Dangerous Times – Part 1

We live in a very dangerous age for men. The Blue Pill is even more of a liability today than it was in times past, because we live in an era that encourages men going all-in in their life’s investment in that conditioning.

Welcome to the #MeToo era. What we’re experiencing in our social environment today is a sea change in intersexual dynamics. The underlying fundamentals haven’t changed; our evolved natures and the latent purposes that are driven by them haven’t shifted, but the social dynamics and sexual acculturation that serve as checks and balances on them has drastically shifted, and in a very short time. While you could make an argument for an idealized free love era that took place right after the Sexual Revolution, now we find ourselves in a time that is so calculating in its design on intersexual social dynamics that it makes the late 60s seem romantically naive.

Back in October of 2014 I wrote a post called Yes Means Fear. This essay was a response to the, at that time new, Yes Means Yes sexual consent legislature that was being instituted on California university campuses. Dalrock had written similar essays regarding this latest form of sexual consent aptly titled The Sexual Revolution’s Arab Spring and Making the World Safe for Promiscuous Women. It may take you a while to review these posts, but please read these and skim the comments to get a gist of the conversations we had going on just three years ago.

One of these comments was the inimitable Deti:

At the end of the day, college women (soon all women) will be able to use the “lack of consent” law/policy as a weapon against undesirable men to do the following:

1. Weed out and eliminate unattractive men by chilling their conduct

2. Making even the most innocuous sexual conduct (i.e. approaching, asking for dates) so dangerous that the only men who will engage in the SMP are attractive men with proven successful sexual track records who will never get reported for doing anything “untoward”; thus ensuring that only attractive men will approach them for dates and sex

3. Giving women more power over the SMP so even unattractive women can use and select men for alpha fux; then have the sole ability to pursue and select men for beta bux when they see fit.

Open hypergamy. It will be “we women are going to do this, and if you want sex, you’ll do it our way, and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it.”

Deti posted this comment on October 15th, 2014. The inter-blog debate then (at places like the now defunct Hooking Up Smart) was that Yes Means Yes was solely meant as a firm response to the supposed on-campus rape /sex assault panic that was being circulated in the mainstream media at the time. From the Red Pill perspective, we saw what potential this legislation represented to what would later become a societal scale institution.

Of course, they called us reactionaries, called us ‘rape apologists’ for simply pointing out all the ways this legislation would be expanded to a societal scale. They said we were exaggerating when we illustrated that, even for long-married couples, there would need to be a check list of approved acts of intimacy for each and every act performed, and men would need some form of hard evidence to prove that consent had indeed been granted.

The new California college/university sexual assault policy requires the following:

“An affirmative consent standard in the determination of whether consent was given by both parties to sexual activity. “Affirmative consent” means affirmative, conscious, and voluntary agreement to engage in sexual activity. It is the responsibility of each person involved in the sexual activity to ensure that he or she has the affirmative consent of the other or others to engage in the sexual activity. Lack of protest or resistance does not mean consent, nor does silence mean consent. Affirmative consent must be ongoing throughout a sexual activity and can be revoked at any time. The existence of a dating relationship between the persons involved, or the fact of past sexual relations between them, should never by itself be assumed to be an indicator of consent.”

There was sex, which is clearly “sexual activity.” The question then becomes whether there was “affirmative consent”. In order for there not be consent, the woman would have had to show affirmative conscious and voluntary agreement to engage in sex with the man. It is the man’s responsibility to make sure he had that consent. She had to manifest, verbally or nonverbally, consent to it.

Silence doesn’t mean consent. Her not resisting or saying “no, please stop” doesn’t constitute “affirmative consent”. So really, the only way to make sure that consent is present is for the man to continue asking her throughout the encounter: “Is this OK? Can I keep doing this? Is this thrust OK with you? Is THIS thrust OK? Can I thrust again? How about this one? Can I keep going? Do you want me to stop?”

If that did NOT happen, if the man did not get EXPRESS, VERBAL statements that he could continue, then yes, there was sexual assault.

The way this plays out in situations like this is that verbal consent is REQUIRED. She cannot manifest “ongoing” “affirmative consent” any other way. That’s because of the way the law is written. Lack of protest is not consent. Lack of resistance is not consent. Silence is not consent. Thus, a wife, just lying there, starfishing it, giving duty sex to her husband, is putting him in jeopardy, because she is not manifesting “ongoing” “affirmative consent”.

All of that they said was ridiculous. Women would never be so petty as to make a man ask permission for, nor hold him accountable for, sex that she wanted to have with him. Furthermore, this ruling was only meant to curb campus assault; any extrapolating to a larger societal norm, we were told, was just us Red Pill men and their insecurities about the intentions of women and sex. If we’d Just Get It we’ll have no problems.

We were told it was limited to penis-in-vagina sex only. We were told it was just in cases of “drunken sex”. All of these proved false. This law was intended to govern, regulate and control every single sexual interaction between a man and a woman. This law is intended to require a man to get express consent at every single step of the process, from initial touch to banging. This law is intended to chill all male sexual conduct. This law by its very terms requires express consent for every sexual act, starting with kino.

The goal of feminism is to remove all constraints on female sexuality while maximally restricting male sexuality – Heartiste

A World of Fear

When I wrote Yes Means Fear (also 3 years ago) it was initially in response to an article by Ezra Klein, Yes Means Yes is a terrible law, and I support it completely. This reads through as bad as any gender related article on Vox, but Klein’s salient point was summed up in one sentence.

To work, “Yes Means Yes” needs to create a world where men are afraid.

I’m reasonably sure Ezra was aware of the larger scope – larger than just California college campuses – that his giddy Beta love of a world where men would be afraid to so much as approach a woman would lead to. But now we find ourselves here in his idealized sexual marketplace founded on men fearing to interact with women at the risk of losing everything. At the risk of being Zeroed Out. Today, just three years later, we’re experiencing the #metoo moral panic based exactly in the fear Ezra said would serve us so well. Ezra must be proud that the gold rush hysteria of sexual misconduct allegations any and every woman (who ‘might’ have ever felt an accidental hip brush 50 years ago) feels entitled to is the result of this cleansing fear he loved so much. Unless he’s defending allegations himself of course.

If you go before the college board and say that the woman accusing you of assault simply doesn’t remember that she said yes because she was so drunk, then you’ve already lost.

Gone is the college board now in favor of the popular court of social justice – the court that condemns a man for even the suspicion of an allegation of sexual misconduct. Gone too is part of women’s remembering the pretense of a sexual encounter. Whether a woman was drunk and doesn’t remember the details, or if she conveniently recalls them 40-50 years after the fact is immaterial. The operative point is that we always believe any and every allegation of rape or misconduct a woman brings forward.

Articles of Belief

Shortly after I wrote Yes Means Fear I wrote Hysteria, an essay intended to address the disgraceful (now thoroughly proven) UVA fraternity rape hoax story written by Sabrina Erdley and published by a complicit Rolling Stone Magazine. Just daring to question the validity of so outrageous a rape account was heresy to women back then. Bear in mind this took place after the Yes Means Yes consent ruling in California. At this time, just to question the story of a woman’s rape account was enough to earn you the title of ‘rape apologist’. But moreover, we were popularly expected to repeat this mantra and always accept a woman’s account as infallibly true:

“No matter what Jackie said, we should automatically believe rape claims.” http://t.co/3HFlXR7jme True insanity pic.twitter.com/AFXIyn32FS

This was the sentiment (now deleted) tweeted by Zerlina Maxwell on December 6th, 2014. Since then this meme that anything a woman had to say about sexual assault must be believed by default has snowballed into a default belief that anything a woman alleges against a man must also be believed. Whereas a male college student might stand in front of his kangaroo court at a university, now men must stand in front of the kangaroo court of public opinion where a woman’s word outweighs all pretense of due process. That college kid is now the average man who must prove his innocence because if a woman alleges it due process is reversed.

What we’ve witnessed in just 3 years is the systematic removal of a man’s right to habeas corpus with regard to women’s allegations.

And I expect that this removal will extend to much more than just women’s believability in regard to sexual misconduct. Imagine a culture where it’s expected that anything a woman accuses her ex of is to be believed in divorce proceedings.

We’re now seeing exactly what myself, Deti, Dalrock and countless other Red Pill bloggers and commenters predicted would happen, but it’s also so much more that what we could see coming. In just 3 years Yes Means Yes moved off the campus and into mainstream culture; a culture predicated on female social primacy. In a feminine-primary social order even “affirmative consent” isn’t enough – “enthusiastic consent” must now be established and maintained. That “enthusiastic consent” is a new ambiguously defined terminology, and part of the larger narrative meant to further confuse and instill fear in men.

Last week Novaseeker, once again, had a terrific comment that illustrates what consent has come to today.

Yep, that’s the newest goalpost move.

We went from No means No (which meant that if she doesn’t say no, it’s on … which pretty much is the basic human mating script) to “affirmative consent” (“may I kiss you now” … “may I lick your breast now?”, etc., per the “rules” required before any physical contact *and* at “each stage of escalation”). Very few people actually follow affirmative consent, as we know, but it’s the rule at most colleges and universities. It isn’t the legal rule for rape, in terms of determining what was “consensual”, currently, but the FI is working on that, believe me.

Now, we have the goalposts moving even further along, from “affirmative consent” to “enthusiastic consent” — which means that if her consent is even verbally expressed, but isn’t clearly enthusiastic, then it isn’t “reliable as consent” because it could be the result of “pressure”, and if the consent “was real, it would be expressed enthusiastically, because when people really are consenting to sex, they’re always enthusiastic about it”. So essentially the standard they are pushing now (and which is getting rolled out on campuses right now) is that if the girl isn’t jumping your bones and begging for your cock, it’s rape/assault. Of course, again, not the legal standard, but that doesn’t matter that much — as we can all see what is happening right now is that the legal standard is being marginalized, because people can be destroyed in our media saturated environment without any involvement of the legal system at all, and the standards that apply in that extra-legal environment are the ones that the FI wants to apply, whether the legal system applies them or not.

There are a few ways to look at this, but one obvious one is that this is a way for the FI to tighten the screws on betas. Very little sex that betas have, if any, is “enthusiastic consent sex”. Everyone knows this. Under this standard, basically all sex with betas is rape. That’s the intention.

And thus we come full circle to the latent purpose of legislating Hypergamy that I’ve continually repeated in many essays. It is Roissy’s maxim of feminism: The end goal of feminism is to remove all constraints on female sexuality while maximally restricting male sexuality.

Recently I found myself in a Twitter war on a story by CBS Los Angeles asking whether it was still OK for men to hug women. I used the cartoon I posted in The Creep 2 to illustrate my bigger point:

And of course the feminist tropes (from men and women) and the point & sputter ad hominem attacks flowed from there. However, this rage is precisely what I would expect from women who are now coming into a default expectation (entitlement) of all men to ‘Just Get It‘.

Only in this instance it is Blue Pill, Beta men who should know better than to approach a woman below their (self-perceived) sexual market value. Those men, the lesser men that her social media overinflated sense of SMV has convinced her are beneath her attraction floor should ‘just get it’ that they shouldn’t be flirtatious or even too friendly with her or risk the punishment of an allegation that might be his zeroing out. The Beta man who doesn’t ‘get it’ is an insult to her self-worth and deserving of an optimized Hypergamy.

In the next post I’ll be exploring the ramifications of the “enthusiastic consent” concept and how even consensual-but-unwanted sex and “duty sex” will be the next chapter in marital rape. I’ll also be detailing the the “Cat Persons” story that’s been making the rounds this week.

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  1. Oscar
    The way I understood it (from family and general environment) you would meet somebody, start going out, and after a while be her boyfriend. I completely ignored how you had to be aggresively sexual and escalate early on; I assumed this was implicit in a boy-girl rapport, and that no sexual tension had to be induced by me.

    That’s the old set of books. It is a form of “provider game”. It worked more or less for centuries. Not so much now for reasons Rollo has written about extensively. “Women can be their own betas” and they don’t need protection much either.

    Honestly, Oscar, sometimes you just don’t show any evidence of having read and internalized any Red Pill truth at all.

    I can see that girls have moments of intense horniness (I experienced an example this past summer), but very fleeting and far between.

    You see fleeting and far between because you are not seeing clearly. Again, what does “hidden estrus” mean to you? What does “covert sexuality” mean to you? Don’t just react to these questions, think.

  2. KFG: More weight!

    AR: Talking to the snow on your roof?

    I’m told it’s arriving Friday. I’m sick of winter already, which, given that it doesn’t even begin until tomorrow morning, isn’t a good sign.

    That aside, the exclamation is the badass alpha moment of the Salem Witch Trials which were referenced in the comment before mine:


    They can take a man down, but they cannot make him plead.

  3. I can see that girls have moments of intense horniness (I experienced an example this past summer), but very fleeting and far between. It is millions of spermatozoa per hour versus an egg per month.

    A girl’s horniness for alpha has nothing to do with ovulation. Haven’t you been paying attention about horny post-menopausal women?

  4. @Hans T
    There has been one woman to get a taste of their own medicine — the Kansas City-area HR exec who was running for Congress until it just came out that she had been reprimanded for unwanted advances on a male underling.

    Meanwhile the legal system — criminal or even civil — still has no idea what to do with the metoo stuff. The media, social media and HR continue to serve as ad hoc prosecutor, judge and jury

  5. “The following day, Malmo police issued a warning to local women not to go outside alone at night, and to walk in pairs or use taxis.”

    ”It’s about common sense. We are not warning people not to be outside, but to think twice and maybe not walk alone late at night and instead go with others or take a taxi,’ said Anders Nilsson of Malmo police who is leading the preliminary investigation.”

    Interpretation: The tarts deserved it.

    Slut-shaming Eurotrash style.

  6. I can see that girls have moments of intense horniness (I experienced an example this past summer), but very fleeting and far between.

    You see fleeting and far between because you are not seeing clearly. Again, what does “hidden estrus” mean to you? What does “covert sexuality” mean to you? Don’t just react to these questions, think.


    Oscar, women all want dick, and they want it a lot. The difference between men and women here is that women are *much* more selective than men are. That doesn’t mean they crave sex less than men do, it means that they crave it with fewer men than men do with women. Women are *very* sexual and very sex craving — if you want evidence of that read romance novels. Look at 50 Shades, one of the best selling books of all time, almost all of them women. The difference isn’t that they aren’t as sexual as men or don’t want sex as much as men, it’s that the men they want sex with is small relative to the total number of men. That’s the difference.

  7. @Eh

    “Interpretation: The tarts deserved it.”

    Nah, basically if a gang of guys is already going around raping women they( the gang) aren’t likely to follow a curfew. The women are protesting the police reaction telling them (the women) to stay off the streets, they , the women, want the men off the streets, all men.

    Silly girls.

  8. @mgtowhorseman what you are describing is already happing.
    Here is a commercial for a phone company in Sweden


    Girl: What are do you wish from Sture as a Christmas present?

    Boy: Headphones, hold on a second Sture?

    Girl: Ja, mommies new guy

    Boy: wasn’t his name Stefan?

    Girl: They broke it off

    Boy: Ahh … then I want an Iphone

    Girl: me too

    Now, this level of callous exploitation only works if the men are on board with it. I have a funny feeling that both Stefan and Sture will connect the dots at some point, as it becomes impossible to ignore the consequences. As would the boy, this commercial has to be written by a women.

  9. @palmasailor

    Here is Gad Saad talking to a Swedish member of parliament who has an immigrant background


    The whole talk is worthwhile listening to, however my three takeaway messages were:

    1. Gang culture in Sweden is a consequence of failed integration in combination with the Swedish legal situation.

    2. The Swedish version of the alt-right (Sverigedemokrater) wants to blame it on race, which may be a factor, however the causality is much more complicated than that.

    3. The majority of immigrants themselves are sick of this gang shit, but instead of solving it collectively they solve it through means familiar to them. I.e. enlisting their children in Islamic madrasas not so much for ideological reasons, but rather pragmatically to protect their children to become part of this gang culture.

  10. kfg
    I’m told it’s arriving Friday. I’m sick of winter already, which, given that it doesn’t even begin until tomorrow morning, isn’t a good sign.

    Global Warming got you down? Eh, you could be in SoCal, parts are currently still on fire thanks to La Nina. Later on next year that means mudslides. So cheer up!

    That aside, the exclamation is the badass alpha moment of the Salem Witch Trials which were referenced in the comment before mine:

    Yeah, well, I dropped “Salem Witch Trial” here more than once. Did you bite? No!
    Now you pop up with the punchline. Are you the kind who jumps in at the last line of the joke?

    You knew what “more weight” means and I knew it. But you hadda just go blabbing around.

    It is one of the better moments of those Witch Trials. Careful readers besides myself and kfg might notice just who it was that started those trials. It wasn’t Teh Patriarchy….

  11. “You see fleeting and far between because you are not seeing clearly.”

    Blue pill thinking clouds thoughts. It causes one to not be in the zone with flow.

    When in a blue pill fog, everything becomes melodrama (drama in which many exciting events happen and the characters have very strong or exaggerated emotions).

    The FI and it’s current iteration #MeeeTwoooo uses this to it’s greatest advantage.

    When Sentient talks about dog and Catonese language, it is not meant to have men abdicate from being logical and thinking in dog language, which is straightforward and logical. Men should still logic out things. But a male should still interpret female emotional language and act based on that skillful interpretation of them speaking in Catonese.

    Oscar C is driven to emotional feelings about how things should be based on how he wants them to be, while driven by melodrama in the frame of feminine imperatives.

    Snap out of the doldrums Oscar.

    There is a whole good world out there in Mother Nature to explore. As a male in a straightforward manner with your purpose, mission and pursuit. As a male that is good at being a masculine male and not merely being A Good MAN. Not acknowledging your shadow self (your dark side and smiling in acknowledgement with it) makes you weak. H/t to JBPeterson.

    Mother Nature and it’s feminine essence is life giving and energy given. But she is perfectly willing to cut off your balls if you let her for her own preservation. Don’t let her cut off your balls. It’s unbecoming of you.

    Red Pill Awareness is clear thought. Game is playing what things present themselves to you in regards to inter-sexual interactions. When you Game, you develop a natural instinct to put into play your natural, logical, masculine instinct. You don’t play by the I have Pussy, so I make the rules Game.

    But you respond to the polar feminine natural essence of them being cloaked in the drama, the emotions, the intentionally obtuse, the intentionally melodramatic and emotional. It’s up to you to interpret their emotional base and redirect and to lead.

    Don’t be distracted by the melodrama. Cause melodrama is not real fiction and it’s certainly not good non-fiction.

    Don’t even bother reading Thomas Hardy’s works like Tess of the d’Urbervilles. It’s just melodrama.

    Interpret melodrama. But don’t fucking feed into it or believe it for what drama it uses to curtain (a device or agency that conceals or acts as a barrier) real masculine purpose and mission. Unless you actually want to be feminized and lean into women and not subscribe to Red Pill Principles.

    Red Pill is not a repudiation of getting with the feminine. When you get things right in Red Pill and Game, it is a celebration of the Masculine/Feminine polarity. And it tends to be fun. Just ask EhIntellect as he is coming in to his own in the ownership as a Red Pill husband and father. It is fun. Just like Blaximus has fun with encounters with check out counter girls. I repeat: Fun. Turn life into a Game. Win and have fun.

    In Other News: my daughter’s boyfriend asked me for permission to ask her to marry him tonight. I’ll spare you what might be the longest field report ever of my Wednesday, yesterday and the humor of it being not big deal. I’ll perhaps share it offline with my buddies.

    No Big Deal. Yes dude. You have my permission. With an obligatory heart to heart red pill discussion (which was wide ranging) and no stressful tones followed. It’s a totally organic relationship with no questions asked.

    He described his recognition for his admiration and respect for the health of my current status with my wife my daughter and son. A happy Anna Karenina Family. He’s Good. We’re good. Thanks be to the gods for Red Pill and the Hydrosphere.

  12. @palamsailor

    “Nah. It’s just a result of letting scum into your country unchecked

    Traditional immigration is totally different

    The thing is they’re Alpha scum as opposed to the beta SJW’s prevalent in Sweden so let’s see how that pans out”

    I would contest this, not all of them ‘are scum’, its just the proportion is higher, as the system incentivises bad behaviour. Furthermore, I think there are larger forces at work here than mere immigration patterns. However, in terms of how this will turn out, here is an exert from the Fate of Empires, by John Glubb (1977:15-16 ) where he describes the manifestations of such a dynamic in the case of the Arab decline:

    “In the first half of the ninth century, Baghdad enjoyed its High Noon as the greatest and the richest city in the world. In 861, however, the reigning Khalif (caliph), Mutawakkil, was murdered by his Turkish mercenaries, who set up a military dictatorship, which lasted for some thirty years. During this period the empire fell apart, the various dominions and provinces each assuming virtual independence and seeking its own interests. Baghdad, lately the capital of a vast empire, found its authority limited to Iraq alone.

    The works of the contemporary historians of Baghdad in the early tenth century are still available. They deeply deplored the degeneracy of the times in which they lived, emphasising particularly the indifference to religion, the increasing materialism and the laxity of sexual morals. They lamented also the corruption of the officials of the government and the fact that politicians always seemed to amass large fortunes while they were in office. The historians commented bitterly on the extraordinary influence acquired by popular singers over young people, resulting in a decline in sexual morality.

    The ‘pop’ singers of Baghdad accompanied their erotic songs on the lute, an instrument resembling the modern guitar. In the second half of the tenth century, as a result, much obscene sexual language came increasingly into use, such as would not have been tolerated in an earlier age. Several khalifs issued orders banning ‘pop’ singers from the capital, but within a few years they always returned.

    An increase in the influence of women in public life has often been associated with national decline. The later Romans complained that, although Rome ruled the world, women ruled Rome. In the tenth century, a similar tendency was observable in the Arab Empire, the women demanding admission to the professions hitherto monopolised by men. ‘What,’ wrote the contemporary historian, Ibn Bessam, ‘have the professions of clerk, tax-collector or preacher to do with women? These occupations have always been limited to men alone.’ Many women practised law, while others obtained posts as university professors. There was an agitation for the appointment of female judges, which, however, does not appear to have succeeded. Soon after this period, government and public order collapsed, and foreign invaders overran the country. The resulting increase in confusion and violence made it unsafe for women to move unescorted in the streets, with the result that this feminist movement collapsed.

    The disorders following the military takeover in 861, and the loss of the empire, had played havoc with the economy. At such a moment, it might have been expected that everyone would redouble their efforts to save the country from bankruptcy, but nothing of the kind occurred. Instead, at this moment of declining trade and financial stringency, the people of Baghdad introduced a five-day week. When I first read these contemporary descriptions of tenth-century Baghdad, I could scarcely believe my eyes. I told myself that this must be a joke! The descriptions might have been taken out of The Times today. The resemblance of all the details was especially breathtaking—the break-up of the empire, the abandonment of sexual morality, the ‘pop’ singers with their guitars, the entry of women into the professions, the five-day week. I would not venture to attempt an explanation!

    There are so many mysteries about human life which are far beyond our comprehension.” (Glubb, 1977:15-16)


    Its clockwork, human nature running on autopilot. It will go the same way as last time, the time before and the time before. Like I said, only difference this time ‘the revolution will be televised’

  13. @palamsailor “The betas allowed and facilitated it.”

    pretty much, however the causality for the collapse is a bit more complicated. The reason being, that it can only occur due to a lack of in-group cohesion. Currently, within the US the polarisation of the public debate is at an all time high, last election results showed like 49 / 51, same for Brexit, French vote was close, Germany still doesn’t have a government and so forth.

    Now what people forget in staring themselves blind on these short term trends, is that danger that results out of this chaos. Within such a chaotic state narratives then start to form that introduce a historicity that ‘explain’ these complex causal relations, boiling it down to a single causal dynamic

    Its the womenz fault –> MGTOW
    Its the fault of capitalism –> ANTIFA
    Its the fault of the immigrants –> alt-right
    Its the fault of the patriarchy –> feminists
    Its the fault of them ‘niggers’ –> national socialist/’race realists’

    (note it’s always the fault of THE OTHER, never is ones own culpability acknowledged)

    Each little social niche has their own explanation of causality, nomenclature and associated shared (knowledge) hinterland. Departing from this, particular interpretation that the people opposing the viewpoints can than be antagonised as THEY are “lying” because from (MY) truth this not “correct”. As such, as the inference of “lying” is made, other underlying motivations are sought for why they “should” lie when they “know” what they are saying isn’t “true”. I.e. they are just motivated by money (who isn’t?), they just want to get laid (who isn’t) or [insert favourite projection here].

    All this boils down to that people lose the ability to communicate with each other, with people that do not share the same experiential framework as they do. The loss of in group cohesion is then merely a consequence of this. Now from this crucible of public opinion, the people that shout the loudest will be the one that will be heard. The reason being, is not that they have the ‘truth’, but rather because the majority then compromises with these extreme voices that are convinced of their particular interpretation of reality.


    In 1933 Bertrand Russell wrote an essay titled “The Triumph of Stupidity” that lamented the rise of the Nazi movement in Germany. Russell wrote:

    “The fundamental cause of the trouble is that in the modern world the stupid are cocksure while the intelligent are full of doubt. Even those of the intelligent who believe that they have a nostrum are too individualistic to combine with other intelligent men from whom they differ on minor points.”

  14. Here’s a classic example of female solipsism, directed by a woman, of course…


  15. @rugby

    Pertinent example of amused mastery


    Furthermore, the whole fallout of dual survival was a good example (imo) of principles vs. cooperate interests. We all know ‘won’ that one, however when shit hit’s the fan my bet is on Cody and not the corporate board of directors of Discovery.

  16. I think that there us too much focus on what will the law do about the YMY. This is not entirely the FI’s goal. They know that they can’t change the law overnight. They want a “justice dispensing entity” that will be parallell to the law, yet not be held acountable for foul behavior like false acusations. The parallell institutions will treat victims anonymously but the guilty men will be publicly revealed, shamed, doxed. The fantasy here is that they wanna act like Wikileaks but with their own fashion of justice. Exposing men whenever and however they want, while protecting tbe acusers. Remember Gentlemen. Feminazi dualistic strategy applies here too. They can have their cake, they can eat it too, and they don’t want any responsibility.

    They will later use this false establishment as justification to altet the law. It’s basically a flanking maneuver. Feminists have always subverted law, and this is just another stepping stone to their fantasy of unshackled hypergamy, unlimited access to resources and the best genetic providets while ensuring maximum restrictions on men.

    It’s also critical to point put that with revent murder of net neutrality, redpill will soon become the forbidden domain and feminists will start harassing ISPs to restrict access to arenas such as this under some “vagina privilege protection act”.
    It’s a scary world we are heading to.

  17. Perhaps I may mention (as it is the same topic) that the British Prime-Minister-ess – a woman of whom it can truly be said that everything she touches turns to lead – has in the last couple of weeks lost two of the more senior members of her cabinet (both male); one for looking on his mobile at something NSFW and the other for a remark – a joke – to a female colleague. Fear stalks the land. It is hard however to feel sympathy as these men were surely white-knights keen to throw other men under the bus.

  18. @palmasailor “I come back to Islam and there are a lot of things they have right.”

    The notion of “have right” is interesting here, because for social organisation what is “right” depends on your highest goal for your society. If your highest goal is the preservation of your culture, protecting the male inheritance line, ensuring reproduction above replacement rate than and valuing safety over individuality, than yes indeed Islam does surely “have a lot of things right”. However, if you value personal liberty, intellectual freedom and the ability to express your opinions (or any Western foundational value) than the Islamic system is orthogonal to these tenets. The reason being, as they preclude the fundamental assumption of the Islamic Faith. From Wikipedia:

    “Islam (Arabic: الإسلام‎‎, IPA: [alʔisˈlaːm] (About this sound listen)) is a verbal noun originating from the triliteral root S-L-M which forms a large class of words mostly relating to concepts of wholeness, submission, safeness, and peace.”

    The problem with different belief system is that you cannot pick and choose at random, like the lefties like to pretend with their “just socially constructed narrative”. Yes, there is social construction going on, but these aspects are there for a reason (even if you cannot articulate those reasons). In Nietzsche’s characterisation Islam is a “slave morality” as safety is prioritised over everything else. Including in this priority, is the vilification of anything that sticks out from the group (let’s say an alpha). Obviously, this is for psychological reasons in that the illusion is created that every man is equal worth but more pragmatically this prevents the men that have the potential to take more than their ‘fair’ share from doing so (securing in-group harmony is the underlying function).

    Now what the alt-right boys and the people over at Chateau Heartiste have right is the underlying problem description. However, where their immaturity belies them is in their conviction of what the ‘proper solution is’. They want to have their ‘cake and eat it too’ in that here the old is/ought problem Hume talked about rears its ugly head. The reason being, in that just because you have understood how something “is” (i.e. you have a problem description) DOES NOT imply, that you know what you “ought” to do about it. There are many ways to Rome as the old saying goes. Furthermore, they cast themselves as ‘alphas’ glorifying their notch counts, belittling betas, while at the same time speaking up “group harmony”, when it is exactly this dynamic which is creating the underlying tensions. In order to square this circle they utilise “the juice” or blame “the immigrants”. The reason why this works, is because there is something to these stories (hence why they are convincing), the problem is just with the feminism it’s a cherry picked version of the underlying causality.

    In regard to suggesting potential ways forward, I am on board with Rollo in that it has to be a bottom up solution, where each men teaches their fellow men “how to fish” (i.e. game). The issue that arises with this is the current problems with online communication where nuance of change in rapport, vocalisation and emphasis are lost within the written word (i.e. proper writing AND reading is a skill to be mastered as well). Without proper mastery of these skills this gives the impression that people are ‘autistic’ (i.e. autistic screeching). However, every game veteran knows that in order to master game (not just with women) you have to make a lot of mistakes to learn. I like misquoting Churchill here:

    ‘Success is going from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm.’

    Now this is somewhat addressed with things like YouTube and listening to podcast’s, however, this still doesn’t solve the issue of information over-saturation. Personally, I am trying to practice my writing so that I can better communicate, articulate my ideas and summarise my thoughts. Furthermore, proper writing helps me to think, as it allows me to structure and reference my thoughts. Not to mention that it creates a vast amount of stores of notes to draw from. In regard to what the “right” solution is, this in my opinion is only something that can be hashed out by the ‘tribe’ together, as such why I came to realise why proper communication is important.

  19. @Novaseeker

    “the men they want sex with is small relative to the total number of men”

    Yes, this is exactly what I wanted to convey.

    A bit like a starving person who accepts nothing but caviar and oysters. I would not call that “starving”.

    Honestly, I get it in the sense that desire can not be negotiated, and that you have to up the alpha. It is hard for me because I always saw sex as a bodily function of sorts, and this whole process of seduction and domination and bed gymnastics is kinda exhausting. I like stability and certainty, but, alas, women don’t.

    Anyways, I know that if at least don’t try I will regret it on my deathbed, so that’s that.


    Yeah, I am working on the fun part. I used to dwell on negative thoughts and now I just stop any time I find myself having them again.

    I also try not to read manosphere stuff everyday because I tend to obsess a bit if I do. If I post less that is the reason.

  20. @ Palma

    “It seems to me that for the best part Hypergamy doesn’t exist”

    Bear with me, please. Hypergamy exists in Islam in so much it is codified into Sharia. All the women of any value are potentially in the hands of the highest value 20% of men, hence the 4:1 polygamy ratio. These social customs were created in a harsher time, but still apply today, though again my gut says trading freewill for 3 more wives is a raw deal. Inshallah and all.

    I’m no expert but at first blush, it fucks up the natural dynamic, permanently Betaizes the other 80%. Fuck that. I have been SOL in career, finances, romance.

    Islam is not a religion, it is a way of life, all human endeavor interwoven to serve the State, with a chance at banging women AFTER you’re zeroed out.

    It’s the permanence thing that blows. Similar to Indian caste system, yeah it’s outlawed but I’ve talked to many…it’s practiced in spirit.

    Regarding the usury prohibition, the leveraging of potential is restricted to the few, and that would’ve fucked the big dreams regular guy without family connections. Try buying a house today with cash, for most impossible. The rich stay rich. The poor are herded into serving the state,

    At least the little guy has a shot at his dream with a bank loan, IMO. The downsides of Islam are apparent if you got Game, spine.

  21. I have to take some issue with Novaseeker over the notion that women are every bit as keen on sexual activity as men and thus his rationaliisation that they are merely waiting for the Alpha Male to appear. Were women so keen then life would for heterosexual males be like a Gay Bathhouse but it isn’t. Women thus are like my Autstin Powers look-alike friend who is largely Incel but who insists that all his future girlfriends will be more or less supermodels.

    It seems to me that unlike men who do actually think of and do other things that women have a non-stop but very low level sexual mode of constant thinking but that it takes someone very desirable to motivate them. Even when motivated they constantly produce fitness tests and LMRs. Those are hardly the actions of someone who is gagging for it.

  22. @Albert

    Spot on about the Château Heartiste folks. There is a lot to learn and amuse yourself with over there, but I never got to understand their hating on sluts while wanting to bang them. It’s widespread in the manosphere.

    If a girl has no diseases, why does it matter how many guys has she slept with? You are not going to marry her.

    There is a serious lack of consistency over at CH. Plenty of outraged posts on what he deems as anti-white propaganda, unchecked immigration, etc. but when the question of what to do pops up he vaguely retorts “I’ll be poolside” or something to that effect. Well, ok.

  23. Redpill Imperative
    They may not restrict access to certain sites, but there could come a time where every site you visit (and of course everything you say online) can and will be used against you.

    Overall you put it beautifully: the new normal is anonymous, extralegal, judge jury and executioner

  24. Bodily function?

    Well, there’s a huge part of the problem right there. It’s call a ” sex drive ” for a reason.

    I remember when I was a child, asking my father to tell me about the birds and bees because I’d seen it mentioned on numerous television shows. His response was along the lines of ” when you’re older and the time comes, you will know and no one will need to explain it to you or her. Keep living and things will start to Kick In., and it doesn’t have shit to do with birds or bees. “.

    My uncles on the other hand, were much more explicit and it all sounded terribly nasty and unappealing to my young ears…. Until puberty grabbed me by the balls.

    To my mind and in my experience, sex drive and libido is like a raging California wildfire that one must contain and focus on controlling like a Jedi learns to use the Force.

    You gain mastery over yourself and integrate the strength of your appetites and passion into the whole of your life. Become 100% comfortable with your ” sides “. When you engage the opposite sex, because they are more attuned to noticing things about people in general and men specifically, they will pick up on that ” thing ” about you just beneath the surface.

    It will ooze out of your pores 24/7.

    Bodily function. Nah, so much more.

  25. @Opus

    It seems to me that unlike men who do actually think of and do other things that women have a non-stop but very low level sexual mode of constant thinking

    Women’s sexual interest is low level until a high value male is nearby.

    Even when motivated they constantly produce fitness tests and LMRs.

    Not for the highest value men…rock stars, top athletes, etc. Also not if your game causes them to chase you.

    Thinking that fitness tests mean a woman is trying to avoid sex is dog thinking. Women are trying to screen out low value men…if she is giving you a test, she questions your value, often reflexively. But she is thinking about having sex with you when she gives a test.

  26. Opus,

    “It seems to me that unlike men who do actually think of and do other things that women have a non-stop but very low level sexual mode of constant thinking but that it takes someone very desirable to motivate them. Even when motivated they constantly produce fitness tests and LMRs. Those are hardly the actions of someone who is gagging for it.”

    What Blax said:

    “You gain mastery over yourself and integrate the strength of your appetites and passion into the whole of your life.”

    Yeah they produce fitness tests….because the guy’s sexual status isn’t clear to her. After the test is passed, it’s up to you to prove your confirm Alphaness.

    Be bold.

    OTOH, I’ve read guys feigning Beta to women coming into the wall, but never committing, squeezing juice all along the way until she gets keen. Funny shit.

  27. @ Opus

    Women respond most strongly to ” alpha ” or at a minimum a man giving alpha signals. Life for men isn’t like a gay bath house because society ( used to ) hold females to a different standard of conduct. This is changing and morphing into something else with each new generation though.

    Women do have extremely high sex drives/libidos, for the most part. Men are more physical in expressing our thoughts and desires, and women simmer consistently in the emotional and tactile and ” cerebral ” if you will. As a man I’ve never read the written word and busted a but in my pants. Cats are not dogs.

    Because a majority of males are not aware of the visual and emotion driven cues that women exhibit every single day,nor because most men don’t know how to illicit and spike these emotions, women appear to not be all that interested in sex.

    It’s just that she’s not all that interested in sex with you because you haven’t given her any reason to be interested. She’s scanning you for fitness though believe that. It’s always been my position and somewhat my experience, that if you understand and recognise these things, and the act on what you know Wrt females, most will respond in kind ( unless they mate guard themselves… And even then…) And you will find that you can have as much sex as you want.

    It’s mindset and execution and understanding that conspire to hinder men sexually. Men and women are different, but sexuallity is a constant in both.

  28. “non-stop but very low level sexual mode of constant thinking”

    Oh and I call high grade baloney, Opus.

    “non-stop but very high level sexual mode of constant thinking”

    Fixed it for you.

  29. @ Blax

    “Men are more physical in expressing our thoughts and desires, and women simmer consistently in the emotional and tactile and ” cerebral“

    Sharpshooting you on this.

    The calm Alpha type will bring out women’s root sexuality too. Frankly, this persona generates the greatest ROI. Her spiked emotions will demand relief.

    If Alpha is pensive, mind elsewhere, her hindbrain will demand answers, why is he drifting away from me?

  30. If you put raw ground beef on an unbaked bun, and I paid it no mind, it would be a flawed conclusion to think ” blaximus doesn’t like hamburgers “.

  31. Call me whatever the fuck you want because your little defective brain can process shit without basic labels.

    I got no problem if you like dumb assed racist hateful pussy assed reading because you fit right into that category. Weak and scared and stupid as all hell.

    Doesn’t mean I don’t love you though……

  32. Blax,

    “Call me whatever the fuck you want because your little defective brain can process shit without basic labels.”

    I’m not surprised you fell for that simplistic bait. You’ve been not your sanguine self for a couple weeks.

    A week on a Pinehurst golf course would do you well.

  33. @ EH

    Lol, you’re right about all of that. Actually, I think I do need at least some time at the driving range. Gotta be indoors though because cold.

    99% of comments here are free of hatred and silly shit in general, so sometimes when I have to read some dumb faggish shit like ” apex Jew “, I tend to clap back because this isn’t château heartiste. That’s where slurring people is acceptable and required.

    ASD gets a kick out of baiting me, and I usually don’t respond to the avalanche of silliness pouring out of his keyboard.

    But every once in a while……

    Hee hee.

  34. I learned something useful from a senior citizens trip to Branson–if you only get out among the elderly, your energy will decline. Thinking about this further, if you are only around the young, your wisdom will decline. If you want to raise both energy and wisdom, you need a mix.

  35. From the nation’s oldest and most prestigious (hah!) socialist rag, The Nation,

    “Whiteness is all they’ve got” (referring to Trump’s base, which obviously includes many latino and about 10% of black blue collar men)…telegraphing that socialists will be using racebaiting to try to separate off the non-white part of Trump’s base


    “The country is ruled by oligarchs and their enablers”…sounds like leftwing populism, doesn’t it? Who on this site believes that the elites run everything?

    Oligarchs are hardly in lockstep anywhere…they are always fighting each other…that’s when the biggest messes are created

    Interesting that the Schlaflys are attacking Koch and Cook:


  36. @Oscar

    “It is hard for me because I always saw sex as a bodily function of sorts, and this whole process of seduction and domination and bed gymnastics is kinda exhausting. I like stability and certainty, but, alas, women don’t.”

    That statement is a Beta Tell. “Kinda exhausting” is because you lack free excess energy and charisma. (Ever hear a field report from Blaximus? What do you notice. Lots of free energy, charisma and fun…)

    I like the discussion of Opus/Oscar and EhIntellect/Blax/ASD because it highlights in a Red Pill fashion where to aim your arrow—> More towards Alpha.

    And it brings up the old whining about Game is go hard in a Facebook society. And the move towards more 90/10. It brings up something I easily observe in greater Beta, lesser Alpha land (and perimenopausal and post menopausal worlds): If you are not the bright shiny object of a woman’s desire, external validations (Facebook style and others) will most certainly draw her attention away from desiring you. Better to be as bright and shiny Alpha with free excess energy and charisma as possible. Make it a Game and it’s not so nearly as exhausting as you might think. Especially if you have confidence and competence in that Game.

    Confidence flows from (former and current) successes in having acted and chosen things multiple times (and the more prev. successful actions, the better). Competence comes from the process of Mastery.

  37. Male LIfe expectancy drops, mainly from overdoses … and kayak mishaps.
    “The Kayak Killer” — the woman who deliberately pulled the plug on her fiance’s kayak so he would drown — is freed after serving less than three years behind bars. She does face deportation to her native Latvia.

  38. I just heard the life expectancy numbers this morning. Whoa.

    In Jersey, there is a very active campaign to help/rehab/ not incarcerate people addicted to opiates, even heroin because so many start Initially via pain killer addition.

    Well…. I want everyone needing help to get help. But Chris Krispy Cream was a notorious law and order type who advocated locking up addicts just a few short years ago. What’s changed??? * sarcasm *.

    Heroin is not grown and processed in great quantity in the united states.

    Hopefully now that opiate addiction is being taken more seriously, people committing non violent drug related offenses won’t find themselves incarcerated by the tens of thousands every year. Maybe treatment will become the first line of action.

    But damn, lowering life expectancy is huge.

  39. It’s part in parcel of men’s winnowing options, the first affected are the marginalized. It’s not a spike in Increased lipids taking men out but a behavior driven by complicated forces.

    Antipathy towards men is driving this.

    As with the mentally ill, they’re invisible, a statistic. These men broke under pressure, our overlords are free of their burden.

    Cultural capital lost. We don’t realize what we’re missing.

    It’s too easy assuming a defensive crouch or worse, acceptance hearing this news.

    No joke, getting guys laid is the quickest way forward.

    Routinely sexed men don’t addiction-kill themselves.

  40. @SJF

    “He described his recognition for his admiration and respect for the health of my current status with my wife my daughter and son.”

    He sees your RP vision as complete. A wife well loved, children well raised, life well lived.


  41. “Even when motivated they constantly produce fitness tests and LMRs. Those are hardly the actions of someone who is gagging for it.”

    agree. women aren’t men.

    regardless of what’s happening in life, I’ll hammer both ends of her multiple times a day. she’s more like, if she had her choice and depending on her spot in the cycle, let it build for one or two days, then orgasm twice in a few hours. and then again later she’ll take it from behind in the kitchien or something. it comes in streaks. they can wait. it doesn’t feel like waiting to them like it does to us. they like to get wet thinking about their lover and then let it dry. like that fucking fire you thought you drowned but it was still red hot way down in the ring and then one ember blew out a day later and scorched thousands of acres in a fucking rager

    it’s only if you’re a sure thing pleasure wise that she’ll let you go to town whenever you want; 1. because she knows you’ll handle your business so it doesn’t fuck up her flow and 2. chances are she’ll orgasm even though she didn’t think she would so she might as well let the boy have his fun

    Afux are the same as Bbux. both is performance. it’s just that the average chad likes his work much better than the average beta provider does

  42. “Gene Simmons: Apex Jew”

    it’s so funny how people get upset by words. words are fucking made up abstracts but people lose their minds when they hear the right or wrong ones according to their fucking world view/guess at the mmoment

    something I heard growing up about sticks and stones makes grown men getting themselves in a twist about words seem a little girly

    para tillerson…. ” we don’t deal with that kind of petty nonsense”

    or manson…. “if you got a problem with me, you really got a problem with you”

    “lighten up, francis”

  43. @Oscar, It wasn’t meant as a belittling of CH, most of the biological stuff he posts is pretty good, as he digs through loads of psychology papers and finds good causal patterns. However, when it comes to commenting upon sociological and societal trends it turns into “for a man with a hammer every problems looks like a nail” kind of deal. This is exacerbated by the forum format (i.e. an internet blog) that is attracting likeminded spirits, whilst controversial voices are being shouted down (i.e. it turns into an echo-chamber).

    The whole hating on sluts is not a real mystery either, it’s simple abdication of responsibility, same as the whole #metoo thing, just from a male perspective. However, instead of saying it’s the ‘menz’ fault, they say it’s the ‘womenz’ fault, very easy binary way of thinking. Psychologically, this easy causal explanation that lets you sleep sound at night, where you don’t have to second guess your own actions. Furthermore, if your prime objective in life is to bang as many women as possible, it is even beneficial. As you can easily deflect criticism and have an unshakeable frame, it’s the antithesis of pussy worship, however its worship of the pussy nonetheless. Like, fleezer was saying: ” Afux are the same as Bbux. both is performance. ”, hence it unsurprising that rationalisation pattern would arise to maximize these biological imperatives.

    Now while this may get you laid, this hardly makes you a right in every aspect, although that your own confirmation bias may say otherwise.

    @Blax wonderful Star Wars metaphor for the Freudian concept of libido (may the force be with you!). Your spot on with that for a man to achieve anything in his life he has to master his own sexuality. However, the common way this was done historically was by external disciplinary measures (e.g. sharia law does not only regulate female sexuality, it does also regulate male sexuality).

    Foucault in his History of Sexuality “proved” that homosexuality was “just a social constructed” and repressing it filled ‘no function’. Well he would obviously say that, since he was gay and arguably electro shock therapy does seem a bit excessive. Furthermore, without such norms in place who knows what people like Alan Turing would have contributed to society (cracking the Enigma code, developing the first computer language and computer are pretty large achievements in my book). Regardless, the telos of these “old set of books” was to keep Western society functioning. Sublimating male sexual energy is literally the motor that drives civilisation. Here is Karen Straughan articulating what the MGTOW boys figured out, namely that ‘civilisation is power by orgasm’


    @fleezer Regardless, if its an alpha male or a beta chump or whatever label we want to put on it, its still a man, with the male “dominance instinct”. I find arguing and talking about these things with other men often turns into a pissing contest (YOUR STUPID BRUHH, No your STUPID BRUH, I AM SMARTER BRUH, NO I AM SMARTER… rinse and repeat). I suspect the reason being, is that for men to preserve their emotional stability this is inherently bound up with their accurate understanding of reality. This accurate understanding (i.e. your individual truth) is contingent upon you maintaining your frame. As such, if you start to questions someone’s “truth” and hint on that they might be more to the story, that they have missed certain aspects or that they have committed a logical fallacy the fists go up (attack the messenger kinda deal). That’s where words do hurt more than stick and stones, as people have invested their whole ego into these rationalisation patterns, casting themselves as righteous gives them piece of mind. I like Leary’s (et al. 1977) concept of ‘reality tunnel’ here, as it is a very visual metaphor of the dynamic that is going on:

    “The gene-pool politics which monitor power struggles among terrestrial humanity are transcended in this info-world, i.e. seen as static, artificial charades. One is neither coercively manipulated into another’s territorial reality nor forced to struggle against it with reciprocal game-playing (the usual soap opera dramatics). One simply elects, consciously, whether or not to share the other’s reality tunnel.” p. 93

    Leary, T., Wilson, R. A., & Koopman, G. A. (1977). Neuropolitics: the sociobiology of human metamorphosis. Culver City: Starseed Press.

    Johnathan Haidt makes a similar point at the end of the video from the discussion with Peterson, where he states that “tribal thinking” is the natural mode of thinking, not scientific thinking.


    It’s so easy to shit on other men, in fact that is what we are breed and born to do, to protect the poor womenz… The revolutionary thing I found, which bewilders other men, is when I consciously elect not to take part in bashing of other men and point out the moral culpability of women. It’s like someone swears in church, it’s amusing to watch and the more I do it the better I get.

    It’s one of the better screening mechanisms I found to screen for people that think for themselves instead of just aping stereotypes back at me that they have been conditioned into, saves me a lot of time conversing with other men. So #metoo has that upside…yay..

  44. Albert,

    You’ve said a lot worthwhile, don’t take this as cherry picking.

    IDK about the shitting on other guys thing. Yes it’s a competition, but there’s room for everybody and if anything men find their position in the hierarchy, move up as they merit.

    At least it works best that way.

    “The revolutionary thing I found, which bewilders other men, is when I consciously elect not to take part in bashing of other men and point out the moral culpability of women.”

    Funny thing this. I see it too and it’s a gossip bait. Pointing out women’s culpability, though true, reinforces a desire to gossip, your point of view doesn’t really matter, you got sucked into those stupid irrelevant convos, which exposes you. Why would these guys be bashing guys anyways? They’re committed BP. No use speaking truth to power there. It might backfire on you.

    Those conversations are about baiting you into exposing your heretic side. It’s part of the feminized culture. Danger.

    You’ve given nice commentary.

  45. Oscar
    “Bodily function”

    In all seriousness, have you ever gotten blood test to determine your T level? Recenlty?

  46. @EhIntellect “don’t take this as cherry picking.”

    No worries, I have a pretty thick skin. Quite frankly I enjoy being insulted by other men (FYI not implying that you have) they always get surprised when I turn around and repeat what they said back to them without the insults, qualifying what they said with additional information. The trick I have learned is to “listen” what they are actually saying instead of merely focusing on what they are saying. Here is a pretty good example of this:


    Look at this guy fighting for words to express his ideas. He quite clearly has a very limited vocabulary, is most likely not very bright and on top of that is surrounded by people whole tell him that its the ‘Muslim’s fault’. Now what most guys that shit on him forget, is that he’s a human being with problems, like me you and the rest of us. However, look what the reaction is of the people in the comment sections, here are a few examples:

    Gordon Irvine (3 months ago) “Take a sip of whisky every time Einstein here says “laaaaw””

    Devon Edwards (1 year ago) “They do know that high school education is free right?”

    Emoshy88 (2 years ago) “This is the best the White Nationalist Movement has to offer. Smh.”

    coolsvilleowner (3 years ago) “Idk how the reporter kept his composure. I woulda been on the floor laughing my head off.”

    If this is not shitting on other men I don’t know what is. However, what these “Enlightened” people with all their fancy words are forgetting is that also HIS viewpoints are obviously influenced by his limited vocabulary, he is still describing patterns within HIS experiential frame of reference. From HIS point of reference he actually has a point, because a Bank of England study looking at the results of immigration on wage depression found:

    “Our results also reveal that the biggest impact of immigration on wages is within the semi/unskilled services occupational group. We also investigate if there is any differential impact between immigration from the EU and non-EU, and find that there is no additional impact on aggregate UK wages as a result of migrants arriving specifically from EU countries. These findings accord well with intuition and anecdotal evidence, but have not been recorded previously in the empirical literature.”

    htt ps://ww w.bankofengland.co.uk/working-paper/2015/the-impact-of-immigration-on-occupational-wages-evidence-from-britain

    Translated to plain English this means, poor people get fucked as they have to compete with immigrants in low skilled sector. Meanwhile, middle class and upper class people are benefiting from it, as they have a bigger potential pool of employees to choose from, i.e. no net benefit in total. In relation to our friend from the video, he is most likely working within these types jobs and his earning capacity is decreased due to this competition (not to speak of the other social problems *cough* Rotherham). However, the people ridiculing him, due to them being educated, THEY are not in direct competition with the people that he is complaining about due to them having a higher education. As such, what he is saying is according to THEIR experiential framework merely an expression of “racism”, for how else could someone be motivated to say such “stupid” things?

    Now the problem is further compounded by ridiculing our friend, as this will not make his struggles to find himself a job any easier, in fact it will make it harder for him. As he is now on the national news making his face recognisable and associating himself with these “evil” EDL people and look “how stupid they are” now we can all point the fingers and feel good about our “non-racism”. So yeah, like i said, a lot of this anger and hate comes from a failure to communicate, which is compounded by people jerking themselves off how smart their are, by shitting on the poor. News flash, you can ridicule the poor all you like, it won’t change their problems and they will most likely not be grateful to for you doing it, surprise surprise. I could provide more examples of people talking past each other like that, but I think you get the point.

    In regard to your comment:

    “Funny thing this. I see it too and it’s a gossip bait. Pointing out women’s culpability, though true, reinforces a desire to gossip, your point of view doesn’t really matter, you got sucked into those stupid irrelevant convos, which exposes you. Why would these guys be bashing guys anyways?”

    While it is true that you can be baited, this type of “gossiping” can have a function. It is a way to connect to other men. I am sure we all remember someone who was the first individual that confronted us with red pill talking points. Now this maybe someone in person, a blog, a YouTube video or something. Regardless, what it was, we once were all plugged into the matrix and something made us ‘connect the dots’ and look for more answers than the BP paradigm.

    Within this male game, although different to ‘female game’ there are things that can be learned. With “male game” I mean here not to fuck other men, but how to talk to men in a way that they are honestly share their personal thoughts. Without all the bullshit filters they created to scare people off, e.g. making connection with another man. It doesn’t happen very often, but sometimes I get guys to reconsider some things. What is most interesting for me, in these moments I LEARN as well. Explaining myself and my thoughts to other men serves two psychological functions for myself. Firstly, what the fuck do I know? By constantly trying to articulate my ideas and converse with strangers I get to hone my communication skills and can potentially learn something. Secondly, and maybe more importantly, I make sure that I don’t end up becoming ideological attached to any of my talking points. These things are merely ideas, if an idea doesn’t turn out to be verified by my experiences, I simply let it go, re-adjust and re-configure, constantly updating my understanding. Life is to short to spend it in one spot:

    “Smart people learn from everything and everyone, average people from their experiences, stupid people already have all the answers.”
    — Socrates

    I know the danger of being baited quite well, however someone stretched out a hand to me in the past and he didn’t had to. IF he hand’t done that my life would have been completely different. I still would be the same old slob I used to be. I still would blame everyone else for my problems. Most of all, the thing that surprised me, I wouldn’t be able to have the empathy with men that I have. For example, without this understanding I wouldn’t be able to look my dad into his eyes whilst he is yelling at me when we are working together and think “i love you too dad.” (He is in constant pain due to him needing a hip replacement, yet he keeps working and is enabling me to earn some money until I get a new job).

    It surprises me every time, the amount of kindness I receive back when confronting “angry men” and actually acknowledging them instead of antagonising them. What takes them by surprise, is that they are being acknowledged. It’s a risky strategy and I do not recommend hugging the next drunken bum you see (that’s hippy dippy FI talk “lets all just be friends” BS) but acknowledging his humanity costs you nothing, if everything fails, it makes a cool story you can share with the next plate your banging 😛

    Anyway, thanks for the feedback, always appreciated!

  47. Now this is interesting: an article about what the pushback to automatic #metoo firings could look like. Using the successes of expelled men’s civil rights suits against colleges, employing many of the same arguments: it may be actionable if an at-will firing (usually uncontestable) is made for a discriminatory purpose, i.e., “protecting” an accuser by firing a man without explanation for purposes of favoring women over men.


    The example given is former Congressman Harold Ford, who is suing under Title VII (sex harassment, hostile work environment) over a #metoo firing for alleged harassment, with he claims was unexplained to him at the time. That he’s a black man helps: many of the YMY cases have black men as the targets (i.e., Jameis Winston).

    Not sure I totally buy this hypothesis but it is thoughtful enough for a raised eyebrow and a chinstroke whilst drawing on pipe tobacco…

  48. @theasdgamer

    haha wrong! I actually like lifting weights, I started this summer and I wish I had been told before about its benefits.

    I just don’t like to worry about betrayal, that’s all. Before finding this I suspected women could not be trusted, and now I know for sure.

    But you are in luck, very unstable years to come I reckon! 🙂

    @Anonymous Reader

    I have read about the dropping T levels and no, never took the test but intend to do so. I doubt it might be that. I am very hairy and can easily grow a beard. Going bald since early 20s. I get morning wood as well.

    What I meant with ‘bodily function’ is that I never believed in “making love” (or simply “love” for that matter) or expected a quasimagical experience like some dudes do. Also, zero desire for the rough sex that supposedly you have to deliver these days. I just want a warm body by my side and some touching.

    I guess that’s why paid sex satisfies me enough. I have tried practicising different positions while at it, they feel so silly… I just want the girl on top and enjoy the view. I find eating pussy disgusting.

    I know, I know… I was not meant for this era lol

  49. Test: High levels of testosterone is not always a good indicator.. if there’s a massive conversion to estrogen, of super high sbgh and low levels of ” free ” test.

    Oscar, you really need to have your levels checked and don’t go by being hairy. I have high T levels, and I’ve never been an overly hairy guy. Fuzzy yes, hairy no.

    Aromatase converting test to estrogen can be a real problem, especially as you get older – as this seems to naturally happen to a large number of males.

  50. Oscar,

    No amount of squats is going to help unless you get at your inhibitions. Exercise wont yell you your game still stinks.

    Until you admit parts of you are defective and swap out that shoddy mentality you’re just hanging out pretending to be better.

    You got a weird way of humility too. You seem to pat yourself on the back while spitting on others. I bet you don’t even realize that.

    Kudos on getting the irrational confidence down pat, though.

  51. ” What I meant with ‘bodily function’ is that I never believed in “making love” (or simply “love” for that matter) or expected a quasimagical experience like some dudes do. Also, zero desire for the rough sex that supposedly you have to deliver these days. I just want a warm body by my side and some touching. “

    Okay Oscar, bear with me because I have been fascinated by this stuff for decades.

    Rough sex isn’t anything that a man is supposed to have. Let me ask you this: Do you ever feel (a) passion? You ever get carried away with excitement about anything in particular?

    If you would indulge me just a little bit, please tell me a little bit about How you see women? What do you notice about them, and how do the things you notice effect you? What are you thinking when taking in a woman with your eyes?

    I will tell you this 100% honestly, my libido/sex drive hasn’t dropped or leveled off in 43 years ( I’m actually looking forward to a bit of a drop. Couldn’t hurt ). ” It’s ” always there with me and it never lessens. It has to be controlled, and it took years for me to understand how to do that. A warm body and some touching is very nice, but there’s so much more. And I always believed it was ” natural ” and embedded in all men.

    Yet I keep running into guys that are like ” meh ” about sex. I struggle to understand this, lol.

    Are you telling me that a warm body and touching is about as far as you like to go and that it’s satisfying? There’s nothing inside of you that drives you for other things? I mean, it’s like buying a cup of coffee because you like the smell, and not wanting to drink it.

  52. @oscar

    Get your health checked. Testosterone levels, Thyroid, and a food panel. They can be expensive, it will cost you a few hundred to get comprehensive tests, but its worth it to have a good idea of where you are at.

    Low T, Thyroid, and inflammation huge issues that people don’t really mention much, especially the thyroid. It causes a LOT of mystery illnesses. Make sure you test for EBV — its the mono virus that causes a lot of thyroid problems, and get your T4 and T3 tests as well.

    I just had my blood tests done and discovered I have a significant allergy to a common food item. It never occurred to me I had this problem until I got it tested — the things I assumed I had an allergy to either I am not allergic to at all, or only very slightly allergic.

    I never would have figured out this if I hadn’t had a blood test though — there was no obvious link between the particular food and having ill effects — it seems to take a while to take effect, and a while to go back to normal.

    So I am changing my diet a lot to cut out the food I am allergic to. I don’t think any of the things I discovered so far are the cause of my core fatigue problem, but I do think that the food allergy is causing some/all of the inflammation I have been having.

  53. yeah, as for what blax said, you have to test the T. I am pretty hairy and my T is as of right now is fairly low.

    Now what you have to look at is total T versus free T. Free T is what you can use. So you can have superhuman levels of total T, but if your free T is low, that means your body can’t use hardly any of the large levels of T you have so you functionally are low T, despite having a large amount of actual Testosterone.

    So get that tested.

    Until then, fatty meats, eggs, broccoli, and nuts are all great ways to increase T. Get good rest. And fasting may help as well — I think the energy spike I had a month ago may have been from when I fasted, so I am trying that out now to see if it happens again.

    Either way, point is most of these fatigue issues are not at all easy to diagnose and there is no obvious culprit. There are a nearly infinite number of illnesses that can cause low energy. So you have to get blood tests and work with a doctor to figure it out.

    Fatigue is, IMO, the main issue fucking over men today — not even the FI or video games or porn anything else people like to bring up — because if you have tons of energy and are extremely motivated you can overcome those. But if you are apathetic and can’t focus, well then there isn’t much you can do.

    Anyway, that’s just been my impression the more I’ve looked into my issues.

  54. Hank

    “I just had my blood tests done and discovered I have a significant allergy to a common food item”

    and that would be gluten, no?

  55. “Fatigue is, IMO, the main issue fucking over men today”

    And fatigue ties in with libido. If your libido is low, or at least lower than average, then that nixes a lot of the motivation you might feel to go into full Redpill self-improvement as this site advocates. Might as well just GYOW, steer clear of women and fap to porn when you have the energy then.

  56. Blax, libido is an interesting topic…mine is much different than yours. Always on, but more like a blue flame than a big wildfire. It’s no longer affected much by sight, but by touch. Not sure when that happened, lol. Even the broad I had a crush on I never really wanted to bang. There are a few I’d like to bang because they meet my specs…HB7+, single, sweet, neat, and discreet. Doesn’t mean I will any time soon, of course. Seeing them doesn’t cause me to stiffen up.

    Girls have danced close and tight and the needle didn’t move on the johnsonometer. One girl ran her finger down my asscrack and got a wooden response, lol. Then she moved to dance tight. Fuckin A, that bitch surprised me!

  57. “I know, I know… I was not meant for this era lol”

    WTF? Don’t flatter yourself.


    No amount of squats is going to help unless you get at your inhibitions. Exercise wont yell you your game still stinks.

    Until you admit parts of you are defective and swap out that shoddy mentality you’re just hanging out pretending to be better.

    You got a weird way of humility too. You seem to pat yourself on the back while spitting on others. I bet you don’t even realize that.

    Kudos on getting the irrational confidence down pat, though.

    Don’t flatter yourself. But also don’t self-denigrate yourself.

    That’s toxic shit.

    Also, the best way to not have lower testosterone and to have more potency is to not have significant stress. How to not have stress, you ask? Listen to OMG’s and take them at their word. And failing that, get a mentor that has excess energy. Otherwise known as charisma.

  58. @sentient

    Its not gluten — that was one I suspected.

    The main allergy is more unusual, so for obvious reasons I am not going to list it here. But no one I chatted with or in my family ever suspected it.

  59. @Hank

    Steven Grundy’s book ‘The Plant Paradox: The Hidden Dangers in “Healthy” Foods That Cause Disease and Weight Gain’ is one source for a non-inflammatory diet.

    Jordan Peterson talks about a similar dietary plan for his daughter and himself that aligns with that.

    The book is available at the library and in webtorrents.

    There a lot of Youtube videos of interviews with him and his philosophy about diet and avoiding inflammatory things and avoiding provocateurs of inflammation.

    He does do some hocus pocus with medical science, but some people have turned around their shitty lives with his dietary advice. (don’t believe everything he says to a T.)

    I told my mother about it. She has no medical problems at all. She told a girl friend and her girlfriend literally eliminated serious problems and lives a newer agony free life. My mother appreciates my advice and and she achieved goddess like status with her friend.

    This dietary inflammatory problem is just a part of your problem. It is not your salvation. You also have a toxic mindset. You should work on all of your weaknesses and eliminate them. But you also need to work on your masculine virtues. Don’t ooze toxicity. Girls see that miles away.

    Your heart wants something. Your brain and your health are cock-blocking it. Get those cock-blockers out of your way and it’s onward and upward. Lack of energy is no way to go through life, my friend.

  60. “But no one I chatted with or in my family ever suspected it.”

    Chatting and hoping is not an actual strategy in life.

    Being self-directed with a purpose and a mission actually is.

    You should try it. You should do that. Be self-directed and have a mission.

  61. @Oscar

    Sometimes you got to invite the bad-guys-in-your-psyche out to to play.

    Disciplined aggression. Self discipline is not Self suppression.

    Let your self out to play.

    If you just stop doing stupid things, that you know are stupid (and You Know, You Know…), your life improves a lot.

    In self improvement you want to be continually stepping away from your previous self.

    You want to be Order? Or do you want to be Chaos. Or do you want to be the process that mediates between the two. If you are the thing that mediates between the two, you are the process that transforms. Voluntarily confront chaos and transform.

    Or just be self righteous. Fuck self-righteousness if you are not in a good place. If you are in a good place it serves you. If not, it doesn’t.


  62. “The main allergy is more unusual, so for obvious reasons I am not going to list it here.”

    WTH? For obvious reasons?
    So are you allergic to the hash or to the brownie?

    Hank, I’ve been away from your misadventures for a while but gotta hit you with some tough like here.
    You come across to me as someone who has a certain level of addiction to his struggles.

  63. https://youtu.be/KPq3qDi0fJM

    “Fat Tomcat of a man, resting on a warm TV, whose main claim to virtue rests in its own harmlessness”

    That made me laugh, good synopsis of new Beta bucks strategy though. However, not so sure about blaming the ‘postmodernists’ part, that seems to be his favourite boogieman (i.e. his OTHER).

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