To Each His Own

In a couple of weeks I’ll be making my first and only personal appearance this year at the 21 Convention in Orlando, Florida. This event will be unique in a number of ways. To my knowledge, this convention will be the first large-scale gathering of Red Pill writers, bloggers, podcast hosts and thought-leaders ever organized. I’m truly appreciative of Anthony Johnson in being open to my suggestions for speakers. It was a collaborative effort in this regard and over the course of this year we did our best to collect a group of speakers who would represent many different aspects of Red Pill intersexual dynamics. My only regrets are that we couldn’t fit more speakers in to the schedule and some men I highly respect were unable to attend this year.

It was my hope that this ‘new and improved’ 21 Convention might eventually be an annual Red Pill summit of sorts. This build up hasn’t been without a bit of controversy from the previous Purple Pill speakers who used the 21 Convention’s prior events as a platform for their blogs and coaching businesses. That was to be expected just as the same tired criticisms of the Red Pill were too. I have no doubt that the previous ‘life coaches’ taking issue with this event’s Red Pill turn sincerely believe they have some valuable insights to help men become ‘better men’. The problem, however, becomes one of how these coaches would direct men according to the Blue Pill preconditioning they have never been able to disabuse themselves of.

I understand the necessity these guys must feel with regards to discrediting the Red Pill as a praxeology. The dots we connect in Red Pill awareness are often at odds with their deeply held Blue Pill ego-investments and hopes, as well as a threat to their (often LARPy moralistic) “Man Up but not too much” profit model. In fact, even just the idea that the Red Pill should be a praxeology of men’s collective experiences about intersexual dynamics is enough to make them want to disqualify it. Their criticism is that, as a praxeology, the Red Pill is long on explanations and short on solutions – solutions you can presumably get by signing up for their email blasts and coaching sessions.

The praxeology that is the Red Pill is inconvenient for them because it tears away the veneer of their Blue Pill idealism about women and reveals some very unflattering truths about them and the feminine on-whole which they still largely have on a pedestal in their heads. Red Pill awareness has a way of exposing the pretty lies that make for the good marketing material that most Purple Pill coaches depend on for their livelihoods. I mean, when 80%+ of men are Beta, who wouldn’t want to buy the secret 12 point list of things a man must do to be a real man and get the woman of his dreams?

Two Complaints

There are generally two common complaints I read coming from Purple Pill life dating coaches. The first is easy, and one I’ve refuted so many times I wont bore you with repeating myself, and that’s the presumption that Red Pill awareness must be false or detrimental to a guy because it makes guys so angry with women. This is the easiest dismissal for critics because it is true; men do go through a phase of anger when they unplug from the Blue Pill illusions they’ve been so convinced of for the better part of a lifetime. And yes, some get stuck in this phase and some do become despondent because they don’t want to face the abyss it represents to them. Some go MGTOW, some turn into Purple Pill coaches themselves because they don’t want to accept the whole of what Red Pill awareness means. But most men go through this phase and come to an acceptance that there is hope in a Red Pill paradigm for them. They come to see their new awareness as a safety net and boldly embrace rebuilding themselves into better men based on this full awareness.

So the sales pitch then becomes, “Don’t be angry with women like those Red Pill guys. You can still live in Blue Pill happiness and harmony with a loving unicornQuality‘ woman by following these 5 simple steps to make yourself into the man women want you to be.”

What the Purple Pill anger critics (deliberately) refuse to get is that the Red Pill isn’t (and was never) intended to get men to hate women, but rather to inform men about the inherent nature of women so they wont hate women for what they can never be to them. This is the disillusionment that men who still cling to Blue Pill idealism can’t seem to get past – they cannot abandon those Blue Pill hopes that they believe women are capable of fulfilling for him, but the Red Pill disabuses him of. So they get angry. They get angry at themselves for ever having believed in them. They get angry for having wasted so much time investing themselves in them. They get angry, most importantly, because they realize that women simply aren’t built to fulfill the hopes his Blue Pill conditioning made him believe should be possible.

The Purple Pill coach believes that this Red Pill realization leads to men hating women. The second complaint I read from them is that Red Pill awareness gives men some license to feeling like victims. This criticism is deductive to coaches for two reasons; it serves his ‘get-rich-quick-on-the-internet-by-selling-sunshine’ man-up and do better to qualify for women blog template, and it discourages men seeking answers from becoming Red Pill aware in a way that crushes their still Blue Pill belief set.

For the record, and as boldly as I can put this, if you are Red Pill aware man and still believe you are a victim of some sort because of your previous Blue Pill indenturement to pedestalizing women or the Feminine Imperative, you are only a victim of your own lack of vision. Red Pill awareness has set you free – free from the blur and distraction that a feminine-primary social order would pull over your eyes, free from the delusional Blue Pill hopes that are only greater shackles for a man, and free from never seeing the intersexual pitfalls you were prone to fall into before. But Red Pill awareness comes at a cost; the truth may set you free, but it doesn’t make it pretty. If you have a responsibility as a Red Pill aware man it’s that you are never allowed to play the victim. You now know the rules of engagement. Play it well, change the rules if you can, but you are no longer allowed to say you didn’t know the score.

Most Purple Pill coaches know this victim complex is bullshit, so they deliberately conflate Red Pill awareness with MGTOW or the MRM or even the “flip side of feminism” in an effort to muddy the waters and dissuade men, who are genuinely hurting and seeking answers, away from the real life-changing influence that the Red Pill represents.

When I petitioned my readers to leave a testimonial as to why they thought the Red Pill represented more confidence or a ‘safety net’ to them I got much more than I anticipated from that comment thread. I had been looking for some good quotes to add to the back cover of Positive Masculinity, but what I got was over a thousand revelations about the power that Red Pill awareness has in changing men’s lives for the better. These are men who took what the Red Pill had shown them and transformed their lives with that knowledge. They did this because Red Pill awareness empowered them, gave them the tools, to implement changes in themselves and how they interacted with women and a feminized world. They did so without anger or feeling like victims, and they did so without a Purple Pill hack trying to coax them back onto the plantation and into their failed, and false, Blue Pill belief sets.

And this is what scares the coaches; that a free and open source Red Pill praxeology is responsible for more men taking the initiative and bettering themselves than anything their ‘coaching’ has been responsible for.

Personal Development

I am not now, nor have I ever been a motivational speaker, a ‘guru’ of any stripe, a psychotherapist or a personal development coach. Though I’m humbled to be counted among the Godfathers of the Red Pill, I have never claimed ownership of the Red Pill. It’s always been my belief that the Red Pill – the true Red Pill that has always been about intersexual dynamics – should be an ‘open source’ community. Decentralization is one of its strengths, but it also allows for bastardization from men and women who want to define it.

In each of my books and on this blog I’ve made things plain about my non-approach to men and their own personal development; I’m not interested in making better men, I’m interested in men making themselves better men. I am not interest in making men “Tomassi Men” or in anyway selling them on a template for what I think a real man ought to be. My life and my interpretations of it are not going to be a template for anyone else to follow. Red Pill awareness, based on the praxeology of intersexual dynamics in the personal and social realms, will save and/or improve your life, but that life has to be lived by you as an individual.

That said, of course I realize that men seeking answers will want a codified system of guidelines for their own personal development. I’m not the guy who’s going to give that to you, neither is that Purple Blue Pill life coach with the 12 point plan, neither is the motivational speaker selling you the same tired power of positivity message that’s been around since the 1930s. You are going to come up with that plan, you are going to take what the Red Pill makes you aware of and you are going to apply it to how you live your life. And you will have the satisfaction of knowing that your personal development and the successes (and failures) that came from it authentically came from your own plan and according to your judgement, not someone else’s vision or template.

I wanted to take a moment in this post to preface the 21 Convention by addressing the ways in which men come to unplug themselves from their old, Blue Pill conditioned way of life and reconstruct themselves. Reader Blaximus added this in a recent comment thread and it sums things up well:

Fourth: there is no ‘ system ‘ for teaching or learning Game. None. The process is highly individualized and virtually no two guys will learn at the same rate, or achieve the exact same level of understanding or real world application. No cheat sheets in game. You either get it and apply it and internalize it, or you don’t. It’s not about picking up chicks in clubs. That’s PUA. Game picks up chicks at a funeral. Lol. True game will be disliked by the masses.

Far too many Purple Pill dating coaches don’t want to get this in their heads. They think that because the Red Pill is a praxeology it implies it’s a cop out on developing real solutions for guys. They either don’t understand the necessity for men’s individual needs to personally develop Game for themselves, or they need a convenient dismissal of the Red Pill as ‘those angry guys have no answers’.

I have stressed in more essays than I care to recount the importance of combining what the Red Pill informs Game about with what Game informs the Red Pill about. One is the theoretical, the other is the practical, and neither is complete without the other. Yes, it is entirely vital that you, as a Red Pill aware man, get out into the field to employ the ideas, and test the practicality of how the Red Pill relates to your situation in your environment according to your strengths and gifts. That field may be a night club, or day Game on the street, in a social circle, with your wife of 10 years or in your churches singles’ group. The fact remains, Red Pill awareness is applicable through Game in a variety of environments, social and cultural contexts.

Game Works, but it only works if you turn off the computer and do something. How do you learn from a book? You put it down and you go outside (and yes, that counts for my books too). Investing oneself in Red Pill awareness as a praxeology is not a cop out for coming up with real solutions – it gives men a toolset from which they can create their own solutions. What frightens Purple Pill coaches is that men’s individual solutions, often enough, don’t affirm their Blue Pill romanticizations, their pretenses of morality, or their idealistic inability to look at the abyss and find hope on the other side of it. They want solutions, but they want their solutions to be affirmed by a Red Pill awareness that contradicts their ego-investments.

When your revenue depends on not getting it it’s hard to convince a Blue Pill man otherwise.

I will be discussing aspects of this essay at the 21 Convention in just two weeks. If you are attending I’d like to take this opportunity to extend you a personal invitation to talk with me at the convention and possibly have dinner with my colleagues and I at the event. On the topic of just getting out there in the field and doing it, I know that my friends Christian McQueen and Goldmund will be heading out into the wilds of the Orlando nightlife and I will be accompanying them on at least one of these outings.

Lastly, if you are in the Central Florida area, or if you want to make the drive in for the weekend, and you really really want to attend the convention, but just can’t come up with the funds, hit me up via email, Twitter or leave a message on my About page here and I will personally see about getting you some kind of hardship discount. Remember, this is only if you’re truly desperate to attend.

See you in two weeks.

Published by Rollo Tomassi

Author of The Rational Male and The Rational Male, Preventive Medicine

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  1. Kfg

    Re: Chinese trade/tech: Well, they gave us much better farming methods, without which we would have likely progressed much slower ourselves, eh?

  2. Kfg, I’ve been to China (Beijing, and Hong Kong right before they took it back), also some of the smaller towns.
    Hong Kong’s babies do wear diapers.
    China’s typically don’t. Just sayin’.

  3. The world has 3 types of people in it. Pimps, ho’s and tricks.

    Pimps see reality for what it is and acted based on that reality to make money and be as sovereign as possible in their own right

    Ho’s see reality but don’t have what it takes to act on it and end up being used as ecconmic resources to exploit by pimps.

    Tricks don’t see reality so are used by both pimps and ho’s

    Getting a college degree to get a good job working for someone else makes you a ho. At best.

    While I could have afforded to pay for my older kids college I did not. Didn’t have too as my son got the GI Bill and my daughter scored scholarships, but my offer to both was college money or seed money for a buiness. They elected to be pimps.

    Good Lord willing, none of my kin will be ho’s or tricks

  4. The middle class are the only tax paying suckers.

    LMC pay 5% of all income taxes. LC make money off of income taxes. UMC pays 45% of income taxes. UC pays 50%. I’ve showed you the data before and sourced it.

    Your red pill looks to be an awfully blue shade of purple.

  5. @anona

    Each time I’ve gone to the Philippines, there has been less and less bike traffic…more and more cars…fewer people riding jeepneys and bikes for hire…fancy buses…overhead trains…highways are getting wider and sewers are being installed in poorer neighborhoods. Everybody has a cell, including maids, and it’s hard to keep maids because of wage inflation…ziplines…fancy stores and shopping malls abound. Lots of construction everywhere you go. UMCs exercising on bikes. Quite a few young UMCs on motorcycles, too.

    People don’t shit in the streets there, even in the rural areas. And there are simple urinals that run to the river which runs thru Manila. Not much used when I passed by. You still have to carry tp with you when you go out.

    Haven’t been to India or China.

  6. asd

    And the wealthy pay in the teens, if that much.


    I have no interest in getting into your obvious disdain for the ” lower class “, as I find it extremely annoying. But working class folks don’t ever ” make money ” off of income taxes. See, that’s the bullshit I was referring to earlier.

    If an upper class person is actually paying 50%, they need to get a new accountant. You let the numbers and ” data ” sucker punch you. I bet you actually believe that unemployment has fallen to 5% or under too, as that’s the other giant lie ( but who gives a fuck about the millions of high school and college grads that have to take low paying jobs that can’t afford to even take care of themselves, right? Or even the ones that haven’t been able to find employment after graduation because they aren’t even counted..).

    I said the middle class pays the bulk of the taxes. Period. The middle is where the largest number of people that actually earn money reside. The UC as you call it, is a much smaller number, and if they are stupid, then yeah, they’ll get hit with a higher tax bill.

    People making 15-20 thousand dollars getting a tax refund of a few hundred or even a grand don’t figure into the equation, but it’s in your wheelhouse to blast the less financially fortunate than it is to open your eyes and look at the real numbers wrt who pays the least.


    For what it’s worth though, I’d like to see everyone pay less in taxes – with the key words being everyone and pay. When the wealthy crash in their private jets, they want to get rescued and taken to the nearest hospital, either by helicopter or over a nicely paved road maintained by tax dollars. they’d like the best meds that won’t poison and kill them, made possible by tax dollars. They’d like the crash investigated, paid by tax dollars. And if needed, they’d like to use the court system paid by tax dollars.

    They need to chip in. If I gotta pay my 39%, no way in hell should they skate by paying under 20.

  7. @Ton

    I am hoping you and your kin formed corporations,for asset protection from a irresponsible litigious society. if they get their way and burn the fiat currency for electronic funds the next step will be any and all services will be gotten from a corp with more than 250 employees.

    This will be the end of conscientious quality and personal responsibility. If production goes up after it will be from automation.

  8. @ASD

    The working class pay income tax weekly or biweekly,carrying the govt expense all year while in a lot of cases making less than a living wage while taking home 30% less than that getting a refund of the tax and paying fica & medicare is not refunded. While self employed or corporate pay Quarterly to anualy matching funds for employees fica and medicare also comp insurance and unemployment. Basically the working man loans his money to the govt while he can least afford it to pay for protection of the way of life he does not enjoy or benefit from.

    Then there are capital gains and capital expenditures under a large blanket in the park.

  9. A wealthy man I sort of know said something like you aren’t wealthy until you own your own jet and a couple of Congressmen.

    With that I think your a fool of you argue income taxes etc as wealthy or put upon.

  10. LOL nice. Ideally I would have a bolt hole overseas with my money parked there but couldn’t mange it on the familia level

    Which is why I have The Ton2.0

  11. Getting to the point where money is less important than real wealth,as in real estate with raw materials,tools with extraction and manufacturing capabilities and trusted aquaintences with potential to operate. Always have looked for the best investments in my own diggings or local entrepeneurs to purchase from.

    Primary goal to have fun surviving without money and have the money when needed.

  12. Marcos 250 +=govt stipulation for employer provided health insurance,also represents the size of employer that has the administration neccesarry for electronic clock in clock out direct deposits ect.

    Mainly a random # for service company size to function in a full electronic age with full govt oversight.

  13. I was too busy to comment and too busy to record new content; so, I listen to these comments a few times and had these additional thoughts.

    @ Melmoth
    “Two quotes from you” – Please note I said “If” which is funny because that’s the beginning of my name here. Enjoying 20 year old naked females is a hell of a hobby. One I would like to take up if my marriage ever fails. The trouble is that hanging out at TRM must be helping my subcomms because, the wife says I don’t love her like I used to. To, which I reply to in one of two ways: 1. Ignore her, or 2. Yes, I think I love you better.

    Since this is your hobby, why don’t you pursue one or both of the young Cindy Crawford twins, and why didn’t your friend pursue them instead of the “age-appropriate” choice?

    @ Rugby11
    “I’m mad at you. You got me in trouble with Dad.”

    @ SJF
    “Rugby11 started it.”

    But seriously, I thought I was being clear that I was describing and not prescribing.

    Agreed, the Linklater trilogy is melodrama—especially the third. Here I am trying to rank up from blue-purple and I’m yelling at the TV, “Grow some frame.” The wife attributed her behavior to perimenopause.

    $250K for college – I’m about half done with two kids with only about $5K out of pocket and no loans. The wife has been a genius at finding scholarships and grants. I can’t say it enough don’t waste your time with a stupid woman because that’s stupid. Well, if you like the Anna Nicole Smith type and you can afford it financially and mentally—like the Pope, who am I to judge? (Of course being financially successful is a sound choice.)

    Since when are 401k assets not assets? I don’t know the legality of this but it seems to me that the wife could claim a portion in a divorce. Are you just saying the not having ready cash limits her non-nuclear options?

    Speaking of Peterson – he has a great take on college, calling it “Pleasure Island” from Disney’s Pinocchio. There is a chilling scene where the dock worker tears off the clothes (the last bit of humanity) of the boy-turned-donkey and throws him into a shipping crate marked “Sold to the Salt Mines”. “You boys have had your fun; now pay for it!”

    @ Blaximus
    “data driven conclusion” about fatherhood – Peterson has at least 2 children. Someone posted that his son is a mess. I watched the Maps of Meaning video. His daughter suffers from severe auto-immune disease. He went on the same paleo diet that accounts for his corpse-like appearance. He attributes most of the child rearing work to his wife.

  14. If you can learn to build a nuke off the web, you can certainly learn any less lethal subjects. The problem is that society does not value and encourage learning and self sufficiency any longer. You can’t get enlightened and self sufficient people to spend a thousand dollars on a cell phone.

    Again, I wish I could agree 100% with that. I can agree to an extent, but just as an example: If you are into surgery or anaesthesia and elect to learn this on the net, I wonder who you are going to practice on during the apprenticeship stage of your learning without a college setup.

  15. Of course men who have been slighted by women, or who have had little to no success with women like this blog. This blog provides a scapegoat, and that scapegoat is women’s “inherent biology” for men’s lack of success.

    Thanks foe demonstrating that you exist. You are exactly what Rollo is talking about in this post. Textbook shaming example too. This post is about you. The FI trumpet. I dont know how you missed it a few lines into the post:

    So the sales pitch then becomes, “Don’t be angry with women like those Red Pill guys. You can still live in Blue Pill happiness and harmony with a loving unicorn ‘Quality‘ woman by following these 5 simple steps to make yourself into the man women want you to be.”

  16. Gamer: “Each time I’ve gone to the Philippines, there has been less and less bike traffic…more and more cars…fewer people riding jeepneys and bikes for hire…fancy buses…overhead trains…highways are getting wider and sewers are being installed in poorer neighborhoods. Everybody has a cell, including maids, and it’s hard to keep maids because of wage inflation…ziplines…fancy stores and shopping malls abound. Lots of construction everywhere you go. UMCs exercising on bikes. Quite a few young UMCs on motorcycles, too.”

    I’d never argue the standard of living in developing nations doesn’t improve when we outsource out industry. That’s a given. It’s our standard of living I’m concerned with.

    “Once the invisible hand has taken all those historical inequities and smeared them out to a broad global layer of what a Pakistani bricklayer would consider to be prosperity”
    -Neal Stevenson’s “Snow Crash”

  17. China is a problem for more than one reason. Not long ago, Japan was in a similar position. But Japan didn’t have anywhere near the impact of flooding the market with substandard parts. It had the opposite effect, Japan’s merchandise was superior, at a better price. They didn’t saturate the market with substandard garbage at a price so low that the rest of the world became incapable of turning out simple parts for manufactured goods because they were outbid a few cents per thousand units. And the government of Japan is and was entirely different than the government of China. We didnt’ support Japan (at least since the onset of WWII) when it conducted its affairs as China does.

    Then there are security risks when our industrial production depends on parts made overseas that could be simply cut off. We wouldn’t buy weapons/military equipment made in China, but much of our DOD network depends on computer components and blackberries made in Chinese factories. Their components have so infiltrated everything it’s impossible to avoid. As a result, we not only paradoxically directly support a regime with practices counter to our interests in all areas we actually depend on it.
    Further, we seem to have no direct recourse to hold the Chinese accountable when the drywall rots, “copper” pipes rust, condoms have talc, dogfood is poisoned, heparin contaminated, and bolts fail under stress, and components and parts for appliances seem to deteriorate virtually overnight. They are responsible for about ninety percent of the global market in counterfeit products.

  18. “Again, I wish I could agree 100% with that. I can agree to an extent, but just as an example: If you are into surgery or anaesthesia and elect to learn this on the net, I wonder who you are going to practice on during the apprenticeship stage of your learning without a college setup.”

    Some things can be self-taught, not sure about everything.
    Most medical training (just like most every other type of training) actually happens on the job via experience. Even surgery. There’s always that first surgery (though of course they are well supervised).
    In a similar vein, that airline pilot might be making his first landing in a 737 when you’re the passenger. If nothing goes wrong, you’ll most likely never know.

  19. Dreamer, you stupid little dreamer
    So now you put your head in your hands, oh no

    I said, “far out, what a day, a year, a life it is!”
    You know, well you know, you had it comin’ to you
    Now, there’s not a lot I can do

    Work it out someday

  20. “If you are into surgery or anaesthesia and elect to learn this on the net, I wonder who you are going to practice on during the apprenticeship stage of your learning without a college setup.”

    The best medical doctors are veterinarians.

    “But Japan didn’t have anywhere near the impact of flooding the market with substandard parts. It had the opposite effect, Japan’s merchandise was superior, at a better price.”

    You are a child, and behind the times at the same time.

  21. Pretty recently there were a bunch of deaths related to contaminated heparin (China import). A lot of people who suffered ill effects (for example I had patient who had all of his fingers amputated) believe it was a heparin allergy. Because that is what they were told. Cause and effect can get pretty muddled in an environment with incomplete data.

    “You are a child, and behind the times at the same time.”

    Aren’t we all.

  22. “men are either “alpha” or “beta”.”

    An insight full view of women’s perspective of men.

    “He presents a ridiculous amount of inconsistencies, and hypocrisies.”

    There remain an even larger amount of inconsistencies to be revealed in today’s FI primacy dynamics that need to be presented. If one subscribes to the female primacy social order we live in these truths would appear to be hypocricies.

    ‘Not to mention all of this is rooted in “game” which is a learned behavior on how to manipulate women.”

    Women live by the game of manipulation, non feminized men grow out of this manipulative stage in responsible adulthood. A clear understanding of this game allows men to avoid being manipulated.

    “I personally know someone who thoroughly prescribed to Rollo’s “teachings”, and that is how I became interested in reading this blog.”

    Many are called, few are chosen.

  23. @kfg
    I agree that there is a lot that we can transplant from human medicine to vet medicine. Not too sure about doing it the other way round though.

  24. A former classmate who went on to become a gynecologist once told me that his class ” practiced ” on sheep and cows quite a bit.

  25. Enough time’s passed so I can share without doxxing myself… Further… Lol.

    When I worked for sandoz pharmaceutical, our campus was assailed by the crew of 60 minutes. They wanted to know why a drug that we produced in the same facilities, had vastly different pricing. The vetinary version was 300% cheaper ( or something like that ) than the ” human ” version, yet they were the exact same drug produced in the same building. Only the packaging was different.

    And of course there were the constant protests conducted by PETA. We had dozens of monkeys and rabbits and rats that were used in testing drugs.

  26. @Cheupez:

    And human medical apprenticeships, as opposed to basics training (which is mostly done on animals), is done in hospitals, not colleges. Although some hospitals may be attached to medical schools, this is not actually necessary for training.

    While one may become educated in a college, college is not equal to education.

    Yes, colleges have certain facilities, as I have noted above in the case of super cooling helium, which even my college didn’t have (so I still had to travel to MIT for that, even though a college student. But working with super cooled helium was a coincidence of my undergraduate work, not part of the curriculum). But such equipment need not be restricted to colleges. For the nominal @$250k USD cost of my undergraduate education I could have bought or rented a shit ton of equipment. A small group pooling their resources could build a “school” in the Classical Greek form for rather less than a State Uni program and teach each other.

  27. (Sperging up right now). As far as medicine is concerned, I would prefer to recieve care from one who has subjected himself both in training and practice to the rules and regulations of relevant regulatory bodies appointed by the medical fraternities in the relevant feilds of medicine and found fitting.

  28. @anona

    But Japan didn’t have anywhere near the impact of flooding the market with substandard parts. It had the opposite effect, Japan’s merchandise was superior, at a better price.

    Back in the 60’s, I’m sure, lol. Here’s a clue…which company did Japan’s companies study to learn how to improve their products?

    I’d never argue the standard of living in developing nations doesn’t improve when we outsource out industry.

    consumer-driven economics on a global scale


    The vetinary version was 300% cheaper ( or something like that ) than the ” human ” version, yet they were the exact same drug produced in the same building. Only the packaging was different.

    Yeah, I’m sure they went through the same quality control/assurance and compliance. And the vet version was developed first, so the human version was leveraged from that just so the pharmaceuticals could rip us off and charge more for the human version…this may be a bit complicated sarcastic humor for some

  29. @ rugby11
    Thanks I’ll add to my RP reading list.

    This must be Rorschach Test fail on my part, but your avatar looks like Jerry Garcia wearing dark sunglasses.

  30. “I would prefer to recieve care from one who has subjected himself both in training and practice to the rules and regulations of relevant regulatory bodies appointed by the medical fraternities in the relevant feilds of medicine and found fitting.”

    From which I can only surmise you don’t know it too good.

    I would prefer to be treated by someone who follows best science and practice. There are some doctors who do that, but they are in the minority and often do so under threat of losing their license.

    There are even cases where research doctors have admitted to making mistakes in their research, but are excoriated by the medical community, because their initial (mistaken) findings have become the rules and regulations of regulatory bodies, who protect their own interests, not that of the populace.

  31. The wealthy have it all their way…

    …Alternative Minimum Tax they have to pay even if they lose money in a year…this has caused lots of corporations to fail when times are bad and there’s no credit so they cannot borrow money to pay taxes

    …Doubly-taxed on corporate profits…the corporation pays income tax and the individual pays taxes on dividends…you don’t have to be rich for this to happen

    …Estimated Tax overpaid that the IRS is slow to refund

    …Capital Gains are taxed in full immediately, but Capital Losses that can’t be offset with Capital Gains can only be applied $3k per year

    People who don’t have two nickels to rub together should be able to file quarterly just like the wealthy…lol, like they wouldn’t blow their paycheck every week

    Warren Buffett needs therapy to get over his guilt complex for making money

  32. Word: Damore
    Language: Googlese
    Construction: Contracted word consisting of Damned and Amore.
    Definition: A person once loved by Google but is now damned to hell by Google.
    I found this in my bathroom reading library: Fortune Magazine, March 15, 2017
    For the sixth year running, Google has landed the top spot on our list of the country’s Best Companies to Work For.

    The $75 billion tech titan is famous for luxe perks like free gourmet food, haircuts, and laundry services, of course.

    But it also takes a rigorous analytical approach to morale. It boosted its parental-leave policies, for example, after finding that mothers were leaving at higher rates—the result was a 50% reduction in attrition for working moms.

    And then there’s the culture: Town halls held by black Googlers and allies, support for transgender workers, and unconscious-bias workshops (­already attended by more than 70% of staff) help foster what employees say is a “safe and inclusive” workplace at this hive of high performers.
    Money Quote: “…a ‘safe and inclusive’ workplace at this hive of high performers.”

    Hive as in “hive mind”. WTF, they admit that it’s a cult!

    Do you think that a person could get fired for calling a “black googler” that name to his or especially her face. I mean that sounds exclusionary and racist to me. Maybe you could get off with just a warning provided you could prove that you are a “black googler ally”.
    I once worked for a company that won honors in a regional magazine as being one of the 25 best companies.

    Run like hell away from any company that boasts top honors as a best place to work.

  33. Rollo what is it that they wish to achieve ? What is it you and the other speakers wish to accomplish at this 21 convention ? Just a meet and greet between writers and readers. Just a hug fest between those that produce red pill literature and those that consume it ? Seems that each writer has his own constitution and point of origin be it iron rules of tomossi or fifty shades of red maxims or 16 rules of poon. Maybe it’s best that red pill writers never consolidate into a single train of thought. That the writers stay pragmatic and real in there own school of expertise like dal in his chastisement of the modern church. Everything in life is political or numerical and red pill men don’t have the numbers to change the politics of the day. The more of these meet and greets groups come together the more of a target all these men will be. I’m sure there is some sjw type just waiting to do a story on the news about the rapist and pedophiles and the evil PUA that are holding secret conventions. If you don’t have enemies make enemies is there motto. If there are no victims they will make some for the FI story line. Be bold Rollo fortune favors it. I hope all the ambassadors and participants of this venture have the wit and patience to hold they words while out side the doors of the convention.

  34. 2 serious logical flaws

    #1) not being able to get past some neocon/ cuckserative economic talking points

    #2) grasping the concept of wealth. Wealthy don’t pay the atm. The truly wealthy aren’t even wealthy on paper becuase of how they set up the laws and then their lives around the laws they pay for

  35. I’d appreciate some help.

    I happened upon this comment on the TRM “about” page:

    and honestly, it brought me to tears
    tears of Gratitude

    The word “mensch” just doesn’t do justice to what Rollo Tomassi has done for me!

    When my life was over because of a hit and run driver,
    and I was in 24/7 inpatient care (for more than a year)
    learning to walk and speak normally
    (not like a person that had a severe stroke from impact)
    and, suddenly (understandably) my agent ceased sending me daily work
    … voice acting work that I loved, and my voice (not my name) were known for
    until I couldn’t produce those sounds
    much less have a conversation
    Rollo Tomassi provided me with a manuscript
    the ONLY SCRIPT that came after the
    hit and run driver changed EVERYTHING

    That SCRIPT
    which you know as
    “The Rational Male Volume 1” at
    Amazon, Audible and iTunes
    was the drive and vision
    that got me up earlier than any other patient
    in that facility, doing substantially more than
    the daily requirements to restore my basic abilities
    THE ONE SCRIPT was the reason
    and the responsibility and the commitment
    I had to Rollo and he had to me.
    To say he was patient would be the understatement of the MILLENNIUM!
    He was never judgmental, he was the voice of CONFIDENCE always.
    “The Rational Male” was published in paperback in 2013,
    and it was a best seller within the first week.
    Had he had another voice actor narrate the audiobook version,
    he would have enjoyed an exponentially larger readership growth,
    he would have earned a lot more money
    (but he’s proven the money is NOT his motivation)
    remember, he works, he owns brands, he’s young,
    but he could retire.
    He NEVER pressured me,
    I was pressuring me, determined to live a normal life
    and to have mastery of talent and skill restored completely!
    Without THE ONE SCRIPT, I would still be learning how to walk
    and talk
    in inpatient care.
    For more than two years of rebuilding,
    recovering, coding (dead) in the hospital,
    while recording every day, in tears trying to
    speak normal words, I had lost my ability not just to
    voice act, but to speak normal words and whole phrases
    in a script.
    Rollo Tomassi believed in me and stuck with me.
    My friends took notice,
    they’ve been appreciative too,
    and soon on a Saturday I’ll bring
    Rollo there and I’ll tell the whole story
    which will be a truth that being impactful
    even to founders of startups that are unicorn companies.

    What help do I need? Please help me show my gratitude
    to Rollo Tomassi by sharing the kind of man he is,
    knowing what he’s done that’s given my life back…
    and suddenly my talent agent sees that “that sound”
    is coming back…
    THE ONE SCRIPT, because of ONE MAN
    changed the script of my life after the hit and run driver
    changed everything and my life was over.

  36. Did you say graduates last? I call them good enough. They have qualified meaning they have met the requirements. Those who fail though that is an entirely different matter. But of course, it goes to tell you the importance of regulation, evaluation, and assessment. It is for the very reason (that fact that we have the medical colleges) that you can for a fact say that someone qualified but was last to qualify and another was first. Same with engineering, and a few other fields/branches of knowledge tolerate very narrow windows for error.

  37. And also, the regulatory bodies governing medical practice subject themselves to peer scrutiny. Someone who “follows best science and practice” is not afraid of peer scrutiny. Charlatans are. Evidence based medicine is not the “reserved for the few”. eg A level of evidence supported by metanalysis or a large number of RCTs is almost infallible and medicine will likely widely absorb and it’s practice.

  38. *”and encourage if not enforce it’s practice.

    It not easy for one person to come up with all the cutting edge advances, but it is upon the individual (doctor/engineer etc) to keep up with new recommendations brought forward through continuing reasearch, scrutinized by relevant peer bodies and submitted for inclusion into practice.

  39. “And also, the regulatory bodies governing medical practice . . .”

    . . . are political economic bodies, not scientific bodies. The American Medical Association, for instance, was founded to create upward price controls on medicine and deny the unwashed masses from obtaining affordable medical care.

    It is a trade union. A guild.

    And at the time the majority of its members did not accept the germ theory of disease.

    ” . . . supported by metanalysis . . .”

    Lord, save me.

    ” . . . it is upon the individual (doctor/engineer etc) to keep up with new recommendations brought forward through continuing reasearch . . .”

    Correct, but that is an argument against your position, both on the subject of the necessity of college and the value of the regulatory bodies.

  40. I used to worry about the future of the world. You can’t imaging how relieved I was that Facebook will be working with the US and German governments to ensure that only state-approved advertisements will be allowed, and that Facebook will vet users to determine their real identities. A world free from free speech and with the added benefits of targeted advertisements and pictures of kittens. Gentlemen and Ladies, let’s stand together and sing a chorus of the Epcot song, “There’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow.”

  41. @Rugby11 thanks for that Honest Ad vid about college. Funny but painful as well.

    And Breastaurants o_O . . . Hahahahaha! (I want to say only in America, but I’d be lying as I wouldn’t be against visiting something like that either.)

    Loving the comments in general too. The back-and-forths are quite educational, I swear you can learn more from the comments in these posts than you can in school, lol.

    @SFCton, I have to agree with what you said about pimps, ho’s tricks, even if by that classification I’d be a “ho” for going to university. It’s cold but true.

  42. “A world free from free speech and with the added benefits of targeted advertisements and pictures of kittens. Gentlemen and Ladies, let’s stand together and sing a chorus of the Epcot song, “There’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow.””

    You will be free to say what you want just not free from the consequences. We are approaching a female social matrix on social media.

    To quote from another blog, (

    “In a social structure like this, there’s no room for difference of opinion or people who stand out too much. If an individual, even by noncompliance, threatens the group identity; she will gain the ire of the entire group. They will hunt her without mercy until she complies with the demands of the group, is removed from their reach by either death or physical distance (which is getting much harder with the internet), or manages to win enough females to her side to either form a new group around her or replace the existing leader. The last option allows her to push her standard on the group as a whole. There is no option to live and let live. In other words, female social structure is closer to the Borg than the complex world we currently enjoy.”

    You can survive in the new media, but you have to be in the queen bee circle that sets the group identity.

  43. Sublime, yes. Very well done. He accomplished what you could not.
    Though at what exact point I pissed in your cereal bowl I have no idea.
    Kinda immaterial anyway.
    Very well done.
    Thank you .

  44. meh, obviously, we need more churn in the medical community…keep prices down and get old docs to retire…what’s a few wild swings here and there in the medical population when there’s an oversupply of docs…do you guys seriously not see a problem with this? I’ll unpack it at the end…

    …of course, the best docs have been practicing 20 years, next best 25 years, next best 30 years, next best 15 years…

    it’s true that some docs don’t stay current but you can always check that if you pay attention…staying current might be a bad thing in some cases…the new drug or procedure turns out to cause more problems than it ameliorates

    the insurance companies…especially Medicare…put a lot of downward pressure on medical prices…in other news, daughter Gamer has had multiple offers of a substantial six figure salary…she would pay multiple six figures in income taxes…she will become an attending next year…downward price pressure is on basic specialties like family practice, peds, and internal med

    wild swings in medical population…too many docs…most experienced docs retire…too few docs…prices skyrocket…keeps average experience of docs low…keeps medical quality low

    a medical guild keeps docs working and gaining experience and prevents wild fluctuations in the cost of medical care and keeps the quality of medical care high

  45. For example; taking a fellowship in a college of physicians makes you a fellow in that fellowship. A certain standard of practice, ethic and general conduct is required of its members. Falling below expectation subjects you to negative peer review and possible dismissal from fellowship.

    I dont know what AMA is. If it is a government body of lawyers making rules about how to pay medical insurance and so on that is another issue. That is not a college. It may have some role in controlling cost of care but I doubt it is even the main source of CME for doctors.

  46. Just a brief anecdote regarding the subreddit articles (discussing the trending of less sex in recent times in all sorts of relationships): before everything disintegrated into nonsense, I spent over the last year on the couch, resulting in more sex on average than over the last five years of our relationship.

    This is all well known stuff by now.

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