The Fog of Menopause


Strange things happen to women at the onset of menopause. Most mature men who’ve experienced it firsthand can attest to the obvious symptoms: Hot flashes, loss of libido, vaginal dryness, mood swings and irritability, but do have a quick look at the list I’ve linked here to get a better understanding of just how nature eventually punishes women as the last of their eggs decay to a fine powdery dust.

Change in body odor, brittle nails, incontinence, weight gain, irregular heartbeat, depression, anxiety, panic disorder, fatigue, allergies, osteoporosis – these late life symptoms are hardly something most men give any consideration for when they’re contemplating a lifetime of marriage with a woman.

Most of the manosphere will tell you marriage is simply never worth the financial risk, or that a woman always has the option to detonate the marriage and take the kids at a moments notice, but how often do you read a Red Pill guy tell you about how the hot piece of ass who became your long term ONEitis will eventually experience some (possibly all) of the 34 Symptoms of Menopause roughly 20-25 years after you say ‘I do’ (assuming it lasts so long)?

Those symptoms, in varying combinations, make for some very disconcerting prospects for a guy who’s been a keen supplicant supportive Beta for the entirety of his marriage, believing that the privilege of being married means he’s getting his wife’s sexual best when it matters most. It kind of puts things into a lifetime perspective when you consider that Mr. Dependability (Beta Bucks) gets to accommodate the symptoms of menopause while Bad Boys enjoyed her sexual best before he arrived on the set.

Add to this that at least 66-70% of (at least western) women will become overweight and/or morbidly obese during their lives and it doesn’t bode well for the enduring SMV that most unassuming men are banking on for a long term marriage with the 28-30 year old dream girl who’s now suddenly gotten right with herself enough to want to get married.

Side note: it’s interesting how closely female-male bone density decay comparison charts mirrors my SMV graph.

Nature Abhors a Vacuum Barren Womb

There’s some very brutal evolutionary truth behind the biological realities of menopause.

Anyone familiar with The Red Queen by Matt Ridley or The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins will get the gist of menopause’s intrinsic message – survival-side evolution essentially gives up on women once they reach a point where they are no longer reproductively viable.

Hormone imbalances, immunodeficiency, nutritional, vitamin and mineral (most notably calcium) deficiencies, neurological disorders triggered by plummeting estrogen levels, and many more physical debilitations make it obvious that a woman who’s reached the age when she ceases to be a reproductive asset becomes a species-collective liability. Unless she has some honored status or useful, learned wisdom to pass on, she becomes dead weight to a human tribe’s interests in survival efficiency and propagation.

While it’s a testament to our success as a social species that we’ve achieved a capacity to prolong our lives, there are certain glaring evidences of how our physiology evolved for efficiency within set frames of time during a (previously average) lifespan. The physical changes that come with the onset of menopause and the constancy of presenting the appearance of youth and vigor for women is one such example, post-menopausal hormone therapy another.

So too is the convenient timing of the myth of the biological clock and the social conventions structured around it to provide a woman with the maximum amount of time to sort out her hypergamous options. It’s no coincidence that women’s Epiphany Phase is concurrent with the latter stages of her fertility window (27-32 y.o.)  – the social conventions of the Feminine Imperative are nothing if not efficient at maximizing women’s sexual strategy potential.

At every occasion, in every form of media, a rapidly westernizing, feminine-primary social order seeks to reshape and deemphasize the physical realities women of previous eras had the benefit of a socialized understanding (if not a collective wisdom) to accept and prepare for. In an age of hormone therapy, sperm banks and ovum freezing as part of a company benefits program, the latent message to women is that they need not concern themselves with these previously life-fulfillment limiting physical realities to coincide with their personal choices.

The Feminine Imperative will go to great lengths, socially and legally, to convince contemporary women that they aren’t in fact tied to the realities of their physical conditions. In a social sense, the incentive is the same “have it all” mentality with the prerequisite social conventions in place to lessen the blow when women realize they can’t actually realize what the feminine-primary advertising suggested.

In a physical sense the Feminine Imperative will gratuitously incentivize funding for every feminine-specific medical condition while simultaneously deemphasizing (to the point of encouraging indifference) any male-specific disease, legally, financially and socially. It’s a testament to the efforts of the imperative that modern women statistically outlive men in spite of the physical debilitations associated with menopause.

But for all this effort in engineering generations of women to become über-women, the same pesky, evolved limitations still influence their decision making.

Echoes of The Wall

New commenter (and I use the term loosely), unilantern, graciously provides us with some insight on this with her comments on The Wall:

This is a myth, i can tell you how i know. Any man would pass up a 20 year old in shape woman who is strong and athletic for a 30 something feminine type in a dress who is willing to submit.

Its the same reason men pass up pretty young women from a lower social class bracket in favour of more mature well spoken mutton.

So keep up with the clock ticking nonsense, and remember time waits for no man.

I will let you know how i used to think for most of my 20s! And how i think now.

I used to think, do i have to wait until im too old and tied to feel like going about the world to be able to do so without sexual harassment, do i have to be nearing the menopause to no longer be seen as here for reproductive meat.

Then at age 30, and now at age 33 i look back at all the years of youth and energy and wish i could have had the type of conditional freedom i have now then. Women have to be too old to have the energy to do anything before they get their body for themselves and by the time it comes its not worth having, having to compete with men for your own body is the real reality of women, and yes time is ticking.

I bet i will be there at 40 with unconditional freedom, as in no harassment no matter what i wear or do!

Tick tok!

I found unilantern’s (perhaps drunken) comment’s particularly ironic in light of all the attention generated by various staged and / or edited viral videos recently of women being cat-called while walking for longer than most women’s work day in, shall we say, less than reputable neighborhoods. Despite an obvious effort in preserving the necessary female-victimization trope, a certain demographic of post-menopausal women suffering from confirmation bias (and probably some post-menopausal neuroses) genuinely want to believe these pseudo-documentaries at face value – even after they’ve been falsified and confirmed as such.

Ironic, because unilantern’s rationalizations and denial of The Wall are rooted precisely in the designed social conventions the Feminine Imperative would have both sexes agree upon. There’s never really a Wall per se when women are convinced they can ‘have it all’ socially, physically and psychologically. And again, the latent purpose of this social convention is to convince women (and to evoke agreement among men) that they are exempt from the physical realities that confine them at various phases of their maturation.

SMV in Girl-World

Women want to be men. This is the legacy that a since-decayed feminist social impetus has imparted to the generations of both men and women who’ve come after the Gloria Steinem’s got married themselves and blew away. Women need to be the men of tomorrow. I suppose I should’ve seen this messaging long before, and in honesty I think the greater part of Matrix thinking revolves around role reversal, but this is more than reversal. Women want to be men.

If a man can wait until his maturation develops, his achievements are more actualized and his SMV peaks at 38-40, equalism says “why shouldn’t you Man-Girl?”

As I work my way through the second draft of my next book, I’m beginning to see and build upon the real-world physical underpinnings women are subject to which motivate both the social buffers and the reasoning for their moving into the various mental phases of maturity I outline in the Preventative Medicine series of posts.

At an earlier phase, women claim to deplore their sexual objectification while young and subjected to the lascivious attentions of the mythical Male Gaze. This is recently decried by the cat-call videos I mentioned above, but yet before these videos were ever contrived, older women, women in a later phase of maturity, had already decried how horrible it is to be “invisible to men” and how they yearn to hold male attention as they once did in their youth:

Women feel invisible to the opposite sex at the age of 51, it emerged yesterday.

A detailed study of 2,000 women revealed a large percentage felt they no longer received the level of attention they once did after hitting 51.

Many even went as far as to admit they felt ‘ignored’.

The women claimed their confidence plummeted after hitting 50 and blamed greying hair, having to to wear glasses or even struggling to find fashionable clothes.

The lifestyle study, commissioned by herbal remedies company, A.Vogel, also found more than two thirds of women over 45 had walked into a room and felt ‘completely unnoticed’ by the opposite sex.

And this is yet again another conflict between what the social conventions of the Feminine Imperative has taught women and the physical realities of the conditions they wishfully hope they can be exempted from. When a man makes women aware of The Wall, intentional or innocently, the response is usually one of “Well, you men get fat and old and insecure later in life too”, and that may very well be for the majority of men. However, the differences is men don’t have a life-time of social infrastructure to convince and disappoint themselves that they can ever be exempt from a lack of performance.

No social order has ever sold men the idea that they can simply ‘have‘ it all.

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  1. A little bit hard on grandma aren’t we Rollo? I have known several honored, wise, contributing older women who were getting plowed hard well into their 80’s and who continued to contribute to the family after their husbands died.

    HRT takes care of many of the problems of menopause.

    Women may be poorly designed but men are designed even worse. Women outlive men by 8 years.

    @ Rollo: “Side note: it’s interesting how closely female-male bone density decay comparison charts mirrors my SMV graph.”

    There must be some studies on attraction that confirms your SMV chart. Social Psychology studies commonly have college students rank the attractiveness of pics of people. In any of those data sets I bet the correlations between the ages of the people in the pic and their attraction rank would confirm your SMV graph.

    For physiological comparisons other than bone density, I would bet dollars to donuts there would be a close relationship between average Estrogen levels of women at different ages and your SMV graph. I would go double or nothing on Growth Hormone levels with the same bet.

  2. Bluepillprofessor – “Women may be poorly designed but men are designed even worse. Women outlive men by 8 years.”

    Does that factoid adjust for murder, suicide, war, and high risk physically demanding professions? If not than it’s a spurious as the mythical wage gap.

  3. Men have a much better time of it than women. For one thing, they marry later; for another thing, they die earlier.
    thanks H.L. Menchen
    need I say more?

  4. The reason why men tend to die earlier is also evolutionary heavily tied to our sex-specific biochemistry. Testosterone is horrible for long time survival (i.e. long-lived, 80+ year lifespans), but it’s great for competing and nabbing mates while we’re 17-30, which is why men are so full of it 😉 (literally). In the bush, it doesn’t really matter how long you live so long as, while you’re alive, you’re a testosterone-fueled mating machine that makes those babies. It’s not the longevity, it’s the efficiency.

    Natural selection does not necessarily equal differential survival — it equals differential REPRODUCTION 😀

  5. It’s actually a bit unusual that the human female becomes infertile when she does. That could be a result of our evolution as a social species — at some point it becomes more useful for the tribe that women contribute socially (by caring for their children, grand-children, transmitting culture to later generations, and so on) than that she continues to plop out kids. The causes and purpose of The Wall/menopause are interesting questions.

  6. 1) Menopause is god telling you to get a younger wife

    2) “Well, you men get fat and old and insecure later in life too”

    Hey im 43 and just lost 20 KG in body fat and am still at my same bench press wieght from when I was 24 ((legs (squats lunges) are only 60% though))

  7. Rollo – “Women want to be men.”

    Cargo cult masculinity founded on Apex fallacy. In this sense women are like children wishing to be adults because they only see the benefits and are shielded from the costs.

  8. Rollo, I’m curious why you think women have built up this support network of self-deception about their biological reality. As you point out, men really don’t have this kind of system in place. Further, it isn’t likely that they have ever had one, either. So why do women? Is it a fear based mechanism? Or is something else at work?

  9. Simon Shepard refers to something called Proclamation of Escalation and Inverse Proclamation of Escalation. Both are the calling out that they have received attention from men. It is inherent to women. The are signalling their sexual status and value in drawing attention that they have been approached. The Inverse Proclamation is a show of displeasure. Either it is a way of stating “look men want me” and to visibly show displeasure at a particular man or type of men is a way of positioning herself as “better”.

    He states it all is part and parcel of inducing neurosis in men. Men detect the signals they receive from women, some directed and some nondirected. Location, accompaniment, attire, and ovulation are all signals of a sort. Then other signals like eye contact, posture, spread legs, hair flips, and a whole long list, some intended, some erroneous, some false, are detected by men, whether consciously or subconsciously. The neurosis men feel is the multiple responses that have when detecting signals. Your desire tells you to approach yet maltreatment when doing so is holding you from doing so. He further states that women act collectively in a subconscious manner in creating this neurosis as a way increasing the cost of sex. And in doing they increase the social status of women and hence the resources and status gained by women from men.

    He has this cardinal maxim, “Women gain their power from men and then they use it against them.”

    I don’t give a fuck who it is, all women achieve and keep their position using power they gain from the sexual attentions and attractions of men.

    And I have this question, “What if tomorrow, some virus or some ultraviolet rays caused some change in men where every man lost his sexual desire for women, what sorts of dramatic social and cultural changes would occur? ” There was this Marine Legal Officer that said when reading the divorce papers sent by a women stateside to one of my fellow Marines, “Women! If we couldn’t fuck them, we’d put a bounty on them and shoot them.”

    And the reason I think about this so much is exactly because I don’t have that same sense of attraction to women. I have fucking lost it for them. I am near 60 years old. And I am married to a woman 23 years younger than me. And the effect in being in a newish relationship with a younger attractive woman has dramatically effected my “viewage” of women. I just don’t give a fuck about them. A lot of it has to be the Manosphere enhancing an already huge woman hater streak in me. And the biochemistry of being in a bonded relationship with a woman that is more attractive than most women I see also has a big effect.

    But I mostly attribute it to being 59.

    Back in the day, I could be driving down a city freeway at 80 miles an hour, in the inside lane, jammed in by cars, all bumper to bumper, door to door, like we were in a NASCAR race blazing down the back stretch at Daytona. And there could be a blond standing in the parking lot of some strip center on the frontage road, a my visual pattern recognition would lock in on her and report “Blond at 3 oclock”.

    But today I don’t even see them. And I think it is one of the best things about being my age, the tyranny of desire has left me.

    It makes sense evolutionarily. I will probably be dead in 20 years, probably before. 20 years. Jeez, Pearl Jam was big 20 years ago. “I Got Five On It” was a hit song. Brett Favre was MVP, David Robinson was the NBA MVP. Forest Gump and Tom Hanks won the Oscars for Best Picture/Actor. 20 years ain’t shit. So I am sure evolution has adapted men to lose desire so they don’t have children they won’t be around to raise.

    And I don’t think its some male hamster talking when I say this. It is something to genuinely look forward to. To not give a fuck about women is a gift that I wish I could create a pill for. I’d be a fucking billionaire.

    So maybe that ranting woman in the post is genuine. Maybe she was sort of on the mediocre to below average side of the curve and the “male gaze” was not a friendly thing to her, the instantaneous appraisal that it can contain, that quick sizing up then dismissal, that failure to grant the attention that women consider “the coin of the realm in girl world”. So maybe she is now relived that she is invisible and the male gaze no longer even falls on her because that male pattern recognition that would draw men’s eye for that appraisal no longer picks her up as a potential target.

    But I think for most women, that loss of power is a great loss. If it wasn’t, the collective of women wouldn’t put such effort in instilling neurosis in men in order to raise female status. It is how they gain access to resources, to protection, to services, to status. And back in the day, the social structure was set up to support and protect them. But not today. No one is guaranteed any security in any way once they past 50 years of age. And many women traded on their sexuality in a big way up until the very last minute that they had it. And it was so tempting to do so because it was so incredibly potent as a bargaining tool.

    And when it is gone, they are left in an entirely more defenseless state than a man of the equivalent age.

  10. Wait, I got a fitting joke.

    A 60 year old guy is out fishing in a boat on a pond. He hears a small wee voice say “Hey, over here.”

    He looks down and there is a small frog on a Lilly pad. He reaches down and picks it up and brings it close to his face so he can look at it.

    It says, “I was a sexy young princess but a jealous witch turned me into a frog because her man was attracted to me. If you kiss me then I will turn back into a sexy young princess and I will be your wife. You can make love to me and support me for the rest of your days.”

    And the old guy drops the frog into his bait bucket.

    The frog wails, “Didn’t you hear me? If you kiss me I will turn into a sexy, young princess that will become your wife.”

    And the old guy says, “At my age, I would rather have a talking frog.”

  11. However, the differences is men don’t have a life-time of social infrastructure to convince and disappoint themselves that they can ever be exempt from a lack of performance.

    No social order has ever sold men the idea that they can simply ‘have‘ it all.
    (Oh how can i relate to this…)

  12. The age gap between men and women is almost as mythical as the wage gap.
    There were studies done on European monks and they found that under very similar conditions both nuns and monks lived to be a very similar age. The gap was marginal and around 2-5 years, as some monks smoked & drank more alcohol than the nuns. In some monasteries, where monks adhered to a more healthy lifestyle, the difference in longevity was zero.

    I was always curious why not more studies have been done on that subject and not more people knew about it in the medical field, but I guess accepting the supremacy of the Feminine Imperative is an easy sell.

  13. We do have a drug that can extend useful life. You do that by reducing chronic inflammations. That means reducing cytokines.

    The drug is reportedly better than Viagra for erections. It is non-toxic because it is an analog of chemicals found in the body. It is illegal.


    BTW the first mate has supposedly lost her attractiveness. And yet I’m still attracted to her. Must be the Ds. She is well past menopause but still gets wet. Sometimes just from my presence. On difficult days a little saliva gets things started. Five or ten minutes of stimulation is all it takes.

    I find it a real joy to have been with her for 40+ years now. And that is despite all the difficulties man/woman relations entail. We have raised a family together (4 kids) and are quite happy to have done so. We did start the family a little late. She was 34 when #1 came out and the last one was at age 42. We beat the odds. All healthy and high intelligence and attractive (the boys all above 6′ 3″ and the daughter a 6′ and 9.5 out of 10. Despite a degree in ChemE the daughter has decided – for now – to go into modeling/acting.).

    The first mate was never attracted to Betas.

  14. Ah, Man-appose.
    If you were married to her for 25 year and she was a great wife, be good to her, she’s gonna need all the tenderness.

    If she was an entitled C$$t, ABANDON SHIP.

    Pre Man-appose it use to be I have a headache, through and after Man-appose she feels unsexy or she blames you.

    You’re gonna need a life time supply of DW40.(that’s in case you you don’t Abandon ship and no life jacket and don’t know how to swim.

  15. Ah. The tyranny of desire. I come from a long line (going back at least 4 generations that I know of) of men who sired children relatively late in life. My great grandfather had 4 wives. The first three having died on him. I’m the result of wife #4.

    The main disadvantage of that was an incredible sex drive when I was young. Very distracting. But the ladies liked it (mostly).

  16. You’re being too easy on post-menopausal women. Sure, when we age we’ll never be quite as hot as in our youth. But if we’re 55 and our husband’s 60-80 (appropriate pairing age-range, as evidenced by most couples in tribal situations), he’s probably on his was out too. Just as a man at 75 can look OK if he lifts, eats well, didn’t abuse his body in his youth and considers a testosterone supplement, a woman at 60, once the last big shifts of the menopause have occurred, can look OK if she lifts, jogs, eats well and didn’t abuse her body in her youth. Plenty of examples of trainwrecks and “pretty for her age” post-menopausal ladies in my family alone and the only variable is how they looked after their health. Your first list are symptoms of the menopause itself, that usually pass. Your second list only seems to occur in women who have treated their bodies poorly during their youth. There’s no actual reason to pull a babba-yaga on a man you’ve devoted 20-40 years to. At least not until you’re around 80, at which point the sex appeal will be 0 whether you’re fit or fat and both your libidos will be dying a death anyway no matter how much T and viagra he’s on.

  17. PS: “Pulling a babba-yaga” is the post-menopausal equivalent to post-marital degradation. Every woman has a point when, in her mind, she will feel OK about letting herself go. In order:

    -Once I have a man.

    -Once I’m married.

    -Once I’ve had a baby.

    -Once I’ve had all the children I want.

    -Once I hit the menopause.

    -Once I’m a wrinkle-bag.

    When you’re 70+ you’ll view women who “pull a babba-yaga” almost as poorly as you now view women who let themselves go after marriage. When all your friends who married successfully are finally surrendering to old-age-low-libido and pudgy, matronly wives you’ll notice how the odd woman is somehow avoiding letting the menopause become her life. But it seems men need a little more close, personal perspective to realize how little women actually *need* to let ourselves go at any stage in our lives. Just as you didn’t really notice how fit women *can* keep after childbirth until your friends’ wives were letting themselves go, you won’t truly appreciate how much better a post-menopausal woman *can* look until your friends’ wives are letting themselves go. Women just hear it from and see it in our female relatives often enough to catch on.

  18. Imagine being a man and discovering the red pill when you are 50 and in a new-ish LTR with a woman who is the same age. She’s hitting menopause, bi, says she loves you but wants to open the relationship because she’s not feeling it from you. You’re attracted to younger women but eating shit tests galore from your LTR. 50 years old. Declining SMV for both of you but still very good relative to others your age. Live sucks.

  19. If I recall correctly, there has been a lot of “hub-bub” about women achieving “total unhappiness in their lives” at around 41-44 years-old according to trends in the annual General Wellness Survey conducted by the US government. The decline has been marked since the late 1960’s/early 1970’s.

    you go grrrrrllll….right to the psychologists’ chair (y).

  20. re: “No social order has ever sold men the idea that they can simply ‘have‘ it all.”

    Women will splutter “True Men” aka apex alphas “already do have it all.”

  21. @superslaviswife re: “There’s no actual reason to pull a babba-yaga on a man”

    There is NEVER any actual reason for a woman to let herself go, EXCEPT to communicate to her LTR dude that she wants him to quite pestering her for sex so much. It’s the same reason for the post-honeymoon sour attitude of the woman; it’s merely magnified in post-menopausal women.

  22. 1. There is no male equivalent to menopause.
    2. There is SIMILARLY also no male equivalent to the menstrual cycle.
    3. There is no male equivalent to the honeymoon period.
    4. There is no male equivalent to the fertility decline after the woman’s early 30s.
    5. Male testosterone levels above about 450 ng/mL do not affect anything behaviorly at all. No excess anger. No excess desire. Men who have more sex produce more testosterone. It is false that men who have more testosterone produce more sex.

  23. Ratio of attractive to unattractive women in a given age group.

    Age 20: 1 in 5
    Age 30: 1 in 10
    Age 40: 1 in 100
    Age 50: 1 in 1,000
    Age 60: 1 in 10,000
    Age 70: NA

  24. Rollo,

    When is the next book coming out? I read the first one, glad I did it changed the way I view inter gender relations for the better! Thanks for all your hard work on this life changing subject.

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  25. More great stuff, thanks Rollo. Last first.

    “Having it all” – It’s 1994 and I’m at the annual “Women’s Bond Club of New York City” annual “Women of the Year Gala” in which they select a particular woman for hagiography and fawning. My Marxist boss (at a software company that sold derivatives trading platforms to places like AIG – yes, I sold AIG their risk management system too, if anyone wants to know how they blew up the world I’ll be glad to explain it) has bought a table for 5k and we have some customers as guests.

    The “winner” was a mid-40s fireplug of a woman dolled up in a designer business suit, coiffed and bejeweled and accessorized to perfection. She strides up and begins to tell us how she manages to “have it all” – and her family, hubby and two kids, are in the audience as she lays this out. “How do I have it all?” she asks, rhetorically? “Everything poorly. That’s how I do it – I do everything poorly. I can’t be around enough to be a good mother, but I can’t stay late on Wednesday night because of my family or can’t go on that business trip.” Fyi, her family is visibly embarrassed by this and you can tell they wish they were not there as her props. She went on to basically lay out how she shortchanged all the commitments in her life – including her husband, to his face in front of a crowd and said it without guile or seeming to have any sense of how belittling this was.

    I was sickened by the entire evening. Fyi, the woman wasn’t lying – she wasn’t any great shakes at her job. Yeah, she was an SVP – hundreds of them littered across Wall Street firms, yawn. She was a symbol – the substance of her life didn’t matter. Just the form, the award, the “status” convoked on her, and most of all, her reciting the litany of the “strong, independent woman™”. It didn’t matter to anyone who dared speak up that night to note that the substance of her actual commentary and life were a condemnation of that entire worldview. I felt as though I had landed on Mars. Truly.

    Speaking of “Mars” – has anyone yet noticed that the current kerfuffle being ginned up over at Rolling Stone is the almost a perfect replication of a storyline out of the TV show, Veronica Mars? Just sayin’ – this crap was a trope in 2007, and it was all phony on the show too. Life imitating art that imitates life…We are way down the rabbit hole.

    As for menopause, all I can say is “He, he, bitches”. Seriously. I can definitely confirm the smell aspect, and it starts in a woman’s late ’30s. Their body odor just goes stank, especially the vaj. I cannot take it, i find it viscerally repulsive. I

    The good news for me and men? We can do a shitload about aging. If any of you fat old lazy bastards out there haven’t gotten the message yet, wake up. Men can virtually reverse the effects of aging in some very real ways and also seriously delay the onset of many of them via good diet and exercise. Women fall apart – it happens to men much later. Case in point? Me.

    At 52, I now can pass for 40 – no problem. I literally had someone drop their jaw in shock the other day when I told them I was 52. He, in his 50s as well and a rapidly decaying bag of shit said, “No way you are in your 50s”. I said nothing because he was really having a conversation with himself about how he had given up. I started this year with just vigorous walking, added in some calisthenics and then by August started lifting weights (specialized program, high intensity, with a trainer) and doing interval training. I’m now in the groove. I enjoy the small amount of muscle soreness I experience and can push myself to my limits without fear of injuring myself. I feel more vital, more predatory, stronger and more lethal than I have in a years. Just as a random act of kindness over the weekend, I went and shoveled out my sisters driveway while she was away on vacation so she didn’t return to a 2 ft wall of plowed ice blocking her driveway after 20 hours in the car. I know, it sounds Blue Pill but for me I just did it instead of an interval training workout, and it’s also true that my sister has been much more considerate and respectful to me this year. I enjoy being a man and doing man stuff – and I think she knows that part of the deal with this is that she continues to be a submissive, nice little sister. 2 hours shoveling and I was fine. 1 year ago? I couldn’t have done it and would have had chest pains if I tried. I reek of energy and male aggression and assertiveness – and I turn more and more woman’s heads every day. Funnily, the “age appropriate women” who throw their pussies at me seem to recognize that I wouldn’t fuck them with a barge pole from the outset now. Their desperation is palpable as they light up when given even the slightest amount of attention. I tease some of them sometimes. Lol, really, they fucking deserve it.

    5 belt notches later, exercise and eating well is just becoming a way of life for me as it has been during other periods of my life. And I’m not even half way to where I want to be physically. I am lucky – I have a boyish, very attractive face and a reasonable amount of hair left and a very healthy cardiovascular system (bp currently 115 over 69, down from borderline hypertensive at the beginning of the year). I did go for the “take the grey out” dye job too, and it’s completely undetectable. That has been nothing short of game changing. Reducing the grey take years of me in an instant, and when combined with the rest of the work, well people are just kind of shocked when they see me. Also haven’t had a drop of alcohol in 19 years – I find the men I know who are showing their age worse than others tend to be drinkers.

    At my current pace, I should be able to pass for my late 30s by spring of next year. Lol. Go find a 52 year old woman who can pull that off. What’s saddest about this? It’s all a disservice to women most of all. Why do they hit “The Wall” so hard? Cuz they were lied to about it or were told it didn’t exist. Why does menopause wreck them? ‘Cuz they read that article in Cosmo on how “50 is the new 30” and figured none of that shit was going to happen to them. I’m watching several women go through it, it’s not pretty.

    Last. A tip for older guys like me trying to take down as much hot ass as possible while we still can. Young, hot women 18 – 27 or so may see you as a uniquely interesting short term mating candidate. Many of them already have had some experience with older guys or have it on their “list”. What’s great about it is that it’s an innately sexual connection as there is no long term – you are not being evaluated as husband material. You are being evaluated for fun. Fun might include spoiling them a bit – over the summer I took a wild child I was with out for her first fine dining experience in her life. A nice 5 course meal with wine pairing – she’d never had a meal that cost over 100 dollars in her life. But be covert. She does not want her social circle to know that she’s banging a 50 something yr old guy. You have to get her away from her friends and family to have any chance. Also, be flirty and dirty right up front. This is a signal to them that you “get it”, and the one’s who respond are self-selecting in. And the ones who reject you give you a bit of respect for trying, as long as you aren’t a dick about it. Cultivate the ability to flirt, make it effortless and just part of who you are with women. Most young men are far too Betaized to do this well and with this alone one can moisten many a vaj.

    Okay, I know I’m going on too long as usual. Have a great week everyone.

  26. From the female perspective ratio of desirable to undesirable men in a given age group,

    Age 20: 1 in 10
    Age 30: 1 in 10
    Age 40: 1 in 10
    Age 50: 1 in 10
    Age 60: 1 in 10
    Age 70: 1 in 10

  27. ” . . .mineral (most notably calcium) deficiencies . . .”

    This claim is made on the basis of osteoporosis, that loss of bone density is due to lack of calcium. However, as I have commented before, bones are not made of calcium. They are made of protein. I offer again that you compare a fresh, uncooked chicken bone to a clam shell. The clam shell is made of calcium.

    Calcium is added to the protein of bones as a way of giving them enough stiffness to do their job. Whan bone density drops, due to lack of protein, the calcium content of bone as a percentage of mass actually goes up. This makes the bones more rigid, but also more brittle, like the clam shell compared to the chicken bone.

    Thus when overstressed, they snap instead of flexing. Brittle bones are caused by an excess of calcium, not a deficiency.

    Osteoporosis goes along with sarcopenia. The bones and the muscles are part of the same system, responding to the same environmental stimuli. The loss of balance in the elderly isn’t, for the most part, actually loss of the sense of balance, their inner ear isn’t degraded, their muscles are. They simply lack the strength and range of motion to hold themselves erect properly and thus wobble along.

    If you lack the strength to keep yourself from falling, and you have low density, but brittle bones, you fall over and break your hip.

    And that, gentlemen, is why we lift for life. Heavy enough to drive protein into the muscles and bones, not so heavy as to cause damage to the connective tissues and bone of the joints.

  28. “The Selfish Gene” is viewed as 5h1t by evolutionary biologists. You don’t need to rely on evolutionary explanations for support. Your observations stand alone just fine. Relying on weak explanations weakens your entire point.

  29. @Chris: “Why not?”

    Because men learn, by experience and at a very early age, that what they can have is what they can take, and thus the natural limits of what can be taken.

    Conversely, women learn that what they can have is what they are given, and that there are no effective limits on what they can be given.

    This difference means that women can easily believe the lie, but men cannot.

  30. ” .. I think it is one of the best things about being my age, the tyranny of desire has left me. ”

    .. I remember someone asking Sophocles, the poet, whether he was still capable of enjoying a woman. ‘Don’t talk in that way,’ he answered; ‘I am only too glad to be free of all that; it is like escaping from bondage to a raging madman.’ “ The Republic

  31. I’m curious why you think women have built up this support network of self-deception about their biological reality.

    Because the more women who think it, the larger the herd and the easier it is to believe the pretty lies. Cognitive dissonance be damned.

    1. I think it’s interesting to see what amounts to a schism in the feminine-primary social order.

      On the one hand you have what’s really the old guard order that still wants to convince women that they’ll never be subjected to the liabilities of being a woman or held accountable for bad decisions.

      And on the other there’s the open hypergamy faction led by the likes of Sheryl Sandberg convincing women to proudly embrace Alpha Fucks in their 20’s and not to worry because there’ll be an accommodating Beta sucker happy to wife her up in his equalist conditioned 30’s so long as she tells him he’s the one who’s “really sexy” and he doesn’t find her college sex tapes or online amateur porn.

      I can see this becoming a point of contention to the FI, until it can develop a way to compromise the two motives.

  32. @Terrance Gold:

    No need to imagine, I’m living it, but well. I am 51. Discovered the RP three years ago. Step 1 was dropping my 4-hour-away LDR. Step 2 was spinning plates. But I’m now married to an beautiful woman from my small town high school days. (Top 10% in looks for her age.) I tested her HARD while intentionally courting her; requiring her to keep pace with my active lifestyle and physical fitness. She knows she’s lost without my leadership. And now she’s near the end of menopause. The disappearance of the monthly cycle has been great for both of us. No reduction in libido and no dryness. With no kids in the house, I take her to pound town twice a day. And the best part is the phenomenon of love goggles described here and other RP sites is genuine. We didn’t date back in 1979, but when I look at her 35 years later, I can still see that young cute face that was next to me in class. Yes her SMV will decline, but I’ll still be chasing her up the stairs until my knees give out.

    Life is great! (YMMV)

  33. Rollo – “I can see this becoming a point of contention to the FI, until it can develop a way to compromise the two motives.”

    A compromise no doubt that only involves men acceding to the demands of the FI. Since that’s never failed to work in the past the FI has no reason to believe it won’t continue to work in the future. Any appearance of resistance on the part of men to the new order is evidence of misogyny, and justiication for state involvement. Nothing that time and a little patience can’t overcome. The only hiccup is the “have it all” mentality is taking on a “have it now” aspect that means incrementalism is going to be more difficult.

    1. BP, I agree.

      I’ve always held that the FI (and by extension its social arms of feminism and old-order chivalry) is a fluid thing.

      To its credit, and by necessity, the imperative has perfected formlesssness. All of its strengths can be played as weaknesses and vice versa if the feminine served better by doing so, but also it can fluidly reinvent its most evident failures into “intended” success.

      Cognitive dissonances mean nothing to the FI, it simply paints a target around any arrow a woman shoots and they always get a bullseye.

  34. The compromise position that the FI likes to reach is the claim that mutually exclusive views which can both favor the FI are simultaniously true.

  35. Rollo – “Cognitive dissonances mean nothing to the FI, it simply paints a target around any arrow a woman shoots and they always get a bullseye.”

    I see this as applicable to individual women as well. It’s as if the FI/women/female sex is a giant fractal. As such I think the great obstacle for men is that we are not actually uncaring monsters. We men do great damage to ourselves by assuming that women’s feelings are to be taken seriously as though they have substance. This sets us up to compromise our own needs/feelings/desires.

    Given the cognitive dissonance, the lack of reason, and the duplicitous nature of women I wonder why any of us should care about anything but ourselves. Or for myself I only care about women through the prism of me. Without me they have no value to me.

  36. I would wager the mortality age gap is precisely because men do have to perform their whole lives where women in many cases get a free ride for quite some percentage of their lives.
    The extra miles at full torque for a man, that’s what strips off the years to make a difference. Thank goodness, I don’t want to overstay my welcome on this orb, just make sure my kids are set, then get the fuck out before I become a drooling lump of flesh.

  37. @ Rollo “it simply paints a target around any arrow a woman shoots and they always get a bullseye” – A real gem. You should save these for a book people have to actually pay for…

    However, I wonder how many men have actually let that statement and it’s implications sink in? One thing that really bothers me is the shock some men will show when some new insult or even lower level of imbecility is displayed. We have to stop being shocked. This is how it is. I say the degree to which this shit shocks you is the degree to which you are still a Blue Piller.

    Thankfully we are adaptive critters. A great defensive stance against all this is the “selfish prick” identity I have been developing. I was always a bit of a prick, just not that selfish, so it’s not a huge stretch for me, but still it is quite an invigorating way to live. And it allows one to anticipate the idiocy of the world women are creating but not be upset by it. And after all, women are just responding to biology and their pressures and exigencies based on hundreds of millions of years of selection and the resulting socialization as well. And I don’t think we are about to have a revolution. But even if we did – women would still choose. And as long as women choose sexual partners, men will be at a disadvantage given how programmed we are to want to fuck all the time. However, unlike Sophocles, I’m not interested in losing that part of my drive, so what’s my choice? Get as much ass as I can. And when I can’t, well there will always be porn and professionals.

    Most of the interesting aspects of my life are competitive. Exercise/sport, music (and if any of you musicians out there are honest you’ll admit you are always critically evaluating music and how you personally stack up), business, women – life at it’s very essence is a competition for resources. It’s a desperate scrabble for women too. So I don’t mind this being competitive, I think it makes life interesting and compelling.

    But I don’t see women benevolently anymore. In fact, I think having this kind of power over men has corrupted many women, and when weaponized via cultural/social structures like chivalry or feminism it’s quite powerful. Add in politics in which they get the added leverage of the institutions that adopt such ideologies to guide their policies and voila – here we are. Education, politics and the administration of govt itself, the humanities, and the entire artistic and cultural edifice of our world is soaked in FI. Drenched. Drowned, in fact.

    I ask myself this. Why shouldn’t I live in a society gone haywire? Why shouldn’t I live in a nation in decline? Why shouldn’t my society commit suicide as so many others have? Why not me? And then I just chill.

    “There is a great deal of ruin in a nation”

    “the center never holds”

    “and so it goes”

    Bonus points for all who can identify these three quotes. Each is zen koan-like in its contradictions when properly comprehended. Entropy and the dialectic anyone? With a dollop of the Tao Te Ching on top?

    Fyi, try explaining my last sentiment here to a woman. I dare you. How many women do you know who’ve read Smith, Yeats, Vonnegut and Lao Tse? Check that – do any of you know a single women who has? How many would even know who I’m talking about, if not having actually read the author? And so it goes…

  38. Rollo,

    In many, many cases, he old order and the new order fit together just fine. There are beta bucks more than willing to wife up the 30 something after her wild 20’s. Women do know this and are more than willing to take the limited risk that they won’t get that marriage . . . for now.

    I think this is going to be changing as more and more women are writing articles, prominent articles, about how they missed out on the beta bucks aspect of it.

    So, we will see which way the herd follows. I can tell you that from my time spent at the RPW reddit, a few women are waking up. However, it is only a matter of time before what we teach there will be tainted and skewed and used by women to get that beta bucks marriage and then simply live the way the new guard tells her is so fabulous.

  39. It’s “the center cannot hold.”

    “and so it goes” – which he later abstracted simply to “Hi ho.”

    1. Indeed, you are correct on the Yeats. I was doing it from memory and I find since about 45 that it’s just less reliable than ever. Thanks for the catch.

  40. For what it’s worth, I believe that a lot of female insanity–before and after menopause–is tied to modern notions of nutrition. Since the modern woman is not as equipped for childbearing as she was designed, given ubiquitous nutrient deficiencies (kale is not the answer), this might result in disproportionate fearfulness in the face of male attention. After menopause, the deficiencies change, with insulin resistance and lack of tissue integrity being major factors, and estrogen not being the “youth tonic” it’s been touted to be, but rather more like an “insanity extender”.

    Whereas a lot of feminism has been about attempting to make the disposable post-menopausal woman less disposable, given that her odds of having a living, productive husband are dismal–particularly in light of the divorce rate and demographic imbalances resulting from male mortality. Moreover, her children are likely to be alienated given her less-than-attentive motherhood of them.

    All that said, as a woman in my fifties, I generally can’t stand the company of my peers. The cognitive dissonance is overwhelming. Mothers who complain that their sons have failed to leave the nest and become the men they want them to be while simultaneously believing in the merits of feminism, women who don’t understand why men aren’t interested in sex on *her* terms, and women whose conversational gambits consist of various forms of male bashing, etc. I’m delighted that I have the company of my male life partner instead, for as long as I can promote his longevity. Occasionally women make noises of sympathy when they hear that I do all the cooking and housework. These duties are considered beneath me and tedious. I find these women to be beneath me and tedious.

    I am beginning to understand why Indian widows choose to make use of the flames on their departed husband’s funeral pyre, but then I get a wolf whistle from a passing truck driver and reconsider. Perhaps I do indeed have sufficient knowledge to be of use to someone somewhere. Otherwise, that funeral pyre isn’t looking like such a bad deal.

  41. Come on Glenn, solipsism precludes serious self reflection and by extension precludes the ability to appreciate history and how it might reflect upon one’s own circumstances. But of course you already know that.

    Perhaps the FI is actually at the root of anti-intellectualism today in Western Culture, trying to wash away history and accumulated cultural knowledge. Hmmmm? Or perhaps Anti-intellectualism is actually an antidote to the FI. This could cut both ways from where I sit.

  42. @ Stingray

    Because the more women who think it, the larger the herd and the easier it is to believe the pretty lies. Cognitive dissonance be damned.

    True. But what I was looking for was the core impulse at work. The foundational aspect of female behavior that was driving it. Or the mix of them, should more than one be at work.

  43. Donal,

    The very basis of what you are looking for, our base desire for this self deception, is that aging very often makes us irrelevant.

    It’s terrifying.

  44. “Perhaps the FI is actually at the root of anti-intellectualism today in Western Culture, trying to wash away history and accumulated cultural knowledge.”

    I blame the French.

    75 years ago a great war raged across Europe at the end the continent was divided up by the two great remaining powers because it was obvious the Europeans were incapable of governing themselves without dragging the whole world into a bloodbath every 20 years or so. The Europeans being self reflective and ashamed tossed the cultural babies and the bath water away and invented post modernism so that they might never have to be afflicted by any objective absolute reality ever again. This worked out so well they gave post modernism to the rest of the world.

    Since nothing is ever knowable or absolute in the post modern view it was ready made for assimilation in the FI to be expressed as feminism. Since nothing is absolute there is no morality, no ethics, no right, no wrong, no responsibility, and ultimately no hope. There are only the feelings of the moment. Everything and everyone is fungible, and therefore disposable. Knowledge is useless, and intellectual inquiry is just tool to manipulate feelings. Technology, the by product of men who can’t escape reality, is just a microphone to broadcast emotion. These broadcasts get louder each day because those who have replaced reason with emotion are never certain of their own existance and are only soothed by the sound of their own voices and the validation that can only come from the outside.

  45. Stingray – “our base desire for this self deception, is that aging very often makes us irrelevant.”

    This is what happens when your sense of self is almost completely reliant on external validation.

  46. BP,

    Absolutely. One must learn to switch from the power of that external validation (the more beautiful she is, the more power she has) to the power of wisdom, husband, and family. The power from beauty is immediate and strong (the feeling). The power that comes with age is softer and with care, long lasting.

    Helping women strive for the latter is incredibly difficult.

  47. “No social order has ever sold men the idea that they can simply ‘have‘ it all.”

    Hell, today’s social order tries like hell to tell him he shouldn’t have anything at all as punishment for the evils of extremely wealthy white men far removed from him by time and/or social class. Pure lunacy turned first world zeitgeist.

  48. Stingray,

    It’s interesting you use the word “power.” Perhaps that’s the problem if you, a reasonable female commenter, are focusing on power then should I assume that would could extrapolated to women generally?

    If power is what is at issue y’all are screwed. Most men seem be looking for some form peace or contentment, some way to escape the power struggle. For men power is tool not a goal.

  49. @ agent p – I’m careful about throwing around the word solipsism to describe female consciousness as I believe it to be over-broad. I think it’s better to see it as narcissistic tendencies and a utilitarian approach to life that women are more attuned to.

    I’m writing a song right now entitled “Hero’s Game”, and also another called “The Red Queen”. It’s really interesting exploring the narrative we step into as men from an emotional, reflective perspective and attempt to make it lyrical and beautiful. In Hero’s Game, the plaintive refrain is simply, “Hero’s game, Hero’s game is what I’m playing”. In it I confront the ineffable truth our biological destiny, in the form of a meditation on the costs and impact of playing life this way.

    Men are sold into the idea of their lives being a “hero’s journey”, hence our gut wrenching attempts to create a meta arc to our lives which seems absent from women. For women, their is no such meme for them to step into. They can be heroic, but it’s not the narrative that defines their lives. Men, on the other hand, are seemingly addicted to the process of overcoming adversity and achieving things as a central way of measuring themselves. But we shouldn’t accuse women of being shallow because they aren’t playing a big game – perhaps they are smarter? Where have all our abstractions and striving for high status and recognition gotten us? It’s good for humanity, but awfully shitty for lots of individual men.

    Their solipsism – our mental masturbation, I say we call it a wash…

  50. BP,

    I have learned not to focus on that power any more for several reasons. I am trying to explain this in terms of women in general. Power is a good part of it, but this motivation can be squashed and redirected. It is still there underneath to be analyzed, though (because AWALT).

    Think of power, in this sense, as what a woman will feel from that external validation (Power probably is not the best term for what we have the potential to have with age). And I agree with you, when women let this feeling go and use it against men, we are screwed. Many women have no clue that men do not want this from women because we see you at power plays with each other. We project this onto ourselves and tell ourselves that you want this from us, as well. We think if we compete with you that you will like us more. It is part and parcel with our desire to become men while maintaining our power as women as well. Women want it all.

    Now, what comes with old age, if we live well, is more of what we should also be striving for while young and still beautiful. Power should not be it, but the pull of it, is intoxicating. One could argue that this is a large part of why feminism began. A lot of women never had any semblance of this power and tried to grab it in another fashion. Was it Rush Limbaugh who said that feminism was started by ugly women?

  51. M Simon
    December 2nd, 2014 at 5:23 am

    “BTW the first mate has supposedly lost her attractiveness. And yet I’m still attracted to her. Must be the Ds. She is well past menopause but still gets wet. Sometimes just from my presence. On difficult days a little saliva gets things started. Five or ten minutes of stimulation is all it takes.

    I find it a real joy to have been with her for 40+ years now. And that is despite all the difficulties man/woman relations entail. We have raised a family together (4 kids) and are quite happy to have done so. We did start the family a little late. She was 34 when #1 came out and the last one was at age 42. We beat the odds. All healthy…”

    You are in error and don’t know it.

    From elsewhere on the Web (sorry no link):

    “the life expectancy dropoff issue.
    It turns out that there is a roughly even reduction in life expectancy in daughters with increasing maternal age past mid-30s. Conceiving at age 44 [if you even could] would knock about a decade off the life of any little ones you’d want to put in dresses and put bows in their hair. And, it’s not a case of “they just die at 66 instead of 76, with everything the same before then”. Rather, they’d have about a 15% reduced life expectancy and reduced vitality all through life, from the very first day you hold them in your arms.

    These are part of the reasons that women should try really hard to plan their reproductive lives to only have pregnancies with ova younger than the maternal age of 30.”

  52. “Cognitive dissonances mean nothing to the FI, it simply paints a target around any arrow a woman shoots and they always get a bullseye.”

    A herd of rationalization hamsters does not a homogeneous group make. Take the average female’s ability to rationalize her way around any dissonance, spread that across a large enough group, and you wind up with an emergent movement (FI) that easily holds completely opposing views to be true effortlessly.

  53. Stingray,

    That’s a very interesting perspective. It fits with my observation the girls are taught to seek power for themselves, while boys are admonished to use their power for good not evil, which assumes boys have power to start with. So there’s already a paradox where power is goal state for women, and tool, with safety instructions, for men. Women don’t appear to be taught that power has responsibility attached.

    You absolutely right about the competition factor. If I have to compete with a woman, within a relationship, I walk away because she has no ability to make my life better than it is being alone.

  54. It is not poor design, Rollo.

    Menopause sees to it that the woman has enough time to get her last cohort of kids to near adulthood without risk of death in childbirth.

    Other women, who are young enough to keep bearing children, are now a better breeding target, and the woman in question has time to get her kids raised.

  55. So there’s already a paradox where power is goal state for women, and tool, with safety instructions, for men.

    This is part of women having it all. Grabbing the power, getting it, and then never having to learn to use it for anything other than her own advantage. Only the perceived advantage is a poor one when she can’t figure out why she is just not happy. It is also a good demonstration that feminist are simply not interested in equality, to any degree.


    That four year old writes and spells remarkably well.

    Assuming it was written by a boy and not his mother, at any age, that is just plain sad. He hasn’t got a chance.

  56. It was a quote from Willie Nelson on the ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ movie. He had some really good jokes in that movie. Bloody hilarious!

  57. I think I first heard that one about 50 years ago.

    I subverted the joke. Although there was quite a bit of trauma involved, my divorce only cost me $658 out of pocket, with no further liability.

    Her behaviour was so bad that what I got back in return for the trauma was a considerable lever to use against her and she was happy to get out without me pushing on it harder.

  58. @ Glenn – Props on your dedication to looking after yourself in your early 50’s via the ‘Law of the Iron’ (a good inspirational read BTW if you haven’t already read it).

    I’m 9 years younger than you but still classify myself in the older guy category – so thanks for that last tip.

    To help in your fitness quest, I recommend trying the Paleo/Caveman nutrition regime (I hate the word diet) which I’ve been doing this month. I always struggled to get rid of the last 10-15 pounds of bf even with a solid heavy lifting schedule and HIIT training (I do enjoy a few beers with my mates though). I was sceptical of anything low carb thinking it would sap my energy – but it actually increases my energy as it draws from excess fat reserves as an efficient energy source. Only good stuff goes in; high protein, carbs only from veggies and good fats. My nutrition is finally top shelf.

    I’m lifting heavier now at 43 than 5 years ago at my training peak.

    When you read up on it, there will be scientific arguments for and against – but I can say from doing it that it works on many levels – strength, recovery, energy, weight loss, hair, skin, sleep and just overall mental state of mind.

    1. @ stuttie – Already eating Paleo and lower carb – ditto on everything you said. Notwithstanding @kfg’s discomfiture over the non-usage of the term “diet”, I also agree with that sentiment.

  59. Are we going to have Nutrition Regime Engineers instead of Dieticians now?

    I’ll stick with diet, just as I stick with garbage.

  60. “No social order has ever sold men the idea that they can simply ‘have‘ it all.”

    This is a really good point. I think most men are aware that after they get old, fat and gray, women aren’t going to look at them lustfully anymore. (Hell, plenty of young men don’t have women looking at them lustfully). But the reason so many 50+ women are so bitter and disappointed at their “invisibility” is because they bought into all that “Still sexy at 60!” nonsense peddled by women’s rags to sell overpriced skin creams.

    Old age isn’t sexy. It was never intended to be. What’s the biological point of being sexually attractive well after fertility has dropped to zero? You’re supposed to have other priorities like gardening, baking cookies, nurturing your grandchildren, and sharing your wisdom with younger people. Everyone loves a kindly old grandmother with dignity and a warm smile; nobody likes a bitter old hag desperately trying to compete with younger women for male attention. Where you end up has a lot to do with your choices.

  61. Here, let me fix this for you…

    Women ARE invisible to the opposite sex at the age of 51

    And actually, it’s much younger than that… When a woman can no longer reproduce reliably (late 30’s) she is ready for the trash-heap. Sorry ladies… The truth hurts… You held all of the cards when you were younger – now you don’t…

    Of course, as 50+ year old man that regularly beds women in my chosen bracket of 18-25, the same isn’t true for men. For men, it’s just that bedding women is always a challenge – but once you learn what works for you, you can keep it going till you drop dead.

  62. @stuttie
    I can vouch for Stutties strength gains since going on Paleo – the man is a beast

    “What’s the biological point of beng to ing sexually attractive well after fertility has dropped to zero? You’re supposed to have other priorities like gardening, baking cookies, nurturing your grandchildren,”

    The current crop unmarried 30 and 40 somethings are going to be the first generation in human history to grow old with no husband, no children, no religious community around them and probably no extended family living nearby to care for them.

    In Sydney there already being seen as taking up very expensive real estate* by new immigrants from Asia and the Middle east…….I wonder how that will work out for them…

    * Our hospitals are already facing heated “arguements” between different tribes trying to get in to see the doctors first.

  63. spiralina – “…the reason so many 50+ women are so bitter and disappointed at their ‘invisibility’ is because they bought into all that ‘Still sexy at 60!’nonsense peddled by women’s rags…”

    And yet I’ve heard these same wrinkled, fucked out crones laugh at the guys who fail to “just get it,” or worse offer sickening sweet hollow sympathy to younger “nice guys” with a big dose of “just be yourself” advice. Of course the wisdom they have to share with younger women is the same feminist empowerment nonsense that got them where they are today. So their advice to young women is also useless. I might be able to muster sympathy for them if there were the slightest hint of introspection and consideration that they might be responsible for their choices.

  64. “Change in body odor”
    You know, one of the plates I’m spinning (the oldest and soon to be dropped) turned 41 a few months back. She already smells… I dunno… old? She’s cute “for her age”, but I can’t get aroused with that old smell like a grandma. It’s unfortunate; she’s not even in menopause, but the odor is enough to start turning me off.

    Yeah, but the women will still turn them down or bemoan how all the “good men” are gone while pining for an alpha. It’s rather comical, honestly.

  65. @stuttie

    Are you surprised to hear that there is not one shread of Protien or fresh produce in any of my fridges or cupboards right now…

    And yet the princess has just gone out “shopping”…. I know she wont bring any proper food back..

    I’m going to buy some meat and protien powder now. text me if you want anything.

  66. @Rollo
    Holy shit. You could almost measure the amount of dick she’s had in *miles*.

    Even without knowing the whore past, she looks like she’s been rode hard and put up wet more times than I can count. I wouldn’t touch that with my worst enemy’s dick.

  67. ” . . . it would be a Nutrition Regimen Engineer.”

    And what’s funny, it’s actually people using regime when they mean regimen that’s usually what sets me off. I was actually trying to be moderate in my tone by only going after the one target.

    My discomfiture is that diet is a nice, short word that means precisely “the stuff you eat,” and the psuedo scientific technojargon term “Nutrition Regimen” actually means something a bit different and might be acurately applied to a can of Ensure, but not to the Paleo diet, as the Paleo diet has no defined nutritional content. Only stuff you eat.

    You can apply any adverbs necessary to make the meaning of diet more precisely defined if you need to. Maybe “reducing,” “fat loss” (not the same meaning as reducing), or even, dare I say it, “Paleo.”

    This is both good style and proper use of the language.

    I also defend the well defined, mathematically even, word “power,” two syllables, and will not use the pointless expansion to two words and five syllables, “work capacity” that some people use because they don’t understand power.

  68. @ Rollo – yeah that “story” broke yesterday in Aust – too funny.

    re- Beta sexual deprivation, I’ve witnessed this first-hand close to home. My ex wife 47, is now living with a mid 30’s Asian/Mexican cross looking dude, cuckolding my 2 kids. She was definitely a hb8 (am I right Max?) when I married her at 33. Now a hb6 at best. She hit the wall hard (as they all do) and probably in menopause – I actually feel very sorry for that thirsty dude.

    @ Max – not surprised at all – wall hitters will instinctively try to reduce your own SMV by force feeding you that same shit they eat. Take control of the grocery shopping now.

  69. @ kfg – I just think the term diet implies the restricting of food, which Paleo is certainly not.

    A regimen is a plan, a regulated course such as a diet, exercise or medical treatment, designed to give a positive result.

    Each to their own – the point was not debating or reinventing a term for diet, it was to help Glenn and others re the fitness benefits of eating Paleo.

  70. “. . . tell you about how the hot piece of ass who became your long term ONEitis will eventually experience some (possibly all) of the 34 Symptoms of Menopause roughly 20-25 years after you say ‘I do’ (assuming it lasts so long)?”

    Its more like 15 years max before it sets in, not 20-25, since it usually hits mid 40s and women are getting married latter and later.

  71. Stuttie: ” I just think the term diet implies the restricting of food . . .”

    I know, that’s the problem. That’s the way most people on the street think of it, or even more precisely most people, most of the time, think it means the restricting of food Calories, which is a different meaning yet again. But that isn’t what the word means and it isn’t the way any dietician or trainer worth a damn will use it. When they ask you tell them about your diet, they aren’t asking you to tell them what you don’t eat, they’re asking you to tell them what you do eat.

    The correct, both English and technical, term for a restricted diet is . . . “restricted diet.” The power of adjectives! One of the great linguistic inventions of all time. It’s part of what makes English the most powerful prose language ever conceived. It’s the reason there is only one word for snow. We don’t need 49 words, because we have thousands of adjectives, and adverbs, and can even combine adjectives and adverbs. Pity the linguistically poor Inuit who only has 49 descriptors for snow.

    The gently falling, neon green, candy cane flavored dendrites. Say that in an Inuit language.

    So, after asking you about your diet, if you don’t bring it up yourself, the dietician may also ask you if you have any dietary restrictions.

    If they then say that they are going to put you on a nutritional regimen, what they are saying is that the diet they formulate for you will have a specific nutritional make up. Say, 1g protein/lb lean body mass, 70% fat by calories and 2400 Iu of vitamin D3 daily.

    Now the Paleo diet in most formulations makes some general recommendations for nutritional makeup, but it is principally defined by its restriction of foods. Neolithic foods? Restricted!

    So, there ya go, it’s a type of food restricted diet.

    And by the way, I think the Paleo diet is a perfectly fine one, as is the primal and the Owsley, though at current rates I have to eat a lot more eggs than Owsley. I need to go out and shoot more woodchuck, which will also allow me to tie more Adirondack Haystack trout flies, so i can catch more fish come spring.

    Post menapausal women tend not to show up for dinner when I tell them we’re having woodchuck. Wat’s wit dat?

  72. Rollo Tomassi

    December 2nd, 2014 at 7:14 pm

    “Never underestimate the power of Beta sexual deprivation:”

    But Rollo, she got $500-$1000 an hour.
    She must be a quality woman. In fact that she got that 10,000 times proves that she is an extremely high quality woman. And some lucky beta is going to get it happily ever after for free!

  73. kfj – I appreciate the English lesson & fyi it’s ‘dietitian’.

    Interesting fact – Less than 4% of dietitians in the UK are male.

    Fact: “young women in the UK are fatter than anywhere else in western Europe with one in 12 being clinically obese, a study has shown”.

    With the pandemic of obesity & the remedy being to “”diet” (which has obviously failed) – maybe the terminology used should reflect something else entirely (who cares how many syllables it requires). That’s why I hate using the term diet – it means failure to me.

    Anyway, back on-topic…

  74. Rollo,

    This made me think of something that I have observed.

    Male sociopaths tend to mellow as they get older (not always) but you see it in the crime statistics, crime is generally a young man’s game.

    Female Sociopaths tend to get crazier as they get older and menopause would seem to be the best explanation for why the veneer of sanity tends to flake away more.

  75. @jacklabear
    > And some lucky beta is going to get it
    > happily ever after for free!

    LOL- in the sexual marketplace there ain’t no free lunch.

    Several guys have calculated the Cost Per Fuck (CPF) for wives and compared it to the CPF for escorts.

    The escorts always win on a dollar cost average basis.


    Do a search on Frank Shark’s book “How to Be the Jerk Women Love.” His CPF calculation comparing wives to prostitutes is very conservative- and the escorts win hands down.

    It was the guys fucking our friend from Australia when she was an escort who were getting the best financial deal.

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