Dangerous Times – Part 1

We live in a very dangerous age for men. The Blue Pill is even more of a liability today than it was in times past, because we live in an era that encourages men going all-in in their life’s investment in that conditioning.

Welcome to the #MeToo era. What we’re experiencing in our social environment today is a sea change in intersexual dynamics. The underlying fundamentals haven’t changed; our evolved natures and the latent purposes that are driven by them haven’t shifted, but the social dynamics and sexual acculturation that serve as checks and balances on them has drastically shifted, and in a very short time. While you could make an argument for an idealized free love era that took place right after the Sexual Revolution, now we find ourselves in a time that is so calculating in its design on intersexual social dynamics that it makes the late 60s seem romantically naive.

Back in October of 2014 I wrote a post called Yes Means Fear. This essay was a response to the, at that time new, Yes Means Yes sexual consent legislature that was being instituted on California university campuses. Dalrock had written similar essays regarding this latest form of sexual consent aptly titled The Sexual Revolution’s Arab Spring and Making the World Safe for Promiscuous Women. It may take you a while to review these posts, but please read these and skim the comments to get a gist of the conversations we had going on just three years ago.

One of these comments was the inimitable Deti:

At the end of the day, college women (soon all women) will be able to use the “lack of consent” law/policy as a weapon against undesirable men to do the following:

1. Weed out and eliminate unattractive men by chilling their conduct

2. Making even the most innocuous sexual conduct (i.e. approaching, asking for dates) so dangerous that the only men who will engage in the SMP are attractive men with proven successful sexual track records who will never get reported for doing anything “untoward”; thus ensuring that only attractive men will approach them for dates and sex

3. Giving women more power over the SMP so even unattractive women can use and select men for alpha fux; then have the sole ability to pursue and select men for beta bux when they see fit.

Open hypergamy. It will be “we women are going to do this, and if you want sex, you’ll do it our way, and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it.”

Deti posted this comment on October 15th, 2014. The inter-blog debate then (at places like the now defunct Hooking Up Smart) was that Yes Means Yes was solely meant as a firm response to the supposed on-campus rape /sex assault panic that was being circulated in the mainstream media at the time. From the Red Pill perspective, we saw what potential this legislation represented to what would later become a societal scale institution.

Of course, they called us reactionaries, called us ‘rape apologists’ for simply pointing out all the ways this legislation would be expanded to a societal scale. They said we were exaggerating when we illustrated that, even for long-married couples, there would need to be a check list of approved acts of intimacy for each and every act performed, and men would need some form of hard evidence to prove that consent had indeed been granted.

The new California college/university sexual assault policy requires the following:

“An affirmative consent standard in the determination of whether consent was given by both parties to sexual activity. “Affirmative consent” means affirmative, conscious, and voluntary agreement to engage in sexual activity. It is the responsibility of each person involved in the sexual activity to ensure that he or she has the affirmative consent of the other or others to engage in the sexual activity. Lack of protest or resistance does not mean consent, nor does silence mean consent. Affirmative consent must be ongoing throughout a sexual activity and can be revoked at any time. The existence of a dating relationship between the persons involved, or the fact of past sexual relations between them, should never by itself be assumed to be an indicator of consent.”

There was sex, which is clearly “sexual activity.” The question then becomes whether there was “affirmative consent”. In order for there not be consent, the woman would have had to show affirmative conscious and voluntary agreement to engage in sex with the man. It is the man’s responsibility to make sure he had that consent. She had to manifest, verbally or nonverbally, consent to it.

Silence doesn’t mean consent. Her not resisting or saying “no, please stop” doesn’t constitute “affirmative consent”. So really, the only way to make sure that consent is present is for the man to continue asking her throughout the encounter: “Is this OK? Can I keep doing this? Is this thrust OK with you? Is THIS thrust OK? Can I thrust again? How about this one? Can I keep going? Do you want me to stop?”

If that did NOT happen, if the man did not get EXPRESS, VERBAL statements that he could continue, then yes, there was sexual assault.

The way this plays out in situations like this is that verbal consent is REQUIRED. She cannot manifest “ongoing” “affirmative consent” any other way. That’s because of the way the law is written. Lack of protest is not consent. Lack of resistance is not consent. Silence is not consent. Thus, a wife, just lying there, starfishing it, giving duty sex to her husband, is putting him in jeopardy, because she is not manifesting “ongoing” “affirmative consent”.

All of that they said was ridiculous. Women would never be so petty as to make a man ask permission for, nor hold him accountable for, sex that she wanted to have with him. Furthermore, this ruling was only meant to curb campus assault; any extrapolating to a larger societal norm, we were told, was just us Red Pill men and their insecurities about the intentions of women and sex. If we’d Just Get It we’ll have no problems.

We were told it was limited to penis-in-vagina sex only. We were told it was just in cases of “drunken sex”. All of these proved false. This law was intended to govern, regulate and control every single sexual interaction between a man and a woman. This law is intended to require a man to get express consent at every single step of the process, from initial touch to banging. This law is intended to chill all male sexual conduct. This law by its very terms requires express consent for every sexual act, starting with kino.

The goal of feminism is to remove all constraints on female sexuality while maximally restricting male sexuality – Heartiste

A World of Fear

When I wrote Yes Means Fear (also 3 years ago) it was initially in response to an article by Ezra Klein, Yes Means Yes is a terrible law, and I support it completely. This reads through as bad as any gender related article on Vox, but Klein’s salient point was summed up in one sentence.

To work, “Yes Means Yes” needs to create a world where men are afraid.

I’m reasonably sure Ezra was aware of the larger scope – larger than just California college campuses – that his giddy Beta love of a world where men would be afraid to so much as approach a woman would lead to. But now we find ourselves here in his idealized sexual marketplace founded on men fearing to interact with women at the risk of losing everything. At the risk of being Zeroed Out. Today, just three years later, we’re experiencing the #metoo moral panic based exactly in the fear Ezra said would serve us so well. Ezra must be proud that the gold rush hysteria of sexual misconduct allegations any and every woman (who ‘might’ have ever felt an accidental hip brush 50 years ago) feels entitled to is the result of this cleansing fear he loved so much. Unless he’s defending allegations himself of course.

If you go before the college board and say that the woman accusing you of assault simply doesn’t remember that she said yes because she was so drunk, then you’ve already lost.

Gone is the college board now in favor of the popular court of social justice – the court that condemns a man for even the suspicion of an allegation of sexual misconduct. Gone too is part of women’s remembering the pretense of a sexual encounter. Whether a woman was drunk and doesn’t remember the details, or if she conveniently recalls them 40-50 years after the fact is immaterial. The operative point is that we always believe any and every allegation of rape or misconduct a woman brings forward.

Articles of Belief

Shortly after I wrote Yes Means Fear I wrote Hysteria, an essay intended to address the disgraceful (now thoroughly proven) UVA fraternity rape hoax story written by Sabrina Erdley and published by a complicit Rolling Stone Magazine. Just daring to question the validity of so outrageous a rape account was heresy to women back then. Bear in mind this took place after the Yes Means Yes consent ruling in California. At this time, just to question the story of a woman’s rape account was enough to earn you the title of ‘rape apologist’. But moreover, we were popularly expected to repeat this mantra and always accept a woman’s account as infallibly true:

“No matter what Jackie said, we should automatically believe rape claims.” http://t.co/3HFlXR7jme True insanity pic.twitter.com/AFXIyn32FS

This was the sentiment (now deleted) tweeted by Zerlina Maxwell on December 6th, 2014. Since then this meme that anything a woman had to say about sexual assault must be believed by default has snowballed into a default belief that anything a woman alleges against a man must also be believed. Whereas a male college student might stand in front of his kangaroo court at a university, now men must stand in front of the kangaroo court of public opinion where a woman’s word outweighs all pretense of due process. That college kid is now the average man who must prove his innocence because if a woman alleges it due process is reversed.

What we’ve witnessed in just 3 years is the systematic removal of a man’s right to habeas corpus with regard to women’s allegations.

And I expect that this removal will extend to much more than just women’s believability in regard to sexual misconduct. Imagine a culture where it’s expected that anything a woman accuses her ex of is to be believed in divorce proceedings.

We’re now seeing exactly what myself, Deti, Dalrock and countless other Red Pill bloggers and commenters predicted would happen, but it’s also so much more that what we could see coming. In just 3 years Yes Means Yes moved off the campus and into mainstream culture; a culture predicated on female social primacy. In a feminine-primary social order even “affirmative consent” isn’t enough – “enthusiastic consent” must now be established and maintained. That “enthusiastic consent” is a new ambiguously defined terminology, and part of the larger narrative meant to further confuse and instill fear in men.

Last week Novaseeker, once again, had a terrific comment that illustrates what consent has come to today.

Yep, that’s the newest goalpost move.

We went from No means No (which meant that if she doesn’t say no, it’s on … which pretty much is the basic human mating script) to “affirmative consent” (“may I kiss you now” … “may I lick your breast now?”, etc., per the “rules” required before any physical contact *and* at “each stage of escalation”). Very few people actually follow affirmative consent, as we know, but it’s the rule at most colleges and universities. It isn’t the legal rule for rape, in terms of determining what was “consensual”, currently, but the FI is working on that, believe me.

Now, we have the goalposts moving even further along, from “affirmative consent” to “enthusiastic consent” — which means that if her consent is even verbally expressed, but isn’t clearly enthusiastic, then it isn’t “reliable as consent” because it could be the result of “pressure”, and if the consent “was real, it would be expressed enthusiastically, because when people really are consenting to sex, they’re always enthusiastic about it”. So essentially the standard they are pushing now (and which is getting rolled out on campuses right now) is that if the girl isn’t jumping your bones and begging for your cock, it’s rape/assault. Of course, again, not the legal standard, but that doesn’t matter that much — as we can all see what is happening right now is that the legal standard is being marginalized, because people can be destroyed in our media saturated environment without any involvement of the legal system at all, and the standards that apply in that extra-legal environment are the ones that the FI wants to apply, whether the legal system applies them or not.

There are a few ways to look at this, but one obvious one is that this is a way for the FI to tighten the screws on betas. Very little sex that betas have, if any, is “enthusiastic consent sex”. Everyone knows this. Under this standard, basically all sex with betas is rape. That’s the intention.

And thus we come full circle to the latent purpose of legislating Hypergamy that I’ve continually repeated in many essays. It is Roissy’s maxim of feminism: The end goal of feminism is to remove all constraints on female sexuality while maximally restricting male sexuality.

Recently I found myself in a Twitter war on a story by CBS Los Angeles asking whether it was still OK for men to hug women. I used the cartoon I posted in The Creep 2 to illustrate my bigger point:

And of course the feminist tropes (from men and women) and the point & sputter ad hominem attacks flowed from there. However, this rage is precisely what I would expect from women who are now coming into a default expectation (entitlement) of all men to ‘Just Get It‘.

Only in this instance it is Blue Pill, Beta men who should know better than to approach a woman below their (self-perceived) sexual market value. Those men, the lesser men that her social media overinflated sense of SMV has convinced her are beneath her attraction floor should ‘just get it’ that they shouldn’t be flirtatious or even too friendly with her or risk the punishment of an allegation that might be his zeroing out. The Beta man who doesn’t ‘get it’ is an insult to her self-worth and deserving of an optimized Hypergamy.

In the next post I’ll be exploring the ramifications of the “enthusiastic consent” concept and how even consensual-but-unwanted sex and “duty sex” will be the next chapter in marital rape. I’ll also be detailing the the “Cat Persons” story that’s been making the rounds this week.

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Author of The Rational Male and The Rational Male, Preventive Medicine

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  1. Women prefer sexing Alphas and with men’s help are crafting society to those ends including open cuckoldery.

    We require Betas to provide what Alphas don’t.
    Extrapolating this further…
    Now into Brave New World territory.

    Wait…were there already somewhat re: sperm banks.Women choose only Alpha semen, supposedly. Theyll need provisioning and more Alpha sex.

    But no Alpha will submit sexually to cultural demands. They wont accept their women having as many or more partners than themselves, raising others8 children.

    2 Betas will hookup with one woman. No chance two Alphas would.

    I cant imagine Alphas happily going along with it unless a gun against their heads.

  2. Hypergamy doesn’t care how Betas get their sexual needs met.


    But look at Sweden which has made all prostitution illegal,

    It’s actually a bit worse than that, if my reading is correct. It’s a very minor crime for a woman to engage in prostitution, but Sweden has made it a bigger crime for a man to engage a prostitute. This is sort of like some US localities that started seizing cars from men driving in a known streetwalker zone: for looking like they are picking up a hooker they get arrested and the car is impounded or even seized to be sold at auction. This was a fad maybe 10 or more years ago and I haven’t bothered to keep up, so I don’t know if that still goes on, or was overturned, or what has happened.

    But the Swedish “punish the johns, not the janes” law wasn’t that long ago.

    and is now trying to prevent their citizens from buying sex overseas, even with consenting adult prostitutes where prostitution is legal.

    That proposal is a surprise to me, as I wrote above. Thailand, Germany, Netherlands…if prostitution is legal and regulated in Denmark as it is in Germany & Austria such a law would be totally unenforceable except one in a while to make some poor sucker “an example”.

    How long until Sweden moves to place restrictions on adult porn too?

    “I am Ironic, Yellow” level irony if that happens.

  3. Sure enough, prostitution in Denmark is legal although pimping / running a brothel is not. There are known locations in Copenhagen where streetwalkers are found, but also a lot of advertising on the net for “escort services”. Iceland, Norway and Sweden all prohibit prostitution.


    I suppose the Swedish government could amp up surveillance on Swedish men who travel out of the country, singling out those that go to Germany or Netherlands or Denmark for special scrutiny. Except to parts of Sweden, Denmark is a ferry ride away. It’d be like US police in Seattle putting extra scrutiny on any man who travels to Vancouver, BC or Victoria BC.

    If passed, such a law will be selectively enforced.

  4. Feminist lawmaking.


    The laws on prostitution in Sweden make it illegal to buy sexual services, but not to sell them. Pimping, procuring and operating a brothel are also illegal. The criminalisation of the purchase, but not selling, of sex was unique when first enacted in 1999, but since then Norway and Iceland have adopted similar legislation, both in 2009, followed by Canada in 2014 and Northern Ireland in 2015.

    It doesn’t appear to actually do much. However it was touted as a blow against teh patriarchy!
    Reading through the article brings home to me just how deeply feminist the Nordic countries of Iceland, Norway, Sweden and to a lesser extent Denmark have become. The misandry towards native born men is obvious. Perhaps that is why the Swedish government has been so eager to import more men from the MIddle East.

  5. @ASDGamer

    “You all have missed the point of #metoo…the point is to show women the power they can have when they gang together to accuse men and so to get more women to gang together to accuse men…it’s a power display aimed at garnering more power…kind of like a tribe of men taking down an elephant herd by killing elephants individually.”

    That’s an important concept in the structure of Reality Transurfing. And Vadim Zeland give a whole structure of practical ways to combat that concept which he calls a Pendulum.


    Thought energy is material and does not totally disappear without trace. When a group of people begin to think in a similar way their “thought waves” accumulate in layers and invisible but real energy-information structures – pendulums are created in the greater ocean of energy. The structures begin to evolve independently until they reach a stage at which they are able to subject people to their own laws. When a person comes under the influence of a destructive pendulum they lose their freedom and are forced to become a small cog in a large machine.

    The more people – adherents – feed the pendulum with their energy, the more forceful its “sway”. Every pendulum has its characteristic oscillation frequency. For example, a swing will gain height only if you apply effort to pushing it with a certain frequency. This is what is meant by the resonant frequency. If the number of a pendulum’s adherents decreases its sway becomes weaker. If the number of adherents declines to zero the pendulum dies and ceases to exist as a separate entity.

    In order to pump energy from people a pendulum hooks into their emotions and reactions: indignation, dissatisfaction, hate, irritation, anxiety, worry, depression, confusion, despair, fear, pity, attachment, admiration, tenderness, idealisation, adulation, delight, disappointment, pride, arrogance, contempt, aversion, insult, duty, guilt etc.

    The greatest threat of the pendulum’s suppressive influence is that it leads its victim away from life lines in which that person would have been truly happy. It is essential to free oneself from imposed goals after which one battles straying ever further from one’s own true path in life.

    In essence the pendulum is an “egregore” and yet it is much more than this. The notion of the “egregore” does not reflect the entire range of subtle interaction between the individual and the energy-information structures referred to here as pendulums. –Glossary at the end of Reality Transurfing

    Note how some commenters to the Red Pill have the #MeToo as well as the FI in general and feminism have gotten hooked when they are in the Anger phase, or BlackPilled or say the OP is a call to MGTOW. That’s quite a list of emotions and reactions that Zeland lists in the concept of a pendulum. Reality Transurfing is a treatise on how not to get hooked by those Pendulums, along with so much more actionable advice.

    To further the thought:

    Coordination of importance

    Do not attribute excessive meaning to anything. Your importance energy is beneficial to the pendulum but not to you. Pendulums control people like puppets with the strings of importance. People are afraid to let go of the strings of importance because they are under the power of dependence which creates an illusion of support and confidence.

    Confidence represents the same kind of excess potential as insecurity; it is just the opposite polarity. Awareness and intention equip you to stay out of the pendulum’s game and get what you want without having to battle for it. When you are free from the battle you do not need confidence. If I am free from importance I have nothing to defend and nothing to conquer. I just go ahead and calmly make my choices.

    To become free of pendulums you have to abandon inner and outer intention. Problems and obstacles appear on the path towards the goal because of the excess potential of importance. Obstacles are built on the foundation of importance. If importance is reduced the obstacles will crumble and cease to pose a problem. –Glossary at the end of Reality Transurfing

    Imaging for a second that you had pretty good Red Pill Awareness, were in the Acceptance phase of it and you had Mastery of Game. And furthermore when in your infield you just go ahead and calmly make your choices.

    Move Towards That Paradigm. ‘Cause it works like a charm and you will have charisma.

  6. However it ends….I predict a riot.

    Girls run around with no clothes on
    To borrow a pound for a condom
    If it wasn’t for chip fat, well they’d be frozen
    They’re not very sensible
    I predict a riot, I predict a riot
    I predict a riot, I predict a riot


  7. I’m seeing it as the manifestation of female micro psychology on the macro societal plane, it’s an iteration of the alpha fucks beta bucks paradigm on a societal level.

    Since overt alpha fucks is so predominant it only stands to reason that women will overtly virtue signal victimhood and righteousness for beta bucks pandering.

    It’s interesting to note the retrospective virtue signaling, there is nothing to gain other than to virtue signal in the beta bucks (post wall) domain.

    The FI is beginning to realize beta men are catching on to the second set of books and the FI is desperate to keep these men in the first set of books. AFBB can only operate effectively if the betas remain in the first set of books, those pesky betas are ruining it for everyone.

    Operation Put Betas Back In Their Box is in full swing.

    Hence retrospective virtue signaling and the public washing of the semen out of their hair, “See, I’m not a slut, the bad man made me do it, now come and comfort me.”

  8. I must admit. Sometimes this is all very, very confusing.

    ” Hence retrospective virtue signaling and the public washing of the semen out of their hair, “See, I’m not a slut, the bad man made me do it, now come and comfort me.” ”

    The tensile strength of the blue pill must be astronomical.

    Women fuck. Full stop. Never ask a woman if she fucks, or who she’s fucked because you can never trust the answer. By the very same token, don’t listen to anything a woman has to say about ” sperm in her hair “. The sperm is speaking fully for itself, lol.

    The FI is one thing, but on an individual level – one on one – what she says or signals or any of that doesn’t really matter in the final analysis.

    Learn to read. Then, READ them. Don’t listen to the point of believing until you’ve finished all of her chapters. Then you will be able to assess.

    I’ve never run into this cavalcade of whores that keeps getting mentioned. What I have run into are ” girls ” doing what girls do. All of them…. potentially.

    To be sure, there are forces at work here and the FI is no joke ( including it’s masses of male minions hard at work 24/7 ), but careful ascribing the worst machinations of the FI to every female you know of or are likely encounter. Understand female nature and then READ ‘ EM.

  9. If left unabated, the current shift may end up providing some extremely undesirable women with so much undeserved power, enforced by the artifices of culture and law, that they will be enabled to socially and legally destroy alpha males for not providing sexual favors. In effect, female rape of males could become a legally enforced and accepted social norm. Financial and character rape of men by women is already the norm and widely, almost universally, practiced. Legalized sexual rape of men by women is in a formative state. It is already happening to an extent considering the fact that many men are legally and socially handcuffed to undesirable women. Rollo’s optimum model of a man being 2 SMV points higher than his women or his targets is a manifestation of this trend and echos an acquiescence to this FI. Men provide duty sex also. It is his duty to himself, to protect himself, so that he is better off accepting a female of 2 SMV points below him. Given the current social and legal environment, he is better off accepting less than his equal. He makes the sacrifice, short changing himself from what he could normally expect in a more natural, complimentary condition. This is the logically expected continuation and progression of what has been occurring at least since the origination of modern feminism in the western 1700s with the advent of industrialization, then women’s right to vote, the pill, and affirmative action but more completely since the agricultural revolution.

    Primarily white Anglo Saxon culture is progressing toward a more saturated condition of sissy beta males and irrational destructive hyena females. Simultaneously, nonanglo cultures of more “patriarchal” orientation are literally subsuming the Anglo. This is occurring right before our eyes and most do not see it for what it is, because they do not want to. It is very important to understand that the “patriarchy”, as represented by feminists, does not and never did really exist. It is made up bullshit. Males have always died sooner and in greater numbers than females, taken greater risks, labored harder, and enjoyed less reproductive opportunity. The made up trope of ubiquitous male dominance and the “patriarchy” by feminists, who are universally without exception spoiled rotten white Anglo Saxon middle class females and their sissy beta followers, are simply lies.

  10. On my phone so don’t have the link with stats handy but I looked into the Swedish immigrant rape hysteria that is so popular on CH and similar blogs a while ago.

    It’s nonsense. The immigrants commit their share of rapes and sexual assaults no doubt – maybe even more than their share, but not enough to be statistically significant.

    The number of rapes/sexual assaults reported in Sweden has held steady for a long time (well over a decade or more I think). The vast number of immigrants and refugees in the last decade has not moved the numbers (there was one big jump in a single year about 3-4 years ago but that wasn’t the year that saw the big spike in refugee/immigrant numbers – it was the year when they massively expanded the definition of sexual assault so many more acts (that were already happening) were now counted in the stats when they weren’t before.

  11. @ Culum


    It makes for interesting hysterical reading, and is great as some kind of excuse, but the numbers never bore out what’s been reported in the sphere.

    But CH commenters post delightful memes and pictures, so there’s that.

  12. Claim: “There has been a major increase in the number of rapes in Sweden.

    Facts: The number of reported rapes in Sweden has risen. But the definition of rape has broadened over time, which makes it difficult to compare the figures. It is also misleading to compare the figures with other countries, as many acts that are considered rape under Swedish law are not considered rape in many other countries.

    For example: If a woman in Sweden reports that she has been raped by her husband every night for a year, that is counted as 365 separate offences; in most other countries this would be registered as a single offence, or would not be registered as an offence at all.

    Willingness to report such offences also differs dramatically between countries. A culture in which these crimes are talked about openly, and victims are not blamed, will also have more cases reported. Sweden has made a conscious effort to encourage women to report any offence.”

  13. An interesting history on cuckolds…


  14. The first comment in the comment section from the article linked above –

    16 minutes ago

    A woman’s body is a woman’s body. Just because I am married does not mean I will not sleep with other men, even if it’s behind my husband’s back. I’m sure if he found out he would be supportive (he’s understanding like that, but I guess that’s also part of the reason that I cheat anyway – who really wants to sleep with a guy that is that much of a pushover? Ironic. He’d probably get off on it knowing him LOL.) Don’t get me wrong, I love my hubby. But it is kind of the ultimate relationship I guess, have the husband who provides for me financially and votes the same way as me and helps look after the kids etc and then the guy on the side who provides something else.. 😛 “

  15. Maybe Harvey Weinstein was properly perceived as alpha back in the day?

    “Harvey, now, everyone sees as this sort of repulsive monster…and what isn’t maybe brought forward is that he was also an extremely exciting, brilliant, stimulating person to be around.” -Zelda Perkins



  16. Think of a word Liz liked to use…”trust”. A married woman who goes out solo on the weekends told me her husband trusts her. She can squeeze in a short fuck during the few hours she goes out. And she can do a business trip and bring a fuckbuddy along for the ride, lol.

  17. Rollo is exactly right. Now more than ever is the time to sharpen up, and become an expert in fact, at game. Game should be applied not only in the sexual context but in all others. The financial opportunities are at least as numerous as the sexual, I am currently experiencing this personally. Women are by nature less rational than men and tend more solipsistic. This makes them easy targets for a rational Machiavellian savy male. In the final analysis, it is the female who needs “morals” more than the male. This is why church membership is and has always been disproportionately female. The fantasy worlds women ultimately prefer to live in, and cannot resist, wether they be Disneyesque, feminist, or “traditional” are excellent tools of great use for a man who is aware of the truth. Fall in love, not with women, but with becoming expert at game. Once a man starts this process, he soon falls in love with the process as it provides seemingly limitless possibilities. Woman is not to be feared, but used. How do you think Hugh Hefner “got away with it?” What Hefner did may not be possible today in the same way. But consider the explosion of pornographers on the internet. Times have changed and continue to change as always, but this shouldn’t be considered confusing or limiting because change always brings about new possibilities with new opportunities. Be true to yourself first, or be subject to what only “god” and the “devil” know.

  18. I cant imagine Alphas happily going along with it unless a gun against their heads.

    What makes you think the alphas would know they’re having carnal relations with the same woman? Very likely she won’t tell her multiple partners. Unless of course you’re talking about a threesome, train or whatever.

  19. @ Trent Lane

    Well said, sir! Just how i think things will go myself. Women, not being at all logical, haven’t thought this one through. And how can unattractive women think they deserve desirable Alphas, anyways…

    I don’t really care what happens to the Beta schlubs who put no effort into self-improvement and masculinising themselves. They should grow a pair, and act like a man. What i don’t get, is who is behind this agenda? Who is giving it oxygen? It means nothing to me. Just continue to mock the feminists i say. Laugh at them, don’t give them the time of day and ride off into the sunset on your fast bike…

  20. I caught the 11 o’clock news the other night. The lead-in was a young man was arrested and banned from the Pitt campus for “making several woman uncomfortable.” Some of the stories were that he approached a young woman and asked if she was a Pitt student, gave her a compliment like that she was beautiful, and asked for her phone number or to drop his number on her phone. After being told no by one young woman, in her words he then immediately left the area, and then she immediately called the police. Am I missing something? It fits right it with everything that’s going on. Apparently now making an unwanted flirtatious approach to a woman or making a woman feel “uncomfortable” is now an arrest-able offense.

  21. kraMMark

    Well, someone had to…

    That reminds me, $usan Wal$h is apparently quitting her blog. Guess she’s finish-schooled enough sluts.

  22. @Blax ‘numbers don’t lie’

    Well that depends who is making the statistic dosent it. I forgot who’s quote it is but it goes something like: ‘there are lies, damn lies and statistics’.

    The whole ‘Sweden’s rape definition is much broader’ argument is particular interesting in the case of Mr. Arrange. In his case it was argued: ‘no no, Sweden’s definition is not that different’. The whole public discourse in and about Sweden and rape gets twisted and turned to fit the FI (why should it collectively be any different from an indvidual?).

    In regard to the numbers, one interesting thing that was done back in the late 1990s was to stop reporting the ethnicity of the perpetrator. From my own work within immigrant areas in Sweden I see two trends, Swedish society due to strong labour laws makes it extremely difficult to hire someone on the fly (let’s forget for a second that you need to learn Swedish).

    This creates two general trends within the (primiarly Muslim) immigration communities. The first one is that they affiliate themselves with gangster culture, embrace their outsider role and form gangs. The second one is the counter opposite of the first, where parents in an attempt to protect their children enlist them in religious schools, keeping them save from the gang culture but open them up for Islamic indoctrination. It’s a catch 22 really for these poor immigrant men.

    Now add to this, the latest wave of (older) women utlising these men as sex toys:


    What you get is a society where the two sexes cannot cohabit anymore, importing sexual partners from abroad. Unsurprisingly, Sweden is the country in the world with the most single headed households.

    All this clicked to me when I moved back to Sweden and had to register at the local tax office to get my ID card renewed. The ratio of people employed there was 75% white Swedish women and the rest was immigrant men (who presumably worked as translators). Meanwhile the customer clientele was 95% non Swedish born.

    If we take this as an analogy of a single family; daddy is away all day working hard to earn the money whilst mommy is at home teaching and taking care of the community. 30 % of the people employed in Sweden work for the government and the majority of these are women. So from their perspective more immigration means more work for them and they can go home and feel happy that they did good at work ‘helping’ so many people.

    However, what happens when the money runs out….

    Mommy is really empathetic and she pleads with daddy (I.e. women can vote) that she should be allowed to help more and more people. Not only the own family and the immediate community but also people in the next village and strangers walking by. These people can’t belief their luck and gladly accept the handouts mommy is giving them. Everyone is admiring mommy for how generous she is, until the money runs out. As such, she goes to daddy and asked for more money. Daddy says that he can’t work any harder, to which she gets angry at him and divorces him so that she can use the divorce settlement to keep giving people the handouts

    My good friend works with one if these immigrant projects in Sweden and he says the women there have 3 objectives. 1. make sure that their own gravy train of money dosent stop, 2. Create a network of deniability where they cannot be hold accountable and thirdly, possibly help some immigrants. However, 1 and 2 are full time occupations, so there is usually spent very little time on 3 more in saying that they do.

    Seeing all this, I think I now understood how pathological altruism works on an indvidual level all the way to the collective level.

    Schoppenhauer wrote:

    “That the property which men have with difficulty acquired by long-continued struggling and hard work should afterwards come into the hands of women, who, in their want of reason, either squander it within a short time or otherwise waste it, is an injustice as great as it is common, and it should be prevented by limiting the right of women to inherit.”


  23. Memoirs of a modern woman…


  24. If you read feminist literature though, the intent behind enthusiastic consent seems to have good intentions. Its based on the following purported beliefs:

    * that there is a huge incidence of coerced sex and sexual contact, which is mostly inadvertent rather than malicious. The best way to correct this is to teach men the principles of EC.

    * that the idea of a sharp alpha/beta divide in men’s sexual attractiveness is a myth propagated by the misogynistic Right. Furthermore, girls and women have a realistic idea of their own SMV and will be attracted to their male equivalent.

    Thus, feminists believe a free sexual market will see assortive mating with both men and women being able to get a similar amount of sex. This is why when men complain of the difficulty of getting sex, many women will retort that it must be because they are only chasing “supermodels”.

  25. @ Roused

    “Unless of course you’re talking about a threesome, train or whatever.”

    Yes, I was pushing the envelope, there. I was thinking broadly too.

    I’m creating a gynocracy scenario where women are polyandrous and expect only Alphas sex them, on demand.

    At what point will reality trump the fiction of “compliant” legislated behavior, I.e. Alphas calling bullshit?

  26. @rugby Dude? The videos? We get it. I can’t download this site on my page because the videos…One, two..ok…. Chill dude.

  27. @SSFox

    Read your link.

    The rub: All her lies are ego protective solipsism. Guys don’t give a care if she thinks he’s sexy, hasn’t done this before, she isn’t that way, he’s the only one (this one was LOL). Esp. On a SNL or short term thing.

    How cute. They’re such princesses, and easily manipulated.

  28. “I don’t really care what happens to the Beta schlubs who put no effort into self-improvement and masculinising themselves.”

    I’ll respect that. It wouldn’t help trying to unplug those guys anyways.

    There are Betas, looking for help. They need a navigators, mentors.

    Men are more varied than abject Beta and Alpha.

  29. STEVE O
    A comely co-ed was recently murdered at Pitt by her ex-boyfriend, so they may be on edge there. Google Alina’s Law.

    “Teledildonics?” I’ll bet Philip K Dick could run with that one

  30. @ Trent Lane (previous page)

    “Also women are human (big surprise, ya) and will still want and crave sex”

    Want sex yes, “crave sex”… well, I doubt it in most cases.

    I know I am looking at this from an unexperienced male perspective but if they did indeed crave sex it would be more obvious. Male prostitution (‘boyfriend experience?’) would also be more widespread, and so on.

    Common sense has seldom failed me. For instance, even if I have zero desire for them, I can totally see how they crave babies, particularly at a certain age.

  31. walawala
    Its the symbols of danger and the tribe and culture. I posted those because of how they relate to the community and the culture.

  32. Men are more varied than abject Beta and Alpha.

    Taken at face value, this is Blue Pill bullshit…The Alpha/Beta divide is a cornerstone of RP praxeology…men may have a mix of alpha/beta characteristics, but essentially it comes down to mindset and frame…alphas are seek to advance their own interests/impose their will (dominance) and betas are about the interests/will of others (submission)

    You have RP alphas, BP alphas, BP betas, and RP alphas-in-formation (formerly BP betas)

    This may be one of the clearest and most concise statements of RP Praxeology.

  33. We’ve argued BP Alpha before.

    BP ideas reinforce working for others and by your definition he can not be Alpha.

  34. Interesting story at Breitbart about low wages for men with high school diplomas or less for an education…their workforce participation rate is way down since ’64. Manufacturing is way down since ’64…unskilled labor is impacted…


    …but things are changing…

    Trump has reversed almost all Obama policies and now manufacturing is again increasing…more jobs available with stable labor numbers (reduced immigration) means more demand for labor means rising pay for unskilled labor. Tax cuts for corporations benefit the rich, no doubt, but they also provide incentive to create new manufacturing jobs. Robots eat heavily into unskilled job creation. Unskilled labor is a dinosaur. Still, robots need maintenance, but that’s skilled labor. Skilled laborers frequently only have HS diplomas, so that’s good for blue collar men.

  35. EI, Vox Day divided Alpha into lesser/greater/lambda and beta into greater/delta/epsilon/gamma/omega categories based on sexual experience. Rollo distinguishes based on mindset…apples and oranges

  36. BP ideas reinforce working for others

    But not sexual BP ideas…naturals may impose their will on women and advance their sexual interest and yet be Blue Pill, lock stock and barrel, pedestalizing women generally, be feminist, be for VAWA and no fault divorce, govt. handouts for single mommies, etc.

  37. I see.

    Bill Clinton politically did all that. Would he be BP? He doesn’t give a care about that leftist shit. He really doesn’t. It is a means to power. Notice how he caved politically after midterms?

    BP Alphas are alphas primarily and use BP so long as it affords them sexual access.

    Is Weinstein BP? I doubt it either, regardless of his statements.

  38. @AR

    “Consent” is not an issue with any of these options. Of course all of them are pretty weird to us right now. They may or may not become less weird as the march of the FI continues.

    was going to make a joke about sexbots… but it has already been done…lol


    also, the natural ‘next-step’ (per OP issue) is that ‘betas’ (the 80/90 v the 20/10…), being good at analysis…, will figure out that even ‘offering to buy her dinner’ (much less actually taking her to dinner) will open them up to full amount of down-side risk… without any benefit…

    beta: could i maybe take you out for an expensive dinner?…
    over-entitled hb5: that’s sexual harassment! i’m calling HR!…
    beta: but we don’t even work at the same company!…
    over-entitled hb5: you should have thought of that before you sexually harassed me!…

    [beta gets fired…]

    i’d ‘lol’ if it wasn’t so tragic…

    this should be a #meetoo meme… but i don’t know how to do those…lol

    good luck!


    We’ve argued BP Alpha before.

    BP ideas reinforce working for others and by your definition he can not be Alpha.

    we’ve covered this before, but it bears repeating… bc these concepts are key to understanding what the f*k is going on…at both the individual and societal level…

    the difference is in the meanings of the ‘alpha/beta’ context… there is much blurring of concepts in the ‘sphere…

    wrt intersexual sexual dynamics (which is what Rollo talks about…) there are only 3 categories – alpha, beta, omega…

    alpha = genetic contribution to her progeny = arousal in girl = desire sex = (evo-psych – couple minutes behind a bush over there…)

    beta = provisioning = attraction in girl = ‘attraction’ sex (after the third date if you’re lucky…lol) = (evo-psych – stick around to raise the kids…)

    omega = no value to girl (for either genetics or provisioning) = not even on girl’s radar = no interaction = (evo-psych – no value, so no mating…)

    wrt Vox Day’s structure – alpha, beta, delta, gamma, sigma, lambda…


    the general confusion comes from Vox calling his breakdown ‘socio-sexual hierarchy’… which it is…lol… but that makes it harder to use for specific analysis…

    it really encompasses male hierarchy values blended with the 3 intersexual categories (as evidenced by n count for the men… which is more of an expression of ‘natural’ (or situational alpha-ness) than anything else…)

    so, it really is possible to be a BP ‘alpha’… socially ‘dominant’ in social/economic settings… and still clueless as f*k about ‘girls’…lol…

    good luck!

  39. habd
    i’d ‘lol’ if it wasn’t so tragic…

    Women have zero clue what it takes for a man to get to the stage where he “just gets it”.
    If this goes on…it wil become more and more difficult for younger men to have any reference experience with girls at all, which will Betaize them.

    Each one of us has to teach another man; hand him The Glasses, Red Pill him. Gee, if only some man had written a book or three on the topic that someone could hand out…

    so, it really is possible to be a BP ‘alpha’… socially ‘dominant’ in social/economic settings… and still clueless as f*k about ‘girls’…lol…

    It’s easy to see this with The Glasses on / Red Pill vision. In fact it is all around, all a man has to do is look. I can think of three I’ve known right now, and probably a few more if I worked at it.

    Anonymous Age 60-something posted at the Spearhead 5 or more years back about his experience in the 1980’s counseling divorced men, and mentioned that some of the hardest hit were the socially dominant; the bank president who is a big man in his church and five different civic groups like Rotary, who comes home one day to an empty house with a single chair and a TV tray — divorce papers on the tray. Completely blindsided, has no clue how it happened. Those men were often suicide risks for a while.

    Look at Charlie Rose, is this a man with any Red Pill at all? Giving shoulder rubs to office girls, showing porn to a couple, this is all high school beta stuff. But he had a TV show that lots of famous people wanted to get on. Clearly betaized but situational Alpha. In my not so humble opinion most of the #MeToo girls are going after former situational Alphas because they turned out to be Blue Pill Beta after all…they feel cheated, and are just so sure that all the other girls got to ride a REAL Alpha pony on the carousel, so the fury comes out.

    Society-wide guard-dog spinup in progress?

  40. @AR

    “Each one of us has to teach another man; hand him The Glasses, Red Pill him. Gee, if only some man had written a book or three on the topic that someone could hand out…“

    This idea above prompted my reply to SSFox. He spoke disdainfully of Betas, which I do get, though I don’t anymore.

    There’s enough hatred against men as a group already, I’d prefer not to contribute to that and am bold enough to speak for a lot of guys who comment here: We’re in this together, like it or not.

    The poem, “First They Came…” comes to mind.

    If I hadn’t lent a sympathetic hand to my buddy this year, he admitted he might be dead.

  41. “Society-wide guard-dog spinup in progress?”


    In the trenches, women are uncomfortable with their new modern image.

    I work with dozens of women daily. They’re all empowered with varied attendant testing.

    This testing all happily ceases against men using a playful RP demeanor and embody masculinity.

    I work with, as you described, powerful men who use high school idiocy to up their cred with women.

    Verbatim: “Can you believe I just said that? I got the balls!”

    The women laugh agreeably. He’s leveraging his position into soi-disant popularity.

    The moment he touches any woman, he’s toast.

  42. @AR

    Society-wide guard-dog spinup in progress?

    i think what’s going on now is more like the ‘getting knifed in the kitchen’ phase of the society-level spin-up…

    sure, later she’ll be ‘oh, i’m sooo, sorry!’… but until then… kevlar kidney protectors… and don’t turn your back on her…

    (and the remedy to survive the situ?… just leave/avoid the interaction before you get knifed…)

    good luck!

  43. Playing off the Downey-Evans matchup, Mrs. Gamer thinks that Downey is the better looking of the two…hamster is spinning up because Downey’s game is better.

  44. “I think what’s going on now is more like the ‘getting knifed in the kitchen’ phase of the society-level spin-up…“


    There’s really nothing beyond this phase. Different shades of male shaming. More of the same.

    They don’t want to be men, need man sized provisioning, want their masculinity and will, by proxy or personally, whine their way to the social Alpha up.

    Good luck with that.

  45. I’m still waiting for a stone cold alpha, like Arnold Schwarzenegger, to be brought down. Weinstein and Lauer may have been wealthy and had a little power, but they’re not alphas. Any bets on whether it will happen?

    It seems like those who are talking about calibration and ripping on betas are speaking as if all the stories these women tell is true. Granted, some are (with the understanding that women often leave out key facts in in their own self-interest and public image). However, a lot of these “reports” are either one person’s skewed perspective (e.g. BPD, mental illness), or a change of heart years after the fact, or flat out bullshit.

    Secondly, there is a redefinition of “harrassment” and “assault” underway and the media is amplifying that push, virtually brainwashing the masses to accept the change. We are being reprogrammed. How else does one explain a woman who had a consensual affair (at age 23) with Lauer receiving all the press, airtime, and sympathy that she has? If she was a victim, so innocent and incapable of making decisions about sex, then certainly we must raise the age of consent to…what? 24?

    What we’re seeing here is a rise of the sisterhood. True, there are some women who look at this modern day witch hunt and call BS, but most women FEEL the OPPRESSION and VICTIMIZATION of these women telling their stories, and thus are MOVED to support and bolster their sisters. Even if that means telling bogus stories, or rationalizing the public, non-judicial, zero-evidence lynching of any man – and ALL men collectively.

    This metoo campaign is a mass hysteria, a movement riding on a tide of emotion, a backlash against all the perceived or actual slights and offenses women have endured since time immemorial. It is not based in rational or logical thought, it based on current FEELZ. Unfortunately, as men are further cowed into silence the legal industry and the government (i.e. politicians) will step in to placate women’s feelings, then overreact by implementing and legislating more anti-male measures that further cement feminine primacy.

  46. habd
    i think what’s going on now is more like the ‘getting knifed in the kitchen’ phase of the society-level spin-up…

    There’s really nothing beyond this phase. Different shades of male shaming. More of the same.

    I wish I could agree with you, but can’t. Did you read Novaseeker’s remark up thread? The lesbian radfems in law schools tried to push “Yes means yes until it doesn’t” aka YmY into the model law code for the US. That effort failed, but the radfem activists will wait for another chance.

    Julian Assange has a warrant for his arrest in Sweden for rape. Rape! RAYPE! What did his crime consist of? He was having sex – consensual sex – maybe even enthusiastic consent – with a Swedish girl when the condom failed (broke, came off) and because he didn’t immediately stop, she feelze raped. That’s one example of “affirmative consent” / YmY right there. It’s the law in California higher education.

    The Cat Person screed going around is another example. We unfortunately are not at the “getting knifed” phase yet, because it’s still not illegal for Joe Blue Pill Beta to approach Suzy the 6, although she might well have the bouncer throw him out of the club / have the cops escort him off campus / get him written up by HR.

    What the FI is demanding is something like a title of nobility for women, but with no responsibilities. In the longer run that always works out badly – French aristocrats in 1790’s, Russian aristocrats in 1917, etc.

  47. Great article Rollo, and your point is “dead on”…its more imperative to learn Game and be RP or suffer the consequences given today’s environment. All this #metoo is making loud and clear is the betas of the world know their place. Its actually doing men with Game and RP knowledge a huge favor, no girl under 40 is talking about this, they just are not. I’m not saying some of this is not dangerous, you are guilty before proven innocent, but a lot of the comments of bascially saying, “yep, its why MGTOW is right” is a cop out. Women are not going to all of a sudden stop responding to men acting like men, and having Game. Like I said, I”m out there in the “field”, I don’t online date, I approach, I develop my a social circle, social proof, and that “Game” is the sole reason I’m successful. I have many female friends, and they loath beta men, aka those who are creepy, and its made things easier. The media pretends women are these delicate, innocent objects, who never think of sex, its not true at we all know being RP. Many of us have been at a table full of women in their 20’s, who are drinking, and know what is discussed. The average beta would fall off his chair and recoil in fear(hint its about sex, sex, sex and gossip).

    Also, ,look at the physiognomy of these men who stepped down from positions of power, does that not all tell you what you needed to know? As one reader said, they all replace what they should have in Game, with power. I would bet 99.99% of them were awful with women, given their looks and lack of Game, but when put in power, their SMV and attractiveness rises, so suddenly its their turn to do the choosing. These men don’t know how to spot genuine attraction, or how to escalate, they are virtually “children with dynamite”, and who’s said “No” to them in their position, not many. And how many of these women did it willingly only to have their career erode and its their only option for a “money grab”? Notice it isn’t 20 somethings who are complaining, its all “post wall” women. Where is the outrage for all the female teachers “raping” boys in their classrooms? Is there a call to action, where’s the Huffpost or GMA articles or interviews? It’s a one way street, but its been that way in the system for decades, its just out in the open much like Hypergamy..

  48. GhostOfSteveMcQueen

    I’m still waiting for a stone cold alpha, like Arnold Schwarzenegger, to be brought down.

    LOL, whut? Your newsfeed over there in the graveyard must be really slow. Arnie got in a lot of trouble from his Kenedy / Shriver family wife for banging the ordinarly looking Mexican maid and knocking her up. If he was a stone cold Alpha he would have been stepping out on Shriver with prettier women, just for a start. She would have put up with it most likely, too; she is part of the Kennedy family, after all, it’s not like it would be a surprise.

    Ahnold the body building champion of the 1980’s may have been “stone cold alpha” but he got betaized after marrying into a US “elite” family.

    Better example: look back up the thread for Gene Simmons. He is looking forward to court.

    Secondly, there is a redefinition of “harrassment” and “assault” underway and the media is amplifying that push, virtually brainwashing the masses to accept the change. We are being reprogrammed. How else does one explain a woman who had a consensual affair (at age 23) with Lauer receiving all the press, airtime, and sympathy that she has?

    There you go. “It just happened” to her, no doubt. She was having an affair with a married man, in his dressing room, but somehow that can’t be her fault because teh patriarchy or something. So we get as you say a redefinition of “assault” and “harassment”. Harvey and his potted plant may be harassment but it ain’t assault nor raaaape. It’s more like something out of an old Woody Allen movie or a Phillip Roth novel.

    Notice also what Novaseeker pointed out: all the #MeTooing is in the press / social media. The places where lots and lots and lots of words matter much more than the facts; the women’s gossip circle, only stoked up on steroids to ridiculous heights. That interview with Tavis Smiley up thread Blax posted? Look at the expression on the girl interviewer when Smiley says that, yes, he wants to know who his accusers are. That’s pure surprise with a tinge of fear, because women don’t even now now want to confront a man to his face (unless there’s some big White Knights right behind her), they prefer the knife in the back.

  49. Oscar C.

    Since Sentient hasn’t showed up I guess I’ll have to do the job.

    Oscar: this is your mantra: Cats are not dogs.

    “Also women are human (big surprise, ya) and will still want and crave sex”

    Want sex yes, “crave sex”… well, I doubt it in most cases.

    There’s part of your problem…

    I know I am looking at this from an unexperienced male perspective

    …and there’s more of your problem.

    but if they did indeed crave sex it would be more obvious.

    What does “hidden estrus” mean to you? What does the fact that women’s sexual arousal in the physical sense is subtle, compared to other primates such as babboons?

    Male prostitution (‘boyfriend experience?’) would also be more widespread, and so on.

    Well, sure, if women were just men with boobs that would be true. However they aren’t. Women are not just “men who can have a baby”, despite what feminism has taught you.

    Common sense has seldom failed me.

    Except when it comes to women, where it appears to have failed you 100% of the time.

    For instance, even if I have zero desire for them, I can totally see how they crave babies, particularly at a certain age.

    Baby rabies are one thing. Women’s cravings for a dominant Alpha are related but only tangentially. Postmenopausal women still crave an Alpha man, and their babymaker is shut down. I have seen 60- something academic women with a PhD on the wall doing the same hair-twirling and other IOI’s around a man that the 20-somethings do. It’s really obvious when you see through The Glasses, when you look at the world in a Red Pill way.

    You’re still choking on the pill, Oscar.

  50. @Craiger247

    “Its actually doing men with Game and RP knowledge a huge favor…”

    “Women are not going to all of a sudden stop responding to men acting like men, and having Game.”

    This. Yuge opportunities with RP going forward, really, really yuge. Get on board before the train leaves the station.

  51. @Craiger247

    Your spot on with your analysis of that girls are still as fuckable as ever, all you need is game. Furthermore, like you pointed out the whole current cultural climate is creating a pre-selection pressure. However, you miss a vital aspect, same as the women who ridicule these men. Yes they may be ‘worthless betas’ in the eyes of women, however these men are what keep the show of civilisation going, as they man the power stations, drill for oil, tar the roads, build the buildings, stand in the factory line, drive the lorries, clear the snow, plow the fields, fix the water pipes etc. etc. What happens once they start behaving like spoiled children?

    More and more young men say ‘fuck it, why should I suffer?’ Doing a facsimile of MGTOW. For example, let’s take Hillary’s speech where she used the phrase “basket of deplorables” . The disdain of the upper class women for the poor (men) has always been there, this is not something new. The only thing that has changed is the label. Today the ‘great unwashed’ are labelled ‘racist’, ‘misogynists’, ‘sexist’ together with constant claims that THEse OTHER ‘intolerant’ people should be censored. Nothing of this is new:


    What concerns me is what happens now to these people that get labelled ‘deplorable’, ‘stupid’ or ‘uncouth’. These disenfranchised individuals are primarily young men that are angry at being ridiculed for stating that they have problems, in the (uneducated) poorly formulated way they do. They are hungry for something to explain to them where their grievances come from. In such a pursuit, many turn to trolling on the internet in the name if kek, some swallow the red pill, some go MGTOW, some become ANTIFA followers, some affiliate themselves with the alt-right, openly proclaim far right sympathy or some other pseudo intelectual blog they found on the internet.

    Within these uncouth domains, the fight is then is between individualism vs. collectivism. My postulation is the more unequal a society becomes the bigger the pool of potential followers for these domains (Peterson talked about this with his Gini coefficient), as more and more (young) men get ridiculed and shamed for daring to express their concerns. The reason being, despite all of their ‘politically incorrect speech’ these forums represent an open agora where men can vent their anger, frustrations and receive empathy without being ridiculed for these problems. Now depending on the underlying biological predisposition different ideologies attract people to different “coffee houses”.

    However, even if you point out to these men that they can learn game and improve themselves, they wont listen, as they are too far down their own echo-chamber. I think this problem is greatly agrevated by these forums being on the internet, I.e. written communication is the medium of interaction.

    The great problem with written and online communication is that it is so much poorer than the F2F communication. Within F2F conversation, vocal cues, gestures and other signifiers indicate a change in rapport, within only text based medium you don’t get that. As such things like ‘lol’ ‘/J’ or ‘hehe’ as well as emicons and memes have developed to take their place. Nevertheless, these things are all poor simulacrum of F2F communication. Now as these individuals only communicate with like-minded people, they don’t know how to deal with criticism.

    What than usually happens is that the other is disqualified, instead of trying to understand the conversation partner. It is a lot less emotionally taxing to disqualify the other as; ‘you dirty jew lover’, ’sexist’, ‘blue pill beta’, ‘racist’, ‘pussy begging pua’, ‘nazi’, ‘normie’, or ‘globohomo cuck’ i.e. the particular nomenclature that is readily used so their own bad behaviour can be rationalised away.

    As Marcus Aurelius said:

    “If any man is able to convince me and show me that I do not think or act right, I will gladly change; for I seek the truth by which no man was ever injured. But he is injured who abides in his error and ignorance.”

    It takes strength to admit that you were wrong, its a lot easier to go on the internet and bitch that its [insert favourite boogieman]’s fault.

  52. “Want sex yes, “crave sex”… well, I doubt it in most cases.”

    A woman will crawl over jagged obsidian to have sex with a man who spikes her emotions.

  53. @ Anonymous Reader

    “Hypergamy doesn’t care how Betas get their sexual needs met. ”

    True, Hypergamy does not give a flying shit about that. But it needs Betas to take the women facing the wall, to wife them up and care for them. If those Betas are off banging escorts, this won’t fly at all.

    Now you can keep Betas in waiting forever. A man can suppress his urges and natural instincts, bullshit himself and literally go celibate for fucking DECADES if you dangle the pussy carrot in front of him, throw him breadcrumbs of attention and reassurence and tell him that some day, somehow, somewhere it will rain vagina for him. All a man need is hope. If you remove this hope by making ANY women a potential thread to his life, you remove his incentive to stay in the game. His survival instinct overcomes his reproduction urges for average women. Testosteron won’t go anywhere and he will still want sex. So, with men being logical problem solvers, western women won’t be an option anymore. He’ll now HAVE TO go elswhere with his needs. This is the kind of evolutionary pressure that’s needed to kick men out of inertia and derp state. In a world where any woman can fuck your life with one hashtag, no man can stay bullshitted into submission any longer.

    @ theasdgamer

    “these broads didn’t even consider the possibility that men would become afraid because they don’t even see men who would become afraid…such men are invisible to them…”

    That’s a good point. There is probably a lot of Apex Fallacy in this whole thing. Doesn’t change shit tho.

    @ all: Here is a retardedly cliche’d up example how I believe this will play out until the narratives do change:

    Take Cindy, The Hot Club Ho. Now Cindy likes to party and has been on the Magic Pussy Ticket Ride almost as long as she can remember. From the moment she grew tits doors started to magically open for her and attention was omnipresent. Dick is being thrown at her in such insane abundance 24/7 that she can’t even grasp the reality of human beings not living in such a state. It’s like I don’t get people hungry, wtf there’s free delicatessen everywhere?? The most adversity she ever had to face was Daddy giving her a car in the wrong color for her birthday. Now that was drama.

    Alright, Cindy has been boning Don The Dj. But lately there has been some thrilling exquisite drama shit going on in her social circle. Something happened, either a competing woman calling her Ho out or Don not giving her enough attention or not responding to her texts or whatever it was, it triggered the me-too-reflex. Cindy has been told all her life that she is a strong independent woman and every bad feeling she ever had was caused by some ominous invisible patriarchy which is everywhere, dark and evil, suppressing women and holding them down. Now Cindy who has been snorting coke off Dons dick the for months and gagging on his peener did the you go girrrrrl right thing, went on social media and announced in the spelling of a dyslexic twelve year old that she was USED by Don. Well you see Don took ADVANTAGE of her, she had a drink or two and was emotional upset that night and he kind of lured her in his home and there he simply pinned her against the wall and USED his strength while she was HELPLESS!!11 … and so on.

    Now Don’s life suddenly takes a nightmarish nosedive in the shitter right before his eyes as other drama craving girls he’s been banging as a situational alpha in his local metropolitan scene and jealous blue pill SJWs team up online to fight for JUSTICE. Don looses his DJ gig, his other bum jobs and is suddenly branded as a RAPIST on the net forever. Don disappears into oblivion and out of social media, leaving an ominous suicide note sounding message as his last trace.

    Now that’s kind of sad for Cindy because Don was cute and fun to bang, but whatever little ping of doubt or regret she might feel will be washed away by the omnipresent abundance of dick and exciting feelz that is her life. Or will they? Lately the lawn has gone to shit, she notices. Now where is Otto The Orbiter, who has been hovering around, running her errands, listening to her incessant babble and mowing her lawn since she moved in here? Now Otto has a bad case of acne, plays video games and stutters bad when he gets excited. He gets excited around Cindy since she grew tits when they were in class together. He can’t believe she’s giving him attention, couldn’t ever. She’s his soulmate. Now Ottos best nerd buddy Olaf is orbiting his coworker Anne the same way as Otto is orbiting Cindy. Otto and Olaf have been larping together for years and you know what, Olaf has been accused by Anne of sexual harrassment online!! Olaf has lost his job! Olaf has disappeard!! This shit is SERIOUSLY unsettling for Otto, because he KNOWS Olaf like he knows himself: Olaf never did such a thing. Now Cindy wouldn’t do something like this, this Anne bitch is CRAZY … or would Cindy? Jesus. Better keep the head down for Olaf until this one got sorted out, kinda. What in the the fuck, seriously?

    Now where is Olaf, what the hell, he ain’t returning her texts? That literally NEVER happend before. The fridge is empty, she’s bored, she’s hungover, she wanna talk, all that. Money is kind of not here too but whatever, there will always be Daddy who has been behind her with his $$$ all her life. It’s a law of nature, like gravity. But what in the fuck, Daddy can’t come, he’s been accused by his 25 year old secretary of sexual harassment!! Now he tells her that she has to be strong and they as a family unit will have to stay together and survive this, hard times ahead, what the shit, she needs the $$$, what is all this crazy talk??!

    Now Cindys girlffriend Mindy (lol) has been banging Phil The Producer. Whatever it was, Phil triggered the me-too-reflex. Mindy gets ready to go in full you go girrrrl mode as suddenly her girlf friends gang up on her in texts and via social media, calling her out as a ho, slutting it up and begging for Phils cock in the past!! Now what the hell, she didn’t expect that??! Drama and shit flying everyhwere. But Mindys girlfriends experienced unsettling shit enough in their surroundings to kind of start calling each other out on this. They can’t have their $$$, their orbiters and their Daddies disappear, sure the partriarchy and men are evil and all that, but what the fuck, shit just got real??

    That’s what I mean. The sisterhood uber alles will erode as soon as the average woman experiences unsettling consequences of mee-too in her day to day life. As soon as their men made resources start to fade away, women will keep themselves in check.

    It will be interesting to watch

  54. @AR

    i think what’s going on now is more like the ‘getting knifed in the kitchen’ phase of the society-level spin-up…

    There’s really nothing beyond this phase. Different shades of male shaming. More of the same.

    I wish I could agree with you, but can’t.

    if there is some room on the ‘other side,’ then you are probably right… since getting ‘knifed in the kitchen’ is pretty much the last event…

    girls are so solipsistic that even when that shit turns around and has huge negative impact on their own lives (husband/son/etc get fired/arrested for innocent behavior) they STILL can’t connect the cause and effect…

    and given the hive-think (4:1 in-group preference), i’m pretty sure there won’t be any girls advocating to ‘lighten up’… until after it’s too late … (whatever point that is…)…(and even then, maybe not…lol)

    good luck!

  55. Tavis Smiley gets to say “this has gone too far” because it’s now taking out black men, and this was never intended to reach that level. It’s probably not popular to say it, but that seems to be what’s going on and it needs to be said. Smiley’s pushback gets more cred because it’s now SJW vs. SJW, progressive liberal vs. progressive liberal. Smiley is down with the cause, and is a part of a protected class, so he’s untouchable with respect to these claims.

  56. That’s what I mean. The sisterhood uber alles will erode as soon as the average woman experiences unsettling consequences of mee-too in her day to day life. As soon as their men made resources start to fade away, women will keep themselves in check.

    It will be interesting to watch”

    And it will happen soon.
    The demographic wave is coming. The alphas winning the sex wars are not necessarily the astute businessmen running the companies, the framers building the houses, the linemen repairing atlantas power failure.

    As more and more men at work step back from women and say do it yourself it will be intetesting. Companies unable to adapt tacticly because the female board cant come to consensus, the hydro out for days because they cant get people to rollout on overtime.
    Hell here in canada we have successful retailers in quebec and b.c. having to shut down full days a week because no one will man the stores.

    And there is a growing, aging cohort of now late fourties women, unmarried, estranged from their single mom raised kids who in a decade will need more and more help even with basic property maintenance let alone in a decade when they need the beginnings of medical help.

    Women will win the sex wars. 20-40. But the men will win the life wars.
    We can cook, clean, etc for ourselves and build substitutes for companionship and sex.
    But its really hard to build an app for plumbers, farmers, opening the pickle jar.

    P.s. I used to work in logistics. Never in a decade did I see holiday cutoffs this early.
    Amazon will save us!! No you still need people to drive and trudhge thru the snow to deliver packages. And guess what….there aint enough!!!

    Last thought.
    20 alphas to service 100 women. Never got the math. At least 5 a week assuming womenz wanna sex every week. How horny are these alphas. And why would they bother to bang the 6s and below. And they have that much time? Really?? Seems like a lot of work keeping up the rotation. When do they go to the gym and run thier incredible businesses.

    No 100% want 20% of which say 40% get it. The other 60% of women…..crickets.

    Oh and why would any alpha EVER sexy up a 40+ Ever?? I mean their alphas she is 40!

  57. Have you seen the latest law from Sweden, that ‘moral leader’? Their laws have just been changed from presumption of innocence to presumption of guilt in all allegations of a sexual nature.

  58. Women dont want betas for sex.
    But they need betas for work.

    And a whole demographic of skilled workers are retiring.
    Even with full labour participation there are not enough.
    Now add the lowest labour participation rates ….Ever.
    Then look at the concentration of that available labour; in IT, finance, service industry.

    Now look where its not…agriculture, construction, transport, maintenance, medicine.
    You know the stuff that keeps men and women fed, housed, powered.

    Tomorrows men of power are not going to be hollywood or social media types.

    Its gonna be
    “Oh its 5 degrees and your furnace is out at Christmas mame? Hows May 18 sound?
    Oh and have a chaperone, I dont go into single women’s houses…you know …allegations.”

  59. As Trent said its going to have to cause them discomfort.

    And its not going to be on the playingfield they think it is.

    Withhold sex all you want. I will just withhold my crops, my tools.

    You need to eat and stay warm waaaaaaay more than I need sex.

  60. Rollo, I think we’re on a perhaps unstoppable downhill slide. I really look forward to the day when a man sues a woman for an unwanted sexual approach. It would take a ballsy guy to flip the script like that, but legally there would be nothing to prevent such a ‘success’, I believe.

  61. The buffer between cause and effect is business\government.

    E.g. Trudeau just announced 70 million for venture capital grants…..but if they address getting diversity in VC. Yet most entrepenuers and people needing capital are….???

    Anyone? Bueller??

    And then they wonder why they dont get takers or they are low quality?

    Or Purdue Engineers (ok stop laughing).
    Um top science grades looking for a school to study Engineering??

    Anyone?? Bueller?

    Or new coding at Goolag after the infamous emails last summer
    Who actually writes the new code next year??

    P.s. is the romcon now dead?? I mean guys dont go to movies on dates anymore. Do women go to romcons alone? So I guess its only sexy window dressing parts for the actresses of tomorrow. Oh? But how to land a sexy part? Oh mr producer…

    Anyone?? Bueller?

  62. @Anonymous Reader

    “Choking on the pill”, that’s a good one. Kinda true, I have to cut back the reading sometimes.

    The way I understood it (from family and general environment) you would meet somebody, start going out, and after a while be her boyfriend. I completely ignored how you had to be aggresively sexual and escalate early on; I assumed this was implicit in a boy-girl rapport, and that no sexual tension had to be induced by me. Anyways, I never saw women as delicate flowers. In the age of porn I wonder how that meme survives.

    Remember, I am talking 10 years ago when I was 18, before smartphones and in a country not on par with America or the anglosphere in terms of casual sex. Many things have changed in the meantime.

    I can see that girls have moments of intense horniness (I experienced an example this past summer), but very fleeting and far between. It is millions of spermatozoa per hour versus an egg per month.

    So yeah, once you have spiked her emotions she might be intensely turned on. But it is NOT their default state. That is, if no spiking takes place, they just go on with their lives. A lifelong chaste woman is not suffering and craving sex if nobody “awakens” her libido. If she is alone, she will likely feel much more depressed by such loneliness than a man. But that is a different story.

    If women are so unbelievably horny, why do they still make men they are attracted to wait for a second or third date?

  63. “She loves you for WHAT you are not WHO you are + Sluts vs. Studs”

    This is partially true. But, it is not the complete truth and its deviation from the complete truth serves as a subtle deception to keep you guessing, to keep you measuring yourself in terms of how you compare to WHAT she may or may not “love”.

    It is vitally important to understand (if you want to escape the bullshit) that you should IN NO WAY critique yourself in terms of how to gain her acceptance OTHER THAN and ONLY TO gain her “acceptance” to use her. In other words, develop yourself and present yourself to her so you can lure her into your frame, gain her “trust” and use her for whatever she has to offer. DO NOT fall into the cesspool of thinking you need her for your own self acceptance. The goal is to gain her trust for your own purposes (and this always includes some con artistry simply because NO ONE is 100% trust worthy). Approaching it with this mental paradigm, puts you in charge and makes you more attractive because she (whether she likes it or not) is innately predisposed to be attracted to men who are in charge of themselves in this way. Just being a brute is not enough. You must also be a crafty brute and crafty enough to not appear crafty. Being “Alpha” requires skill, finesse, self awareness (not self conscious insecurity), alertness and sensitivity as much or more than physical masculine prowess.

    If you need her “trust” and “love” for your own self validation to yourself, then you are surely fuuuuuccckkked. You have fucked yourself from before the start, if you are approaching it like that. Let her be the one who fucks herself. Women in general are more predisposed to fucking themselves in this way, far more innately than men are, despite men’s romantic idealism, because men’s more rational tendency ultimately comes to preside over his considerations. The manosphere, this blog, etc. are real manifestations of mans tendency to revert to his more rational side when “shit goes wrong”. This is one reason men have “dominated” women throughout history. This is why, today, in their pathetic attempt to take universal control, feminists vilify the “patriarchy”. The boogeyman known as the “patriarchy” is a confabulated deception that feminists came up with to attack men indirectly. It is an indirect attack because the “patriarchy” is a nebulous, unreal concept that has no tangible basis. A boogeyman is fabricated to encourage communal outrage, then specific male individuals are victimized. A direct attack is not possible because most of the community would see it for what it is and would not participate. Feminists resort to this tactic also because they know they are no match for enlightened men both physically and RATIONALLY. “The patriarchy” provides both a diversion and a scape goat excuse to attack any male they set their sights on as feminists pitifully attempt to grab power.

    “She loves you for WHAT you are not WHO you are + Sluts vs. Studs”

    This statement is a bit deceiving. It is not the complete truth because she is no more capable of loving WHAT you are any more than she is capable of loving WHO you are. She is incapable of loving the actual YOU in any context. when it comes to love, her love for WHAT SHE EXPECTS YOU TO BE FOR HER supersedes all else about you. She is literally incapable of “loving” “you” in any other context. This is an extremely frustrating, disappointing and demoralizing truth for any man who expects anything different from women because it simply does not exist any other way. However, for the enlightened man, this truth brings about a wealth of possibilities for him with women because her desire to love WHAT SHE EXPECTS YOU TO BE FOR HER is insatiable and can be played upon almost endlessly. The enlightened man, if he is a skilled actor, can artfully feed her desire to great benefit to himself.

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