Transactional vs. Validational Sex

You cannot negotiate genuine desire.

This is one of my best known quotes because it resonates with so many men. There was a time in the early 2000s when I was doing peer counseling for men – most of whom were at least a decade my senior – as part of my undergraduate study and one consistent theme I got from almost all of them was how their marriages (or LTRs) had been so much more sexually satisfying when they were dating their wives or before they’d committed to some kind of exclusivity. That’s always the crux of it for guys. They mistakenly believed that the hot monkey sex they were having with their women prior to “doing the right thing” and getting married or committed was something that would be characteristic of their quality woman into a long term relationship with them.

Why was this the case for guys? I can remember coming up with this quote as part of the advice I was giving while working for one of these men. He, like many of the other guys, had gotten to the point that he would do almost anything to get back to that real desire that convinced him to commit to his wife in the first place. And, like many of these guys, he’d convinced his wife to go to marriage counseling in order to find out what exactly it was that he needed to do to “get her to come around” to wanting to bang him. Nothing was working for him. Even after his sessions he was still either sexless or his wife only begrudgingly would have lackluster ‘starfish’ sex with him. We called that a ‘grudge fuck’ back then.

As a student of behavioral psychology my interest was (still is) in what motivates or incentivizes behavior in people (sometimes animals). What was it that inspires genuine desire as opposed to behavior that still has a purpose, but was more motivated by future outcome. You can make a case that genuine desire is also motivated by a perceived outcome, but in this instance I’m making a distinction between a natural, unsolicited desire as opposed to an incentive based on a preconceived outcome – if all goes according to plan.

This guy broke down in tears with me on at least two occasions. He just couldn’t understand why what was supposed to work (open communication, rational discourse and honest negotiation) wasn’t getting her to “come around” to having sex with him. It was then I thought, you cannot negotiate genuine desire. Either a woman wants  to fuck you or she doesn’t. There are definitely ways to prompt that genuine desire – most of which are behavioral and conditional – but as has been stated many times in the ‘sphere, attraction is not a choice. The key word there is choice. Few men would ‘choose’ to be attracted by an obese woman and in many ways this choice dynamic is why women promoting the ‘body acceptance’ narrative have a tough time of it. For all the nonsense about beauty being a social construct, arousal for men is very much rooted in evolved biology. Men can’t choose to get an erection for a woman they’re simply not aroused by.

The same holds true for women, but the conditions are different. Women can and do have sex for reasons other than genuine desire. Negotiated desire really isn’t desire at all, but women have readily used sexual access to achieve those perceived outcomes I mentioned above here. Negotiated desire only ever leads to obligated compliance. A talented hooker or stripper may be very convincing in her act that she’s really into having sex with a man, but the negotiation that takes place before the act can never make a woman want to have sex with her client. Attraction is not a choice, but really, arousal is not a choice either.


I am presently about half way through my read of Dr. Martie Haselton’s new book Hormonal. I was really anticipating this book’s release, and I had intended to do my first-ever book review of it here, but as I read through I’ve decided not to. I still highly recommend reading it. As you might guess it’s chock full of stats and research confirmation of so much of what I write here that I want to put it at the top of the required Rational Male reading list. I’ve been referencing Dr. Haselton’s (and her colleagues) work since I began this blog, but the delivery of the information was disappointing, and in a lot of instances, very immature and sophomoric. It’s written almost as an apologetic to feminists for having to kill a lot of sacred feminist social convention cows. I feel as if she’s writing ‘down’ to the women who she’ll inevitably market this book to, but, if you can get past her constant attempts to legitimize her feminist credentials, the information is absolute gold.

One aspect of female sexual dynamics that Haselton and her team detail quite a bit is the idea of an Estrus state in human females. I’m not sure how well appreciated this research is in the manosphere, which is one reason I included it in Positive Masculinity, but this concept is really integral to how we define Hypergamy. As most of my readers know, Hypergamy – women’s dualistic sexual strategy (and really life strategy) – is much more than a tendency of a woman to ‘marry up’. In Hormonal the ideas of Alpha Fucks and Beta Bucks really solidify with the research.

However, as useful as it is as a catchy euphemism Alpha Fucks and Beta Bucks could better be described as Alpha Seed and Beta Need. In a woman’s peak ovulatory phase of her menstrual cycle she enters an estrus state and becomes subject to behaviors that can only be defined as a pretext of seeking Alpha seed. In other words, nature and Hypergamy are very practical in maximizing the chances that a woman may get pregnant with the best available genetic specimen. Granted, the true outcome of all of that is subject to environment and a woman’s personal conditions, but the practicality of it remains the same as it has for 100,000 years. It’s also important to keep in mind that a woman’s behaviors, strategies, rationales and her own interpretation of all of them in those various times and conditions are also a part of the overall latent purpose of a woman consolidating on the best Alpha Seed and Beta to supply her needs.

While women are subject to an estrus state they still require the second half of Hypergamy – the Beta need for security, provisioning, protection, comfort and at least the sharing of parental investment responsibilities for any offspring. Estrus in women is concealed, meaning it is (or used to be) nearly, but not totally undetectable in women. There are in fact various ways men evolved to intuitively determine whether a woman is in an estrus state of fertility; most of these today are socially shamed in men so as to further confuse them and advantage women, but that’s a topic for another essay. A concealed estrus aids women in optimizing both Alpha Seed and Beta Need and it’s likely that much of what accounts for women’s sexual strategy is the result of this concealment.

Now, a lot has been written by myself and others about the impact of meeting a woman’s Beta Need aspect of Hypergamy being served by the state and/or direct or indirect transfers of resources from men to women. Most of my readers are well aware of how this side of Hypergamy has been progressively accommodated for over the past fifty years. In spite of this it’s important to remember that this accommodation of provisioning needs doesn’t eliminate the deeper needs that this side of Hypergamy engenders in women. It may be true that women have never been better provided for in history as far as money and opportunities go, but women still look for emotional security, protection, dominance and comfort in men as part of their innate mental firmware.

As a result of Hypergamy and this concealed estrus state women have been put into a condition of evaluating sex in different aspects today.

Validational Sex

When women look for that Alpha Seed in their peak ovulatory (proliferative) phase, the sex they seek is a desired sex with a man who meets evolutionary criteria. He’s the ‘hawt’ guy, or the man who leaves a woman with an perception of danger or excitement. A lot of men who don’t meet this criteria have a tendency to over-exaggerate this type of man as the ‘Alpha Chad’ and make a ridiculous parody of him as an ego protection mechanism for themselves. Let me state for the record here that every aspect and adjective that this type of guy embodies is mitigated by conditions and contexts. It is just as likely that this conventionally masculine dominant guy is only so according to his most immediate social situation. So spare me the “Chad Thundercock” anxieties.

The sex that women give “enthusiastic consent” for is validational for them. The easy assessment here is that women have a genuine desire to mate with conventionally masculine men who look and act the part – yes, behavioral congruency is vital. If you follow the research women consciously and unconsciously will actively put themselves into environments where the likelihood of their meeting a dominant masculine man who most closely matched that masculine ideal when they are in estrus. They openly and discreetly look of arousal cue from men who best embody what can only be described as Alpha Seed.

I should also add that women in “satisfying relationships” (meaning LTRs where a woman is still very hot for her husband/boyfriend) report an increase in sexual desire (proceptivity) for that guy during this phase. A lot of guys mistakenly think ANY woman will want to seek out extra-pair mating (cheating) opportunities when they’re in estrus. This is only true if a woman isn’t into her current man.

I don’t want to get too lost in the descriptions here. Rather, I want to focus on the associative feelings women get in and after having sex with that Alpha man during estrus. I would argue that Alpha Widows are made in the estrus phase. This is the sex women want to have and are enthusiastic in both the hunt and the act itself. This is largely (presumedly) the sex that men have with their wives-to-be before they marry. It’s this validational sex, the sex that women fantasize about, that men and women want to get back to once they are committed to each other monogamously but now have a dead bedroom. This sex validates a woman’s ego in that it proves to herself that a man of this SMV caliber would want to pin her to the bed and have marathon sex with her. Remember, the latent purpose of this sex, on this side of Hypergamy, is to access the sperm from men with high reproductive value as defined by what our evolved nature predisposes women to be aroused by. Validational sex is sex by choice and genuine desire, and is satisfying on both a psychological level and an evolutionary level.

Transactional Sex

One of the benefits of a concealed estrus is that it allows women a few luxuries. One of these was the ability to confuse men of their paternity. Today this confusion is little more difficult because we’ve got DNA figured out well enough to make accurate assessments, but in our evolutionary past it was important to trick cuckolded fathers into second guessing whether a child was his or not before he killed it and impregnated a woman on his own (this is also why men evolved mate guarding behaviors).

The other advantage of concealed estrus was essentially prostitution. Now, to pretty this up a bit, lets say that women who were sexual with men outside of their fertility window found that sex could be leveraged with non-Alpha men (men they didn’t want to have children with) to encourage them to help with a lot of the chores more Alpha men were less willing (but not entirely unwilling) to do. Enter transactional sex.

As mentioned, the most overt form of transactional sex is prostitution, but it’s impolite to call every woman a whore. In fact it’s impolite to even imply a woman may be having sex for other reasons than validational sex. Today women are contemplating whether or not transactional sex is itself rape since it technically meets the definition of rape (sex women don’t want to have). I discussed this “grey area sex” recently in another essay, but it’s interesting to see women wrestle with transactional sex in an era where the Future is Female and women ought to only have the (validational) sex they want to enthusiastically have.

For most men (i.e the 80% Beta men) transactional sex is where the rubber meets the road. In fact, I’d argue that for most Beta men transactional sex is the only definition of sex they ever really know. That’s kind of sad to think about, but most men never really experience the unfettered feral lust of a woman they’ve chosen to spend the rest of their lives with. I got into this in Saving the Best and Hats Off to the Bull, but I think it’s important for the average man today to acknowledge that it’s highly likely that their wives have shared parts of themselves with, and have lost all inhibitions with, men in their sexual pasts they may never know anything about. That’s a cold bucket of reality a lot of men who unplug from all this have to confront.

Marriage today is almost entirely predicated on on the transactional sex side of Hypergamy. I’m not saying it has to be, nor am I saying it always is, but I’m fairly comfortable in speculating that for most married women sex is reward she uses in the operant conditioning of her husband. And the very fact that this is effective with most husbands throws the power dynamic and Frame of the relationship firmly over to the wife. This has the effect of disqualifying that man from ever (or very rarely) being a candidate for validational sex within that marriage. And this too is another aspect of the transactional sex dynamic that modern feminists are contemplating today – if a woman doesn’t want to have sex with her husband, but does anyway, is it rape? But again, NAMALT, not all marriages are like this or have to be like this. I would also argue that a confident man whom a woman admires, who she recognizes as being above her SMV even if slightly and who has internalized Red Pill awareness within that marriage needn’t be doomed to transactional “duty” sex in his marriage.

Unnegotiated Desire

And so now we come full circle to the men I was counseling back in the day. Because all they’d ever known was transactional sex their deductive male brains attempted to solve their “sex problem” in the most logistical and pragmatic way – negotiate with her. If all sex ever is for a guy is a transaction – a quid pro quo – then it follows he’ll try to find the best way to ‘pay’ for his wife’s sexual access. Hunter Drew and I were recently discussing a man who Dean Abbot has been counseling and one thing we’ve all seen a lot of from young and old Blue Pill Beta men is this logical tendency for them to want to ‘sacrifice their way to happiness with their wives’. It’s as if the more they sacrifice the more they pay for that intimacy they seek, but what they never get is that this only buries their sex lives that much more.

One amazing turn around a lot of married and single Red Pill guys experience when they unplug is the attention they receive from women when they switch from a transactional disposition to a validational disposition with regard to sex. When a man unplugs and cuts himself away from his Blue Pill conditioning one change he makes is a shift from viewing sex as transactional to validational. In the beginning, when men are first learning Game and becoming more Red Pill aware about the nature of women they really don’t recognize this shift in attitude towards sex. When I say men need to make themselves the “prize” with regards to sex and their attention what happens is they go from the “how can I pay for sex to qualify for it with a woman” to “women will recognize that I represent and opportunity for validational sex”.

The Blue Pill conditions men to base their understanding of sex on a transactional paradigm. It’s all scarcity, and luck or providence that a woman might want to fuck them. This is why women get aggravated by the presumption that men might feel they are ‘owed sex‘ in exchange for what they do for them. And why wouldn’t men feel that way? They’ve been conditioned for half a life to believe that they should follow the old social contract and become a man with a lot to offer a woman, a wife. This is the transactional paradigm; I build my life to better accommodate a woman and she reciprocates with sex. Women know this too, so all pretenses of indignation about are complete bullshit. What upsets women is that a Beta man would feel entitled to her sexuality for having accommodated her. Alpha men are entitled to it, accommodations be damned, because he’s the man they want to have sex with.

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  1. Guess I will follow up since my comments were taken out of context and they were meant for Rollo anyway. The basic question was intended to be post-menopausal … how does that affect the basic theory … how are men supposed to act with respect to women, post … “the change”.

    The other question was related to how humans related to other animals … especially primates. For example with Apes where the Alpha male takes over and gets to fuck ALL the females and all other males leave, get run off, or go MGTOW. Its called being an animal. And humans are different from animals … right ? We are different … so how ? What I postulated was that we are different in that men actually stick around as a parent … UNLIKE OTHER ANIMALS.

    Ever see a male horse fuck another horse ? Ever see the male stick around when he’s done ? After the gestation period … ever see the pics of the just born baby horse walk minutes after being born ? EVER SEE THE MALE HORSE STICK AROUND TO SEE THAT GO DOWN ? What’s the parental investment of a horse ? A Gorilla ? A HUMAN ?????????

    Here is my theory and I raise it for Rollo to consider. Not the other dumb fucks here who will mock me for comparing humans to horses.

    Theory: Humans have evolved for millions of years and especially over the last 1/2 million years or so. There are various traits that are being IN-BRED and various traits that are being OUT-BRED. Human culture and societies (of various forms) implement these actions. For example … being a faggot … a homosexual … a person who is sexually attracted to a person of the same sex … has been OUT-BRED for millions of years. Its an evolutionary dead end. If you’re a guy and you prefer fucking guys … you don’t reproduce. BUT: society already knows this … and they know that fagots are a bad influence on others and may influence others to do the same. So society is AGAINST homos … don’t want them, don’t like them, and sometimes even violence would erupt against them. As in … take them out.l I’m talking past history of course … not current times. Society guards the gene pool against homos.

    And their are other things that society tries to OUT-BREED. See because no matter how hard society tries to eliminate being a faggot from the gene pool … 1% of humans still show up being faggots. So its an endless job and society best always be aware … with shunning and shamming. But its worse … like pedophiles. Humankind has been trying to eliminate Pedophiles from the gene pool for millions of years … but given genetics … they still show up. So its up to society to SHUN THEM and DISCRIMINATE AGAINST THEM … to make sure they are not socially acceptable. So while society today pretty much tolerates Homos … Pedos are still not acceptable. For now, or course, because after the leftists make Trannies normal … pedos are next on the list.

    Ya’all follow that ? So how about Alpha’s … the fucked up psychopaths … who become tyrants and rule a normal tribe like a GORILLA rules his tribe. Fucks all the women. Makes sure other men get nothing and don’t get to fuck anything. Humans have been trying to exterminate that behavior for millions of years. But it continues to exist. And here is a huge point … women continue to be attracted to it … just like they did when they were female Gorillas. Just like a small percentage of humans are homos and some are pedos. Its baked in … some men act like Gorillas and some women respond to that.

    So … want some proof ? And this is intended for Rollo and others who can do some deep thinking. Ever wonder why women have a deep visceral HATRED FOR ALL MATTERS PUA ? Could it be cause Alpha behaviors are supposed to be exterminated from the gene pool just like hatred for Homos and Pedos ? Ever think what SoSauve would have been like had it been a Pedo site sharing tips on how to be a better Pedo ? Front line reports on how wow to trick and manipulate children so you could have sex with them. Think their reaction would have been any different from the visceral HATE that they had for PUAs ? Nope … no different at all.

    So here is the theory: Alpha … the GORILLA ALPHA MALE has been on the OUT-BRED for millions of years. It still continues to show up occasionally. Just like being a Homo or a Pedo does. The major difference of course is women don’t want to breed with a Homo or a Pedo but they do … like an animal does … with a Alpha Dominant Gorilla. Women react to that … so it continues to exist and no matter how much humans try to remove it from the gene pool … there is always some stupid cunt that falls for it and gets preggie and so it lives on. That Animal Gorilla Alpha has …. NO TRAITS THAT CONTRIBUTE TO HUMANITY AT ALL. Its a relic. An artifact that we’ve been trying to eliminate for millions of years. Wanna know who actually does contribute to society and keeps it running ??? Anyone got a guess who digs the ditches and does the dirty work to keep society functioning. Who marries women and is there to support and raise children. And keep society functioning. And yeah … IT AIN”T ALPHAS … don’t gotta say it, do I ? Betas have been IN-BRED for millions of years and Alphas have been OUT-BRED.

    So here is the theory: being an Alpha is just like being a Pedophile. … sick, fucked up, immoral behavior that humankind has been trying to eliminate for millions of years. Yet occasionally it still shows up. Especially the ALPHA ADDICTION because women … cannot control the primal behaviors towards it. Women continue to fuck bad boyz. Murderers. Rapists. Drug dealers.Tall, good looking assholes. They can’t help themselves. They continue to fuck the bad bozy no matter how hard society tries to eliminate them from the gene poo.

    BB ??? Women gotta choose that. AF … pussies gonna get wet for the Drug Dealer, Criminal, Rapist … so long as he’s TALL and and a complete fucking asshole. Gorilla gonna take over and fuck every female in sight ??? Well your pussy might as well get wet because that is all the dick you are ever gonna see.

    So give it some thought. Lots of thought. Calling me a bed wetting dweeb doesn’t count. Rollo hope you give this some thought … lots of food for thought. Thinking outside the box and all.


  2. Mega
    “1. Denial – Still Plugged -In: “These game guys are a bunch of clowns, there’s no way this works on women. Women aren’t stupid. What a bunch of misogynists.”

    2. Anger – Post-Red Pill: “This is ridiculous! Why should I have to jump through all these hoops for women? I just want to be myself. Why couldn’t I have been a Natural Alpha®? I blame my parents/siblings/teachers/God/liberals/feminists/media/society, maybe George Sodini, Andres Breivik, James Holmes wasn’t so crazy after all.”

    3. Bargaining – Unplugged: “Well maybe it does have some good points…but, forget the hot girls, they’re way outta my league. I’ll give it a try if it can help me get around the bases with a plain Jane. Do I have to wear the fuzzy hat and black nail polish?”

    4. Depression – Bitter Taste of the Red Pill: “Wow, women really respond to this puffed-up act? And guys spend big bucks on it and wind up with more ass than a toilet seat? And I just joined up for this? The world is sad and so am I…”

    5. Acceptance – Game Awareness: “Maybe this IS the way things really work. I guess I should give up the gender relations mythology I’ve been holding onto…hey, what do you think of these negs I came up with?”

    6. Jaded* – MGTOW Permutations: “Fuck learning all these rules. Sex isn’t worth it and women aren’t that fun anyway. The last thing I want to do is learn routines or the 5 stages of pickup. There’s too many websites, too much to read, I can’t remember it all much less sort it all out. Who has all that time to go out and chat up women anyway? It’s not like I see any women under 40 at work at my engineering job to practice on. Video games and porn are more fun and more available. I just haffta look good and let the women come to me”

    * This is a late addition to the list, hardly original and arguably relevant, but I added it for precautionary measures.

    Before I get the predictable howls of “someone did this before you” (h/t Badger) allow me to put my spin on it. I get a ton of PMs from forum members, and read threads about guys with friends or relatives in, or just getting over, horrible relationships and how they’ve tried to unplug them only to run into stiff resistance. Looking at this process to acceptance it’s no wonder why.

    So my discussion question for today is this; how did you unplug? Was there some moment of clarity that opened your eyes? Did you go through a process like the one described here? Are you maybe still struggling with a certain phase?”

  3. rugby11
    March 11, 2018 at 11:02 pm

    how did you unplug? Was there some moment of clarity that opened your eyes?

    My first GF (1962) told me to never apologize. it makes you look weak. That was the start.

  4. Click on the link to the latest post on the sidebar (if it is a Field Reports post – I just posted one).

    That will sometimes work, and sometimes it will take you to the last-but-one page because of a WordPress bug. Then you just have to enter the page number manually in the address bar – it should end with “comment-page-[XX]” where [XX] is the latest page – currently 74.

  5. @Rollo:

    Brother, I think in the near future it would be good to have JBP live with you on YouTube, on the Panel with the rest.

    I think without even saying it, the magistrate is waiting for that ignited spark.

    I say this because I came across this talk by JBP & Bettina Arndt and here @ around 23:28 the bring up “Desire”, vis-a-vies the whole ‘lean in’ nonsense and men trying to logically negotiate desire from their wives/women:

    Also, been hearing some rumblings in the west and now here about “unpaid work” of house wives, not sure if you’ll touch on that specifically some time or as part of a topic. Just thought I’d mention it.

  6. Mega

    So give it some thought. Lots of thought.

    Did you give it any thought? I mean your argument fails simply using your own words… If Alpha is to be Out Bred, why do all women select for it? Including your mom.

  7. Mega

    The idea that alpha always denotes bad boy criminal types is incorrect, as is the notion that society has been trying to get rid of alphas.

    Alpha is a mindset. A way of thinking and acting. Women find alpha traits attractive, and that attraction is not a choice – simple.

    Currently some elements of society are desperately trying to ” shame ” alpha masculine behaviors, but masculine will always be the inherent default program running just below the surface for men.

    The tendency to constantly equate alpha with asshole criminal bad boys is incorrect. This is why alpha is very hard to fake when the mindset is unnatural and not internalized. It’s not congruent. I’m not a big fan of the usage of the animal kingdom to try and explain the behavior of human beings in eveey instance. Human male alphas can also be fathers and strongly invested parents, not just super high n-count fuxking machines, but because women find alpha highly attractive and stimulating, the alpha man always have sexual options even if he chooses not to actively concentrate on them.

    The idea that beta is somehow awful and alpha is always better is false also. ” beta ” is currently encouraged, but the motivation is absolutely sinister. From the standpoint of male female sexual dynamic, alpha is king regardless of whether the man in question is a cad, a farmer, a captain of industry, a murderous thug, or a good humour ice cream truck driver.


  8. Human male alphas can also be fathers and strongly invested parents, not just super high n-count fuxking machines, but because women find alpha highly attractive and stimulating, the alpha man always have sexual options even if he chooses not to actively concentrate on them.

    well said Blax

    Mega you simply don’t understand what is Alpha…

    Try this –

  9. Oh, a thought I inadvertently left out before.

    Prisons are indeed filled with ” alphas “, but the number of angry betas incarcerated is extremely high as well. In my experience in life, beta men raised by single moms are 10x more violently dangerous than an average” alpha ” male. So from a societal standpoint, any attempt to ” breed out ” alpha is misguided ( as well as impossible ).

    If you look at the average criminal enterprise, it’s never brimming over with alphas. Why is that? One of my favorite illustrative films is The Godfather 1&2. 3 goes off the rails quite a bit, but that’s another discussion. In the movie, Michael Corleone unleashes his internal alpha, and the violence is only a tool. A means to an end. Contrast Michael and Sonny. But the bulknof the murderous criminal activities are carried out by pseudo tough guy betas. Highly deferential males carrying out orders.

    Michael Corleone always sought to identify and target the alpha giving marching orders. That’s how you weaken rival crime families, by surgical decapitation.

    Well, certain ideological elements of current society are trying to do the same thing Wrt to alpha mindset. Yet they are nonsurgical, choosing to target all men.

    Epic, epic failure will ensue.

  10. Hey Guys, What’s up?

    I’m here to get some explanation of a bizarre fact I observe in my sorrounding.
    Most of the relationship (In my eyes every relationship) is an LTR here. My cousin(male 20 then) dated a girl(16 then) for about 6 months. He lost his frame one time, but dread worked for him excellently, hot had got the frame back. She seemed to qualifying herself at the very end of the relationship even prior to having sex. But after sex they had split. He didn’t tell me what actually happened then.
    But even with my classmates, they take 2-3 months to get laid and after that girls dump them(not everyone but its true in most cases)…
    And everyone of my mates long for “a happy marriage” from the start of the relationship, but after sex, God knows what happens to girls!The sex my mates get is undoubtedly(I saw some of their videos)😆😆 starfish sex,girls just want sex to maintain the relationship… Do you think these girls are living in blue pill reality? My mates play game well, but what is missing?

  11. “Alpha is a mindset. A way of thinking and acting. Women find alpha traits attractive, and that attraction is not a choice – simple.”


    Newly RP aware invariably get this wrong because all they know is the cartoon version that society/FI is relentlessly shaming them with.

    Alpha is a mindset. Alpha is singularly characterized by being one’s Mental Point of Origin, from which all behaviors flow.

    MPoO –> Frame –> behaviors/actions –> Alpha.

    You lump all ‘bad boys’ together and they have one common trait… they are solidly and effortlessly their MPoO and unapologetically live by the Platinum Rule. They exude DPA (dynamism, passion, authenticity) and women are defenseless against them.

    As @Blax said, Alpha is a simple concept to understand, but it’s a struggle to internalize for the life-long plow horse beta.

  12. Rollo, you are proved right again.
    Jennifer Lawrence, with the “wall” looming close is now a “born again virgin” who hates sex.

    It’s almost like she, as a woman, instinctively understands that the men she’s interested in (i.e. those on the top of the social hierarchy) are likely, or at least relatively more likely, to be infected with venereal diseases (i.e. to have, or have had, unprotected sex with multiple partners). Who’d have thought?

  13. Soo, on this marital rape article Rollo posted a few days back…
    First, I fully believe most people, man and woman, see marriage itself as a blanket consent to sexual interaction. Only in an extreme case of physically forced sexual abuse would I say rape could exist in marriage.. I’d hope said marriage would be ended by or before then.
    Next, this woman whines and bemoans her state, but says she hasn’t even kissed her husband in YEARS! Then she proudly says she demonstrates feminist behavior. I guess so! What a cunt.
    I’ll take the opposite side and say how awful must that man feel? He gets 0 intimacy from his awful wife. He has to settle for begrudging starfish fucks that she openly hates, but she’s the only victim here? BS!
    I know I’m preaching to the choir and I can’t feel too bad for this man because he married an academic feminist.. Dunno what he ever expected, take your balls back dude. Lol

  14. From Blaximus post, above:- “Prisons are indeed filled with ” alphas “, but the number of angry betas incarcerated is extremely high as well. In my experience in life, beta men raised by single moms are 10x more violently dangerous than an average” alpha ” male.”

    Most of the deranged mass shooters come from fatherless homes- no one to teach them what it’s is to be a man. The feminzi policies of eradication of the family and suppression of Positive Masculinity have only lead to the creation of these toxic caricatures of men. Toxic men are the creation of feminism – not masculinity.

    The statistics on the impacts to a family that is fatherless are out there – just look at any shared parenting or Fathers Rights web page. Fatherhood is probably more important than motherhood in regards to setting a kid off on the right path in life. Never underestimate your role as a father and leader in the raising of your kids.

  15. Blaximus
    March 12, 2018 at 5:54 am

    The LTR sent me links to 3 “relationship” videos yesterday. I watched a minute or two of the first one.

    Me: “Those videos are irrelevant.”
    She: “Why?”
    Me: “I know how to make your pussy wet.”

    End of conversation.

  16. This MPoO concept, as used here among the commentariat (as well as by the host) loosely means:

    ‘Examine you motivational gestalt. What are you trying to accomplish? What are you trying to obtain for yourself (and by extension for your social groups)? Is this motivational gestalt aligned with better consequences for you (and by extension others in your social groups)?’

    Why not change the term of use, to express this, to a phrase or word much more succinct, that everybody will be more likely to understand (instead of possibly confused by), maybe something as simple as ‘perspective’ would do a better job of conveying the intended meaning in many instances, but alas I do understand that the term ‘perspective’ alone, is not focused enough in meaning to cover all the uses intended by way of the use of MPoO.

    The thing that is so damn confusing about the ‘mental point of origin’ phrase as used here, is that it is meant to hi-light a particular point on the ‘perspective’ gradient with respect to selfishness/altruism, that will provide oneself with better life outcomes, and I agree that looking at one’s own cognitive apparatus that way is helpful, but on the other hand …… MPoO is sometimes used here, hamhandedly, to suggest that one could indeed be something other than their own original source of mentation, and that is just plain wrong, …. that is impossible, …. that misses the point that all external cognitive influences must be filtered by way of one’s own cognitive apparatus. Look – by way of biological imperative we each by necessity must be our own MPoO (original source of personalized mentation).

    Rollo defines MPoO as:

    “Your MPoO is really your own internalized understanding about how you yourself fit into your own understanding of Frame.”

    Rollo defines ‘Frame’ in terms that harken Jordan Peterson’s outline of the pervasive background milieu of dominance hierarchies that are ever-operating among innervated social species.

    As such, by this interpretation of ‘Frame’, Rollo’s definition of MPoO becomes something like:

    “The MPoO concept is akin to a prescription for development of self-awareness around ever-operating dominance hierarchies operating more or less subliminally in the background in all social interactions, across the various social spheres present in one’s life, and your own place in such, so as to manage one’s own motivational cognitive structures in a way that will provide oneself with better life outcomes for oneself, and by extension for one’s social groups, by way of choosing particular points along one’s selfishness/altruism perspective-gradient (which also can be understood in terms of one’s choices along the competitive/cooperative perspective-gradient), as appropriate across varying social spheres, and ever-changing circumstances within each sphere, that will enhance said outcomes.

    Obviously, such ‘choosing’ of said particular points along one’s selfishness/altruism perspective-gradient (which also can be understood in terms of one’s choices along the competitive/cooperative perspective-gradient), will be much more nuanced and powerful given this prescription for the development of self-awareness around said ever-operating dominance hierarchies.”

    Maybe a better term might be: ‘Dominance Hierarchy Awareness (DHA)’, and as such, Chump No More’s mapping of the alpha mindset becomes:

    DHA –> superior Frame selection –> behaviors/actions –> Alpha.

  17. Ok a little more background for you guys…

    That hot blonde upthread Steve Lyon is shooting?

    Guess model Marie Ratel

    who is holding that piece down? 54 YO Stephane Ratel…

    Check out her feed…

    You will find a bunch of pics of him… and her professing love for him. Married last year.

    Who is this DPA cat?

    Stephane “because I am worth it” Ratel

    Pie man Squared
    Stephane Ratel is a man with his fingers in so many pies he never has need of
    gloves. The 40-year-old, regarded as the playboy of the BPR series in the 1990s,
    now has a controlling role in the FIA GT Championship, the French and British GT
    Championships, the Le Mans Endurance Series, has developed the Spa 24-
    hours into one of the premier GT races in the world, and is one of the few men to
    be blessed and trusted by both the FIA and the ACO in equal measure. One of the
    few championships not to flourish under his guidance was the FIA Sports Car
    Championship, which was terminally ill when he inherited it, and has since been
    replaced by the LMES with infinitely more potential.

    Hommez in da Hood
    Ratel’s growth in stature over the past ten years has been a very weird journey.
    Ratel had already developed a relationship with French manufacturer Venturi after
    organising an ad-hoc Cannonball Run from Paris to St Tropez to spice up a
    house warming party. He and his equally flamboyant friends raced everything
    from Lamborghinis to Ferraris through the streets, and it wasn’t until a couple of
    months later, and some press coverage, that he decided that any kind of repeat
    on public roads would wind him up in jail.

    Dreaming Dream Cars
    Venturi contacted Ratel and offered to provide cars for the track for himself and
    his friends to race in safety. His history with spectacular endurance cars, born in
    1984 when he became the youngest member of Porsche Club France racing a
    911SC and later a Carrera 2.7RS, was nourished. He, Jurgen Barth and Patrick
    Peter, had a vision to start racing ‘dream cars’, everything from BMWs and
    McLarens to Morgans and Venturis. The BPR organisation was formed and
    enjoyed its first competitive year in 1994.

    Surf’s Up
    Ratel was considered the playboy of the three, having been born on the southern
    French coast in Perpignan on July 23, 1963. The youngest by some margin, the
    richest by some margin too, he had been brought up in Cambodia and France
    before settling in his home country, in Paris, during his teenage and university
    years. It will come as no surprise to anyone who knows him that he developed a
    love of skateboarding and surfing during his formative years.

    Air Force One
    In 1985 he started collecting and racing classic cars in club events, including a
    Ferrari BB 512, Lamborghini Countach and a Porsche Carrera 3 litre RS. The
    following year he served as a lieutenant in the French air force before heading off
    to San Diego University to study International Business. He returned to Europe
    with a job in London’s fashion industry in 1989 and stayed for two years before his
    move to Paris, and that now famous house-warming party.

    The BPR series turned from a well-run, privately managed organisation firing off
    50 cars at nearly every race in 1996, into the FIA GT Championship in 1997 at
    which point something completely unexpected happened. Peter, the quiet,
    thoughtful one of the three, tried to take the FIA to court and was eventually paid
    off. He has since climbed into bed with the ACO and started the Le Mans historic
    series as well as running the Tour Auto. Barth, Porsche’s representative, did not
    take the lead either and instead took a role in the SRO organisation. It was the
    rich kid, the one with the bouffant who joked about his time in the London fashion
    industry that “it is one of the few businesses in England where you can keep your
    hair long and drive exotic cars!” who took over.

    The man didn’t look like he could manage a hairspray canister, let alone an
    international championship. What was going on? It surely spelled the end.
    Porsche, McLaren, BMW and Mercedes made the championship very huge, very
    quickly, and all it took was for one slight problem (Porsche being unable to beat
    Mercedes anywhere bar Le Mans and inconsistencies in rule interpretation by the
    FIA), to bring the whole pack of cards tumbling down.

    I Certainly was in the Right
    Ratel looked a fool. The glory boy had succumbed to the lure and bright lights of
    manufacturers and was shown to have done so publicly. Far from giving up, as a
    rich-kid would be expected to do, he gathered up his forces, ploughed on with the
    championship, announced some far-fetched fantasies about people
    homologating their own cars, secured a three-year deal with television company
    Eurosport, which did not have the greatest of reputations at the time, and blew
    gently on the smouldering embers of his series. From GT1 and GT2, to just GT2,
    to GT2 and N-GT, the championship looked to be in a downward spiral but events
    of the past three years have proven the doubters wrong. From the smouldering
    ashes of 1999 he has built up the biggest race events in Europe outside of
    Formula One. Grids, TV and even spectators are all in evidence reversing the
    trends experienced by others.

    Burlington Bertie
    The success of the European Touring Car Championship, the Formula Renault
    V6 Championship, the FIA GT and French GT Championships would have been
    enough to restore his reputation, but there was more to come. As he celebrated
    his 40th birthday, Ratel was also becoming embroiled in the Le Mans Endurance
    Series, a new and better championship than the FIA Sports Car Championship
    whose death he had presided over.

    Have you got a Light, Mac?
    The ACO blessed the LMES and have provided funds, missing from the
    European Le Mans Series. The ELMS was ridiculed at the start, grew in stature,
    and was killed off at precisely the wrong moment, just as teams were looking at
    second and third years, sponsorship for the series had been secured, and
    momentum was being established. A second year for ELMS would have yielded
    what we are looking at for 2004 with the LMES.

    Build it and They will Come
    In November 2003, Ratel also opened negotiations to restore the British GT
    Championship and intends on introducing similar regulations to that of his
    French series. Ferrari, Saleen, Chrysler and Lister are all in the frame to join in
    the national championships which are seen by some international teams as a
    viable alternative to the FIA series. “I want to build GT racing,” said Ratel to British
    paper Motorsport News. “If you start with the national teams, then when they have
    the budget they can come and do the international series. I want to build the
    package and then the championship will grow.”

    Global Challenge
    Two races have been added to the FIA GT Championship schedule in Dubai and
    China, which has a three-year deal. In 2005, more races outside Europe will be
    incorporated. The rich kid with the hair is going global.

    Andrew Cotton
    January 2004


    Pretty interesting? MPoO on display?

    When did your passion for motorsport begin?

    “As strange as it may seem, the first race that I went to, I organized it. [Motorsports] wasn’t in my family genes. Once my driver’s license was in my pocket, I drove a Golf GTI before getting a Porsche 911 SC purchased from Jacques Tropenat, who today is medical delegate for the FIA.

    “At the time I was buying the car, I noticed photos of the Porsche on the circuit. I asked Jacques to take me to the Porsche Club of France, where I became the youngest member at the age of 19. I then drove without any ambition, just for fun!

    “I then received the documentation of the Porsche 944 Cup but I didn’t have the means to race. Time passed and I went into the [French] army as an intelligence officer in a squadron of the Air Force and then to the United States to finish my studies in San Diego.”

    It was there where you got the idea of working in the automotive industry?

    “Arriving in California, I immediately discovered there was a market for European sports cars, which were imported into the U.S. and sold for 35 to 50 percent cheaper than in Europe. It was a small niche but a profitable one.

    “At that time, I was a student and bringing those cars to Europe allowed me to win my first money, especially since we were in the late 80s, when there was a speculative bubble in sports cars and collector cars. The prices increased from boarding the container in Los Angeles and when I picked them up in Rotterdam or Antwerp.

    “But the inevitable happened in the early 90s when the bubble burst and the market collapsed. I found myself with lots of cars that were worth much more and a lot of friends whom had become customers and clients.

    “One of them had an address book even more beautiful than mine and with a group of friends, we had the idea of starting a Cannonball Run that would run from Paris to St. Tropez via St Etienne. There were about 20 cars and most of my clients at the time had made the trip. We organized a dinner in Paris at the end.

    “I finished second at the wheel of a Ferrari Testarossa, arriving at the port of St. Tropez 80 seconds behind a Lamborghini Countach, which won the informal contest.

    “Everyone was wowed by this initiative and wanted it to continue but one of my friends told me it was dangerous, not really legal and we better find ourselves on a circuit the next time.”

    See more –

    Checks all the DPA boxes… Not stressing young women.

    His insta feed?

    What little there is are his kids, cars, bros… and just one pic of a girl.

    Go and do likewise gents… Age is not a negative factor.

  19. @Sentient

    nice find.

    red flag jackpot – unless it’s all fiction, which I could easily see. either way, good for learning as it oozeth from the hamster

    from: failing at a one night stand

    “I had broken up with my boyfriend a few months prior to meeting Johnny, and I hadn’t had sex since the break up. I have always been in long term relationships and so I never got the chance to be sexually adventurous with strangers, and it seemed fun, so I decided to go on a mission to have the first 1 night stand of my life.”

    red flag 1. the is HER mission. violates necessity of it being man’s mission

    “When I stumbled across Johnny’s Instagram”

    red flag 2. “stumbled”. this is entertainment, similar to stumbling on something great on pinterst

    “I thought, wow this guy is hot, followed by the realization that he was that one bald porn dude.”

    red flag 3. she has already assesed his value. below hers by at least 3 points in her mind

    “This is the perfect 1 night stand I thought, he’s a pornstar; he’ll only want to fuck me just like I want, then he’ll be over it. I hit him up for the fuck of it.”

    red flag 4. she has set the parameters- also i’d say she’s previously decided to create a situation that in her mind would warrant the creation of a blog, book, screenplay, feature, series, book series, fame, riches, stardom…

    “I commented on one of his pictures a very romantic: “I wanna fuck you” and then forgot about it because I noticed he never responds to anyone on Instagram.”

    rf5. she initiates. you’re fucked, dude.

    “So I send him my phone number and he texts me”

    rf6. she says jump and he says how high, he’s braindead, got a fucking bullet in his head

    “Jokes on him because I am a serial killer, but that’s what you get for meeting people on the internet.”

    rf6. she jokes casually about psychopathy and then predisqualifies him before proceeding.

    “I of course get pulled over on my way to the bar for driving like 90 mph on side streets because I’m so excited. When the lovely cop is running my drivers license back at his lovely cop car I texted Johnny this picture of my soft, hairless pussy he and tells me how yummy it looks. He texts me a picture what he was wearing so I could find him easily.”

    rf7. she gives crumb, he validates pre bang. fail. also, never text bang meet a pic of what you’re wearing. so fucking sad.

    “When I get to the bar I park across the street and I walk inside and see him sitting at the opposite side of the entrance.”

    rf8. he’s waiting for her. fail. this guy is so fucked.

    “He’s bigger than I imagined, and much cuter in real life. My face gets hot and I’m sure it turns red and I swallow hard and walk over to him. I go to shake his hand like an idiot and then halfway through the handshake realize we’re not at a business meeting and maybe I should give him a hug? ”

    rf9. “not at a business meeting…” are you sure, as you’re looking for a publishing deal right fucking now

    “So I give him an almost handshake and then almost hit him in the face giving him a last minute hug. Perfect I’m an awkward spaz in the first 30 seconds as always.”

    rf10. awkward. limited social experience? nah. that doesn’t make sense. people who shop for partners on instagram have excellent social skills i’m certain. especially ones who need everyone geeked to feel normal

    “He smiles big and then makes eye contact with me then immediately looks down. I follow his eyes to the ground and think to myself, is this guy shy? I watch him for the next couple of minutes and realize holy shit he is shy.”

    rf11. smiles? bad fucking idea. shy? boom. nuke. he’s toast

    “I assumed he was going to be arrogant because I’ve only ever seen him on Brazzers, and was basing my assumption of how he would act on the aggressive intensity of the way he fucks.”

    rf12. uh oh, she wanted alpha and got… not

    ” It’s not like I’ve ever in my life watched a porn intro, so I had never even heard him speak. I’m completely thrown off. Out of anything on planet earth shy guys are my biggest weakness by far.”

    rf13. “weakness?” what the fuck does that mean? hamster already going to work in order for her to achieve her overriding goal: fame

    “We have some drinks and flirt with each other until I flash my pussy to him one too many times and he gets the tab.”

    rf14. she’s escalating, not him. fail. he pays. fail.

    “Afterwards we fall asleep on the couch together. I wake up and realize I’m fucking this 1 night stand thing up. I finally collect myself I start to get dressed and get all my stuff together. He wakes up and asks me to stay. I tell him I can’t but he insists. Really I want nothing more than to lie on his chest all night but I am trying to be a slut. It’s not working.
    We wake up in the morning cuddling, and I reach down and his warm cock is hard as a rock.”

    rf15. he asks her to stay, while hard. boom. she’s got him. she will use basic reinforcement techniques using her pussy to keep him using his energy to promote her

    nature is beautiful. her game: 6.5/10.


  20. Fleezer – funny break down. That was Rugby’s post btw.

    But hey take a crack at this too…

    I contacted a female friend who’d thoroughly partaken of the sexual revolution of the ’60s. She explained that men had become—what was her word? Timid. And just plain lazy. They no longer needed to pick up on subtlety as women had become the pursuers. Which meant that dressing to highlight my assets and being receptive to opportunity was the equivalent of waving a red flag in front of a blind bull.

    Will be similarly hilarious.

  21. “You might get lucky in a different way than you had expected.”

    a divorced 50 something is a prize? i am, at the very least, totally fucking entertained

    the guy that jammed out while rome burned…

    me too

  22. It’s a lolfest…

    Of course, I wondered whether I looked the part to pull off my objective. At fiftysomething, I’m in very good shape, but I packed my Spanx and some body-conscious clothing

    Very good shape does not mean what she thinks it means…

  23. It IS all a giant shit test. Life is tough and the weak are mown down in droves, but from conditions of adversity, new and stronger Alphas will be forged, the kind of men that women idealize and fantasize about. These alphas in turn, with their greater options of selectivity, will pick the most desirable from the pack of available females. All the hambeasts (and betas) are doing is weeding themselves out of existence, yes you have the right to that cream cake and I have the right to never, ever fuck you. Disgust is not a choice either, is it?
    Nature does not afford you the right to have your genetic line continue. The ideals of having some stable family, nice comfy life with sex on tap even if you are fat… from the point of view of evolution these notions are utterly absurd. Be the best or die is nature’s creed, whether you are male or female.

  24. “You lump all ‘bad boys’ together and they have one common trait… they are solidly and effortlessly their MPoO and unapologetically live by the Platinum Rule. They exude DPA (dynamism, passion, authenticity) and women are defenseless against them.”

    The question is…………why does DPA work for them and not the dedicated nerds…who passionately dynamically and authentically work at their jobs and supplicate to their wifes/girls(they adore but will never obtain)……

    so the platinum rule only works for some..

  25. @mersonia

    Good point. Many nerds are indeed very passionate about what they do. Way more than “normies”, I would say.

    They are also not always ugly or scrawny. Just like feminists are not always fat or unkempt. (I am with @Blax in rethinking cliches such as The Wall :).

    Lifestyle is key, and with each passing day I am more and more convinced of it. Girls don’t dig your electronic gizmos, sorry. SFC Ton had a while back a post on his blog about a vet he knew that, at least on paper, should have been killing it in the SMP: muscular, tall, travelled, not a simp, etc. But his luck improved dramatically once he got a bike. Cliche but kinda true. Be passionate, but preferably a biker. Lol.

    Another big point I am also considering is enjoying socializing just for the sake of it. I never really got the point about going out, which in Spain usually ends at dawn after visiting countless bars, but a friend of mine totally loves it, and he does well with women. He, on the other hand, can not spent much time studying for anything.

    So yeah, I was never a couch potato, I was never a limp-wristed type and I did get into fights as a kid. The soyboy meme is bemusing but not enough.

    The psychologist I visited told me I could be a schizoid. There is a subreddit on that and I kinda agree with what I see there. I now suspect there might be many people with this disorder in the manosphere. Traits include:

    -Emotional coldness, detachment or reduced affection.

    -Limited capacity to express either positive or negative emotions towards others.

    -Consistent preference for solitary activities.

    -Very few, if any, close friends or relationships, and a lack of desire for such.

    -Indifference to either praise or criticism.

    -Taking pleasure in few, if any, activities.

    -Indifference to social norms and conventions.

    -Preoccupation with fantasy and introspection.

    -Lack of desire for sexual experiences with another person.

    The last one is tricky, but I sort of agree. I want to have sex almost to get it over with, rather than out of genuine desire.

  26. Mersonia

    “why does DPA work for them and not the dedicated nerds…who passionately dynamically and authentically work at their jobs and supplicate to their wifes/girls”

    Very simple. Supplicating is not a masculine trait of value. It’s not authentic, it’s despicable. It may be real nonetheless, i.e. actual.

    Same as a Playa who has chronic ED and PE. While she may be atttracted to him (which is what my theory suggests, i.e. Alpha is attractive to women. Full stop.) his OTHER actions come to cancel that out.

    You can only soft serve so many times… So I’ve heard.

    BP guys who are DPA will attract women over and over. And they how they handle them will determine if they stay and for how long. They will be able to find others however.

  27. @ Sentient

    Sure man, but these guys have a very high SMV. They are a rare breed indeed in a society that worships “celebrity”. Average alphas without such profile rarely pull these chicks, and if they did, wouldn’t be able to hold them. And who would want to? High maintenance whores, for sure…

    It’s great to aim high as an older man, i hear you, but unless you’re a racing car driver, rock star etc, forget these bitchez…

  28. You will only ever have one life. Just one. At the end of the day…( I gotta stop saying that ) there aren’t really any do overs ( rare ) and no third second chances.

    ” I/you can’t ” is prophetic. A man can do pretty much anything he wants to if if wants it badly enough. Rock star? Lol, yup, right Rollo? Passion. After walking and learning to piss in a toilet, men need to develop and understand passion. It’s a wonderful lifelong driver.

    The last time I was truly insulted in my life, was when I shared with a few friends and acquaintances that I was going to leave the mechanic/auto body profession and go into computers/processing/operations ( what we called it back in the Jurassic period ). Ohhhh, the predictions of failure and the questioning of whether I had the mental ability to ” work ” computers ( to you younger cats, there was a time when most people didn’t even own personal computers… Or a cell phone).

    But the way I saw life was simply that if I wanted to, if I had passion for a thing, I could do anything. And that’s been the pattern for most of my life. Nothing is impossible or far fetched if you want it and apply yourself with fuxking gusto. Ha ha ha.

    So yes, I am getting older, but I’m still looking for my next trick that doesn’t involve rabbits or hats.

  29. Fox

    “forget these bitchez…”

    Always an option. If you want to.

    But realize that very few “celebrities” (your term – I doubt many people know Stephane) start out as such. Which is why I gave the background. Through understanding that, you should be able to connect the dots.

  30. Blax

    “But the way I saw life was simply that if I wanted to, if I had passion for a thing, I could do anything. And that’s been the pattern for most of my life. Nothing is impossible or far fetched if you want it and apply yourself with fuxking gusto.”

    The journey is the reward.

  31. @ Sentient

    Man, i’m glad you’re keeping the positive vibes rocking along. But life has taught me (and i’ve done pretty well over the journey with the ladies) that women just don’t stick around, let alone HB8+’s like you’ve featured with these guys. I know that i need to look within and i am, but i’m struggling at the mo after a long, solitary (mostly) summer. Just can’t seem to shake that female addiction…

    I am getting out there again this weekend, and playing at a new music festival 8 hours from my home base, so it will be another long trip on me lonesome, but who knows who and what awaits at the other end. It’s good to play festivals as one’s SMV/profile is enhanced amongst other things, and if people connect with your music then that’s a tight connection as far as i, as a music producer, is concerned. I guess i’m just over travelling to these gigs alone, but i’m not going to sit in my cave feeling sorry for myself and sucking my thumb, i’m getting the fuck out there and putting myself on the line. It does take balls, especially when you’re creating a new sound, so we’ll see how the peeps respond… Gonna be playing thru a nice system, so will see how my phat sub bass strokes the girls’ pussies, hey….

    Just been having a nice flirty online chat with a babe i scoped at the festival i played at last week, where she mentioned ex-bf (good sign signalling single) & invited me to a new event she’s hosting. Anywayz, let’s all hang in there, gentlemen, and keep supporting each other’s positive endeavours here…

  32. I stopped watching Rugby’s video posts a while ago just because of its unmanageable volume, but I made an exception for the South African video up there. I think it is worth taking a moment to watch. Twice-because there messages in there…a load of stuff that is not explicitly stated, (call them sublimininals/insinuations whatever) that may escape ones attention the first time one watches it.

  33. M Simon
    Hahahaaa… exactly.

    To much to decompile for sure eg Just the interview panel itself: The aged mama africa feminist with a protuberant belly and a vicious face who foams at the corners of her mouth when she gets talking about “the partriarchy” and drops the bomb about “vagina mistakes” she made when younger just so you dont make the mistake of dismissing her as vaginaless heheheee, the cool model with a long neck and huge bling to emphasize the point, witty intagram comment with a willy smile…travel, party, fun while not trying to look too excited and the (has fucked enough partriarchs-and probably still doing it behind mama Africa, while mama Africa drops a small quip about an intagram generous derriere (that is supposedly desirable in Africa-yes it is-but on a younger specimen without a protuberant belly so…) and the effortless moding to vernacular when shit hits the fan, to mitigate against the pain of direct confrontation with a simple biological fact eg that for sex men prefer younger girls to old hags etc. And fear of dispossesion when one errant fella who blogs soft porn says partrirachy anthem is getting old and my boss is first name basis Peter… but still WOMEN REALLY HATE GETTING OLD, so an idea that is stuck with the old reflects one in a bad light BUT I need it, so please…no time for details on my thoughts on this…

    I hope someone can get time the throw in a starter on the other three characters in there…the porn blogger (introduced as lawyer business man) heheheee…Miss huge beads, She is”young” and thinks girls should work? I hope so. But we kind of know she is fucking some guy for something but do I say. The main panelist is less exciting than she should be I dont think she is in a position to play.

    But when the women are done sawing through the branch they are sitting on, it will be sad fun watching the aftermath.

  34. Meant “wily smile” on the huge neck ring girl. In many apects, feminism is a declaration of war on nature. Nature doesnt argue back using smart wise cracks. The consequence of a broken leg is limitation on mobility, so unless you are a milliped…

  35. @Solitary Silver Fox – I think “celebrity” is kind of a misleading word in this context. I know what you’re trying to get at, but it’s probably more accurate to say something like “exceptional and passionate at *something*” instead of “celebrity”.

    That’s what you need for attraction. What you need to get *access* to the 9s and 10s is often conflated with what you need for attraction but it’s actually a separate issue – and for that, yes, it matters how much money you have, it matters what you’re exceptional at and so on.

  36. cheupez
    Yeah playdontplay and walawala brought that up. I find the reason i share most of it is a reference point of though.

    M Simon
    Found the wired article interesting.

  37. Re: All the “be all you can be” stuff and “you can do/be anything you want” BS being handed out here. Uhhm, no you can’t. If you don’t have a high enough IQ (and 51 million Americans have an IQ below 85) you will never be able to program computers or run a data center. Sorry, that’s just bullshit.

    We used to say “anyone can succeed in America if they are willing to work hard’. Now we dispense fanciful bromides like ‘you can be whatever you want if you try hard enough’, lol. NO YOU FUCKING CAN’T. Your choices in life are actually fairly limited.

    While I love the examples Sentient posts, remember these guys likely have a at least a high G factor, along with high IQs. A complex social order like our’s favors the intelligent. But intelligence is largely determined by genetics. it’s also true that people who operate outside of social norms by nature can only occur in small numbers, or we wouldn’t have norms, so the idea that we can all be exceptional is truly idiotic…

    Most people cannot live the lives they dream of. However, most people can get figure out how to make a decent living and create a life they enjoy living if they apply themselves. One of the biggest disfavors we do the young in our society is give them all these BS ideas about what they can do with their lives.

    This isn’t true for all of us. It isn’t coincidental that I’m in the top .3% of the population in verbal and abstract reasoning skills and that I can make my way through this world based on outrageous levels of talent…I was just born with it, not anyone’s fault. But the truth is that most of you guys could never pull off what I get away with. Or what Blax does. Figure out what your skills are, your power, and what social settings you can groove in and build status there. Be grounded in reality, make steady, incremental progress. Set realistic goals and grind every day.

    Don’t give into fanciful thinking, Hope is not a strategy. You were not “born to do” anything. Life is hard, fortune can fuck over anyone. Don’t look at the exceptions to understand the rules…

  38. I stand corrected.

    Y’all dumb motherfuckers are fucked. Period.😂😂😅


    I get what Scrib is saying, and what the reasoning is, but I say that there’s nothing I have ever done in 56 years that any man coulda done with a high motivation to do so. Yeah, I’ve heard the ” you have limitations ” thing a lot over the years, even from a few people I respected quite a bit, but what I understood was that no one else’s opinions or level of understanding had anything to do with me or what I could accomplish.

    I’m not talking pie in the sky bromides to masses of men, but it’s pretty undeniable that if you convince yourself, or allow others to convince you about whatnyour predestined level of accomplishments are, then yes, you will suffer and fail and not ever realize your true potential.

    There’s no point to learning red pill concepts. Evo is above your paygrade. Pickup/game is a total waste of time.

    I happen to believe that there is an insane amount of untapped potential in the vast majority of males. Yes I’d have to be a full on idiot to say that IQ doesn’t have an impact, but I believe that most men/people are plenty smart and capable enough, especially those that are hamstrung by self limiting belief systems. ” normal guys can’t bang hb9’s “, so why try? Why learn? You are born in a box, right? Men, women, all the same, right?


    Push yourself. Learn. And most importantly, DO. Most likely you will surprise yourself.

  39. * disclaimer*

    I’m an unabashed supporter of men, so it colors my opinions. Men are fuxking awesome, no homo.

  40. So Blax agrees with me but doesn’t like the truth, lol. Like who gives a shit? You can develop skills, but God given abilities and talents are out of your control. We used to know this and not be afraid to say it. We also had a society that valued men based on what they did with their God given abilities, not their absolute level of achievement.

    Consider just the pop culture of the ’60s. I remember watching The Honeymooners on friday nights with the whole family. My mom made a big deal out of it on some Fridays, we’d get TV trays and eat in front of the TV (never done otherwise). The main character and hero? Ralph Cramden, a bus driver. He exemplified the “heroes journey” that virtually every man in the U.S. could participate in, and he could expect to be respected by the popular culture and most everyone if he did so. He was always coming up with some scheme to make money that failed or doing something stupid, but somehow was seen as heroic anyway. And in the end he always loved Alice (his wife) “baby, you’re the greatest” but this was after at some point in the episode saying “someday Alice, someday, it’s bam, zoom, to the moon!” while he clenched his fists. He exemplified the average guy, and we loved it.

    Our heroes were Wally and the Beav and the Sheriff of Maybury. Joe Friday from Dragnet, not stupid cunts like Kim Kardashing or ignorant, arrogant assholes like Kanye West or zillionaires on some TV show living luxe lives. The average guy was America’s hero. A man who understood his limitations, and optimized within them. He had a dignity and self-respect that simply doesn’t exist in most men today. And men were bigger, louder and more in every way then. Truly. They also were much more likely to tell you that you were an asshole and punch you in the face, usually with cause…

    Sure, pragmatic optimism and resilience are key skills for any man to develop, no matter your abilities. But most men are average or close to it in their abilities, and must live within their limitations. Aiming too high will only crush you. Punch your weight, or get your ass handed to you, any boxer knows that.


    A little insight. Having high raw abilities isn’t always a great thing. I remember being in 8th grade and having taken a ton of standardized tests that year. Turns out my school was a test-school for standardized tests, so we took like 5-6 of them. The deal in return was that each student and parent(s) got an individualized report and consultation on their child’s abilities. Mine was glowing. I remember the counselor saying, “He can literally do anything he wants, he could be a lawyer or an engineer, he’s got equally high verbal and math abilities” That’s simply not true for most people, in fact it’s true for like 1-2% of the population to have high abilities in both areas.

    And guess what? Educational methods and systems aren’t built for guys like me. I was bored in almost all of school. I can learn most things just by reading them, I don’t really need an instructor in front of the room. I taught myself physics, calculus and statistics. In weeks…I also can just “get” something instantly at times. Like the entire picture of a complex subject will just “pop” in my mind, with no effort. I just see it. From another POV, I can literally improvise very complex music and flow live, during a performance. I can write a song any time. I don’t “try” to do that. I can’t teach you “how” to do that. It just happens.

    Now get this. It doesn’t mean I’m the best musician. I’m best paired with an amazing lead guitarist and ensemble. But I can write the tune, I can lead the band, I can create the entire motif for others to flow inside of – it’s synergistic. I’m not “better” than my lead guitarist, but I sure as shit am driving the flow and he knows it. I’m dominant in that regard, but merely based on the reality of my abilities. My lead guitarist is a highly successful guy and a genius in his own right – and an amazing guitarist, far more skilled than me. But he can’t flow well on command. Almost nobody can…It’s a gift from God for me, and I love doing it. It’s magic, truly. But you cannot do it – I guarantee you. If you “try”, your music will suck. No matter how hard you try, you will not grow that kind of cognitive ability. You will learn to improvise and song write etc, but you never will be able to just say I’m going to write a song and start playing, and have it come out well. Every time. Don’t kid yourself.

    You may be similarly endowed in other ways that are effortless for you. Do yourself a favor, find your strengths and abilities and focus on them. Flow to where you fit. Don’t fight the world, find the track that suits you. I bought into the idea that life was struggle for far too long, and thought it had to be so I made it harder on myself than it needed to be. I kept trying to prove myself by taking on new things, I thought that I would somehow or another prove myself to myself. Nope, never happened, I just exhausted myself. And ground myself to dust, and put together an erratic, incoherent life. Just because I could, mostly…

    The downside? I checked out of school. I was undereducated formally cuz they didn’t know how to deal with me. I developed an arrogance based on the fact that I could often be lazy and play catch up at the end of something, and still be a top performer or at least good enough. For my last two years of high school I didn’t study once or do any homework at home. I made a rule for myself that I had to do it on the bus or in homeroom, or in the class before the teacher collected it, lol. That means all tests, everything. I graduated with a B average and a high enough SAT score for a scholarship and membership in MENSA.

    Almost none of you could ever do that. I didn’t even “try”, it’s just how it is for me. It’s fucked me up. My sister is an expert in education and my type of learner is pulled out of normal school now if possible as it’s known that conventional education destroys us actually. Which happened to me, in part cuz I saw through my teachers early, in ways my fellow students never did. Example: I knew the answer to about 99% of the questions every teacher ever asked every class I was in. When really young, I thought this was great. I assumed that school was a question answering contest, so I raised my hand to answer every question. Then I started to notice this bothered other kids. Then I noticed it started to annoy the teacher. Then I noticed she’d only call on me when she wanted to move the class along. Then I stopped raising my hand, moved to the back of the classroom and began fucking with everyone and everything…

    But even then, I also knew I couldn’t become a fullback or a soccer star, even though I was an okay athlete and played sports. Yet in real ways, I had so much possibility that I just would do whatever I wanted to. I changed jobs too much, cuz I could always get another one and be a top performer there. I didn’t need to focus on selling to any one industry or business, cuz I could figure out any technology and/or industry in weeks and be as knowledgeable as people with years in the field.

    It made for a very bumpy ride. I also tire of the stupidity of most people. I’m tired of seeing things they can’t see, and of explaining them. I’m bored with most people’s “insights” as they are trivial and obvious to me.

    Being a genius is not all joy and fun. We aren’t even supposed to talk about it, right? Look at how much you want to fuck with me just because I’m being honest about my intelligence and what it’s like to be really smart? Another problem? People assume I’m super smart in every way due to the ridiculous abstract reasoning ability? But in math and some other fields I’m only way above average, versus top .3% – and then I get disappointed cuz I can’t grok everything easily. Never happens to a person of average intelligence.

    Just sayin’…Okay crack on me for being arrogant or whatever now, carry on.

  41. “It isn’t coincidental that I’m in the top .3% of the population in verbal and abstract reasoning skills and that I can make my way through this world based on outrageous levels of talent…I was just born with it”

    and as a consequence of your natural talent a truly dedicated opponent of your organization would immediately target you, pull you out of the ground by your roots and toss you in the wood chipper

    history’s greasetrap is overflowing with smarty pants exceptions who reasoned they could dance a verbal two step around the stupids

    better to learn how to obstruct others’ minds from creating a complete picture of you. allow their past experiences to fill in the gaps to your advantage

    I would never walk into a room to deal with someone like scib without first doing everything I could to undermine him psychologically long before we ever took a meet

    being identified as the smartest person in the room is rarely an advantage and even less so when you announce it over the pa


    nice post for those who can handle it. much could be accomplished from a mpo that included some of these basic facts

  42. “For my last two years of high school I didn’t study once or do any homework at home. I made a rule for myself that I had to do it on the bus or in homeroom, or in the class before the teacher collected it, lol. That means all tests, everything. I graduated with a B average and a high enough SAT score for a scholarship and membership in MENSA.”

    this is one profile I would target for elimination

    “My sister is an expert in education and my type of learner is pulled out of normal school now if possible as it’s known that conventional education destroys us actually.”

    really? I didn’t think they early identified the exceptions any more. 80s – mid 90s it was okay, but now the paretns of the other students object because the fact that there’s a smart class makes some of the kids “feel bad about themselves”

    i wouldn’t trade my good luck for your smarts any day of the week as I got pulled out and given open assignments by a former a teacher trained to deal with people like you

    it fucking saved me. when I wrote papers about why anarchy is the only legit form of govt or how car companies used psychological techniques to manipulate the emotions of potential customers I didn’t get fucked with but encouraged

    the system actually encouraged me to wake. why? why did they want to free a prisoner? i don’t know, but I do know that it can’t be in their best interest for me to realize at an early age that this isn’t my plantation

  43. Let me break it down so even Blax can understand it. Anyone can learn game, but only guys like me are gonna fuck the sapiophiles. And consider that if you don’t know what a sapiophile is, what else might you not know? There is a class of woman out there (of all SMVs, dog to dime) who find intelligence a real turn on.

    These same women also like men who are alpha, so they don’t end up with nerds. They are usually fairly smart girls to begin with, which makes them respect intelligence cuz they have a whiff of it themselves versus the average basic dumb slut. who doesn’t even realize how stupid she is But these girls also tend to be bitchy and talk down to most men. They are fiercely dishing out intelligence shit tests, which most of you fail. Because by definition you aren’t that smart and they are in the minority of women who are smart enough to realize how smart you aren’t. This all likely goes on without you even knowing, cuz of your intelligence…

    I have a real advantage in game cuz I get a chance at these women, and I’m also almost always smarter than every woman I meet. It’s also like a pussy trump card for basic interest as most women really enjoy a certain kind of intelligent dominance and worldliness that you cannot fake. You can learn to run all kinds of other game, but ya can’t run “smartest guy in the room” game if you ain’t the smartest guy in the room.

    Previous post on Grit seems to assume I don’t think effort or resilience matter. Reread, I think pragmatic optimism and resilience – which is what “Grit” is – are mandatory for any man to optimize his performance. They just aren’t sufficient to improve your IQ. And your IQ predicts many outcomes in your life. I know, that fact bothers many people but the simple is that your IQ places limits on your performance on many things in life that have a cognitive element. No matter how hard you try. Boo hoo. What, you thought the discussion on IQ was only about black people, you Alt-Righters? Nope, it’s about you too. We could do without a lot of white people in the gene pool too if we are going to run things on that basis.

    Here’s me carrying on with my life not giving a shit how much these simple truths bother some people. Get real about who you are and who you aren’t. If ya wanna know the truth for me, well, I’m a bit disappointed in what I’ve done with what I’ve got…Yet another curse of the gifted.

  44. @rugby
    I have nothing against the video posts, just that I dont have time to watch most of them. Very similar toe YaReally of old; he used to post so many long videos and write comments so long that I started scrolling past his stuff by reflex. I am sure there are guys who read him and watched every video and enjoyed it. I am sure there are guys who watch most of your videos too…But you must admit one would have to live in here to finish all that. I think you even admitted to not having watched them yourself.

  45. “The average guy was America’s hero. A man who understood his limitations, and optimized within them.”

    “Every person is going to have a circle of competence. And it’s going to be very hard to advance that circle. If I had to make my living as a musician…. I can’t even think of a level low enough to describe where I would be sorted out to if music were the measuring standard of the civilization.

    So you have to figure out what your own aptitudes are. If you play games where other people have the aptitudes and you don’t, you’re going to lose. And that’s as close to certain as any prediction that you can make. You have to figure out where you’ve got an edge. And you’ve got to play within your own circle of competence.

    If you want to be the best tennis player in the world, you may start out trying and soon find out that it’s hopeless—that other people blow right by you. However, if you want to become the best plumbing contractor in Bemidji, that is probably doable by two-thirds of you. It takes a will. It takes the intelligence. But after a while, you’d gradually know all about the plumbing business in Bemidji and master the art. That is an attainable objective, given enough discipline. And people who could never win a chess tournament or stand in center court in a respectable tennis tournament can rise quite high in life by slowly developing a circle of competence—which results partly from what they were born with and partly from what they slowly develop through work.”

  46. cheupez
    Yeah walawala pointed that out with “overposting” palo also wrote about typing it out without the buffer of the image was just as effective in response… Sometimes i lose track of simplicity

  47. “Here’s me carrying on with my life not giving a shit how much these simple truths bother some people”

    Scrib. I hope you are hearing what Fleezer, Blax and Munger (by way of j) are saying. You probably should care. Don’t matter how smart you are – you are only one guy. And us humans are intensely social animals. Ergo – use what you got – your smarts (of whatever any person may have with respect to their own personal talents) accordingly.

  48. If smart= winning championship chess tournament.
    …you don’t really see a whole lot of top shelf pussy groupies for chess players.

    But if smart= able to figure shit out/ get shit handled.
    ….most women like smart men.

  49. Just to add, while I’m being Captain Master-of-the-obvious….
    Most people don’t like sore losers or sore winners either.

  50. “but ya can’t run “smartest guy in the room” game if you ain’t the smartest guy in the room.”

    smartest guy in the room game paradox:

    the smartest guy in the room is the only one who can run smartest guy in the room game, but the smartest guy in the room knows that running smartest guy in the room game is a statistically inferior approach to getting his dick wet

    “could jesus microwave a burrito so hot that he himself could not eat it?”

  51. If smart= winning championship chess tournament.
    …you don’t really see a whole lot of top shelf pussy groupies for chess players.

    Chess game… Alpha posture/demeanor … breaking egos



  52. Pretty sure Bobbye Fischer (an outlier exception among outlier exceptions) could figure shit out and get shit done.

  53. J

    you don’t really see any “top shelf pussy” in that photo

    You don’t see much in infield clips either…

  54. @ Chump

    Serious question: How will a man know his limitations if he just blanketly accepts what others state?

    The point I was trying to make earlier isn’t that every single man can zoom straight to the top of any endeavor just by force of will alone, but that a man must posses and develop a force of will without listening to other people’s dictates about what limitations he may have.

    Make sense?

    I wish I had a dollar for every time I heard ” you can’t do that..” for any number of reasons over the course of my lifetime. That’s probably why I’m so passionate about other men not holding themselves back because of conventional thoughts about what limitations are. You don’t ever really know until you try and try and try again. The caveat is that you gotta be smart about it and not defeatist or fearful.

    What I do know through watching and experience is that when a man says ” I can’t do this thing “, he is usually correct because he hasn’t applied himself to avoid futility.

    ” Boston Celtics center Bill Russell holds the record for the most NBA championships won with 11 titles during his 13-year playing career. He won his first championship with the Boston Celtics in his rookie year.”

    And Bill Russell is just a guy. A tall guy, lol, but still flesh and bone.

    Natural talent ( in this case height and size ) are wonderful things, but sometimes…

    ” When he made his NBA debut in 1985, Webb was the shortest player in league history. He had received zero Division I scholarships out of high school, and he’d been cut by the Detroit Pistons out of training camp.

    All that preceded a surprisingly productive rookie season with the Atlanta Hawks, which featured the biggest highlight of Webb’s 12-year career.

    His acceptance into the 1986 dunk contest was perhaps a pity nod. The event was in just its third year of existence and needed some spicing up. Among Webb’s challengers were Michael Jordan and reigning champion Dominique Wilkins, but Webb soared above both rim-shattering legends.

    The dunk contest victory cemented his place in the league and allowed Webb to pave the way for the pint-sized guards that came after him.”


    … shit, I know guys well over 6 feet that couldn’t dunk if you put a gun to their heads. Why do you think that is? If 5’7″ Webb can do it, and ” short ” guys can’t compete in the NBA as conventional knowledge dictates, then why do so many skyscraping dudes find it nearly impossible?

    ” Spatial awareness is the ability to be aware of oneself in space. It is an organised knowledge of objects in relation to oneself in that given space. Spatial awareness also involves understanding the relationship of these objects when there is a change of position.


  55. ya their face was so ugly that that they had to blur out their face to trick guys into thinking they were picking up model-tier girls. I underestimated your IQ man

  56. J

    J i knew you were off pulling clips. lol Four or five more and this will be the repository for all of the hotter girl clips eva made. Even so you’d agree that while very attractive, not really “top shelf”.

    To draw a line under Anon’s autism… a point which I thought you’d understand J… AWALT is AWALT yes or no? Attraction switches are attraction switches… chess or checkers. Ya think Fischer had any switches being flipped?

    DPA guys attract women because Alpha… So yeah uglier girls are attracted as well as hot girls. file that under Burden.

  57. @sentient

    the whole point is if you go by your dpa ( dual penetration adaptivity thing)

    ……..You have DPA alphas and betas.

    so the dpa shit means nothing

  58. Let those who have ears hear Mersonia… but I welcome your definition of Alpha. Unless you think Alpha means nothing too.

  59. Getting laid and getting hunted down for access to your dick by THOTs is two different things, no?

  60. It is remarkable to consider that the vast majority of men out there – including a probable majority of married men who agreed (knowingly or unknowingly) to pay the highest price with their devoted monogamy, time, attention, resources and by agreeing to assume the highest levels of emotional, financial and legal risks – are among those men who are the least likely to EVER experience genuine sexual desire and validational sex WITH OR FROM THEIR OWN wives!

    That most of these men may live an entire lifetime and then die without ever knowing or experiencing the carnal, animalistic, genuine sexual desire and touch of a woman is probably enough to elicit feelings of anger and betrayal.

    Of course, any suggestion that a loving, involved and devoted father who is a sensitive, kind, warm, supportive, and excellent provider and protector husband would ever be “deserving of sex” from his wife automatically takes us all to Indignation Town and the requisite uncomfortable conversation about what is pretty much just transactional and obligational sex.

    “If husband does/provides v+x+y, then wife will/should/might provide z”.

    “That’s just awful! Where’s your sense of romance? What about love? What about winning her over? What about MAKING LOVE, you knuckle-dragging smartasses!”

  61. @ constrainedlocus

    Men shouldn’t get married, particularly if they can’t figure out a way to understand teh wimminz, and operate in everyone else’s frames.

  62. @ constrained

    Vid for you.


    The State. Yeah, the state’s a real piece of work. The woman colluding with the state to relieve you of all of your shit? Devastating.

    If you cannot control it, then this dude is correct mostly. He talks about a woman bitching a man, lol, but some guys choose to ” bitch ” themselves.

    Yet, I agree with him for the most part.

  63. @Blax,
    “Serious question: How will a man know his limitations if he just blanketly accepts what others state?”

    He won’t. A man must struggle to find those limits and be his own judge in the process.

    At some point, even a man with courage, passion and discipline will reach the hard limits of his capability and mastery and must be able to accept and asses if/when a course change in his journey is necessary.

  64. ” At some point, even a man with courage, passion and discipline will reach the hard limits of his capability and mastery and must be able to accept and asses if/when a course change in his journey is necessary.”

    That’s what I’m saying. Nobody else can predict a man’s limits for him.

  65. “So I hope this is cool”

    very cool. so many fucking learning moments lately

    dude touches her – this is good

    dude says “we can’t talk if this is real” – (fur) this is good on the surface, make her qualify herself. this is bad for attraction overall because women hate animal rights

    if he planned on fucking her, he should have said, “I hope this is baby seal. even better if you clubbed it yourself. you should see some of the footage I’ve got”

    – when sen. byrd’s slave got rescued, she said she trusted the man doin’ the rescuin’ because he brought a trailer to rescue her horses and other animals too, that she knew he was a good man because he was kind to the animals. needless to say, he did not fuck her. even though her fuck programming could be accessed on demand

    needless cruelty is one thing. but don’t you dare be fucking kind if you want to get it wet as it sends conflicting messages

    dude says “I’m veggie. 7 years”. this is bad because next step is, “can I substitute tofu instead, please and thank you kindly?”

    soy boy alert.

    of course he was lying just trying to find an in to get in, but the reasoning stands

    girls love tartare. takes them back to the time before the fire. they remember better than we.

  66. Mersonia

    2 plus 2 = 4

    Nothing new. I mean I get you struggle with this. But making it “new” isn’t going to change the result.

    You’ve my theory of what IS alpha. On the link to Newly’s site. Your rebuttal is deficient. You offer objection only. No counter assertion.

    So tell me, what IS alpha? Do you have a definition? Have you thought at all about this?

    Or continue to waste our time bitch snarking.

  67. Fleezer

    “needless cruelty is one thing. but don’t you dare be fucking kind if you want to get it wet as it sends conflicting messages”

    solid breakdown.

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