The Future Shock

When something big in the news goes down I’ve learned from experience not to be too quick to write anything about it until the hype dies down and more information comes out. My long-time readers know what I’m talking about. In the early days of this blog I could get caught up in a story about how a guy got Zeroed Out and committed suicide or killed his family and himself, and people would run me up the flagpole for jumping to conclusions. That those conclusions were, in fact, accurate was irrelevant to critics. It was all about ‘hasty generalizations‘ and confirmation biases at the time of writing.

This new Corona Virus pandemic is something different though. There are a lot of people very eager to jump to those hasty generalizations in this global crisis – and pointing out their panic only makes them feel more justified in panicking. At the time of this writing we’re seeing a globalized response to a globalized virus. For all or our new order information, technology, access and connectivity the same old order human nature remain the same. Odd that the people who’ve criticized me for being too mechanistic about our evolved nature are the same people who are in a righteous panic caused by the nature I’ve been told we’re supposed to be evolved above now.

But today, instead of a localized panic, we get a global panic. Instead of localized disinformation, we have globalized disinformation.

“In the social media age, people have forgotten that it’s not remotely normal to be able to see hundreds of millions of people’s opinions & actions, let alone engage with them.

We’re living in the biggest experiment in human history and have little idea of the long term consequences.”


Ironically, Zuby tweeted this quote about a week before the Corona Virus really became what it is now (late March, 2020). At the time I though it captured what was going on in our Global Sexual Marketplace so I saved the quote, but it’s true about a lot of new order areas of our modern globalized lives. And that includes global pandemics too.

I wrote about old order versus new order thinking a few months ago. This essay, The New Age of Enlightenment, is actually an excerpt from my upcoming fourth book in the Rational Male series and is a theme I carry through much of it. At the time of my writing it I had come to much of the same thinking as Zuby had here: it’s time we re-envision what a rapidly advancing global society looks like. My take began in the global sexual marketplace, but it’s expanded to many other areas of life. It’s a challenge to humanity to be sure. Reassessing what was old order wisdom worth preserving and abandoning what was simply inaccurate (or deliberately distorted) in the age of new order information and communication is something most people are unprepared for. Most people are too comfortable in the lives they built for themselves based on the foundation of old order ideals.

The Virus pandemic is proving this to us in real time and online 24 hours a day now. Faced with the rapid, systemic shutdown of every major economy on the planet, the global community now reverts to its very human, very predictable nature. The response to real, existential crisis is what defines the person, and what defines their ego-invested belief-sets – except everything is intensified.

Here’s what I’m seeing happen.

Believers’ Confirmation

Doomsday preppers rejoice. Christians, Catholics, [insert Millenarian Dominionist religion] all love and hate this crisis simultaneously. It both proves God’s love and God’s wrath in the same breath. And as I’ve expounded upon in the fourth book, there’s simply no arguing with people who have no questions. Don’t take this as a flame on believers – I get why they find comfort in it – it’s a simple observation of how crisis situations bring out what truly motivates people in a way we only rarely see.

Even the woo woo magical thinkers find a common confirmation of their spiritual-but-not-religious beliefs. They all told you so. They all knew it was coming. The tea leaves and energy ‘vibrations’ have all been off for months. If only we’d sent enough positive Juju out into the universe the Law of Attraction would have prevented all this! Likewise, they’re all equally unprepared for it. A reaffirmed faith (however they define it) will see them through. And maybe that’s a good attitude to have when panic and fear are the hot new commodities to sell on the worldwide stage (I’ll get to that in a moment).

Uncertainty is difficult for people, but there’s a lot of comfort in finding confirmation of beliefs in crisis and tragedy. And that belief doesn’t necessarily have to be religious. Political wonks are equally zealots now. This pandemic will define presidencies and, going forward, will likely determine the platforms of future world leaders for some time.

Never let a good crisis go to waste” – especially in an age when the majority of the worlds’ people literally cannot escape seeing it in real time. For the political ideologist, on either side of the spectrum, how this pandemic is being handled by officials, and the prophecies of inevitable economic ruin, is just as belief-affirming as religious confirmations.

For the Left, this is the event they’ve always waited for to bring down a president who’s been effectively invincible since the Primaries of 2015. To use their own words, they can “finally get the motherfucker.” That it took a global pandemic is irrelevant. For the Right, it’s an illustration of how life will look under the fantasy Socialist tyranny they see in the Left. The wholesale closing of abortion clinics is an added bonus. In our own sphere, for MGTOW it’s the sweet humbling of women’s egos as, from all appearances, women turn to a new appreciation of conventionally masculine men and ape the mannerisms of traditional femininity – for now. For the Trad-Con sunhat ladies this feminist pivot is, again, reaffirming. Gone, almost overnight, are the bleating of social justice warriors with all discussions of socially constructed gender norms. Noticeable in its absence is all talk of Women’s History Month (March) and the need for reparations in gender inequities. Hell, in Finland the all-female, all-feminist, government is glaringly impotent from all accounts I’ve read.

Most of this is what I’d expect from the average global citizen in the face of a world changing, relatively lethal, pandemic. However, it’s the new order Outrage Brokers and Success Porn Hustlahs scrambling to place their bets on the next 9 months who are truly a wonder to behold now.

Outrage Brokers in the Apocalypse

Amongst all of this pandemic gnashing of teeth we get the inevitable grifters. If we’re honest, we knew most of these guys were leeches when times were good. Certainly not all of them, but the temptation of quitting an old order day job for the promise of a new order monthly direct deposit from Google for playing ‘life coach’ on a webcam was a dream come true for most. Now their true natures rise to the surface as they see the chuckwagon of the gig economy pulling away. And just like rats going through an Extinction Burst they frantically try every new angle that they might profit from.

These are the war profiteers of this new order era, but the pitch is the same as it was in the past – stoke fear, sell security.

It almost seems quaint that I brought up this exact formula as discussion topic on Rule Zero just 2 weeks ago. We were illustrating how the term Red Pill (and now MGTOW) has been coopted as a branding opportunity by “coaches” and “relationship experts” with very little experience beyond what they can glean from others in the sphere. The main point was this: it’s far easier to get views and build subscriber bases in next to no time when your material is all red meat outrage for ‘underserved’ Average Frustrated Chumps. Toss out a few “red pills”, paint a few of them black, and commiserate with the average 80-percenter guy’s reality with women, gynocentrism and then play on the same indignation porn that the mainstream has been selling to women for 3 decades now. All sizzle, no steak. Is it any wonder that critics think the Red Pill is populated with nihilistic, homicidal Incels?

But that’s the formula. It just took men longer to perfect it for a fresh generation of male consumers. Indignation might be an innate female need, but the past 3 generations of men have developed a taste for it as well. It’s what happens when boys are raised as defective girls.

It’s important to see this crisis through the emotional lens that the past 4 generations of men and women have been taught to prioritize. For over 50 years now we’ve been conditioned to see the female, emotions-first, experience as the correct interpretation of every facet of a globalizing society. This pandemic is no exception.

Because of their emotions-first nature fear is easy to sell to women. Women’s innate need for security is what made them the primary consumer in western societies, but now we have at least 2 generations of men who were educated to be defective women. ThoseVillage-educated emotions-first men are susceptible to the same sales formulas now. Feels before Reals isn’t just for women, and this pandemic crisis is proving it in spades.

The savvy hucksters know this. The not so savvy ones will attempt to go back to whatever cubicle job they think still exists for them before they quit their day jobs. But the career Outrage Brokers are already profiteering from that formula; feed the fear, sell security.

You know the names. Watch them. You’ll need to remember their nature when things shake out.

Zeroed Out

What even the best Red Pill rage-bait “entrepreneur” knows is that the vast majority of his/her soon-to-be-former supporters will be Zeroed Out in the coming months. There is no going back to what we thought of as normal. Even if we recover back to a comfortable normalcy fairly quickly this experience changes things. The game has changed, all games have changed, and the uncertainty of the basics will replace the leisure of having the personal concerns we used to entertain before the virus hit.

A lot of good men will be Zeroed Out in the wake of this crisis.

I think it ought to be part of any Red Pill aware man’s understanding that at many points in our lives we will be confronted with the prospects of having to rebuild ourselves. Failure, rejection and disappointment will happen for you, that’s just part of a man’s life, and it’s easy to rattle off platitudes about how many times you get back up being the measure of a man. But what I’m saying is there will be times when total reconstruction of your life will be a necessity.

You will be zeroed out at some point, and how you handle this is a much different situation than any temporary setback. This zeroing out is made all the more difficult when you confront the fact that what you believed to be so valuable, the equity you were told was what others would measure you by, was all part of your Blue Pill conditioning. At that point you need to understand that there is most definitely a hope for a better remake of yourself based on truths that were learned in the hardest way.

The red meat is still there. The chemical rush that comes from indignation-without-solution will always satisfy in the short term, but now it will be a reminder of what people had a luxury to pursue before all this shit went down. Grifters and Outrage Brokers know this. Zealots and Shamans know this. Black Pills, God-Pills, MGTOW and every Red Pill rebrand knows this. And the old order thinkers who were comfortable and self-righteous in the certainty of a condition that couldn’t ever end for them will all say they saw this coming while they shit their pants looking for a way to sustain themselves. The red meat is all that’s left for them, and they’ll climb over themselves to be the source of it.

I’m not throwing all this out there to freak anyone out. Freaking out is the reflexive response I’ve been seeing for 2 weeks now. It’s more infectious than the actual virus. I’m simply trying to put this crisis into rational, masculine perspective. That requires observation.

Yes, women are going to revert to their survival instincts; observe it, catalog it, use it to confirm what the Red Pill has been proposing for 20 years now.

Yes, lesser men will panic and expect you to panic along with them. Their imaginings and superstitions are a source of dopamine for them. Learn from their real nature.

Yes, the Outrage Brokers will all feed you fear and sell you product to allay that fear. They’ll all have a nootropic pill to cure Covid soon. Make a note of who they are.

And yes, you will likely be Zeroed Out in some manner in the coming year. Take comfort in knowing you’re definitely not alone. You, me, everyone will need to rebuild ourselves to some degree soon. Start analyzing you strengths, pay attention to what’s going on around you. You must be agile like never before. Many different aspects of Red Pill awareness will be confirmed for you, a lot probably have been already, learn from these confirmations. This is the Future Shock. Now is not the time to flounder in despair. Look for the opportunities.

Published by Rollo Tomassi

Author of The Rational Male and The Rational Male, Preventive Medicine

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  1. Laugh it up. For covid19, UK has triple the mortality of the U.S. Why triple? Why so high in U.K.?

    In the U.S., CDC and NIH and the governors are inhibiting care, but docs figure out ways around them. For example, some govs dictate that hydroxychloroquine can only be given to hospitalized patients, but patients need to be treated early. So docs are hospitalizing patients just so that they can prescribe HCQ. Unnecessary hospitalizations and beds are being used that shouldn’t be.

    Snopes did a hit piece on Zelenko’s work.

    Snopes said that it lacked evidence because it wasn’t a controlled clinical trial. Bwahahaha. Anecdotal evidence is acceptable in an emergency. Imagine academics trying to put out a house fire. The house would burn down.

    Snopes says that science doesn’t understand why zinc works against viruses…

    “Though zinc appears to be an important factor in several immune functions, a potential mechanism for how it might work against viral infections is not well-understood.”


    Snopes states, “He instead argued that “the risks of waiting to verify its efficacy” were greater. This is an assertion with which public health officials largely disagree.” Then links to an irrelevant article about POTUS and Fauci disagreeing about HCQ. :/

    Snopes conflates two of Zelenkos reports, saying that in the 699 patient report there were 0 hospitalizations. Zelenko said that there were 4. In the 350 patient report there were 0 hospitalizations.

    Snopes needs to get better researchers. And better editors.

  2. @ASD:

    In the UK they do very little testing. Half as much as the US, and the quarter of what German does (per capita). But the critical ones still end up in the ICU. So probably they have much more infected, just don’t know about it (which would mean a lower mortality rate).

    But it is just a flu isn’t it? Or did your views changed over time?

  3. 😂 asd has a view change depending on what he reads or watches. Not what he experiences. So yeah, he gets very confused and sidetracked.


    Now he’s switched gears into finding people to blame.

    Asd, too bad you can’t come here and spend some time in the emergency rooms ALL OVER ( not just urban areas).

    Best to you wherever you are because viruses don’t respect ” states ” or ” borders “, and as we’re seeing, nobody is immune ( except possibly those who’ve beaten the virus already).

    You don’t have to be in London or NYC or Paris or Madrid or Lombardi to get a clear picture of what is happening.

    Or ya can keep looking to obfuscate and rationalize .


  4. @HF

    covid19 is obviously a lot more infectious than the flu. At this point we’re uncertain about the primary mode of spread. Covid19 is a lot less dangerous than the flu to the young (155 pediatric deaths from the flu in the U.S. vs. 0 from covid19 this flu season).

    It’s true that UK does less testing, even on a per capita basis, than the U.S. The U.S. is catching up with South Korea on a per capita basis.

    Like Palma said, the death rate from covid19 in the UK may be higher than the official count in NHS. We’re seeing nothing like that in the U.S. from what I read. In my suburban county, there has been a death every couple of days from covid19 and only 20 cases in one of the major hospitals. Not a big deal for us currently, because a very low percent of the community is infected. The lockdown is keeping spread to an arithmetic progression.

    I’ve said before that the at-risk population should be quarantined rather than doing a lockdown. Day cares are still running.and grandkids are spreading the disease to the elderly. Long haul truckers are doing lots of spread between communities, but we have to have groceries. Nursing home staff are infecting residents. (Most of them now check staff for fever before allowing them to enter the home, assuming they follow CDC guidelines.) Patients are bringing covid19 into hospitals and infecting other patients and hospital staff. Because of precautions, not many staff die from the disease. The staff most at risk are those who intubate patients. Anaesthesiologists and ICU nurses are most at risk because of the possibility of high viral load early because of secretions involved in intubating/extubating patients.

    We now have an effective (based on anecdotal evidence) treatment for covid19, but academics are resisting and conservative sites aren’t engaging in critical thinking about what’s going on with tests. Lots are saying that hydroxychloroquine is sufficient to treat covid19, but there’s clinical evidence that that is not true. And academics are ignoring any evidence that isn’t a controlled clinical trial and they don’t understand the importance of zinc when using hydroxychloroquine. So there’s confusion because of a lack of critical thinking.

    I don’t see anywhere near 120k deaths by April 20. I expect that the flu/pneumonia deaths will eclipse covid19. That stat doesn’t count the cost of chronic respiratory problems from covid19, tho, so the impact is a great deal greater than merely the number of deaths. The lockdown will mitigate some deaths of at risk people, but there will be more murders of healthy people. Daughter Gamer reports that shootings in Memphis have increased and have affected her work load there.

    CDC and governors in some states won’t allow the use of hydroxychloroquine except for hospital patients. Hence docs hospitalize patients so they can treat the patients with HCQ…unnecessary hospitalizations increase and you end up with an artificially lower ratio of deaths/hospitalizations.

    Hospitals tend to be empty now because a lot of less urgent care has been postponed, so empty beds aren’t necessarily an indicator that risk is low.

    Nursing homes and families should use Facetime to let grandparents interact with grandkids because family transmission is the greatest spread.

    Red meat (beef, lamb, venison) and fish provide zinc and lots of veggies provide quercetin, which gets zinc into cells to inhibit viral replication. We’re eating a lot of hamburger and veggies in the gamer household.

  5. *”Snopes did a hit piece on Zelenko’s work.

    Snopes said that it lacked evidence because it wasn’t a controlled clinical trial.”*

    The Zelenko reports are truly weird. And not that hydroxychloroquine doesn’t help.

    He reported treating 350, 500, >700 hundred patients in the span of one to two weeks. He said in his video interview with Giuliani that he didn’t see patients in person, but by telemedicine/teleconference. That doesn’t figure. He was probably sending in scripts to pharmacies for the patients. Without patients having any way to get a screening test for Covid. And who may be just getting it to hoard. He’s protecting his tribe. No system could do that many tests, get the reports back and actually have gotten the scripts filled from wary pharmacists. I’m pretty sure all pharmacists from state board of licensing has been warned not to fill scripts indiscriminately.

    I think Zelenko is dissembling.

    But the science and the mechanism of action is there for hydroxychloroquine. And it’s not just because it is merely a zinc ionophore. It prevents the coronavirus from inserting itself into cells in order to replicate by having a “sink” of negatively charged nitrogen molecules prevent the virus from acidifying proteins (which is it’s method of penetration into cells) with hydrogen molecules. It interferes with the virus’ modus operandi. And it does have a low side effect profile.

  6. I love you too, Blax. Throw me down some peanuts, will ya? 🙂

    I’m not a physician nor do I play one on teevee.

    Critical thinking skill is more essential in a crisis than is intelligence. I noticed that Dr. Zelenko has superb critical thinking skills as well as native intelligence. Unfortunately, critical thinking skills aren’t very common.

    I can do deep dives into technical literature and my critical thinking skills aren’t one of my shortcomings.

    Your strength is your ability to draw on your experience. It’s also your greatest weakness. You have trouble drawing on the experience of other people and lack the ability to analyze people remotely. You have a huge blind spot.

    You missed reading that I had modified my position. I think that covid19 had the potential to do more damage than the flu, but I also expected mitigation efforts to be effective and keep the impact of covid19 below that of the flu in terms of deaths. I hadn’t counted on chronic respiratory disease becoming more widespread. Thus, the lockdown will help mitigate the impact of covid19 even on my area.

    Early on I figured out that respirators are not that important nor are ICU beds. What matters is keeping people out of the ICU with an effective treatment. Dr. Zelenko has developed an effective treatment. Zelenko has hundreds–almost SEVEN HUNDRED–cases with ZERO deaths, ZERO intubations and four hospitalizations. In terms of anecdotal evidence, that is very strong. It would be helpful to get a confirming report from another doc.

    If I were a doc, I would diverge from Zelenko as I wouldn’t prescribe Zpak unless there was a high probability of bacterial infection because of the impact on the heart. HCQ also impacts the heart, but if you limit the regimen to five days, the risk is lower than the risk from covid19, in my judgment. Covid19 can also harm the heart muscle.

    Zinc is somewhat toxic itself, but five days of 220 mg per day isn’t that risky for most people, in my judgment.

    HCQ can affect vision I’m told.

    Zinc can cause nausea and other problems in large doses.

    (click on the side effects tab)

    I’m not a physician nor do I play one on teevee.

  7. “HCQ can affect vision I’m told.”

    That is only after taking it for 5 to 7 years at a dose of 200mg twice per day. And then the incidence is only up to 2%. It’s low risk to cause retinopathy when taken for up to 10 years.

    There is virtually no vision risk taking it for a short period of time.

    And Gov. Cuomo kinda, mostly banned it from being prescribed outside of the hospital system.

    New York:
    Executive Order from Gov. Andrew Cuomo restricting dispensing:

    • Bans pharmacists from dispensing hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine except:

    o When written as prescribed for a US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-
    approved indication; or

    o As part of a state approved clinical trial related to COVID-19 for a patient who
    has tested positive for COVID-19

    ▪ Positive COVID-19 test result must be documented as part of the

    • Prohibits use of hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine for experimental or prophylactic

    • Any permitted prescription is limited to one 14-day prescription with no refills

    So how is Zelenko going to “treat” another 700 patients by telemedicine with that?

  8. Good to see Rollo turn his attention to WuFlu World — his “zeroed out” column was one of his best and here indeed comes a plague of zeroes. Fortunately I can lay low for now in my semi-rural backwater, and the old lady is admirably low-drama.

  9. Hydro is not ” banned “.

    Cuomo asks that a positive corona test be required before a prescription is written and filled.

    That’s not ” banning “.

    If no requirement made, people will drain the supply taking hydro because scared, whether they are positive/sick or not. That’s the nature of things.

    Hydro would become the New Toilet Paper.

    If you’re sick with corona, and your doc confirms and writed the script, you can get it.

  10. @SJF

    I’m not a doctor nor do I play one on teevee.

    Excellent questions.

    Remote medicine/numbers?

    It’s out of the ordinary. Hard to visualize, but I will try. Zelenko has an office and office staff to see the patients. Patients go to Zelenko’s office and are seen by staff. His nurses take history and vitals. Screens and cameras are set up in patient examining rooms so Dr. Zelenko can examine patients remotely. He takes a history and can examine charts in advance. The nurses adjust the cameras if Zelenko needs close inspection of anatomy or maybe telemedicine has advanced to where the doc can focus and adjust angles remotely. Whatever, it happens. 70 patients a day is very reasonable for family practice. If you clear out your non-urgent patients, you can probably treat 70 covid19 patients a day. The doc might have to work an extra hour or two a day during the covid19 epidemic. Zelenko’s numbers are believable.

    Lab testing/numbers?

    Covid19 lab testing takes too long to rely on labs…primary care docs have to rely on diagnostic protocols which don’t include labs…Zelenko made it clear that shortness of breath was the primary symptom he looked for. Minimal reliance on labs. Explains why he only did 200 lab tests. Zelenko’s in line with CDC in assigning a diagnosis without relying on lab tests. And Dr. Zelenko made it clear that he wanted to treat the patient early, so he generally couldn’t wait for lab results. Labs aren’t critical to Zelenko’s treatment of covid19.

    Protecting the tribe?

    Dr. Zelenko said that about 1/3 of his patients aren’t Jewish. And he is MAGA–at least tolerant of gentiles and patriotic. Zelenko has absorbed a lot of gentile values. And he is pushing his protocol to other docs. Probably cares about public health and our national economy. If Zelenko wanted to get the info out to only his tribe, he would use a backchannel. So, no.


    I’m sure that Dr. Zelenko had some discussions with pharmacists about his treatment protocol and explained it to them and found which were more amenable and recommended those pharmacies to his patients. So, wary pharmacists likely aren’t a problem.


    As there are explanations for your good questions, there is no reason to conclude that Dr. Zelenko is dissembling.

    Value of hydroxychloroquine?

    It is true that hydroxychloroquine is a mild ACE2 competitor with SARS-2, so it would be helpful in blocking the virus’ entry into target cells. HCQ also tends to moderate the immune response, so it would tend to diminish the likelihood of cytokine storms, lung damage, and the need for intubation. Thus, there would be some value in treating with HCQ alone. However, there would be many occasions where viral entry into the cell would occur and it is essential to inhibit viral replication in those instances. Theoretically, the higher the viral load, the less effective HCQ would be without zinc. Theoretically , HCQ/Zinc would produce better outcomes than HCQ alone when the viral load is high. So it makes sense to treat with both zinc and HCQ. There have been some clinical studies in France where treatment with HCQ produced no better outcomes than the control group.

    I’m not a doctor nor do I play one on teevee.

    Good health to you and yours.

  11. “Some COVID-19 test results taking nearly two weeks to come back”

    Not sure of the testing turnaround time in NY. No current search results.

    Lab covid19 test processing centers are being swamped, so test results are dilatory, so docs can’t treat patients early if they rely on tests. Docs and pharmacies have to ignore the governor and his idiot health care advisers.

    Docs are hospitalizing patients to work around the governor’s edict. Get the prescription filled and send the test for processing and give the pharmacy the test result later so that paperwork is complete. Trust between doc and pharmacy are required. Hoarding has already occurred, so the governor’s edict doesn’t even help prevent hoarding.

    “There’s many a slip ‘twixt the cup and the lip.”

  12. it would be very helpful to your understanding if you actually lived here and saw what was going on. Cuomo gives updates daily, as does new jersey governor.

    What website is that you’re quoting anyway????


    The delays are caused by the labs slower processing. The usual wait was 5 days, not 2 weeks ( hype ), but the faster tests are being deployed/used as I type this.

    Misinformation is a terrible thing.

    …. go maga

  13. Lol @Blax

    You should go to Houston and observe the turnaround time there.

    In Memphis, there is a drive by testing place, but it’s only open during the work week.

    Where I live, the test’s only available at hospitals.

    Even 5 days delay is too long for coronavirus testing. You need 2 days max for it to be useful.

    Give details, man. Is the test available to anybody in a drive in situation? Or is it only for hospitals? Doctor’s order required? What’s the wait time in the line, if there is a line? Did you try it out yourself? How many locations is the test available? Any problems reported?

  14. earth to @Blax

    Fox News was being attacked early on for pushing the pandemic and drive by media was saying that coronavirus is no big deal. Libs attacking Fox News. Shock!

    (the libs will lose the lawsuit on the merits)

  15. asd

    remember when I told you I watched fox with my own eyes?

    You can’t spin this to me, because I WATCHED THE WORDS COMING OUT OF THEIR MOUTHS, and you pretty much echoed what they were saying almost word for word.

    Lol, there are witnesses right here at trm.

  16. @Blax, I watched Tucker Carlson on Fox News pushing Coronavirus Derangement Syndrome back in January. With my own eyes and ears.

    Host: “You’re getting a lot of attention because you’re really the first opinion host of Fox News to say, “Hey, this is not a hoax, it’s time to take this seriously.” Were you concerned about some of the things you were hearing on your own network such as that this was not that serious?

    Carlson: “I’m not much of a TV watcher, so I wasn’t responding to that so much as I was responding to the internal voice I had that said, “This was probably something to worry about.” We’ve been following it since January, and my view was then — and I said it on the air at the time — a lot of the stories that were getting saturation coverage at that moment that were not really relevant to anything and that they were distracting us from a lot of things happening in the country and in the rest of world, and this was one of them. ”

    I was skeptical of the panic-mongering by Carlson and I still am. The problem is more serious than I thought at first, however.

    But why are doing a “gotcha” on Fox? There are plenty of drive by media targets who were on the same page as Hannity. Skeptical about coronavirus.

    It’s almost like you’re pushing an agenda or something. 🙂

  17. @Palma. Thanks for the info. It certainly is a shit show. Boris is even threatening not being allowed for exercise. Last time I was outdoors was last Thursday. A shopping trip. I workout indoors. It’s not bothering me that much. I like my own company.

    Also, you managed to get an ice cream 🙂

  18. Point – comment on YT:

    Everybody stay home. You don’t need to go out, you can have everything you need delivered.

  19. Counterpoint – Conversation I had with a Domino’s delivery guy while taking a walk around the block:

    Me: How you holding up being everybody’s lifeline?
    Him: I’m just glad I’m still working, ya know?

  20. “Including Corona Chan!”

    Not if everybody is staying home. The commenter seemed clueless that if everyone stayed home you couldn’t get anything delivered. And in not too long you couldn’t wash your hands, or turn on the lights, or . . .

  21. “The Department of Health and Human Services said Sunday hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine products can be distributed and prescribed by doctors through the Strategic National Stockpile “to hospitalized teen and adult patients with COVID-19, as appropriate, when a clinical trial is not available or feasible.””

    We’re the government and we’re here to help you…get medicine you need…but you can’t have it unless you go to the hospital…

    …in other news, government models showed that hospitalization should be 4x what it currently is…

  22. kfg
    Not if everybody is staying home. The commenter seemed clueless that if everyone stayed home you couldn’t get anything delivered.

    It’s a pretty big leap from talking to your pizza guy to “everyone stays home”. Hope you did a good stretching routine on your hamstrings before that.

    And in not too long you couldn’t wash your hands, or turn on the lights, or . . .

    Fortunately utility managers aren’t that stupid.

  23. Me: How you holding up being everybody’s lifeline?

    At an airboard boarding gate in the distant future:

    Announcer (voice): “OK folk, we are about to begin boarding for Flight 1986 non-stop service to Los Angeles. At this time – if you are an active delivery service driver, or have a campaign medal from The Great Corona War, please make your way to the agent for priority boarding. Thank you for your service!”

    [crowd claps as heroes process to gate. A little girl stops to look up at a late middle aged man, wearing a trucker cap with a patch that says ‘Amazon – TXDK9823 – 2021″]

    Little Girl: “God bless you thsir”
    Man: “Aw aren’t you cute.” [rustles her hair walking by. Looks her beaming mother in the eye.]
    Man: Ma’am [tips cap]
    Mother: [As he walks onto plane.] “Such a man! [wistfully]×565.jpg

  24. Community spread…

    postal workers
    long haul truckers
    airline workers
    rental places (cars, Home Depot)
    hotels, hotel workers, hotel hvac systems, apartment hallways where fans bring in air
    restaurant food
    grocery stockers
    grocery carts where they don’t wipe

    people who don’t wash hands a lot

    None of this matters if docs just keep up with effective treatment…gateway pundit gave space to Dr. Zelenko’s effective regimen, but a lot of docs are libs and stay in their echo chambers…won’t even hear of Zelenko’s results…Daughter Gamer hasn’t heard any docs discussing Zelenko’s regimen…doctors seem to not discuss medical topics much outside of “approved” meetings…other docs won’t try a novel treatment because it doesn’t have the academic “seal of approval”…others are in trouble with state medical boards and fear getting reprimanded if they try a novel treatment…NIH and CDC try to control the use of HCQ and limit doctor/patient access to it…lupus and rheumatoid arthritis patients also need HCQ and fear not getting their pills…we need to ramp up production of it…and we need more docs trying Zelenko’s regimen and reporting on it…

  25. [Scene – exterior of stately home, night. Cut to intererior, drawing room, fire crackling. A young girl with curly hair and a tow headed boy sitting on the sofa, drinking cocoa. Grandma in her rocker, drinking chardonnay. Grandpa stoking fire.]

    Boy: We started learning about The Corona War in school. Grandpa, what did you do during it?

    Grandpa: Well well. [turns back to boy, comes and sits on sofa] Here. Sit on my lap and I’ll tell you.

    Girl: Tell us Gampa!

    Grandpa: Well it was a long time ago. back in 2020… I remember it well. We had been locked in our homes for 30 days… Close to missing spring planting season. I just couldn’t take it any more. One morning before dawn i broke out… and ran a covert mission… To Lowes. I swiftly secured 8 flats of Impatiens and high tailed it back home. Dodging the virus the whole way… The next day… the landscaper planted them along the front walk. Mission accomplished. I’ll never forget it.

    Grandma: I was so proud of him! [sigh]

    Boy: Wow what a story Grandpa! Imma tell my teacher.

    Grandpa: They were tough times… [wistfully] we all had to do our part. Nothing more. Now who wants more cocoa!

  26. Confirmation of Dr. Zelenko’s regimen…

    “LOS ANGELES (KABC) — A Los Angeles doctor said he is seeing significant success in prescribing the malaria drug hydroxychloroquine in combination with zinc to treat patients with severe symptoms of COVID-19.

    Hydroxychloroquine has been touted as a possible treatment for COVID-19 by President Trump among others, but it remains controversial as some experts believe it is unproven and may not be effective.

    The drug has long been used for treatment of malaria and conditions such as lupus and arthritis but is not technically approved by the FDA for COVID-19. The agency, however, is encouraging trials and has provided limited emergency authorization for its use to treat COVID-19 patients.

    Dr. Anthony Cardillo said he has seen very promising results when prescribing hydroxychloroquine in combination with zinc for the most severely-ill COVID-19 patients.

    “Every patient I’ve prescribed it to has been very, very ill and within 8 to 12 hours, they were basically symptom-free,” Cardillo told Eyewitness News. “So clinically I am seeing a resolution.””

    The idiot editor screwed up the headline, of course.

    1. There is something very funny going on here. The FDA and this Dr Fauci are just throwing up obstacles.

      ‘but the government’s top coronavirus expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci, has been much more cautious, saying there is only “anecdotal evidence” demonstrating its effectiveness’. 2 Doctors have reported, after giving the same treatment, positive results with very ill patients, with a drug that has been used since 1944. People are dying in their thousands. The UK prime minister is in a bad way. The FDA and Fauci, what is their agenda?

  27. There is something funny going on here

    “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark” –

  28. “The FDA and Fauci, what is their agenda?”

    It’s basically a balancing act –that he has learned during his long career– learned to be diplomatic about.

    He went through it with AIDs crisis in the 80’s. A lot of drugs were unproven and unavailable. Some didn’t work and some did. Early on the one that everyone crowed about didn’t work. False hope.

    In 1981, before the availability of any antiretroviral drugs, the median
    survival after an AIDS diagnosis was about six to eight months.

    (My first admission to the hospital as a medical resident had AIDs in 1986. And he didn’t last more than a few weeks…)

    In 1996, much because of his work, aids treatment was working very well. And then it got even better. In 2012 a person with AIDs would likely live a near normal life-span. It took a long time to get is right, but it was a simmering pot. The current pandemic is a past boiling pressure cooker situation.

    What he did was monitor and let people into studies that didn’t meet criteria but needed it in certain communities and so they relaxed strict medical regulations about who can be included in studies.

    Same as is going on in the current Covid-19 crisis. They are letting doctors prescribe it. Mostly for the sickest.

    In my opinion, the current agenda is to prevent a “run on the bank”. Trump is trying to provide a positive spin along with the task force’s heroic efforts. Fauci is trying to prevent widespread prescriptions that will exhaust the supply of the drug for those who need it.

    As I mentioned previously, it doesn’t take a full-witted doctor to prescribe it off label.

    There are 950,000 doctors in the United States. If everyone of them prescribed one prescription (thirty 200mg pills) that would amount to
    28,500,000 pills. And that’s just for treatment, not for prophylaxis. If only half of them prescribed on prescription of 30 pills, that would be 14,250,00 pills. What if half of all doctors wrote 5 prescriptions?

    He’s contending with human nature and trying to prevent a run on the bank. That’s what government’s try to do. That is why there was a fast move to prevent indiscriminate prescriptions by Governors in the most affected states.

    No different than a run on toilet paper, guns, or ammo. Trying to preserve so called “order”.

    Just wait for the Dallas Buyer’s Club. But it’s going to be hard to cross the Mexican border.

    Without pejoratives: Trump is trying to preserve positivism (when dealing with the negative press). Fauci is trying to preserve order in the medical system. He did that before with AIDs when he went very slow on directives and was OK with that. Success came, but very slowly.

  29. A doctor has to Break Bad:

    Gus Fring : And a man doctor, a man doctor provides hydroxychloroquine. And he does it even when he’s not appreciated, or respected, or even loved. He simply bears up and he does it. Because he’s a man doctor….

    He has to sneak one through.

  30. Not characteristic of me throwing chum in the red pill waters, but I found this a typical IDK conundrum some couple might find themselves in, Richard Cooper fodder:

    File this story in today’s news feed under:

    “Never mistake motion for action.”–Ernest Hemingway

    “I lost a few pounds…” I’m trying… should be sufficient…

    I have been with my boyfriend for about five years—he’s 12 years younger than me, but no one thinks I am as old as I am—and we are exact polar opposites of each other. I’m emotional and feeling; he’s not really emotional or feeling in the way I am, although I know he does love me and care about me. Since we became involved, I have gained 20 pounds, and once as I was undressing in front of him, a look of disgust flashed across his face. I tried to pretend I didn’t notice, but I cannot describe how horrible I felt.

    She asks:

    “Is it because sometimes I’m bitchy and I’ve gained weight?”

    He frustratedly answers honestly. Damn him.

    She loses her shit.

    And gets advice that she need not be at the mercy of her own moods, should collaborate well, and she’s not the bad guy. It’s his fault for not being attracted to her…

    Good luck with that.

    1. Got my letter off Boris and 10 downing Street today, telling me to stay in doors. I’ll keep hold of that for 20 years and then sell it to the Pawn Stars as a piece of history.

  31. Give it a rest already.

    If nobody is dying where you live, good for you.

    12 people died here in my city overnight, so excuse me if I don’t pay a lot of attention to your ” stats “.

  32. In my state, we had 0 deaths overnight. Differences in distribution. (btw, I’ve been pushing for HCQ to be released to hotspots like NY and NJ. Fauci finally got on board once Peter Navarro got confrontational with him.)

  33. Moving upstate, Albany county had it’s first case on March, 3. No deaths for the first three weeks or so, but about one a day since then. There has also been an uptick in new cases, but that isn’t the interesting bit.

    The interesting bit is that 90% of the new cases have been first responders (they might be counting all medical workers in that. Reporting has been getting sloppy with terms).

  34. Asd 😂

    I’ve been saying where I live for years here.

    If anyone really wanted to ” doxx”/ find me, they could ( if they were into that kind of thing ). I don’t have social media accounts, but I’m all over a few of them posted by others, and I’m even on a couple of YouTube channels.

    You haven’t paid attention. I’m surprised….not.

  35. Lol, you were the one making a big deal that the U.S. leads the world in deaths (which isn’t true–China is actually #1). The point is that we are actually handling the covid19 epidemic better than Europe, generally speaking. (Germany may be doing a better job.) Measured on a per capita basis, the U.S. is doing quite a good job. (Some places weren’t as well prepared as others, but we managed our resources well and the lack was covered.)

    If we had not exported our pharmaceutical industry to China, we would be doing even better.

    Once we get an adequate stock of hydroxychloroquine adequately distributed (which will likely occur sometime in May, we can get back to our normal routine. Some places will roll out before others. Rural communities before metros, because farming can’t wait. Autos, planes can wait.)

    It’s good that we have Peter Navarro on all this. He’s first rate.

  36. You can compare New York or South Dakota, individual states, to Spain or Germany, likewise individual states, but you have to compare the USA to the EU.

  37. @Palma Sailor:

    That’s the point. Invert the chart to show the risk to the general public who don’t do any of those things.

  38. Palma, Kfg

    My understanding is that in the emergency room and in icu’s it’s impossible to ” social distance “, and in many hospitals, here at least, there are larger numbers of people in a very bad way from the virus. Doctors, nurses and respiratory tech’s are virtually on suicide missions on 12-14 hour shifts under heavy exposure.

    There’s not a whole lot of reporting on what’s actually taking place in hot spot facilities, just a broad reporting overall. A few videos have been publicized, but not many…because people are busy.

    In broader areas of the country where this isn’t happening, I’m glad. But instead of downplaying the severity of the possibilities, they need to ” just get it ” and he prepared for the likelihood, varying by degree.

    Here we are averaging 2 deaths a day since March. Cases doubling almost weekly ( although it’s slowing because everything is basically closed ).

  39. ” . . . in the emergency room and in icu’s it’s impossible to ” social distance “ . . .”

    Well, yeah.

    “There’s not a whole lot of reporting on what’s actually taking place in hot spot facilities . . .”

    I’m going to have to disagree here, perhaps even agree with ASD (go figure). What I mostly see is reporting on the hot spots as if they were the general case. Bergamo is “Italy.” NYC is not only NY, but the USA.

    Outside of Pierre talking about “flattening the curve” in South Dakota is ludicrous. People there don’t live in Medieval cities or high rises. In Bergamo and the NYC area it’s a major undertaking to avoid people, whereas in many other places it is a major undertaking to find people.

    Note: WordPress is still all broke and shit. I cannot read most longer comments.

  40. BoJo suffering mightily at the hands of the physicians…

    “doesn’t the UK have a perfectly good National Health Service already? Isn’t it known domestically as ‘the Envy of the World’? — might consider a letter that appeared over the weekend in the Sunday Telegraph, written by Dr Steven R Hopkins of Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire.

    The chief medical officer, Professor Chris Whitty, has banned doctors from treating Covid-19 with anything other than paracetamol and in severe cases, oxygen.

    Colleagues have rightly condemned this response, which ignores the experience of doctors overseas. Professor Whitty’s position is that British doctors may not use therapies that have not undergone double blind controlled trials here. This could condemn many thousands to avoidable death through a failure to recognise that different rules should apply when patients are dying at such a rate.

    The drug hydroxychloroquine is well-known, with a well-understood side-effect profile. It is safe. It also has a recognised mode of action in preventing replication of the virus. Comparison of the death rates in South Korea and Italy strongly suggests that it works to dramatically reduce the death rate. Evidence from India is similarly encouraging."

    Asking academics to put out fires. [smh] “Let them burn!”

  41. Things I’ve done since the lockdown:
    – Read Rational Male
    – Read Rational Male Preventive Medicine
    – Re-reading Mystery Method
    – Binge-watch Californication (up to season 3.10)

    Running out of options here

  42. Disgruntled

    Running out of options here

    Mad Men, Sopranos… Two great RP shows.

    That should get through the week…

    Read Robinson Crusoe… Excellent reference.

    Learn how to trade and follow the markets… Even a little at risk is entertaining. Way of the Turtle is a good intro.

  43. If you haven’t disassembled, delimed and mirror polished all of your plumbing fixtures yet, the worst of running out of options is yet to come.

  44. If you haven’t disassembled, delimed and mirror polished all of your plumbing fixtures yet, the worst of running out of options is yet to come

    Thanks I’ll pass…

    I have, however, been riding my motorcycle after work. The weather is tolerable now.

    Also I’ve been reading up on Scientology horror stories and getting depressed about that… got to stop doing that

  45. @disgruntled

    Peaky Blinders

    The Flashman Papers

    Ford v Ferrari

    Haven’t seen it yet but Rush (2013) is very good.

  46. Big fan of the noir films…

    Tough guys, hot chicks, raw RP all the time…

    Jane Greer…

    Gene Tierney

    Lauren Bacall

    There are a lot of lists out there, here is one

    Lots of films… hundreds?

    1. Not a huge fan of noir, but definitely a fan of movies from an age where women actually knew how to be feminine, and Red Pilled all the way.
      Number one film of all time for me? Probably McClintock with John Wayne. VERY red pilled, and hilarious.

  47. “Lots of films… hundreds?”

    Per year until that new fangled “television” thing became a fad. Of course just like television shows most of them were cheap schlock, but if you haven’t seen:

    The Maltese Falcon
    To Have and Have Not
    The Big Sleep (you can compare Bogie to Mitchum)
    Double Indemnity
    The Third Man
    The Lady from Shanghai

    Well, you just aren’t cultured.

    If you dig around you’ll find hundreds of the cheap schlock noir movies on YT. Nobody cares much to take the trouble to track them down and copyright claim them (in fact I expect many of them have gone into the public domain because nobody cared to renew the copyright back in the day when that was still a thing) and just like cheap schlock TV shows they have their place.

    For comedy anti-noir see the various Thin Man movies.

  48. kfg
    For comedy anti-noir see the various Thin Man movies.

    The first two movies had input from Dashell Hammett, so there’s more than a bit of clarity in seeing. Even though he didn’t always have the best taste in women, he was a realist.

    Plus William Powell’s smooth Game was in a class by its own.
    Nick Charles first appearance in film. It’s said Powell used to drink during filming. Could be.

  49. Meanwhile, we’ve had about 18k dead from flu in march. Does anybody still think that we’ll have 1.5 million dead from covid19 like the projection by the Obama hack?

  50. @ASD: all other factors aside, if we would handle this the same way as the flu, would we have the same number of cases/deaths as we have today? If not, what would be difference? Slightly more? Much more? What do you think?

  51. What Asd missed in all of this, is that the covid stuff is in addition to/on top of ” the flu “. It didn’t replace it.

    From wherever he lives covid looks very different than it does in places where it’s spreading. I don’t need an article to tell me that covid is more infectious than the flu.

    Fucking tigers don’t catch the flu.

  52. @Sentient

    Summer can be busy too…

    The 2011 England riots, more widely known as the London Riots, were a series of riots between 6 and 11 August 2011, when thousands of people rioted in cities and towns across England, which saw looting, arson, and mass deployment of police, and resulted in the deaths of five people. […] There were a total of 3,443 crimes across London that were linked to the disorder.[11] Along with the five deaths, at least 16 others were injured as a direct result of related violent acts. An estimated £200 million worth of property damage was incurred, and local economic activity – which in many cases was already struggling due to the recession – was significantly compromised.

  53. “Fucking tigers don’t catch the flu.”

    Yeah, they do. So do penguins and anacondas. The biggest problem is pigs, because pigs can transmit flu to humans more readily than other animals. The reason so many flu viruses originate in China is because of the cultural habit of keeping ducks, pigs and people together. People can’t readily catch the flu from ducks, but pigs can, so avian flu jumps to people through the pigs.

  54. Every year the flu season doesn’t overwhelm hospital emergency rooms and intensive care units. EMS doesn’t have 600 calls a day.

    Conspiracy theories and wild death projections aside, my concerns are strictly two fold –

    The infectious rate and the effects on the hospitals where I live.

    Yeah, people die every year, but the key is that those deaths are spread over a year. People are still going to die , corona or not, but not so many in a short timeframe.

    As I’ve said, I haven’t had the flu in 42 years despite being in close proximity to people that have the flu. 10 million people don’t get unemployed every for season. Lions and tigers and bears ( on my ) don’t come down with the flu yearly, because it’s not like zoo workers are hugging them.
    Viruses aren’t political, only people’s responses are. Unfortunately that’s the nature of a lot of folks. Ignore that and understand how viruses work…we all have the time…😁

    Latest bullshit? That people are able to go to a pharmacy and ask for hydro and the pharmacist just hands it over without a prescription.

    Imo if you can’t breathe and are all fucked up, doctors should absolutely try everything at their disposal, fda approval or not. To me ceasing breathing is a worse side effect than anything else.

    My coworker is entering his 3rd week of illness with covid. He wasn’t hospitalized, but like Palma, he was wiped out completely. Everybody won’t die but can anyone say they volunteer to have it?

    Like almost everything else, I see that it depends on whether or not something effects one directly. That’s too bad but it is what it is.

  55. “Lions and tigers and bears ( on my ) don’t come down with the flu yearly . . .”

    Yes, they do, and some of them die from it. It’s generally only reported among virologists, vets and animal keepers though, not a matter of general interest that some animal has the sniffles. The exception here is not the virus, but the reporting of the virus.

    ” . . . it’s not like zoo workers are hugging them.”

    That’s not the usual means of transmission, but yes, that happens. It happens more often with Granny’s moggie and vets have to treat house cats for flu, sometimes contracted from their owners.

    Yes, this virus is an exceptionally nasty little piece of work and you aren’t likely to find me busking on Houston St. this summer, but it isn’t so exceptional that it’s magic. It’s a virus and it does what viruses do, which includes transmission from animals to humans as well as from humans to animals.

    If you can catch it from a bat or a pig or a bird, the bat/pig/bird can catch it from you. Animal keepers have to take care because even if they can’t catch a particular flu from the penguins, they can certainly act as the vector between the penguins and emus. They can also act as a vector between some animal they can’t catch it from (say ducks) to some animal they can catch it from (say pigs) and then transmit the virus back to that intermediate animal.

  56. “I do believe that the virus doesn’t like heat”

    That’s why you get a fever as part of your immune response. Bake your homemade cloth mask at 175 F for half an hour and it’s pretty well sterilized.

  57. @HF

    “@ASD: all other factors aside, if we would handle this the same way as the flu, would we have the same number of cases/deaths as we have today? If not, what would be difference? Slightly more? Much more? What do you think?”

    Oh, many more, definitely, if we simply ignored covid19. But people tend not to ignore obvious dangers, but address them. So a lot of times the more obvious dangers actually do less damage than the subtle dangers. And I think that the lockdown is preferable to laissez faire, but inferior to my plan of quarantining the at-risk population, boosting manufacturing of HCQ, and letting the rest of the population go about their business. And I think that there has been a lot of panic mongering that is designed for something besides getting people to social distance.

    @Blax, the point is that Obama hacks can still flap their gums after the election and panic monger. But I guess you missed that. The point of my link about New York and testing is that New York doesn’t trust the CDC “experts” any more than I do. And Cuomo has been begging for more HCQ that is supposed to be “dangerous” (because the Orange Man recommended it, the TDS victims have to oppose it)…pulmonologists who regularly prescribe HCQ say that it poses a negligible risk to most patients.

    People who think they understand numbers and science but lack training should be a leetle bit more careful in their statements about numbers and science. #moosegetflu

    “Every year the flu season doesn’t overwhelm hospital emergency rooms and intensive care units.”

    March is a terrible month for ICU’s. Lots of flu/pneumonia and old people on vents. My wife was an ICU nurse for years.

    CDC estimates:

    310,000 – 560,000
    flu hospitalizations

    “Yeah, people die every year, but the key is that those deaths are spread over a year.”

    Flu is spread over six months, but infections grow until they peak in February/March (sometimes Dec. or Jan.). 18k deaths in March is average for flu and pretty consistent.


  58. Palma

    Yeah. This week at a nursing home one town over, 22 people died and 8 staff are infected/sick.

  59. My county has had an disproportionate number of deaths compared the nearby counties. It’s running at about 5% of confirmed cases. I guesstimate it’s because we act as a nursing home and drug rehab hub for the surrounding, more heavily agricultural and rural counties, as well as taking in a disproportionate number of patients from the City.

  60. “Fevers aren’t always a bad sign; you may even have heard that mild fevers are a good indication that your immune system is doing its job. But fevers aren’t just a byproduct of our immune response.

    In fact, it’s the other way around: an elevated body temperature triggers cellular mechanisms that ensure the immune system takes appropriate action against the offending virus or bacteria.

    So say researchers hailing from two academic institutions in the United Kingdom: the University of Warwick in Coventry and the University of Manchester.

    Senior researchers Profs. David Rand and Mike White led teams of mathematicians and biologists to understand what happens at cellular level when fever takes hold.

    Their findings, which have recently been published in PNAS, reveal that higher body temperatures drive the activity of certain proteins that, in turn, switch genes responsible for the body’s immune response on and off, as required.”

  61. “COVID-19 Hits Some Health Care Workers With Pay Cuts And Layoffs

    “In medicine, we think we’re relatively immune from the economy,” Davis says.
    “People are always going to get sick; people are always going to need doctors.”

    Then two weeks ago, she watched her practice revenue drop 50% almost overnight after Massachusetts officials told doctors and hospitals to stop performing elective tests and procedures. For Davis, that meant no more nonurgent gynecological visits and screenings.

    “It’s shocking,” she says. “Everyone has been blind-sided.” [not me, but continue reading]

    Patient volume way down

    Atrius Health, the largest independent physician group in Massachusetts, says patient volume is down 75% since mid-March. It is temporarily closing offices, placing many nonclinical employees on furlough and withholding pay for those who remain. The average withholding is 20%, and the company pledges that pay withheld will be returned. The lowest-paid workers, those earning up to $55,000, are exempt.”

  62. Could someone figure out how to open the “read more” part at long comments? Tried with 2 different laptops+a phone but it works with neither.

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