“If a story is not about the hearer he will not listen. And here I make a rule – a great and interesting story is about everyone or it will not last.”  – East of Eden

About 3 months ago there was a very interesting side conversation of the main article topic in the comments. The movie 300 came up and how it was or wasn’t a good illustration of conventional masculinity. I’ll just say that from a purely pulp fantasy perspective I loved the movie. And as a fantasy it was great, but both men and women like to romanticize various times and stories in history to suit their desires, as well as reinforce their beliefs.

I think many retromasculinty subscribers get caught up in what YaReally calls LARPing – live action roleplaying – with regards to how these fantasies become romanticized ideals that were neither true of that period, nor are they really relevant for contemporary times. With today’s communication and ubiquitous movie animation it’s all too simple for the less socially savvy to latch on to old books heroic ideals.

But as I said, I loved the movie and I can see how heroic movies in this theme appeal to men frustrated by modern societal circumstance. If that mythological fantasy inspires them to greater aspiration I would say they do serve some purpose – for personal visualization if nothing else.

Unfortunately anything that celebrates masculinity today just becomes a target of ridicule and homosexual shaming for heterosexual men. It’s ironic how a fem-centric society will embrace flagrant homosexuality as normative yet when a heterosexual man celebrates his maleness he’s shamefully suspected of being homosexual himself. This in effect is a way to contain conventional masculinity in something that the Feminine Imperative hopes will control it.

I have on 3 separate occasions at 3 separate evangelical churches seen the ‘going off to war’ scene from 300 used as a ridiculous marketing tool to inspire ‘christian’ men to go to a Christian Men’s weekend retreat. It’s the part where the 300 are ranked up in front of Leonidas and he’s surveying their fitness for battle. The language is in french and the english subtitles are swapped in for some suitably ridiculous dialog between the men and Leonidas and Leo’s wife (whom he refers to as “snuggle bear” or some shit).

This is a good example of the feminine-primary ridicule of masculinity that Churchianity co-opts into Christian Culture. They are all too ready, maybe even more ready, to pander to men’s LARPing instinct while simultaneously ridiculing anything that might hint at men celebrating their maleness – much less finding any realistic empowerment from it. And the real tragedy is that it’s these self-same christian men who are creating these parodies of themselves.

The Imperative Awakens

I’m going to paraphrase a bit here, but there’s an idiom that states if you can control the art and imagination of a culture you can subdue that culture. I may be butchering that, but the drift is that when you supplant an ‘organic’ idealism with the ideological seeds of what you believe ‘ought to be’ you begin by stirring the imagination at an early age.

When we’re in our early youth we’re like intellectual sponges from the age of 5 on into (and beyond) our teenage years. So it should come as no surprise that male idealism finds its most formative roots when we’re kids. Even when our imaginations aren’t fed by myths and stories boys will take up the role of creating them for themselves. The details of exactly what we create and romanticize are less important than how we came to identifying with it and how it influences our identities later in life.

I’m prefacing here with this to give you an understanding of just how easy it’s become for a feminine-primary social order to influence this nascent idealism in boys and later men. The human race is one based on stories. First it was oral histories and later those were recorded in written languages. Telling stories is how we used to learn, and really still do in a more detailed fashion with the rise of technology and global communications. When boys are playing out the roles of characters presented to them they are enacting the ideals of what’s represented in those stories.

SPOILER ALERT – If you haven’t seen Star Wars, The Force Awakens yet, you’ll want to skip this next part until you do.

I recently watched the latest installment of the Star Wars series, The Force Awakens, and as you might guess it’s virtually impossible for me to see any popular media without my Red Pill Lenses on. Going in I had no doubt that I’d be subjected to the messaging of the Feminine Imperative, but I loved the original series and even the much maligned prequels, so I knew I’d want to see this one.

I fondly remember seeing the original Star Wars in the theater when it released in 1977. I was 9 years old and I absorbed the fantasy and mythology of it as you might expect a boy would. Heroism, daring, fighting, and all the comic book bravado I was already steeped in was more than satisfying, but there was also the element of mythology and moralism that crept into the story arc in the sequels.

Of course I couldn’t appreciate it then, but that mythology was a carefully crafted aspect of the original stories. There’s a great book, and I think documentary, called The Power of Myth about the Star Wars series that I later found an appreciation for as I got older and made the connections with the classics I also loved in college.

So with this in the back of my head I went to see The Force Awakens, and with a Red Pill perspective I could appreciate the complete, feminized, bastardization of this original, well crafted mythology.

Granted the story arc carefully followed from the original Star Wars movie; Death Star, small weakness, heroic last minute attempt to destroy it, galaxy saved when the bigger Death Star explodes, the end. The basic plot is essentially the same and left me thinking that this was more of a rewrite than any real progression from the original trilogy.

Overall it felt very hurried. There was the presumption of familiarity with, and between, all of the new characters, but within the familiar formula-theme (you know the Titanic sinks and you know the Death Star explodes) the lack of character development is obviously something the writers will explore in future sequels.

It’s important to keep this copping of the old formula in mind, because what J.J. Abrams does in this effective retelling is important when you begin to see the bastardization and the influence of the Feminine Imperative in the story. For the past decade there’s been a popular push to assimilate old, formulaically successful films and story franchises and retell them from a feminine-primary perspective. Recently that was the Mad Max rehash that casts the main character as an ambiguously masculine woman. In 2016 the ‘all-female-but-don’t-call-it-all-female’ version of Ghost Busters is slated for release. Hell, even 300 got the ‘make it feminine primary’ treatment with its sequel.

It’s no secret that there’s been a dearth of original storytelling in Hollywood for the better part of the 21st century. Thus, the want to return to the old magic that got the last 3 generations inspired. 80’s cartoons, now classic sci-fi and fantasy franchises, and golden era comics serves as a deep well of movie-ready stories, but none are retold without the ubiquitous pervasiveness that the Feminine Imperative requires of its storytellers today.

Killing Heroes in Male Space

I was not shocked in the slightest that the first heroic casualty of the film would be Han Solo; and slain by his neurotic, identity conflicted son no less. It was apropos for a retelling of the classic formula that would see all semblances of conventional masculinity erased from what is intended to be a new classic. Han Solo represented the last of a kind, the brash, self-assured, cocky scoundrel that women cannot resist – the “I love you.” “I know.” brand of rake.

In an earlier iteration Captain Kirk from the original Star Trek series held the same old books bravado, and minus the outlaw, anti-hero aspect of Solo, Kirk was essentially the same character (if not with a bit more responsibility). If I had the stomach to do so, it would be an interesting social experiment to do a cross-generational comparative analysis of the characters from the original Star Trek series cast with the Next Generation cast of the early 90s. Even if you only have a cursory understanding of both series, you can see the generational capstones evident in the main characters of each generation, separated by less than 30 odd years.

It might seem a bit foolish to use flights of fancy as archetypes that define the character of a generation, but remember this is science fiction, and that genre describes a want for how that generation sees the future unfolding – even when it is just fantasy. Were it not de rigueur for the franchise I might expect J.J. Abrams to delete the iconic “A long time ago”, part of a galaxy far, far away.

What Star Wars and other long established story franchises represent to the prophets of the Feminine Imperative is twofold. First and foremost they represent familiar vehicles into which the ideological messaging of the imperative can be palatably digested. Second, they represent opportunities of the retribution and restitution for perceived wrongs that feminism has always sought after.

Paint it Pink

As I mentioned earlier, these classic feminine-interpreted remakes are glaring examples of the lack of any truly creative storytelling for some time. I had to laugh a bit when I’d seen that The Mighty Thor (classic conventional masculine archetype) had been “bravely” replaced by a female Thor in the comics recently. The story formula remains the same, but the gender is swapped. Not for nothing, but if Marvel were truly ‘brave’ about a gender swap they’d make Red Sonja a ginger male barbarian who goes around wantonly killing women to prove he’s as good as any woman in combat.

However, the gender swaps, the killing of long established, storied masculine characters, and the appropriation of classic, heroic masculine story formulae (even all-male comedies) all represent the jealous need to retell and rehash in a way that denies and discredits Male Space. The attempts (like Star Wars) are feeble retellings of exactly the same stories with women characters and women’s interests inserted into what formerly accounted for male space storytelling.

Blue Pill readers may read this last assertion and think, well, that’s kind of a stretch, but what you should ask yourselves is why those well established franchises are such attractive, more attractive, endeavors than making the efforts to create a new story to tell that conveys the same, feminine primary, social narrative? Why remake Mad Max as a woman? Why give Thor a sex change rather than create a new character in a new franchise that embodies the same ideals the imperative hopes will ride on the old ones?

Because that ideology, by and of itself, is neither believable nor admirable to men. Those bastardized, contrived notions of feminine empowerment are only legitimized in a world, fantasy or otherwise, that was created by men. So we get a girl Jedi (my guess is Disney will eventually make Rey a princess) who is all things to everything. And we get a bumbling, reluctant male “hero” who’s stumbles along needing her aid at every obstacle. Compare the character of Finn with that of Han Solo and you begin to understand why Solo needs to die when the Star Wars franchise playground passes into the hands of a director who’s been steeped in feminine-primacy for a lifetime.

Now, all of this might seem like an effort in pointing out the obvious for most Red Pill aware men. After all, it was this time last year that I wrote the Red Pill Lens, and even if I hadn’t most Red Pill men are painfully aware of how saturated in the imperative that popular media/culture truly is. Bear in mind, the Disney marketing juggernaut had the entire world aware of all the new characters’ names, the basic plot and a million different co-branding effort in every imaginable, and unrelated, variety since the beginning of June this year.

But all this comes back to the stories we tell ourselves. What flights of fancy we romanticizes and idealize (idolize?) in our youth, as well as the ones we reminisce over later in life. It’s one thing to point out how boys are taught to gender loathe in school or how our teachers instill us with their own ideological bents, but that learning goes far beyond the formal institutionalized kind. Flights of fancy, imaginative storytelling, the games we play as children and adults are indulgences we want to play a part in willingly. We like that kind of teaching, we look forward to it; but even so, feminine-primacy is ready to co-opt that desire for it’s own ends.

And that is how you subdue a culture.

Published by Rollo Tomassi

Author of The Rational Male and The Rational Male, Preventive Medicine

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  1. WTF dude? Not everyone saw Star Wars this past weekend. Maybe a spoiler alert at the beginning of your post?

  2. I do wonder how much of this is simply women getting the ‘magical negro’ treatment in the media, much like what happened in the prior decades to avoid being targeted by the race hustlers. Are we getting this mostly because now female hustling is in vogue? I think a compare and contrast would be interesting.

  3. Yeah, the Culture Wars. Mainstream media, Hollywood and TV have been the gatekeepers to cultural values for several decades. Especially their brand of cultural values. The internet is breaking this monopoly. Politically it’s most evident with the popularity of Donald Trump. Hopefully this newer platform will enable a resurgence of “old” (read natural) values.

    1. Or unappealing as the unnatural portrayal starts to sink in. I think Jennifer Lawrence is a very good actress and very attractive, but the Hunger Games character as a “normal” girl was just too much for me to take.

      Women with super powers, e.g., Milla Jovovich, Resident Evil, are much more enjoyable. And her roles are not anti-male so much as anti-bad guy. And Leeloo in The Fifth Element was feminine and hot.

  4. Yeah there is a reason why Star Wars IV worked and Star Wars 7+ will eventually hit a wall. (just like his reboot of Star Trek)

    George Lucas closely followed the mythical precepts of A hero of a thousand faces. He mined the shared storytelling of our mythical past.

    There are reasons why the unseasoned new hero meets the mentor of old. There are reasons why the mentor is needed to help the young hero along his journey.

    But in JJ’s world the young don’t need mentors. Especially if you are woman hero with grrl force you don’t need any man. Which is good because I know Rey would never sit for Luke to Mansplain her force powers to her…

    If you think about this modern idea that if we just let the women fight for us and good things will happen. Because you know the men have tried it and not won… just grates on people who actually warfight for a job. I have personally been around women in shared combat situations. They do not have what it takes and are at best passingly competent not to shoot themselves or members of their unit. There is this un-seriousness about their demeanor. On weapon checks there is always this surreal look on their faces like “nice play time but when the bullets fly I am letting the men return fire”. It’s like that picture of the platoon marching with two big guys carrying the girls gear while the girls bring up the rear gossiping.

    Yep seen it… not proud to say that I didn’t chew ass like I would if it were two men doing it. There it is… military personnel not carrying their weight and men around saying “why bother picking up the slack, I’m out at the end of my tour”. And now when we need a few more heroes and male figures we get… a female jedi who can kick a bad guys ass quite handily in the first part thank you very much.. no need for Yoda here boys I’m good to go.

    Thus we get a whole generation of overly expecting girls who will really believe that they can do it all without any true commitment or sacrifice.

    I wonder how that will work out in our military in 20 years. I wonder what the casting of French movies/plays circa 1910… similar? Yep.
    Enjoy the decline indeed boys enjoy it well.

  5. Spoilers… seriously guys?

    The Han Solo thing was trending the DAY OF RELEASE. I told people if you want to go see this movie without a spoiler see it by Saturday the plot point where Han Solo buys it will NOT LAST.

    Besides if JJ is riffing off Star Wars 4… you know someone is going to buy it. And it was the most senior and accomplished actor that time around…. duh.

  6. Honestly it’s been funny watching how the gender swaps in sci-fi and comics have actually been a huge wake up for a lot of Blue Pill Betas that I know. The Ghostbusters thing was particularly egregious, but my personal beginning of realizing something was fucked was when they made the mostly forgettable Star Trek: Voyager.

    It was Star Trek: The Politically Correct Edition, featuring a command crew that had a totally of one straight white male in the lowest position they could put him. I didn’t mind the idea of shaking the formula up a bit, but the whole thing wreaked of casting to satisfy PC 1.0 sensibilities. Female captain, black Vulcan, native American first officer, hispanic female engineer… it was so obvious that even if it had been a good series I wouldn’t have wanted to watch it.

    Now that we’re looking down the barrel of PC 2.0, I have very Blue Pill friends going “Why the fuck do we have to flip around the race, sex, and all kinds of other shit of my old heroes? Can’t they just make new heroes?” But it’s the same fucking reason the NFL has to wear pink for breast cancer: nobody gives a shit about women’s professional sports (with good reason), and nobody would give a shit about the new characters in the face of old established ones.

    Answer: co-opt the existing characters and stories to push your message.

    The funny thing is that if their message was so amazing and so revolutionary that everyone needed to hear it, new characters would be worth MORE money since they would be fresh and different with a new face and message. Instead, usually these swaps are the beginning of the end for a series as the original spirit of the series is undermined to push the new message that really resonates with… well… nobody outside of the message’s echo chamber ultimately.

    That’s really what disgusts me in things like this. Good stories are just that: somebody telling a good yarn. Some times they have a message, some times they don’t, but a good story is a good story regardless of its message, not because of it. Usurping a good story just to push your message always comes across as disingenuous in the end, and with these pushes in to traditional male nerd mythology and heroes feminists and SJWs are heavily overplaying their hand. It’ll be the death of them in the long run.

  7. “Answer: co-opt the existing characters and stories to push your message.”

    For 50 years in their non-fiction writing they have been telling us explicitly why they are doing it. It is not to push their new message (they rely on the education system for that), it is to utterly destroy the old, and even the memory of it.

    The stories are crap because they don’t care about the story. They don’t care that it kills any reason for anybody to care about the story; that’s the goal.

  8. Yippie-Ki-Yay.

    Rollo found a cure for my pressure of speech here. I’ve never watched a Star Wars movie. Or a Star Trek. And I’ve given up most of television.

  9. @Rollo

    I wonder what would happen if someone got like 20 guys and held you down and made you watch High Fidelity, 2012, and Ant-man back to back….

    They’ll probably end up making Rey turn to the dark side and Finn will end up saving her, setting up the negroid cuck triangle with whoever else didn’t die by the end of episode 9.

    Also that Kylo Ren looks like Kermit the frog in a snuggie.

  10. Another great post as always….but not such a great week for RM. Really Rollo, you couldn’t provide a spoiler alert? I view this Stars Wars much like malls during the holidays-avoid at all costs. I can’t be the only one waiting for the buzz to slow down.

    I hate to have to say this but my experience has sucked regarding the MID audio download. I bought all 3 Friday, heard the first 40 min before crapping out on me. I was given a download link promptly when I emailed about this, but the link never worked, and now it’s timed out. I don’t resent providing charity (if this Sam is actually for real), but I can’t help but to feel ripped off a bit. Disappointment and ripped-off are statements I never thought I’d associate with RM. I hope it doesn’t become a pattern.

  11. In the years to come the word ” masculine” will have no meaning. Even if you can say the word, there won’t be a communicable point of reference for anyone else to understand it. FI driven society will have moved on with its brand of craziness and we’ll become walking anachronisms.

    Reminds me of an ancient story I tripped across.

    The legend goes, a prophecy foretold that one day all the worlds water would dissapear. Three days later water would come back, but it would be a madness inducing type of liquid only superficially like water.
    As these stories go, one guy took the legend to heart while most everyone else thought it was nonsense. Year after year he stashed away water ,until one year it all disappeared just like the prophecy said.

    The rest of society, not being so prepared, was alarmed until the water appeared to return three days later. The men drank and soon all went mad.

    Meanwhile the lone man who prepared sipped from his stash, and observed all of this. One day the villagers all regarded him with intense suspicion. Why did he not drink from the public as they did? Why was his behavior “odd”?
    Soon , seeing the entire society around him write him off as insane and wanting to spare himself from likely death at their hands, he gave in and partook of the mad water.Thus the villagers considered him cured, and collective madness became the norm for man thenceforth.

  12. “In the years to come the word ” masculine” will have no meaning.”

    That’s the idea. It won’t happen though, most of Asia, Africa and Latin America won’t let it. The shopping mall in San Bernadino is not the world, and the world is already in San Bernadino.

    “One day the villagers all regarded him with intense suspicion. Why did he not drink from the public as they did? Why was his behavior “odd”?”

    KFG’s Maxim # Something or Other:

    In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is a paranoid schizophrenic.

  13. Disney’s mantra:

    I am woman, hear me roar
    In numbers too big to ignore
    And I know too much to go back an’ pretend
    ‘Cause I’ve heard it all before
    And I’ve been down there on the floor
    No one’s ever gonna keep me down again

    Oh yes, I am wise
    But it’s wisdom born of pain
    Yes, I’ve paid the price
    But look how much I gained
    If I have to, I can do anything
    I am strong
    I am invincible
    I am woman

    You can bend but never break me
    ‘Cause it only serves to make me
    More determined to achieve my final goal
    And I come back even stronger
    Not a novice any longer
    ‘Cause you’ve deepened the conviction in my soul

    Oh yes, I am wise
    But it’s wisdom born of pain
    Yes, I’ve paid the price
    But look how much I gained
    If I have to, I can do anything
    I am strong
    I am invincible
    I am woman

    I am woman watch me grow
    See me standing toe to toe
    As I spread my lovin’ arms across the land
    But I’m still an embryo
    With a long, long way to go
    Until I make my brother understand

    Oh yes, I am wise
    But it’s wisdom born of pain
    Yes, I’ve paid the price
    But look how much I gained
    If I have to, I can face anything
    I am strong
    I am invincible
    I am woman

    I am woman
    I am invincible
    I am strong
    I am woman
    I am invincible
    I am strong
    I am woman

    Fuck Disney. Like this was Helen Reddy circa 1972. Disney is so far out of step. Boycott Disney. Fucking bastards.

  14. Maybe I’m weird, but nothing I’ve heard in the “spoilers” for the new Star Wars has:

    A) Surprised me
    B) Mattered to me

    Stop whining guys. Christ.

  15. I think you still underestimate what modern Hollywood is doing there. A few weeks ago I watched Prometheus with the women and knowing the Alien-Saga very well I watched it with the original Alien in mind. Comparing those two will tell you a lot about modern Hollywood storytelling and role models:

    It’s not only former male roles rewritten to be female, it’s a complete change in how the genders act in the movies. Especially in those Sci-Fi movies (directed mostly towards a young male audience) the “men” are hyperemotional childs acting infantile while the women act like wannabe men whose coolness makes them just boring. In Alien everyone (especially Ripley) were very concerned about letting an alien species into the ship. People at least tried to act on rational caution. In Prometheus one of the male “heroes” takes off his protecting helmet right away (air is breathable, who cares about alien biology?) and the next wants to play with the cute little aliens. It’s the intellectual level of a 5 year old. Maleness in this movies is basically childishness. In Prometheus the only somewhat masculine character is the pilot (who does even display game). But while he hasn’t anything to do with the story for the most part, when the time comes he sacrifices himself and the ship upon request without ever asking any questions about it.

    The female side isn’t much better. If there ever was a strong women in the movies, it’s probably Ripley. But old Ripley never lost her femininity, no matter how tough she had to become. Hollywoods new women are just shallow imitations of what men used to be, just without any depth. These women characters are neither interesting nor believable or sexy. It’s just boring.

    I don’t watch a lot of modern Hollywood, but this scheme wasn’t new and it wasn’t the exception. Years ago I had seen “Sunshine” and it struck me already there how one could put a bunch of infantile, unstable and hyperemotional men on such an important mission? What a difference to those real men who went to the moon for example. No wonder everything fails.

    As audience of such movies I just cannot relate to the people on the screen. Those characters from Prometheus don’t seem to be of my species. Either they aren’t human or I am not. I’d rather sympathize with the alien then with those wannabe humans.

    Conspiracy theories rarely make good explanations, but in this case I wonder why especially those Sci-Fi movies directed mostly at young men fuckup the genders that bad. It has to be some intention of destroying proper male role models to make these young men even more directionless?

  16. Interesting read. Doubly so as I finally finished my text-based RPG this week and gender choice was one of the last additions I made. It was originally written from a purely male perspective but, frankly, author wish fulfillment and a craze for character customization got the better of me.

    General rundown: imagine supernatural detective meets italian mob in a distant future ruled by a bastardized catholic church.

    Played from a male view, the story holds up with a bunch of ironic pokes at contemporary culture and builds an intriguing plot, character relations, and some character development. From female perspective, the story stays mostly the same but induces a few cases of fringe logic – and has some very ironic echoes, as many scenes were written for a traditional masculine antihero.

    Not only is (due to time constraints) the female character heavily implied to be lesbian but she has less than no respect for other women (many of the male’s snide comments could be interpreted as teasing or “male gaze” – the female’s read as downright insulting in all cases). They are also decidedly ill at ease with their femininity – if she even knows it exists – and the player has no option to explore this side of the character because I am too short on time to include that much additional content.

    Having written female-centric stories before, this came as a bit of a shock to me (though it shouldn’t have). A few swapped pronouns and genitilia, and a tragic case of human in a bad situation becomes a stone-cold killer whose past actions are – in comparison to the male’s – all the more violent and beyond redemption. It’s almost impossible to not read the female protagonist as half psychotic and gender confused, not because anything is stated explicitly, but by the implications of backstory and what they must have gone through to end up in their current situation. It feels as though the character’s in flat out denial of the fact they’re a woman and – given the game’s nature – there’s no incentive for this to change.

    All things considered, the results were probably realistic. I don’t imagine a woman who somehow ended up neck deep in violence could be anything but impaired in femininity, having adopted male mannerisms to survive on a day to day basis. But the message here (to me as the author) is that certain gender stereotypes just DO NOT break when trying to adapt a story in the interest of character customization. Nothing short of rewriting the entire plot would make this woman seem like anything but a terrible case of humanity and gender equality gone wrong.

    I’m not about to remove the gender option, because I think it’s an interesting twist on the original character, but it’s definitely something I’ll keep in mind in future works as the results were far more demeaning toward the player (and my characters) than I ever intended them to be.

  17. Rollo I think you would like the book “The Longboats”. It was one of those books I had to read straight through, and it left a smile on my face. Its a semi fictional tale written by a Viking historian. It shows a kind of hyper masculinity that you see in 300..yet doesn’t feel like hyperbole. It also seems clear that christianity was imposed on the Vikings from above by kings, just to be able to control all the lawless men(imagine say trying to run a bank with nothing but convicts as employees).

  18. I kinda get what you’re saying about Rey and all the silly gender flipping stuff going on in the entertainment industry.

    It was certainly an interesting moment when I’m watching TFA and Rey keeps being like “don’t hold my hand” to Finn when they’re running away from the attack in the bazaar, with the implication that she’s a “strong independent woman” who doesn’t need no man to take care of her. I feel like lines like this are just pandering to the sensibilities of the feminist minded portion of the audience. Disney is trying to make as much money as possible and doesn’t want to alienate anything particular demographic. They also certainly don’t want their shiny new IP to get slammed by feminists for being “misogynistic” or anything like that.

    Also, I think it’s really just economics that are pushing for greater representation of women in these sorts of roles, because it’s just opening up a new market to exploit. The idea of gender flipping old characters is just an easy way to make a quick buck and get some cheap publicity. As someone said before, when companies do stuff like this, it’s just an indicator that they’ve run out of ideas.

    I’d like to point out that Harrison Ford wanted Han Solo to die at the end of The Empire Strikes Back or during The Return of The Jedi, so it’s not really a giant conspiracy to emasculate classic male heroes (at least not in this case). Han Solo may be dead, but his legacy will live on.

  19. It’s not surprising that a Star Wars sequel is the latest installment in the war on traditional masculinity. I saw the original in a theater when I was 7 and loved it. Honestly, I don’t think I could stomach this one. Mad Max is another example of an excellent original that has been co-opted by an FI hungry for female heroes who are adept at subjugating any man in their vicinity. It’s not unusual, especially in movies and music, for stories to be retold from a “modern” perspective. In this case, we know what that perspective is.

    Also, the people who make these films understand that storytelling is fundamental to human existence. Even in the most mundane circumstances of our everyday lives, you are telling yourself (and others) a story. It’s inescapable, you must have a link between past, present, and future to function at even the most basic level.

    Pop media provides an immediate, effective means of reinforcing cultural messages using those dynamics. Add a dose of social justice and feminism, and you have the current climate we find ourselves in. I’m tired of the same dog shit tv ads with a retarded, inept white guy relying on the guidance of every woman, child, and black guy around him, movies with female heroes with unlimited badassery, and music made by guys that extolls the virtues of pandering to the whims of whatever the woman in their lives want.

    I find myself watching movies from my youth to get the “antidote” to the tripe I’ve listed above. Lee Marvin, or Clint Eastwood in their roles are infinitely more believable than any of the “heroes” produced in the current “pussy power” addicted media.

  20. Themes of male cuckholdery, sex addiction, feminist imperative, hypergamy—it’s all covered in gory detail in The Affair. If you haven’t watched it, this is a picture perfect portrayal of a Borderline Waif–Alison and her beta people pleaser Narcissist lover Noah. Alison has basically fucked everyone on the show but somehow her waifish personality and sad eyes elicit sympathy whereas Noah’s fucking around is portrayed as almost pathological and somehow unhealthy. We understand poor Alison needs attention, what with her kid dying and stuff…But Noah chases like a beta, then starts begging her to come “home”…then lays his own career and life on the line to protect both his wife who hit Scotty–the drugged out ex brother-in-law of Alison whom were lead to believe she pushed into the oncoming car because …of course….he tried to rape her. Exactly what you’d expect a Borderline Waif to claim.

    The show is interesting because it’s told from the perspectives of different characters. Seeing how Noah and Alison recall things is revealing about how details change depending on who does the telling.

    The overall premise of The Affair is how a beta shlub is still a beta no matter how many different women he bangs because he’s always chasing.

    However viewing it from a Red Pill perspective it’s about: Borderline Personality Disorder, hypergamy, R-Selected/K-Selected Noah is the provider while Cole is clearly the R-Selected dude in all the scenarios he bangs.

  21. It was an iPad I downloaded to. Thanks for keeping on the case!

    I was trying to explain to a friend Han represents old-school masculinity that’s currently unacceptable ( accept when convienient ). The blank look I got was priceless. I’ve heard how the new characters just touch a light saber & BAM now I’ve got the force. There’s a fair point JJ could make about not having to explain the Force all over again, but l love a previous comment-there’s no need for gurrl power girl to be mansplained the damn Force! Most excellent!

  22. I love all of you assholes who tell us to stop whining about the spoilers. Seriously? I live in the sac area, and I can tell you malls & megaplexes are fucking hell until after new yrs. I guess the ADHD/social media/words kill/my feelings matter most culture we now live in can’t be asked to stfu and take a pause. My bad

    Before you tell me to catch the late nite show, I work 5am-1pm, so I’m usually passing out by 10pm, and yes this awful schedule I have fucks up my bar/club game. Praise day game!

  23. “I’ve heard how the new characters just touch a light saber & BAM now I’ve got the force.”

    That doesn’t merely destroy the metaphysical value of the force the way midi-chlorians did, it turns it completely inside out.

  24. @lh

    Or maybe it is simply the other way around ? Young dudes are already idiotic for the most part. So they put stupid characters on screen so the audience can relate to them. I say this because in Prometheus you see a sort of gangsta style dude acting as a team member of the human ship, the gangsta culture is creeping in today’s youth, and it has nothing to do with the FI as far as I know.

  25. Thanks Rollo. Insightful as always. I do enjoy reading your blog every couple days. Your work has shaped me and helped me in so many ways. Keep inspiring us!

  26. @Hux:

    Commercial offerings to culture operate in a feedback loop, both catering to and influencing the popular zeitgeist.

    ” . . .gangsta culture is creeping in today’s youth, and it has nothing to do with the FI as far as I know.”

    You need to go deeper down the rabbit hole. The behaviour of young men always has something to do with the burden of performance for young women.

  27. @IH
    Well I fell asleep during the Prometheus movie. Few movies ever managed to do that so I’d say that speaks volumes lol. It was boring, uninteresting, slow-paced, wannabe-mysterious garbage for all I can say about it.
    The original Alien movies were way better than that shit. Though I’d say the first one was the best.

  28. Yes, I downloaded from a phone. No spoiler alert was there.

    I knew you were better then that Rollo, haha, that’s why I didn’t jump to conclusions.

    And BTW – I’m not trying troll you but “trending” is not something I follow on any social online format. I read the RM and that’s it; pretty much unplugged from any media garbage.

    Happy holidays everybody.

  29. This show is pretty manly.
    At least, the first season. Then they brought in shield maidens and kind of sold out, but it’s still better than most.

  30. By contrast, Michael Bay’s “Black Sails” is unwatchable. I don’t think I got past the first episode. They made Blackbeard a woman. The “pirates” had pencil thin beards. It was unbelievably awful.

  31. SPOILER ALERT! (but that ship has sailed):

    I didn’t mind that they killed of Han Solo in this Star Wars episode so much as there’s no one to replace him. It was kind of a cross between the first Star Wars movie and (weirdly, my sons confirmed this however, so I know I’m not the only one with this impression) Harry Potter.

  32. ” . . . there’s no one to replace him.”

    And the storytelling purpose of killing off the master is to pass the mantel to the disciple, as in the first movie.

  33. Guys,

    Whining about ‘spoiler alerts’ is almost as prissy as bulgurgitating about ‘trigger warnings’

    Grow a pair men!

    What happened to “If I really can’t handle knowing plot points before seeing the film, I can stop reading a sentence and skip on, using my own willpower”

  34. @ kfg

    For 50 years in their non-fiction writing they have been telling us explicitly why they are doing it. It is not to push their new message (they rely on the education system for that), it is to utterly destroy the old, and even the memory of it.

    That’s amazingly perceptive. I’m not often amazed.

    Culture, especially comedy, is used to bring in new messages and render them acceptable, and to vilify opponents and values that SJWs want to devalue.

  35. . . . and here’s a ‘possible, potential, maybe spoiler alert’ about the upcoming text . . .

    Wussies, do not read the paragraph suivant!!!

    You have been warned- LOL

    So will the Oedipal theme where Kylo Ren kills his father Han Solo be continued to its conclusion in the trilogy?

    After all, Leia has already been given a sith-like costume for Star Wars VIII

  36. As regards the destruction of masculinity:

    Men in previous times had quite a lot of moral courage. Patton. Eisenhower.

    A Catholic priest has written about our current lot of men, especially SJWs, referencing the brilliant C. S. Lewis:

    In The Abolition of Man, C.S. Lewis called these sheep in sheep’s clothing “men without chests” because their perception of reality lacks objective moral reason. Consequently, they really have no heart, if the heart is the seat of a righteous will, and thus they are ruled by whim, incapable of courage.

    George W. Rutler

  37. I’ll see the movie, but it’s telling that the SJW angles are what REALLY makes a movie about laser swords, anthropomorphic robots and furry aliens unrealistic and hard to get into.

  38. “And the storytelling purpose of killing off the master is to pass the mantel to the disciple, as in the first movie.”

    Exactly so.
    From my perspective, I don’t mind a ‘strong’ female character, if it’s organically part of the story, and works (Ripley was mentioned above, a good example I think).
    By contrast, the new Star Wars (just the most recent among many movies with this sort of theme) had a “forced” (no pun intended) feel to it. I think the new jedi chick is supposed to take the place of Han (I got this impression with her “skills”….piloting, mechanics, and so forth).
    My husband likes to read books on human psychology and his most recent (can’t remember the title) is a book about the importance of comparison to the human mind. Apparently the human brain likes comparison and people who are successful in sales understand this well. For example, they might show a series of similar homes, knowing that the buyer is making a comparison in their mind and they are going to be more likely to sell the (nicer Colonial style home at same price) after showing them a Colonial style home that wasn’t as nice at the same price, and so forth.
    Which begs the question. What are they trying to sell here? I have a pretty good idea about the answer.

  39. Heard this on the radio:

    Daya – “Hide Away”

    Boys seem to like the girls
    Who laugh at anything
    The ones who get undressed
    Before the second date
    Girls seem to like the boys
    Who don’t appreciate
    All the money and the time that it takes
    To be fly as a mother
    Got my both eyes out for Mr. Right
    Guessing I just don’t know where to find ’em
    But I hope they all come out tonight

    Where do the good boys go to hide away, hide away?
    I’m a good, good girl who needs a little company
    Looking high and low, someone let me know
    Where do the good boys go to hide away, hide away?

    Boys seem to like the girls
    Who like to kiss and tell
    Talking them up about the things they do so well
    But I’d rather find a boy
    Who is down for the chase
    Putting in the time that it takes
    To be fly as a mother (Hey!)
    To supply all of my heart’s demands
    Suit and tie cause under cover
    He’s gonna save my life like superman

    LOL /dead

  40. -Ben aka Kylo Ren (Han’s son) kills Han
    -Rey is a feminist character that no man will respect
    -Finn is a weak beta that should have died
    -The bigger death star is destroyed by a small weakness (creative)
    -Luke is found at the end on a distant planet hiding like a weak beta bitch


  41. @Liz: I liked Black Sails a lot. Keep watching, the characters develop.
    The real Blackbeard will come later and he’s an animal of a man. But Black Sails is mostly about a Machiavellian society. But there is also a lot about bold alpha decisions and acting.

    @MA: It appears we share a taste of movies.

    @Hux: I don’t know any 16 year old boys. But the even younger boys of some of my women aren’t like that at all. Of course they aren’t grown up men yet, but they are already way less infantile than those movie characters.

  42. Another great post Rollo…FI is everywhere, but for the most part, the gender swap of heroes flops, people still want that masculine, ZFG guy as the hero, who never apologizes, lives his own way, and puts himself first it still resonates (Now, Star Wars is the exception, not the rule) with the masses. Men want to see masculine movies like “300”, it resonates with a man in a way women won’t get…For example, I grew up with sports heroes, especially hockey, and my favorites were the tough guys, the guys who fought, who were “men”, who stood up for teammates and “policed” the ice. They were the embodiment of who I wanted to be. We shamed guys who wouldn’t fight, or turned the other cheek, they were seen a “wimps”. Rollo, once again you are dead on, the FI doesn’t want you to have male heroes, all males spaces must be crushed, or so watered down they aren’t “male” anymore. As you stated, Hollywood makes the “new heroes” so flawed, that without the “help”, or “love” or “support” of a woman, they would not be complete, they would be lesser men. For example, look no further than Iron Man series.. in the first one he was a ZFG, narcissist, billionaire who had women at his disposal, but loved none of them, and lived life as he wanted to live it, never apologizing for being who he was… Robert Downey played the role perfectly, but by the third one, he was “more sensitive” and without love he was lost. And wouldn’t you know it, he was saved by his long time assistant, who changed him to become a better man…how convenient.

    All that said, and this is where Roissy gets high marks (Ya Really too), the time is now to be Red Pill and masculine/Alpha. Women are dying for it, as men have become women (blame single moms, beta dads, etc.)and you stand out with any semblance of being masculine. And for you guys who haven’t tried it, go out and approach, embody the ZFG/narcissist who is cocky/funny, you will be shocked at the responses from women.

    Great Post Rollo, have a great holiday. I will also be buying the full download for myself this X mas, if for nothing else to help Sam. That is what we are all here for, to help one another, to connect the dots, share triumphs and failures,and become better, more informed men. Make no mistake, we have each others backs as fellow men. The FI will try to bend you over, but we will stand up, flip the script, and bend the FI over the chair, and whisper dirty sweet nothings in “her” ear as we do it. Merry X mas everyone, and I will be sure to top my tree with a shiny, red pill! .

  43. There is more brainwashing going on. The first order are all white men. They look and act like nazis. So the not so subtle message is White Men Are Nazis.
    They threw in the resistance fighter pilot to be able to refute this argument.
    Now the girl will in the end defeat the first order and kill Snoke.
    Not so subtle message: Grrl power would have defeated the nazis and killed Hitler.
    It’s sickening if you think about it.

  44. “I liked Black Sails a lot. Keep watching, the characters develop.
    The real Blackbeard will come later and he’s an animal of a man. But Black Sails is mostly about a Machiavellian society. But there is also a lot about bold alpha decisions and acting.”

    I’ll give it another try then, thanks!

  45. @Matatan

    “Not so subtle message: Grrl power would have defeated the nazis and killed Hitler.”

    Isn’t that what happened? I thought Rosie the Riveter kicked him in the dick and that’s why he only had one ball?

  46. “And we get a bumbling, reluctant male “hero” who’s stumbles along needing her aid at every obstacle.”

    I gave up a Brazilian helicopter pilot for this? : Star Wars Edition

  47. Very good. Your header picture is perfect: we need oral storytelling; a boy’s imagination will fill the gaps. Visual media is too explicit and leaves nothing to imagine making males womanish—passive consumers.

  48. I don’t mind the spoilers, I wasn’t planning to watch this movie anyway.

    Some months ago I rewatched an old cartoon that I loved when I was a kid: the “Swat Kats”, it was about anthropomorphic cats living in a big city attacked by evil monsters. It had all the cool shit boys love, the two main characters are very masculine males that fought evil in an awesome 3-trubine fighter jet designed and built by themselves. The only female character in early episodes is a buisiness-woman type of character that did most of the work at the mayor’s office, despite this she was still very feminine. The later episodes, however, incluided a “strong independent” masculine looking female character, she is the daugther of the chief of the defense force of the main city, and she constantly disobeys her father because “I can take care of myself” and “I take no for an answer” she is one of the most uninteresting characters in that cartoon. And it shocked me that in this old cartoon that I loved, the FI showed its presence, even in a tiny dose, it was still there.

    And it just got worse and worse in all the shows I watched later. The nickelodeon cartoon “Avatar: the last airbender” is probably one of the worst offenders I remember, that show had the “sexist chauvinistic” guy’s ass handed to him by a girl and later he bows down to her to teach him how to fight, a skinny woman beating a muscular man in arm wrestling, a blind 12-year old girl that acts like a man and beats huge men constantly, a team of girls that can take out lots and lots of soldiers, and it goes on and on. And its sequel bumped things up even more by having its main character being a woman and even including a lesbian ending.

    The popular media (tv shows, movies, cartoons, comics, anime, manga) are the prime dispensers of blue pills to the people, its really powerful.

    Answering some questions of my FR from the last post:

    > “Did you talk to any men?”
    Only the bartender, and it was a very short conversation.

    > “Have you read the YaReally archive?”
    Yeah, I read a lot of his posts and they are awesome. But I have trouble finding somthing for a complete beginner there. I don’t know where to start.

    > “Do you remember any shit tests? If so, how did you handle them?”
    I don’t remember those girls giving me shit tests, the conversations were short. But then again I’m a new to the game so maybe I can’t recognize shit tests very well

    > “Her being from the same country as you is a good opportunity to tease/disqualify her and escalate. You could say something like “oh man, I thought I’d be getting away from (Your Country) girls when I moved here. Promise you’re not going to fall in love and stalk me like all of the other (Your Country) girls?” ”
    lol, that is actually pretty good, I keep them in mind.

  49. @digireaper

    “> “Have you read the YaReally archive?”
    Yeah, I read a lot of his posts and they are awesome. But I have trouble finding somthing for a complete beginner there. I don’t know where to start.”

    Read the Scray Field Reports. Start with the oldest and work your way up to the present.

  50. @Rollo

    Have you ever touched on why you think men collectively speaking are letting the FI run wild? You’ve described in great detail, and at great length how the FI works, but I’m not sure I’ve ever gotten your take on why men have become so weak.

  51. Hey – what I want, from the dream-makers, appropriate for healthy adult male consumption, done in the over-the-top blockbuster-style, from the mindfuckers over at Hollywood:

    Enter our story’s hero – a confident man, sure of himself, a man who really wants to fuck everything that moves, wants to dominate all within his domain, wants to kill those that refuse – wants to make himself as to a god on earth. A cunning man. A brutal man. A brilliant man. A ruthless man. The exuberance of it all provides him with such sublime pleasure, of which he is most worthy. His natural exuberant aggression orders his life so fullfillingly. All is in order. All is at it seemingly should be. All within his domain bow to him, either consciously or not.

    But….slowly, a particular unease creeps into his mind, a creeping melancholy, a hateful splinter that has found a way into his psyche. What is it? What is slowly beginning to drive our heroic man mad?

    Perhaps It is, for all his glory, all his passion, all his fearlessness – he finds himself alone. Truly alone. It is driving him mad!

    Contemplating this, he wonders, what fortunes lay fallow due to his own lack of forbearance? What fertile minds remain unseeded, bound as they are to submission, submission to his glory?

    Ahhh….he sees….. the redpill……serve up the redpill…… sow the seeds of the redpill among his people.

    He must raise the people up. They must all partake of the redpill … for themselves. That is the way. The way of Everybody. The future is bright…undetermined….. human agency unleashed. The End.

    It’s been awhile since I have seen a story arc like that coming out of Hollywood. In fact I can’t even think of one movie that fits the bill. It’s about time.

    The part I don’t get is …….. is it realistic to think that the women characters in this thematic outline could digest the redpill? What would that look like?


    Will be discussing TFA also…

    Interesting post. I had not been focused on the Red Pill angles when I saw it as much as the bad writing, particularly in the latter half of the film. Certainly some of it could be SJW influence, but I was more thinking of the more general market pressures that make modern films often bad, even when all the elements (talent, money, etc) are there.

    First, Rollo, you are absolutely right. This is NOT Star Wars sequel. It is a reboot of the series, with the TFA script mostly being a reworked episode IV, with some elements of V and VI thrown in.

    Rey = Luke Skywalker – Abandoned on a desert planet, has massive hidden Force power, likely related to major characters.

    Finn = C3PO (bumbling comic relief) crash lands on desert planet to meet Rey (Luke) and (BB). Also fills in as Male Leia as romantic lead and also has Force powers.

    BB = New R2D2 also crash lands on planet with secret plans hidden in his memory which are vital to main storyline

    Han Solo = Is morphed into a Obi Wan style mentor to both Rey and Finn, is slain at the end by main villain during escape from Star Killer (Death Star) just like Kenobi.

    Kylo Ren = Darth Vader. Kills Han Solo (Obi Wan), the heroes mentor during escape from enemy base. Is conflicted.

    Poe = Princess Leia/Biggs Darklighter

    Luke Skywalker = Morphed into Yoda, living alone on remote planet because his protege went to Dark Side and killed all his other Jedi.

    Star Killer (Or whatever the fuck they called it) = New, bigger Death Star which oddly enough was STILL designed with an easily exploited fatal flaw…

    I could go on. Even the major plot points and scenes are the same, from the journey to the alien cantina on another world, to the trench scene with X-wings.

    But, my point is that this cannot be viewed as a new film. Even watching it the other night, my interest level tanked during the last half because I realized that I really WAS watching something I had seen before, and not mere riffs on the earlier films. There was zero suspense because I knew how it would end. So much for spoilers ruining things.

    On top of that, some of the writing, dialogue and plot was painful (thankfully nothing like the prequels I, II, III) and bad.

    Bottom line, that is goddamn annoying and needless. Star Trek needed a reboot, and Abrams did a good job with the initial film. Star Wars did NOT need one, except they don’t give a damn and the box office says they are right.

    The reason they did it was mostly economic. They are trying to cleanse the palate of the last 3 horror shows when Lucas went off the rails, and reignite the series by basically starting over for new generations. They basically don’t give a shit because they made an Star Destroyer-load amount of money just in the opening weekend, and this franchise will rain cash on Disney for decades.

    As part of that, they are also catering to a world wide audience and dumb things down so they easily translate from Boise to Botswanna to Beijing. More $$$$$! This is a larger problem with cinema in general and why the most interesting stuff in on television, usually cable or streaming outfits nowadays.

    So, a lot of the bad writing may not be SJW influenced horseshit so much as ‘make this as widely appealing as possible to everyone because in the end the only color we care about is GREEN!’

    So, things like Rey being able to take on a trained Sith (even when he’s got a abdominal wound) and win is as much about selling Rey merchandise as pushing a certain agenda. Don’t forget, both Finn and Rey square off against Darth Petulant separately, and they both are somehow able to sword fight him when neither has EVEN held a light sabre.

    That is horse-shit for both sexes, AND bad writing. I could have accepted BOTH of them fighting him to a standstill, but one at a time?

    Bullshit. This is a larger issue with our culture which assumes if you simply wish for something hard enough, there is no real effort needed to get it. Look at college campuses today. They all expect to graduate with degrees in ‘Gender Studies’ and ‘Political Media’ and make 100 grand out of the box.

    Of course, that does NOT mean I miss your larger point, either with TFA or the larger culture.

    I generally have no problem with reimagining characters in general, IF you keep an engaging story first in your mind.

    The problem comes that art born of politically correct agenda is inauthentic and gets in its own way. You sense the message coming through (often a ridiculous one to boot which makes your mind recoil), and characters do inexplicable things because an agenda is being pursued and not good writing. It violates the suspension of disbelief which is the killer of most stories just behind boring characters.

    It does not further help when the SJW assholes make it a point to taunt writers with things like, “Hey, all you sexist/racist/homophobic readers out there? Guess what? We made your favorite character female/minority/gay just to annoy you! Read our shit or you’re a bigot!”

    Of course, when you point out their writing is abysmal, they then claim you just can’t handle it because of your prejudices.

  53. I’ve added a spoiler alert, but I really didn’t feel it was necessary because, really, what’s to spoil?

    Disney has blanketed the planet with Star Wars marketing since May of this year. We already know the names of all the new characters, we already know the new droid, we already knew the basic plot from any number of overly detailed trailers, we can’t walk into any major retail chain (no matter how totally unassociated) without seeing some form of SW merchandise, we can’t escape the magazine covers with SW characters we’re already supposed to be familiar with, you can’t even buy cereal at the grocery store without SW being on the box.

    All of this MONTHS before the movie ever released. We’re buying toys and clothing and chotchkes for a movie we’re supposed to already like months before we’ve even seen the film.

    This is the social reach Disney has. We rarely see it exercised to this extent, but the next time you see a new Pixar movie marketed to just your children’s demographic remember the reach Disney really has.

    Star Wars has become a vehicle for the messaging of the FI. I agree with Seraph here, it’s essentially a retelling of the original movie with genders swapped and feminine triumphalism baked in (even the Yoda fill in character was female), but the greater message to consider is that the FI has made it its purpose to appropriate the male space of science fiction and use it as a contrivance to resell its message.

    TFA was contrived to such a degree that it’s essentially the same story as New Hope, but it’s a contrivance because the gender swap agenda is so blatantly obvious. The purpose of the movie (beyond the gross commercial interest) wasn’t to tell a great story for the sake of it, but rather to force fit the FI’s message into a preexisting story. And as I stated in the article, all because the FI is utterly incapable of selling it’s message in a truly creative, original work.

    Now consider that Disney barraged the media, merchandising and cobranding to such an extent that we were supposed to already love it before we’d ever seen it and you can begin to understand the efforts the FI will make in order to have that contrivance seem like it’s inspired originality.

    You don’t dare criticize the movie everyone loves, but no one has seen until last thursday for fear of being called racist, sexist, homophobic, misogynist or guilty of any ready-made “ism” SJWs have to choose from. Everyone loves Star Wars, it’s a part of Americana right? And as such it represents the perfect vehicle for the FI’s messaging.

  54. I imagine that were I to post these observations on popular Fan/Geek sites that I’d be met with the same fervor and resistance I encounter when I post on Christian or Christo-Red Pill sites and reveal the FI’s ensaturation into their religion.

  55. @Rollo,

    I guess what I’m really asking is, will you ever expound on the questions you ask at the end of “Our Sisters Keeper”? I for one, do not think it wise to assume responsibility for the bad actions of women. It’s just all eroded over the past 70 years where MGTOW seems to be the only solution for a large portion of men out there.

    My personal view is that masculinity will be so weakened over time that society will either collapse or be taken over by another. I don’t think a civilization that has lost its male vitality can survive. It will end up being like those reality TV shows with all the women on one Island. It’s simply unworkable and I don’t see a way to turn it around.

    1. @ITTO, I don’t like to make prognostications too often (mainly because I’m proven right more than makes me comfortable), but I’m not all doom and gloom.

      I don’t necessarily subscribe to the “enjoy the decline” way of thinking. If I didn’t care about the lives of men and making them ‘aware’, I’d just shutter this blog and snowmobile all day on the weekends.

      I do see your perspective, and I think what you propose is one possible outcome, but don’t underestimate Red Pill aware men. It’s easy to see what you’re on about from a top down perspective (one reason the MRM will ultimately fail, again) but from an individual level a little bit of information can lead to a lot of power.

      Imagine some innovation is developed that puts the control of Hypergamy ubiquitously and decisively into the hands of men. What will those men do with it? Imagine it’s a new sexual revolution where men control the sexual strategy of women to the degree women control men now. Maybe that’s male hormonal birth control or something else, but what happens when men have the power to decide which woman’s sexual and life’s imperative gets fulfilled and which does not.

      The onus of responsibility would be on men, and likely for a time the largely Beta conditioned men would still play by the equalist second set of rules because they were trained to believe it was their duty to do so.

      But after a while, maybe a generation, that social order would change. Women would again be necessitous of men and the pendulum would sway towards the Masculine Imperative. Red Pill aware men would already be prepared to capitalize on that, but moreover they would better understand the dynamics in play.

  56. @ITTO: ” I for one, do not think it wise to assume responsibility for the bad actions of women.”

    Gravity may not be a good idea and if not handled with care can prove fatal, nonetheless it’s the law and nothing works right without it.

    I can pick a flaw in your statement though. Don’t assume responsibility for their actions, assume responsibility for correcting their actions. That’s different.

  57. Once you realize that art is a reflection of values, everything changed in the movie makes sense.

    I’ve been writing fiction since college; even when I was Blue Pill, my stories focused on men and had little to no romance. About six years ago I went to some sort of author/publisher conference to pitch one of my novels to a publisher. I got about ten seconds into explaining the plot when the man stopped me and said the following words I won’t forget.

    “It’s sounds like a great story, but you’ve got two problems; you’re a man, and you’re writing about men.”

    I didn’t get it at the time, but after swallowing the Red Pill, I finally understood what he meant. Thankfully, I’ve been able to get a book deal since then without having to change what I write about or resort to self-publishing.

  58. @The Question – do you have something already published (or is it still in the pipeline)?

    “a man writing for men” – I take it that is still your target demographic. What themes do you explore? Men challenged in what way – with what quality of challenge resolution?


    Rollo, I agree with your take on TFA.

    The thing about Rey’s character is that she is a combination of fan service (tossing a bone to the nerdlords, who tend to love grrl power femdom type of heroines), outright pandering to feminists (the over the top bitchiness and snottiness in the scene that was clearly intended to pander to the “I’m a SIW, I don’t need no man!” crowd), and gender flip, as you describe. Rey perhaps distills this moment in the culture more effectively than any other recent film character, precisely due to the cultural prominence of the film. She is the current embodiment of the FI, in cultural terms, and in a way that will have a much broader impact than, say, Hunger Games did because of the nature and reach of the SW franchise, and the fact that SW already has a built in “then and now” dynamic which plays right into the contemporary feminist historiography.

    What we see in TFA is a very explicit “passing of the baton”. The “old heroes” (aka, “old white guys”) are dying off (Han) or running away (Luke). In the new era, we need strong women (Rey, Maz, even the First Order has Commander Phasma), because often the men of this era, like Finn, don’t cut it or, in the case of Ren and the First Order guys, are evil reactionaries. The baton is being passed from old, increasingly irrelevant white guys to pushy, bitchy, snotty white girls, and these white girls are gonna kick your ass, boy!

    This is the cultural moment that Abrams was describing and pandering to in the film. Rey is a ridiculous character in many ways. Her speed at learning the Force is completely at odds with the entire series, in film or in print. Her ability to jump around and kickbox with her staff is cartoonish and reminiscent of other grrl power scenes in recent films (like the Scarlett Johansson scenes in some of the Iron Man films), but, again, inconsistent with SW, which has never been about people with superhuman reflexes, but people who, you know, have to learn how to use their supernatural skills in the Force. This is all bypassed and shoved under a rug in the service of grrl power and pandering to the Feminine Imperative. If you look around the message boards of the internet, you will see that a lot of SW fans are pissed off about how unrealistic her force powers are (and I am sure Abrams will come up with some semi-plausible throwaway explanation for this in the next film), but they don’t understand the real reason he mangled SW lore: it was to pander. Rey must be better at the force than Luke and Anakin were without training – she’s a grrl, she represents grrl power, she must be stronger than the “old white guys” were when they were young, because we know in our deepest convictions that everything in this age is better, and the empowered, strong, independent women of today’s West are just the strongest, most competent and capable and impressive human beings who have ever walked the face of the earth.

    I will say this about Abrams. Although we are also going to be getting the now ubiquitous BM/WW romance as well in the next 2 films, at least he strayed somewhat away from the common meme of black-guy-being-the-only-competent-and-masculine-guy-in-a-sea-of-white-guys-who-are-evil-or-nincompoops-or-both. By making Finn an incompetent boob, he transgresses one cardinal rule of the portrayal of black male main characters with whom we are expected to have sympathy, and instead makes him the incompetent boob. I see this as reflecting the current “hierarchy of grievance/importance” in the culture. We all know that the concerns of white women in particular, which stand at the core of the Feminine Imperative, override or “trump” concerns relating to racial minorities. Women are at the top of the pile (gays are there too, currently, for the time being at least, but they are a small group compared to women, and they will not stay at the top of the pile like women will), in terms of the prevailing victimology hierarchy. So in portraying Finn as an incompetent nincompoop, even though he’s a black guy and wouldn’t normally be portrayed that way, Abrams can serve the broader, and extremely popular and culturally resnonant, FI-centric, meme of “incompetent-guy-who-needs-superior-woman-to-rescue-him” in a way that also permits an interracial romance to be presented, which serves up yet another meme of “multiculturalism” and “anti-racism”.

    You have to hand it to Abrams – he did manage to squeeze in a huge number of FI/PC memes, covering a wide variety of areas in the cultural conflict, while firmly placing the film squarely in the heart of the Feminine Imperative and its prerogatives. Of course, in order to do so he tortured the backstory somewhat, copy-pasta’d the plot from the one about the “old white guys” and generally used such a frenetic pacing so that the impact of the memes is more akin to an act of hypnotism than anything more considered. In fact, I’d say that TFA is probably one of the most feminist/FI/PC films ever created – and likely will be one of the most memetically influential simply due to its truly global audience reach. Seen in a global sense, this is likely intended to be a kind of cultural Trojan horse, and doubtless it will be, in part, as well.

  60. For those who download Sam’s podcast as a zip file, copy/email it to a PC or laptop where you can “unzip” the file(s) into a playable format like mp3 or .wav or however it comes. Then you should be good to go and store the un-zipped files wherever you want to access it. Smartphones don’t come with the “unzip” utility unless you install one.

    1. @Fred, thanks. I should also mention that the full download is a 214MB MP3 uncompressed. Probably not something you want to download directly to a mobile or tablet unless you have stable fast Wi-Fi.

  61. Pretty much had to check out TFA.

    I liked Rey but she had a lot of grrl power as expected. All the same, I didn’t really mind.

    Rey’s best scenes were with Finn. You can’t hide chemistry between two people. They had a lot of it.

    The best meta humor was that despite all of Rey’s ‘I don’t need no man’ and Finn’s ‘bumbling’ persona….Finn saves her ass several times. It’s him grabbing her hand and running out of the hut (after hearing the TIE fighters) that keeps her from being blown up. Finn is the one operating the gun on the Falcon. Finn is the one who prevents Ren from slaughtering her after knocking her out. Finn is the one who is responsible for the successful attack on StarKiller base. Oh yeah…and he gave her his jacket to keep her warm.

    Going from Luke to Rey isn’t that big of a step. Did anyone watch the OT? Luke never came off like an alpha or particularly masculine anyway. No big loss lol.

  62. Her ability to jump around and kickbox with her staff is cartoonish and reminiscent of other grrl power scenes in recent films (like the Scarlett Johansson scenes in some of the Iron Man films), but, again, inconsistent with SW, which has never been about people with superhuman reflexes, but people who, you know, have to learn how to use their supernatural skills in the Force. This is all bypassed and shoved under a rug in the service of grrl power and pandering to the Feminine Imperative.

    This natural ability “no need to learn it” dynamic for female protagonists is very common in fempowerment characters. It’s actually very telling of the nature of intersexual dynamics when you understand that a male character must learn, improve, refine and make himself an expert of an elite level through character development, while a woman is simply imbued with innate ability.

    I have no doubt that Finn will eventually become an expert in future sequels, but the comparison between his need for instruction and Rey’s ready-made out-of-the-box expertise (not just in Force using, but fixing things, combat, intuition, pre-resistance lore, etc.) is almost unavoidable for Abrams. It’s really so stark that even fan boys have to suspend their disbelief.

    It’s likely Abrams was oblivious to this God-woman narrative he created. Women are entitled to be perfect and all their merit is simply evident without having to earn it. Men must perform, men must struggle and earn anything approaching the ready perfection of woman and still they lack.

  63. It’s likely Abrams was oblivious to this God-woman narrative he created. Women are entitled to be perfect and all their merit is simply evident without having to earn it. Men must perform, men must struggle and earn anything approaching the ready perfection of woman and still they lack.

    Superman is the most boring character in all of comics and sci-fi. He’s an example of a man that didn’t struggle at all to become what he is, and that lack of struggle and danger makes him utterly uninteresting.

    Part of the reason the majority of female characters done in a similar fashion just fall flat is that people are (at least partially) recreating Superman without realizing it. A character that struggles to achieve success is always more interesting than one that is gifted it, but this very possibly comes down to women realizing what we’ve discussed here before: men have to work to become attractive men, women are for the most part just handed the status of attractive woman by genetics.

    This archetype for the instantly competent SIW heroine seems to just be wish-fulfillment for women being handed everything masculine just as they’re handed everything necessary to be feminine by virtue of existing.

  64. It’s likely Abrams was oblivious to this God-woman narrative he created. Women are entitled to be perfect and all their merit is simply evident without having to earn it. Men must perform, men must struggle and earn anything approaching the ready perfection of woman and still they lack.
    Concisely precise. The deification of the female continues apace as does the demonization of the male.

  65. “It’s sounds like a great story, but you’ve got two problems; you’re a man, and you’re writing about men.”

    There is a special place in the memory hole reserved for Kipling, Conrad and London. Start backing up your backups now boys.

  66. “It’s likely Abrams was oblivious to this God-woman narrative he created.”

    Surely he cannot be THAT oblivious. If he was then pointing out how Miss Jedi’s behavior is completely at odds with both history and biology would convince him to stop using female protagonists. It’s very bad storytelling to have a female character that consistently acts masculine; incongruous as a barking cat.

    I find it easier to believe in brain-eating space aliens than warrior princesses because space aliens might possibly exist.

  67. @Wild Man

    “Do you have something already published (or is it still in the pipeline)?”

    It’s coming out next month.

    “a man writing for men” – I take it that is still your target demographic. What themes do you explore? Men challenged in what way – with what quality of challenge resolution?”

    Yes, my hope is that this is a book for young men, or men who just want to read a book that focuses on men and masculinity independent of the feminine. One of the themes is the relationships between fathers and sons and how their absence or presence affect how they perceive life. Also, one of the challenges for the main character is maintaining his moral compass once he realizes how morally ambiguous life really is. I also didn’t realize it when I first wrote it, but it is very much about the journey of a Beta becoming an Alpha.

  68. “while a woman is simply imbued with innate ability.”

    I find it much more believable that a woman would be magically imbued with the innate ability…as opposed to her actually working for it.

  69. But of course women believe Rey doesn’t need no training to become a Jedi master. Women don’t need to do anything in life to reach the pinnacle of their value, they only need to live until the age of 23. And it is this phenomenon, their reaching their maximum value without any effort other than keep on breathing, that makes it impossible for them to understand the male burden if performance. Their main psychological trait is projection. And since they have always reached maximum sexual market value automatically, why wouldn’t they reach maximum value in any other area automatically as well?

  70. @gunnerg

    Is it really that hard to believe? Women have been trying to revise history for decades. JJ is a “success”. But what does “success” mean in a world saturated with the feminine imperative? If HE’S red pill then he has EVERYONE fooled.

    But oblivious? It’s easy to see. Almost all men alive today use female approval as a rubric for their own masculine worth.

    “Good boy”.

  71. @Rollo Tomasi

    “I have on 3 separate occasions at 3 separate evangelical churches seen the ‘going off to war’ scene from 300 used as a ridiculous marketing tool to inspire ‘christian’ men to go to a Christian Men’s weekend retreat.”

    Not to derail the OP topic, but I’m curious what motivates a man like you to go to church. The only reason I could think of is the socializing aspect of it, because that’s pretty much the only reason I show up just as everyone is heading out of the worship area.

    It brings to mind the old saying “I’d rather be thinking about God while fishing than sitting in church thinking about fishing,” except for me it’s sitting at the summit of a lonely mountain with a pipe and a flask.

  72. Back in the 70’s I would sit for hours crafting the Starwars ships from cardboard cereal boxes and sticky tape. I’m a bit more grown – up now and sometimes build props and film sets.
    I told my two boys 8 &10 about my childhood hobby and they had a shot at a tie fighter and an X wing in the excited week before the opening.
    A couple of days after the movie I had an box in my hand perfect for a falcon. When I asked both the boys were ‘nah’.
    It used to be cool. Han space cowboy and a big hairy wild creature, but now it’s a clever girl.
    Kilo Ren seems to be the only Male role model.

  73. @Rollo

    It’s actually very telling of the nature of intersexual dynamics when you understand that a male character must learn, improve, refine and make himself an expert of an elite level through character development, while a woman is simply imbued with innate ability.

    I have no doubt that Finn will eventually become an expert in future sequels, but the comparison between his need for instruction and Rey’s ready-made out-of-the-box expertise (not just in Force using, but fixing things, combat, intuition, pre-resistance lore, etc.)

    The problem that women have with taking on male ventures, is that they are used to put little effort in anything they do since the day they are born, due to their inherent biological value. A woman wants a free dinner, sure just call someone, a free ride, free vacations, free everything…
    That is seen with Rey as well. The amount of effort that takes to get something for free in day to day life is equal to the effort that it took Rey to master the Force.

    Another thing to point out is her solipsism from the first moment she meets Finn. Unlike Finn who rushes to protect her, she is self-absorbed the whole time.
    Only when she’s involved emotionally she starts caring for someone other than herself.

    This is the difference between men and women. Even when they are “strong and independent” they can’t see beyond their own existence.

  74. Always amazes and amuses me to observe the extent to which Americans take Movies seriously. Now, Kenneth Branagh is playing Leontes at the Garrick with Judi Dench as a doubtless very bad tempered Paulina. That is what people round here will discuss. Even so, yesterday I went to the cinema for the first time in a decade: there is a new film, about a very large whale. Not a woman in sight so far I could see from the Trailer (I was watching It’s a Wonderful Life from 1946 and in its original Monochrome) Well made of course but what sentimental dross. Never seen any of these Star Wars efforts.

  75. Kilo Ren seems to be the only Male role model.

    Unfortunately, he’s not much of one. Very emo, comes across as weak, lacking discipline. Not a great villain, either.

  76. Well I’m frustrated at myself atm.

    Kinda a FR: in a vacation spot currently w parents and siblings, we were eating at a casual joint just now. Cute server and I take a shine to each other but it’s reserved to (very unambiguous ) eye contact shit since I’m with like eight people. At one point she gives me a look and then retreats into the stairwell. I find an excuse to go downstairs, pass her, but she pulls away reflexively as I pass and I can’t figure out how to open.

    As we’re wrapping up its the end of her shift and she dawdles, tallying receipts and texting and shit at a nearby table. When I stand up to go she gets up and starts cleaning a table next to me, so I open her. Ask her if she gets to go home, she tells me she’s celebrating Christmas w the family, I ask a few questions about that. She’s making this very easy for me. But I lose ideas for what to say and just wish her a good night and leave.

    Fuck, I was pissed at myself. So easy! Could use a make out or lay right now, I’m feeling a bit neglected lol.

    But a) I’m very glad I at least talked to her, even if I sucked cause I wasn’t in a social mood at least I didn’t do nothing, and b) I think my subcomms are still improving, this was pretty hardcore attraction for just being out of the blue.

    So I’m feeling the pinch of the dry spell here but all is not lost ha.

  77. Think I’m finally sold on memorizing material. I’ve known it’s a good idea but was ego invested in not using them like it was beneath me or some shit but really. She just missed the chance to get to know me better, that’s only possible if I can keep talking until shit starts to flow better.

  78. “Unfortunately, he’s not much of one. Very emo, comes across as weak, lacking discipline. Not a great villain, either.”

    At least the part where he force catches the particle blast and holds it, then walks away and lets it go like it was nothing was pretty bad ass. But yeah, he was weak do nothing bitch for the rest of the film.

  79. @Liz – you said:

    >Spoiler alerts are a courtesy.

    Ordinarily I don’t spend any time trying to educate the people who don’t “get” these matters, but you’ve unconsciously raised a very interesting subject.

    To wit: social control by framing effete, time wasting behavior as “courtesy”

    With the implied insult that anyone who doesn’t conform to what you deem to be proper behavious is “rude.”

    And of course, the prigs who assume they have a right to shame and make the nonconformist conform, can’t even imagine there’s any other possibility than the one they were acculturated with from birth (much like a fish who can’t even think about water, because it’s the matrix within which it was born and grew up- and it’s never known anything else)

    Anyways- I *utterly reject* your mental framing of a supposed need for “spoiler alerts” (and feel free to label me a jerk … you know … the kind women love … )

    >Most people don’t want to know the ending before they watch the show.

    Have you actually checked this idea out with real, live, movie watching people? As opposed to just reading the opinions of obsequious writers?

    I’ve done some informal, poorly analyzed surveying of movie goers in my social circle, and I would put the proportion of people who don’t wnat to know plot details before seeing a film at approximately (*very* approximately) 30%, those who don’t care either way at about 50%, with the rest actually liking knowing plot points in advance.

    But this is guy-think. Way too analytical when compared to girl-feeling.


    And BTW- Totally Off Topic-

    that hat the kitty is wearing in your icon is *adorable* just love it.

  80. Tom, the word “spoiler” itself implies a breech in etiquette.
    Otherwise it would be called something more along the lines of sweetness or little puddin’ or somesuch.

    “that hat the kitty is wearing in your icon is *adorable* just love it.”

    Thank you!

  81. Ah, Liz,

    The Matrix has you …

    The fact that one group of people apply a certain negative-sounding word to a concept does not mean that it is truly so.

    And the fact that some concept might be positive, or at least trivial and be easily avoided, does not mean that some nice-sounding word will be applied to it.

    Bottom line: I reject the word “spoiler”

  82. I have on 3 separate occasions at 3 separate evangelical churches seen the ‘going off to war’ scene from 300 used

    Open question: when was the last time anyone was in a Protestant church where Onward, Christian Soldiers was sung at all?

    I’m betting very few. Maybe none. Spot the irony..

  83. Earlier this year a few friends reco’d the John Wayne movie The Cowboys from 1972. I’ve watched it, and plan to show it to some teenagers. There’s no way that movie could be made today, it’s an all male cast except for some women in very first and very end of the movie. It’s very much a coming-of-age movie, and there’s a bit of truth about women in it too.

    But mainly it’s about men, and boys trying to do the work of men in the 19th century. Try to imagine this scene on a modern movie screen, it would be camped or hyped or otherwise made ridiculous:

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