Dangerous Times – Part 1

We live in a very dangerous age for men. The Blue Pill is even more of a liability today than it was in times past, because we live in an era that encourages men going all-in in their life’s investment in that conditioning.

Welcome to the #MeToo era. What we’re experiencing in our social environment today is a sea change in intersexual dynamics. The underlying fundamentals haven’t changed; our evolved natures and the latent purposes that are driven by them haven’t shifted, but the social dynamics and sexual acculturation that serve as checks and balances on them has drastically shifted, and in a very short time. While you could make an argument for an idealized free love era that took place right after the Sexual Revolution, now we find ourselves in a time that is so calculating in its design on intersexual social dynamics that it makes the late 60s seem romantically naive.

Back in October of 2014 I wrote a post called Yes Means Fear. This essay was a response to the, at that time new, Yes Means Yes sexual consent legislature that was being instituted on California university campuses. Dalrock had written similar essays regarding this latest form of sexual consent aptly titled The Sexual Revolution’s Arab Spring and Making the World Safe for Promiscuous Women. It may take you a while to review these posts, but please read these and skim the comments to get a gist of the conversations we had going on just three years ago.

One of these comments was the inimitable Deti:

At the end of the day, college women (soon all women) will be able to use the “lack of consent” law/policy as a weapon against undesirable men to do the following:

1. Weed out and eliminate unattractive men by chilling their conduct

2. Making even the most innocuous sexual conduct (i.e. approaching, asking for dates) so dangerous that the only men who will engage in the SMP are attractive men with proven successful sexual track records who will never get reported for doing anything “untoward”; thus ensuring that only attractive men will approach them for dates and sex

3. Giving women more power over the SMP so even unattractive women can use and select men for alpha fux; then have the sole ability to pursue and select men for beta bux when they see fit.

Open hypergamy. It will be “we women are going to do this, and if you want sex, you’ll do it our way, and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it.”

Deti posted this comment on October 15th, 2014. The inter-blog debate then (at places like the now defunct Hooking Up Smart) was that Yes Means Yes was solely meant as a firm response to the supposed on-campus rape /sex assault panic that was being circulated in the mainstream media at the time. From the Red Pill perspective, we saw what potential this legislation represented to what would later become a societal scale institution.

Of course, they called us reactionaries, called us ‘rape apologists’ for simply pointing out all the ways this legislation would be expanded to a societal scale. They said we were exaggerating when we illustrated that, even for long-married couples, there would need to be a check list of approved acts of intimacy for each and every act performed, and men would need some form of hard evidence to prove that consent had indeed been granted.

The new California college/university sexual assault policy requires the following:

“An affirmative consent standard in the determination of whether consent was given by both parties to sexual activity. “Affirmative consent” means affirmative, conscious, and voluntary agreement to engage in sexual activity. It is the responsibility of each person involved in the sexual activity to ensure that he or she has the affirmative consent of the other or others to engage in the sexual activity. Lack of protest or resistance does not mean consent, nor does silence mean consent. Affirmative consent must be ongoing throughout a sexual activity and can be revoked at any time. The existence of a dating relationship between the persons involved, or the fact of past sexual relations between them, should never by itself be assumed to be an indicator of consent.”

There was sex, which is clearly “sexual activity.” The question then becomes whether there was “affirmative consent”. In order for there not be consent, the woman would have had to show affirmative conscious and voluntary agreement to engage in sex with the man. It is the man’s responsibility to make sure he had that consent. She had to manifest, verbally or nonverbally, consent to it.

Silence doesn’t mean consent. Her not resisting or saying “no, please stop” doesn’t constitute “affirmative consent”. So really, the only way to make sure that consent is present is for the man to continue asking her throughout the encounter: “Is this OK? Can I keep doing this? Is this thrust OK with you? Is THIS thrust OK? Can I thrust again? How about this one? Can I keep going? Do you want me to stop?”

If that did NOT happen, if the man did not get EXPRESS, VERBAL statements that he could continue, then yes, there was sexual assault.

The way this plays out in situations like this is that verbal consent is REQUIRED. She cannot manifest “ongoing” “affirmative consent” any other way. That’s because of the way the law is written. Lack of protest is not consent. Lack of resistance is not consent. Silence is not consent. Thus, a wife, just lying there, starfishing it, giving duty sex to her husband, is putting him in jeopardy, because she is not manifesting “ongoing” “affirmative consent”.

All of that they said was ridiculous. Women would never be so petty as to make a man ask permission for, nor hold him accountable for, sex that she wanted to have with him. Furthermore, this ruling was only meant to curb campus assault; any extrapolating to a larger societal norm, we were told, was just us Red Pill men and their insecurities about the intentions of women and sex. If we’d Just Get It we’ll have no problems.

We were told it was limited to penis-in-vagina sex only. We were told it was just in cases of “drunken sex”. All of these proved false. This law was intended to govern, regulate and control every single sexual interaction between a man and a woman. This law is intended to require a man to get express consent at every single step of the process, from initial touch to banging. This law is intended to chill all male sexual conduct. This law by its very terms requires express consent for every sexual act, starting with kino.

The goal of feminism is to remove all constraints on female sexuality while maximally restricting male sexuality – Heartiste

A World of Fear

When I wrote Yes Means Fear (also 3 years ago) it was initially in response to an article by Ezra Klein, Yes Means Yes is a terrible law, and I support it completely. This reads through as bad as any gender related article on Vox, but Klein’s salient point was summed up in one sentence.

To work, “Yes Means Yes” needs to create a world where men are afraid.

I’m reasonably sure Ezra was aware of the larger scope – larger than just California college campuses – that his giddy Beta love of a world where men would be afraid to so much as approach a woman would lead to. But now we find ourselves here in his idealized sexual marketplace founded on men fearing to interact with women at the risk of losing everything. At the risk of being Zeroed Out. Today, just three years later, we’re experiencing the #metoo moral panic based exactly in the fear Ezra said would serve us so well. Ezra must be proud that the gold rush hysteria of sexual misconduct allegations any and every woman (who ‘might’ have ever felt an accidental hip brush 50 years ago) feels entitled to is the result of this cleansing fear he loved so much. Unless he’s defending allegations himself of course.

If you go before the college board and say that the woman accusing you of assault simply doesn’t remember that she said yes because she was so drunk, then you’ve already lost.

Gone is the college board now in favor of the popular court of social justice – the court that condemns a man for even the suspicion of an allegation of sexual misconduct. Gone too is part of women’s remembering the pretense of a sexual encounter. Whether a woman was drunk and doesn’t remember the details, or if she conveniently recalls them 40-50 years after the fact is immaterial. The operative point is that we always believe any and every allegation of rape or misconduct a woman brings forward.

Articles of Belief

Shortly after I wrote Yes Means Fear I wrote Hysteria, an essay intended to address the disgraceful (now thoroughly proven) UVA fraternity rape hoax story written by Sabrina Erdley and published by a complicit Rolling Stone Magazine. Just daring to question the validity of so outrageous a rape account was heresy to women back then. Bear in mind this took place after the Yes Means Yes consent ruling in California. At this time, just to question the story of a woman’s rape account was enough to earn you the title of ‘rape apologist’. But moreover, we were popularly expected to repeat this mantra and always accept a woman’s account as infallibly true:

“No matter what Jackie said, we should automatically believe rape claims.” http://t.co/3HFlXR7jme True insanity pic.twitter.com/AFXIyn32FS

This was the sentiment (now deleted) tweeted by Zerlina Maxwell on December 6th, 2014. Since then this meme that anything a woman had to say about sexual assault must be believed by default has snowballed into a default belief that anything a woman alleges against a man must also be believed. Whereas a male college student might stand in front of his kangaroo court at a university, now men must stand in front of the kangaroo court of public opinion where a woman’s word outweighs all pretense of due process. That college kid is now the average man who must prove his innocence because if a woman alleges it due process is reversed.

What we’ve witnessed in just 3 years is the systematic removal of a man’s right to habeas corpus with regard to women’s allegations.

And I expect that this removal will extend to much more than just women’s believability in regard to sexual misconduct. Imagine a culture where it’s expected that anything a woman accuses her ex of is to be believed in divorce proceedings.

We’re now seeing exactly what myself, Deti, Dalrock and countless other Red Pill bloggers and commenters predicted would happen, but it’s also so much more that what we could see coming. In just 3 years Yes Means Yes moved off the campus and into mainstream culture; a culture predicated on female social primacy. In a feminine-primary social order even “affirmative consent” isn’t enough – “enthusiastic consent” must now be established and maintained. That “enthusiastic consent” is a new ambiguously defined terminology, and part of the larger narrative meant to further confuse and instill fear in men.

Last week Novaseeker, once again, had a terrific comment that illustrates what consent has come to today.

Yep, that’s the newest goalpost move.

We went from No means No (which meant that if she doesn’t say no, it’s on … which pretty much is the basic human mating script) to “affirmative consent” (“may I kiss you now” … “may I lick your breast now?”, etc., per the “rules” required before any physical contact *and* at “each stage of escalation”). Very few people actually follow affirmative consent, as we know, but it’s the rule at most colleges and universities. It isn’t the legal rule for rape, in terms of determining what was “consensual”, currently, but the FI is working on that, believe me.

Now, we have the goalposts moving even further along, from “affirmative consent” to “enthusiastic consent” — which means that if her consent is even verbally expressed, but isn’t clearly enthusiastic, then it isn’t “reliable as consent” because it could be the result of “pressure”, and if the consent “was real, it would be expressed enthusiastically, because when people really are consenting to sex, they’re always enthusiastic about it”. So essentially the standard they are pushing now (and which is getting rolled out on campuses right now) is that if the girl isn’t jumping your bones and begging for your cock, it’s rape/assault. Of course, again, not the legal standard, but that doesn’t matter that much — as we can all see what is happening right now is that the legal standard is being marginalized, because people can be destroyed in our media saturated environment without any involvement of the legal system at all, and the standards that apply in that extra-legal environment are the ones that the FI wants to apply, whether the legal system applies them or not.

There are a few ways to look at this, but one obvious one is that this is a way for the FI to tighten the screws on betas. Very little sex that betas have, if any, is “enthusiastic consent sex”. Everyone knows this. Under this standard, basically all sex with betas is rape. That’s the intention.

And thus we come full circle to the latent purpose of legislating Hypergamy that I’ve continually repeated in many essays. It is Roissy’s maxim of feminism: The end goal of feminism is to remove all constraints on female sexuality while maximally restricting male sexuality.

Recently I found myself in a Twitter war on a story by CBS Los Angeles asking whether it was still OK for men to hug women. I used the cartoon I posted in The Creep 2 to illustrate my bigger point:

And of course the feminist tropes (from men and women) and the point & sputter ad hominem attacks flowed from there. However, this rage is precisely what I would expect from women who are now coming into a default expectation (entitlement) of all men to ‘Just Get It‘.

Only in this instance it is Blue Pill, Beta men who should know better than to approach a woman below their (self-perceived) sexual market value. Those men, the lesser men that her social media overinflated sense of SMV has convinced her are beneath her attraction floor should ‘just get it’ that they shouldn’t be flirtatious or even too friendly with her or risk the punishment of an allegation that might be his zeroing out. The Beta man who doesn’t ‘get it’ is an insult to her self-worth and deserving of an optimized Hypergamy.

In the next post I’ll be exploring the ramifications of the “enthusiastic consent” concept and how even consensual-but-unwanted sex and “duty sex” will be the next chapter in marital rape. I’ll also be detailing the the “Cat Persons” story that’s been making the rounds this week.

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793 comments on “Dangerous Times – Part 1

  1. Unleashed hypergamy is just getting started. It has a lot of running room towards the world of “80 / 20” and then on to “90 / 10”.

  2. Here is today’s reality:

    A woman’s word alone can destroy a man. No evidence is required. No due process is afforded the man.

    Presumption of innocence? Not for a man, he’s assumed to be guilty and must prove his innocence.

    A woman lies about birth control and intentionally gets pregnant? The man is her slave for the next 18 years.

    A woman gets pregnant and wants to abort a man’s child? He has zero say in the matter, his future child’s life is terminated.

    A man goes through the travesty of family court? The odds overwhelmly ensure he will be a victim of divorce rape. And again, all it takes is a woman’s word to end a marriage. He could have been a good husband and she could have been the town whore. The law does not care. Morality has nothing to do with family court.

    A man stays single and never has kids? He still pays for a woman’s bastard child via entitlement programs.

    And don’t fool yourselves, every man (alpha or beta) is at risk.

    Make no mistake, women have total control over every aspect of our society. Men are truly second class citizens, no better than indentured servants.

  3. The obvious threat to Beta men was in the cartoon Rollo posted earlier and mentioned in this thread: women’s self-esteem, self-image, hypergamy has become so inflated that they no longer just tell Beta Bob to have a nice day, now they have to drop a nuclear rejection on his head, getting him fired if possible. The short term effect will be to make workplaces even more hostile to men; walking on eggshells will become the norm.

    The longer term effect will trickle down to younger women: any approach by a man not perceived to be Alpha, who “just gets it”, who is worthy must not only be rejected but must be met with the fury of a nuclear rejection. This will make the learning curve for young men even steeper.

    Back in the 60’s and 70’s a young, inexperienced, man would get some makeout time at the drivein. That’s the norm for Boomers.
    In the 80’s young, inexperienced, men got some makeout time at home when his or her parents were away. The norm for GenX.

    These are the parents for the current generation, where high school and college people go about in clumps of groups, where “dating” is rather archaic. There’s not much commonality between boomer / xr parents and Millennial / Z offspring.

    There’s still sexing going on in the high schools and plenty in dorm rooms on campuses, I assure everyone, but at the edges there is a distinct chill settling onto men courtesy of the Female Imperative. It’s alll about hypergamy and the 80 / 20 preference. If / when the nuclear rejection combined with social media shaming for a clumsy approach becomes the norm then a lot of young men are going to be Incel and likely some form of MGTOW, because of the cost / benefit, risk / reward estimation. That will drive the 80 /20 to 90 /10.

    At the institutional level, resisting this is going to eventually lead some men to essentially body-cam themselves in self defence. That might be good for one false accusation, but it will change the social dynamic in any group.

    At the individul level, the stakes for solid Game and an unbreakable Frame are going up every day for every man in the US.

  4. That’s why calibration in your game is critical.

    Many of these high profile cases involve: powerful man substituting that power for true game.

    Taking what you want has to come after IOI’s… going for the k-close has to be calibrated otherwise it comes off as creepy.

    Interesting that so far the guys truly seems Alpha: clooney. Brad Pitt…David Beckham have come off as squeaky clean in all this.

    There is something a little odd about some of the men implicated in this: Weinstein …Louis ck…

  5. I personally found out the hard way that everything our host says is true but three years earlier in 2011. Young dudes, learn from the battle scarred veterans. We are telling you the facts.

  6. Thirst betas may try to obey for a time. Hoping to qualify for a pity fuck. They won’t.

    Soon even they will have to keep all campus interactions platonic or else. I’d love to go to a party or show with you, but I can’t. I want to graduate. Can’t risk it. Even dating off campus will be proscribed by codes of conduct governing all private behavior.

    Yet somehow, as everyone’s favorite dinosaur movie says, life will find a way. How will that work in the future beyond turkey baster breeding? How will the overly sublimated male urge manifest? We will see. Fuck if I know now.

    I see where some of the liberals who wanted Al Franken to go go go are now asking him to rescind his resignation and stick around awhile. Fallout from be careful what you ask for?

  7. Fred Flange
    How will that work in the future beyond turkey baster breeding?

    Polygamy will be one option – soft or hard harems. 80/20, remember?

    <i<How will the overly sublimated male urge manifest?

    VR porn and sexbots are progressing every day. Sexbot brothels exist already in Barcelona and Vienna. Newer bots have SIMD slots for customization. Did you know T levels continue to decline world wide?

    I see where some of the liberals who wanted Al Franken to go go go are now asking him to rescind his resignation and stick around awhile. Fallout from be careful what you ask for?

    Doesn’t matter, he’s being replaced with the Lt. Governor, a woman who looks like a typical PTA president. I’m sure she’ll vote the party line.

  8. Indeed. And I think by Valentines day we will see the first reported marital case touting yes means yes violations as grounds for divorce.

  9. This metoo op is being tested in “safe zones”…expect it to also be tested in your social circle and at a bar/club near you.

    This brings into question Rollo’s bottom up plan.

  10. Maybe thus worldwide group think hysteria is how the planet shakes us humans off like a bad case of fleas.

  11. In the unlikely case that colleges still teach anything worth learning ten years from now, I’ll give each of my sons a fleshlight and say, “This is your girlfriend for the next four years. Study hard and stay away from college women!” They’ll thank me later when they marry non-feminist virgins who never went to college, while watching their college buddies struggle through life as convicted rapists and registered sex offenders.

    Or maybe those college buddies will be using their prison tats and “fuck it all” attitudes to get laid like tile, and I’ll be the village idiot.

  12. That will drive the 80 /20 to 90 /10.

    Neither math nor hypergamy care, but together they will demonstrate once again the law of unintended consequences.

    Future cast: The 10 among men will bed the corresponding 90 among the women, or maybe all 100 of them. At best possible outcome for the women, 10 of them would be able to snag an attractive, desirable man. Probably less than 10 though, as some of those top men will not be snagged.

    A total of 90 or more women from every 100 will have to become permanent cc riders with little hope of holding down a top man,or they will have to settle for a man from the massive cohort inhabiting the lower orders, yet those men, thirsty though they are; are not morons. They have seen the expanding minefields and many have learned to steer clear.

    It can happen fast, as this essay points out. Before long, truly large numbers of women are looking at the wall, a shrinking pool of men willing to take their chances with them (and those men not the desireables), and the legacy of some greater or lesser n count, with all of those men that were acceptable having previously dropped them at some point. There will always be betas ready to comply fully with FI stipulations of course, but not as many as in the old days.

    This horde of women, many of them now less than 100% sane, will demand (they all have the vote) modifications to the social order of the type Nova and others have covered before (i.e. various polyamorous arrangements, or some kind of “man up” laws – doesn’t matter since the end result will not satisfy their rage at not getting a top man).

    Millions of angry, used up women, and the millions of men that have already been trained to leave them alone.

  13. Wow 40 years photographic memory. Iv’e known some pretty sharp seniors and this is a rare phenomenon. In the seventies we used to have to get consent for a sloppy second gang bang.

    Not to worry brutal can still be handsome, “now you got me squirmy” with her legs wrapped around you in a grapevine,hips gyrating ” whats next?” may still be positive consent IDK but it works for me.

    Am I in trouble?

  14. There is another outcome to this that isn’t being explored because maybe people haven’t gotten that far.
    In an 80/20 world I think you get massive violence. In essence this is one of the aspects that drives Islam – a culture where some men get 5 wives and the other 4 guys get sheep to fuck. In such a world, there is no incentive for young men to follow ANY rules or to contribute to society in ANY productive way.

    If I was an Incel in such a society I would do my best to fucking burn it to the ground.

    There isn’t going to be any 80/20 society – we will have societal collapse long before that every happens.

    No one seems to foresee this. To me it’s baked in the cake already.

  15. Genuinely- this is the rational all men need to tape all aspects of all of their sexual encounters.
    If they are accused, then it’s their DUTY to release the tapes to show their innocence. If little Suzy victim turns out to be little Suzy slut – then great, all can see it.

  16. It’s about power over alphas as much as throttling approaches of betas. Women may use threat of accusations as blackmail to extract commitment/investment and follow through as punishment when said commitment/investment withheld. Cf. Recent story on false accusation against Oklahoma football player after he refused to take a girl he had been banging as his girlfriend.

  17. kochevnik
    In an 80/20 world I think you get massive violence.

    Depends on the average level of T. A lot of people keep assuming that men in the future might act as men in the past did, but that may not be reasonable.

    In essence this is one of the aspects that drives Islam – a culture where some men get 5 wives and the other 4 guys get sheep to fuck. In such a world, there is no incentive for young men to follow ANY rules or to contribute to society in ANY productive way.

    Except that there are stable regimes all across North Africa, the Middle East and on to Indonesia. Multiple wives not quite as common, but as any vet of the sandbox can tell you, plenty of Arab men screw farm animals. It’s not a big leap from a donkey to a sexbot.

    There isn’t going to be any 80/20 society – we will have societal collapse long before that every happens.

    Maybe. But so far I don’t see evidence of collapse for that reason. Every time I wander into a college zone bar I see 80 / 20 operating…because now i know what it looks like.

    Seriously, testosterone levels keep dropping across the industrialized world, and it’s affecting how men behave at the individual level and the group level.

  18. palmasailor

    They don’t put up with this shit from their women

    Not in this form, but Islamic women are women. The FI is adaptive.

    Population doubling every 7 years by some estimates

    Cite those estimates, please.

  19. “In an 80/20 world I think you get massive violence. In essence this is one of the aspects that drives Islam – a culture where some men get 5 wives and the other 4 guys get sheep to fuck. In such a world, there is no incentive for young men to follow ANY rules or to contribute to society in ANY productive way.”

    Gini coefficient = beta fighting with beta.


    “It’s about power over alphas as much as throttling approaches of betas. Women may use threat of accusations as blackmail to extract commitment/investment and follow through as punishment when said commitment/investment withheld.”

    A war on men. I can fell the ripple effect from all sides.

  20. Be careful what you wish for…..

    I managed to survive nearly 30 years in government service (25 of those as a manager or an executive) without one “thing” happening with either female co-workers, subordinates, or managers because of a very critical lesson I learned as a Child Protective Services Investigator:

    Always have a witness.

    I witnessed more then one male peer go down in flames by either being accused by a client of something untoward or making the mistake of hitting on a co-worker. They lost their jobs. Period. With no chance of defending themselves. No habeus corpus.

    This created a well-defined sense of “situational awareness” in me that kept me working while others were driven out because some woman didn’t “feel safe.” I had a mortgage and a family to raise.

    Even when involved with a disciplinary action with a female employee, I employed witnesses and documented actions. This actually paid off in an especially nasty termination where I was accused of bias. What’s funny about this is that the two women who came to my defense were of the same ethnicity of the employee I terminated.

    I don’t have to deal with this anymore but I am still hypervigilant. I only date those women who give me an enthusiastic “Hell yeah” and will not pursue anyone who does not give me frequent IOI’s throughout the process but I never ask for permission.

    On the other hand, I witnessed a lot of guys not calibrating and actually doing really stupid stuff because they had no game or were just plain idiots. I got no sympathy for them.

    Being RP aware is painful and often lonely but it does provide one with the tools for self-preservation.

    I did learn a long time ago that the sexy handsome guys never caught harrassment charges. Not understanding hypergamy at the time, I could only deduce that their looks had a lot to do with their work-related N counts and what was even worse, the speed of their promotions. All I could do was observe and continue to dodge bullets. Now I can name these things.

    Back to the original point. All a man has to do is withdraw. Young women these days are going to have to learn to “re-calibrate” in this new world so as not to trip alarms. Especially those that are approaching the wall and need to get “wifed up” by a beta. Perhaps another version of red pill is needed to help these women learn how to manage their solipism, feelings, and hypergamic impulses. A Sysiphysean task indeed, but perhaps necessary, when they discovery that the men their hindbrains are screaming for, just aren’t going to be there for the long run. It’s kind’ve there in the form of Red Pill Women, but it seems the participants in that forum are halfway there already. Perhaps something crueler. Something more brutal. The corrective response may take a generation.

    The upside for me is that if I behave Alpha, DGAF, and keep myself slim, I can pick and choose now. Word gets out. It really does and the myth of the “tamable Alpha” still leads women to my doorstep. I will be truly fucked if women learn to let go of that and I might have to work harder to get laid.

    I feel bad for guys in school and still in the workforce now but how many of them are willing to learn Red Pill. This usually requires some sort of catastrophe and they start casting around for answers. They’re the lucky ones. They’re the ones who begin to heal. The poor beta schlubs are gonna get bushwhacked and continue to get bushwhacked until they learn a different way of life.

    I hate this,

  21. @Palma

    Witness to a stoning looks like the after effects of gini coefficient, as in lack of men and surplus of women. What to do when the women lose value after the surplus of men have killed each other off. And the pendulum swings.

  22. The excuse/explanation I’ve read is that “enthusiastic” doesn’t actually mean “porn style begging for it” but is a legal term meaning “not coerced”. Although the term “not coerced” is itself nebulous and prone to misuse.

  23. Enthusiastic consent world could turn into unattractive women, (especially older drunk ones as Bill Burr described when he was talking about Harvey W having his representatives when Bill goes to autograph sessions or goes out after shows) getting lecherous themselves to men several levels above their smv and disclaiming it as that is their enthusiastic consent they’re giving.
    That’s the wish at least. So yes, it is removing all constraints. All social scenarios, all the low smv women have their eye on any high smv man, just go over and get your strip club fantasies on. She’s just showing her enthusiastic consent. Women still hold on to the thought that just maybe they could get with high smv men if they could tap into the “men will have sex with anything” part of men. Deep down there’s that kernel of a possibility. Maybe guilt him, if she can get him alone, with “you seem like a nice guy”, “I didn’t think you’d be so shallow”.
    They got Ashley Grahm to be in sports illustrated again, so they’ve made great headway making high smv men take fat girls.
    They’re getting closer. Pretty soon, there will be giant herds of Loni Loves (a.k.a the sexually aggressive fat girl) roaming around, pawing all the really good looking men. Because, “that’s the way it is now”

  24. I have a feeling we are way over analysing this.
    The ‘just get it’ mantra makes total sense. Why would a woman want a piss poor beta hitting on her and tolerating it ? She has a right to an alpha as thats what she finds attractive. Is it any different than a fat, ugly chick chasing us when we know whe can get the thin blonde in the mini instead ? Its distasteful at best.

    What worries me more is when an alpha fucks the chick, and she then turns on him because she got hurt that he pumped and dumped her. Thats when it gets scary and grey and could lead to both alpahas and betas having too many concerns to assertivelly couritng women.

    In the long run, I reckon this will come around naturally … and why, because women realise that they still need sex, and in particular good sex. When all men are too afraid to approach them thats when the penny will finally drop.

  25. palmasailor
    They might be women but they get buried up to their necks and get their heads cracked open for infidelity.

    Eh, in Shia Iran. Sometimes. A legacy of Khomeni.
    Doesn’t seem to happen in Egypt or Libya or Tunis or Algeria or Morocco or Jordan or a lot of other Sunni countries.

    Ask men who spent time in the Stans how much men really control women there.

    I was referring to Western Europe population growth not global

    C’mon, that’s borderline “how to lie with statistics” stuff. It’s easy to get a huge growth rate starting from a small number.

  26. Ok, palmasailor, so as of 2014 Saudi and Pakistan would let women get stoned to death.

    So what?
    A. Doesn’t mean all of the Islamic world does that. Because they don’t.
    B. Means nothing for us.

    It’s irrelevant to the OP.

  27. Here is a scary thought:

    ‘Does it matter if the majority of men are removed by an external event or if women actively select them away from breeding for the resulting social dynamic?’

    Let’s say like the first world war (leading to the roaring 20s) or if these men are selected away by female agency (#metoo)?

    In my estimation, the societal dynamic seems to be the same. Here is a description of Fridrich Ebert, Chancellor of the Weimar republic. See if it reminds you of someone who is in office today, just flip ‘right’ vs. ‘left’:

    “Vicious attacks by Ebert’s right-wing adversaries, including slander and ridicule, were often condoned or even supported by the judiciary when the president turned to the courts. The constant necessity to defend himself against those attacks also undermined his health. In December 1924, a court in Magdeburg fined a journalist who had called Ebert a “traitor to his country” for his role in the January 1918 strike, but it also said that, legally, Ebert had in fact committed treason.[5] This court case prevented him from seeking medical help for a while, as he wanted to be available to give evidence.[5] ”

    Let’s hope POTUS health doesn’t give out too soon, otherwise the current advances of female centred morality will be even more accelerated. In case anyone wonder Hitler WAS a SJW here is an extract from a speech in late 1920s:

    “Socialism as the final concept of duty, the ethical duty of work, not just for oneself but also for one’s fellow man’s sake, and above all the principle: Common good before own good, a struggle against all parasitism and especially against easy and unearned income. And we were aware that in this fight we can rely on no one but our own people. We are convinced that socialism in the right sense will only be possible in nations and races that are Aryan, and there in the first place we hope for our own people and are convinced that socialism is inseparable from nationalism.”

    I think the psychological allure of collectivism is threefold; firstly, by elevating collectivism the glory of the group is automatically transferred to the members regardless of personal achievement. Secondly, by identifying an evil ‘other’ all personal shortcomings can be laid at the feet of them, leaving no need for personal improvement as everything is someone else fault and lastly by thinking in broad categories of people, complex causal relations are simplified, allowing for easy rationalisation patterns (men good & women bad etc), and within these greater good narratives bad behaviour of the individual then can easily be rationalised away.

    Curiously, all of these collectivist movements that crop up (antifa, national socialists etc.) then proceed to recraft a historical narrative that legitimises their grievance calling opposing viewpoints ‘lies’ while they themselves become the only arbiters of ‘truth’. Wealth redistribution does not work, as by society’s gynocentric nature it gets primarily distributed to women, further exasperating the problem, making more and more men feel disenfranchised. The ‘solution’ then always involves voluntary cooperation of men. However, the types of voluntary cooperation you get, is the above implied sense that is born from anger and rejection from women. Once a critical mass has been reached, the women merely egg on the men and pick from the newly resulted social dominance hirachy.

    Human nature running on auto pilot as always…

  28. Agree that we are getting to the point where females see an approach by a subjectivity lower SMV male as an insult to her divine hypergamous “right” to a higher SMV male.

    The problem comes in the subjective nature of SMV, I’m 50, 6ft 1 and 235 at about 18% bodyfat with a better physique than 90/95% of men in my age group, but facially I’m certainly no brad Pitt, I am and never have been the “pretty boy” type.

    There are a certain demographic of females that prefer bigger masculine “rugged” looking men over the conventionally handsome archetype, and within this demographic I get laid like tile but with the rest of the female population I don’t do very well at all!

    I live in a big city population circa 1 million and I’ve had a hb8 come on to me gushing that “your the most attractive man ive seen tonight” and I’ve been rejected by too many hb6’s to count. So with SMV being so subjective to “type” preferences how am I supposed to calibrate?

    The problem is with an Alpha IDGAF mentality, I approach all the women that pass the “boner test” for me! , I don’t wait for IOI’s I just go after what I want!

    This has been working fine for me so far as the the worst that can happen is a rejection and I’m fine with that, but going forward the way things are developing it looks like I’m going to have to calibrate by waiting for an IOI before making any move, and that just doesn’t sit right with my “go after what you want, you gotta take it, nobody gives it to you” ethos.

    Fucked up times indeed.

  29. I guess what I’m trying to say is to some high SMV women, if they like my type ( big, muscular, masculine and rugged ) then I will satisfy their hypergamy and an approach will not cause affront/insult.

    But I could approach a hb6 ( my lower cut off point) but if she likes pretty boy skinny hipster type, then I’ve offended her hypergamy.

    So it’s not as simple as saying I’m a male 7 so if I stick to approaching female 7’s or lower I will be safe because in the first example a hb8/9 may evaluate me as high SMV male 8/9 because of her specific tastes and the Hb6 in the second example may assign me as a male 3/4 as I’m not her type.

    So for some girls I’m top 20 or even 10% and others I’m invisible at best or an affront to their hypergamous expectations at worst.

    Unless you wait for IOI’s it’s impossible to know what you’re dealing with, and waiting for IOI’s is NOT Alpha behaviour.

  30. @walawala

    “Interesting that so far the guys truly seems Alpha: clooney. Brad Pitt…David Beckham have come off as squeaky clean in all this.”

    Ben Affleck and Jeremy Piven seem Alpha (to some extent) and both were accused of harrasment. I know that grabbing boobs (during interview with young hottie giving IOI and to some slut in the Playboy mansion) is not the same as masturbating in front of someone or “raping”, but even some Alphas can be made into attackers by that stupid environment.

  31. Never thought I’d see the day when Rollo put up a post that basically says, “The only safe thing to do these days is to go MGTOW.”

    Fuck it. If this is what society wants, fuck it. Let it all burn down.

  32. @batfish55

    haha, thought the exact same thing. This just screams MGTOW all the way.

    America always arrives first at the future, so we will have to keep our eyes peeled.

    It is harder not to see hookers as the best deal after this.

  33. The FI has nearly completed its push for unilateral control of human sexual agency.

    That is simply too much power.. you literally have to give zero fucks about the law, your future or repurcussions of your actions in order to be succesful in today’s meeting enviroment.

    I recently, publicly told the story of how i was in a 2yr straight relationship with a girl who was 16 at the time we started being romantic. I was unaware of her age until after she turned 18. I was 28 when we started dating. We broke up 5 months after her turning 18 and have continued to hook up for sex internmently over the last 2 years since the break up. I told the story and some white knights tried to pedoshame me but it was actually WOMEN that were in unanimous support of the relationship. They were like
    “You loved her awww” and “you were lied to” and “a 16 yo isnt a little kid. That bitch could drive a car and work a job. Shes just immature right now”
    I was shocked as hell considering how we live in a victim/metoo culture now. Thought they were going to burn me at the stake in the court of public opinion but that was not the case. I thought about the Alpha Tells post and surmised “well… i should be okay in todays dating market. I believe I cross the Alpha rubicon mentally. I definetly cross it physically. Everything should be ok… but they did get Mike Tyson… so no one’s really safe”

    Right after that thought the headlines for all of the suspensions of NFL analyst started rolling out. Pro bowlers, hall of famers, millionaires, celebrities, powerful network execs, all terminated or suspended due to the claims of a post-wall hair dresser! A damn hair dresser can bring all of these elite Alphas to ground level with retroactive claims, even after shes been fired herself”

    No ones safe. It doesnt matter if your Alpha.Beta.Whatever. The male/female dynamic is completely gone haywire in the USA.
    I was

  34. Boulderhead

    That Jordan Petersen video was the closest one concerning poverty and crime. I’ve heard the debates for years, and sociologist and the like seem to always miss the mark.

    Too steep differences in a hierarchy. Perfect. Relativity matters.

    All men operate by the same internal program. Not everyone will know relative poverty in life, but there’s about to be some relative pussy poverty very soon. Already the mutters of anger are beginning. Violence of some sort would logically follow, except men have been trained to be non violent en masse. Over generations in the wider populace.

    If you think about it, it’s strategically brilliant. But it’s a long game. Generational in fact.

    Opinions differ, but steep, societally manipulated ‘ inequalities ‘ never maintain the desired effect, and this current clusterfuck cannot be any different. Tame and control the men and boys and your culture/society will eventually cease to exist. But first everyone will suffer greatly. Needlessly. Going from 80/20 to 90/10 is going to have disastrous wider consequences.

    Lol, Petersen is an enigma for me. Sometimes I vehemently disagree with his position, and at other times I just as vehemently agree fully. Never a middle ground.

  35. The interesting thing to me is we have moved beyond this already. Look at the allegations against Franken. They are marginal at best, one being by a woman who says he squeezed her waist after she approached him and asked him to take a picture with her.

    Think about that for a second. We are rapidly approaching a time when any accusation of anything at all, even without evidence is treated as rape/sexual misconduct.

    Any man in his right mind, especially any man at work should be actively avoiding socializing or even talking to women more than as strictly needed. Worse, if you are in a public area and you are approached, if a woman approaches you and takes a selfie with you, that can be used against you.

    Fear indeed.

  36. “In the long run, I reckon this will come around naturally … and why, because women realise that they still need sex, and in particular good sex.”

    There should be plenty of subscribers to the Religion of Pieces who will be more than happy to provide them with it – even if they aren’t “in the mood.”

  37. Total Muslim population declining, only slower than others. Lower global T, indeed.


    We commented on Islam vs. the West before. Most Muslim men are Beta, might perceive themselves Alpha as the culture and sharia reinforces it, benefitting the few. Underlying human male personality remains Beta, hence polygyny is lawful, they legalized hypergamy.

    I’d prefer not to live in retrograde Islamic shit holes, but whatever, I’ll adapt.

    Meanwhile If you ever want to get laid your best options are these now:

    1. Spend massive amounts of time, talent and treasure for drip sex, prostitution..

    2. Alpha up and never backslide.

  38. @Blax

    Ya Peterson is getting some real mileage out of the contextual US social experiment, he finds it very interesting.

    On the male interracial and interstatus violence it could be manipulation as lets you and him fight,or just a natural effect. On the other hand when I consider the antifa violence It apears to be more sociosexual manipulated violence and the climate is becoming more divisive by the day.

    Men need to be heroes and the mass media is setting them up to defend and defer to women.

  39. “Men need to be heroes and the mass media is setting them up to defend and defer to women.”

    Word. MSM push pull. Men are usually displayed good looking, buying holiday fueled jewelry or tail-tucked simps. Both negotiating provision sex.

    Except Jered Leto:


  40. Lol @ the commercial. The MSM is responsible on so many levels for driving levels of fuckery and confusion, and the sick part is that 90% of it all, commercials and movies and television and social media – is fake and false and contrived. It’s all about spiking emotions be they positive or negative ones. The bombardment is relentless.

    Full disclosure: I have 2 bottles of Gucci Guilty on my dresser currently. Ha ha haaaa.

    I don’t know if men need to be ‘ heroes ‘ in life. High levels of selflessness aren’t mentally healthy over the long haul. Speaking of movies, I think it was Harvey Dent in The Dark Knight that uttered one of my favorite lines that wasn’t spoken by the Joker, ” you either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself as a villain “. Lotta heroes falling by the wayside of late. Maybe they lived too long.

  41. I share some of the concerns mentioned by @Paydontplay.

    If this situation keeps getting progressively worse, even top shelf alphas that don’t want to “settle down” with some hotties (in a serial monogamy or serial OLTR) can get “zeroed out” eventually.

    If it only takes one woman who doesn’t happen to fancy you to have serious undesirable consequences… Or even fancied you until you make some wrong move a bit too soon… I mean, even a success rate as high as 90% (which I don’t think even the best PUAs can get) would give one failed approach pretty soon.

  42. “Men need to be heroes and the mass media is setting them up to defend and defer to women.”

    nice, good insight of the at-the-moment setup for getting simps to carry their water

    lol, a while back I had inquired here about recommendations for smell-goods… I ended up with that GG shit above… it does smell nice but the instructions don’t mention needing to bathe in it nor that it helps to look like the Joker first

  43. Petersen: “Envy causes crime.” + people don’t want to put in the time it takes to make money in lawful ways = “envy + quick-buck-approach causes crime”…crime takes effort, but people don’t want to wait for the seeds to grow and plants to produce a fruitful harvest

  44. Back on Weinstein…he was crass, rough, but never threatened to destroy a career…with all the independent producers, that power is gone…

    Kind of weird that the girl went to his hotel room if she really felt bad about him groping her breasts. Contrast with Jane Seymour who went to a private screening with a producer as a naïve kid, was propositioned, declined, and it was no harm, no foul.

    #metoo =#imawhore

  45. You couldn’t make a more effective attempt at ending the human race with the use of nuclear weapons than with these new rules. If I didn’t know they’re just incredibly gullible, I’d assume all the people buying in were hell bent on erasing our species from the planet.

  46. “It’s all about spiking emotions be they positive or negative ones.”

    “High levels of selflessness aren’t mentally healthy….”

    Solomonic wisdom. Either we serve them or ourselves. Stetson man myself.

  47. @Playdontpay

    “The problem is with an Alpha IDGAF mentality, I approach all the women that pass the “boner test” for me! , I don’t wait for IOI’s I just go after what I want!

    This has been working fine for me so far as the the worst that can happen is a rejection and I’m fine with that, but going forward the way things are developing it looks like I’m going to have to calibrate by waiting for an IOI before making any move, and that just doesn’t sit right with my “go after what you want, you gotta take it, nobody gives it to you” ethos.

    Fucked up times indeed….

    …..Unless you wait for IOI’s it’s impossible to know what you’re dealing with, and waiting for IOI’s is NOT Alpha behaviour.”

    Don’t you think you might be taking the meta shit test of the METOO’s a little too seriously?

    Meta shit test going on lately is designed precisely to test and to filter men. To have them (the men) self-announce what league they put themselves in. That makes it easier for the women to filter, less work, more efficient filter.


    “Irrational self-confidence is a good start to circumventing and unlearning the concept of Leagues; unlearning this conditioning being the operative goal. The Game-aware Man can actually use the concept of Leagues to his advantage with enough guile. When you approach a woman without regard to a League mentality or even a Zen-like obliviousness to it, you send the message that there’s more to you than a feminine reality can control. It’s exactly this disregard for the influence of the feminine imperative that makes the Alpha attractive; he’s unaware of, or indifferent to the rules his conditioning should’ve taught him earlier. Just in the attempt of Gaming a woman obviously “out of your league” you flip the feminine script by planting a seed of doubt (and prompting imagination) about your perceived value. Doubt is a very powerful tool, in fact the very concept of Leagues is founded upon men’s self-doubt. Turn that tool to your advantage by disregarding women’s social convention of Leagues.

  48. Sun Wukong
    You couldn’t make a more effective attempt at ending the human race with the use of nuclear weapons than with these new rules. If I didn’t know they’re just incredibly gullible, I’d assume all the people buying in were hell bent on erasing our species from the planet.

    The new rule regime is not aimed at everyone on the planet, just men in the US.

  49. Men don’t “NEED” to be heroes. Because heroes then get to be obligated to “sacrifice”.

    They want pickled cocks. Give them sand.

  50. OK. Time for my weekly ASD push back.

    In Hollywood and in the music industry, it is absolutely possible for one man/exec to end your career. Particularly if you’re just trying to get established.

    Where do you think their ” power ” comes from? It’s a tight enough network where one dude could put the word out that you were troublesome, and most of the other producers and studio heads wouldn’t bother with you, in unison.

    Blacklisted. Shut out.

    Even men, over money or being difficult to work with.

    Ask Jean Claude Vandame.

    During the height of his career he was offered a mega contract. At the time of his negotiations, that movie dumb and dumber was all the rage, and Jim Carey was offered some kind of ridiculously high salary/contract. Jean Claude was like ” that movie’s silly bullshit and I’m an action star!!!! Not only do I want Jim Carey money, I want more that him..” ,mor something similar.

    He wasn’t seen nor heard from for the next nearly twenty years.. Low budget straight to DVD movies filmed in Romania don’t figure into this equation.

    Same with Wesley Snipes. At the height of the Blade series, snipes talked mad shit about the writers and director of the awful third movie, and his costars. He even refused to do promotional work for the release.


    IRS also put him in prison. Funny how the IRS shows up at specific convenient times. Pay your fuxking taxes!

    Chicks are still going to use sex in Hollywood. That shits woven into the fabric of the industry. It’s just that now they have more control through fear and they don’t even have to follow through.

  51. “To have them (the men) self-announce what league they put themselves in. That makes it easier for the women to filter, less work, more efficient filter.”

    There’s many ways to skin that IDGAF cat. A predator stare, coolly word-fencing her, bold kino, subtle eye play, on and on, all Alpha tells when shamelessly and naturally delivered from the heart not the head.

    Fucking women is supposed to be fun and not work. IDK, perhaps it’d be easier if we’d accept game as life.

  52. Blaximus
    Chicks are still going to use sex in Hollywood any way they can. That shits woven into the fabric of the industry humanity.

    Fixed that for you. No charge.

    It’s just that now they have more control through fear and they don’t even have to follow through.

    Feminism: not just a giant shit-test, but now also a giant cock-tease?

  53. Lol @ Blax…bullshitte artiste par excellence!

    if you are actually working for a director and you are actually hard to work with…acting like a diva…demanding unreasonable money…unlikeable and moneygrubbing…a socially awkward skunk…you destroy your own career…no producer or director has ever had the power to affect a career unless you were contractually obligated to work for him

    a producer/director has the power to help advance your career because contacts and influence…social networking…see Jane Seymour who is well liked by all and who has had a marvelous career without having to whore herself…#notaskunk

    Kevin Sorbo whined about not getting roles because he wore his Christianity on his sleeve and whined…surprise!…he didn’t get roles…and I like Sorbo as an actor…#imaskunk

    Snipes fucked himself over…a skunk…lots of weirdness…I kind of agree with him, but I wouldn’t broadcast it…unsurprising that the IRS came after him…I like Snipes as an actor and a person…#imaskunk

  54. ” hardworking ” went out of vogue 2 generations ago. Catch up and pay attention.

    The reward for hardwork is mostly fatigue a majority of the time, unless you work on an oil rig or on Wall street.

    Look for ” reward ” to be removed from all dictionaries any day now.

  55. @playdontplay

    “Agree that we are getting to the point where females see an approach by a subjectivity lower SMV male as an insult to her divine hypergamous “right” to a higher SMV male.”

    Women don’t care about smv

    “but going forward the way things are developing it looks like I’m going to have to calibrate by waiting for an IOI before making any move, and that just doesn’t sit right with my “go after what you want, you gotta take it, nobody gives it to you” ethos.


    “Unless you wait for IOI’s it’s impossible to know what you’re dealing with, and waiting for IOI’s is NOT Alpha behaviour.

    The FI has you guys so bad….omg….im gonna shed like one tear.


    “Fuck it. If this is what society wants, fuck it. Let it all burn down.

    lol That’s not very productive.

    well anyways lol……………..to the actually important stuff

    While the depression and heartache continues in the distraught life of men. The rampage of feminism crushing the souls of men and causing them to seek the highest mountains and train their mind and resist their natural urges because of the climate and chance that they might die in this eternal war.

    Lol the stronger feminism gets the easier my life is. Women are easier to get and willing to give up everything to please a man…..that understands what women wants……and not a man in the sense that man would think as a strong lumberjack man with a day job lol

    Most of you still play by their rules.…which is the very thing they hate

  56. McPaper USA Today:

    “But its last report, in 1994, found that 19% of the men who responded to a survey reported they had experienced some form of unwanted sexual attention during the preceding two years“

    Men haven’t cared to weaponize sex, it’s not a pride thing, they just don’t care when a woman kinos them. Guys think it’s flirting. It doesn’t improve men’s lives to reject female advances.

    Our all-knowing keyholders, think they can control men, using women as proxies, by waveing social, financial ruin in men’s faces. We’re never to step outside our lane. We’re slaves, apperently. I got that memo too late in life, been hanging out here. I’m now a hopeless, unemediable hardcase.

    They’re are removing one last reason to come to work, especially for someone else.

    Oh, like 99% of men, if women, years post facto, call me sexually manipulative, it’d certainly up my rep.

    Feel free FI. No one gives two chickenshits about my white bread sexuality.

  57. @mersonia: what is being discussed is basically that the stakes for making mistakes in pick-up (and intersexual dynamics in general) are high and being raised. This is a real problem for anyone trying to learn, or even improve, unless they already have a quite high skill level. You supposedly already know what to do and how, at quite a high skill – but even then you make mistakes.

    Metaphor: people trying to learn slacklining, and a few years ago you used to be able to do it between two trees, close to the ground. Not necessarily easy to learn and you had to put in some effort and take some falls. But increasingly you are only allowed to do it at higher heights from the ground, so falling down hurts or ruins you for the rest of your life. Even experienced slackliners fall, even if rarely, but if it only takes one fall… And it makes it much harder to learn in such conditions.

  58. ““He just tried a lot of things without asking me, and at no point asked me if I was all right,” the woman, who remained anonymous out of fear of retribution, told the Daily Beast.”

    Spit-take laugh.

    Anyhoo, Yeah, calibrate because the rough stuff can go bad fast….especially if she’s been drinking. Her sensations are blunted and won’t recognize being hurt, losing her airway.

  59. Great article, Rollo.

    As I said in the other thread, this shit is dark right now but there are upsides:

    It’s red-pilling men left and right. You can only blue pill sjw so long until you yourself get accused or your fellow blue bill brother whom you know at your core to be a completely blue balled harmless sap (same as you) … human DNA wants to survive and replicate. Survival comes before replication because without survival, no replication. There comes a point where the survival instinct from your male DNA dominates everything. Men can be pushed only so far.

    Women are incredible manipulative and incredible retarded at the same time. Once the narratives wear down and the consequences kick in (First million dollar lawsuits plowing through social narratives, people secretly recording shit everywhere and putting it online without hesitation, sons, brothers, fathers, male relatives and friends offing themselves because of having their lifes destroyed through false accusations …) shit is going to change THROUGH women. The (potential) consequences will outweigh the benefits of false accusations. Effect will wear off. “Oh shit, another accusation JUST at the guy got power … yawn” … This shit NEEDS the narratives to survive and we are in the midst of the panic right now. As soon as the power of the official narratives (“All men are rapey harassers, all women are helpless victims”) erodes, the power dynamic changes. Women will keep themselves in check through the ways women do this: hen pecking, intrigues and shaming each other. The sisterhood uber alles will erode through their own agents. I predict major infights in the F.I. coming up. It will be a shitshow supreme.

    Prostitution will bloom, which is ambivalent. There will have to be incentives for the F.I. to avoid betas getting their basic sex through prostituion and removing themselves from the cattle market, even more so now that simply shaming men won’t do it anymore since any women can fuck your life with one hasthag. It’s gotta be through legislature. This will conflict with Open Hypergamy and Open Cuckoldry narratives in some insane hamster chick logic kind of ways. Will be funny to watch, I’d say.

    Also women are human (big surprise, ya) and will still want and crave sex, so if you have your game up, cover your back and know how to approach and play you’ll find an alpha craving pussy heaven of unknown extend. The I got 100 problems but a bitch aint none mentality is done forever tho in a world where ANY women can fuck your life with one hashtag. The It’s just girls just be alpha bro narrative is official buried and done like a dusty and conservative 50’s marriage. From 2017 on men will HAVE TO get some amount of red pill alpha 0.2 to survive.

    And since men are logical problem solvers, quietly connecting dots and the worlds including this red pill knowledge here is one google search in your pocket away, we will see some very interesting changes in the coming years, that’s pretty safe to say. Mark my word, the F.I. underestimated this one in it’s own impulsivity. Men are forced to wake up now and they will, on a large scale. The F.I.’s innate solipsism fucked itself over with this one.

    Men have been pushed as far as they are able to go with this against their own nature, their own better judgement and what they are seeing with their own eyes, 24/7.

    Dear Feminine Imperative: The times, they will be changing.

  60. @Blaximus: fair enough, but you do get my point as well.
    Otherwise you wouldn’t be taking precautions at your own work. And you are a guy with a looot of previous training, would you not describe yourself as having a high skill level at “pick-up” or flirting or whatever you want to call it?

    But even guys like you do not want to slackline across the Grand Canyon on a regular basis, because one misstep might be all it takes…

  61. Hi Trent.

    “It’s gotta be through legislature.”

    IDK, that’s handing the keys back to the drunkard, you know? You’d have to reinvent society before the law changed.

    I suggest ground up tactics. One guy at a time. You admit the law itself it’s RPing guys already. Let them step on their own dicks, save guys as you can without sacrificing you and enjoy the view.

  62. @ IAS

    Lol. I consider myself a very highly skilled seducer of females, if raw numbers are any indication, and NOTHING the FI can conjure up will ever change that.

    As I explained to Hank, I take more precautions now because of the heightened social awareness/bullshit. Precautions are not = to fear. The FI is announcing a rule change mid game, so I’m paying attention to the ” new rules ” so as not to foul myself out of the game by ignorance.

    But I am not a big believer or supporter of fear. I’d rather die a horrible, fiery death.

    ” Work ” is not Life. A lot of dumb shit takes place at work ( Thanks HR!!!! ) and this is just another turd added to the pile. There are plenty of women for me to sexually harass outside of work, lol.

    So yeah, HR is playing a game of Simon Says with Job Loss for losing. I think I’m wise enough ( and as you say, skilled enough ) to stay inbounds –


    Always be smart and reject fear. Live fire can be an advantage once you stop being afraid.

  63. So zfg, smashing shit tests, and rational self-interest still apply but carry greater risk, aka destruction, should the application of any of the above fail to locate the intersect of her hypergamy-solipsism-hindbrain point. Aka calibration.

    So you only have to solve for the 3 axis intersect on each individual woman you encounter (with just-in-time delivery) all while the great world spins and she is leaning-in toward a vortex of unknown quantity known as her phone. Burden of performance or absurd and humiliating subjugation of my masculine energy?

    I kid. Sort of. But I really do feel like the poolside with cocktail model is closer to the rational self interest, err self preservation, than the idea that I need to just get better at prying the slightly less deluded and dangerous ones out of thier bumbleverse of beta blockers.

    And that’s just step one. Then I get to navigate her Facebook, instawhore, friends with exes, strong independent must love dogs, I love sushi, white picket fence someday just maybe not now script without going too provider or too ZFG. It’s laughable.

    So for a while now I’ve taken the position that I don’t like how things are so I’m not going to feed the mechanisms that are tightening the noose.

    I don’t do social media at all. No tinder or any of that. I text sparingly. I dismiss all of those things openly with genuine disinterest and a bit of disgust, I.e. I’m not looking for “that kind of woman”.

    I still do ok. I scare off a lot of women; just too much for their limited operating systems to handle. But I do just fine with others. My biggest issue being that I find most to be terribly boring and offering very little to my life. This is entirely of their own doing. Virtually none of them know what men really desire outside of sex. And they greatly overvalue their high mileage low caliber sex resumes.

    In these discussions there’s always the go-to of the “thirsty beta” phenom to blame whenever female behavior (or the corresponding levers of the FI) is called out. While I don’t deny the power of pussy to provide endless male grist, it’s not the betas that are turning the stone.

    A lot of these ‘me too’ and enthusiastic consent power grabs are designed to cull unwanted beta attention/power sure enough, so given that, certainly what propels this forward can’t just be thirsty beta attention.

    Eg There are a lot of high quality men, dare even alpha, on the likes of bumble. Bumble exists because of unwanted beta attention in tinder (and other reasons we know well). Part of what keeps the women deluded and in their phones and swiping toward cats and boxed wine is not just beta thirst. The app exists as a literal STFU to the 80% in order to clear the airwaves for their aspirational alpha snagging.

    My take is to deny women my attention in this manner. I will not commodify, bend toward that vortex, feed the beast of solipsism, etc.

    Yes, there are trade offs. I could get moar pussy if I casually employed such tools.

    But I don’t want to feed the very things I despise. And if I were to, I would feel rather disingenuous when I encounter the hoards of lost women with their 32-point lists and shitty attitudes and then ask “what the hell is wrong with these women?” As if the one thing is unrelated to the other.

    To me this is like “where are all the good men?” So I reckon my ramble is to ask, at what point do men decide to starve at least all the low hanging rotten fruit, in order to uphold some measure of self respect? Or is that idealism?

    Are we stuck choosing between self limiting our individual success or fueling further decline by continuing to feed the beast because pussy?

    In the workplace this is a bit easier. But what of the SMP at-large?

    I’m not inclined to say let it all burn and just plow thru, adding my n to the thousand cock stares, but I’m also not inclined to retire to the ranch with my dogs and guns just yet.

    I’m kind of in a strategic no mans land vis a vis life choices at the moment so that could be instructing my personal choices but I’m curious about how these trends throw a spanner in the RP theory to RP actionable conversion.

    I doubt there is a lysistrata approach for men but there does seem to be a money/mouth aspect to consider on the individual level.

  64. Yes means yes is the dumbest concept the FI has invented yet. Among the multitude of reasons, “No” serves more than one function for women:

    A. Her: “No.” = Stop, I’m not into you or this.
    His best response: “OK.” = I’m stopping. You can get up and go. If you’re not into it neither
    am I.

    B. Her: “No.” [Insert some contradictory signal] = Slow down, I’m enjoying this so go a little
    His best response: “OK.” = I’ll back off a bit and keep going at a slower pace. You’re into it,
    and so am I.

    In my experience, it’s not hard to figure out which “no” you just got and act accordingly.

    So how is she supposed to contribute to the interaction when her only acceptable reaction is either screaming “YES!!!!!!’ or anything else which means “NO! Staaawpit.”?

    I guess today’s women have really simple and straightforward sexual needs… said no one ever.

  65. Oh yes, I totally forgot this a couple of days ago.


    “Friends, I intend to defend myself against any alleged charges you may have been reading about in the media,” he wrote. “For the record, I did not assault the person making these accusations in the manner alleged in the complaint or harm her in any way. I am conferring with my lawyers with the aim of vigorously countering the allegations. And I look forward to my day in court where the evidence will prove my innocence.”


    Calling Doctor Love…

    1. @metoo is the same old shit women have always done, just with wifi:

      “With the seed of paranoia planted, a stream of accusations followed for the next few months. Charges against Martha Corey, a loyal member of the Church in Salem Village, greatly concerned the community; if she could be a witch, then anyone could. Magistrates even questioned Sarah Good’s 4-year-old daughter, Dorothy, and her timid answers were construed as a confession. The questioning got more serious in April when Deputy Governor Thomas Danforth and his assistants attended the hearings. Dozens of people from Salem and other Massachusetts villages were brought in for questioning.”


      One really pernicious thing that the #metoo campaign has done is that it shifted the conversation from the false presumption of ‘rape culture’ to ‘sexual harassment’, which is at the transgression of every individual woman to decide. Such a shift in discourse does away with the need for evidence, as women’s personal recollections of past events are all that is needed now to point the finger and reinforce the dogma that man are pigs. Furthermore, with all the immigrants’ committing rapes in Europe and exploiting women, the old narrative of ‘rape culture’ did no longer work to control (white) men. As such, the collective shift in victim narrative was necessary to reinforce the (female) authority over the public discourse.

      Listen and belief, is the new standard…
      Like I said before, what’s the difference for soceital organisation if the top men are dead (as these would have been the first out of the trenches) or if they self-segregate as they decide it’s to dangerous to affiliate with women (MGTOW). Here is Tesla’s account on why he wouldn’t marry, you don’t have to read between the lines to see that he was doing a cost benefit analysis and came to his conclusions quite rationally.


      Anyone remember what happened after the 1920s?….

  66. Trent Lane
    There will have to be incentives for the F.I. to avoid betas getting their basic sex through prostituion and removing themselves from the cattle market, even more so now that simply shaming men won’t do it anymore since any women can fuck your life with one hasthag.

    Hypergamy doesn’t care how Betas get their sexual needs met. They are the 80% and don’t matter. Prostitution? Sugar babies? Massage parlors? VR Porn? Sexbots? Doesn’t matter, as long as no high value woman ever accidentally beds down with a Beta thinking that he’s Alpha. That’s where we are and where we are heading. That’s where “regret rape” is coming from, that’s where #MeeToo is largely coming from:

    “I thought he was a Real Alpha but he’s not! I’ve been defrauded of my rightful ride on the Alpha Cock Carousel!.

    Women can be their own Betas now, or the state will provide for them. Either way, they do not need provisioning from any one man. They need their tingles, though, and they better be real tingles, not fake.

    @ IAS

    Ever heard of a ” Live Fire Drill “?

    I’m not IAS but I’ve heard of that. The thing is, for a growing number of young men every drill is going to be live fire, with no training beforehand allowed. That’s going to get the dearies their 10% but it will be very rough on the 90%. All of us started out rejectable, it’s only with some practice that we Just Get It. That practice is going to become rarer and rarer if the trend continues.

  67. You all have missed the point of #metoo…the point is to show women the power they can have when they gang together to accuse men and so to get more women to gang together to accuse men…it’s a power display aimed at garnering more power…kind of like a tribe of men taking down an elephant herd by killing elephants individually

    these broads didn’t even consider the possibility that men would become afraid because they don’t even see men who would become afraid…such men are invisible to them…women are incapable of empathizing with men so they wouldn’t understand the fear that #metoo tactics engender

    in these times, calibration skills are paramount…fathers should take their sons out and teach them calibration in the field

  68. Blaximus
    So yeah, HR is playing a game of Simon Says with Job Loss for losing. I think I’m wise enough ( and as you say, skilled enough ) to stay inbounds

    No doubt. How wise and skilled are the new hires? How wise and skilled were you at staying inbounds – the 2017 inbounds – when you were 20 years old?

    What if you had miscalibrated the first week on your job, got a nuclear rejection, and not only got fired but got smeared across social media as a “creep”?

    Highwire with no net and no practice. That’s where we’re heading for the 20 something men.

  69. @Blaximus

    Gene Simmons is a bit more of a hard target than the rich betas that have previously been targeted. There are still some rules within the lawsuit / court of law world – Novaseeker can address that better than me – and when the whole idea of “discovery” gets explained to whoever is after Simmons, I expect this case will just kinda quietly fade out.

  70. @AR

    Lol, I’ve been fired plenty of times…you live and learn…when I was 17 I think it was for looking up a girl’s skirt, lol…it was a little creepy, I’ll admit…I’m sure I’ve been called a creep on social media somewhere…probably not where I could see it…zero fucks given

    I know it’s hard to imagine a time without social media, but there really is life outside social media.

    You come across as way too emotional and fearful…childish and unbecoming of a man…not trying to pick a fight…others have said this about young men in general…you have to try shit and take your lumps and learn…the wire only looks high because you’re three years old

    Look who has done the best when accused by a girl swarm…Trump…Moore…Gene Simmons…what did they do to combat the accusation?…they either waved it off or denied it…girls can do this shit at the high school level, too, even without any cause…for revenge or attention or blackmail or whatever…it’s the times we live in, but if you maintain frame, it’s no big deal

  71. Also, Gene Simmons has been behaving beastly for over 40 years. Meaning any gal in his general proximity knows who he is, what he’s gonna do, and what he can get away with. He’s another No Apologies guy so that should serve him well. Also his known history in a real sense actually inoculates him, as it does Jagger and did Bowie and other cocksmen. The more incidents one calls up from his past, the more his answer will be: So?

    That Swedish proposed law in the Independent article cited by @Albert is concerning. What you have to watch out for. Remember there was an attempt a year or so ago to promote a “yes means yes” model statute for inclusion in the Model Penal Code by the American Law Institute, which recommends revisions to uniform state laws on many subjects. When Harvard and other law professors and practitioners within ALI sounded off about its potential horrors it was soundly rejected — for now. I guess that’s what we’ll be chewing on in Part 2.

  72. Much has been said about VR sex for men in the bottom 80 percent — but what about VR for women?

    In a world where betas have been banished and alphas are thin on the ground, how might women interact with VR sex-tech? Or use it for additional leverage? Look at what phones and social media have already done to twist feminine behavior.

  73. Simmons will be fine. They’re hoping they can get him to settle to avoid cost or publicity (the lawyer for the plaintiff is probably doing it on contingency), but Simmons is a ZFG guy. I’ll bet it gets settled for a small amount after a while, and quietly as well.

    YMY was not adopted in the MPC last time, that’s correct. My guess is that they will keep trying until they succeed by having enough numbers in the ALI to do so. There is a passionate activist hardcore in the law schools that is advocating these changes to rape law, and I doubt they will go away in the wake of #metoo, they will just bide their time like the activists always do and come back with the issue again when they have better numbers. In any case, it’s the (imo temporary) defeat of YMY in the legal realm that has accelerated the desire of the activist community to deal with these things outside the legal system by things like #metoo, where they can apply the rules they want without having to worry about the rules being, you know, actually legal rules.

  74. @albert
    Only a couple of years back Swedish feminists marched in Stockholm with banners like “We don’t need you to protect us!”, aimed at Swedish men. But revising the law means just the opposite. Not that Swedish feminists will admit that their fried ice is too cold.

    Of course the Swedish cops and court system are already overloaded with rape cases now, and probably 80% to 90% of them involve men from some other country. Moslem “refugees” are ignoring the existing law…better pass more laws for them to ignore! That surely will work!

    As usual with stuff like this the details are verrry interesting.

    In addition to the sexual consent law, the government is also planning other legislation which will improved victim support service, fight sexual exploitation and human trafficking, make buying sex abroad illegal and increase prison sentences for offenders.

    That is a surprise, because plenty of Northern European men fly to Thailand for a 2 week holiday every year. It’s not exactly a secret. Plus closer to home I’m sure the red light districts in Amsterdam and Hamburg are still in business. It’s not enforceable, unless a man is really careless or just plain dumb.

    Sure does look like the FI putting the screws to the Betas just as Trent said, though. Like a prudish, btichy churchgoing wife who deadbeds her “till death do us part” but also threatens divorce if he uses porn or even masturbates in the shower. “No kind of sex for you, no place, no way, because I say so!”.

    Sweden really is making itself a huge test case for “how bad can feminism screw up a country”.

  75. O.B.I.T.
    In a world where betas have been banished and alphas are thin on the ground, how might women interact with VR sex-tech?

    1) Most sexbots are modled on females. Not all of them, I’m sure.

    2) Camgirls already exist. They bank coin off of virtual beta orbiters. For now the high def VR cameras are bulky and expensive, but that’s changing. For just about any woman, there’s a potential constellation of beta orbiters out in the depths of the Internet.

    3) “Teledildonics” already exists in a primitive form via the internet and/or cell phones. https://infogalactic.com/info/Teledildonics
    Combine this with VR camgirls…then connect to a sexbot…is it a brave, new world yet?

    “Consent” is not an issue with any of these options. Of course all of them are pretty weird to us right now. They may or may not become less weird as the march of the FI continues.

  76. Another outcome is possible. Current punishments for sexual stuff are high because these are perceived as rare events. Now, that the thing becomes popular, the governments might be compelled to tread it similarly to other popular law breaking like driving related stuff. Where you get a speeding ticket, or some points. Which is also a reliable source of income for the governments. Governments can’t afford to put all of the taxpayers in prison, they’d loose big on tax revenues then. That’s why they can’t put people in prisons for speeding – despite it being dangerous. That’s also what they might do if most taxpayers get accused of some sexual misconduct – introduce fines for it.

  77. The overlords in Europe and America are aware that they allowed (by design) way too many foreigners into their countries and the rape crimes are bound to rise. The people will ultimately blame the politicians for this. And to save face they are using the #metoo movement to create these laws to label “all men” as sexual predators.

    Also, with the decline in marriages and men not making enough money (relative to women) as before, the money in the divorce law industry is drying up. The lawyers are happy with this new movement whereby they just need an “anonymous” client who alleges misconduct against a rich guy and they can make money out of it.

    The interviewer in the Smiley video is shocked to hear that Smiley wants to know who the accusers are. Her response is “is it important for you to know?” That’s how far the goal post has moved.

  78. Never thought I’d see the day when Rollo put up a post that basically says, “The only safe thing to do these days is to go MGTOW.”

    Hardly. In fact I would argue that it’s even more imperative for men to be Red Pill aware and Game savvy. MGTOW is no insulation from #metoo allegations. Ignore Game at your own peril today gentlemen.

  79. Hypergamy doesn’t care how Betas get their sexual needs met.

    But look at Sweden which has made all prostitution illegal, and is now trying to prevent their citizens from buying sex overseas, even with consenting adult prostitutes where prostitution is legal. How long until Sweden moves to place restrictions on adult porn too?

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