Misperceptions of the Red Pill

One of the most common criticisms of “those Red Pill guys” I read today is the misperception that any guy devoting any headspace to the nature of women, how to go about changing his outlook in intersexual dynamics or really understanding intersexual mechanics is only applying himself in order to get laid. Old school Roissy addressed this as a common form of Red Pill hate long ago:

From The Unbearable Triteness of Hating:

12. Fallacy of Misdirected Obsession Hate

Hater: A guy who spends his life obsessing over how to get women is a loser.

A guy who spends his life obsessing over climbing the corporate ladder to get more attention from women is a loser.
A guy who spends his life obsessing over mastering guitar and playing in a rock band to get more attention from women is a loser.
A guy who spends his life obsessing over pursuing financial rewards and acquiring resources to get more attention from women is a loser.
A guy who….. ah, you get the point.

I made an effort to address this in Crisis of Motive as well, however, that essay took a more general look at the reasons people behave as they do.

A common (often deliberate) misdirection is that the only purpose men apply themselves to when considering Red Pill truths is that it’s all about PUA and chasing pussy. From there the argument becomes one of men becoming ‘pussy beggars‘ because they mistakenly believe this is all that studying intersexual dynamics is good for.

I get this a lot from MRAs as well as MGTOWs and trad-con guys who believe men shouldn’t ever bother themselves with the nature of women or the underlying mechanics, and focus themselves on whatever ‘higher-order’ principles or ambiguous virtues their belief set predisposes them to valuing. Usually these tend to be old books, old social contract ideals that they believe men need to return to.

Then the focus centers on how unburdened they’ve become with women, because they’ve either given up or have otherwise dissociated themselves from caring enough to understand the nature of women. Then, a sort of self-righteous AMOGing follows in some feigned pity about how other men are stuck following their penises instead of applying themselves to whatever it is they think ought to be valued. It’s a very convenient cop out for guys who’ve either attempted to understand Red Pill truths or applied Game and failed in some capacity, or for Blue Pill men unwilling to let go of the idealism it’s taught them, but still see some undeniable truth in the Red Pill.

I find this kind of ironic when I consider how hard-line PUAs tend to value the practice and repetition of Game above (not necessarily to the exclusion of) really looking under the hood and understanding why theses same intersexual mechanics make a man fully Red Pill aware. These are the “just get out there and do it” guys, and I do see the necessity of practice and learning. However, in either instance, it becomes all too easy to dismiss a man’s interest in understanding these mechanics as being motivated by hedonistic impulses. This is half the reason Red Pill awareness is shunned in religious contexts. A good part of understanding the fundamental nature of women aligns directly with old-school doctrine, but the disqualifying concern is that men would use it for their own self-important pleasures. It’s easy to presume that all the Red Pill is about is facilitating men’s obsession with getting laid because men are taught that this is all men think about. But whether it’s in a religious context, or an old books ‘man up’ context, the element of shaming and pathologizing men’s sexual impulse to promote an ideologic bent is always there.

That’s the heart of this misperception; the belief that the Red Pill is only about banging women or it’s in some way giving men reasons to encourage them to give up on women in despair. It’s only about building a man’s life around women (pussy beggars) to the exception of all else or it’s wasting one’s life trying to understand something not worth the effort. Those are the binary rationales attached to accepting the truths that the Red Pill reveals to men. These are usually the result of some irreconcilable conflict between that truth and an ego-investment in his Blue Pill idealism.

Ostensibly, the concern stems from some ideal of personal responsibility and that Red Pill awareness is in some way encouraging guys to ignore anything like responsibility and just following their most base impulses. Anyone who’s been involved in the Red Pill as a praxeology of intersexual dynamics understands this is a wrong impression, however, it does serve to stroke the egos of guys who need an easy dismissal of the truths they’re uncomfortable with. In a sense it becomes a new form of Game to them; AMOGing those pussy beggars by being maverick examples of a guy who is enlightened above his animal sexual nature. The belief is not unlike Blue Pill men’s dedication to their identifying with the feminine as a means to make himself unique and “not like other (typical) guys.”

There are a lot of different variations of this ‘Game’. Maybe it’s the tough-guy pastor who adopts just enough Red Pill awareness to pretend he’s got the masculine experience to tell men how they ought to ‘man up’ – while absolving women of any personal responsibility in their own natures. Sometimes it’s the Power of Positive Thinking guru who plays a similar, though secular, game with his flock – if you just ‘think differently’ you’ll be unique and have no reason to “chase pussy”. Then there’s the trad-con “authority” who also perpetuates the “nothing’s sexier” myth about men who ‘do the right thing’ by accepting their own indenturement to women, but are also ‘above it all’ enough to never have to worry about the risks men put themselves into by doing so.

The Importance of Hypergamy

A lot gets made about a perceived over-emphasis on Hypergamy. While Hypergamy serves as a very important foundation to many Red Pill truths it’s not the straightjacket critics want to make of it. However, the misperception critics like to harp on is that just the simplest most basic understanding about the mechanics of Hypergamy are too paralyzing for most men. Again, it’s something believed to be deterministic to the point that a lot of men simply throw up their hands and give up. It would be better for them to stay totally ignorant (or less aware) of how Hypergamy influences not just their personal lives, but also their work, social, family and political lives. In being ignorant of Hypergamy a guy might develop some irrational self-confidence in spite of its influence that would help him.

Some critics like to promote the idea that because Red Pill awareness, as a praxeology, doesn’t plainly present hard and fast actionable solutions for men that it is promoting some endemic culture of victimhood. Thus, we get comparisons of men complaining or whining about their own miserable (often sexless) state, or the state of unfairness in a world that is aligned against them. These are the critics who want easy answers and when none come, or the ones that are obvious conflict with the Blue Pill idealisms they refuse to disavow, they believe it’s the Red Pill’s duty to give them some bullet point list that tells them what to do. Thus, the Red Pill doesn’t make it easy enough to be useful.

What they fail to wrap their heads around is that the Red Pill is not one-size-fits-all and that anyone promoting a universal cure-all is selling something dangerously close to Dream Girls and Children with Dynamite. Rather than bothering with the introspection necessary to use what the Red Pill is telling them, they seek simplistic formulas to remedy their conditions. Most critics who believe Red Pill awareness promotes a sense of male victimhood resort to this opinion because they lack the personal investment necessary not just to understand intersexual dynamics, but also the harsh necessity of abandoning their Blue Pill ideals completely.

Often enough what the Red Pill is showing them is requiring that they stare at the abyss of a past life based on Blue Pill fallacies. Solution? Conflate the praxeology, the studying of intersexual dynamics, with complaining and a victimhood belief. Rather than invest the time and attention needed to understand intersexual dynamics it’s far easier to conflate what Red Pill men debate with angry feminists’ easily disprovable rhetoric.

The Scope of the Red Pill

In the linked podcast above I addressed another common misperception with Anthony Johnson; that of the belief that all the Red Pill is about is limited to the personal situations of men. All of the misbeliefs I’ve led up to here are founded on the idea that Red Pill awareness is exclusively compartmentalized to the personal states of men, and beyond that the social and political landscape is caused by social constructionist reasons. The misperception, as I said, is that understanding intersexual dynamism is only about getting laid or complaining about not getting laid. Learning anything more in-depth only indicates some degree of obsession with getting sex.

In The Feminine Mystique I outlined the latent purpose the Feminine Imperative foments in the mythology of women being these fickle, unpredictable and unknowable enigmas to men.

Perhaps the single most useful tool women have possessed for centuries is their unknowablity. I made that word up, but it’s applicable; women of all generations for hundreds of years have cultivated this sense of being unknowable, random or in worse case fickle or ambiguous. This is the feminine mystique and it goes hand in hand with the feminine prerogative – a woman always reserves the right to change her mind – and the (mythical) feminine intuition – “a woman just knows.” While a Man can never be respected for anything less than being forthright and resolute – say what you mean, mean what you say – women are rewarded and reinforced by society for being elusive and, dare I say, seemingly irrational. In fact, if done with the right art, it’s exactly this elusiveness that makes her both desirable and intolerably frustrating. However, to pull this off she must be (or seem to be) unknowable, and encourage all of male society to believe so.

What critics and Blue Pill men do by discouraging a fully developed understanding of what makes for Red Pill awareness in men is a surrender to this unknowable social convention. Either women are unknowable or not worth the bother of men having figured out their nature the effect is the same; keeping men ignorant of how the Feminine Imperative directs their lives. This ignorance has ramifications that go far beyond just the individual man and whether or not he gets laid.

I mention this in the above interview, but what critics don’t want to confront is the far greater scope that understanding the praxeology of the Red Pill implies. Those dynamics stretch from the biological, to the psychological, to the personal and familial, to the political and the global. A man can use Red Pill awareness to get laid, deal with an unresponsive wife, challenge a female boss at work, better understand the sexual marketplace as well as the latent purposes of feminine-primary legislation designed to maximally limit men and maximally unfetter women. However, just understanding this, just discussing it or a want to have a more complete grasp of Red Pill awareness is not an effort in bemoaning a man’s state within it. This is the danger I see coming from some elements within the Red Pill community; there’s a tendency to see the education (or even the want of an education) in Red Pill awareness as some substitute for acting on it. It is not, and it’s high time men in the ‘sphere realize that Red Pill awareness, and making it useful to an individual man, consists of both the theoretical and the practical.

I’ve had critics tell me that the Red Pill is only desperate guys learning to get laid, and to them I’ll point out the recent story of Daniella Greene, the FBI translator who left her military husband to marry the very ISIS fighter she’d been tasked to investigate. Watch the video at this link and then think about how many Red Pill truths this story confirms. Think about the far greater scope and importance an understanding of Red Pill intersexual dynamics has here. Are we just going to say “well, bitches are crazy, she must be damaged” or do we see the mechanics behind her actions with a Red Pill Lens? This is only one example of the scope of the importance a developed Red Pill awareness should mean to men.

Published by Rollo Tomassi

Author of The Rational Male and The Rational Male, Preventive Medicine

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  1. I want my women to be about as unknowable as my car.

    Knowing why my car needs oil and oil changes on a regular basis does not define a gear head obsession on my part. For a small investment in total time from my life in learning, practicing and executing, I get way more out of my car and I don’t have to hand over all agency to a dealership or shop to solve my problem.

    Taking a few minutes of each day to better understand how my wife works for example, is a tiny investment in terms of the additional trouble free miles I will get out of my marriage in the long run. Learning, practicing and executing red pill, game and so on is simply a skill set and a box of tools I now have at my disposal.

    I don;t really give a shit anymore who questions my motivations about RP etc, I really only care about the outcomes I achieve and I have to say they are far better than before I found the manual for chick brains and hamster wheels.

  2. If “Red Pill” dogma is properly deconstructed the dialectic laid bare is neo-fascist semi-orthodox disambiguation. Its critics within a para-Marxian universe derive knowledge based positions contrary to the rabble running untamed on the far right fringes filling the void of the irreligiosity cleansing the West – all of which will culminate in the coalescence of a partial binary non-binary. A priori logic dictates that “Red Pill” ideology cannot be sustained within the current populace even if not directly purged through a co-equal lens. Hence, it is intellectually doomed.

  3. This was a good post, Rollo. A tool is only as good as the wielder. I joined the group because I felt your principles challenged the places men felt uncomfortable going but really needed to. This “Them versus Us” mentality seems so juvenile to me…only an undeveloped mind would adopt this thinking. But a “developed” mind I felt was the target audience of your books 🙂

    I appreciate that your book attempts to look at these issues from a position of strength. As I’ve said before I don’t agree with everything you said but the guidance you give can assist a guy dealing with the evolving states of himself and the women in his life.

    For example, I met an older woman the other day and I used the Dijo Sin Hablar very effectively against her. She was complaining that there is a real resist to a woman leading(perpetual female complaining) and I tried to help her see that Hillary just wasn’t the right woman but I didn’t shovel it at her.

    I made comments like this:

    Could you trust someone that deleted 50,000+ emails on a private email who had a career in Gov’t her whole career. Shouldn’t she had known better the rules?

    History has catalogued amazing women who had the power to lead. Margaret Thatcher, Catherine the Great, Angela Merkel, etc. Merkel I went deep on because Germany is doing many things right in the global economy that even Trump has noticed. If Germany was unhappy with Merkel, why is she getting a 4th term?

    The Rational Male can deal with women and help them manage their extreme views of the world.

  4. >> >> These are the critics who want easy answers

    This ^ POV had never occurred to me (that redpill = easy answers).

    If we think about blue/red pill as an existential choice (which is precisely what I think it is), the choice is: CHOOSE BLUE, and follow the heard (or trust in “god’s design”), and your choices are made for you. That… is the easy path. That’s “plugged in.” Alternately… CHOOSE RED, and then… realize there is no “right path.” That you have to slug out your existential choices on your own (or perhaps, with the help of a “community.”). There are truths… but no easy answers.

    For me, this was the choice between BLUE (married/babies/mortgage/retire/die) vs RED (????… a constant experiment).

    GAME is a primary example of this kind of choice… and of course, you learn almost nothing interesting without that application.

    BLUE means “just be yourself” and “be nice to girls.” And RED means… well, what do you want, do you understand the choices available, can you access those choices, how hard are you willing to work?? Endless “uneasy” questions, iteration, optimization.

  5. It’s easier to keep the status quo by completely writing off or treating any opposing views as an outlier anomaly. It’s so much easier to say “we’ll it’s an exception so we don’t want to include it in the bell curve we’re making.” The Red Pill is treated as such by society at large, but I think we’re going to see more and more use cases for it and people are going to realize that this “anomaly” is actually something much deeper and much more true. How that will look, it’s hard to say. but as the Red Pill grows and evolves it’ll be interesting to see what it manifests into in the future to come.

  6. Some of the most important parts of building yourself
    “Those dynamics stretch from the biological, to the psychological, to the personal and familial, to the political and the global.”

  7. “keeping men ignorant of how the Feminine Imperative directs their lives. This ignorance has ramifications that go far beyond just the individual man and whether or not he gets laid.”
    Women are more dangerous than anything… That’s what makes them beautiful…

  8. Rugby

    “Women are more dangerous than anything… That’s what makes them beautiful…”

    Hmmmmmm… Recent encounter with a second time married woman who had to come clean to number 2 about a hidden 50k credit card debt…

    Ouch. While she casts her eye about.

  9. Leon T Troll

    “Hence, it is intellectually doomed.”

    And yet pussy slathering is observable and repeatable? Seems biology has a hand over “intellect”.

  10. George “C”

    “Merkel I went deep on because Germany is doing many things right in the global economy that even Trump has noticed. If Germany was unhappy with Merkel, why is she getting a 4th term?”

    LoL… Is this a new troll directive the surname initial? For fucks sake… Germany has been leading the European economy since WW2 no thanks to the childless race traitor Merkel. She inherited a highly functioning machine, and like the Marxist cunt she is… Is throwing a bunch of wrenches in it.

  11. Rollo… The JIDF are targeting you now. Be smart about 21 but dont let your light be snuffed out.

    Comes the time comes the man…

  12. Daysofgame

    “For me, this was the choice between BLUE (married/babies/mortgage/retire/die) vs RED (????… a constant experiment).”

    Come on… Logical muddle.

    “And RED means… well, what do you want, do you understand the choices available,”

    See? Get past the anger stage.

  13. hey Georgie –

    “…This “Them versus Us” mentality seems so juvenile to me…only an undeveloped mind would adopt this thinking. But a “developed” mind I felt was the target audience of your books”

    far be it from me to to claim I don’t partake in the juvenile from time to time…. guilty as charged; I’m not addressing the content of what you stated, just how you delivered it, so I gotta couple of questions for you…

    how do you feel about the arrogance of a self-appointed authority? you know, the jackass that tries to place himself in a position of (moral and/or intellectual) superiority, telling others what ‘ought’ or ‘should’ be? this whole fucking blog post is about the techniques and reasons used to dismiss and shame those trying to get a grip on RP/game…. and here you are dismissing and shaming

    not sure how closely you follow the comments here, but the position of Pompous Ass is already filled and there are *many* better qualified candidates always vying for it

    try toning down the belittling of others just to imply your own superiority; your writing style indicates ESL and so you may not even be aware of it (and not just this latest comment)…. just some harsh but honest feedback

  14. Tomassi, you remind me of one of those feminists in the short skirt and heels, loudly proclaiming she only dresses up for her self while whining because she thinks men look at her. Your red pill is about sex, period. You’ve been trying to spin it into religion and spirituality to no avail, since practically forever.

  15. here they come Rollo, looks like some of the old trolls re-enlisted to join the new recruits

    shields up Rollo, you’re on a lotta radars now

  16. Even though Rugby frequently posts links and videos, he can rarely put together a tribal thought in writing things out (I empathize cause I have/had that flaw, Big Time). (But that Sir Rugby makes himself useful and I have high respect for his trying to advance his cause of Bad Childhood, Good Life. High Five Rugby I give you boatloads of Social Proof here. #Valuable Tribe Member. And sincere thanks for your contributions.)

    I just have to say: The shit he posts is worth it’s weight on occasion, and frequently.

    In the discussion thread from the last post, which really had a lot of discussion (as it should) in light of the Charlottesville fiasco he linked this:


    Take it from me: This video is fantastic. Find a way to listen to it (actually watching the expression on the faces is even better).

    It ties in to this OP on Misperceptions and Misconceptions of Red Pill Praxeology and Value of Red Pill disparaged by those who are ignorant.

    Jordan Peterson is not Red Pill. But he has a shitload of tools for the practicing Red Pill Guy.

    Practicing Red Pill means Getting Things Done with Understanding how things Fucking Work.

    Politically Jordan Peterson abhors left extremism or right extremism. Extremism is usually non-praxeologic Ideology. (And of course in today’s political climate of Feminine Supremacism with
    the tools of of the mainstream media and the lack of a long attention span, and identity politics, and cultural Marxism the Red Pill *will be lumped into something by ignorant idiots no matter what*.)

    Practically he’s into masculine self improvement and truth. If you get displaced in your own enlightened self interest and masculine self improvement along the lines of:

    Getting Shit Done>Ideology>Nihilism. He votes for the former. He shows by his lectures and writings: How to do it. And it works. That’s Praxeology.

    Give the video a watch or a listen. Good shit. And an antidote to The Idiocracy.

  17. insanitybytes22

    “Tomassi, you remind me of one of those feminists in the short skirt and heels, loudly proclaiming she only dresses up for her self while whining because she thinks men look at her. Your red pill is about sex, period. You’ve been trying to spin it into religion and spirituality to no avail, since practically forever.”

    What’s the matter? Sad he gets more attention from men than you do? He’s certainly converted more souls, I tell ya what.

  18. SJF
    “Valuable Tribe Member. And sincere thanks for your contributions”
    Thank you its not what happens it how you deal with it. Being blue in times of masculine madness is not good for self preservation.
    Rollo’s work and being here brought me to accept something i though i had to destroy which was the truest form of me i could be and get to.
    Purposeful evolution
    “How do i do better tommorow than i did today?
    Long term investment (Self)
    Obliterate complacency
    Being here for me it to Stimulate change and improvement.
    I Thrive in discomfort knowing what i do here.
    Impel progress from within…
    Oddly a visceral revulsion to self satisfaction…


  19. This Rational Male Blog is unusual, solid gold from R Tomassi to his band of blog brothers.
    Some learn by listening, or by seeing , or by doing. Some, men I believe, only learn with pain, applied at the right time. I would be very slow to comment here and risk looking stupid, not because I need attention or approval, but because this forum deserves respect. Its that good.
    Mr Tomassi isnt trying to sell you anything, or seek your vote Ms Insanitybytes…
    Who do you think you are talking to?

  20. http://i.imgur.com/6gYKang.jpg

    insanitybytes:you are unwelcome in a male space here.

    Your logic is non existent. You are self-promotional (in Ideology) and weak in your cause for logic in inter-sexual causes. (Do you even like sex?)

    You are irrelevant. TRM is indifferent more so than antagonistic to you. You have no standing what-so-ever here. You adhere to an ideology. Which is simple minded. We herr adhere to Praxeology.

    Which in simple terms means: What Works. We don’t care if you Feelz about Ideology (what ought to be, rather than what is) trumps that. We don’t fucking care about your solipsism and your investments in your mindset. Which is set in stone. And non-adaptable.

    Your Frame is week. We don’t need that from a woman here. So go away.

    Take your ball home because of that.

    You irrelevant bitch. (Said in an indifferent tone.) You are weak and try to blog in a weak echo-chamber for unknown reasons. Perhaps for self validation, cause you aren’t self validated. You have your doubts which are self-evident in your posts. In other words: You suck as a person.

    You blog because your ideology and your self has self evident weakness. Which you take safe harbor in your Religious Churchianism says is OK because of Forgiveness for your Weaknesses. Hiding behind the Churchianism. How convenient.

    So Shut Up. Your comments are superfluous. Which makes you irrelevant in a male discussion place. If you have half an Emotional Intelligence Quotient (EQ) you know that. If not: Good Luck with That you clueless bitch.

    Don’t comment because you are irrelevant to the the process and the discussion. Not to mention that ideology that you hold as relevant to the Churchian thing is what you hold close to you and your Anna Karenina Principled fake life. Stop lying that you have everything handled. The fact that you blog tells me you don’t: Have your shit handled. But then, I have senses you don’t.

    Which proves my point: STFU here. This blog has unmoderated comments, unlike your forum echochamber. Doesn’t mean I can’t call you a stupid ignorant bitch that has clue but is trying to take a chess strategy opposite of the blog you are attempting to comment on.

    What is your real goal Ms. Church Lady? We all Know What is Going on Here! How do you want to change us? What is your ultimate goal? You know what you are commenting on and what you want to accomplish and so do we. You know. You know. Admit it an drop the artifice.

    Other than that, Life Is Beautiful. Out in the World of Nature.

    Ask me how I really feel though.

  21. Guess I’m Dumb* (as Brian Wilson would say) but I thought that Leon T bit of quadruple-speak was pretty fuckin funny. Partial binary non-binary? Sounds like that fake academic journal article that some faculty lounge lizards actually tried to justify even in the face of the authors’ assurance it was shit.

    *(real song title sung by the late Glen Campbell when he was subbing with The Beach Boys)

  22. @Rugby

    You are a good man. You past is past.

    The manosphere was invented to give guys actionable advice. Shrug Off the Matrix Hivemind.

    Hell: Read Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. It has primary Red Pill prototypical thoughts about enlightened self interest. Which you need to pursue with gusto.

    But with how your mind works, it it tough to pursue a long reading book.

    You know your kinetic learning.

    Work against that.

    Swim against your tide.

    It shouldn’t be a affront to work against the young PuerArchy.

    I hope your listening to Jordan Peterson videos is helping because there is gold in them there stuff.

    But I also hope you can have the fortitude to read 800 page long novels in this day and age as a testament to your ability to masculine self improve.

    It is not necessary but if in your In-between-time that you would otherwise waste, as your wide uncle, Mr. SJF, take some time to read long not-so-boring novels such as Tolsoy’s Anna Karenina, Doestyevski’s The Brother’s Karamazov. And Robert Pirigs’s The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.

    That shit is hard reading.

    Then read even harder stuff. Like Vadim Zeland’s Reality Transurfing.

    And then go back an truly doubt every thing you heard Jordan Peterson lecture on.

    With that a a basis. you can’t possible be positivists in so far as Red PIll lile going foreward.

    Life is beautiful if you choose it to be so.


    Carry On.

  23. One element of the Red Pill independent thinking.

    A big frustration for me when I discovered the manisphere, game and the Red Pill was how isolated i often feel…

    Red Pill thinking has fallen so far out of the mainstream that I’m seen as a pariah for my directness when I see through the bullshit.

    White knights are a bigger hurdle than feminists for me.

  24. When you watch what women do rather than what they say, there is no mystery to them. It’s men’s being unable to accept the truth as laid out in the garden of Eden story line that’s the problem. It’s all summed up in a couple of sentences. I learned this back in Sunday school, but like most could bring myself to believe it … to believe it destroys all notions of romantic love.

  25. @Rugby11, what were you trying to point out with Emily Blunt and Matt Damon video? Explain please. Thanks.

  26. I’m not sure what to make of the Daniella Greene through a Red Pill lense situation. Looks firmillar to when my ex wife bailed, or when an aquaintance bailed on her husband of 25 years for an absolute sociopath of a man I also know.

    Other than “chicks with potentially troubled pasts seem to lose their shit when they hit the mid 40s, it happens, sorry bro” what did I miss? Just standard chick shit, and what else?

  27. @Rollo: that translator story… I have to admit I laughed. Of course this isn’t funny at all to the poor U.S. military ex-husband. Hope he found / finds your work.

    Looks like she got a “pussy pass” on her sentence as well (the reporters pretty much imply that).

    High likelihood she is alpha widowed as well.

    I also found the part where it is mentioned that “vulnerabilities” were addressed funny, as in my mind I imagined re-assigning such that there aren’t any longer any women investigating charming, manly terrorists.

    This is the kind of thing commonly seen in fiction and dismissed as just fiction. Usually there it is the protagonist alpha male “converts” girls to the good side. Made me think of Bond movies (because @j posted a clip of Bond girls recently).

  28. Once a man internalizes the actual truth of intersexual dynamics, both at an individual level and in social contexts, he is forever changed. Sadly though, too many men encounter those truths and then put it on like a new outfit, their latest “ideology” or “cause” which acts a substitute for their crushed Blue Pill idealism.

    The answer is to step out of that kind of idealism altogether. However, many men simply stop when they are confronted with the truly ugly realities of intersexual dynamics and they kind of intellectually stop at that point. They either Purple Pill or MGTOW – or spend absurd amounts of time online yammering about it. Regardless of their mechanism for diverting themselves from the harsh realities of the sexual marketplace, they continue to pretend, and this is how the phenomena of Web Red Pill Sophists arises. There are many of them sprayed out across many web platforms and are quite obvious on this site too.

    Analysis will not transform your mindset, toolset or skillset. It is only the start. Game offers an excellent experiential form of learning and retraining of our neurology and behavior by helping us to develop new skills/tools/mindset. It can also be seen as “fieldwork” that confirms one’s analysis and deepens your understanding of intersexual dynamics.

    What a lot of MRAs and other white knighting, blue/purple pilling nitwits miss is that it’s just as much about male behavior as it is female behavior. And that is the most important aspect of all this. Change your behavior, forget women and society for a while. Let me put it this way. Look at these issues, how many have you internalized and how do they affect how you see yourself?

    Male Disposability – Do you have a hero complex? Are you still all “ladies first”? Lol, I can’t even hold a door open for a woman who I don’t want to fuck or isn’t in my family or tight social circle anymore…And the only women who get in there are those who value and respect me and treat me well.

    Female superiority – The best term for this is “pedestalization”. Women just aren’t all that we’ve made them out to be. Rollo touches on the “mystique” aspect again, and this is designed to make men dumb about women. To accept their behavior and attitudes. Nope, not necessary. I go through a “break-in period” with every new girl in my little web. I generally have to deliver consequences and remonstrate them severely when they pull the same crappy behavior they are used to getting away with. Remember, I’m out to bang 20something hotties at 55 and most men would think that I’d be kind or grateful. LMFAO – I’m doing them a favor. The reason they fuck me and hang with me is that I actually respect myself.

    They get all reactive about it but their anger and reactions are much less vociferous and fixed than they used to be with me, because I see through it. They are merely used to getting away with bad behavior but at some level they know I’m right and that I simply will not change my mind. When I remonstrate a 20yo for showing up 1.5 hours late to my home, I really mean it. I don’t give a fuck if she leaves, she will treat me with respect or I won’t be around. The funny thing is how THEY recalibrate to me. Current 20yo HB7 was so enraged when this happened but a week later it’s like it never happened. Is now an ontime machine with me. I took her on a shooting date last weekend, tee hee. Put a Glock in a young girls hands and she’s your’s. Point? She’s submitted to my dominance AND IS HAPPIER. She texted me yesterday about how sweet I am, LMFAO. I’m the same – she’s just complying cuz those are the rules with me. If you deal any BS to me, you get consequences. And I’m serious, be good to me or get the fuck out. I’ve kicked a bunch of prospective girls to the curb as I won’t put up with it. This way of being telegraphs something very different to a woman, and it makes them wet, btw…lol.

    Last thought. I also have a small number of things I demand from a woman, I don’t correct them much. I’m less invested and they accommodate me more because I’m judicious. I don’t put them into drama by my own insecurity or lack of certainty. And yeah, there are shit tests, which I now see completely differently. I see it as, “are you really worthy of me?” and often the best response is to ignore it, which telegraphs that she should be thinking, “am I worthy of you”.

    You can’t fake it. Many men in the “ManoSphere” do though, and compensate with . And hey, why not as this is soul crushing, overwhelming stuff. To find this all out when I was 51? Ya, rough couple of years after that and most men simply cannot hack the existential crisis it creates.

    The toughest truth of all for most men is understanding Alpha. They can never get that it’s a relative thing, that the top 20% always get the lion’s share of the goodies in society. More pussy, more money, more respect and most of all, more power. We have to have the bottom 80%, that will always be so. And many “Red Pill” men are merely angry betas who’ve been awoken to their status in the pecking order. Oh well, sucks to be you…

    Re: @Leon blah blah – Hey douche, care to debate your pseudo-intellectual bullshit live? I have an anonymous YouTube channel. We’ll get on live and I’ll reduce you to sputtering and tears. Anywhere, anytime, fucktard. And oh yeah, I’m not of the Alt Right but I’d defend them over neo-marxist, post-modern, utterly confused asswipes like you 7 days a week and twice on Sunday. Please, please take me up on it. You can make any political criticisms you want – I’ll do no prep, and destroy you utterly. You fucking pussy. Worst part of the internet? Cunts like you saying shit you’d never say face to face to men far better than you in every way.

    Bring it bitch, I dare you.

  29. FYI: Syracuse.com and the NY Post add this to the Daniella Greene ” I Cucked My Solider Boy Hubby for ISIS” story:

    She fell for a German national named Denis Cuspert, the alpha dawg ISIS recruiter, and lied about her travel plans to hook up with him. In this version there’s not much detail about the cucked US soldier, but that’s OK, no need to drag him into the story, we can only imagine what he’s gone through.

    “Once she was in Syria, Greene apparently realized she’d made a grave mistake, according to an email cited in federal papers.

    “I am gone and I can’t come back,” Greene wrote in an email to someone whose name is blacked out in court papers. “I am in Syria. Sometimes I wish I could just come back… I am in a very harsh environment and I don’t know how long I will last here, but it doesn’t matter. It’s all a little late now.”

    [guess the Five Minutes of Alpha wore off pretty quick]

    “Greene did make it out of Syria in August 2014, a month after she arrived, court papers said. She was arrested as soon as she got back to the United States.

    “Greene faced up to eight years in prison for her crime. But federal prosecutors asked her judge to impose only two years imprisonment because she cooperated with investigators, court papers said.”

    [The story only got legs lately when CNN broadcasted it].

  30. “And many ‘Red Pill’ men are merely angry betas who’ve been awoken to their status in the pecking order.”

    ouch, and so true; and it’s a natural reaction… guys, harness your anger, make it work *for* you, prod you like a pig-sticker in your weaker, wavering moments; the anger will take you many places unbidden if you let it go unchecked, so ride that wild stallion but hold on tight and always be in control of it

    good to hear from scribbs again, he’s back to the kind of comments that I used to look forward to reading; *except* that last paragraph, that shit came outta nowhere lol ; I think Leon is a bot troll, but even on content alone doesn’t merit a response

    anyway, thanks scribbs for the boundaries and enforcement examples; these are key elements, please continue, it is appreciated

  31. InsanityBytes blogs, and comments here on occasion, for the same reason just about all women who are in and around the manosphere blog and comment.

    Because they want to run with the big boys. They want to influence the thought patterns and the discussion. And they want to be taken seriously as heavy hitters and Serious Thinkers. It’s a primal shrill shriek of “Take Me Seriously, Dammit!” They’re tired of the blogging equivalent of playing with Barbies and Easy Bake ovens. They want to be around the boys.

    At the same time, they want to play the coquette, batting their eyes and subtly flirting and saying “but just lil ol’ ME! I’d never hurt no one!”

    Then when the discussion gets too rough and tumble and the girls get called out on their bullshit, it’s “Don’t hit me, I’m a girl! You boys are so MEAN!”

    There’s only one woman I know of who didn’t pull that shit, and she knows who she is, but I won’t drag her name into this discussion.

  32. Imagine my surprise in finding out Leon Trotsky (now going under the alias Leon T) survived a pick axe to the head and managed to survive till now.
    Still spewing the same hermetical bullshit. Good ole Leon. No wonder Stalin hated you

  33. wtf? links to playboy stuff but doesn’t have any pics? I don’t want to see the charts, show me the evidence!; you really took the “I only read it for the articles” bullshit to the next level lol

  34. Insanity, don’t you know the famous words of Oscar Wilde?

    “Everything in the world is about sex except sex. Sex is about power.”

  35. I was brought into Redpill awareness through seeking an understanding of women, because beforehand, I was virtually clueless, and tired of looking around in the dark using my own trial and error for answers. And I made lots of errors, which particularly impacted my life in ways beyond just chasing tail. It’s true that Redpill awareness is important for getting women – but that’s half the story. It’s really important for developing confidence, strength, and truth, and those are the things that attract women anyway. The end result is the feeling of becoming a stronger, more enlightened man; again, the things that naturally attract women.

  36. good link SJF, thanks; it takes the focus off the woman and over to how the man is ranked in a hierarchy; the key point being that men establish the hierarchy and the woman merely responds to it

    I would add a bit from J Peterson…. that although men compete and have these hierarchies, they do it so that a woman can infer the man’s quality when choosing a mate

  37. Jafyk
    The written with both of them is a compliment to her being in the bathroom and him preparing to perform in front of the audience (The viewer) the male is always in this role on screen and off screen. She is into his frame in the film because she was playing a prank than she connects and Matt is now aware of the dynamic of how she is introduced than many red pill aspects come up on screen about the pass and the future vetting for romantic affection. Bringing up loyalty and betrayal.
    The reason i posted that scene is because its one of the most beautiful unfolding aspects of affection and nagging I’ve scene on a film that isn’t openly ridiculing the male who is interested in the affection and pleasure of a female.

  38. @Rollo

    If you have even a modicum of a “moral compass”, as you on the extreme right like to slogan, you will permanently ban Scribblerg from your site and at the very least temporarily ban marquisdestade and theasdgamer for threatening language and inciting hate because they can’t handle the truth behind “Red Pill” pseudo-intellectualism. Let this constitute an official request and appeal to your authority to accomplish this (I will not hold my breath). You see, ‘gentlemen’, I can communicate in the styleless and uninspiring language of educationless Neanderthals when necessary.

    Note: Sorry to steal the thunder of simpletons, but I am well aware that styleless and educationless are not formal English words. Speaking to the gutter sometimes requires use of vernacular. So they get it. Chow.

  39. Obviously there is a tendency for others to quickly discount, trivialize and vilify the motivations of any man who would attempt to acquire Red Pill knowledge and apply that understanding within his existing or prospective intersexual relationships, or at the work setting, or in the education setting, or politics, etc.
    That open sarcasm and vitriol against the Red Pill comes from all sides, but it is unsurprising to me. For if the Red Pill is heresy to the masses, then what else could men possible expect but jeers, derision and contempt?

    As for the fact that there simply is no cookie-cutter solution and no bullet point list for automatic success and victory, I agree that Red Pill information is like cloth – it must be tailor-made to apply to your individual form, your strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.
    Fucking 90% of what we are is correlated to attitude. Whether intended or not, that is the compelling outcome for me from acquiring Red Pill understanding.

    There is no quick fix to becoming Han Solo.
    However, I am a believer that there are small lists of important things that all men can and should try because they tend to change how others respond dramatically. Putting your goals and life mission(s) first; lifting weights, eating well and sleeping well again; learning to STFU and to stop apologizing. Those are only a few. Of course the Iron Rules are gold for men too. I keep a list of them alongside my list of Prussian Virtues, with me at all times. They keep me centered.

  40. Wait a minute… this is ironic. In an essay on misperceptions of the Red Pill, leon T says you on the extreme right in reference to the TRM author and readership.

    Red Pill is amoral and apolitical.

    How does knowledge of hypergamy and other RP praxeology frame anyone as a nazi or a different flavor of the same extreme, a communist/socialist?

  41. “How does knowledge of hypergamy and other RP praxeology frame anyone as a nazi . . .”

    There is no equality. There are wolves. To a rabbit, this is anti-social and scary. Scary Psychopath=NAZI.

  42. yo leon (can’t believe I’m chatting with this troll), simpleton here, here’s the official request form you need:


    never heard of Rollo having a moral compass, probably doesn’t have one; you might also try putting on your asbestos diapers and joining us in the hot kitchen; it’s scary, and not much handholding, but stick around and you’ll find a better definition of masculinity/manhood than you currently advocate

    if you do want to dig in, cool, though you’d appear less foolish as the self-appointed omniscient if you’d at least remove all the spelling and grammar errors in your posts

    see this as your official invitation, please RSVP

  43. @pinelero

    “The Red Pill” is a mutant bastard reactant of right wing statist totalitarian subterfuge PAR EXCELLENCE. “The Red Pill” at its essence is fundamentally institutional patriarchy in apolitical drag post hoc ergo propter hoc reasoning aside. Know thyself people!

  44. Furthermore, “Red Pill” apologists as well as adherents hide behind their description of it is a praxeology, as if this absolves them of responsibility of its consequences. Those of a higher intellectual standing universally recognize Marxism as a praxeology; but on a MACRO scale. Does this excuse the unintentional but nevertheless quite real consequences of Stalin’s and Mao’s missteps?

  45. wow, looks like we have phd in smartology wandering amongst the rabble here; how do I get me some of that higher intellectual standin? please sir peon, toss us more crumbs from your purse of wisdom

  46. A feminist would disagree and pick a fight. There is no such thing as “apolitical.”

    Leon wants to make Red Pill political and nazi right wing at that, so Leon is a tool of the feminist imperative with a thesaurus.

  47. Leon’s game is to hate on cis-hetero white males, as they are the new Kulaks of the Feminist imperative.

  48. ” . . . a tool of the feminist imperative with a thesaurus.”

    Nah, that’s just the vernacular of the warren. Vernacular is one of the tools of defining caste.

  49. A big shout out to Rian Stone who has contributed greatly to MRP reddit as StonePimpleTilist and looks like he just migrated his new blog site as StonePT. (Great ideas, man..the writing organization and flow of thoughts in written form could be better. But great ideas, and thanks for helping out other guys.):



    Guys, Swapping Notes for a Masculine, Successful Life

    I cut out some parts of his original essay, but he has some great perspectives in relationship to Rollo’s original essay.

    I used to show up some times in my own relationship game only appearing to kinda, not really getting it in my interactions with my wife. She would communicate and sub-communicate her fury of “how dare you go reading stuff”. “You should know this stuff, but you shouldn’t get it handed to you.” “That’s not” fair.

    A ways on the road, when my actions and words synced with “just getting it” in interactions and social situations, I would turn it around when she or another woman smirked in recognition that I just got it. My reply would be: “Hey, I read it in a book.”

    And The Red Pill has been very, very good to me. And my wife’s fury has blown over like a passing storm. As congruence test and congruence tests were passed, over and over.
    Go Figure.

    So here is a Quote from his essay on What if the Red Pill is Wrong?:


    What if TRP is wrong?

    The premise of this is flawed, and every time I hear someone say it, it just says the other person just isn’t getting it. Do you want to know a secret? Do you really?

    When I was first unplugging, /u/ultimatecad said something that resonated with me. That he never says I love you. Not unless he’s getting sex on the regular. It was because He wanted to train her to fuck for comfort. Pretty crass huh? I liked that, told him I was stealing that one, and I find it is a rather good thing in my relationship too, it’s a nice subtle signal that it’s been a while babe, time to step up. He basically summed up the entire RP manosphere with his response:

    Paraphrased: There. Right there, for all you fucking feminists who keep talking about this like a flawed ideology, that’s all it is. Men talking to other men, swapping notes, and learning… that’s it.

    That’s all it is. I know Rollo talks about it as a praxeology, and when you read the description of that…

    Praxeology: is the deductive study of human action based on the notion that humans engage in purposeful behavior, as opposed to reflexive behavior like sneezing and inanimate behavior.

    We Are Just Guys.

    Some of us had absent dads, shitty blue pill dads, some of us had great dads, and didn’t listen. A few had great dads and did listen, but didn’t actually understand, and just happened into being a natural. A big nasty ‘feminism’ appeared and changed the game, but because we can’t combine to talk about problems too well, took us a generation or two to figure out that we had better get together and start talking. (I argue it’s the general civility of the modern life of abundance, and feminism just took credit for it, but thats another talk for another day)

    -Where do you think the professors 12 levels of dread came from?
    -Where the Iron rules came from?
    -Where do you think any of it came from?

    Dudes, just like in the old mystery PUA days, wanted something, broke it down, came up with a theory, and told other guys over usenet. Other guys took it, implemented it, swapping notes, and eventually refining it to these wonderful axioms that we use today.

    Does it work 100% of the time? Of course not. But generally, it’s pretty on-point. That goes for just about everything. Should you ‘never’ say I love you unless you have had sex in the last 48 hours? the answer is yes/no/maybe.

    And That’s Why TRP Isn’t Wrong, It’s Not A Thing That Is Right or Wrong.

    It’s like calling the scientific method wrong, because we find out black holes aren’t really black. Nothing wrong with the method, it’s the conclusions were off, so we adjust, and carry on.
    And this carries over to each one of your failures.

    -Wife won’t fuck?

    -Hands too cold and she doesn’t wanting you touching her?

    -Wanted to do something to teach her a lesson?

    -Fessed up to behavior, knowing you’ll do nothing about it?

    -Wife is low quality, and only around because the law hangs over your head like a sickle?

    -Wife decided to gain weight, because why look hot anymore?

    -You decided to gain weight, because why bother?

    None of this is TRP fault. None of it. Because TRP isn’t a thing, it’s just a word we use as shorthand, describing 30 some years of guys swapping notes. If something in here doesn’t work for you, don’t use it. You are responsible for yourself, as a man. Yeah, it sucks that women get to blame the world for their problems, and a lot of the time, someone else fixes it too. Except it doesn’t. Imagine a life where your only tool is to complain about something. Talk about drudgery. You were blessed with the ability to raise and fall, based on your actions. Its a double edged sword, but beats the hell out of mediocrity.

    I argue that everything you are bitching about in life is largely your fault (exceptions aside, if you’re a black guy in Baltimore with a broken taillight, might just be out of your hands). you could have either cut loose, acted to rectify, or changed your outlook to put up with it and stop complaining.

    So yeah, TRP didn’t fail you… you failed you

    End Quote


    How Dare You Guys Get Together And Talk About Stuff?

    How the hell did that happen?

    Why the fuck did someone have to invent the Manosphere?

    It’s enough to piss someone off.

    But wouldn’t it be awful stupid as a man to not do shit? What kind of stupid AFC doesn’t get off his ass and do enlightened self interest and masculine self improvement?

  50. Guess I AM Dumb. Here I thought the initial dispatch from our Albanian Socialist-speaking bot was a masterpiece of gibberish 4chan coding. Thought it was too meticulously Poli-Sci Term Paper to be real.

    More likely we haz us a Swarthmore undergrad. C’mon. “Reactant”? Who says that? “Statist totalitarian subterfuge”? Someone splain that one to me. Obviously not keen to sedulously eschew hyperverbosity and prolixity, I see. “Chow” instead of “Ciao”? Thereby engaging one’s Nordic White European privilege disrespecting both Chinese culture (“Chow”) and the DWEM Latin-derived lingua Italiana of those swarthy brown boot-dwellers (“Ciao”). Social justice Fail!

    Turn in your Grad Student coffee lounge pass and report for regrooving immediately!

  51. @Alt-Troll

    “Those of a higher intellectual standing universally recognize Marxism as a praxeology; but on a MACRO scale.”

    Last time I listened to Jordan Peterson, an intelligent and wise psychologist, he was saying that: “There is no correlation between intelligence and wisdom.”

    Even though some high IQ nerds would label Marxism as praxeology (the deductive study of human action), just because you call yourself a deductive studier (one who studies) doesn’t mean that your deductions are necessarily workable or correct. We all know how that turned out. And go back and label it Ideology. History. Use it wisely.

  52. @pinelero

    Leon wants to make Red Pill political and nazi right wing at that, so Leon is a tool of the feminist imperative with a thesaurus.

    In the mainstream narrative pushed by socialists, the right wing IS the Nazis. As feminism is inherently a socialist animal, and TRP is opposed to feminism based on biology, TRP is inherently right wing. Leon is a mainstream socialist.

    If you’re Jewish and right wing, you better have a thick skin, cuz socialists are gonna call you “Nazi.”

  53. That’s the heart of this misperception; the belief that the Red Pill is only about banging women or it’s in some way giving men reasons to encourage them to give up on women in despair. It’s only about building a man’s life around women (pussy beggars) to the exception of all else or it’s wasting one’s life trying to understand something not worth the effort. Those are the binary rationales attached to accepting the truths that the Red Pill reveals to men. These are usually the result of some irreconcilable conflict between that truth and an ego-investment in his Blue Pill idealism.

    Rollo had a hyperlink in the original post that linked to his mid 2012 essay Pathologizing the Male Sexual Response.

    In the comments section, Rollo linked to a video of a Cheaters reality show clip:


  54. Leon T., we have to talk. When can we meet? You bring the ice. I’ll take care of the rest.

  55. @Rollo

    Calling my treatise bullshit is beneath a man of your aplomb. I recognize Machiavellian necessity dictates ipso facto promulgation of a response to my incisive deconstruction of the philosophical underpinnings you are hawking to resuscitate right wing hegemony in the West. Yet your intentional lack of explicitly connecting “The Red Pill” with the right does not absolve you of an implicit encouragement of a far right political reality. In short, own your shit.


  56. Rollo
    InsanityBytes is just venting because my 3rd book has been the #1 best seller in Fatherhood for so long.

    Congratulations again for that work. More men, young men and boys will be helped than you can ever know. That’s got to chap Bytes greatly, adding to my pleasure.

  57. Tonight: “Five-O investigates the mysterious death of a wannabe pickup artist.” Not making that up. Is McGarrett (not the original McGarrett, unfortunately) ready for the red pill?

  58. PUA’s are tacticians. MRA’s are activists. A man with The Glasses on his head should see farther than either group.

    PUA’s are plumbers. Red Pill praxology is general contracting and a bit of architecture.

  59. Anti red pil/ PUA skillz is all about maintaining control over men and/ or trying to keep your social standing because you don’t want the competition

  60. I’m more into black pill awareness. You can possess all the charm, charisma, as red pill knowledge you want, this is nothing more than the ability to outrun the first 10, 100 SAM missiles fired your way. At some point the 11th or the 101st will get you. Nope, cease to care is easier. You can have my share of tatted sluts with STDs

  61. The leader of tbe 21 convention, where IB and Leon both will be non-speakers, said

    “I am weeks away from shoving a giant red pill up the ass of the entire PUA movement”

    which will make new field reports

  62. The new Leon Trotsky is a rabblerouser. Fortunately the readers of TRM are more intelligent than your slightly below average femfacist trouble maker.

    Trying to corrupt the red pill into extremism won’t be that easy,dumb ass.

  63. “InsanityBytes is just venting because my 3rd book has been the #1 best seller in Fatherhood for so long.”

    Not at all Tomassi, I’m quite proud of you. Of course, as we know book ratings are easily
    manipulated. I haven’t read it yet. I have no idea of you’re worthy of such accolades.

    “I am weeks away from shoving a giant red pill up the ass of the entire PUA movement”

    Not at all. I appreciate pua’s for their honesty. It’s those who try to transform their red pill rubbish into religion and spirituality who are on my metaphorical hit list. “Metaphorical” Tomassi, least you fear my prowling around in your rose bushes. The worst I’d ever do is write you a strongly worded letter.

  64. @stuff

    Trying to corrupt the red pill into extremism won’t be that easy,dumb ass.

    This is merely a test by a socialist…a bayonet looking for flesh and avoiding steel…trying to figure out how we think…gathering intel

  65. @Mersonia

    The pettiness is strong with you. (Undue concern with trivial matters, especially of a small-minded or spiteful nature.) Stop being the dick in a male space. It’s unbecoming for The Red Pill. And surely you can elevate your comments above made up half baked memes and GIFs. Or can you? Stop ratcheting down your score on the merit meter in a male space that is trying to be on task with getting stuff done.

  66. bytes
    Not at all Tomassi, I’m quite proud of you.

    Self contradict much? So bad at lying. Isn’t lying against your religion?

    It’s those who try to transform their red pill rubbish into religion and spirituality who are on my metaphorical hit list

    Dearie, you would love to turn Rollo into a bad smell in the attic because he’s getting men out of the Female Imperatives slave pens. Anyone who has read your smelly little lies for any length of time can see that. Even in your “nice” phase you are passive aggressive towards the men you hate.

  67. “trying to figure out how we think…gathering intel”

    The main goal is to push to the point of assault,on record associating RP and the Manosphere with violence.

  68. I smell a fish of the species Trachurus [the] saurus up in here. It sure smells like a neo-fascist semi-orthodox para-marxian universe.

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