The Global Sexual Marketplace

Before I launch into today’s essay I want to throw out a few caveats. The first is a reminder of my long-time policy of dealing with issues of race, politics and religion; and that’s to say it’s my practice leave these topics to other blogs and other writers unless those topics cross over into intersexual dynamics that are pertinent to Red Pill awareness. I feel like I need make this clear as I’m going to get into issues of race and how intersexual relations are modified by these issues today. It’s always been my belief that the shared input and related experiences of men of all races, cultures and nationality is one of the greatest strengths of the Red Pill. So it’s with this in mind that I think we need to address some of these experiences.

What got me on to this topic was the video I’ve linked above here today. As most of you know I’m not a proponent of the idea of a “Black Pill”. That is the ‘black’ part of understanding the harsh realities of what Red Pill awareness opens men’s eyes to. Accepting the uglier nature of intersexual dynamics and how it plays into today’s sexual marketplace is often something that drives some men to a kind of despondency. It can be really depressing to have Red Pill awareness destroy your long-held Blue Pill ideals – particularly when those ideals helped to give you a sense of hope in spite of your instincts telling you something different.

When I was at the 21 Convention last October I had a discussion with Dr. Shawn Smith about the nature of the Blue Pill. His question to me was something like “Don’t you think that some guys need at least a little Blue Pill to keep them going?” I’m paraphrasing here, but I’ve actually touched on this in a few prior essays. In essence, it should follow that human beings can’t handle too much ‘reality’. This is why we look for escapisms and turn our otherwise rational minds to something like faith. The human mind tries to remain hopeful in the face of dire realities; which also follows evolutionarily. Those humans who stayed optimistic in the face of crushing reality didn’t off themselves in despair and consequently passed on their genes.

That’s the nuts & bolts of it (yes, I know there’s more to it), but is this a feature or a bug in today’s realities? Willfully choosing conscious ignorance while your rational mind knows the truth can lead to despondency and depression. It’s the observer effect – observing a process will change that process – only, you’re playing that game with yourself. So, is a little bit of our Blue Pill conditioning a good thing if it gives us a hope that keeps us alive?

I’d have to say no. Because once you unplug from the Matrix going back to that ignorance is really impossible. Something in your hindbrain knows the truth about the fantasy you construct for yourself. Again, it’s playing the observer effect on oneself. And it’s just this simple truth that makes a lot of guys who are unprepared for the anger and nihilism that comes from Red Pill disillusionment to come up with things like a ‘Black Pill’.

But this essay isn’t about dealing with that despondency. I’ve already written that essay in A New Hope. This essay is about one of those ugly truths that Red Pill men have to evolve new adaptations for. You see, there is no ‘Black Pill’ – there is only the space in between a man dealing with his despondency about a harsh Red Pill truth and his crossing the abyss to accepting that truth and doing something with that information to better his life.

Local vs Global SMP

Watch the video I linked here. It’s by Black Pill 101, a channel that specializes in exactly the harsh realities of Red Pill awareness I mentioned above. It doesn’t pull any punches and for that I’m in agreement with them. Men deserve the unvarnished truth; without it they founder. This video outlines the innate difficulties Asian men face in the Global Sexual Marketplace. One of the most common requests I get for counseling is from Asian or Indian men asking me to help them improve their game. Many of them believe I have some Game solution to their getting laid with an SMV 6-7 they know from work. Many of them think they might have a chance with a modest SMV 6 if they either had some specialized technique or they could simply earn another $250K annual salary.

I honestly feel for Asian/Indian men in this respect. When I read about Aziz Ansari’s #MeToo’ing I read with morbid fascination watching his story play out with another ‘cute’ (SMV6-7) white girl. This is the stereotypical interaction. With my Red Pill Lens I saw a girl conflicted by her attraction to Aziz’s social proof (celebrity) with her visceral reaction to becoming intimate with a guy she simply wasn’t all that aroused by. This is just my personal experience, but I’ve counseled Indian (and a few Asian) men who all share a very similar frustration – they really want to get with a white American girl but they are sexually invisible to the vast majority of them.

Black Pill 101 lays out this frustration from Asian men’s perspective. If you happen to be an Asian or Indian man I’d encourage you to add your own experiences in the comments here. But from my own interactions with these men the story revolves around their investment in locking down an average white woman. They aren’t looking to spin plates. They want an LTR with a girl and most of them tend to fixate on one they know from work or a friend of a friend. Maybe that lean towards monogamy is a cultural thing, but they all seem to set their sights on the average, seemingly attainable, American girl. And almost universally they are relegated to the ‘friend zone’ or the go ‘Black Pill’ in frustration.

I’m going to look at the bigger picture here while I try to answer why this is so commonly case. In our tribalist, hunter/gatherer ancestral past our naturalistic sexual marketplace was limited to what a very localized group of individuals had to offer. We might’ve lived in groups of 100-150 ‘natives’ of our tribe. In that tribe maybe there were 10-12 females who would’ve been potential breeding/pairing candidates for a young man.

There are general arousal cues that are universal to all humans across cultures. Natural cross-culture beauty standards is something that’s been widely studied since the mid seventies – globalized beauty standards and physical prowess cues – however, the context in which those cues are expressed are (were) buffered by whatever that localized sexual marketplace (SMP) can realistically manifest.

Example: Height in men something universally agreed on as attractive/arousing for women. This is a globalized attraction cue in women. Girls all over the world overwhelmingly prefer a man to be taller than they are. This is an evolved preference because the survival implications are that a taller man is (generally) an easily identifiable aspect of physical prowess. Height implies a capacity for protection, an imposed dominance, and is a signifier of presence in a male dominance hierarchy. Whether this is the actual case is irrelevant. All that matters is that a woman’s preference for tall men to breed and pair with.

The average height of a Filipino man is around 5′ 4″. Prior to the Spanish colonizing the Philippines all Filipino women knew of men was that 5′ 4″ man. And to the 4′ 11″ average Filipino woman that was attractive. A 5′ 6-7″ man was a giant by the local SMP standards.

But the global SMP standards are simply ‘taller men are more attractive’. So when the Spanish/Western peoples came to the island it introduced Filipinas to a new standard: the 5′ 7″ Spanish man. Now the globalized SMP began to modify the local SMP. Then, eventually, along came the first 6 foot tall Caucasian European guy. Then the first Black man, etc. Gradually the localized (previously tribally-defined) SMP to include the new possibilities of women breeding/pairing with men outside their own tribe.

Localized Contingencies

This is only one easy example of how a globalized standard of what defines the whole of the sexual marketplace redefines, and often replaces, the localized standard of attraction/arousal for women. There are many other ways this out-tribe influence introduces a new global standard for the SMP. This can include force as well as by invitation or local social norms shifting to accommodate the new global SMP. When a tribe is conquered by another it forcibly alters the other’s sexual marketplace standards (War Brides).

As such, societal standards shifted to favor social practices that defended the local SMP integrity of that tribe. This is nothing groundbreaking – tribalist humans have been creating social and religious contingencies to buffer agains women’s Hypergamy, and to solidify the integrity of the local SMP for millennia. And these norms affect both the men and the women of that culture.

Cultural norms that forbid intermarriage (really interbreeding) of women with out-tribe men are common, but there are also:

  • Prearranged Marriages
  • Guarding/Prioritizing Virginity
  • Buffering Against Hypergamy
  • Socially Enforced Monogamy

I should also add that there is the Samson Contingency which is a buffer set against (powerful) men taking out-tribe wives. It may’ve been acceptable to have sex with out-tribe women (rape or prostitution), but for the integrity of the tribe, that man was only to form lasting bonds (via marriage) from within that tribe. This kept vital resources within that tribe.

A Modern SMP

In an upcoming essay I’ll be exploring the deeper reasons why Blank-Slate Equalism is so difficult to purge from our present-day social order. However, I need to detail a bit of this now. We live in a feminine-primary social order (the Gynocracy), but without the Blank-Slate much of the preconception of it collapse. One reason Blank-Slate Equalism remains a social norm (despite a world of empirical proof that destroys it) is because it serves to disguise the ugly realities of a sexual marketplace defined by human evolution. Particularly so in an age of expanding SMP globalism. It’s not just culture, politics, ideology and socioeconomic considerations that are tied to globalization; a global scale sexual marketplace is following among all of this.

In the age of global mass communication our localized (tribal) SMPs are replaced with a global standard. That global standard destroys the old local SMPs, but it also selects-out the men who don’t measure up to its standards. This is something I think most MGTOWs and all Incels instinctively know: according to the global SMP selection criteria there are some men who will simply not be selected-for. If the Black Pill 101 video about how Asian women don’t select Asian men for mating opportunities is any indicator, I think Asian and Indian men are facing this head on today.

Now, I expect the first rebuttal to this proposition will be that the present, global SMP is a reflection of Westernized beauty standards and horribly distorted expectations. Asian/Indian men seem to want nothing to do with the native women who are ruthless in expressing that they want nothing to do with them. What globalized demographic is really left for these men? The same might be said about socially inept white men seeking an easier sexual marketplace in Asian women. All of this is simple deductive adaptations men will naturally resort to when it comes to solving the problems of sex and reproduction.

I’m totally accepting that there is a societal influence in all of this. However, I think the incentives to look into the opportunities that a larger global SMP offers is still based on Darwinistic principles. Even Western romanticism is still founded upon natural female arousal cues that define the larger SMP. The global SMP is rooted in the naturalistic, evolved (not socialized) elements that trigger arousal, incentivize parental investment and play off women’s dualistic sexual strategies (Alpha Seed/Beta Need).

The Global Social Order

Finally, I want to point out that while our expanding globalization has given rise to a global SMP, that expansion is rooted in Gynocentrism. Since the time of the Sexual Revolution an unfettered, unconstrained Hypergamy has dictated this global sexual marketplace. The world-scale SMP is driven by women’s prime-directives, not men’s. As women are afforded more authority to direct society, their reproductive interests are what defines the global SMP. And all unchecked and unbalanced by any male interests. This is important to consider when we see the old tribalist, local SMPs decay to extinction. The checks and balances on Hypergamy that existed in the past were the creations of a smaller localized SMP. One that was familiar with the risks and results of allowing men and women of that particular tribe to reproduced without thought to the integrity of the tribe.

This is why Blank-Slate Equalism, as big a lie as it is, is so necessary to maintaining the unfettered Hypergamy that the global SMP is based on. Without its social constructionism, without its presumption of coequal agency, the Gynocentric power base is replaced with conventional, evolved gender norms that would favor men’s influence in the global SMP. Gynocentrism needs Blank-Slate Equalism to disguise its authority and influence. Notions of ‘Equal Value’ and social constructionism are needed to cover the ugly Darwinsim that unchecked Hypergamy thrives in.

Published by Rollo Tomassi

Author of The Rational Male and The Rational Male, Preventive Medicine

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  1. Neo: “What are you trying to tell me, that I can dodge Black Pills?”
    Rollo: “No, Neo, I’m telling you that when you’re ready, you won’t have to.”

  2. Jesus, what a mess the “Red Pill” world is. This deranged “Asian” incel has fetishized his failure withe women, and every MGTOW fucktard on the planet is cheering him on. I have a lot more to say about this, but don’t have time. I’ll drop some thoughts now and do a more complete decimation of this horseshit over the weekend.

    First, this study looks at “Asians” monolithically. This is stupid. Filipinos, Chinese, Japanese and Indonesians are not interchangeable. Any time you see “Asian” when looking at culture, you are looking at bullshit as an analysis.

    Next. This survey studies an “outgroup” – meaning and ethnic minority in a given nation or geography – in majority white nations. Where is the data showing how outgroups do in China? Haven’t seen the data. I have seen vids from a western guy who lives in China stating that most Chinese women are uninterested in him.

    Outgroups will always have less social status in our social dominance hierarchies axiomatically. Unless you want to erase human nature’s tendency to form high trust ingroups in which we can be much more safe and productive and happy, shut the fuck up. If you don’t understand this statement, read The Social Construction of Earth by E.O. Wilson and get back to me. Virtually all human progress comes from group competition and forming high trust/high security ingroups is how we do it. If we didn’t have this, we’d be fucking bonobos.

    I’ve spent the past couple of weeks checking into the state of the MGTOW space on line and I have to say that the fucking MGTOW shitheads are running amok. Listen to this beta pussy dweeb being so tedious, posing as though he’s a scientist. OMG, even a cut/built Asian guy can’t get laid. Really? I could help him get laid if he’d listen to me for one hour. As a 56yo, 5′ 7 3/4″ male who isn’t ripped, gosh, I don’t understand. Fyi, a vast majority of women would tell you in a survey they have zero interest in fucking me. Yet I get laid, gosh, what is going on?

    Survey research like this measures what you think you like, not what you like, fyi. Behavior can vary widely from reported preferences.

    So tired of the pseudo-intellectualism in the manosphere. The guy who did this video is an adult-child who should fail in life. He lost at the competition that is life – too fucking bad. Shoulder the burden of performance gladly and trudge the Red Pill road happily. Or kill yourself – just please stop making and watching videos from men who have zero help for men who want to compete and win. None of what he says is “true” – get that.

    More to come…

  3. “Any time you see “Asian” when looking at culture, you are looking at bullshit as an analysis.”

    In order to appeal to the Chinese market “Asian” actress Kelly Marie Tran was included in the cast of The Last Jedi. Tran is Viet. The Tran family specifically fought vicious wars with the Han.


    The people of southern Vietnam are not Viets. They are Champa. The “Vietnam War” was not a battle between capitalism and communism. It was a battle in a race war that had been ongoing for circa 1000 years.

  4. You mean there are shias and sunnis and not all of them are Arab but both are muslim?

    …. Fuucckkk.

    George W Bush ( paraphrase)

  5. If most women think you’ve got your act together, they’ll be ready to make a man out of you. If they know you’ve got your finances in order, they’ll jump you right there and then.

    I think Sean Combs said it best when ruminating about life after fame and fortune had struck on the track ‘Feel so Good’

    “I’m getting hit on by girls, who use to hardly speak!”

    Women’s assessment of his desirability had changed dramatically.

    But on the track ‘All about the Benjamins’ a stark confession is made.

    “Now I only hit chicks who win beauty pageants.”

    Sean has obviously grown accustomed to the finer things in life.

  6. J

    Jordan was raised here in Newark. He comes back often to speak at schools all over the city. He’s offered to speak at the young men’s gatherings I attend often.

    Women like.muscularity and definition, and not particularly size. Men are more impressed by size and we tend to project that idea on women. It’s similar to the way men will always notice a chick with double d’s. Even if you’re not a ” breast man “.

    I don’t think it’s 100% true that being” handsome ” made things easier. It was Game+ that allowed my teenaged self to hang 20 year old plus hotties. You want to talk about resistance? You wanna guess at how many times I heard some variant of ” you’re way too young ” or ” to say little boy “:or even as Asd says ” you’re not tall enough for this ride “?😂

    Why do you think I keep harping on not listening to what they say?

    Certain things can definitely help men with a target audience. No doubt. My stance is that the target audience basically is All Of Them, your choice.

    Again, don’t coast.

  7. Ollie

    😂.stop it man! Wrong frame.

    Having money or game sn’t the same as true desire. Differentiate.

    Women have driven combs crazy and drained a sizeable portion of his bank account. My wife wanted nothing when we divorced. Ride or die man, ride or die.😁

  8. HABD

    “unless encouraging men to be more girlish was like, you know, a sh*t test…lol…”

    Some ideas here:

    Hypergamy is ever present.

    Hypergamy benefits women.

    Shit tests are an observation of hypergamy.

    Failed shit tests prompt more shit testing.

    Increased levels of shit testing indicates increased female dissatisfaction.

    Female dissatisfaction is at an all time high.

    Question for my peeps…

    How is unchecked hypergamy benefiting women when they are completely miserable as a demographic?

    I have my ideas.

  9. Re: Blax trying to seem clever. No Blax, it’s nothing like the difference between Shia and Sunni, you dumb fuck. I’m talking about different nationalities, races and ethnicities, you are discussing schisms within a religion. And even so, when it comes to hating the West, Shia and Sunni often collaborate. But hey, I’m sure you felt clever, and after all, that’s the point of most of your commentary here. Aggrandizing yourself. I bet you re-read your own comments and jack off while doing so.

    Again. For the 1000th time, you are not as well informed about the subjects you run your yap about as you think. Oddly, this doesn’t seem to slow you down a bit…

    KFG rightly points out the Champa of Vietnam. One could also consider that those who study civilizations – not nations or ethnicities – believe Japan to have branched off from Sinic civilization about 800 years ago and can rightly be considered an utterly distinct shard of human civilization – while still being a nation and an ethnicity. Gosh, it’s so complicated, isn’t it?

    But of course, you’d have to read these things called “books” to learn that, Blax. Go read Daniel Huntington’s Clash of Civilizations – perhaps the most revelatory book about geopolitics written in the past couple of decades. Hint: Anyone who’s actually equipped for this dialog is eminently familiar with Huntington’s work.

    But hey, maybe an article is short enough for you to get through? You’ll see that Sinic civilization (Asian now in common, stupid parlance, you’ll see the West referred to as Chritendom to, as it was for centuries) is not an easy analog to the West nor Islam as civilizations. I know, it’s all pretty complicated – perhaps you should not talk about things you don’t understand? Here’s a seminal article from 1974 that could function as a primer for anyone trying to understand the civilizational POV.

  10. Donovan, my statement had nothing to do with your ranting you hyperactive dickhead.

    To shovel or something.

  11. I’m sorey, I meant to shovel while reading a fucking book.

    Unlike you, you simpleminded asswipe, I have actual Muslims in my famiky, and have attended mosques of to the sects. I didn’t have to go and read any ‘ book ‘ other than the Quran.

    Keep fucking with me until I get tired of you…… Because you are starting to deserve it.😁

  12. Should I demonstrate what clever is?

    I hate bullies and assholes. There are many ways to deal with them, and always have been.

  13. As a world traveler and observer of my fellow humans. This is 100% true. My former Blue Pill self wishes it wasn’t so. However, I prefer the unpleasant truth over the comforting lies of Equalism.

  14. @kfg

    In order to appeal to the Chinese market “Asian” actress Kelly Marie Tran was included in the cast of The Last Jedi. Tran is Viet. The Tran family specifically fought vicious wars with the Han.


    dunning-kruger strikes again…lol

    good luck!

  15. @EhIntellect


    “unless encouraging men to be more girlish was like, you know, a sh*t test…lol…”

    Some ideas here:

    Hypergamy is ever present.


    Hypergamy benefits women.

    nope… hypergamy benefits the continuation of the species in a chaotic, constantly changing environment… how society structures itself to address that hypergamy determines what happens to that society… but girls are just girls…lol… always…

    Shit tests are an observation of hypergamy.

    true… but understand their purpose… they are a filter…

    Failed shit tests prompt more shit testing.

    no… at least not always… she might just give up when you fail enough…lol… but passing shit tests will always lead to more shit tests as the girl continues to get aroused…lol…

    Increased levels of shit testing indicates increased female dissatisfaction.

    only sometimes… she could be getting turned on…lol… depends on which algo you’ve pinged into…

    Female dissatisfaction is at an all time high.

    seems to be true…

    Question for my peeps…

    How is unchecked hypergamy benefiting women when they are completely miserable as a demographic?

    it’s not, at least in the long term… short term gain (getting what they ask for… overtly…) = long term pain… that misery comes from the long term effects… but girls can’t think that far ahead… they emote in the moment…lol… AND they are not capable of even actually seeing that cause/effect… it’s like a dude with the color-blind… it’s just not even physically possible… that’s how ‘war brides’ is even a thing…

    I have my ideas.

    good… you should!!!… MPoO FTW!!!!…lol

    good luck!

  16. Now Now girls, everyone aughta know that you can’t be a conqueror and make it look easy unless you can shill for your own race.

  17. The older I get, the more I come to the conclusion, that there is NO such thing as GLOBAL sexual marketplace.

    The Global Sexual Marketplace is as illusion of Clown World, fueled by the internet, Social Media, and dating apps like Tinder.

    Always go local. Stick to the women of your own people.

    If you are an Indian guy? Ask your parents to arrange a marriage with a good Indian girl. Chineese? Stick to Chineese girls. Arab? Find a good Muslim girl.

    Same is true to Western and American guys. Do not go to Eastern-Europe dreaming of finding your feminine, submissive sex kitten/traditional wife. You will be fucked over, hard. Stay at home, put your Western women in place. If you can not do that, how do you expect to keep foreign girls in line?

    I am Hungarian, and I would never want to have anything to do with an American or Western girl. Only Hungarian.

  18. All this talk about race is messing with my acceptable people list. It once was so simple, now I got to create in-group stereotypes.

    I know two black men, Blax and my brother-in-law. Both are swashbuckling pussyslayers. So to me it seems logical all black men are so.

    Then we got the Asian-y, Chinamen and anyone who looks like the HuHot guy types. They seem smart and industrious and make spicy noodles.

    Then you have the Jews. The Mossad is badass.

    Seems to me that covers most of the acceptable world.

    But there’s one group of people I never understood why they were allowed to enter this country.

    You know who I’m talking about.

    Yeah, the Irish.

    Anyhow Saint Patrick’s Day is soon upon us. Best start drinking now to prime your liver and remember: you can’t drink all day if you don’t start in the morning.

  19. Oh I forgot one group.

    The monomorphic blob of good-looking symmetric faced white people.

    Ugly white people don’t count.

  20. We need some rucka rucka ali now to help celebrate our alphabet soup barbecue tea ceremony church luncheon mastadon killing kegger.

  21. @ The Inimitable NEET

    I read your comment yesterday and it’s still resonating. Especially the part where you said that the so-called losers of the Mating Game are also the backbone of civilisation. Indeed, the whole idea of ‘civilised behaviour’ is one I struggle with. On the one hand, I want to be more Alpha because I want to have more and better sex with women. On the other, the men I know who are successful with women are not men I want to emulate. They seem to see the world as a playground and tend to be self-centred and unreliable.

    The men I respect—by which I mean have traits I respect such as loyalty, trustworthiness and the willingness to sacrifice their own self-interest for a principle they believe in—are all Betas. They all believe in monogamy and fairness. They all believe in keeping their word. They all have a code of honour they adhere to, although the details vary from man to man.

    There was a thread on this blog about the morality of gaming married women. The dominant thinking was that married women were ‘fair game’ and that if an Alpha had sex with her, the fault lay with the husband who for not maintaining his frame. That seeing married women as off-limits was Beta. And two positions came out of this discussion: (1) That’s Reality: Deal with it; (2) You can’t base a civilisation on those kinds of values.

    Is that a fair summary of Alpha and Beta traits? That Alpha is about ‘Being Wild’ and Beta is about ‘Being Civilised’?

  22. “Is that a fair summary of Alpha and Beta traits? That Alpha is about ‘Being Wild’ and Beta is about ‘Being Civilised’?”

    It would be more accurate to say that they are more and less controlled by others. Civilization depends on both those who make rules and those who follow them. Civilization is hierarchy.

    Without a leader to order it or followers to build it, this would not exist:

  23. Not necessarily.

    Mindset, not demographic.

    Oh, and the world is actually your playground once you recognize it.

    As far as the whole married women thing, I have a personal policy against banging other men’s wives, but it’s a personal policy. Yes, if a wife is banging other men, it is the fault of the husband. Men seem sex with willing women, period. I think a woman that is getting what she needs naturally ( not materially) is multiple times less likely to cheat.

    Some women have a mentality that lends itself to being unfaithful. Men need to understand how to spot these types and never walk them down any aisle. That’s the very first step. I also believe men need to have as many sexual partners as they can/want to be able to get a better ” feel ” for women’s tells and proclivities. At the core they are all amazingly similar.

    The first girl I’d ever had sex with was a serial cheater and she gave me a painful crash course in cheater recognition. When was just a hoe. Beautiful, sexy, stunning…hoe. The majority of women are not hoes, but all of them – including my mom, sisters and daughters, have hoe potential.

    Remember this: ” civilization ” is a veneer. People react in similar ways under particular circumstances. It’s human nature. If this weren’t true, civilizations would never break down and collapse.

    Finally, alpha men aren’t all ” wild ” rogues. That’s a Manosphere fantasy. There are married alphas with children who lead communities as well as ‘ thugs ‘ who flaunt norms and rebel consistently. Women recognize alpha, and can even be fooled by men who are able to ‘ fake ‘ alpha. But it’s impossible to keep that charade going over a lifetime.

    Then she bangs the cable guy.

  24. @ kfg

    Impressive castle! But I think it illustrates the point NEET was making about Betas being the backbone of civilisation. Assuming the leader who ordered the building of that castle was Alpha, he needed a small army of Betas to carry out those orders. I mean, if they were all Alphas, they’d be fighting for dominance, right?

    Also, I respectfully disagree with your assertion ‘civilisation is hierarchy’. As Jordan Peterson famously pointed out, lobsters form hierarchies. Chimps form hierarchies. The Mongol hordes were hierarchical. In other words, hierarchies can be barbaric. (Okay, technically any society of persons can be termed a ‘civilisation’, but I mean it in the sense of a set of values we regard as ‘civilised’.)

    But to refine my original statement, could we say that Alpha hierarchies tend towards ‘barbaric’ dominance-based order whereas Beta hierarchies tend towards ‘civilised’ values-based order?

  25. Kfg,

    I agree about ” control “. It’s been a factor in my life, that feeling and recognition of being controlled. Harnessed, if you will.

    I’ve learned to give only a measure of compliance, or the appearance of compliance, without becoming compliant.

  26. A man can have/display dominance without fighting.

    Alphas can build and cooperate. Betas can also be barbaric.

    Betas aren’t all punk weaklings that fold up like cheap card tables. Both alpha and beta consist of varying degrees.

  27. “I think it illustrates the point NEET was making about Betas being the backbone of civilisation.”

    There are always more people doing the work than people directing the work. That’s the way it works.

    “I respectfully disagree with your assertion ‘civilisation is hierarchy’.”

    The equation is not commutative. I did not say that hierarchy is civilization.

  28. @ kfg

    So just to clarify: When you say ‘Civilisation is hierarchy’, you mean that civilisation is hierarchical? (In other words, all civilisations are hierarchies, but not every hierarchy is a civilisation?)

  29. @ Blaximus

    “Alphas can build and cooperate. Betas can also be barbaric.”

    I’m having trouble with this one. If Alphas and Betas are different types of men, then fair enough. But you also speak of Alpha and Beta as mindsets, which means (in theory) that I’m an Alpha is I have an Alpha mindset or a Beta if I have a Beta mindset. Is that what you mean? (Of course, it possible to THINK you have an Alpha mindset when actually it’s Beta, but that’s not what I’m talking about.)

    I also struggle to see how barbaric behaviour can be Beta. Or maybe you mean that a Beta man can display Alpha traits? Or that my error is saying that barbarism is either Alpha or Beta? I thought that certain traits were seen as Alpha and others as Beta, but maybe I got the wrong end of the stick.

  30. NB: I haven’t read any comment since my last re:Blax. And won’t. I’m not here to have a fucking coffee klatch with you girls…

    @Newbies and Red Pillers who have a funny feeling in their tummy that the puerile satisfaction one gains from becoming MGTOW may not be enough.

    I keep getting dinged on style points here, and tbh, I enjoy whipping the monkey shit around here. It amuses me. But today I’m going to refrain from the rhetorical excesses. And I’ll get to the point.

    I ran into MGTOW early on in my Red Pill journey. During the anger and grieving phases of awakening to the brutal truth, going MGTOW is a completely understandable reaction to the Red Pill. There is so much pain, so much disillusionment, it can feel like tumbling down a never-ending hole. It seems very unfair.

    However, I became interested in the evo biology and psychology and other science behind the movement. Reading The Red Queen, Sex at Dawn and numerous other books about human sexuality made me realize how much I was taking all this personally, as though human being’s mating and sexual selection processes were designed with the intent of creating a personal hell for me, and for all men. I was already interested in evolution, having read Dennett and E.O. Wilson and others, so it wasn’t hard for me to put this in a more scientific lens.

    The essence of the Red Pill reality is not hard to get. We live in a “tournament mating” environment. This competition selects (over time) for more survivable traits. The phenotype human species is being optimized for genetically, not any single human in it. I’m meat in the machinery of human evolution. Our mating strategies and intersexual relations have resulted in our dominance and explosion as a species on earth, but my individual success or failure is unimportant. In fact, the current setup guarantees things like a large number of men being denied reproduction at all, and a vicious competition for mates based on traits that are innate (along with many that are not).

    But I didn’t stay there. I did take another detour for a while too, which was very dangerous. I took my insights about how MGTOW was leading men to get stuck into victimhood and began bleating on the internet. You see, my RP journey had sucked me into becoming very “digital” in my Red Pillness. I had 3 YouTube channels before realizing that the point of RP is to get engaged in the real world and to have life be a powerful expression of one’s authentic self, embracing the masculine value of having a bias towards action. Seeing oneself as a victim was disempowering and non-masculine as a POV. The last channel I put effort into yielded 22,000 views less than 60 days. I could have become a big channel on YouTube. But then I had an epiphany.

    The digital world is a bit of a fantasyworld. While of course I realize that there are real human beings on the other end of these comments, all we are really doing here is clacking keys and staring a screen. Zero kinetic energy and a trivial social context compared to my real life. Once I saw this, I was compelled to change.

    It’s not coincidental that at that time I ran into a guy here named YaReally (and Scray and some other hardcore PUAs who used to frequent this site but were run off by the OMGs here) who challenged me to live up to my BS. He called out many of us older guys as “keyboard warriors” and “larpers” and worse. He was prolific and brilliant on pickup AND seduction, fyi. Not just street pickup but he also nailed seduction as taught in Mystery Method. So, I took on PUA for realz. And wow, that sealed the deal.

    You see, Red Pill is praxeology, not ideology. At best, it yields heuristics, not axioms. It’s useful when being applied in social and sexual contexts. Puking it up in comments or on screen? Mental masturbation for most doing so. Fyi, @Rollo is a notable exception. He hasn’t been sucked into becoming a “brand” that hard, and also does legit critical thinking and content creation which forwards a sound Red Pill dialog. Fame is a bright light that most men whither under due to who they are – Rollo’s stature in our world is based on who he is. Not his pose. His ideas and careful analysis are what he stands on, not personality. But he’s the rare exception.

    And the truth for me became this. Seduction a la Mystery Method is about being socially intelligent and strategic regarding how I interact in the world, and in particular in the sexual marketplace. Applying it made so clear that I had intellectualized the Red Pill but had not internalized it or actualized it. At this point I’m 53ish? I’m trying to pick up college hotties in my local college town and realize that my mindset is fucked. I already believe I’m past it internally. YaReally beat the living shit out of me over this and boom – I finally got it.

    I truly become my own Mental Point of Origin. I embraced my ravenous sexual appetites. I steadily discarded so much Blue Pillness and Gynocentrism that was still instinctive and embraced every last goddamned aspect of my masculinity.

    My journey had me front the essentials (a little Thoreau thievery): I’m not just my rational thoughts, but in fact, the back of my brain has a big say. I cannot run around shaming and being in conflict about who I am at my essence. But this truth is brutal. When I rid myself of all romanticism, cold reality became impossible to avoid. Men are disposable. Cock is plentiful. The burden of performance is never-ending.

    The Point What MGTOW misses is that one cannot escape this social setting. One can only win or lose in the games being played. The Red Pill give me the secret code to at least understand what’s going on and a clear sense of how to win the game. But playing means winning AND losing. And maybe losing a lot. But it turns out that resilience and resolve are what character is built upon.

    So, MGTOW men. Shoulder the burden of performance with zeal and trudge on. Delude yourself, as I have, that the world is your oyster. That you are powerful and desirable if you have to, and you will become more so. Even if not objectively true, the actions you will take and the power you will develop over time are actually the things that will up your SMV, despite yourself. What I believe about who I am frames every narrative and social interaction that I have. At its core, The Blue Pill is a mindfuck that alienates men from themselves and puts them at war with each other.

    I realized the only way I could have any self-respect was to stand up and fight for what I wanted, metaphorically. To embrace the competition and play to win is the entire point of the Red Pill. MGTOW looks like surrendering and kidding oneself that it’s victory. It looks like anti-masculine isolation. It looks fragile and weak to me.

    I will go out of this world on my feet, not on my knees. I will play the game full out until I drop. I only wish you all knew what was possible playing this way, playing inside of our actual society vs sitting outside of it and seething with anger. The other truth of our biology is that any individual human has agency, and is not bound by “averages” in many meaningful ways. Even better? Men have so many behavioral ways of improving their “power” and resulting SMV (by no means the only benefit of real social power) which are unavailable to women. There is so much a man can do to win at this game often enough to enjoy the ride and feel empowered. I wish it for all men.

    So, I cannot celebrate an incel who makes videos fetishizing his victimhood. I cannot tolerate pseudo-scientific, quasi-intellectual bullshit, as is peddled all over the manosphere. What I do stand for is every man standing up on his hind legs and roaring! And taking on his life like he has a right to, as you might notice many women doing so today.

    Last. As I engage this way, I find that there are many cracks in the matrix, many hacks available and that competing happily is not that hard. It’s much less stressful than being MGTOW or Blue Pill. What’s also true is that I discovered I was a “natural alpha” (a thought that never occurred to me until another Red Pill friend began laughing hysterically when he told me i was and realized I had no idea), so I play from an expectation of winning and dominance (not so easy, fyi). I recognize that beta males may have a different experience, but I believe they do not benefit by giving up. I say betas should adopt realistic mating strategies, not whine. And not kid themselves about being able to “alpha up” if that isn’t in the cards. Sugar Daddying, escorts, divorcees – a beta can game in all those setting and optimize. Single moms can become a specialty.

    But I cannot commend giving up, and that’s how I see MGTOW. I’m immovable in this, as my “lived experience” has been nothing short of transformative, empowering and liberating.

    Until next time…

  31. ” . . . all civilisations are hierarchies, but not every hierarchy is a civilisation?”

    That is correct. Hierarchy is one of the defining traits of civilization. A defining trait of the hierarchy itself is that it contains an administrative class supported by a laboring class.

    Note: Since his focus is more on civilization than intersexual dynamics, Vox Day’s social hierarchy can be more useful than the simple alpha/beta model we use here. In the VD model what we are calling betas he would call deltas.

    Lord of the Castle: Alpha (1)
    The Lord’s Lieutenants: Beta (24)
    The People who take care of the day to day running and support of the Castle: Delta (24,000)

    Another defining trait of civilization is that the castle does not stand alone. It stands in support of the city which supports it.

  32. ” . . . betas “can be barbaric” . . .”

    A beta with a chip on his shoulder is most likely to “go berserker.” He is looking to move up.

    Alphas are most likely to avoid conflict. They are looking to not get knocked down. See King Pyrrhus.

  33. spergy literary analysis trigger warning!!!


    Typically, in a prose context, commutativity applies between two nouns. However, charitable and careful reading would have recognized your intended meaning of “is”.

    “I did not have sex with that woman, Monica Lewinsky.” This spurred the initial analysis that led to the postmodern, socialistic definition of “is.” “WhateverthehellIwantItToMean”

  34. To ‘go berserk’ is to behave in a frenzied and violent manner.

    Akin to run amok. To ‘run amok’, is to behave in a wild or unruly manner.


    See: Shadow Self/Dark Side of oneself. A competent individual recognizes his dark side and uses it in a controlled fashion (called self discipline).For a Beta, the shadow self tortures himself into self suppression. Self discipline is not self suppression.

    Self suppression is Beta.

  35. ” . . . charitable and careful reading would have recognized your intended meaning of “is”.”

    If one had noted the word “equation” charity would not be needed. “Hierarchy” and “Civilization” are functions. They are, however, also both nouns that share neither identity nor equivalence and are thus linguistically not commutative.

    I was once called upon to translate the Italian advertising phrase “Su Mesura” into English. Idiomatically that would be “Made to Measure” or “Tailor Made.” However, as an advertising slogan I immediately recognized it as being a translation from English in the first place. The original was “Custom Blended.” The product was a chemical compound, not a suit of clothes.

    When you start playing the telephone game with linguistic commutativity things can go funny really fast.

    ” . . . the postmodern, socialistic definition of “is.” ”

    I was one of I guesstimate a half dozen people watching the hearing that leapt from his chair and exclaimed, “Yes! Perfect.” My estimation of his intelligence and perspicacity went up a thousand fold in that moment.

    But that is a matter of logic, not linguistics. An argument I crafted has been used by a state Supreme Court judge in his ruling on a case (but as in his final draft he butchered it I want no credit, thank you very much) and I don’t expect the average person to understand it.

  36. @ scribblerg

    “I discovered I was a “natural alpha” (a thought that never occurred to me until another Red Pill friend began laughing hysterically when he told me i was and realized I had no idea)”

    But isn’t it Blue Pill to be a natural alpha and not aware of it?

    This is not meant as snark. My understanding of the ‘Red Pill/Blue Pill’ metaphor is that the Blue Pill stands for illusions, propaganda, untruths that have been internalised. In that context, to be an alpha who thinks they’re a beta is just as Blue Pill as a beta who thinks they’re an alpha. (Indeed, Neo in ‘The Matrix’ was an alpha who thought he was a beta.) And the Red Pill stands for what’s left after you strip away everything that’s untrue.

    But I could be wrong. The way the terms are used in the Manosphere, it seems to be:

    Red Pill = Alpha = Authentic Masculinity
    Blue Pill = Beta = Fake Masculinity

    Which is it?

  37. You can fall off a building, and even know that you have fallen off a building, without knowing the laws of gravitation.

  38. @Blaximus

    Hypergamy serves men of status well. A side effect of social proof and wealth is the pick of the litter.

    Money means something to those who don’t have it. When you’ve experienced the best life has to offer what’s left to preoccupy your time, besides your biological imperative? The women Sean Combs is associated with come straight out of a Estee Lauder catalogue. These women can make you forget all your worries and cares and convince you, the only life worth living is with her.

    To be irresponsible with beauty at your side must be quite the drug.

    Blaximus, don’t forget women love opportunistically. If a woman believes you are her best option, true desire will follow.

  39. “To be irresponsible with beauty at your side must be quite the drug.”

    They’re.Just.Girls. There are billions of them and they make new ones every day.

    ” . . . the pick of the litter.”

    OK, so there are hundreds of millions of them and they make new ones every day. Happy now?

  40. Cartoonist

    Blue Pill vs Red Pill – these are mindsets. How you perceive actions, things, etc.

    Alpha vs Beta – these are actions.

    Plenty of Blue Pill Alpha guys around. No contradiction.

  41. Ollie

    Combs is not alpha by any means.

    Money and status don’t denote alpha. That’s beta thinking. That’s what I was getting at when I said that women can be fooled wrt alpha, but the charade can’t be kept up. If that weren’t the case, no wealthy high status men would ever get fucked over by women. Ever.

    Pedestalizing hot women is a sign of beta. They are what they are. Women take great advantage of most men who are willing to pedestalize them for nothing more than how they look….in makeup….with color treated hair….and possibly implants😁

    Ever hear of or see a poor/broke dude bang some wealthy guys woman? How is this possible?

    Another thing, being red pilled will not automatically make one alpha. Increases the odds, and will change the way one sees and deals with women for the better – similar results for the win.

    There are no dependable crutches. ” if I have higher status, I get my pick of women “. Nah, not really. What you most likely get is a headache, and having your mental point of origin focused on chicks is a dangerous way to go about life.

    Altogether now: it’s not about her!!!

    Money, status, height, giant cock,good looks, are besides the actual point. Thinking ” if only I had ‘ X’ I’d slay it ” is beta and in the wrong frame.

    I’ve had 30+ years of observing combs, even before he became ” famous “. I’d never trade my life for his. That shit seems like work with no real lasting benefit.

  42. “That’s beta thinking.”

    That’s Blue Pill thinking, not beta thinking. People often confuse the Blue Pill with beta characteristics.

  43. A side effect of social proof and wealth is the pick of the litter

    “A side effect of social proof is the pick of the litter”

    fify…and you could be a drug kingpin or POTUS or even a lowly dj or even Blax and have social proof.

  44. ” . . . how they look….in makeup….”

    I thought it was interesting that he chose the Estee Lauder catalog as his reference. Any girl can have her face done and most of them do. So anyway, I went to the Estee Lauder website and I have to give them props. Their marketing is dominated by pictures of . . . the product! I didn’t know people still did that.

    But of the three girls they picture on the main page, one would be meh, one the cute girl from the block and one might make pick of the litter — after sandblasting.

  45. Lol. I’m resisting the urge to repost the bunch of ” women applying makeup for drastic change in appearance ” videos from YouTube.

    Most men don’t get makeup.


  46. From Personal experience. A Hindu perspective.

    As far as I know and have observed from my interactions with other Hindu guys, most want white chicks for Fucking and not for LTR. If the Hindu guy is traditional and a practicing Hindu then it is even more certain.
    The 4 points you mentioned are true, as they are sort of built in mechanisms to prevent Hypergamy.

    What a traditional Hindu guy looks for in a woman if he wants to marry her and have LTR are loosely these:
    1. High qualification in formal education (Most guys prefer that the girl atleast be a graduate, higher the better)
    2. Virginity matters, although not that much now a days, but still it matters.
    3. Good Behavior


    1- This is not for women to be a earning member of the family, although if the family is middle class then to meet the running requirements, the women also have to work. But the earning of women in most cases is not considered as that on which the family depends owing to the fact that they have to give up job after child birth. (This is deteriorating in Metros due to breaking up of joint family and formation of Nuclear families).

    2- Virginity matters, again not so much in metros due to the western influence, but if you go into traditional households, it is serious and is adhered to.

    3- Good Behavior, now this is a very generalized term, but from our traditions and values. In simple terms, a woman in a Hindu household cannot explicitly and implicitly act like a slut or bitch in heat after marriage. Our teachings and traditions prevent that. We have got detailed texts prescribing different types of behavior exhibited by different types of women from sluts to no-sluts.

    Now as for precedence, 3 and 2 takes precedence over 1 any day, if a woman does not exhibit behavior that is in line with our values then all that degree goes into the bin.

  47. Every time I watch RMG I learn from Rollo. Looks don’t make the mindset. Alpha is a state of mind.

    Frame – Context.

    Can’t have the second or third without the first. Time spent on mindset is the most important as the rest will follow.

    I find it hard to know when to dominate and control. When to talk and when to listen. Talking is an edge, but also a weakness. I think listening to my personal counseling session once every few days or once a week for repetition is a good start. Repetition = learning. Listening works as a good method for me to learn while also practicing that skill.

    Also, isn’t it talk for ~10% of the time? Feed her emotions with words and let her emotions go 90% of the time?

    (Remember to hit notifications, don’t know if I have missed out in the past!)

  48. @Blaximus

    …giant cock…

    whoa… whoa… whoa!!! let’s not go crazy!… I gotta keep SOME BP ideas for my success…lol

    good luck!

  49. @David Eagen

    I find it hard to know when to dominate and control.

    I’ve been posting a lot about the necessity of developing your skill to calibrate the mood and behavior of others. There’s verbal intelligence and nonverbal intelligence as well. Both are helpful, but nonverbal intelligence is essential.

    Meld your skill at reading nonverbal communication with Mystery’s IOI/IOD/Qualify Feedback loop (cue Sentient) and you’re golden. Think “lead” rather than “dominate and control”. You want girls eating out of your hand because they can’t stand to be parted from you and they fear pushing you away with any negative behavior.

  50. It’s not so much the % you talk to her, rather what and how you talk to her.

    See, I’m into diversity…roman hands…russian tongue…

  51. “Money”

    Gives you opportunities to go on interesting dates your LTR. Good luck keeping that HB8+ around long term when you’re flat broke.


    Gives you access to scenes filled with HB8+ targets. Good luck getting into high end venues when you’ve got zero status. And lets you date girls who otherwise wouldn’t give you the time of day without it (i.e. ugly niggas)


    Increases the pool of girls that’ll give you a shot to game them. (5’5″ dudes, gotta stick with girls 5’5″ and under (inb4 “insert example of male celebrity dating a chick taller than him, see “status”)

    “giant cock”

    Having one, and knowing how to use it (sex game on point), keeps her around long term, as a fuckbuddy. Good luck keeping an HB8+ around with a micropenis.

    “good looks”

    Above the looks threshold every time (still gotta game em, to get em in bed, but you ain’t gonna be getting instant “ewww gross” facial reactions much). Good luck cold approaching dimes as an ugly fucker, without “height,” “money, or “status.”

    “are besides the actual point”.

    yeah….none of this shit really matters. Just be confident bro.

  52. So what you are saying is that a man is no more than his bank account and physical attributes?

    Think carefully about what you’re saying.

    Re: sex game on point – more to it than but cock and knowing how to use it . But that’s another story for another time.

    Everything you’ve stated j is the opposite of Game. Complete 180. Like, you’re talking about anti-game or something😂.

    The majority of my dates never involved money. Most of my women had no clue what my bank account looked like. The only exceptions were when I’d go to the Caribbean or Atlantic City and wanted company, and even then it was somebody I’d bedded already…while spending no money.

    Ice cream comes don’t count.

    It’s not about ” confidence ” in the snarky way you present it, because self confidence, ” earned ” self confidence from accomplishing stuff outside of random pussy is worth much more to a man.

    It’s horrible for a man to think that outside shit is the best way forward in life.

    You won’t understand this, but all that hb8 yapping…😂 there are ” high hb ” ( i hate that stupid terminology. Again, it puts young men in the wrong frame and MpoO) women all over the place. What you find at functions are ” made up ” chicks. That’s why guys pull hb6’s and swear they snagged a 9. No, her outfit, hair and makeup were on point, and you got some ass. That’s a good night, but she’s not all that hb8 shit.

    Your mind is playing tricks on you. Never fool yourself mane.

    Super hot chicks are fairly uncommon. There are zero rules to finding them unless you post up outside of a modeling agency or a beauty pageant. Don’t get souped up over that chick that’s ” club hot” and let it fuck up your reality.

    Imo, if a guy can’t have a great ” exciting ” date with just his personality and ability to be and have fun – sans the crutch of money, then he’s missing something very important. That’s why some guys lose all their friends, female and otherwise, when they fall on hard or difficult times.
    Then they get depressed and suicidal.

    J it’d be nice if you learned Game at some point before you get much older. It will brighten and enhance your future, I promise. Then you’ll look back and ask ” lol, what the fuck was I thinking? “.

    Young care playing at home: don’t pay any kind to what j is saying. It ain’t about ” things ” to attract and he’s women. You can get women with money. It’s called prostitution😂😂😂. Duck all that short cutting bullshit, and build your life to be the best all-around that you can. Don’t be nearsighted and impatient.

    And please, never make any part of your life all about women/hole. Not a good strategy.

  53. J

    “Good luck keeping that HB8+ around long term when you’re flat broke.”

    Are you newly retarded?

    I had no job, dropped out of college and lived with an 8…

    Try this – spend less time reading stuff on the internet and more time living in the field.

    “Limiting beliefs” are strong in this one…

  54. “So what you are saying is that a man is no more than his bank account and physical attributes?”


    Your physical attributes (face, height, frame) are a key component for Short Term Relationships (ONS, SNL, FBs).

    It’s not ALL that matters (game is still very important. I hate repeating myself, that I was completely clueless on girls, just a couple years ago. BUT I’m still 6 ft tall, similar built, and an above average face. Besides game, all that’s changed really is my fashion sense, hairstyle, and my skin is glowy (I know the site is frowned upon here, but I thank lookism for that). BUT it’s key (which is what I’m interested in. Subject to change).

    Your bank account is a key component for Long Term Relationships (game, again, is still very important). But: LTR =/ FB. Or do you expect to play video games, take a walk at the local park, eat at the local diner, google “cheap dates for under $50”, for the entirety of your relationship with an attractive chick (whose got tons of options)?

    “Re: sex game on point – more to it than but cock and knowing how to use it . But that’s another story for another time”.

    My fuckbuddies have all been very satisfied with my sex game. Won’t be needing that story

    “The majority of my dates never involved money”.

    I don’t remember the last time I spent a penny on a girl either. But they’re FBs. Not girlfriends.

    “because self confidence, ” earned ” self confidence from accomplishing stuff outside of random pussy”

    “there are ” high hb ”women all over the place”

    bullshit. I spent the whole day outside today. After leaving my fuckbuddy’s place, taking the train, taking the bus, to my eye doctor, the gym, and I didn’t see ‘tons’ of chicks that look like the girls I’m/I’ve banged, let alone hotter than them. They’re rare.

    “That’s a good night, but she’s not all that hb8 shit”.

    You know that makeup shit falls off after sex, right? You know I can see their body underneath their tight outfit post sex, right? If I bang an 8, I’ll say she was an 8. not 6.5, 7, 7.5 as I’ve done so in past reports.

    “Super hot chicks are fairly uncommon”

    ohhh now they uncommon? just a second ago, i swear I thought you said they ‘all over the place’.

    “build your life to be the best all-around that you can”

    working on it 😉

  55. “i had no job, dropped out of college and lived with an 8…”

    props. I think I’d go insane tbh.

  56. #1 attribute for any relationship where Preselection is involved is to enforce your boundaries…masculinity pings a girl’s sexual wiring and enforcing your boundaries is a demonstration of masculine high value…you do it with a few broads and they all talk about it and how much of a jerk you are and they all want to bang you…

    …you can be ugly, old, bald, fat, short and none of this matters…

    …and you want to acquire minor celebrity status of some sort…dj…community theatre…bouncer…bartender…premier dancer…dance instructor…because then women will seek your attention…not necessarily for banging, but for social cred…and this feeds into Preselection…

    NB baby granddaughter field report data point

    …even with my baby granddaughter, enforcing boundaries with her glues her eyes to me…when her mom is trying to feed her, I have to leave the room because I’m a distraction…or basically anything else where the baby’s attention to her mom is required…but I am sought after to distract the baby when her diaper is being changed to keep her hands away from the dirty diaper…

    …and yet I spoil the baby with attention, too…except when I don’t…push/pull with the baby…

    …even with prepubescent females, their sexual wiring is still active…they just can’t get pregnant…and they don’t consciously understand what is going on…but they get excited to get your attention…no, I don’t know if they lube up, you spergy pervs, lol…

  57. @j I have a question.

    How did you evolve into these “lookism” type of opinions?

    I understand why most people on that site have those opinions – it’s the Eliot Rodger type of psychology.

    But it’s very unusual for someone with your background- of learning game and going from being unsuccessful with women to being successful- to have that kind of opinion.

    Men with that kind of opinion tend to be either incel Rodger types or really good looking natural guys who don’t know what else to attribute their success to and wouldn’t think about what their attitude is etc. Those are stereotypes of course and there is a spectrum but no doubt you get what I mean.

    Men who learn game and get better with women based on their own efforts without changing their looks are very unlikely to hold that kind of opinion because they have direct personal reference experiences contradicting it – look at YaReally, Scray, or myself among many other examples.

    So I find it interesting that someone like you – with a history closer to the second category has opinions much closer to that of the first category (I know you believe that Game also has a role to play but your opinions are still much closer to Category 1).

  58. @Blaximus

    “Money and status don’t denote alpha.”

    If alpha lies upon a spectrum, then money and status are closer to it’s extremes.

    “Women take great advantage of most men who are willing to pedestalize them for nothing more than how they look….in makeup….with color treated hair….and possibly implants.”

    No doubt.

    “and having your mental point of origin focused on chicks is a dangerous way to go about life.”

    I agree..

    “I’d never trade my life for his.”


  59. J,

    Game will get you got chicks. Period. It will also get you a slew of other things. Guys that don’t know or understand Game can’t fathom this idea. That’s one of the ways that ” game recognize game “.

    My previous statement was that there are high hb chicks all over the place. The ” hb8-9 ” are uncommon. Get it? Any guy that tells me he was in a club packed with hb8’s needs glasses.

    If an hb5 is in the middle, average, then a 7 is higher, no? Most men will never Fuck anything higher than a 6-7, and it’s not for lack of trying, but because 8-9’s aren’t everywhere. It’s not because they are all somewhere else, it’s because only so many are born in the first place.

    So ” the hottest ” girl will more than like!y be a 7. That’s great!!! But being the hottest girl in the club, or at your school doesn’t elevate her automatically above what she is.

    Sentient has gone over this a thousand times already, and I fully agree.

    So hypothetically, if some gang member slashed your face ala joker style, you wouldn’t be able to pull the chicks you want to?bang

    Finally, tell me where guys get their notions about looks. Please, give me an example outside of our where some dude might just have shitty pseudo game and gets rejected and ejected. Where is the opinion that less than optimal looks ( 99% of the world population) relegates a man to having substantially limited sexual options….outside of a club or bad or social gathering?


    Mindset. It’s all in your head else Game doesn’t work. Nor does masculinity. Nor does grasping female nature. Exercising hit and run tactics is a different animal. It’s not The tenant of Game, but a tenant of pickup. The difference is that with game knowledge and time a man can practically have any woman he wants ( within reason ). You’ll never find yourself out of options or leaving a venue with a 6 and telling yourself she’s a 8. 7 days in a week, tight Game means you’ll bang 5 different chicks, 7 and higher ( or whatever you choose…That’s the bigger point) and rest on Sunday.

    Or go to church or something.

    You’ll not be hoping and wishing and trying different hair gels😂 and trying on different shirts…. You’ll just pick up your phone or take a walk.

    I get the exhilaration guys feel when they go out and manage to score, but there’s still that chance that nothing’s going to happen or you’ll have to settle for banging a chick in a closet somewhere with your pants down around your ankles.

    Excellent when your 15, not any kind of grown ass man plan.

    But hey, it’s all about p in v.

    ( I never understood that phrase. Reeks of desperation and immaturity. Imo. Grown folks don’t say shit like that, or pee pee or wee wee.😂😅).

  60. Ollie

    Money has no relation to alpha at all. Men will tend to project and defer to money. Women too, but they catch on more quickly than men.

    A beta with a billion bucks is still a beta billionaire ( I’m looking at you Bezos).a



  61. @Culum

    “How did you evolve into these “lookism” type of opinions?”

    I became unsatisfied with the “game is everything” conclusion. At first, I admit, I was pretty lazy. I was just a clueless 21 year old kid who didn’t know anything about girls, so I just trusted YaReally, this Game Messiah, who seemed to be the expert that had all the answers to everything wrt girls. And I was actually getting results by following his advice. I also related so much to his stories about his journey from incel to slayer, so I didn’t really question anything he said. And, therefore, I pretty much always took his side, when he faced off against the OMGs. Even tho I didn’t have much experience lol.

    So when Ya said “looks don’t matter” ok. then I said, Looks don’t fucking matter!

    So, left unsatisfied, I went looking for answers. And I found it, in the least place I’d consider checking: The Incel Community.

    See, I know my social skills and general shyness around pretty girls, was the reason I didn’t fuck any of them back in high school/college. but I did get IOIs from several pretty girls. And I’d say there were plenty of chances to lose my virginity. I used to look forward to the first couple days of the school year, because that’s when I’d get so many looks from girls. Nobody knew my reputation as that shy kid who barely talks to anyone. All they could judge me on, was my looks. And I liked the validation tbh, but eventually my shyness got in the way and turned them all off. Then I became invisible.

    It was so bad in fact, that I was called ‘gay’ by all the pretty girls in my art class, at the end of my senior high school year. That was literally the only explanation they could muster, as to why, someone who looks like me, never tried to fuck any of them. It obviously made me angry. A couple years later, I discover PUA and then suddenly I could bang these girls, no problem lol. But my looks were what got them interested in the first place.

    “Those are stereotypes of course and there is a spectrum but no doubt you get what I mean”.

    I find puzzling as to why it’s so hard for guys to wrap their heads, around my stance. Because on the one hand, we have the ‘Game is everything, looks don’t matter’ crowd over here. And on the other side of the spectrum, we have the ‘Looks is everything, game is bullshit’ crowd of lookism. And I think both those stances are retarded.

    So my view, is down the middle. “Looks get your foot in the door. and Game converts that foot in the door to sex”.

    If you haven’t read it, this is my view of seduction after 5 years of going out + 2nd hand experience going out with multiple wings through the years and reading about below average looking dude’s experience:

    The problem is, whenever I say “looks matter”, I automatically get boxed in with the “looks matters, game is bullshit” crowd. Like @Sentient tends to do lol. They really can’t seem to comprehend that there is a third category, which is where I, and many others (sorry to get cheesy here, but I think you need to take the ‘Black Pill’ to arrive at this side of the spectrum) are on.

    So while Blax thinks his looks played a very limited role in his massive success with women, (“It was Game+ that allowed my teenaged self to hang 20 year old plus hotties”) (classic natural). I know that my looks DO play a role in my continued success. So I’ve made great stride in the past couple months in maxing out my looks, instead of neglecting them, because they “don’t matter”.

    Finally, here’s a comment on Ya’s stance, left on Krauser’s site a couple years ago:

    “This reminded me of YaReally’s looks don’t matter narrative. While I do partially empathize because looks are the go to excuse for many men not to get out there, I believe he’s just rationalizing because he’s fat and sees himself as high value.

    It’s so farcical to deny it because pretty much everyone, and I assume he does too, thinks that girls have a type of guy they’re drawn to. Then it just so happens most girls have athletic tall men as their type. This doesn’t mean you can’t bang them with better game than you’d need otherwise, but it will be far harder and unreliable. And I find his examples of jacked dudes with Asperges as evidence looks don’t matter to be silly.

    To me this is simple: you’re a product and game is marketing/sales/pr all in once. The best marketing in the world won’t make me pay a grand for a Nokia 3310, just like lingerie models won’t soak their panties for you if you’re some homeless, stinky and obese midget with perfect game.

    So it’s just like a business, do some research to figure out how to develop your product based on your targeted market segment while improving your sales force. Aka lift, learn to do cool things while learning pick up. This is better, I think, than YaReally’s method of focusing exclusively on game because it’s all it matters”.

  62. “But being the hottest girl in the club, or at your school doesn’t elevate her automatically above what she is”.

    Sometimes I really regret not taking a pic of every girl I ONS….

  63. For 10 years I had a Filipina girlfriend. I lived with her for most of that time. She was very pretty and young looking. She was 30 when I met her but looked 20. I am 5’7 and couldn’t get a white girl that looked that good. Looks are important to me. If she isn’t pretty I would rather be alone. The problem is this Filipina was insanely jealous. At first that made me feel good but it was so over the top and crazy that I lost interest in her. I stayed in the unhappy relationship mostly out of comfort and I didn’t think my options would be that good if I left her. I got a job out of town so that was our excuse to end it. I should have done it sooner.

    I am now in a Northwestern city of 100k that is majority Hispanic. I am only attracted to the Hispanic women here. There look so good to me, partly because they glam themselves up and wear sexy clothes and a lot of makeup. The artificial look is very, very attractive to me. The white women here are unbelievably makeup, no putting any effort into their appearance. Plus they mostly have a rough demeanor. The beauty gap between the Hispanic and white girls here is shocking to me.

    There is very little interracial dating or socialization here though, maybe because it’s a smaller town. The white men here seem pretty mainstream to me…kind of quiet but many are rugged and handsome yet they pair up with these fugly, masculine white women. Dating a Latina doesn’t seem to cross their mind. I guess they like these frumpy white women because they remind them of their mothers? I don’t know how they can even get it up for them.

    I seem to have a natural chemistry with the Latinas I talk to and I am taller than 90% of them. I need to figure out a way to take it further in a town where they only pair up with their own kind.

  64. Once again you drop a nuclear class knowledge bomb Rollo…

    A LOT to chew on here…

    I’d add that the age of social media has rapidly accelerated the global SMP shift

  65. My previous statement was that there are high hb chicks all over the place. The ” hb8-9 ” are uncommon. Get it? Any guy that tells me he was in a club packed with hb8’s needs glasses.

    If an hb5 is in the middle, average, then a 7 is higher, no? Most men will never Fuck anything higher than a 6-7, and it’s not for lack of trying, but because 8-9’s aren’t everywhere. It’s not because they are all somewhere else, it’s because only so many are born in the first place.

    Yes, exactly. In almost all situations, the prettiest women are some variety of 7, and if you are fortunate, an 8. 9s and 10s live in a different world — there aren’t many of them, and most of them live directly from their appearance and so they are not in general circulation, period. 8s are slightly more common, but not much more, and are kind of a mix between living in the world that the 9s and 10s do (the high end 8s often do) and general circulation world of some sort (the lower end 8s). The only tweak I would make to what you have written is that 8s do tend to concentrate more in certain cities than in others, because their looks can get them farther in some places than in others. To my eyes, there are more 8s in Manhattan, South Beach, Los Angeles, Paris, than there are in Omaha, Memphis, Glasgow or Fresno. It’s not that 8s aren’t born in those places, in small numbers (as overall), but that they don’t stay in those places because they can use their looks to better advantage in some places more than others.

    In any case, in most situations, a high 7 is the highest most guys are going to sniff, and guys who are doing well are doing a steady run of 7s unless, again, that guy lives in a more rarified atmosphere where the 8s-10s are … and if he does, he probably isn’t a poster on TRM.

  66. J

    I get what you’re saying, and yes, I’m in the ” Game is everything ” camp, but as you know my definition of Game is very different from pick up.

    Game changed and cemented my mindset from a young age, and lots of side benefits happened because of it. It only becomes apparent though when you compare your station in life with that of your peers, and dig down into the reasons and mechanisms behind the differing results.

    Any success with chicks was mainly driven by who I was and what I did, and how I did it. What I’ve witnessed just doesn’t jive with any ” looks are everything ” more of thinking, and I get that you aren’t fully in that camp either.

    Imo, ” tall ” is relative. In my family I’m a shrimp at barely 6 feet. Hell, my dad is 6’4″ . The city I grew up in was overflowing with very tall, very jacked athletic guys. It was like growing up in a combination of an NFL combine and an NBA league. Yareally was correct, idgaf what anyone says, but like with many things, he took it to over the top extremes. Of course game most likely won’t help a man with women if he walks around smelling like roadkill.

    I’m not in the ” sell yourself ” camp either. Not a marketer. Not my thing. No shade. If I had to say, I’d way I’m in the ” action speaks much louder than words ” camp.

    I’m sure that the way I happened to look garnered me some free ioi’s, and even some pussy, but in no way was it a superior driving force. Again, lots of handsome dudes where I grew up. Lots of due virtually had women lining up and taking numbers, lol.

    Incidentally, it’s been eye opening to see where and how they wound up 10, 20, 30 years down the line. Looks change. Guys get fatfat and gray and wrinkled. Behavior that soaked panties when you’re a brash 25 year old man start to look crazy if you’re still doing them at 40 with a bit of a pot belly and a receding hairline.

    Ya gotta have more. Ya gotta be more. I’m not talking about more material shit either z{ but it doesn’t hurt ). I always thought this was a natural progression for men.

    Looks aren’t a true driver long term, without ” more “.

    I pulled some women because I was fit.

    I pulled some women because I played the strings off of guitars.

    I pulled some women who were into athleticism by playing football, running track, boxing, learning some martial arts, lifting( bro…lol ).

    I pulled.some by campaigning a drag race car.

    I pulled some by being artistic.

    I pulled.some by loving to dance ( h/t asd😁)

    I pulled some by being able to build stuff.


    One thing I’d tell every woman I’d ever dealt with was ” you’ve never met anyone like me, and you never will again “. Lol, my ex wife can verify the veracity of that statement. Bless her sexy heart.

    My point is that none of it was done in pursuit of or to impress or to bed women. NAda. Yet they show up.y

    ItIt’s like my Hemi Cuda. I bought it as a rusted out hulk headed for the crushers. It was a massive, massive challenge to not only get it running and driving, but to turn it into a head turner. Every year I go through a ritual of taking it out of winter storage in my garage. Half my neighborhood shows up to watch. Half of them are female. Half of them are young. ANne half of them are pretty good looking. People ask ” how much did you pay for that car! ” and when I tell them ” I built this 30 years ago”, facial expressions shift. Driving down the street women hoot and holler ( thank you Fast and Furious franchise…lol ) and they bumrush at stop lights and in parking lots.

    All of that started with a basket case of a car, and my vison, will, determination, blood and swea t( lots and lots of blood and sweat ).

    That’s why I encourage young men to block out the noise and disconnect from ” what everyone is doing or saying or thinking ” and get acquainted with having abilities and not being dependent on society of what everyone else is doing. That’s part of game. Focus.

    Women? Build it/you, and they will come. They can’t help it.

    Life will never be boring. With or without women.

    It ain’t about them.

  67. Women? Build it/you, and they will come. They can’t help it.

    “They can’t help it”. The third time this happened within a six month period I finally figured out what I was seeing.

    I’m moving through some shopping venue like a supermarket or department store. Now remember I’m only halfway there, so half the time I’m legitimately mastering my environment, and half the time I’m still faking it to make it. Either way I’m moving around the place confidently, checking the area from a security standpoint and also on the lookout for observable intersexual dynamics of the sort Rollo (and Blax – high value commenter on this subject – no homo) describes.

    Moving through aisles I notice a young family all in there together. Mom and Dad plus 3 or 4 kids of various ages but always including a baby and an oldest daughter who must be somewhere between 9 and 13, it’s hard for me to really tell. When the girl sees me seeing her, she goes and gets the baby from mom or dad or the stroller, and holds it. She carries it around until she is positive I see her with the baby. I give the slight smile and nod of approval, and she is happy. Shortly thereafter she puts the baby back where she got it. The parents and other kids seem to take no note of any of this.

    She just wanted the affirmation. They can’t help it. I don’t know how many times something like this may have happened over the years before I was paying attention. Zero? Fifteen? It’s a real thing though.

    I wonder how it translates globally. These events were all USA.

  68. @J

    my looks were what got them interested in the first place.

    …so if you wait for a girl to invite you to come talk to her (by gazing at you), then you will come to the conclusion that looks are very important…I don’t disagree with this…an ugly guy has to cold approach without the invitation…he has to get that social hook very quickly…or his behavior has to get him a social hook for the whole club…

    …like me last night…I went to a salsa club…hadn’t been there in six months…I saw a few people I know, but I didn’t recognize many people during the first ten minutes I was scoping up the club…there’s one spot in the club where girls are typically looking for dance partners…I asked one girl to dance from that area…then one I knew also in that area…then I moved to other areas…I asked one pretty girl (white hispanic with Central American roots but grew up in the States)…her first time at the club…then I chatted with a buddy for a while and said hello to some other guys…and maybe another couple of girls…

    …eventually, two hispanic girls asked me to dance…yeah, they’d both been looking at me occasionally…”Bangable” said that I’d danced with her before…no accent…”Braids” (who was actually pretty under all the braids and crap) said that she’d seen me at a country bar five years ago…also no accent…said that she grew up in Mexico listening to country music…and there was country dancing in her native city in Mexico…and I was wearing boots…(funny, they both verbally asked me to dance–my “whiteness,” lol)…normally you just extend a hand to the desired dance partner…both wanted hugs after the dance, which you don’t see much in salsa clubs…I think that this was a first for me in a salsa club…

    …anyway, the point is that I didn’t have looks…otoh, I was “fresh meat” since I wasn’t a regular…there were lots of younger white guys there dancing…but I was dancing with lots of girls and interacting with lots of people…I taught one white woman the basic step so that she could teach her husband…lol…they were having a blast at the club…I added to their fun…

    …girls notice when you are having fun and when you help other people have fun…they want that too…instant celebrity status…

    …so you can get the social hook…Preselection…then you sexualize with girls, etc….

    …once an ugly guy gets the social hook, then it’s up to the quality of the rest of his game, just like anyone…

    …ugly guys have to learn how to be playful and fun to be around, just like anyone…they don’t get social reinforcement due to their looks, which is just another obstacle to overcome…

    …I got rejected at the end by a girl…I told a guy and he said that you had to wait for eye contact in hispanic culture…he was handsome and young and blue pilled, lol…I knew that was bullshit from my experience…if you’re ugly and lack a social hook, pretty girls won’t look for eye contact…

    …otoh, if girls see you persisting in asking other girls to dance, despite rejection, that shows a strong, masculine frame…zero fucks given about rejections…a demonstration of high value…which attracts girls’ attention…

  69. J. Culum

    “. Aka lift, learn to do cool things while learning pick up. This is better, I think, than YaReally’s method of focusing exclusively on game because it’s all it matters”

    This analysis leaves out crucial REAL WORLD experience that Lookism retarded simply don’t have.

    The rest of Yareallys argument would go on to say those 8 9 and 10 girl’s would find themselves with groups of guys who were all good looking and interesting and had money, club status etc… So you are again back to game when the demographic is the same.

    [For the record – the more sharp eyed and intelligent here will no doubt recall I took up the laboring oar AGAINST Yareally reductionist view, in particular his conception of “free IOIs”]

    Lookism retards are marginally attractive, among a hard core incel group. They are not actually very attractive guys. They are one eyed kings… So the ego boost at being above their peers in an area where “gains” are difficult for the rest is a big driver.

    They have no experience in that next level group.

    I’ve said in the past J, go hang out with a group of male models… Go to their parties. You will learn a lot.

  70. Wake up every morning with the mental point of focus to Chase Excellence not women. Send invites as a matter of course and if the invited women knock on the door let them in.

  71. Some of the most egregious instances of hypergamy can be seen under the bright lights of the casino industry. There’s no shame among participants and anything goes. I’m sure Rollo has seen things in a casino which made him do a double take. But few environments can rival it. The conclusion unfettered hypergamy as seen there and online in places such as tinder and elsewhere is a systemic problem in the sexual marketplace and has plagued us for a while now.

    No sane person can disagree with the analysis. Though my bone of contention is the emphasis which it’s been granted and the fact it’s difficult to refute hypergamy on anything other than moral grounds.
    Once morality is raised, questions of freedom of choice (in selecting or changing partners) and counter arguments about male sexual behaviour ensues. It would on thin ice if it were to be debated outside of the manosphere.

    Blank-slate equalism has it’s roots in the egalitarian principle. Which minorities, the gay community and employees of all stripes adhere to. Blank-slate equalism is the mechanism by which those principles are enforced. The logic being: If this group is empowered, the collective will benefit through changes to working conditions.

    I see the sexual marketplace as the illustration of a man and woman facing each other. There’s a line between them stretching off into infinity. Their relative positions represent the complementary standing between male and female since time immemorial.
    Feminism whispered in the female’s ear and told her to step back. The female did so and told the man the line had moved with her. The man crossed the line to maintain the dynamic between them. From this new vantage point feminism was able to create the feminine imperative and the gynaecocracy. It was at this time, women became disgusted by men.
    The red pill started in part to men’s understanding of this. It also informed men the complementary line was behind him, not where he was at present. But some of us have come to thinking that once back on our half of the line, men must take a step further back.
    This figurative step would require due diligence.

    The problem with standing at the complementary line is the male is always inclined to cross over the line to be where the female resides in the gynaecocracy. The trouble facing the gynaecocracy is maintaining the faith of it’s disciples. When Pamela Anderson states she’s a feminist who disagrees with the #MeToo movement on the basis it left men paralysed. The dog whistle message to women and the gynaecocracy was “if we don’t show men the carrot they won’t be enticed to work for us.”

    When socialism is discussed I’m aware the main proponents are allies of the gynaecocracy. In the last US elections the pernicious threat came from Bernie Sanders and his policy of wealth distribution. In the UK we have our own (talentless) version of Mr Sanders in Jeremy Corbyn.

    The gynaecocracy needs funds or it will be forced to modify it’s policy towards men in general. The only way they can secure this funding is through the state.

    Hold onto your seats folks and vote Trump.

  72. @blax

    “What I’ve witnessed just doesn’t jive with any ” looks are everything ” more of thinking, and I get that you aren’t fully in that camp either.”

    lol Thank you. Obviously as you can see from Sentient’s reply below, he still doesn’t get it (boxing me in again with the “looks are everything, game is bullshit” lookism group).

    Upon approaching a chick, you’re either going to be a ‘yes’ (far above her Looks Threshold i.e. you’re her type), a ‘maybe’ (slightly above her Looks Threshold), or a ‘no’ (below her Looks Threshold).

    (Sentient: “The rest of Yareallys argument would go on to say those 8 9 and 10 girl’s would find themselves with groups of guys who were all good looking” – right, so all of them would be above her Looks Threshold).

    In a cold approach scenario, When you’re a ‘yes’, all you’ve got to do really, is not fuck it up. When you’re viewed as a ‘maybe’, Game can help you convert those girls into ‘yes’s’

    But when you’re a ‘no’, you’re toast. In terms of single night interactions. (maybe the following week, she sees you at an event mingling with a pair of giggling HB8s, and that social proof suddenly gets her viewing you as a ‘maybe’ (“hmm an ugly guy chatting up two hot girls? this guy MUST be high status”), despite you being physically ugly in her eyes).

    “Imo, ” tall ” is relative”.

    Just be taller than her.

  73. Wake up every morning with the mental point of focus to Chase Excellence

    This assumes a strong awareness of your masculine identity. If you don’t have that, you need to become more self-aware. But if you are confident in your masculinity, probably the best payback for chasing excellence is chasing excellence in social skills and contacts because that leads to business opportunities. Adding other kinds of excellence will add other opportunities.

    The lucky are the people who have their tickets for the opportunity bus when it rolls around. Be prepared.

  74. Wait, so you’re saying proles can’t breed with women who are taller than them??

  75. But when you’re a ‘no’, you’re toast.

    Never be a ‘no’. It’s not that hard. Generate social proof so that you’ve got the social hook with all the girls in the room. Then you’re at least at ‘maybe.’ If you’re not used to doing this, you have to learn the skills to generate social proof. This is a “high energy” approach. It’s a major DHV.

    There are two girls at a particular bar who have avoided me in the past. ‘No’ girls, you’d think. One of them is at least a little bit excited when I catch her eye. One of these two tripped me during a line dance when my back was turned to them and they laughed. I think that it was the one who tries to avoid catching my eye. She later accosted me with her boobs when I messed with her.

    These two broads don’t like me, but they both like it when I grab their attention. The needle isn’t on zero. There’s attraction, even though it seems like ‘no.’ A real ‘no’ is when you’re invisible to a girl. Someone who doesn’t like you will avoid you even though she’s attracted to you. That girl is watching where you are because she has to in order to avoid you. And that girl probably enjoys watching you and justifies it that she has to in order to avoid you.

  76. ” . . . feminism was able to create the feminine imperative . . .”

    No. The feminine imperative is innate in being female and inherently requiring a feminine sexual strategy. The female birds and bees have it. Even female plants have it.

    The correct response of the male imperative to the female imperative taking a step back would have been taking a step back as well. This would have maintained an even tension balance with zero net force on the center point. It would, however, have resulted in an increased total tension in the line, straining its capacity to hold.

  77. “Wait, so you’re saying proles can’t breed with women who are taller than them??”

    “Girls all over the world overwhelmingly prefer a man to be taller than they are” – Rollo Tomassi.

  78. But isn’t the context important? These people get together and not all of them end up in the same looks tier because of extenuating circumstances(game).

    Oh but then the women fuck with men’s self esteem to get the men acting like bitches so women rationalize further shit post-facto. All the while their eggs dry up and……..

  79. J

    Look man, you wrre the guy professing leg extension surgery…

    On this

    “In a cold approach scenario, When you’re a ‘yes’, all you’ve got to do really, is not fuck it up. ”

    This just shows you are not hanging out with actual 8+ chicks… 7s are the ones most responsive to looks like you describe. Your digital catalog to date supports this as well.

    One thing about Yareally, he stressed field being King. That was right. Time for you to get more experience. This will change your beliefs.

  80. He probably means leg extension is necessary if you’re too cheap to go live in a coastal city.

  81. “Finally, I want to point out that while our expanding globalization has given rise to a global SMP, that expansion is rooted in Gynocentrism. Since the time of the Sexual Revolution an unfettered, unconstrained Hypergamy has dictated this global sexual marketplace. The world-scale SMP is driven by women’s prime-directives, not men’s.”

    Why exactly is the global SMP rooted in gynocentrism, other than the commonplace that women, as the gatekeepers of sex, generally define the SMP? (absent unusual conditions that strongly favour men – which usually boils down to a shortage of men e.g. post WW2 Russia, maybe modern China).

    A fair number of UK and US chaps still head to Thailand and the Philippines to buy sex – I know it’s the Guardian,
    but the women in this piece don’t look like winners.

    On the other hand, women sex tourists in the Gambia and Caribbean aren’t there because they CAN’T get sex at home, whereas more than a few of the Brits in Thailand are there for precisely that reason.

  82. @Sentient

    “you wrre the guy professing leg extension surgery…”

    Really not gonna let that one go I see 😉 But, yeah dudes 5 ‘1″ and under, might wanna look into it, if they like tall girls. Or just get elevator shoes like Downey Jr. Less painful.

    “not fuck it up” = don’t be boring/weirdo/creepy. If you wanna call that “Game” lol ok bro go ahead, but that’s not really game to me.

    If she views you as a ‘yes’ then she’ll make it easy for you. Less shit tests, giving you her full attention right away, laughing at your jokes even tho they’re not really funny etc., Like she already views you as above her already, and you can fuck it up, by doing shit that would demonstrate you’re NOT actually at or above her level.

    This has nothing to do with whether or not I think she’s a 7 or 8. To her specifically, I’m just her type.

  83. They might not be winners but, in the future generation, they’ll make a nice pillow fluffer to some other globe-trotting cretin. The airlines need to get their workforce from somewhere…

  84. @Hugh

    women, as the gatekeepers of sex,

    “women, as the gatekeepers of sex as far as betas are concerned”



    “If she views you as a ‘yes’ then she’ll make it easy for you. Less shit tests, giving you her full attention right away,”

    two shit tests are standard, no matter what…and you will be expected to blow them away…you still have to handle logistics, which is what fucks up most hookups…sure, the girl will give you lots of IOIs, but it’s easy to overgame…and cockblocking can still occur…basically, you still have to know the drill…you just don’t have to work hard to get A2…which is really the easy part anyway…

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