Dangerous Times – Part 2

The fulfillment of your own sexuality is nothing less than your battle for existence. – Pook

If you’ve been wondering what I’ve been doing lately over the past week I took it upon myself to read through the 7,000 word short story “Cat Person” that’s recently gone viral. The author, 36 year old Kristen Roupenian, was also offered a one million dollar book deal to expand the story even further. You too can read the whole thing if you have the stomach, but it reads every bit like the passive-aggressive indirection I’d expected it would coming from a less-than Hypergamously satisfied woman who’s well past the Wall. Rather than craft a concrete article about her own inner conflict (and by association all women’s conflict) of having ‘inconvenient’ casual sex, she thought she wanted, we get an overwritten fiction that sock-puppets herself as the main character.

If this book does publish, trust me, it wont be a new 50 Shades of Grey. Cat Person  resonates with women today because we now live in the #MeToo era of moral panic inspired by the same Future is Female outrage brokers who brought us pink pussy knitted caps and the women’s march in the wake of Hillary Clinton’s defeat. I decided to split this series of essays into two parts because at this moment in history we are beginning to see the culmination of the predictions I alluded to in my essay, The Political is Personal. We are seeing, in real time, just how a feminine-primary social order and a growing female supremacism consolidates its power. But as I outlined in that essay, this power is always predicated on the hope of ensuring the largest pool of women are legally and socially entitled to the unquestioned, and unmerited, optimization of Hypergamy.

Any man with a Red Pill Lens reading through Cat Person will easily pick out the social conventions and rationalizations unique to women’s ‘hamstering’ (“Flirting with her customers was a habit she’d picked up back when she worked as a barista, and it helped with tips.”) that the manosphere has been picking apart for almost two decades now. And, like most women, the female readership find nothing inconsistent or conflicting about any of it. Roupenian breezes through the ins and outs of women’s sexual pluralism and the differences between transactional (Beta) and validational (Alpha) sex without so much as an afterthought – and her readers eat it up with the same solipsism.

However, the overarching concern for women about this story is the issue of the newly coined term “enthusiastic consent”. Our poor Margot (the main character and proxy for the author, and ultimately all women) is torn up by a casual sexual encounter that at first she thought she wanted, but later, even after giving the guy the green light to have sex with her, she loses enthusiasm to bang him. Yet, not to be rude or to create an uncomfortable scene, she goes through with the inconvenient, lack luster, sex because it was easier to say yes than to say no.

There are other names for this kind of sex: gray zone sex, in reference to that murky gray area of consent; begrudgingly consensual sex, because, you know, you don’t really want to do it but it’s probably easier to just get it over with; lukewarm sex, because you’re kind of “meh” about it; and, of course, bad sex, where the “bad” refers not to the perceived pleasure of it, but to the way you feel in the aftermath.

Essentially, this shift from Yes Means Yes consent to Enthusiastic Consent ask the last questions in women’s social consolidation of Hypergamy:

“Must I still have to have transactional sex with Betas if all my provisional needs are more or less met?”

“If I’m an ’empowered’ woman, am I not entitled to the sex I want to have with Alpha men that validate both my hindbrain and my ego?”

“Can transactional sex with Betas be used as leverage to extort resources from them at any future date by redefining that undesired sex as ‘rape’?”

Curb Your “Enthusiasm”

The reason I believe that Roupenian’s future book will fall flat is because the viral conversation her short story elicits is about a new terminology that the Feminine Imperative hopes to insert into the public sphere – that of ‘enthusiastic consent‘ being the only legitimate form of consent a woman can give a man. Anything less than genuine enthusiasm (however this is arbitrarily defined by women) is at best illegitimate consent and at worst rape – even if every indicator a woman gives a man prior to, during and after sex says ‘yes’ she still means ‘no’ and, as we’ll see here, it will be incumbent on that man to be an adequate mindreader and sexual evaluator to determine her real degree of ‘enthusiasm’ both in the moment and into the future.

There’s a lot to unpack here, but I wanted to begin with a comment I received last week:

If you read feminist literature, the intent behind “enthusiastic consent” seems to have good intentions. Its based on the following purported beliefs:

  • That there is a huge incidence of coerced sex and sexual contact, which is mostly inadvertent rather than malicious. The best way to correct this is to teach men the principles of EC. 
  • That the idea of a sharp Alpha/Beta divide in men’s sexual attractiveness is a myth propagated by the misogynistic Right. Furthermore, girls and women have a realistic idea of their own SMV and will be attracted to their male equivalent.

Thus, feminists believe a free sexual market will see assortive mating with both men and women being able to get a similar amount of sex. This is why when men complain of the difficulty of getting sex, many women will retort that it must be because they are only chasing “supermodels”.

Look at Charlie Rose, is this a man with any Red Pill at all? Giving shoulder rubs to office girls, showing porn to a couple, this is all high school Beta stuff. But he had a TV show that lots of famous people wanted to get on. Clearly Beta-ized, but a situational Alpha. In my not so humble opinion most of the #MeToo girls are going after former situational Alphas because they turned out to be Blue Pill Beta after all…they feel cheated, and are just so sure that all the other girls got to ride a real Alpha pony on the carousel, so the fury comes out.

The ‘enthusiastic’ consent social push we are just on the cusp of today is the next progression in the larger goal of feminism – removing all constraints on female sexuality while maximally restricting male sexuality. ‘Enthusiastic consent’ will be the raison d’etat for the legislation leading to the outlawing of any form of male sexual expression.

From The Political is Personal:

The inherent insecurity that optimizing Hypergamy poses to women is so imperative, so all-consuming, to their psychological wellbeing that establishing complex social orders to facilitate that optimization were the first things women collectively constructed when they were (nominally) emancipated from men’s provisioning around the time of the sexual revolution.

Ensuring the optimization of women’s biologically prompted Hypergamy is literally the basis of our current social order. On a socio-political scale what we’re experiencing is legislation and cultural mandates that better facilitate Alpha Fucks and Beta Bucks.

[…]As Open Hypergamy becomes more institutionalized and made a societal norm by the Feminine Imperative, and as more men become Red Pill aware (by effort or consequences) because of it, the more necessary it will become for a feminine-primary social order to legislate and mandate men comply with it.

As much as I’d like to believe that normalizing ‘enthusiastic consent’ may lead to women overplaying their hand, I have to consider how the specificity of defining consent will also redefine past sexual norms and intersexual dynamics; not just among single individuals having loosely defined “consensual” sex, but also married couples and how sex (or lack thereof) defines their relationships. As if the men of today needed one more reason to be wary of marriage and how it will eventually affect their sex lives, now we can add the potential for ‘marital rape’ accusations based on EC (enthusiastic consent) to that list; and all in light of women’s less than enthusiastic response to any of her husband’s advances. God forbid a mewling Beta pouts his way into this grey zone ‘duty sex’ with his unenthusiastic wife.

What were witnessing here is the insertion of college campus consent laws into Marriage 2.0, and as designed its intent is to further disrupt marriage and family. Even in the old books presumptions about marriage a man could expect his commitment to a wife and family meant a plenary exchange of sexual access. But when enthusiastic consent is a prerequisite for legitimizing sexual encounters, anything resembling a woman’s putting out duty sex for her husband, even starfish lack luster obligatory sex is defined as rape.

I got the following comment from last week’s Red Pill Reddit forum repost:

The fundamental driver is removal of female responsibility for her actions, pushing all responsibility onto men. Whatever happens between a man and a woman, women universally agree that the man is to blame for any and all results, including her subsequent regret.

Responsibility used to be on women to say “no” if she wanted to claim rape. This responsibility has been removed. No longer does she have to verbalise lack of consent. No longer does she even have to verbalise actual consent. She can decide after the fact…. years after the fact…. whether her consent was in fact enthusiastic enough, and she can base that on her future feelings. “But did you enthusiastically scream yes?” her friends will ask, which is more than the police or the public will subsequently ask of her.

Women side with women. Whiteknights, weak Betas and naive Blue Pill fools side with women. Everyone agrees women are right and men are wrong.

And this is the intended result: women are not to be held responsible for their actions. They are not to be held responsible at any cost – including the destruction of male lives.

I presented this point in Men and Suicide, but just to recap, on a subconscious level women will always seek to absolve themselves of complicity in men’s personal destruction. This extends from destroying mens lives due to regrets over not optimizing Hypergamy, to any concern over men committing suicide. At present, women are attempting to reconcile ‘bad sex’ with ‘inconvenient sex’ they have in spite of themselves. However, the same absolution of any inherent complicity in this ‘transactional’ sex ends with blaming men for women’s lack of agency or self-moderation:

Bad sex isn’t even necessarily coercive. I’m talking about having a sexual encounter you don’t want to have because in the moment it seems easier to get it over with than it would be to extricate yourself.

Young women say yes to sex they don’t actually want to have all of the time. Why? Because we condition young women to feel guilty if they change their mind. After all, you’ve already made it back to his place, or you’re already on the bed, or you’ve already taken off your clothes, or you’ve already said yes. Do you really want to have an awkward conversation about why you want to stop? What if it hurts his feelings? What if it ruins the relationship? What if you seem like a bitch?

The problem in this rationale isn’t about women changing their mind or feeling guilty – those are excuses for male-initiated victimhood for women and absolve women’s complicity – rather, the focus should be on the fact that women going through with this type of sex presently have the option to ruin a man’s life at any future date by defining it as ‘unwanted sex’. Ella Dawson may not want to conflate transactional, Beta sex as rape, but that’s where this conversation is leading us to.

Is it OK for Alpha Males?

I apologize for forgetting who it was that sent me this link, but the present day #MeToo moral panic combined with notions of “enthusiastic consent” and a resulting atmosphere of fear in intersexual dynamics was predicted as far back as 2004, and by a woman no less:

Sexual harassment is a crime committed by beta-males who think they can get away with alpha behavior. But that is a distinction too delicate for the blunt instrument of the law. How do you explain to a judge why one man’s comedy is another man’s bone-chilling lechery? And can we really expect the beta-males themselves to understand the difference?

I found this article very prescient about our present moral panic. In the last two posts I’ve made the case that what were finally seeing on a social scale is the consolidation of women’s entitlement to an almost socialistic guarantee of optimized Hypergamy. Through any number of direct and indirect institutions we’ve now virtually guaranteed women a right to Beta men’s resources, protection and provisioning as well as a dominant social status above them both at home and in the workplace. Whether overtly or covertly, women dominate Beta men; the last piece of consolidating Hypergamy is then the (at least partial) control of Alpha Fucks.


As we move into 2018 – an era to be defined even more thoroughly by the Future is Female, #MeToo and Enthusiastic Consent – I believe we’ll see a push for the following:

  • Sexual harassment will indeed be a crime committed by Beta males who fail at a convincing ‘Alpha’ behavior. As such the push will be to get Beta men to self-police their behavior via fear. There will be a doubling down on the part of Blue Pill White Knights and ‘Feminist Allies’ in the wake of the social and legal options women will have to be believed of men’s sexual misconduct allegations by default. Feminized men will “try harder” and rat out their rivals for any hint of misconduct in an Orwellian effort to be more appealing and identifying with women.
  • Only confident Alpha men, or men well versed in Game, will be allowed to approach women from a perspective of social acceptability. However, even then it will be a woman’s prerogative to later define that approach or subsequent interaction as harassment if that Alpha doesn’t comply with a woman’s long term security needs, provisioning and parental investment ‘entitlements’. The latent purpose of a suspension of the statutes of limitation for sexual harassment will center on locking down (perceptually) Alpha men in a long term relationship.
  • This new feminine-primary sexual paradigm will further limit Beta men’s sexual access and increase reproduction stress in the few Beta men who don’t pragmatically drop out of the sexual marketplace altogether. This will also reinforce boys/men’s conditioning of loathing their own gender. They will be taught to accept this feminine-primary sexual strategy, as well as the legal restrictions  on his power of choice and his life’s direction as the societal norm.
  • Legal mandates and societal mores will directly and indirectly ensure Beta men’s compliance in all aspects of parental investment in children he was not biologically responsible for, as well as women’s long term security.

Now, more than ever it is imperative that men become Red Pill awakened and see the writing on the wall with a Red Pill Lens. All of this may seem horribly unavoidable, but let me emphasize, it’s not for men who are aware of, and have internalized intersexual dynamics and can plan accordingly.

In the last installment of this series I’ll be delving into some of the larger socio-sexual implications of where we find ourselves today and where I see present day intersexual relations leading us in a larger scale as well as what Red Pill men can do to win at whats becoming a very dangerous game.


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  1. @EhIntellect –

    “Questions for you: Why so much more heat than light? What do you gain here, when here?”

    Nothing. But, I’m able to burn off some “heat”. And why not?

    Why would “light” be better, or serve better than “heat”?

    There are times and places appropriate for both, sometimes together. The way I see it is, “things are what they are”, what is happening is happening. We are aware of what is happening and the factors involved because we are ”enlightened”, partly by the “light” shown here.

    Do you think some “new” “light” or “more enlightenment” will magically change current conditions?

    Enlightenment is good until it is sought as a diversion to avoid dealing with reality at which point it is no longer enlightenment but self delusion, a psychological avoidance mechnisim. Seeking more ”light” so you will no longer see what is in plane view an will not have to risk fire by turning up the “heat” is a sissy’s hope out. You cannot “enlighten” your way away from what you should burn down. The trash will pile up and consume you if you don’t turn up the heat and burn it.

    If it’s too hot for you, then maybe you should get the fuck out of the kitchen.

    Why am I here with the heat?

    Well, enlightenment is not action. Enlightenment is good, but it alone does not solve problems and a quest indulged for further “enlightenment” to avoid the truth is simply an exercise in foolishness. Just like pretending or attempting to portray bullshit like being a “non gentle gentleman” accomplishes nothing but proving to everyone that you are capable of being a bullshit artist.

    “Heat”….anger accomplishes far more than our sissified, squeamish populace of “men” seem to want to accomplish. Anger, that “evil” emotion that our enemies want us to self mitigate for their own purposes is the one thing they fear the most. They would rather have us philosophizing, pontificating, and discussing our condition among ourselves while doing nothing about it. As long as we are happy to play intellectual and rhetorical racquet ball, mostly with each other, they are quite pleased and entertained in fact as they periodically interject catalytic comments.

    So, I am here with “heat”.

    Would you feeeeel safer, more comfortable, more secure in your quest for more “light” if I went away? If you didn’t feel my heat, would it help you ignore your own?

  2. NBTM,

    Easy, man. I ‘m on your side.

    “Would you feeeeel safer, more comfortable, more secure in your quest for more “light” if I went away?”

    No my comment wasn’t about me. I was taking a legitimate interest in your story and don’t take your defensiveness personally either.

    No snark here: Stress kills. I hope you find what you’re looking for.

  3. Blaximus
    What’s it like living with/ dating / being married to a woman that would even consider calling the cops on you?

    I dunno what it’s like to be married to a woman like, that but it stinks badly to date one. That level of entiltled-special-princess-strong-independent-sista-doin-it-for-her-self feminist arrogance can be hidden for about two or three hours tops. Then it’s like week-old raw fish under the table.

    It stinks. Which is what led to me dumping more than one “bright, college educated” women . Old story, and their are more of those bitches on wheels now than back in previous days. This is one reason every young man needs Game.

    Bonus I know a divorced man who married a tolerably pleasant women who became that kind of woman – she did call the cops on him at least once. Did I mention divorced? This is why every man needs Game, espeically married men.

    Bonus Bonus: In the era of #MeeToo even men who are close to going ghost need Game, because just bumping into some entitled feminist hag on the street could be enough to get a false accusation of something.

  4. @ theasdgamer

    Enough with this Dancing shit it’s getting old! I don’t think there is anyone on here that doesn’t know that’s your angle.

    You think you have shit figured out but to me seems like you are just a ” situational alpha” that uses your dancing hobby to instill dread in your wife.

    Away from your dance “arena” it probably has had the by product of improving your frame as you believe you have abundance due to your interactions at your dance meetings so not all bad, but at the end of the day you are just running a form of “Clown game” a dancing monkey if you will.

    You have found yourself a niche that works for you and that’s all well and good, but then you come on here trash talking like you got shit figured out and I for one just don’t fucking buy it!

  5. If people have been paying attention, dancing isn’t my main strategy. Dancing hints at what my main strategy is. Anybody care to guess? (Hint: Rollo talks about it in TRM.)

  6. palmasailer

    I have a teenage son WHOM I don’t want to become a herb..


    How many men here have given a copy of Rollo’s book or books to a young man?

  7. Blaximus @447

    Thinking of women as ” inferior ” is an awful tactical mistake, and it’s just plain not true.

    Worse than a mistake, it is a blunder. The White Knights in western countris 100 years ago thought of women as inferior in the sense 447 said, but also virtuous – more virtuous than men, in fact. In the US one slogan that was used to give women the vote? Women would clean up politics, because they were more moral than men. No, I’m not joking.

    All of the behaviors of women exist as some form of compnsation for their physical weakness compared to men. It is a blunder to think of them as “inferior” just because of that.

  8. @Rugby

    “I also enjoy the company of mostly like minded men which is difficult to find in real life.”

    The Independent article (written by a woman) was the stupidest thing I’ve read in the last 45 years. Totally written as a Blue Pill, Matrix programming pablum. Good guy friends don’t have bromances as that is a passive social matrix girly thing. Guys respect other guys, get together and hang out to get something done. To be on task. Sometimes they don’t even know that they are hanging out to get something done, but that is always in the background and is foundational to male spaces.

    It’s not actually that difficult to find the company of like minded men in real life.

    1. Find someone you resonate with and wants to accomplish something that you want to accomplish. (Or invent something to accomplish.)

    2. Go accomplish something together.

    3. Be complementary in your relationship and calibrate yourself in the hierarchy. Be cognitive of the mentor/mentee dynamic. Which sometimes swings back and forth. Give to other men what they need and be open to let them give you what you need. It doesn’t have to be in a gently fashion. It can be in a testing fashion. Testing is good, it’s masculine.

    4. Get a mentor for yourself or become a mentor to someone that shows promise of wanting to self-improve.

    Once you understand the underlying dynamic. Once you understand what you want. Once you understand what they want–well begun is half done.


  9. “How many men here have given a copy of Rollo’s book or books to a young man?”

    In the last 4.5 years I didn’t need to give my son a book. I let him have his way with subtle guidance derived from Red Pill. I planted ideas in his head that were red pill and masculine. He’s getting into his own.

    I allowed him his toxic masculinity. Thanks red pill guidance. It was invaluable. Without correction when it was not appropriate. ‘Cause it actually wasn’t in real time. He turned 23 and near as I can figure he had great Frame. I was woken up this morning by the garage door opener. He was on the move going back to school. I asked him what he was doing. He was picking up his So-Cal hot girlfriend up at the airport and going back to college (grad degree).

    There’s shoving it down his throat (lecturing to him) and letting him being a naturally grown up masculine male. He’s not let himself need red pilling. He’s doing it. It’s a priceless experience.

    Giving Rollo’s books and blog is the thing to do. Except when it is not needed. Rollo’s third book is an excellent guide to red pill parenting. Thanks Rollo.

  10. @ Rollo

    Great Job on the Davis Aurini interview.

    Eva Longoria is fat and dressed in black @the Golden Globes (Golden Globs shit-show with black dresses). Thanks for the different venue.

    The answer to Aurini’s question about Frame and your answer bringing The Reconstruction essay into play: Brilliant. Thanks!

    Inter-sexual dynamics awareness writing FTW.

    Act like a man. For everyone’s sake, my friends, our friends, for everyone’s friends. Your girlfiriend, your wife your buddies. They will all benefit from you being better at being a man. No questions asked.

  11. There is no consent any longer. If consent can be revoked at any time on any basis was it ever given in the first place?

    There are no guarantees in this universe anymore, zero, none, nada. You’re either always mitigating risk, (G)ZF or you find another universe, maybe create your own. Maybe we were all foolish to believe there ever were any to begin with.

  12. How many men here have given a copy of Rollo’s book or books to a young man?

    I have given one so far. And now it’s circulating around a Frat house. Wonder how that will turn out.

  13. Rollo had an interesting post in his Twitter feed.

    It was interesting from the standpoint of the fact that in inter-sexual relationships, the one that needs the other less has the most power. But sometimes after children, the power dynamic changes. You don’t want your other to have the power. You don’t want to lord you power over her. You want to be in equilibrium. That’s hard. You don’t want it to be hard.

    That doesn’t mean that the one up in the power struggle has a good time of not resolving his cognitive dissonance or if he indeed becomes the one down in the relationship, that he cannot recover. You want normal. You want healthy. You want to have freedom and have her enjoy the fuck out of you.

    I went through the dynamics with a red pill buddy of mine a while ago and talked him off a ledge by discussing the dynamics in back and for field reports. And it worked out to his advantage.

    Here was the Medium Tweet from Rollo in which a guy was helped by Rollo. When there are children involved some of us care even more about not having the relationship dissolved when it can be resuscitated by Red Pill awareness. If desired and if valuable:


    The venue that I used on my buddy when with his girlfriend worked like a charm. It also worked for me in MRP Game when I beat my One-itis over the head with a stick and instituted my Reconstruction. Guess what? Healthy relationship ensued. I did the old learning resident physician technique. Learn one, do one, teach one.

    It was the venue of a unique and unknown concept: The Passion Trap book by Dean Delis which was about negotiating a One-up, One-Down relationship. One in which the power balance was un-balanced,

    For valuable relationships, it can be valuable to turn the battleship around.


    With that and Red Pill Awareness and writing your own script it is a guidebook for when she has value after fucking her. All bets are off if the doesn’t have that value. Your mileage may vary. But sometimes it is worth it in the mode of choices presented to you.

    It helped me and my buddy. Along with red pill schooling.

    The correct name of the book is The Passion Trap: How to Right an Unbalanced Relationship by Dean C. Delis . Very much in the vein of Esther Perel. Hands on righting relationships.

    It was like no other book out there. Unique. And it helped the cause. The cause being not nexting a valuable relationship which was not in your control. Which you couldn’t understand or which was not yours to grasp. Which happens all the time. It’s better than rooting through the garbage for something new, when you have a good one in hand. But that’s just me, I had a good one in hand and so did my buddy, we didn’t need to go seeking two in the bush. He had two in the bush at the time (plates), they just weren’t as good as what he had in hand.

    I already had 80% of the red pill mentality in hand, it gave me the other 20% no one told me.

    Good stuff.

  14. What do you mean “win”. No, there is no “winning”, at least not for long. Do you think your readers will commit more earnestly to become red-pilled? And to what degree? 3rd fucking degree black belt Red Pill? Then what? Then what? What is the end game? Alpha badasses wife up the top-tier sluts, maintain frame and keep their pussies wet-4-life, thereby avoiding rape charges and prison? What the fuck? Oh and don’t forget you gotta become alpha daddies too!

    I know that was supposed to be some righteous political outrage but all I could think of is how useless blackbekts are in a brawl

  15. Ya. Those tweets. Black dresses indeed for the whores of babylon. Why not just stick to scarlet? Men cannot be victims.

    It is true. We can see it now. A lie repeated enough times will start to be taken for the truth. A victim starts to feel like he is the culprit and the culprit believes she is the victim. Condoms in a dustbin. A woman will even force a pregnancy they could easilty avoid on a man who has no intention of birthing any kids with her, and the whole world thinks she is the victim. The western woman is such a useless slut she deserves the immigrant thug raping her.

    She plays with a man’s dick and shoves it in and then decides she was raped when he does not call back because he knows she is worthless. That she is good enough for a dipper dont mean she is a keeper.

    Mr. Weinstein did not think to keep any of those sluts. They were fucking their way up the ladder like they saw their bigger sisters do the year before. Besides they could just have left and pursued more generic (if more lackluster careers) than hollywood stardom. And the real problem is that they were lackluster themselves.

  16. Thx for the positive feedback, gentlemen. I’ve made 2 new music traks since my downer (i work fast in the studio) and have hit 2018 running & now my mojo’s back! Just gotta be patient & focused. Pussy will come as it always has, i know that. I think half my problem is that i’ve feasted on a lot of pussy variety over the years, so have been rather spoilt. And yes, palmasailor. my man, prossies aren’t an option for the reasons you outlined. Just had to get it off my chest into my manosphere community, which helped immensely. I did feel a little silly, but sometimes we just need to get shit off our chests to moive on. Last nite i repayed the favour by helping a guy i know who is struggling with unplugging. I directed him back here…

    Here’s the latest male victim of the sexual accusation Down Under. He always seemed Alpha from the outside, but his tactics (if to be believed) were pretty average, to say the least…

    Hang tough, gentlemen…


  17. Why are people so worried about the law? If you maintain the proper frame, you won’t get into legal problems, because she won’t be calling 911 on you — that only happens when you don’t maintain frame.

    Alpha really is the answer, as much as guys like to avoid that truth.

    Nova, I mostly agree with you here EXCEPT FOR ONE REALLY BIG CAVEAT. This doesn’t apply if the woman you are dealing with is personality disordered, Cluster B, particularly if she is a female psychopath (anti-social personality disorder) or NPD. In these situations, alpha frame is unlikely to have much impact on her decision to use the legal system as a tool against you.

  18. What’s it like living with/ dating / being married to a woman that would even consider calling the cops on you?

    FWIW, there is only one right answer once a woman plays this card, or hints that it is even a remote possibility. End the relationship immediately.

  19. “What do you mean “win”.

    Having freedom from constraint. Something to move towards, even if you can never get it 100%. Same as it ever was.

    “Black dresses indeed for the whores of babylon. Why not just stick to scarlet?”

    Wearing scarlet would be antithetical to the Times Up movement. It would signal sexual receptivity like ripe fruit red. Especially with a smile and looking into the camera. Rather than black as death color (one presenter/performer woman was even wearing a dress with black pants below), not smiling and looking at Ryan Seacrest. Just a scream for :”I’m shutting you down.”

  20. Didn’t see any pix or footage, but…
    Black clothing is considered to be “slimming,” black is generally flattering and black is an appropriate color for this kind of event — so what do they think they were proving? White would at least be hilariously virginal, or get out the Pantone color wheel and pick some distinctively off-the-wall shade to make a “statement”

  21. @The Solitary Silver FoX

    “They will soon be enthusiastically begging for us to come back to the party, on all fours. Interesting times, indeed…”

    I wouldn’t bet on this thinking, sure the more feminine women wouldn’t do the dirty jobs but I could see some Dyke bitches taking pride in doing a man’s job just to smite men and make then obsolete their are bitches like that and it wouldn’t surprise me if they made a movement to not shame women for doing dirty jobs or some shit like that.

  22. the answers is social media game – instagram, etc. it’s how girls hookup now. nightgame is dead, daygame is limping. better get to work on your photos if you want a chance

  23. Black is slimming?




    Meanwhile last February Saudi women celebrated the First Women’s Day… When will Hollyweird adopt the burka? Oscar night?


    Easy for these post wall slags to black out…

    But ladies you know you got bigger problems…

    Younger hotter tighter will not go easy into that dark night…


    Feminazism has some recursive logic problems don’t it. Let the slut who has not used her pretty card throw the first stone… Shaming commences to laughter.

  24. Levijynx and matt

    Don’t be dumb. Women aren’t changing as much as men are. We’re backing out of our wheelhouse and women are mad about it.

    There’s meat and potatoes opportunity galore out there. Stop reflecting dog talk “bitches” and gay-ass FB and instagram ideas and you might have real sexual success.

  25. ” No, old guys know all things. Debate is heresy. If you are young, you are always wrong. Say nothing, obey the older guys without question.”

    One of the benefits of this site is that it reminds me of the internal wisdom I had as a younger man. In some ways, I was wiser then than I am now. In high school, college, and then right out of school, I was acutely aware of how to manipulate social interactions to my advantage. Back then I had Game. I certainly wouldn’t consider myself a master, but I got mine. The blue pill conditioning courtesy of the Corporate America culture, over time, led me to feel like Game was something to outgrow. Wrong. Just dead wrong.

    This site was the first source I found that gave me the case for rekindling my Game, understanding why it worked, and improving on it.

    “You have to use your soul to speak up to you about what you actually want. That’s what embracing your dark side is about. Otherwise you will be in a state of perpetual unease.”

    That’s a great description for what the blue pill does to a man. It creates a perpetual state of unease where you feel obligated to act against your self-interest. Embracing the dark side, to me, is the process of being honest with yourself, addressing what you really want, and then pursuing it unapologetically. Done right, I’m convinced it’s good for everyone around you.

  26. The black dress code at the Golden Globs is just another display of #MeeToo hypocritical feminist cowshit.Because they all knew. All of them knew, for years. They just have to strike a heroine-pose now that people outside of Hollywood know for sure, that’s all.

    I mean, all those girlies are actresses, they are supposed to be good at acting. Duh.

    Younger/hotter/tighter girls wearing colors? That’s just Rollo’s SMV curve at work. It is all obvious and should be easy for a man with The Glasses to predict.

  27. @Morpheus

    In these situations, alpha frame is unlikely to have much impact on her decision to use the legal system as a tool against you.

    Cluster B-I-N-G-O

  28. @ SJF

    Much gratitude to you brother for the Jordan Peterson links. Great stuff which i’ve already started sharing through my networks…

  29. @levijynx

    1) LRN2ENGLISH. Punctuation and sentence structure is good. Run on sentences are bad. Your shit’s barely readable.

    2) “I could see some Dyke bitches taking pride in doing a man’s job just to smite men and make then obsolete” Hahahahah, no. Take a good long look at the change in the number of women in garbage collection, construction, and oil rig work vs. the change in marketing or psychology. Women don’t want equal rights to dirty work. They want equal rights to cushy office jobs and easy paychecks. Who can blame them though? I wouldn’t want to work construction if I was 5’4″ and guaranteed to have half the muscle strength of a man at the same height. Not even the dykes want it; they all think they’re artists and iconoclasts. Artists don’t have calloused hands in their world.

    @dr zipper

    They’re finally gonna fix the pay gap? So they’re gonna push for women to do everything it takes to catch up to men: work longer hours, be more aggressive at pursuing higher pay, and take jobs in the hard sciences, engineering, and business management to–oh wait, nope… they’re just gonna say men need to give more to women with no change in female behavior. Is any man here surprised?

    Feminism: because meritocracy is clearly patriarchal oppression.

  30. @sun
    Long time no see. Iceland has now a law requiring men be paid the same as women for the same job, or something like that. Norway mandated 50 / 50 split in all boards of directors a year or three back. No idea how that is working out, the sensible thing for any company headquarted in Norway would be to get out. In fact, men in general should get out of Norway and Sweden, given how feminist both countries have become.

    Feminism: because meritocracy is clearly patriarchal oppression.


  31. One thing I’ve been wondering is how much of this is an over exaggeration and fear mongering from the red pill’s part. The biggest examples of going after men for sexual misconduct are occurring in Hollywood where stories of pedophilia also abound, it stands to reason, considering human nature, for men in these positions of power to abuse it and women keeping quiet for multiple reasons until now when there’s risk of having their reputations destroyed by powerful people in Hollywood. It’s a different world. The question is how common is this among everyday people and it isn’t just a case of people freaking out, sort off like how the news only covers all the crimes happening and it leads you to think we live in horrible times when really times are the same and news outlet just sensationalize things and only selectively only show the bad.

    Sure you hear a lot of stories in the manosphere and here about men getting accused for the stupidest shit, but go to places with a woman audience and you also hear a lot of stories of women who experienced sexual abuse and not getting the help they need because of shame and people automatically putting them at fault. So now we have feminist pushing for stronger laws ignoring that instance of rape aren’t as common as they are lead to believe. People with similar stories aggregate in the same places and you hear the same story over and over again and it makes you paranoid and over exaggerate a problem

  32. @palmasailor

    So what exactly are you trying to say here? How does this have to do with the possibility that we may be over exaggerating things here? As I said before, all these big cases we hear in the news is happening in Hollywood where fame and reputation is a bigger deal than in other workplaces. Just because you give me a random percent still doesn’t disprove that powerful people would abuse their position to get something they want.

  33. @palmasailor

    Won’t deny that, but I’m still wondering if we are giving the women in Hollywood too much credit and the men truly abused their power. Think of all the big names in Hollywood and it’s predominately men. It had to take a social moment to bring all of this in the surface yet there is still no word on all the alleged pedophilia in Hollywood.

  34. @ palmasailor

    “Is it just me or does anyone else find these women totally unfuckable despite being hot on the surface?”

    I’ve gone out with a couple of hot women like this; one Danish, the other Serbian. Both were attractive yet a bit masculine; one good in bed, the other mind-blowing, but they were often painful and argumentative out of it. It just becomes a drag after a while. Give me a submissive, feminine babe anytime who looks up to me as the man. But in this day and age they’re very thin on the ground it seems…

  35. @palmasailor

    You say victim status but I’m trying to see things more objectively. You are using examples that have nothing to do with why I think we may getting too paranoid when all these examples are coming from Hollywood, degeneracy is something you hear of a lot from there, and there’s the risk that we are creating an echo chamber here.

  36. @palma

    I’ve just finished with Xmas plate because she was just too high drama.

    Did you create a mini-drama to avoid big dramatic scenes? All girls need drama and it’s up to the man to provide it when needed.

  37. “Is it just me or does anyone else find these women totally unfuckable despite being hot on the surface?”

    One widow, big land owner, swede connected sat next to me at holiday dinner. She was pretty enough and ready but far to bossy. I spent most of my time chin up chest out ignoring her. At the end she wanted a hug from me, it is as if because of her many orbiters she no longer has a clue how to seduce the men she desires. Couple this with the fact that I wouldn’t pull even if she wasn’t mouthy for family reasons. Been my experience she wouldn’t be discreet, women with discretion seem to be a thing of the past.

  38. @Palma

    4 to 1 odds and the 1 being 90% beta not good odds, an Alpha could get trampled to death by a herd of hikers like that.

    I was at a meet last week,9 women – 7 men, 5 beta 2 alpha. Reminds me of J Giles band love stinks.

    It is as if the #meetoo is causative of a beta orbiter withdrawal,where the women are experiencing withdrawals as a byproduct. Lol.

  39. There is a lot of exaggeration taking place, but that’s why all of this #metoo stuff is gonna jump the shark very soon. The issue is the impact it will all have on policy and laws going forward.

    Sexual harassment and assault on women is very, very real. It’s not overwhelming society as the FI would have everyone believe, but occasionally even I’ve witnessed extreme examples. Imo we have more than enough existing laws on the books to deal with all manner of true assault and what’s dangerous for men is the redefining that’s taking place.

    It’s an odd situation we’ve entered as a society/culture. 99% of the entertainment ” industry ” is indeed a large cesspool, and has been forever. It’s the explosive proliferation of social media that’s changing the game. Millions upon millions of people living vicarious lives through a false and phony prism of instant celebrity and constant self centered delusions of grandeur. Everybody’s a ” star “.

    So when dumb shit goes down in the media, legions of lemmings become activated.

    But they’re still just mindless , lifeless lemmings.

    So they yell and scream and ” share ” and hashtag. Lot’s of women/people will stampede then way into having their moment in the spotlight.
    It will burn out, but this is gonna leave a nasty residue, and because a majority of men remain silent or complaisant, this will resonate more deeply and much longer than it should have.

    It will always come back to men. When women try to ” fix ” problems, this is what we will wind up with. Drama, emotion, lots and lots of talking, and in the end vindictive behaviors.

  40. Palma,

    “For one thing there seems to be a carbon copy desperation script across most online dating profiles that just seems to have changed over the past year or so.”

    You’re old enough to remember the Berlin Wall fall. Germans themselves were taken aback and unprepared for world communism collapse. We are living the autocannibalism of feminism but aren’t recognizing it.

    Let’s assume these:

    20% of men are varying Alphas shades.

    80% of men are varying Beta shades.

    Betas follow women, women follow Alphas.

    Women will negotiation fuck Betas and the Betas agree to those terms.

    Women will willingly fuck Alphas on his terms.

    Throw in decades of possible harrassment indictments. The Betas are most vulnerable to this. Alphas are for the most part immune.

    Alphas rarely use online dating, group dating, social club to sort their sexual options. Betas use all those primarily avoiding cold pickup.

    The decades effect of feminism and it’s provisioning to women and then men’s practical response to both are impinging on women’s hypergamy. Women are caught now by their own Frankenstein.

    There are simply not enough suitable fuckable men to go around. The Betas are falling in line with the FI, scared into paralysis, going herb, etc. LEAVING the SMP. Alphas are being hunted to extinction.

    I have a close female post wall associate who recently dumped her boyfriend as he’s bad in the sack. She admitted he needed prompting to do basic sexuality, but was financially, publicly successful.

    Her last online profile came with this overt desperate disclaimer: NO BAD SEX!

    Just as you described, Palma.

    Hypergamy’s a bitch ain’t it ladies?

  41. Blax nails it again:
    When women try to “fix” a problem, all you get is drama, emotion and lots of talk.
    So true in business, politics, education and culture as well as personal life.
    Hence the constant need for handsomely paid male consultants.

  42. “Can’t live with someone I can’t trust, and betrayal ain’t even on the menu.” – Blaximus

    I can’t overstate the importance of this concept.

    I’ve been ruthless about dumping women who throw tantrums, and I don’t accept any excuses like being drunk, overtired, PMS, whatever. There are no second chances when it comes to this. I knew to do this even at my most Blue Pilled.

    You have to trust that no matter how upset your woman gets, making up a story, instigating a physical altercation, and/or calling the police is just not a possibility in her mind. I’ve never had a physical altercation with a woman, and never will.

    On the crazy/hot matrix, never go above an 8 crazy, no matter how hot she is.

  43. This is why feminazism can’t win…

    1. The crab basket.



    “”They claimed that the “witch-hunt” that has followed threatens sexual freedom.

    “Rape is a crime, but trying to seduce someone, even persistently or cack-handedly, is not — nor is men being gentlemanly a macho attack,” said the letter published in the daily Le Monde.

    “Men have been punished summarily, forced out of their jobs when all they did was touch someone’s knee or try to steal a kiss,” said the letter, which was also signed by Catherine Millet, author of the hugely explicit 2002 bestseller “The Sexual Life of Catherine M.”.

    Men had been dragged through the mud, they argued, for “talking about intimate subjects during professional dinners or for sending sexually-charged messages to women who did not return their attentions.”

    The letter attacked feminist social media campaigns like #MeToo and its French equivalent #Balancetonporc (Call out your pig) for unleashing this “puritanical… wave of purification”.”

    By hotter sexier SMP winners, and


    by more extreme SMP losers at the other end.

    2. By reacting to “male oppresive” frame , the feminazi movement concedes men still have the more powerful frame.

    It’s just a mega shit test to weed out betas.

  44. Ever been in a meeting that should be 10 minutes, but after 5 women in the group get through each of their ” well I’m not sure but I think”‘s and hour and 20 is blown. And nothing resolved unless a guy says “ok right. Here is what we will do”…

  45. the answers is social media game – instagram, etc. it’s how girls hookup now. nightgame is dead, daygame is limping. better get to work on your photos if you want a chance

    Has ANY guy on this site used online social media or dating apps with actually decently productive results. I’m very skeptical. I’m out of a 11 year relationship, and been on POF since August and Bumble since around October I think. I’ve yet to get an offer to meet from a HB6 or above. Only Pigs and Goblin looking creatures have messaged wanting to meet. On Bumble, I’ve gotten around 15 matches with only 3 following up with the initial message as required by Bumble. I’ve spoken with a number of friends one of whom is a good looking guy with tight Game and they all confirm zip, zilch, nada from online. I’m convinced that cold approaching in “sexual zones” is definitely going to yield much better results as it did for me 10-15 years ago.

  46. “well I’m not sure but I think”

    Indecisiveness is a endearing feminine trait. Hence Alphas never ask a woman’s opinion on anything, i.e. dinner plans.

    Airline pilot critical decision testing produced this: Men decisively make the less optimal choice, women make the more optimal choice but too late…making it irrelevant.

    Hey, I’ve been ordering dinner, drink selection for my wife, over a few years now. Anyone else?

  47. Great choice of pix.

    In general, women reject responsibility; are unhappy; and blame men.
    From these three all else may be triangulated. St. Rollo sharpens one’s skepticism through elaboration. For that, Thanks.

    Freeing and exhilarating to (finally) dump a well-schooled woman who did not know she is actually a feminist. No guilt.

  48. “Total beta death zone.”

    Great commentary and advice for lurkers. Don’t waste your time online. You’d be closer to the bang and immeasurably improve skills when face to face.

    Online dating incentivizes women not choosing, enjoying the thirsty flattery and has the opposite effect for men.

    Was out at a popular dating bar later in evening and the Beta behavior, goofy clown antics abound. I could tell which couples were online daters, esp. with a few drinks. The women were politely uncomfortable with it.

  49. “Can’t live with someone I can’t trust, and betrayal ain’t even on the menu.”

    Betrayal is a dog concept and trust is a BP fiction. Women can and will do all kinds of shit, even to alphas. Some of them have more self control and much of the time it depends on whether a man can set the proper frame. But any woman potentially will betray you if given the right emotions. Calibrate early, calibrate often.

  50. “inner circle”

    Interesting. Around here preselection through family ties, neighborhoods, and large group dating are the prevalent game for the younger set.

    It’s easy to get isolated if not related somehow.

  51. I was thinking about something, it doesnt have very much to do with the current article but I want to say it anyway.
    If we think about 80/20 rule or even 90/10 (we are heading to) we also must addmit that it means societal suicide. Because you dont have to be a math genius or some kind of scientist to realise that a 80/20 rule will lead to INBREEDING, And that will result in genetic disorders and all kind of unwanted consequences. And that means that society will collapse.

    I dont necessary advocate for a traditionalist perspective for human breeding, but traditional marriage would be better than 80/20. Because anybody would have a chance of reproducing and that equals a HUUUGE gene pool.

    If we go on with the current sexual marketplace and we let women to ”diktate” how we mate and should sire offsprings, then we are damned because they will choose an ”alpha” anytime over an ”beta” and that means a huge market imbalance.

    And I know, some of you will say that all we need to do is to ”man up!” and ”upgrade” our current market value to a greater value.
    E.g. : If I am, lets say, an 7 and I dont get any female attention, all I need to do is to work harder, lift, build my body, learn game, became an 8 or 9 and I will be just fine, all women will fall for me, right? Basically, NO. Sure, you can get laid using this strategy. You can also have multiple girlfriends, relationships and all that. But they(women) will always dream to be with your ”friend” who have a SMV with a point higher than you. Women initiate about 70% of divorces.
    Becuase you see, its not men who changed over time, its women. Men nowdays will be happy and fulfilled if they get a wife who would have kids with them, cook, have sex a couple of times a week and do some laundry. Exactly the same as men in ”50s. No additional expectations.
    Women, however, have raised up so much their expectations, in such manner that a women who is 5 or 6 dream to have sex and marry a man who is 8 or even 9.

    So, no, its not really men who need to change. Its women. So, to women who complain they dont get male attention ; LOWER YOUR FUCKING EXPECTATIONS. Be realistic about life, if you are 6 or 7 you should be together with 6 or 7.

    So, all it gets to fucking ruin our cilvilisation is 3-4 generation that go with 80/20 rule. Thats all, 4 generations and society collapse.

  52. @ Vulturul

    Who hurt you?

    There’s inaccuracy shot through your comments.

    I’ll address this glaring one:

    “Because you dont have to be a math genius or some kind of scientist to realise that a 80/20 rule will lead to INBREEDING…”

    80% of men more or less negotiate with provisioning for sex, and resultant kids. Beta game.

    The other 20% more or less don’t and the woman is satisfied. Alpha game.

    There’s a lot more to this but explaining it all isn’t time efficient. Read more TRM.

  53. @EhIntellect

    Thats funny. Somehow.
    Because you said :

    ”80% of men more or less negotiate with provisioning for sex, and resultant kids. Beta game.
    The other 20% more or less don’t and the woman is satisfied. Alpha game.”

    And I dont see how is your argument contradicting what I said above.
    You are looking from a wrong perspective.
    Do you really think that those 80% would reproduce?
    Even if they do get married, their wives would probably cheat on them with some ”alpha”. And they get cucked. And after that, the man that got cucked have to raise a child (or more) that is NOT his child.
    Because you see, women decide when and especially with *who* they get a child.

    As an argument on my side, see the pro-feminist policy in US and in some part of European Union. For example, why France put a bann on paternity test?

  54. I’ll take a stab at sharing about online dating. I tried it about a year ago and had immediate success. Got laid three times with three different women the first two weeks I was online. There is room to debate the pros and cons of online dating. First, is it the most optimal? No. Is it a horrible experience? Nope. Are you a beta for trying it? I don’t think so. IF its your only option because you are fearful of cold approach you probably won’t do well with online dating either.

    I used it as a quick option to go out and get laid with attractive women after a breakup. The options in the small town where I live are very limited in the winter so I deliberately targeted potential hookups in the semi-nearby larger metros area. You do have to have some Game to get decent online dates. It was great for me honing my texting and phone conversations just to set things up and create quick rapport. You also can’t just throw a bunch of crap up on a profile and expect women to be attracted. I’ve seen plenty of retarded profiles where guys post selfies and make themselves look like goofs. Unless you’re super in shape or ripped keep your shirts on fellas. I have enough photography skills that I did some quick black & white stuff of myself as well and had lots of fun outdoors images shot with/by friends or other women that reflected my personality and lifestyle so it looked authenticate.

    After trolling about for a few days on Match I made a list of the hottest women I could find within an hour drive. Weeded out the lame or bitchy profiles and narrowed it down to about a dozen. I landed dates with three and had first date sex with two, and second date sex with a third. All of them attractive, in good shape and fairly interesting. One was a former model and a widower who should have waited longer to date. She was my fav and had a lot of good qualities. Very good looking, conservative, could not stand feminists and loved making a man feel good… I mean real good. She loved how I debated with her about religion and her strong beliefs in God. I’ll be damned, but the more I neg and teased the more she just got kinky and down for just about anything, including getting on her knees and giving me oral in the winding passages of a large, very old bookstore…on the second date. But she wanted to make it serious too soon and I was having too much fun to get quickly entangled. She had no problem with me dating other women, which was oddly interesting. I also gave two shits she was still going on dates with other guys. I knew this girl wanted me bad and that her dating others was her way of trying to instill dread. It didn’t work and only made her more frustrated and she amped up sexualizing like a rabbit. Dating a widower….is different…..Honestly, I liked her enough to tell her she needed to give herself more time and finish grieving. One year wasn’t enough for this woman.

    Sure, there tons of crappy experiences and many many fuggly women online. I simply ignored them, though I spent a lot of time deleting the hundreds of requests. I have enough good physical attributes that getting dates was not a problem. There were a few fun dates where the women up front said we were not having sex on the first date, but three hours and three bars later they invited back to their place and were seriously grabbing at my belt and zipper to get some Roused.

    Make a long story short, I learned a lot, had a lot of fun and got laid. I got bored with it after about two months and was at the same time hitting bars and looking for potential hookups offline. If you can write a decent but SHORT profile about yourself and don’t fuck it up with shitty photos I can’t imagine not hooking up online with Match, Zoosk etc… You have to calibrate just like in the offline world and if you have no Game you will be be weeded out quickly by the attractive women. I also suggest if you’re going to to this that you should sexualize your texts and calls pretty quickly. Don’t go into that friendzone shit. You might have to play along that you’re seriously about an LTR, but that is easy to handle. Roll with it and have fun. Don’t look for absolutes and expect meeting your unicorn soul mate. Just enjoy women for what they are and learn from it.

  55. @vulture de eghehgehge

    “I dont necessary advocate for a traditionalist perspective for human breeding, but traditional marriage would be better than 80/20. Because anybody would have a chance of reproducing and that equals a HUUUGE gene pool.

    No one cares about a huge gene pool.

    “Becuase you see, its not men who changed over time, its women.”

    Nah homie society changed so women don’t really need big strong I protect u u give me sex relationship. …… and even then they’d still want the guy who can give them the best stuff in that aspect also.

    “So, no, its not really men who need to change. Its women. So, to women who complain they dont get male attention ; LOWER YOUR FUCKING EXPECTATIONS. Be realistic about life, if you are 6 or 7 you should be together with 6 or 7.

    Usually the people mad about this are losers… let people dream lol.

    “So, all it gets to fucking ruin our cilvilisation is 3-4 generation that go with 80/20 rule. Thats all, 4 generations and society collapse.


  56. “Do you really think that those 80% would reproduce?”


    Though those women might cheat…they’d have to find an available alpha willing to deal with her declining SMV and baggage. Good luck with that.

    A woman in a Beta relationship stays true as long as provisioning serves its purpose, keeping her near. They’re detonate risk of straying and losing her provisioning and that’s a motivator for her.

    People don’t live in vacuums though it’s easier to argue as if they do.

  57. @mersonia

    What kind of 12 yo kid are you?
    And you say I am autistic?

    I said a theory, a theory that is backed up by logic and facts, objective facts, not your stupid ”feelingzzzz”… What are you, a feminist?

    All you could say were insults and ”lol”.
    But you didnt bring any counter-argument.

    Bye kiddo. Now Go read your jezebel and other stupid feministic piece of propaganda.

  58. “But you didnt bring any counter-argument.”

    Didn’t want to give you the opportunity to write long paragraphs of loser text about how you’re right and things aren’t how they’re suppose to be

  59. @EhIntellect


    Though those women might cheat…they’d have to find an available alpha willing to deal with her declining SMV and baggage. Good luck with that.”

    Well, you know, she doesnt realise that her SMV is declinig until is too late for her to get an ”alpha” anymore.
    Anyway, she will still cheat on her current husband/lover if she ”thinks” that she has an better offer.

    Anyways, I was talking about a trend here,The trend is to go to 80/20 rule. Thats also what the ellites want. Thats why they are promoting through every possible means, through law, feminist state policy, school manuals, movies or hollywood campaigns/ false campaigns (like # me too) .

    ”A woman in a Beta relationship stays true as long as provisioning serves its purpose, keeping her near. They’re detonate risk of straying and losing her provisioning and that’s a motivator for her.”

    Not true. She has the whole state apparatus on her side, tax money, alimony, etc.
    Or false rape claim.

    You still dont see the trend for masses? It means you will not see it even if it falls on your head, bro.

  60. @mersonia

    ”beep boop beep….autism alert autism alert”
    ”Didn’t want to give you the opportunity to write long paragraphs of loser text about how you’re right and things aren’t how they’re suppose to be”

    No, actually you are in denial phase, kid.
    Or you are a troll.

  61. Vulturul,

    I do but don’t pick fights about it.

    There’s such things as happy Beta relationships…but that discussion has been done to death. Ya know?

    You write energeticly. Give us some background…age, sexual hx, city size you live in. Most guys don’t come here to bombasticly argue. Don’t tell me you’re a one-man fire bell for us rubes here at TRM either.

    There’s more to you than that.

  62. @Vulturul:

    Here is a primal, intersexual exchange:

    Prima: Give me . . .
    Secundus: No.

    Which side of this conversation is the one that has changed?

  63. Vult —

    Uh — they 80/20 rule is about desire sex. 20% of the men get the desire sex, 80% of the men get negotiated sex (which can lead to little sex depending on their circumstances).

    Betas still get married and have kids (you’re blind if you you don’t see that going on), but they do have (1) little to no desire sex (which means lower quality sex), (2) often less sex (often a lot less) overall, even if married, and (3) a higher risk of her blowing up the marriage than a woman who is with a 20% man.

    That doesn’t mean that (1) betas don’t breed, (2) all women married to betas cuck them, (3) betas have no sex, (4) all betas get divorced, etc. Higher risk of these things? Yes, but the incidence is lower than you think. The main difference is sex, and the lack of sex overall and the virtual entire absence of desire sex.

  64. Roused
    “Widow” is a woman whose husband has died.

    “Widower” is a man whose wife has died.

    They are not the same thing. You should avoid dating widowers unless you are gay.

  65. Vulture
    “Do you really think that those 80% would reproduce?”


    True for the past 40 years. Your crystal ball really that good with the future?

    Though those women might cheat…they’d have to find an available alpha willing to deal with her declining SMV and baggage.

    Nah. You know better than that. We are moving from AF-BB to AF-Beta Cucks, aka Open Hypergamy. It’s already happening at a low key level – the married woman with 2 kids who decides to “get some help” with the 3rd one. Just to pick one example.

    The woman who settles at age 29.999 may be happy for a while with her Beta Cucks, but it does not necessarily follow that her children will be from his sperm.

    A woman in a Beta relationship stays true as long as provisioning serves its purpose, keeping her near.

    You’re talking your age group. In the under-30 world women more and more out earn men; they are their own Beta. They don’t need provisioning from any man. What does that imply?

    I don’t take Vultur’s catastrophe all that seriously in the short or medium term, but I am not laughing at it either. Because I read history…

  66. “In the under-30 world women more and more out earn men; they are their own Beta.”

    What Alpha in his right mind would fuck, let alone initiate matrimony and reproduce with an over 30 woman?

    The point is that prewall women have default access to the Alphas. The women post wall aren’t really an Alpha’s bag and as such she won’t find a desire fuck, just more Beta negotiation.

    It’s a numbers thing. Even if she wanted an Alpha, she won’t find one to willing to entertain her. All’s left is varying Beta shades for children and family life, generally.

  67. “Hypergamy is and has been the best retardation prevention. Also it is the main reason that humans rule the planet.” :: nice, a point not often said

    hypergamy is not to be deleted and discarded; control and management are what’s needed and that’s the RP; suppression of masculinity upsets the balance and that’s what we’re witnessing in society

    hell, even water is good for us but unmanaged and out of control can do tremendous harm as well; I just want a tall cool drink from time to time, not a fucking tsunami to come in and destroy everything

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