is they presume that men cannot appreciate women for anything but their sexual value.

This is an interesting dynamic since the Imperative teaches women never to implicitly do anything for a man.

The prime directive of feminism for the past 50 years has been founded on women striving to achieve the ideal of the Strong Independent Woman® (SIW). This SIW ideal is the carrot that gets the mules to pull the cart. That ideal is never fully attainable because if it were it would make an end state for feminism a realizable goal rather than the self-perpetuating social mechanism it is. The SIW ideal is intentionally ambiguous, but the concept is based on selling women the idea that they can not only “have it all” but they can be it all too. The ‘independence’ feminism sells predicated on being a self-sustaining, self-satisfying, autonomous ‘thing’ that doesn’t need for anything. A woman is every bit as good a feminine role model as she is a masculine one, ergo, she has no need for men beyond the physical aspect. In fact, an independence from men, from any form of dependency on men, has been part of the feminist charter since Seneca Falls in 1848.

From a Red Pill perspective, and in my opinion, this independence from men has been the single most damaging aspect of feminism in its history. Men and women evolved to be complements to the other and in evolutionary terms are far stronger together than apart. Each compensates for the one’s innate weaknesses with the other’s innate strengths. Feminism preaches two lies in this respect – the first being that a woman can “have it all”, but also she can be an autonomous being with no intrinsic needs beyond what she can provide for or address herself. The lie is that she “don’t need no man” when a hundred thousand years of evolution says different. Men and women need each other, but it’s feminism that’s selling the lie that they don’t.

The ironic part about this socialized lie is that in emancipating women from the ‘dependency’ of men feminism has founded the basis of ‘having it all’ on how closely a woman can emulate a man. The definition of a successful Strong Independent Woman is how closely she can replicate the success of men. This ideal for SIW success is based on a masculine ideal. As feminism has refocused women’s goals on these masculine ideals it has systematically altered the definition of femininity to align with its ideal of ‘success’.

The Myth of the Alpha Female

As part of that new masculine ideal of female success, along came the concept of the Alpha Female. I’ve read dozens of articles about this fantasy creature; how she’s a boss who takes no shit and turns companies around from the brink of bankruptcy by virtue of being female. A woman of the future who emulates and exceeds the successes of any apex-male CEO of those sexist Fortune 500 companies. Even if she’s not a high powered exec, the match (literally) of any man, women still love to imagine themselves in this “alpha” role in their own little worlds.

“I’m an Alpha Female, and maybe I’m not a jet setter, but I’m a Type A personality and as such I’m headstrong, a go-getter woman who knows what she wants.”

This sloganized mental model is part of the new Strong Independent Woman® costume that feminism is selling to women today.

If you’re a woman who’s bought into the Confidence Porn narrative that’s so popular today, allow me to ruin that image for you. There is no such thing as an “alpha” female – at least not in the respect of the idealistic Fempowered fantasy you think applies to you. The Feminine Imperative likes to convince women that they are ‘Alpha’ using that same masculine model definitions I detailed above here. The Strong Independent Woman meme only holds up insofar as it emulates masculine success and a masculine defined concept of ‘Alpha’. By this definition every woman has a potential to be an ‘alpha’ female in her own little way. Like I said, the Confidence Porn women gobble up is so tasty because it’s so achievable – all you have to do is cop the “I’m the boss, I’m a Type A person” attitude, put some foam inserts in the shoulders of your ‘power suit’ and you too can be Alpha because you say so and you walk the same walk as an Alpha Male.

The push for female-primacy has conditioned generations of women to expect an entitled, default respect, and a deference to their authority from men. They’re told at every opportunity from the time they’re 5 years old that they can do anything, have it all, be it all, and they’re the “natural leaders of the future”. By extension this leads women to the Alpha Female trope.

Ironically, the same people who love to ridicule the idea of ‘Alpha Males’ completely accept the concept of an Alpha Female. They’ll make funny videos ridiculing the Red Pill for using ‘alpha’ as a referential term – “These jokers think they’re wolves or Silver Back Gorillas, hur hur!” – but they’ll eagerly embrace the idea of an ‘alpha’ female. That conditioned deference of the feminine makes it believable; and they like the idea that identifying with women’s delusions of empowerment might get them laid.

Attribution Bias Error

The error that women and feminism make in the ‘Alpha Female’ respect is an attribution bias error. Women are conditioned to believe that if they value the aspects of what makes men attractive, what makes them a good pairing, that men must also value those traits in women. If status, power, social proof, affluence, careerism, drive, etc. is what gets them hot for men (in the long term) then possessing those traits themselves must also be attractive in the reverse. Unfortunately for women, they’re painfully (but slowly) learning that men and women are in fact different and the lie of egalitarian equalism has essentially cost them a future with a husband, children and family living.

In order to counter this harsh reality an industry in biotech egg-freezing has sprung up around the very real female insecurity that these confident Alpha Women wont find a suitable man to start a family with now that they are well past the Wall. Feminine-primary society is capitalizing on this fear.

But the reverse is true; men’s sexual selection criteria is far more simplistic than women’s. From an evolved, naturalist perspective men select women based on looks and sexual availability – and on a subconscious level women know this, yet they rationalize that men should be interested in their coequal professionalism, status and any number of intrinsic qualities they believe they possess. The root of this misunderstanding is once again the socialized lie of egalitarian, blank-slate equalism. Only now women expect that if they invest themselves in the same pursuits as Alpha men that this should compensate for their lack of physical appeal. If men and women are functional equals what defines male dominance should also define female dominance. Evolution says differently.

The woman on the left (Reneé Sommerfield) is the true Alpha female by the standards of evolutionary realities. The woman on the right (Sheryl Sandberg) is what our gynocentric social order would have men believe should be considered an ‘alpha’ female. This is the conflict that’s at the heart of so many manufactured crises of attraction for women and the failure of their long-term plans to have a family.

The Alpha Female is really the woman who best embodies what men’s evolved, biological imperatives determine what makes her an attractive breeding and long-term mate choice. Men’s criteria is very simple; fitness, youth, assertive sexuality, playfulness, conventional femininity and genuine desire to please him. Beyond this, submission, respect, nurturing (potential mothering qualities), a natural deference to male authority, humility, admiration and an unobligated desire to recognize that man as her complementary partner are just some of the long-term attributes that make a woman someone a man might want to invest himself in a family with.

Unfortunately all of this criteria is counter to the message ‘alpha‘ Females are taught are valuable today. They are taught that anything a woman might do for the expressed pleasure of a man is anathema to the Strong Independent Woman® meme. The presumption is that a desire to meet any of this criteria is a failure on the part of a woman who demands to be the ‘equal’ of a man. Even acknowledging the innate, complementary natures of men and women is an affront to the equalist narrative. Furthermore, any man who would base (much less express) his own decision making criteria as such is shamed via social conventions. The narrative is that he must be needy, or threatened by a “strong woman” or he must want this woman to be his Mommy substitute. All of this is a social mechanic meant to force fit that natural complementary criteria into the box of egalitarian equalism.

Value Added

I don’t write for a female readership per se. In fact, I don’t really direct my writing towards any audience, but in this instance I want to end here with a message for my female readers. Take this message to the bank: the sexes evolved to be complementary to each other, not adversarial. But that adversarial feeling you get when you read me describing some unflattering aspect of female nature is the product of your own Blue Pill conditioning that’s taught you the lie of egalitarianism-as-female-empowerment. If you truly want to ‘empower‘ yourselves set aside your self-importance, look inside yourselves and ask this question –

What is it about me that a man would find attractive from a naturalistic perspective?

What do I possess that a man would truly believe is Value Added?

That may feel a bit counterintuitive to you, but understand that the reason this introspection is alien or offensive to you is because you’ve been conditioned to believe that your masculine qualities are what men should find attractive about you. You turn this offense back on men and make it their fault for not finding your ‘alpha femaleness’ the root of their attraction to you. Is the idea of changing yourself, to add value to your package, for the pleasure of a man a source of anger for you? Why is that?

I see far too many otherwise beautiful women who destroy themselves on the lie of the ‘alpha’ female and a never ending struggle to perfect an equalist archetype in themselves. They rail on about infantile men, or bemoan that men are afraid to ask them out, or ask “Where are all the good guys nowadays?” Understand that these efforts to shame men into finding something attractive about you based on your masculine criteria for attraction will always fail; leaving you a lonely childless middle aged wreck all because you refused to accept that you need to be someone worth marrying.

Men and women are better together than they are apart. We evolved to be complements to the other. But, feminism, the Feminine Imperative and an endemic Fempowerment culture have taught you to believe “you are enough”, you are complete, you don’t need a man because you can satisfy all of your own needs. This is the most damning lie ever perpetrated on womankind – that you can be it all – and only when it’s too late do women realize that they’ve been had.


  1. Developmental changes in the cortical sources of spontaneous alpha throughout adolescence

    Experimental models for evaluating non-genomic estrogen signaling

    Fight or flight? Effects of vaginal oestrus on cortisol, testosterone, and behaviour in guinea pig female-female interaction

    Off to a meeting but a few other things ive been reading up on.

  2. In wolves, play behaviour reflects the partners’ affiliative and dominance relationship

    Social physique anxiety and physical activity behaviour of male and female exercisers

    Experimentally evoked same-sex sexual behaviour in pigeons: better to be in a female-female pair than alone

  3. “Social physique anxiety and physical activity behaviour of male and female exercisers”


    Nothing to see here.

    While I find the study to be the sort of silly thing done just because money was available, it is interesting to see a null result published.

  4. Completely OT.

    The Chinese engaged in heavy attacks on Internet of Things objects in Finland just before the Trump / Putin summit. Basic stuff such as attempts at SSH exploits on TV’s, security cams, etc. Anything that might provide an image and/or audio was targeted.

    Now, the IoT provides a lot of simple tools to use in cranking up a DDOS attack, also. Which brings me to this:

    Ivan’s not under your bed. He’s hiding in your cablemodemrouter.

  5. Rugby,

    What’s with the hamstering?

    You are obviously going through a rough patch.

    Move forward. eliminate your negative thoughts, one by one.

    Stop being is grief stages.


    You have enough data, stop trying to get more.

    You all know what is going on here.

    You got nothing left to lose by climbing the next ascent.

    Move upwards.

    Get out of your fucking head and just go forward. You have all the info you need. Stop trying. And just do the script.

  6. SJF
    It’s Nathan’s death from 2016 but I’m also going through some tough resistance.

    Objectification of women results in lack of empathy
    Empathetic brain responses reduced in sexualized representations of women

    Oxytocin helps the brain to modulate social signals

    Feelings determine from which side we embrace each other

  7. @SJF

    He’s in an infine feedback loop. Going faster and faster in a circle.

    He’s making absolutely no progress and we’ve all tried.

    I probably stopped reading it over a year ago. We just need a better platform so that on an individual basis we can choose to block him and not be exposed to it.

  8. Rugby, it’s up to you to decide whether you want to continue your slow-motion suicide or move on with your life. Life can be good if you choose to live it. Don’t live in the past. Don’t chase water under the bridge.

  9. The way of the superior man by Dieda is endorsed by mrp because it is useful for guys in the anger stage and explained the joy of women in a better way than any other book. The mods agree it can be misused. The mods also agree it is not dream girls and dynamite but fuck goddesses of the universe and bloops with atom bombs. You need discernment when reading this book! When we say mrp is red pill on hard mode we are not kidding.

  10. ASD,

    “Less confident and feeling like they have less status relative to women. Feeling inadequate because they don’t live in their feelings like girls do. So they try to be more like girls and…shock!…they end up more like girls–because they were told that they were supposed to be more like girls. Told over and over and over and over…by teachers…by news media…by movies…by mothers and other female relatives…by other boys. It’s like they’ve been brainwashed or something. And told over and over that boys and girls are “equal.”

    Ding, Ding , Ding , Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

    See this everyday, at times funny/amusing at other times very exhausting when it comes to organizing/getting stuff done. Innovation is going to grind to a halt with this type of shit, literally guys slaving away for female approval and nothing else really. I’ve said it numerous times to younger guys around me, I’m/was vulnerable to this shit to as a man too, but it better be some HB7+ girl not some HB3 or 4, fuck man. Easy to get cynical with this shit, I don’t blame the girls either, it’s the fucking pussy guys out there, apex predator my ass. Better to get into philosophical mode with this shit and laugh at the scene.

    As for coding yeah KFG hit it right on the head, most of the true innovation is done there, just skimming games now, looking to save a penny here and there, falling fast to the bureaucracy of paperwork and administrative games that women excel at.

  11. Diedas (His real name is Greenberg) book and his entire “career” actually is focused on extreme blue pill idealism. In the book, he simply uses RP awareness to try to prop up blue pill idealism. His understanding and presentation of RP awareness is very thorough, detailed and organized. BUT, he presents it couched in hopeless blue pill idealism as his writings are interwoven and over woven with an extremely fantastic and unrealistic expectation of what women and sex “should” be. His MO is to use a the RP to capture or create a BP ideal. His writings are sickly over blathered with extremely glib fantastical unrealistic perceptions of sex mixed with an east Indian religious slant. His book literally sickly and hopelessly worships women and sex. He attempts to use reality to make fantasy become real. This is the greatest folly possible, and manifests a desperate attempt to personally accept a complete refusal to face reality. The book is excellent only if the reader recognizes this truth about it. But it certainly is not what “Dieda” intended.

  12. theasdgamer
    Ill be ok just stuff comes up in my dreams.

    Are you really into me?
    Uncertainty dampens sexual attractiveness of a possible partner

    Study examines alcohol’s effects on sexual aggression

    Long-term and short-term relationships initially indistinguishable
    Researchers found that paths diverge after knowing someone for a while

  13. NBTM

    As the say – YMMV. It sounds like you are getting about 3mpg from the TWSM “vehicle”. By contrast, I think I am getting about 20-25 mpg. As BPP implied upthread, Its all in how you drive.

    I’m betting you lean atheist, assume that what you can perceive about this life is all there is, and that you disdain LTRs, because that is how YOU feel about things. Kudos for knowing yourself – its all good.

    However, I and many other MRP guys don’t see things that way, so we get other useful things from the book than you did.

    In light of my newfound RP awareness, I have chosen to stay in my marriage, rather than to blow it up out of misplaced anger or resentment, because that is MY OBJECTIVE. TWSM has proven to be a valuable tool for me, and I suspect will continue to be so. I think many other “converts” who chose to pursue MRP will find value in its pages as well.

    And lest you paint me with your purple brush, know that I am operating within my LTR from a fully informed RP perspective, getting EXACTLY what I want, when I want it, and under my terms. Why would I ever want to strive for any of the fairy tale outcomes the “old books” promise if I’ve figured out how to get what I WANT while increasing her satisfaction at the same time (after all, marriage is just a long-term collection of shared experiences, so her satisfaction adds to the overall experience), using RP concepts?

    I am reconstructing my marriage FOR ME, because that is what I VALUE and its what I WANT. If this grand experiment doesn’t work out down the line, then I can always blow it up later, and be far wiser for it.

    I haven’t given much thought to how useful TWSM is to a single young guy in today’s world. I suspect that without the LTR to “experiment” on, it would be more confusing than helpful. H/T to whomever upstream suggested that a pre-existing LTR should be a prerequisite for the TWSM coursework.

  14. Rugby, how about some field reports if you really have moved on? Even if the FRs aren’t about girls–how about what you’re doing self-improvement-wise?

  15. I’m/was vulnerable to this shit to as a man too, but it better be some HB7+ girl not some HB3 or 4, fuck man.

    Slaving away, no way. Not because some broad looks good. I work for me and Mrs. Gamer is along for the ride. (Joe thought that Mrs. Gamer was wrinkled. Lol, no. She’s asian.)

  16. We start caring about our reputations as early as kindergarten.

    Thank your brain for gratitude
    Neuroimaging research demonstrates how the brain translates altruism into feelings of thankfulness

    Fathers’ early parenting quality affected by mothers
    Study shows importance of maternal ‘gatekeeping’
    80/20 principle and growing up

    Meet this girl named Mellisa on the bus the other day. Made up a Joke about how its up to her to save the planet. When you say Field report do you mean approaching the girl or banging her? Or for self improvement i started my own business? Does giving blood count or am i virtue signaling? Been interested in dancing Zouk again, I can throw women around and feel their heatbeat. Bachata and Balbaoa or some dances i miss being aroud as well but then their is always zikomba. Haven’t acted out for 2 days just been sad lately about not doing enough for people i am around.

  17. Thanks for the comment BluepillProfessor.

    The book caused minor Anger Phase for me 12 years ago when I first read it (and I had been Betatized). I’m not very good at Denial,Anger, Bargaining or Depression. I’m very good at Accepting Reality. The book benefitted me a lot in the last 5 years when used as a Red Pill tool, or in a red pill paradigm. (By the way, I was really able to benefit from BluePillProfessors book as a Red Pill too. Thanks BPP! ).

    Understanding how men act. (A man’s way.)
    Understanding how women feel. (Dealing with women)
    And the wisdom to know the difference. (Dog/cat language)
    Working with Masuline/Feminine polarity.
    What women really want.
    Your own personal dark side/shadow self
    Feminine Attractiveness and it’s benefits.

    @Not Born This Morning

    I stand corrected by you in regards to it helping other men. No lie. I appreciate your comment and warning.

    Like I said, I’m solipsistic about it. And I’m not at much risk to commit blue pill or purple pill felonies. I’m tight with three other buddies (really intelligent ones)who are strict Red Pill that can tell me my blind spots in real life. (They’ve seen a lot out of me and can vouch for the lack of blue pill/purple pill practice). And I have a lot fewer blind spots these days. I enjoy where I am, happy and satisfied with (adequate) desire sex.

  18. ASD

    “I’m/was vulnerable to this shit to as a man too, but it better be some HB7+ girl not some HB3 or 4, fuck man.

    Slaving away, no way. Not because some broad looks good. I work for me and Mrs. Gamer is along for the ride. (Joe thought that Mrs. Gamer was wrinkled. Lol, no. She’s asian.)”

    I was referring to my blue pill days, now adays doesn’t matter what the HB she is to me.
    I’m partial to Asians myself , they age well but you gotta be on your game, tons of white guys being led around by them in the malls, and it’s very clear they control the relationship.

  19. @fox

    lol, yeah, asians can be manipulative as hell…pretend submissiveness while they lead you by the nose…and sexually liberated…or pretend to be a madonna….pretty much like other women, lol…their advantage is that their skin ages better if they take care of it, which most do…otoh, they have flat asses and usually smaller boobs

  20. @rugby

    A field report shows what you are doing positively, moving forward, whether it’s banging girls, flirting with girls, playing with a new toy, starting a new job, dealing with a divorce…pretty much anything where you are trying to accomplish your mission.

  21. rugby
    Haven’t acted out for 2 days just been sad lately about not doing enough for people i am around.

    Dancing is good. You lifting, getting regular upper body exercise? Getting 30 min of walking per day? Enough sunlight?

    Rugby, you have to take proper care of yourself before you can help others.

  22. theasdgamer
    Here are my goals
    Finished up my own business. Head to gym later. Eat less sugar and make my own food.

    Anonymous Reader
    Here are my lifting goals
    284 bench
    431 dead lifts
    372 squats
    Walking right after this. Garden in sunlight

    Parental care is associated with mate value in adult offspring, research shows
    Receiving parental care is associated with increased attractiveness as a partner

    Biological sex tweaks nervous system networks, plays role in shaping behavior

    Women’s preference for masculine faces not linked with hormones

  23. In today’s episode of We are Doomed – LGBTQIA2S (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender,queer,questioning, intersexual, asexual, and two-spirit; no, I’m not making that up) Mathematx:

    “In this article, I seek to bring into conversation ideas from ethnomathematics (including Western mathematics), postcolonial theory, aesthetics, biology, and Indigenous knowledge in order to propose a new vision for practicing mathematics, something I refer to as
    mathematx. I do so in order to promote interaction between different knowledges, different ways of knowing, and different knowers.”

  24. Ugh.. I don’t even know what to say after reading most of these comments…

    @Blax – You’re growing on me.. In between the petty troll wars you have with others I see an old school thinker and I appreciate that. Your typing sucks though. 😂

    @Cole – You expose feminism’s blatant ‘women are better’ agenda.. You and hubby (of just one year, lol) have the same career.. so why exactly does he pay most the bills. The problem you’ll find one day is that the relationshit is clearly in Your Frame, and you will tire of that, despite it being exactly what you asked for. I’m betting even now you have little respect for the man. Most of us here aren’t incels sweetheart.. We likely know a lot more about relationships (yours included) and M/F nature than you want to accept. Read more and actually think on it, I dare you. 😘

  25. @kfg
    From the Latinx’s page, a link to her Twit:

    An important day in history. Although racist, Lyndon B. Johnson signed into office the 1974 Civil Rights Act. Did…

    Clearly the kind of keen thinker with attention to detail that a College of Ed desperately needs.
    I see tenure in her future…

  26. @Rugby

    The men above suggested to man up and post your own thoughts instead of copy-pasting links you find over the web. After that you somehow intensified the trolling of the comment section. They tried to help I think and was not meant as shit test for you to agree and amplify!

  27. Whoever it was that linked “theatlantic” article on dating preferences, very nice find! I just read it.
    That seems to be a pretty concrete academic study based on metadata that completely validates Rollo’s SMV chart as well as the 80/20 principle in that desirable women only replied to 20% of the messages they recieved from the 80% of men who initiated first contact.. Doesn’t get much more proven that that!

  28. kfg
    You have mispronouned mujera.

    Your heteronormative transphobia is showing….

  29. SjR
    No, AR this was it.

    You just pointed me to the Atlantic. Not to the study.
    In the article in the Atlantic there is a pointer to the study that the Atlantic is citing.

    This is the link to the study from the Atlantic article:

    This it the link that I generously provided for you above:

    I prefer primary sources. Your milage may vary. Please read more carefully.

  30. Rugby’s posting are sub-communicating a frustration and a sign of his own squirming like a toad/choad.

    I don’t feel annoyed by it much. It is annoying, though. You have too much too gain, by having nothing left to lose Rugby.

    What he is doing is exhibiting “pressure of speech”.

    Gods know I’ve had it here.

    If I can be self observing it is because I’ve had slight anxiety, in getting to unconscious competence from the threshold of conscious competence. It has been because of blind spots, most of which I’ve been enlightened by red pill buddies on a regular basis. So not so much for me anymore. When I see it happening, we know, we know.

    Rugby has C-PSTD.

    Which he is able to overcome. If he flips a switch and stops wallowing in despair.

    It takes acceptance in the five stages.

    Stop trying too hard to understand Rugby, proceed to act on what you want, and stop hoping for it to be easier, rather than you be better.

    Stop spamming. It’s not attractive.

    We all know what is going on here, with you.

    Get up and do. No DEERing.

  31. Mommy equated the cubs with teddy bears to the kids. That’s something that could come back to bite them.

  32. Reports of 911/Sandy Hook “truthers” sites being purged from WordPress using an unannounced change to the TOS to do it:

    “malicious publication of unauthorized, identifying images of minors.”

  33. Feminism is just a cover to save face for the 80 % of weman that don’t secure a Alfa mate. Invest in cat litter and wine company’s

  34. I am a woman. I have no desire to pass on my genes. I am no Renee Sommerville. There is nothing special about them. So what is the big deal?
    I hate pronatalist bullshit that says you have to reproduce. No, you don’t.

  35. In regards to MGTOW, I can’t help but think there is something there worth exploring, while not MGTOW myself, it’s always struck me they are on to something , I wonder if that something is the search for freedom , not necessarily from women or constraint but freedom from western societal expectations and norms which are unrealistic and frankly unachievable in the modern environment.

    Perhaps in the future we will hopefully see a MWCGTOW movement, ala the hippies but in reverse, with more conservative family values and structure. We are quickly coming to a crossroads/fork in the road, if one wants children vs no children, depending on what is wanted the road ahead is drastically different. I wouldn’t underestimate nature/biology on this point, the sole goal of the human species is to reproduce and the current structure is not sustainable towards reproduction, nature may still yet throw us a curveball.

    I wouldn’t be too hard on the MGTOW guys, they may have a portion of the key for the success of men/women and children in the future.

  36. @KFG

    ‘It comes to WordPress:’

    The point they don’t get is that they’re also de plat forming their customers.

    In the case of infowars they’ve just pissed off a million people – just like that. Done. A million plus one actually because I’m pissed and I didn’t even know infowars existed but I do now.

    How many times can you do at? All they’ve got to do now is go and get another million customers that aren’t pissed at them. Ad revenue will drop. Etc..

    It’s unmitigated hubris, and it will Sooner rather than later bite their arses.

  37. @Orson

    I read some time ago a report that Stan Mugabe spent all night for months on end trawling the internet looking for a cure for HIV.

    I think he got that idea from Rugby.

  38. @Lisa

    You don’t have to reproduce! Maybe you can take some time for introspection and think why the hell your parents brought you to life! What’s the point of it?
    Why they would invest so much time, effort and resources to raise you? Maybe because they hoped you would do the same by reproducing and passing on their genes to the next generation instead of wasting your life that was so close to never happening by being just another load on your mom’s face!

  39. Lisa may truly not have the genes to reproduce. Probably unhealthy. But the elites have used the schools to program the middle class to not want to reproduce because the middle class is the biggest threat to their power.

  40. “The point they don’t get is that they’re also de plat forming their customers.”

    I don’t know that I originated it, but there’s a meme I’ve been pushing for about 20 years regarding “free” services that in the past year or so has suddenly started to spread:

    If you’re not the paying customer, you’re the product.

    Still, running out of product is also a problem for a business.

    “Ad revenue will drop.”


    Disclaimer of Bias: Google deplatformed me from YT years ago. It had nothing to do with content. They refused to honor my YT account to force me to open a Google account, which I refused.

  41. @ KFG

    I get your point. I had regarded readers as customers because thats who the advertising was aimed at. Though the advertisers are also customers on the other end of the contract.

    I only thought of it this way because I have had businesses that for over a decade have employed hundreds of staff and – I forget the precise figure – but probably only accumulated about 50,000 – 100,000 customers in that time.

    It’s hard work and expensive to get a customer in the real world which is why most proper businesses work harder at keeping them than getting them.

    And these assholes drop 1M in the bat of an eye? And thats only the start of it?

    It’s fucking deluded. They got superfucklucky to be attached to the business model at the right place right time and it has totally warped their brains.

    If they’re working on a 10% Nett margin and they lose 10% of their customers, then everything else being equal they’re going broke overnight. I haven’t done the figures but this is what Trump understands with CNN and NFL etc… You don’t need to lose many customers to bankrupt a business.

    A lotta snowflakes are gonna melt quite soon on the Dole.. (that’s benefits to you boys over the pond).

  42. “They got superfucklucky to be attached to the business model at the right place right time . . .”

    The business model was the dot com era model of getting bought up by a bigger fish. Google is still trying to figure out how to extract the first dime of profit from it.

  43. Pronoun trouble: “It” refers to YouTube. Facebook, which also ditched those million pairs of eyes has been profitable, but is shrinking fast.

  44. “And these assholes drop 1M in the bat of an eye? And thats only the start of it?”

    YouTube is under pressure from major brands to keep their preroll away from content that the brands call controversial or extreme. YT and Google (they act as separate entities in their business practices) have automated systems to delist individual web pages, video clips or entire sites. You might be surprised by the lack of floors of people combing over all the content.

    YT is not in danger of losing much business over the Alex Jones situ. Some of those “million” people will still view other content.

    Free speech is tossed around loosely. Google is not infringing on anybody’s free speech. You can setup your own video server (costly) or use many of the other services. WordPress is no different. Host your site on the many other systems and manage the server yourself, it’s not that hard and is very cheap.

    Anybody (Rollo included) that relies on hosting with a free service or one that has strict content rules is at risk of being banned or dropped as a customer. Host your own, do backups and don’t rely on the matrix. If shit hits the fan setup your own email service newsletters which is much less “regulated” by content snoopers.

  45. roused

    Host your site on the many other systems and manage the server yourself, it’s not that hard and is very cheap.

    None of that helped Stormfront…

    The site abruptly vanished Aug. 26 after Network Solutions, an internet registrar with control over its web address, seized the domain name after receiving complaints brought by a legal group that said the site had violated its terms of service, effectively making it impossible to access the site simply by visiting

    Snip… Lights out.

  46. Rollo and his squad should get an IT committee in place and figure out how to become antifragile viz Stormfront’s woes… Because it is coming. I expect the Chateau to go dark come fall.

  47. Stormfront😂

    I guess if you don’t find anything dangerous or highly offensive about a ( long running) sites content, then it’s all good.

    Censorship is the domain of the government. That’s what you’re constitutionally protected from. Roused is correct. Either one supports every have filled violence inducing rhetorical site ( no favorites because muh FEELZ), or you do not. Private companies, as I’ve been told a million times over the last decade, are ” kings ” and the foundation of our economy😀 so either they are, or they aren’t. If the supreme court can uphold a cake makers right to not sell cakes based on his personal religious beliefs, then the signals are sent.

    Personally I never cared whether Stormfront lived or died. No skin in that game and the site was useful to most ” target ” people I know. They’re like those nambla/man boy love sites.eventually enough support will gather to put a stop to these things.

    Freedom of speech is consistently falsely equated with freedom from consequences.

    I was approached a few years back about a petition regarding shutting down heartiste. I declined participation, but it does signal a coming surprise for the site. Heartiste shoulda stuck with pua style content instead of the fairly steady stream of political racial shit that’s becoming the basis of the site ( especially the comments ). Posts are being circulated around. I get at least one a week in my inbox. Tick…tick…tick.

    No freedom from consequences.

    Personally I just ignore this shit. I see it, I understand it, it’s not really all that he’s over my lifetime, but there are mechanisms to address these things where in the past one couldn’t.

    Finally, I council young people to exercise their rights and political desires, because if you don’t, you will only further be relegated to eating as much shit as people take great pleasure in serving up.

    Get your own servers, set up your own thing, don’t ask anyone for anything, and don’t complain I’m told all the time not to complain or play the victim.

    Goose meet gander.

  48. Clarification: there’s usually 2 sides to every ” story “. My perspective will most likely differ from a majority here because of experience. One sided information isn’t really information wrt to people imo.

  49. “That’s what you’re constitutionally protected from.”

    This is correct, but does not imply this:

    “Censorship is the domain of the government.”

    A defining characteristic of fascism is that censorship is not primarily done by the government.

  50. Oh, one last point.

    YT de-platforms people every day. Sometimes with any real explanations. It’s happened to a lot of people I know personally. Nobody has a ” right ” to have content on private company’s websites.

  51. No freedom from consequences.

    Take note of the last line…


    They tell us, sir, that we are weak; unable to cope with so formidable an adversary. But when shall we be stronger? Will it be the next week, or the next year? Will it be when we are totally disarmed, and when a British guard shall be stationed in every house? Shall we gather strength by irresolution and inaction? Shall we acquire the means of effectual resistance, by lying supinely on our backs, and hugging the delusive phantom of hope, until our enemies shall have bound us hand and foot? Sir, we are not weak if we make a proper use of those means which the God of nature hath placed in our power. Three millions of people, armed in the holy cause of liberty, and in such a country as that which we possess, are invincible by any force which our enemy can send against us. Besides, sir, we shall not fight our battles alone. There is a just God who presides over the destinies of nations; and who will raise up friends to fight our battles for us. The battle, sir, is not to the strong alone; it is to the vigilant, the active, the brave. Besides, sir, we have no election. If we were base enough to desire it, it is now too late to retire from the contest. There is no retreat but in submission and slavery! Our chains are forged! Their clanking may be heard on the plains of Boston! The war is inevitable²and let it come! I repeat it, sir, let it come.

    It is in vain, sir, to extenuate the matter. Gentlemen may cry, Peace, Peace²but there is no peace. The war is actually begun! The next gale that sweeps from the north will bring to our ears the clash of resounding arms! Our brethren are already in the field! Why stand we here idle? What is it that gentlemen wish? What would they have? Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!”

    Patrick Henry – St. John’s Church, Richmond, Virginia
    March 23, 1775

    and remember it will cut both ways.

  52. Kfg

    Point taken. I’ve been told over the years that we aren’t lurching towards fascism though….😁.

    When I’ve tried posting rebuttal on heartiste in the comments, no single comment is allowed to go through. Been like that for years. Roosh actually banned me ( for countering how opinion that Asian women don’t find black men attractive…) After he replied to me something along the lines of ” don’t come here with that stuff “. Lol, no more posting allowed.

    So I find some of the censorship talk a little odd.

  53. ” . . . on heartiste in the comments, no single comment is allowed to go through . . . Roosh actually banned me . . .”

    Been there, doing that.

    But then they have always been publishers. YT and FB like to be carriers when it protects them, but publishers when it suits them.

    Pick ONE.

  54. A lot of you conservatives think that Big Business is Ok and laissez faire. Laissez faire only promotes large monopolies. If you want competition, you have to fight the tendency of business to form monopolies. Just look at history. Antitrust lawsuits are a good thing. Big business promotes socialism, gun control, compliance regulation, crony capitalism, illegal immigration, and fights free speech. Big Business tries to minimize competition, which is essential to Adam Smith’s capitalism. Look at history.

    Traditional Republicans were for small business and against Big Business. Just like Big Government, Big Business fights classic liberalism.

  55. “Traditional Republicans were for small business and against Big Business.”

    That is traditional republicans, like Jefferson. The Republican party ended slavery in the US by creating Big Government.

  56. Interesting… we (USA) have freedom of the press, and print what we want. However, that doesn’t mean anyone can force a newspaper/magazine business to publish their article/content. We have the right to publish freely, but an author has no right to force a business to publish them.

    When an internet site refuses to “publish” content does that business have the same precedent as a newspaper or is the internet a different communication medium falling under freedom of speech in that we can just say whatever we want.

  57. Up until recently, it was mostly teh people that ” owned ” the internet, to a great extent.

    But pay attention. Corporations/ip providers have been slowly changing the rules to garner more ” control ” ( wrt how average citizens gain access ) over the net, content, speeds and delivery.

    And along with that will come varying degrees of fuckery for most of the population.

    The bright side is that cat videos will always have highest priority.

  58. “When an internet site refuses to “publish” content does that business have the same precedent as a newspaper . . .”

    Yes, but that causes it to fall under the terms of those legal liabilities.

    ” . . . is the internet a different communication medium falling under freedom of speech in that we can just say whatever we want.”

    Yes, but that causes it to fall under the legal terms of those legal restrictions of action.

    A site owner can choose which path he wishes to take, but he can’t choose “both as it supports my own interests.”

  59. Point taken. I’ve been told over the years that we aren’t lurching towards fascism though…

    Fascism promotes Big Business and crony capitalism and penalizes small businesses. In some ways, fascism is closer to the American Left than it is to the American right. Fascism promotes gun control and fights free speech and promotes certain privileged groups.

    National Socialism wasn’t exactly the same as fascism because it incorporated ideas about racial purity. National Socialism understood correctly that tribal loyalties override national interests, but its ideas about racial purity were bullshit. During WW1, Jewish Socialist leaders called for a strike and shut down German arms producing factories during a critical time of the war, resulting in the defeat of the German side.

    Many of our elites have tribal loyalties. That’s fine, but the rest of us should be aware that not all Americans are invested as heavily in our national interests as we are. Of course, the Neo-Anticolonialists actively work against American interests.

    Who benefits from Anti-Natalism? Cui bono? If Anti-Natalism has much impact, immigration becomes more interesting to the populace. The elites and maybe the Russians and Chinese benefit.

  60. “Traditional Republicans were for small business and against Big Business.”

    That is traditional republicans, like Jefferson. The Republican party ended slavery in the US by creating Big Government.

    And by fighting compliance regulations, it has fought against Big Business.

    Big Government is the source of Big Corp.

    And John Sherman, who authored the Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890 was a Democrat. Oh, wait…

    Which party pushed Antitrust legislation? Which party sought to enforce Antitrust legislation?

    The Sherman Act did not have the immediate effects its authors intended, although Republican President Theodore Roosevelt’s federal government sued 45 companies, and William Taft used it against 75 companies

    Sure, there were unintended consequences, but look at intent.

  61. I’m having an internal debate over selling my selling my thirty shares of Google stock to help fund my daughter’s wedding next year. My cost basis is half$222 and the other half is$444.

    And I hope to have grand-kids Asap.

  62. @Pinelero:

    An analogy; a UPS guy does not face prosecution because there is something illegal in a package he’s carrying. A runner for a criminal cartel does.

    UPS doesn’t decide what goes into the packages, so it has a level of immunity. The cartel does decide what goes into it’s packages, so it is liable.

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