Dangerous Times – Part 3

In writing and editing this series for the last few weeks a lot has happened in the Future is Female movement. I’m not a big fan of awards shows for obvious reasons; they have all gone from being a celebration and acknowledgement of creativity and performance in entertainment to being little more than a stage upon which political and social protests are aired by pampered celebrities. However, the recent Golden Globes anti-male / anti-masculinity screed by Oprah Winfrey initiated the next step in what can only be described as socially accepted misandry. I have no doubt that the (now annual) Women’s March planned for January 20th will see this anti-male, female supremacism go far beyond what it did in 2017 and echo Oprah’s open hatred for men and an unapologetic call for the removal of men and the criminalization of any semblance of conventional masculinity.

The original intent of this series was to raise awareness of the dangerous inherent in our coming intersexual social relations. And in the time I’ve been considering this I had to finally take a birds eye view of where we’ve come from and where we’re likely to end up with regard to the social direction I see the sexes headed today. For the final installment of this series there are a couple of articles I’m going to reference that got me thinking recently. The first was an article on Quillette by William Buckner titled Romanticizing the Hunter Gatherer. I’m using this as a starting point today because I think this piece speaks to some common misperceptions of our evolutionary past as hunter gatherer, tribalist beings.

When it comes to evolutionary psychology (evo psych) and biology (evo bio) there is always a tendency to want to focus certain speculations on particular ideological bents. In fact, there is a current push to typify all science as being inspired by male-primary sexism and a motion to reform the sciences by requiring them to basically concur with what ever serves the Feminine Imperative’s most flattering interests. Another popular idea amongst egalitarian equalists is the speculation (really romanticization) of our hunter gatherer ancestors being natural egalitarian equalists themselves. Equalists love to presume that human beings’ natural state is one of collective cooperation and gender equality, but according to new studies there’s no evidence to support these ideas (emphasis mine):

But what about egalitarianism? In a 2004 study, Michael Gurven marshals an impressive amount of cross-cultural data and notes that hunters tend to keep more of their kill for themselves and their families than they share with others.12 While there is undeniably a great deal of sharing across hunter-gatherer societies, common notions of generalized equality are greatly overstated. Even in circumstances where hunters give away more of their meat than they end up receiving from others in return, good hunters tend to be accorded high status, and rewarded with more opportunities to reproduce everywhere the relationship has been studied.

[…] In the realm of reproductive success, hunter-gatherers are even more unequal than modern industrialized populations, exhibiting what is called “greater reproductive skew,” with males having significantly larger variance in reproductive success than females.15 Among the Ache of Paraguay, males have over 4 times the variance in reproductive success that females do, which is one of the highest ratios recorded. This means some males end up having lots of children with different women, while a significant number of males end up having none at all. This is reflected in the fact that polygynous marriage is practiced in the majority of hunter-gatherer societies for which there are data. Across these societies, the average age at marriage for females is only 13.8, while the average age at marriage for males is 20.7.16 Rather than defending what would be considered child marriage in contemporary Western societies, anthropologists often omit mentioning this information entirely.

Much of this article confirms a majority of what the Red Pill has been observing and considering for a long time now. The Pareto Principle being the highlight in this last part here; 20% of men reproducing with 80% of women. I’ll also draw your attention to the studies that suggest that only one man for every 17 women reproduced as little as 8,000 years ago (after the advent of agriculture). The Quillette article is a fascinating read, particularly from a Red Pill perspective, and I’d encourage you to read it. The operative point in this is that this research confirms that, despite the feel-good belief that human beings are naturally monogamous and naturally egalitarian, our hunter gatherer ancestors were largely polygamous.

The second article I’m going to reference is The Link Between Polygamy and War from the Economist last month. This is a very in-depth research that breaks down the connection between modern polygamous social orders and their tendency for political unrest and unstable societies. The Economist is a paywalled site, but again it’s well worth the read. This is a very thorough detailing of how men in these countries are systematically disqualified from reproduction in polygynous social and religious societies due to their lack of resources. Only wealthy men are permitted a wife (the only sanctioned way a man can have sex) and if a man can afford more it is a sign of his prestige that he can take as many as he has the resources for.

Men in South Sudan typically marry as often as their wealth — often measured in cattle — will allow. Perhaps 40 percent of marriages are polygamous. “In [our] culture, the more family you have, the more people respect you,” says William, a young IT specialist in search of his second wife. Few South Sudanese see the connection between these matrimonial customs and the country’s horrific civil war. If you ask them the reason for the violence, locals will blame tribalism, greedy politicians, weak institutions and perhaps the oil wealth which gives warlords something to fight over. All true, but not the whole story. Wherever it is widely practiced, polygamy (specifically polygyny, the taking of multiple wives) destabilizes society, largely because it is a form of inequality which creates an urgent distress in the hearts, and loins, of young men. If a rich man has a Lamborghini, that does not mean that a poor man has to walk, for the supply of cars is not fixed. By contrast, every time a rich man takes an extra wife, another poor man must remain single. If the richest and most powerful 10 percent of men have, say, four wives each, the bottom 30 percent of men cannot marry. Young men will take desperate measures to avoid this state.

The article goes on to link the unemployment of young men to their resorting to criminal (and often open war) means to take the wealth necessary for them to procure a wife. This then leads to violent and social unrest. When we look at militant Islamic organizations one of the first, and probably most convincing, rewards young fighters are offered is the guarantee of a wife – even if she is the spoils of war. Much of what prompted the Arab Spring uprisings has been attributed to the unemployment rates in these countries and the consequent result that those young men cannot ‘legitimately’ afford to marry or have a family. They literally have nothing to lose and a wife (sexual release) and a family to gain.

When one man can monopolize 20 wives and thereby force his rivals from the gene pool we have a similar condition to that of our hunter gatherer ancestors. Only in this instance polygamy (really polygyny) is a socially mandated, socially approved convention.

One persistent debate I read in the manosphere is the contention that human society, achievement, stability, etc. is the result of post-agrarian monogamy. Usually this debate crops up between the more traditionalist faction of the sphere and the more brutally pragmatic of Red Pill aware men. I understand the premise from the traditional perspective; there is every evidence that the conventional family structure has been the lynchpin of social progress. I agree with this assessment, but from an evolutionary perspective human beings are not innately monogamous. Our conventional monogamy and family structure, and the resulting progress is really in spite of ourselves. The evidence is there in our genomic records. Our success as a culture was due to controlling the feral aspects of both men and women’s natural sexual strategies via social conventions, religion and personal conviction. And the result of this control is a social contract that is based on monogamy.

That said, there is no denying that monogamous societies make for the most stable societies – or at least they have up to this point in history. Even the Economist article highlights this fact. Monogamy reduces reproductive stress on Beta men – or at least until recently. One reason we have Disney myths of soul mates so prevalent in the past generations is as social a social reinforcement for monogamy. The social convention of idealistic love being a mutually accepted concept between the sexes is also a social reinforcement for monogamy. These were conventions that held men in an idealized state of monogamy. Even the worst Beta still had a hope to reproduce if the mythology was such that “there’s someone for everyone.”

But again, all of this idealization of monogamy is really in spite of ourselves. Left to our own means and our unfettered sexual strategies men will be ruthlessly polygynous and women will resort to ruthless Hypergamy.

The New Polygamy Polyandry

You can probably see where I’m going with this now. Since the time of the Sexual Revolution (and unilaterally female-controlled hormonal birth control) we have seen a systematic degradation of this monogamous social order in favor of a female-primary social order. This social order is predicated on women’s complete control over the reproductive fate of society. Whereas before there were social checks and balances in conventional monogamy, these have been replaced with the unrestrained, unquestioned imperatives of women’s sexual strategy – Hypergamy. In just 5 short decades men have ceded any claim to not only our own sexual strategy and interests, but to any right to paternity.

When we look at how social trends have shifted with regard to women’s sexual selection process we can see the end game more clearly. We’ve gone from ’No Means No’ to ‘Yes Means Yes’ , to itemized permission documentation of every sex act, and now to “enthusiastic consent”. Women’s end game is not unlike our original state of polygamy in that only the most desirable Alpha men will be allowed breeding rights to women – with the social contract being all women are entitled to Alpha Fucks. Enthusiastic consent is a ‘thing’ because on some level of consciousness women loathe the idea of transactional sex with Beta men. And as women’s provisioning and security needs are already met by the state and men’s own direct or indirect resource transfer, there is no longer any desire for “sex they’re really not that into.”

If not for ubiquitous, free online porn and soft prostitution (Sugaring, Tinder, Seeking Arrangements) western culture might find itself in a similar situation to the polygamous countries described by the Economist.

I think it’s important for Red Pill aware men to consider that as women consolidate more and more power via social conventions that only apply to men (MeToo, Times Up, etc.) the end game is one of polyandry for women. This cartoon was a funny one because it accurately describes women’s sexual selection process, but it’s unfunny because it also belies women’s idealized state – one in which men are either draft animals or breeding stock. 

I had quite a few men ask me where I think we’re headed with regards to intersexual social dynamics and I would say that what I’m ultimately seeing is an erasure of conventional monogamy replaced with a Hypergamous polygamy in which women will have uncontested control over reproduction. I see a lot of similarities occurring with men who drop out of life, and either neglect or refuse to build their lives around supporting a family or entertaining a wife. The guys I talk to very much want to get married and have kids, but the downsides are so unimaginably dangerous for men it seems hopeless to them. The old monogamous social contracts no longer exist, but men are still being held responsible for not putting themselves on the line to take risks that only apply to them.

So, not unlike the young unemployed men in the Arab Spring, today’s drop out guy has very little hope for a monogamous future with a woman. But this hopeless circumstance is being instituted by western women, not a religious dogma. Un restrained Hypergamy leads us back to our feral, tribalist polygamy, simply because women have no use for Beta men. Sex with Betas is (or soon will be) considered rape and without porn or some other sexual sedation Betas would likely resort to violence to solve that problem.

What to Do

Anonymous Reader hit me with this comment:

Distilled to it’s essence this is how women in uncontested control of men and masculinity will view men: according to their basest Hypergamous needs and in the context of complete solipsistic self-interests.

Something more like an ant colony or beehive than a civilization of humans. A society of women owners, a handful of males allowed to breed and a whole lot of neutered workers.

I’ve used the Sadie Hawkins’ World analogy for some time now, but this is what the new order of Fempowerment has created for men and women going forward. As much as it goes against every evolved instinct for women, it will be women who must pursue and make the effort to initiate sex and intimacy with men. There will likely be some pushback from more traditional/conventional women who truly desire men to pursue them – nothing is more flattering for a woman’s ego – but the social environment will be such that the risk of personal destruction will become so high, and the juice not being worth the risk of the squeeze will be so low, that even the top tier men in the SMP will be incentivized to allow women to make the first move.

Essentially what MeToo, Enthusiastic Consent and Fempowerment is establishing is an even higher standard of what constitutes an ideal Alpha. It is a tightening of the market of sorts. Women are reluctant (and then resentful) to settle for a less-than the best Hypergamy with a suboptimal male as it is now, but add to this the condition that only the most ideal of Alphas represents the only legitimate sexual experience

Some Solutions:

  1. Play the Game better: Learn Game so thoroughly that you can use the corrupted system to your best advantage. The bar is set so low for men today that even marginal self-improvement, Red Pill awareness and Game savvy can set a man apart from the overwhelming majority of Beta, feminized symps. In essence men can make themselves into commodities women will compete for. There is a danger in this though; women who want to consolidate on the Alpha who wont commit open themselves up to false accusations in reprisal.
  2. MGTOW: As there are varying degrees of MGTOW I can’t say that the most isolationist of MGTOWs response is really a solution. Distilled down, MGTOW is an abdication of meta-Frame to women. However, not all MGTOWs are cut from the same cloth. Many will explain that MGTOW is just men not using women as a benchmark for their ego validation, and my response is, great, I think any Red Pill aware man ought to do the same. Taking womankind off the pedestal and replacing them with your own Mental Point of Origin is key in any man’s unplugging. That said, isolation may not be the best approach to dealing with the Future is Female crowd.
  3. Transactional sex: Reducing intersexual relations to Tinder hook ups, Sugar Baby/Daddy contractual agreements, or ‘Seeking Arrangements’ will preclude a transactional understanding and imply specific positive consent. This still has its dangerous though. Even a Tinder hook up can go bad for a guy if a woman still has regrets at a later date. However, at least from a social standpoint a woman seeking a sexual encounter can be thought of as being proceptive about the experience and not a victim of coercion.

I’d encourage more solutions in the comments. I’m sure a lot of this series seems overly reactionary or disheartening for men who are looking for a return to that stabilizing monogamy. There is an element in the manosphere today who are looking for their Red Pill Trad-Con woman who will police the worst of herself in order to return to the golden era of monogamy. I have my reservations about the real motives of the few women who subscribe to this story, but the issues isn’t about what they will do, but rather what they can do in a feminine-primary social order that allows them to renege on their convictions without consequence.

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  1. “Be thought provoking series. Women’s end game is not unlike our original state of polygamy in that only the most desirable Alpha men will be allowed breeding rights to women – with the social contract being all women are entitled to Alpha Fucks.” ~ Rollo

    Basically, to create this FI matriarchal dystopia; the female hive is a natural proponent of communism. What better system to force beta men to labor, pay fund female hypergamy, but become modern eunuchs? They have this guise of sexual puritanism, but that is for the masses. The elite women will pursue their hypergamy.degeneracy and we will truly have a society where less than 30% of men have all the women. But that dark future will not come in America, because we will likely see a Handmaiden Tale type outcome as the backlash spreads against these misandrists. Only with the help of men can they install their matriarchal dystopia.

    I think the misandrists and their auxiliaries have over-reached as they closed out 2017 castrating that sniveling and disgraceful class of men called ‘male feminists’. They are depending on an alliance with homosexuals and women to force their misandry on the male majority; who are the innovators and engine of society. Can’t be allowed to happen…even if it leads to violence to protect the Constitution and liberty of Americans.

  2. Your right in that the level of men that get to have sex is going to raise so that men are forces into more dominant roles or give up the right to have sex. I don’t see that much sexual frustration going on without there being some sort of large counter movement. The thing is that it will be a beta-run counter movement that may run the course of some type of slave revolution similar to how monogamy took hold in the first place and thus the cycle continues.

    The biggest difference between the old time and now is that “alpha” in terms of sexualy desirable, does not equate with powerful. The world is moving in the direction of tech and a new type of man is at the top of the dominance higherarchy. I feel that the power of the male dominance higherarchy is at very least, able to contest with the power of the sexual selection force of the feminine. In this way will the world be shaped into something new.

    Women are wired for something that is not necessarily applicable to the modern world. The men that learn the modern world will shape women.

  3. As I mentioned in part 2 of this series: build it and they will come. That is the solution to this current problem. Hold off from marriage and monogamy. Invest in yourself. Utilize the time you have. Improve your career, personal finances, health, and social skills. Be so good they can’t ignore you.

  4. I’ve had dozens of relationships including 2 wives. In my more than 50 years of life I have learned two undisputed facts about women.
    1. Whatever you give them, whatever you cede to them, it will never be enough. They will always want more. They will never be content.
    2. No vagina is laced with gold.

    I’ll take door number two Rollo and go my own way.

  5. Tech (#4) such as V.R., A.I. companions as featured in the movie “Her”, realistic dolls and eventually sexbots, the male pill, the artificial womb, etc., combined with a multifaceted counter-revolutionary anti-female is future movement (featuring 1-3) and perhaps a decline in Western living standards, is our future. MGTOW is indispensable. PUA is dead.

  6. Great reading. Reminded me what a shitty and dangerous world we live in; young men going to war because they don’t have access to resources or women. Gods.

    If my monogamous situation ever ends (and it certainly could, though it has been excellent) then I’ll be a red-pilled MGTOW warrior who occasionally fucks women just for fun.

    Even for a red pill man, the principles of MGTOW should be studied. It seems almost universal for red pill men to get the girl, relax, and then . . . they’re fucked.

  7. Solutions:
    a) all men leave the country for 1+ month, which would demonstrate womens complete dependency on men when everything stops working (which would be quickly forgotten on mens return)
    b) majority of men become red pill and leverage their power
    c) a masculine religion takes over and maintains control
    d) some other form of complete societal collapse in which meritocracy became immediately identifiable

  8. So a million women march from one end of the strip to another?
    So what?
    A couple thousand hell’s angels in DC a year ago probably prevented a coup simply because they _would_ do what is needed.
    Unless the state wants to hire 165 million armed thugs, it’s all just noise.

    [Last year as well as this year, the Women’s March was an international event. It wasn’t limited to DC, it was in every state and in various European contries]

  9. Here’s the take away:

    “Enthusiastic consent is a ‘thing’ because on some level of consciousness women loathe the idea of transactional sex with Beta men. And as women’s provisioning and security needs are already met by the state and men’s own direct or indirect resource transfer, there is no longer any desire for “sex they’re really not that into.””

    In the words of Zappa, that’s the crux of the biscuit.

  10. “itemized permission documentation of every sex act.”

    There will always be an “underground” of sorts that subverts social norms, laws and convention. But, it will be the alphas who get to reap the benefits. We all know women who will do the nasty if the opportunity is there, that will never go away. They sure as hell are not going to have car, hotel or bathroom hookups with betas.

    What we wish things were like, and what they are is again, two vastly different things.

    Rollo rarely offers solutions so obviously as to create a list. I’m a bit surprised at that. In the list of three, #1 is really the best and viable solution. Tinder hookups, affairs, paid sex and a host of other options aren’t options for the man that truly desires a family. I don’t want to come off as a downer, but there just aren’t other options out there. Self-improvement and becoming red pilled will only happen on a mass scale when men have been traumatized. In the future we sure as hell will see more and more of that.

    Men who can’t get sex, marriage or have children will eventually find solutions if they desire such things enough. The problem is many will continue to get shredded in the meat grinder. Its often pointless to try and predict what it will take for things to really turn around. Human evolution as it is, our society and many others will be ripped apart and go through massive trauma we cannot even imagine. All this reminds me of Dune.

    Solution #1 is already viable if a guy wants to figure it out. We’ve discussed and debated this. It was even referred to loosely by Blax in the comments today in the #2 blog post comments. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink it. The thirst has to reach such a point as a man is willing to zero out and loose everything in order to gain what he desires.

    I don’t see any top down solution, not going to happen. Right? Don’t we all agree on that?

  11. Almost all women tend to conflate their SMV with their MMV. Admittedly, most men tend to conflate their MMV with their SMV. The former think that because a guy wants to bang her, that the guy wants to marry her. The latter think that being a meal-ticket means she is banging him because she wants to, not out of some sense of compulsion.

    Do women really think that in a world where polygyny is legal, that the Christian Grays of the world will marry up his harem? Taken to the other extreme, do women think that beta-farming through polyandry will guarantee her provision?

    I think that we aren’t really headed towards the warlike circumstances Rollo mentions above. Alphas will continue to exist. Some Betas will tend towards Alpha; the great majority will give up, given that their desperation is easily sedated with various forms of soma. And they won’t just give up intersexually, but likely also economically and academically. Why try when you are guaranteed not to win anyway?

    I can’t see it lasting that the 20% of men hoarding 80% of women will be able to support them. Beta male tax revenues will continue to dry up as they are either forced out of jobs and educational opportunities, or choose to simply do with much less; childless, “career” women will have to make up the shortfall. I can’t see a system of bachelor taxes or forced labour for men; men will simply flee elsewhere or act in a manner of extreme malicious compliance.

    I can really only see one prescription for most men. Improve yourself (physically, mentally i.e. game, economically), have plates or practice acute, serial monogamy with maximum safety (i.e. never shacking up, and letting exes go in as gentle a manner as possible), work only to live and not live to work and pay taxes. And have the means to get the fuck out of Dodge with with little to no notice.

    Almost universally, even the most Blue Pilled men, resent “being taken advantage of”. When it hurts enough, they will find a way, some way, of ending it.

  12. Surprised you didn’t mention the James Damore lawsuit against Google, Rollo. The climate inside Google clearly embraced all the feminist progressive narrative. And the result is a toxic climate for men.

    One dogma replacing another, and the consequences thereof. But what is really interesting is the blowback. Civil wars, lawsuits, public reaction. Just today 100 actresses released a signed petition against #MeToo.

    It is almost as if overreach is inevitable for those in power in human cultures. And that often brings about their own destruction. Perhaps for men these days it is simply a matter of weathering the storm.

  13. The bee analogy reminds me of an interview from Nikola Tesla where he predicts the same thing, in 1926.

    “THERE are the vast, desexualized armies of workers whose sole aim and happiness in life is hard work”.

    In the “doom scenario” it would mean the state using its resources to provide for single mothers/women, effectively turning the state into a beta provider.

    And the worker bees of society will be feeding it via taxes.

    But I’m afraid at the point where the sexual pendulum needs to swing back to men’s favour again, we will either be too weak or too ignorant to challenge the status quo.

    Maybe it won’t ever get that far, and I’m being pessimistic. Who knows.

  14. @ Roused

    Good commentary.

    “I don’t see any top down solution, not going to happen. Right? Don’t we all agree on that?”


    The last day or two commentary was interesting and prescient in the DTs essay #2 in that regard (esp. the Vulture eagle shit, take his ball and go home and All. Fucking chicken and egg issue that is well defined in terms of Hypergamy 20,000 leagues ago, under Religion and Post Agrarianism, and Now for the last 50 years. Human nature, over-ruled Nature, and Open Hypergamy. What is and what ought to be.)

    I’m not sure if that concept is so obscure because Rollo says it all the time in his interviews and podcast interviews all the time for years. Maybe he should scream it into the darkness here. There is an endless litany of commenters in red pill venues that comment, comment and comment again on how there should be a top down solution rather than a bottoms up solution. The statement should be made over and over in regards to power and agency: Bottoms up Approach Gents! Over and over again. Stop thinking like girls and proceed with your purpose and mission. Watch the upcoming Jan. 20 shit show and decide: Top down teach those girls a lesson, or bottoms up teach yourself lessons on confidence and competence?

    As regards to Solution #1 which should be called Mode 1 ( H/t to Alan Roger Currie):

    That encapsulates a Truth Bomb.

    Play the Game better: Learn Game so thoroughly that you can use the corrupted system to your best advantage. The bar is set so low for men today that even marginal self-improvement, Red Pill awareness and Game savvy can set a man apart from the overwhelming majority of Beta, feminized symps. In essence men can make themselves into commodities women will compete for.

    You shouldn’t even enter the Red Pill zone if you don’t subscribe to that.

    At the risk of divulging to much in confidence talks I had today with someone who Roissey’ed up in 2007, I’m going to be vague and obtuse and use acronyms (or initials) in the following.

    It’s a HABD how’s that FI pressing on you, working for you moment.

    When push comes to shove, and a guy has been fucked over and comes back to life in Red Pill and executes the Mastery over Red Pill Awareness and Game, and then things come to him because he chooses among his choices and comes out with agency and things go well. He shouldn’t second guess what his dark side/shadow self chooses.

    An acquaintance of mine was discussing this tonight. He was apologetic for using Solution #1 in a Grand Manner. (Being successful at spinning plates and Gaming Successfully. And although he is older, details of his life must not be told to protect his privacy.)

    He’s doing it. The Crux of it is that he is self apologetic about it. I told him not to be. Did Walter White ever apologize for embracing his shadow self? No. Did Walter White profit from his Shadow Self? Yes and No. He had supreme agency, but was not recognized for it by people outside himself (Skylar and his son). But chalk that up to flaky non-red pilled Hollywood writers that didn’t redeem anti-heroes. (Go figure.)

    I had to explain to my semi-acquaintance that he was doing everything right. The same way as when we embrace our shadow self/ dark side and the girl benefits supremely, Everyone Benefits. No harm done. I’m not talking about Dark Triad Harm. I’m talking about benefiting girls.

    Every damn thing my semi-acquaintance has done has benefited the girls. The one SA chick even has recently did the If only it it Weren’t this arrangement, I could feel for you thing. Thing is she does Feel It.

    He’s doing everything right, is skilled in solution #1, has ultimate Charisma (free excess energy), Game Galore and doubts whether his heart is in the right place. Meanwhile all of his actions are from the heart of a seven year old (free and uninhibited) with the best Game ever. And he has doubts about his intentions. I told him a thing or two and it resonated.

    I hope I left the details vague. But the guy, without about a back story by sheer skill (mastery) and 3/4s confidence is hitting it out of the park in regards to this. He had to be reassured by me to keep to the script and everyone benefits in this situation (all of his girlfriends and him). So he should sleep good and have Goodnight Moon, seven year old boy dreams. Viva praxeologic solutions in a new paradigm.

    Have fun after doing the work. Please.

  15. “Maybe it won’t ever get that far, and I’m being pessimistic. Who knows.

    Yes you are being pessimistic. And we in the TRM community all know what is going on here. Why come (ref. Idiocracy movie..) you don’t know there is a knowledge base going on here?

    You shouldn’t look to a Gamma Incel like Tesla in order to know how to proceed with enlightened masculine self interest and necessary Game, FFS.

  16. All these women are chasing a few alphas, how do all the women compete with each other for these men except through being provocatively dressed and being promiscuous … What else are they have to offer? Can the female Borg hive withstand competition or will they be forced to share as a way to mitigate bad feelings that could disrupt a high? How can 30% of the men have sex with all of these women, as the ugly sisters are going to be left out. At some point it seems that women would also be clamoring for the security of monogamy.

  17. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=27&v=nMpVZpzwU08
    “but the social environment will be such that the risk of personal destruction will become so high, and the juice not being worth the risk of the squeeze will be so low, that even the top tier men in the SMP will be incentivized to allow women to make the first move.”
    “If you don’t find a way to protectthem of your own volition (which you should, without being taken advantage of)…they theyll do it for you” General P

    “And the same men who failed in their leadership will sit there and complain about women manipulating them” General P

  18. “Women are aroused by the character and behavior of men.”
    “but on the journey towards the prize (achieving the proper state of being).”
    ” the danger is that it allows you to reward yourself for existing in a state of being that is fundamentally unattractive to women.”

  19. Here’s the solution so many of you on this comments section will slap your gums at… or like a female tapping into solipsism, just ignore.

    You fight now or fight later when Ben Shapiro is president and co-signs castration for male rapists.

    Don’t hide on forums. Create material, create red pill alliances, put your ideas out there. Don’t hide behind Rollo. Playing it Tom Clancey isn’t a solution – its cowardice. Sorry to be so blunt.

    The alpha beta realised man is stronger than the alpha or the beta – you have to be smarter and wiser and see both sides of the puzzle. And to suppress the urge to hide (aka strategize to win individualistically like the typical male brain) and instead to rebuild civilization, which goes against your selfish gene non-hive male self-interests (“oh how women stop us men from being friends…”). Bullshit. You’re just self interested #warforresources

    You have to speak out. Now or later peeps. And it won’t feel comfortable. Don’t pussy out.

  20. Just boggles my mind… The more women seek to tear men apart the more men say “oh yeah well I’ll just go MGTOW – how’d you like that!!?” (Again, really its just male self-interest and warforresources…which is why btw the previous commenter’s male co-workers didn’t defend him against rape accusations).

    How about you think about young boys who have non role models and no hope…? Just in case you need some non-self-centred motivation to step into the fire like Stefan Molyneux, who’s the closest thing we have to red pill in the mainstream.

    Never know….you just might garner resources. #supplyanddemand

    Even Eminem made it.

  21. I used to be against Peterson for his comments. But he sussed this motivation when he belted out the line “pathetic weasels”.

    Weasels don’t win, not in this game. Time to go braveheart.

    Such an effeminate comment section. Talking heads everywhere. May as well say you want to watch as it all burns, like Adam watching Eve caress the snake.

  22. Oh I don’t know, I am a reactionary idiot by the looks of it, here is by two cents:

    1. Transhumanism.
    Changing the genetic and neural structure promoting a baseline hedonism (see The Hedonistic Imperitive by David Pearce) making us
    Naturally polygamous, egalitarian, and jealousy free, like Bonobos perhaps.
    Introduction egalitarian monogamy (eliminating hypergamy and polygamy).
    Autoerotocication. Removing the need to get a partner and fork romantic and sexual social bonds.
    a combination of the above

    Short of this, I am afraid we’d only have stop gap solutions
    Even if we reinstate tradcon ‘patriarchy’ we’d just be another feminist revolution or patriarchal big brotherhood away which brings us back to the current scenario.

    Whatever I am not a fan of tradcon either – I don’t want to pay for you, let the state introduce a level of Post Scarcity and then I’d think of it.

    It might serve some purpose, but it’s not fun knowing that if you can’t provide you’d be nexted.

    2. MGTOW. I all it’s varying tiers.

    3. Band. Banding together. Brotherhood to the sisterhood.
    Having a fucking army if necessary.
    The betas at the top would eventually come by our side.

  23. No need to worry chaps apparently according to comment 1 of part 2 it’s just another Shit test!
    All risk of the FI co-opting the legal system can be mitigated by learning to Dance!

    Who knew? Just dance, play with them and laugh. Unlimited risk free grab ass and fornication will ensue!
    Go forth an plunder unlimited risk free pussy you Alpha dancing monkeys!

  24. Just to add – going MGTOW is a stage in in. A stage to catch a breath on the ropes and put things together. To rebuild my island and detach from the teet of feminine approval.

    Each morning I breathe and meditate. Lower cortisol levels as high cortisol or dopamine are disastrous for men: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=NvX4X2e31Mo

    But I’m rebuilding not to regain feminine approval but to help young boys. Thinking just of yourself is a recipe for regret. Aiming to help – to push yourself to full capacity in this endeavour is rejuvenating.

  25. People conflate mgtow with mental point of origin which can diverge but aren’t always one in the same

  26. I’m channelling Jordan Peterson here when I say that the Death of God in the West precipitated the death of masculinity (or at least the death of respect for masculinity). Am I big enough to resurrect God and the positive masculinity he was supposed to represent (being alive is hard, take that on and do your very best to move things along ‘cos at the very least you won’t do much harm)? No I’m probably not up to that task.

    My constructive options then seem to be:

    1. Be the best man I can be: Strong, Purposeful, Resourceful and Compassionate. The nominally FI advocates will peel off, defect and dedicate themselves to that man.

    2. Leave Western women alone to crash and burn. My personal favourite alternative is East Asian women, but YMMV.

    Of course 1 and 2 are not mutually exclusive.

  27. The turd flinging monkey guys are just dopamine addicted. They’re smart, very smart, but useless. Cutting off guests to read incoming messages from audience members. Instead of programming red pill exchange networks for business networks among red pill men. People like Peterson because he has class – vision for a future. As blue/purple pill as he is. You have to help and step into the fire…unless you want to walk the Tantalus path.

  28. Gary’s comment is a misunderstanding. Asian women will become western. Why? Because, as Rollo mentioned, all women detest beta sex. Though they will accept beta love. We’ve been told a lie. It’s time to combine beta and alpha consciously and work with female nature sagaciously breather than throwing temper tantrums.

  29. “our hunter gatherer ancestors were largely polygamous”. My impression in such societies polygamy was usually limited to the headman, with only a few women each. Unlimited polygamy with the leader getting all the women would result in too much instability, like those fundamentalist Mormon cults. Young men need at least the hope they could get a wife at some point.

    But even such limited polygamy in a small society is going to substantially reduce the supply of young women (who will always be in short supply even in monogamous cultures). And rather than hold out for the vague hope of a wife when they are much older, many young men will resort to raiding other groups for wives, or at least for resources they can trade for wives (such as cattle). Such fighting over women was apparently the leading cause of warfare in early societies.

  30. Yes than means knowing that the woman you’re with is fundamentally tempted by the snake and solipsistically wired to default to the alpha (hint: BE THE ALPHA – and don’t give me a caricature. Learn game. Muscle up. Fashion up. Tattoo up. Mental point of origin up. Say no. Protect yourself legally. NDA like Christian Grey).

  31. Estrus and pluralism means when she’s in heat she will want to fuck the most available and permissible option around. MGTOWS often just can’t tolerate this reality. Evolution people. Again, yes that means knowing your woman better than she knows herself on her best day. It’s just how it is.

  32. Going MGTOW isn’t a solution. It’s a transit stop. If it takes 7 years, build your shit and be a shining beacon to the next generation of men. Share. Step into the fire. You’ll probably make unholy monetary gains just cos most red pill men are talking heads.

  33. @wwkkd. We can debate endlessly the specific attributes of Alpha/Be the Best Man, but we are talking basically about the same thing.

    My build on that point is that I am best served by adding to that mix a woman who is most susceptible to that proposition. And that is unlikely to be a Western Woman. East Asian women have been taught from birth to serve. That is a good complement to a man who has learned to lead.

  34. Thinking of yourself is the male version of female hypergamy. Civilization means men subvert this tendency to go wild cat and instead walk towards the fire and take on that Dumbledore, Gandalf archetype so that the next gen have a chance. Speak the fuck out Like Rollo is or stop bitching.

  35. Again, this serves you and boys. Boys will treat you like Elliot Hulse and pay up. Better you than RSD.

  36. When you create this wild cat cocoon the barbarians come in and women have an even easier time of manipulating them like black rappers. Biggie versus Tupac was men fighting over pussy. Civilization needs wise men. Bailing out is the path of Tantalus.

  37. It’s not the death of masculinity Gary. Masculinity IS manipulation by females. It’s the death of civilization aka men scared to speak the truth in public.

  38. Gentlemen,

    thank you for the RM | Red Pill. Discovering this is one of the most important events of my life.

    I hereby take the Hard Oath:

    1) I will create and establish a firm new Frame, boosted with the new understanding I have acquired. No matter what. Even if it means divorce. It is a Frame of solid values and purpose.

    2) I will protect and mentor my son properly, so that he is well equipped to face what is waiting for him when the time comes. I will immediately start to demonstrate, as smartly as I can, refined dominant behavior and Frame in his presence when dealing with my wife. He should see that his mother has a rock in a chaotic world that brings safety and peace of mind to the whole family.

  39. Look Roll is a BRILLIANT guy. Maybe the most brilliant writer that I know of, writing today.

    But the mistake he’s made is in building up the FI as something insurmountable as a movement.

    Men build civilizations when they speak out, form bonds and act together. It’s NOT in our natures. #warforresources But its crucial. #firstamendment

    Rollo needs to encourage that rather than private one man armies who have no ranks. Psychologically its like creating a monster in your mind and building it up. Even look at the Frankenstein cover image for this post.

    Yes the FI is real and yes it is unbelievably ubiquitous. But no the proper response isn’t to flee, hide or go it alone.

    The proper response is to ally. Which btw is what the Right is doing right now against the Left. It’s NOT in men’s natures but its crucial.

  40. Formation of new hierarchies in which women can enter. Either that or tell your son to get ready for sex dolls by the time he hits puberty.

  41. The Right tear down the left through humour and public discourse. This he-who-must-not-be-named act is a disaster. But its self- serving for wild cat men predilections (I’m a guy btw). This Rambo, Die Hard Male fantasy.

  42. Thumbs up for things like the 21 Convention.

    Thumbs DOWN for the guru aspect, where only the top dog men think and set up networks for themselves.

    The huge rest of the majority wait to join the conversation digitally – adding bravado comments on posts and YouTube videos… meanwhile terrified to step into the fire themselves. This process of hiding IS the end.

    Women fundamentally don’t think for themselves. They bend towards the strongest pole like chameleons.

    Once the fellowship collapses, the Ring of Power eats everything in its wake.

    Many strong men make a society. A few good men make a poetic narrative accompanying the fall as it happens. To be frank, I saw this when Rollo was interviewed by Mark Baxter. Mark echoed everything Rollo has written over the years while Rollo spoke over him.

    Baxter then proceeded to mutiny against Rollo.

    Strong men think for themselves and ally. This is Steve Crowder and Shapiro. NOT the Sorting Myself Out fan channel and Jordan Peterson: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5PvfWwKGh-Q (warning that interview with Andrew and Peterson is cringe-worthy).

  43. The environment on TRM blog site is incredible, but simultaneously filled with this Andrew Peterson fanship dynamic. Freud encouraging Jung to tow the line invisibly. Step the fuck out and speak out.

    Analyse your nightmares during the process and you’ll be fine. The huge FI disapproval you fear so much will end up like a rubber ducky landing in front of you. Cos women talk a REAL good game but that’s all they do (until the courts take note). But as long as you tread carefully you’re okay.

    Facing your fears makes you stronger.

    Public backlash makes you more valuable to your tribe.

    Hiding makes you fragile.

  44. You’re scared to speak out in public.

    The first stage to progress is admitting you have a problem.

    Hiding weakens you.

  45. Don’t be a Rollo fanboy.

    Take his wisdom then share your point of view.

    Do it in public.

    Failing to speak out is the same thing as failing to think or speak the truth. Your talking head abstract deconstructions of why hiding is best doesn’t change this. Do it for the boys, not for the girls.

    Think of the boys, not the children. Think of women as children who need to be trained into maturity. Create your island, then connect with other red pill islands. Create channels, trading routes, and train the next generation of boys like Spartan commanders.

  46. Do this or become Tantalus. Always needing your next hit of Rollo wisdom.

    Pick up your load. The war of ideas is now up for open contest.

  47. If the idea of speaking/acting out in public seems silly then you’re just not sharp enough (yet) to think of ways of utilizing your strengths in truly devious and effective ways (think trickster archetype). I’m not talking about MRAs. I’m talking about artists, mentors and business people. Alliances. Fellowships. And of course, never ally in any serious way with a blue pill man.

  48. Discard that cloth and step into the friggin fire with caution, using everything at your disposal to protect your flank. Step into the fire. Discard the cloth.

    Even if it’s something small initially, like mentoring a young man (which I don’t even think is a small thing at all). Else admit:

  49. This whole process ends in fire, barbarism and subjugation. Masculinity cannot be constrained for long.

  50. >That said, isolation may not be the best approach to dealing with the Future is Female crowd.

    That’s kinda the point: we don’t want to deal with them. We can avoid them, fall through the cracks, pay lip service if pressed (see law#38) and meanwhile enjoy our freedom undisturbed.

    You see, from our point of view, traditionalism isn’t much better than feminism. Both promote gynocentrism, male disposability & slavery etc.

  51. Funny enough boulder I’m editing my video series. But the point isn’t to wave around a flag. It’s to build alliances. To be very very devious. To compete like men are supposedly so renowned for. Which requires leadership skills #alpha

  52. Magyar you’re making the same mistake as Gary. Traditionalism was a lie because it didn’t account for estrus. The only way is the alpha/beta realised hybrid. Women don’t find betas arousing.

  53. Just being alpha leads to feudalism. Polygamy. War for resources that looks less like capitalism and more like The Walking Dead.

  54. Neither work well alone in terms of civilization. Build now while you have energy. Young men you mentor will support you when you reach old age. Go alone and you’ll spend your last few years in a room.

  55. You go alone because you think you’re on a team. When really you’re falling through the cracks into unbearable regret.

    There is no freedom in hiding.

  56. Half of these so called MGTOW brothers are addicted to pleasure and resentment. I can tell you now, you will regret wasting your energetic years on safety rather than disciplined warriorhood.

    I don’t see a MGTOW alliance. I see a lot of effeminate (passive) men cocooned in wild cat isolation.

  57. palmasailor: Here you go “please lead – save me from myself”

    I am uncomfortable with how much I identified with this song. It played well in my dysfunctional stripper game at the time, but here (Beta) Stabbing Westwards response …

  58. MGTOW = a transit stop to catch your breath, rebuild your island and detach from the teet of feminine approval.

  59. Part of detaching from the teet requires openly criticising the feminine. Bitches hate you until they love you. It’s why the Right is winning. They showed balls and women (children yet to mature) can’t help but admire the rebels.

  60. Palm maybe in a troll and I don’t realise it. But it doesn’t seem like you argued my ideas. Though ill take the ad hominem on the chin.

  61. And I’m not attacking Rollo. If this is a marketplace of ideas then maybe it’s not the end of the world to put out an idea or two that may not flatter TRM. If you note I’ve also praised Rollo as brilliant. And I’m a mgtow (for now).

  62. It seems to me that men are wired for isolation like women are for hypergamy. It’s not just that red pill men = rational and women = irrational. We’re both rational for our own purposes. But civilization doesn’t work when we give in to path of less resistance (once you’re RP not going mgtow feels unbearable imo)

  63. Though perhaps Palm is pointing out that he doesn’t recognize my name tag as part of his coterie (though I’ve been reading Rollo’s works for years).

  64. @wwkkd

    There’s no need to be alpha in Hungary, as you can always buy sex in the most honest way, i.e. prostitutes. You can easily find licensed ones who get regular checkups and even pay taxes after the fact… As of the rest of ‘being alpha’, you can lift if you want to, but not because of female validation but for myriad other reasons (health, feelgood hormones, as a hobby etc.) but sadly most PUA types depend on female validation only.

  65. That sounds fortunate Magyar.

    Though I think you’re still talking around me.

    Alpha alone is hedonistic in this society and destructive to the next generation coming up.

    Alpha and beta combined is satiating. It gives you a sense of meaning and purpose. With the benefit of helping out others.

  66. Hmmm,

    I see this only reversing when the whole, unsustainable system starts to fail, and when men, real men, are desperately needed.

    Bide your time, boys. Prepare the soil.

    And most of all, ignore the idiots and morons who are running the (TV) show right now.

    Plant the seeds among the upcoming generation: the kids in high school who are rejecting their parents’s SJW madness and creating a new worldview optimized to maximanlly antagonize their parents. (LOL libertarianism is the new counterculture.)

  67. copperfox3c
    January 10, 2018 at 9:02 pm
    Surprised you didn’t mention the James Damore lawsuit against Google, Rollo. The climate inside Google clearly embraced all the feminist progressive narrative. And the result is a toxic climate for men.

    Damore didn’t have a mentor to proof his memo or offer advice on how to present his material. Presentation is a huge part of getting the message across. Something as big as that needed better calculation and real world smarts, not book smarts. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Damore some day end up on TRM asking questions once he had gone through enough trauma.

    January 10, 2018 at 9:47 pm
    They can’t build sexbots fast enough. THAT is the solution. They figured that out the hardway 4 days ago at Bloomberg View.

    You might as well just jerk off. A sexbot is a toy, not a feminine woman with desires. Jerking off doesn’t cost you a dollar and you won’t have weird looks from the FedEx driver when he delivers you bot. LOL.

    If you are a man who has opened his heart to what you desire its not going to be a mechanical device to get your rocks off on. If you’re only interested in getting release then you haven’t grown up enough, or been with enough women to understand the true joys and pleasures of female company in bed. Erotic passion, sweat, stained sheets and hours of pleasure will never happen with a sexbot.


    Alpha is no insulation. It may get you sex and intimacy now but it won’t protect you from #Metoo rape in 5 years time when thats the only option for extracting resources from you that the hole between her legs failed to do.

    Right! There is NO 100% protection or guarantee. Men have to take risks else you will never make that ocean voyage to a new unchartered continent or circle the planet in a rocket designed and built by men. Fear will hold many back. Once you’ve lived on the edge and risked much and found success you will get what it means to embrace the unknown. One doesn’t need to go in blindly, there are plenty of mentors and solid red pill men out there to help.

    January 11, 2018 at 2:45 am
    Estrus and pluralism means when she’s in heat she will want to fuck the most available and permissible option around. MGTOWS often just can’t tolerate this reality. Evolution people. Again, yes that means knowing your woman better than she knows herself on her best day. It’s just how it is.

    Yes. Basic red pill knowledge that is out there. Hell, as much as a newb I was, and still am to some degree I had the estrus shit figured out by myself without reading a book or anything on TRM. Awareness. Observe. Lead.

    January 11, 2018 at 3:14 am

    Men build civilizations when they speak out, form bonds and act together. It’s NOT in our natures. #warforresources But its crucial. #firstamendment

    Men can band together in small tribes and accelerate their growth and skills. As SJF often writes, ask me how I know.

    It is not hard to share emails or Skype usernames in order to start communicating faster and better. TRM is a great forum, but its not built on a technical platform for the next step in the evolution of red pill advancement. That is not a knock on Rollo, there is only so much the man can do with his time and WordPress. But, if you don’t have strong enough desire, or are afraid to reach out to others in the real world it won’t happen. I’m seriously surprised more men are not reaching out and meeting up to discuss RP, their lives and share field reports. Face to face, or shoulder to shoulder is fucking amazing for faster and deeper digestion of the RP.

    Don’t be afraid to build rapport and trust with other men that are on the same page.

    What is everybody waiting for????


    January 11, 2018 at 6:04 am
    What the fuck is going on here???

    LMFAO! I say keep it coming.

  68. “This allows her frame to easily be taken by another man, since she’s not properly pair-bonded with her current mate. Once that happens, the normal emotional and psychological ties that keep her loyal to her man are easily broken, and fucking him over is only a natural next step in the slow-churning horror show that is divorce.”

    Rugby, good link brother, thanks for posting that.

    The last graph of the post:
    “Every person — kinky or vanilla — can take a lesson from this.”

    Don’t let the handcuffs scare you off, its a good read.

  69. Palma,

    I get it. BUT is it desire sex?

    Does the toy want to fuck you? Does it SUBMIT to you? Submission comes before sex, the best and deepest kind anyhow.

    Do you think Alphas will design and program these things? I highly doubt it. Beta geeks will create these based on their own life experience. The programming will be done as such to ignore their big bellies, sagging chests and small dicks. The guys doing the programming don’t have the field experience to know what it means to have a woman claw your back or bite your neck. Sure the bot can do those things, but it still….a…..toy.

    I like organic. Real sweat, real pussy juice and the true look of lust and desire in her eyes and breath.

    They will serve for release only. Again jerking off won’t cost you a dime.

    Not to mention, they aren’t going to make you any sammiches and serve them to you in bed afterwards while you’re pulling up ESPN to check the scores. 🙂

  70. Some stupid observations:

    1. I agree with Mgtow as a solution.
    Not perfect, but definitely a rational response and stance for modern day men.
    The power of solitude, creativity, inward focus and self-improvement should not be understated. Most men – the 80% – need it badly anyway.

    Current mgtows have to feel a certain degree of vindication now given the progression of events over the last few years: HeforShe, YesMeansYes, Jackie and UVa, I’mwithHER, MeToo, TimesUp, etc. and whatever comes next. They have all been giving us play-by-play and color analysis of this Crescendo of Misandry out there and how it’s only getting worse. The score is 45-0 and it’s only the 1st quarter.

    They’ve been more than correct.
    And now we’re effectively entering into Gynocentric McCarthyism territory with this TimesUp Legal Defense Fund stuff.

    My prediction: TimesUP allegations move quickly into corporate world middle management and via LinkedIn articles, then on to US Federal and State government mid-mgmt employees because government is where the policies and money are, proliferation of allegations among tenured academia, and then just more of the same Bill Cosbys II, III and IV to stoke the fires of fear and outrage nationwide.

    2. Even the most devoted, seasoned and polished of PUAs have a choice where to run their plays.
    Right now his choices are:
    a. the toxic waste dump that is the United States and Canada.
    b. anywhere else.
    My advice: Bon voyage.
    All women, no matter her cultural background, are hypergamous.
    But that blade of hypergamy slices differently in societies with a lot less abundance, security and less surety. A masculine man in the setting of such environments is rare, attractive and held in genuine esteem.

    3. Maybe I’m crazy but another response might be counter-intuitive. What if more men doubled-down on the macho? The public witchhunts and financial vigilantism of the feminazis is already clearing rooms full of fearful betas (and alphas too).
    And there is already a silent male backlash brewing to TimesUp and MeToo in the world of work. That backlash is mgtowesque in nature – a withdrawal and retreat.
    So what happens when you are the only hunk left standing there confident and unapologetic? Opportunity.

  71. Well, the quite obvious solution will be the male sexual revolution with the arrival of male birth control vasalgel. The research has struggled to get funding, but with the current crowd funding technologies, sooner or later we will have it. This does not eliminate the problem with the betas, but the alphas will be empowered to control their reproduction and thus avoid any unwanted resource expenditure.

    However, Rollo, I often question, why would you go against the mother nature and want males to reproduce at the same rate as women? This eliminates the selection of the best genes and degrades the whole population. I understand that the constant uprising of hordes of beta’s when they are unable to fulfil sexual needs isn’t good, but with the arrival of mainstream porn/sex dolls and soyboys, there will be no uprising. Hence, for as long as women reproduce with alphas, the nation and the west will be fine. Quite a long shot, but the only problem I see is that in the case of open wars, the soyboys would be less capable (though I’ve seen many beta’s on soy spending hours in the gym with the dream of vazhina, so maybe it is possible to have betas on soy trained for war as well).

    I very much appreciate your work and I have to admit I once was a beta, but to be quite honest, I think that it’s a natural filter. And now I don’t like betas as much as women do.

  72. Women et. al. fashioning a system where they do all the choosing…but from what pool of men, who’d swim in that?

    This figment, women are cultural commandments away from selecting their Alpha, is incredulous.

    They already have their Beta choiosing.

    All these polygynous cultures are predicated on Alpha domination.

    Western feminism and Alpha domination are incompatible.

    Either feminism declines or every man Alphas up in Sadie Hawkins world to satisfy the feminist enthusiastic consent narrative.

    Consent all you want ladies, this isn’t a unilateral transaction. Men have options too.

    Sadie Hawkins is still only one day around here in spite of the persistent go girl drumbeat. Girls might talk the talk, but no walk.

    Watch her actions.

  73. @ Palma
    Not quite getting laid like tile up here, but I do good within my demographic ( 30’s and early 40’s still attractive milfs who like big rugged “men”).

    I’ve recently lost my main plate as she’s moving to lanzarote to run a restaurant, she asked me to go with her but it didn’t stack up financially and I didn’t see her as a long term option so had to let her go!

    I’m actually in London tommorow to meet an Italian lady I met while working there during the summer , usually wouldn’t travel that far to see a girl but I have no work and the Italian angle is attractive to me as my son lives there (ex wife is Italiana) and this lady has family there (sorrento) and the funds to facilitate an Italian adventure if I chose to target her in that way ( bad of me I know ).

    I’m staying in Waterloo area where are you based? Would be up for a little drinky if logistics are doable!

    Agree with your take on sexbots as the technology matures I think they could be a game changer for beta males who could potentially leave the dating market en mass.

    I wonder if women will notice? I’m sure the top tier girls won’t but the average and below plain janes are going to have to up their game if they are going to snag their provider.

    Interesting and dangerous times indeed!

  74. @Rugby

    I’d like to see a remake of the Cadillac ad in which her tires are flat, she’s lost cell service and nobody’s around (except other women who completely ignore her plight).

    LOVE the Tool posts, btw.

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