The Unbearable Rightness of Being Female


The following post quote has been making the rounds in professional circles. It’s from Sallie Krawcheck, CEO of Ellevest, an investment firm dedicated to helping women with financial investment (no jargon, no ‘playing’ stocks for sport, no mansplaining, you got this). She’s also the “chair” of Elevate Network, a global professional women’s network. I’m adding this here to make a later point, but it’s important to understand how normalized it’s become for women to create a sexually exclusionary organization for women who will simultaneously complain about men’s sexism for not accommodating their (presumably successful) business culture to the interests of women. More on that later.

I thought I’d riff on this click-bait for, I assume, professional women because I expect we’ll see more of this prefabricated outrage in the coming years as a response to what will undoubtedly be the suffering of the Trump era in America. I’ll be the first to admit I was surprised by Trump’s win, but the denial of the First Female President® into the White House will be the cause du jour for every jilted woman who believes she’s a “professional”. Even if Clinton had won the mainstream would’ve been inundated with how ‘we still have a long way to go’ stories, however, with Trump in the Presidency the same tired narrative of systemic male sexism will get reinvigorated in the coming years.

From, A Letter to young women, in the age of Trump:

When I was your age, I thought it was over. My mother was a feminist, so I wanted to call myself anything but a feminist. And anyway, I seemed pretty welcome at work. Even though it was Wall Street, my analyst class was about a third women. We weren’t just on our way — we’d arrived.

But then…there were the inappropriate pictures left on my desk. The guy miming a sex act when my back was turned. I wasn’t given the great assignments; the more senior woman I worked with was likewise dismissed as “lightweight” (and, lest you think that might have been true, that woman was Safra Catz, now the co-President of Oracle). Then the women started to fall away in their 30s…more in their 40s. But the worst of it, I thought was over.

And now Trump has made it clear to everyone that the battle for us women is not over.

In femopshere there will always be an ‘us’. As I’ve outline in many prior essays, the Sisterhood will always take precedence above religion, politics, personal conviction and even family affiliations for women. Largely this is due to women’s evolved propensity for collectivism among their own sex. In our hunter gatherer beginnings women had an interdependent need for collective support for keeping tribal cohesion as well as child rearing.

This intrasexual collective support has carried over into what’s become the Sisterhood today. If you look at the interactions of young girls and their social group interdependence you begin to see that nascent tribal collectivism naturally come through. In terms of larger societal scope this collectivity becomes about acknowledging a shared experience of an imagined oppression by men. Between all women there is a gestalt understanding of “the plight of women” and a presumption of an endemic sexism no matter how culturally or socioeconomically dissimilar those women are.

As I mentioned, Trump is now a universal icon of that presumption of sexism and oppression. Granted, it could’ve been any man who displaced a woman in the history books, but the fall back presumption is that whoever ‘he’ is, he becomes emblematic of a ready narrative of sexism irrespective of merit. We presume sexism, we presume a guy would mime a sex act behind a woman’s back and leave ‘inappropriate’ pictures on a woman’s desk despite decades of workplace harassment legislation. We believe it because it sounds right; it sounds like something a typical sexist guy would do.

I can’t stop thinking about this and what we can / should do:

Remember that gender bias in the workplace is not a thing of the past. I’m sorry if I didn’t act when I should have. I thought we had left sexism behind us by the time I was in more senior roles. After all, we had complaint hotlines and diversity plans and requirements for diverse slates of candidates for every job. But now I’m remembering one of the members of the senior leadership team who would kiss younger women on the cheek at the beginning of meetings. Creepy, right? I now wonder what was being said when I wasn’t in that room.

What’s creepy is that in spite of years in a professional field that’s been the domain of men she’s just now remembering this fact. Would it have been less creepy if he’d kissed only his age-appropriate women on his leadership team? Professional women’s default presumption is that it is always sexism that is holding them back from breaking through a mythologized ‘glass ceiling’, but as is women’s solipsism, their first thought is that their problems are caused by externalities. Never is there an insight that they may simply lack the skills or that they don’t perform at their peak in a job they were told should be rewarding to them.

Gender biases will never be a thing of the past because to suggest they ever might be so is to presume a default state of egalitarian equality between the sexes. The gender biases in the workplace are most evident in the peer selection and peer evaluations of women – not some secret group of guys getting together in a private office room to expressly talk about a their co-workers’ tits.

As it stands in today’s modern office men are scared shitless every time they are called to cooperate with a woman on work projects for fear of being accused of sexism or harassment:

“In a lawsuit-happy culture, where claims can be made on a ‘he said/she said’ basis, men are now trying to ensure their actions are always covered by a third party witness”

“The terror of being accused of sexual harassment is now so common it has its own term, ‘backlash stress”

There’s a reason HR departments are largely staffed by women, because they want to be positioned in a way that they can execute policy. HR departments no longer exist to serve the company with regards to employees, rather they exist in order to protect that company from lawsuits and enforce feminine-primary conditions in the workplace.

Ask tough questions, and call the guys out when necessary. I recently asked my best guy friend: “Do guys really talk like Donald Trump and Billy Bush behind closed doors?” His response: “No, but…” And the “but” was that the conversations are more along the lines of: “Boy, she has great legs,” or “she’s a looker” or “Whew. Wouldn’t touch her with a ten-foot pole.” When I asked him how he responded to this, he said he didn’t say anything; after all, he has to work with these folks.

But so do we. And breaking us down to our body parts or our appearance dehumanizes us in some way. Maybe it’s only in some small way. But it’s clear that for some years, we (and by we, I mean I) were likely too complacent about the inevitability of gender progress in the workplace and relaxed perhaps just a bit too much.

It’s funny and irreverent when all the girls in the office get together for drinks or a male revue strip show after work, but it’s dehumanizing when men do the same. I’ve known very few men who would ever comment on a woman’s anatomy in a workplace environment. I have known men who would scold other men for staring a little too long at a female co-worker. I have known women to actively flirt with guys and wear inappropriate outfits to get attention from them. I’ve known women who’ve called me and other men I’ve worked with their “work husbands”.

I’ve worked in the liquor and casino promotion businesses for two decades now. I see some pretty wild behavior on the part of women who are not unlike the poor victimized dears Krawcheck describes going to work on Monday mornings.

The modern workplace culture has conditioned men for fear of women thanks largely to strict codes of conduct, but also because these men have been raised from birth to be dutiful Betas and White Knights who look for every opportunity to correct a ‘typical man’ for his sexist and rude behaviors. They look for these backroom boys clubs where women are rated on their looks so as to expose their heinous misogyny and institutionalized sexism, but they are disappointed when they don’t actually find it. So instead they contribute to an atmosphere of fear in some lame form of Beta Game they hope will be recognized and rewarded for by workplace women.

If you’re in a bad work situation, it’s ok to quit. So many women think that it’s a “failure” if you quit your job; and you know how hard we females take failure. But sometimes it’s not us: it’s them.

I recently left the board of a non-profit that I LOVE. I had been on it for years (and years). At nearly every meeting I asked how much we were spending on our investment managers, in comparison to the return we were getting. Meeting after meeting I was told that the answer was complex, it was hard to calculate, it would take a lot of work – and why did it matter anyway? It was really the net returns that matter, regardless of how much we paid for them. And then, last spring, before I could bring up the topic, one of the men did; and all the other guys eagerly agreed with him, that we need to keep an eye on fees because those are really all we can control.

I quit the next week.

Life is too short, and I can have a lot more impact with the week-a-year I get back instead of being ignored in meetings.

I know not everyone is in the position to quit; I wasn’t earlier in my career. So the onus is also on those of us who are more senior to be more supportive of women who leave these situations. I am hopeful that an outcome of this election will be greater understanding of this.

If it had been a woman who’d made the same suggestion would we be hearing about this? Shit like this happens all the time in the workplace. One reason The 48 Laws of Power resonated with men so well is because it was relatable to exactly this kind of situation. Law 7: Get others to do the work for you, but always take the credit for it yourself. Sallie sees this as sexism because it happened to be a guy who pulled it on her, but would she have quit the non-profit had it been a woman who outplayed her?

This is the reality of even the most seemingly benign of companies. They are defined by the interplay of power dynamics, but when women are bested in it the sexism narrative is ready on standby to comfort and explain their failure. So it becomes OK to quit, because the environment is always sexist. The business environment is one defined by competition and this grates on women’s expectation of it to be cooperative and collective. Women like Sallie expect recognition for merit, but wish for things to be easier rather than developing the skills to play the game better.

Get yourself a senior, successful – preferably female – mentor, who can help you navigate the politics of your company. This includes the gender politics. Can’t find one on your own? Speak to HR about helping you find one; this is their job, after all.

Your company doesn’t have a senior, successful female? Get the hell out of there.

Really the only sexism I’m seeing in this piece has been one coming from and endorsed by Krawcheck. She bemoans a lack of gender equity and then suggests a female mentor would be preferable to a male one. Her sexism is blatant here – the only definition of a solid reputable company is one that ensures it has a senior, successful female in it. Since most HR departments are staffed primarily with women it’s their job to help you find a senior, successful and female mentor? I’m not a business insider, but I’m pretty sure this isn’t their job.

I made this point in Male Space, but what happens when women insert themselves into a traditionally male dominated domain is that the enterprise becomes about accommodating the female influences rather than the enterprise itself. This entire article is an indictment of this. Again, the solution to a woman’s problem of not being successful is sought externally.

Do your best to make sure that your success is quantified. Be it a sales goal, a client satisfaction rating, an output metric, a quality target. Numbers count here because they’re black-and-white, cut-and-dried. Were you successful or not? I recommend this even if you work in a “normal” company, because implicit gender biases and expectations still exist for all of us.

Solid enough advice, but it’s couched in the context of an expectation of gender biases (at least the type of bias Sallie finds unacceptable). There’re implicit gender biases, but the ones we see dominate even ‘normal’ companies are ones that favor a feminized workforce.

Think about starting your own thing. This is what’s exciting; we have the ability to start our own businesses today, in a way we didn’t in the past. Why not take our marbles to our own playgrounds and build great businesses and cultures? Our mothers couldn’t do this because the cost was so high – but the costs of everything-about-starting-a-business, including technology, people (i.e., freelancers), real estate (co-working spaces) and support services are coming down. And then no one can relegate you to the less-interesting jobs.

Women are taught that they deserve the luxury of interesting jobs. In fact this is the sole reason for even wanting to enter the workforce most times – a rewarding career that’s fulfilling, but as I wrote in She’s Unhaaapy… that fulfillment is always elusive. Therefore it must be that uncooperative men are holding women back from this happiness.

I’m not sure opening another gourmet cupcake eatery counts as contributing to the status of women in business, but I would say that women ought to be encouraged to start up their own businesses rather than rely on the proven successes of established ones to prove their business acumen. Carly Fiorina and Sheryl Sandberg are not innovators in any sense. Neither started a company from scratch, but they are lauded as powerful businesswomen because they supposedly had the moxie to compete with the big boys and their sexist enterprises – not actually as a result of their companies wanting to present a feminine-correct public image.

I would love to see women’s organic business successes despite themselves, but my guess is that every failure or setback would have some tinge of external sexism attached to them. The truth is there are very few women who actually create something of worth because the easier path to success is to create a social convention that shames men for not including women in their own successes. It will always be easier for women to appropriate the success of men rather than create anything for themselves.

I am going to go out of my way to support other women. It’s clear now: we can’t do this alone. Another woman who is promoted or celebrated or funded clears the way for another. I am actively looking to buy from women-owned businesses, which is much easier these days — Glossier, Outdoor Voices, and Project September are just a few of a new wave of startups led by women — and avoid companies that remain all-men. I’m just so over supporting them.

And here we have yet more fem-centric sexism in a piece decrying male sexism. Weren’t we just reading about how surprised Sallie was about gender bias not being a thing of the past in the workplace? Because Trump won the election she calls for a boycott from buying anything from male owned companies?

One thing I’ve always found ironic about women’s call for collective, gender-exclusionary support for other women is that women are often guilty of even worse infighting than men are in the workplace. Lets face it, women hate other women to a degree that most men are unaware of. Their capacity for sub-communication and psychological warfare among themselves makes intra-sexual competition more brutal than having to deal with any so-called sexist male co-worker. From women’s collectivist perspective one would think that women’s intra-sexual support of other women would make them all outstanding successes in business, but we find the opposite is true. Women have a very hard time making an all-female enterprise a success. Naturally this is blamed, again, on men’s sexists brinksmanship and outmaneuvering them, but by and large it’s internal conflict that destroys all-female run enterprises.

Invest. Having spent my career on Wall Street and now being the founder of Ellevest, a digital investment platform for women, I know I’m a broken record on this topic. But men invest to a greater extent than women do, and it costs us. Indeed, I believe investing is the best career advice women aren’t getting. Think about it – are you more able to tell your boss to take this job and shove it if you have more money or less money?

That’s what I thought. At the end of the day, money is the real key to gender equality.

Of course we get the sales pitch at the end. Women don’t invest because it’s not sexy. It requires a degree of commitment and a depth of insight that goes well beyond what an average woman has any interest in. I do find it entertaining that Sallie finally gets to the real reason for a gender inequality she claims she wants to see abolished. Money is most definitely a key to establishing social dominance and that creates a fundamentally unequal condition between men and women.

Businesses, successful ones, are founded on competition, not cooperation. This is the fundamental conflict we are experiencing in today’s corporate culture; women’s collectivism promotes what they believe should be a successful enterprise based on egalitarian cooperation while men largely see the enterprise as competition. Sometimes this is a win-at-any-cost type of competition, other times it may be more subtle, but the crux is that women’s propensity to want for a more collectivist approach to a successful enterprise is at odds with men’s competitive approach. Success in business is fundamentally unegalitarian, there are winners and losers, not co-equal participation trophy winners. But as women continue to insert themselves into the unegalitarian male spaces of enterprise we will see this push for cooperative hopes for business success fundamentally alter the purpose of these businesses as we attempt more and more to accommodate them.

Published by Rollo Tomassi

Author of The Rational Male and The Rational Male, Preventive Medicine

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  1. “I guarantee you if you talk to models like you talk to chicks you just want to chill with or be friends with, you aren’t going anywhere.

    if you approach a model in a club the same way you approach a hot chick at the grocery store, you aren’t going anywhere due to the societal constraints and norms inherent to each place.”

    That sounds suspiciously like you need to adapt your tactics to the specific nature of the enemy and the specific terrain you will be fighting on.

  2. @ SFC Ton

    ” So much of this frame and Game stuff is all about having the balls to just do it it seems particularly hard to give a concrete action plan ”

    Yeah this. That’s what it mostly boils down to in the final analysis.

    But I’m cool with a dude wanting/needing information and explanation. But to assume that *I* am wrong somehow because I no longer require these things and have a few things handled already is patently absurd.

    I can go outside and get in my car right now and drive from Jersey to LA without a GPS. In fact, I don’t even own one. Don’t need it. But some guys can’t get out of the state without one. Judging me by their capabilities is silly.

  3. But I’m cool with a dude wanting/needing information and explanation. But to assume that *I* am wrong somehow because I no longer require these things and have a few things handled already is patently absurd. Balx


  4. @blax

    Man, you still have stuff to learn ( but what do I know…I’m a condescending dude that doesn’t help anyone ).

    hey, maybe…but so far, doesn’t look like you’re the one to teach.

    i mean look at how reactive you are, dude.

    i give you honest feedback and you just shut down and go off on the “but i guess i’m just a SILLY DUMB DUMB HUH SCRAY i guess NOTHING MATTERS THAT I SAY, HUH?”

    that feel you’re feeling — whether you can admit it or not — is being challenged, whether by others or circumstance. you probably haven’t felt it for a long long time.

    and the natural reaction is all the shit you’ve been doing — right down to jacking my style with the gifs.

    instead of moping around and slinging mud back at me — rise to the occasion. prove me wrong.

    you’re just one concrete action plan that works in the field away from shutting me up.

    and if that small of a burden is enough to make you fold….well, then i’m right, you really have no business telling these newbies how to do anything, because you have no real experience dealing with legit social pressure and instead are just used to things going your way because of your size and strength.

    i’m just here to help. you’ve got a lot of knowledge locked inside of you, but it isn’t making it to the screen.

    give it an honest shot. help everyone out. give value.

  5. I’m not the one to say step by step no how

    I never set out to be with chicks; that kind of happened as a byproduct of other pursuits and being sexist as fuck.

    Approach a chick and get laid? Awesome. Crash and burn and it’s funny as hell to retell? Also awesome

  6. “Never minded being challenged by the young bulls.
    It’s their job”

    Just as it’s the old bull’s job to knock them on their asses when they start getting too cocky.

  7. @blax

    There’s no value in that for me.

    Not according to YOU:

    Lol, I’m trying to encourage guys to do what they think is hard or not really possible. Life is opportunity mostly.

    his is where YaReally is correct when he says that I might just not be good at explaining stuff. ( along with a bunch of other commenters… I’m working on it though ).

    So which is it, lol?

    Proving me wrong = giving concrete advice = get better at explaining shit.

  8. I am an easy going dude. Doesn’t usually bother me when they step up. Normally it’s a big deal for them and to me it’s just Tuesday. My Old Man rode with 81 when I was a kid. Those guys showed my dumb ass a lot of lee way. Try to return the favor these days

  9. Ahaha, maybe it’s just the Laphroaig but this thread is fun again.

    Thanks ‘Ton, that’s some sense.

  10. @AR

    “Dynamic, Passionate and Authentic despair, far as I can tell.

    Self killing is another thing that men are much, much better at than girls. Number prove it.”

    Ya, I mean, this is part of it. That’s the usual sort of explanation we have around the Androsphere. Another is the idealistic notions men tend to hold about relationships.

    I’m proposing that the simple external factors of, more often than not, having little to no outside support may contribute as well.

    No-one likes to see a grown man cry. So they avoid sad men.

  11. Weird, I haven’t posted in this thread at all and it’s still full of petty snark, guys insulting me, condescension, misrepresentation of everyone’s points, and no one actually talking about Rollo’s article. The RSD videos and I are CLEARLY the problem around here. But don’t worry, this’ll probably be my last post.

    Tyler made a video just for you specifically, I time-stamped it at 1:25:27 so no one wastes their time on this useless advertising content:

    He’s extending an invite if you want it. Can you make it to 1:28:28 without turning it off? Because I bet you turn it off after the first 30 seconds cause you’ll interpret his first sentence as an attack and the ego-sting and negative assumptions of his intentions you’ll make won’t let you listen to even this little 3 minute snippet lol Try making this 3 minutes the ONE bit of RSD content posted in the last few years that you actually watch.

    Compare what he’s saying in that video to your behavior in the last thread and this entire thread (from the dozens of Tyler quote-mines (which take seconds to google but paragraphs to explain the ACTUAL context behind and just result in receiving a reply of more random quote-mines to defend the context of because you don’t actually WANT a discussion, you’re just petty shitposting at this point the same way Jezebel will probably do with your work someday…note that when I reply to people I reply to their entire posts line by line instead of quote-mining one thing out of context to misrepresent them, that’s why my posts are huge), to the taking joy making fun of Mystery’s depression (tell us again how you totally care about men…or at least the ones that agree with everything you say, right? Same thing SJWs/Feminsts do, care about you while you’re in the club but too much wrongthink and you’re out! Hopefully he kills himself so you can use it as an advertising point to brag about how much better TRM is than PUA some more, and yes, we notice how shitty what you’re doing is but no one wants to say it out loud because we keep hoping your emotional tantrum will end and you’ll go back to being a cool chill respectable OMG instead of embarrassing yourself like this), to the taking INSANE levels of over-reactive butthurt offense to people who aren’t even talking shit to you (as Scray and I have explained over and over), just because some people don’t agree with everything you write (what, RSD Luke didn’t fully approve of 100% of your writing?? BLASPHEMY!! He must be trying to destroy his competition!! He said Tony Robbins is cool so they must have a paid deal, it couldn’t be that he found value in Tony’s work and found some problems in mine!! It couldn’t just be that maybe your writing isn’t 100% perfect in the eyes of guys who go out regularly and test shit, just like I and the other guys who go out and test your ideas have been pointing out over the years (but hey, you don’t need to learn anymore, you’re 14 years in, you’re the TEACHER now, everyone stand at the bottom of the mountain and just listen to your wisdom, and whatever you do don’t watch those RSD infields that make you ask questions, just trust me that you can’t get into VIP service despite most PUAs who go out and practice that can do it and explain how they do it step by step), to attacking PEOPLE instead of their IDEAS (you can’t argue the stuff we show, so you resort to trying to attack the person explaining it hoping that people will disregard their content if you can slander them enough, standard SJW/Feminist tactics), to now jumping on the “RSD is all fake infield, paid actresses, paid models” which just shows that you don’t go out and actively do pickup for you to think the footage they get would HAVE to be paid actresses to get (and if you do decide to start going out and testing this stuff, record it so people can link your videos instead of Evil Manipulative RSD’s Free Content That Brainwashes Incel Newbies)

    Although hey, if we’re going to point at Mystery and laugh that how he behaves (what an idiot suffering from depression lolol guess he shouldn’t have done that PUA trickery shit, everyone at RSD will probably kill themselves because PUA = makes you depressed and suicidal according to Rollo now that PUA doesn’t agree with some of his ideas) represents the end result of what he teaches…then flipping that around and applying it to the OMGs here, you guys act like petty gossiping 15yo girls just shitting on everything that isn’t a part of your clique. And you guys are in your 40s+. You think any of this thread is “role model alpha male” behavior from you guys? That ANYONE is reading these comments thinking “I want to be like these guys quote-mining Tyler and trying to tear people down and condescend and insult them and get butthurt sensitive and over-reactive to any criticism anyone gives me”? lol I mean is the behavior you guys are displaying in this thread the end result of your guys’ OMG teachings? Because the end result leaves a lot to be desired. I encourage anyone reading this to go back to the start of this “The Unbearable Rightness of Being Female” and read the comment section, this has been a beautiful display of high-value OMGs being super high-value lol

    I can guarantee you if any of your marriages fell apart, or you lost access to your kids etc, guys like Mystery and Tyler finding out about it would be the first to say “shit, that sucks dude” and offer help/support instead of laughing and pointing their fingers at you to discredit your books and you as a person. But THIS behavior is the real OMG STATUS(TM)(TM) of real boss successful older men that we should all want to aspire to be. How about you one of you badass inspiring OMGs DEMONSTRATE this Red Pill mastery you have and shoot the guys some Rollo books or open the lines of communication? Whoops, wouldn’t want to do that with the “competition”.

    And of course, as expected, I’m now being painted as a guy who just manipulates naive incels despite repeatedly encouraging them to think for themselves and disregard what Tyler or myself says and go out and test it for themselves (what reason would I even have to spend my free time trying to, what, build a cult, for all the no products I don’t sell?). And painted as a guy who says “ONLY LEARN EXTERNAL GAME NEVER EVER LEARN INTERNAL GAME EVER IT’S USELESS GARBAGE EXTERNALS ARE THE ONLY THING THAT MATTER” when I’ve REPEATEDLY said (go ahead and check my archive) that a balance is necessary and the two feed into eachother and build eachother and that newbies are easier to teach when you give them externals to work on so they can gain some positive feedback to start building better internals with and then the pendulum swings back and forth as they grow and progress), and that I’ve apparently said hobbies are all a waste of time (lol no, I said climbing mountains doesn’t trigger sexual attraction in women, subcomms trigger sexual attraction and climbing a mountain might give you some decent subcomms but you’ll get more relevant subcomms faster by sarging, and that you should only hyperfocus on game (not pussy, GAME, there are nuances in that) for a period so you can get a good start on this and then do all that other hobby shit and balance yourself out (which is what PUAs including RSD have been recommending for YEARS). And painted as a guy who hates all the women I’m with when I’ve said no such thing and am perfectly happy and have been for years and have talked about that repeatedly (it’s all in my archives) and choose not to get into deeper relationships because I have other shit going on in my life and I enjoy the variety. And painted as a guy who said ignore everything the OMGs or TRM ever says (which is retarded, scray has pointed out multiple times that we’ve praised these guys and the writing on TRM but are just pointing out that there are nuances and better ways to reach and help men digest these concepts besides talking AT them) and insulted them all (the only thing I ever said that was even close to ACTUALLY offensive was “your post-wall wives aren’t 10s in the SMP” and that’s just an inarguable reality, sorry guys, but Blax & crew got ego-butthurt over that interpreting that as me saying their wives are all ugly shit). And painted as a guy with bitter incel baggage (lol no I was just a social retard, I hang with lots of Naturals I don’t resent them, that’s projection from anyone who thinks that that’s my mentality lol). And all the discussions we’ve had will be painted as “he was clearly wrong and we were clearly right” even though that wasn’t the case at all, but guys know no one will go through my archives and actually read for themselves so they’re free to rewrite history.

    For anyone who hears about all the “horrible” things I do and am, feel free to look through my archive and see for yourself how much of this will be history being rewritten by the TRM hugbox.

    Haven’t decided if I’m leaving but I’m too tired to keep putting up a fight right now because of the time investment involved in these 10 VS 1 fights…now that Rollo himself has joined in the doggypile and is finally showing how anti-PUA in general he is, there’s no way I can really compete with that. First it’s deleting my content without warning like he’s already done, then it’s joining the shitposting doggypile (no discussion, just memes and quote mining and misrepresentation and side-tangents and character assassinations) like this thread, then it’ll be editing my content to remove or rewrite things I’ve said to make me look dumb, then it’ll be a flat out ban and doxxing me, I know how this works I’ve seen forums get censored by angry hosts before (reddit & spez most recently). Posting here is a massive net negative for me when I have to spend 90% of my posts just defending myself or some Tyler quote-mine or a bunch of snark and worry about my posts being deleted, censored, edited, etc and navigate a minefield of OMG emotional feels-triggers just to explain to Hank “hey, here’s how to make out with that girl you talked to”…Talking game is a fun hobby but I know when to call it a night, and that’s when the host of the site himself is on full attack of me, every PUA instructor (except the ones he approves of, I’m sure another “brilliant” Krauser revelation of concepts that have already been mapped out in full, will be the topic of another article), the PUA community in general, and PUA as a system (the view here now is the same view Jezebel has of PUA, talk about a plot twist lol).

    It’s clear that PUA is just garbage parlor tricks to the guys here, their true opinions are finally coming out in this thread and the last one. Quite frankly it’s nice to see Rollo FINALLY being honest about what he ACTUALLY thinks about PUA, I noticed glimpses of it over the last 6 months even though he tries to stay out of the fights. He doesn’t WANT to start a Field Report board guys, and he KNOWS it. He doesn’t give a shit about FRs, FRs just risk him having to revise some of his ideas when guys go out and disprove stuff like “looks don’t matter” or bring out more material for the OMGs to argue isn’t happening out there. If he was as honest as the OMGs brag about with all their honor and integrity shit, he would just say “look, fuck off PUAs, I don’t want your shit here, I don’t even think it works or is legitimate and will just make you all suicidal so I don’t want discussion of it here, or for men to see information that might turn their lives around (as many men have admitted), I’m busy building a Brand(TM) and you PUAs are fucking it up”) Just be honest dude, it’s your blog you can do whatever you want, be your own MPO, you don’t want to help men that way so why keep pretending? So no one says anything bad about you or the TRM Brand(TM)? The guys who write FRs won’t sit around hating on you for it the way you invest this much time hating on Tyler, Mystery, Luke etc, they’ll just be a little disappointed in seeing behind the curtain, like I am. Even Scray won’t shit on the Brand(TM) if you don’t start an FR section (because he LIKES TRM despite what your ego-butthurt overreaction of his opinion is), so go ahead and just tell everyone you don’t want to do it. Follow your own advice and just own your feelings dude.

    That’s what deleting my VIP clubgame RSD video was about (that I posted entirely to help the guys going out that night, I had no idea Rollo even viewed a content-heavy video like that that doesn’t even mention bootcamps or products, as advertising, you can read the original post and see I tagged everyone and was excited to share just GOOD USEFUL INFORMATION for them to apply), Rollo has been trotting out his “I really appreciate YaReally and the PUAs for their infield experience that balances out my theory” feel-good PR line for the sake of the Brand(TM) for months when in reality he’s been fucking STEWING about this shit and that VIP game video (that he didn’t even watch, as he demonstrated last thread equating VIP in the middle of a club with no rope with VIP cabanas lol) triggered an emotional butthurt reaction because I guess Luke didn’t praise his work enough and he assumes anyone RSD praises must have marketing deals etc to scam and manipulate naive incel newbies with, and Rollo finally let the calm cool Red Pill image slip and lashed out emotionally instead of having a reasonable adult discussion about it (like the rest of us would have expected from him, that’s why everyone was like “dude wtf??” in that thread…I mean what happened to all your boss internals that are so important and all you OMGs have dude? Does TRM’s teachings create over-reactive ego-invested old men who get butthurt on the internet?? Guys who hold their real opinions back pretending they aren’t mad when they’re fucking STEWING at every FR or RSD vid posted? lol I certainly wouldn’t say that TRM causes that, I think TRM is fucking GREAT and as I’ve said since day one it should go hand in hand with PUA and personally I’m GLAD the RSD crew is finally looking at TRM and hope the rest of the PUA community does too, as a great supplement to PUA…but going by YOUR logic that you’re using to discredit PUAs now, well, apparently how you act represents the inevitable end result of what you teach…quite the precedent to set, if your marriage happens to fail do we just throw out your 5 years of writing here? Personally I wouldn’t say that that’s fair or makes any sense but you’re the one setting the precedent during your emotional tantrum right now). But Rollo didn’t expect that so many guys ACTUALLY got use out of the RSD vids because he’s never actually WATCHED them (“Do RSD have any videos NOT in a nightclub or street at night?” yes, fucking dozens, I’ve been linking them for years but thanks for showing that you really DON’T look at them, confirming that you don’t ACTUALLY do any research…until you need to quote-mine to try to cast shade on Tyler and discredit his teaching the same way you’re doing with Mystery now).

    I’ve been attacked ever since I got to the Manosphere and it’s never really bothered me because I know it’s just a lack of understanding what I’m saying or not having enough reference experience to understand it (because a lot of the Manosphere doesn’t actually sarge, they just observe and extrapolate and rely on old memories etc), and I’ve helped enough Blue Pill guys digest the Red Pill to understand the rabid pushback that causes when you challenge their FI-conditioning…but it’s ramped up in the last year when I started bringing up things that the guys here REALLY don’t want to confront or question because it would reveal that they’re still pushing FI-conditioned beliefs and haven’t fully swallowed the Red Pill the way they think they have. And even that wasn’t a big deal, but now that the host of the site himself will be fighting me at every turn and spamming 20 quote-mines a day to try to respond to, I’m just tired and I’m sure after this post I won’t be welcome here anyway lol With me gone, Scray, Hank, etc will end up getting the brunt of what I’ve put up with in every thread over and over because the clique will shift it’s 14yo girl bullying tactics to them without a nice big red YaReally target to shoot at. Best of luck guys to you guys lol

    Like Scray says (you’re slaying this whole thread btw I lol’ed my way through the entire thread with each of your logical obliterations of this silly wordplay/semantics/feels game they keep using lol amazing to see your progress compared to when I first threw some advice your way on CH, now that I’ve FULLY BRAINWASHED YOU YOU NAIVE INCEL FOOL lol): boil everything you non-PUAs think about how this stuff works down past the woo-woo feels-based platitudes and fortune cookie wisdom you spout and the distilled result of it will look exactly like what PUA teaches. Just like Blax with finally understanding social pressure when he was 100% adamantly convinced I was full of shit because he doesn’t look past his solipsistic woo-woo feels arguments and as a Natural he can’t ever be wrong about anything (except stuff his ego isn’t directly attached to). 90% of you wouldn’t even disagree with what we’re saying if you stopped and looked at what we were actually saying because half the time we aren’t even disagreeing. PUA is just the boiled down nuts & bolts that everyone discovers when they spend enough time testing shit and pushing the boundaries.

    I fully expect this comment to be deleted, edited, quote-mined and misrepresented, whatever. It’s not like anyone trying to descredit PUAs will be too busy being infield tonight to spend their night doing that lol Props to the guys who’ve taken up PUA. Keep at it and use your own discretion about what’s helpful or not helpful and understand that someone can have both useful and not-useful advice and you should test everything to see for yourself what holds up under pressure-testing. Don’t be a LARPer thinking that sitting in your computer chair shadow-boxing and reading theory adequetly prepares you for the MMA octagon. Get out there and take some hits and don’t trust anyone who acts like they don’t take hits or treats you like you’re too stupid/naive to think for yourself and disregards your life experiences and, when they can’t relate to you, treats you like YOU’RE the problem instead of their ability to teach and dismisses you instead of learning to relate to you…cause you’ll get that same treatment from the Blue Pill world. Think for yourselves and do your research to form your own opinions like a rational male. And to anyone who discovers my archive, enjoy the content, but go apply it or it will be worthless in the longrun for you.

    And now because it’s Friday night I’m gonna go shower up and get ready to use a bunch of manipulative tricks that don’t work except on worthless bar sluts who mean nothing to me after sex before I cry myself to sleep about how empty my life is compared to the OMGs spending their Fridays making fun of suicidal/incel/value-giving men while I desperately hope no one looks beneath my shallow fake-it-until-I-kill-myself surface to see the depressed suicidal void in my soul that I can only fill by collecting my next BIG PHAT TYLER ROYALTY CHECK from posting that RSD video above. Have fun character assassinating me lol <3 <3

  12. Waygu beef is amazing

    Use to only get it in the Japan but iirc some dudes smuggled Waygu eggs and jizz out of Japan and into Norway

    Some dudes get all the cool missions

  13. SFC Ton

    I damn near licked the container. I only have a couple of burgers from ” outside ” a couple of times a month, but even at 15 bucks, I’ll have to consider this as the go to.

  14. 1st ran into it in Dubai. Paid $24 for a burger which I thought was crazy but what the hell? 1st trip there and what not.

    The crazy part was going back. Always tried to make that place my 1st stop when I hit the UAE

  15. Well, you wore out your welcome
    With random precision
    Rode on the steel breeze
    Come on you raver, you seer of visions;
    Come on you player, you piper,
    You prisoner, and shine

  16. I just hope Rollo actually goes through with the Field Report subforum and we can just do our thing and keep talking about PUA in our little sandbox and OMGs can keep doing their thing over here. Rollo gets to keep traffic hits and we’re all happy. The comments section has been a shit show for a while now.

  17. “…The comments section has been a shit show for a while now.”

    I wonder why that’s been the case? Objectively, that is.

    ( hint: re-read the last 15 or so comments to get an idea. Obvious is obvious )

  18. 1st ran into it in Dubai. Paid $24 for a burger which I thought was crazy but what the hell?

    I’m sure a man can get almost anything in the Emirates, given enough money.

  19. @ AR

    I read up a little bit after I finished losing my shit over the tastiness.

    I even found a few retailers, but the more honest ones admit that their stuff is Wagyu bred with something else like Angus.

    I found a pound of Wagyu/Angus and it was 17 bucks for 1 pound.

  20. quote mining June 18:

    Like Tyler says: Memory is state-accessed …
    … the married guys will take offense to this but to me ugly is ugly. I’ll hear rants about how “my wife’s wrinkled hands are sexy to me because those hands passed my newborn son to me” and that’s cool if that’s your thing, but like, to me I just see wrinkled ugly hands lol

    … to me locking down to one vag means I’m just going to end up fucking an old wrinkly vag at some point.

  21. @ redlight

    I’m resisting the urge to remind YaReally of a lot of the stuff he’s been saying and stating as fact. I’m actually hoping he does return at some point because as much as we may bump heads, I actually like him ( as much as you can like a screen name on the web ) and he does provide a different perspective that’s been needed.

    But his memory is short and selective.

    I even called him out as to why talk shit about guys wives, marriages and especially daughters ( recall the ” their daughters will be blowing/sucking us in the bathroom- paraphrasing ” stuff?

    How about the ” your old wife’s wrinkled pussy ” routine? Uncalled for but veiled in the guise of inarguable facts.

    And EVERYBODY else is ego-invested and butt-hurt. Everyone else.

    Hmmmm….check out his tirades and you tell me. Especially the last 2 or 3.

    But I’m not going to pile on, just a thought.

    Guys can be socially stunted in some manner, and they can improve immensely. It’s just that sometimes the need for more refined work is painfully evident. ” lol ” doesn’t always make everything you say okay, cool or 100% accurate.


  22. @pua @culum @forge @yareally

    A few days ago I mentioned how I was joking with my boss and a regular about how I was secretly gay. And my boss says “You’re not gay hank.” very firmly, like I am being ridiculous. Well I saw the same thing happen in one of the RSD vids. Tyler goes on about how he’s really shy and she says in the same tone “You aren’t shy.” Anyway, I thought it was interesting.

    Its at 8:02 And RSD is not endorsed by TRM, don’t buy their products

    Same girl at work that was coming on me before, ramped it up. She stopped by out of the blue again, only this time she said something like “So when does your handsome face close up tonite.” Not quite as blatant as it sounds, as she needs to know when I leave to grab the till, but still. lol

    Also # closed on a different girl at work. Customer. White girl who’s actually my type. Still a little iffy doing this stuff at work. Did lots of lasering though, since that is an easy one to sneak in, and did lasers while walking towards her. Guessed she wasn’t from around here, wrong. She’s lived around here her whole life, actually is from very close by, but she had moved away to another city and only recently moved back. I did the tease on that she seemed like and Army brat. She isn’t, and it didn’t have the same effect as it did on the black girl the other day (where it spiked her a bit and made her ask what it was that made her look like an army brat) HOWEVER the convo kept going on, whereas with other girls where I just teased them that being from a round here was “boring” always led to the convo dying out. Did a bit of teasing…she said something that was VERY wrong about alcholic beverages so I asked her how much she’s been drinking

    “Just two…”

    and I added “…dozen”

    And she went on about how no no, if she did that then she’d have a gut and then she said something I couldn’t hear. I think it had to do with her job.

    She left, but later she came back with a relative. Unfortunate. But then the relative left so I could talk on the girl alone. Kept up the laser, just chatted about stuff. Was figuring out logistics, she doesn’t go downtown much. So I said I went down there sometimes and we could go to a few new places she hadn’t been to before. Grabbed her number, called her, she showed me that my call went through and confirmed it was my number.

    Not a super strong number close, nothing like I did with the two black girls a week ago, but she held my eye contact and she was playing with her hair at one point. She also hung around to chat with me. She was fairly giggly, but that seemed to be her natural personality. So no major IoIs, but there was also nothing negative as well.

    Here’s what I think I am going to do. Can’t do anything this weekend, but the next weekend or the weekend after that I should be able to. I’m going to go out with a guy I know from work and vibe well with. He’s BP like most guys, but has a fun vibe and always turns things sexual. If all else fails he and I can just hang out. However, I am also going to do a mass text of all my numbers with something about people all meeting up downtown to hang out, and see who wants to come. Hopefully several will respond, but even if I only get one, me and that other guy can get there early, jump into groups and befriend them, and the girls will be none the wiser. Once they show up, just introduce them “Oh hey sally, this is steve and mary. And over here is Joanne and Fiona.” Jump right into meeting people, and the girls will just assume they are all apart of the group.

    Have to add to this that I have since gotten to text her a bunch. She said my plans to meet up were cool, but apparently she got the wrong thing. I think I may have made a mistake when I was busy chatting to her lol 🙄 Sounds like she is going to come in and get it exchanged. Told her when I worked and she said she would come in then. Could cause issues, but I think it will more likely just make me more memorable and give me more time to work on her. So far I haven’t apologized at all, just said for her to bring it in and I would look at it and exchange it if need be.


    Lol that’s fucking hilarious. I’m totally stealing that and trying it out

    I’ve used it twice, though it was on two sets. That version is slightly different. Its “You two girls look like trouble. Its when you start drinking. You (point out one) start fighting everyone. Jump on top of them and just smash in their face. You’re just a crazy ninja bitch. And you (point to other) you become a raging lesbian…” and it continues on like what I posted before.

    I just altered it for use on a lone girl by just doing the raging lesbian bit, since that’s the sexual part. Never used it on a lone girl, so I can’t say how well it works, but I know it definitely works on two sets.


    Issue with blax and OMGs is only that they sometimes can’t calibrate their advice to YSG. That was all. Its especially for me, since I live in a place where its hard to find girls I like and there arent any good venues. So guys will sometimes go on about “hey, just go to a nightclub hank, that’s all you got to do.” and its like…there are no nightclubs here lol. Sometimes they just don’t take differing circumstances into account and that was all I was pointing out with blax.

    As for californication, I thought the first 8 episodes were good, but it dropped off considerably at the end of the first season and through the first 5 or so episodes of the second season, so I stopped watching it. May pick it up again later.


    it was more of a mindset and experience issue. the manager wasn’t about her being super hot, but from you having a girl begging to have sex with you, plus hooking up with the girls you worked with, plus loosing virginity at 13.


    I agree with culum in that the fight isn’t really over PUA, but something much deeper. A general generational divide.


    Well let me know if you head somewhere else because I’d still like to have your breakdowns on my FRs. They have been very helpful.

  23. @hank

    remember your elaborate plan for day2? Well that is much better than this group sexget together. Instead the sooner the better, if this weekend is out (why?), what about Monday?

    btw do you still think Ya is Owen?

  24. @yareally

    Nothing you said in your last post looked wrong to me or was different from what I have observed in the comments. You’ll probably get some pushback for some of what you’ve said in the past, not because it’s not true, but more because it stung (and might have been unnecessary).

    I’ll also note that there I haven’t seen a successful refutation of anything you’ve asserted here as representative of how things work. The “looks matter” debate was a total blow-out and (for me) really tarnished my opinion of some of the participants on the “money, status, looks” side.

    There has been a lot of “that’s not the whole truth” type arguments. In the “deep conversion” debate, for various reasons, including the fact that this is new territory and the fact that there was a lot of poor presentation, at best it can be said that there might be something special happening with sustained MM-style application or “natural RP game”, but at this point, it’s still theoretical.

    I’ve tried to stay neutral in these debates because I think the intersection of TRM theory and PUA fieldwork is going to be much more helpful to men now and in the future. Combined, each challenges and improves the other and will continue to accelerate our collective knowledge. But at the end of the day, PUA fieldwork has been able to figure this stuff out organically, long before the TRM/RP/manosphere came along. As has been beaten to death, RSD has been moving more towards “natural/mindset-oriented game” and overall self-improvement for a long time. Remember, the Blueprint came out a long time ago and lesson one was “take the pussy off the pedestal.”

    I also understand how the 10 vs 1 debates are exhausting. Adding Rollo’s involvement–antipathy at best–and I can’t say I would have any interest in posting here again, if I were you.

    You could retire now and know that you’ve done your part. There are probably hundreds of dudes you’ve helped already and your collected comments are up on Lumpy’s site to be preserved for as long as that lasts. Personally, I think that if you stop posting entirely, it will take an extra ten more years for the West to pull out from under the corruption of the FI. But there are other men working towards this same goal.

    For me, your breakdowns of these concepts has been both instructional and inspiring. I know what to go out and do, what to look for, and, just as importantly, have been encouraged to push through my own internal obstructions and keep taking action. There’s still a lot of residual FI and other conditioning for me to work through, and no one else can do that work for me, but your posts have given me a solid map of the territory. I’m still going to get lost now and then, because it’s part of the process, but at least I know I’m headed in the right direction.

    If you do decide to start posting somewhere else, please at least let Lumpy know so he can make note of that on the archives. I hope you won’t quit entirely, but even if you do, I am sincerely grateful for everything you’ve done.

  25. @ YaReally

    This is why I think a FR section in the comments would be a good idea. You would definitely shine there and it would also make sense as per Rollo’s assertion that Game and RP theory are two sides of the same coin.

    The best advice is always specific and personal. A FR section would be perfect for this. And also clean up the comment section on the main articles.

    You’ve helped me a lot with personal advice you’ve given me about my specific situation(s). Very valuable stuff. And the best way to help guys would be to give priority to the guys who are directly asking for help, i.e. by providing FR’s that can be critiqued.

    I feel like you’ve been a very strong member of the community here, and I’d like to see that continue. I do think a separate venue for FRs would be the best case scenario and give you the best opportunity to make an even bigger mark.

    The comment threads on the main TRM forum are the other side of the coin, of course.

    I feel like that could be a very nice complement. I think it’s absolutely worth experimenting with, anyway.

    This could be a great opportunity for growth here. Rollo mentioned a possible FR section and I think that could potentially be a great idea. And very in line with TRM in general, with the assertion that RP theory and Game are two sides of the same coin. Both are equally important, so why not have a section for both?

    It would even be good for lurkers. Guys not actively Gaming can still find inspiration reading other guy’s FR’s and corresponding critiques and learn from them. I think that could be a very powerful thing.

    Two sides of the same coin. Having them separated neatly but unified by being on the same site sounds like a nice idea. Can’t know until you try, right? I’m up for it if it’s still a possibility.

  26. @YaReally

    From a long-time lurker, thank you. Your archive helped me more than -anything- else, RP or PUA. I don’t think you know how many lives you’ve changed.

    You’ve been saying this from day one but:

    “Keep at it and use your own discretion about what’s helpful or not helpful and understand that someone can have both useful and not-useful advice and you should test everything to see for yourself what holds up under pressure-testing.”

    Is probably my biggest takeaway from you. All the commenters (and countless lurkers) who agree with you here know you spit the truth, report from the ground.

    If you do post somewhere else drop a line, at least to Lumpy…otherwise I’ll just try and pay it forward.

  27. @YaReally, Scray, Hank, PUA.

    FR (going again tonight so any input meanwhile is welcomed).

    This is in a non-English country where I know only 3 sentences of native language.
    I got to the venue early (free entry before midnight – I got there at 22:30 and it was essentially empty.

    I warm up by greeting some other guy that was also there, then went to look around, asked a 2-set dressed in similar clothes “I got here too early?” “Yes” “What about you?” “What about us” “You also are here early” “We *work* here…” I shrug and eject. Advice for the hired guns? I imagine very similar will happen again and possibly even the same from last time will be there.

    Eventually a mixed 2-set (a couple) arrives. I open the guy saying “It is empty, mind if I hang?” The guy is ok with it. In between I chat up one of the bouncers, asking him what he does to not get bored while waiting for the place to fill up – “I just got used to it” – then if he has any stories, he replies he worked for 14 years as bouncer, I go “You must have seen everything then” but he doesn’t start telling me any fun stories (professional ethic?).

    While my opened 2-set orders a drink, I try to chat up a bartender (they were all male), ask what they do to spend time before people arrive. The guy just encouraged me to drink, but I wasn’t interested. He asked me “What do you want to drink?” which I’m not sure was him offering but I doubt it was, regardless I wasn’t drinking.

    The girl from the mixed set wants to seat down but all the tables have a “reserved” sign. They actually ask one of the hired guns how much it is in another room and it is expensive (duh). I’m not sure if it was with bottle service but from the order of magnitude I don’t even think it was. So we go back to the main room and I just go “Let’s seat down in this one, there is no one here anyway”. They are kind of hesitating so I seat down and say “The worse that can happen is they come here and ask us to leave”. The first time a bouncer passed us they were a bit nervous but he didn’t say anything so they relaxed. Despite the noise I asked them some stuff (usually talking to the guy, the girl was either more shy or was worse at English or both). I had spotted rings on them so I suspected they were engaged; I asked if they were married and they replied not yet. Asked where they are from, how they met, names, typical fluff.

    Some more people start to arrive and I’m just thinking that I’m on a set with 1 girl (even if taken) so I should be strategically well-off. Indeed, whether due to the girl or that we are sitting at a table with a reserved sign, a 3-set arrives, all thin, dolled up. HB6s to 7 I guess (I’m bad at this). They ask the couple if they can seat with us, and sit down. I was at the other edge then, so I go “might as well!” and go sit between the couple and the 3-set, open the girl that is now closest to me (HB-A), tell her the table isn’t really ours, I just sat down (she was really surprised at that) and then start “How do you know each other” (met in high school) blah blah. Middle one (HB-P), far one has a bit of see-through on her dress showing some cleavage (HB-V). I get up, grab a balloon from the ceiling and bring it to HB-A. HB-P ties it to her hand and says “That is so sweet!” And I’m like “Come on, I just grabbed it, it is not like I paid for it”, then see HB-A has a wrist tattoo, touch it (HB-A was surprised) and ask “Your name?”, so she tells me “I’m HB-A”. I just go and ask the other two as well. HB-P asks mine and I say “In a moment”, get HB-V name first, which was hard to get at first due to noise and distance but then I got it and make a joke about it making them laugh. Finally I give them my name and they all laugh (didn’t understand why). The other 2 are a bit on their phones so I tease them about that, lean around the back of HB-A to peek and such.
    At some stage I tried to better merge the coupled with the 3-set and introduce them to each other. It didn’t really meld organically. I think because the couple was not very outgoing, they seemed pretty introverted throughout. Eventually they said farewell and left early.

    I must have done something successful with HB-V, as she got up from her seat, crouches in front and below me (I’m still sitting down) and is talking to me saying she works in a different country and is here for the weekend with her friends – this is with her face just a few inches away from mine and a bit below so I just kept looking at her eyes while chatting. That was pretty intense for me, and she had her cleavage just down from her eyes as well. After explaining she was only here for a few days blah blah, she went back to her seat and back on her phone.

    Eventually a large group arrives for the roped-in set of tables (with bottle service) adjacent to the non-roped table I kind of squatted in. I lean back and ask one of the guys there what’s up with that, turns out their company paid for the table. That large group has 2 or 3 really tall HBs (one of them I label as HB-tall), and some even taller guys that were often dancing with them.

    My opened 3-set looks kind of bored on their phones (except HB-A) so I get up and pull them to dance. So I take the balloon out from HB-A to let it go so she can dance unhindered. HB-V just sticks to her phone but I got the other two up without much effort. HB-P rather obviously loves dancing (by the way I’m not very good at it, but she didn’t seem to care that much in the multiple times I was with her).

    I tried a few times to merge the 3-set into the big company party but it never worked out very well with HB-A and HB-P.

    At some stage another group gets in and gets our reserved table, so had to move to a smaller stand-up table with high stools (also with a reserved sign, but wasn’t used by anyone else at least until I left). That made it awkward between me and the 3-set for a few moments afterward (but I had warned at least HB-A about it). Later in the night I opened those people as well, which is how I know they were also from some company (they were actually from the U.K., so I chatted up all 3 girls from that set, which was mostly guys). What is it with companies paying tables for employees at night clubs? Also I imagine it is pretty hard to pull in that context as girls don’t want to get pulled in front of coworkers.

    A few times that I was dancing with HB-P she wanted to check back with HB-V and just went back, I went with her back even if I did it nonchalantly I guess that is a DLV for falling in her frame. Although I also lead her a few times around.

    In one of the instances where HB-A and HB-P went back to check on HB-V (still on the phone!) I managed to open the highest or rather high value guy from the large company party with HB-tall. As I’m talking with him, another girl comes tell me “He is a liar!” so I use that to open every girl from that company nearby (including HB-tall) and poll them in turn “Do you think he is a liar?” The guy is having fun with this. I also joke that their company must be a basketball company as even the girls are tall. Didn’t quite manage to make anything stick with HB-tall, but I’m left with doubt about her because she bumped into me a lot of times while dancing (but also can be me imagining things, it was crowded by then and I was kind of in the adjacent area). I tried to re-open her 2 more times but didn’t manage it. There was one time she went to the bar to get a drink where I think I could have tried again with her in some isolation, but I guess I chickened out. She left relatively early as well.

    Eventually HB-V finally got in the mood for the dance floor (I also kind of wonder in hindsight if the best play there was to get HB-A and HB-P dancing, and go back to HB-V which is meanwhile isolated).

    I realized I was staying too long with the 3-set and not really opening others. So I went to the other side of the club and tried to open a mixed set (1 guy 2 girls). First it took me 3 tries to get the guy to react (asked him if he spoke English). Then I just could only think to ask if he was with the group that was (at that end of the club) on roped table. He said “No” and I just ejected.

    A bit later and close to HB-P and HB-V I also tried to open a 2-set (which wasn’t even as pretty as them in my opinion) but even despite allegedly having some social proof / pre-selection, I asked them if they speak English and they rebuffed me by signaling that it was too loud to talk.

    Cold approach is hard.

    At some stage HB-A (I think before my cold approaches above) is dancing really closely with some guy (who by the way appeared to be pretty drunk). This went on for a good while and they were making out a bit close to the end of it, until eventually HB-P and particularly HB-V are suddenly making fun of HB-A (I didn’t understand anything beyond their facial expressions etc.) and either she decoupled from the guy because they started making fun of her, or they were making fun of her because the guy had vanished? Whatever happened HB-A was looking a bit crestfallen (either from not having the guy anymore or for her friends making fun of her) so I cheer up and say “It doesn’t matter, no worries” and right after that HB-P comes and gets HB-A to dance with her (like I said, HB-P really liked dancing) so I hang out with them again.

    It was getting late (for me), 1:00, so I figured out it is time to push my paltry comfort zone again and then I bail. I got HB-P isolated briefly so I picked her up and twirled and danced a bit closer to her, then the others returned, I waited some 10 or 20 minutes more, said “I’m going to sleep”. They were a bit surprised and I think HB-V and HB-P were disappointed, but maybe I’m imagining things. Hand shake on HB-V, hugged HB-P, hand shake on HB-A.

    When picking a girl up, is it better to just grab their waist and twirl (so they are mostly vertical), or like I’ve seen Owen in some vids grabbing them up behind knees and back so they are somewhat horizontal?

    By the way, one of the times I was in the bathroom (fortunately washing my hands by then, didn’t have my dick out) a girl just come through the bathroom. I’m guessing she was heading to one of the cubicles to give a HJ, BJ or whatever, but I tried not to stare so I’m not 100% sure she was with a guy and I sure as hell didn’t stick around. First time I see this so it was pretty shocking (but then, I’m not often clubbing). Anyway, are you supposed to do that in the men’s toilet or women’s toilet? I imagined a guy can infiltrate the women’s toilet as it is all cubicles, whereas the woman stucks out a lot as she has to pass through guys in urinals and such (the scene in the Wrestler movie is women’s toilet, but they didn’t even go into a cubicle in the movie).

  28. There is a shit ton of fraud in labeling in the industry. Not sure if it’s poorly regulated or just no way to control it. The steak place in town has a beef agent to ensure quality etc and they still get it in the short pants

  29. The it’s a bad place for chicks/ there is no night clubs sounds like a cop-out.

    Trying hunting pussy on some fob in Afghanistan where it’s 78 hog legs per whisker-biscuit. Hell their are convicts banging lady CO ‘s.

    The worse the odds, the better the story the more glory showered on you in poon slaying Valhalla

  30. @YaReally: I’m usually on board with you all the way, but I still think you are over reacting to this thing by Rollo.

    When the “FR” YSG commented on the helpfulness of the RSD videos, he rather quickly changed his mind and reversed his decision and unbanned the RSD videos.

    If he was as stuck in his ways as you currently seem to believe, why would he have reversed his ban?

    He has some reservations (most of which are valid) about PUA tactics (Children with dynamite is a good post, in my mind) when they aren’t backed up by enough understanding of the underlying dynamics – something which I think you also generally agree even if you may not agree in some detail.

    Meanwhile, long FR above. I think I’m kind of stuck on A2 (when I do get A2), need to be able to transition to A3 / C1 I guess. But you or other experts have a look as I may be doing A3 or C1 without noticing.

  31. @Ton @Hank

    I’ve gone where I want when I want for as long as I can remember,pack a bag and stick a thumb out and start walking.You will get there eventualy.

    Always had itchy feet as a youth,somewhere else looked better,fool for the city.

    Really small town chicks have more sex,there is less else for them to do.

    Had this fine looking milf verry,discreet,in a small town shit i could write a novel about her.

  32. Saddle tramped around a lot. Much less so these days but I agree stuff.

    I think fellas would be surprised how strange and mysterious and exciting they get by doing something as routine showing up in a beach town on bike during the off season. Or some such

  33. WHAT? Someone finds hands of of 50 year old women wrinkly and not pretty? And he says that young girls going to EDM festival actually have sex there? WHAT IS THIS BLASPHEMY???


    Where is kfg with his mental gymnastics on insults when you need him. ((((

    These responses. :> Gee guys I wonder why no one is listening. After you keep shooting yourselves in the foot for months. Wonder if anyone will actually reasonably respond to the points that keep riling you up.

    Its always something like “hes using undebatable style”, “hes seducing the newbies and were powerless”, “young guys are unteachable in 2016”, “there is no value in it for me” etc etc. You will always find a new excuse. (Cue in a talk about how YSGs should knock off the victim mentality)

    Believe me guys: Until you take responsibility for your actions and stop blaming other people or external factors for your shortcomings, you are not going to make progress. Something you always mention and something I learned from you. NoReally.

    Unless you only want to talk amongst yourselves. Do what you want but dont keep implying otherwise and then whining its not possible. (I see now blax that you didnt bother responding to the latest scrays comment, wonder how that looks 😉 )

    Good luck (as HABD says). Youll need it with this attitude.

  34. I see now blax that you didnt bother responding to the latest scrays comment, wonder how that looks😉 )

    Perhaps like an adult with more important shit to do then trying to win some pointless interwebz debate…..

    Not sure what’s going on myself. Fuck some how I got labeled anti RSD when I don’t have a dog in the fight. I generally skim the text walls; seems like a barrage of unnecessary verbiage more suited to pre teen chicks then grown ass men with hair on their peaches.

  35. Naw man wasn’t you, don’t recall who nor does it matter

    Meant that more of example of how it’s getting out of hand and sucking in the bystanders

  36. @Ton

    My favorite steak house has a profitable plan.It is either prime rib night or fillet mignon night can’t order off the menu only the size of cut,baked or mash,house salad and house dressing.They are always average busy 10min wait is the longest I’ve had.Got a tough cut of prime once,I think they found Bob’s lost bull,sent it back and 5 mins later got a good tender cut.

  37. I see you didnt even read the comments. Yea, you dont need to know the context before responding. :>

    Props for not whining that people dont listen to you at least.

  38. @ Hank

    It’s not a generation divide for the most part. I talk to and interact with many guys in their 20’s, and not all of them can’t grasp many concepts that they are unfamiliar with, nor do they outright reject them because of inexperience.

    Some are exactly like that though.

    It is a perspective problem. A narrow field of vision problem. An experience problem.

    Just because a group of guys can get together and share a certain limited mindset does not mean their conclusions apply broadly for every man. That’s what’s at the core of issues in the comments, especially recently.

    I’ve said a million times that TRM isn’t a PUA site. Some of us would like to discuss things outside of the PUA ideology without constantly being lambasted for putting forth non field tested or PUA approved ideas.

    Again, the ” field ” is wide and vast.

    Chicks qualify to pua’s. Other men do not.

    If you consistently find yourself in 10 to 1 battles, maybe you need to stop and think.


    I find the long winded temper tantrums offensive actually. I’ve personally been accused of being condescending, butt hurt and ego invested numerous times. And then, oddly enough, been told I was reacting emotionally. Do me a favor and go read a few of YaReally ‘s last few comments. See, I was up on blaximus mountain condescending down on guys? Now evidently Rollo has his own mountain also.

    There’s a pattern that emerges and is blatantly apparent. The constant insulting, prodding and poking is unnecessary. I’ve said in the past that we can just agree to disagree and keep it moving. YaReally rejects this as his field experience is unquestionable at all times, and he has to push back for ” teh newbs “.

    Cape up!!!!!!

    Martyrdom is a bitch.

    So tell me again why the comments turn into a constant shit show? Tell me why it is harder and harder to discuss diverse subjects and opinions without ultimately having to engage in snark filled ” field ” battles?

    Do you really think that as this latest clusterfuck processed, the owner of this blog somehow became unreasonable, emotional, ego invested and butthurt? Really?

    What changed?

    I mean, I’m strictly speaking for myself, but that shit is weak as fuck. Rollo agrees to attempt to do something that some of ( yes, SOME) his readers asked for, and he’s met by a rambling bitchfest, full of the trademark overreacting and exaggeration.

    If Anyone can’t see that because they are being rendered blind by admiration, they need to swear off kool aid before some bad shit happens.

  39. Everyone has an off night, it’s about how the joint sets it right again

    BUT I thought shooting hajjis was a dirty bidness, ain’t got nothing on the bar/ restaurant industry. My used car lot is more honest then a lot of of them

  40. now you got me thinking Ton

    Haven’t been in the wind for two months,it”s colder than a witches tit in a brass bra.
    I need to plan this gig and book a flight to Daytona,rent a scooter and ride to clearwater to see the old man before he croaks.


    technically a “wrinkled vag” will be the very least of problems post menopause. This is common:

    Vaginal Atrophy

    The cause of atrophic vaginitis is a decline in estrogen. Without estrogen, vaginal tissue thins and dries out. It becomes less elastic, more fragile, and more easily injured.

    Symptoms can include:

    thinning of the vaginal walls
    shortening and tightening of the vaginal canal
    lack of vaginal moisture (vaginal dryness)
    vaginal burning (inflammation)
    spotting of blood after intercourse
    discomfort or pain during intercourse
    pain or burning with urination
    more frequent urinary tract infections
    urinary incontinence (involuntary leakage)

    Similarly aging of hands will be less of a problem than aging of face and tits. Of course without field experience in these areas Ya doesn’t know what he is talking about, so I recommend you fuck his target demographic.

    1. Great read
      Patience and waiting, they are not the same thing.

      Something Ive realized over the years, the people that want to “wait” the most are the people that value their time the least.

      There is no “good” day to start. There are simply days, the only difference between them is what you acted upon.

      We mark the passage of time with milestones, achievements, or nothingness.

      2016 is almost over. How many days will you remember from it?

      How many days will be forgotten, lost to time, and not good enough for memory?

      When we die, we remember moments, people, things we did.

      Or we regret time spent on nothing, time that wasted, time that could have been something.

      With New Years coming, there will be talk of resolutions, and desire for change.

      What are you waiting for now? Because the future is a better time than tomorrow?

      Dont wait. No day is the best day. The right day is the one when you begin.

      Talk again tomorrow,


  42. LOL I am roughly aware of the rift and the broad points.

    Don’t see where either matters that much. And in theory we are grows ass men. Make you point, disagree etc answer move on to the next objective

    I like most of the dudes here and there is maybe 3 regular commentors I would not have a couple of shoots with but I’d be pissed if y’all harshed my mellow arguing over dumbshit like these walls of texts.

    And if I was Rollo I’d be doubly pissed. Especially about the videos. Basically pimping a comerical product on someone else’s brand is uncool. Even if done unintentionally

  43. something in life or any business,everyone makes mistakes,it is how you recover that makes the biggest impact.

    Having a good batting average is great but pulling one out in the pinch is way better,this has more impact and is the best advertising you can get Ton.

  44. @rugby11

    “2016 is almost over. How many days will you remember from it? ”

    Haha – plenty. For me, at 57, it’s been the year of the pussy. One of the best years in the past 30..

    Recovering nicely from my hernia surgery 2 days ago, off the morphine, looking forward to better things ahead.

    As for here, let’s see where the dust settles…

  45. The old Texas pump jack in this photo has seen its share of stuffing box leaks over the years. The “stuffing box”, is what seals off the polished rod and keeps oil from coming out of the top of the well. An oilfield pumper or gauger has to routinely tighten and maintain a pumpjack well’s stuffing box to keep it from leaking. There are hundreds of small stripper wells like this one in Texas. Some, like the one in this photo, are in need of some cleaning up by their owners.

  46. @Ya

    Well, it was fun while it lasted.

    Dunno if you’ll keep posting or not, but a huge thanks for all your contributions throughout the years, it really made a positive impact on my life!

  47. @Ya – change your name to NoReally

    Always enjoyed your posts and the way you explain. So detached that you might have a bit o’ psychopath in you. Kind of weird to say to an internet stranger but yes, you have made a real and positive impact in my life so Thank You.

    Wish you the best and hope you resurface.

  48. I feel I need to clarify my point about Mystery’s state. My point wasn’t to wish any ill on Mystery, but rather to illustrate the dangers of putting all emphasis on process and no regard to the back end. Naturally my detractors want to paint my using him as an illustration as my hope for his demise, nothing’s further from the truth.

    I don’t hope for his suicide and I don’t need it to prove a point because there are countless guys who kill themselves as a result of exactly the same hopelessness he’s clinging to because he never made a red pill awakening.

    I watched the Owen video and its about what I’d expect from a power of positive thinking mindset. I have no doubt Owen has nothing but love for Neil Strauss. When The Game makes you millions despite how it paints you you count it as a blessing.

    RSD Luke hasn’t read TRM but he feels qualified to paint it as negative because it outlines unpleasant realities. Any negativity doesn’t play well with the sales pitch of Positive Thinking that RSD has adopted, thus the need to disqualify TRM. When that happens, then yes, it’s an attack directed here. So don’t give me this shit about when you get haters it means you’re legitimate when it’s RSD throwing shade at TRM.

    I’ve worked with guys who have wealth that make Owen’s insignificant and they all use that same rationale to justify their income and what they do to achieve it. It was the same one Mike Cernovich used when I was critical of Roosh when he transitioned to his new persona. Money, success, notoriety, are all that’s necessary to prove you’re right, at least that’s the rationale. Anyone raising a critical eyebrow is just hating because they’re jealous of your success and the personal righteousness you think that it conveys.

    As I said many times before, I don’t think Owen is a bad dude, and I’m fully onboard with his infield stuff, but I find it interesting that whenever I’m critical of it I can expect walls of text and pages of comments defending him. I’m not trying to run anyone off here and I’ll be instituting the FR page to accommodate the YSG PUA set more efficiently.

    In the interests of full disclosure I am considering going to San Francisco to check out the RSD meet up.

  49. “I don’t hope for his suicide and I don’t need it to prove a point because there are countless guys who kill themselves . . .”

    . . . as a result of learning to get laid and finding out that the only problem it solved was that of getting laid and none of the underlying problems.

    Welcome to the field test jungle, here’s your noose.

  50. A starving man’s first priority is to get food, but once his stomach is full he might start to notice that the reason he was hungry is because he’s cold, wet and sitting in a mud hole.

    Whenever Richard Cory went down town,
    We people on the pavement looked at him;
    He was a gentleman from sole to crown,
    Clean favored, and imperially slim.

    And he was always quietly arrayed,
    And he was always human when he talked;
    But still he fluttered pulses when he said,
    “Good-morning,” and he glittered when he walked.

    And he was rich – yes, richer than a king,
    And admirably schooled in every grace;
    In fine, we thought that he was everything
    To make us wish that we were in his place.

    So on we worked, and waited for the light,
    And went without the meat, and cursed the bread;
    And Richard Cory, one calm summer night,
    Went home and put a bullet through his head.

  51. Didn’t have time to read the last thread, sounds like I missed some shit.


    Basically agree with you re: Owen; his PUA stuff is great. His positive-thinking stuff is useful in some contexts but isn’t a very well-developed philosophy. That said I don’t think he means it as a scam or anything….just a way forward he thinks might help people too.

    What’s this meetup about?


    Don’t think you have YaReally pegged right. What you see isn’t gamma, it’s monomania. It can look similar as gammas are basically monomaniacs regarding their own ego investments.

    Ain’t nothing wrong with monomania, some of our best innovators are like that 🙂

    1. I’ve got a gig in the bay area next weekend, so I thought I might see about getting into the RSD bootcamp thing in SF that weekend. It’s about $3K so I dunno, but I could technically write it off for what I’m doing.

  52. Monomaniacs don’t pucker their ass and storm off when challenged Forge. Or go to extrodaniary lengths to “win” a point. Monomaniacs can have their secret king status challenged, and not feel their self identity is at risk. That is the difference

  53. 7. Donating Your Time and Talents
    You can deduct certain expenses for charity work, such the cost of gas and oil if you use your car to get to and from the place you volunteer. If you don’t want to calculate the value per mile you can deduct, a standard rate of 14 cents per mile is acceptable.

    You can also deduct the cost of purchasing and maintaining uniforms you wear to a place you volunteer, or parking in a garage if that’s required.
    9. Job Search Expenses
    If you itemize, you can deduct expenses you incurred during a job search, but you must have searched for the same line of work as your current or most recent job. Expenses you can deduct include:

    Transportation, which includes a deduction of 54 cents per mile, parking, tolls and cab fees
    Preparing, printing and mailing out your resume
    Fees related to job searches
    Employment agency fees

    21. Educational Expenses
    Under the American Opportunity Tax Credit, which was extended through 2017, you can deduct up to $2,500 per student for four years of post-secondary education.

    22. Employee Business Expenses
    If you itemize, some local transportation costs are deductible, as well as certain business entertainment and gift expenses. Make sure you keep records of your expenses if you take these deductions.

    25. Hobby Expenses
    You can deduct some ordinary expenses you incur from a hobby. Unlike a business, a hobby is an endeavor from which you do not expect to profit. If you suffer losses due to a hobby, you cannot deduct the loss from your income.

    31. Gambling Losses
    Gamblers might be able to recoup some of their losses at tax time. Winnings from gambling are taxable and must be reported. If you suffered gambling losses, you can deduct up to the amount of gambling income you reported. You can claim your losses as an “other miscellaneous deduction,” but be prepared to show proof of your losses.

    33. Educator Expenses
    K-12 educators can deduct up to $250 for unreimbursed expenses for books, supplies and computer equipment. To qualify, you must work at least 900 hours in a school year. Deductions can go up to $500 for married couples filing jointly if both parties are educators who incurred expenses.

    Just to name a few

  54. As a response to the feminist “Male Privilege Checklist” I’m going to codify the privileges that most if not all females enjoy.
    1. From an early age the opposite sex will be instructed never to hit me but I may not be given the same instructions. However, should I strike males I can expect not to be hit back and any social penalties that occur from my actions will actually fall on the male.
    2. If I’m not smart, but pretty, I can marry and achieve the social and financial level of my husband without ever working.
    3. I can produce offspring. A status which grants me an “essential” status in our species that men can never have and which can never be taken away from me even in old age.
    4. Regardless of my mate value society has organized fertility clinics and social welfare programs that will allow me to have children and provide for them should I choose to reproduce without a mate or marriage.
    5. I not only have the more valuable and sought after sexual identity, but I also have complete control over my reproductive choice and in many ways over the reproductive choice of the opposite sex.
    6. At any time I can abandon my parental responsibilities with little or no social stigma and hand the child over to the state or abort the pregnancy. A male could never relieve himself of this burden unless I allow him to.
    7. I am granted all the rights of a democracy without any of the burdens of military service.
    8. At age 18 I lose the protective status of the child but retain the protective status of the female. Boys at age 18 lose the protected status of the child and become targets if they fail to gain status after that point.
    9. When I marry a man with status I can take his name and become whoever he has spent years becoming. I need not do anything special to be worthy of receiving the reputation he has built. However, if I wish to keep my own name I can do so. Should my husband feel the sting of this insult I can simply call him a sexist for it.
    10. People will help me more when I’m in need and I will receive no social penalty or stigma for it.
    11. When I’m on a date things will be paid for me.
    12. When I search for employment I can choose jobs which I think are fulfilling without concern of whether they provide a “family” wage.
    13. I can discriminate against the opposite sex ruthlessly without social penalty.
    14. If I marry and quit my job and enjoy a leisurely life with light housework and then later divorce I will be given half of the marital assets.
    15. If I commit a crime and am convicted I will get a sentencing “discount” because of my gender. If I am very pretty it will increase my discount.
    16. If I am a partner in crime with a man I will likely be charged with lesser crimes even though I committed the same crimes even if I was the ringleader.
    17. I have the option to be outraged if my husband asks me if my behavior is due to PMS and later on use PMS as a successful legal defense for murdering that same husband.
    18. At age 18 I will not be forced to register for Selective Service and will not be penalized for failing to do so.
    19. At a time of war I will never be drafted and ripped from my employment, home, and family and forced to become a military slave.
    20. My feelings are more important than men’s lives. Every precaution will be made to protect me from harassment at work. However, males will make up nearly %100 of workplace fatalities.
    21. My gender controls 80% of domestic spending. We get to spend our money if we have any and we get to spend men’s money.
    22. The majority of luxury apparel is designed, marketed to, and consumed by women.
    23. Seven times as much jewelry will be purchased by or for me than by or for men.
    24. I have a department of women’s health whereas men have no such department.
    25. My gender enjoys more government spending on health than males do.
    26. My gender consumes the lioness’ share of entitlement programs while men contribute the lion’s share of taxes.
    27. If I rape or molest a child I can expect lighter treatment in court and afterwards receive less social stigma. What’s more, should I become pregnant, I can sue my victim for child support when he finally turns 18.
    28. When I divorce my husband I will be guaranteed custody of my children unless I am deemed to be unfit. Even if my husband is “Parent of the Year” 10 years running it is unlikely he will get custody over me even if I am a mediocre parent.
    29. When I divorce I can use false accusations of domestic violence, sexual molestation of the children or abuse of the children to gain advantage during court proceedings. If I am found out to be a liar I can expect to get away with it.
    30. If a man calls me a slut it will probably hurt his reputation more than it hurts mine, but at any rate the damage will be small and localized. However, if I call him a child molester or claim that he raped me I can destroy him completely and the damage may be nationwide.
    31. If I fail at my career I can blame the male dominated society.
    32. I may have the luxury of staying home and being a housewife but if my sister’s husband does the same thing I’m likely to call him a deadbeat loser and tell her to leave him.
    33. If I “choose” to join the military; the best military occupations providing the most lucrative civilian training will be reserved for me. I will be kept away from the fighting as much as possible to the point that I will be thirty times less likely to be killed in a war zone than my male counterparts. I will be given equal pay for less risk. I will never have to consider the fact that by joining the military and getting a plumb assignment I automatically forced a male out of that position and into a combat role that may cost him his life.
    34. If a male soldier injures himself before a deployment he can be arrested and court marshaled for it. If I deliberately get pregnant before a deployment or even during a deployment I will be reassigned and or taken out of a war zone and I will receive no penalty for it.
    35. My gender watches more television in every hour of every day than any other group. This along with the fact that women control %80 of domestic spending means that most television shows and advertisement are designed to appeal to me.
    36. I can wear masculine clothing if it pleases me however men cannot wear feminine clothing without social penalty.
    37. Not only is there a wealth of clothing choices designed for me but it is likely that I will be able to afford or have them provided for me.
    38. I can claim that a wage gap exists and that it is the fault of sexism while simultaneously seeking employment without considering income as a priority. I will probably choose my job based on satisfaction, flexibility of hours, and working conditions and then expect to make as much as the males working nights, out in the rain and cold or working overtime.
    39. I can be bigoted or sexist against males without social penalty.
    40. If I make a false claim of rape against a male in an act of revenge or in order to cover up my own scandalous behavior I may well succeed at both and he may spend years in prison. If I am found out it is unlikely I will be charged, convicted, or serve any time at all.
    41. If I abuse my husband and physically assault him and the police arrive it is almost guaranteed he will go to jail.
    42. If I am in an abusive relationship there are a multitude of social organizations to help me get away from him. There are few for men in the same position even though women initiate the majority of DV and even though men are hospitalized %30 of the time.
    FPC Part 1
    43. In the event of a natural disaster or other emergency that requires evacuation I can expect to be evacuated before males. This includes male doctors, humanitarians, politicians, captains of industry, billionaires, and religious leaders. I will receive no social penalty if all of those people died because I was evacuated first. However, should they manage to get evacuated before women and those women died they will all suffer a social penalty.
    44. If someone is attacking a person on the street I have no obligation to assist them and I will receive no social penalty if I do nothing.
    45. If someone is harming my children and I run away and ask someone else to help I will receive no social penalty for my cowardice.
    46. I’m immune to cognitive dissonance.
    47. I may denounce the concept of a dowry, however, I still expect a man to give me an engagement ring when he asks me to marry him.
    48. I expect a man to ask me to marry me and suffer the potential risk of rejection.
    49. If I lie it’s because I’m a victim of a male dominated society forced into difficult circumstances and not because I’m a bad person.
    50. If my boyfriend sabotages a condom he can pay me child support for the next 20 years. If I secretly don’t take my birth control my boyfriend can pay me child support for the next 20 years.
    51. If I’m uncomfortable exercising around men I can demand a female only gym be made for women. If any male only gyms exist I can demand membership under threat of lawsuit.
    52. If my female only gym at the university decides to close early for safety reasons I can scream sexism and force them to keep it open as long as the main gym.
    53. If I succeed at keeping the female gym open and I leave late at night and I don’t feel safe I can demand that the university spend hundreds of thousands of dollars for more lighting and police presence.
    54. If after getting new lighting and police protection I decide I don’t want to go to the gym anymore well that’s just my prerogative.
    55. I’m likely to believe that if a woman is intoxicated she is not capable of giving consent and if sex occurs it is rape. However, if her male partner is also intoxicated he is capable of consenting.
    56. If a man is promoted over me at work I have a right to suspect sexism even though I also believe that under adverse circumstances men are more capable than women of making good decisions. (see #55)
    57. I can cry and get my husband to do something for me that he might not have done otherwise.
    58. I expect people (especially men) to be sensitive to my feelings.
    59. I can deny a man’s feelings or disregard them or ridicule him for having them without social penalty.
    60. If I lose my job it’s because of sexism or the economy. If a man loses his job it’s because he’s a loser.
    61. If I go to a club or bar with my girlfriends and I look my sexy best I have a right to be perturbed when men approach me and hit on me in this public place.
    62. Even though men die more from prostate cancer than women die from breast cancer I can expect that twice as much funding is given for breast cancer. The same will apply to any female specific disease or malady.
    63. If for some reason I do not get custody of my children I will be expected to pay less child support than another man in my exact same position.
    64. If I kidnap my children and I am eventually caught I can successfully defend myself by claiming I was protecting them from my husband–even if my children were given to him to protect them from me.
    65. My gender makes up %53 of the voting population yet when I see more men in political office I will call that sexism.
    66. If I am married with children and I want to stay home with the kids I’m likely to blame my husband for not making enough to allow me to do that.
    67. I think it is my right to work and I am unconcerned if the influx of women into the workforce has reduced overall wages to the point that it’s hard to support a family on just one income, or affirmative action has kept men from being promoted even though they deserved it.
    68. I can get student financial aid without signing up for Selective Service (the Draft).
    69. I can get employment with a federal agency without signing up for Selective Service.
    70. Restrooms for my gender will be cleaner and are more likely to have flowers or other decorations.
    71. If I’m caring for a child restrooms for my gender will more likely have a changing table for my convenience.
    72. People I’ve never met before are more likely to open doors for me.
    73. People I’ve never met before are more likely to talk to me in public.
    74. If I go to a bar I can expect that members of the opposite sex will purchase drinks for me.
    75. Anytime I find an organization just for men I can denounce it as sexism.
    76. I believe that women should have organizations just for women.
    77. If I meet a man that I like and I give him my phone number and he doesn’t call I have a right to think of him as an asshole.
    78. If I meet a man that I like and I give him my phone number and he calls me I have a right to blow him off or act like I don’t know him.
    79. I believe I have a right to live in an orderly and safe society but I feel no obligation to risk my safety to secure or maintain that society.
    80. I like it when bars and clubs have drinks specials just for women.
    81. I think that organizations that offer any discounts or privileges just for men is a clear sign of sexism.
    82. If I’m white I will live 6 years longer than white males and 14 years longer than black males.
    83. If I’m encouraged to get medical care it’s because I owe it to myself.
    84. When my husband is encouraged to get medical help it’s because he owes to to me and the kids.
    85. If something bad happens to me or just one woman I believe it is an offense against all women.
    86. I believe that if something bad happens to a man it’s because he’s a loser.
    87. I think that alimony is fair when paid to a woman but not fair when paid by a woman.
    88. I’m more likely to believe that women who commit crimes are sick and need treatment or understanding whereas men who commit crimes are evil and should be locked up forever.
    89. I can criticize the opposite sex without social penalty, but woe be to the man who attempts to criticize me or other women.
    90. I can throw a fit and act like a two year old to get what I want without damaging my mate value.
    91. I have the luxury of not being the filter for natural selection.
    92. I can sleep with my boss if I want and afterwards I can sue him for sexual harassment.
    93. I can wear seductive clothing and perfume to attract a man at work but no one will accuse me of sexual harassment.
    94. If I hear a story about Darfur and how men who leave the refugee camps to gather wood are hacked to death to prevent their wives from being raped I am likely to think that is proper but not likely to send money.
    95. If I hear a story about Darfur and how women are leaving the refugee camps to gather wood are being raped I’m likely to be outraged. I’m also likely to wonder why these women’s husbands aren’t protecting them.
    96. If I ever heard these stories about Darfur it is my privilege not to care or even consider that the reason the second story exists is because all the men in the first have already been killed.
    97. It is my right to maintain the belief that men oppress women despite all of the evidence to the contrary.

  55. Rollo
    If you do their boot camp, try to do it without an ulterior motive, without a confirmation bias. What is the reason you want to do it? Just to talk to the guys? I’m sure you could reach out to them and just meet up for free…

    Also, they may have you sign some sort of non disclosure so you wouldn’t be able to report back or post about it. But like I said, if he’s read your book(s) and found value in them, reach out to him for an honest conversation.

    And I don’t think you were seriously cheering on Mystery’s misery…but that’s how it read. I don’t know enough about the man, but I do know that if he read and understood the concepts you’ve written about, he would be much better off.


    How is it a scam? Lay it out for us…but try to avoid the same talking points that have been debunked countless times here.

    I have never taken one, and don’t plan to, or buy any of their products. I have gone to one of their free tours when julien was in my city. It was right when he started posting videos for his “happiness manifesto” so he pretty much exclusively talked about that…inner game, mindset stuff. I. Fact I think one of his videos was recorded at the one I was at. 3 hours of his time, for free, giving away the foundation of his newest product. Evening well spent.

    After he was done, guys were clamoring to fill the seats for his horse at the next day, where he breaks down infield footage in depth. And that’s a product, for sure. And their boot camps are products. But do you think they just take the students money and they get nothing out of it? What’s your beef?

  56. Yea Rollo could definitely contact Owen and propose to meet for coffee or some shit. Owen is a social guy always trying to expand his network and he knows who Rollo is.

  57. Owen amd Papa will comp Rollo because they want his audience feed as an affiliate. And they will buy him dinner. Probably offer to do a special infield as a “cross promotion” for TRM… You know to drive their traffic to TRM…

  58. @Othergrain:

    Get together a dozen guys and I’ll give a Friday evening through Sunday afternoon cycling bootcamp, for an order of magnitude less money, and make a decent penny out of it, despite my insurance costs being rather higher than theirs.

    For three grand I’ll put them up in a house, with private rooms, servants and top shelf meals included, not some crappy hotel, but I won’t have an easy time looking at myself in the mirror come Monday morning. I’ll know I’ve been taking advantage of desperate idiots. Some people don’t mind doing that sort of thing. Some do.

    For three grand you can get a weekend of learning to race a formula car. Car rental included.

    When you buy a used car, it isn’t the car that’s a scam. The car is a car. There it is. It’s real. You get to take title and take it home and everything. It has real capital value.

    It’s the price that’s a scam. If you are not a savvy buyer, the capital value of the car is rather less than what you paid for it.

    Even if what Owen delivers has value, he knows how his bread is buttered and his customers aren’t paying a fair price for what they get. They are paying for what Owen gets; his lifestyle.

    Because they are desperate idiots.

    You would be wiser to use your money to support your own lifestyle. Pay fair price for it, but get fair return. Don’t be a desperate idiot.

  59. You’re right, listen to Sentient. Don’t get in touch with them, don’t explore opportunities. Don’t network. Don’t ever think of making a free video with them or anything crazy like that. Stay DPA, bro.Stay DPA.

  60. In fact, if Owen is moving into teaching life game, and not just pickup, his first lesson to his students ought to be to demand 9/10ths of their money back.

  61. @kfg

    What would be fair price and how should it be decided?


    Maybe culum can write a review of their bootcamp I think he took one in the past.

  62. @ Stuff

    See, that’s why I am a fan of learning and gaining knowledge wherever it become available.

    I always thought your screen name meant ” stuff in (a) box “. Before the explanation you posted, I couldn’t tell you what a Stuffing Box was if you held a gun to my head. I woulda just been one dead motherfucker.

    But now I know something that I didn’t know before. I spent a few minutes googling stuffing box and I actually understand it’s purpose and how it works.

    ( oil, water, any liquid. Good shit..)

    @ othergrain

    ” And I don’t think you were seriously cheering on Mystery’s misery…but that’s how it read. I don’t know enough about the man, but I do know that if he read and understood the concepts you’ve written about, he would be much better off.”

    When I read Rollo’s comments concerning Mystery, I took them as he intended. Of course he wasn’t making fun of, or belittling Mystery’s situation.

    But I already knew from past experience that his comments would be bent out of context to mean the worse possible connotation possible. And then expanded on almost ad infinitum.

    There’s a very, very, very strong tendency towards rabid misunderstanding sometimes, to the point of ridiculousness.

    There’s a perplexing blindspot that’s becoming more prevalent concerning a more well rounded understanding about being a complete ( or more complete ) male. Resistance is encouraged, but it’s to the detriment of men trying to fully better themselves.

    Mystery’s words and demeanor point to the discrepancy. Other’s should learn by example.

    I’ve only barely read or watched Eric’s stuff over the years, and I am not a fan,but I only wish the absolute best for him. Not good to see any man struggling and suffering.

  63. @ Sentient

    @ Forge

    The funny thing is, just prior to YaReally’s victim fit, scray was just telling me that I wasn’t used to being ” challenged ” because I was ” tall and strong ” or whatever.

    Patently false. Crazy actually.

  64. I see now blax that you didnt bother responding to the latest scrays comment, wonder how that looks )

    Good thing you pointed that out or none of us might have noticed. I couldn’t be bothered with detailed replies to catshit as I was going out…and had a spectacular time…saw an old friend I hadn’t seen for months and danced a lot with her…sweet girl…was asked to dance by two or three hotties…partied with some cool blue collar guys and their wives (of course, the husbands asked me to dance with their wives although one said that he liked to fight to scare me off from her tits, lol…don’t think she stays home all the time)…one hottie asked me to rescue her from her boring date

  65. Blaximus
    “Not good to see any man struggling and suffering.”
    In the last 6 mouths i lost 4 people to suicide. Last week i buddy i grew up through high school and most of my adult life took his own life. What kept me in a blue pill context for much of my life was wanted to better other men. The irony and paradox is that only happens when you do it for yourself. I have many flaws more than anyone else in the world as far as what matters really before i die.
    I really don’t enjoy others struggling.but i think that brings you into a red pill context. It proves to yourself not your ego that your approach to the world may not be working because it either
    was told to you from someone who “though” it would work. Or wasn’t clear when the information was meant to be transmitted. I’ve learned to let people find the red pill themselves. As well as to accept the fact that as much as i want to become a caretaker for their well-being. That backfires unless they experience and see the world for what it is.

  66. @YaReally – just saw the last 24 hours of stuff.

    I’ll echo the other guys who’ve talked about how valuable your contribution is here, both to the other guys and to me personally (not just the posts commenting on my FRs).

    I hope you don’t leave, but if you do, I assume you’ll still read this thread to the end, so Thank You from me personally. You’ve made a big difference to my life. If you do start posting somewhere else I hope you’ll post here and let us know.

    Rollo’s said he’s going to try an FR subforum, so I hope you’ll at least join the regular going out people there and avoid the OMG/YSG thrashes that have resulted in this. I have gone on record saying I didn’t think it was necessary, but now I’m thinking it may be a good idea if it helps keep the community together without endless thrashing.

    @MrT – I went for an RSD Hot Seat, not a Bootcamp ($200 vs $2000!). Although I would like to try out a bootcamp if I can find the cash and attend one for an instructor I like.

    I don’t want to name the instructor I had, because it could be used to identify my city (I posted here around the time of the Hot Seat, the city is relatively easy to identify given a date range if I name the instructor – their tour schedules are public).

    However, I really enjoyed it. It’s very polished and well presented (although the airport style frisking to prevent anyone bringing in a phone to record it is a bit weird – we had to leave our phones outside). The Hot Seat is basically a mixture of watching infield videos of the particular instructor who does your Hot Seat, with commentary and questions, and a series of Game preparation exercises (stuff to improve your energy, conversation practice etc). The proportion between infield videos and exercises varies a lot depending on the instructor.

    If you like watching infields on Youtube, this is a souped up all-day version of that, with lots of great commentary from the instructor. The videos are long and not cut like they are for Youtube and there is plenty of stuff that never goes on Youtube.

    The instructor did a fantastic job of keeping things lively and interesting for 9 hours, and everyone’s state was super-pumped at the end of it and we went out afterwards and had a great night.

    Difficult to say more without going into the details of the infield footage but I really enjoyed watching it and learned a lot, plus the stories behind it. I don’t think a Hot Seat is necessarily a “Must DO”, but if another instructor came to my city, I’d pay $200 to do another Hot Seat – it’s a fun enough way to spend a Saturday.

  67. “What would be fair price . . .”

    About three hundred bucks, plus room and meals.

    “. . . how should it be decided?”

    Wholesale auction prices.

    Again, even if what Owen is selling has real value, no woo included, 90% of what he is charging is for pure woo.

    Q:How much is pure woo worth?
    A: As much as you can squeeze out of desperate idiots above its real value.

    Go to the Supermarket. Pick up two boxes of cornflakes, one a generic and the other a name brand. The generic might be priced at a buck. The name brand at five.

    Q: What is the difference?
    A: The printing on the box.

    Other than that they are the same, literally. They’re come right off the same processing line, only some of it goes in a generic box and some in a branded box. There aren’t hundreds of mom and pop cornflake factories scattered across the land. There are a few, owned by a couple companies.

    Q: What do you get for the difference in price?
    A: Pure woo.

    And you can buy the nutritionally superior, unprocessed ingredients for rather less than a buck.

    Hell, if it’s “high fiber” you might be able to get paid for hauling it away. It’s a waste product. A disposal problem. It has negative value. You can buy it in 55 gallon drums for the price of the drum. People paying ten bucks a pound for “fiber” are spending their money on pure woo that induces them to eat cardboard (almost literally, it’s the principle material of cardboard. The grain processors sell it at a loss, as a disposal expense).

    The woo they are buying is “wards off cancer.” They are desperate not to get cancer. And idiots.

    I could sell a square inch of cardboard with the Chinese characters for “wards off cancer” on them for a hundred bucks a pop. But it’s still just a square inch of cardboard with a real world value of a fraction of a penny.

    The cardboard is real and has real value. The price is for pure woo.

    Which is what makes it a scam.

  68. I’ve been away from my computer since yesterday afternoon. The holiday party at the country club was last evening and that turned out fun in the infield.

    Did anything happen when I was gone (haven’t had a chance to read the comments)? Did anyone fail any shit tests (or capitalize on them) from guys in comments?


    “I feel I need to clarify my point about Mystery’s state. My point wasn’t to wish any ill on Mystery, but rather to illustrate the dangers of putting all emphasis on process and no regard to the back end. Naturally my detractors want to paint my using him as an illustration as my hope for his demise, nothing’s further from the truth.”

    I was just catching up on some reading material: A big hat tip to KFG for pointing out a while ago there was this Book of Zed the Zen Priest (the collected works of wisdom). I barely just started it. But early on in that book, there is this (anyone that detests abstract ideas and insists on concrete answers, please just scroll by this):

    The Old Gods

    Philosophy was the original science, art, and theology. The word comes from the ancient Greek and means “love of wisdom”. There is good reason that the highest level of academic accomplishment is called “Ph.D.” Doctor originally meant “teacher,” thus a doctor of philosophy is someone who teaches the love of the wisdom of a discipline. Love is the force which also drives the healer, the minister, the scientist and the Artist. Love of life.

    This amazing gift and ability of consciousness and self-awareness which man has been so proud of because it distinguishes humanity from the “lower” animals also put on us a terrible burden: the ability to ask and the need to know “Why?” Humanity needs a “because.” The history of humanity is the story of searching for “becauses,” and the ultimate “because.” The ultimate “because” has always been called god.

    As humanity’s curiosity and need to know yielded results of understanding some of the “why‘s,‖ the sciences were born. Astronomy allowed the learned to watch and predict the succession of the seasons, which was essential to the survival of early man. Botany allowed people to predict which foods would taste good and nourish them, and which would kill them. The more that thought took over from instinct in controlling human behavior, the more important science became. And, because the average person was too preoccupied with survival, and had neither the time nor the inclination to delve into the nature of things, those who did understand were recognized for the importance of their knowledge.

    Yet, as every parent knows, even when the “becauses” are understood (which they often are not, since each “why” is really at the end of a chain of “why‘s‖ and knowing the answers to all the “why‘s‖ which came before is essential to understanding the answer to the current one), each “because” simply leads to another “why.” Beyond the limits of human knowledge has always existed the unknown and perhaps unknowable. All the unanswered “why‘s” belong to god. Theology is therefore the Philosophy of the unknowable.

    Everything which has been within man’s ability to understand “why,” has been developed into a scientific discipline of study. Every 4 years we double the number of “becauses” that we have.

    The average college prep student knows more science than all the scientists in the world did as recently as 100 years ago. As we have learned to understand what previously only god understood, science and its bastard stepchild, technology, have become our new gods. Gradually the question changed. People began to ask “why” when what they really meant was “How.”

    When people began to learn “how” to harness the understanding of “because” to bring about what they wanted, the will to power was born. Thus did humanity attempt to steal the power of god, by saying “MY will be done.” Down to the very heart of the atom did we find ways to exert that power. Yet it is always the power of destruction. We “split” the atom, and unleash that awesome power, yet no scientist has ever taken a bunch of parts and “put together” an atom.
    And then there are those groups of people whose questions are only “when” and “why not.” The first aspire to godlike powers over others, the second group is so isolated from reality and the outside world that the only thing they can dwell on is how they want reality to be and how disappointed, angry, and hurt they are that it isn’t that way. Their lives are consumed with bitter disappointment over finding out that they are NOT god.

    But the “why” we started out to find has been lost. And it was the second question to be asked anyway. “What” is the beginning. Without an understanding of what it is, why does not matter. We have turned around begun looking the wrong direction, studying “how” things have been put together, rather than studying the purpose of putting them together. We know how to tear them apart and often when we will be done.

    What and Why are still dealt with by philosophy and theology. What is the nature of god, and for what purpose were we created? Just to destroy and consume? Strange notion of god.

    The New Gods

    In their quest for power, humans have come to love technology and worship the god science. Science has given us the microwave, the micro-chip, and the micro-computer, courtesy of which you are now reading this.

    However there are those of us who must ask whether all this worship of science and technology has enriched the lives of humanity or done anything to move us in the direction that the old gods created us to follow. We have stolen much power from the gods, and they are much the poorer and weaker for it. As humanity sought to become as gods through the application of technology, it forgot the most important power of the god: the power to create.

    The major question for people to face themselves with today is whether they are willing to invest technology completely with godlike powers and let it dictate to them what they must do and be like. At its greatest extent of power technology cannot create life, the best it can do is copy it. And copy is what “society” seems determined to do. Change everyone into copies of everyone else.

    Technology makes as bad a master as it does a good servant. The challenge of the 3rd millennium will be whether humanity surrenders and submits to the dominion of technology, thus creating the dead end for humanity and the thing we all cherish so much, our “intelligence,” which is used to mean our consciousness and self-awareness.

    We claim to be “intelligent” life, yet we let machines and their rigid inflexible needs dictate the leading of our lives. We have even “split” the nucleus of the nuclear family by destroying the male/female pair bond and the mechanics of attraction which bring them together.

    Bad idea.

    I didn’t start subscribing to the manosphere till about 3 1/2 years ago and never had the experience of reading The Spearhead or old manosphere writers in real time. Like I said, I barely started reading the Zed book. Does anyone know his backstory or anything about who he was and what he did?

    Zed seemed like a solid MRA as witnessed by this article on The Spearhead:

    That article has me reflecting on the fact that after 3+ years in the manophere, women actually don’t have the power to manipulated me with their sexuality in my infield and in my fields (like the one where I look at women in their underwear every day at work, and the ones where I hunt mindless horny beasts in a perpetual state of rut during deer hunting season, or my own bedroom and house (yes that is a MRP infield).

    And I feel totally comfortable with the (relatively) beautiful women at the party last night (including my wife) (that three hours of makeup application works wonders) and also comfortable with watching all the tall handsome guys touching and feeling my wife as the end of the night wore down at the bar just off the live band dance floor (typical end of party behavior)(who could blame them, she is the life of parties, and attractive to boot). After all, I got laid well before and after the party. And I have no fear of her wandering off with a guy (no doubt it could happen) because I have the manosphere improved me (with Game incorporating PUA and MRP competence) and she has good value for me today, afterwards.

  69. Oh and PS – I should add, I DID do a bootcamp with Mystery Method, over a decade ago when RSD was much smaller and Love Systems was still called Mystery Method. The instructors weren’t famous or anything – just good PUAs from my city who had been hired to do the local course (this guy called Tenmagnet – back when guys still used their PUA names like that – was a guest teacher visiting my city and he was good – I think he was a fairly well known PUA).

    I thought it was amazing. I didn’t know much about Game then (I’d pretty much just read The Game and done a very cursory look at some old-skool PUA forums – this is back in the day when YaReally was probably learning his trade) so it was literally transformational in a major way.

    Within a few weeks I’d had my first proper SNL, also nearly took an 8 home, lots of other fantastic experiences. Remember I was a virgin till I was 24 – this was only a couple of years after that. Within a couple of months I had a lot of other great experiences but then unfortunately settled into a 6+ year LTR (even that was good for me – it was my first LTR – I just stayed in it way too long).

    The only change and transformation in my life that matches the impact of the The Game book+MM bootcamp is finding the Red Pill and YaReally’s archive within a few weeks of each other, many years later after my LTR ended.

    If anyone wants details of that I can tell you, but of course it was MM a decade ago, full on funny hat peacocking days and PUA code-names for everyone, not modern RSD.

  70. @YaReally

    I benefit from the RSD vids and am glad that you went to the trouble to view and post them…your collecting and filtering was invaluable. Major props.

    I called you out on manipulation of the YSGs and you took offense and acted like a bratty little bitch. (Gif of a bratty little bitch here.) Stop that. (Gif of stop sign here.)

    You aren’t utterly logical Spock. (Spock gif here with raised eyebrow.) Your sycophantic admirers are pathetic if they see you as utterly logical. (Gif of two-year-old smiling as he eats shit from a toilet here.) I’m not saying that all YSG readers drank the YaReally kool aid.

    I plan to visit Rollo’s planned PUA subred regularly (though I probably won’t comment there much) because I see your advice and vids as valuable.

    Best wishes and good luck no matter what you decide to do.

  71. MurrayStreet

    You’re right, listen to Sentient. Don’t get in touch with them, don’t explore opportunities. Don’t network. Don’t ever think of making a free video with them or anything crazy like that. Stay DPA, bro.Stay DPA.

    Are you a hapless fuckwhit?

    First – you can see that I just explained 5 minutes ago how Rollo will be treated by RSd if he chooses o contact them. So how would you infer that I’d tell him not to do it?

    Second – what have I said about developing a dynamic passionate and authentic life that is inconsistent with developing mastery and skill, especially when I’ve specifically mentioned learning the Female Language of Seduction?

    Do pull your head out of your ass once and a while before commenting. If not in service to yourself at least in service to others who might read you bullshit unknowingly.

    And please let’s not be the kind of hapless fuckwhit who will now whine about how the board has become a shitshow, while piling on so much shit…

  72. Typically high up front charge is required if you have little prospect of additional revenue down the line from repeat customers… so either attendees are fully sorted by attending, or they aren’t coming back. Or maybe they have just spent all their money…

    In the realm of charity and goodwill towards men, the incentives of the for profit model will tend to distort things over time. Capital requires return and all… Goodwill changes hands at a multiple of earnings…

  73. @Blax

    But I already knew from past experience that his comments would be bent out of context to mean the worse possible connotation possible. And then expanded on almost ad infinitum.

    +1000…this is the toxic shit YaReally does that he needs to stop doing

  74. @Yareally

    Thanks for your contributions you’ve helped out a lot people. Your reports on the <25 year olds have been spot on with my own observations. What I've gotten the most out of your comments was on lasering. That shit is pure gold considering you can say practically nothing while doing it. Keep doing you

  75. @asd

    Dont know why youd be qualifying to a bot on the internet and dont remember using any seduction here.

    Anyway, I dont particularly care if blax is responding to people or what you guys think about it, but he’ll often be whining that people dont listen so I thought Id give a hint.

  76. “Even if what Owen delivers has value, he knows how his bread is buttered and his customers aren’t paying a fair price for what they get. They are paying for what Owen gets; his lifestyle.”

    In all seriousness,I agree that $3k is a ridiculously high price, essentially for a professional wingman for a weekend…I sure don’t pin the value there….but clearly enough guys do. Market price is a two way street, if everyone agreed it wasn’t worth $3k, it wouldn’t be.

  77. @ MrT

    I’m still playing catch up and just saw your remark a page back.

    I answer anyone that asks a question. I stop answering when there’s no longer any point to answering.

    Trying to cut down on the repetitive responses to trolling and what not.

    Women qualify to men. Men do not qualify themselves to other men, generally.

    General rule is: You state 3 things as fact that are false, I opt out because you’re looking for an argument for….whatever reason.

  78. “Typically high up front charge is required if you have little prospect of additional revenue down the line from repeat customers…”

    This comes from trying to keep your bread buttered from a single pound . . . forever.

    Old Joe Weider made a science out of this.

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