Primordial Archetypes

This morning I was made aware of another example of open Hypergamy. A Russian Alpha Widow admitted to her duplicity in switching her Beta husband’s sperm with that of her ex lover’s in her IVF insemination. Now, at the risk of throwing red meat to the wolves here, I wanted to dissect this situation a bit to explain a larger concept I’ve been considering lately. It would be enough to use this situation as one more example of women’s prime directive – Hypergamy before all else – but, there’s more involved here that illustrates the sociological reach that Hypergamy has for women.

You see, Yana Anokhina, 38, couldn’t have pulled off her deception of Maxim Anokhin without enlisting the aid of Dr. Liya Kazaryan and her staff in swapping out his sperm for that of Yana’s former lover; the Alpha for whom she was widowed’. I’m not entirely sure that her former lover (now her current relationship) was aware of the swap, but there’s no question about Yana’s motives.

Ms Anokhina has not spoken about the swap but reports say she wanted the father of her baby to be the man she loved – not her husband.

‘It was found out during the investigation in court that Maxim’s wife Yana was the one who initiated the process of replacing her husband’s biological material,’ reported Vesti.

‘Allegedly, she wanted to give birth to a child by a man with whom she was in love, and her husband was the one who paid the costs.’

So this isn’t just as simple as she got knocked up by her Alpha lover and tricked her Beta husband into believing the inseminated sperm was his own. She had to actually go to the trouble of collecting two samples of sperm, convincing the IVF clinic’s doctor and staff into making the swap (and then withholding the truth from the father) and then carrying the pregnancy to term and keeping her husband ignorant of the ruse for a year. This may seem like the deviousness of a particular woman, but remember, she had to enlist the confidence of Dr. Kazaryan and other clinicians (I presume also female).

And she does all this with a laugh.

I’ve written quite a bit on what I call the Sisterhood Über Alles and this is one more example of how that collective female consciousness intuitively understands and both consciously and unconsciously promotes the interests of the Feminine Imperative – even for unfamiliar, anonymous women.

Now you might say, “Well Rollo, this is just one horrible example of a few women who got in cahoots to deceive a hapless Beta chump. Not all women are like this.” Or I’m sure the more morally conscious of ‘red pill women’ would simply point out that they would never do such a thing and convince us that ‘quality women’ regularly police their own Hypergamous impulses – these Russian women just lack their moral superiority. Well, be that as it may, it’s not too difficult to find online forums dedicated to women collaborating with other women in order to trick a man into marrying a woman via false pregnancy claims. In fact there’s a lucrative black market for positive pregnancy tests sold to women wanting to press their boyfriends into a marriage commitment by way of a false-positive pregnancy scare.

The fact behind all this still remains – women evolved for a subconscious, collective duplicity when it comes to optimizing on Hypergamy.

We can see this in popular culture; a culture defined by the Feminine Imperative now. Dalrock once said we have replaced the monogamous marriage model of child rearing with the child support model of child rearing today. I believe he’s right, but how is that child support model effected today and how doe it align with women’s evolved, instinctual predilections?

Humankind evolved from small tribal collectives, but in each collective there were commonalities of behaviors that developed similarly to solve various personal and collective (tribal) problems. For instance, an instinctive (unlearned) fear of snakes or spiders in women is an evolved part of humankind’s collective mental firmware. A small boys natural propensity to throw an object with strength and accuracy might be another example.

How women interact today in what I call the Sisterhood is a gestalt of the various instinctive behaviors that the women of our tribal ancestors developed to aid them in collective support as well as ensuring long-term security in reproduction. In other words, women evolved to do exactly what Dr. Kazaryan did, and so many other women in various “trick him into marrying you” forums do, to enable another woman’s sexual strategy. From an evolutionary perspective it follows that women who aided their ‘sisters’ in Hypergamy would themselves be aided and insure that this archetypal behavior became a characteristic of women’s collectivist nature.

I once watched a video of some daytime women’s talk show that centered on how women could justifiably trap a man into commitment by essentially lying to him about a faked pregnancy. I apologize for not having a link to it here, but while I was looking for it on YouTube I was inundated with videos of shows on this topic – I literally couldn’t find the one I was thinking of because there were so many returns. Watching this show I was hit by just how many women in the audience rallied behind the women doing the ‘trapping’ and the myriad justifications offered to allay any feelings of guilt, remorse or doubts about having a child.

This is particularly emphasized if the ‘father’ in question fulfills an ideal of women’s collective Hypergamy. To the collective hivemind of women, a woman is, by nature, entitled to a child with the most perfect father (high SMV) she can attract. Remember, shows and online forums like this are only small representative examples of that global Hypergamous archetypal expectation and the support women offer each other to optimize Hypergamy. I’ve stated before the the Sisterhood Über Alles (above all) transcends all considerations of tribe, race, religion and even political stripe. All women are part of ‘team woman‘ before any other affiliation; this is how the Feminine Imperative has remained a social influence since our hunter/gatherer beginnings. As we’ve progressed from small tribalist beginnings to larger collectives, to nations and now to globalism, this female collectivism has expanded to encompass the totality of womankind.

Love Me Vampire, Fuck Me Werewolf

Anyone who’s been reading my work for a while is probably scratching their heads as to why I’m referring to the concept of ‘archetypes’ here. As most of my readers know, I’ve never been a fan of Carl Jung. I’ve written about why this is a few times and I’ll probably write a more comprehensive essay about it in the coming year, but suffice to say that while Jung might be synonymous with the new agey metaphysical concept of archetypes, it was from anthropology that he lifted the term and that’s the basic reference I’m using here. That said, I don’t necessarily disagree with Jungian archetypes, it’s at the point where the concept takes on metaphysical aspects that I part ways with them.

However, the idea of archetypes is necessary to explain the last bit of the puzzle here, because it’s my belief that a primordial understanding of Hypergamy is part of our collective consciousness and unconsciousness. I say collective consciousness because since the time of the Sexual Revolution our global understanding of intersexual dynamics has become part of our social discourse. When I refer to something like Open Hypergamy I’m talking about the almost triumphant, open embrace of women’s sexual strategy. The generations that came after the Sexual Revolution scarcely remember that there was a time when intersexual truths we take for granted now weren’t something that was discussed in polite conversation. Hypergamy, while unconsciously understood, was secretive. A woman who other women called a ‘gold digger’ was disparaged by women not on moral grounds, but rather because she was open about the sexual strategy all women employ and they’d rather be kept secret so as to use it effectively.

In 2018 it’s almost quaint to think that women would be coy about Hypergamy. With the advent of the internet it became impossible for women to keep Hypergamy concealed, and really, why would they care to in an age when the necessary provisioning-side of Hypergamy is veritably insured? But it wasn’t always so obvious. Up until the mid 1960s the understanding of Hypergamy was an unconscious knowledge. Certainly it was discussed and written about by men contemplating the duplicitous nature of women. Ancient religious texts are rife with proverbs warning against the nature of women, so the basics of Hypergamy were something our tribal ancestors we’re well aware of.

I received this Tweet from a reader a few days ago:

This guy’s ‘revelation’ prompted me to consider the primordial understanding we have of Hypergamy. I’ve read dozens of articles by, and listened to dozens more interviews of, ‘popular psychologists’ who explain the commonalities of our classic human stories and myths. I got into this topic in Storytelling. The basic premise is that our common evolution has led to common themes in all human stories. The same elements and the same character archetypes pursue the same motives from culture to culture. Yet all of these commonalities are centered on similar aspects of our evolved mental firmware. The hero, the villain, good vs. evil, the wise old sage, the beautiful damsel to be saved, ect. are all founded on common human development. They are semi-conscious expressions of what our evolution has embedded in our mental firmware.

Now, what if I told you that the reality of women’s Hypergamous nature is also a part of that collective consciousness?

My theory is this: human beings have an innate understanding of the Alpha Seed – Beta Need nature of intersexual dynamics. On some level of consciousness we know, we feel, that it’s true, how it functions and why does. As a result, social institutions (religion and familial) created moral strictures around this unconscious knowledge to buffer against the worst effects of it on society. Only after the Sexual Revolution and men ceding virtually unilateral control of Hypergamy to women did these strictures change.

The concepts of men who represent Alpha Fucks and Beta Bucks are similarly part of this instinctual understanding of Hypergamy. These too are archetypes, but more so, they form the basis of more complex male archetypes (love me Vampire, fuck me Werewolf). They are the men women want to fuck and the men women want to be provided for by. And we can trace the root of these archetypes through our evolution and even the evolution of other primates. These Hypergamous archetypes then manifest themselves in our era-specific, cultural specific, stories, narratives, mythology, etc.

Published by Rollo Tomassi

Author of The Rational Male and The Rational Male, Preventive Medicine

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  1. Good for women that men seldom indulge their feral impulses. Though in a longer perspective, the overall effects are probably bad.

  2. @Incubus_Rising

    Her whiny voice and wrinkly neck, let alone her deluded bullshit, makes me glad i had all the tight young pussy that i did back in the day. I honestly don’t know if i can get back into the game again, unless it’s with another hot, younger babe, of course. These post Wall women are just awful in every possible way, and can’t even imagine for a second how deluded they are…

    They also smell bad, and can’t kiss…

  3. Wow……


    No offense, but……

    On my way to work I was listening to Bob Dylan’s Idiot Wind.

    Someone’s got it in for me
    They’re planting stories in the press
    Whoever it is I wish they’d cut it out quick
    But when they will I can only guess
    They say I shot a man named Gray
    And took his wife to Italy
    She inherited a million bucks
    And when she died it came to me
    I can’t help it if I’m lucky

    People see me all the time
    And they just can’t remember how to act
    Their minds are filled with big ideas
    Images and distorted facts
    Even you, yesterday
    You had to ask me where it was at
    I couldn’t believe after all these years
    You didn’t know me better than that
    Sweet lady

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    I ran into the fortune-teller
    Who said beware of lightning that might strike
    I haven’t known peace and quiet
    For so long I can’t remember what it’s like
    There’s a lone soldier on the cross
    Smoke pourin’ out of a boxcar door
    You didn’t know it, you didn’t think it could be done
    In the final end he won the wars
    After losin’ every battle

    I woke up on the roadside
    Daydreamin’ ’bout the way things sometimes are
    Visions of your chestnut mare
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    Blood on your saddle

    Idiot wind
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    Idiot wind
    Blowing every time you move your teeth
    You’re an idiot, babe
    It’s a wonder that you still know how to breathe

    It was gravity which pulled us down
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    What’s good is bad, what’s bad is good
    You’ll find out when you reach the top
    You’re on the bottom

    I noticed at the ceremony
    Your corrupt ways had finally made you blind
    I can’t remember your face anymore
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    Your eyes don’t look into mine
    The priest wore black in the seventh year
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    I waited for you on the running boards
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    Idiot wind
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    I been double-crossed now
    For the very last time and now I’m finally free
    I kissed goodbye the howling beast
    On the borderline which separated you from me
    You’ll never know the hurt I suffered
    Nor the pain I rise above,
    And I’ll never know the same about you
    Your holiness or your kind of love
    And it makes me feel so sorry

    Idiot wind
    Blowing through the buttons of our coats
    Blowing through the letters that we wrote
    Idiot wind
    Blowing through the dust upon our shelves
    We’re idiots, babe
    It’s a wonder we can even feed ourselves

    Writer/s: BOB DYLAN
    Publisher: BOB DYLAN MUSIC CO

  4. O/T

    Every car I’ve owned in the past 8-9 years has been equipped, unbeknownst to me, with a ” Prius Locating Device “. Evidently the purpose of this device is to find a prius driving well below the posted speed limt, at which time the device will automatically guide my car behind the snail causing heavy braking and miles and miles of frustration due to an inability to pass or get the driver to move out of the fast/passing lane.


    It’s crucial to let frustration go asap. Frustration and negativity are slow.acting poison. As men.get older the ability to withstand slow.acting poisons diminishes greatly. I.curse the offending prius, then mentally move on in my head. Until the next incident.

    I don’t hate all priuses. That would be unnecessarily irrational and a waste of brain cells. But loathe the particular offending prius.

    Our bodies can use different methods to fuel itself. Fats, carbs, proteins and the like. The worst fuel to feed our bodies is anger and hate. There are long term consequences for this, and if one is ” older “, there really isn’t a lot of time to waste in negativity, wildly Edinburgh broadest brush one can.find.

    What I learned from the prius drivers is that they gave ( and give ) no fucks about my opinions and frustration. There is no benefit to be found for me exercising this particular futility. It changes absolutely nothing.

    So when an opportunity arises, I.depress the accelerator and pass, going on about my day.

    I.don’t wallow in ill feelings towards priuses. I acknowledge the oddness of circumstances. Personally, I wouldn’t be caught inside a.prius behind the wheel, but that doesn’t really matter overall.

    Acknowledge and move along quickly. I don’t curse all priuses that come into my field of vision, only the one’s that impact my travel.

    Again, he mindful of what you tell yourself, or allow yourself to be told – particularly the negative stuff. Internal scripts matter.

    Bacon time.

  5. Lol, above should read ” wildly swinging widest brush “. I.don’t know where the fuck Edinburgh came from.



  6. “I don’t hate all priuses.”

    I don’t hate Priuses. I don’t advise current hybrids in general, because they’re done all stupid.

    The correct way to do a hybrid is to use a constant rpm diesel engine to turn an alternator which drives the electric motors, one per wheel.

  7. @Miguel, I don’t think my comments to Ugh were “more challenging” at all.

    I just see someone who comes on here:
    1. “choosing” a handle of “ugh” which is an unhappy term to describe exacerbation. Why choose to “identify” with such a word. Start with that.
    2. choosing a leading instragram pic where she isn’t smiling, and looks unhappy and unapproachable instead of the better ones where she’s smiling. Tackle that next.

    She’s seeking to clarify “gaps in the red pill philosophy” as if that will make her more happy and have better relationship success.

    When I came here as a still-clueless beta, I blamed the data on here when it didn’t jive with my thinking at the time. The problem is always internal and not the praxeology.

    People come here to mentor or fix their own shit. Ugh isn’t mentoring – she’s trying to fix her shit by claiming we need to fix our philosophy first.

    Best of luck to her though.

  8. @Silver FoX: They’re not worth it. Date only the younger ones, Quality over Quantity. This old woman has hundreds of videos on her channel and the one I randomly clicked was this. Too afraid to even imagine what she talks about in the other videos.

    And this commenter “Ugh” (apt name choice) thinks of herself as a “Unicorn”, just because she makes some money and claims that this is what makes her attractive to some men. But she is no different than the 50 year old. They come here thinking they will talk down on the angry misogynists, but they only end up proving that everything Rollo writes about is 100% accurate.

    PS: I would urge you to drop “The Solitary” from your handle and your consciousness. If that is the unconscious state of your state of mind, the vibe it will creep into your interactions with women, and they will not find it attractive.

  9. @Blax

    (robust) Stoicism is what you are speaking of doing. Actively.

    The body of ideas known as Stoicism contains some of the finest and most durable wisdom of any age. The stoics (e.g. Seneca,Epictetus, Marcus Aurelius) were deep students of desire, fear, status, emotion and much else that bedeviled the human race thousands of years ago and bedevils it still. They were philosophers of a down to-earth-sort, seeking by force of their insights to free ordinary people from their sufferings and illusions. The Stoics had their limitations, of course; they held some beliefs that very few people do anymore. But in other ways they were far ahead of their times. They said a number of the best things anyone ever has. –Ward Farnsworth.

  10. Blaximus
    Prius locater

    On travel a couple of months back I wound up with a new Toyota with a small radar interfaced to the cruise control. That meant the vehicle automatically slowed down to match the speed of any slower vehicle in front of me when I was overtaking. Not just Priuseses, either. But it was pretty good at finding them.

    This in turn made passing a little more complex, even on a freeway / turnpike. Because I learned to drive on two lane roads so I know how to actually pass another car in a short road distance. This auto-follow-slowdown feature is another substitution of computational electronics for human skill. It is called “progress” for some reason. Very frustrating until I figured it out.

    It’s crucial to let frustration go asap. Frustration and negativity are slow.acting poison.

    It is rather amazing how many “diseases” are the result of emotional stress buildup that has been poorly handled.

    The correct way to do a hybrid is to use a constant rpm diesel engine to turn an alternator which drives the electric motors, one per wheel.

    General Electric used to manufacture something quite similar to that.

  11. Blax, you need my PriusZooka to remove the offending Priuses. There’s a lot of satisfaction from being able to seeing the Prius in the middle of your scope lines as well as seeing the fireball that used to be a Prius that you drive through, looking really cool.

    My stress level is generally low despite being autistic because I just enjoy life. I enjoy trolling you and others, but, of course, my trolling typically has a point for others as well as generating amusement for me.

  12. “Women. don’t ” hear ” exactly the way men do, nor is the bulk of their communication done the same way.

    Much of the ” communication gap ” would be resolved by just recognizing this.”

    This is interesting to me – women want attention, validation of ego, and to be accepted by a peer group. Acceptance meaning to not rock the boat overtly and to fit into the “herd” mentality. I see this is my girls. In a group they all tend to agree with an idea only to tear it up or the speaker of it later in smaller one-on-one conversations.

    A direct overt statement that impinges the ego or group-thought may not be as well received as the same idea delivered covertly, as it spares feelz.

  13. The current U.S. form of govt. has been the same since FDR–essentially the same as the old Soviet system–an oligarchy of bureaucratic heads. That it is unelected goes without saying. Trump is attempting to undermine the bureaucracy and return govt. to the voters. Of course, the media sides with the bureaucracy which feeds it.

  14. @The Solitary Silver FoX @Incubus_Rising

    I dated one such 50+ lady after a long dry spell but was rejected. She told me “sex means nothing to me without love and romance”.

    It’s sad how they fill their facebook profiles with flowers and new age crap. So many years after the wall comes the menopause and decreased libido. Then comes vaginal dryness or vaginal/anal apathy from too many cocks in her life. These women are the nightmare of every high-T man.

  15. I am not going to write a 500 page summary of the workings of the US government here to counter your false dichotomy strawman, however, I will note that by 40 years ago I was aware of the War of Northern Aggression, had read the related constitutional amendments, had grown up surrounded by whacky New Dealers (many of whom were actually actual card carrying Reds) and, perhaps most importantly of all, had watched Yes Minister.

    More recently I have even watched a bit of Alex Jones.

    There is nothing in the NYT op ed that is the least bit news to me.

    What I have said is that the US was formed as a confederation of states, that the federal government has been fighting to increase it’s power ever since, did so substantially at the conclusion of the Civil War, again during the New Deal and has been pressing ever harder since the 60s, but has not yet completely eradicated the states as political entities.

    They sometimes still even fight back.

    But I believe that the context in which I have usually addressed the issue is continuation of government, noting that each state still retains its own, full government system, and so continuation of government in a SHTF situation is not in any way dependent on the continuation of the federal government.

  16. Lord of the Flies:
    Can I file a case to Any appropriate Justice Department to review the postulates that without any question everyone agrees like men-women Equality?

    Yes, you can. In fact, you should devote all of your attention, energy, time and money to that.

  17. Blaximus
    There currently is nothing that resembles a functioning government of any kind on the federal level in the u.s.

    Aw, that’s just dumb.

    Try not paying FICA on employees. See if there’s a functioning government entity out there, complete with more lawyers, guns and money than anyone else.

    Anarcho-tyranny requires some functional units within government.

  18. kfg

    Of course, I mostly concur with you. However, it isn’t merely the power of the fed. govt. that is at issue, but that its power has been concentrated in unelected entities. By design.

    You will recall that I said that I believed that the biggest SHTF threat to us is that some internal group would invite some foreign power to invade us, similar to what destroyed the Byzantines at the height of their enormous power.

    If that were to happen, say, via the Chinese, the states would evaporate. Of course, there would be an interim military dictatorship, because politics hates a vacuum.

    I could very easily see Pelosi, Schumer, et. al. invite a Chinese invasion. Certainly, Antifa and the young (which are heavily communist) would welcome it. Very similar to the Byzantines, which were heavily fractured.

  19. @Orson: You dodged a bullet. Never “date” any woman over 28. Any woman who is 28+ should only be a ONS and that too SNL No wasting time on them.

  20. ” . . . it isn’t merely the power of the fed. govt. that is at issue, but that its power has been concentrated in unelected entities.”

    Well certainly. Most of the “laws” that we interact with on a daily basis were never allowed to get anywhere near a legislative process. They are “code” written and summarily enacted by the bureaucrats of some bureau. Why do you think they call it bureaucracy?

  21. ” I could very easily see Pelosi, Schumer, et. al. invite a Chinese invasion. Certainly, Antifa and the young (which are heavily communist) would welcome it. Very similar to the Byzantines, which were heavily fractured.”

    Yeah, they’ll have Russians…er…I mean Chinese, in the Oval Office.

  22. Bummer. I think Evening Shade was the last network TV show I actually liked, and I still recommend the notorious and critically panned Heat.

  23. I’ll note that Brian DePalma must have also seen the good in Heat, since he did a remake a few years ago. Unfortunately he did it with Jason Statham playing Jason Statham, which is exactly wrong for the part.

    In the original Reynolds played it as not Burt Reynolds, which was absolutely perfect.

  24. @ Incubus_Rising

    Yes, i agree with you re Ugh. Bad moniker, bad InstaWhore pic. She just looks like a miserable ball-breaker, which she obviously is. Money will never cure that for women. Good on her for showing her pic, but unless you’re attractive, why would you bother? Mere attention seeking. These modern day hussies are just shameless. No Alpha would partner up with an unattractive, post wall woman with kids. But they just don’t get that. They never will. They have well and truly swallowed the feminist Kool Aid, even if they “reject” feminism. She’s sort of trying to get it, i’ll give her that, but women just aren’t very logical and rarely rational, try as they may, as we all know. The crazy 50 y.o. cat woman is the natural progression of post-Wall women in this dystopian post-feminist unbrave new-world we live in. Who in the hell pays to fuck that?! Then again, we also know the answer to that question. Again, i’m very lucky i had all the hot, young pussy i did back in the day. Hell, at my 40th my gf was 22! It drove the women in my community who were in their 30’s crazy. It was fucking fantastic! The 2 worst of these wymyn have continued to age into very ugly land whales with massive chips on their beastly shoulders. But they still have such a bad attitude. Just filthy…

    @ Blax

    I liked your Prius metaphor. Nice one, and i agree, anger and frustration is toxic. I am constantly on guard against these emotions, though they do often creep up, especially when i’m drinking, so also avoiding that as much as possible too…

  25. @ Incubus_Rising

    Re ‘Solitary’, it was remarked upon before when i was struggling with rejection by some attractive younger women i had pedastalized earlier this year. I get it, so i dropped it, but nothing has changed, so i included it again. I do get ‘self fulfilling prophesies’ and tend to get negative when things don’t go my way. Not very stoic, hey? It’s been a long 12 month drought, pretty much, with one post-Wall bang that i tried but just couldn’t do again, even full of booze (told the story back in March in FR’s). Fortunately my libido has dropped with age, and my last rejection (29 yo hot single mum) has almost confirmed my acceptance of my ‘solitary’ state. I honestly can’t imagine getting with a woman out of desire again, especially a hot younger one. I love scribb but i find his stories about fucking hot 20-somethings just hard to buy, especially when i’m getting none, not even from post-Wallers. My heart just isn’t in it. I’d rather go bang hookers in Thailand now. Still, summer is coming and i’m going to be playing a few festivals, so will be out amongst the poozle with DHV so we shall see what happens. I know i’ve still got it…

  26. “Now you might say, “Well Rollo, this is just one horrible example of a few women who got in cahoots to deceive a hapless Beta chump. Not all women are like this.”

    This lie wouldn’t receive my blessing. The insidious nature of it, is we want to believe it. After all we spent time and money in an effort to attract her and she dutifully graced us with a limited tour of the attractions. How could she be like the others?

    In the intersexual game I’ve always considered myself the problem. The way I see it man is a biological machine that responds to women’s stimuli. A woman can inspire a series of chemical reactions in a male, lowering his ability to reason and convince him she created those emotions he’s experiencing. When in truth all the compounds for the process lay dormant within him, beforehand.

    “This is particularly emphasized if the ‘father’ in question fulfills an ideal of women’s collective Hypergamy. To the collective hivemind of women, a woman is, by nature, entitled to a child with the most perfect father (high SMV) she can attract.”

    This leads to the second problem as I see it. How to become the man she really wants? How does a man coerce her lascivious abandon?
    Men have wanted the answer to this since time immemorial. Films such as Pretty Woman sought to provide an answer. Now men, forget the fact your woman’s a whore. If she’s the one, marry her.

    Society had become too comfortable with that train of thought and here we are.

    When I think of archetypes I don’t think of men who attract women. But Men of consequence.
    Men whose lives were irrevocably changed due to circumstance and the auspices of fate. Men such as Daniel Plainview from the film “There Will be Blood”. Colonel Walter E. Kurtz “Apocalypse Now”

    and Leto Atreides II from the fourth installment of Frank Herbert’s Dune saga.

    These archetypes engage my critical thinking and I rely on that above all else.

  27. Silver Fox

    “I love scribb but i find his stories about fucking hot 20-somethings just hard to buy, especially when i’m getting none, not even from post-Wallers. ”

    Fuck off with this bullshit… Didn’t you see Palma’s FR with a 25yo just the other day.

    You are killing yourself, no one else. It’s all out there, but you need to move and engage.

  28. @ASD:

    At the base, every petty bureaucrat who draws a government paycheck. At the capstone a few thousand of the aristocracy, literally and figuratively.

    With quite a number of people playing various agendas in between.

  29. Ollie
    In the intersexual game I’ve always considered myself the problem. The way I see it man is a biological machine that responds to women’s stimuli

    You are the problem. So am I. But the first step is to stop being a machine that responds to women, and start being something else. Don’t even think of yourself as a machine in this context, that’s a bad neural pathway to create. Same problem Incubus pointed out to Fox in Oz – self fulfilling words.

    This leads to the second problem as I see it. How to become the man she really wants? How does a man coerce her lascivious abandon?

    Who cares what she wants?

    I have a glass of water on my desk. The glass does not coerce the water, it contains it…

  30. RIP Burt Reynolds. We need more real men like him in the pussified world we now inhabit…

    I am Burt Reynolds and so can you.

  31. Ollie
    When I think of archetypes I don’t think of men who attract women. But Men of consequence.

    You don’t think that men of consequence attract women?

  32. @kfg

    Cui bono? To whom does all this bureaucracy make a diff in a way that couldn’t be done another way? …in no particular order…

    1. People who own stock in big business, from compliance regulations that inhibit small business.

    2. Whoever draws social security…old farts like me

    3. Single mommies

    4. The rulers of the top levels of agencies

    5. medicare recipients

    6. the democratic party

    7. the media who rely on bureaucratic leakers

  33. Apropos of probably nothing I just strolled past a monitor set to some ESPN2 channel…

    Dodgeball? International dodgeball?

  34. “Whoever draws social security…old farts like me”

    Do you actually benefit from it, or do you simply have the impression of benefiting from it just because you get a check?

  35. Prescient to the post.

    I want to test my brother’s newborn, after 5 years of trying to get pregnant his wife amazingly got pregnant on a holiday we shared. Interestingly she went two weeks prior to me and my brother and the destination just happened to be the residence of her old boyfriend.

    On the holiday she treated my brother like absolute shit, her behaviour certainly made me suspicious, am I being paranoid? Worst thing is I can’t even broach the topic with my brother, blue pill to the core.

    In any event I was researching paternity tests and how to do it on the sly and I ended up on the site below and was surprised by the number of women complaining about negative results.

  36. “Worst thing is I can’t even broach the topic with my brother, blue pill to the core.”

    It’s well know that you can’t reach your praxeologic goal.

    What outcome do you want? Rhetorical question (don’t answer). What will that accomplish? Answer that? And how do you figure that will help your brother going forward? Is he going to be better off with your designs? Do you actually think you can bring a blue pill to the core guy out of the Matrix. How does that benefit you?

  37. @Blax,

    I had that Prius Locating Device on my last car, I call it LEAF mode, I heard there is a leaf indicator on the console, that lights up when they are driving efficiently. Here on the east coast I have gotten stuck behind them many times on these old 2 lane turnpikes in the left lane no less going 50 at best, when the traffic flow is at least 80…….

  38. @Orson that old phrase “you are what you eat applies here too.

    You set your sights low on 50 plus post menopausal women and you’re gonna get post wall sexless losers.

    Aim higher. Get the social and game skills needed to find women who want to be with you.

    Until I discovered the red pill 8 years ago and fumbled my way through the mistakes and missteps of learning game I never thought impossible I could spin plates exclusively in their 20s and hb7 and above.

  39. Ironically by this age they think they are the most beautiful fantastic princesses to ever walk the earth, and you better treat them like that dammit!

    Saw this in a coffee joint just last week. Over 50 couple talking about rental real estate, sounded like possible future roomies. Lotsa lovey PDA. She had a bit of a puffy face, but then when she got up to to the used coffee room the full panoply of layered garments including “shawl with little tassles on it” came into play. She’s too old to be on the UK copy of Cosmo, but not too skinny…


    With all of that he was catering to her whims, standing with her at the counter while she dithered over what this-that to stuff into her face, scooting furniture around for her. Entitled and fat. Beta thirst is real…very real.

  40. Ironically by this age they think they are the most beautiful fantastic princesses to ever walk the earth, and you better treat them like that dammit!

    Interesting. I know a ton of 45 to 55 attractive married women. None of them act like this. I wonder if it because they are the attractive ones or if it’s because they are married?

    And they are bristling with sexual energy. Extinction burst?

    Maybe it’s me…

  41. I hope ugh got the help she was looking for. It’s hard to find a recipe for fried ice. I’m sure the guy she was married to has some failings also. It’s like she’s looking for a plan to build a better beta out of him. But she has to tell him how to be a man then he’s not the right man.for her. And that is the problem of reconstruction of a relationship. They should of put her business in his name as CEO and he should of been active in helping build it instead of loafing in a state of depression. Even a passive part in it could of save money In taxes depending on what type of Corp it is. C- Corp S-Corp , LLC. It would of helped with his definition of masculinity in that he could brag that his girl is working hard for him. Although the reality maybe that she is only about her successes and the husband is only a accessory like a purse or a the right high heels that goes with the outfit. Being a house husband must be depressing as hell. Perception is reality and if everybody you meet has the perception that your some girls house bitch that’s gotta suck.lm surprised no one told her to buy some of Rollo books and give it to her ex-husband as divorce present

  42. @ Sentient & Palma

    I deserved your bitch slaps ’cause i was sooking like a bitch. Sometimes i just need to vent to my brothers here ’cause i know i’ll get a kick up the arse. You boys keep it real. I appreciate it. So no more ‘solitary’ bullshit. Apols to Scribb, but i was really just lambasting myself…

    Funny thing was after i posted that shit this morning i read this InstaWhore post from a chick i find very attractive on a physical level (only seen pics of her in a thread of music festivals with her hot goddess female dance troupe), and i just got so fucking annoyed with feminine crap she wrote that i immediately snapped out of my pussy funk. It was along the lines of maybe we need to “reframe gender roles in our lives…” (under a pic of her in her femme-tribal Burning Man sexy get up in front of a sign that says “Sometimes the King is a woman”) because she overheard some pussy male say he was now into Beyonce because he witnessed her feminine power onstage and that he was now going to worship his woman and let her take the lead in their relationship crap. Yeah, good luck with that, mate! My simple response was: ‘Masculine men want feminine women, and feminine women want masculine men. That can never be “reframed…” ‘ This was the first time i have hit her with any message, btw. She responded almost immediately with: “What about a feminine woman who is a lesbian then? Or a masculine man who is gay?” which i thought was funny, but not a bad question. I liked that i got her immediate attention challenging her FI comment. So i decided not to be the pussy i often am with women i find attractive, and have not responded yet. Instead, i went outside and worked all day. I just got in from working to find that she had now “liked” my comment…

    The FoX has dropped the bait and she is biting…

  43. “Now, what if I told you that the reality of women’s Hypergamous nature is also a part of that collective consciousness?” I find that a lot of great art comes from attempting to say what can’t be said but lived. A question on something that is true but dosn’t suite the world we live in. Love the Vampire
    “They are the men women want to fuck and the men women want to be provided for by. ”
    Sweat or anything that turns her on like noticing her tattoo and taking off her shoes… Wet lips sink ships or something like that.

  44. @ palma

    Yeah man, i just thought, fuck this shit. I had already begun pedastalizing her in my little thirsty mind before reading her post. And it’s true! The hot ones respond positively to ZFG masculine back-handers. I was going to approach her with an offer to dance in a film clip, or something corny like that, but that would have just been another validation, of course, and she probably wouldn’t have responded. Back in the day i was always ZFG and it more often than not got me pussy. It confirms to their little hamsters, Alpha, so i’ll respond to her over the weekend something like, “I don’t know, i’m not gay. Are you…” See what happens…

  45. @Johnnycomelately: regarding the paternity testing, is the newborn a boy? If so, if it is your brother’s genetically, it will pretty much have your Y chromossome (the same one as your mutual father, under the reasonable assumption your brother and you are actually both from the same father). You will need some sample from the kid itself, which I think might not be that hard to acquire, but you might not even need one from your brother to check whether the kid is not your biological nephew.

    Under those circumstances, I would do it if I were you.

    I don’t have nor want kids, but even without reasons to suspect, I’d test “my” kid as soon as possible anyway. Trust but verify… It isn’t expensive so why not.

  46. “I don’t know, i’m not gay. Are you…” See what happens…

    How about – “I am gay – can you fix that?”

  47. @The Silver FoX:

    I understand your frustration. But if you are still catch Oneitis and feel depressed when rejected, then it appears that in the back of your mind you are trying to achieve Blue Pill idealism from a Red Pilled perspective. And as Rollo says it is impossible. Are you sure you know what you want? Do you want a monogamous LTR with a young hottie? Or do you want to stay single and play the field (ONS and spinning plates)? It appears like your unconscious mind wants Option 1, but your conscious mind (being Red Pill aware) wants to pursue Option 2. Hence, the dilemma. You start off as an aloof Alpha and manage to get their attention, but soon end up catching Oneitis, and on being rejected you go in “the Solitary” mode.

  48. Also I try NOT to know a ton of women 45-55

    But they cook the best and will give you free food for a little attention. Sex not required. And sometimes they can help you find hotties and help you make professional connections.

  49. Not sure why so many guys have such awful and low opinions about ” older ” women, but I’m with.sentient – that’s not what I see or experience.

    But what I wonder is, since this is a recurring theme as naseum, why that is?

    I.don’t know not one cat lady. Well, I knew some 60-70 year old women that had cats, but not many/any 35-55 year olds with multitudes of felines. It’s not location because I’m talking about all up and down the eastern seaboard, out west and California.

    Is it ….. I don’t know.

    The talk of.Facebook and stuff, well I think Facebook is a harbinger of the end of times, but it’s not just ” old women ” populating the platform with sad behaviors, so what’s causing the singling out? 20 somethings aren’t immersed media? Really? And aren’t they the queens of posting banal shit dai!y?

    We see what we want to see.

    A vapid 20 year old and a vapid 50 year old – what’s the diff? I mean what’s REALLY the difference other than a perception and maybe a sprinkling of the pedestal.

    Like.sentient, I know many women, married and single, between the ages of 17-65. There are only a few that just let themselves go, or have shitty attitudes. The majority do not. Lot’s of still damn hot 30-50 year olds. Pleasant, feminine chicks ( the 20 somethings don’t posses this quality in spades because a) no one every emphasized it to them, and b) men shit themselves over their youth, so they don’t have to try.)

    Anyway, just find it interesting, the mantra repeated here for years without any real explanation as to why this is a thing – without scouring the web or social media for examples. That shit doesn’t count. I’m talking about what you as an individual has experienced, and why that is.

  50. Blax, I see lots of old women who go out for a bit, then stop going out because they don’t get attention. Some of these are feminine with Ok looks, but they are competing with younger, hotter, tighter in the venue that I frequent. You need to upgrade your catlady finder.

    There are loads of catladies in zumba, ballroom, meetup hikes, etc. You need to go to cheaper events instead of all your high end/semi-swanky clubs if you want to find catladies. Did you see me mention that the zumba catladies that I met in the Philippines were inviting me to one of their food events and were offering me free food? But I’m back in the States….

  51. Asd

    That just it, I’m not i in a bubble. I traverse ” ghettos ” and superiors and the spectrum in.between.

    Sure, the average 50 year old trying to inhabit a kiddie club is going to have a tough road, but I’m not talking about those kinds of examples. The club’s is go to occasionally are usually frequented by a more widely dispersed age group. 20-50ish. Lot’s of interest across the ages. If I accidentally find myself in.a venue created to target 20 year old ( not even 20-25 year olds….ever seen these places?) The interest factor drops by 50-60% or even higher.

    That in and of itself doesn’t say anything about ” me “. way

    Many older.women.are.invisible in the presence of younger chicks. That doesn’t necessarily say anything about them. The venue and circumstances, not the person. If I put country line dancers in a.salsa club, they will get zero interest and maybe even scorn or ridicule, but that doesn’t say anything about country line dancing.

  52. walawala
    Also I try NOT to know a ton of women 45-55…or over 32

    Don’t quite understand why anyone should care, let alone spill a bunch of electrons over a preference. Sorta like “Also, I try NOT to drink tequila”, who would decide to argue that into the ground, “Hurr durr, all the cool guyz drink it, yer problem?” It’s just a preference.

    Don’t get it. Makes me want to pull up the “We’re all individuals!” scene from Life of Bryan.

    Tangent: lurking around women talking about some other woman’s divorce is another example of ingroup preference. If the man files, he’s mean for dumping her. If the woman files, “What did he do to her?”. Exception: if the man being divorced is family (“That bitch is so mean to my brother!”) or a very close friend.

  53. “It’s just a preference.”

    It’s a consequence of a) having kids certain ages b) living certain places and c) being a certain age professional.

  54. @Blaximus

    “Not sure why so many guys have such awful and low opinions about ” older ” women”

    My opinion is formed from dating said women and not by merely observing their facebook.

    As @Walawala and @palmasailor stated above, most of these post-wall women are zero-libido sexless losers, very entitled and self deluded about their SMV…especially when dating younger men! Just dried up old prunes still waiting for Prince Charming to come their way…

    The difference with 20 somethings is that despite their insufferable bitchy attitude, sex is still on the table.

  55. @Blax

    The place I like to frequent isn’t a “kiddie club.” Women in their 50s get some attention, but not from hotter guys and they are dissatisfied with the guys whose attention they get. So they quit going to clubs and try church and other social groups.

  56. Lol. Okay. As.AR says, ” preference “. Not fact, just preference. I’m good with choice and preference. I’m not that good with justification.

    Worship on.

  57. Sentient
    It’s a consequence of a) having kids certain ages b) living certain places and c) being a certain age professional.

    Huh. I didn’t know walawala has kids, etc.. Or are you being solipsistic again?

    Again, why do you care what his preferences are?

  58. Anti-adware app from the Apple store turns out to be spyware.

    Lotsa juicy details about behavior but the tl;dr is this:

    The researchers found that Adware Doctor collects data about its users, particularly browsing history and a list of other software and processes running on a machine, stores that data in a locked file, and periodically sends it out to a server that appears to be located in China. (For what it’s worth, they say it’s also not a very good adware scanner.)

    I laugh.

    PS: The app has been removed from the apstore. But it’s been removed before and returned under a different name, so…

  59. Bubbles are self chosen.

    They are buffers.

    The healthy thing to do in the manosphere with Game and Red Pill awareness is to get into a liminal space. Choose Change if you are not a natural. Get better via entering into a Liminal Space. Liminal Spaces dictate looking into your subconscious (Know Thyself), and shuck your protective bubble. Move forward over the threshhold.

    Mad Season

    River of Deceit lyrics:

    My pain is self-chosen
    At least, so the prophet says
    I could either burn
    Or cut off my pride and buy some time
    A head full of lies is the weight, tied to my waist

    The river of deceit pulls down, oh oh
    The only direction we flow is down
    Down, oh down
    Down, oh down
    Down, oh down
    Down, oh down

    My pain is self-chosen
    At least I believe it to be
    I could either drown
    Or pull off my skin and swim to shore
    Now I can grow a beautiful shell for all to see

    The river of deceit pulls down, yeah
    The only direction we flow is down
    Down, oh down
    Down, oh down
    Down, oh down
    Down, oh down

    The pain is self-chosen, yeah
    Our pain is self-chosen
    Down, oh down
    Down, oh down
    Down, oh down
    Down, oh down

    Q: One of the challenges we all have is living in our filter bubble. What can we do to avoid some of the dangers of getting trapped in our own filter bubble?

    A: Well, let me start by defining what I mean when I say filter bubble. We all have bubbles of belief that we live in, and the bubbles of belief that define our reality are based on the experiences that we have had. In life we have certain experiences. We’re paying attention to certain aspects of those experiences. As we pay attention to certain things, certain concepts and ideas become reinforced. We tend to notice those things more. We want to repeat the same experiences that make us happy, and try to avoid the experiences that make us unhappy.

    (Bear with me here. Somehow at the original link, the following text in the middle of the answer to the question was presented as an image instead of HTML text, so see this link:)*wlGnB2My45QYvT4rYVy4Tg.jpeg

    ( Weird formatting, yes. Then follow up with this:)

    One of the ways to get outside your filter bubble is to broaden your experience. The more limited your experience, the more limited your filter bubble’s going to be. That means stepping into zones where you might be uncomfortable. That means talking to people that you might not otherwise talk to. It means going places where you wouldn’t otherwise go. If you live in the city, go to the country. If you live in the country, to go to the city.

    You can never eliminate your bubble, but the broader the set of experiences you can draw from, and the more things that you are actually paying attention within those experiences, the more expansive your bubble’s going to be.

    When you hear something that doesn’t make sense to you, try not to quickly discount them, saying “that this person’s crazy” or “they’re an idiot,” but actually listen to them and ask yourself, what would you need to believe for those things to be true? Try to understand where those beliefs came from.

    Instead of arguing with someone who’s beliefs are different than yours, ask how they came to those beliefs. What were the experiences that led them to have the beliefs that they hold? What were the experiences that they had? What were the emotional aspects of those experiences? If you can recognize that your beliefs are the product of your own experiences and emotions, and that other people’s beliefs are the product of their experiences and emotions, it becomes much easier for you to start understanding the beliefs.

    I’m not here to say that all beliefs are equally valid. We do have a tendency to lie to ourselves, to tell ourselves things that we want to hear, and to notice the things that reinforce the beliefs that we already have. We tend to discount things that run counter to the beliefs that we already have.

    Still, I think that it is important while on the one hand recognizing that not all beliefs are equally valid, at the same time to recognize that all beliefs do have some validity, sometimes based in an emotion or personal experience. We should probe and try and understand what those emotions and experiences are before we discount a belief.

    I live in multiple genres. Work, play, neighborhood. I’ve mentioned numerous time that I live in a niche. Which includes all the good girls are taken. By good I mean attractive and sexually available. No doubt snapped up in a second because of those attributes. I also live in a world where 90% of women are married after the wall. With good reason. They were snapped up by choices.

    I also see “patients” with their clothes off and that also have personalities. Here we definitely have a Bell Curve of SMV in women. The attractive ones are all in relationships. Why the hell not? And all the attractive ones (based on SMV) have delightful personalities. Why the hell not?

    I have a 60 year old buddy that is extra-ordinarily red pill. What I see on the game field is lack of targets for women. Because all the good ones are taken.

    I interact with beautiful women all the time in the neighborhood and at the C.C. It is quite energizing to gravitate to (like in the Matrix Clip) the women in red. The attractive ones. There’s lots of them. But conversely, we have a reverse Pareto Distribution. 80% of the men at my country club are attractive (Psychologically and Physically Alpha). Same as when I grew up in college at UND–at my college in the early ’80s, 90% of the males were physically attractive and intelligent as all get out. And the student body was 25% female (50% of them were WNB) and 75% were male. Go figure, what doesn’t kill you makes you Antifragile.

    Random musings, per upstream. There was an odd comment here and there on super old threads including one about “jumping into monogamy”. Sure I live in a super monogamous milieu. Even if a red pill man is monogamous, there is this false flag that he chooses monogamy. That’s not true. He is monogamous, he is in no way going forward telling his woman he is monogamous, nor does he promise himself to monogamy. Small point that goes without saying. Something that doesn’t get said. No one is settling on monogamy. It’s not a thing in red pill. Doesn’t mean a man isn’t satisfied in fucking his LTR. Sometimes, the thing is: You like walking the dogs. Sometimes, the thing is: You like fucking your wife.

    I have no designs on self imposed monogamy, nor am I looking to bang someone better. She’s not bad at all. And in no way, shape or form is that making necessity a virtue.

    Too much cross talk here. It’s a good discussion, but there are infinite permutations.

    I find it best when I affirm my red-pill-buddies’ good actions, done with their red pill lenses on, and well done. (Esp. red pill “well begun is half done”, mindset being everything (90%, action being the other half, 50%.) I exit the scene when my blue pill acquaintances are unhappy and unlucky. Judgmental me.

  60. Blaximus
    “I’m talking about what you as an individual has experienced, and why that is.”
    I ending up after going to a trauma group for 6 mouths with this older women who would go with me. We both had different violations growing up but each time I mentioned my past behavior she would gaze into me. Well after the 6 mouths where up I made her a salmon dinner with some wine I was helping support in Nepal valley before the vineyard burned down. She let me stay the evening and she was in the process of getting divorced. I saw her two sons an a trip she was on up in new hempshire. Those boys where beautiful to behold I fell asleep an her couch after cooking. I love cooking for other people. I cleaned up and than she cane up to me to whisper in my ear if I was staying their or going. I opted to stay because she is beautiful and I wanted to touch taste and maybe feel what that beauty meant. Not sure how old she is but for the next 8 hrs I explored all my curiosity’s with her. I played with her in a way that was enjoyable but I was picking her up and moving her around in every direction. She amped me up because she know how painful my exposure to sex and relationships has been. I wasn’t sure what I was doing but I didn’t care. I performed with her into her and when she wanted me to do it at her I froze and she smiled knowing how much I struggled I told her I couldn’t let loose. She gazed at me and than got up and left to teach 3 grade math. She is older than 30 maybe late 40 but I still enjoyed learning from her. Something about her being a total open sex object for 8 hrs peaked my interest. She was happy and excited and she know as much as I knew that life goes on.
    Maybe I’ll hit it again. She asked me to covertly but I’m not sure about if she is really divorced.
    Laugthin with her while having sex was one of the most healing physically experiences I’ve gone through.

  61. /Rant ahead

    Question: do guys reading here know where the tern ” Game ” came from? How long it’s been around?

    I’m not talking about the pseudo-game stuff that been written about in books ( which is all sorely lacking ) or codified so that it’s ” easier ” to grasp, but lacking great detail. I’m talking about pure, real game.

    Ending rant, but it’s amazing to hear guys try to insinuate that because they are learning how to get laid, that someone else is gameless somehow.

    ProTip- If you are past the age of 21, and you still don’t get it or get thrown ( no hate, it happens ) you don’t understand Game – you understand game. They are very different, almost opposites.

    Excuse me. I’m done now for 2018…lol, I’ll revisit this again in a couple of years after I’ve heard the refrain another 10,000 times.

  62. EVERYONE including myself live in a bubble, what matters or what is different is the size, porosity, opacity, and location.

  63. “do guys reading here know where the tern ” Game ” came from?”

    I know what you’re driving at, but I’ll take a different tack: it’s an old Germanic word which means to have FUN, to participate in an amusement.

    The mechanics and techniques of the game are not the game. The having fun while playing are the game.

  64. I know you know I know. That’s why I didn’t answer it straight. I didn’t want you to get annoyed at me for ruining the game.

  65. : (

    No one’s got an answer. ” game ” started with MM and RSD and a plethora of other guys.

    It’s like how a large percentage of people think ” noodles ” were invented in Italy.

  66. MM is an academic approach. Engineering applied to social interaction. A praxeology.

    Game is what you “have” after no longer needing MM, because you simply interact socially.

  67. @Anonymous. It’s more like a daily affirmation…something I repeat 50 times a day to avoid the temptation to dumpster dive.

    22 year old HB6 vs 40 year old HB 6..

    The choices abound…

  68. I’ll be darned.

    “Game is what you “have” after no longer needing MM, because you simply interact socially.”

    Not that I’m in your competency circle or can gift .jpgs, but:

    Dragging your learned ass over the Threshold from Conscious Competence to Unconscious Competency.

    I’m kinda there in LTR game and assertive-ness. And Not needy-ness,

    How quaint the Red Pill?

    I’m not there yet in the Rollo WordPress meritocracy but see this:

    Life is beautiful, when you live it eloquently.

    Motor on.

  69. kfg, sure, but my answer was practical. I could argue that Mystery didn’t really do young men any favors by spoon feeding the mechanics of mating…there’s a lot of benefit from putting in the work to mine knowledge and wisdom from the old masters…Casanova, Solomon, et. al. You know, it’s funny, I have posts about the Song of Solomon…and the mechanics of mating aren’t normally what people think of when they hear “social interaction.”

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