The Global Sexual Marketplace

Before I launch into today’s essay I want to throw out a few caveats. The first is a reminder of my long-time policy of dealing with issues of race, politics and religion; and that’s to say it’s my practice leave these topics to other blogs and other writers unless those topics cross over into intersexual dynamics that are pertinent to Red Pill awareness. I feel like I need make this clear as I’m going to get into issues of race and how intersexual relations are modified by these issues today. It’s always been my belief that the shared input and related experiences of men of all races, cultures and nationality is one of the greatest strengths of the Red Pill. So it’s with this in mind that I think we need to address some of these experiences.

What got me on to this topic was the video I’ve linked above here today. As most of you know I’m not a proponent of the idea of a “Black Pill”. That is the ‘black’ part of understanding the harsh realities of what Red Pill awareness opens men’s eyes to. Accepting the uglier nature of intersexual dynamics and how it plays into today’s sexual marketplace is often something that drives some men to a kind of despondency. It can be really depressing to have Red Pill awareness destroy your long-held Blue Pill ideals – particularly when those ideals helped to give you a sense of hope in spite of your instincts telling you something different.

When I was at the 21 Convention last October I had a discussion with Dr. Shawn Smith about the nature of the Blue Pill. His question to me was something like “Don’t you think that some guys need at least a little Blue Pill to keep them going?” I’m paraphrasing here, but I’ve actually touched on this in a few prior essays. In essence, it should follow that human beings can’t handle too much ‘reality’. This is why we look for escapisms and turn our otherwise rational minds to something like faith. The human mind tries to remain hopeful in the face of dire realities; which also follows evolutionarily. Those humans who stayed optimistic in the face of crushing reality didn’t off themselves in despair and consequently passed on their genes.

That’s the nuts & bolts of it (yes, I know there’s more to it), but is this a feature or a bug in today’s realities? Willfully choosing conscious ignorance while your rational mind knows the truth can lead to despondency and depression. It’s the observer effect – observing a process will change that process – only, you’re playing that game with yourself. So, is a little bit of our Blue Pill conditioning a good thing if it gives us a hope that keeps us alive?

I’d have to say no. Because once you unplug from the Matrix going back to that ignorance is really impossible. Something in your hindbrain knows the truth about the fantasy you construct for yourself. Again, it’s playing the observer effect on oneself. And it’s just this simple truth that makes a lot of guys who are unprepared for the anger and nihilism that comes from Red Pill disillusionment to come up with things like a ‘Black Pill’.

But this essay isn’t about dealing with that despondency. I’ve already written that essay in A New Hope. This essay is about one of those ugly truths that Red Pill men have to evolve new adaptations for. You see, there is no ‘Black Pill’ – there is only the space in between a man dealing with his despondency about a harsh Red Pill truth and his crossing the abyss to accepting that truth and doing something with that information to better his life.

Local vs Global SMP

Watch the video I linked here. It’s by Black Pill 101, a channel that specializes in exactly the harsh realities of Red Pill awareness I mentioned above. It doesn’t pull any punches and for that I’m in agreement with them. Men deserve the unvarnished truth; without it they founder. This video outlines the innate difficulties Asian men face in the Global Sexual Marketplace. One of the most common requests I get for counseling is from Asian or Indian men asking me to help them improve their game. Many of them believe I have some Game solution to their getting laid with an SMV 6-7 they know from work. Many of them think they might have a chance with a modest SMV 6 if they either had some specialized technique or they could simply earn another $250K annual salary.

I honestly feel for Asian/Indian men in this respect. When I read about Aziz Ansari’s #MeToo’ing I read with morbid fascination watching his story play out with another ‘cute’ (SMV6-7) white girl. This is the stereotypical interaction. With my Red Pill Lens I saw a girl conflicted by her attraction to Aziz’s social proof (celebrity) with her visceral reaction to becoming intimate with a guy she simply wasn’t all that aroused by. This is just my personal experience, but I’ve counseled Indian (and a few Asian) men who all share a very similar frustration – they really want to get with a white American girl but they are sexually invisible to the vast majority of them.

Black Pill 101 lays out this frustration from Asian men’s perspective. If you happen to be an Asian or Indian man I’d encourage you to add your own experiences in the comments here. But from my own interactions with these men the story revolves around their investment in locking down an average white woman. They aren’t looking to spin plates. They want an LTR with a girl and most of them tend to fixate on one they know from work or a friend of a friend. Maybe that lean towards monogamy is a cultural thing, but they all seem to set their sights on the average, seemingly attainable, American girl. And almost universally they are relegated to the ‘friend zone’ or the go ‘Black Pill’ in frustration.

I’m going to look at the bigger picture here while I try to answer why this is so commonly case. In our tribalist, hunter/gatherer ancestral past our naturalistic sexual marketplace was limited to what a very localized group of individuals had to offer. We might’ve lived in groups of 100-150 ‘natives’ of our tribe. In that tribe maybe there were 10-12 females who would’ve been potential breeding/pairing candidates for a young man.

There are general arousal cues that are universal to all humans across cultures. Natural cross-culture beauty standards is something that’s been widely studied since the mid seventies – globalized beauty standards and physical prowess cues – however, the context in which those cues are expressed are (were) buffered by whatever that localized sexual marketplace (SMP) can realistically manifest.

Example: Height in men something universally agreed on as attractive/arousing for women. This is a globalized attraction cue in women. Girls all over the world overwhelmingly prefer a man to be taller than they are. This is an evolved preference because the survival implications are that a taller man is (generally) an easily identifiable aspect of physical prowess. Height implies a capacity for protection, an imposed dominance, and is a signifier of presence in a male dominance hierarchy. Whether this is the actual case is irrelevant. All that matters is that a woman’s preference for tall men to breed and pair with.

The average height of a Filipino man is around 5′ 4″. Prior to the Spanish colonizing the Philippines all Filipino women knew of men was that 5′ 4″ man. And to the 4′ 11″ average Filipino woman that was attractive. A 5′ 6-7″ man was a giant by the local SMP standards.

But the global SMP standards are simply ‘taller men are more attractive’. So when the Spanish/Western peoples came to the island it introduced Filipinas to a new standard: the 5′ 7″ Spanish man. Now the globalized SMP began to modify the local SMP. Then, eventually, along came the first 6 foot tall Caucasian European guy. Then the first Black man, etc. Gradually the localized (previously tribally-defined) SMP to include the new possibilities of women breeding/pairing with men outside their own tribe.

Localized Contingencies

This is only one easy example of how a globalized standard of what defines the whole of the sexual marketplace redefines, and often replaces, the localized standard of attraction/arousal for women. There are many other ways this out-tribe influence introduces a new global standard for the SMP. This can include force as well as by invitation or local social norms shifting to accommodate the new global SMP. When a tribe is conquered by another it forcibly alters the other’s sexual marketplace standards (War Brides).

As such, societal standards shifted to favor social practices that defended the local SMP integrity of that tribe. This is nothing groundbreaking – tribalist humans have been creating social and religious contingencies to buffer agains women’s Hypergamy, and to solidify the integrity of the local SMP for millennia. And these norms affect both the men and the women of that culture.

Cultural norms that forbid intermarriage (really interbreeding) of women with out-tribe men are common, but there are also:

  • Prearranged Marriages
  • Guarding/Prioritizing Virginity
  • Buffering Against Hypergamy
  • Socially Enforced Monogamy

I should also add that there is the Samson Contingency which is a buffer set against (powerful) men taking out-tribe wives. It may’ve been acceptable to have sex with out-tribe women (rape or prostitution), but for the integrity of the tribe, that man was only to form lasting bonds (via marriage) from within that tribe. This kept vital resources within that tribe.

A Modern SMP

In an upcoming essay I’ll be exploring the deeper reasons why Blank-Slate Equalism is so difficult to purge from our present-day social order. However, I need to detail a bit of this now. We live in a feminine-primary social order (the Gynocracy), but without the Blank-Slate much of the preconception of it collapse. One reason Blank-Slate Equalism remains a social norm (despite a world of empirical proof that destroys it) is because it serves to disguise the ugly realities of a sexual marketplace defined by human evolution. Particularly so in an age of expanding SMP globalism. It’s not just culture, politics, ideology and socioeconomic considerations that are tied to globalization; a global scale sexual marketplace is following among all of this.

In the age of global mass communication our localized (tribal) SMPs are replaced with a global standard. That global standard destroys the old local SMPs, but it also selects-out the men who don’t measure up to its standards. This is something I think most MGTOWs and all Incels instinctively know: according to the global SMP selection criteria there are some men who will simply not be selected-for. If the Black Pill 101 video about how Asian women don’t select Asian men for mating opportunities is any indicator, I think Asian and Indian men are facing this head on today.

Now, I expect the first rebuttal to this proposition will be that the present, global SMP is a reflection of Westernized beauty standards and horribly distorted expectations. Asian/Indian men seem to want nothing to do with the native women who are ruthless in expressing that they want nothing to do with them. What globalized demographic is really left for these men? The same might be said about socially inept white men seeking an easier sexual marketplace in Asian women. All of this is simple deductive adaptations men will naturally resort to when it comes to solving the problems of sex and reproduction.

I’m totally accepting that there is a societal influence in all of this. However, I think the incentives to look into the opportunities that a larger global SMP offers is still based on Darwinistic principles. Even Western romanticism is still founded upon natural female arousal cues that define the larger SMP. The global SMP is rooted in the naturalistic, evolved (not socialized) elements that trigger arousal, incentivize parental investment and play off women’s dualistic sexual strategies (Alpha Seed/Beta Need).

The Global Social Order

Finally, I want to point out that while our expanding globalization has given rise to a global SMP, that expansion is rooted in Gynocentrism. Since the time of the Sexual Revolution an unfettered, unconstrained Hypergamy has dictated this global sexual marketplace. The world-scale SMP is driven by women’s prime-directives, not men’s. As women are afforded more authority to direct society, their reproductive interests are what defines the global SMP. And all unchecked and unbalanced by any male interests. This is important to consider when we see the old tribalist, local SMPs decay to extinction. The checks and balances on Hypergamy that existed in the past were the creations of a smaller localized SMP. One that was familiar with the risks and results of allowing men and women of that particular tribe to reproduced without thought to the integrity of the tribe.

This is why Blank-Slate Equalism, as big a lie as it is, is so necessary to maintaining the unfettered Hypergamy that the global SMP is based on. Without its social constructionism, without its presumption of coequal agency, the Gynocentric power base is replaced with conventional, evolved gender norms that would favor men’s influence in the global SMP. Gynocentrism needs Blank-Slate Equalism to disguise its authority and influence. Notions of ‘Equal Value’ and social constructionism are needed to cover the ugly Darwinsim that unchecked Hypergamy thrives in.

Published by Rollo Tomassi

Author of The Rational Male and The Rational Male, Preventive Medicine

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  1. For teh newbs and lurkers – ( h/t YaReally )

    Re: the Jabba video posted by J. I’d like to add something for you to mull over.

    Jabba says ” no man can get all the women, it’s impossible “, and I agree mostly. I don’t think I could waltz into a club and just pluck a chick because I like her outfit, and definitely 100% bang her. That’s an unrealistic extreme, and Culum pretty much covered why this is true.

    But what I want guys to understand and believe about Game ( not club pulling in record time ), is that good Game will ” win over ” most chicks. It’s just a matter of Time. I’ve said before, say you lived in a town with what you consider to be 20 very hot chicks you would really like to bang, even just one time. If your Game is strong, and you hit them with it when you see them. I’d bet my left nut that you could hit 10-15 out of your 20 – OVER TIME, not overnight.

    The pua thing about pulling as fast as humanly possible skews the idea behind ” Game ” in the larger, sexual picture. I think that’s where a lot of the shock and awe – it’s all looks brah – stuff originates, because you’re up against an imaginary clock of your own making.

    How much does Jabba charge for his ” product ” anyway?

    See, that shit right there makes me angry and highly skeptical about these internet dating/fucking types. He’s selling something, and he’s playing on your fears and misconceptions to do it. Once I heard ” product “, I erased everything he said from my memory.

    It’s like if I said driving is dangerous. I sight accident death stats ( 18,000+ fatalities in the first 6 months of 2018 btw ) and show you pictures of horrible crashes

    and create a forum or group specifically targeting guys that are scared shitless of driving because ” stats and stories and carnage ” – but I only agree with your fears and never tell you that there are approx. north of 250,000,000 registered automobiles in the nation.

    ” you’re ” right. And I can help you…for a fee. That 18,000 fatality number is all that matters, and I’m going to teach you the best ways not to become one because only I have the right answers.

    So when I come along and say forget all of that noise, you get good at driving by driving defensively over time, for free, I sound like an uninformed madman because forum and group and driving bootcamp and photographs and stats.

    Plus dude teaching the course has 5 cars, so he must know what he’s talking about ( 5 rentals…lmao ).

    Lol, that’s what we witness here often.

    But no hate. It’s cool.

  2. Huge ass post!!!!!


    “you’ve made the “Looks Threshold” so subjective”

    ummmm…..because it is. To one girl you might be a 7 (above average) and to another girl you might be a 9 (good looking) like I said in my NextASF post. Your approach with the later girl will be different than the one who just views you as ‘fuckable’ because you’re working with much higher compliance. However one girl can think you’re a 4 out of 10 in her eyes (below her threshold), but another chick might view you as a 6 out of 10 – maybe. But NO ONE will view you as a 9/10. So you’re always gonna need to have tight game, to fuck attractive girls.

    It’s just like none of us will ever confuse an HB5-6 for an HB9 (I’ve posted a pic of 2 girls (fucked one of them) I was standing next to in a club, before pulling them that I thought was a solid HB7 (i’ve posted several girls, but I think these are the only girls I’ve showed their face) a while ago in field reports page (not gonna try and find it rn lol) and I said ‘rate these hoes’ or something. Disgruntled Earthling agreed with me. Blax said 6s. Scars said 6.5. Then we went on to post our personal HB10s….But like the point is there wasn’t a HUGE disparity (1 point give or take).

    “whenever you are told or see for yourself that some Ugly Guy has got a hot girl”

    I have literally never in my life seen an ugly guy successfully pickup a hot girl. I don’t doubt it, I’m just saying I’ve never seen it. But can ugly guys consistently fuck hot girls? yeah. I’ll repeat myself: Social Circle game, Status Game. NOT via cold approach.

    Occasionally =/ consistently

    First page of Rollo’s post:

    “@Aleknovy via AaronSleazy’s blog:
    “There are things they can do, like build actual status, go to the gym, etc etc… And all of those things are hard work. They can become guys who can at least occasionally get laid despite not being chads. It’s not realistic they can become pussy slayers and bang bitches left and right, but to say they can’t get laid at all until the jane is a 35 year old looking to settle is pure defeatism. In other words the truth is somewhere in the middle”

    “By the same logic, your response to any situation where a guy turns around a bad set and a girl who wasn’t initially into him”

    And fucked her that night? Has literally never happened. Do you even know what NO girls even are?

    Here’s some samples from Scar’s (a self proclaimed ugly guy) Journal over at Roosh’s:

    “I remember a time ages ago when some really hot girl ‘appeared’ to be dancing super close to me even though there was lots of room and I tried to ‘assume attraction’ and then turned towards her and extended my hand for her to take, and she was like ”Ewwww… chance. Fuck off!!’; and she shoved me as hard as she could!!”

    “Opened another girl with something like ”Hey, i’m the next idiot of the night come to hit on you” and she actually laughed but was like ”no thanks” and she started to walk away. I was like ”2 seconds!! wait!” and I KEPT doing this like Max done in one of his vids, and it was actually quite funny and she seemed to find my persistence amusing, although unforttunately she still left (between stopping, looking at me again and laughing, shaking her head, saying sorry etc)”

    “I then went and opened another absolute stunner! I don’t always have the guts to go for the 9’s because it feels stupid, but I was feeling balsy. She was sitting down on her own, apparently waiting for her sister. I opened her and teased her about a few things, and she was giggling. I again, went more direct and told her I thought she was kinda cute etc, and went into some little roleplay which gave me the chance to get physical etc. This was a really frustrating interaction, because it was typical, in that, I feel like i’ve read 99% of info on ‘game’, and implemented it, and teased her and told stories and showed intent, and had good eye contact and all the rest of it, but it just didn’t seem to be happening. She simply wasn’t into me in ‘that’ way, and I honestly feel in my heart that it was likely a looks thing. Just being honest. Eventually she told me she could see her sister and she got up.”

    “First ‘bad’ interaction of the night was next. Opened 2 hot girls who were dancing. I hate dancefloor approaches as they always go bad. I kind of made a comment or something to one of them, but she done the ‘look at you like you’re an alien’ thing and kind of grabbed her friend and moved away lol. I slinked off like a chode lol”

    “Then I opened some hot girl outside. Was going good, but then my handsome friend came over, and her attention completely flipped from me to him!! haha. This has happened before. She was just all over him due to his looks and I knew there was nothing I could do. She bought him a drink, I think she tried to pull him, but when she could see that he probably wasn’t interested, she left”

    “2 girls are sitting in an area away from everyone else. The girl I like is like a 9/10. She just looks like a top model. Think a young Adriana Lima or something. Stunning face and nice body. My instincts tell me that this will be a rough set due to how hot she is and her body language and the fact she’s sitting in an area where there’s no ‘traffic’ like she doesn’t wanna be bothered. Fuck it. I walk over to her and she starts ‘fanning’ herself with a menu. I grab a menu sitting near her and say ”I got you” and fan her a little in a playful way. I know from experience that this sort of opener is fine and can go down well, so I don’t blame the opener. Anyway, she reacts like most hot girls nowadays. Like she’s Kylie Jenner or Paris Hilton or something and looks at me like trash and tells me to go away in what might have been like Russian accent or something. My mission in life is to ‘turn’ these kind of girls from a hard ‘no’ too a yes, even if it’s not actually possible. I try to implement some lines that I’ve read from game books and tease her about her reaction like I find it amusing. I’m like ”Awww….are you always so friendly to strangers? I love your attitude!”. But she still didn’t really react and tried to just turn her whole body away from me like I was homeless. I carried on for a few more seconds, but it was completely pointless”.

    “Let me put it another way – if you and I both agree that Ugly Guy can potentially bang Alicia Vikander, only you say “it’s her subjective Looks Threshold – she has weird taste bro”, and I say it’s his Game – what are we actually disagreeing about, except semantics of word choice?”

    Its really simple, mate. If she thinks he’s ugly, he aint fucking her. if she thinks he’s aight, he can fuck her with tight Game.

    “so Alicia Vikander could possibly bang an Ugly Guy who happened to be above her personal Threshold”


    “will never be able to bang her in any circumstances”

    no he can improve his looks via lookmaxxing. Or somehow get himself into her social circle. Establish himself as the alpha male of her group, then he could fuck her, over the long haul. All I’m saying is, if she finds him ugly, then he aint fucking her that night.

    “we all know girls are constant in their purpose and make choices and decisions that they never break and never change their minds based on what they are feeling and emotions in the moment”

    Your talking about their hindbrain – which is run by emotions.

    The forebrain however, as Saul Tee says in his ‘technical game bible’ book:

    “is not fickle and easily swayed like the hindbrain. Once a significant decision is made (I’m not fucking this guy), it’s often difficult to change. Often to the point where once she’s decided she’s going to sleep with you, she’s the one initiating the pull, telling her friends to leave you two alone, and suggesting that you leave together. Although it’s true that humans tend to generally be emotional creatures and act on impulse, it has also been proven that when it comes to more making significant decisions, logic plays a huge role. That’s why when companies try to market you a cheap product (anything under $20), they’ll usually use their advertising to emphasize and activate a pain point to drive an impulsive purchase.

    On the contrary, when making a more significant purchase, such as a computer, the advertising seems to be more focused on logical features/benefits of the product. Because it’s a much more significant purchase, you’re likely to do your research, look through many different products etc… you’re not going to be swayed by emotion as much

    If you’ve ever pulled a girl fast by taking advantage of her buying temperature (like you didn’t really game her properly. You were just being a dancing monkey) from night game you would know that once a girl snaps out of her trance (say once you guys step outside a nightclub and her friends start calling/texting her where she’s at, or the bright lights of a pizza restaurant you took her to snap her out of it, she’s back in the real world, her forebrain takes over, and nothing you say from this point on is gonna change her mind. Well that’s how it feels, when you’re below her looks threshold. Her forebrain instantly says nope and that’s the end of that.

    “their decision is made based on a coldly rational analysis of facial symmetry and jawline angles of the men approaching them in a club”

    That’s not a cold rational analysis on their part. That’s just what’s universally visually appealing to girls. Eye area, Frame/muscles, height, and lower third area. Like how big natural titties, beautiful face, and an amazing ass-to-hip ratio is to us. Only difference between us and them, is that a guy can fuck it up by being socially retarded (even then, sometimes girls will still fuck that guy), and girls really can’t fuck it up by their behavior, because the majority of guys will still fuck her (unless the guy has high standards. i.e. they don’t tolerate obnoxious behavior, borderline personality disorder, she’s too stupid for him, etc., even tho she’s hot as fuck).

    “even at 1am when they are drunk”

    maybe. but is that even ‘Game’ tho?

    “and the fact that (for example) several other hot girls in the club are competing for a guy’s attention and he’s making a 3-set of hot girls nearby laugh”

    there will never be “several hot girls” competing for an ugly guy’s attention. and him making out with 3 hot girls…….man. this is why I mentioned the zero cold approach lays at the start. Cause your just talking out of your ass right now.

    “in winter if I go out wearing a scarf, I often take my coat off and keep wearing the scarf inside the club. Which acts as a mild form of peacocking and gives girls who like me something to grab and pull etc”

    Is this dressing like a fucking wierdo to attract “massive negative attention” or is it a prop you use, to give girls an excuse to open you on it (like my tattoo is visible on my forearm when I don’t wear long sleeves shirts (and it’s in foreign language so girl’s have to say, “what does your tattoo say?”)?

    “A girl who would have been a No Girl if Ugly Guy walked into a club and straight up to the hottest 8 in the club and tried to pull her, will become a Maybe Girl or a Yes Girl if the Ugly Guy spent 30 minutes warming up the club, building social proof, spiking emotions and laughter from sets of 6s and 7s in front of her before approaching her with a couple of giggling 7s on his arm”

    No I agree. That’s tight game. She’d then be a maybe girl. Not a lot of people can pull that off, even tho its written here, like “yeah guise its simple! just do A, B, C and then D! it’s so easy!” But like why can’t Ugly Guy just go straight up to the girl he’s attracted to and game her (like Blax, Sentient, or me)? and instead have to resort to looking around, and try and approach less attractive girls, in the hopes that the attractive girl he really wants will see it (and if she’s alone, then you can bet your ass, some smooth good looking casanova is gonna approach her, and then she won’t even see all the work your doing, trying to get her attention)?


    “good Game will ” win over ” most chicks.”

    yeah completely agree.

    ‘yes’ girls (though not really necessary since she’s pretty much already won over tbh)
    and maybe girls.

    “Once I heard ” product “, I erased everything he said from my memory”.

    He’s literally telling you what to do. completely free of charge.

    “maximizing your aesthetic, mindset, good technique”.

    You don’t need to buy his product to do all that shit. There’s free information all over the internet about looksmaxxing, techniques (torrent), and mindset.

    Now If ((I)) was selling a product, and I wanted to maximize my profit by overselling seminars/bootcamps, would I target lonely ugly chodes with $$$, by telling them looks don’t really matter all you need is game and YOU too can score HB10s, or would I break their hearts by telling them ya genetics really fucked you guys over lol, but we’ll help you lookmax and teach you some game, so you can occasionally get laid by girls that are into your look. Rhetorical. Good thing there’s no present company currently doing that. Cause that would really fuck guy’s up lol.


    Aight time to shower and shit.


  3. I think it’s mostly how you handle yourself that makes the game harder or easier, regardless of race. Your inner game reflects on your surroundings.
    All these Asian chicks that have a “No Asian Guy” rule. They’ll break it wholeheartedly if the Asian guy was perceive the dude as alpha enough. You said it best: “Women break rules for the alpha and make rules for the beta”.

  4. Dispatch from the gender war:

    Sisterhood over own sons. Check.

    “I’d betrayed the bloody sisterhood – and I hadn’t even noticed.”

    Focus in raising sons should be to make feminists of them. Check.

    “Because it involved admitting that I was naive, that I didn’t put nearly as much thought into the business of rearing good feminist boys as it deserved.”

    And we all know what this means when she says it.

    “They seem to be turning out all right, considering”

    So which way do these boys play it ten years from now? Do they become ‘allies’, or rebels to her cause?

  5. If hypergamy is thriving, is a majority of females better of, emotionally and psychologically, than earlier in history?

    Let’s leave out the sexual market losers crowding social media & dating sites, what about the others?

  6. Rollo:
    What makes me mad as an Indian American is that I grew up amongst white girls but they don’t want me. I didn’t grow up as an Indian, move here when I was 25 with a wife and then suddenly sexually desire all of these white women.

    This is what really messes with your head more than anything. The fact that you can grow up somewhere but not be of that tribe. I now know what it means to be a “negro”. Never would have thought that growing up. Nobody told me, not my parents, not other kids, not teachers, nobody.

    All somebody needed to tell me was “you are Indian and you will never be white or get a white girl” and I would have been cured much earlier.

  7. ” I now know what it means to be a “negro”. ”

    Respectfully, you haven’t a clue.

    …. negro?


  8. Blaximus:
    I’m using negro rather than another “n” word that we both know but I respectfully will not use.

    To white people, we are the same. Even though I will never be African and you will never be Indian, to whites we are just darkies who need to shut up and die or hurry up and leave their spaces.

  9. @S Patel – nonsense. I’m Indian American and I’ve never had a problem with white chicks. Sure, I had a problem with being a nerd in my teens and early twenties, but that had nothing to do with race. Once I fixed those issues, I stopped having problems with girls in general. Look at my more detailed post earlier in this thread.

    Your mental attitude is what is holding you back, not your race. Don’t do online dating, learn game, and don’t be an “Indian guy” stereotype and you’ll be fine.

    (and not to speak for Blax, but I don’t think being black has stopped him from smashing any number of white chicks)

  10. S Patel

    I don’t think that’s true, especially if you use the term ” whites “. That implies that all people that are white feel exactly the same, and I reject that notion the same way I reject the ” all black people/minorities are the same “.

    Don’t get me wrong, I understand what you are saying, and why you see things in that light, but imo your first mistake was somehow feeling that you weren’t indian, or a member of a ” tribe ” other than being part of The American tribe.

    I do not know where you grew up, and I think it makes a significant difference. Don’t let it mess with your head. You are who you are and that won’t ever change. It seems to me that the fewer minorities where one lives, the more likely you are to run into intolerance or people not liking you in some manner.

    Advice? Keep it moving. Stay sane.

    Idk about wanting to date any particular race because I’m not built that way, but I understand people having racial preference and I’m okay with that. People have a right to believe what they want to, and live life however they see fit – and that has nothing at all to with you or who you are.

    I have Indian and Pakistani and ” Arab ” friends, and they don’t face many more ” issues ” than most people, but it’s mindset. I have lots of friends and acquaintances that are all kinds of ” white “, lol, and the majority of them are cool people, but a few hold strict ideas about interracial dating. There’s no problem.

    The country ( and the world ) is big enough where you can be with anyone you’d like if you don’t quarantine yourself and make the pool too small. You can have more friends and women than you’ll know what to do with,

    …if you keep it moving.

    And not to sound harsh or heartless, so please take this as it’s meant – Nobody gives a fuck about your feelings other than you.

    Oh, and me right now.

  11. Culum!!!!!!!!

    Lol, I only see ” girls ” I’d wanted to have sex with. I like variety, so that’s that.

    My 1st wife was a Nubian princess, after divorcing I went on a World Tour ( again ), then I married a Latina princess. Before getting married, I’d heavily considered marrying a ” white ” girl that I was extremely fond of, but she was young for me ( 22 years old ) as I had 15 years on her. But I didn’t see her as much ” white ” as I saw her as ” young “.

    I’m not going as far as to say I don’t see race, but in all honesty, it does not matter to me unless somebody makes it matter.

  12. @Blax – yes, agreed. The way I’d put it is that race is one factor about a person. Height is another factor. Intelligence is another. So is personality. Whatever. There are so many axes on which someone can be categorized – but race gets a lot more attention than the others (yes, I understand the reasons why). But I’d rather look at the whole package – race is part of that, but only a part.

    And yes, of course, there are women who will never date outside their race. There are women who will only date outside their race, and everything in between. So there’s no guarantee of ever getting any one particular woman (which could be because of race or looks or any other reason – our friend @j’s “No Girls”), but in general “being Indian” does not rule out or even make it particularly difficult to get “white girls” as a broad principle. And this principle can be extended to a bunch of other things.

  13. 6’0 asian male in North America here. I did well with the genetic lottery but was girl-shy and beta until around 20 (when I lost my virginity) and started reading up redpill stuff. With redpill knowledge I’ve gotten fit and have had no trouble attracting even high SMV white women, but I’m against miscegenation so I stick with my own race for serious relations. I’ve woken up a couple of soyboy whites with yellow fever when I tell them that their kids will end up looking more like me than themselves. I know the stats don’t lie and it’s true 34% or so of asian women refuse to date their own race. Genetics don’t lie, and I do view the vast majority of my race as being genetically weak in terms of physicality. Height is by far one of the most important indicators. Confidence and muscle you can build, you can’t get taller. Most guys clean up alright with proper grooming and a bit of fashion sense, but manlets will always be manlets.

  14. Take the sex pill and race pill at the same time, guys.

    If you are below six foot, less than alpha in any way, and ethnic (black, mexican, indian, chinese, etc.), no white girl in America will allow you in.

    If you are an alpha ethnic, she will allow you in but as just another throwaway fuck. She either already is pregnant with white chad’s baby, or soon to marry him.

    If you can’t handle this reality, best to just move back to mexico, india, china or wherever, or stay within your race and accept your reduced chances.

    No more fooling me, guys. I was fooled for too long. I am laying out the truth, the whole truth, above, for you men to read. Just laughing my ass off at the idea that ethnic men can compete with the top white men of America.

  15. Asian/Indian men seem to want nothing to do with the native women who are ruthless in expressing that they want nothing to do with them.

  16. “Asian/Indian men seem to want nothing to do with the native women who are ruthless in expressing that they want nothing to do with them.”
    Well put. India is a highly stratified society.
    1. The intensity of hypergamy is proportional to a woman’s(or her family’s) financial and physical status.
    2. In local SMP, a man can get away with being ugly compared to the woman if an only if he has wealth by a much wider margin than the woman.
    3. The most common causes of divorce stems from the man being impotent(pretty much instant) or deceiving wealth before marriage. The reverse is not that common.

  17. If you are below six foot, less than alpha in any way, and ethnic (black, mexican, indian, chinese, etc.), no white girl in America will allow you in.

    If you are an alpha ethnic, she will allow you in but as just another throwaway fuck. She either already is pregnant with white chad’s baby, or soon to marry him.

    Yeah, not really true.

    Of course, any guy will do relatively better the more muscular, masculine, taller and alpha he is — that’s true across the board. it isn’t true that non-white alpha guys are throwaway fucks for white women … that was more common say a few decades ago perhaps, but today I see very attractive (7.5+) white girls with alpha non-white guys all the time who are clearly BF/GF or, in some cases, married. The non-white guys are most commonly black guys in the area where I live (which is very diverse and has a lot of first generation East and South Asians alike) and not Asian guys — in the still small US-based interracial dating market, there is a hierarchy and everyone knows what it is, such that some combinations of race and sex do better than others in that market — but it simply isn’t the case that all combinations of male that aren’t “white guy” do poorly.

    As culum says, Asian guys can do badly here (and tend to be lower in the hierarchy) because they tend to be overwhelmingly beta. This is true even of Asian guys who are born here, not immigrants. The cultural influence growing up in an East or South Asian home, perhaps where one’s parents or grandparents were immigrants, is still quite strong, and these home cultures are the world’s largest beta factories. If the Asian guy can break out of that mold and leave the beta behind, he can do well with white girls — because, again as culum points out, the white girls are expecting you to be like Raj from Big Bang Theory, because the stereotype of Asian guys here is “hopelessly beta”. If you play into that stereotype, you’re done, but if you don’t, you’re ok. Too many Asian guys don’t do this, however, so they end up very frustrated with white girls, often for the same reason as beta white guys do, but they end up blaming it on race, because that’s easier due to being non-changeable, rather than blaming it on beta, which is changeable (and a luxury the white beta losers, being white, don’t have to blame their lack of success on).

    Fix yourself to match more what white American girls are attracted to, or don’t — but either way, know that the main issue isn’t your race, but your persona and whether it conforms to a racial stereotype which, for Asian men, is very unsexy in the US.

  18. If you are below six foot, less than alpha in any way, and ethnic (black, mexican, indian, chinese, etc.), no white girl in America will allow you in.

    If you lack game and have lots of anti-game bitterness, no girl will want to fuck you. Your cock will have no value to women because you don’t value yourself. The most essential part of game is to value yourself and that means that you have to be able to calibrate yourself…this may mean some self-improvement like lifting to raise your testosterone levels and working on your conversational skill and game skills and working on your ability to lead men.

    Using the phrase “allow you in” shows that you value a woman’s pussy higher than you value your own self. Pedestalization.

    I see lots and lots of white Entitled Princesses ™ when I’m out. It’s quite easy to neg them until you bring them down to earth.

  19. “Asian guys can do badly here (and tend to be lower in the hierarchy) because they tend to be overwhelmingly beta.”

    My Vietnamese neighbors….Dad is Beta, speak barely an English word. His one son is Alpha. Most of the guys are kind and zfg but tribal. Women are pretty feminine and smile a lot, tribal too.

    Tales from my soldier brother…..

    Fellow soldier starts dating Turkish Muslim woman. Her clan men find him and beatdown ensues. He’s out of action for a while. When healed he finds each guy and exacts a retribution beating, one at a time.

    He’s married to that woman today.

    It’s the idea of out-group barriers. How bad do you want to fuck?-

  20. When I say “allow you in” I’m merely referring to the technical fact that a woman has to allow you in otherwise it’s rape. If you gentlemen want to rape, good luck with that.

    Play game all you want, the woman absolutely must consent. No woman thinks of herself as the alpha’s property, to do with as he pleases. She is actually giving her consent to him and him to her in a dual decision.

  21. Hey Rollo its very interesting to see the tribalism you mentioned play out in the comments. The Asian/Indian guys claiming that only the ugly women of their group date and marry white guys while they are getting the top tier white women. Laughable.

    It’s like hypergamy in reverse. The top social group women dating down white lower social groups dating up. Ultimately this debate is near impossible to have as Asian and Indian men have to admit to the problem which damages the ego immensely.

  22. @ ex-cartoonist

    “On the one hand, I want to be more Alpha because I want to have more and better sex with women. On the other, the men I know who are successful with women are not men I want to emulate. They seem to see the world as a playground and tend to be self-centered and unreliable.

    The men I respect—by which I mean have traits I respect such as loyalty, trustworthiness and the willingness to sacrifice their own self-interest for a principle they believe in—are all Betas. They all believe in monogamy and fairness. They all believe in keeping their word. They all have a code of honour they adhere to, although the details vary from man to man.”

    We are now crossing over into the sociosexual hierarchy, which differs from the traditional alpha/beta dichotomy. The latter is simple by comparison: alphas are desired and pursued by women, betas are not, and we can infer the associated characteristics via observation and analysis. The former is more complex as it accounts for how men self-organize and gain mutual recognition. For example, Germanicus and Lord Byron (well, not the monogamy part for Byron) were both undeniable sexual alphas who also possessed all the traits you associate with betas.

    What you must internalize is that only men treasure the qualities you admire and want to imitate. Women don’t give a shit about loyalty, honesty, or integrity. None of it translates to arousal. Rollo has written several posts about how military men struggle with the irrelevance of their the seven army values whenever they try to apply them to relationships. The inculcation always proves useless at best and counterproductive at worst.

    Reserve such sentiment for establishing bonds of brotherhood among your superiors and peers. Treat women the way they secretly desire to be treated.

    “There was a thread on this blog about the morality of gaming married women. The dominant thinking was that married women were ‘fair game’ and that if an Alpha had sex with her, the fault lay with the husband who for not maintaining his frame. That seeing married women as off-limits was Beta. And two positions came out of this discussion: (1) That’s Reality: Deal with it; (2) You can’t base a civilisation on those kinds of values.”

    Both are true. A man who cannot establish himself as the dominant authority and object of desire in a relationship leaves himself open to perpetual disenfranchisement; his woman will be relentless tempted by the possibility of greener grass. Civilization, whether we are talking about an Amazonian tribe or the European Union, is ultimately dependent on a set of compromises between primal human instincts and the structural requirements for its own indefinite continuation.

    In isolation, banging someone else’s wife won’t bring about the downfall of the West. It’s been done since Sumer debuted the first god-king. It only becomes an issue when it becomes the societal norm without sufficient blowback. The ancients knew this and sought to corral it. Hammurabi’s Code explicated that adultery should be punished by drowning; critically, adulterous men could only satisfy their salacious urges with servants from their household, not the wives of other men. This careful distinction was also echoed by the Romans and Greeks.

    “Is that a fair summary of Alpha and Beta traits? That Alpha is about ‘Being Wild’ and Beta is about ‘Being Civilised’?”

    Only in the sense of AF/BB. The sociosexual hierarchy is different.

    Alphas (i.e. Alpha + Beta in Vox Day’s terminology) are ‘wild’ in the sense their intrinsic characteristics are simultaneously beneficial and threatening. They possess the ambition, drive, and a willingness to take risks that catapult them to success. They are very aware of status and desire to gain more within the context of the society. Without them you can’t prevent a society from stagnating on all levels. Alphas are the force behind military expansion, aspirational domestic enterprises, ‘progress’ in arts and culture, etc.

    When I talked about the dangers of an alpha-oriented society, the immediate problem was too few outlets to satisfy their collective ambition. In a properly functioning civilization, their ambitions are diffused into productive endeavors throughout the hierarchy: they can enjoy the glory and benefits that come with being athletes, politicians, military commanders, merchants, guild leaders, etc. without destabilizing the political order. Unsurprisingly, in simplistic tribes the leader must constantly reassert his authority through force and harsh punishment to deter upstarts. A lack of specialization means too many eyes are staring at the throne. ‘Lazy’ alphas are also the byproduct of incentives being too skewed in their favor.

    Betas (i.e. Deltas) are ‘civilized’ in the sense their behaviorial characteristics are the prerequisite to a stable one. They want respect for hard work, material reward for their labors (i.e. a family and sufficient pay) and an overarching purpose. Becoming pharaoh or sultan is beyond their imaginations. They aren’t necessary docile – disgruntled betas are the backbone of every riot and uprising – as much as easily satisfied in life. Their numbers + sensibilities makes them the ideal worker bees for building and maintaining a society. Without betas a society lacks the manpower for laying/maintaining/repairing infrastructure, running large-scale operations in any sphere, and passing down the traditions and belief systems that preserve that society’s identity.

  23. The global SMP exists for men too and is, in fact, more relevant to us as we typically are more inclined to travel and pick up women overseas.

    Men now have the option to date African girls, Asian girls, Latin American girls and Eastern European girls – all in their own country of origin. It’s a much better state of affairs for us – we’re not limited to our own town, city or country. Often you do better in a different mating environment.

  24. 25yr old white Australian here

    Have a long history with the manosphere, more or less credit them with saving my life. Was pretty much incel till I discovered ROK/redpill age 20. Eventually had some success in early 20s. After finishing uni came to China to teach english for a couple of years.

    Have much higher SMV here. Slept with 8 girls in a year (and that’s without trying all that hard as busy working two jobs). Ages 20-40. Even had something of a sugar mamma for a while. This after only sleeping with 2 girls in Australia (and both foreign women).

    Being 6’1″ in a city of 5’7″ men definitely helps, also grew a modest beard which 99% of chinese men can’t grow (in the world of the bald – the guy with three hairs on his head is king). One Chinese girl would just start stroking my beard and call me ‘Meiguo Duizhan’ (Captain America!).

    A little frustrating in that I still haven’t been with a white girl, which I still consider most attractive (though some Chinese are very thin and cute). I dated one really hot Russian girl last year though she never let me go beyond a kiss on the cheek. I hope my SMV will continue to rise for some years yet.

    Having said that, went on vacation to Philippines in Feb and met a very cute girl there. 21, 5ft nothing and 40kg of concentrated sweetness, treats me like a king. Will visit her again in August. May soune naive but seriously considering if she’s marriage material.

  25. I’ll admit that guys of asian race have a bit harder than black/whites but still it’s not as bad as you think.
    I have indian and pakistani friends who do well, where as I am white and 5’5 and can’t get anything.
    Because why…? Well, because height trumps everything else.
    Tall ugly guys get laid, tall ethnic guys get laid, tall guys without game get laid, tall guys without money get laid…. you get the point.

    If you split looks into parts you have : face, height, frame/muscle. Out of all 3 the height is the most important.

    There is a study where they show at what height women will disqualify you. at 5’7 about 70% of women will disqualify you, at 5’4 about 90-95%, no matter how tight your game is or what awesome personality or hobbies you have, the height alone will stop you.

    Rollo says game,assets,looks , so basically 33% each, yes? ( he even says game is the most important, so maybe game 40%, assets and looks 30% each? )
    In 21st century where females can easily get resources and shit, assest only gives you betabux, who wants that???

    So, we have left game and looks, but them hoes want prime genetics, no?
    So, its more like 80% looks and 20% game then. ( and height being the primary component of looks )

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