Dangerous Times – Part 3

In writing and editing this series for the last few weeks a lot has happened in the Future is Female movement. I’m not a big fan of awards shows for obvious reasons; they have all gone from being a celebration and acknowledgement of creativity and performance in entertainment to being little more than a stage upon which political and social protests are aired by pampered celebrities. However, the recent Golden Globes anti-male / anti-masculinity screed by Oprah Winfrey initiated the next step in what can only be described as socially accepted misandry. I have no doubt that the (now annual) Women’s March planned for January 20th will see this anti-male, female supremacism go far beyond what it did in 2017 and echo Oprah’s open hatred for men and an unapologetic call for the removal of men and the criminalization of any semblance of conventional masculinity.

The original intent of this series was to raise awareness of the dangerous inherent in our coming intersexual social relations. And in the time I’ve been considering this I had to finally take a birds eye view of where we’ve come from and where we’re likely to end up with regard to the social direction I see the sexes headed today. For the final installment of this series there are a couple of articles I’m going to reference that got me thinking recently. The first was an article on Quillette by William Buckner titled Romanticizing the Hunter Gatherer. I’m using this as a starting point today because I think this piece speaks to some common misperceptions of our evolutionary past as hunter gatherer, tribalist beings.

When it comes to evolutionary psychology (evo psych) and biology (evo bio) there is always a tendency to want to focus certain speculations on particular ideological bents. In fact, there is a current push to typify all science as being inspired by male-primary sexism and a motion to reform the sciences by requiring them to basically concur with what ever serves the Feminine Imperative’s most flattering interests. Another popular idea amongst egalitarian equalists is the speculation (really romanticization) of our hunter gatherer ancestors being natural egalitarian equalists themselves. Equalists love to presume that human beings’ natural state is one of collective cooperation and gender equality, but according to new studies there’s no evidence to support these ideas (emphasis mine):

But what about egalitarianism? In a 2004 study, Michael Gurven marshals an impressive amount of cross-cultural data and notes that hunters tend to keep more of their kill for themselves and their families than they share with others.12 While there is undeniably a great deal of sharing across hunter-gatherer societies, common notions of generalized equality are greatly overstated. Even in circumstances where hunters give away more of their meat than they end up receiving from others in return, good hunters tend to be accorded high status, and rewarded with more opportunities to reproduce everywhere the relationship has been studied.

[…] In the realm of reproductive success, hunter-gatherers are even more unequal than modern industrialized populations, exhibiting what is called “greater reproductive skew,” with males having significantly larger variance in reproductive success than females.15 Among the Ache of Paraguay, males have over 4 times the variance in reproductive success that females do, which is one of the highest ratios recorded. This means some males end up having lots of children with different women, while a significant number of males end up having none at all. This is reflected in the fact that polygynous marriage is practiced in the majority of hunter-gatherer societies for which there are data. Across these societies, the average age at marriage for females is only 13.8, while the average age at marriage for males is 20.7.16 Rather than defending what would be considered child marriage in contemporary Western societies, anthropologists often omit mentioning this information entirely.

Much of this article confirms a majority of what the Red Pill has been observing and considering for a long time now. The Pareto Principle being the highlight in this last part here; 20% of men reproducing with 80% of women. I’ll also draw your attention to the studies that suggest that only one man for every 17 women reproduced as little as 8,000 years ago (after the advent of agriculture). The Quillette article is a fascinating read, particularly from a Red Pill perspective, and I’d encourage you to read it. The operative point in this is that this research confirms that, despite the feel-good belief that human beings are naturally monogamous and naturally egalitarian, our hunter gatherer ancestors were largely polygamous.

The second article I’m going to reference is The Link Between Polygamy and War from the Economist last month. This is a very in-depth research that breaks down the connection between modern polygamous social orders and their tendency for political unrest and unstable societies. The Economist is a paywalled site, but again it’s well worth the read. This is a very thorough detailing of how men in these countries are systematically disqualified from reproduction in polygynous social and religious societies due to their lack of resources. Only wealthy men are permitted a wife (the only sanctioned way a man can have sex) and if a man can afford more it is a sign of his prestige that he can take as many as he has the resources for.

Men in South Sudan typically marry as often as their wealth — often measured in cattle — will allow. Perhaps 40 percent of marriages are polygamous. “In [our] culture, the more family you have, the more people respect you,” says William, a young IT specialist in search of his second wife. Few South Sudanese see the connection between these matrimonial customs and the country’s horrific civil war. If you ask them the reason for the violence, locals will blame tribalism, greedy politicians, weak institutions and perhaps the oil wealth which gives warlords something to fight over. All true, but not the whole story. Wherever it is widely practiced, polygamy (specifically polygyny, the taking of multiple wives) destabilizes society, largely because it is a form of inequality which creates an urgent distress in the hearts, and loins, of young men. If a rich man has a Lamborghini, that does not mean that a poor man has to walk, for the supply of cars is not fixed. By contrast, every time a rich man takes an extra wife, another poor man must remain single. If the richest and most powerful 10 percent of men have, say, four wives each, the bottom 30 percent of men cannot marry. Young men will take desperate measures to avoid this state.

The article goes on to link the unemployment of young men to their resorting to criminal (and often open war) means to take the wealth necessary for them to procure a wife. This then leads to violent and social unrest. When we look at militant Islamic organizations one of the first, and probably most convincing, rewards young fighters are offered is the guarantee of a wife – even if she is the spoils of war. Much of what prompted the Arab Spring uprisings has been attributed to the unemployment rates in these countries and the consequent result that those young men cannot ‘legitimately’ afford to marry or have a family. They literally have nothing to lose and a wife (sexual release) and a family to gain.

When one man can monopolize 20 wives and thereby force his rivals from the gene pool we have a similar condition to that of our hunter gatherer ancestors. Only in this instance polygamy (really polygyny) is a socially mandated, socially approved convention.

One persistent debate I read in the manosphere is the contention that human society, achievement, stability, etc. is the result of post-agrarian monogamy. Usually this debate crops up between the more traditionalist faction of the sphere and the more brutally pragmatic of Red Pill aware men. I understand the premise from the traditional perspective; there is every evidence that the conventional family structure has been the lynchpin of social progress. I agree with this assessment, but from an evolutionary perspective human beings are not innately monogamous. Our conventional monogamy and family structure, and the resulting progress is really in spite of ourselves. The evidence is there in our genomic records. Our success as a culture was due to controlling the feral aspects of both men and women’s natural sexual strategies via social conventions, religion and personal conviction. And the result of this control is a social contract that is based on monogamy.

That said, there is no denying that monogamous societies make for the most stable societies – or at least they have up to this point in history. Even the Economist article highlights this fact. Monogamy reduces reproductive stress on Beta men – or at least until recently. One reason we have Disney myths of soul mates so prevalent in the past generations is as social a social reinforcement for monogamy. The social convention of idealistic love being a mutually accepted concept between the sexes is also a social reinforcement for monogamy. These were conventions that held men in an idealized state of monogamy. Even the worst Beta still had a hope to reproduce if the mythology was such that “there’s someone for everyone.”

But again, all of this idealization of monogamy is really in spite of ourselves. Left to our own means and our unfettered sexual strategies men will be ruthlessly polygynous and women will resort to ruthless Hypergamy.

The New Polygamy Polyandry

You can probably see where I’m going with this now. Since the time of the Sexual Revolution (and unilaterally female-controlled hormonal birth control) we have seen a systematic degradation of this monogamous social order in favor of a female-primary social order. This social order is predicated on women’s complete control over the reproductive fate of society. Whereas before there were social checks and balances in conventional monogamy, these have been replaced with the unrestrained, unquestioned imperatives of women’s sexual strategy – Hypergamy. In just 5 short decades men have ceded any claim to not only our own sexual strategy and interests, but to any right to paternity.

When we look at how social trends have shifted with regard to women’s sexual selection process we can see the end game more clearly. We’ve gone from ’No Means No’ to ‘Yes Means Yes’ , to itemized permission documentation of every sex act, and now to “enthusiastic consent”. Women’s end game is not unlike our original state of polygamy in that only the most desirable Alpha men will be allowed breeding rights to women – with the social contract being all women are entitled to Alpha Fucks. Enthusiastic consent is a ‘thing’ because on some level of consciousness women loathe the idea of transactional sex with Beta men. And as women’s provisioning and security needs are already met by the state and men’s own direct or indirect resource transfer, there is no longer any desire for “sex they’re really not that into.”

If not for ubiquitous, free online porn and soft prostitution (Sugaring, Tinder, Seeking Arrangements) western culture might find itself in a similar situation to the polygamous countries described by the Economist.

I think it’s important for Red Pill aware men to consider that as women consolidate more and more power via social conventions that only apply to men (MeToo, Times Up, etc.) the end game is one of polyandry for women. This cartoon was a funny one because it accurately describes women’s sexual selection process, but it’s unfunny because it also belies women’s idealized state – one in which men are either draft animals or breeding stock. 

I had quite a few men ask me where I think we’re headed with regards to intersexual social dynamics and I would say that what I’m ultimately seeing is an erasure of conventional monogamy replaced with a Hypergamous polygamy in which women will have uncontested control over reproduction. I see a lot of similarities occurring with men who drop out of life, and either neglect or refuse to build their lives around supporting a family or entertaining a wife. The guys I talk to very much want to get married and have kids, but the downsides are so unimaginably dangerous for men it seems hopeless to them. The old monogamous social contracts no longer exist, but men are still being held responsible for not putting themselves on the line to take risks that only apply to them.

So, not unlike the young unemployed men in the Arab Spring, today’s drop out guy has very little hope for a monogamous future with a woman. But this hopeless circumstance is being instituted by western women, not a religious dogma. Un restrained Hypergamy leads us back to our feral, tribalist polygamy, simply because women have no use for Beta men. Sex with Betas is (or soon will be) considered rape and without porn or some other sexual sedation Betas would likely resort to violence to solve that problem.

What to Do

Anonymous Reader hit me with this comment:

Distilled to it’s essence this is how women in uncontested control of men and masculinity will view men: according to their basest Hypergamous needs and in the context of complete solipsistic self-interests.

Something more like an ant colony or beehive than a civilization of humans. A society of women owners, a handful of males allowed to breed and a whole lot of neutered workers.

I’ve used the Sadie Hawkins’ World analogy for some time now, but this is what the new order of Fempowerment has created for men and women going forward. As much as it goes against every evolved instinct for women, it will be women who must pursue and make the effort to initiate sex and intimacy with men. There will likely be some pushback from more traditional/conventional women who truly desire men to pursue them – nothing is more flattering for a woman’s ego – but the social environment will be such that the risk of personal destruction will become so high, and the juice not being worth the risk of the squeeze will be so low, that even the top tier men in the SMP will be incentivized to allow women to make the first move.

Essentially what MeToo, Enthusiastic Consent and Fempowerment is establishing is an even higher standard of what constitutes an ideal Alpha. It is a tightening of the market of sorts. Women are reluctant (and then resentful) to settle for a less-than the best Hypergamy with a suboptimal male as it is now, but add to this the condition that only the most ideal of Alphas represents the only legitimate sexual experience

Some Solutions:

  1. Play the Game better: Learn Game so thoroughly that you can use the corrupted system to your best advantage. The bar is set so low for men today that even marginal self-improvement, Red Pill awareness and Game savvy can set a man apart from the overwhelming majority of Beta, feminized symps. In essence men can make themselves into commodities women will compete for. There is a danger in this though; women who want to consolidate on the Alpha who wont commit open themselves up to false accusations in reprisal.
  2. MGTOW: As there are varying degrees of MGTOW I can’t say that the most isolationist of MGTOWs response is really a solution. Distilled down, MGTOW is an abdication of meta-Frame to women. However, not all MGTOWs are cut from the same cloth. Many will explain that MGTOW is just men not using women as a benchmark for their ego validation, and my response is, great, I think any Red Pill aware man ought to do the same. Taking womankind off the pedestal and replacing them with your own Mental Point of Origin is key in any man’s unplugging. That said, isolation may not be the best approach to dealing with the Future is Female crowd.
  3. Transactional sex: Reducing intersexual relations to Tinder hook ups, Sugar Baby/Daddy contractual agreements, or ‘Seeking Arrangements’ will preclude a transactional understanding and imply specific positive consent. This still has its dangerous though. Even a Tinder hook up can go bad for a guy if a woman still has regrets at a later date. However, at least from a social standpoint a woman seeking a sexual encounter can be thought of as being proceptive about the experience and not a victim of coercion.

I’d encourage more solutions in the comments. I’m sure a lot of this series seems overly reactionary or disheartening for men who are looking for a return to that stabilizing monogamy. There is an element in the manosphere today who are looking for their Red Pill Trad-Con woman who will police the worst of herself in order to return to the golden era of monogamy. I have my reservations about the real motives of the few women who subscribe to this story, but the issues isn’t about what they will do, but rather what they can do in a feminine-primary social order that allows them to renege on their convictions without consequence.


  1. @Palma Sailor:

    “Oreo cookies have the following ingredients: sugar, unbleached enriched flour, high oleic canola and palm oil, cocoa, high fructose corn syrup, leavening, cornstarch, salt, soy lecithin, vanillin and chocolate. A serving size of three cookies has 160 calories and 25 grams of carbohydrates.”

  2. @TSSF

    You could chuck a neg into that Facebook feed just for a laugh like :


    No punctuation and watch it blow. When I’ve seen it done the guy that did it ended up fucking the unicorn.

    I’d love to give it a go but don’t do Facebook.

    Have used it as an opener online and switched it to the lay..

  3. More on backlash…

    “This strikes me as a new development for the social-justice left: They now believe in suppressing free speech — even before they know its content! It also strikes me as ominous for journalism as a whole. When journalists themselves wage campaigns to suppress the writing of other journalists, and intend to destroy a magazine for not toeing their ideological line, you can see how free speech truly is on the line. ”


  4. The entertainment clean-out is in full swing here in Oz, but Craig McLachlan really does sound like a piece of shit who gives all men a bad name…


  5. @ Palma

    It is very tempting, there is so much to work with, but i’m just gonna keep my head down on toxic social media. It’s just so funny to observe. The woman who can’t believe she gets no male attention is such a hag. It’s hilarious. What they see when they look int he mirror is beyond me? They really have drank the Kool Aid, and reality is just too much for them to even contemplate. As you have sown, so you are reaping, ladies…

    Maybe i should send it to Bill Burr…

  6. Another observation…with women now in “alpha” mode throwing themselves at guys due to the overall fear factor…having game has become all the more important.

    I’ve dialed it down recently and now my game has become tighter. I’m finding girls who are quite normal around betas are just ready to explode when even a slight amount of game is applied.

    I was at a party yesterday…HB8 28 is leaving the city to take a job in another city. I start teasing her…suggesting that I’m devastated….She starts playing along…

    Me; “With you gone what ill I do?

    Her: “So many other girls”

    Me: True…but always room for one more so that when you come back i’ll pretend nothing happened…

    She’s laughing saying “I’ll put you in my luggage…”

    It goes on from there. The thing that surprised me was that this is a girl who is normally subdued around the other “Boys”.

    I think you’re going to see a wave of sexually frustrated women ready to throw themselves at guys whom they deem “get it”.

    [Women in their Epiphany Phase will approach throwing themselves at guys with an increasing sense of urgency too]

  7. @ Palma

    Yes, i’m also amazed how unhealthy & often fat, vegans are. I can understand being vego, i did try it myself years ago at the height of my radical lefty phase (probs just for credit with the grrrls), but found myself sneaking in to the kitchen and gorging on Gran’s roasts when no-one was looking. Ha! But vegans are seriously very lost in ideology, just like feminists…

    I’ve learned a lot since those days and reflecting back now, it all seems so comical. But it is easy to get swept up in when you’re younger if you don’t have the right frame, for sure…

  8. @walawala

    I read somewhere that 50% of women have never been hit on in real life.

    They’ve all had addled gibberish online, but someone in their face with solid eye contact engaging?

    You’re the exception.

  9. I see a fundamental flaw with the solutions. They’re fine as a reaction to the feminist imperative, but they’re not going to correct society’s path.
    Acquiring alpha traits and enjoying the decline plays right into hypergamy’s goal of breeding with the best male specimens, so, in this way, TRP is doing the work of turning unfuckable males into “Real Men”, only without the marriage mentality. The thing is, marriage is desirable for men for more than sex. More on that below.
    MGTOW is the flip of the coin of the aforementioned strategy. Those men who can’t or won’t become better male specimens, checking out of the breeding pool willingly… despite how crass it may seem, it’s still fueling and enabling the feminist imperative. Even more so if they keep working on their own power and status, because then they become beta providers through taxes.
    These objections have been well documented before by others better than me, and I believe it’s common knowledge here.
    The third strategy is better but incomplete IMHO. Transactional sex is very similar to monogamy, except it’s overt rather than covert. I believe there’s a fourth and fifth options.
    Men who are able and willing to get enough alpha traits to be highly desirable to women, should do it and enjoy sex with as many partners as possible, but, at the same time, actively look for their unicorn. I know what you’re thinking, unicorns are a state not an absolute and AWALT, but hear me out. In this scenario, and as is currently happening, less and less women are able to climb off the CC and find a good man to marry them and keep them fed in their old age. Being a married woman, specially to a highly desirable male, will be a source of status for women. The catch is she must be rp aware, you must vet like crazy, protect your assets, and stablish an open relationship on the male side only, and keep plates, to keep having a true abundance mentality. The woman to marry must be deeply grateful and fearful of losing the man, so as to keep her on her toes.
    The fifth solution is for men who can’t or won’t acquire alpha traits, and it’s a modified MGTOW of sorts. It’s loosely inspired in TFM’s joke of him being a “masculine presenting female to male transgender lesbian”. The solution is, for men looking for a relationship of companionship and deep trust, to stablish it with another man, and then get “gay married” to profit from the benefits of the institution, while remaining platonic companions. This would allow for a family unit to raise children (had by adoption or getting a surrogate mother to birth the child, and artificial wombs when they become a reality), share household and assets, and have a solid partner for old age. The sexual part could be resolved by a number of options, like direct transactional sex, some plates (if possible), sexbots (when available), etc.
    New generations of women need to get trained as they used to be, not to be doormats but to be good wives. That is the way forward for society

  10. @TSSF

    I’m not actually vegan .. ordered a non vegan dish which gave me social herpes..

    Claimed I was on my ‘journey’ lol..

  11. Tupak Shakur was Alpha badboy personified. Pity he got cowardly taken out at only 25. But he sure did pack a whole lot into his brief life, and the bitchez loved him. Watch for free here. Great film with inspired acting. Don’t join, just keep hitting play button until it (or any other film you want to watch) loads, and close the advertising tabs that automatically open…


  12. @Palmsailor

    BE the exception.

    I’m still cautious. But having the ability to even strike a conversation with a random woman is a huge step for me now.

    Girls are shut down and closed off: ear buds…locked into their phone…tied to their online platforms for validation.

    A guy comes up and negs them…it’s powerful.

    But it also requires a lot of personal discipline: staying in shape…having a life and interesting hobbies or projects…

    I think this who mgtow is a taking the easy way out with the flawed belief that isolating yourself is suddenly going to make your
    Life less troublesome or more trouble free.

    It doesn’t. I’ve been struggling with these questions and I realize I want to be part of the world and interact with women. But game and the Red Pill have given me a foundation for assessing and analysing and acting I’m a way that will make my life more interesting but also drama lite .

  13. “But it also requires a lot of personal discipline: staying in shape…having a life and interesting hobbies or projects…

    No it doesn’t. It helps though ( well in some cases it makes things harder)

  14. Re GTR’s assertion that Donald Trump has an IQ of 140.

    You have to be damn near retarded if you observe trump and still come to that conclusion.

    I mean what the actual fuck is WRONG with you man?

    If Trump’s IQ is anywhere near 140, then I must be the smartest fuxking man alive as even I know geometrically more than our President.

    Really guys, come on. You cannot be fuxking serious.

    Shit like this is why I can’t put any stock in pronouncements concerning IQ and intelligence. It’s a circle jerk if you actually believe bullshit like that.

    If I believed in shame I’d have to say ” shame on you “.

    Someone please put up the definition of IQ. Evidently it’s not well understood or even recognized.


    Goodnight gents.

  15. What about red-pill famous man, or some men with social clout helping spread The Rational Male books? encouraging other men to be real men without attacking women? just an idea….

  16. @aaronrrc

    “Famous man”. Wtf.

    Read more and comment less…until you understand what this is all about…your comment is borderline trolling.

  17. “Shit like this is why I can’t put any stock in pronouncements concerning IQ and intelligence. It’s a circle jerk if you actually believe bullshit like that.”

    IQ equilabrates with intelligence Blax. Intelligence does not equillibrate with wisdom. That is self evident and I heard of that second hand from Jordan Peterson.

    Wisdom exudes from the old guys, when they don’t need to spout intelligence at all. You can’t bullshit wisdom.

    Trump is a bullshitter by nature(and influencer). That’s who he is and what he does. He wants to sell you something whether you want to be sold what he is selling or not. Get used to that. Or use your energy to fight what he is offering.

    But don’t mistake intelligence for wisdom.

    You have both.

    Many former commenters haven’t parlayed them.

  18. The entertainment clean-out is in full swing here in Oz, but Craig McLachlan really does sound like a piece of shit who gives all men a bad name…

    He’s guilty of being an immature jackass. But does his bad taste pranking really justify terminating his career, complete indefinite public disgrace and pulling all his old TV shows off air? Was anybody really harmed by his foolishness? There’s no sense of proportion here. A man convicted of a serious crime is subjected to the same level of condemnation as a man accused of being a jackass (like Al Franken or McLachlan).

  19. @aaronrrc

    Look at what happened to Matt Damon’s clumsy attempt..

    Imagine what would happen to him if he’d pushed it..

    I’m still wondering if we’re ever going to see a Kevin Spacey movie aired again. I wonder what all these channels are going to do for content when they can’t show any repeats and entire series can’t be shown.

  20. @CSI

    I don’t know much about Craig McLaughlin but a brief google is is quite informative.

    Frankly you’ve got to be a certain type of jackass to get up there on Rocky Horror and dance around like a ponced up tart. That’s what the audience want. Remove that and the audience disappear together with their money.

    Just look at what happened to Top Gear in the UK. Chronic success because it was an unapologetic man space and for an hour a week most men in the country could escape by watching it.

    Clarkson is an unapologetic bloke who punched someone (probably to zero out his contract with the SJW BBC) but remove him and it flopped.

  21. @SJF

    Great analysis of Breaking Bad! I’d have to watch it again, cause I’ve seen it before my RP days. The problem is many of my favourite shows are kinda ruined when I watch them with RP lens (eg Sopranos). There are some cons of swallowing the pill.

  22. A man that claims geometric knowledge shouldn’t draw a parallel line between a chemist and a meth cook, neither a parallel for the meth cook and a licensed drug company.

    While opium addiction and meth addiction run hand in hand, as even the medical industry will use adrenaline to counteract downers and barbituates to calm nerves, so will the junkie.

    Maybe the lesson in breaking bad and sexual hierarchies is that even a man that was deemed responsible enough to be trusted with your children’s education under the higher educational system, if he is blue pill enough will disregard this trust and wreak havoc on countless lives in order to keep up his end of the till death do us part pussy bargain.

    If you have survived the drug culture of the 70’s and 80’s you will know better than anything positive coming out of the whole scene from any level.

  23. “Someone please put up the definition of IQ”

    The score on an IQ test.

    The test is intended to measure certain kinds of abstract problem solving ability, not knowledge, never mind wisdom. Tests scores vary a bit with age, being highest when you have the least knowledge and wisdom (children accomplish incredible learning tasks that adults generally cannot).

    IQ was originally devised as an experiment and has no direct value, however, it has come to be relied on in certain fields because it correlates strongly with success at any task which requires problem solving, like, say, the problem of how to be elected President when your name alone is considered a complete joke by most of the voting population.

  24. GTR

    If two intelligent people have children there is no guarantee the kids will be smart.

    Having a high IQ and using it for the greater good are two different things.

    If your model has validity it does nothing to explain the rapid advance of human intelligence over the last 200k years.

    The ‘smart phone’ was an invention that lowered intelligent productive use of time across the board.

  25. @Boulderhead:

    If two bipeds have children there is no guarantee that their children will be biipeds; but the odds are greatly in favor of it.

  26. CcyCV
    January 13, 2018 at 5:56 pm

    Resistance movements are slow to form. And the formations are not all coherent.

    What is missing at this point is a coherent political view. And that will not come until the Betas are ready to fight. Or the Betas will not fight without a political cause.

    We need a slogan.

  27. “it correlates strongly with success at any task which requires problem solving, like, say, the problem of how to be elected President when your name alone is considered a complete joke by most of the voting population.”

    Heard the mic drop all the way over here…

  28. CcyCV
    January 13, 2018 at 5:56 pm

    Do not look for unicorns. They have to find you. One who is so into you she doesn’t care about your “n” or any future “n”s.

    The only secure foundation for a LTR is that she puts you on a pedestal. And you don’t look for that. It finds you. Of its own accord.

    You keep going through the rotation until one sticks. It happened to my dad. It happened to me.

  29. @M Simon:

    Betas fight either for an alpha who wishes to increase his power/wealth, or to take an alpha down and destroy his power/wealth. They do not fight women.

  30. Being a married woman, specially to a highly desirable male, will be a source of status for women.

    It already works that way. “You’ve been married HOW long?

    On the LTR front and IQ. The woman’s should be lower but not by more than 20 points (roughly).

    It also helps if your verbal ability is better than hers. That is unlikely. But not impossible. And it improves with practice.

  31. Because it bears repeating.

    January 14, 2018 at 4:19 am

    “it correlates strongly with success at any task which requires problem solving, like, say, the problem of how to be elected President when your name alone is considered a complete joke by most of the voting population.”

  32. boulderhead
    January 14, 2018 at 4:18 am

    People in chronic pain chronically take pain relievers.

    It amazes me that this concept is so difficult for so many people.

  33. @M Simon

    The distribution curve of IQ amongst women is not the same as that of men.

    As an average they have a lower IQ however they also have less extremes at the outliers.

    There are also variations with race with some having a solid two standard deviations over others but obviously that can’t be said. But the lower ones tend to live in shit holes.. who knew..

  34. Simon

    Or is it that people that take pain relievers end up in chronic pain. The cure for pain isn’t a pill, in successful cases the pain relief comes from getting in better shape, endorphins are the natural pain relief.

    There are exceptions like the addled aged and frail that are beyond hope of recovery needing to be sedated into oblivion. This does not relate to the mental pain of todays youth.

  35. “When I was 15 ”

    There ya go, although that’s a bit above the average. Most people only get tested once in their entire lives.

    Remember when I said above that IQ testing has come to be relied on in certain fields? There is only one group so interested in IQ that they attempt to test the entire population:

    Public school administrators.

    They do so for a particular administrative purpose, sorting students into educational tracks. Hence they do this at a particular time that is relevant to that purpose:

    As they enter secondary education.

    Just about everything you have heard about the IQ of populations is based on data collected from children entering secondary education. Why do I bring this up?

    Because at the age the testing is done, 11 to 15 years of age, women are more developmentally advanced than men.

    Women mentally mature in their teens. Men at about 28. If you test at 30, the women’s curve stays more or less where it was when they were tested in school, but the entire men’s curve shifts to the right.

    Mature men have higher IQ scores across the curve than mature women.

    ” . . . it’s higher than 140″

    There is an interesting self-selection bias going on here among regular commenters. We have a remarkable number of very high IQ people, most of them from some STEM related field. We are inclined to be analytical and good at it.

    For at least a few of us, however, that implies that, at least in the practical sense, there are no women within 20 points of us, and it is worth bearing that in mind when making our analysis. Our personal perspectives are a bit skewed.

  36. @kfg

    No it wasn’t at school it was a test for Mensa

    My mate and I only bothered to go to piss off our math teacher who couldn’t get in

  37. kfg

    Personally I have never been tested. They had a shortage of pencils and paper.

    I did however get a B in my pop one time and I hope I never get another one.

  38. @kfg

    I never discuss it. It always descends into a turd flinging contest

    I think because it offends an equalist and entitlement narrative

    Dating can be hard. Most people don’t get my sense of humour so a lot of conversation is unfulfilling

  39. @Plama Sailor:

    Generally, if it isn’t the actual topic of informed and intelligent conversation, only midwits do.

    An exception was Richard Feynman who brought it up all the time, but then in his case it was a joke – that only smart people got.

  40. @walawala

    MGTOW means different things to different men.

    I would call myself MGTOW but I love the company of women and have several plates.

    I won’t become monogamous or marry again so I am going my own way in that I am conducting my life how I choose rather that the socially approved brainwashing.

    I won’t partake in having the term externally defined so I can be conveniently boxed off and shamed. See point 2 and Rollo is careful how he refers to us.

    Others avoid women altogether because they now understand the game and in their own minds they are either too old to change their ways or don’t feel they can compete.

    The other thing to realise is that as we age women become frantic provider hunters. I have a friend who is 70. He is not in good shape but at one point had a date every night for months on end.

    He reports the same questions on every date : so you own your own bungalow? How many holidays do you have a year? Where do you go?

    He’s never heard of the red pill or MGTOW.

    He stopped dating completely and bought a C63 AMG and says he gets more fun out of that then he’s ever had out of any women.

    I’m very interested that you left the Xmas party and would love to understand your thought process as I’ve avoided similar things where I haven’t liked the ratios or dynamic.

  41. Graciousness is something that only those who have already established greatness can afford. It is not a feature of existential crisis, either individual or collective.

    You cannot restore a culture in crisis by establishing graciousness. To establish graciousness you need to establish a culture in which graciousness can grow and thrive.

    It may prove necessary to rather ungraciously knock some heads in order to do that.

  42. Oh kfg I only meant graciousness as a goal-state. People got as prosperous as we are only to turn into what it is now after all.

  43. The Solitary Silver FoX
    Their are different ways to post one…
    imgur intagram and a link to one…

    They’ve all had addled gibberish online, but someone in their face with solid eye contact engaging?

    You’re the exception.

    “BE the exception.

    I’m still cautious. But having the ability to even strike a conversation with a random woman is a huge step for me now.

    Girls are shut down and closed off: ear buds…locked into their phone…tied to their online platforms for validation.

    A guy comes up and negs them…it’s powerful.

    But it also requires a lot of personal discipline: staying in shape…having a life and interesting hobbies or projects…

    I think this who mgtow is a taking the easy way out with the flawed belief that isolating yourself is suddenly going to make your
    Life less troublesome or more trouble free.

    It doesn’t. I’ve been struggling with these questions and I realize I want to be part of the world and interact with women. But game and the Red Pill have given me a foundation for assessing and analysing and acting I’m a way that will make my life more interesting but also drama lite .”
    hearing people talk about Bowie makes this the closet’s red pill documentary ive seen in my life. The guy wrote his life out for people he loved and cared for… i caught the last 20 mins of this and it blow me away… the love this guy had for everybody he knew and cared for.
    Women appreciate something’s that other’s over look. A class portal change’s thing’s up.

  44. The great may well become prosperous, but prosperity does not imply greatness.

    The name Midas lives in infamy for being prosperous, but mean.

    A great man might own nothing but his sword, yet be gracious to a worthy enemy, or to those too weak to be an enemy.. Another might become prosperous, only so that he might become a river to his people.

    Greatness is a mindset.

  45. Great commenting KFG. Thanks

    There is only one group so interested in IQ that they attempt to test the entire population:

    Public school administrators.

    They do so for a particular administrative purpose, sorting students into educational tracks. Hence they do this at a particular time that is relevant to that purpose:

    As they enter secondary education.

    I’ve never taken an IQ test, although I’ve survived many, many tests up until the age of 27. High school, college-an incredibly difficult one at that–, med school and two residencies. Pretty much all of the testing was multiple choice testing. Pick among the possibilities for the best answer. Don’t bother with your expressive abilities, because that didn’t matter.

    Back in 1979 I took a placement test for a Jesuit all boys high school. I scored in the top 15 of two or three hundred applicants. When I heard about that I was scared shitless. Because it was a call for me to perform. A burden of performance. What if I fucked up and embarrassed them for labeling me as belonging in the top third educational track? I proceeded to not embarrass them.

    Yeah, they put us in educational tracks. Most all of us top third were put in top third classes and this followed through the four years. We were designated to take German language. The middle tier was slotted for French and the bottom third was slotted into Spanish. Administrative purposes and all.

    Three years of German in high school, a month-long trip to Germany in 1977 and a year of German language in College was a complete waste. Germanic language is impossibly difficult. (Oh, wait, the trip to Germany at the age of 16 completely changed the course of my life. The contrast of “Socialistic” society with American society was stark. I learned that if my life on earth was a game? I’m going to play it damn well…..)

    In our tier were a fair number of nerds with pocket protectors and bad style-less short sleeved shirts. I think we wore ties every day.

    I loved those nerds like brothers. I thought they were cool. Even though I was not of their stock. I was sports, academic and socially adept (not the slightest bit autistic, I cultivated those traits later on, on purpose). Back before grade inflation, I graduated with a 3.64 GPA. I knew perfect was boring (every one around me then, taught me that, including my non-helicoptering parents). Great launch pad, that high school experience was.

    Ever since then, I never had any desire to take an IQ test. I’d probably score pretty high on a test designed to rank Desire-to-Master-Things-in-Life, though. Channeling Richard Feynman.

  46. German is so difficult that I think even among native speakers Goethe is the only man who truly mastered it, and then only because, like Shakespear, he had the mental capacity and fortitude to break language entirely to his will.

    I wish I could read him properly in the original. As it is it is entirely beyond me and I can only induce what I am missing in translation.

    But life is short, and the craft so long to learn.

  47. Even Trump is not so stupid as to appear Perfect

    Law #46

    Never appear too Perfect

    Appearing better than others is always dangerous, but most dangerous of all is to appear to have no faults or weaknesses. Envy creates silent enemies. It is smart to occasionally display defects, and admit to harmless vices, in order to deflect envy and appear more human and approachable. Only gods and the dead can seem perfect with impunity.

    Studying the German language taught me how it’s OK not to be perfect while soothing the cognitive dissonance back then. I’ve not had much cognitive dissonance going forward from that.

    Perfect is boring.

    “The Awful German Language” is an 1880 essay by Mark Twain published as Appendix D in A Tramp Abroad. The essay is a humorous exploration of the frustrations a native speaker of English has with learning German as a second language.


  48. “Greatness is a mindset.”

    “‘ like Shakespear, he had the mental capacity and fortitude to break language entirely to his will.”

    ” Lee Jamieson
    Updated March 06, 2017
    William Shakespeare died on 23 April 1616, his 52nd birthday (Shakespeare was born on 23 April 1564). In truth, the exact date is not known as only a record of his burial two days later has survived.

    When Shakespeare retired from London around 1610, he spent the last few years of his life in New Place – Stratford-upon-Avon’s largest house which he purchased in 1597. It is believed that Shakespeare’s death occurred in this house and would have been attended by his son-in-law, Dr John Hall, the town physician.

    New Place is no longer standing, but the site of the house has been preserved by the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust and is open to visitors.

    The Cause of Shakespeare’s Death
    The cause of death is not known, but some scholars believe that he was sick for over a month before he died. On March 25 1616, Shakespeare signed his dictated will with a “shaky” signature, evidence of his frailty at the time. Also, it was customary in the early seventeenth century to draw up your will on your deathbed, so Shakespeare must have been acutely aware that his life was coming to an end.

    In 1661, many years after his death, the vicar of Stratford-upon-Avon noted in his diary: “Shakespeare, Drayton, and Ben Jonson had a merry meeting, and it seems drank too hard; for Shakespeare died of a fever there contracted.” With Stratford-upon-Avon’s reputation for scandalous stories and rumors in the seventeenth century, it is difficult to authenticate this story – even if it was written by a vicar.

    For example, there have been other observations about Shakespeare’s character that seemingly contradict this: Richard Davies, archdeacon of Lichfield, reported, “He died a papist.”

    Shakespeare’s Burial
    The Stratford Parish Register records Shakespeare’s burial on the 25 April, 1616. As a local gentleman, he was buried inside Holy Trinity Church beneath a stone slab engraved with his epitaph:

    Good friend, for Jesus’ sake forbear
    To dig the dust enclosed here.
    Blessed be the man that spares these stones,
    And cursed be he that moves my bones.
    To this day, Holy Trinity Church remains an important place of interest for Shakespeare enthusiasts as it marks the beginning and end of the Bard’s life. Shakespeare was both baptized and buried at the church.”

  49. “German is so difficult…”

    Deutsch, am wenigstens, ist die englische Schwestersprache.

    Wie were’s mit Chinesisch? Arabisch? Diese biden sind viel schwerer zu lernen. Nein?

    Mach’s gut, meine Brueder.

  50. Example,

    Die, die die, die die Autos gestohlen haben, anzeigen, werden belohnt.

    German is weird, all right.

  51. Frisian is closer than standard German, both geographically and linguistically.

    These days I can stumble through reading it, would be a fool to try to write it (not that that always stops me) and haven’t spoken it since the “escapades” mentioned previously, which were a long time ago.

  52. Hmm.

    German is harder than, say French or Spanish, yes, but not that hard. I think any language is hard to learn fluency unless you are living in the environment and forced to function in it, and most of my German functionality (which is now rather “abgeruestet” due to time) came from living there twice (student and then as a young professional having to function in law and business German).

    Russian is quite a bit harder, grammatically and in terms of vocabulary, in my experience. YMMV.

  53. @Palmasailor

    When I suggested elsewhere that what Craig McLachlan did wasn’t that bad, I got back a flurry of negative comments condemning me quite strongly, and saying that indeed people (i.e. women) will have been quite possibly seriously psychologically harmed and traumatised by his crap. If his crude pranking had crossed the line into bullying, maybe, but I don’t get the impression it did. It seems that the current cultural narrative is that grown women are as fragile as any mythical Victorian maiden and you need to step very carefully around them at all times.

  54. @kfg

    Betas you picture are certainly revolting.

    I couldn’t tell you what gender my local barista started off as, which direction it is going and what it aspires to be.

    One thing is for certain, it will never fight for anything and will wet it’s bed in the face of conflict.

    There are however still a lot of ‘men’ and they need our help.

  55. @CSI

    Back in the day I worked in an engineering company. It was boring as shit and everyone was fucking everyone. I was banging the MD’s PA in his private bathroom.

    One day one of the very junior girls bent over the desk of the MD’s desk perfectly positioning her arse for the kill. And he did spank it with a crack.

    She stood up,slowly and said ‘dave’ if you touch my fucking arse again I’ll kick your balls til they turn blue drop off. Startled looks all round. He never did, she never got sacked everyone ignored it.

    Women aren’t grown, and they want all of the rights and privileges that come with their sexuality but none of the obligations that come with it.

    I repeat, most women have always known how to handle most men.

    The agenda is different but you are correct in that you have to step carefully.

  56. I understand what is all about @walala, and if I opt to be selfish, I opt for the first solution given by Tomassi: Play the game better, and is what I’m doing right now, with better and better results while I’m experimenting with girls. But in this case I don’t want to be selfish, I have encouraged some friends to read about Rational Male and some of them are awakening, some don’t. I’m worried about the whole masculine genre, so what I’m trying to say here is: the more men awake with red-pill, the better for masculine genre, and I can see that knowledge like Rational Male is very limited, it must be better and faster ways to spread this knowledge to men , is not the same a red-pill man with social clout to spread this knowledge, who has the tools to encourage a good quantity of man, than a regular man like you, who can only post in some blogs with men that are red-pill or at least are awakening from blue-pill.

  57. Intelligence is primarily genetically driven with a lesser influence determined by nutrition, education and social conditions. It’s both nature and nurture but follows a pareto distribution of 80-20 in favor of genetics. Genetically, the capacity for intelligence is carried on the X chromosome, which means the primary determinant for intelligent children is the mother, not the father, because the mother carries twice the potential for a high-intelligence genetic payload in her genes. Typically, given parents who are roughly equal in IQ, the expressed intelligence of the mother is the floor and the children will have a level of intelligence at that level or higher.

    Intelligence is generally viewed as a combination of fluid intelligence and crystallized intelligence. Fluid intelligence is the current mental ability to solve problems and perform abstract reasoning, the raw brainpower of the individual. Crystallized intelligence is the accumulated information learned over time that education produces. Fluid intelligence peaks in the 20’s while crystallized intelligence tends to remain into old age. Crystallized intelligence is merely a measure of knowledge, not the quality of knowledge and has nothing to do with fluid intelligence because a highly intelligent person may be uneducated and ignorant.

    There is no question that the single defining predictor of individual success in life is intelligence, which can be measured as “IQ” or intelligence quotient. IQ is a statistical metric that measures individual performance of problem solving and abstract reasoning skills and the score places the individual on a scale relative to the rest of the population. In other words, IQ delineates how well an individual can be expected to perform complex problem solving and engage in abstract reasoning compared to everyone else.

    Again, there is no question as to the truth of that or the validity and efficiency of using IQ as a deterministic factor in making predictions about an individuals ability to solve problems. However, there is a great deal of hostility toward making decisions about individuals (such as employment selection or college placement) based on a person’s IQ because of the proven differences in IQ that are genetically race-related. That became a legal issue in 1971 with the Griggs case, which forbade general intelligence testing as a prerequisite for employment because it had a “disparate impact” on blacks.

    The 1994 book “The Bell Curve” proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is a difference in native intelligence between races that is measurable and predictable. The book caused a furor because it is provable that the average IQ of sub-Saharan blacks is 70, the average IQ of African-Americans is 85, while the average IQ of American whites is 100. That Asians tend to have an average IQ that is 103 was irrelevant, the data was viewed as a “scientific validation” of racism. A huge backlash against intelligence testing resulted.

    In recent decades a great deal of work has been done to develop intelligence tests that do not rely on cultural factors such as education and some tests don’t even require literacy to determine an individuals native problem solving ability. Unfortunately for the race and gender equalists, the advent of these tests further proved the racial and gender differences in IQ. The result was a broad disparagement of IQ and IQ testing by those with the agenda of anti-racism and promotion of diversity. If they can’t kill the message, kill the messenger.

    What does it mean to have an IQ of 115? Statistically it means such a person is more intelligent than 84% of the white population and 97% of the African-American population. Someone with an IQ of 130 is more intelligent than 97% of the white population and 99% of the black population. An IQ of 145 puts the person at more intelligent than 99.9% of everyone else. For those without a statistical background, a picture of average (white) intelligence helps:


    Application of IQ in the real world, however, is a completely different issue.

  58. ” Wie were’s mit Chinesisch? Arabisch? Diese biden sind viel schwerer zu lernen. Nein?

    Mach’s gut, meine Brueder.”

    Lmfao. Holy shit.

    A bunch of guys I grew up with went into the army, and many were stationed in Germany for many years. When they’d come home on various leaves, they’d try to teach us the German that they’d learned. We’d use it mostly to talk shit about people around us, so that they’d have no idea what we were saying.

    That was decades and decades ago and I’ve had very little reason to mutter anything in German for a really, really long time.

    But that sentence up above from EH, for some reason it was as clear as if it was written in English.

    Thanks for the shock of the day EH.

  59. @Artisinal Toad

    That means that while everyone is condemning the Donald for ‘stupidity’ what’s really happening is he’s 10 moves ahead negotiating the high altitude black run while they can’t see past the moguls on the nursery slopes.

    Plus if I was a gambler he’s higher than 140. He’s throttled it back.

  60. Unfortunately for the race and gender equalists, the advent of these tests further proved the racial and gender differences in IQ. The result was a broad disparagement of IQ and IQ testing by those with the agenda of anti-racism and promotion of diversity. If they can’t kill the message, kill the messenger.

    Glad your ultimate point became clearer, hence my calling bullshit.

    If you were intelligent, you’d know that the inverse of what you stated is actually factual.

    Everybody dumber than the ” group ” you belong to, right? It’s indisputable.

    Always the case.


    As far as trump is concerned, if he’s conned you that’s your problem – but I’d expect more men to be able to grasp what’s going on ( but not everyone has experience with Trump over decades, so there’s that excuse ).

    Time. Just watch what happens. Then tell me again how high his IQ is.

    …. motherfucker can barley form sentences for god’s sake.

  61. @palmasailor

    Yes, I know that is very dangerous to expose this kind of knowledge publicly, I think we should do it covertly, not attacking woman, but encouraging man to improve themselves by reading info that will make them Real Men.

    About the Weinstein scandal I think Tomassi gives a good explanation about that man with power but with a Beta mindset here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UZ9u_Dh5C38

  62. @j

    He’s 70 now. And he beat the ENTIRE government and media machines that were against him.

    Yes sireeeee.. that’s one dumb mother..

  63. Speaking of adaptation to the environment and Genetics between black and white:

    African blacks apparently have different knee joints and changes to the lungs which allow them to excel at long distance running.

    A South African reconnaissance soldier told me this once:
    A group of operators, black and white, were taken into the bush for a month, and had to survive. At the end of this, blood samples were taken.
    The blood samples of the whites of European descent were nutrient deprived. The Africans had much less nutritional deficits.

    However, a big drawback for the black soldiers was a comparative lack of upper body strength when it came to the type of operations the South African soldiers had to do. (For one operation he mentioned apparently the water alone carried into the operations area was iirc in excess of 40 kg per person.)

    (He himself stated that the most he ever carried on an operation was over 80 kgs kit.)

    So yes, I for one buy the genetic differences in IQ. By extension and analogy, but I buy it

  64. Blaximus, this is for you.

    “The most difficult subjects can be explained to the most slow-witted man if he has not formed any idea of them already; but the simplest thing cannot be made clear to the most intelligent man if he is firmly persuaded that he knows already, without a shadow of a doubt, what is laid before him.” Tolstoy, 1897, “The Kingdom of God is Within You”

    That quote encapsulates the intelligence and education issue in the real world rather nicely. Eight year old children are open to being taught, but at an age at which they will accept the information given to them willingly because in general they have no preconceived ideas about it. This is both the problem and the solution, because as much as anything else, children learn by osmosis. It isn’t just what they are specifically taught, it’s what they observe and they absorb attitudes and behaviors without needing to be taught. Within Christianity, for example, well over 90% of all evangelism takes place within the home. The gospel is presented to the children when their hearts are tender, they accept what they are told and believe.

    Evangelization is the operative word because it applies to instilling or changing any point of view, not necessarily a particular religion, morality, political ideology or socio-sexual norm. The younger individuals are when educated (propagandized or brainwashed if you will) with any particular way of thinking, the more firmly it takes hold as it is reinforced over time. Later in life the early influence and training resists any attempts to change the instilled point of view. Yet, age and maturity has a way of changing one’s perspective:

    “If you’re not a liberal at 25 you don’t have a heart and if you’re not a conservative at 35 you don’t have a brain.”

    As a rule, a blue pill (adult) man is convinced he already knows what women are all about and how relationships are supposed to be. He cannot be shifted from his thinking until he undergoes a personal cusp event that causes him to question or reject his deep-seated beliefs. Only then will he be ready to accept red pill truths. Until he reaches that point, he will reject such new information out of hand regardless of the proofs. Why? He learned all this stuff many years ago. His mother told him so!

    I use the analogy of sharing red pill truth with a blue pill man because sooner or later red pill men encounter the angry blue backlash when they attempt to do so. It’s a good analogy because it applies equally well to other areas in which individuals believe the lies they’ve been taught by people they trust, the lies they want to believe because they’ve invested in those lies.

    The best way to replace blue pill lies with the red pill truth is to get to the children before they become blue pilled. Once they are indoctrinated they typically have to pay a steep price before they can accept the red pill that would have been free of charge in their youth, easily swallowed with no bitterness. Observably, this has nothing to do with intelligence, this is about being teachable. Intelligence is about how much you can learn, wisdom is your willingness to be teachable.

    As Aristotle observed, the vast majority of the population cannot be persuaded by dialectic, the presentation of facts, logic, reason, evidence and testimony. They are wholly immune to persuasion in such a manner because, as Tolstoy observed, their mind is already made up. They know all about it! The only way to influence such individuals is with rhetoric, which is an appeal to emotion. This is why shaming is such a powerful weapon and why good memes are effective, but past a certain point… once someone has bought into a lie they own it until it’s taken away from them. They will not willingly give it up.

    At the same time, the susceptibility to emotional rhetoric makes people vulnerable to emotional manipulation, something that women are hardwired for.

    Aristotle, as refined by Tolstoy, has a corollary by Goodkind: Wizard’s First Rule.

    “People are stupid; given proper motivation, almost anyone will believe almost anything. Because people are stupid, they will believe a lie because they want to believe it’s true, or because they are afraid it might be true. People’s heads are full of knowledge, facts, and beliefs, and most of it is false, yet they think it all true. People are stupid; they can only rarely tell the difference between a lie and the truth, and yet they are confident they can, and so are all the easier to fool.”

    “People need an enemy to feel a sense of purpose and it’s easy to lead people when they have a sense of purpose. Sense of purpose is more important by far than the truth. In fact, truth has no bearing in this. People are stupid; they want to believe, so they do.”

    Who, or what is the real enemy, Blax?

  65. “Thanks for the shock of the day EH.”

    Bitte sehr, und herzlichen Dank gerade zueruck.

  66. “the vast majority of the population cannot be persuaded by dialectic…”

    by the dialectic…

    When all you’ve got is a hammer…

  67. Toad

    “People need an enemy to feel a sense of purpose and it’s easy to lead people when they have a sense of purpose. Sense of purpose is more important by far than the truth. In fact, truth has no bearing in this. People are stupid; they want to believe, so they do.”

    I agree with this statement. I don’t waste my time having ” enemies ” though. Life’s too short.

    I didn’t read that statement from Tolstoy though, my dad used to say that exact same thing all the time though.

    He never read Tolstoy.

    I used to read and read and read studies until they didn’t match up with the full spectrum of reality. I guess it all depends on what one chooses to base his particular version of reality on –



    Yes, sometimes one knows some things through wide spread experience, and not just academic exercise. I’ll take that measure of intelligence as being more reliable.

    Race realism aside ( lol ) , I reject anything that tries to lump and classify people solely based on race or skin color, and I find it very odd that anyone that considers themselves intelligent doesn’t see the stupidity in such a manner of thinking.

    Btw, I’ve had my IQ tested a couple of times, and as kfg notes, it was while I was young ( 16 ). But even then I was suspicious about what it even meant in the larger picture. Fortunately I understood that learning is a lifelong endeavor, whereas lots of smart people I encounter appear to be frozen in time and clinging to falsehoods for personal reasons.

    In the end though, it’s fine because I’m a huge fan of Time and The Long Game.

    World History that isn’t mostly Eurocentric does not show some kind of IQ disparity, and that’s a fact. So it’s not that I personally don’t want to learn things, but … let’s put it like this – If anyone wanted to have a discussion about intersexual relations based on the fact that women were superior and all men inferior due to testosterone poisoning, I’ll reject the discussion off hand because it’s rooted in bullshit, and ZFG if that person can produce a thousand ” studies ” to back up their claims.

    Know why? Because they can’t explain their version of ” manhood ” to an actual man.


  68. Commenters,

    Sorry about this waaayyyy off topic nonsense. For my part, I’m done and won’t continue the distraction.

  69. Blaximus
    1. Consumerism.

    Excess resources. This has happened before. See Rome, at least a couple of Chinese dynasties, and others. We can’t do squat about it at the high level. At the individual level? This is part of vetting. Girls whose hobby is spending credit are a risk. Got daughters? Teach them thrift, where money comes from etc.

    Planning to win by dying with the most toys? Not masculine.

    2. Threat containment. No matter what, women don’t pose a significant threat without cooperation and backing of men. Full stop

    AKA White Knights. They exist, they will exist. Action item: don’t be one.

    Easier said than done, because IMO the desire to save women is pretty deeply printed into men in this age. Saving women from themselves as an idea is all around us. #MeeToo is just the latest version of trading on that piece of men’s mental furniture. It’s how obviously false accusations get taken seriously.

    But that’s how businesses turn into Female Imperative owned.

    3. Social brainwashing. Teaching young boys from kindergarten to be good, quiet, respectful people, like their equals – women.

    This has been my toy drum for years. It’s little things – like cutting out recess for 4th graders – and big things – like treating every disciplinary issue with medication – and bigger things, like Zero Tolerance for infractions / events that used to be either no big deal, or dealt with via the Board of Education. As I pointed out in an earlier thread, this can affect every young man no matter how Special he may think himself.

    Action item: homeschool if possible. Help out young men where you find them. Redpills for all.

  70. @ST, @001

    You have found the right place. Think of your life like a high performance automobile that has gotten dinged, worn down, out of tune – this is the garage. There’s more than one mechanic who can help you, if you have the patience.

    For your own sakes, stick around.

  71. Now here’s a turbo-charged Beta if there ever was one. This guy took his wife’s surname and was rightly hammered for it. This is some of what the feminist writer Kasey Edwards had to say about the backlash:

    “Why would these men — and yes all the abusive messages sent to Phillips were written by men — take time out of their day, and waste the keystrokes and the blood vessels abusing someone they don’t know for doing something that doesn’t affect them?

    Because to men who cling to the ideals of toxic masculinity, Phillips decision is a direct attack on their identity as a man. It represents nothing less than an existential threat to the men who have built their identity and self-worth on their relative dominance over women.”


  72. @Palmsailor

    “”I’m very interested that you left the Xmas party and would love to understand your thought process as I’ve avoided similar things where I haven’t liked the ratios or dynamic.””

    There was an open bar and every girl was absolutely drunk. One was throwing herself at me. Imagine a horny drunk girl lunging at you…

    I’m a manager so I smiled and leaned back while some of the others peeled her off me—like a heating pad being pulled off.

    I was thinking…this is NOT how I want to end my career…I kept thinking I can do better than this which is like fishing with dynamite.

    I kept thinking that in a different environment I might escalate but on the other hand the girls were so drunk after they were peeled off they just passed out.

    Every element of this dynamic just said “NO”.

    I think being able to say NO and calibrate is critical to the Red Pill. Thirsty guys just chase everything or try make something out of everything.

  73. Sentient
    More on backlash…

    Andrew Sullivan? Aging homosexual who maybe still has some Xr / Boomer readers. No 3rd wave feminist will care what he has to say.

    There’s no backlash yet. Because it’s not hurting women to any serious degree, not hurting Official Allies of Teh Wimmen/wymmin/wimmenz yet.

    #MeeToo must continue, until Teh Patriarchy breaks! Expect a lot of #MeeTooing at the pussyhat protest on the 20th in DC, for example. More of it in Hollywood, too, Reese Witherspoon popped up with her own story the other day. Too many scores to settle for #MeeToo to die down yet.

    Although I did read (sorry, no link) that trannies are all upset about some aspect of the Wymmyn’s March later this month, because something about vaginas.

    Trannies vs. Feminists? Great! I’ll just get a beverage…now, where’s the popcorn?

  74. “Rhetoric is the hammer for the masses. Dialectic is only effective with perhaps 5%. Edward Bernays proved it.”

    @Artisanal Toad

    Hey man. Nice to meet you.

    You’re swinging in your wheelhouse, I can tell. Great comments.

    “… children learn by osmosis.”

    Question for you: Are there fundamentals that one simply knows?

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