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Back in July of 2019 I was approached by a Dutch documentary team from VPRO (Dutch Public TV) who asked me if I would be open to doing an interview with them. I gave them a tentative yes, but I was really hesitant to trust ANY source that looked like the mainstream media. When they said they’d be at the 21 Convention I actually cancelled on them. I no longer want any association with their lack of integrity.

The director/producer, Nordin, kept on me though. He convinced me to do the interview because the “documentary would be incomplete” without me. I was still really sketchy about doing it because I know how these things go. It’s their game and they can easily make you look like a monster or an idiot if they want to. Nordin was really upfront with me, but so were a lot of other “journalists” I’ve dealt with.

I’m glad to say my concerns were unfounded. This documentary was the first real ‘fair assessment’ of the ‘sphere that I’ve ever seen. I’m in the ranks with the likes of Dr. Warren Farrell and Hannah Rosen in this and I think they did a good job of presenting the topics fairly.

You’ll have to get past the psychotic look of Elliott Hulse on the thumbnail though 😄

Half of this is in Dutch but it’s still very watchable if you don’t speak the language. All the English speakers are subtitled in Dutch so it’s pretty good as-is. As soon as an English subtitled version is up I’ll swap out the links.

Have a look at this and tell me what you thought. My segment comes in around the 30:30 mark, but well worth a watch of the whole thing to get some context. I will likely do a longer review post of this video in the coming weeks.

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  1. Off course it was good. VPRO Tegenlicht has a reputation to defend. They made many good documentaries. For example, can be found on Youtube, ‘Backlight Goldman Sachs’

  2. I will be glad when you post the Engrish version. Your portion was excellent. The last few fellow interviewed reminded me of the time when I finally understood my “place” after being dumped from marriage after 28 years. I remember saying to myself: I was born into this world alone, and I will die here alone, and the ideas that made me believe that I was not alone were bullshit. That simple understanding makes navigating life infinitely more straightforward.

  3. I grew up with some Dutch immigrant farmers and got a little of the group session, would like to see the english version. The in your face aggression that was role played happens naturally in ex con and rehab situations where men aren’t completely free and are frustrated then push the limits.

    Farrell has a good grasp on whats happening yet is still conditioned. Rossen can see what the symptoms are yet misses the causes completely. You outshined them IMO mostly by not running your mouth about what you don’t know.

  4. It’s great to see you in action from a different angle. Did you travel to Holland?
    Btw my friend is swallowing the red pill now. Women are more shameless than ever. Men are waking up.

  5. I am Dutch and the makers of this program are very good journalists. They are not afraid to share different opinions on delicate subjects, without being sensation seeking

  6. The clip isn’t playable for some reason or requires some sort of software. Any chance you can capture it and post?

  7. Some people may want to go shopping soon.
    The US appears to be about where Italy was 2 to 5 weeks ago.

    As of this week all retail is shut in Italy except for pharmacies and groceries. All schools, uni’s, museums, etc. are shut. Rome’s streets look empty because of “social distancing”. The NY National Guard was sent to seal off part of New Rochelle.

    80% of the people who get this will have mild symptoms. The other 20% may develop a seriously bad pneumonia. Diabetics, heart patients, high blood pressure patients, other lung infections all are bad cofactors.

    This article may be over the top but the math works out.

    Might be time to go shopping.

  8. Hey Rollo, Pretty good watch. You really come across well. You are truly the best spokeman for the man-o-shpere.

    Why don’t you get yourself a 10′ backwall and go to Freedom Fest? CSpan (BookTV) broadcasts it every year. Author interviews, panel discussions, mini trade show, like minded networking and so on.

    Saw Dr. Farrell give an in depth interviewed of his book ‘The Boy Crisis’ last year and I thought of you. It could possibly give you a little broader platform and help you deliver your message.

    Met Peter Slen randomly at CES on the show floor and had a nice chat a few years back. After we talked about trade show exhibit design I asked him if he ever heard of evo/pscyh, the mon-o-sphere and you specifically. He was completly unaware.

    Takes place in every year in Vegas baby.

    The man-o-sphere is great, but it’s a bit of a locker room sometimes. . . . a stinky one at that.


  9. Wow. Dug into that a bit more.

    He’s just a lawyer doing his job in the context of a multifaceted litigation. The more relevant question is why U.S. Soccer is in this position at all. U.S. Soccer ought to be thinking about the big picture, including in regard to brand and reputation. The fact that U.S. Soccer must rely on legal arguments that insult many soccer fans–and belittle the same players they are trying to prove are treated fairly–could ultimately inflict more damage on U.S. Soccer’s name than any wage gains U.S. Soccer hopes to obtain in the litigation.

    They should just pay them because it looks bad that they’re fighting it.

  10. “They should just pay them because it looks bad that they’re fighting it.”

    They are fighting it because the women are already paid more than the men. The only reason they earn less is because, well, they earn less.

    Professional athletes aren’t paid by the hour. They’re paid on a quasi-commission basis. Bring in money; get money. It’s a pretty basic idea.

    What the women are demanding is that they get paid the same total amount as the men, even though they aren’t bringing in the money needed to pay them that much.

  11. kfg
    Professional athletes aren’t paid by the hour. They’re paid on a quasi-commission basis. Bring in money; get money. It’s a pretty basic idea.

    Except to soccer girlz who stood on the glass floor of Title IX in college, and their fans.
    To them it’s just not fair. Because fairness is the standard of the women’s tribe, not justice.

    A year or more ago I went looking for pix of the US girls soccer team. There’s a lot of porn-quality images out there, some on official sites. Probably to make the older lipstick lesbians in the front office happy, I guess.

  12. God, Capital G God (Yahweh), loves you Rollo. The work you do with men made in his image is admirable. Bible lawyers quake when they hear your name.

  13. Rape is about power rather than sex is not exactly news. However, it is interesting that one would have to be predisposed to seduction in order to catch your attention. I would think that the possibility of being granted the unattainable would fit into seduction as a sort of foil to rape. If one is already willing to give you want you want, what seduction is there? Is not seduction a power-play as well?

    Rape is all about power, and has very little to do with sex.

    Sex is all about power.

    Rape is all about economics (which is also all about power).

    Rape is all about economics and has ‘everything’ to do with sex.

    1. Interesting comment.

      If I follow correctly, you’re saying that the common refrain of “rape isn’t about sex, it’s about power” is a non sequitur, correct?

      I.e. if we grant that rape is about power and also that sex is about power (“Everything is about sex, except sex; sex is about power” – I think that’s Oscar Wilde), then they’re not mutually exclusive.

  14. Really?

    Rape is an act of violence, full stop. And I’m talking about actual rape, not ” I was touched inappropriately “.rap

    If you got bent over and held down and assfucked in prison, it isn’t an exercise of ” power “, it’s an act of violence. Rape is not ” sex” ( unless one has a very odd idea about what sex between people constitutes ).

  15. Hello Rollo, first time commenting here. I’m actually from the Netherlands and found you a couple of years ago, before the big explosion of attention the manosphere has gotten over the past few years. This documentary is pretty decent, considering the VPRO has a strong progressive bent to it. They seem to have treated you well however. Anyway, just wanted to pop in and say you have been a great help. Many of your observations I felt as a young boy, instinctively, already – just never found a good way to express it. To me, that was the main thing I gained from you as an author. I hope this documentary will help spread the good message to the many young men who need it, have them go down the same rabbit hole and see the world for what it is, not what we want it to be. The irony is not lost on me that only then we will be able to make this world into what we want it to be. Conquer ourselves first, before we can conquer the world… Thanks, and godspeed.

  16. Its spring break and your teenage daughter is on her knees on the beach in the center of a blow bang in the middle of virus pandemic, and you’re here commenting about what it means to be “alpha”.


  17. Fact
    Its spring break…

    Low effort troll, no originality.
    Did not lol.
    Try harder next time.
    2 / 10

  18. I’m Dutch and saw this documentary. So I might tell more about the way I saw it culturally and understanding the Dutch parts. Surely this will inspire blue pill men to lookup some RP material, but the documentary doesn’t answer questions, it’s too short for that. The backlash of feminism: (where are all the good men), the Wall, lonely old women, destruction of the family etc. isn’t spoken about. The whole documentary, with it’s screaming men in the woods thus look more like a funny silly thing. It’s more like Louis Theroux visiting the nerds in the woods.

  19. I’m currently stuck in a house with 2 women & can’t escape as i had a nasty motorbike crash 3 weeks ago & am on the mend here. They have been looking after me pretty well, for which I’m most grateful. One is mid 40’s the other around 70 and she loves attacking men any chance she gets, for which I often wind her up about. Generally they’re pretty easy to get along with but sometimes, like just now, their female emotional solipsistic irrationality rises to the surface and engulfs all before it. I made the mistake of telling the younger one to just let something go and not buy into other people’s shit, some trivial crap from FakeCrack, but as we all should know by now gentlemen, is that you can’t tell a woman anything. They just hate any advice from men. I should have known better, and usually do, but was sick of hearing the same inane story going around and around all afternoon. I lost a bit of my cool because I was amazed at their cognitive dissonance, then they had the temerity to both turn on me for trying to solve their bullshit dramas and not just listening and not being empathetic and compassionate to their tales of woe. Un-fucking-believable, but really, totally believable. I’ve been cooped up in the house with them for the past 2 weeks and have another week to go before I can hopefully bail to my property in the sticks, far far away from un-civilisation & other emotional humans and hunker down alone without any female bullshit, to ride out this disruptive virus panic in comparative peace. Thankfully the AFL season kicks off tonite as a well-timed distraction. Fortunately our football league has the balls not to be scared off playing by the current panic epidemic engulfing the globe, though the stadiums will be empty of fans, which will be rather surreal. A bit like a regular rugby match I suppose… ;-).
    Stay safe and sane, gentlemen. Good luck to anyone else stuck in quarantine with more than one woman.Rant over. I feel much better now…

  20. Dang, FoX, that’s a rough go. Cosigning what Blaximus wrote I suggest you change your mental perspective and see the younger one as some bratty little sister for a start. Verbally pull her pigtails, don’t try to reason with someone in a swirl of emotion.

    Or, you could stream some movies. Maybe a couple of Clint Eastwood flicks from back in the 70’s would help the situation, like Play Misty For Me might be a good start. Or The Beguiled…if you don’t like mushrooms that much. There’s red pill in both of them.

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