Dangerous Times – Part 3

In writing and editing this series for the last few weeks a lot has happened in the Future is Female movement. I’m not a big fan of awards shows for obvious reasons; they have all gone from being a celebration and acknowledgement of creativity and performance in entertainment to being little more than a stage upon which political and social protests are aired by pampered celebrities. However, the recent Golden Globes anti-male / anti-masculinity screed by Oprah Winfrey initiated the next step in what can only be described as socially accepted misandry. I have no doubt that the (now annual) Women’s March planned for January 20th will see this anti-male, female supremacism go far beyond what it did in 2017 and echo Oprah’s open hatred for men and an unapologetic call for the removal of men and the criminalization of any semblance of conventional masculinity.

The original intent of this series was to raise awareness of the dangerous inherent in our coming intersexual social relations. And in the time I’ve been considering this I had to finally take a birds eye view of where we’ve come from and where we’re likely to end up with regard to the social direction I see the sexes headed today. For the final installment of this series there are a couple of articles I’m going to reference that got me thinking recently. The first was an article on Quillette by William Buckner titled Romanticizing the Hunter Gatherer. I’m using this as a starting point today because I think this piece speaks to some common misperceptions of our evolutionary past as hunter gatherer, tribalist beings.

When it comes to evolutionary psychology (evo psych) and biology (evo bio) there is always a tendency to want to focus certain speculations on particular ideological bents. In fact, there is a current push to typify all science as being inspired by male-primary sexism and a motion to reform the sciences by requiring them to basically concur with what ever serves the Feminine Imperative’s most flattering interests. Another popular idea amongst egalitarian equalists is the speculation (really romanticization) of our hunter gatherer ancestors being natural egalitarian equalists themselves. Equalists love to presume that human beings’ natural state is one of collective cooperation and gender equality, but according to new studies there’s no evidence to support these ideas (emphasis mine):

But what about egalitarianism? In a 2004 study, Michael Gurven marshals an impressive amount of cross-cultural data and notes that hunters tend to keep more of their kill for themselves and their families than they share with others.12 While there is undeniably a great deal of sharing across hunter-gatherer societies, common notions of generalized equality are greatly overstated. Even in circumstances where hunters give away more of their meat than they end up receiving from others in return, good hunters tend to be accorded high status, and rewarded with more opportunities to reproduce everywhere the relationship has been studied.

[…] In the realm of reproductive success, hunter-gatherers are even more unequal than modern industrialized populations, exhibiting what is called “greater reproductive skew,” with males having significantly larger variance in reproductive success than females.15 Among the Ache of Paraguay, males have over 4 times the variance in reproductive success that females do, which is one of the highest ratios recorded. This means some males end up having lots of children with different women, while a significant number of males end up having none at all. This is reflected in the fact that polygynous marriage is practiced in the majority of hunter-gatherer societies for which there are data. Across these societies, the average age at marriage for females is only 13.8, while the average age at marriage for males is 20.7.16 Rather than defending what would be considered child marriage in contemporary Western societies, anthropologists often omit mentioning this information entirely.

Much of this article confirms a majority of what the Red Pill has been observing and considering for a long time now. The Pareto Principle being the highlight in this last part here; 20% of men reproducing with 80% of women. I’ll also draw your attention to the studies that suggest that only one man for every 17 women reproduced as little as 8,000 years ago (after the advent of agriculture). The Quillette article is a fascinating read, particularly from a Red Pill perspective, and I’d encourage you to read it. The operative point in this is that this research confirms that, despite the feel-good belief that human beings are naturally monogamous and naturally egalitarian, our hunter gatherer ancestors were largely polygamous.

The second article I’m going to reference is The Link Between Polygamy and War from the Economist last month. This is a very in-depth research that breaks down the connection between modern polygamous social orders and their tendency for political unrest and unstable societies. The Economist is a paywalled site, but again it’s well worth the read. This is a very thorough detailing of how men in these countries are systematically disqualified from reproduction in polygynous social and religious societies due to their lack of resources. Only wealthy men are permitted a wife (the only sanctioned way a man can have sex) and if a man can afford more it is a sign of his prestige that he can take as many as he has the resources for.

Men in South Sudan typically marry as often as their wealth — often measured in cattle — will allow. Perhaps 40 percent of marriages are polygamous. “In [our] culture, the more family you have, the more people respect you,” says William, a young IT specialist in search of his second wife. Few South Sudanese see the connection between these matrimonial customs and the country’s horrific civil war. If you ask them the reason for the violence, locals will blame tribalism, greedy politicians, weak institutions and perhaps the oil wealth which gives warlords something to fight over. All true, but not the whole story. Wherever it is widely practiced, polygamy (specifically polygyny, the taking of multiple wives) destabilizes society, largely because it is a form of inequality which creates an urgent distress in the hearts, and loins, of young men. If a rich man has a Lamborghini, that does not mean that a poor man has to walk, for the supply of cars is not fixed. By contrast, every time a rich man takes an extra wife, another poor man must remain single. If the richest and most powerful 10 percent of men have, say, four wives each, the bottom 30 percent of men cannot marry. Young men will take desperate measures to avoid this state.

The article goes on to link the unemployment of young men to their resorting to criminal (and often open war) means to take the wealth necessary for them to procure a wife. This then leads to violent and social unrest. When we look at militant Islamic organizations one of the first, and probably most convincing, rewards young fighters are offered is the guarantee of a wife – even if she is the spoils of war. Much of what prompted the Arab Spring uprisings has been attributed to the unemployment rates in these countries and the consequent result that those young men cannot ‘legitimately’ afford to marry or have a family. They literally have nothing to lose and a wife (sexual release) and a family to gain.

When one man can monopolize 20 wives and thereby force his rivals from the gene pool we have a similar condition to that of our hunter gatherer ancestors. Only in this instance polygamy (really polygyny) is a socially mandated, socially approved convention.

One persistent debate I read in the manosphere is the contention that human society, achievement, stability, etc. is the result of post-agrarian monogamy. Usually this debate crops up between the more traditionalist faction of the sphere and the more brutally pragmatic of Red Pill aware men. I understand the premise from the traditional perspective; there is every evidence that the conventional family structure has been the lynchpin of social progress. I agree with this assessment, but from an evolutionary perspective human beings are not innately monogamous. Our conventional monogamy and family structure, and the resulting progress is really in spite of ourselves. The evidence is there in our genomic records. Our success as a culture was due to controlling the feral aspects of both men and women’s natural sexual strategies via social conventions, religion and personal conviction. And the result of this control is a social contract that is based on monogamy.

That said, there is no denying that monogamous societies make for the most stable societies – or at least they have up to this point in history. Even the Economist article highlights this fact. Monogamy reduces reproductive stress on Beta men – or at least until recently. One reason we have Disney myths of soul mates so prevalent in the past generations is as social a social reinforcement for monogamy. The social convention of idealistic love being a mutually accepted concept between the sexes is also a social reinforcement for monogamy. These were conventions that held men in an idealized state of monogamy. Even the worst Beta still had a hope to reproduce if the mythology was such that “there’s someone for everyone.”

But again, all of this idealization of monogamy is really in spite of ourselves. Left to our own means and our unfettered sexual strategies men will be ruthlessly polygynous and women will resort to ruthless Hypergamy.

The New Polygamy Polyandry

You can probably see where I’m going with this now. Since the time of the Sexual Revolution (and unilaterally female-controlled hormonal birth control) we have seen a systematic degradation of this monogamous social order in favor of a female-primary social order. This social order is predicated on women’s complete control over the reproductive fate of society. Whereas before there were social checks and balances in conventional monogamy, these have been replaced with the unrestrained, unquestioned imperatives of women’s sexual strategy – Hypergamy. In just 5 short decades men have ceded any claim to not only our own sexual strategy and interests, but to any right to paternity.

When we look at how social trends have shifted with regard to women’s sexual selection process we can see the end game more clearly. We’ve gone from ’No Means No’ to ‘Yes Means Yes’ , to itemized permission documentation of every sex act, and now to “enthusiastic consent”. Women’s end game is not unlike our original state of polygamy in that only the most desirable Alpha men will be allowed breeding rights to women – with the social contract being all women are entitled to Alpha Fucks. Enthusiastic consent is a ‘thing’ because on some level of consciousness women loathe the idea of transactional sex with Beta men. And as women’s provisioning and security needs are already met by the state and men’s own direct or indirect resource transfer, there is no longer any desire for “sex they’re really not that into.”

If not for ubiquitous, free online porn and soft prostitution (Sugaring, Tinder, Seeking Arrangements) western culture might find itself in a similar situation to the polygamous countries described by the Economist.

I think it’s important for Red Pill aware men to consider that as women consolidate more and more power via social conventions that only apply to men (MeToo, Times Up, etc.) the end game is one of polyandry for women. This cartoon was a funny one because it accurately describes women’s sexual selection process, but it’s unfunny because it also belies women’s idealized state – one in which men are either draft animals or breeding stock. 

I had quite a few men ask me where I think we’re headed with regards to intersexual social dynamics and I would say that what I’m ultimately seeing is an erasure of conventional monogamy replaced with a Hypergamous polygamy in which women will have uncontested control over reproduction. I see a lot of similarities occurring with men who drop out of life, and either neglect or refuse to build their lives around supporting a family or entertaining a wife. The guys I talk to very much want to get married and have kids, but the downsides are so unimaginably dangerous for men it seems hopeless to them. The old monogamous social contracts no longer exist, but men are still being held responsible for not putting themselves on the line to take risks that only apply to them.

So, not unlike the young unemployed men in the Arab Spring, today’s drop out guy has very little hope for a monogamous future with a woman. But this hopeless circumstance is being instituted by western women, not a religious dogma. Un restrained Hypergamy leads us back to our feral, tribalist polygamy, simply because women have no use for Beta men. Sex with Betas is (or soon will be) considered rape and without porn or some other sexual sedation Betas would likely resort to violence to solve that problem.

What to Do

Anonymous Reader hit me with this comment:

Distilled to it’s essence this is how women in uncontested control of men and masculinity will view men: according to their basest Hypergamous needs and in the context of complete solipsistic self-interests.

Something more like an ant colony or beehive than a civilization of humans. A society of women owners, a handful of males allowed to breed and a whole lot of neutered workers.

I’ve used the Sadie Hawkins’ World analogy for some time now, but this is what the new order of Fempowerment has created for men and women going forward. As much as it goes against every evolved instinct for women, it will be women who must pursue and make the effort to initiate sex and intimacy with men. There will likely be some pushback from more traditional/conventional women who truly desire men to pursue them – nothing is more flattering for a woman’s ego – but the social environment will be such that the risk of personal destruction will become so high, and the juice not being worth the risk of the squeeze will be so low, that even the top tier men in the SMP will be incentivized to allow women to make the first move.

Essentially what MeToo, Enthusiastic Consent and Fempowerment is establishing is an even higher standard of what constitutes an ideal Alpha. It is a tightening of the market of sorts. Women are reluctant (and then resentful) to settle for a less-than the best Hypergamy with a suboptimal male as it is now, but add to this the condition that only the most ideal of Alphas represents the only legitimate sexual experience

Some Solutions:

  1. Play the Game better: Learn Game so thoroughly that you can use the corrupted system to your best advantage. The bar is set so low for men today that even marginal self-improvement, Red Pill awareness and Game savvy can set a man apart from the overwhelming majority of Beta, feminized symps. In essence men can make themselves into commodities women will compete for. There is a danger in this though; women who want to consolidate on the Alpha who wont commit open themselves up to false accusations in reprisal.
  2. MGTOW: As there are varying degrees of MGTOW I can’t say that the most isolationist of MGTOWs response is really a solution. Distilled down, MGTOW is an abdication of meta-Frame to women. However, not all MGTOWs are cut from the same cloth. Many will explain that MGTOW is just men not using women as a benchmark for their ego validation, and my response is, great, I think any Red Pill aware man ought to do the same. Taking womankind off the pedestal and replacing them with your own Mental Point of Origin is key in any man’s unplugging. That said, isolation may not be the best approach to dealing with the Future is Female crowd.
  3. Transactional sex: Reducing intersexual relations to Tinder hook ups, Sugar Baby/Daddy contractual agreements, or ‘Seeking Arrangements’ will preclude a transactional understanding and imply specific positive consent. This still has its dangerous though. Even a Tinder hook up can go bad for a guy if a woman still has regrets at a later date. However, at least from a social standpoint a woman seeking a sexual encounter can be thought of as being proceptive about the experience and not a victim of coercion.

I’d encourage more solutions in the comments. I’m sure a lot of this series seems overly reactionary or disheartening for men who are looking for a return to that stabilizing monogamy. There is an element in the manosphere today who are looking for their Red Pill Trad-Con woman who will police the worst of herself in order to return to the golden era of monogamy. I have my reservations about the real motives of the few women who subscribe to this story, but the issues isn’t about what they will do, but rather what they can do in a feminine-primary social order that allows them to renege on their convictions without consequence.

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  1. @Rollo

    Agreed – the level of honest signals required to even entertain commitment (without immediately being cockerelled) is all-time high so I guess meta-alpha is a better concept than a beta/alpha balance. And so therefore telling betas to even think about retaining beta traits is unwise (shadow side time…)

    Perhaps if we’re gonna ‘control’ women by influencing their hypergamous radars (they seem to need to be controlled so they don’t tear everything down – including the future of little boys – and so that there’s a chance of actually building something rather than ONS) this requires being devious, non-apologetic and openly competitive, so that other men ally and women easily (subconsciously) fall into the frame (think of the openly worn Muslim neck-beard and attire/hijab… these guys don’t hide).

    Hiding is something I practiced in youth with disastrous effects and managed to turn around. (Maybe Machiavellian-ism is key. I’m just personally against avoidance, certainly due to my past, and especially as things probably won’t get easier in the long-run.) Also think of the impact that great artists have on a generation (this whole movement is named after a concept created by The Matrix screenwriters. I think being devious may have merit here, as invisible as it may seem).

    PS. Apologies for my earlier tunnel-visioned ‘hamster’ rant (hehe) – a little nervous about uploading this new series. Wasn’t worded productively, that’s for sure, though getting intelligent RP feedback was an expected outcome.

    — whoops posted this on Part 2 by mistake

  2. If anyone’s interested to debate…

    Do you think lots of independent ‘wild cat’ RP savvy men is a superior strategy to dealing with the FI? (Non-localized, not easily target-able Ender’s Game style).

    Or a strategy of open non-apologetic alliance? (Which seems to be what say, founding fathers of the US done).

    I’m thinking of the next generation of men, as well as the current, when I ask this question. Cheers.

  3. All these women are chasing a few alphas, how do all the women compete with each other for these men except through being provocatively dressed and being promiscuous … What else are they have to offer?

    The simple fact that sexual attraction alone isn’t enough to compete with other women has been self-evident for most women throughout history.

    In these days, however…

  4. New male birth control options are sorely needed. This alone would help the power imbalance greatly.

    Tools to capture and preserve female consent. Probably some kind of app or apps. The captured consent must survive a solid legal challenge, i.e. a false rape allegation, to truly prove it’s worth. We are becoming a post-privacy society, we may as well take whatever advantages can be had in becoming so.

    Marriage must be reformed or abandoned. Men must have options to protect their wealth and custody of their children. My only thoughts here are that men must fight. Primarily in the courts. Create custom contracts that endure legal challenge…beyond prenuptial agreements, something new. Fight or evade.

    Sex alternatives, sexbots, etc. Men developed appliances to do the work that women used to do. It’s time to take it to it’s natural conclusion. We can debate what we all think about the idea, but it’s is an option nonetheless. Also, quasi-prostitution scenarios.

    Red pill knowledge. If nothing else, men should know the truth so they can make informed decisions and stop white knighting.

  5. Wwkkd,

    “Perhaps if we’re gonna ‘control’ women by influencing their hypergamous radars (they seem to need to be controlled so they don’t tear everything down – including the future of little boys – and so that there’s a chance of actually building something rather than ONS) this requires being devious, non-apologetic and openly competitive, so that other men ally and women easily (subconsciously) fall into the frame (think of the openly worn Muslim neck-beard and attire/hijab… these guys don’t hide).”

    Control, devious, neck beard…

    All this compels her, unwillingly stuffs her into man’s frame. Not really falling don’t you think?

    “Or a strategy of open non-apologetic alliance? (Which seems to be what say, founding fathers of the US done).”

    Um…you’d have to fundamentally overturn present powerstructures, turn back the hands of time….or an EMP disaster might work

  6. @EhIntellect – replied to you in Part 2, here’s a copy —

    Thanks. Okay I like integrated. That’s the right word.

    A neck beard is like a tattoo – it’s openly masculine (women don’t grow beards) and a statement as it’s a Muslim (relatively patriarchal) grooming style. Talking about tattoos, that’s a devious move that can ‘control’ a woman’s hypergamous radar. Probably control is the wrong word – maybe direct is a better one. I think Entrepreneur’s in Cars is doing a good job of building non-trench warfare, cool open content, as is Molyneux.

    If you truly study a movie like Frozen (which directs young girls to tap into their arguable primordial capacity for solipsism) it seems pretty devious. But I think devious might be the wrong word too for the proper RP motivation. Propaganda is not the idea here – just excellent marketing that resonates at a truly enlightened frequency (such as that any game-savvy man will employ in his own appearance). One that cannot be denied as it’s so instant and subconscious, and that seems admirable (“I want in on that team!), which I’ll grant isn’t easy.

    It seems that Steven Crowder, Hodge Twins, Shapiro strong diverse alliances that don’t obsess about resentment is a decent strategy.

    It’s like “those guys seem pretty happy and fun – they might have some cool ideas”.

    Going Rambo seems like giving up on young men, who btw will have energy and which you can perhaps tap into once you get older.

    To add —

    Today the war is clearly online.

    But if you can get men to trade and ally this gives RP men a way to reach the top of the authority hierarchy because say, they’ll be able to enter a work environment where they don’t have to deal with female stormtroopers. Camile Paglie even noted that men and women have never worked together and now it seems the female nepotism game is pushing men into poverty.

    That’s just one example of how RP alliances flips the game on its head. Essentially, lots of smart RP men who form bonds with each other inevitably leads to trade (just think of the 21 Convention, which is a tiny fraction of what is possible). The alternative is to abandon young men to the whims of female entitlement.

  7. “. . . marketing that resonates at a truly enlightened frequency ”

    Would you like some quantum flux speaker cables with that?

  8. Oh just to add, I’ve been thinking more and more lately the reason why RP men don’t seek to trade nearly as often as you’d think, considering how women are monopolizing resources as quickly as humanly possible.

    I believe capitalist trade is against male nature.

    If the welfare hungry, immigration-encouraging, Roman woman is female nature, perhaps the hoarding dragon is male nature. (And I don’t mean that cynically, just objectively speaking).

  9. kfg – hehe I stole that difference between marketing and propaganda from Dr Robert Lustig (the “bitter truth about sugar” endocrinologist). Propaganda relies on lies to persuade; marketing on non dis-information. One is dopaminergic. The other serotinergic.

  10. Muslim beards, Amish beards…go along to get along, I guess.

    I always end up looking like Thor Heyerdahl after Kontiki. No thx.

  11. ” . . . difference between marketing and propaganda . . .”

    Marketing is a propagandist term of art.

    “I believe capitalist trade is against male nature.”

    If I have flint and you have steel we both freeze in the dark. I could raid you for your steel, but I might be the one who gets hurt. How about I trade you a pound of flint for a pound steel and we can get back to our border dispute after we’ve both warmed up. It’ll make a better epic poem that way.

  12. Muslims, Jewish men and early Christian males were commanded not to cut the hair on their faces. Hence beards. I’m too lazy to find the exact passages in the respective religious books though, but I read it 40 years ago. ( not in church btw ).

  13. The bible also says stuff about make up, and men laying down with men, and women laying with women, lol. That’s why I guffaw at modern ” Christian ” churches. I dig Jesus, not his fanboys.

  14. @kfg

    Disagree on your definition of art. True art is a real thing in my opinion, as a writer. And so is propaganda I believe.

    And any evolutionary psychologist will tell you blood-related male chimps wipe out non-related groups of male chimps. I have no idea how far this extends when it comes to men, but remember the West has a huge safety net of tradition and capitalism hasn’t been the norm for long.

  15. * definition of marketing. I’ve refused many copywriting jobs because of the lack of integrity of clients when it comes to truth.

  16. “I’m too lazy to find the exact passages in the respective religious books though . . .”

    Moses on the mountain. About 5 minutes of face time with God after the first 10. There are 600 and something of the things.

  17. Wwkkd,

    “Going Rambo seems like giving up on young men, who btw will have energy and which you can perhaps tap into once you get older.”

    I get your point, though you’re unnecessarily amplifying your adverbs. My offline policy is this for young charges: Before you get me involved ask three others for the answer. Online I’m laxer but round here, as in real life, force begets force.

    Guys must be taught to calibrate their behavior. The on/offline congruency helps when it matters most.

  18. “Disagree on your definition of art.”

    “Term of art” is a term of art for “jargon.” And just to make it explicitly clear, “marketing” is a term of art for . . . propaganda.

    ” . . . capitalism . . .”

    You keep using words . . .

  19. @EhIntellect

    I understand your point on amplified adverbs, yes I tend to speak in hyperbole or imagistically.

    I’m not sure exactly what you mean by potential mentees calibrating their behaviors on/offline.

    Though it seems earlier you’re saying you’ll take note of young charges who show determination/spirit/have a track record of self-reliance, like any success necessitates. If that’s what you meant – agreed. No free meals. Only pure, fair, non anti-male capitalism. And specifically, RP alliances.

  20. “I’m not sure exactly what you mean by potential mentees calibrating their behaviors on/offline.”

    TRM lures men by offering a systematic generally applicable approach to sex. Very attractive.

    Once men hang out they’re often baffled that the directest path to light has very little to do with the mechanics of the intersexual dynamic.

    Bait and switch, and guys get pissed. The mirror is reflected inward, they abhor what they see.

    Why explain it if you can watch it yourself? Acta non Verba and all.

    I’d prefer you to hang out, experience it. It happens within a day or two of every opening post.

  21. @kfg

    In my experience, marketing isn’t the same thing as propaganda (one is disinformation, the other an understanding of emotional/factual truth). I’m really speaking from the perspective of copywriting – I’m not sure if the terms fall together elsewhere. I’ve not personally seen them conflated. Though of course, marketing is a form of art.

    I’ll admit the capitalism theory is bare-thread in terms of how much I’ve researched it. Just spit-balling for feedback. I don’t mind criticism and usually seek it.


    All-around creative. Was going to go into medicine at one point, so pretty informed on science. Studied history. Spent many years as a loner – then done PUA shit and made friends. Learned about TRM and spent the last 2 years tying my experiences together.

    Would be interesting to hear about yourself too and you kfg – you all seem shrewd.

  22. “Would be interesting to hear about yourself too and you kfg – you all seem shrewd.”

    Fooled you, chump.

  23. @EhIntellect

    Got it. That last part about watching after every post I don’t quite understand. Are you saying you prefer to be a bystander as playing pundit to this stuff will add little to the outcome?

    As an artist I think art specifically has unbelievable impact on culture.

    I can’t imagine how any RP artist couldn’t see the value in relentless true art (not propaganda). It seems to me that this culture war is being fought through art (the religion of love, blue pill assumptions, etc).

    A RP response imo isn’t a trivial thing. It’s a colossal Disney-like effort to create zeitgeists – knowing that their works can move generations maybe even against that culture’s will (due to nailing human psychology – think Harry Potter or 50 Shades of Grey, as ludicrous as that sounds). But I can’t see any serious RP production companies or producers creating these products any time soon (though the RP movie was an interesting step).

  24. “In my experience, marketing isn’t the same thing as propaganda . . .”

    Primo: Why do elephants paint their toenails different colors?
    Secundo: I don’t know. Why?
    Primo: So they can hide in M&M packages. Have you ever seen an elephant hiding in an M&M package?
    Secundo: No.
    Primo: See how well they hide?

    “Would be interesting to hear about yourself . . .”

    The contextually relevant would be that my step-father decided that being an English professor was all well and good, but he liked to eat, so he went into advertising. He ended up running Special Promotions (“alternative” advertising) for the broadcasting branch of a Fortune 100 company. He had a knack for wagging the market’s dog, creating events that appeared to come from another source to associate his company’s image with.

  25. @kfg

    Great marketing = serotonin
    Propaganda = magic elephants
    Cynics of the former = vicarious writers and nihilists

  26. “And remember, women feel absolutely no conflict about either AF or BB sides of Hypergamy:


    Strangely, of all your posts, “The Myth of the ‘Good’ Guy” remains as having been the most epiphanal for me.

    There is no Alpha with a side of Beta… when are you guys going to get this through your thick skulls?

    “There is only the Man who improves his circumstance for his own benefit, and then, by association and merit, the benefit of those whom he loves and befriends.”

    Providing ‘relationship comfort’ to those who you deem worthy and giving them space to flourish from within *your* Frame can come from an Alpha mindset.

    Mindset –> Intent –> Behavior –> Action

  27. @wwkkd: “Propaganda = magic elephants”

    Use these two words in a sentence: “Protest” and “Discrimination.”

    Question: Have you ever written copy that might be classified as “Public Relations”?

  28. “Are you saying you prefer to be a bystander as playing pundit to this stuff will add little to the outcome?”

    Hell, no man. Comment like crazy. Remain congruent or not.

    Telling you about it is like porn vs fucking a meat human woman.

  29. @EhIntellect
    I’m sure many BP men on the edge of suicide before finding the RP will agree with you. That’s the spirit man.

  30. “There is no Alpha with a side of Beta… when are you guys going to get this through your thick skulls?”

    (Note the following link is a safe site but has a lot of cookies. If you want to click on it use incognito mode in your browser.)


    The difficulty is that, since most mindsets are unconscious and accessed so quickly, they can be difficult to recognize. Our brains move through the cognitive process in a split second: observing data, adding meaning, and choosing an action. When we’re thinking so quickly, we often don’t realize that our mindset doesn’t fit the situation, or that we’re acting on incomplete data. We tend to pay attention to things that reinforce what we believe.

    No matter where we went to school, we’re all graduates of “‘MSU,’ the University of Making Stuff Up.”

    Thick skulls indeed….

  31. “But I can’t see any serious RP production companies or producers creating these products any time soon…”

    I’ve not watched but I’d heard Breaking Bad is RP. Hollywood is withering. RP guys tend to read anyways.

  32. I’ve insisted since my first few sexual experiences that women make the decision. They are way more enthusiastic when they decide vs being wooed. . I started back in the 60s – so the social domination of women wasn’t so strong. It was not a decision based on culture. It was based on experience.

    Now all this does not mean giving up sending signals. The signals are the most important thing. Feynman explained how it works in one of his books. It starts with the mentality of she can be replaced. An abundance mentality.

  33. @Simon

    It starts with the mentality of she can be replaced. An abundance mentality.

    Did your first girl teach you that? Mother Gamer taught me to play the field, which gives you an abundance mentality & preselection. Not sure how the topic arose.

  34. If you seek enlightenment, find the toilet and drop a loogie. The relief will give you a dopamine rush, which is where the neurochemistry comes in. Then look down and enjoy your artistic endeavor.

  35. “I’m sure many BP men on the edge of suicide before finding the RP will agree with you. That’s the spirit man.”

    I’m slow. Explain.

  36. I think that more important than propagating RP wisdom covertly and discretely, is men unabashedly, openly, and assertively speaking their mind, with zero concern for people’s feelings. This is Alpha. I think the articulation should take the form of old-school chauvinism, not new-age RP logic. If some woman or group of people will call me a misogynist, I’d rather give it to them full force. It’s not about tearing them down or expressing bitterness, or even complaining about the way things are. It is simply speaking the truth, having a sense of humor, like calling zimbabwe a shithole.. yes, why yes, it is. One of the ‘current year’ buzzwords is ‘normalization’. How dare you normalize that behavior, that language.. you should be ashamed.

    Here’s the deal lady, my behavior has been normal for thousands of years.. it is your sensitivity to it that is abnormal.. get that through your head little lady. You should stop trying to normalize things that go against nature in your futile quest turn the world into your comfortable living room. One day, you and all women will need unashamed, confident, self-assured, unapologetic men like me around. The fact that you don’t realize that, is all the justification I need to ignore your complaints.

  37. The solution:
    Shame feminists and exhaust their energy.

    Put feminists into hamster wheel mode where they can’t fight their way out of a paper bag.

    People are feminists because it increases their in-group social status. Destroy their social status through effective in-group shaming and we win.

    Feminists are outspoken because it increases their in-group social status. Emotionally exhaust them and we win.

  38. “As an artist I think art specifically has unbelievable impact on culture.”


    IMO cart before horse.

    Lasting art reflects human nature and beauty. Beauty in that Venus is beautiful and mattress girl isn’t.

  39. “Here’s the deal lady,…”

    Hi Tuff,

    I guess, at an inconsequential hen clutch.

    The concept of “just getting it” discourages overt dog talk. How would you square those?

  40. “Destroy their social status through effective in-group shaming and we win.”

    YES. The Trump/Eminem in the 90s type of artist (rapper, singer, etc). Next level shit. That’s def a part of it. Re-frame virtue.

  41. Remember, there’s a distinct difference between unabashed alpha manliness, lol, and angry, I’ll informed shouting of ignorance without any regard.

    I support all men’s right to say whatever they want to say at any time, anyplace. Conversely, I don’t want to hear any complaints when words lead to consequences, physical or otherwise, from other men.

    You can’t remove consequence and actually believe angry misguided bullshit magically becomes unabashed truthiness.

    This is how women act. This is how weaker men become subjugated. This is how bullies of every stripe succeed. A man should never be accorded any manner of status for his ability to talk shit over his actual abilities.

    Talk. That shit is still cheap.

  42. You wanna know what’s alpha?

    Try forgetting about ingroup/outgroup status bullshit, and actually having strong, unshakable core BELIEFS that benefit you. Mental point and all that.

    Learn to stand on your own two feet as a man first and foremost, without societal crutches.

    Lol, I’m out!!!

  43. “Your bio omitted your age, city size, sexual history. It’ll give me perspective.”

    Plenty of guys share their history on this blog. Question for you (I won’t read your reply):

    What slithers?

  44. “I’ve not watched but I’d heard Breaking Bad is RP.”

    Sadly, it didn’t take Red Pill to a logical conclusion. Too bad, too. The anti-hero Walter White could have been a great vehicle for The Red Pill. (Beta Herb to a Badass in four short years)

    He embraced his dark side/shadow self in epic fashion. But he did it for two reasons: 1. To deny his own mortality from lung cancer. 2. To provide selflessly for his wife and children. And they didn’t appreciate his Alpha, nor realize he was doing it for them. His wife Skyler never ditched the contempt for him (Chemistry teacher provider salary and his former failure to capitalize on GrayMatter milllions) and he never garnered her admiration and respect with his new found Alpha. That made me sad.

    There actually was a lot red pill awareness stuff in it. It demonstrated red pill concepts. But there sadly wasn’t of take home message about the value of Game.

    Not really spoilers, but a few comments/quotes about the overarching themes.

    “Walter White, the man, is actually just a deeply flawed, egocentric, megalomaniac who under achieved his whole life. When he got a taste of success and power, he didn’t know how to handle the validation he had been seeking his whole life, and it destroyed him….”

    “…..Jesse Pinkman was a little bitch who dragged him down and destroyed his life, and everything he worked for.

    Walter White was a dude who became alpha. And he did it not because of his ego, but because he wanted to provide for his family. It was only his excessive loyalty to Jesse that made everything go wrong.”

    If anyone hasn’t watched Breaking Bad, keep in mind that during the first year it is rather bland compared to years 2-5. That’s because there was a writers strike in Hollywood during it’s first year production and the number of episodes were also truncated. Highly recommend watching it though because with red pill lenses it is quite dramatic and had a great story arc. (Walter White was an INTJ anti-hero and a menace to organized society).

  45. “They’ll use internet porn to sate their sexual desires.”

    the first dick i ever saw slide in and out of a vagina was my own

    first saw a picture of a pussy in 4th grade maybe. club international or something non playboy on the school bus. friends in super progressive households had playboy. maybe some centerfolds up on the wall if the mom was super lib. just bush and tits stuff.

    only video I saw was fake lesbian softcore kind of stuff. stolen/borrowed from friends parents. we were mostly interested in viewing the nude female body. more than cinemax but nothing, absolutely nothing like what it on the net today.

    i never viewed porn as a way to learn how to fuck. that i figured out with girls.

    watching tons and tons of hardcore pornographic fucking at age 9 or whatever is probably doing some damage to these kids.

    I don’t let their fiber optic delivered poison into my home

    and maybe it’s part of the dividing line between the older and younger mindsets. older guys had no choice but to figure it out. there was no fucking google. trial by fire only.

    “I’d encourage more solutions in the comments.”

    be realistic. accept what you are. don’t try and fit into a box you can’t, whether because of genetics or deep early social conditioning. some shit just isn’t going to change. figure out what that shit is, stop wasting energy on it, and focus all your energy on the shit that can change

    I can never be the protector type. I envy guys like adm mike rodgers. guys that will be that last line of defense. guys that will risk thier lives for others. the kind of guys that the hero legends are about.

    I’m a t filled ape meat puppet propogating the code in a vast, incomprehensible and indifferent universe. 2017 was my favorite year ever. 2018 is looking even better.

    women have never been, and never will be, dangerous. it only appears that way because their nonstop blathering has been partially weaponized against us for a brief moment. “sound and fury signifying nothing”

    a simple shit test, and a not very tough one to pass at that

  46. @Eh

    This isn’t really the approach I’d suggest for capturing the woman of your dreams.. just a ZFG attitude to take in generic social situations, or anytime you’re surrounded by a mix new age progressives (the lost), and some intelligent people (the one’s who will chuckle and enable your shenanigans). The goal is to get the feminist/commie/whinger to want to leave, while the group remains with you because you’re unapologetically real. The situation I find myself in as an older guy, is one where I’m surrounded by a bunch of young men and women… my sons, nephews and nieces, and their friends. Sometimes 25 or so at a time. This is an example of a perfect setting to display the old-school swagger. It’s refreshing to them, you can see it. Girls and guys alike. They excuse it cuz you’re the old guy, and on some level the truth of you sinks in with them.

    Personally, lately, I have found success with conservative/libertarian type women who support Trump, are traditional, and send affirming signals to me that they want me to just get it. They subtly and subconsciously send me signals that invite my dominance, even though their persona is that of a truly capable (strong) woman. It’s amazing how effective just a modicum of unpolished game can be with this type of woman. I do not discuss fight club, but these women know deep down that some of what I do and say (my frame) is to keep them happy despite their own propensities. You can tell by the reactions, when they restrain their desire to hit back, that they are willingly submitting. I happen to treat my lady like a lady, and I am very nice to her. But I make no apologies for the way I feel about the world around me. There’s a relationship-dissonance that comes with that. But that’s where your frame comes into play, and you simply don’t crack, you don’t waffle. I think you’re a wonderful woman and I would go the extra mile for you.. but fuck bitches, they’re crazy. You’d be surprised when she nods her head in agreement. But when you think about it, it makes sense.. she don’t like them hoes either. When she ponders whether to be a good girl for you, she’ll recall that that’s why you are with her, because she behaves herself and believes in traditional sex roles, as opposed to the hoes. If you push too far, and she takes offense to your disgust at the GoGrrrl.. then you’ve reached the moment of truth. Now is the time to test her, while she thinks she’s testing you. Now is the time to let her speak, and while she expects you to recant, or wiggle to try an regain favor with her because you were too chauvinistic… you’re response is to stare into her eyes with a handsome-confused look, and quietly say, “wow, I’m really sorry you feel that way. I guess I had the wrong impression. Well it’s cool it’s your life”.. “I have some shit I need to do..” see you around.

    It will take no time at all once you’re away, for her to realize she just tried to tell you that you aren’t good enough for her because you would not accept her acting like a modern hoe (like the rest). She will then say, wait a minute, I’m not like that at all, why am I sitting here telling him I am? wait a minute, did I just lose a great guy because I want to defend these feminist bitches who I can’t stand? The next thing you know, she will apologize to you (a rarity I’m sure you agree).. but she will.

    The girl who does, has passed the test. The girl who does not, was a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

    This post is not about PUA… it’s about slaying Pussified neo-fags and feminists.. and it’s about reconciling “tough guy mental attitude” with “good boyfriend” game when you’re with your girl.

    On a side note, again gentlemen.. choose well.

  47. “but the social environment will be such that the risk of personal destruction will become so high, and the juice not being worth the risk of the squeeze will be so low, that even the top tier men in the SMP will be incentivized to allow women to make the first move.”

    “rex don’t want to be fed. he wants to hunt”

    you can’t incentivize behavior that goes against an animal’s reason for existing. not long term anyways. even with all the cash and prizes available to the female, she simply will NOT stop searching for and fucking alpha

    rex will always get out of his enclosure and do what he does best, despite women’s half assed attempts to corral him into a smaller and smaller pen

    and women will always tempt rex to get beyond the fence so he can roam free and play. that’s why they put up the fence in the first place. so we can get over/around/through it.

    hypergamy is the most fun thing ever, but I see why so many seem to hate it. it means no rest.

    “time enough for rest in the grave”

  48. adding one more thing.. when you are saying fuck bitches, they crazy.. you should passively be putting out the signal that you know she has had her past moments of fitting into that box as well. You’re not naive.. She’s a good girl now, but you know better than to think she’s always been an angel. She has to know you feel that way about ALL women, but that you are making an exception for her at the moment (calling her your gf) because she is displaying class, and femininity, being honest and she has not given you one reason to doubt her affection (if she has, you should already be gone).. She get’s it.. you can convey these things with simple amused mastery.

    She wants to believe that she can live by her convictions, and she WILL, as long as you are on your game and your frame. If her convictions are good, and have a solid foundation (i.e. she was raised right), then she’s a winner.. at least for now.

  49. Peaky Blinders is completely red-pilled. But not set in today’s time, rather around 1909.
    Still, I’m surprised it got made in the spirit of those times and not watered down by today’s standards

  50. It is interesting to be the age I am, near 60, and watch it all play out. I came from a religious background and believed the blue pill reality deeply. I married and watched myself gradually become invisible, watched myself become undesirable, a clown a joke. I believed the hard work would mean respect and I don’t know, some level of reward. It was empty, I had nothing. It truly almost killed me. Somehow, somehow I found my way, and now look back with incredible regrets, but with considerable support from sites like this I know I can move on. And rebuilt my life, and the thing is NOW, I just don’t care. And NOW with that attitude women just come out of the woodwork for this person I have become.

    Anyway, I have many male friends still in their ‘blue pill’ world ‘worried’ about me, divorced, with this ‘anger’ and ‘bad’ attitude. I go out for a beer and honest to god I feel like I am out with a woman. Yes, they are symps. But my point is, I have a friend who works at a religious college, and he has been all over this #metoo movement, how wonderful it is, blah blah blah. And I am like its just women who have figured out cash and prizes when they realize they can’t get it through marriage. He looked at me like a committed a murder. He said, you don’t believe them? I said, thought problem – do you believe that every time some woman, an ex an angry girlfriend a crazy lonely woman a cat lady charges harassment it is 100% all of the time true. He said yes. I said well god bless you.

    Today I hear that some woman at his college has complained about him, harassment. He has to face review. He may lose his tenure, if not job. This is the thing, they don’t even give a shit about their water carriers. She shit on their white knights. These beta symps. What to do? Part of it is truly not giving a shit, NOT apologizing for sure. If you can’t walk away then you can’t stay. Men used to spend 80% of their time with each other, and somehow the mens spaces are important, that is part of the mental point of origin. I feel real bad for my friend, he’s at a mental break, can’t process what is happening at all. They are all around me and I feel like I am in a room full of balloons and my words are like pins these days. Men are just not ready to process what is happening to them.

    It can’t get worse – until it does.

    [Thanks for this ST. Glad you came out on top]

  51. glad you’re here, ST, you’ve likely much to contribute

    all the best to your friend, hopefully you can safely toss him a lifeline

  52. My symp men friends are just painful to watch them these days. They are some hurting souls. I don’t know what to do for them, I just don’t. This awareness is sort of an all at one time kind of feeling, it just opens like the clouds clear from your eyes. A true oh my god moment, but you cannot sit in front of your married, sympy friend and point it out. And these women, THESE are the men they go after. It is so sad to watch.

  53. @ST

    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: the “beta uprising” will be nothing more than betas doubling down on empathizing with women. Whether directly by supporting #metoo and increasingly tight laws they hope will crack down on alphas being alphas, or indirectly by sorting themselves voluntarily out of the dating pool and making the process of finding alpha even easier… they will simply double down on supporting women.

  54. Oh and the church has long been a cucked single mommy support system designed to crank out emasculated soy boy sons and more single mommies those sons are told to man up and wife up. Hearing about your friend at a religious college is absolutely no surprise; combined cucked religion with the ultra left modern college system… really what other result could one expect?

  55. @palmasailor

    you have no idea how well I understand. Given my history, and watching old friends I have know for 20, 30, 40 years. There is a process of actually letting go. Blue pill is like alcoholism, it destroys your life.

  56. “Today I hear that some woman at his college has complained about him, harassment. He has to face review. He may lose his tenure, if not job.”

    lol. good. this is the kind of fucker who would have had me thrown out for getting numbers in class. just like this fat ass motherfucker loser prof who gave a good summer internship to some moron skirt over me simply because of skirt. I hope he’s losing his fucking job too for trying to backdoor his way to pussy using his “authority”

    “Whether directly by supporting #metoo and increasingly tight laws they hope will crack down on alphas being alphas, or indirectly by sorting themselves voluntarily out of the dating pool and making the process of finding alpha even easier… they will simply double down on supporting women.”

    unbelievable. they deserve everything they got coming to them.

    the more I hear about beta fucks like this, the more I want to fuck their wives and ruin their lives, just like they tried to ruin mine over the last administration. 8 fucking years of this shit we put up with. never again.

    that’s the one thing that changed since I got pilled…. I don’t respect other men’s property anymore. not because I don’t respect other men, I just don’t respect these beta loser nice guys and I’m going to show them what I think of them and their sneaky beta ways

    I had no idea white guys just like me would cut their own balls off in a sick attempt to drain them

    pathetic. their shitty code should be wiped from the pool. looks like that process is well underway. I fully support it and am overjoyed at the guys who out themselves as my enemy every single day

  57. No way he did anything wrong, just no way. No way she is telling the truth, no way. I’ve known him for forty years, he’s a good guy. Great guy. It’s fascinating to watch guys turn on each other as well……over these women who want to destroy those who SUPPORT them.

  58. I’ve had a motto when it comes to monogamy.

    “Women aren’t against cheating. They’re against getting cheated ON.”

    If there is any doubt feral hypergamy is women’s natural state, just look at the notch count of philanderous prominent athletes or entertainers. As they represent the best genetic stock, it matters not to women that they are betrothed or married. Unlike the average good looking guy, women cannot claim “plausible deniability” as to the marital state of these men; the gossip rags and sites they frequent feature these men all the time. There’s even an app (“Baller Alert”) to inform women when these men are in town.

    The ones lucky enough to bed a careless one will never cry “MeToo” because to do so would undermine the long term provisioning they are now entitled to based on the progeny from the encounter. But what of the ones who just got their backsides blown and tossed aside? At their sexual best still, there is no regret, as they can still ride the carousel. But as their opportunities wither on the vine, their recourse is no longer just nostalgia-it’s to call “abuse of power” (think matt lauer’s paramour, or Leann Tweeden, no longer the digital object of desire she once was), rather than self-reflection on violating the marital convention. Whether the dick, or the resources, she will “get hers” above all else, and neither of these women “got theirs” long term.

    So we see Open Hypergamy being flaunted in front of betas, and now the other shoe has dropped; we, the Sisterhood, have a tool to bludgeon alphas and betas with, situationally; post-hoc revision of the acts undertaken based in proportion to the relative success or failure in the interim to optimize hypergamy.

    Oh my!

  59. “Oh and the church has long been a cucked single mommy support system designed to crank out emasculated soy boy sons and more single mommies those sons are told to man up and wife up.”

    It seems women will tend to bring their sons up to be nice beta guys who treat women like “princesses” and put them pedestals. They do want the best for their sons I think. Its just women tend to fool themselves into thinking they want nice beta guys.

    All the times they got pumped and dumped by bad boys? They got tricked. They were abused. They didn’t know what they were getting into, etc. There’s just no nice guys around, so they had to pick these bad men. All lies spun by their hamsters to preserve the illusion they are pure girls who just want nice, safe men.

  60. “I’ve known him for forty years, he’s a good guy. Great guy.”

    but you don’t know his game. or you don’t want to admit it’s beta/sneaky as fuck game

    “It’s fascinating to watch guys turn on each other as well……over these women who want to destroy those who SUPPORT them.”

    this is why they get no respect from anybody. they will sell out their friends for a piece of pussy. I kinda like that they slave away in cubicles and get abused by everybody. why?

    I used to think their bad attitude/anger was caused by the bad treatment they received from society becacuse society was “mean” and in the wrong

    now I know it’s their underlying betaness/willingness to do anything for pussy that makes society treat them like shit

    every single one of these beta guys would rule over me with complete brutality, if only they could

    what I used to see as a harmless window dressing, I now realize is a sleeping giant simply unable to awake

    if that giant could stand up, he would come for me in the night. that I cannot allow

  61. @fleezer

    My only restriction I place on who’s women I won’t fuck are men I regard as friends. To me, trust is the only difference between friends and acquaintances. As a matter of fact had one friend’s girlfriend try to hook up with me on New Year’s after he headed to bed. I’ve not discussed it with him yet (situation is complicated), but I will later this month. Other than that yeah I don’t give a fuck if they’ve got a man. Society does not have my back in commitment, giving me no incentive to care outside of my circle of friends.

    Unfortunately for myself as a recovering beta it’s been difficult to get a handle on old bad habits to consistently get laid, never mind find a woman worth bothering to have kids with. I’ve had a couple beg me for kids but they were absolute shit quality headcases. It’s a shame; I clearly have what it takes to be worth passing on, but nurture managed to fuck nature over pretty hard and I’m stuck playing catch up as a result. I suppose if I can manage to overcome it though it’ll be more evidence that what I’m passing on should survive.

    At any rate I don’t hate betas. I certainly don’t trust them, but I pity them. It’s not their fault they can’t see the truth anymore than it’s the fault of cavemen that they didn’t understand quantum mechanics. The truth is right there in front of you but you can’t see it without a lot of curiosity, help, and serendipity. I was late to the party but lucky. A lot of them weren’t and won’t be. I’m just glad I’m not them.

  62. If this female quest as Rollo is describing here is in fact the goal of the FI, then it is laughable at best. Women, being totally illogical, can’t even do the math. Most of them these days aren’t worth fucking let alone marrying and breeding with, so how in the hell can they expect that 100 goes into 20/30? There will always be the average women (80/90%) pairing up with the average (Beta) male (70/80%). Alpha/desirable men (20/30%) will just not breed with these average women. They can’t force us to, so the majority of undesirable average women will still have to settle for their male equals, the Beta symps.

    I also don’t believe that women have an end-goal result, as they are so illogical that they just are not wired to be able to achieve such societal engineering. It’s all just reactionary, victim clinging, deluded hateful feminist bullshit. We just have to weather the storm. I still flirt with whomever i wish to whenever, it’s just my natural default. It’s fun playing with women i have no interest in sexually. But i do this in a friendly manner, i’m not an arsehole about it. I do stand out as an eccentric artist type in my small local town when i come in to shop every week or 2, so i guess i’m a bit of a novelty for them. But i’m cheeky and they all love it. They are all starving for Alpha attention, so give them a few tingles then be on your way. Or just ignore them if they have a bad attitude. Just don’t let women set your mental point of origin which has been well discussed here.

    Have fun, gentlemen! Don’t live in fear. Always control the frame, laugh off all shit tests and just don’t take women seriously. As we used to say back in the day when i was growing up, “If they didn’t have cunts you’d throw rocks at them…”

  63. @palmasailor

    I’d wager it’s both. These were both women who clearly did see me as the alpha, pretty obvious in their behavior. Crawl over broken glass to get to me that sort of shit. They wanted the provisioning, absolutely. The kid coming from my genes clearly appealed to them too. Hell one begged to just have the kid and tried to convince me she didn’t want my support at all. May even have been telling the truth from what I could tell. Still wasn’t worth the risk, not to mention I have more respect than that for any kids I’d bring in to the world.

  64. @palmasailor
    “The ‘men’ you’re speaking of are facilitating all this shit and to a large extent responsible for it.”

    I don’t entirely agree. Plugged-in men cheer lead the FI like a fish does not know it swims in water and because beta-game is all they know.

    The men who truly facilitate the FI know exactly what they’re doing and they do so because it makes them fucking rich. Slavery is alive and well… it adjusts to the times by changing venue.

  65. “Women aren’t against cheating. They’re against getting cheated ON.”

    Married women hitting on me in my late 20’s and early 30’s saved me from getting married.

    I didn’t understand why women were so eager to cheat, but I knew I could easily find myself on the wrong side of the equation. (This was long before I found the Red Pill.) Thankfully, for me, an ounce of caution was worth a pound of cure. I never had to go through a divorce.

    Similarly, no matter how alpha you are, and how strong your game, an ounce of caution may save your ass. As much fun as a first night lay is, it may make more sense to take a little time to qualify a woman carefully before you act.

  66. “This is why alphas can get colossal sentences for misdemeanours ”

    and this is why all men should do everything they can on the front end to stay the fuck out of the courtroom

    another thing about growing up a bit outside the law; when you’re a kid whose got 20K is his backback going to a drug deal, you have no one to protect you but yourself. this builds self reliance because there is literally no one to call if something goes wrong. this means that making sure nothing goes wrong is something a guy thinks about before he sets the meet

    overreliance on the “system” has turned guys into pussies

    when my immigrant great grandparents got here, there was no one directing them to the welfare office or helping them assert their new “rights”. they fucking got to work because no one was there to catch them if they fell

    it’s like watching so called adults riding around on bikes with training wheels but thinking they’re winning the highly competitive tour. sad and really really funny

  67. “Thinking about this, they’d do the same to women.”

    the beta lock-down. “now that I’ve successfully wooed you, I shall lock us inside this cookie cutter mccastle and retire to my comfy recliner”

    my wife is like that 5’8″ girl upthread. 120 lbs. hot as fuck. the normal beta response would be to hide her away for my secret unlimited pleasure, which is exactly what drives them to cheat cheat cheat because they smell your fear of loss

    the one mate-guarding is the one with no power

    I circulate my hot piece out in the world. a lot. she looks fine as fuck when she goes out. she gets hit on non-stop. she is literally ripe for the picking by ANYONE who can outgame me. awalt.

    there is nothing more disgusting than the miser who buries his gold

  68. @ Palma

    “As recently as last night I was out at a meetup and most of the men were talking to each other and most of the women were alone or talking to each other nursing wine glasses twitching with frustration.”

    Says it all, really. Just play with them or ignore them, gentlemen. Down tools, maintain aloof frame, give them a taste of real equality (ever seen a woman try and dig a hole with a shovel?), openly mock feminism, and watch them eventually come running back ’cause that itch for good Alpha cock will never go away and can’t be scratched by flaccid Betas…

  69. “I had no idea white guys just like me would cut their own balls off in a sick attempt to drain them”

    lol ….never been suprised at white guys cutting off their balls lol

  70. @CSI

    We are talking about solutions.

    Polygamy really is a bad idea.

    You’re entitled to your opinion, but I have to ask: Got any facts to back that up?

    In societies which allow it, it tends to be restricted by tradition, but even restricted polygamy leads to a shortage of young women.

    You are wrong and evidently unaware that the historical accounts of polygyny in China and Japan, as well as the early (poly) Mormons in Utah all dispute your assertion. In all cases the birth rate of girls was significantly higher than boys, which I will demonstrate in a moment. I understand that your perspective is completely logical and rational, but the rule is:

    “Let Reason be silent when Experience gainsays it.”

    That’s another problem – men are considered eligible for marriage across most of their life, but its only young women who are really desirable as wives. You don’t see many of these polygamous patriarchs taking middle aged women as new brides. This exacerbates the problem.

    Recall Rollo’s famous SMV chart which shows women hitting their peak at age 22-23 and the men hitting their peak at age 38. There are perhaps a few younger men (extreme outliers) who could garner multiple wives in their late twenties or early thirties, but on average the ability of a man to garner multiple wives would not occur until they were solidly in their prime. That happens to be a key point, because that “prime” is very close to age 40 and time keeps moving.

    Modern research demonstrates that what you call a problem is actually the solution (read the article). As Rollo has pointed out before, socially imposed monogamy is a relatively recent development, coming along only within the last 1000 years. As to *why* older men tend to father girls far more often than boys, one might say it’s an evolutionary feature that balances out the removal of extra wives into polygyny by replacing them with excess daughters… or one might argue that it’s all part of God’s plan. Pick your poison. The point is the phenomena exists and perfectly fits the socio-sexual model of the SMP and MMP.

    When a man is older than 40, his likelihood of having a son drops to below 36%, down from the +50% earlier in his life, thus the older the man is past 40 the more likely he is to father daughters. With that in mind we can run the numbers. Let’s say we have 1000 successful middle-aged alphas and they each hit their peak around age 38 and by age 40 they’ve each taken my advice and grabbed a couple of 20yo hotties before they climbed on the carousel.

    For this model, we assume the successful alpha wants progeny and can afford to have them, so let’s look at the outcome for the man from the age of 40 to age 50, each of them with two young, fertile wives in their 20’s. The question is how many children are needed before the excess of daughters over sons accounts for the extra 1000 wives that are no longer available to marry other men.

    1 child each, 720 boys and 1280 girls, an excess of 560 girls over boys (SAFETY)
    1.8 children each, 1296 boys and 2304 girls. an excess of 1008 girls (BREAK EVEN)
    3.6 children each, 2592 boys and 4608 girls, an excess of 2016 girls (DOUBLE)
    5.3 children each, 3744 boys and 6784 girls, an excess of 3040 girls (TRIPLE)

    This matches the historical accounts of a great excess of girls being born in polygynous societies from both a biological and socio-sexual perspective. To put it a different way, the idea of a beta apocalypse is nothing more than wild fantasy driven by fear and envy. As to the likelihood of such men having large families, wives compete and their desire for children becomes part of that competition. Particularly if they are of the mindset that children are a blessing from God. I know plenty of monogamous mothers who married at around age 20-22 and cranked out 7-8 children before they were done.

    However, with just 2 children from each wife (4 in total) the number of excess girls born more than makes up for the extra wives taken off the market. This carries forward, completely eliminating the argument about not enough wives for other men. With 4 children from each wife the excess of girls born more than doubles the number of wives taken off the market and now we have a buyers market for the men when it comes to wives.

    Keep in mind that polygyny is not necessary for this to happen, all it takes is older fathers with young wives, which is the direction we are headed in right now as younger men avoid marriage and millennial women show a preference for marrying men 10-20 years older.

    Those who point to Africa and claim the chaos and mud huts are the result of polygyny need to explain why China and Japan had very successful polygynous societies without mud huts, chaos and abnormal amounts of feral behavior. Add the early Mormons in Utah to that list as well. Hint: the issue isn’t polygyny, it’s a 30-40 point IQ gap. Perhaps those societies with a sub-Saharan IQ level should avoid polygyny but that’s a different argument.

    “Polygamy does does lead to many problems in societies where sex and romance is restricted to marriage.”

    Please explain what problems are caused by rewarding superior men who are able to garner multiple women with the ability to do so within marriage, rather than as extramarital activity. Highly successful men tend to have superior intellect. Why should those men be restricted from maximizing the passage of those genes and inculcating their habits of success in their children?

    Better yet, please explain how this attitude is any different from the idea that highly successful individuals don’t deserve to profit financially from their abilities. The answer is that it isn’t.

    Keep in mind that I’m talking about a free market for marriage in which the women have to willingly choose to share their husband. Very few men have what it takes to make that happen. Does this objection to multiple wives boil down to envy? Perhaps it’s a fear of moving the goalposts within the SMP. The man who can wife up the HB9 hottie has a high status for doing so, but what about the man who can lock down a trio of 7’s? How would multiple wives reorder the SMP in terms of status for both men and women?

    I’m guessing that at least 3/4 of all men in the US could get themselves to the point that they were of such high value that they could achieve multiple wives if they were willing to do the work. The reason is the current bar is so low and “high value” is relative. Consider that over 70% of all Americans over the age of 20 are either overweight or obese. Any man who can spin plates has the potential to guide said plates into a poly relationship, it’s all about being of such high value that the women are willing to share him rather than lose him. Everything after that is details.

    Solutions? All I see at this point in terms of solutions is variations on a couple of themes:

    MGTOW: I’m not going to marry because the system isn’t fair, I’ll sit on the sidelines and spin plates.” The unfair system is predicated on monogamy and can be avoided almost completely with a polygynous marriage.

    Men need to Alpha Up and Learn Game! That’s a partial solution at best but it’s still playing within the paradigm of monogamy, which grants the woman a monopoly on her husband and gives her absolutely no incentive to do her job. However, I agree that men need to step up to the plate and ensure that they’re fit to rule no matter how they decide to play the game.

    Political Solutions: “There needs to be reform of marriage!” That won’t happen as long as women can vote and in addition it goes against the interests of the $50 Billion a year divorce industry. Why do you think the US never adopted the International Rights of the Child Convention? It’s because if that were adopted children could no longer be treated as chattel property in divorce proceedings.

    Banding together to make an impact and educate more men with Red Pill truth. That will not do anything in terms of solutions because the underlying issues will remain unchanged. Yes, it will help individual men better understand what they’re up against and what they can do to mitigate damage, but it doesn’t solve the problems.

    There are no political solutions, there are only individual solutions. Polygyny is the simplest solution that meets all the parameters of the problem and doesn’t require anything more than a high-value man with the balls to make it happen.

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