Primordial Archetypes

This morning I was made aware of another example of open Hypergamy. A Russian Alpha Widow admitted to her duplicity in switching her Beta husband’s sperm with that of her ex lover’s in her IVF insemination. Now, at the risk of throwing red meat to the wolves here, I wanted to dissect this situation a bit to explain a larger concept I’ve been considering lately. It would be enough to use this situation as one more example of women’s prime directive – Hypergamy before all else – but, there’s more involved here that illustrates the sociological reach that Hypergamy has for women.

You see, Yana Anokhina, 38, couldn’t have pulled off her deception of Maxim Anokhin without enlisting the aid of Dr. Liya Kazaryan and her staff in swapping out his sperm for that of Yana’s former lover; the Alpha for whom she was widowed’. I’m not entirely sure that her former lover (now her current relationship) was aware of the swap, but there’s no question about Yana’s motives.

Ms Anokhina has not spoken about the swap but reports say she wanted the father of her baby to be the man she loved – not her husband.

‘It was found out during the investigation in court that Maxim’s wife Yana was the one who initiated the process of replacing her husband’s biological material,’ reported Vesti.

‘Allegedly, she wanted to give birth to a child by a man with whom she was in love, and her husband was the one who paid the costs.’

So this isn’t just as simple as she got knocked up by her Alpha lover and tricked her Beta husband into believing the inseminated sperm was his own. She had to actually go to the trouble of collecting two samples of sperm, convincing the IVF clinic’s doctor and staff into making the swap (and then withholding the truth from the father) and then carrying the pregnancy to term and keeping her husband ignorant of the ruse for a year. This may seem like the deviousness of a particular woman, but remember, she had to enlist the confidence of Dr. Kazaryan and other clinicians (I presume also female).

And she does all this with a laugh.

I’ve written quite a bit on what I call the Sisterhood Über Alles and this is one more example of how that collective female consciousness intuitively understands and both consciously and unconsciously promotes the interests of the Feminine Imperative – even for unfamiliar, anonymous women.

Now you might say, “Well Rollo, this is just one horrible example of a few women who got in cahoots to deceive a hapless Beta chump. Not all women are like this.” Or I’m sure the more morally conscious of ‘red pill women’ would simply point out that they would never do such a thing and convince us that ‘quality women’ regularly police their own Hypergamous impulses – these Russian women just lack their moral superiority. Well, be that as it may, it’s not too difficult to find online forums dedicated to women collaborating with other women in order to trick a man into marrying a woman via false pregnancy claims. In fact there’s a lucrative black market for positive pregnancy tests sold to women wanting to press their boyfriends into a marriage commitment by way of a false-positive pregnancy scare.

The fact behind all this still remains – women evolved for a subconscious, collective duplicity when it comes to optimizing on Hypergamy.

We can see this in popular culture; a culture defined by the Feminine Imperative now. Dalrock once said we have replaced the monogamous marriage model of child rearing with the child support model of child rearing today. I believe he’s right, but how is that child support model effected today and how doe it align with women’s evolved, instinctual predilections?

Humankind evolved from small tribal collectives, but in each collective there were commonalities of behaviors that developed similarly to solve various personal and collective (tribal) problems. For instance, an instinctive (unlearned) fear of snakes or spiders in women is an evolved part of humankind’s collective mental firmware. A small boys natural propensity to throw an object with strength and accuracy might be another example.

How women interact today in what I call the Sisterhood is a gestalt of the various instinctive behaviors that the women of our tribal ancestors developed to aid them in collective support as well as ensuring long-term security in reproduction. In other words, women evolved to do exactly what Dr. Kazaryan did, and so many other women in various “trick him into marrying you” forums do, to enable another woman’s sexual strategy. From an evolutionary perspective it follows that women who aided their ‘sisters’ in Hypergamy would themselves be aided and insure that this archetypal behavior became a characteristic of women’s collectivist nature.

I once watched a video of some daytime women’s talk show that centered on how women could justifiably trap a man into commitment by essentially lying to him about a faked pregnancy. I apologize for not having a link to it here, but while I was looking for it on YouTube I was inundated with videos of shows on this topic – I literally couldn’t find the one I was thinking of because there were so many returns. Watching this show I was hit by just how many women in the audience rallied behind the women doing the ‘trapping’ and the myriad justifications offered to allay any feelings of guilt, remorse or doubts about having a child.

This is particularly emphasized if the ‘father’ in question fulfills an ideal of women’s collective Hypergamy. To the collective hivemind of women, a woman is, by nature, entitled to a child with the most perfect father (high SMV) she can attract. Remember, shows and online forums like this are only small representative examples of that global Hypergamous archetypal expectation and the support women offer each other to optimize Hypergamy. I’ve stated before the the Sisterhood Über Alles (above all) transcends all considerations of tribe, race, religion and even political stripe. All women are part of ‘team woman‘ before any other affiliation; this is how the Feminine Imperative has remained a social influence since our hunter/gatherer beginnings. As we’ve progressed from small tribalist beginnings to larger collectives, to nations and now to globalism, this female collectivism has expanded to encompass the totality of womankind.

Love Me Vampire, Fuck Me Werewolf

Anyone who’s been reading my work for a while is probably scratching their heads as to why I’m referring to the concept of ‘archetypes’ here. As most of my readers know, I’ve never been a fan of Carl Jung. I’ve written about why this is a few times and I’ll probably write a more comprehensive essay about it in the coming year, but suffice to say that while Jung might be synonymous with the new agey metaphysical concept of archetypes, it was from anthropology that he lifted the term and that’s the basic reference I’m using here. That said, I don’t necessarily disagree with Jungian archetypes, it’s at the point where the concept takes on metaphysical aspects that I part ways with them.

However, the idea of archetypes is necessary to explain the last bit of the puzzle here, because it’s my belief that a primordial understanding of Hypergamy is part of our collective consciousness and unconsciousness. I say collective consciousness because since the time of the Sexual Revolution our global understanding of intersexual dynamics has become part of our social discourse. When I refer to something like Open Hypergamy I’m talking about the almost triumphant, open embrace of women’s sexual strategy. The generations that came after the Sexual Revolution scarcely remember that there was a time when intersexual truths we take for granted now weren’t something that was discussed in polite conversation. Hypergamy, while unconsciously understood, was secretive. A woman who other women called a ‘gold digger’ was disparaged by women not on moral grounds, but rather because she was open about the sexual strategy all women employ and they’d rather be kept secret so as to use it effectively.

In 2018 it’s almost quaint to think that women would be coy about Hypergamy. With the advent of the internet it became impossible for women to keep Hypergamy concealed, and really, why would they care to in an age when the necessary provisioning-side of Hypergamy is veritably insured? But it wasn’t always so obvious. Up until the mid 1960s the understanding of Hypergamy was an unconscious knowledge. Certainly it was discussed and written about by men contemplating the duplicitous nature of women. Ancient religious texts are rife with proverbs warning against the nature of women, so the basics of Hypergamy were something our tribal ancestors we’re well aware of.

I received this Tweet from a reader a few days ago:

This guy’s ‘revelation’ prompted me to consider the primordial understanding we have of Hypergamy. I’ve read dozens of articles by, and listened to dozens more interviews of, ‘popular psychologists’ who explain the commonalities of our classic human stories and myths. I got into this topic in Storytelling. The basic premise is that our common evolution has led to common themes in all human stories. The same elements and the same character archetypes pursue the same motives from culture to culture. Yet all of these commonalities are centered on similar aspects of our evolved mental firmware. The hero, the villain, good vs. evil, the wise old sage, the beautiful damsel to be saved, ect. are all founded on common human development. They are semi-conscious expressions of what our evolution has embedded in our mental firmware.

Now, what if I told you that the reality of women’s Hypergamous nature is also a part of that collective consciousness?

My theory is this: human beings have an innate understanding of the Alpha Seed – Beta Need nature of intersexual dynamics. On some level of consciousness we know, we feel, that it’s true, how it functions and why does. As a result, social institutions (religion and familial) created moral strictures around this unconscious knowledge to buffer against the worst effects of it on society. Only after the Sexual Revolution and men ceding virtually unilateral control of Hypergamy to women did these strictures change.

The concepts of men who represent Alpha Fucks and Beta Bucks are similarly part of this instinctual understanding of Hypergamy. These too are archetypes, but more so, they form the basis of more complex male archetypes (love me Vampire, fuck me Werewolf). They are the men women want to fuck and the men women want to be provided for by. And we can trace the root of these archetypes through our evolution and even the evolution of other primates. These Hypergamous archetypes then manifest themselves in our era-specific, cultural specific, stories, narratives, mythology, etc.

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  1. @AR

    I am fond of the Freudian slip,where people say what the subconscious mind knows rather than what they meant to say.

    Other than that, not much use for his theories or limited studies, Pavlovs dog may be smarter.

  2. Asian Men the FI is Coming for Your Balls (Too)

    Just saw Crazy Rich Asians—basically, Pretty Woman with Asians and the woman being an Econ Prof. instead of a prostitute.

    It’s the normal FI approved, matriarchs-in-control plot line. The supremely-eligible bachelor chooses an about-to-hit-the-wall, age appropriate woman, but must grovel to win her. There are countless digs as males and masculinity. It would not be note-worthy except for a particularly insidious sub-plot (minor spoiler alert) involving the leading man’s sister who is a fashion designer married to a commoner. An early scene has her impulsively buying a pair of oddly-shaped, you might say testicular-shaped earrings that cost $1.2 Million (currency not specified). She hides this and other extravagances from her husband to protect his fragile male ego. She is true-hearted and blameless, but he is caught having an affair. She opines that she has realized that it is not her responsibility to make him feel like a man. She plans to divorce him. Tells him to keep the family apartment as she owns 14 apartment buildings. She is taking custody of their son and will allow visitation when it is convenient for the son. She goes to her stash and puts on the earrings. Yes, the testicular-shaped earrings. Total FI, you go girl, victory!

  3. I always see this. For example, let’s say you have a man hit a woman who attacked him. Other women will go on and on about how he should not have hit her back, but it’s like pulling teeth to get them to admit that the woman in question did anything wrong.

    Or if a woman cheats on her husband and gets pregnant and tricks the husband into thinking it’s his child. The husband finds out that it isn’t his child. Once again, most women will ignore that the wife did anything wrong and will say “a real man would take care of the child anyway and stay married to his wife” despite her deceit. If he wants a divorce and doesn’t want to take care of a kid that isn’t his, he’s the villian in the eyes of women. Not her and not the man she cheated with.

    Or when women can commit armed robbery via the court system to receive massive amounts of child support and alimony. I call it armed robbery because at the end of the day, it’s enforced by an army of armed men who can take away your freedom and life if you resist. And I don’t mean a woman who is supposed to receive 20 dollars a month for child support but doesn’t get it (I personally know of such cases). I’m talking about women who receive 2,000 or 20,000 a month. Other women support this. But in the rare occasion that a man gets awarded a large amount of child support and alimony, suddenly no one is entitled to anyone else money.

    You’re right. They do have a hivemind mentality.

  4. 1) Now they’re trying to metoo Kavanaugh, with a 35-year-old tale.

    2) As far as that female mystery writer offing her hubby — that was no murder, that was a mercy killing.

    3) I’m still waiting to hear from Mr. Ugh before giving Ugh any more serious thought. Of course, it could always be just her again.

  5. 1) Now they’re trying to metoo Kavanaugh, with a 35-year-old tale.

    So, that’s what DiFi was holding. Kabuki theater…

  6. @If–

    Yep… I saw that movie as well. It is difficult to overstate the degree of over-the-top FI programming in that one.

    Your analysis of the infidelity between the sister and her husband was spot on… but did you also catch the description of the infidelity of the leading ladies mother from years ago… before she left China for the US?

    Of course she was the victim of an abusive man… beaten and terrorized, she feared for her life before she was rescued by her white night who impregnated her out of wedlock.

    It was hard not to chuckle at the way the writer(s) bent over backwards to absolve the female adulterer by turning her husband into a monster.

  7. @OBIT

    I’m sure that memories are crystal clear after 35 years…and I’m sure that women don’t rely on their feelings when giving testimony, but it’s perfectly factual

  8. Never underestimate the impact the discovery DNA testing will have on the inter-sexual
    power struggle. Men have gained a major advantage and don’t ever let anybody tell you different. Women have evolved to use the ability to hide paternity to their benefit. Everything from their ability to lie better to the emotional tricks that they play have been laid bare and there is nothing they can do to change it. Not until the last 25 years that life has evolved on the planet could men really be sure of paternity. Now they can always be sure 100% of the time. Eventually this will be leveraged to benefit men similar to how women used the technology of birth control to their advantage.

  9. “I’m sure that memories are crystal clear after 35 years…and I’m sure that women don’t rely on their feelings when giving testimony, but it’s perfectly factual”


    I don’t recall what was alleged so many years ago but I’m damn sure I was acting in cura personalis

    “Jesuit education centers on the education of the whole person: mind, spirit and body. This is accomplished through cura personalis (Latin for personalized care and concern for the individual) and through a holistic curriculum.”

    I could have been a horny drunk teenager (in some places the drinking age was 18 back then, kinda). In cura personalis should have care and concern for that. Don’t Ya Think? I just don’t recall. But it doesn’t make me in any way unqualified to be a Supreme Court Judge. Are we going on merit or feelings here? Show me the proof. Give me the videotape. Does the claimant recall exactly, or is she just pulling an Anita Hill, who so obviously had admiration and respect for Clarence Thomas, but was later on the other side of the aisle and remembers being rebuffed by him, that strong masculine alpha male barrister I knew back then.

    In other words: “We all know what is going on here, I call bullshit Feinstein. Fake letter too long ago to matter. What about my meritocratic legacy in the law? Huh?” and “BTW, is this just payback for me writing the x-rated parts about Bill Clinton getting blowjobs from Monical Lewinsky in the Ken Starr report that led to his impeachment proceedings? If it is, it’s pretty weak. As I said I was a drunk horny 18 year old before went on to an illustrious practice of law.”

  10. Oh, come on Blax, I was just trying to point out that 35 years ago he was a Beta guy that got drunk and horny and tried to score some pussy. And the current climate would disqualify him for nomination because of Open Hypergamy/ MeToo-ism.

    I’m not making a political statement. I’m satirizing what I see is an absurdity taken as serious in this current state of affairs. I don’t want to talk politics (But it’s the Senate’s job to advise and consent to the nominee of the President, not shoot him down based on that alleged incident, which probably did happen in some form, but who cares? Is it relevant in any form now? ). It is relevant to the state of Game now, not in the political realm. Lots of other young men in the same position right now. You should know.

  11. I am against going after guys for trying to have sex, 35 years after the fact. That shit’s absurd.

    35 years ago I was 22. My late teens through early twenties were the wildest times of my life, and if I were to be prosecuted now for what I did then, I’d never get out of prison.And would die there.

    But I don’t see a ” game ” connection. There are dangers in all of this retroactive prosecution/persecution for pickup dudes, but there’s not really a connection to Game.

    West Indian Archie has a couple of posts up on that addressed this ” pua vs Game ” aspect a little bit. Metoo provokes fear by design. And people that have reasons to be fearful, are just that.

    Public figures aren’t representative of broader society, though guys like to equate themselves and their lives with entertainers and politicians.😂 Gameless men.have historically always more danger .

  12. But I don’t see a ” game ” connection. There are dangers in all of this retroactive prosecution/persecution for pickup dudes, but there’s not really a connection to Game.

    Come on Blax. Open Hypergamy. And he was Beta.

    Daddy’s don’t let your boys grow up to be betas. In other words, if in certain circumstance the drunk, horny Alpha scores and there is no regret on the part of the girl, problem solved. That’s the game connection. You should know that.

    Here’s a good essay this past week from BlackLabelLogic on that:

    Trust me, it’s an excellent essay and answers your question Blax.

  13. Shit, Lord,

    Depends on how she sees you as a potential lover or (LJB) friend.

    If just “friend” you are valuable to her. (Like when PalmaSailor’ platonic friend cock-blocker him from a girl looking for a provider (no initial IOIs) so she didn’t lose his car-fixing for her). So she’ll guard you from the fight. Pull you away so not to have you hurt or embarrassed. To keep you safe for Bbq or for valuable orbiting.

    If you aren’t fucking her and she might want to fuck you, she’ll encourage “lets you and him fight” to see who has better alpha seed. To the victor goes the cave-girl.

  14. @Prof. Paternity test not that relevant as a major intersexual game changer. By virtue of marriage you are assumed to be the father by law.
    The fem-pocalypse (i.e conversion from patriarchy to matriarchy) is nothing to worry about as long as you can speak Chineese, Russian, Arabic, or Polish as those patriarchies will come to dominate us in due course.

  15. @Lord of the Flies

    Don’t play beta game! As soon as you sense that she is screening you for the provider role press the ejection seat button!

  16. “Christine Ford is a professor at Palo Alto University who teaches in a consortium with Stanford University, training graduate students in clinical psychology.”

    [Duckiest duckface gif]

  17. Never underestimate the impact the discovery DNA testing will have on the inter-sexual
    power struggle

    The FI is way ahead of you, pushing to make DNA testing of a child by the alleged father illegal without the expressed consent of the mother. In fact this is already the law in France.

  18. Zap

    Does no one else find the comic cringe-worthy?

    Not me. Why does it bother you?

    Have you ever read My Secret Garden by Nancy Friday?

  19. Blaximus
    Metoo provokes fear by design.

    Yes. Post-wall has-been actresses wish to get revenge on the betas they did something or other with, in order to provoke fear of has-been actresses in other beta men.

    However, PoundMeToo also is a filter that serves the FI’s 80 / 20 attraction rule. By making more men fearful of women, betas are shunted off to the side, making alphas more visible.

    It is one way or another about rejecting betas and finding alpha fux. f

  20. Black woman playing black Japanese woman with a ref who has a sparkling reputation for being calm and fair. One player behaved badly and got penalized for it, the other didn’t and didn’t.

    In a sport where the top ranked player was once a privileged white man who was penalized an entire match for throwing a similar hissy fit.

    Nothing she has said makes any damned sense and the best her defenders can come up with is “But those shouldn’t be the rules,” but it’s just another example of how goofy-over the top things have become.

  21. @IAS.. fighting facebook feminzis about this is fun. They want to say the SW meltdown in the face of a superior opponent and her subsequent projection of her rage about losing onto the stoic referee is sexist and racist. I just flip this around to say would a black female referee have ruled any differently?

  22. Alpha Fucks – Beat Bucks (AFBB) in an age of hormonal control

    The female sense of entitlement to the best DNA for her offspring made sense in the jungle. Today however, women want the Alpha but the majority of the time its not to actually take his seed to full term. They are satisfied, validated, by the act of having mated with the Alpha.

    Since this new form of AFBB is now not meeting the original biological goal we could call this a form of female mental masturbation. In most cases they are not fulfulling the biological imperative nor is that the new imperative. Birth control allows them to have the mating “experience” without the risk of pregnancy. This “experience” releases the tension of striving for the Alpha but does not produce the strong children nature wants. This modern chemical mediated form of AFBB is a form of escape from realit and responsibility that these little girls have proven unable to handle.

    Modern chemistry is a wondrous thing. But just as the development of pesticides, which act by preventing naural processes, promised to improve yields with no side effects the chemical tinkering of reproduction has had many negative side effects on society.

    The Pandora’s box the Pill opened was one input ( along with easy abortion and male resource capture legislation ) that allowed the toxic black flower of feminism to grow unchecked. This flower has proven cancerous to society in no lesser way than DDT, Agent Orange you name ’em.

    This new form of female AFBB is clearly not producing strong children in the decaying society that today’s women have played no small part in ushering in. Its not all the Patriarchy’s fault. They are betraying nature as they pretend so righteously to worship it.

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