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The first of my 21 Convention talks from 2017 is now live on 21 University. The video linked above is the preview for my talk, ‘Hypergamy – Micro to Macro‘. Last September’s convention was an amazing experience for me and my fellow speakers and I’m planning on speaking at the 2018 convention.

This was easily one of the most memorable experiences I’ve had since I began my writing in what would become the manosphere. Although I gave two 1-hour talks at this event the real value for me and the men attending I feel was the one-on-one talks I had with various groups of guys throughout the event. Most of these were just impromptu gatherings of men with questions, but the planned social gatherings were very focused and really informative. And not just by me, this event was really a first of its kind with many speakers making themselves available to their respective readers. I think all the attendees would agree that it was four days of education, self-improvement and camaraderie.

As I mentioned when I first agreed to do this event I had my reservations about the focus of prior conventions. It’s no secret that I turned down the initial invitation because I felt that the message coming from prior speakers was very Purple Pill and very sales pitchy for self-help gurus still wrapped up in their Blue Pill, feminine-primary idealisms. However, Anthony Johnson (the event organizer) made a very risky move to shift this to a much more Red Pill, nuts & bolts approach with the speakers this year – most of whom I personally recommended. This convention really marked a hard turning point for Anthony in both his personal and professional life, and as a result this event became something I felt I could endorse.

That said, there were a few speakers with whom I would say are still clinging to some of their Blue Pill misgivings, but these talks really served as a contrast to the majority of speakers who I think are truly unplugged. But hey, it’s not the Rollo Tomassi convention and I think there’ll always be a need for that contrast.

All the videos of all speakers at this convention are being made available through 21 University. To view them will require a membership to 21 University. 21 University is its own video platform, like a small Netflix for all of its own content. I probably don’t need to point out the increasing censorship issues with platforms like YouTube these days. There’s a need for the security of members browsing the content without the worry of it being deleted.

The first month is free for all new members, and after that it’s $19.99/month or $199/year . For that you’ll get access to the entire 21 Studios archive instantly, plus my 1st talk and Jack Donovan’s talk. 21 University releases new speeches regularly, so it’s best if  you subscribe. But if you don’t want to pay, you can watch the YouTube previews plus the eventual full speech release there over time – assuming the YouTube censors at Google don’t ban it. In the interests of full disclosure, yes, I do make a percentage of the fee when you subscribe via my blog link.

There were a lot of good blog friends of mine speaking at this event. Upcoming talks will be from the likes of Christian McQueen, Goldmund Unleashed, Jack Donovan, Tanner Guzzy from Masculine Style, Alan Roger Currie, Hunter Drew (The Family Alpha), Ivan Throne, Rian Stone (mRP) and many others. There’s a lot of value to the membership, but you can always cancel at any time.

All that said, I do have plans to attend the 2018 convention this year and I’ll also be helping Anthony out with this year’s lineup too. If there’s anyone you think might be a good addition, please let me know in the comments. 21 University also offers special sales and promos to members throughout the year for the 2018 convention.

So, if you weren’t able to get to the 2017 convention this is your chance to see all the speakers. If you’re in, please click through to my affiliate link here (that way I’ll know you came through my blog). Also, if you do decide to sign up , please feel free to comment on this thread and let me know what you think of the talks and if there’s anything, good or bad, you would do to make this an annual Red Pill Summit going forward.


Appearance Notice: I have just been confirmed as an interview guest on Stefan Molyneux’s Freedomain Radio podcast on Saturday, February 3rd, 2018 – 1pm Eastern, 10am Pacific. I’m fairly certain most of my readers are familiar with Stefan’s show, but if not you can find his YouTube channel here.

Let me know what you think in the comments too. Any topics I should cover with him?

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  1. I would like to hear what you think regarding public elementary teachers, and the effect of having mostly women, their hypergamy and internal conflicts, and female primacy as the first contact young boys have with the village that is supposed to be raising them all to meet their full potential.
    I am watching boys get destroyed in kindergarten by “that’s not appropriate” and the pathologization that follows. Once my eyes were opened to it, it was horrifying. A systematic devaluing of boys and men.

  2. Rollo, I agree with and 2nd the motion Mango makes above. I look forward to subscribing for a month to check out the content, especially your talks.
    I like Stefan M. is a smart guy and I have enjoyed and learned from his talks. However, on Hypergamy he appears more Purple than Red to me. If I remember correctly (it has been a while), he definitely advocates being successful (bringing home the bacon) and being a leader for your family (all good things), but falls short (at least by omission) in the areas of intersexual dynamics, especially ignoring the biological rooted fundamental differences you elaborate on repeatedly (which is a good thing). I look forward to you pressing him on these things instead of glossing over them since you are both married and thus have a lot in common that is baseline masculine “need to perform” habits.

    Everyone, I have seen a marked uptick in feminine imperative this past year that it is crazy. I am very selective about the videos/series/movies I watch for three reasons: time is precious, I high quality standards, I have an abhorrence of Social Engineering. If you look at Netflix (for example) you will find a bevy of movies with female leaders and a waning set of male leaders, who inevitably need a female to succeed anyways. These are becoming easier to spot and the trailer always gives it away. Please: Does anyone have a list or ideas for finding decent series or movies? Red Pill is even better, but I’ll take neutral at this point. There is almost nothing left that isn’t driven by the race/gender agenda.

    Thanks, GW

  3. @Rollo
    Do you find yourself hitting a point where you’ve done about all you can with analyzing intersexual relations and feel it might be time to move on to other things? Or is it time (in light of stuff like CNN’s hooray for cuckolding article) for “See, this is what I said would happen. Now do you believe me?” to the guys who haven’t wised up at this point? I’ve honestly always kind of wondered what your end game looks like.

  4. Looking forward to your interview with Stefan Mollyneux. And hopefully someday soon with Jordan Peterson.

    It’s about time all facets of the Red Pill consolidate.

  5. It is true that Stefan Mollyneux is still Purple Pilled when it comes to inter sexual dynamics. He thinks women have agency and can be coached to control their Hypergamy.

    But hopefully he will change his mind when he reads your material and connects the dots.

  6. Have listened to these terrific podcasts which may be related to last year’s 21 Convention:



    This work is awesome because there are no articles of faith; no dogma to which one must pledge allegiance. Everything here is real-world observational-data supported. These are in turn reinforced through the scientific method e.g. evolutionary biology, psychology, physiology. It all makes sense. It may be individually tested and proven through real-world experience. It means these principles and concepts may be applied anywhere, by real men, in any age, in any circumstance, to great effect.

    This work is the singular unifying foundation across a sometimes splintered Manosphere. Thanks and please keep up the Strong Work. Great is the need.

  7. > Once upon a time, the teacher or the master or the guru was the most respected position a man could be in, being respected for your knowledge, principles and wisdom and being a role model, a step even above your father. True, not many could live up to it, but those who did, were nearly revered. Now-a-days only soldiers get a bit of respect like that.

    These days, you think of male teachers and your first thought is “Pedophile!” — yup, we men have fallen a long, long way.

    I’m not from the US, but in my country, schools have done away with games periods to manufacture batches of bookworms. All female teachers – who insist that they want the boys to be good little bookworms while being simultaneously worried that their increasing physicality past puberty could be dangerous. My mum has never failed to mention of how boys these days are as well built as their dads and taller too and how worried she was for my teachers.

    That never happened with a male teacher. I was taught by one of the very best, and all he had to do was turn around and that was enough to discipline the class. But they all revered him for his dedication and regular class bunkers felt ashamed to miss his classes.

    I for one was one of the weakest guys, physically in my class and it’s affected me a lot more badly over the years than I thought – damn, it hurt my confidence, my negotiating power, my ability to stand up for myself, defend my views, take challenges, fight bullies, dominate, play sports, my presence, respect, posture, energy levels, my sleep, every damn thing. Fortunately, I’ve increased my protein intake and started working out.

    I hear the latest trend is to ban playgrounds as they could cause injuries and be unsafe.

    I also believe that the bullying epidemic we’re seeing today is a direct effect of feminine primary teaching.

    Hell, the sports coach, the accountant and the principal were the only men in my school!

  8. @Rollo
    Do you find yourself hitting a point where you’ve done about all you can with analyzing intersexual relations and feel it might be time to move on to other things? Or is it time (in light of stuff like CNN’s hooray for cuckolding article) for “See, this is what I said would happen. Now do you believe me?” to the guys who haven’t wised up at this point? I’ve honestly always kind of wondered what your end game looks like.

    Sun Wukong, there’s a really long way to go. It’s not just about intersexual dynamics, but more fundamentally on your evolution into a better man than yesterday.

    And if Rollo was to write about women, he still hasn’t IMHO written about mother in laws and wives and how a man is sandwiched between them and a lot of other stuff. I don’t think he’s highlighted yet about how all this is now happening even in developing eastern countries like China, India or Japan on a scale that would surprise most Europeans and Americans.

    There’s a growing community of girls marrying just to divorce him and take his money by filing false domestic abuse and marital rape complaints and girls in the software industry who could outsmoke and outdrink world war veterans.

    There’s an infertility epidemic happening out there because of modern lifestyle, plastic products, ADHD drugs (for men), bottled water, sunscreen and the stuff they add in fast food that gives you brain fog and hot flashes (for men, yes!!). I know guys whose blood testosterone levels at 25 are lower than their 90 year old grandfathers. I know families that had 4 or 5 children not being able to conceive even 1 these days at their peak fertility years. I know that Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) is becoming mainstream just like bottled water and air purifiers (I mean take a look at Beijing and Delhi).

    I know colleges in my city that can expel you for just talking to or looking at a girl in your class – so rigidly are they strictly segregating them. I won’t deny that there are plenty of bad weeds in the crop, but the feminine imperative can only throw out the baby along with the bathwater.

    The root desire of masculine energy is to evolve. Becoming one step better than yesterday is a high unlike any other.

    It’s deeply worrying that at a time in society when corruption is at an all time high, you’ve got laws that can prosecute you over just word of mouth. That’s a mockery of justice and an open invitation to corruption. Humans are capable of deceit, the ones that don’t have any guiding standards or principles and which run on self centered emotions especially more so.

  9. @Rollo: regarding 2018 (and future years), will this always be in Orlando, or wold the organizer(s) consider moving the locations around a bit? It would be very nice to have you in Europe one day.

    [2018 will again be in Orlando, but I know Anthony has had the convention in Europe and Australia before. We’ve also discussed Vegas or possibly Denver too]

  10. OK. It doesn’t like something in the links I posted.

    Look up “The Futurist – The Misandry Bubble”

    And “The Futurist – A First Quarter Poll on The Misandry Bubble”

  11. GW
    January 26, 2018 at 1:32 pm

    The Futurist predicted the Misandry Bubble would pop around 2020. Generally bubbles pop at their peak. So it will get worse.

  12. On the female vs male ancestor question. My great grandfather had 7 wives (in succession) because previous wives died in childbirth.

    This may account (in part) for the 80% female vs 40% male reproductive rate in modern times despite the low incidence of cuckoldry. Who could afford a succession of wives? Rich men.

    I was alerted to that idea by a comment at: https://tierneylab.blogs.nytimes.com/2007/08/20/is-there-anything-good-about-men-and-other-tricky-questions/

  13. >The Futurist predicted the Misandry Bubble would pop around 2020. Generally bubbles pop at their peak. So it will get worse.<

    The old religious values always said that if women go wrong, that's the end of the family, and eventually the society. Well, looks like it. As soon as women's empowerment becomes corrupted or as soon as men are no longer respected and needed (which happens much sooner than later), it's a matter of 3 or 4 generations before a hard reset occurs due to a societal collapse.

    But the alternatives aren't better. A lot of men aren't going to have the same motivation as before, and all their energies are going to be spent in a life of more pleasure or VR addictions, rather than do anything much for their evolution or that of society's. Earlier, religion was around to fill this gap and avoid precisely this very end, but not much longer.

    You already see this happening — when there isn't a challenge worth striving for, men stagnate, both personally and socially. When masculine energy stagnates, evolution, preservation and growth stops and civilization declines. And how is the challenge worthy when it doesn't give them any worth?

    Feminists won't be able to continue a career in marketing if no market exists to sell to!

    A certain amount of healthy spirituality is needed here.

  14. Sri
    January 27, 2018 at 2:58 am

    There is a counter force operating that is not being considered. Children of divorce hate it.

    I don’t think I have ever read an article on this at any place that discusses the current misandry.

    I’m going to do some research. I’ll report back.

  15. Sri
    “But the alternatives aren’t better. A lot of men aren’t going to have the same motivation as before, and all their energies are going to be spent in a life of more pleasure or VR addictions, rather than do anything much for their evolution or that of society’s. Earlier, religion was around to fill this gap and avoid precisely this very end, but not much longer.

    You already see this happening — when there isn’t a challenge worth striving for, men stagnate, both personally and socially. When masculine energy stagnates, evolution, preservation and growth stops and civilization declines. And how is the challenge worthy when it doesn’t give them any worth?

    Feminists won’t be able to continue a career in marketing if no market exists to sell to!

    A certain amount of healthy spirituality is needed here.”


    We need a challenge even if it’s use is not public or considered important.

  16. Rollo, if possible, arrange with Stefan a longer format. I think that, given the exposure to Molyneux’s enormous audience, this guest apearance is one of the major stepping stones for your brand and our little red pill / manosphere corner of the internet. Let’s hope that Joe Rogan is the next step!!

  17. Google “The Misandry Bubble” and see the 1st link.

    I was surprised to see men converting to Islam just to escape the draconian feminist laws.

    It is true – divorce destroys kids. Kids without a happy set of parents or missing parents are ripe for abuse. But the feminine imperative has figured out a way to keep the kids, and the brains of modern women are ripe for keeping their sons betatized and their girls brainwashed against anything masculine.

    The other day I was seeing my relatives talk about a family where the elder child – a boy, is “skinny, cute, quiet, innocent, simple, and clueless” while the second child, the girl is “strong, bold, assertive, shrewd, dominant, opinionated and knows how to make the impression”. The kids are 8 and 4 btw. I said, “Uh oh, making the boy servile and the girl strong…” — that’s something I’ve noticed and I would blame it on a combination of work culture and mom-only raising kids.

    Boys these days aren’t gentle because they’ve tamed their inner wild horse, it’s because their horse’s legs have been cut off. They aren’t masters of their energy as men, rather they have no energy.

    Plus the other flip side of what happens when these meek boys are sandwiched between their mom and wives – maybe not so much in America, but definitely a case in point elsewhere.

    I stopped watching any kind of American TV – when I was a kid, we had stories where men were badasses, heroes, wise, teachers, skilled, innovators, monks, sports stars, geniuses and respected. There were betas and the clowns as well, but the clowns were just there for gags.

    The second largest box office hit in India was a classic film (Baahubali) about the typical hero and his father’s backstory and it had all the classic elements that make a man supremely attractive. But it’s been a long time since I saw something like that. These days such movies are branded as sexist or “insulting to women” if they show a man as the dominant.

    But the biggest box office hit? Dangal. A story about a father training his daughters to excel in wrestling and beat all the boys along the way. It suggests that even fathers are on the bandwagon and feel paternal pride in their girls beating other boys and raising their daughters like sons, something that the feminist imperative has used more liberally than makeup to it’s advantage – Daddy!

    http://www.newsnation.in/article/87262-one-daughter-equal-ten-sons-amitabh-bachchan.html — Yeah, in my place now they’ve aptly quantified it that a daughter is worth ten sons. So there….

    These days though, all that’s left of men on American TV are metrosexuals and clowns…. not even the news readers!

  18. Speaking of which, that’s why sport was invented in the first place. Men need the challenge, even in peacetime. So when there wasn’t a real war going on, the energy went into sport.

  19. @Rollo. I know you read the comments here so I’ll offer my suggestion for your Stefan M podcast.

    I’d propose you frame it around your Dangerous Times series the 4 postal including that last one really crysralized the whole topic into some clear ideas of how it happened, who was involved and what it all means for intersexual dynamics.

    Great series …

  20. Wait, Rollo that’s you in the video?? Is that a world premiere first, dropping anonymity etc?? I suppose you’re still pseudonymous as your name isn’t widely known and your real identity can’t be easily googled (no doubt it can be found with some effort)..but still a big step.

    I dunno, I didn’t imagine you looking like that…:)

    [I’ve been regularly showing my mug on Richard Cooper’s podcast for a while now before this, but yeah]

  21. @GW
    The classics are still the most red pill. anything before the 70s because pre full swing feminism red pill was common sense. perfect examples: to catch a thief, dr. no and el dorado.
    some “modern” classics; fight club, quantum of solace, and swingers.
    I see red pill awakenings in hardcore henry and blade runner 2049. dennis villenueve, the director of blade runner also did enemy which i would argue is entirely about the red pill.

    thor ragnarok on the surface seemed like an exercise in emasculation but had a sub text on the current cultural climate. that, or i was high as fuck and trippin on all the visuals. the two aren’t mutually exclusive though so here’s my take on it:

    thor represents traditional masculinity (family man, leader of men, pillar of the community trying to save his world),
    his brother loki is modern man (realizes that it’s all fucked and is enjoying the decline in hedonistic fashion),
    the black chick that looks like a pug with the charm of a hood rat is modern woman but not as fat (doesn’t realize that she’s a feminist and destroying everything while enslaving men),
    cate blanchetts character (she’s getting too old to be wearing s&m gear) represents feminism (is hell bent on destroying everything for the sake of doing so),
    and surtur represents islam (hell bent on destroying thors world).

    to spare anyone who isn’t interested in watching 90 minutes of emasculating a demi god (spoiler alert), feminism is so strong of a destructive force combating it requires an equal or greater destructive force.

    There’s other diamonds in the rough I’ll post as memory allows. trying to remember when asked is like peeing in front of a crowd but I’ll have a drink and be all over it.

  22. @Culum
    I was expecting a cross between arnold schwarzenegger and sean connery but was pleasantly surprised that he looked more like me.

    I signed up for 21 convention last summer when I heard you were speaking but before any of the new material hit the video shelf. I can can confirm it was mostly blue speak of women as rational agents with the capacity for responsibility bs but the health/fitness/philosophy stuff was decent and I noticed something: just watching videos on raising my value helped with my mental point of origin. I think the 21 university has MASSIVE potential. unfortunately, like everything else in the information age you have to sift through some chewy chunks to get to the creamy goodness.

  23. Sri
    January 26, 2018 at 9:20 pm

    Testosterone goes up as a man’s estimation of his self worth goes up. All the rest are contributors but in my unscientific estimation that is the big one.

    What is the takeaway? Female centric societies don’t reproduce.

  24. The Ketubha is a bride price, the opposite of a dowry, a husband price.

    A bride price protects the woman should she be widowed or abandoned. A dowry offsets the expense to the man for taking on the upkeep of the woman.

  25. Addendum:

    Note that the ketubah was paid to the woman’s father, not the woman. It was held in trust should it become needed (the bride was not purchased, she was provided for) and she was denied direct access to it so she couldn’t just blow the whole thing on handbags and fortune tellers.

  26. True to a good extent. Success and challenges tend to generate a burst of testosterone. You see athletes at their peak season, they’re literally in a Zone and you can almost feel their will and mind.

    While physical exercise and diet are by far the biggest ways of increasing testosterone, the overlooked factor in health is what I call a healthy “mental diet”.

    What many people don’t realize is that by the time they’re diagnosed with suicidal thoughts and depression, they’ve already spent many years thinking unhealthy negative thoughts by sheer habit until it changed their brain chemistry.

    Every day a person needs to spend a few minutes thinking of high, uplifting thoughts and affirmations and healthy beliefs that help him evolve, instead of thinking about all the bullshit that happened in the past (that anyway fills our mind up all the time thanks to the world). Reading the lives of great men and taking the right lessons from them is a very good start point. Healthy spirituality and religion also plays a part. Religion might have a few outdated ideas for the modern world, but when done right, it served a healthy mental diet and there’s a lot it still there.

    Here’s an example of a guy who more than doubled his testosterone naturally.


    Went from 393 ng/dL to 827 ng/dL in just 4 months

  27. kfg
    January 27, 2018 at 5:11 pm

    The Ketubah is a pre-nup. The husband’s obligations are delineated. The wife’s obligations are laid out. It is a contract.

  28. M Simon
    January 27, 2018 at 9:17 pm

    And that got me thinking. An enforcible pre-nup might be a way out of the worst of marriage 2.0

    It is difficult to get courts to enforce them.

    Marriage was in the past a church function.

  29. @Sri
    There is no end game to this. Rollo is pointing in a direction. His work is never going to be done. He is like a general in a lead unit in the battle for maculine awakening (honestly I dont even think he realises this let alone care to admit it) but there will be a second wave of very aggressive proponents of red pill, and a third, and a fourth etc. Leaders have ideas with a very profound impact, impact that is not immediately obvious to us. But when the time for their full actualization arrives, calling it end game is an understatement. The day Einstein penned down e=mc^2, we did not see Hiroshima in our nightmares that night until much later.

  30. Today, Roger Federer won a mind boggling, unheard of 20th Grand slam title. I watched the match – at the end of it, the crowd were cheering for him as though he was a God – his appeal is no less than one. He cried from a position of strength and happiness and it didn’t feel weak to anyone. His attractive appeal is so much now that just the mention of his name drives everyone wild. No doubt, an exhibition of success and physical artistry in a man is not unlike gold jewellery.

    Sports is all tension, anything but boring. Body, mind, fighting spirit, strategic thinking, hard work, artistry, mental strength and confidence, will power, presenting yourself before the camera, public speaking, charisma, the purest expression of unfiltered masculine (strong) emotion, but without losing your head — the best athletes have it all in spades in a level above the rest.

    I see some other players get very emotional, but it usually causes a meltdown on stage and it really isn’t attractive. The best players know how to wield all their emotional energy with their head firmly on top of their shoulders. They’ve learnt to conquer their wild horse and focus it to help them rather than harm.

    And you should see the way his wife supports him in his life (4 kids btw) and career and cheers him on, I saw it every time the cameras focused on his side of the players’ box – she’s taken care of everything so that he can focus on his tennis. When was the last time any man’s wife was shouting that passionately and hanging on the ropes? When was the last time your wife looked at you like that?

    I always imagined masculinity to be a jockey sitting on a wild horse. That horse is your energy, physical and mental – it’s got strength, but it needs to be tamed. The rider is your intelligence, your principles and your wisdom. When the horse throws the rider off, that’s what’s happening to a lot of guys — they aren’t emotionally stable, easily distracted, victims of many an addiction. Sadly modern society thinks that the solution is to cut off the horse’s legs, leaving behind a castrated shell of what could have been. The wild horse is a man’s greatest weakness, but it’s also his greatest strength. That IMHO is what a man’s purpose is — everything area where he improves in his life is some manifestation of the same fundamental principle – evolution from beast to god. Knowing this is the surest way to make yourself your mental point of origin – it isn’t about just getting girls anymore, this is something that includes that, but it’s really way more than that.

    The Red Pill is ultimately a sign of that evolutionary urge within, telling people that something’s wrong. Most of us still have a wild horse or a horse hobbling on less than 4 legs, but we’re figuring it out.

    The guys who’ve reached a level of respect worthy of a god have tamed that horse and made it into an art form. It’s almost like yoga, where the same energy when elevated can evolve you to another level – that’s why Jack Donovan says that developing masculinity feels like a kind of spirituality.

    Go watch Roger Federer win a big one if you want to see the science of attraction in action. Dang, someone described it as a religious experience when it all comes together.

  31. Watched it too… tough match, it was hard won. But behind all that spectacular public display of admiration may be a story you will never guess. AWALT. And what do you think Mr. Federer would do if he found out that his wife was screwing some other guy behind his back? Women have cheated on lesser gods than Roger. We aim to achieve not so that they do not cheat. We do it so we can be better. Just.

  32. Of course I don’t know what she’s been doing in the shadows, but I note that Helen Stewart not only still talks about Sir Jackie as a god, but as THE God.

    Sir Jackie has an interesting history, since before he entered motorsports (in fact it’s how he entered motorsports in the first place – he was a world class skeet shooter before that) whenever he finds he can longer win at something, rather than retiring to some hole to slowly rot away, he goes out and finds something new that he can win at.

  33. Helen rode her wee highland pony through Olympus, surrounded by The Gods still worshiped by the gods themselves, and never found a reason to change mounts.

  34. You’ll be surprised to know of the wife of a legendary Indian violinist (known to me). She loved him more than he loved music – to the point where even his own,slight self criticism was unbearable to her. No doubt he was a towering alpha in that old school relationship, he was a genius, a disciplinarian raised the hard way from childhood by his father cum teacher, like all great prodigies, with some rough edges (only old age managed to solve his temper) and his life revolved around music, but to his wife, she loved him to a fault and that kind of summed it up. Not saying he got wild or was abusive in any way, he was a principled and dignified man, he just rode on a horse that had a lot of passion and energy and was uncompromising in his standards.

    To tell the truth, she was his biggest fan and would do anything for a note from his violin. Watching a documentary of him, I saw that same look in her eyes even in ripe old age — the look that says, “You’re the man”.

    Even when he was down after a stroke in his last days, her priority was that he should never lose his respect or get down because he couldn’t play and needed help for everything. It was amazing how she would just rationalize any incidents of his impatience away as part of a passionate package — well, a woman’s emotions can work for you as much as it can against you (which is sadly what it’s becoming). Those were the days when you lived by principles first and unrestrained sexual instincts were recognized as dangerous. Those women were in many ways a lot stronger than today’s ’empowered’ ones – life was hard in days when electricity was unheard of in my country, but mental illnesses very rare — these days take everyone’s phones away for an hour and psychiatrists will have a field day with their hands full with depression cases.

    There’s a theory that our life’s becoming a bit too cozy and without a certain amount of struggle, the lack of growth can cause mental health to weaken and deteriorate. Illimitable man had a post about it, how to stop feeling tired and depressed all the time.

  35. Why wouldn’t you want a competent man? You wouldn’t want a competent man because you can’t dominate him.

    And that is exactly what shit tests are. She wants to know if she can dominate you. In ages past once a woman found a man who was sufficiently dominant she surrendered to him. The shit tests stopped and they worked together. I saw that with my Mom and Dad. I was the first born and got to experience some of their early efforts. There was discord. And after a while peace. Mom used to say “He is my king” and he would say “She is my queen.” Not in those exact words but very close to them. Women these days don’t even have a clue about surrender.


  36. Regarding topics to cover in Stefan’s show:

    1) Red pill:
    What red pill means from your (and the manosphere’s) point of view in contrast to how it’s often used in the public discussion. I know you have touched this in your essays, and it could be important to make this distinction of the red pill (as related to the intersexual dynamics) compared to the more generalized version too often wrongly used in e.g. social media.

    2) Jordan Peterson:
    I would guess you cannot avoid this topic even if you wanted to. Stefan and his listeners will somehow undoubtedly link the topics you are discussing to what JBP is saying in his talks. Would be interesting to see you verbally explain the similarities and differences between your message and JBPs message.

  37. M Simon
    January 28, 2018 at 11:08 am
    “I just had an odd thought. Red Pill men are more feminist than “feminists”. We study what actually makes women happy. ”

    That’s like saying a serial kiler who studies anatomy is same as doctor. Motivation differs.

  38. theasdgamer
    January 27, 2018 at 2:32 pm
    “Who could afford a succession of wives? Rich men.

    Did women ever come with a dowry?”

    Interesting question.

    Even when there were other suitors available who would take less dowry or no dowry, a father would max out on his loan to wed his daughter to the richest man known to him only if he was a bachelor or had no kids from earlier marriage.
    But if the suitor was rich and either old or had kids then max money possible would be extracted out by the father of the bride as it was expected that the first borns would inherit most of his wealth.

    Khitbah is a contract. Meher is the correct term as bride money paid for exclusive usage of the brides V.

  39. Shv
    January 28, 2018 at 1:17 pm

    The motivation of Red Pill is to make a woman happy so she comes back for more.

    Serial killers hope the people they ply their trade on don’t come back.

    Different motivation.

  40. Let’s change that just a little bit. The motivation for Red Pill is to evolve you into the highest possible expression of yourself. Women are only a part of that story.

    Some sage wrote way back that there is no difference between a woman and the world for a man — guess what, they had a point.

  41. Jimmy Carr (another comedian) now accused of “ogling” from an event he hosted back in 2015. Feminists are calling for his head.


    Let alone Rape, Unwanted physical contact, sexual banter, or “Bad Sex” …. now even “ogling” is a crime.

    Who decides the difference between “a casual glance at a woman” and “ogling”? Are the moronic (Politically Correct) judges cap bale of making a that differentiation?

  42. The misandry bubble is THE essay. Enjoy the decline. Check out. Become a ghost. You cannot save the west. Let them crush. They want it.
    Ps I am german.

  43. “You cannot save the west.”

    go fuck yourself. I am watching Rollo save it in real time. it’s too fucking late, cunt. we’re awake

    “Ps I am german.”

    watching what happened to your homeland makes me sick and you should be ashamed of yourselves, as should we

    I would fuck the shit out of every real german girl though. props. top landrace pussy there

  44. “Any topics I should cover with him?”

    the theory behind marching in public protest with ugly angry bitches in order to get “laid”

    this doesnt’ work at all, but fucking guys keep doing it and they look ridiculous

    help them understand

  45. One should read about the Hindu God Krishna and what has been written about him. He’s the idealized alpha of alphas, arouses Cupid in all women on both earth and heaven, to the extent that even married women can’t resist dumping their husbands to be with the one who is named as the father of Cupid. He’s been around for thousands of years.

    Well, that’s Game 101 right there in front of you. Not only has the playboy nature of the man to have multiple (nope, ALL the girls) explored in blow by blow detail, the hypergamous nature of women has been explicitly recognized explored as a separate flavor of relationship all unto itself since none other than God is the hero, so he’s by definition the textbook irresistable alpha. There’s a special thrill in it too, one that gives back the tension that might have been lost in a marriage.

    The detailed descriptions go deep into the mind of a man as well as that of a woman in love, love when together, love when separated. Yes, men are rubber bands and women are waves. The interesting thing here is that this is considered the highest, most unfettered expression of love possible, one where the alpha breaks all the rules and writes his book, and where women’s hypergamy is fulfilled in a way that’s impossible in real life.

    There’s even the case where he clones himself into as many wives / girlfriends that he has so that when it’s time to get intimate — every girl / wife can have him all to herself – because he’s God and he can spin plates in a way no mortal could. It’s what makes him controversial to even be considered a God, especially if anyone comes from other religious / socially moralistic backgrounds.

    I mean you’ve got pictures like this :- https://qph.ec.quoracdn.net/main-qimg-2c31912cf0930cbeb46a34d01c0f38c0 — someone figured out a long long time ago that this is the only way to satisfy both plurality, exclusivity and hypergamy all at the same time.

    There’s no morality in any of that — it’s pure psychology and unfiltered desire at work. There’s even a belief that Krishna’s wives aren’t experiencing as much depth in their feelings for him because love after marriage is divided between their house and children and relatives, whereas his past girlfriends dumped everything just for him. It’s kind of obvious that playboy Krishna and (most of) his girlfriends are really young (teenagers), while royal Krishna and his queens are obviously (older), which kind of fits in to how needs change as one grows older (ephiphany?)

    Well, some religions and the world of art, literature, poetry and music knew all about the red pill, they just didn’t call it as such. Even in India, some of this is hard to digest for anyone brought up on more puritanical ideas — that side of religion deals with the very real danger of societal collapse that could occur if our sexual instincts ran riot as it’s impossible to fulfill all 3 sexual strategies (plurality, exclusivity and hypergamy) at the same time. For one to succeed, the others must necessarily yield.

    It seems some wise ancestors across the world decided that exclusivity is the best bet for long term social welfare, but with the collapse of marriage, hypergamy broke free, and plurality followed in response.

    Despite the limitations of exclusivity (i.e. marriage), where the man agrees to curb his sex drive and the woman agrees to curb her hypergamy, it is essential that sex needs an element of curbing if society (and the human being) needs to evolve, grow and sustain (yes, that includes excessive masturbation or porn, which even red pillers will agree needs to be within limits)

    I’ve got friends in the Hare Krishnas, and was born in India, raised on these stories so I know what I’m talking about. But hell, I was so blue pilled by what’s parroted around in media and what women say in front of you, that the truth was right in front of me and I failed to realize it. Then I got married, boy oh boy, never a day when I haven’t regretted swallowing that blue pill.

  46. Sri,

    Nice story. Would make a cool graphic novel.

    Marriage is what you make of it.

    Regret is an anchor on you, your wife, kids, marriage.

    You’re the only one holding on to that.

  47. There’s a separate branch of Hinduism just for it. Not only do we have graphic novels today, there are discourses, old books and many other works of, poetry, theatre, dance performances, music, movies, TV series, temples, art, and what not all celebrating it. However, there is a warning – do not do this at home! Now I get it.

    Every Indian movie (in fact all movies with an element of romance) has an element of this in it, because fundamentally it’s all game to begin with. Nowhere is it more obvious in the song and dance sequences (an Indian movie cannot exist without half a dozen of those at the very least). Assuming you’ve got your hands on the better ones (and not the crap), there is something there to improve your game (particularly the body language)

    If God created man in His image, man certainly makes Gods in his. The world of art was a safe place where you could freely and safely express what was really on your mind without real life implications. I now think this was a subtle way of passing on game and working the imagination without worrying that society would actually compromise on what kept it together.

  48. EhIntellect
    January 29, 2018 at 7:32 am

    Re: surrender and the modern woman – got a link?

    I have been teaching the LTR surrender. It has been a long hard slog.

  49. “….Regret is an anchor on you, your wife, kids, marriage.

    You’re the only one holding on to that….

    Actually I need to tell you guys. I was blue pilled beta all the way to the ultraviolet all my life until now. I was the puniest guy in my class, the genius, but socially awkward nerd – never realized how much a strong body mattered or how to get one. I had 2 degrees from one of the top colleges in this country, a decent job, got married because of the old school way marriages work in this country, but I had no game. I tried doing everything what popular advice in the media goes by, none of it worked. In fact my marriage fell apart. And how….

    It got real terrible towards the end. Every disagreement (several a day) became a fireball. She was most definitely BPD and it got triggered to the next level by my blue pill beta nature. I tried the usual blue pill advice – never worked, only hastened my fall. In the last few months, I was regularly insulted and beaten, savagely. Their family refused to believe it and laughed at the whole idea. No doubt, I was less than beta bucks from day one. What started as domination became a horror story of abuse and all that could go wrong. I lost all respect. I had no say in any matter, risked public humiliation every time we went out and walked not on eggshells, but landmines every day.

    Soon it became a pattern that anything worked and the shit tests (ad nauseum) got worse. She was by nature way too dominant, and played games with my mind to tear down my self esteem. Everything positive about me was twisted into a negative and I had it hammered into my brain every damned day. I didn’t deserve any credit for all the awards I’d won in my life. I deserved every blow and more. For every mistake, so much as a hair strand out of place on my head, I was subject to that kind of interrogation that police wouldn’t do on a murder suspect – made to apologize again and again, or threatened with the suicide shit test or divorce. I couldn’t tell anyone. On a good day, I was treated with the kind of contempt you’d give to a criminal, so you can imagine the bad ones.

    And lady luck wasn’t on my side either. I lost my job in the recession, and with that, soon I wasn’t even worth beta bucks. I’ve seen the look of contempt, a contempt so vile I can’t imagine the hatred that could inspire such a look – most rapists would have top work hard to earn it. But she told me, “At least they’re men….” I had no say in any matter, none of my opinions mattered anyway. She needed a child for which I was just worth my weight in cheap sperm – fortunately I decided no to that. I was told I’d be trash after “my only purpose was served”.

    The better words I heard were the “My way or the highway”. No visit to mine or her relatives ended in humiliation and embarrassment for me (usually something happened to upset her, she’d blow and I’d get the sack). I was an object of scorn, ridicule and hatred. And the sex, well what sex? At one point, everyone in the family began to think I was transgender or impotent and she ridiculed me no end. I was regularly kicked down there and teased, “It can’t hurt if there aren’t any balls down there, oooh, can it?” You try defending yourself, it’s enough to be thrown in jail without enquiry. Yeah, we have such laws too. I held on for a while, hoping it might get better. Nope. It was hell.

    Despite regular threats of suicide and mind games, Rollo was right. I would have jumped off the balcony of my 13th storey apartment long before she ever did. Every day, the only thing I wanted was to die, every night, to go to sleep and never wake up again. Suicide was my only wish. My self esteem, job, respect, reputation, peace of mind, all the money I earned in the past 5 years, all gone. Only a belief in life after death and rebirth stopped me and thank goodness.

    That’s when I found the red pill. I finally decided I ought to pull the plug on this relationship that would never recover. The power equation was anyway such that even without the abuse, the day I stood up for myself, that would be it for the relationship. I lost 2 whole years of my life to it – fortunately I don’t have kids – they would have been raised to think of dad = ATM and nothing more.

    So here I am, still recovering and scarred, but much happier than before. I’ve joined the gym and finally working on my body (she didn’t let me touch whey back then). The only good thing that ever came out of it was that I understood where I went wrong and what being a man is about – now I need to achieve it.

  50. @Sri: You have been through a lot. But I am happy that you found your way to freedom. Work on yourself – body, mind and soul.

    But you need to take a break from religion and dogma for a while. I know it will be hard for you to accept, but it was religion that made you the Beta you didn’t want to be.

  51. “I was the puniest guy in my class, the genius, but socially awkward nerd”

    @ Sri

    hey, genius. you write in english way better than I do and I’m hoping you’re way smarter than you say, unless you’re a new kind of bot, which would be troubling but impressive

    growing up what did you hear about prehistoric migration to and from the subcontinent and in what timeframes?

    what “firsts” do the people of the subcontinent claim privately that they don’t talk about to outsiders?

    “I’ve joined the gym and finally working on my body (she didn’t let me touch whey back then).”

    the female not letting the male bulk…. wow. I like you already, dude. you got insane potential.

  52. @Sri: It will be very hard for you to swallow the Red Pill if you continue to search for truth in religion. Religion by essence is political and the primary objective is to control the masses. And the best way to control men is to turn them into a self sacrificing Beta and an Average Frustrated Chump.

    Focus on evo-psyche and evo-biology, not in fairy tales, no matter how amazing and magical they sound.

    You cannot reconcile Red Pill with Religion, it is impossible. And the more you try to do that, the more painful will be process of unplugging.

  53. @Sri

    hopefully Rollo and the gang help you help yourself and in the process you help me.

    I got good access to tons of Indian pussy right now – all related to tech community, new arrivals monthly. sometimes I see pieces I might want to consider. I know a bit about the culture and to me it seems hard to get to the good ones as they are always surrounded by family and friends. I don’t want to be a part of the weekend community, just a pussy raider during the day when programmer husband is it work

    do indian girls taste good? I know what it feels like to get the bj after she’s been chopping chiles…guessing it’s the same with indian girls and I might use that as a canned opener

    “I’m in the spicy head club. prove you are too”

    awalt so I’m going to read more about player krishna and get into these girls fantasy minds and use the religion to my advantage

    how about… “I’m krishna. dare me to prove it”

  54. Rollo Tomassi calls it again! Open Freaking Hypergamy! You have to see this piece done by CNN Rollo. WTF! I almost wanted to throw a shoe at the screen I get so angry from this stuff.

    The fact that CNN is promoting Open Hypergamy so blatantly and using “married” homosexuals to promote the “positives” of cuckolding for married heterosexuals is just plain ridiculous… gays cannot be cuckolded as they cannot have biological offspring! I hate to say you were right Rollo but you were right Rollo! The worst part was the statistics of 60% of men in support and that the ladies were begrudgingly going along for their “men”… come on!

    Would we ever see a piece showing the positives of male polygamy with one man snuggled around three or four wives? Hardly!

    Follow the link if you dare!


    BTW, great to finally put a face to the great Rollo Tomassi! Thank you for doing what you do for men.

  55. @fleezer: It is a waste of time. Indian girls (arrivals from India, not the ones born and raised in the West), only play the beta game. Because they are very sexually repressed they want tons of beta comfort before they open up. Most will not even let you kiss until you put a ring on it. I don’t have any experience with any, just what I have observed.

  56. “I’m in the spicy head club. prove you are too” … and she opens her lunch box and shows you spicy tofu and hot tomato chutney. I mean like literally.

    Flirting with new arrivals from India is like running Game on a toaster. They will not get your inside jokes. You will have better luck by saying “I WANT TO FUCK YOU, WHAT TIME DOES YOUR HUSBAND LEAVE FOR WORK?”

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