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For the past three years of The Rational Male there’s been a consistent presence in the comment threads of guys seeking advice for particular situations with regards to Game. Whether it’s fine tuning certain aspects of Game or a larger consensus of the guys participating in my comment threads it’s become obvious there’s a need for a dedicated page and comment thread to address these Field Reports.

So I’m instituting this page for exactly this. If there is some urgency to have members of The Rational Male community analyze your particular situation feel free to hit anyone up in the comments of my current post, but please refer them to your particular field report with a link to your comment here. I’m hoping this will alleviate the mass of posts for field report analysis and Game specific insights piled into the main blog post for any given week.

There will be some rules for this “forum” as such. I ask that you only keep your comments to addressing the field reports at hand and save your larger theoretical stuff for the main posts, or if relevant, keep the “bigger scope of things” posts to being as succinct as possible. There will be no moderation in this comment thread (spamming excepted), so realize it will be a very hot kitchen before you post. I will impose no restrictions on video links here, nor will I limit links to various, but pertinent articles.

Understand, this is an experiment for now. It’s likely this comment thread will exceed thousands of comments. I’ll be instituting new comment plug-ins for wordpress to deal with this in the future, but I may archive this page the the posts and refresh this page in the future as well. If this gets cumbersome I may simply institute a dedicated forum-style sub-site of The Rational Male to accommodate for Game specific questions.

So have at it, post your field reports and feel free to comment on the ones you have some particular insight for. Be forewarned that it’s likely things may get a bit salty at times and I expect a lot of back & forth with debate and disagreements, but that’s what this thread is for – to hash out Game particulars for your given situations.


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  1. IRL, I don’t typically sexualize a lot, so generally girls at my bar aren’t gonna be open to getting their pussies felt up at the bar. There’s some assgrabbing going on, but I haven’t seen much crotchgrabbing at the bar. People go out to vehicles/dwellings to have sex. Makeout in public is pretty common and you can see a couple or two doing it.

    If I have a mind to do it, I may ask some girls out to my vehicle and I’ll test them there.

  2. J

    “So yeah I still use some mystery method concepts in the field. ”

    Of course. That’s the point I’ve been relaying. I thought you were open to greater / deeper understanding.

    “Responding to Sentient from a few articles back, but other guys’ll probably find this useful so I’m throwing it here:

    “Yup. This exactly… stumbled back to Mystery over the last couple of months precisely because of this and found a bunch of gaps that were filled in through greater understanding.”

    Ya, I think a lot of the people who are like “that PUA stuff is just a numbers game, I tried it and it was a numbers game, of course you get laid more because you’re approaching more duh” are generally the people who’ve learned (or seen other people who’ve learned) some abbreviated form of the original (like RSD is good but they simplify/dumb down a lot of concepts so newbies can see success faster, Manosphere, TRP, lots of pickup companies promoting “natural game” or groups like Simple Pickup etc. are all promoting dumbed down versions too)…so they’re not incorrect, what they’re seeing IS a lot more of a numbers game. Then the guys just shout “NEXT!!!” to any chick who doesn’t get with the plan so they keep doing the thing they’re doing that only really has like a 50% consistency rate because it’s some retarded taboo to say “maybe if I’m getting flaked on or girls aren’t responding consistently to this thing I’m doing, I should take the ego hit and admit I might be approaching this wrong and look for where I can tweak it for better results”.

    Am I some fuckin’ rainman magic PUA wizard over here, pin-point nailing people’s sticking points online from a few paragraphs they type in a field report? No, I’ve just studied the original PUA shit in-depth and I’m seeing angles that other people didn’t learn in their abbreviated version of pickup they studied so I can go “your problem is XYZ, it’s on Page 23 of this book or explained in this RSD video” and they’re like “woah, I never even thought about it that way before”.”

  3. “I expect to 3x mystery’s average with my fool’s mate method this year lol”

    i’ve been thinking about incorporating the fool’s mate stuff into my game as a kind of reverse sting to find the easy repeat meat

    1. run aggressive escalation snl game, ticking all the af no strings boxes, zero beta signals
    2. close her even though she’s been drinking, to make her think I’m thirsty and controllable like all the others
    3. video it (this is part of the setup. I tell her I only smash undergrad on pov video and it must end with her with a big facial saying she loves being a slut and then her giving me 5 bucks for my videography services because we billed it as her sugar baby audition tape or something stupid fantasy related like that) then I fuck the shit out of her for 10 minutes but before that ending happens, I neg her during the fuck, about the fuck, and tell her the deal’s off and she can keep her five bucks and I’m no longer consenting to the encounter and if she wants to know why I won’t endorse her as a sugar baby she should watch the video tomorrow
    4. she gets pissed (hopefully). she gets more pissed when I don’t contact her at all (hopefully).
    5. she minds her own business for six weeks, has some bad drunk hookups and hopefully reaches out to tell me what a piece of shit I am
    6. I tell her the video we made is very popular on the internet and I have some money for her. she gets pissed (hopefully)
    7. we meet. bang sober for real. sprinkle in the tiniest bit of beta care (“you put on some weight. diagnosis: too much loser dick”). got her.

    if this works on 1/10, and I bang 1 per weekend, then I’ll have a nice set of rotating plates to mess up and break as I please

    i love getting better at game while they stay the same naive age. it’s really not fair. must be why they love it

  4. @IRL

    So, what makes something light flirting? Is grabbing the inside of the ass cheek “light flirting”? How about when a girl puts a man’s hands on her boobs? How about when a girl wraps her legs around a man and kisses him? Are these all light flirting? I really need to know.

  5. I’ve seen that vid before. That girl is hot AF in my eyes! I’d cut my little fingers off for her! Also, that place (Austin, I think) looks fun!

  6. The fun part is watching her flip from throwing hands to kissing in 1.2 seconds. Yes that is Dirty 6th in Austin.

  7. scars

    Lmao. No man, don’t cut any appendages over any chick ever. That chick is okay, but the illusion is provided by her alcohol content and her ” friskiness “.

    If a girl kisses you and says ” I’d fuck the shit out of you “, then you MUST put her to the test. Bang her to sleep and then jet.

    Just be sure to bag up.

  8. Are we saying MM’s game doesn’t work? That’s not what I’m saying.

    I think the overall model

    – First Attract
    – Then comfort
    – Finally seduce

    is just basically how chicks get fucked, period, end of story. I think of it as the Mystery “Model” more than Mystery Method.

    *How* he attracts, *how* he builds comfort, *how* he seduces – that’s what a player’s style is.
    But comparing guru to guru, there are very few “gurus” that don’t operate along this time line.

    The proverbial red pill alpha, usually attracts through the gym and his inter-personal behavior. He acts like a boss, and expects people treat him like one. Confidence and assertiveness, and putting chicks on notice is generally attractive. If he was not born that way, he learns how to do it.

    A PUA can go direct, and it’s usually not the words per se, but the delivery.
    A PUA can do indirect, interact with a girl, push her away, and attract her psychologically. Specifically get the chick on the hook of trying to one up him, basically what you see in Hollywood banter. (This shit is not artificial at all)

    We could probably think of dozens more.

    But the same sequence – attract, comfort, seduce.

    The only I can think of was Sinn, he does a lot of comfort/rapport building before he pulls out his dick so to speak. And if you really wanted to get YaReally about it, his subcommunications might have been doing the attracting for him. (On the other hand, some of these old school PUAs had to deal with the “are you gay” shit test – because they were so “comfortable” with women.)

    In my mind, I’d break down the MM for the real world a little bit more.

    Maybe those first 90 seconds is 100% attraction, but the next 90 are mixed with a tiny bit of comfort and a tiny bit of arousal/seduction. Even when you’re deep into seduction, you might want to spice it up with some attraction.

    Shades of grey, overlapping circles, nothing is strictly linear – but that’s essentially calibration.

    Give the girl want she needs at the time to get to the next level.

    What made the MM “revolutionary” is that what most guys attempt to do is

    Comfort – attract – seduce. (he talks about it in his book)

    Regular guys try to make friends and try to fuck their friends.

    The reddit seduction board is 50% of this. “See there’s this girl..”

    Guys try to develop as many commonalities with a girl and then hope and pray and pull out a dick.
    They end up in the friendzone, girl ends up creeped out.

    “OMG this guy pretended to care about my shit, in order to get into my pants!”

    Have guys gotten laid this way? Sure.
    Is this a viable strategy for same night lays from cold approach during night game? No.
    This is barely a strategy to be honest.

    Just adopting the a different sequence would help most guys. (they’d then be forced to address how to build attraction)

    A few guys just drop the comfort all together. Just Attract and Seduce.

    Makes sense in a Meat market situation, and just tap into a girl’s sense of adventure, and you can get a blowie in the bathroom. That raw primal shit. Or what are you guys calling it this week? Validational sex?

    It’s the aftermath that’s the problem. That can easily turn south if anyone says the wrong thing to the girl afterwards, or she feels shame or hurt or used. (that can also happen with any model of attraction, because chicks in the West are to be believed (c) Aziz Ansari (lol))

    Mystery’s specific stuff? The Method?

    What a neg is, DHV STORIES vs DHV, the whole notion of “value”, Survival and Replication, 7 hours, Peacocking….

    – all of them have elements of truth, but so much of that stuff lacks CONTEXT. If you’re a 6’5″ Magician going to Hollywood Bars and Clubs, competing against actor/waiters and ballers, trying to charm some actress/stripper/porn starlet – a lot of what he says makes absolute sense.

    Like is there another way? When you’re not already strikingly handsome and a master of expressing your emotions through body language and facial expressions (i.e. acting)?

    If you were reading everything those guys were writing back then, or even now – you already knew the stuff that he wasn’t explicitly spelling out. But the masses came in, with all of their fucking problems and issues, and basically ruined a good thing during the cash grab.

    The type of shit you say to some Dominican smoke show who dances @ King of Diamonds, is not what you say to some 19 year old Co-ed, who’s the prettiest girl from Norman Oklahoma. And when those dudes started traveling abroad and trying to teach their game to non-Americans/Canadians/English/Australians – they realized that a lot of girls don’t respond to what they were doing here in the states. Those that thrived in Europe, Latin America, etc – they learned a deeper game, which made their domestic game better.

    Understanding the social dyna….the context of the situation is a part of the game that I think most gurus expect their often autistic, but usually sheltered audience to know intuitively.

    And in the atmosphere of today, sex is even easier to get, but the young guys having less of it.


  9. “Alas…

    You stopped short there WIA.

    What does Alas…. represent.

    Do you find any holes in your game?

    Do you find that you are on point?

    I look to you as someone that is practicing his creed. (a set of beliefs or aims that guide someone’s actions.) Goes with purpose and mission. Are things fine with your purpose and mission. I suspect they are. Sex and getting laid is secondary to your business life.

    How would you describe your goals, outlook and plans? Are you happy, shiny and a person that is idealistic and happy? Life is energy giving?

    That was the problem of YaReally as a PUA. He seemed to be good at PUA, but disjointed on how to proceed, transition and Flow. To have him get into rants about my comments in 2016 seemed, well unseemly. I’m just a guy in the Midwest that lives in my Midwest cocoon. So fuckingwhat. I’m having fun, move forward with agency and find that life is Beautiful. Shiny happy Idealism wrapped in a nice Praxeology bow.

    What I am trying to ask is that I highly respect how your Game informs Red Pill. I happen to be a Red Pill enthusiast. Because.

    How do you see this thing going forward, PUA’s having their speed bumps. Red Pill having credibility and Game informing Red Pill?

    You’ve got a valuable opinion WIA. What the hell is going on here:

    The PUA community can’t possible be invaluable. Individual operators there can go off their rails. But there is still the life-blood that can inform.

  10. The PUA community can’t possible be non-valuable… was what I attempted to say…. I misspoke when I said they can possibly be invaluable. My bad.

    In one of the podcasts of The Red Man Group, the statement was made (Rian Stone) that if sex in an intersexual relationship was mastered, then WTH? your life only considers it a a small fraction of your life’s problems. If not mastered? Guess what? It is a big fucking drag on your life. Like a 90% anchor on you moving forward and being free from constraint to pursue those all other things in your life.

  11. ”And in the atmosphere of today, sex is even easier to get [for girls and elite players], but the young guys [without game] having less of it.”


    “I also remember a few years back, some guys were claiming that this sexual liberation will make pickup and seduction much easier – and yes it has, to some extent. Sure, it substantially reduced the amount of frustrating last minute resistance and appeased women’s anti-slut defense. Sure, girls are more willing to jump quickly into bed with a guy they find attractive, with few to no questions asked. However, they do have to find the guy attractive.

    And this is key – just because a girl is sexually liberated does not mean she will open her legs to any guy. Quite the contrary, she will remain selective – maybe even more so. The social element is removed, but biology remains. Women are programmed to become more selective and make sure they choose a “proper” mate for survival reasons.


    As a result of the sexual liberation, women will get more options (just look at a girl’s Tinder – you will be blown away). They will willingly allow themselves to enter more situations where sex can happen. However, this makes them turn more selective.

    In other words, it is not easier to get laid these days, and women are not having more sex than they used to. The number of “admitted” sex partners for women remains more or less stable; if things were more accepted and people were judging them less, wouldn’t they admit to a higher number?

    The difference between then and now is this: women have equally as much sex, they just put up far less resistance to guys they like. So basically, this means that things are equally difficult in that regard, just less sexually frustrating (no more last minute resistance from hell).

    But things are now frustrating in different ways:

    Women have lower attention spans

    Women are more selective

    In other words, women are harder to hook. Put it this way: the challenge back then used to be during the end game; now the challenge is the pre-emotional hook right after opening. Getting her to give you attention for more than 3 minutes, settle down with you, and allow herself to be seduced by you – that is where the difficulty lies.

    Things are not harder or easier than they used to be… they have just changed.”

  12. ” Girls ” are easier to bang. Thing is, guys don’t generally have what it takes to bang them.

    Idk. Maybe again, my perspective is too tightly yoked to where I live and what I hear and see. What I see IRL is a handful of guys banging an inordinate amount of chicks, tinder and whatever aside. Dudes that actually want to have sex, and posses game are amassing giant n counts. But a majority of dudes aren’t really that interested, or sit on the sidelines with dick in hand waiting for an easy in.

    Chicks are more available for sex. Most guys don’t know how to get thatnsex from these women.

    I don’t believe that women’s n count has remained static. That’s not what I’m seeing.

    But like I told ya a couple of years ago, I don’t know too many young chicks using tinder. Every time I read ” tinder ” I’m like ” ooohhhhh, that’s the problem.. “, lol.

  13. @ j

    “They will willingly allow themselves to enter more situations where sex can happen. However, this makes them turn more selective.”

    I’m curious.

    If a woman has 20 potential mates and chooses 2 that’d she’d might fuck, that’s 10%

    If a woman has 100 potential mates you submit she’ll choose less than 20 that she’d might fuck?

  14. Blax ehintellect J

    That whole comment is just ahistorical and wrong on its face. Beware the motivations.

    Sure, girls are more willing to jump quickly into bed with a guy they find attractive, with few to no questions asked. However, they do have to find the guy attractive.

    These For Profit sites always have embedded that if you pay them they will make you one of those guys…

  15. Eh

    J can correct me if I’m wrong, but I’d bet that most chicks aren’t actually fuxking guys off tinder. Not in any great numbers. Shit like tinder is a cock blocking ego booster for chicks. It’s a numbers thing driven by thirsty motherfuckers.

    More tinder guys doesn’t equal more sex. Chicks in their late teens and early twenties that I know, that go out regularly, aren’t banging tinder dudes. They’re banging the guys in the venue ( or even in the parking lot ) that are in front of them with game. Social media is just a time killing, ego inflating distraction.

    For the most part.

  16. @EhIntellect

    well yeah she’d only want to fuck the best out of those 100 potential mates. Women are hypergamous, no?

  17. Sentient

    Yeah. I’m sure that there are instructors out there that are more than willing to instruct young lads for a nominal fee, in how to be more attractive to chicks. Without the help of these instructors, a man will be stranded in a tinder driven pussy desert.

  18. … Or a guy could take advantage of the wealth of free online content and go out. Consistently. And develop.

  19. Thx, my klaxon went off reading that.

    A girl will bang a guy a night, generally.

    So yeah she can be more selective by percentages in a larger sample.

    Hm. I didn’t even think about tinder. There’s so much pussy out there already and tinder seems more work than going out, making it happen, less steps IRL. Funny. I’m fricking clueless at times.

  20. J

    well yeah she’d only want to fuck the best out of those 100 potential mates. Women are hypergamous, no?

    But she will fuck a lot of those 80% too… every pot has a lid. Just look around.

  21. “tinder seems more work than going out, making it happen, less steps ”

    I’ve seen a couple of videos put out on how to “hack” tinder for easy pussy (5s,6s,7s):

    the 8s and 9s use it for validation (or to increase their instagram follower count) and to laugh at chumps. You should ask girls if they use tinder, a lot of them will give you a disgusted “uh no. why do I need tinder?” From what I understand, once a upon a time they used to use it for sex with hot guys on tinder. when it was all new and exciting but what happened is, many girls soon realized that a lot of these ‘hot guys’ were actually needy chodes that gave them awkward shitty sex. I guess the 5s and 6s still use tinder/bumble for sex but I don’t give a shit what they’re doing lol

  22. I’m only going off what the mainstream reports about millennials and their sexual activity. It’s generally down.

    The change in this generation is that their sense of the world is interpreted through the net in a way that generation X was not. What happens online is very real to them in a way that is not as real to people born before say 89.

    Along with a crappy economy, the social environment is different. Throw in the cultural and political changes….

  23. “… Or a guy could take advantage of the wealth of free online content and go out. Consistently. And develop.”

    True. but the content in the paid stuff is far superior to the free content online.

    “Torrent that shit” – Ya

  24. “Along with a crappy economy, the social environment is different. ”

    How does the economy affect getting desire laid?

  25. “tinder seems more work than going out”

    The preferred strategy was using a swipe app, have that run automated through a few thousand profiles swiping all right, then you just look through the funnel of matches and blast them. You just need to be in a larger population area or passing through.

  26. Depends on how one defines ” economy “. The real economy is indeed shit. The number economy, based a lot of Wall Street numbers, is humming right along at a very high rate.

    The ” Real Economy ” includes Standard Of Living and Cost Of Living vs Real Wages. The Real Economy is not coupled to Wall Street/Corporate Earnings.

    The Real Economy hasn’t been impacted by any administration since Ronald Wilson Reagan.

    I will say that there is an abundance of $12-$15/hr jobs though. Better than minimum wage, not enough to really live on depending on how many hours you work and where you live.

    Hmmm… too bad there’s no money.

  27. …the defining thing of psychopathy is that emotions don’t affect their actions.

    Not always necessary or sufficient. The roll that Rollo Tomassi has been on lately along with his social media buddies, The 21 convention and his Red Man Group shows that unadulterated Masculinity can serve the same purpose of not letting emotions affect ones actions.

    And Rollo doesn’t appear psychopathic, now. Does he? (Hell, even Fleezer doesn’t seem so psychopathic anymore under the influence of The Red Pill…)

    <blockquote.“Handling an emotional crisis leads to greater wisdom and results in lifetime benefits. Fear of life is really the fear of emotions. It is not the facts that we fear but our feelings about them. Once we have mastery over our feelings, our fear of life diminishes.” -David Hawkins M.D. Ph.D., Power vs. Force


    7. Masculinity

    From best quotes of Game of Thrones

    “A true man does what he will, not what he must.”

    Masculine energy, for all of its complicated nuances and interpretations, can really be summed up in one word: will. As the great German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche once said: “The way of men is will. The way of women in willingness.” This quote could not be more accurate in contrasting masculine and feminine energies.

    The way of men is will—men make things happen. We exert our will on the world. Much like our biology (AKA our penises), our energy is to penetrate the world. Masculine energy is driven to exert what it believes and wants onto external reality. “The way of men is will, the way of women is willingness.”

    Men do what they WILL, not what they MUST. True men, real men, do what they know they wish to do. They do not care for societal expectations, and they do not care for circumstances. They simply act who they are onto the world’s stage and let it play out, for better or for worse.

    These words are very well spoken by the great George R.R. Martin, because they hone in on the crux of masculine essence. Nowadays, men do what feels good. They do what they feel they should, what their parents tell them they should, and what society tells them they should. Really, they should do what they know they should. Jon Anthony

    An interesting “take” on this (which I’m not sure I totally follow logically as a generality, but it is just a take on something in Game of Thrones that was contextual).

    This from that same linked MasculineDevelopment link and essay above:

    “Bran thought about it. ‘Can a man still be brave if he’s afraid?’ he asked. ‘That is the only time a man can be brave,’ his father told him.”

    This is perhaps, one of the most oft-cited Game of Thrones quotes, and it isn’t hard to see why. Comprising of a single line, this quote aptly summarizes the all-encompassing emotion of fear into a single philosophy. Bravery isn’t something that we can achieve without fear—no, it’s something that requires fear.

    Nothing is great unless it requires you to push yourself. No action can be strong unless there is an equal and opposite force to resist you along the way. All greatness in life requires resistance, whether it be something as small as asking the girl of your dreams on a date, or conquering an entire empire.

    Bravery is something that modern men can hardly relate to. We’ve been stuck behind our computers, televisions, and other comforts of modern civilization for far too long. We’ve forgotten what it’s like to face death and to laugh in its face. We’ve forgotten what it’s like to lose a brother in arms, or to nearly die for something you believe in.

  28. I will say that there is an abundance of $12-$15/hr jobs though.

    Must be all that manufacturing on the east coast. Railroads are hiring like there’s no tomorrow. Gunmakers, too. I didn’t know that they paid such low wages.

    Wages are rising and the fear is that that will fuel inflation.

    Yeah, the Midwest and its manufacturing are pulling this economy along. Cincinnati, Chicago, etc.

  29. From Blax’s reference:

    Pedro writes:

    A key reason for workers’ waning bargaining power is the declining presence of unions in the workplace.

    Yeah, domestic workers having to compete with foreigners who will work the same jobs for half the pay had nothing to do with wage depression. I’m sure if the unions were around they would have been able to keep wages high.

    Wonder why ol’ Pedro didn’t mention this little fact of wages being depressed by competition from foreigners? Hmmm….is he stupid or is he trying to distract from the real problem?

    Whether it’s foreigners coming to the U.S. to work for lower wages or companies offshoring work (which reduced demand for U.S. labor), wage competition depressed wages.

  30. @Eh

    So here are the stats that keep getting reported.

    The basics of the blue pill game is that guys need to provide resources in order to get girls.

    Talk about so-called job gains, but not for recent male college graduates.

    Women are out earning them.,8599,2015274,00.html

    And a guy not only needs to earn money, he needs to earn more than the girl he’s dating.

    A lot of these guys don’t talk to girls because they can’t really do anything for them.
    I’m not saying it’s logical, but the game has never been logical.

    Throw in everything else about the current social climate in the advanced economies, and everyone is going the way of Japan

  31. ” Noah Patterson, 18, has never had sex. “I’d rather be watching YouTube videos and making money.” Sex, he said, is “not going to be something people ask you for on your résumé.””

    Sadly, I hear similar stuff from some young men.

    Again, as a whole, I think we’re headed towards being pretty much done as far as looking to ” da kids ” to carry on.

  32. I got one last lie to strangle, then I’m out.

    American workers aren’t ” losing ” jobs to foreigners coming here to ” work for less ” in any measurable numbers that matter. Lol, it’s ” always the little guy’s fault ” shit.

    Bottom Line: No adult should work a 40 hour week and be paid shit wages that one cannot support one’s self with. That’s how ( the much hated ) unions came to be in the first place. Everyone benefited from what the unions achieved, and now everyone will get the shitty end of the stick from the destruction of the unions. Like your 40 hour work week? 2 weeks vacation? Benefit package? Profit sharing? Pension?

    If your 30 and younger, you may not even know what I’m even talking about. But youngin’s understand this one crucial point – people that are older than 30, that hate unions and love corporations and their fuckery, have already benefitted. They got theirs and pretend that unions and worker’s rights were so bad.

    There will come a time soon where young folks will need to wake up and organize, or be sentenced to pseudo poverty with 20,000 buck credit card debt, 7 year car loans, and inflated rents and housing prices forever.

  33. P.S.

    ProTip: It’s not ” foreigners ” that are doing this to you either. Guess who it is? ( Hint: They were all born right here )

  34. From the Time article @WIA linked:

    “Here’s the slightly deflating caveat: this reverse gender gap, as it’s known, applies only to unmarried, childless women under 30 who live in cities. The rest of working women — even those of the same age, but who are married or don’t live in a major metropolitan area — are still on the less scenic side of the wage divide.”

    “Men and women are happiest if successfully performing their traditional roles. This is to be expected, since whites and east asians, the descendents of civilizations, are descended from those that did perform their traditional roles.

    The Cathedral, however, presents girls, in school and on television, with a false life plan: That they will follow the same path as males, and marriage and family will just spontaneously happen while they are fucking Jeremy Meeks.

    So girls followed that plan. With the result that the male plan (get a career and what you need to support a family, and a good wife will show up) stopped working. So males stopped working. And here we are.”

  35. American workers aren’t ” losing ” jobs to foreigners coming here to ” work for less ” in any measurable numbers that matter.

    Lol, this is just plain moronic. Highly skilled construction jobs are frequently filled by illegals. You only have to open your eyes to see it.

    ProTip: It’s not ” foreigners ” that are doing this to you either. Guess who it is? ( Hint: They were all born right here )

    Ok, class, school is in session.

    Johnny, Elon Musk, was he born in Pretoria, California?

    Johnny: It was in South Africa.

    There’s no shortage of research on immigrant-founded and led businesses in the U.S. According to The Partnership for the New Economy, 41 percent of Fortune 500 companies were founded by immigrants or the children of immigrants.

    Arianna Huffington (Greek) Co-Founder of Huffington Post; Steve Chen (Taiwanese) Co-Founder of YouTube; Jan Koum (Ukranian) Co-Founder of WhatsApp ; Mike Krieger (Brazilian) Co-Founder of Instagram; and Adi Tatarko (Israeli) Co-Founder of Houzz.

    Across the entire Fortune 500, 11.6 percent of CEOs were born abroad. Some of the most iconic American brands—Microsoft, Google, McDonald’s, PepsiCo, and U.S. Steel, for example—are today led by foreign-born CEOs. These CEOs come not just from Europe anymore, but from India, South Africa, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, Israel, Iran, and more.

    Blax, the “Elite” ain’t just native Americans any more.

    Class dismissed.

  36. Blax, several guys I know where I dance are illegal aliens and do construction work. And I know developers who hire illegals here in flyover country. It ain’t just Cal and Texas.

    Right now jobs are plentiful where I live, so there’s less anti-illegal sentiment than when jobs are tight.

  37. #Theasdgamer
    Can you tell me why girls laugh at me in peers? They first stare at me and then laugh at me.

  38. Redlight, are you saying that girls in pairs were laughing at you? Were they laughing or giggling? If they were laughing, maybe there was a grooming problem. If they were giggling, it was likely romantic.

  39. Redlight,

    You’re not relaxed. Jesus.

    Stop thinking, take a pull on your beer, lean back in you chair, the wall, and enjoy.

    You comment, nay demand advice room good natured people.

    Perhaps they percieve what I perceive. Stop acting nervous and pissy.

  40. Multiple girls laughing at you means you’re funny looking. Like a clown. You’re a source of amusement.

    Questions: why are you trolling, and so you own any mirrors?

  41. Redlight,

    Tell us about yourself. Height, weight, age, size of town you live in, venues you frequent.

    Let’s start there.

  42. You stay classy, cheatin women. from:

    ” How often do you hear about people who discover they’re actually adopted or have a secret sibling? Every day. Every day. The nonpaternity average in this country is much higher than people think it is. There’s a good chance there’s an “Uncle Joe” in your family who’s actually just “Joe.” So everyone has a story like that; they just don’t necessarily know it. ”

    Another gem:

    “Here’s the really sad part. It doesn’t matter how beautiful you were in your youth; when you age you become invisible. You could still look fabulous but … who cares? Nobody is looking.”

  43. Jesus. Something’s wrong with me. I’m missing out on the mental beautiful woman worshipping thing.

  44. @Everyone:

    I think Eh was thinking of me there LOL.
    The technical discussions here helped. I’ve been having an easier time getting it in (even without using the hands! LOL)

    Again on the technical aspects of things:

    1. Something that still confuses me is how a (bigger) penis goes in more easily than two fingers, or even one. Any ideas? I really want to get more experience in the squirting spiderman technique, but even with the girl really wet, I barely manage to get the finger or fingers in…

    2. did we ever cover how to do anal properly? I’m not particularly attracted to the idea, but I think some girls just expect to be penetrated on all holes. Lube, aim, and slowly push it in?

  45. @KFG: you linked to Project Gutenberg. Isn’t there a way to download the epub / Kindle versions without integrating with Dropbox / Google drive / Microsoft account? I think I’ve done that in the past.

    Without any accounts one can access the HTML version, and download some .txt file versions.

  46. IAS, yes x3.

    Rollo has a thinly-veiled-as-serious submission OP which is click bait awesome all about anal. Last year, I think. Enjoy!

  47. Redlight,

    I’m not going to address your mom problems. Either you move on to better or not. IDC.

    You know what’s wrong in you actively choosing to be retarded socially, you listed it quite nicely. Pick one thing today and stop doing that.

    I’m going to assume a lot here cuz I don’t like to read our comments about yourself. You are a buzz kill. We will work on that later.

    Let’s not talk about girls or getting laid. You’ve bigger fish to fry.

    Warning; Do not over think this! If you do I will reach through this iPhone and kick at your undecended testicles.

    Homework: Shit, shower and SHAVE every morning, every day. You must shave even of you only have peach fuzz. Get that pubescent look off your mug. You must shave, you are too stupid to think independently and IDC about any excuse, so don’t reply with anything but “Yes, sir.”

    I fucking mean STFU, to me, to other men you meet, just do as I say and tell us non whining where you’re at.

    When showering use soap. Lots of it. Don’t masturbate. Don’t be wierd about avoiding your dick, just clean it but don’t fap.

    Get a comb and hair gel, straight from the bottle conditioner works too, put a small pudfle of it in your hand with a dab of water, thin it down by rubbing both hands together and drive it through ALL your hair. Now comb your hair, WITH A COMB, find your natural part and comb it back away from your face. Feather the hair on the back of your head.

    Put on slacks, jeans but not shorts or sport sweatpants and a clean, non starwars or cartoonish t shirt.

    You must develop an ablution routine before you leave the house. Do not go into public unless you clean your 🤡 face.

    Don’t comment until you are clean and fully dressed.

  48. @ sentient

    … I thought ” redlight ” was the occasional redlight that pops in from time to time, and was simply trolling.


  49. “Rollo has a thinly-veiled-as-serious submission OP which is click bait awesome all about anal. Last year, I think. Enjoy!”

    What? You mean last April 30th, 2017?

    “Anal is about total submission to a man. It is all about his pleasure and her discomfort in the act. If that man isn’t 100% an ideal dominant Alpha to her, her sexual interest is mitigated by order of degrees. Her genuine desire to initiate sex, and her imaginative-ness in sex, will be the metric by which you can judge where she perceives your sexual market value to be. It’s my belief that women’s sexual hesitancy with a man is inversely proportional to her subconscious appraisal of his sexual market value.”

  50. “And yeah, I don’t groom well.”

    Because you feel you are not worthy. Intentionally handicapping yourself. Like getting drunk in college the night before an exam. If you perform poorly on the exam, at least you have an excuse for the poor performance. If you perform well, well, then, aren’t you your own fucking bastard hero? You are not fucking fooling anybody, not the least of which is yourself.

    You should beg, borrow or steal a clue from a mentor. But don’t show it as you do it.

    (the comment January 20, 2016 at 10:42 am)

    “I strongly stared at those (3) girls, they did that too(and seriously). As soon as I took my sight away from them they started laughing (not giggling).But I was pushing/forcing myself so couldn’t fake it completely.

    What? Did you initially look at them with Dominant Confidence? Or pathetic Anger?

    You took your sight away?,Really? How? I bet you looked down and away from their eyesight. That is contemptible in their eyes. It is submissive. And giving up too soon.

    “When I see some guys below of my average doing better than me, I’m drowning even more deep in the Sea of Depression. I think I ruined my purpose of life. I could do a lot better.

    I’m young.”

    Ergo, you have something to look forward to. If you convert your anger, depression, bargaining to some good use. When you bottom out at least you have anger to pivot off of. And hence the replies you have gotten. Uncles know how to motivate young men. You should listen to them instead of getting angry.

    You should really Google/Youtube search for Jordan Peterson Dark Side/ Shadow Self and listen and reflect and not being such a good man, so much as being good at being a man.

    Don’t be such a runaway train. Get more angry and put that that anger to better use.

    Soul Asylum Lyrics:

    “Runaway Train”

    Call you up in the middle of the night
    Like a firefly without a light
    You were there like a blowtorch burning
    I was a key that could use a little turning

    So tired that I couldn’t even sleep
    So many secrets I couldn’t keep
    Promised myself I wouldn’t weep
    One more promise I couldn’t keep

    It seems no one can help me now
    I’m in too deep
    There’s no way out
    This time I have really lead myself astray

    Runaway train never going back
    Wrong way on a one-way track
    Seems like I should be getting somewhere
    Somehow I’m neither here nor there

    Can you help me remember how to smile?
    Make it somehow all seem worthwhile
    How on earth did I get so jaded?
    Life’s mysteries seem so faded

    I can go where no one else can go
    I know what no one else knows
    Here I am, just drowning in the rain
    With a ticket for a runaway train

    And everything seems cut and dry
    Day and night
    Earth and sky
    Somehow I just don’t believe it

    Runaway train never going back
    Wrong way on a one-way track
    Seems like I should be getting somewhere
    Somehow I’m neither here nor there

    Bought a ticket for a runaway train
    Like a madman laughing at the rain
    A little out of touch, a little insane
    It’s just easier than dealing with the pain

    Runaway train never going back
    Wrong way on a one-way track
    Seems like I should be getting somewhere
    Somehow I’m neither here nor there

    Runaway train never coming back
    Runaway train tearing up the track
    Runaway train burning in my veins
    I run away but it always seems the same

  51. “Put on slacks, jeans but not shorts or sport sweatpants and a clean, non starwars or cartoonish t shirt.”

    Nah sweatpants are cool as long as they’re slim and the right fit. T shirts? I got solid color and graphic T shirts I go out with. If you like it and it fits good, wear it. Slacks? I get the impression that this guys probably 18-23 years old so I recommend chinos instead. I recommend Uniqlo. Since it’s April, here’s a guide to get you started:

  52. @ j

    This guy is too much of a basket case to offer all that up. What the fuck does he know about well fitting when he reeks of basement?

    He needs less choices, not more.

    He must be hand held and short of standing next to him it’s best to not let him think himself into some clown suit.

  53. “Redlight” the noob

    First: Pick a different name, noob. That one is already taken.

    I have depression. Insomnia follows me.

    Depression and insomnia can happen to men with low Testosterone. The easy way to fix that is with upper body exercise, such as lifting weights.

    Plus you are obviously living in your head, or in your phone, either way overthinking things. Stopping that is essential, lifting with proper form while you focus on that form is one way to do it.

    I tried to hit gym couple of days ago, but then I just couldn’t do that.

    “I just couldn’t do that”, what does that even mean? Stop talking like a girl. Unless you have a physical injury you can indeed do that. Short of money? Go buy some free weights at a thrift store, get a pair of 5 pound and a pair of 10 pound. Search YouTube for proper form, start with curls. There’s lots of work that can be done in a small space with free weights, do a search or even ask politely right here.

    Living in a basement? Do pushups. Lots of them. Here, this site spoonfeeds an exercise program that is all about pushups. Takes maybe 10 minutes out of your busy day 3x week…

    Stop overthinking. Form a simple plan and stay on task for whole minutes at a time. Stop living in your phone.

    Plus what EhIntellect said about basic grooming. That’s so basic it should not need saying.

  54. Lol, I wear ” chinos ” a couple of times a week. They fit awesomely. I’m so immature.😀

    I don’t think a lot of guys can pull off the sweatpants thing though. I find a brand that fits, not too baggy, not too tight, and rock the shit out of them with ” nice ” t shirts and fresh jordans.I

    I have a lot of young girls buying me stuff for holidays and Christmas or whatever, and they say I look ” hot ” in that stuff, lol, but at my age I use moderation so I don’t look like the old guy trying too hard…. But I have a short sleeved ripped hoodie that is fuxking amazing, and I don’t care that I’m at least 10 years too old to be wearing something like that.

    Young cats have a ton of options clothing wise. Go with that. The 2nd most important thing is FIT. Wear stuff that fits, even if you have to have some things tailored/altered. I can’t stress how much of a difference it makes. My ass is flatter than a skateboard, so I’ve had to have a few pairs of pants altered so I don’t look like I’m wearing a loaded diaper. Fit, fit, fit. It sets you apart from the slobs. Lol.

  55. Time for someone to put on his big boy pants and stop being a creep.

    LOL, JBP to the triage mission.

    1 Stand up straight with your shoulders straight

    Most lobsters are complete bastards left to their own devices. Most humans are complete bastards left to their own devices. This proves there is a God who wants us to have Order. Order is Masculine and Chaos is Feminine. Therefore to move towards Order, we all need to man up. Happiness is pointless. We are all on this Earth to suffer. So learn to suffer like a man. Not everyone can be as rich and successful as me, but try to be less of a failure than you already are.

    2 Treat yourself like someone you are responsible for helping

    The story of the Garden of Eden shows that we are all touched with Original Sin But you have a choice. You can either seek Heaven or be dragged down into Hell. Yes, you have a shameful, sinful nature but for God’s sake just make a bit of an effort. Stop waiting for other people to dig you out of your pitiful hole.

    3 Befriend people who want the best for you

    We are all Being. Just some of us are better Beings. Learn to tell the difference. Some people are beyond help. They are merely exploiting the willingness of good people to help them and, as Dostoyevsky rightly observes, will drag you down to their level. So stick with the winners. If people are determined to screw up, let them. They are nothing to do with the Divine Purpose.

    4 Compare yourself to who you were yesterday, not the useless person you are today

    Face it, you’re never going to be that smart, so don’t compare yourself to someone who is. Start by getting on your knees to pray. Even if you don’t Believe in God. Atheists are merely people who are blinded to the true way of Being. There, you feel marginally less useless already.

    5 Do not let your children do anything that makes you dislike them

    Remember that children are born with Original Sin and have a huge capacity for Evil. They are not Innocent Beings. They need Discipline if they are going to grow up to be even vaguely worthwhile humans. And slap them if necessary – don’t listen to what the lefties say.

    6 Set your house in order before you criticise the world

    Remember the story of Cain and Abel? Well, read it then. Yes, Abel was a schmuck who deserved to die and Cain wasn’t quite as goddamn perfect as he thought he was. He deserved to die, too. We all deserve to die. So stop moaning if someone is richer and better looking than you.

    7 Pursue what is meaningful, not what is expedient

    Life is suffering. The Book of Genesis tells us that. There is no easy way round this. So quit looking for short cuts and start reading Nietzsche.

    8 Tell the truth. Or at least don’t lie

    To be honest, I’m scrabbling around for thingsbut my publishers tell me I need 12. By telling you the Truth about this, I am an Improved Being. Certainly better than you.

    9 Assume the person you are listening to knows something you don’t

    Just shut up, quit moaning and listen to me. I know things you don’t. So don’t expect me to listen to you. That’s not the way things work. I’m here to make you feel Better about Yourself by telling you things you already know in a way that makes you feel clever.

    10 Be precise in your speech

    Confront the chaos of Being. Don’t try to beat about the bush. Things are going to be terrible. Oedipus killed his Dad. You may well kill yours. Get over it. Face up to the real horrors of the world.

    11 Do not bother children while they are skateboarding

    This is the rule that’s the real catnip for right-wingers everywhere. Want to know why the world is falling apart? It’s because liberals are turning boys into girlies with their namby-pamby ways. Let boys do boy things and girls do girl things. Nowhere in the Bible does God say anything about this trans nonsense. There’s nothing wrong with men having all the best jobs and women staying home to look after the kids. So back off, ladies, and give us men a break.

    12 Pet a cat when you encounter one in the street

    OK. So I really am scraping the barrel now. We’re all going to die. Probably painfully. So just make the best of what you’ve got. If you see a cat, stroke it. You might feel better. Though probably not. And if there are no cats, pet something else. Like a dog.

    When you were here before
    Couldn’t look you in the eye
    You’re just like an angel
    Your skin makes me cry
    You float like a feather
    In a beautiful world
    And I wish I was special
    You’re so fuckin’ special
    But I’m a creep, I’m a weirdo.
    What the hell am I doing here?
    I don’t belong here.
    I don’t care if it hurts
    I want to have control
    I want a perfect body
    I want a perfect soul
    I want you to notice
    When I’m not around
    You’re so fuckin’ special
    I wish I was special
    But I’m a creep, I’m a weirdo.
    What the hell am I doing here?
    I don’t belong here.
    She’s running out again,
    She’s running out
    She’s run run run run
    Whatever makes you happy
    Whatever you want
    You’re so fuckin’ special
    I wish I was special
    But I’m a creep, I’m a weirdo,
    What the hell am I doing here?
    I don’t belong here.
    I don’t belong here.

  56. “or be dragged down into Hell.”

    You see, Follower, this hell isn’t down in some smoldering lava river waiting for you…it’s the life you lead AT THIS TIME down in that basement mindset of yours.

    You are, right now, as you read this, living hell on Earth as you painted yourself into an insufferable corner of paralyzing fear, masochism and are vainly striking out at the world when the solution is staring you in the mirror.

  57. @IAS: ” . . . you linked to Project Gutenberg. Isn’t there a way to download the epub / Kindle versions without integrating with Dropbox / Google drive / Microsoft account?”

    On everything I’ve got I just click/tap the link and it goes to my default download folder. I don’t do iPhone.

  58. Redlighthouse,

    Good job. Now get yourself in well fitting clothes.

    Full stop. You must describe yourself, age, height, weight, size of town you live in, your sexual experience.

    There are no wrong answers except lies. Don’t do that.

  59. Woah, Nellie! WTF…you bought a mirror? Who buys a mirror? What’s wrong with the bathroom one? You live in the kush?

    You’re fucking with me.


  60. a “look” is literally the opposite of idgaf. good luck running “opposite of proven shit” game

    girls only notice guys clothes when there’s nothing making their pussies wet

    if she’s noticing/commenting on attire, and it’s not part of a peacocking game or opening opinion package, you failed to control the set because she’s setting it up for you to qualify to her about why or why not you’re properly fucking dressed to play

    “i can’t approach. i’m not wearing that one good shirt”

    “i can’t approach. i’m sweaty”

    “i can’t approach. the lighting is bad my pussy hurts too much”

  61. women love men in uniform. because…

    men in uniform have proven they want to be manipulated (provider preselection)


    a man in a uniform is very similar to a naked man. the removal of the clothing decision allows her to evaluate the raw material for its future use to her and her offspring (provider preselection, but also possibly gene contribution evaluation aka af)

  62. I’ve picked up girls without ironing my shirt/pants, wearing no cologne, sole of my shoe falling off. I know game > looks. But giving a fuck about your appearance, prevents these social knee jerk “No” reactions. Looking decent isn’t just about girls, brah.

    “So Ironic, get in a crazy situation and it happens to involve a woman who just happens to be the closest mutant involved and you’re a fuckin pickup guru. One who at the time has a video up (the current thing on youtube isn’t me) where ya are sporting an ironic mullet and straw hat, showing off your guns and shooting technique, and flailing your penis around. Lesson learned there, always think/dress class, because even if ironic, you will be judged on a fucked up appearance.”

  63. “you will be judged on a fucked up appearance.”


    “I reject your judgment”

    judgment means nothing without jurisdiction – “only god can judge me”

    fashion is culture

    game has nothing to do with culture. understanding of a foreign culture’s abstract symbolism and customs is totally unnecessary in order to fuck the females

    “what other people think of me is none of my business”

  64. “you will be judged on a fucked up appearance.”


    ^Gotta go with flea

    Makes you all the more amazing when you don’t fit social norms and have amazing game (aka ugly , look like a bum , look weird (people peacocked for a reason) etc etc.) when your game is solid almost anything helps you

  65. “have amazing game”

    Apples and oranges. Amazing game is amazing. Amazing frame is amazing. But if you have zero game or frame, your just retarding your progress the more you veer from hygienic and presentable. If this is the hill noobs want to die on, well you are gonna die on it.

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