The Future Shock

When something big in the news goes down I’ve learned from experience not to be too quick to write anything about it until the hype dies down and more information comes out. My long-time readers know what I’m talking about. In the early days of this blog I could get caught up in a story about how a guy got Zeroed Out and committed suicide or killed his family and himself, and people would run me up the flagpole for jumping to conclusions. That those conclusions were, in fact, accurate was irrelevant to critics. It was all about ‘hasty generalizations‘ and confirmation biases at the time of writing.

This new Corona Virus pandemic is something different though. There are a lot of people very eager to jump to those hasty generalizations in this global crisis – and pointing out their panic only makes them feel more justified in panicking. At the time of this writing we’re seeing a globalized response to a globalized virus. For all or our new order information, technology, access and connectivity the same old order human nature remain the same. Odd that the people who’ve criticized me for being too mechanistic about our evolved nature are the same people who are in a righteous panic caused by the nature I’ve been told we’re supposed to be evolved above now.

But today, instead of a localized panic, we get a global panic. Instead of localized disinformation, we have globalized disinformation.

“In the social media age, people have forgotten that it’s not remotely normal to be able to see hundreds of millions of people’s opinions & actions, let alone engage with them.

We’re living in the biggest experiment in human history and have little idea of the long term consequences.”


Ironically, Zuby tweeted this quote about a week before the Corona Virus really became what it is now (late March, 2020). At the time I though it captured what was going on in our Global Sexual Marketplace so I saved the quote, but it’s true about a lot of new order areas of our modern globalized lives. And that includes global pandemics too.

I wrote about old order versus new order thinking a few months ago. This essay, The New Age of Enlightenment, is actually an excerpt from my upcoming fourth book in the Rational Male series and is a theme I carry through much of it. At the time of my writing it I had come to much of the same thinking as Zuby had here: it’s time we re-envision what a rapidly advancing global society looks like. My take began in the global sexual marketplace, but it’s expanded to many other areas of life. It’s a challenge to humanity to be sure. Reassessing what was old order wisdom worth preserving and abandoning what was simply inaccurate (or deliberately distorted) in the age of new order information and communication is something most people are unprepared for. Most people are too comfortable in the lives they built for themselves based on the foundation of old order ideals.

The Virus pandemic is proving this to us in real time and online 24 hours a day now. Faced with the rapid, systemic shutdown of every major economy on the planet, the global community now reverts to its very human, very predictable nature. The response to real, existential crisis is what defines the person, and what defines their ego-invested belief-sets – except everything is intensified.

Here’s what I’m seeing happen.

Believers’ Confirmation

Doomsday preppers rejoice. Christians, Catholics, [insert Millenarian Dominionist religion] all love and hate this crisis simultaneously. It both proves God’s love and God’s wrath in the same breath. And as I’ve expounded upon in the fourth book, there’s simply no arguing with people who have no questions. Don’t take this as a flame on believers – I get why they find comfort in it – it’s a simple observation of how crisis situations bring out what truly motivates people in a way we only rarely see.

Even the woo woo magical thinkers find a common confirmation of their spiritual-but-not-religious beliefs. They all told you so. They all knew it was coming. The tea leaves and energy ‘vibrations’ have all been off for months. If only we’d sent enough positive Juju out into the universe the Law of Attraction would have prevented all this! Likewise, they’re all equally unprepared for it. A reaffirmed faith (however they define it) will see them through. And maybe that’s a good attitude to have when panic and fear are the hot new commodities to sell on the worldwide stage (I’ll get to that in a moment).

Uncertainty is difficult for people, but there’s a lot of comfort in finding confirmation of beliefs in crisis and tragedy. And that belief doesn’t necessarily have to be religious. Political wonks are equally zealots now. This pandemic will define presidencies and, going forward, will likely determine the platforms of future world leaders for some time.

Never let a good crisis go to waste” – especially in an age when the majority of the worlds’ people literally cannot escape seeing it in real time. For the political ideologist, on either side of the spectrum, how this pandemic is being handled by officials, and the prophecies of inevitable economic ruin, is just as belief-affirming as religious confirmations.

For the Left, this is the event they’ve always waited for to bring down a president who’s been effectively invincible since the Primaries of 2015. To use their own words, they can “finally get the motherfucker.” That it took a global pandemic is irrelevant. For the Right, it’s an illustration of how life will look under the fantasy Socialist tyranny they see in the Left. The wholesale closing of abortion clinics is an added bonus. In our own sphere, for MGTOW it’s the sweet humbling of women’s egos as, from all appearances, women turn to a new appreciation of conventionally masculine men and ape the mannerisms of traditional femininity – for now. For the Trad-Con sunhat ladies this feminist pivot is, again, reaffirming. Gone, almost overnight, are the bleating of social justice warriors with all discussions of socially constructed gender norms. Noticeable in its absence is all talk of Women’s History Month (March) and the need for reparations in gender inequities. Hell, in Finland the all-female, all-feminist, government is glaringly impotent from all accounts I’ve read.

Most of this is what I’d expect from the average global citizen in the face of a world changing, relatively lethal, pandemic. However, it’s the new order Outrage Brokers and Success Porn Hustlahs scrambling to place their bets on the next 9 months who are truly a wonder to behold now.

Outrage Brokers in the Apocalypse

Amongst all of this pandemic gnashing of teeth we get the inevitable grifters. If we’re honest, we knew most of these guys were leeches when times were good. Certainly not all of them, but the temptation of quitting an old order day job for the promise of a new order monthly direct deposit from Google for playing ‘life coach’ on a webcam was a dream come true for most. Now their true natures rise to the surface as they see the chuckwagon of the gig economy pulling away. And just like rats going through an Extinction Burst they frantically try every new angle that they might profit from.

These are the war profiteers of this new order era, but the pitch is the same as it was in the past – stoke fear, sell security.

It almost seems quaint that I brought up this exact formula as discussion topic on Rule Zero just 2 weeks ago. We were illustrating how the term Red Pill (and now MGTOW) has been coopted as a branding opportunity by “coaches” and “relationship experts” with very little experience beyond what they can glean from others in the sphere. The main point was this: it’s far easier to get views and build subscriber bases in next to no time when your material is all red meat outrage for ‘underserved’ Average Frustrated Chumps. Toss out a few “red pills”, paint a few of them black, and commiserate with the average 80-percenter guy’s reality with women, gynocentrism and then play on the same indignation porn that the mainstream has been selling to women for 3 decades now. All sizzle, no steak. Is it any wonder that critics think the Red Pill is populated with nihilistic, homicidal Incels?

But that’s the formula. It just took men longer to perfect it for a fresh generation of male consumers. Indignation might be an innate female need, but the past 3 generations of men have developed a taste for it as well. It’s what happens when boys are raised as defective girls.

It’s important to see this crisis through the emotional lens that the past 4 generations of men and women have been taught to prioritize. For over 50 years now we’ve been conditioned to see the female, emotions-first, experience as the correct interpretation of every facet of a globalizing society. This pandemic is no exception.

Because of their emotions-first nature fear is easy to sell to women. Women’s innate need for security is what made them the primary consumer in western societies, but now we have at least 2 generations of men who were educated to be defective women. ThoseVillage-educated emotions-first men are susceptible to the same sales formulas now. Feels before Reals isn’t just for women, and this pandemic crisis is proving it in spades.

The savvy hucksters know this. The not so savvy ones will attempt to go back to whatever cubicle job they think still exists for them before they quit their day jobs. But the career Outrage Brokers are already profiteering from that formula; feed the fear, sell security.

You know the names. Watch them. You’ll need to remember their nature when things shake out.

Zeroed Out

What even the best Red Pill rage-bait “entrepreneur” knows is that the vast majority of his/her soon-to-be-former supporters will be Zeroed Out in the coming months. There is no going back to what we thought of as normal. Even if we recover back to a comfortable normalcy fairly quickly this experience changes things. The game has changed, all games have changed, and the uncertainty of the basics will replace the leisure of having the personal concerns we used to entertain before the virus hit.

A lot of good men will be Zeroed Out in the wake of this crisis.

I think it ought to be part of any Red Pill aware man’s understanding that at many points in our lives we will be confronted with the prospects of having to rebuild ourselves. Failure, rejection and disappointment will happen for you, that’s just part of a man’s life, and it’s easy to rattle off platitudes about how many times you get back up being the measure of a man. But what I’m saying is there will be times when total reconstruction of your life will be a necessity.

You will be zeroed out at some point, and how you handle this is a much different situation than any temporary setback. This zeroing out is made all the more difficult when you confront the fact that what you believed to be so valuable, the equity you were told was what others would measure you by, was all part of your Blue Pill conditioning. At that point you need to understand that there is most definitely a hope for a better remake of yourself based on truths that were learned in the hardest way.

The red meat is still there. The chemical rush that comes from indignation-without-solution will always satisfy in the short term, but now it will be a reminder of what people had a luxury to pursue before all this shit went down. Grifters and Outrage Brokers know this. Zealots and Shamans know this. Black Pills, God-Pills, MGTOW and every Red Pill rebrand knows this. And the old order thinkers who were comfortable and self-righteous in the certainty of a condition that couldn’t ever end for them will all say they saw this coming while they shit their pants looking for a way to sustain themselves. The red meat is all that’s left for them, and they’ll climb over themselves to be the source of it.

I’m not throwing all this out there to freak anyone out. Freaking out is the reflexive response I’ve been seeing for 2 weeks now. It’s more infectious than the actual virus. I’m simply trying to put this crisis into rational, masculine perspective. That requires observation.

Yes, women are going to revert to their survival instincts; observe it, catalog it, use it to confirm what the Red Pill has been proposing for 20 years now.

Yes, lesser men will panic and expect you to panic along with them. Their imaginings and superstitions are a source of dopamine for them. Learn from their real nature.

Yes, the Outrage Brokers will all feed you fear and sell you product to allay that fear. They’ll all have a nootropic pill to cure Covid soon. Make a note of who they are.

And yes, you will likely be Zeroed Out in some manner in the coming year. Take comfort in knowing you’re definitely not alone. You, me, everyone will need to rebuild ourselves to some degree soon. Start analyzing you strengths, pay attention to what’s going on around you. You must be agile like never before. Many different aspects of Red Pill awareness will be confirmed for you, a lot probably have been already, learn from these confirmations. This is the Future Shock. Now is not the time to flounder in despair. Look for the opportunities.

Published by Rollo Tomassi

Author of The Rational Male and The Rational Male, Preventive Medicine

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  1. ASD: I was contemplating that too, but our society is not healthy enough. In my country (I’m in Europe) 40% of the population is over 50. If you add the younger ones with asthma, obesity, autoimmune diseases etc. then more than half of the population is at risk. With the rampant obesity I don’t think it is better in the US. You need at least 60% of the population to get sick for this to work. And we still don’t know how long recovered ppl get immunity if at all.

    Anyway over here we seems to be over the worst (well, not in the UK and France), and here will come the trillion euro question: what now? The daily cases will slow to a trickle, but will not stop. And this lockdown can’t be kept even for 3-4 months, people will actually riot. So what now?

  2. @HF

    I think that age is a correlating factor with covid. Age highly correlates to diabetes, kidney disease, and hypertension, but not 100%. Of the work force, you only have to quarantine about 30%. And add in an effective treatment for covid19 and you have no reason to lock down.

    The South Koreans have published their treatment, which is effective. HCQ/Zinc. Zelenko tried their treatment and publicized it without being specific about where the credit is due. Zelenko referenced the South Koreans, but didn’t give a footnote. We now have a clinical report from Cardillo in LA who reports reversal of symptoms in 8-12 hours in patients who are severely ill.

    Piss on the useless academics who demand controlled clinical trials for 18 months before we use a remedy. In an emergency, you need combat science–successful clinical trials in the hundreds. (We’re not talking in vitro evidence and the medication side effects are well known and per Mehmet Oz, pulmonologists have assured us that taking HCQ for five days adds negligible risk.) Do the academical trials, but don’t require doctors to wait for them. Sometimes those trials don’t pass muster, but sometimes they do. Best err on the side of optimism in this case.

    But there’s this doc who said on twitter that he tried the HCQ/zinc regimen for five days without success. What does everybody make of that?

  3. Is the HHS inflating the number of covid19 deaths?

    ““If someone dies with COVID-19, we are counting that as a COVID-19 death,” Birx said.”

    Or if someone dies who has been exposed to someone else who was believed to have covid19, then that is counted as a covid19 death as well. Whole lotta funny biness going on.

    “Less than a Week After CBS was Caught Running Footage from Italian Hospital in their New York Hospital Report… They Do It Again!”

    Why is there this big effort to make the covid19 problem seem bigger than it is?

    Blax, do you know anyone who works at the local hospitals near you? Can you ask them about the situation at the hospitals? Cuz if you’re basing your opinions on the news, you’re being snookered.

    Here where I live there’s not too much going on at the hospitals nor is there expected to be in the near future. And our pop is over half a million in my county.

    Lots of questions. News footage: Maybe fishy, maybe not. HHS overcounting stinks to high heaven.

  4. I stated last week. I know someone working in Elmhurst hospital, and I know a doctor and 5 nurses at university hospital and 2 doctors at Clara mass/st. Barnabas.

    Your too busy posting links to notice.😊

    As I said earlier, one of my concerns is if I got sick, that there’d be facilities available with proper staff. An icu nurse has told me that they normally have 2-3 patients they are responsible for/monitor, and it’s increased to 5-6.

    Again, for the umpteenth time, it depends on where you live ( and evidently what one’s agendas are ). Things are bad here, regardless of how much naysaying is taking place, and that’s really too bad imo. Even when people are dying there’s a segment of the population that gives no real fucks if it’s not effecting them.

    Tell me more about the ” patriotism “.

    700 people died in nyc yesterday. I have no idea if this is going to get much worse as I’m too busy looking after my friends and family right now.

  5. “I have no idea if this is going to get much worse as I’m too busy looking after my friends and family right now.”

    You do.

    Welcome to denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.

    I’m quite beside myself in not in my community, but in otherwise, the denial that this pandemic is over and above anything else.

    Remember what I’ve said about my community. It still holds. We do better than others. And it shows in numbers.

    Stating it’s less than the death rate from normal flu epidemics or from normal death from heart, stroke, drug addiction, etoh abuse (88,000 deaths in 2018) is disingenuous. Because it is over and above all the other normal deaths.

    And it is super infectious and has a death rate of 1.4% for us normal OMG’s. Which is not for nothing.

    It’s low chance one of you like ASD gamer will get infected.

    But all the other people are definitely spreading it around. I was talking too a buddy today and he was complaining about the lock down. I said old people matter, too. And they get knocked off. But his logic came back to me as old people don’t matter to society anyways. So ? logic. Our society doesn’t normally care about old people anyway. ??? I don’t agree with that premise. If all the young people spread the very spreadable virus around vicariously, they knock off a lot of the old. Who the fuck doesn’t care about the old being knocked off? YGBFSM.

    And then the conspiracy theories. Don’t get me started. Unless you want to debunk them medically.

    Andrew Kaufman. M.D.? Whack job. 5G towers? Bio diesel legislated spewing glyphosate (Roundup) particles in the air. Exosomes? Covid-19 is not really a virus? Lol.

    As far as the original comment. Have no Idea if it will get worse…

    It’s well shown that it is getting worse and will peak out.

    It has been well shown the be a three month peak out and decline thing. Depending on the location.

    And then it will still be endemic.

    And. So what are you going to do about it?

    What is your tribe going to do about it? What is your community going to do about it? What are you going to do about it with you profession? What is your family going to do about it?

    Wishing everyone the best.

    Stay logical and rational.

    …..Oh, and ASDgamer can make up any shit he wants that is irrelevant to the crisis at hand. And it is in keeping with not having any emotions in autism. Just watching things and not having any emotions. Smart, unemotional guys can rationalize anything. And post their notes on the internet. And be wrong.

    It doesn’t affect him yet.

    Good luck with that. And going forward. If you can’t recognize an inflection point, a time of significant change in a situation; a turning point, maybe you can just churn in place and not recognize the importance to your daughter and grandchild. Or you or your wife.

    I wish you the best and I actually will give you a pat on the back for being in a non-endemic area.

    Keep up with the Euphoric Recall going forward.

  6. ” Because it is over and above all the other normal deaths.”

    Strangely enough, U.S. deaths this year are about 15% below the average of the last 4 years, per (I think) gateway pundit.

    “Stating it’s less than the death rate from normal flu epidemics or from normal death from heart, stroke, drug addiction, etoh abuse (88,000 deaths in 2018) is disingenuous. Because it is over and above all the other normal deaths.”

    And the response is leading to more deaths from suicide, murder, and burglary. And we need something to compare covid19 to in order to evaluate it.

    “And it is super infectious and has a death rate of 1.4% for us normal OMG’s.”

    What is that? Confirmed case fatality rate? The estimated total fatality rate is then 0.2%.

    “…..Oh, and ASDgamer can make up any shit he wants that is irrelevant to the crisis at hand.”

    Are you drinking again? Because your critical thinking is not so strong.

    “And then it will still be endemic.”

    Like the flu. A & B. And it will become less deadly as it mutates. It may eventually turn into the common cold like most coronaviruses are. Cold is endemic.

    “It doesn’t affect him yet.”

    So wrong. So very wrong. My life is turned upside down. No social life any more. No going to the gym. No staying in hotels. No traveling with Daughter Gamer.

    “And then the conspiracy theories. Don’t get me started. Unless you want to debunk them medically.”

    Some theories are wacko and others are very rational. A wise man can tell the diff between baby and bathwater.

    E.g., conspiracy theory about the Fed giving away our national wealth to bankers. Chiseling.

    CBS showing videos of Italian hospitals as the talking head opines on conditions at hospitals in New York. On two different programs. Once may be a mistake….

    HHS inflating covid19 death numbers. (Blax, this doesn’t mean that people aren’t also dying at NYC and NJ hospitals of covid19 in large nos.) Probably occurring in flyover country.

    All are conspiracy theories. All are rational. But there are nuts like Kaufman who help confuse rational and irrational conspiracy theories so that people will dismiss rational theories.

    People are prone to conspire–human condition. Sift baby from bathwater.

    Grandbaby Gamer is thriving. We are coping. Eating better. God is good.

  7. Interesting paper claims that SARS-2 (causes covid19) attacks hemoglobin and interferes with O2/CO2 transport. If so, then covid19 doesn’t kill by ARDS. Kind of fits with what the NO doc said about CT images of the lungs being unexpected. Lungs can be clear with low pO2. You get free toxic iron ion. Systemic organ failure from CO2 buildup and O2 starvation.

    “COVID-19: Attacks the 1-Beta Chain of Hemoglobin and Captures the Porphyrin to Inhibit Human Heme Metabolism”

  8. It’s not a ” dem ” panic. Or a ” liberal ” panic ( I was Hannity yesterday too….gotta keep up with your sources ).

    It’s a virus. Again.

    It’s not the flu.

    I cared about unemployment before the numbers went ballistic, and what I understood was that real solution wouldn’t come without massive, shared pain. Snaps folks out of complacency and delusion.

    That’s the difference Asd, I actually care and that care isn’t politically driven or driven by anything else but not wanting to see people suffer and die while simpletons argue and debate and play angles.

    So sharing the burden might help, but it’s going to have to effect the comfortable, and economics gets their attention better than pleas to humanity as they mostly lack that. Fuck with their pockets and you’ll get their attention.

    If you are caring now, that’s a sea change.

  9. “Fuck with their pockets and you’ll get their attention.”

    Men are more likely to tolerate the murder of their fathers than the destruction of their livelihood.

    It’s about the future. Children.

    My father would have approved of me saving my kids if I had to choose between him and my kids. As I would approve of my daughter saving my granddaughter even if it cost me and my wife our lives.

    “If you are caring now, that’s a sea change.”

    More like a “see” change. I’ve always cared. You are just beginning to perceive it.

    Maybe because you think that autists don’t have feelings and that they are unempathetic.

    Do you care about the future for your kids?

    Can it be simultaneously true that both covid19 is a real threat and that dems are trying to use it to undermine President Trump? And that undermining President Trump may not be the best play during a national emergency? Unless you don’t think that covid19 is a major threat any longer and that it’s time to lift the emergency declaration.

    Dem panic was a play on words, of course. It had a point, of course.

  10. I care about my kids, and others kids as well. Always been that way.

    Idk about that ” murder of fathers ” thing. I disagree with the sentiment, but I understand where it originates. Not my background.

  11. Ok that reads like some funny game… but I’m overworked so too easy to come across like an ass when not intended.

    Bottom line: is this ‘just a flu’ or will the chart show something else?

  12. Some of you all are like a bunch of silly girls, unaffected by logic and reason because feelz…but I’ll try again anyway…

    Fact: Total deaths are down in the U.S.

    Fact: Covid19 deaths are being overcounted.

    Fact: Models have been shown to be very much overly pessimistic–EVEN WHEN LOCKDOWN IS BAKED IN!

    Fact: We have a treatment that should work in most cases.

    Fact: It makes sense to quarantine the at-risk 30% rather than lock down 100%.

    Fact: We are all going to get covid19, one way or another.

    Fact: Hospital beds are not even close to being in short supply. Hospitalizations are trending down. Even in New York. Lowest level since the beginning of the epidemic.

    Fact: Farmers need to tend their crops and rural areas are the least impacted by covid19.

    Fact: Health care revenue is severely depressed. And health care is 1/7 of our economy.

    Conclusion: Fauci and Birx are bungling the response and President Trump needs to shuffle them to the back of the pack and end the lockdown for most of the U.S. Maybe NYC and NJ should stay locked down as well as other hotspots. Maybe wear masks in public. And President Trump should emphasize the danger from family spread and give examples of behavior to avoid. Keep grandkids away from gramma and grandpa. No kissing Mom and Dad, either.

  13. asd

    “An estimated additional 180 – 195 deaths per day occurring at home in New York City due to COVID-19 are not being counted in the official figures. “Early on in this crisis we were able to swab people who died at home, and thus got a coronavirus reading. But those days are long gone. We simply don’t have the testing capacity for the large numbers dying at home. Now only those few who had a test confirmation before dying are marked as victims of coronavirus on their death certificate. This almost certainly means we are undercounting the total number of victims of this pandemic,” said Mark Levine, Chair of New York City Council health committee [source]

    A study by disease modelers at the University of Texas at Austin states that “Given the low testing rates throughout the country, we assume that 1 in 10 cases are tested and reported. If a county has detected only 1 case of COVID-19, there is a 51%
    chance that there is already a growing outbreak underway”

    The actual death numbers may be off due to a shortage of qualified medical examiners to fill out certificates, get used to waiting for funerals.

  14. @Wahoo

    An article dated March 27th…seriously? :/

    And testing would make a diff because…? Docs can diagnose covid19 without swabs. Your article is feely, feely bullsh*t.

    I have no doubt that hospitals in low income areas were the hardest hit. Harlem, Bronx, Queens. Upper East Side, not so much.

    “This is not a small effect. Assuming a link of that scale, the increase in unemployment would lead to an additional 128 suicides per month in the United States.”

    We’re now at 16 million unemployed. That’s some serious sh*t. Burglaries are way up. I’m always packing these days. Millions will lose their homes. Better wake up.

    I feel, but I don’t turn off my brain when I feel. And I’m aware that bad sh*t happened in NYC and is still occurring in New Orleans.

    ““An estimated additional 180 – 195 deaths per day occurring at home in New York City due to COVID-19 are not being counted in the official figures”

    File this under “Bullsh*t”. (“estimated”, lol) Death certificates are completed for everybody listing the cause of death. I suspect that there’s a reward for counting covid19 deaths. (link near the end)

    to be continued…

  15. “Now only those few who had a test confirmation before dying are marked as victims of coronavirus on their death certificate.”

    You don’t have to have a swab test for your death to be listed as covid19. All you have to have is to have been in contact with someone who was “validated” as having covid19. Even if you died from the flu.

    Let’s check this with the CDC guidelines.

    “When reporting cause of death on a death certificate, use any information available, such as medical history, medical records, laboratory tests, an autopsy report, or other sources of relevant information.”

    other sources = contact with covid19-infected person

    to be continued…

  16. But wait! It gets better!

    “HUGE! MN Senator and Doctor: Hospitals Get Paid More to List Patients as COVID-19 and Three Times as Much if the Patient Goes on Ventilator”

    Lessee…hospitals are experiencing a drop in census…loss of revenue…but I’m sure they won’t inflate the nos. because hospital people are nice people…

    Men, let’s put our thinking caps back on.

  17. IRL

    Bottom line: is this ‘just a flu’ or will the chart show something else?

    Not just the flu, it’s a new species-jumper, so everyone is “naive”, i.e. has no immunity. Now that some people have gotten it & gotten over it we can learn more from their antibodies.

    80% of people who get it have mild to minimal symptoms. It tends to kill off people with any of several health weaknesses, not limited to people over 65.

    It’s a SARS variant, but spreads faster than the SARS of a few years back.

  18. Wahoo

    😂 gamer would never read The Atlantic.


    Here, Fox news drives a lot of the stuff asd repeats here constantly. I watched fox for the past few weeks and he repeats their talking points. Initially fox downplayed covid19 until they took heat for it and trump could no longer call it a hoax.

    But boy, did they try.

    Now they are on the hydro thing and the liberal media hyping things, and like clockwork, asd comes with the same thing and all of the obscure links or interpretation of links.

    Now I pretty much know what he’s going to say before he says it.

    It’s probably a mix of autism and an odd lack of plain old empathy and humanity. He doesn’t really know what is going on, just what he reads.

    But he certain he has ” facts”.

    The ” motivation ” is political. The economy is fucked right now. And there’s a virus causing real death, soooo….do the math. It’s got nothing to with logic at all. Lol, trump calls in to fox weekly, they then sing the same tune until ” facts” make them change.

    And they keep changing. It’s all on video for posterity. Hard to bullshit away from words coming out of one’s mouth

  19. Yeah at this point he needs to give it a fucking rest already. Burglaries?

    Hmmmm….. time to stfu because everyone here isn’t as clueless as you are.

  20. IRL

    what will the chart show

    Well we will see. I’m fading coronachan. But you know that. My bet is out there and I’m wrong on the numbers but right as of now directionally.

    Now if one could fade the Gubmint… Fly in the ointment.

  21. Other thoughts…

    From me : Assume everything you see on a screen is propaganda of some kind.

    From a wise man: If you want to understand a man, understand his business model. How he gets paid.

    My adjunct to the above: Understand how he gets laid as well…

    Power – Sex – Money

    Understand the drives, motovations of these.

  22. Blax

    Rather than post Fox News clips, can you comment on my slide and link, from Governor Cuomo?

  23. Lol

    Hospitalizations for Coronavirus Are Nearly Flat in N.Y., but 799 More Die

    This headline drips with disappointment.

    But hey they got that body shot in so… Wonder why that is?

  24. “Lol”

    Sound of boy laughing in the dark to keep his spirits up.

    “Hospitalizations for Coronavirus Are Nearly Flat in N.Y., but 799 More Die”

    Hospitalizations level off when the hospital is full fn dip$#i/s, there is even a momentary lag in death count from a fatal gunshot wound as well as a longer time for sickness.

    “This headline drips with disappointment.”

    Nah just stupidity.

    “But hey they got that body shot in so… Wonder why that is?”

    Ya how did they get that in when they cut the actual pile of bodies pictures from the article to keep asd from panicking?


  25. What we need to do is get frontier airlines to donate a plane or two then convert them to medivac flights so we can ship the infecteds from new york to asd’s hometown where all the empty beds are. Then we could treat them with HQ and zinc or some quercitine and vegies in between breaths.

  26. Wahoo

    Hospitalizations level off when the hospital is full fn dip$#i/s

    Maybe you are unfamiliar with NY hospital bed capacity? It’s not unsolvable…

    Here is a breadcrumb…

    Cuomo: New York needs 110,000 hospital beds for coronavirus patients in 45 days and we only have 53,000

    “Right now, in New York specifically, the rate of the curve suggests that in 45 days we could have up to an input of people who need 110,000 beds that compares to our current capacity of 53,000 beds, 37,000 ICU units, ventilators, which compares to a capacity currently of 3,000 ventilators. That’s our main issue,” Cuomo said at a press conference in Albany.

    Only 53K, yet today… less than 19k utilized.

    But do go on…

  27. Fwiw, I don’t listen to the models since people were ordered to stay at home. People keeping their assed inside drops all manner of colds, flu, car accidents, trip and falls, folks getting hit by buses and cars, etc.

    I’m more targeted on refrigerator trucks as temporary morgues, funeral homes over capacity, and hundreds of people dying every single day. That shit is real

    Someone said we had 15 cases, and that number would only to down because we have this under control. I put that in the same category as 1.5 million dead in the u.s.
    400-600 approx dying in one state daily is bad enough. The spread is unknown if people aren’t clustered together as usual.

    What I do know, is that if Elmhurst and other hospitals are swamped the javits center and that fucking ship should move people to ease the situation. Period. Use the beds available right now. All of them. 500 ventilators in a warehouse somewhere is useless.

    Right now Jersey is in ” divert ” mode, meaning if there aren’t icu beds available at a local hospital, patients are shipped to hospitals with the needed beds and equipment. The national guard is assisting. New York needs to get with the program.

    So no, I’m Not a ” projections/models ” guy. I’m a ” how many are infected/sick now ” guy. In my zip code ( my city has a few ), there are 300 known infected. That’s current and useful information because the number rise by 100 in one week. I don’t have to guess it it’s ” here”.

  28. @Blax

    “Here, Fox news drives a lot of the stuff asd repeats here constantly. I watched fox for the past few weeks and he repeats their talking points. Initially fox downplayed covid19 until they took heat for it and trump could no longer call it a hoax.”

    Feb. 25: “Tucker Carlson sounds the alarm: ‘America is not ready’ for the coronavirus”

    Hannity was late. Fox was divided and Carlson was attacked as alarmist by news sources.

    Anthony Fauci of the CDC on Feb. 19: “The risk right now, today, currently is relatively low for the American public….Be more concerned about influenza.”

    I have this problem with numbers, Blax. How many days before or after Fauci did Carlson sound the alarm? Be a buddy and help me out here.


  29. In my town burglaries are up.

    Somebody get @Blax some glasses. Or maybe he doesn’t care about people losing their jobs or homes because he still has a job and a home. This much unemployment is likely to have serious repercussions. And not just against President Trump. Riots. Rebellion. Not based on what I have seen (I don’t hang around with right wing rebellious types)–just my understanding of human nature. Keep goods stocked and keep your transport options flexible. Keep your eyes open.

    @wahoo (piling on)

    “Hospitalizations level off when the hospital is full fn dip$#i/s,”

    Show me some link that New York hospitals are at capacity.

    “Navy hospital ship deployed to NYC with 1,000 bed capacity is only treating 22 patients”

    Apr. 5th: “New York Hospital Discharges Outpace New Admissions for 4th Straight Day”

    Tell me again that New York hospitals are at capacity. I dare ya.

    People in my zip are still out working and defying lockdown orders. Tradesmen have to stop leaks and keep the electricity flowing. Construction workers are laying pipe. People out of work are at parks in small groups. People are out walking. Lots of sunny days, so the risk is low outdoors. The “lockdown” isn’t enforced and people are maintaining social distance. I haven’t seen any parties.

    Libraries, schools, restaurants, bars, and gyms are empty. Mrs. Gamer is working from home. Daughter Gamer is working in Memphis. They are “essential workers” because health care. Daughter Gamer is very careful and quarantines herself when she’s home.

    Farmers are working. Truckers are working. Railroad, too. Bus drivers are working, but routes have been thinned.

    Autoworkers and manufacturing workers have been furloughed. Fast food is still up.

    Tests are running 9.5:1 negative:positive in my county. Lots of flu and not much covid19. 2/3 of deaths are over 80. If people die from flu and test positive for covid, then they are counted as covid deaths.

    My county’s new infections graph slope is arithmetic. Flattened curve.

  30. A medical college prof said to me some weeks ago that there were too many unknowns about this virus. That still holds.

    It’s not “just the flu”, and while it’s not nearly as contagious or lethal to healthy people as feared, there’s still unknowns. It appears that surviving it confers some immunity for a while, but nobody yet knows how long. It could be back in December.

    There’s something else that is an unknown, longer term effects. The chickenpox virus goes dormant in the nervous system but can reoccur as shingles, for example. This SARS uses the ACE-2 receptor as its entryway to cells, and while most of the focus has been on the lungs there are ACE-2 receptors all over the body. In the heart, in the kidneys, in the reproductive tract just off the top of my head.

    Long term effects are unknown for obvious reasons. It would be really ugly if some survivors found in time they had a damaged renal system, or long term heart problems, or sterility, etc.

    The Germans did a very orderly and methodical study of one of their hot spots, looking for any and all possible vectors. From doorknobs to produce in stores, etc. They found that social gatherings appear to be the biggest vector so far. Here is the Guardian article on it, with the usual so-so Guardian writing.

    It was the apres ski drinking and so forth in the Austrian and Swiss ski resorts that spread it, along with other events.

    “Mass events are a perfect opportunity for the virus, as people meet total strangers,” said Niki Popper, a mathematician at Vienna’s Technical University whose team has been developing a simulation that could help governments predict the development of the pandemic more accurately.

    Instead of merely multiplying the number of daily cases by a certain factor, Popper’s example tries to account for what he calls the starting point of “local epidemic networks”.

    “If you have 100 or 200 people spend enough time in a room with a person carrying the virus, then for example 20 might walk out with the new infection and, after a few days’ incubation time, pass it on to their families and workmates, let’s assume 10 more people each. Within a few days, the virus can thus multiply 200 times with only one new incident – and then continue.”

    So the “superspreader” theory may not be correct, it’s not some Patient Zero jetting around, but he / she / it shows up at a gathering of mabye 100 people and the virus runs from there.

    There was a case in Washington State where a community choir of mainly retirees had all the hand sanitizer, but they still were singing in an enclosed space, and many people became infected.

  31. @Sentient
    Models way way off.


    blockquote>On April 1, IHME projected that the United States would need a peak of 262,092 hospital beds on April 15. In the latest update, that projection had dropped to a projected peak need of 95,202 beds on April 13. On April 1, the group said the United States would need 38,849 ICU beds and 31,082 ventilators. By April 8, that projection had dropped dramatically to a projected need of 19,438 ICU beds and 16,524 ventilators.

    Understand the drives, motovations of these.

    If you play this card:

    Pushing governors and other politicians to do even more to shut down communities and their economies, Todd asked former North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory, “Are you surprised that more politicians aren’t erring on the side of caution here? Because there seems to be if you’re wrong about this, boy, is that a bad way to be wrong. If, if you’re wrong and you’ve, and you’ve been overly alarmist, well, nobody’s, nobody extra has died. But if you’re wrong and you’ve underplayed, boy, you’ve got a lot to answer for.”

    …then how much easier is it to push for “more to be done”…

    Incidentally, The New York Times repeatedly claimed that the United States would need as many as 1 million ventilators — a tad higher than the current projected nationwide need of 16,524. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said that his experts were leading him to ask for an additional 30,000 ventilators.

    President Trump received a great deal of media criticism for questioning whether New York would actually need that many. It turns out that Trump wasn’t just right but really right. On New York’s claimed peak use day of April 7, only 5,038 ventilators were potentially needed, according to the IHME model. The actual use was probably even lower.

    Particularly during legitimate global health pandemics such as the one we’re in now, undue alarmism can wreak havoc. Overreacting because of erroneous models, inappropriate reactions to models, or other problems can and absolutely does take place. Scrambling to secure tens of thousands of unnecessary ventilators has costs associated with it, contrary to Todd’s claim that alarmism has no downsides.

    Not only is there just the cost of ramping up production for ventilators that won’t be used, and the opportunity cost of those factories not producing something more useful, there are the problems caused by governors competing with each other for ventilators, driving up the cost. Also, the panic about lack of ventilators further entrenches community shutdown with its previously noted heavy costs. And ventilators are just one tiny example.

    No free lunches…

    The real costs of alarmism are clear, and we’re seeing them in hospital staff being furloughed, unemployment lines getting longer, businesses being shut down, and disadvantaged children not getting their education. It could be that once the tally is calculated, people will decide the costs were more than worth it.

  32. Here’s the Johns-Hopkins dashboard link again. Easy to see that Wyoming isn’t in a lockdown mode, because so far no reason, but other states are different. This newer version has county-by-county data in the US. Click on a dot, get the county, total case number, total dead, total cured.

    There’s another maybe sorta fact: a common vaccination for tuberculosis, the BCG, may confer some resistance to COVID. That’s “may”, and it’s not obvious why, not yet.

  33. @Anonymous Reader

    The study the Guardian refers to is called the “Heinsberg study”. If you search for it like that you can find the original results so you don’t have to filter through the bullshit:

    They are preliminary results, but encouraging. In short they choose a municipality (Heinsberg) where the first cases were in Germany, and where the most infected were (per capita). They choose 1000 random household, and checked if they were sick, and checked a lot of other stuff too (like how much virus was on different surfaces in the house, how they could contract it and so on).

    The first results (they will publish the full study later):
    – Officially 2% were infected and diagnosed with COVID, but from the 1000 random household 15% had antibodies and immunity! This corresponds to a 0.37% mortality rate.
    – Superspreading events (Carnivals, ski-bars) are the cause of the majority of the infections. If someone keeps proper hygiene, eating out or going to a store has a low chance of infection

    My takeaway: there are much more undiagnosed asymptotic patient than expected, which means that mortalitywise it is in the same ballpark as the flu. But waaaaaay more contagious which is the big problem though.

  34. “Easy to see that Wyoming isn’t in a lockdown mode, because so far no reason, but other states are different.”

    On a county by county basis much of NY isn’t much worse off than Wyoming and most of the cases are actually in single micropolitan statistical areas, not spread across the county.

    With a tiny little bit of thought it’s also easy to figure out why people in some regions are still traveling fairly large distances compared to others:

    Popping over to the next door neighbor’s house to borrow a cup of sugar:

  35. “But do go on…” Some hospitals are at capacity some are ready,hopefully the measures we have taken will suffice.

    “But the dollars and cents of a virus are less intuitive. Rebelo uses a modified version of what’s known as an SIR model, an acronym for categories of people: susceptible, infected, and recovered. It simulates how a disease moves through a population based on how infectious and lethal it is, and how much contact people have with each other. To put a price on the results, Rebelo takes the number of predicted deaths and calculates an economic estimate of the value of the lost lives. The approach is similar to the price that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency used to gauge the costs and benefits of environmental regulations: $9.5 million per life.

    His initial modeling efforts showed that even a yearlong lockdown makes economic sense, to allow time for a vaccine to be developed. The pause would shrink the economy by approximately 22%—a cost of $4.2 trillion. By comparison, the model shows that without containment measures, the economy would contract by about 7% over that year—but as many as 500,000 additional lives would be lost, which translates into a loss of roughly $6.1 trillion.

    Andrew Atkeson, an economist at the University of California, Los Angeles, agrees that the economics point strongly toward strict measures. If the epidemic is allowed to grow unhindered, he predicts the economy will grind to a halt anyway as people see an explosion of infections and stop going out. “Either you shut off the economy now and have people staying at home, or you let this thing rip and you have people staying at home scared,” he says.”

    We will never know what may have happened if we ignored this like the flu and let “nature” take its course. They would still be pointing at the POTUS for someone to blame for sure.

  36. “The economy” is not just numbers. It’s a representation of things needed to maintain life, like food. Food is the primal form of money. Milk is being dumped and crops are already beginning to rot in the fields. If you don’t notice it now, you will in just a few months.

    If you don’t work, you die.

    That isn’t “the economy.” It’s the Second Law of Thermodynamics. You can’t suspend it for the duration. That bastard keeps ticking right along without even diminishing its rate to cut us a bit of a break.

    I am fortunate enough that I can mostly isolate in a detached house of which I am currently the only occupant, but I can only do so because of the large number of people who are working to keep me here and it won’t be all that long before that sort of thing zeroes me out; I don’t hear a lot of talk about suspending property taxes.

    What percentage of the population is it even possible to isolate? What is the actual isolating effect of forcing people out of lightly trafficked mom and pop shops and congregating them all in Walmart?

    “Just stay home” is a simple, but impossible solution for more than a handful and many of the mitigations I see being employed I cannot see as having any great, if any, real affect.

  37. @wahoo Mcdaniels

    What I read from that article that (as usual) economists use elementary school level modeling, and call it a “science”.

    I mean the current level of lockdown (what they have in NYC and most of the EU) would mean a 20-30% unemployment rate even by a conservative estimate. Considering the amount of savings the average population have, how long do you think those ppl would stay at home in peace? SIR models are not that much better either, especially that they are pulling out R numbers from their asses without any real basis, and as kfg explained the amount of human contacts have a minimum number. The food somehow has to get from the fields to your table.

    The current level of lockdown is not sustainable for more than 2-3 months, so it should be used carefully.

  38. The recent Harvard study (and I’m not normally a big fan of Harvard studies*) suggested that social distancing mitigations would have to continue for two years, BUT . . . they had the good sense (from Harvard? Go figure) to understand that that couldn’t be sustained and would have to be done on a rolling basis, so they proposed (and they’re the only ones I’ve seen actually do this) a threshold of contagion (what a concept) that would trigger the requirement:

    37.9 confirmed cases per 10,000 population.

    That wouldn’t reduce infections to a minimum, but it would reduce the rate of infection to what the medical facilities could handle. As time goes on across those two years the greater the chance of having effective treatments and a vaccine as well.

    If you go over the Johns Hopkins map county by county you’ll find that most of the US, including NYS, geographically speaking, isn’t anywhere near that threshold. The hot spots are in the cities, just as you should expect of a pandemic.

    Isaac Newton didn’t die of the Black Death, even though it had a mortality rate of 66% ( and recent research is suggestive that it was mainly spread person to person, not by fleas from rats).

    *Now MIT was MIT when Harvard was a pup
    And MIT will be MIT when Harvard’s time is up
    And if any Harvard son of a bitch, thinks he’s in our class
    He can pucker up his rosy lips and kiss the beaver’s ass

  39. The ranchers and farmers i know of are still working, the corn rotting in the fields and silos was blamed on the GSM last year, being to wet to work the fields or harvest. The long haul truckers are on average the most likely to get sick from the covid as most suffer from pre existing conditions.The methods of recruitting new truckdrivers into puppy mills and making them indentured servants have been shut down this is raising freight rates and creating a shortage for some of the largest trans corps. In our state construction is considered essential and is still running on the infrastructure level. It is hard to separate the hype from truth. The covid is here and things are going to tank regardless of what we do, at this point my elder family members are all still pumping blood and air.

  40. Social events are a factor spreading covid…but family spread is no. 1…for every person who contracts covid from a social event, there are probably two family members who get infected…

    I double dam guarantee you that nursing homes are still having social functions–letting residents cluster around the teevee for example because there’s not enough staff to do anything else. And residents mingle on the sly. And some nursing homes are still letting grandkids in to see grandma and grandpa at the nursing homes (just for 5 minutes, please…which becomes 30 minutes in reality…for multiple residents)…and the staff isn’t quarantining with the residents…

    CDC needs to give better guidelines for nursing homes. They say to cancel group activities but this will be interpreted as allowing residents to cluster together to watch teevee. CDC talks about screening HCP, but no mention of cooks or maid service or maintenance in the homes. I bet CDC didn’t actually test their guidelines on nursing home directors to see if it would be understood as they expected.

    re: covid19 is more infectious than the flu…you’ll see about 30% more deaths and it will take a little longer to develop herd immunity (maybe two weeks)

    Overall, deaths are down 15% this year…in the U.S….so far…didn’t kfg say that even in NY yearly deaths are down?

    Note that the 1.5 million dead in the U.S. projection was based on a 0.67% mortality rate (based on estimated cases, not just confirmed cases)…social distancing is very effective at slowing the spread…no need to lock down…let people go back to work…keep social distancing at work…meetings with masks…lots of handwashing at work…social gatherings still restricted…bars, restaurants closed

    ““Either you shut off the economy now and have people staying at home, or you let this thing rip and you have people staying at home scared,” he says.””

    Ain’t gonna happen. Sex drive. Family spread. Hunger/shelter needs will force people out of their homes. Some families will keep up the social distancing and they will be protected. Covid will rip thru families which have a member who doesn’t keep up social distancing. Mostly the elderly, of course.

    Who might benefit from a depressed U.S. economy and from people dependent on govt.? Who might benefit from widespread unemployment? Why might some people subtly inflate the number of people dead from covid? Why might some people want to keep the fear and uncertainty going? Hasn’t Rollo taught us anything about how we can be manipulated/hamstrung by fear?

    Once there’s a vaccine widely available, some people will lose their leverage from fear. Time is of the essence…

    Pres. Trump is losing some, er, a lot of his base because of very high unemployment. There ya go Blax. Made you smile.

    You can’t avoid politics. It’s part of the human condition and you have to plan your actions with political considerations taken into account. Some people pretend that they ignore politics….

  41. ” . . . the corn rotting in the fields and silos was blamed on the GSM last year . . .”

    This year they are blaming it on having no market to ship it to, even as some markets are suffering from shortages. The distribution system isn’t a simple straight line from field to grocery store. McDonald’s doesn’t buy buns from Walmart.

  42. “…didn’t kfg say that even in NY yearly deaths are down?”

    No, but I have been thinking that when we count up at the end of the year they might be, although the reason for it would still be the virus mitigation tactics. Fewer people playing in traffic and such.

    On the other hand suicide hotlines are starting to get swamped.

  43. Dr. Annie Bukacek:

    “So even before we heard of COVID-19, death certificates were based on assumptions and educated guesses that go unquestioned. When it comes to COVID-19 there is the additional data skewer, that is –get this— there is no universal definition of COVID-19 death. The Centers for Disease Control, updated from yesterday, April 4th, still states that mortality, quote unquote, data includes both confirmed and presumptive positive cases of COVID-19. That’s from their website.

    Translation? The CDC counts both true COVID-19 cases and speculative guesses of COVID-19 the same. They call it death by COVID-19. They automatically overestimate the real death numbers, by their own admission.”

    Doctor Daughter Gamer agrees with Dr. Bukacek.

    What’s the motive for overstating? Hospitals get more money. Physicians will get replaced if they don’t bring in money to hospitals.

    (None of this is to imply that there isn’t a major problem due to covid in hotspots.)

  44. “They call it death by COVID-19. They automatically overestimate . . .”

    Back in the day when you “met” someone on the Net you could be pretty sure they had some academic or military rank and probably a technical background of some sort. When they started letting just anyone in one of the things that shocked me a bit is that most people tended to use the Internet to go no farther from home (metaphorically speaking) than their local shopping mall.

    I wander.

    A joke going around Romania right now is:

    Hit by a bus.

  45. It is hard to separate the hype from truth.

    Not really…

    Here is that Atlantic article, first para…

    In the emergency-department waiting room, 150 people worry about a fever.

    Ok. so? People are worried.

    Some just want a test, others badly need medical treatment.

    OK so? Hospitals triage patients every single day. Sounds like a lot of those worried people should not be there. But people not smart. Note this is not PROOF of TEOTWAWKI.

    Those not at the brink of death have to wait six, eight, 10 hours before they can see a doctor.

    When is the last time you went to an ER? I’ve been twice in the last year, pre-COVID and guess what. Avg wait was 2.5 hours. Unless you are bleeding/flatlining out, you get triaged to the back of the line EVERY DAY.


    The ER is not the place to seek NON EMERGENCY care.

    Those admitted to the hospital might wait a full day for a bed.

    Again, see above. waits for beds are NORMAL in many places pre COVID, mostly due to insurance/billing issues… specialty groups having less capacity etc.

    So in this article…. whole lot of hype. To TELL A STORY from a POV. Really just fluff.

  46. The tents you see on the news behind Elmhurst aren’t there because the hospital ran out of beds and they need overflow. They’re there for triage to keep people with the sniffles (or who just think they might have the sniffles) from overwhelming the ER. In a sense it’s the anxiety ward.

  47. Another example of not being able to see the true picture: unemployment will rise to 20% or higher, because that’s where we are right now. The reported number is always behind, and cannot take into account the millions that can’t apply for benefits because systems are overwhelmed and crashing constantly.

    Hold on to your ass.

    Asd, true, I dislike trump very much, but in my case that’s been true for 40+ years and not because of an election. He’s a shitty human being with various mental and social issues, and most people that have been exposed to him consistently over decades understand this.

    Everyone else is being conned…..but that’s what he does and has always done.

    Having said that, nothing about any of this makes me smile, nor do I want trump to fail. Quite the contrary, I want him to succeed absolutely, even if I think it’s gotta be extra hard for him because of his proclivities.

    I thought g.w. Bush was a nice guy, but an idiot in many ways. Wasn’t a fan at all. But after 911, I was all in one Bush because he had to lead and we needed him to succeed.

    Over a month I’ve watched trump move away from being a reality show barker to slowly start to grasp the gravity of what’s happening. I will take any incremental improvements he can muster. He still wants to blame, but that’s who he’s always been.

    If Donald trump fails miserably, a huge portion of my life will fail along with him, and most of the nation will be devastated. It’s a chain reaction. He became the leader of a divided nation and sought to divide it even more. A divided nation cannot stand, and I think he’s beginning to understand that even if it’s just on the economic front. I will take what I can get.

    So no, I’m not smiling at all. I resist being petty to my own detriment. Besides, hating people is a complete waste of time and is the hallmark of a small and insecure mind. I want trump to step up and handle the fuck out of this crisis.

    Then I want him to retire and stay in Florida playing golf.😆

  48. @kfg:

    Which Harvard study do you refer to? Sounds interesting.

    The supply line problems will sort themselves out. The demand for food will obviously not decrease, so the supply will find a way to get there because there is big money in it.

  49. @Blaximus:

    Oh, absolutely. If they weren’t slammed they wouldn’t need the tents for anything.

    @HF: “Which Harvard study do you refer to?”

    Errata: 37.5/10,000

    “The supply line problems will sort themselves out.”

    When seconds count, the police are only minutes away. There are already truckers out there though who are saying “Fuck the regs. There are people out there who need my load and they need it NOW! I’m rolling.”

  50. You boys can sit around and complain about the current state of affairs all you need to . My life is going on as normal and ive got things to do. granted they are beneath your stations in life but they are important to my line of reason. Don’t get lost in wishing things were better get better yourselves!

  51. I’m questioning the politics. I’m complaining about the weather, which is keeping me from working in the north 40. Rain and 40 mph winds. I’ve had to go out and lash up a few of the older sections of fencing, I’ve lost some of my magnolia buds before their time and I’m a bit nervous about some of the roof shingles.

  52. The tents are for preventing people with a fever from infecting people without a fever who want emergency care.

    Are the refrigerated trucks actually being used? Have you talked with the drivers? Have you looked inside? Have you been to the hospital morgue and talked with the attendants? Have you seen bodies being put into the hospital trucks? Is this normal for flu season? The drivers should know.

    Are the funeral homes backed up?

    ICUs are often busy during flu season. Mrs. Gamer worked in an ICU for years and I worked in one part time.

  53. “Jones said for ICUs to fill up is not terribly unusual for this time of year since many diseases have a seasonal variance that renders them more severe in the winter.”

    Covid is certainly adding stress to the health care system since it’s hitting during flu season.

  54. “Covid is certainly adding stress to the health care system since it’s hitting during flu season.”

    That’s the real problem with the COVID deaths being on top of all the other causes of death. As a general public health issue the argument is asymptotically regressive, because all causes of death are on top of all other causes of death.

    So that’s the point of “flattening the curve” and an infection threshold of 37.5/10k. Flattening the curve doesn’t reduce the area under the curve, or save lives directly. It saves ICU beds at any given moment in time.

    Which might help extend some lives a bit.

  55. Jesus.

    Yes I have seen video of body bags in freezer trucks at Elmhurst hospital. Shared with someone I know working there.

    Just stop already or come here and see for yourself.

    I get that you can’t see the local news here, but it’s surreal to see you questioning what can be seen quite easily. Damndest thing.

  56. “Well, perhaps not.”

    That was meant to be implicit in “might,” and my use of the phrase “extend a bit” rather than “save” was done with malice aforethought.

  57. 😂😂

    Kfg, he’s Not really interested. He just keeps pushing the same stuff, every day.


    This morning a family friend was notified that his mother passed. She was positive then she was ill. Family was not permitted to see her in the icu. They won’t get to have a proper funeral. The guy is in agony.

    Asd can’t comprehend these things. Maybe that’s a good way to go through life, numb and unaffected by the world around you.


  58. When FOX first went on the air I tuned in to see what it was all about. After about 5 minutes I thought, “Ah. I get it. Talking boobs.”

    The boobs were very nicely presented, which I can endorse, but for news I’m interested in the 5 Ws, not an opposing slant, so I haven’t paid it much never mind since then except to the extent that it might help me to figure out what the 5 Ws are in a world where they seem to have been sent out to the wood shed.

    If I have an actual bone to pick with them it’s what they’ve done to local news coverage in the NYC/NJ area. I liked 5 and 9 when they were independents.

  59. I liked 5 and 9 when they were independents

    “it’s 10 O’clock. Do you know where your children are?”

    I liked WPIX, but then I was partial to Phil Silvers and The Honeymooners.

  60. Blax, we have been primed to respond to a signal…Pavlovian conditioning…fear when we hear “covid19” or coronavirus. We see what we have been primed to see. Me, I am skeptical about everything when I perceive panic mongering.

    Most of what we see is likely flu and is pretty standard for winter. Bodies being buried temporarily in the park…also standard for winter, but it freaks us out because we didn’t know about it and we have been primed to get freaked out over stuff we didn’t know about.

    New York seems to run pretty lean in terms of per capita health care. No excesses of ICU beds, vents, or morgue space. So when you add covid19 on top of flu, the resources are strained. Not necessarily the situation in Boise. And New York’s situation is likely a function of real estate cost. The city is just too densely populated to deal with an epidemic.

    London is truly being hit hard by covid19. Much harder than New York. Continental Europe even harder than the U.K. I can tell this from the stats.

    Young, healthy people can be fakked by covid19 or any virus if they get a large viral load and have no natural immunity. If you pull an all nighter with someone who is infected with covid19, you will get a high viral load. Or house parties with say 100 guests. Or sporting events. Or concerts. Or plays. You can be healthy with no comorbidities and get fakked over by the virus.

    Social distancing even for young, healthy people is smart. Locking down creates other problems which might be worse than covid19.

    “If you can keep your head when all about you
    Are losing theirs….”

    Remember what the Dormouse said….

    48 Laws of Power…”self control is the source of your power”…if people can panic you, you lack self-control

  61. Flattening the curve doesn’t reduce the area under the curve, or save lives directly. It saves ICU beds at any given moment in time.

    Life is still going on.

    Preggers are still coming to term and pushing babies out. Car accidents are still happening although probably not quite as many as normal. Lather, rinse and repeat. The baseline need for ICU goes on.

    If a woman has complications during birth and needs to be in ICU for 12 to 18 hours, it’s a good thing if the ICU isn’t stuffed full of COVID patients.

    One curiousity: heart attacks and strokes are down. Not just in the US, they were down in Spain as well. Even the US MSM has noticed, that’s how obvious it is.
    That’s odd, a good thing, but odd.

  62. I’m finally getting around to decommissioning one pair of sneakers and building an “Enterprise class” home network. I don’t expect it to cause enough stress to cause a heart attack, but I’m figuring I’ll at least pull out some hair.

    I’ve built up an mATX j3455 box that I figured to use as a secondary desktop in my basement office while it serves sftp/samba/DLNA in the background. Figured on jacking that into the new network setup as a last step. In the meantime I’ve setup a Raspberry Pi server and I’m facing a conundrum:

    It’s sloooooooow to write to (which isn’t a big deal to me), but other than that, I haven’t had any dissatisfaction with the performance of the Pi. I don’t need it to do any transcoding, just serve, and it draws a tiny amount of power even compared to the embedded Celeron and I can run it PoE.

    And if this keeps up much longer I’m going to have the shiniest spokes and rims in town.

  63. ” . . . we all have one common desire to respect the government’s guidelines so that the restrictions can be gradually lifted,” the statement said. “That however will not happen until everyone starts to dutifully respect the rules.”

    I notice there is no mention of the virus. It is phrased entirely as a matter of compliance with authoritah.

  64. “I notice there is no mention of the virus. It is phrased entirely as a matter of compliance with authoritah.”

    Wait, what?

    Current directives are: “you are not allowed to visit your second home property” Do not go there. Unless you have a reason.

    WTF?. No one is out there to infect.

    Guess the narrative is: I’m going out to drive my chainsaw for exercise. And when things really start sprouting after the 1st of May, I’m driving my JD5420 to mow down yellow rocket for exercise. For plausible deniability.

  65. kfg
    I’m finally getting around to decommissioning one pair of sneakers and building an “Enterprise class” home network.

    Good work, Scotty
    Bones? Your opinion on the sneakers?

    “They’re dead, Jim.”

  66. kfg
    In the meantime I’ve setup a Raspberry Pi server and I’m facing a conundrum: It’s sloooooooow to write to

    Where’s the bottleneck? Are Pi’s not that good on the I/O side? Something else?

  67. kfg
    I notice there is no mention of the virus. It is phrased entirely as a matter of compliance with authoritah.

    Well, speaking of mah authoriteh…

    Church has drive-up service. Preacher inside, speaks via low power FM radio xmitter. Church members in their cars in the parking lot.

    Mayor sends the cops to hand out $500 tickets to everyone in the lot.

    In Mississippi.

  68. “Where’s the bottleneck? Are Pi’s not that good on the I/O side? Something else?”

    It’s a generation old (3 B+), one USB 2.0 lane shared between 4 ports AND ethernet. The latest model (4 B) has added 3.0 and dedicated gigabit ethernet lanes, but I’ve been putting off getting one of those until after certain teething problems in both hardware and software have been ironed out. The performance jump has been significant in almost all areas, but it hasn’t been the smoothest of roll outs. They went to USB-C for power, but screwed up the spec so that Power Delivery Aware cables see it as something they shouldn’t send power to. Oops. An OS version still in beta development. Videos drivers that drop all the frames from YT. 4k capable, but drops a lot of the frames from local files.

    At least they’ve got VLC running out of the box this time, although if you’re running something like Libreelec or OpenMediaVault that doesn’t matter.

    I’ve got an m.2 sata drive plugged into it right now, but if I decide to keep it up I might just get a 400 gig micro SD card and run straight from just that. It would slow down writes a hair, but still be fast enough on reads to do simultaneous 1080 streams or a single 4k. I’m not a data hog and I’m not trying to record the history of the universe in 8k. That’ll do me for anything that I’m likely to play over the next year or three, with space for basic backups (bookmarks, email, etc.) and some file shuffling overhead. Not a rig most people would brag about, but it would be tidy and really sip power (1.4 watts at idle, 3.4 under load).

    “Church members in their cars in the parking lot.”

    I’ve seen pictures of the arrest, the cars were even something like 12 to 16 feet apart. The mayor said it was justified because once they were there he didn’t believe they wouldn’t be overcome with temptation and get out of their cars. It’s all very Minority Report.

  69. Spend a lot of time reading gatewaypundant huh?

    Post a lot of links from there too.

    I googled the blog. I went there but I’m not stupid enough to be a reader.

    Time for a break. Enough alt right blog talk for me. And he’s never going to stop.

    Everybody else, take care and stay safe however you have to. Wish all of you well.

    Palma, God and Buddha and Allah and Krishna bless you.😁 stay stress free and get that rest. The world will be kicmstartted again and we’ll be back up against it with a vengeance.

  70. Blax

    Everybody else, take care and stay safe however you have to. Wish all of you well.

    C’mon man… Coronachan is very survivable unless you have compromised health… Old, infirm etc.

    A wise man said “viruses have been trying to kill us since the beginning of time”…

  71. @Blaximus et al

    This pandemic is quite possibly what the previous SARS scare was expected to be like.
    The MERS never really got out of hand.

    Unless there’s a real serious change in Chinese habits, we can expect something even uglier to crop up in the next 10 years. We should all learn from this pandemic in order to be better equipped mentally and physically for the next one.

  72. Great article Rollo. I’m certainly not floundering in despair during this epidemic, though I have often enough at times in the past. I’m feeling the most mentally strong and light I ever have. Kicking booze for good 4 months ago has been the catalyst for my mental, spiritual & physical health (though I have had 2 major challenges here since early December) to improve immensely. I feel I’ve recently had a bit of a zeroing out, and now I just don’t give a fuck about about so many things I used to. Practicing Buddhist teachings (especially The Four Noble Truths) can also help one’s state of mind considerably. Long story short. I had a prostate infection in early December and required 3 nites in hospital and a wearing a catheter for a month. This was all while the largest bushfires in Australia’s history raged across the east coast. My property was in the middle of a massive fire event, but fortunately survived the inferno where 10 other houses were lost in our small, remote community.
    I was booked in for a turp procedure that has some possible nasty risks so I went to my old Chinese medicine doctor (an authentic Chinese Australian) who sorted me with acupuncture, moxibustion and herbs. After the consultation he told me I wouldn’t be needing the catheter so out it came and right he was. I even self catheterised a few times which I’m sure the thought of will bring tears to even scribblerg. It’s not as uncomfortable as you might think. Just make sure to breathe out when pushing it in! This was quite a zeroing out experience for me as it was such a shock to my “manhood”, but my crazy lover at the time didn’t mind and we actually had some amazing non-penetrative sex during that period. I was forced to let go of a lot of fear and anxiety, and just suck it up & get on with it, especially as I was also preparing my property for the inevitable fire attack. My old mate who had cancer and lived on my property then died on Xmas eve, and to top it off I had a nasty motorbike accident late February on the way to the World Superbikes on Phillip Island and ended up in hospital for 5 nights. I’m back home now still in a moon boot and full leg brace (both legs & right shoulder injured) slowly recovering, but again, I’ve accepted this temporary inconvenience and am getting on with it. My community crew have also got around me and helped me out, especially when I was forced to be absent for 2 of the past 3.5 months. So important to have good, solid people in your circle. Men and women. I’ve also got some insurance $ coming in which is a huge bonus in these uncertain times.
    My point is in regarding “zeroing out”, it’s not so much what happens to you (as shit happens to all of us), but how you respond is key. All the recent challenges I’ve gone through (and am continuing to experience) have made me so much more resilient and calm because I have just let go and accepted it all as more impermanent life learning experiences. And of course there is always someone else way worse off. This has allowed me to maintain a positive state of mind which is allowing me to navigate all the current challenges more easily and enjoyably. Covid 19 is a mere blip on the radar, something happening out there (which is why you should all get a country retreat far away from toxic cities and the fearful, mostly useless, dangerous masses). I turn off the internet and the rest of the world basically ceases to exist. You should always be prepping, gentlemen, especially now. Having gratitude for what we have (good health is #1, solid friends and secure shelter and food supply) and keeping a positive Red Pilled perspective will help all of us get through this current impermanent disruption and change (hopefully for the better) leading into the future. Letting shit go, letting it all go, will set y’all free, gentlemen. Getting laid is really not very important at all…

  73. Blax, I am sorry for your friend. Truly. He’s going down a tough road. I really can’t deal with my friends losing their parents myself because it brings back memories of my mother’s passing and strong emotions about loss. So I get it.

    Nevertheless…you are persuaded by emotion, like most people. Anecdotal, personal stories impact you strongly. But emotion is how we are most easily manipulated. Doesn’t mean that we stanch our emotions–but it requires us to be a little cautious when our emotions are in strength. When we investigate and look at the data we must keep our emotions in the back room. It doesn’t mean that we lack emotions, but strong emotions cloud our judgment. Strong emotions (fear, anger, love) lead us to make ego investments–maybe the ego investments that political opportunists want us to make.

    We have a responsibility to ourselves as men to recognize when people are playing us. We can’t excuse our getting played because feelz. So let’s take a deep breath and look at some data…

    “MORE FRAUD EXPOSED: Washington State Coronavirus Field Hospital Will Be Dismantled Without Treating a Single Patient”

    “California Got Played: IHME Hack Ali Mokdad Says California Is Over the Coronavirus Hump – They Shut Down the State of 39.5 Million for 584 Deaths!”

    Show me how gp is playing us. I’m listening.

  74. “Coronachan is very survivable unless you have compromised health”

    …or are infected with a high viral load from a crowded party/wake/church or all night sex with an infected woman…keep social distancing…

  75. It is so cute when girls pose as strong ‘n independent.

    I lol’d at the chainsaw. “You too many movies”, as Mr. Myagi would say.


    You’ve had enough future shock for several years, in the giant economy sized box, mate.
    Good on you that you’re still with us.

    No idea what kind of infection you had, but bloodflow in there is generally a good thing. There are some yoga poses that stretch muscles in that region from the outside to the inside, promoting blood flow. Should be easy to find with a search.

    Carry on!

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