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I wanted to make a brief announcement here that I have created a new page for all the interviews I’ve been doing recently. It was getting a bit cluttered to keep publishing a new post after every new podcast so I’m now collecting them all on a new page ‘Interviews’ you’ll see at the top of the blog now.


While I’ve always had interviews in my categories this just makes things easier. I also wanted to announce that I’m going to be doing a ‘Red Pill All Stars’ live stream with Anthony Johnson and some selected men I interact with in the manosphere every other week for the foreseeable future so this page will hold all of these shows too. We don’t have a title for this venture just yet so if you have a good idea please leave it in the comments here. I have no plans for a formal YouTube channel as yet. I might reconsider this and start one in the future, but as it stands now I’m doing so many interviews and talks I may as well have a channel. I know there are some guys who make a habit of doing live Periscope streams from their cars to get their thoughts collected about various Red Pill topics – I hereby reserve the right to occasionally do this too.

Pat Campbell and AM1170

I’m also doing weekly live radio (actual terrestrial radio) with talk radio personality Pat Campbell now too. It’s a really fun hour, but you’ll have to check my Twitter feed for the days I’m on, since he can sometimes call me the night before to go on the next morning. It’s fast becoming a really popular segment and there’s a possibility his show might go national, so give us a listen. His station was kind enough to create a dedicated archive for my segments and I’ve put a dedicated link in the side bar now too. If you want to listen live while I’m on, on the days I do the segment we go for an hour and usually it starts at 9AM EST – 6AM PST. You can listen to the live stream here when I’m on.

While Pat is my main man, I’m also considering the possibility of doing more live radio (I’ll be on with Jesse Lee Peterson this Wednesday) with other hosts in the future, as well as talking with some other e-celebrity personalities – stay tuned!

21 Convention Talks

I’ve had Anthony Johnson make my first 21 Convention talk available for free on 21 University now. You can watch the first talk above here or go to the YouTube channel, watch there and join in the comments there. Thus far it’s been very well received and the views have been great. I should also mention that this is my first in-person video I’ve ever done so I want to also open up the comments here to get my regular readers opinions about my doing this. What can I do better, what do you like about it (besides it now being free)? I’m still encouraging men to sign up for a membership using my link on the sidebar, but this video is now free for all to watch. My second talk was a roundtable format and covered a variety of topics regarding Positive Masculinity. This video will be available to members only, but I may also petition for a free version as well.

While I’m not in any way ‘officially’ partnered with the ‘New and improved Red Pill version’ of the 21 University organizers I do have some ideas I may run past them in the future (yes, I’ll be doing the 2018 21 Convention this year too). If you have ideas or anything to say about this I’m all ears too. As all my readers know, from a Red Pill perspective I’m first and foremost a writer and this blog and my books are always the primary way I organize and put forth my ideas. That said, I’m entertaining the idea of starting a small TRM forum this year, though I don’t want it to become something that gets so unmanageable that it demands attention away from my writing. This is another idea I’m looking for input on.

Finally, I’m going to be 50 years old on April 2nd this year. I’ll be publishing a kind of memoir / introspective essay when that event occurs, but for this post I wanted to say that this milestone in my life has prompted me to take assessment of what I’d like to do with my remaining years and how important this community has become in those plans. It should go without saying that I have every intention to keep doing what I do, but I’m deciding where I want to go with life and my ‘day job’ work and how I want to proceed from here. I’m factoring a lot of things into this evaluation that I’ve never really considered before and I’d like to ask you all for your input and assessments too.

Rollo Tomassi


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  1. @Rollo:
    The rational males
    would work as a title for your new thing, if you don’t mind tying the brand in with it (and the other men don’t mind being tied to the brand).

  2. @Rollo:
    TRM Forum would be great. Having the possibility to PM other posters here without needing to use a workaround like Reddit or Blackdragon’s community would be very useful.

    It could also provide a natural fix to some of the issues with the Field Reports section, although I’d like to have the main posters in that section chime in if they would also be up to continue posting in a forum format. Of course in a forum we can also have a long-running “Field Reports” thread where everyone posts sequentially, to emulate the current format.

  3. Happy birthday, Rollo. I recently turned 50 myself. didn’t discover the red pill until about 3 years ago. I have gained a great deal of insight, confidence, and the will to make changes in a large part due to your site. thank you.

  4. Titles and tags are everything if you work red pill in there somehow you’ll get views. Just be careful because YouTube is trying to make people pay to post anything outside of blue pill mentality.

  5. Well done. I recently turned 50 and up to that point had never thought of it as a “milestone”. It is a pivotal point in one’s life.

    Without discovering Game and the Red Pill i think i would have been completely lost and confused. The Red Pill provided a re-birth or re-boot of sorts so that when I did turn 50 it wasn’t the big deal that much of society wants to make it.

    The Groucho Marx chestnut: “You’re only as old as the woman you feel” has become a mantra of sorts.

    But as I look back on what I’ve done I’ve become relieved that despite the various uncertainties, anxieties and false regrets…I did everything i ever wanted to do. It’s just that at 50 I’ve become conscious of my achievements and proud of them.

    Slowly the realization I’ve passed this milestone along with the Red Pill principles have given me a renewed sense of purpose.

  6. Rollo, if you find more purpose moving in the direction of your Red Pill work and your “day job” isn’t really cutting it (at least that’s what it seems like to me) then by all means, do that! Like you’ve told all of us though through out our time together, you get to figure it out. Whatever you decide, it’ll work and it will be awesome. I for one am really interested in the YouTube channel idea, that would be neat and another great way to get the message out there.

  7. I think a forum discussing field reports would be beneficial.
    I miss the days of good field reports. You can always learn something from them regardless of your game level.

  8. “The Red Pill Monthly” was a promising nascent series, was proposed to discuss an Iron Rule monthly (like the one on Frame) — whatever happened to Niko?

    This work definitely making an impact – here and there across contemporary news will see these concepts convincingly presented in discussion sections. It is going mainstream. Everywhere men are Waking Up and throwing off the yoke.

  9. @rollo

    I discovered your blog right after separating from my ex wife of 27 years. You helped me to understand the true nature of women after 50+ years of living. It’s like the blinders came off and I can finally see the world and women as they really are.

    It was a pleasure and an honor to meet and talk with you at the 21 convention. I was the older white haired guy with the goatee speaking with you at the buffet at Socrates place.

    Looking forward to your upcoming memoir. I think it’s very helpful when you share real life experiences (the stories of your brother in law & the tale of two guitars come to mind). If you’re comfortable sharing more actual events from your life, that would be great. For me and perhaps other men, those stories hit me on a visceral, gut level that an essay alone doesn’t provide.

    Thanks for all that you do and everything you contribute to men all over the world.

  10. Rollo, I am too young to give you advice, but approaching 30 myself I totally get the symbolism of turning 50. Like others have suggested, now might be the time to do that stuff that you might have been postponing.

    Thanks again for your work.

  11. TRM has helped put a lifetime of ups and downs in context for me and show the way forward — but I most sorely needed it 35 or 40 years ago, so you needed to start writing it in fourth grade. Mozart penned his first symphony at age 8, you know.

    Anyway, all the best, keep up the great work. The decline and death of parents can be a heartbreaking challenge for people in their 50s, but otherwise it can be a very fruitful decade.

  12. @Rollo, your body of work has been very inspirational and interesting. Our generation sat around while men and our society was blind-sided by unchecked hypergamy, so it’s also our generations responsibility to save those that men that want to be saved and are searching for some meaning that is as of yet unresolved.

  13. Rollo, one idea to expand your Red Pill reach might be to partner with other people to author new books based on your ideas. You’ve stayed away from a prescription approach, so that you can reach the widest audience, and foster individual thought.

    That was definitely the right approach. Now may be the time to think about partnering with several other authors to write prescription-style guides based on different life events and/or times of life. Different men could write a guide to unplugging, guides to navigating your 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s, guides to divorce, guides to the corporate world, guides to acclimating to civilian life after the military, etc. Use people who have relevant recent experience.

    I have no idea how to guide a 25 year old through the modern world, but I’ll bet a red-pill aware 30 year old could. I have no idea how to guide a man through a divorce, but a guy who’s just been through it and has taken an interest in getting the best outcome could.

    These tasks are too big for one man to tackle, but you could build an organization around the work you’ve done, and set in motion a big thorn in the side of the FI.

    I appreciate your efforts and look forward to what’s next.

  14. “I’d like to ask you all for your input and assessments too.”

    education system is fucked = opportunity

    all wars are bankster wars and going forward, information wars

    best way to be prepared for endless information war = good schooling

    good schooling = red pill

    hypergamy = red pill

    good schooling = hypergamy

    women of means, beta bux and otherwise, will pay premium for real education for their sons in secure environment. they do not want them turning into eliot rodgers or beta bux

    women are not necessary to raise men, only to be there to be fucked by them

    red pill boarding school k-12 with separate but linked campuses for boys and girls (so the boys can raid against orders at night but still be able to think during the day, girls too) built on hypergamy and radiating out from there to include broad views of history/culture/religion/soft science without pc bullshit getting in the way + latest cutting edge pedagogy stuff. place could double as a research facility tracking how kids raised on red pill do compared to peers in socialist pc brainwashing facilities, how kids raised with real standards do compared to peers simply babysat by half-drunk fat feminist sluts

    also the boys could fight there. and shoot. and learn everything men need to know without stupid women teachers and their feelings and bad teaching science from 40 years of subversion fucking things up

    this could feed into private universities that meet red pill standards. maybe with private frats to continue the red pilling during the important late teen years

    the canadian guy couldn’t work there. nobody full of shit could. just the best of the best, all paid premiums above even the most ridiculous market rate. and then charge the highest tuition of any private school in the western world and then add 20%.

    writing books is fucking awesome. so is having a blog where you lay out beautiful facts that lead men to awaken, but it’s all for fucking naught if our western boys are spending all day in sjw schools and then staring at screens that spew insane equalist man hating bullshit because their lazy single mom is too busy on the phone setting up fuck meets to help them with their math homework

    getting there first matters. fucking preschool matters. even before that. western women cannot be trusted to raise kids in 2020+, especially boys, so they will pay people to do it in order to get the competative advantage that only solid early learning can provide

    western women have proven to be unfit mothers and their children should be placed in the custody of carls jr., or even better, Rollo and his insanely smart and red pilled board of advisors who make all the hiring decisions and chart the course

    the campus, the staff, the programs, the future customers – all exist out there. all that’s lacking is the will of a man to bring it all together and convince investors that he is ahead of the curve, that there is future growth, franchise and tech scaling opportunity, and that they could get so far ahead in the niche that even though there are no real barriers to entry, it would be difficult for others to catch up in the short term

  15. I’m with Fleezer; we desperately need institutions. I don’t want my nephew to spend the bulk of his life in enemy territory learning to be a soyboy.

    Feedback from the first vid: nothing says “masculine” like muscles. Even if it’s a tailored suit.

  16. Fleezer

    “there are no real barriers to entry,”

    Well a huuuuge barrier to success is scale, which won’t be achieved without students taking on huuuuge debt… Which you know who won’t allow your institution to qualify for.

    You need a sugar daddy…

  17. Sentient
    March 5, 2018 at 11:29 am

    I became an aerospace engineer sans degree. School is unnecessary – except to gather kids for shootings.

  18. “a huuuuge barrier to success is scale”

    how many billionaires in china who want their sons to compete in the west? How about the arab world? western world? lots of billionaire families finding out that their kids are fucking weird too. way too many human designed systems overlapping for any person or group of people, no matter how many supercomputers they had, to be able to control it. they shouldn’t have fucked with the air and water and fukcing human biology in secret. point being they live here too and going forward it’s going to be harder and harder to buy people off with fake money printed from thin air. the fed will be the last stand. they will never give it up. they will nuke us all before they let go, so that means crazy inflation, worse than what anyone has ever seen, which means family dynasties will be fragile and short lived and they will want to secure their future not with bribes and schemes but with a core foundation of principles and that can only come when you build the base with bio truth and nobody fucking teaches it. these rich chinese and indian families paying americans to live with them and teach their children how to get ahead socially – the americans are blue pill as fuck. just because they speak english are from cali and have an instagram doesn’t mean they can train your foreign kids to dominate. education is broken world wide. point being you don’t need scale at all to begin with because when you only accept gold or voting shares or whatever as payment intensity beats scale in education. low student to prof ratio is usually desired anyway. these pupils would want to be seen as elite as well. red pill warriors. a secret society of pussy crushing rational realists armed to the teeth with the only thing that matters now – good intel. you can charge so fucking much if you have good intel and Rollo does.

    “which won’t be achieved without students taking on huuuuge debt”

    lol. you think red pill school would take anything but real payment up front, years in advance?

    “… Which you know who won’t allow your institution to qualify for.”

    lol. student loan takin’ motherfuckers? please. this has nothing to do with current education system. international billionaire class pays then board decides who else gets to attend for sliding scale to balance the classes

    “You need a sugar daddy…”

    we all gotta serve somebody. the red pill is serious shit. most people won’t take it. the ones that do will own the ones that don’t. everybody wants their kids to win. they will pay to make it happen. someone is probably doing this already. where do these “elite” assholes kids go to school? fancy east coast private schools. and who does the teachin? stupid fucking cuntfaces produced by the system. big lose a few generations from now, but the foreign based people paying the bills don’t know this yet. they will

    if you had all the resources you ever needed, would you really want some east coast educated fuckface filling your kids head with weaponized nonsense or would you pay big premium to see your sons, your legacy, never got FRA, pregnancy-trapped, friend zoned, beta buxed, divorce raped and zeroed out? not to mention all the good positive shit that comes with the pill.

    what would be really great is if Rollo’s work saved the life of some billionaires son and the old man said, “Rollo, name it and it’s yours.” and then Rollo named whatever the fuck was in his heart and lived happily ever after

  19. Fleezer

    “what would be really great is if Rollo’s work saved the life of some billionaires son and the old man said, “Rollo, name it and it’s yours.” and then Rollo named whatever the fuck was in his heart and lived happily ever after”

    Right. That’s a Sugardaddy…

  20. Re: education.

    I told my son not to worry about education cost as a diploma, career, women, marriage, and much more for that matter, are means not ends. People pay plenty for DPA competence, whichever path he takes. Learn the trade and the tricks.

    He’s through is undergrad, graduate school conceptually. He’s got bigger things in mind now.

    Unaffordable college debt is luxury disposable spending for those who in the main shouldn’t be in college.

    @ Rollo

    Know this: Your literary consequence lives on essentially forever in us, our children, our families and friends. Get your head around that, if you can.

    Free advice is generally worth what it costs you, btw.

    On that note, my suggestion is simple: Think big.

  21. Rollo Tomassi
    March 5, 2018 at 5:13 pm

    Marriage is for children. That said – to make it work she has to have ONE-itis for you. With that and Game you are 40% there. The other 60% is luck and effort.

    May the Force Be With You.

  22. To prove her ONE-itis. You must shit test her extensively.

    I was just pointing out to the LTR a few minutes ago that she wants me with every fiber in her body (down to the tip of her little toe) and the more she gives into that the happier she is. She shook her head YES.

  23. Rollo,

    You have done lots of posts on her shit testing of you (in the generic sense). Have you done anything on your shit testing of her?

    What should guys be testing for?

  24. “You have done lots of posts on her shit testing of you (in the generic sense). Have you done anything on your shit testing of her?

    What should guys be testing for?”

    Guys should be demonstrating, not explicating. “Testing her” is crouched in a defensive position.

    Good question M. Simon. It’s not a zero sum game. Guys test women by teasing them, mostly in response to their provocations. And by using the TakeAway.

    And if there is anything that Rollo has thematically addressed in regards to backhandedly shit testing her, there is a consistent theme of Soft Dread.

    And then again, there is the concept of using Shit Tests to your advantage, rather than merely “passing” shit tests.

    It’s not a zero sum game or a two way street in regards to shit testing. A guy sees a hot girl or has a hot wife. He doesn’t need to shit test her unless she is not sexually compliant. Things should flow up to him. If he needs to shit test her he is chasing her.

    Here is an example of using shit tests to one’s advantage. (In Young Single Man’s Game) :

  25. The Donovan Sharpe Interview was very cohesive and sharp edged.

    Great job Rollo.

    There is ultimate ability for Married Red Pill men to have agency. Still only likely for the Pareto distribution of men, but all men should strive toward being in the top 20%.

  26. Man! If I had known that was 91min 42secs I probably wouldn’t have started. Once you start listening you cant stop but, well, that’s that…I have listened to/watched the whole damn thing!

    Over the weekend I visited a friend in hospital who had become suicidal when his wife went feral on him. When I gave him a tiny piece of Rollo on relational equity I saw his face light up like a fucking chrimas tree. hahahaaaa… Priceless. He called me back the next day sounding quite rejuvinated. I just couldn’t gather the courage to pitch him TRM full dose yet; I think TRM is deep end for most guys like that so I hope I will have wisdom enough to know how to wean him off training wheels.

    TRM is more powerful than Prozac, I tell you.

    What I can tell Rollo is to continue the good job of saving the ones he can. How he can do it? I doubt anyone knows how to do it better than how he has been doing it, one a post at a time; one book at a time.

    The interesting thing is that when the men have been lit up and it is the women’s turn to start committing suicide, this stuff will save them too.

    Thanks Rollo.

  27. Rollo, as great a resource as this website is and has been, the specificity of the subject matter limits any true exploration of the ideas presented here. We’re all aware of political, social, cultural and academic influences that underpin the common themes we discuss here. But apart from the odd comment they’re never really addressed in any great depth. Which leads to a forlorn hope they might be.

    Men’s interests cover a broad range of disciplines. These filter into their various other interests they have, which in turn informs opinions and understanding. Shouldn’t The Rational Male forum encompass all of this, to the extent it can?

  28. @ Rollo

    I enjoyed the hell out of the Donovan interview. I saw it was 90 minutes, and figured I’d have to listen in parts, but once I started listening I couldn’t stop. 90 minutes straight and it felt like 15 minutes.

    Looks like your hitting your stride. You sound so relaxed and on point. Personally, I dig the one on one interviews you do as opposed to a multi-roundtable type deal, because you get a lot of uninterrupted content out, and it’s all great stuff.

    So kudos once again. This is very cool to witness in real time.

  29. @Rollo

    I think that, for me, the single best thing you could do next is to move the comments sections into a true prebuilt web forum that groups the discussions in threads and allows complex searches and easy text entry and formatting. I would also be willing to contribute some time to converting old discussion comments into threads for easier searching and reference. The real graduate level learning and internalizing of your concepts all takes place in the comments section.

    You already have key readers and posters who would make ideal moderators, so you would not likely be adding to much administrative distractions from the act of writing once the initial website development was complete.

  30. From j’s linked tweet … “the father (here, the State) will always take the side of his daughters over his sons, no matter if the daughters instigated or amplified the conflict; sons are always unduly punished ”

    This emphasizes something I have noticed lately. Many fathers I run into lately, and even some who are decidedly alpha outside of their family, are resigned to building their perfect little princesses. They may be hard working, no nonsense in the personal life, but spoiling their daughters … well that’s just the way it is. In male spaces, they most likely will even talk about how bad it is, but they have no real answer, defense or opposition. This attitude is contagious and expected. It’s no wonder that the state mirrors it.

  31. I read all your books as a theory and I put it into practice, I am 38, career as a judge in my country (Slovakia, Europe) enjoying perfect relationship with my 27 girlfriend. She simply wants to make me happy and I don t need to do anything extra. I plan to raise family with her in LTR but as a lawyer I told her to forget marriage from the very beginning. Your work is Great. Thanks.

  32. “meet more fathers.”

    True dat… I’m tough on my daughters, and they love it. yeah they try and push things – surprise? But I’m steadfast. They are just like all other girls… don’t take them seriously, have standards, enforce standards, hold them accountable and give them just a leeeeetle beta once in a while and they will lurv you for eva.

    even when you are being “mean” to them…

  33. I started listening to the Donovan Sharpe interview in the car on the way home from work and I’ve just finished it. Donovan approaches interviews in the same manner as the late great Sir David Frost. He puts his guest at their ease and allows them the time and space for exposition.

    A great interview, as always Rollo.

  34. Watched/listened to the Donovan tube;.. Good stuff. The wife making more $ bit resonated with me as my wife is easily making 2X mine. Hypergamy is not all about the $ on the paycheck. My wife’s co-workers are almost all female with a male boss. Her boss is a big feminist and a wuss. I met him once and AMOG’d him unintentially just by talking to him, and I mock him at home, because he’s “fighting the patriarchy” and probably a pink pussy hat wearer. From an RP perspective I know now that she wants to be with me because I am higher SMV. Also I provide her emotional security.. she needs me more than I need her.

  35. SJF
    March 5, 2018 at 8:08 pm

    I was thinking of the tests I put the LTR through to get her to prove her ONE-itis. I dated other women – in her face. Sometimes when I got home she would get a taste of them. I threw her out often when she misbehaved. And a few other things along those lines.

    Now all this was natural. It might have worked better with an overall plan in mind. All I had in mind at the time was “I’m not putting up with ANY crap from you.” Which undoubtedly is the proper frame.

  36. Sentient
    March 6, 2018 at 12:07 pm

    they will lurv you for eva.

    even when you are being “mean” to them…

    Ain’t it the troof!

  37. Rollo, just watched your interview with Donovan Sharpe, very articulate, great points.

    I hired an older man that was red pilled the hard way after great sacrifice having no relational equity. He would say that many marriages don’t survive the building of a home, this is the dream nest.

    After much study it would appear that the man has earned the money another way and is out of his element in the construction. Being blue pilled he shares his misgivings with his wife and she hypergams toward the more situational alpha contractor. This problem compounds itself exponentially.

  38. Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio is urging the Trump administration’s Departments of Justice and Education to revise the Obama-era school discipline policy that discourages school districts from reporting threats to law enforcement in the name of social justice for minority students.

    Legacy of Obama–school shootings…Nicky Cruz should have been reported to the police before he went on a rampage.

  39. @ Status Confimed

    I agree – it would be most beneficial if Rollo could write books on how to approach the different age range groups of woman from a Red Pill perspective. For instance, in my situation, I can find info on how to introduce red pill concepts into a long term marriage (in my case 15 years+) and things I should be doing at my age (50+), but nothing on how the Red Pill a woman going through Menopause….

  40. drsmith.

    He has. He wrote in one of his books about each hypergamy stage of a woman’s life and how they live that stage sexually.

  41. @drsmith

    What issues are you having in Red Pill as it relates to menopause? Tell us about yourself. What do you need to do for yourself?

    Rollo wrote the following essay on that phase of a woman’s life in The Rational Male Preventative medicine. and he admitted as much that he didn’t, nor could he be prescriptive.

    Rollo wrote: I also understand that while I can provide this outline, it doesn’t really go in depth into how a man might use this knowledge to his best advantage with a particular woman. However, my hope is that it will put certain behaviors and mindsets you find in a woman, and how they align or don’t align with this outline, into something more understandable for your individual experience. This is in no way comprehensive or meant to account for every woman’s circumstance, but rather to help a man with what he can expect in various phases.

    It’s preventative medicine, not a cure to any particular disease.

    In the book Preventative Medicine he tacked on these thoughts to that chapter– The Redevelopment/Reinsurance & Security Phases:

    Social Conventions – Briffaults Law

    Robert S. Briffault (1876 – 1948) was trained as a surgeon, but found fame as a social anthropologist and in later life as a novelist. You can look him up on Wikipedia to get a better understanding of his social ideas – some I agree with, others I think are dated – however Briffault’s Law has found an unlikely popularity in the 21st century manosphere and finds a new relevance when contrasted with the Late Security Phase:

    The female, not the male, determines all the conditions of the animal family. Where the female can derive no benefit from association with the male, no such association takes place.

    — Robert Briffault, The Mothers, Vol. I, p. 191

    As you can guess, this proposition makes for an interesting parallel when you consider that a woman has reached an age well past her prime sexual years and has, for the better part, her long-term security needs provided for by family, past or present husbands, social support infrastructures and female-unique social benefits.

    There are other additions and interpretations various Red Pill bloggers have applied to this law, but for the purposes of understanding the later maturity phases here I think it’s best to stay with Briffault’s initial concept.

    In 2013 the Pew Research Center released an analysis on marriage trends based data from the U.S. Census Bureau. That analysis indicated that while nearly two-thirds of previously married men expressed a desire to remarry, less than half of previously married women had the same desire.

    You can digest that data in the context of our contemporary sexual marketplace and come to the conclusion that women simply aren’t prepared for, or willing, to make the effort to secure new monogamy, but I’d propose that much of that lack of will is also the result of Briffault’s Law. Men, and particularly men of their own demographic and comparative socioeconomic status, simply don’t serve the same usefulness to women who’s long term security (both financial and interpersonal) is relatively provided for.

    On some level of consciousness women perceive less or no benefit from those men in the same degree to which they had use of them when facing their Epiphany Phase earlier in life.

    “He was never much of a man…”

    Since I started writing on SoSuave, and especially more now that I’ve detailed a societal comfort with an open Hypergamy, I’ve had many guys relate a similar story about how their grandmother, mother or mother-in-law had just openly told him or his wife that her husband was never “much of a man”.

    These women were all in their late 70s to early 80s and at that phase of life all bets are off. What do they really have to lose by letting their daughters and granddaughters in on grandma’s words of warning about “settling” on a man? I’ve even had women readers relate how their own mothers confessed that there was “just a part of her she just could never share with a man like her father.”

    These confessions usually came after her husband was in the ground or had been delivered to the assisted living facility or was too far gone to really register the gravity of her real end-of-it-all estimate of him after living the better part of her life with him. The guys who relate these stories to me are Red Pill aware so their jaws dropping came with a little knowing expectation, but imagine how the Blue Pill husband of the daughter of one of these elderly women must process that confession. What mental contortions does a man need to do to fit that information into a Blue Pill mindset?

    When a woman has nothing to really lose by copping to it is when they’re most comfortable with openly expressing Hypergamy. This is becoming more common for younger women due to the social and personal security they’re ‘entitled’ to now, but for women who don’t really feel that security has solidified until their golden years this admonition and confession of open Hypergamy almost seems like a relief to them. A relief in the hope that they’ve warned their daughter or granddaughter to opt for monogamy with an exciting Alpha lover/husband (no matter how perceptual) rather than the ‘safe bet’ she made by settling on her Plan B man, her Beta-dependable husband she conveniently ‘found’ in her Epiphany Phase.

    As women age towards their later years the urgency to warn younger generations of the sisterhood about the results of their hypergamous life decisions becomes more pressing. To be sure, there’s a degree of desire to live vicariously through their daughters’ and granddaughters’ experiences, but more so, this confession is for their own need of closure – a final coming clean about what was really influencing those past decisions and living (or not) with them. There comes a point in a woman’s life when admitting the ugly truth feels better than worrying over keeping up the pretense of genuine concern.

    Far too many Blue Pill men (even young men) are terrified of living the life of the lonely old man. They imagine that if they don’t comply with the Feminine Imperative’s preset relational frame of women that they’ll live lives of quiet desperation. In the first book I outlined this in the Myth of the Lonely Old Man – the threat point is one where men are encouraged to believe that if they don’t comply with women’s relational primacy they’ll endure a life of decaying loneliness into old age, unloved and devoid of children who’ll comfort them bedside as they peacefully pass into the next life.

    What these Blue Pill men fail to realize is this is simply one more part of the fantasy they’re conditioned for. Do a Google image search for “end of life issues”, see all of those pictures of grandpa holding hands with wife and family in a clean comforting hospice bed saying his last goodbyes before he passes on? That advertising is the Blue Pill fantasy. In all likelihood you’ll die in an elderly care home, from lung fluid buildup, in the middle of the night with no one around or a complete stranger in the bed next to you. I understand that’s a depressing thought, but the truth of it is you really have little pull in deciding how you’re going out at that stage, and hopefully that wakes you up about living a Blue Pill existence based on fear, compliance and appeasement to the end.

    Put that into perspective with a man who wakes up to his Red Pill conditions.

  42. Cruz was reported to the police. Do yourself a huge favor and act like an adult man. Stop looking at one ” type ” of source for news etc. It makes you sound uniformed and not too bright.

  43. Police couldn’t do anything re: Cruz because he had broken no law ( until the shooting ). Pay closer attention. Your prez wants to have the ability for law enforcement to snatch your gun away without due process.

    Lol, did you happen to read that in the ” real ” world???😂😂😂😂😂

  44. Yeah. But some folks go overboard with the blame thing. Boogey man syndrome. 1 guy fucked up entire lives. Lol. Everything was perfectly great before, and even moreso now.😂😂

    Wait until people with autism aren’t allowed to own guns, or worse yet, locked away. Obame ain’t in office anymore. Somebody else is mulling over taking your shit and locking you up, possibly.

    That would be the height of irony.

  45. Mersonia

    I’ve become Trump’s biggest fan. I hope he gets everything done that he’d like to achieve.

    Right before removal from office.

  46. SJF
    March 7, 2018 at 1:49 pm

    The one bit of advice I can give having gone through all the stages short of death – keep them excited and they keep coming back.

  47. Blaximus
    March 7, 2018 at 4:18 pm

    As my grandpappy always used to say, (in a thick Eastern European accent) “They are all crooks.”

  48. Inquiring minds want to know (re: issues I have with the Mrs and menopause….so here goes:

    I believe she is still in to me, not just because she says so, but because she makes the effort to innate sexual encounters. The issues are not so much lack of desire as much as physically she is just not the same – way more tired than she ever used to be, and no matter how much foreplay involved, even when she can’t stand it anymore and mounts me, she is very dry down there…to the point were it is so tight it hurts. Yet she has a woman for a doctor, and what I have found is seemingly in these parts woman doctors aren’t keen on prescribing meds to alleviate symptoms and or issues. The secondary issues are one of reduced desire (I give my wife A for effort in trying to keep it up) and overall blase mood.

    So, it is tough, dealing with physical and emotional issues. That is why I was asking for help in that I was wondering if this is something that can be somewhat overcome with Red PIll methods or is it bigger than that alone?

    Thanks again to Rollo and the rest for putting out links to articles as well as other information. Very much appreciated. This site in general is one of the best around at getting good, practical advice from other men whom really seem to care… a brotherhood of sorts.

  49. Rollo – to answer your question, maybe as you turn towards doing other things with your life, you could start a series of one day or two day/weekend seminars to get men up to speed with Red Pill and managing LTR’s and marriages. That would be beneficial, and would serve as a counter to all the feminist crap being served up by majority of religious retreats for men & marriage.

    For those whom visit Dalrock’s site, it is ripe with examples of the crappy advice and out right lies being told to men in most churches today no what woman want and how to have a good marriage. This is the hard thing for a lot of married men in the fly over areas, we feel as if we are getting it from all sides in that between the media on both coasts and their constant streaming of the feminist agenda to the churches in the middle being over-run with the same crap, we feel as if we have no place to turn and call our own.

  50. Drsmith

    Ha ha, we’ll find out together. My wife recently went into menopause, after averting it for a time. I almost didn’t notice until she began to get fatigued. She’s never been a ” nap ” person, and regularly functioned on 5-6 hours sleep. But lately she’s started dozing off frequently, and she’s become a tad bit ” snappy “.

    I haven’t noticed any difference sexually yet ( but I know it’s coming….) and I’m still getting my morning ride so to speak, but she tends to collapse after orgasm now, where she’d normally be game for a few multiples.

    I’m not sure if red pill is an answer to this hormonal shifting. I do know that it assists in tempering many mood swings ( many, not ” all ” ). From what I understand, menopause is just something that she has to kind of ride out. For now, she’s not seeking a doctors council. I’m looking into the efficacy of some of the over the counter estrogen supplements, but her symptoms are in the earlier stages yet.

    What I would suggest though, is that you might want to look into some personal lubricants initially, because if your wife is still initiating sex and actively participating, you don’t want pain to crush your groove.

    But remember, it’s hormonal. She’s not really going crazy, lol, and it will get better. Years ago I had just a slight issue with my thyroid, and for a short time it turned my entire life upside down. So I can empathize with hormonal issues a bit.

    If she’s not happy, or if you’re not satisfied with her docs performance, find another doctor. Many will be cautious regarding estrogen therapy because it has risks. A competent doc should at least be able to clearly define the risks and give options with that understanding.

    Good luck.

    To both of us.😁

  51. Rollo Tomassi
    March 7, 2018 at 8:39 pm

    So far the LTR has no loss of libido (it seems to have increased if anything), and no vaginal dryness. And she is well past menopause.

    Maybe keeping her excited all the time (she complains about that occasionally) has something to do with it. The other “symptoms” were her normal behavior her whole life with me. Although that is starting to change for the better.

  52. Rollo I listened to an interview you did with Craig James about fathers, you mentioned you are starting work on a 4th book on spiritual matters.

    My daily hobby is Old Testament study, lots of juicy material including polygamy, traditional gender roles, and masculine methods of connecting with God and eternity.

    I would be happy to discuss your work or edit material for you

  53. A Youtube channel would be a cool gig, I’d say, videos consisting for about thirty minutes gets the message out – quickly and clearly.

  54. Rollo, I’ve really enjoyed and appreciate your interviews. There’s tons of great content there. My favourite are your talks with Anthony Johnson, Rian Stone, Black Label Logic etc. It’s really interesting to hear Red Pill mentors exchange their views and ideas. And I love how funny those interviews are.

    I’ve noticed in your interviews that you like to emphasize events and quotes you’d predicted correctly in the past. I’d skip that if I were you, it can get little annoying. Nevertheless thank you so much for those interviews (and all your other work), you’ve helped me tremendously!

  55. Dr_mack@ yahoo. com was the email i contacted when my wife left me. After spell casting my wife came back quickly. Keep up the good work

    Matt Tremblay
    London, UK

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